Cutaneous leishmaniasis

What is Cutaneous leishmaniasis?

Infection with promastigotes (leptomonads) of Leishmania tropica and of Leishmaniasis major inoculated into the skin by the bite of an infected sandfly, Phlebotomus (commonly P. papatasii); it is endemic to parts of Asia Minor, northern Africa, and India, and is known by innumerable names, including tropical sores, tropical ulcers, and other indications of locality (Aleppo, Baghdad, Delhi, or Jericho boil; Aden ulcer; Biskra button); the ulcer begins as a papule that enlarges to a nodule and then breaks down into an ulcer. Leishmanial cells are seen within histiocytes in hematoxylin and eosin–stained tissue sections. Two distinctive clinical and epidemiologic diseases are recognized: the more common and widespread zoonotic rural disease with a moist acute form, caused by L. major, with reservoir rodent hosts, and an urban, anthroponotic, dry, chronic form of leishmaniasis caused by Leishmaniasis tropica, without a reservoir host, and now largely controlled.

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I recently moved to Brazil with my 2 children and husband. Many people here get what I think are abcesses, they start as a red irritated area and...

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Thanks for writing to us.
From the description it seems you are talking about cutaneous leishmaniasis which is endemic in Brazil. It is...

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I had a skin lesion removed 4 weeks ago, stiches out after a week, but I have a couple of small raised bumps near where the stiches were (external...

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Thanks for your query.

I have gone through your query and I shall try my best to help you.

The raised bumps near the stitches then...

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I fell downstairs 10 months ago and still have bruising and lumps on the top half of my arm, just above the elbow it is not sore just tender and...

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Thanks for the question.

In view of symptoms it seems you had a subcutaneous hematoma after injury. Such hematomas can persist for long...

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