Chronic kidney disease

What is Chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease also known as chronic renal disease is a progressive loss in renal function over a period of months or years.

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hii ..hwa u ??? i am 83 yr old male ,,, m suffering from chronic kidney disease from past few yrz and i am hypertensive and diabetic as well ,,, my query is from pass 3 yrz i hv full body itching and because of it i am suffering alot ,,, i tried many topicals as wel as antiallergics and many more medicationz bt no effect ...please suggest me something helpful to reduce this discomfort .... i wl be thankful ....

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As you are a diabetic and kidney failure will lead to temper your routine body function.

in kidney abnormality the the normal routine excretes will be remain in the body.urea,creatinine level will be increased in the blood and that may cause you itching sensation.
diabetic neuropathy will...

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Hi I have a sister that I am a guardian over and she has had prior blood lab results of the following; GFR 60, High Carbon Dioxide levels at 32, Blood urea nitrogen high at 24, as well as low red blood cell and white blood cell counts. She reports of having incontinence, buring when she urines. She is on psychotropic meds. Could she be experiencing chronic kidney disease of some sort?

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Thanks for the query.
You have not mentioned your sister's age. Also does she have a history of Diabetes or high blood pressure? Also what is her creatinine report?
A GFR of less than 60 for more than 3 months can be a sign of Chronic kidney disease.
A person suspected to have Chronic kidney...

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XXXXXXX is 70 years old and has chronic kidney disease. He worked as a trade

person as well as manual labourer, often smoking during outdoor work, as he

mainly worked alone. In addition, XXXXXXX drinks heavily and consumes at least 16

cans of beer each night.
XXXXXXX was diagnosed with hypertension 15 years ago and his medication dosage

has increased over that time. More recently, he has been short of breath, has

periods of nausea and vomiting, and has been generally tired.

At a check-up with Nick’s renal specialist, it is found that XXXXXXX has large

concentrations of protein in his urine, his creatinine level is 500 mmol/L and his

estimated GFR is only 11 mL/min. The specialist recommends that XXXXXXX

commences dialysis.

Case questions:

1 Provide a rationale for the strong link between cardiovascular disease and

chronic kidney disease.

2 Discuss the lifestyle choices that XXXXXXX has taken that have contributed to the

development and progression of chronic kidney disease.

3 Describe why Nick’s symptoms (nausea, vomiting, tiredness) have arisen


4 Explain how dialysis performs some of the functions of the kidneys.
Please elaborate in detail.

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Brief Answer:
Kindly view the details

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for the query.

1. Studies have shown a strong relationship between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and accelerated cardiovascular disease, a condition known as the Cardiorenal syndrome.
Various pathological mechanisms are...

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Okay, I have chronic kidney disease, but my pain is also chronic due to osteoarthritis and my life is absolutely miserable. I take a prescribed medication for pain, but try to live on half the dosage. I also have a pacemaker and am on Coumadin. Will Aleve thin my blood further? Thanks

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Thanks for your query.
You have chronic kidney disease and have been taking Coumadin (Warfarin) as an anticoagulant .You have been also taking Aleve (Naproxen) which is a non steroidal anti inflammatory medicine prescribed in Osteoarthritis.

Since Naproxen is Nephrotoxic drug and you...

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Sir, My age is 56 years and I have Chronic Kidney Disease from last 1 year before 3 months my creatinine levels is 1.5 and now it is raised to 1.92 and blood urea level is 47 .Sodium and potassium are within normal range.What can I do to lower my creatinine levels? .

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Hi, dear.

I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern.
Your creatinine level is slowly rising. You have chronic kidney disease. You should go for complete kidney function test and ultrasound abdomen. Drugs like lasix will help you. You should consult your doctor and take...

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Hi I'm 77 and suffer chronic kidney disease stage 4 and pancreatitis,I also suffer with arthritis,over the past week I have had very bad pain in my back and all over the body,like aching muscle pain I also haven't been to toilet now for 4 days,I am eating little and drink fluid but not going to toilet

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take these medicines
● CAPSULE BRUFIN-MR 3 times a day for back n body pain
● for constipation take SYRUP CREMAFFIN OR LACTULOSE 30 ml at bedtime

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Hello! I am 59 years old, weigh 118 lbs and my height is 4ft 11.5 in tall. I am active and work out at the gym three days a week on strength training with weights. I also walk every day at least one twenty minute walk with my dog.
My eGFR dropped from 40 to 31 in three months. My regular physician diagnosed it. Does the eGFR score generally vary that much? I took a Prolia shot 5 months ago for osteopenia - could it have any negative effect on the eGFR? Three weeks ago I started using Xylitol because I was having trouble with my teeth and wanted a sugar substitute. I was wondering if this could be related to my lower eGFR score? If so is there a safer sugar substitute?
I am scheduled for a kidney doctor visit In one month. Is green tea without sugar a safer alternative for stage 3b chronic kidney disease? I am also bipolar and take medicine each day - trifluoperaz (2 mg), lorazepam (2 mg), bupropion (150 mg), divaloproex dr (250 mg). I also use estrace vaginal cream (1 g) and stool softener, docusate sodium, (200mg) each day. I no longer use lithium because that is what caused my kidney disease in the first place).
My mouth is always dry from the medicine. My doctor in the past just urged me to drink much more water to flush out the toxins. Thank you.

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Brief Answer:
Need more info

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for the query

It is unusual for someone without any pre existing problems to have a chronic kidney disease. I would want you to get a proper assessment of the renal function in order to label you as chronic kidney disease.

eGFR can fall...

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I have the following symptoms and am trying to obtain a diagnosis that is correct for all of these: they are as follows: heart arrhythmia, bladder incontinence (very severe that it pours out of me at times), urinary frequency at night, problems breathing when I lie flat, (I sleep with a wedge), shortness of breath, pitting edema in left leg and now in right calf and ankle area, severe coughing at times usually severe with a gagging reflex, a slightly enlarged right heart valve, swooshing in my body when I sit down or arise, weakness in my lower legs or extremities, swelling in my abdomen and ankles, weight gain especially around the stomach and headaches. I was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia already, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, obstructive breathing disease, however, with the severe bladder and urinary problems, could these be related to a chronic kidney disease with the heart issues as well? I also noticed that I have had severe mood swings, confusion, weakness, sometimes speaking a different language. My grandparents were from Poland, Bohemia and the Czech area and had heart disease and my grandmother had kidney failure. I was injured back in 2004 and had knee surgery along with a blood clot that was removed at that time. I previously had a gushing feeling of warmth going up my spine and then it would go up through the back of my head and then dissipate. Could there signs of a blood clot somewhere?

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Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query father has liver cirhosis and chronic kidney disease stage 4,he has ascites and urine output is low,how can we increase his urine output ,since diurtics is nt working for him

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Hi Good Day Doctor, This is with regards to my dad he is on last stage of cancer as he is suffering from kidney cancer and already one of his kidney is removed he is on one kidney now, is there any way we can save him or we can do kidney transplant to save him kindly suggest please it will be great help

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Hello I have been on Artovastatin 10 mg / day for 3 years and in the last 2 years have had issues with my kidneys. I am about to have a ct scan as i have had kidney infections and have had traces of blood in my urine.

I also feel generally unwell.

Any thoughts ?

Thank you.

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My Father has been gone through the medical health check-up.I need your input over the attached reports.My father is taking medicine triglynase1 before lunch for the last one month.Before that for the last one year my father was taking medicine...

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Do you think at ESA therapy is a good option for a 90 yo male with CKD stage 3A? RBC count is 2.91; HGB 9.9; HCT 29.1; platelet count 104; GFR est non-AA 58; Micralb/Crea ratio (ug/mg creat) 59.0; Pt is always cold , extremely fatigued-sleeps 15...

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My mother is 83 years old and donated a kidney about 25 years ago to her brother and now has Stage 2-3 kidney disease. She wears an S-ring due to some bladder incontinence and is prone to chronic bladder infections. She had one during the summer...

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