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I am 25 years of age and I have a problem with my chest pain, shortage of breath and irregular pulse rate. I checked my blood pressure last week and it is 120/100. I am on now with a esidrex tablet (25mg), but i still have a chest pain with shortage of breath.Please I need advice on what I should do in order to reduce a chest pain with a shortage of breath and even a blood pressure problem. I am also concern with the tablet I am on now with it?? is it a right tablet to use??I am normally fit with 76kg weight and height of 1.7meters height. thank you
What your diagnosis, you mentioned about irregular heartbeat, what your pulse rate. is it high.
You must have undergone eck which usually shows heart rate on it. From information you have provided, I am considering diagnosis of tachycardia called atrial fibrillation or anxiety.
I think beta...
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for about a week i have been having chest pain that starts out on left side, rapid heart beat moves to jaw, also got winded on short walk and dizzy, also one time whole left side went numb, went to er was told i was fine, in 2010 i was in hospital for what was called irregular heart beat dr said its an electrical issue was fine with no problems till last week, our hospital is an ihs hospital i wonder if they are missing something
Thanks for the query to H.C.M. Forum.
I would come up with these possibilities for this left side pain , these includes.
1 Angina pectoris ,diagnosis can be confirmed by E K G and physical as well as clinical examination by a physician .
2 Hyper tension may be the next reason.Diagnosis can...
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hi my name is fbjbk,a i am so unhappy about myself and so to my doctor think that im depperest cause im have been complaining about the dissiness and feel like going to drop anytime even when im sitting i cant keep still if i moved around its a scary thing sometimes i feel my chest pain sorry about the spelling im so dizzy i cant type properly.
Hi thanks for using HCM.

With history of chest pain and dizziness need to get complete physical examination and few test CBC, ECG, chest x-ray, ECHO cardiogram, thyroid profile.

Try to keep active. Regular exercise, yoga and pranayama and healthy diet helps you.

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i am a 22 yearl old male...i started smoking cigarette from last 6 month...but suddenly last week i feel like unconsiousness feeling like something like i will fell down now...i quit smoking from that day..but now when i smell cigarettes smoke which my friends smoke i feel like small pain in my chest and same unconciousness...can you please help me

Nicotine from cigarettes can cause increased heart best and put pressure on the heart. Even passive smoking, that is, inhaling the smoke exhaled by others, exposes the body to nicotine and other harmful substances present in smoke. That is probably why you feel the same symptoms when others...
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Hi, I'm having extremely bad chest pains and finding it hard to breathe as well as a load of other symptoms that have led my doctor to believe I may be anemic however I have to wait a week for blood results is there anything I can do about these chest pains, as they stop me from sleeping well most nights
Thanks for your query.
Certainly chest pain is not something to ignore.
But you should know that it has many possible causes.
Chest pain may be related with:
heart problems
lungs problems
gastrointestinal problems
bone ,muscles and nerve problems
anxiety and panic attacks
If your doctor...
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hi i use to eat chewing tobacco and smoke then i quit smoking and only had chewing tobacco then i quit chewing tobacco and now only i smoke 2 cigaretes a day but due to quitting chewing tobacco i have been feeling weird my chest pains and my stol problem with digestion and me and advice me
This feeling is more or less psychological and will remain for few days.
Do not start chewing tobacco again.
Take some antacid or Omeprazole for few days.
Gradually every thing will be settled.
I advice to stop cigarette smoking as well.
Withdrawal effects will remain for few days.
Ok and...
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hi ihad been taking lisinipril 2.5 daily and glipizide until a month ago .i stopped both because i was having pain in my chest . my bp was 110/ feet started to swell and the md put me on lasix 20 mg daily and inderal 60 mg, i had an eeg and they want me to take a echocardiagram but why do i need to take inderal before this test takes place?would inderal interfere with what might be wrong with me ? test results?
Hello friend,
Thank you for posting your query through Healthcare magic.
From the course of the diseases and treatments you had, you have to make an assessment of what is happening with you.
Unfortunately people are not given any health education by the conventional medicine to make them...
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i am a 19 year old female with a pacemaker and im on a medication called propranolol due to also having a fast heart beat. the medicine has worked well for me however i noticed two days ago i randomly get chest pain that goes from left to right and my heart beat hurts im not sure what i should do?
Hi, I read your query very carefully.

Your concerned seem to be related to cardiac arrhythmia and chest discomfort that follow it.

I recommend to run the following exams:\
- Echo
- Holter monitoring
- Stres test

This will determine the exact nature of your problem and the best way to deal with...
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Out of the blue it feels like my heart fluttered or pumped real fast , no pain in chest when this happens, it makes me stop doing what I'm doing when it happens, I've done a ecg test and 24 he heart monitor both came back normal, I have a little anxiety not enough for me to take medication for it, any suggestion on what is causing this
Hi friend,
Welcome to Health Care Magic

     Anaemia / Anxiety / Alcohol / Tobacco (smoking) / Caffeine (too much tea, coffee, cola) / Fever / Infection / Pain / Stress / Thyroid / Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium / Medicines like Phenylephrine used for ‘cold’; Salbutamol used for asthma and so on - may...
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sometimes I have very dull pain in my chest area, mostly on the right side of my chest but sometime as if its located under my right breast. it has happened more than once. what could that be. The pain is very dull, more like irritating than of a real pain.

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I'm 33 years old with low blood pressure every time I get it checked. The low blood pressure has been going on for years. I just thought I normally have low blood pressure. It was 92/50 las time it was checked. I am 5'2" 165lbs. I gained 15lbs with my pregnancy. My delivery lasted 33 hours and was very stressful. I have loridosis, back pain, heat sensations in my left leg, chest pain and shortness of breath. I just recently went to get checked out by the doctor about dizzy spells and my heart stopping and rapidly starting back. I was diagnosed with RBBB. I'm really scared, because I can feel that my heart is not working like it should. I have a lot of stress with family matters and I would say since I was 13 I've had ongoing high anxiety. I know that is not healthy. What would you say are the reasons that I have RBBB.

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hi i about a month ago tool a detox tablet. i ordered it online and immediatly went to the hospital with heart rcing and high blood pressure. docs told me it was an over dose. now theyve put me on this 40mg heart blocker tablet which made me feel like i couldnt breath. now i have to halve the tablet. i keep getting random heart rate attcks with this weird sensation in my chest and head. im starting to get lots of pain in my chest. all bloods nowmal. x-ray normal. ultrasound normal. (fcheckd for gall stones and my appendix what could still be triggering this? when i was little i was born with a murmur and hole in my heart but docs said back then it was fine no re tetsts.

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i am 26 years old i have been haveing chest pain difficult breathing i almost find it better if i dont breath, when i lay down i am out and it is really hard to wake me up i am a paraplegic t7,8 9 i have only 1 kidney and no spleen, i have been diagnosed with osteoporosis endometrios and complex regional pain syndrom in my l leg i feel it is spreading my hole body feels like it is on fire burning throbbing pain, i also have harrington rods along my spine which i have bent rod in left femour i have been haveing abdominal pain bleeding from the bowel on many medications etc

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getting pain in some parts of chest in random time any type of injections for D3 and B12 and dose for same as per reports

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I started having symptoms about 7 weeks ago. Head congestion, then chest congestion, some fever, a cough, shortness of breath , and now pain in my chest under my left breast. (always after eating or drinking and random, when not, pain is worse...

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i. I am 30 year old obese when I tried to laugh too hard had strange feeling in head for a second.later next day I laughed even harder this time felt like head was holding or dizzy kind of like passing out it stopped when I stoped laughing feeling...

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