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Hi over the last few months my ten year old daughter has been having palpitations and fast pounding heart and chest pain and aldo feels faint with it we have been in and out of hospital with it and has shown some normal ecgs and some arrhythmia signs but we keptggetting sent home.

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hello. your concern is well understood
palpitation, chest pain, faintness may be normally seen in young children. but many of the congenital heart defects also present in a similar fashion.
-since the ECG is normal- an echocardiogram should be done to exclude any heart disease.
if the...

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can you help me understand my Nuclear stress test reults?
Resting ECG:NSR , Possible Seplat MI age indeterminate, Poor wave Progression, Nonspecific ST-T abn.
I do have Paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia, take 100 mg of Flecainide twice a day.
I also have mitral valve thickening and moderate regurgitation, Mild Tricuspid value regurgitaion and mild pulmonary hypertension.
thank you

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Brief Answer:
Please see below

Detailed Answer:
Respected Ma'm
1. Your scan says it is "negative for inducible ischemia" that means there is no evidence of anginal/ ischemic/coronary heart disease on this scan. The blood supply to your heart muscles as determined by perfusion through nuclear...

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hi, i have 2 heart arrhythmia s, i have tried the ablasion and i have to many points of which this is happening that they are putting me on medication, the put me on nexium which i looked up and it says it takes care of heartburn, i dont have heart burn, does nexium affect the arrhythmia or is my doctor giving me the run around?

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Neksium doesn't work arrhythmia but work for acidity and reflux. Many patients have reflux disease and the symptoms many a times similar to cardiac arrhythmia like palpitations, chest pain etc. So considering this doctor might have started this. Hope this helps you and get back if you have...

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Hi there I'm a doctor who just completed my medicine and have been preparing for post graduate examinations for some time now. My problem is that I think I am a hypochondriac.. Two months back I had a throat infection for which I had taken erythromycin.. during the same time I had experienced sever hypnic jerks for one night which made me very anxious... I also had a little difficulty breathing the following morning I'm not sure if it was physical or psychological.. I thought of the throat infection to be haemophilus induced epiglottitis and got more scared and nervous in order to over come the breathing difficulty I used salbutamol inhaler like 5 to 6 times within a span of 20 minutes and that is what triggered the sever panic attack in me... I was hospitalized in some time and was under observation for about 5 hours... My blood pressure when I checked in was about 140/95 and my heart beat was around 150 with normal rhythm ...other vitals like oxygen saturation and everything else were normal.. I was given clonazepam tablet which got my pulse rate to 120.. Later I had a consultation with a physician who checked my heart and Lungs and told me that everything was fine and referred me to a psychiatric evaluation... Later the attending psychiatrist went through my detailed history which included a sedentary lifestyle since about a year and late hours of rigorous studying for examinations,over thinking about the out come of examinations and irregular sleeping patterns and told me that I'm suffering from clear case of anxiety and prescribed me a combination of clonazepam 0.25 mg and propranolol 10mg and asked me to take half tablet in the morning and one before bedtime... Initially I did not take those medicines because of the fear that they would cause dependency but after a week or so I started taking them because I was all time having unpleasant feeling like another panick attack might set it any minute and more over I was not able to concentrate on my studies either I also at times used to feel numb in my extremities and I used to hyper ventilate whenever I got anxious and to top it off I also developed globus hystericus which was very unpleasant and aggravated my anxiety considering all these symptoms I started taking the medication.. Which really did help me to over come those unpleasant symptoms and as of now I have tapered the dose and I'm only taking one pill during night b4 bed time and I'm doing considerably well... But at times if I stay awake late at night or do a night out I feel pain localized near my lower sternum it sometimes subsides almost immediately after I take pantoprazole and sometimes takes a little while like about an hour or two... Two days back I felt like I had an episode of arrhythmia for about 3 or 4 seconds which subsided almost immediately but since then I've become more anxious and started having palpitations I can also feel my abdomen move slightly with every pulse.. I know I'm being over reactive.. My height is 5'10 and I weight around 70kgs.. Presently I'm taking one clonazepam and propranolol combo during night and a centrum multivitamin... I would like to know as to how long should I continue taking clonazepam and should I get checked with a cardiologist for the palpitations and one arnica? And few tips on relaxing and being positive would be of great help... Thanks a lot

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Brief Answer:
Please find detailed answer below

Detailed Answer:
Hi Jahanzebqur,
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in detail.

You might be knowing the human physiology and pathological disease conditions being a doctor yourself. You have taken medical advise on earlier...

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I am 42 years old mother of two. I feel dizzy,nausea,shoulder stiffness,palpitation for weeks,pending my full blood test .I have loose stool for 4 days. What can it be? this is unnormal to me because I never have this symtom before.Sometimes i feel chill. If I take a atenolol 40mg ,I think I feel bit better,it was a self prescribe medicine .I feel heat in my throat and thirsty all the time.

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Dear friend, welcome and thanks for entrusting your query here at Healthcaremagic!
I am Dr. Prasad Akole (Critical Care Expert- and am glad to address to your query here.

Do you have any fever, vomiting?
Is the stool watery, foul smelling? Is there blood in stool?...

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Hello Doctor:

Your opinion on the following health issue will be greatly valued and appreciated!!

Upon assuming the sleeping position(supine,left/right side) my Sp02 numbers drop significantly...from 96% to 91% and even further down than 90%. Recently when sleeping I am using an "oximeter alarm clock" to wake me up if drops are below 90%. Yesterday, the device woke me up 3-4 times between 11:30pm-1:30pm. When I woke and stood up...some form of cardiac arryhthmia took place and lasted for about 15-20minutes. This event was recorded on an event monitor given by my cardilologist. The ambulance was the the paramedics came...the arrhythmia settled. I agreed to stay home and not go the emergency because a similar event had occured two days previously that resulted in me going and being dismissed from emergency.

I've been told that I suffer from anxiety/panic atttacks in the past...mostly happening at night and waking me during sleep or shortly after getting up from sleep. It is only recently that the significant drops in SpO2 during sleep/assuming sleeping positions were discovered by me through self experimentation by using an oximeter.

My question is if there is possibility that my previous so called "panic attacks" could have been caused by lower than normal previously unknown...SpO2 numbers and apneas events during sleep?

Is there such a thing as severe anxiety with normal SpO2 numbers? If so...could this type of "normal anxiety"...over the years if untreated....lead to significant SpO2 drops when in supine positions? Also could this anxiety eventually lead to major depression/apnea/arryhthmias?

If yes, how does psychiatry tackle this type of issue?

Thank you,

doctor1 MD

Hello and welcome to Healthcare Magic. Thanks for your query.

I would be happy to assist you in clarifying your doubts. In order to understand your problem better, can you please provide the following details...

- What is the reason for being on an oximeter monitoring?
- Have you been diagnosed...

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I have had low grade fevers for 6 months along with extreme fatigue. I have just started experiencing irregular periods. I have also had a positive mono spot test, but am negative for Epstein bar. I used to have a high white blood cell count but now its normal. I also have an arrhythmia and hypo-plastic sinus, any ideas what this is?

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Welcome to XXXXXXX forum.

Let me know your other associated symptoms along with mentioned.
Do you have cough/ difficulty in respiration/ chest pain/ watery diarrhea/ vomiting?
Do you have pain in whole body/ decreased mood/ any sleep disorders/ dark pigmentation of body?

With the...

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I have been diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia . I had colonoscopy and upper Gi and everything was ok. I am 63 years so not menustrating. I was taking Iron supplements and being tested monthly and my Iron level was improved and normal. I quit taking the Iron and I have been feeling fatigued and also not thinking properly. I originally was diagnosed with Vit D deificiency and was having heart rythmia and went on Diltiazem . Are these related and should I go back on the Iron or go have a blood test . It has been 6 months since tested as I was normal finally and quit taking Vit about 6 weeks ago.

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Hi, welcome to HCM.

Iron deficiency anaemia can be corrected in the longer run with proper diet. However if the deficiency is too high, one might have to also take a supplement. With regards to diet, you need to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, meat, overnight soaked grains,...

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My mom is 68 years old and is experiencing many problems associated with congestive heart failure , high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia . She also smokes marijuana numerous times a day (prescribed for pain following chemotherapy after double mastectomy ). I am concerned that the smoking could have a deleterious effect on her heart. Any advise?

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Hi there ~

I understand your concerns. Congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia are all symptoms of overuse or dependence on marijuana. However you might also want to check whether you marijuana is laced with another substance, as this is usually the case and more...

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my heart is pounding irregularly. not really fast. just irregular and harder than normal.

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Brief Answer:
I would explain as follows:

Detailed Answer:

Welcome and thank you for asking on HCM!

Your symptoms seem to be related to a cardiac arrhythmia.

Diltiazem is a calcium channel blocker which helps not only reduce your heart rate but also prevent cardiac arrhythmia.

Anyway, if...

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Hi, my name is jean pierre im 27 yrs old and its been one week im having palpitation. its started out on a big night out with friends and all of a sudden i started to feel really bad i though it was alcohol but my heart keep beating fast and fast, i though i was going to pass out ;( been to the hospital directly and had a ecg done, blood pressure test too and a diabetic test all came out good. the doctor asked me if i was stressed. he gave me calm pills and told me i could go home... next day i woke up fine but hours later its started again. the beat was so hard that u could literally see my heart beat while looking at my shirt. been to the hospital again had another ecg done and a hb blood test all came out good again my hb test was 15 (normal range is 12-18). again told me its was stress... ive seen a cardiologist who did another ecg and and echography and then again the result was good. its been like one month now im living with palpitations everyday... its ruining my life ;( even at work too its affect me. now im taking 40mg of inderall everyday. the heartbeat is more and more strong. next step is the holter monitor for 24hrs. why all of a sudden i started to get all these palpitations?? i never had them before. i do loads of sports too... they say(the docs) im stressed and could be panic attacks... ive nether suffered from panic attacks before... plz help... sorry for my english cause where i live, we speak french here.

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Hi, i hope you can help me , i m a 52 year old male and have a history of high blood pressure , it has effected my heart causing a problem called left ventrical hypertrophy i ve been on cozzar for the past 4 years and beteblockers for 10 ...the last echo i had showed that the lvh had reversed so my cardioligist told me to stop taking the cozzar as my blood pressure was slightly low...ive been feeling unwell recently with really bad episodes of chest pain and palpitation and heart flutter but the monitor i had on only showed minor missed beats ..when i was feeling the episodes of palpitations i pressed the button but when the results were looked at ..the opinion was that they were only picking up artifact , could it be that the interpretation was wrong? as i know i was having really bad episodes at the time of pressing the monitor..i ve asked him to do a physiology test as i know it would eliminate me having to wear the monitor again and also if there was something wrong they could fix it possibly with ablation but he doesn t want to do the physiology test as he doesn t think he will gain anything by doing it ...can you tell me can i insist on getting the electrophysiology test done and do you think i should maybe go back on the cozzar any help you can give me will be much appreciated ...many thanks

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I am a 56 year, old post menopausal female who was diagnosed 18 months ago with idiopathic RVOT. My angiogram, MRI, ultrasound and other tests showed that there are no structural problems with my heart. I am very fit, eat a healthy diet, drink moderately and do not smoke. My arrhythmia is brought on by exercise and sometimes in recovery. My heart rate can shoot up to 235 but usually comes down again within 30 seconds if I cease all activity. I wear a heart rate monitor whilst exercising to keep an eye on it. When my heart rate increases I can feel a flutter in my chest and I feel, light-headed and a little detached. I had an attempted ablation around 9 months ago but it was unsuccessful as the arrhythmia did not occur during the procedure.

Recently the arrhythmia has happened more frequently. Today it happened when I was doing minimal exercise (gentle walking). Previously I would have had to be doing fairly strenuous exercise before it occurred. This is causing me difficulties as I exercise daily and I do not want to give this up.

This week I attended “Accident and Emergency” as I was feeling very light-headed at rest. My ECG was normal but I have been diagnosed with anaemia due to slight iron deficiency. I was surprised by this as I have a varied and healthy diet. There was also no blood in my stool and I do not know how I could be losing any blood. I am now taking iron tablets.

1.     What are other causes of anaemia?

2.     I understand that anaemia can cause an arrhythmia, could this in any way be linked to the RVOT?

3.     If I am now taking iron supplements can you give any estimate of how long before the anaemia is controlled?

4.     What factors might contribute to the arrhythmia happening more frequently?

5.     What are the risks/prognosis for RVOT?

6.     Is there anything I can do to minimise these risks?

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I m a 35 year old male. 310 lbs. And 6 1 . I have diabetes and it is not totally under control. I have a high pulse, usually runs around 100, but my blood pressure and cholesterol are both perfect every time they re checked. I will go through boughts of chest discomfort and what I guess are palpitations. My heart beats fast and I am very aware of it in my chest, neck and left arm. There is slight pain on or around where my heart is. No slightness of breath. This can sometimes go on for days. Been checked by cardiologist and found nothing wrong, but the speed of the pulse and awareness of rapid and intense heart beats is very troubling. Any idea what s going on with me?

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I have high blood pressure(165/110) and was put on Lisinoprin 3 weeks ago and it has come down about 30 points...however i have head aches and have shortness of breath . I wake up at night and feel like i'm not getting enough oxygen . I weigh 260...

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I was diagnosed with attrial flutters ( arrhythmia ) and the cardiologist did a cardio version and a subsequent EKG showed the condition was corrected. The doctor has me on Xarelto and a beta blocker . I feel fine and I am wondering if I can drink...

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My husband is 80 years old and has been diagnosed with congenial heart dease. His heart is only pumping half the speed of a normal heart beat. And now his lungs are filling with fluid. He also has Alzheimer's.

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