What is Blister?

A blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection. Most blisters are filled with a clear fluid (serum or plasma) and some times filled with pus (if they become infected) or blood.

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I tried crystal meth for the first time the yesterday and now my lip is swollen and a little numb and there are sores on my lip and that looks like there is a small x shaped spot behind my lip and my tongue has a blister on it so my question what am I suppose to do about the numb lip and sores and how do I get rid of the sores?
Hi yes crystal meth can cause swelling of the lip.soreness of tongue.first rule out herpes infection .it can be due to allergic contact dermatitis.whatever reason can be use antibiotic twice daily.anti inflammatory agent twice daily and application of orapaste ointment.if no response use oral...
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hi i have a popped blister that has the skin taken off exposing the red raw skin underneath its bright red and very sore i have been to a hospital but they did not help me much but gave me ibubrofen and cream but its hurting more and there is a blue/purple line going around it and the skin has started going grey , its on my pinky toe :( i have had it for 5 days now and its showing no signs of improvement
hi welcome to health care magic. im dr satya.
blister over toes may be due to trauma or friction.
depending on the duration of blister and its cause. since only ibubrufen was given it is likely that it was traumatic.
blue purple line indicates is the margin of the wound and greying of skin is...
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Hi my daughter is 12 months an she has 3 lil red bumps under her chin it had puss but crusted over noticing that she has a blister on tip of her tounge hould i be concerned she is also teething and gums bleed when i brush her teeth just want to make sure its not a serious infection
Thanks for the query..

As per your complain it seems that a blister over the tongue can be a canker sore while pus filled lump under the chin can be due to bacterial infection and as it has already crusted you need not to worry about it again..

As far as gum bleeding is concerned it is common...
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I have an 8 year old son, who gets blisters on his hands and feet, year round (spring and summer are the worst), he has tried several ointments rx d by dermatologists, endocrinologists, and pediatricians to no avail. Any other suggestions?
Welcome To HealthcareMagic forum,

I would like to know few things over here:
Is the blisters between and side of the fingers.
Are they itchy.
Are the blisters water filled or pus filled.

My initial diagnosis would be POMPHOLYX,which is allergic condition,but if you can let me know the above...
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I have small water filled blisters on the inside of my thighs, groin area. Prior to these showing up the area is very itchy. They are not very full at all and burst almost immediately leaving a red area with torn skin around it. just like a blister when you remove the dead skin. They are no more than half a centimeter. They are also in the area behind the scrotum. 1 showed up on the shaft of my penis yesterday...?
Welcome to HCM.

There are many possibilities for these blisters over thigh.

1. If you are sexually active it could be due Herpes simplex 2 infection (rare in thigh).
2. Herpes Zoster is a very painful condition occurring in the course of a peripheral nerve.
3. A drug allergy- Fixed drug...
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my daughter has blisters and a white codeing on tongue and tongue splitting open she has been going though this for monthe and they gave her a month wash and dont say anything else but maybe foor she eating i dont believe that im takeing her to dentist today any suggestions

I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns..

As per your complain white coating on tongue is an indication of fungal infection known as Oral Thrush and blisters seems to be due to secondary to infection causing stomatitis..
You need to...
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I have had a rash / blisters on my body for weeks. I 've also just complete two rounds of shingles. I am a non-hodgkins survivor as well. I have also previously (last Spring) big problems producing white blood cells, buy my oncologist's stated that the white count was 7-2. My eosinofils were high.
these blisters show up on all parts of my body.
Thanks for the query,

These blisters can be shingles itself.

As you mentioned you are a non hodgkin survivor and your EBC is low,

There is high chance that zoster gets dissaminated.

Please meet a dermatologist for final diagnosis and treatment

Let me know if you have any other doubt.
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ive got a small blood blister like bump in the fold where my leg and gooch meet. theres only one and it acted like a normal blister when i manipulated it. when i punctured it blood came out and i put peroxcide on it and a bandaid. any idea what it could be?
Hello and welcome to HCM,
A blister on the groin region could be due to a boil or folliculitis.
Boil and folliculitis are infectious and inflammatory conditions and are associated with redness and pain.
Fever may be associated with the lesions.
manipulation can cause the boils to fill up with...
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