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Hi I currently went to dr with back pain & my urine culture was positive for Beta hemolytic strep group b (50,000-100,000 colonies). My back pain has been persitant for 3 months. I just finished a round of 500mg augmentin & theres been no change in back pain. Please help with advice.
Hi, thanks for posting your concern in the HCM.
I think you may have got a complicated UTI. You should have a repeat urinalysis and Urine for culture and sensitivity testing. If the infection persists, your antibiotic treatment should be guided by sensitivity report.
You should also have a USG of...
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is it compulsory to do sex after 1 month of pregnancy its normal but have back pain ..
There is no compulsion about sex.If you want to have sex or not is your decision.The usual waiting period is 6-8 weeks after you deliver.Back pain is more common during late stages of pregnancy,not after.
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How long does Percocet stay in your system, I gave some to my husband for his back pain after shoveling snow for 4 hours, and now we found out he has to take a urine test this Friday for a new job, the last pill he took was this past Saturday. the pills were 650mg
This generally depends upon the dosage,body weight,metabolic rate etc.
However in general PERCOCET stays in system from 3-8 days and can be detected in urine till that time.
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My daughter is 29,,she has pyelonephsis,,also she has elevated liver enzymes ,,diarrea yellow and bubbly,,,,low grade fever to none,,, back pain ,,,,,,got a clue what it could be?
Hi, Welcome to Health care magic forum.
As you describe, it appears to be the hepatitis, with high serum bilirubin. The eyes and the urine also expected to be yellow.
I advise you to consult a gastroenterologistfor diagnosis and treatment.
Avoid taking nonvegetarian foods, oilyfoods, spicyfoods....
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Hi I am 19 years old had the 68mg implant in my arm since last november and for the past 2 weeks I have had ingestion and backache and sicky feeling and butterflys just like I did with my son when I was first pregnant with him I don t have periods as my implant stoped them I would just like to know is this possible and I took a pregnancy test and it said negative but I am still getting these feelings like I am in early pregnancy
Hi Mam,
I have gone through your query.
It suggests that you have only feeling of the pregnancy but there are no chances of pregnancy. For this better to consult the Obstetrician and gynecologist for better management.

Wish you good...
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i am 27 and have had seere upper back pain which spreads to my ribcage for the past 12/13 years.the pain is very severe and only tends to come every 3/4 months at night,i cannot sleep as no psition is comfortable and i find when my daughter punches me lighty the pain tends to fade,but comes back when she stopps please help
u have fibromyalgia , this can be controled by proper sitting , working habits and for pain u should take tablets with pregabalin for a duration of a month
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Hi dr .i am experiencing back pain but its a bit weird. whenever im in the cold situation, ( morning or at night) my back and right leg will feel the pain. its seems connected because whenever i lifted my right leg, my back will really hurt. i suppose my bone the one feel the pain. could you explain why is that and how probably i cure this?

you are right the leg pain and back pain is connected.
any pain which is originating from back and radiating down the leg is known as sciatica.
you should consult a good physiotherapist to manage this problem.
wishing you complete recovery...
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