Autoimmune disease

What is Autoimmune disease?

Any disorder in which loss of function or destruction of normal tissue arises from humoral or cellular immune responses to the body's own tissue constituents; may be systemic, as systemic lupus erythematosus, or organ specific, as thyroiditis.

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i've got sores on my legs arms head. they are red ,round and when heals leaves scarring. i have taken tests to determine autoimmune diseases, but keep coming back negative. i am inflammed in arms legs hands. extremely fatigued, sensitive to light ,achy joints. sores in nose. also the sores when healing are leave a deep whole in the skin. thank you for your help.
You could be having Porphyria and light sensitivity due to that. Also SLE and Sjogren syndrome need to be ruled out. You may need a course of steroids for your therapy. Kindly consult with a Rheumatologist.
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I am sitting up tonight not being able to sleep I was prescribed 30mg of prednisone by my GP to take once daily as I have an autoimmune disease and he thought it would help with my various this a normal reaction as I usually sleep quite well?
Hello.Insomnia can be caused by intake of prednisone.It is recommend taking prednisone in the morning or prescribe any anxiolytic as Alprazolam or Lorazepam.Please,consult your doctor for prescription.
I wish you good health.
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t4 running in 11's for last year, weight loss of 29lbs,having problems sleeping, autoimmune diseases of thyroid run in my family, what can i do to get help to stop all these problems instead of waiting for what dr's out of range on this, i'm miserable now where all my t levels are at please help.can i ask for antithyroid medication now????
Hi, dear
I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern.

Your T4 level is high and you have family history of autoimmune disease. You can take anti thyroid medication like propylthiouracil or methimazole. But before that your T3, T4 and TSH level as well as anti thyroid...
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Hi my ten year old first lists the use of her left leg then in the space of two weeks loss the use of the right leg now she s in a wheelchair, and her ands shake on and off, doctors did different kind of blood test and ruled out autoimmune disease. She s now waiting to have a full body bone scan have you come a cross anything like thus before?
we have seen such cases and these are auto immune diaseases affecting the spinal cord or the anterior horn cells.

Diseases like motor neuron disease,transverse myelitis should be kept in mind.

Lumbar puncture,MRI or brain and spine should be done.
Consult a neurologist.
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for years i have had a high white blood count, went to oncolgy for 2 years everything negative, still white blood count high, I do smoke, and I have lots of inflammation in my neck and back, I go to pain management, last blood work showed white blood count high again, and also showed a slight elevation for autoimmune disease, it was so slight that they cant say why know why, who can i se to get to the bottom of this
I think you need to see a hematologist to know exactly why the blood count is so high permanently.
Slightly elevated blood counts may be high due to recurrent infections and steroid use however not persistent and not very high. Any counts that is more then 20000 is pathological and you also need...
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sir im 20 years old.i am 5 feet 4 inches tall i weigh 38 tsh levels is 33.but ft3 and ft4 are normal.i have been tested positive for antibody docter told me that the figure for antibody test is abnormally symptoms include fatigue,extreme exhaustion,difficulty concentrating,constipation,menstruation blood levels have decreased when compared to previous levels.i was diagonised with autoimmune disease.i also have digestion problrms and is highly sensitive to certain foods.
Good day.
You have auto immune hypothyroidism ( hashimoto's thyroiditis). As your TSH level is quite high, you need thyroxine treatment. It is a safe drug with out side effects. Your symptoms are due to hypothyroidism.
You can start with 50 mcg Thyronorm on empty stomach in the morning and...
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Sure, I was told by my primary doctor that I have an auto immune problem and that my blood test levels were so high but that nothing could be done and that I will have it for the rest of my life. She told me this about 2 years ago and then forgot about it as she treated me over the 2 years as I was frequently ill. Thinking back I think I probably had this auto immune issue over 11 years and that no one found it. About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos but never was told anything about possibly having an auto immune disorder. As far as I know they never really did the blood work to check for it. I met a Homeopath Doctor last week that told me that I probably just had the auto immune disorder first. I lost my son in a car accident about 11 years ago. And I have been under a lot of stress since then and worse lately. I have been losing my hair pretty bad over the last year. I had surgery on one of my fingers, I got a bad infection and that doctor put me on 3 different very strong antibiotics. I saw my primary doctor many times over the last year as my hair increased in the amount that was falling out, the pain in my feet and over the rest of my body also increased. I kept telling my primary doctor something doesn t feel right. I feel like something is not balanced with my body. I feel anxious and irritated, I wake up in the middle of the night, I was also just diagnosed with Gerd out of the blue. She simply said your TSH levels look fine. I told her that I feel like the 150mg is to high for me. I told her that with my first pregancy that I went from Hypothyroid to Hyperthyroid and that I feel that same way now, although I didn t just have a baby. She said your TSH looks fine, I m not changing your dose. So I continued to take it. Well I have hardly been able to walk so about 5 days ago I decided to stop taking my synthroid as my Endocrinologist had me do when this first happened to me. I did this against my primary doctors advice and I can t get into to see or talk to my Endocrinologist till the end of August. Since I stopped taking it I feel some what better. My feet do not hurt as much and I can walk with just a little pain. I have red sores on my head that a dermatolgist just told me today was because of an auto immune disorder and they gave me steriod shots in my head to try to stop the inflammation and my hair from falling out and then prescribed a steriod lotion. I am concerned if I take the synthroid and I am concerned if I don t. I honestly feel I am better off not taking it and that I am hyperthyroid right now. I am a little afraid of the goiter or what ever the growth is in my throat getting larger and I am a little afraid of other issues with my body from not taking it. Obviously my issues are some what complex. I don t want to be bald, and I don t want to hurt all over and especially my feet any more. Is it possible to manage and auto immune disorder? Also, the dermatologist told me that one auto immune disorder can lead to other auto immune disorders. Now, I m really worried about that. My primary doctor didn t even bring the issue up after her first diagnosis as to why I may be getting sick from time to time or feel the way I do, or the fact that I m losing my hair. She just said maybe I m anemic, let s have you take some iron, lets have you take some Biotin, lets have you see a dermatologist. I had to ask her to order blood work checking my iron, checking my T3, T4, Reverse T3, CBC, my TBG, my iron, my cortisol level, etc. I don t think she even order all these test, she did what she wanted to do. Needless to say, I will be looking for a new doctor. But I am worried about the long term effect on my body leaving it so long the way it has been. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Is there anything Homeopathic I can do for now? Thank you..:)
Respected user, hi I evaluated your query very thoroughly.
*Definite concerns are ongoing imbalance involving various ailments as
Thyroid hormones, trace elements , anti-oxidants , vitamins, B-complexes
*Strongly recommend to get fresh reports of Laboratory including
- Fasting blood sugar - S....
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Can vulvar vestibulitis, recurrent yeast and strep b infections of past 2 years, be another form of autoimmune disease in a Hashimotos Thyroiditis patient?
Thank for asking to HCM
I can understand this, the vulvar vestibulitis and other infection are not the form of autoimmune disease these are the separate etiology hope this information helps you have a good day.
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