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thanks doctors i was serching for you i have a anxiety disorder and have littel blood pressure..the pressure rises when i eat nicotine and get down with in few to conferme that i have blood pressure my average blood pressure 128 86 is it ok or i have to worr


As your blood pressure is need to worry.

blood pressure will differ depends on diet, exercise, disease, and certain external factors also. alcohol will influence blood pressure.
intake nicotine will increases blood also cause damage to the heart vessel and other...
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Hello My question is : My Family doctor wants me to try Paxil for grneralized anxiety disorder and im afraid to take it because of all the side effects listed and i read all these negative reviews about paxil on the internet, am i graunteed to get the side effects or are they their for precaution like my dr. said?

I can understand your concern regarding the side effects of Paxil (paroxetine). Paroxetine ia selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and an effective treatment for paroxetine.

Every drug has some side effects. The side effects are listed to make a person aware so that he can report if any of...
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I have a lower lumbar problem will be getting a mri this week I have an anxiety disorder where I am afraid of medicine and I am in pain they gave me pentaz/nalox 50 05mg and about 2 and 1/2 hours ago I took a kalonapin half of a blue 1 mg question can I take the pain pill
Welcome to HCM!

I understand your query. However, I assure you that there is no need to worry. MRI is a harmless and painless scan which will help your doctor in diagnosing your back problem.
The medicines that were prescribed to you are for treating your pain and acidity (which occurs due to...
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hi im a 37 yr old female, i do have anxiety disorder, i have times where my pulse races, ive had atlest 5 ekgs, all normal, went to ER because my pulse racing scarred me so much, hooked up to heart monitor, no arythmias, had blood work, & chest xrays, all normal. never had any chest pain or anything like that, BP is always normal. shuld i be worried about a hole in my heart?
yes you should be concerned. You should visit local cardiologist and get echo done. Of hole is small it can closed with device and it's minor procedure and if it's larger then you will need surgery.
But you get yourself treated because it may later lead to irreversible damage to heart and...
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Hi Dr Oana, I just got a BP reading of 140/70, I suffer with an anxiety disorder and am getting married pretty soon so quite stressed about that, the last time I had my reading done I was hypotensive, is this something I should be concerned about? thank you
Hi welcome to HCM,
Your symptoms are suggestive of Generalized anxiety disorder/GAD.BP fluctuations in your case are related to your stress.BP around 100-120/70-90 is considered to be normal in your case.Get investigations like serum electrolytes,complete blood picture,thyroid profile,blood...
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sir am 61 years old and diabetic patient, am suffering from anxiety disorder and dipression i have contacted psychiatrist he describe me to take Zosert 50 and Lonazep at night and Etirest 50 at morning but the problem is am taking less intake of food please help me.
hiiii dear

the medicines that have been given to you is good for both anxiety and sleep problems

if u have good response than no need to change

here u did not mentioned about duration and response

if u feel better than plz continue to take it

apart from medicines certain change in life style also...
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Dr. says i am suffering from anxiety disorder and for that i am taking PRODEP 20 mg BD , Asprito 5 mg 1/2 tab at night and lonazep 5 mg od daily for the last three months. my disease as old as 10 years. though i am taking those medicine yet i have some problem such as headache some time, restlessness etc. kindly advice good medicine.
Thanks for using healthcare magic

If you are not getting sufficient improvement with medications, you can try another antidepressant like paroxetine with asprito and lonazep. You can also try some relaxation exercise like JPMR or deep breathing exercise. That would help you to control...
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doctor1 MD

I am 21 year old female, 5'6 150 pounds, and for the past few months, perhaps about two months, I have had moments where my chest feels incredibly tight. A lump in my throat. Pain in my chest and neck. It is very painful when it happens and last from about 6 minutes to 25. I am wondering what this could possibly be, some people suggested anxiety attacks?

doctor1 MD

Hi I am a 17 year old male I am 6 ft tall and 175 lbs recently I have been feeling dizzy and weak and my heart beats fast at times with sweaty palms. In the past I experience the same things and the Dre said it was my sugar dropping and panic attacks I'm afraid this could be serious. Help?

doctor1 MD

I notice when my IBS acts up my heart starts skipping when I have a bowel movement. I also have a panic disorder and when my IBS acts up I get very paniced and my heart will skip or double beat. it takes my breath away sometimes and is very scary. It also makes me very fategued and shaky, I've had this problem off and on for about 25 years, will I live with this for the rest of my life? and is it dangerous?

doctor1 MD

I m 31 years old, 5 8 , 250lbs. My BP is on yhr high side, usually around 150/87. I take 8mg of Suboxone Film daily, and have for about 5 years. I was on Subutex for most of that time actually, I switched to the Films about 4 months ago because that is what my insurance will cover. I also suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. About 6 months ago I begin to experience a sense of pressure and discomfort in my upper chest, slightly left and above of where of my heart is and severe pain in my mid back plus mild light headedness. I kind of feel off kilter, like I have the flu. Concerned and anxious, I went to the ER, worried about my heart. I was given blood tests, a chest X-Ray, EKG, and ECG, all of which came back normal. I was told it was probably something muscular in nature and that the lightheadedness was anxiety. That was 3 months ago and still the pain in the chest and back are still here, and the lightheadedness has only gotten more severe. Now I have also begun to develop headaches which seem to radiate from different points in my head, but are very severe. I also experience extreme senses of pressure in my head accompanied by a rushing sound in my ears if I stand up quickly. Recently, I ve also begun experiencing attacks in which it is hard to breath, or like I have to breath very deliberately. They pass quickly, but it is quite disconcerting. I m aware that several of these symptoms are known side effects of Suboxone, but I ve been on it for years and never experienced anything like these. The symptoms did show up around the time I switched to the films, but it seems very severe and long lasting for a side effect of switching. I know that anxiety can also cause a lot of these symptoms, but I don t feel anxious at all. My family and friends are quick to blame my anxiety, but I m not so sure or perhaps a pinched nerve. I want to go get an MRI, but already have racked up lots of hospital bills from the previous visits to check my heart. What could these symptoms be, or are they caused by unrelated issues?

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