Acute tonsillitis

What is Acute tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis ( ) is inflammation of the tonsils most commonly caused by viral or bacterial infection. Symptoms may include sore throat and fever. When caused by a bacterium belonging to the group A streptococcus, it is typically referred to as strep throat. The overwhelming majority of people recover completely, with or without medication. In 40%, symptoms will resolve in three days, and within one week in 85% of people, regardless of whether streptococcal infection is present or not.

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i quit smoking.. after 1-2weeks of quit smoking i had a fever sever neck pain and acute tonsillitis, i go to doctor and gave me a medicines 3xa day clindamaycin and paracetamol.. after a few days it become better but not totally cure because their still a lumps. and now its almost 8weeks my throat still have lumps. is it normal?
Well, the medicines would work on the vast majority of tonsillitis. It is quite possible that smoking may injure protective linings of the respiratory tract and the ability to Clear or Get Rid Of infections quickly could be impaired by it.
Lymph nodes can easily take weeks to cllear. I cannot...
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I have acute tonsillitis and have had it for about 3 months. This condition followed pneumonia I had this winter. My tonsils way in back of my tongue show puss all over them. I am 64, is surgery to remove the tonsils more dangerous at my age? I also have a swollen lymph node under my left arm and fluid in my left ear.
Thanks for your query.
Surgery for tonsillitis is unheard of at the age of 64, and I wonder if any surgeon would operate you unless a Cancer of the tonsil is suspected.
Hence have a proper antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines that will work for the tonsillitis, node in the axilla and...
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I was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis at an urgent care center and developed bad hives symetrically and joint pain. I went to ER for treatment of the allergic reaction to clindamycin and they started an IV and want to give me a precription for penicillin to treat the tonsillitis. Is that safe replacement antibiotic, given my new hypersensitivity to clindamycin?

I have gone through your query and can understand your concern..

As per your complain Clindamycin belongs to a group of Lincosamide antibiotics while Penicillin nelomgs to Penicillin group..
Therefore as they are different groups of antibiotics hypersensitivity...
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I have had an abscessed tooth, after popping the bubble on my gum, white pussy stuff came out, I popped it and spit it out, careful not to swallow any but the next morning my lymph nodes were swollen, my tonsils are swollen, including my tongue and lower palette on the left side. I went to the ER and they diagnosed me with acute tonsillitis and tooth disease. They prescribed me antibiotics and told me to take Tylenol ad use throat spray. I have also been using orajel. I went to sleep 4 hours ago and when I woke up I noticed a tiny amount of blood in my saliva. When I looked under my tongue my palette is extremely swollen, all the way to the top of my teeth on the left side. Around my teeth is all white and past that it looks like bruised and bloody sot of. WHAT DO I DO!?
With you query,
I really dont understand what do you mean by ER and coming to your problem you might have had an Posterior tooth infection with deep dental dental caries which resulted in periapical abscess or dento-alveolar abscess through which the infection would have spread over to the...
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I went to Urgent Care about 2 weeks ago. Was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis. Took 10 days of penicillin. Was better for about a week or less. Now I'm sick again. Very fatigued, low level sore throat, with a light white stripe on the right side of my throat in the back. Headache comes and goes, body aches accompany.
You still have infection in the tonsils.
You need to take another course of antibiotic and get a throat swab done .
Throat swab is meant for culture and sensitivity so that the bacteria causing the infection can be known and treated accordingly by giving antibiotic according to its...
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Hi doctor, I am 24 yrs old , 6'3 230lbs. I have always had a strong immune system and rarely ever get sick. recently had unprotected sex and got tonsillitis 3 days. I should mention that during that week i had a stressful week filled with anxiety from work staying up all night and not eating well. and the previous month i broke up with girlfriend and lost more weight. after antibiotics the tonsillitis went away after a 3 days but stayed on antibiotics for 10 days but i have had anxiety from seeing tonsillitis due to HIV. so when i was of antibiotics i felt better and feeling good and masturbated a few times in 2 days and got a yeast infection or UTI after the last time. so i searched the internet and freaked myself out again about HIV. I stayed up all night and got so stress out and so much anxiety My neck muscles tensed up and my tonge stated to swell, went to work on no sleep and notice my throat with a little tickle and a day later turned into acute pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis. whats the chances its HIV doc?

Welcome to HCM.

I understand your concern but clinical diagnosis of HIV infection is not reliable as there are many HIV positive individuals with no symptoms at all. the best way to diagnose HIV is to test blood sample for antibodies for HIV 1 and 2. There is no need to unnecessarily worry...
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