What is Abscess?

An abscess () is a collection of pus that has built up within the tissue of the body. Signs and symptoms of abscesses include: redness, pain, warmth, and swelling that when pressed feels like it is fluid filled. The area of redness often extends beyond the swelling. Carbuncles and furuncles are types of abscess that often involves hair follicles with carbuncles being larger.

They are usually caused by a bacterial infection. In the United States and many other areas of the world the most common bacteria present is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Rarely parasites can cause abscesses and this is more common in the developing world. Diagnosis of a skin abscess is usually made based on what it looks like and is confirmed by cutting it open. Ultrasound imaging may be useful in cases in which the diagnosis is not clear. In abscesses around the anus, computer tomography (CT) may be important to look for deeper infection.

Standard treatment for most skin or soft tissue abscesses is cutting it open and drainage. A small amount of evidence supports not packing with gauze the cavity that remains after drainage.

Skin abscesses are common and have become more common in recent years. Risk factors include intravenous drug use with rates reported as high as 65% in this population. In 2005 in the United States 3.2 million people went to the emergency department for an abscess. In Australia around 13,000 people were hospitalized in 2008 for the disease.

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Questions and answers on "Abscess"

recently one week back i had an left parotid abscessand i and d was done under general anaesthesia and i am 21 weeks pregnant.can i know the reasons for this abscess and still i have pain at the operated site.but my biopsy report came as chronic sialadenitis.but previously i was not having any problem pls answer my query
Hi thanks for your question.
The abscess formation is due to infection of the partoid gland.Chronic sialadenitis means chronic (for long time) infection of salivery glands.Pain could be due surgical incision or some amount of inflammation due to abscess which can be taken care by pain killers....
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what is the best way to remove Tar from lung when the tube is already inserted close to lung to ooz out abscess . Suggest Medicine to dry up tar
Thanks for the query.I am sorry, what exactly are u talking about? Tar accumulation is diffuse and it cant be removed through a tube inserted for empyema. I suggest u stop smoking and thats the best way to regain lung funstion. Have a healthy living
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Hi I have just returned from some rigourous running and have been too the toilet twice and passed blood on both occasions, it was bright red in colour. i am 39 years of age 90kg and 5ft11. i am in the army so do lead quite an active lifestyle but have just come back from knee surgery and haven t done much rigourous running unyil this week
Thanks for your query.
The blood in the stools may not be due to running.
There are many causes for Bleeding per rectum.Most common cause of bright red stools is Haemorrhoids(Piles).If it is associated with loose stools,it may be Dysentry due to Bacterial infection or Parasitic.
You didn't...
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Thanks for the query

From what u r putting it as it sounds like an infected abscess. I could have helped u better if u had told me your age. Please see a doctor immediately. U shoud not be scared of doctors, we are here to help u out

Have a healthy life
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I believe it's an absess tooth that has been going on for some while now in which I have completed antibiotics in the past. I am currently on amox that I've been taking since last Tuesday. The pain has gotten much worse and I'm now running 100.1 temp. Sharp pains under my jaw ear and temples. It literally has me in tears
Hello and welcome,
Abscess developed under tooth has to be drained and curetted.
Root canal treatment will help to drain the pus within the abscess.
Please do not take medicines without medical supervision.
I would suggest you to visit a dentist and get thorough clinical as well as x-ray...
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My 4 year old child last june 20 had a toothache,dentist advised to take co-amociclav for 7days to remove abscess.i gave it then warm compress.

After a week,she developed 3 blisters on face,i went to the derma and she advised to put hydrocortisone and bactroban,twice daily,seven days;and also to take co-amociclav for 5days,twice daily. I gave it to my child.

While taking co-amociclav,she developed colds and cough,then after 3days of stopping co amoxiclav,clarithromycin was given to her to heal the cough,125mg/5ml,2x daily,5ml each,7 days.
Now is the 5th day,cough is fading,the problem is she has an upset stomach..stomach in pain after taking clarithromycin and she has diarrhea.she went to toilet 3x yesterday.loose bowel.
What will i do?if i will stop clarith,then the cough will not be fully healed.any advice.thank you.

Thanks for asking the query,

According to your clinical history i suspect that you are getting the above symptoms due to the use of antibiotics and analgesics prescribed to you.
Visit the concerned Dentist and get the prescription changed.

Antibiotics and analgesics will give temporary relief...
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my daughter had what looked like a boil under her armpit that popped and drained on its own, now so has a hole under her armpit, that doesn't seem to want to close up on its own, its only been 2 days. we're keeping it covered with gauze but I thought it would close on its own. She we seek medical treatment like stiches for this. I doesnt look infected but i dont want it to get infected.
It seems that she might have formed abscess and now burst open.
Go for regular proper dressing with antibiotic cream.
go for short antibiotic medicine course after consulting your doctor for quicker healing wound.
Ok and take care.
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I have had a cyst now for 6 months.6weeks ago it became bigger and I smashed it alittle and alot of thick clear stcky stuff came out of it.Now theres a huge a will not heal or fill in and really needs stitches but if you have it fixed...the cyst will come back.Its not painful in the least.(its in between my vag. and anus )Its just a dad told me when he was younger this same thing happen to him 4 times until he had the sack removed.What is this???I was very scared of cancer but my dad said it will go away when the sack is removed.Im 48 yrs old.Its on my scar where they cut me so I could have my children.thank you Tina Leatherwood
Welcome to HCM

It need to be examined to know whether it is just and abscess or an fistula.

In case of fistula it need to be drained, which is already done by you. After that pain medication to reduce the pain and antibiotic to prevent and check the infection. In case absess if it is small...
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doctor1 MD

HI there,

I got an abscess on my buttocks that got opened and drained by a doctor 2 weeks ago. Now, suddenly, another one started growing on the other side, near the rectum. How can this be? Are they contagious? Anything I can do? I'm scared its a disease!!!

I'm female, 28 years old, normal health, I do smoke though and varied diet.

doctor1 MD

I have the flue, very blocked up sinus, sore ears, hot and cold chills, cough etc.
my question is i am going into have surgery next Wednesday to get my wisdom teeth removed and an abscess removed from my jaw, i have a a course of Amoxil antibiotics, and was wondering if i should take them to help me get over this flue before surgery next week?

doctor1 MD

My daughter went to Mozambique Africa for 3 months. While there she began getting abscesses on various parts of her body. Since returning home last week, she has gotten another one. She was prescribed 4 different antibiotics while in Africa. They obviously haven't gotten rid of the source, which we expect to be a parasite or staph infection. Once returning to the States, she had blood and stool tests done to check for parasites. All negative. Had a culture taken of an abscess to check for staph. Negative. I'm trying to find out how a person determines the source of these recurring abscesses so we can solve this problem.

doctor1 MD

My 5 year old daughter has a huge lump on her top left gum and next to it is a smaller lump looks like a little bit of bone. She recently had antibiotic treatment for the tooth in question - 2 weeks ago and has been fine since. Then noticed this tonight... The tooth in question had been previously filled and when i had a second opinion the dentist said it looks like they didnt get all the bacteria out before they filled the tooth causing the absess. Surely the antibiotics would have cleared up the infection or is this lump still from the infection before?

doctor1 MD

Hi, I am REALLY concerned about the golden staph infections that seem to spread for my partner's daughter, we think, to my partner. She had school sores and random abcesses or the like 12 months ago and a permanent nose infection. He is again in...

doctor1 MD

I have been having pain in my right hip especially at night. My doctor's office just called and said I have a "spot" on my pelvic bone and need more xrays. Now I can't think of anything else but that I am dying of cancer or something. Can you tell...

doctor1 MD

I have gone ICD (Incision Cut & Drain) treatment for Abscess under left armpit on 03.04.2013. The diagnosis was auxiliary abscess. Post ICD the wound had healed completely in 5-6days. Details are as under: Size of Abscess: About 3 CM Substantial...

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