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suffering from abdominal pain from past 2 days. Please help me.....suffering from abdominal pain from past 2 days. Please help me.....suffering from abdominal pain from past 2 days. Please help me.....suffering from abdominal pain from past 2 days. Please help me.......
Hi ! Good evening. I am Dr Shareef answering your query.

Your way of narrating the history of your symptoms signifies that possibly you are in great pain. But with this kind of history, I am afraid that no doctor would be able to help you on line. Therefore, I would advise you to please report at...
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my wife is suffring from abdominal pain.pain was not that much when it started 8 months ago.she use to have pain near her periods.and she used to have heavy the pain is so much high from 1-10 is no 10.her esr level was 54.and she had swelling in her body.doctors have done ultra sounds,xrays,but they cannot find anything.please give us advice what to do.

Hello, thank you for writing in to HCM.

Few questions I need answers to before coming to specific conclusions:
- Is the pain in relation to food intake (does it happen on empty stomach or only after eating) or is it in relation to her period?

- Is the pain accompanied by any vomiting?
- Does she...
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i m 7 weeks +3 dys pregnant , i went through scanning and doctors said that baby growth and heartbeat is good. even then she asked me to take susten 200mg twice a day, i used them yesterday but i felt unusual and stomach ache headache. suggest me do i need to use them or stop using them
Dear Member,
Thanks for writing to healthcare magic.
bloating sensation in the lower abdomen , mood irritability, headaches are very common in early pregnancy. progesterone may exacerbate these symptoms. I recommend my clients to use the same capsules vaginally at night while retiring to bed....
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when I eat about an hour later I have to have a bowl movement, its not solid, but no blood . there is mucus though, i get a small tummy ache but is gone after about 10 minutes
Hi read ur problem Of bowel movement after food,Not solid,no blood.There is mucus stool with tummy ache but is gone after about 10 min.I hope u may be suffering from IBS.In my view first of all u do some investigation.
1-Routine haematology
2-sigmoidoscopy with rectal biopsy
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is there any chance of pregnancy after taking i- pill . i took the medicine after one hr of sex. my boyfriend didnt enter his penis . but it touched . my due date was 2nd sept .. and i took the pill at 15 th sep..after taking the pill i have periods at 20th sept. after some days fro 3rd oct i have some abdominal pain and releasing some white discharge . is there any chance of pregnancy?
In the manner in which the intercourse happened and the fact that you had taken the emergency contraception soon after, implies that you were adequately protected. The bleeding that happened after the pill intake was due to the withdrawal effect caused by the high hormone content in the pill....
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hai , i am 29 yrs old.i am married,.my last periods was in jun juli 25 i was experiencing a small abdominal pain.i was seeing a few drops of blood in the toilett paper.thats all.then no more pain and no more bleeding.i had sex in juli 3.can u tell me what problem i have.

Abdominal pain and bleeding may be due to many reasons like urinary tract infection,local genital tract injury etc.

You need proper clinical evaluation and investigations.Basic investigations are routine hemogram,random blood sugar,liver function test,renal function test and ultrasound of...
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hi my name is greg cramer i have been having abdominal pain for the pass two weeks every time i eat something and when i eat i have been in the er and they have not found anything but my white blood count is high is 11.5 they also have been a cat scan and found nothing and also get put on a antibiotic and i finished that but the abdominal pain comes back
hello thanks for posing your querry.
the high white cell count meant you probably had an infection in the intestine which the antibiotic took care of.
however, persistence of the pains, especially after eating may mean you have dyspepsia (indigestion) or irritable bowe desease...
please consult a...
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hellow doctor iam 30 years old female and i was 8wks pregnant but i did what that pregnant so i decided to abort so i took mifepriston and mesoprotol for about 4days now but iam having abdominal pain with clumps with pv bleeding but i dont see clots and membrens so doctor for how long am suppose to wait till i see those membrenes?or what can i do?
welcome to Health care magic.

1.You wait for complete week after medication, usually the bleed should stop by that time.
2.After that get an ultrasound pelvis done for confirmation of abortion / RPOC - retained products of conception.
3.Less bleed will be seen in incomplete abortions - better get...
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