Central nervous system

What is Central nervous system?

Anatomically nervous system is divided into two main systems . 1 Central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Brain has three basic functions : 1 Detection and processing of sensory information from inside and outside the body. 2 Orientation and control of movement which is brought about by muscle-action. 3 Brain is also the seat of consciousness and the mind is in some ways .

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I had ear perferated by mine explosion in vietnam and have recently developed severe daily migraines-could they be related? I had headaches for years I thought were sinus problems,but never this bad. Could you say it's just as likely that migraines were caused by war injury as not? XXXXXXX

Thanks for the query.

Your question is a very good one and I will work on providing some good information and recommendations’ regarding what is going on.

Usually mine explosions does not directly cause migraine headache. Other types of headaches may occur if there are internal or external...
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I have had severe headaches for 3 years, and I eat excedrin like it's candy cause that's the only thing that makes them subside for a couple of hours (bottle of 100 in a week). I get dizzy and an intense throbbing headache when I bend over, cough, sneeze, have a BM, raise my voice, or when I am around loud music. I have pain in my neck, and my shoulders are tingly. I recently had an MRI and LP, but the only that showed up was that my spinal fluid was low. What could be causing these headaches. They are seriously impeeding on my life!

Thank you for your query.

1. Low CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) pressure headaches usually subside on lying down. Does your headache increase on standing or sitting, or with exercise and decrease on lying down? Do you have a history of illness or head injury more than 3 years ago?

2. Normal CSF...
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A 68 year old man had a cat scan with these results: no acute intercranial process, advance volume loss, and chronic ischemic disease. what does this mean? he has been either hospitalized or in nursing home since XXXXXXX 17, 2011 with multiple system failures.

Thank you for posting your query.

The CAT scan results indicate changes in the brain tissue that occur as result of long standing problem of decreased blood flow to the brain.

There are no on going problems detected in the current scan.

Advanced volume loss indicates age related and decreased...
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Hi, Im experiencing the most unusual symptoms ive been to A&E twice with the problem, however the symptoms have gone down thus far 4 weeks on but are still present. Ive been suffering a bit off back pain, i then started to notice a stinging senation or rather needle like stabbing in my armpits. I later was suffering nausea vommitting, with head aches, generally flu type symptoms. These latter few have somewhat gone but the headaches neck and back pain and stabbing under the armpits are still there. In fairness on the last occasion it felt like i had the worst hangover with sore bruised kidney area, i could hardly walk. Nothing came up on the xray and only hightened white blood cell count came up on the blood test which had gone down slightly on the second visit, suggesting a viral infection perhaps? I do feel generally weak and lathargic as well. Any ideas, I was told possibly myositis? Cheers Jon

Thanks for your query.

The flu like symptoms along with neck and back pain with stabbing under armpits points towards the symptoms related to the nerves.Your raised white cell count is also indicative of infection. It seems that this infection( could be viral/bacterial) has involved your...
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My Son has went thorugh a TBI (Brain Injury not to severe). Aftert the surgery we are seeing the Bulge on the left hand side of the skull. His whole head is looking deformed. Will it automatically get back or an opertion will be needed later. CSF analysis has been done and it shows normal pressures and no infection

You have mentioned that your son had Traumatic Brain Injury and has undergone surgery for the same.

It will be helpful for me if you can tell what was the surgery done.

Usually after any trauma to the head, there will be swelling over the scalp. Such scalp swelling are usually large...
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In 1996, I hit the front of my head on a fireplace real hard and it knocked me to the ground. I held my head for quite a while until the pain subsided. I then had a headache for three hours which went away and I was alright ever since utill XXXXXXX of 2009 when upon arising from sleep and walking across the kitchen floor to make a pot of coffee, something horrible came over me in my head and I though I was having a XXXXXXX stroke. It lasted for just a few seconds. I didn't pass our or jerk or anything. It then happened again in a couple of days so I decided to go to my doctor. He had me take an MRI if the brain and all he could find was narrowing down of the small blood vessels. He said that came with my age (which was 65 at the time) and the fact that I am a smoker. However, I still kept having these spells. So, I went back to my doctor and he had an EEG done still nothing. So he sent me to the neurologist and the neurologist had another 2 MRI done. One with contrast and one without. Still nothing. So I suggested he do another EEG and leave it on longer. So, I had it on for 48hrs. and from this EEG the neurologist determined that I am having left frontal lobe seizures. I have been on depakote, keppra, lamictal, gabapentin, lorazepam and none of these seem to help. Some of these medicines even made my spells worse..I do not pass out, or convulse, I usually on my own just tense up as I am not sure what to expect next. I am coherent and they last approx 10 to 20 seconds and subside. Sometimes I have four or five a day, and then maybe 2 or 3 a day and then sometimes, just one a day and they are never everyday. There are times I will go for almost a week with out one. I am not doing anything different to bring them on. Can you tell my what your opinion is and what I can do to prevent them? I also had balbar polio when I was 7 yrs. old, I also had surgery on my celiac artery in 1972, as I was born with it inside my diaphram. Can you give me any explanation for these spells and their causes and what to do to treat them. Thank you, XXXXXXX Graber
Thanks for the query.

It looks like you have seizure disorder (fits) probably due to old head injury. But it is not clear why you are having these inspite of medications.

If some one does not respond to medicines the reasons may be:
1. Refractory epilepsy (medically resistant)
2. Not a...
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Hi, I want to get some information. My baby is 11 month old. her crown of the head has not closed yet. we checked her head with ultrasound. everything showed normal but the size of left and right cerebral showed 5 mm. Norm was less or equal to 4. The doctor diagnosed it as Intracranial Hypertension. I want to know if it is right diagnose or not? how can i treat it which medicine we might give her.

Thanks for the query.

From the information provided to me it looks like there is dilatation of the ventricles with open fontanelle. Possibility could be due to a condition called as Hydrocephalus which is due to either increased production of brain fluid (CSF) or due to decreased...
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Hi i am a 30 year old lady, who is 5 6 in height and weighs 12 1/2 stone, for the past 3 months nearly i have felt very unwell, it started as slurred speech and this went away then the week after at work i was took to hospital with a suspected stroke, as i had numbness in my left arm and face and bad headaches and slurness, they did a ct scan and mri on my brain which came back fine and said i had serious migrane and sent me home after 3 days, it got worse again and i was admitted again on the same ward, and they did another mri on my neck and back at the top and another mri on brain and blood tests and all came back fine, the slurred speech has gone but my left arm is still weak and my face and jaw are getting worse by the day, i was prescribed Gapentain and dizapam to help which does abit but the headaches are on and off constantly, my jaw and face are very uncomfortabel feeling and i have not been back work as yet as every day is a major struggle, am now off gapapentain as advised by my gp and on dizapam and ibuprofen, i have dentist next week even though i have no tooth ace etc my gp thinks it is TJD but i need an answer as this is not nromal as i am normally fit, also i have alot of saliva in my mouth and where they gave me an injection in my buttock in hospital since then it is very sore and constant numbness there and pain in my left leg

Thanks for the query.

You have provided with good information, but I need to know few more things to suggest you better.

1. Do you experience double vision or blurring of vision?

2. Is there any weakness of the face?

3. Do you have trouble sleeping at night, do you snore at night?

4. How...
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Hi, I am 33 years old (weight 82 Kg) and suffering from epilepsy stroke since almost last 10 years.. Initially frequency was very less (in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2009) but in 2011 i had total 3 epileptic attacks within 6 months of span.. Initially i was taking valparin chrono 300 1-0-1.. Before 5 days my doctor change the dose from 300mg to 500mg (1-0-1) due to recent attack..
In 2010, my BP was found high and therefore i am taking Ramistar 5 (1-0-0) and Prolomat Xl 25(0-0-1). I have also problem of high cholesterol (slightly above border line) and for the same i am consuming Fibator 145 (0-0-1)
My queries are as follows
(1) All this problem of high BP and cholesterol are because of valparin chrono medicine???
(2) My neurologist says that because of lack of sleep i have epilepsy attack.. but i am taking regular sleep of around 7 hours..
(3) What are the other side effects of epileptic drug valparin chrono 500.. I feel very sleepy since i have increased the dose...
(4) During the last attack, i have some symptoms like lost of conciseness and therefore i took Melpez (1 mg) in sos as suggested by my neurophysicion.. then also within 10 minutes i got an attack.. I took it with water... but later on i heard that i have to keep it below tongue.. is it so? Is there any different technique to take this medicine
(5) My family doctor suggested me to do test scapt and valparin level in body to check effectiveness of medicine.
(6) how to get rid of this problem.. I have tired sentimentally as i have responsibility of two children, parents and wife on me...
Kindly suggest reply..


Thanks for the query.

Based on the information provided to me, I think you have multiple problems like epilepsy, obesity, cholesterol and hypertension.

Valparin Chrono is a good medicine for Primary generalized epilepsy. However it has side effects like weight gain. However it does not...
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