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child flu with leg pain child sleeping a lot stomach flu free fluid in pelvis of young child 3 years child flum problems child foaming at the mouth child foaming mouth sleeping child foams at mouth while sleeping white foam mouth child foam saliva sleeping child child spits up white foam white foam in stool in child yellow foamy vomit child with heart palpitations white foamy mucus in stool child child orange foamy vomit foamy puke im child child with foamy saliva while sleeping child vomiting foamy white fontanelle swelling in 3 year old child best food for child health food for 2 years child childs throat hurts food tastes weird 9 month child food recipe child food poisoning statistics 3 years child food child kicked wall hurt foot child with pins and needles in foot pimple on childs foot spot in child foot normal heart rate for20 mos old child swollen forearm in two year old child child has hair on forehead overnight lump on childs forehead child forehead scar removal forehead scar revision child forehead seroma in a child child sore spot on forehead veins childs forehead is swollen welt on childs forehead child tender spot on forhead veins gharelu nuskhe child pneumonia formula oflomac forte syrup child foul smelling gas in child my child has foul smelling poo child with foul smelling stool sundaram medical foundation child psychiatry hairline fracture kneecap in child fractured thumb in a child child frequent urination and headache child frequent urination and stomach pain frequent urinarination and stomach pain child swelling front gum child child frothy yellow vomit my childs wee smells like fsh fucidin for lip child fundraising for sick child my child have fungus furry stool in child milk for a child wiyh g6pd child with smelly gas child with ganglion infection in neck child when having gastro child got shower gel up nose any remedy if child swallows volini gel my child keeps getting pins and needles getting a child to wet them self khasi child ghrelu treatment giardia light headed child varicocele operation giving child nosebleed swollen glands child wearing glasses make a child nauseaus why does my child smell like glue gluteal mass in child childs hand going numb child going to toilet a lot is practin good for child good tonic for a ten year child child got into hydrogen peroxide symptom child grabbing tongue skin grafts on child head child has gray stool child throwing up gray green vein on childs head child with green mucus 6 yr old child with green stools 5 year old child vomit yellow green green tongue on child grey spots on childs leg six yr old child grey poo grey stool symptom child stool grey white child look like grit on childs scalp child itchy rash groin and stomach child kicked in groin skin lesions in groin area on child lump in groin area male child child pea size lump groin swollen lymph nodes groin child rash on groin area child child skin growth red rapid growing gum growing over teeth child when does a childs jaw stop growing lump growing on small childs neck child growing pain ribs unborn child stops growing in womb child growing too tall my childs toenails wont grow weird growth childs gums growth on inner thigh of small child pimple like growth on childs lip childs nostril small growth child growth of praganancy time second tongue growth in child child growth spurt signs small growth in childs throat child vomits growth spurt tubelike stalk growth on childs tongue growth on tonsil on child child with vomiting and gry stool child has hole in gums childs gum hurts in one spot child has scar tissue on injured gums lump on childs gum lumps on gums in mouth in child red lump on gums on child gum motions remedies for i yr child child swallowed pus in gums child with red spot on gums skin tag on childs gum white spots on my childs gums tissue tag childs gums child with thick gums child has a tissue on gums my child took 6 gummy vitamins swollen gumsblisterssore throat in child child yawning habit child ingests hair syrum my 4 year old child hair loss stomach pains hair loss child child has welts around hairline my 1 and half old child hamstring injury symptoms child headache numb hand child child hand shakes hold spoon childs hands are hot child vomiting itchy hands lump on childs hand lump on top of hand child child wrist hand pain in morning child putting hands in mouth child numbness in hands stomachache child vomiting tired numbness in hand rash on childs hands child has red hands red spots on hands in child spots on hands child wrinkled hands in child child has skin hanging in mouth what happens if a child take microgynon what happens if child swallows plastic ring hard lump childs head hard knott child leg hard red welt on childs leg hard oblong nodule under skin child hard whiteheads child nose child and smelly hard stool my child has thick hard stools hitting child in head hit head and been sick child child hit side of head on wall child holds head to side when running child saying head hurts child says head and stomach hurts child head hurts to touch child has knots all over head small knot on head child yellow head spots on childs legs light headed in child lumps in childs head should i worry lump on childs head small lumps on head child what is lump on childs head child metal plate surgery on head child nodding head side to side painful pimple with white head child shooting pain in childs head pain on side of head in child white pasty patch on childs head child has a white patch on head yellow patches on my childs head pounding pulse in childs head protruding head on child child tilts head to one side my child has a small head child sore head and temprature child spots yellow head child has headache and hears ringing child headache hearing sounds child headache rapid heart rate child with high temperature and headache child with husky voice and headache child with headache stomach pain low temperature child regular headaches mood swings child sickness and sore neck headache yr old child with a headache child 6 years old pale headache my 7 year old child has headaches child with headache and stomach pain child temperature headache and pains tummy headache and seeing spots in child seviour headache for child child headache soar throat stomach and headache child child headaches and temperature child headache thirsty tired child with headache for 3 weeks child has headachesleg pain and stomach pain child split lip wont heal info on child health vericocele child health queries slap make child lose his hearing heart murmur heart hurts child child with racing heart and high temperature child racing heart red lips 7 month old child heart rate my child need open heart operation my child is having heart pain childs heart pounding and stops sick child heart racing child vomiting heart racing my child says heart stings 6 year old child heartbeat per minute child heartbeat race pain throwing up with racing heartbeat child child nose prickly heat heavy snot when sneezing in a child child has lump on heel white pimple on childs heel heightened sense of smell child hemangioma of the tongue in child hemoglobin level one year old child hemoglobin in a one year old child hepatitis in child hepatomegaly hepatomegaly treatment of child child hiccups and vomiting child high monocyte low mpv child with high sedimentation rate child high temperature sore shoulder child has high temp child has high triglicerides hign temp sore tongue child hip pain child throwing up child has rash on hips visible veins on childs hips how long can a child take histacet child with pneumonia and hives child psychology holding saliva in their mouth child unable to hold urine child cannot hold his urine if child has temperature at home child with honeycomb rash childs urine smells horrible childs knee problems hot too touch child red rash hot to the touch child shivering but hot 7 year old child vomiting every hour how to manage a hypoactive child how to prevent child labour how long practin child how to prevent loose motion for child how to make my child take zinnat how often should i shower my child how old can child do pushup how many times should a child urinate how much simethicone can a child take how we get twins child how to wean child off vyvanse child sick mottled skin hsp huge rash on childs torso child always hungry at night child knee hurts when walking child legs hurt sitting on toilet childs tummy and legs hurt child vomiting and legs hurt child stomach hurts in the middle child says neck hurts when a childs neck hurts and temperature childs stomach hurts at night childs tummy hurts at night can obsessional thinking hurt my unborn child childs poop is white tummy hurts zoloft childs stomach hurts all the time what to do if child stomach hurts child says teeth hurt my child was perscribed hydroxyzine why multivitamin makes my child hyper subcortical hyperintense spots child mild latent hyperopie child hypersalivation in child while sleeping child swallowed hypertension meds proper management if a child is hypoactive will ibuprofen make a child sleepy red spots on child not ichy child immunisation leg twitching sudden inability of child to walk can a child outgrow inappropriate sinus tachycardia swelling of incisive papilla child child with inconsistent stools increased sgot and sgpt in child indent in muscle child indentation in childs rib infection child middle toe swollen mycoplasm infection in child with mitochondrial myopathy toe infection in a child liver inflammation in 2 month old child child ingested a lysol wipe child neck injury pops neck lump on inner thigh of child child with pimples on inner thigh lump on inside of shin child lump inside tongue child swollen liver and intestines in child involontery urination in child childs poo smells like iron child white spots on skin low iron isolated itchy spot child child lathargic stomach issues middle toe red soreness child itches child says nose itches round rash on child does not itch child splotchy red itching skin itchy rash and swollen knees in child child has itchy welts on legs itchy rash on childs neck itchy red rash on childs neck itchy spots on childs neck child itchy torso no rash child itchy nose winter itchy painful pimples on childs but red itchy palms on child child vomit itchy palms child pink red itchy rash one red spot on childs tongue itchy itchy red swollen welts child painless itchless rash on childs legs knot on child jaw small knot in upper jaw in child jelly in loose stools child child red rash and painful joints management of child with kerosene poisoning ketones in childs urine child with ketones vomit keyboard for child 8 years old can potassium kill a child can toothache kill an unborn child laying my child over my knees pimples mainly on childs knees 3 year old child knee problems child rash swollen knees child spots on knees child with swollen knee swollen knee in child under 2 swollen labium of young child precautions to prevent child labor lactose symptoms in a child latrin problem in child 9 year old child leaking urine child with urinating leaking sensation slapping child left red mark pain under left ribs on a child pain in left side of child left pelviectasis in child child lightheadedness weak legs child with welt like rash on legs spots on lower leg child pea sized lump on childs leg thigh lump on childs leg mottled skin leg child leg pain stomach and neck pain child pins and needles in childs leg leg numbness child polio child has leg pain child has leg and stomach pains child with leg and wrist pain white patch on childs leg prominent veins on childs legs child has rash on legs red rash on childs legs spreading upward unexplained child leg rashes with vomiting red spots on legs of a child child with sore legs child stiff legs sports my child has spots o leg child suddenly cannot stand on legs child sudden leg weakness child with week legs welts on childs leg whiteheads on childs leg child had wobbly legs white lesion ontongue child lips turning white and lethargic child child pale and lethargic lethargic skinny and pale child child vomiting pale lethargic is splenomegaly in leukemic child safe levolin for child when given light pink spots child my child light pink vomit my child smells like metal childs urine smells like sour milk moustache like rash child child smells like onions when child snells like onion pimple like rash on child child smells like skunk childs vomiting smells like yeast upper limb swelling in child red rash line on childs stomach parakeets linked to strep throat in child child lump on lip small pimples around nose upper lip child child weak pale lips vomit pimple pus on childs lip child shaking purple lips child red spot on lip child has red and stingy upper lip child with white spot on her lip why is my childs lips swelling lips turn white in child child with white lips child vomiting orange liquid childs tonsils veiny looking loose motion problems in 5 month child pidilite child loose motion reason for loose motion to child child with loose mucousy stool medicine used for lose motion for child 5 year old child lost voice low night time temperature on child child temperature too low pneumonia child sick low temperature sweating child low on sodium had child low temperature sweating vomit low temp child why is my child temperature low child with lumbar spondolysis lump in childs mouth pea sized lump in neck of child small pea sized lump childs neck child posterior neck lump lump in side of childs neck soft lump on neck under skin child lumps under skin on neck on child childs stiff neck with a small lump sore lump on neck in child child sore throat stomach lumps on neck lump up childs nose painful lump in tongue of child painless underarm lump in child rough patchy lump on tailbone child pea sized lump in childs tummy red lump under tongue child lump on rib child soft lump child shin visible lump on shoulder child child has lumps under skin on shoulder child has lump side of torso lump under skin wrist child small lump on childs wrist child lump on sternum lump in childs thigh lump in throat child lump on childs tongue white lumps on childs tongue xiphoid lump in child child with shadow on the lung lymph node is childs neck persistent swollen lymph nodes child child puss lymph node lymph node swelling in child child major stomach pain only at night wasp sting making child sleepy weird marks on childs tongue child takes marker in mouth child swallow marker top maxtra p syrup for 6 months child orange vomit means and child mebarid syrup for 5 year child child medicine for running nose 5 year child sardi medicin meftal 7 month child meftal o child syrup two year child menu child metallic smell in mouth child metal taste mouth metrogyl suspension syrup for 2 month child metrogyl with oflox for child 6 year old child with microcephaly microgynon pill child swollowed one child urine every minute child poop has mold childs nose smells moldy raised mole in child on neck mons pubis in a child mons pubis swollen child monilia in my child stool use monistat on child monocef syrup for child use negative monocytes in child 8 year old child with monocytosis use mucolytic with 6 month child otrivine child 9 months ten month child with yellow urine wikoryl for 3 month child child vomits in morning once a week child stomach pains every morning childs morning urine smells terrible child sneezing every morning sore stomach in the morning child child has problem passing motion remedy for motions for 1 year child mottle skin on child tiny pimples around childs mouth red streaks roof of mouth child ring around mouth on child skin tag in mouth child child with swollen mouth my child has a rash tha moves mucous in childs stool 1 year old child with mucus mucus in childs stool child has mucus in urine multivitamins for 5 year old child child takes muscle relaxant child with muscle twitching remove a child mustach my child swallowed nasal spray child with temp and nausea painful nodule on childs neck pea sized nodule in childs neck removal of nodules on childs neck child with persistent sore neck when a childs neck pops child and visible pulse in neck pulsating neck in child ring around childs neck yellowish ring around childs neck child with neck to one side vein on side of child neck yellow skin on childs neck visible veins child neck child has a nettle type rash nickle size rash all over child child stomach pain that occurs at night night womiting of 6 years old child child stomach pains severe only at night child 7 years puking only at night child throwing up at night only child vomit only at night child 7 years vomiting only at night stomach pains at night in a child child vomiting night reflux slobber on child at night time night sweats child sweet smell child upset stomach every night child vomiting at night whattodo if my child takes nitroglycerin child vomiting non stop child is vomiting nonstop normal range child for sgot and sgpt second child normal if first is sigerian normal stool and urine in child normet syrup child paper stuck in my childs nose pimple on childs nose child pimply rash around nose nose quarterisation in child severe nose twitch in child a childs smelling nose when a childs nose smells child not using thumb and swollen urge to urinate but can not child throwing up in child nothing in stomach sick child odor child with stomach pain oily pale stool 4 years old child spatial orientation 6 yr old child with stomach pain rash on 4 year old child tired six year old child syp zincovit for 1 year old child wikoryl syrup for 5 year old child 3 yr old child throwing up throwing up 2 year old child vomiting in one year old child worms in 2 years old child oozing sores scalp child orange spotting in your childs urine orange viscous urine child child has swollen organs child overeating and throwing up overdose of piriton child piriton overdose child symptoms thumb pad red and swollen in child child pain pooping white right rib pain in child pain in right side of ribs child pain in right side under ribs child child stomach pain underneath right rib childs stomach pains and shivering child stomach pain and tongue symptoms child stomach pain and thirsty child has stomach pains and throwing up pain when child swallows child pains in tummy white tongue child has pain above tummy child pain when urinating painful wee child water child having pain weeing red spot on childs palate pale stools child virus child pale yellow stool and vomiting child pale yellow stool pale and tired child white spots on palms of child child has sweaty palms wrinkled palms in child pink on toilet paper when child wipe large plaque parapsoriasis in a child why would a child get parotitis red patches on my childs skin childs spine has a red patch child red patch on tongue child red patch tounge thick yellow patches on scalp in child white patches on childs tongue white patch on childs tounge white patchy skin on child child unable to pee can my child take pepcid child permanent raspy voice varicocele surgery philippines then having a child child wakes with phlegm piclin syrup taken by child child swallowing a piece of tape child swallowed sleeping pills child rash torso large pimples pimply rash on child pink spots on stomach child child swallowing plastic wrap my child took a tylenol pm treatment of pneumonitis in 2 year child scab pointed skin child red spotted poo child child has poo stuck stomach portruding of 1 year child repeated rashes in potty trained child child problems in throat proteus in childs throat child has protruding stomach pus in child urine pus in wound child relief for puking child child been sick and large pupils my child is seeing purple spots child swallowed quarter still in stomach child has random twitches rash around rectum of child red rash on childs toes scaly rash around childs waist vertical skin rash on child spotty rash on child child throwing up with rash rash on childs torso rash with whiteheads child child has raspy voice raw skin on tailbone child rbc in urine in child sore area around rectum in child child get recurrent welts red sore in childs scalp swollen red spot on childs shin large red sores on tongue child red spots o childs torso vomitting and red spots child child wakes up in red spots childs tongue is red at tip child with sore ribs my child is running stool when running child vomit and turns white why wont child swallow saliva child scalp sore with scab small sores on childs scalp yellow spots on scalp child schnitzler syndrome and child swollen sclera in child child uncontrolled urination and seeing spots child seizures and ticks 2 yr child semi solid stools sharkoferrol use for child child with shiny stools child with tonsillitis shivering sore tummy then sick in a child child sick on tongue child single swollen tonsil why does my childs skin smell skin tag on child tongue white tongue skin tag child child waking out of sleep vomiting slight twitching in child childs urine smells sour why does my childs urine smell child has smelly snot childs toenails snapping off child suffering from soar throat 5 week child has sore throat tongue sore on child childs sore turning white sour stomach in child all the time white spots on child stool spots on childs tongue child spots on torso child vomiting then spots ssi for wpw child child sticking tongue out temperature sticky stool in young child stomach welts in child worms in stool of child child stringy tissue in urine white stuff in urine in child child vomiting subnormal temperature child unable to walk suddenly child swallowed thyriod tablets child with tic and swallowing childs tonsils always swollen tonsil tag on child widal test of child vomitting child from throat child throwing up for a week 2 years child vitamin tonic white on tonsils in child child took too many vitamins does your child have visible veins torso typhoid treatment in child visible veins on childs tummy child vomiting every two weeks young child unable to walk child with wobbly vision child vomiting every 2 weeks child vomiting every weekend my child has welts 3 years child yawning normal childbirth gyno clinic flu pain compared to childbirth constant suffering from piles since childbirth loss of temperature during childbirth childbirth incontinence fishy smell unnoticed knee pain following childbirth childbirth at sooriya hospital itchy stitches from childbirth ringworm tummy for childend typhoid fever in childeren side effects of sharkoferrol in childerns normal level of mcv in childern mucolyte syrup for childern what use yellow runny stools childern 1 year old headache stomach cramp vomiting childew cyclic vomiting in childhood childhood diabetes the role of physiotherapy childhood diabetes survey questions childhood renal problems due to vaccinations dyspraxia and childhood obesity essential thrombocytosis and childhood polio childhood herpes eye trigeminal neuralgia ligament of head of femur childhood weak flow of urine since childhood lump on groin childhood gross hepatomegaly in childhood childhood habitual vomiting treatment remedy for childhood hand and mouth treatment hyperaldosteronism in childhood childhood immunizations proper technique childhood injury to vagus nerve moving lumps in neck since childhood rib pain since childhood childre sickness hungry and muscle hurts temperature and lump under chin children chin pain in children purple chin veins in children lysozyme chloride used in children children feels like mouth is choking them hepatomegaly and raised cholesterol in children children who suffer chondritis chronic cough and racing heart in children chronic nosebleeds and headaches in children chronic pruritic rashes in children chymoral forte dose in children chymoral forte for children chymoral forte tablets when taken by children chymoral forte usage in children can children take chymoral cipla powergyl syrup children red circles around eyes in children red circles under eyes children can circumcision make children grow taller liver cirrhosis in children cital syrup for children citralka syrup dosage children children citrobacter freundii respiratory citrobacter koseri urinary infection children white clay colored stools in children children habits of eating clay clavam dry syrup for children cleaning substance poisoning in children statistics clear diarrhea in children farting clear discharge in children gas and clear discharge in children clinical use of lactic dehydrogenase children irritated clitoris in children nerve pain clitoris children clumpy stool in children coccyx virus in children staring spells in children diagnosis code dose of syrup cofstop in children swallow coins children homeopathy children swallowing a coin coital synonyms green stool children common cold and children children cough when drinking cold drinks homemade medicine for childrens cough and cold children drinking ice cold water children with red lips due to cold effects of cold weather on children extreme cold in children treatment extreme cold in children cold sores on face children cold feet in children children fever with cold hands and feet cold hand and feet fever symptoms children hot or cold flashes health children cold floor children problems cold hands in children hot head and cold hands children health cold temperatures children losing voice from a cold children mottled skin children cold cold sponge in children coliform in childrens urine colimex syrup medicine for children colimex for young children coliza drops for children rash on collarbone children lazy colon in children light color diarrhea children whitish colored diarrhea children light colored stool in children children malnourished stool color maroon colored stools in children mucolytic color stool children cream coloured stools children diarrhoea watery foul children light coloured mustard colour stool and fever in children mustard colour stool in children yellow coloured stools in children nhs orange coloured urine in children combiflam syrup dosage children can children take combiflam for earache effects of combiflam syrup in children combiflam for fever children is combiflam syrup good for childrens combiflam prescription in children cough coming from ear in children childrens poo that hurt coming out is dizzy spells in children common common reasons children fail hearing test most common wrist lump in children most common post viral rashes in children worms in stool common for children viruses common in teenage children children complaining about eye pain children complaining of sore eye children who complain of hot feet children complaining of sore leg children complaining of unstable wobbly legs children complaining of lump in throat children complaining of neck pain nephrotic syndrome in children completely cured is primary complex contagious among children diet for primary complex in children primary complex children pathophysiology primary complex in children signs of primary complex in children symptoms of primary complex in children treatment of primary complex in children tuberculosis complication in children golden staph conceiving children concussion with fever children powergyl syrup children is in what condition skin conditions in children purple welt future for children with congenital heart defects low grade fever congestion in children children congestion rash no fever high respiratory rate with children with congestion diarrhea in children with constant hunger children constant urination and diarrhea constant gagging feeling in throat in children constant nausea in children constant stomache in children ehlers danlos children constipation elevated sed rate children constipation fluoride and children constipation constipation and green stool in children himalaya syrup for constipation in children looz syrup constipation children vasovagal seizure children constipated frequent urination in children contagious continuous cough in children how children control penis shaking exitation how we control frequent children loose motion children with coombs disease tight heel cord in children coriminic indication for children coriminic syrup for children corn removal for children corn removal surgery children are corpus plexus cyst dangerous in children cortisone injection small children cough remedy for g6pd deficiency children cough fever dizziness and headache in children should children swim with cough doc hot ears cough children watery eyes runny nose cough in children non stop coughing in children sneezing headache children cough urine leak lecope syrup use for cough for children coughing up mucus children children night time coughing cough plus throwing up in children recofast for children cough relent cough syrup for children topcef syrup for cough children ventorlin syrup for children for cough ticks in children coughing is high liver count in children dangerous low eosinophil count in children esr count in children high esr count in children increased myelocyte count in children low platlette count in children itp sgpt count in children children loose motion over the counter gums swollen covering teeth children elevated cpk in children normal cpk levels in male children normal range cpk children children with knees cracking cracking neck in children children with dizziness and foot cramps gastro children leg cramp children who crave sugar elevated creatinine levels in children and headaches cremaffin for young children crescent moon shaped rash children crest syndrome in children groin pain in children spasmodic crippling viral meningitis in children havi fix critical crocin syrup for children cronic forehead headache in children little children leg cross children who cross legs high crp in children high crp normal wbc children increased crp and normal wbc children ear piercing young children crusting over yellow crusty vaginal discharge in young children excessive crying children 3 years old swollen cubital nodes in children is itp children curable how to cure stool holding in children natural cures swollen tonsils in children children ear wound cut at typhoid cycle in children cyclopam doses in children cylindrical positive eye power in children remedies for cylindrical power in children cylindrical power treatment children what is cylindrical power in children cylindrical problem in children syrups like cypon for childrens why is cypon syrup used in children dorsal cyst in children cyst epididymis effect having children eyelid cyst on children gum cyst in children penile cyst in children children with stomach cysts treatment of tibial cysts in children children day dreaming getting worse daily vomiting early morning children nocturnal vomiting in children daily night terror tonsillitis children penicillin twice daily ferium xt drops dark stools children