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chicken pox and intercourse chicken soup for jaundice laser to remove chicken skin scrotum removing marks left by chicken pox chicken pox on lower legs chicken pox and sensitive to light poop looks like raw chicken pooping out what looks like raw chicken morning urine smells like chicken soup urine smells like chicken noodle soup pee smells like chicken soup my urine smells like chicken soup urine smells like chicken why urine smells like chicken chicken pox on lips chicken pox spots on lips chicken looking spots on skin chicken pox weight loss lufthansa chicken pox policy travel with chicken pox lufthansa chicken pox and lung scarring chicken pox reactive lymph nodes post chicken pox psychosis management chicken pox potassium manganate chicken pox relieving mantram medicine for chicken pox marks swollen mons pubis chicken pox a two month old with chicken pox chicken soup urine smell in morning chicken pox related to nail peeling off zygomaticotemporal nerve chicken pox chicken pox on nipple chicken pox and no spleen urine and chicken soup odour smell target organ in chicken pox tummy pain chicken poo pale stool chicken soup chicken pox in the palm chicken past use by chicken skin on penis shaft can people with chicken pox smoke phobia of chicken pox can we take chicken in piles chicken pocks versus rash chicken pox pockmarks white poop chicken pox post chicken pox problems post chicken pox and skin sensitivity chicken pox sleeping posture pp wash chicken pox zincovit preventing chicken pox more urination in chicken pox is problem chicken pox in pubic area red spots with white ring chicken pox chicken pox scar removal soframycin what can remove spots from chicken pox sumo tablet safe chicken pox chicken pox tongue scars chicken pox and swimming in the sea chicken pox sea water should i smoke while having chicken pox chicken pox n shower can we smoke in chicken pox smoking tobacco chicken pox smoking tobacco while chicken pox smoking while having chicken pox smoking whilst having chicken pox soframycin for chicken pox soframycin on chicken pox wounds chicken pox white spots on tongue wetting the chicken pox spots sunbeds and chicken pox swimming with chicken pox chicken pox wrist thumb chicken pox on tongue toothpaste on chicken pox train travel chicken pox chicken pox in vagina zaditen for chicken pox precooked chicken strips while pregnant uncooked chicken for pregnancy chicken and ring wrom chicken skin on shaft chicken skin in stool chicken skin stuck in throat urine smells of chicken stock chicken soup in typhoid chickengunya effects numbness in hands chickengunya numbness in hands child has red painful eye with chickenpox does coconut water remove chickenpox spot foban cream can use for chickenpox melacare skin cream chickenpox spread chickenpox rubbing cream sebo de macho for chickenpox scars is dettol safe for chickenpox chickenpox and egg diet hair fall due to chickenpox chickenpox can eat tuna evion use in remove chickenpox marks eyes hurt with chickenpox chickenpox on white of eye laser treatment for chickenpox holes on face prolonged fever and chickenpox flucloxacillin used for chickenpox green tea for chickenpox chickenpox and hard lumps on head yellow heads on chickenpox how can i remove the chickenpox spots ibugesic plus in chickenpox chickenpox on my lips lump in the neck with chickenpox chickenpox pock marks removal mottled skin and chickenpox white spot in mouth and chickenpox use of soframycin ointment in chickenpox chickenpox and pain when swallowing smoking while having chickenpox is chickenpox a symptom of std is chickenpox a zoonoses cold pack for chickungunya pain pathophysiology of chidren hepatomegaly lomofen tablets for chidren rigt side pain chidren rib chigh fsh levels in men orrections sebaceous cyst location chihuahua chihuahua reoccuring sabaceous cysts chihuahua pea size growth pea sized lump chihuahua head hip pain and chiils chikan pox spots removal cream stomatitis in viral diseases chikangunia olive green colour stools chiken intake chiken pox creme penis chiken pox hole cure chiken pox virus died due to dettol egg and chiken pox hand foot and mouth or chiken pox chiken pox second time chiken pox spots on tongue chikenpox hole on face medical treatment does chikku helps for sperm count chikku for warfarin patients chikoo sapota fruit conceive chikoo eat gain weight can pregnant women eat chikoo chikoo fruit in pregnancy chikoo milkshake weight gain is chikoo seed harmful does chikungunya effects menstrual cycle is chikungunya or typhoid dangerous did chikungunya delays menstruation protein diet for chikungunya patient twisted joints due to chikungunya hair fall during chikungunya post chikungunya eye sight recovery chikungunya swelling on face symptoms feet pain post chikungunya hifenac p in chikungunya home remedies chikungunya pain and swelling homeopathic treatment of chikungunya impact of chikungunya on hormones how long does chikungunya recovery take chikungunya medicine is relatred to sgpt stomach upset in chikungunya chikungunya and swollen tonsils muscle spasms and cold chils sebaceous cyst neck chils headache chils feel weak my chils has upper lip redness chilblains with red dots chilblains on soles of feet do sunbeds help chilblains chilblains pins and needles radiation treatment for chilblains trench mouth in children child neglect dry heaves chills and headache in child high fever chills numb feet in child child high fever headache chills my child chipped chin rash on neck ear chin in child child fell hit chin lumps on chin line child flu itchy rash under chin child childs chin has lump lump under chin in child pimples on childs chin child recurring spot on chin spots on childs chin my child has warts under his chin cholestasis in thalassemia child child thin with high cholesterol child vomiting clear chunks dry scalp chunks on child child dark circles under eyes upset stomach child losing weight and dark circles stomach pain in child with dark circles purple circles under childs eyes child foot red circle child patchy dry ithcy circular red spots circular sores on my childs face child cold clamy headache child cold and clammy with cough child sweating and clammy with ear infections getting a child to take clarithromycin is clarithromycin safe for child child wont take clarithromycin clavam for child cough clavicle cyst on child pea sized lump on clavicle of child should i clean smegma from child child swallowed dettol cleaner 2 year old child drank cleaner vomiting clear foam child clear foamy vomit child child clear frothy vomit child pooping clear liquid child throw up clear mucus child clear white vomit natal cleft skin tags in child cleft of venus child clexane in pregnancy and child has eczema clocip cream for child hand wringing picky eater clonic hand child cloramfenicol eye ointment take a child my child drank clorox my child swallowed clorox three year old childs fontanelle not closing my child just swallowed clotrimazole help urine cloudy in child during day co codamol child 3 years old roller coaster dizzy child sleep child white coat syndrome child with yelloworange coating on tongue can g6pd child take coffee dangers of coin removal from child danger child swallowed coin symptoms of a child eating a coin effects of child swallowing a pound coin child swallowed pound coin symptoms of child swallowing a pound coin child and swallowing a coin child cold symptoms shivers colour 5 year old child common cold young child complaining of being cold child constant cold sore child cold feet fever and cough child health cough and cold hands ill defined opacity lungs child cold child with cold hands dizzy shaky tired child cold drink throat problems effects of extreme cold for an child child has cold endoscopy infant or child suffering from extreme cold child cold and infected eyes child cold swollen eyes tooth pain why as my child got cold feet child cold hands and feet sick child with cold hands and feet child fever with infectious cold child fever with cold legs child fever rash cold symptoms child foaming and has cold child keeps getting colds headache cold sweating and vomiting child child with rapid heartbeat with cold does child ice cold water reduce weight mcadd child with cold sweats child with numb tongue cold child cold to touch colimex drops dosage child colimex frequency of giving to child coliza drop for child lump on childs collarbone colloid goitre in child cream colored drainage from ear in child child with dis colored palate pink coloration under my childs eyes pearly skin colored papules eyelid child red color in child motion childs mottle skin color child vomits pink color loose motion in white colour in child pink coloured vomit in a child child seeing coloured spots pregnent dilewari child com combiflam syrup dose for 3 year child yellow crust coming from my child ear lot of pus coming from childs ear pus coming from my child ear puss coming from child ear white stuff coming out from childs eyes child rashes that come and go yellow liquid coming from a childs toe child is complaing that stomach hurts my child complains of stomach cramps child complaining of dizziness and legs hurt child complaining of dizzy legs child complains of dry eyes child complaining about ear morning and night everytime child eats complains of toothache child complaining if excessive saliva child with fever complaining of eyes hurting child complaining of sore eyes and headache child complains of itching eyes child complaining of pain in the eye child complaining of eye sensitivity child complaining of sore eyes child complaining of feet being hot child complaining feet tingle child complaining food tastes wierd child complaining of hot hands child complaining of neck and head hurting child complaining top of head hurting child complaining of headache and neck pain child complaining of stomach pain and headaches child complains of heart pain when running child complains of heart racing while sick child complaining of hot leg child is complaining roof of mouth hurts child who complains shoes hurt child complain stomach hurts child complaining stomach itches child complaining of shock up in leg my child is complaining of lightheadedness child complaining of lump in throat child complaining of painful mouth sores child complaining of mucus in throat child complaining of throat pain at night 2 year old child complaining of toothache child complaining of sides pains child complaining of stomach pain child complaining of tailbone pain child complaining of saliva child complaining of something in throat child complains of sore tummy child complaining of soreeyes complaints of hot hands in child child complaning of legs pain ear infection diet for primary complex child child complianing heart hurts child swallowed computer key slokas to conceive male child child opens mouth while concentrating child pokes tongue out when concentrating child with leg hematoma concerning child concussion fever spike child mild concussion flying child constantly yawning medical condition child congestion cough fever for 4 days child congestion high fever red watery eyes child with congestion and rapid heartbeat child shivering with congestion why is my child congested for weeks conjunctivitis can my child swim symptoms with child conspation dizziness and constant hunger in child child pushing head and neck forward constantly child constipation dry heaving liver enlarged child vomiting constipated child has gray stool and constipation how to remove poop from constipated child child spleen liver constipation child constipated mouth ulcers white tongue sebaceous cyst containing smegma child child swallowed contraceptive pill dyscalculia convulsions as a child childs tight heel cords coriminic drops in child corn on childs foot cosome cough syrup for child child cough crusty eyes child wakes crying and coughing child with 4 day fever cough dry cough in heart defect child fever vomiting cough diarrea stomach hurts child cough and dizziness in a child online doctor suggestion about child cough fenistil drops cough child child swallowed cough drop child dry cough throwing up no fever child ears popping cough effect of cough to unborn child childs cough smells like eggs cough fever headache eye hurt child fever cough watery eyes child child has cough and sore eyes child trunk rash red patch face cough child red face and cough child cough fever fast heart rate low grade fever cough child child cough fever groin pain child coughing foamy saliva child cough foamy sick cough medicine for g6pd child cough syrup for g6pd child child coughing up green mucus child head hurts and coughing child says head hurts when cough child headache cough and stomache would piriton help a childs cough child coughing and vomiting stomach is hurting hurts when my child coughs a childs cough lasting 4 weeks child lost voice now coughing child swallowed lysol and is coughing 9 month child suffering from cough child nighttime coughing and trowing up coughing runny nose vomiting in a child child pale cough stomach pain child pale with sore throat and cough red spots on tongue child cough child with sharp cough while sleeping sudden coughing in child child urticaria cough virus childs head sores what could they be child taking coumadin playing sports orange covering on childs tongue childs knee cracking and swollen child with loud neck cracking child cramps green stool child with stomach cramps and high tempature leg cramps nosebleeds child child stomach cramps morning evion cream for child my child ingested hair removal cream child swallow hair removal cream creamy diarrhea from child child cries red splotchies crick in neck child crying temperature not reduced crocine child child cronic sore muscles crust in ear child childs eye crusting over child inside nostril swollen crusted yellow child crust in nose morning orange crusty in ear of child small crusty things in childs ear small crusty things in childs ear uk child ear crusty and stinks child with crusty oozing sores on head child face turns dark when crying my child is crying from ear pain child crying red around eye irritable child crying no tears child crying when passing stool swallowed object child crying with tight stomach swollen cubital node in child is nephrotic syndrome in child curable childs hands shake whats cure doctore cure for child having low haemoglobin fix child cut through fingernail child toenails detached at the cuticle child lost legs cuz of strep is cyclopam harmful for child ovarian cyst internal echoes child cyst on childs foot cyst in groin area child child hard cyst on lower leg child lymph node cysts cyst on neck child cyst on outer childs thigh stomach cyst in child green veins side of childs dace child milk teeth extracted how many days 4 day headache in child stomach pain in child lasting 7 days child with stomach pain for three days sick child sleeping all day child throwing up every 2 days ear drum damage child down syndrome child with dandruff microgynon dangers for a child dangers of child murstabation child liquid dark poop dark throw up dark spots in childs ear child is pale with dark eyes child very pale with dark eye rings child with dark patches under eyes child yellowing skin and dark under eyes child vomitted white foamy and dark spots child dark gray green stool very dark veins on childs hand dark red lips in child dark spot on my childs lip dark liquid stools in child dark pigment spot on childs neck dark spot on childs neck dark red patch on childs tongue child skin dark and patchy spots dark spots on tongue child dead red worm in child stool how to deal with child self gratification stubborn child how to deal with him wake up from deep sleep incontinence child deworming a g6pd deficient child deformed ribs on child disc dehydration in child child developmental delay hypospadias delay speech in child secondary to hiv tips for normal delivery of child vertical dented scar on childs forehead dent in childs skull child vomiting from eating deodorant positional vertigo in wheelchair dependant child vertigo in wheelchair dependant child does depression effect a unborn child inj deriphylline dose in child dermatitis with eosinophilia in a child rbbb detected as child child puts dettol in mouth swallow dettol child treatment child hit head flat spot developed child development unexplained laughing usa child development unexplained laughing does melatonin stunt child development mrsa and child development child development in the ovary child developing skin rash quickly spreading medicene for deworming child pink purple under child eyes diabetes a hospitalized diabetic child epilepsy diagnosis dla child child leg lump diagnosis mouth ulcer is a child with diahhorea headache low grade fever diarreha in child child has diarrhea dizziness and vomiting vomit diarrhea fever joint pain child child has diarrhea taking flucloxacillin child with jelly like diarrhea child with diarrhea in morning child swollen tonsils diarrhea stomach pains diarrhea pale stool child rash on childs torso and diarrhea child diarrhea while sleeping swollen stomach with diarrhea in small child how did my child get klebsieilia child dissolvable stitches didnt dissolve head diet for one and half year child ragi soup diet for child diet for typhoid in child 3 weeks typhoid child diet digene syrup child dosage digene and 4 yr old child dilosyn syrup for child diltigesic ointment in child child swallowed dip spit skin looks dirty child child indentation on muscles and discoloring discoloration of lips in a child childs permanent tooth discolored child liver disease symptoms skin disease in 1 year child my child dislikes lactogen dislocated shoulder in 2 year old child child with dislocated rib can disprin kill my unborn child child dizzy when lying down child pale dizzy fast heartbeat child feels dizzy and head hurts low grade fever and dizziness in child headache dizzy child fever child dizzy no fever hot to touch child slight fever dizziness child symptoms fever dizzy child dizzy and seeing floaters child frequent dizzy queesy my child keeps going dizzy why does my child keep going dizzy child hit head dizzy dizziness and headaches on a child child dizzy headache sore throat child gets headache stomachache and dizzy child waking at night dizzy and nausea child dizzy spells at night child swollen tonsils dizzy at night symptoms of dizziness in a child dizzy and throwing up child why is my child dizzy my child is doing white motion child heart rate at doctors kalkaji child doctor child doctors in pamal domstal syrup dosage in child childs nails dont grow child hitting head in glass door child hit head on metal door levolin syrup dosage for 3 years child lorinase syrup child dosage meftal syrup child dosage meftal p syrup dosage 6 years child nifuroxazide dosage for 5 year old child sporlac dosage for 5 year child topcef dosage for child gave double dose panadol to child double dose of motrin for a child vomikind drop doses for 1 yrs child dose of droxyl for child dose of inj rabipur in childs orofer injection dose in childs dose of noworm for child dose of pacimol for child phexin syrup dose for child rabipur dose for child walamycin dose in child zenflox oz syrup dossage for child red dry looking dot on child neck red dry looking dot on child child poked eye red dot red dots around childs eye child with red dots under eyes itchy pinprick dots on child little dots on childs trunk red dots in childs stool child upper double eyelid surgery child face rash nowspreading down neck child fell down stairs and nose indent down childs stool is green head hurts when child lies down child pull down knickers red spots down spine on small child red spots down spine on child stubborn down syndrom child vomiting and sinus drainage in child child has drank fabric softener my child drank toilet water my child drank visine dried wax around childs ear childs urine dried white 7 yr old child not drinking fluids symptoms of child drinking gasoline what happens if a child drink kerosene child drinks paraffin what should l do otrinoz child drops side effects moxicip eye drops for child child swallowed karvol drops when is child given zedocef drops relent drug for child lobe child ear split dry child dry scaly eyes itchy red dry eyelid on child dry fruits tips for child helth dry thick skin on childs hands swollen dry hands child child dry heaving headache child very dry red lip treatment child has orange dry scalp small red dry spots on child dua for health of premature child dua for second child white on duodenum in child speak irrelevant during sleep fever child my child has fever during night child with fever only during the night movement of child during pregnancy child vomits during night occasionally will i tear during second child child shivering during sleep child vomited during sleep effect of duvadilan on child dysuria in uncircumcised child childs swollen eye and ear foreign object in ear fevers child child has spinal fluid leak in ear child got hit in the ear lumps on childs head above ears white head lump in childs ear child headache and ringing in ears child hole in ear child with red hot ears hot ears symptom in child child with red ichy ears child with numbness ear infection worms isiden childs ear ear lanced as child lump in neck under ear in child orange wax in childs ear childs outer ear swollen and watery phunsi in child ear pus sac in ear child red streaks in ear on child swollen red ear child child runny ear wax child earache n eye puss gave child ibuprofen 2 hours too early giving a child ibuprofen too early petechiae localized earlobe child lump on childs earlobe earlobe swollen twice normal size child purple earlobe in child purple spots on childs earlobe childs spot on earlobe my child eating earth how to ease red under eyes child child gets red faced eating sugar child feels nausea stops eating child does not eat with fever child tired fever and not eating child had flu now wont eat what happens if child eats mercury stomach pain and child refusing to eat child had pneumonia and now wont eat when can a child eat popcorn when a child eat soapremedy if a child eat volini child eaten vaseline petroleum jelly child eczema and parrots pink eye and effects on unborn child effect a child fall at the head does hydrocele effect childs growth sleeping with my child harmful effects effect of high ketones on unborn child laxative effects on unborn child effects of smoking marijuana around child effect of shrooms on newborn child effects of pinching child quarterisation surgery side effects child effect of uti on unborn child egg sized growth on neck of child childs vomit smells like rotten eggs soft moveable lump on childs elbow elevated troponin in a healthy child encephabol in healthy child endocrinine problems in 7 month old child child stomach red irritation endoscopy rash fever enlarged liver in a child enlarged submandibular salivary gland in child child enlarged hears inflammed vessels enlarged right heart ventrical in a child how serious is enlarged liver in child enlarged liver issues child uti enlarged liver in young child enlarged lymph node in childs neck enlarged polyps in childs nose childs rib is enlarged ent gathered on child urine entamizole syrup worm in childs stomach enzocort syrup for child high eosinophils and child not gaining weight jelly legs epilepsy child eptoin syrup in child high esr in my child esr levels in a child esr in 1 year old child raised esr in child child vomiting in the evening only child sick to stomach every evening child 6 throwing up evening tummy pains evry morning child gyno exam child tube child hernia exam pelvic exam on minor child examination of respiratory system in child respiratory infection child soap note example excessive sleep in childs eyes growth hormone excessive sweating in jewish child child has excessive mucus in throat excessive saliva in my child child excessive saliva when talking and snoring mold exposure child incontinence extremely smelly gas in a child child suddenly extremely tired my child face hurts around the eye child pale face pink eyes child pale face with purple eyes child fever and eye floater fever headache glossy eye child child has fever eyes hurt and headache child has fever and says eyes hurt child symptoms fever watery eyes runny nose child has fever pain eyes child fever yellow puss out of eye child fever and sore eyes fog in right eye child child headache front of eyes hurt childs eye getting hit childs eyes getting swollen having hives runny goopy eyes child child headache eyes hurt child watery eyes headache child has headachedry eyes child says eyes hurt child eyes hurt with light childs eyes stomach and neck hurts child widening eyes involuntary itchy eyes at night time on child pain in jaw child pink eye little red spots near eyes child red pimple on my child lower eye watery eye stiff neck child painful eyes in a child child is pale with pink around eyes child pale skin red under eyes tired eyes and pale on child child partial red eye child with pinkish eye pink rings under a child eyes pink underneath childs eyes purple sheen under my childs eyes child with rash under eyes red around eyes child child red skin under eye red spot in childs eye red spots under my childs eye red spot in eye of child visine child tired and red eyes redness under a child s eye red veiny eyes child runny eye and temperature child child widening eyes sideways child eyes watering when watching tv child keeps widening eyes child with headache and twitching eyebrow my child has white eyelashes scaly eyelids for child child falls on face low grade fever flush face child sinus infection child flushed face child face twitches when wearing glaces pale face swollen glands in child child hard lump on face pinprick itchy rash face child child rash on face looks like sunburn lump on side of childs face smacked child red mark face childs face uneven medical sore tummy pale face in child child pale face tired papular rash childs face white patches on childs face pigmentation on childs face child with pink spots on face rash on childs face and shoulders rash on childs face and torso red spots on childs face child vomit sulphur red face child throwing up redness on face scar on child face veins suddenly showing in childs face veins showing up on childs face spots child face vomit tonsillectomy child swollen face veins on childs face visible veins childs face child whitehead on face red mark on childs facehigh temp child prominent facial veins scar forehead child fade hearing test child failed now what child fainting twice in a month 5 year old child fainting and vomiting child fainting then vomit child falls on stomach child farting high temperature child who farts a lot child with wet mucous farts 7 year old child with smelly farts child farting and puking child farting stinky all week child has fever and fast heart rate flu and child fast heart rate child growing in height too fast child 5 heart races fast my child has a fast heart rate shaking and fast heartbeat in child fast hertbeat in sleeping child fast spreading itchy rash on child neck lump fat child vitamins to make the child fat child has kidney stones and fatty liver white fecal matter child pale feces child thirsty white spots in child feces child fever leg feel heavy child head feels funny severe headache child says throat feels like glue child head feels hot inside child feels light headed if child jump feel pain heart childs heart pounds and feels uncomfortable child feels hot on the inside child feels ill in the mornings child feels like something stuck in throat child feels like something in throat my child feels shakey my child feels shaky child feels sick all the time child feels stomack weired my child feels thirsty child feelng weak no temperature child fever headache legs hurt feet pins child hot hands and feet numb hands and feet child hands and feet pain child pimples on childs hands and feet red spots on childs hands and feet spots on childs hands and feet 4 year old child has swollen feet white spots on childs feet child fell on tailbone foul fishy smell childs ferces child fever followed by low temperature best food for child with fever fever medicine for g6pd child child low grade fever and headache low grade fever every morning child child night sweats low grade fever low grade fever stomach pain child child shivering low grade fever child high fever green stool child fever and grinding teeth child gums red swollen high fever child gums hurt fever child fever swollen gums child with fever mostly the head child fever head only headache vomit no fever child languageen child fever headache leg pain throbbing headache low fever child child 4 years old fever and headache child stomach pain fever paleness headache child sick with stomachache headache and fever child with high fever and pounding heart child racing heart and high fever child fever heart racing child vomiting fever rapid heartbeat subdural hematoma fever child fever with hepatomegaly child high fever severe leg pain child high fever with stomach pain in child red spot on child with high fever child is hot but no fever child left side hurts and fever fever in imunosuppressed child internal fever in child fever itchy rash child child has fever with rash on knees fever and sore knees in child rash knuckles fever child fever lasting 2 weeks in child child fever laughing in sleep child fever rash leg pain child syrup levolin for which fever child fever red lips fever loose tooth child child low fever every night child syrup fever mefkind fever in child mottled skin pins needles fever child child has fever only at night child shivering no fever child nosebleed with fever fever vomiting and not peein child child gets fever when overtired fever with ribs pain in child child stomac pain shakes and fever red sclera in child with fever child fever red spots on throat sleepy child with fever vomiting and spinning room my child keeps running a fever child with fever seeing spots white spots tongue fever child vomiting fever child better than starts again every few weeks child fever and throat child fever tight tummy child fever and tired child fever vomit white tounge typhoid fever treatment for child child with fever visible veins 3 year old child shivering feverish treatment of solitary fibrous papule child pus filled sore in childs mouth childs mouth filled with sores child pale stools other wise fine child vision fine but shakey vision swollen red fingertips in a child firm hard stomach in a child child smells like fish childs urine that smells like fish childs urine smells of fish fishy smelling stool and mucus in child fishy urine odor in a child three year old child fishy smell urine my childs pee smells fishy fishy smelling childs stool childs urine smells fishy fishy urine in a child tryptomer five month child child with flaky poop skin flap where child lost tooth flat and raised hot rash in child labium minus flat in child child with flat red spot on legs flat red spot tongue child raw flesh in childs stool white floating stool in child white tissues floating in childs urine yellow floaters in childs urine floaties in urine child orange child hitting head on floor