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hypothyroidism canker sores gastritis and canker sores mucopain gel cankered oral infection swollen left gland and canker sore canker sores like glandularfever canker sore has green pus swollen gums lymph nodes tonsils canker sores swelling gums canker sores nose sore canker sores on gums with puss sore throat canker sores swollen gums canker sore light head moody canker sores heartburn hiatal hernia and canker sores canker sore on labia not herpes canker sore first sign of hiv hodgkins lymphoma and canker soars canker in tongue ring hole how to pop a canker sore does hummus hurt canker sores canker sore throat hurts all teeth hurt canker sore hurts my jaw do canker sores always hurt canker sores in the ileum canker sores in the terminal ileum painful urination canker sore inner labia canker sore on inner labia tiny cankers inner lip canker sores on inner thigh canker sores inside rectum canker sores at small and large intestine canker sore itchy sphincter jaw line canker sore canker 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pox scars cannabis childs stools like cannabis cannabis treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia can you smoke cannabis on cipramil cannabis no effect citalopram effect of cannabis on the clitoris smoking cannabis and taking co codamol cannabis mixed connective tissue disease cannabis premature ventricular contractions marijuana cannabis eye cornea scar cannabis and csf leaks cyclosporin a and cannabis smoke cannabis while taking cyclosporine cannabis use with cyclosporin soulager syndrome ehlers danlos et cannabis myoadenylate deaminase deficiency cannabis myoadenylate deaminase deficiency treatment cannabis cannabis smoking and nutrition deficiency dexamphetamine effects with cannabis jawbone erosion cannabis and diabetes discoid lupus cannabis oil does cannabis help diverticulitis red dots on my hand cannabis cannabis drotaverine dvla medical questions cannabis smoking cannabis ears feel plugged and speech levlen ed effect when on cannabis will an eeg scan show cannabis use effect of cannabis on ggt levels the effects of cannabis when taking lisinopril side effect of cannabis maturbation will smoking cannabis effect my mumps does cannabis effect pcos smoking cannabis effect on studdaring oxy elite pro and cannabis cannabis and eustachian tubes does smoking cannabis exacerbate vitiligo yellow eyes from smoking cannabis watery eyes cannabis skin irritation on face from cannabis can cannabis make your face numb numbness in face cannabis smoking cannabis face tingling white spots on face cannabis cannabis and renal failure smoking cannabis with tetralogy of fallots taking fertomid and smoking cannabis smoking cannabis and flucloxacillin can you smoke cannabis while taking flucloxacillin lft rased gamma cannabis giving up cannabis restless legs cannabis is giving me palpitations cannabis hands going numb can smoking cannabis increase goiters hayfever like reaction smoking cannabis does cannabis make your head hurt smoking cannabis pounding heart smoking cannabis and heart rate irregular heartbeats and cannabis can medical cannabis help keratoconus why does cannabis help melanoma hemoglobin tests and cannabis hepatitis vaccine og cannabis soa hiv test cannabis invloed how to make cannabis rub cannabis and iga nephropathy cannabis sativa and impotence inappropriate sinus tachycardia cannabis can cannabis increase your iron levels lisinopril and cannabis interaction taking kalms on cannabis cannabis loss of labido cannabis use swollen lymph cannabis make people shy smoking cannabis with marfan syndrome smoking cannabis while having marfan syndrome cannabis as medicine for osteophytes mitral valve prolapse cannabis mitral valve stenosis cannabis multiple myeloma and cannabis oil cannabis and occipital neuralgia vagina odor cannabis smoker sleep okay with weekly cannabis cannabis take away pain placenta previa and cannabis can i smoke cannabis with ramipril cannabis red skin removing stains on teeth from cannabis cannabis salve rheumatoid can smoking cannabis rot your teeth cannabis sativa and testosterone can you smoke cannabis without a spleen cannabis smoker with svt ill effects of cannabilism crusty outer ear cannal crystal on ear root cannal neurological doctors in cannanore coffea cannephora side effects hoshimotos disease and cannibis use rapamune and cannibis kidney transplant can cannibus cause hay fever canniobis good for hernia food which cannt cause pimples foggy memory cannt concentrate nasal cannula causes runny nose symptoms of diseased cannula sinus itchy iv cannula site nasal cannula oxygen oxelite nasal cannula pain sneezing can canola oil cause kidney stones canola oil drops for dry eyes canola oil pink eye treatment canola oil face wash canola oil fordyce spots canola oil help your vagina odor how much canola oil when inducing labor canola oil produce leukocytes in urine lymph node swelling from canola stomach pain canola oil canpistachio nuts cause dizziness looks like canquor sore inner eyelid why people with canser loose weight canslap cause of earache how does cansoft capsules work cansoft cl is used for what disease cansoft cl during fever cansoft cl during periods cansoft cl during pregnancy cansoft cl vag tablet during pregnancy cansoft cl vaginal pessary side effects cansoft cl side effects cansoft cl tablet side effects how to insert cansoft cl how to use cansoft cl medicine cansoft cl how to use it cansoft cl for yeast infection what is cansoft cl medicine purpose of cansoft cl for which purpose cansoft cl used best time to use cansoft cl cansoft cl for vaginal use what is cansoft cl used for what is cansoft cl why do doctors prescribe cansoft medicine cansoft safe during pregnancy cansoft vaginal tablets during first trimester how to use cansoft medicine how does cansoft medicines work how often to use cansoft vaginal pessary how to use cansoft pessaries how to use cansoft tablet cansoft pessaries usage instructions cansoft suppository late pregnancy why cansoft pessary is prescribed using cansoft in pregnancy cansoft and susten by pregnant women purpose of cansoft tablet cansoft tablet stuck in vagina use of cansoft tablet cansoft tablet in vagina cant talk cant walk rare condition cant pee cant eat stomach pains cant pee cant poop cant poop cant sleep cant swallow cant talk cant get carbamide peroxide out of ear cant clear catarrh from ears why cant white people catch melanonychia cant sleep cause stuffy nose on cerazette cant lose weight doctor cant find cervix inhaled cleaning chemicals now i cant taste cant touch cold during chemo cant touch cold chemo cant touch my chin to my chest sore throat cant talk and chest congestion pain in chest cant lay down cant eat or drink without chest hurting cant feel my heartbeat in my chest cant hear my heart pump in chest cant poop side hurts chest pains chest issues cant laugh chest pains and cant poop cant sleep chest pain cant sleep and chest pressure cant get rid of chesty cough dandy walker child cant chew food get very dizzy cant chew tobacco cant chew due to semi lock jaw ear infection cant chew ear infection cant chew or swallow cant turn neck chiari cant swallow food du to chicken poxe hyperthyroid cant eat chicken child complaining cant swallow food child fell on hip cant move it child pain lateral knee cant straighten sudden pain in leg child cant walk child cant straighten leg child taking melatonin now cant sleep child cant sleep stuffy nose child with sore throat and cant talk child cant walk suddenly fever cant walk knee pain children cant eat rice choke what happens if chondromalacia cant be treated stomach churning pain cant sleep chronic diarrhea cipralex cant keep erection cant sleep on cipralex cleaned with clorox and cant stop coughing cant stop coughing clear thick sputum cant clear sticky phlegm throat cant clear phlegm throat cant speak clearly excessive saliva pcos shaking cant climax why cant old people climb stairs what cant i use for dry clitoris ear feels numb and clogged cant hear jaw sore by ear cant close mouth ear pain jaw cant close earache jaw pain and cant close jaw cant stop closing eyes cant close left hand sore jaw cant close mouth cant close my jaw occasionally cant close jaw all the way cant close lips overbite cant close my mouth cant close mouth symptoms for tmj cant close mouth all the way cant close mouth all the way why cant i close my mouth what cant u eat with cloxacillin why cant eat cloxacillin went to strip club cant sleep male with cmv cant marry feel like coating on tounge cant taste cocaine use and i cant sleep i did coke last night cant sleep why cant u sleep on coke just feel weak cant get over cold head cold cant smell cold heart cant hurt cold cant stop salivating cant sleep cold saliva cant sleep cold weak shaky have a cold and cant taste cant open hip completely why cant compound w hair cant sit at computer desk legs constant headache moody tired hungry cant concentrate a little cough dizzy cant concentrate nausea dizzy and cant concentrate cant concentrate no energy trying to concieve cant keep erection knee condyle injury cant straighten leg congested cant stop coughing cant taste food due to congestion congested sore itchy throut and cant talk nose congested cant sleep congested and cant taste cant sleep conscious swallow cant sleep and constand headache constant virus cant keep food down cant keep erection without constant stimulation constant overheating cant lose weight constant salivating and cant sleep constipated for 8 days cant poo had constipation now cant stop farting pain and cant urinate and constipated constipation cant pass stool constipated cant stop peeing cant get rid of constipation cant wear contact lenses during sinus infection i cant control my urination diabetic cant control my hand hiv cant control urine l5 s1 cant control urination cant control own saliva cant control my pee why i cant control my pee cant control when i poop cant stop my control poopin i cant control my urine sometimes cant cope with indigestion when pregnant cant cope with periods spinal cord infection cant walk my husband cant pee correctly cant kick cough during pregnancy wrong pipe food cant cough up cant stop coughing and gagging cant stop coughing and gaging cant stop coughing hashimotos cant stop coughing high pulse rate cant laugh without coughing lost voice cant cough pregnant and cant stop coughing up mucus cant stop coughing up mucus cant stop coughing not sick 3 year old cant stop coughing cant stop coughing venlafaxine cant stop coughing vomit cant stop coughingcould it be pneumonia cant sleep could be a pregnant sign cant stop taking paxidep cr cant walk on cracks intense stomach cramps but cant fart cant stop farting period cramps sudden hand cramp and cant open hand sudden horrible cramping and cant poop stomach cramp cant move or stand cramping while pregnant and cant pee stomach cramps and cant poo what cramps when cant poop pregnancy cramps i cant stand up straight stomach cramps cant walk cant sleep skin crawling jittery cant cross legs due to knee pain knee pain cant cross leg cant sit cross legged knee poison cant cross my legs cant cross one leg over the other why cant i cross my legs toddler crying because cant pass stool crystal meth cant urinate rabies cure why cant it be cured pilonidal cyst cant poop cant poop 4 days green poop implanon removed two days cant sleep cant stop dandruf medical problem cant get daughter to stop vomiting cant sleep itchy dcalp cant stop defacating upset stomach dehydrated cant get wet what cant an ekg detect cant dettol make my vagina tight diabetes prawns cant eat why cant diabetics use foot spas i am diabetic and cant pee diabetic who cant sleep on my side stomach pain right side diarrhea cant urinate 3 weeks pregnant cant sleep and diarriah ketosis diet and cant poop cant poop while on diet dizzy food tastes different cant read i quit dip and cant poop dirty penis cant wash disease cant stop growing muscle skin disease cant shave cant focus long distance diverticulitis cant lift leg dizzy and doctor cant find the reason dizzy noutious cant hold down food cant look down without getting dizzy dry sticky mouth cant sleep dizzy cant stop twitching eyes and dizzy hot dizzy and cant focus headache dizzy cant walk stand for too long dizzy cant hear what makes me dizzy and cant hear cant hear properly and dizzy loose stools weak cant walk dizzy nauseous dizzy and cant poop why cant i poop and dizzy doctor cant find eardrum doctors opinion for cant stay erected help cant stop thinking about my doctor dont drink liquid but cant stop peeing dont feel like eating cant sleep donts for cant walk patient cant hold food or drink down cant get erection lying down fall down stairs and cant move shoulder cant hold down food food stops why cant i stay hard lying down indigestion cant lie down cant kneel down knees swollen and tingly pain in sternum cant lay down cant sit down with tampon on down syndrome cant smile what cant i eat when on doxycycline fluid wont drain cant hear cant stop sinus drain gagging on drainage and cant sleep cant drink fluids during pregnancy weekend of heavy drinking cant sleep i keep drinking water but cant pee why cant i drink while on tindamax ruptured ear drum cant hear drunk hit head and cant feel legs drunk cant hold his urine dry mouth cant stop urinating cant eat due to ghutka cant eat sore due to ghutkha cant get erect due to fever cant sleep due to erections cant sleep due to nervous feeling cant go up stairs due to knee cant pee due to tight penial tendonds cant sit still thigh pain dull throbbing cant get a erection during fever cant sleep during menses cant walk during period why cant zentel be taken during pregnancy cant sleep on duromine cant equalise ears mastoiditis cant equalise ear metallic tast in mouth ear feels numb cant hear ear got punched cant hear properly got slapped cant hear on one ear cant gulp and my ears hurt head pressure ear popping cant sleep cant hear out of one ear woke up ear hurts cant hear ringing pimple in ear cant hear ear keeps popping and cant hear cant hear from my right ear sinusitis ear wax smells cant hear cant press ear hurts symptoms cant swallow ear hurts ear infection and cant open mouth wide ear infection cant shut mouth ear pain cant open mouth cant fully shut mouth and ear pain cant swallow ears sore earaches and cant open jaw very much cant open mouth wide earache swollen tonsils cant sleep early pregnant early pregnant cant walk cant retain information easily what happens when the elderly cant eat cant eat and esophagus hurts cant eat feel full foods you cant eat with g6pd foods you cant eat when taking sintrom cant swallow when i eat gravy eating gutka cant open mouth hungover and cant eat im hungry and cant eat why cant i eat sugars without itching cant eat thirsty losing weight lower stomach pain cant eat typhoid cant eat noodles cant eat orange pee pregnant runny poo and cant eat cant get rid of eating raw rice cant stop eating uncooked rice weakness cant sleep or eat symptoms for vomiting cant eat what cant i eat while taking warfrin third trimester cant eat steroid side effect cant get erect fell on elbow cant lift joints hurt cant move wrist elbows knees pain inner elbow woke up cant straighten cant straighten elbow joint cant lift pain in elbow cant straighten my elbow elderly cant move legs why the elderly cant swallow sticky stool cant empty i have endometriosis and cant pee took enema and still cant go kidneys hurt cant poop eother epidural cant get erection cant get good eraction late forties cant keep erection cant maintain an erection without stimulation cant keep erection pinched nerve nexium cant keep erection cant stop public erections ramipril cant get erect cant get an erection when sick cant get erect while sick vyvanse cant have erection cant stop farting especially layingdown nervous in evening cant sleep took excedrin cant sleep excessive yawning but cant get lungs filled cant get healthy excessive pvcs cant sleep excessive saliva cant work night shift need medical excuse cant work night shift need excuse knee surgery cant get fully extended feeling tired suddenly cant keep eyes open heavy eyes weak neck cant focus cant focus my eyes in the morning eyes swollen cant focus cant focus eyes when tired cant open eye hurt cant open my eye throbbing pay cant open my painful eye sudden sore eye cant open suddenly get tired and cant open eyes red swollen eyes cant swallow scratched eye cant sleep cant swallow and eye swollen red skin on face cant pee cant find a job family hungry cant stop farting and illness cant stop peeing and farting pregnant and cant fart i cant stop farting im i sick sinus cant focus feeling tired smoke weed cant feel hand cant feel tongue or hands cant feel my hands on weed cant sleep head feels strange cant feel heartbeat sometimes legs feel hot and cant sleep cant pee feel pressure hurts cant relax feel itchy uncomfortable why cant i feel my iud strings cant feel your leg when sleeping wake up cant feel legs cant feel legs when walking feel like my rectal muscles cant push cant poop feels like its right there cant poop and feels like vomitting pregnancy feels like cant swallow nauseas feeling cant poop feel nauseated and cant poop son feels nauseous and cant poo nose passage uneasy feeling cant sleep proprly cant feel right testicle and pain cant feel myself peeing cant poop and feel sick feeling sick when cant poop i cant feel my right testicle cant feel my tampon i cant feel my toddlers testes cant feel my testicles cant walk on flat feet cant sleep hot feet fell over and cant walk 4 mm fetal pole cant find heartbeat fetus cant get food g6pd cant get hemmorhagic fever hemroids fever cant poo cant stop shivering fever fever cant stop swallowing cant finish a sentence when speaking why cant you smoke when taking flagyl sore throat and hot flashes cant sleep stomach fluttering and cant shit pneumonia cant fly for 4 weeks always hungry tired and cant focus i cant focus on anything recently started cant focus always tired cant focus keep yawning hyperactive hungry thirsty cant taste food mucus in throat cant swallow food food poisoning cant poo puked and cant swallow food cant swallow food have to vomit cant walk on foot cant put weight on foot cant turn forearm over medications patient with g6pd cant take light headed cant pass gas newborn cant sleep because of gas gastritis cant gain weight hiv positive cant gain weight genital herpes cant poo genital herpes cant poop cant get a genital pimple to pop cant poop genital warts cant stop getting goosebumps cant sleep at night keeps getting itchy getting sick and cant stop swallowing cant open mouth properly glands swollen neck glands swollen cant turn neck cant stop touching neck glands swollen glands in neck cant swollow gland swollen cant swallow headache and cant go to sleep everything going white and cant hear man cant go to toilet cant sleep head goes numb cant sit right gooch lump cant grip with hand cant grip hands symptom tingly hand cant grip groin pain cant stand cant tonsillitis spread to your gum cant open mouth fully gutka gutkha cant open mouth gyno cant find lost tampon hairfall cant sleep symptoms cant stop thinking about my hairloss why cant i get rid of halitosis cant hold anything with hand left hand cant hold anything why cant hold nothing in my hands knuckle joint so sore cant open hand cant move hand up i cant raise my penis without hands hard stool and cant hold my urine hard stomach and cant stop peeing cant stay hard for vaginal penetration reason why your penis cant get hard stomach hard cant poop why cant i stay hard sometimes stomach hard and cant stool cant get hard while on vyvanse neck sore cant hold head up straight penis head hurts cant stop peeing cant poop and head hurts head hurts cant see throw up head injury last week now cant walk light headed queasy cant sleep light headed and cant walk straight swollen posterior lymph node cant turn head cant turn head swollen lymph head trauma cant open my mouth cant move my head or be sick pounding headache cant poop pulsing headache cant sleep uncontrollable shaking cant get warm severe headaches headaches and cant taste health risks when you cant poop jaw swollen cant hear cant hear loud sounds on left side runny nose cant hear sore throat stuffy nose cant hear used otocomb otic now cant hear cant poop side sore heart hurts cant sleep heart wont slow cant shift heartburn pregnancy raw throat cant swallow heavy salivation cant put pressure on heel i smoked meth i cant sleep help help i cant poop hemo rage cant sleep hemoglobin low cant poop i cant poop hernia hernia surgery cant poop hernia in stomach cant push urine out she cant walk stenosis herniation herpes cant stop peeing herpes rectum cant poo why cant you use scheriproct with herpes cant stop hiccuping pregnant cant open left hip cant open leg hip sore hips on male cant lift need pee but cant tummy hirts cant pee hit in lower cant hit puberty syndrome i cant wait hiv test why cant i hold in my pee why cant i hold my urine mouth cant open fully home remedies hurting jaw cant open jaw very wide leg kicked hurts only red cant walk liver hurts because i cant poop mons pubis hurts i cant walk stomache hurts cant poop nauseaus cant pee penis hurts penis hurts cant stop peeing cant stop peeing stomach hurts cant pee and hurts when i try vagina hurt and cant pee penis hurts and cant urinate writst hurts cant pick things up pregnancy stomach hurts cant poop cant poop and my side hurts stomach hurts cant vomit or poop urinate hurts cant poop stimach hurts cant stop shitting stomach hurts cant uncurl cant swallow anything throat hurts my wisdom tooth hurts cant swallow cant swallow because tounge hurts my throat hurts i cant talk my husband cant pee hypermobility and cant sleep at night had hysterectomy surgery and cant poop cant stop puking from indigestion kidney infection cant poo cant poop because of kidney infection sinus infection cant stop sleeping cant stop yawning sinus infection leg injury cant stretch knee two year old cant walkno known injury wrist injury cant rotate cant straighten leg or turn inside why cant insulin be taken orally taking iron cant poop man medical issues cant pee itch in my nose cant stop sneezing cant stop scratching itch everywhere vagina itching and i cant stop scratching cant stop sneezing itchy nose cant sleep itchy and restless cant sleep itchy skib itchy cant sleep why cant remember if ive taken medication cant find veins vit c iv jaw keeps locking cant open mouth jaw pain cant open sore jaw cant swallow stomach jittery cant sleep cant work job ureaplasma painful vulva kicked shin cant walk kidney stones i cant poop kidney stones cant walk knee pain cant straighten leg knee painful and numb cant sleep cant stand up from knee pain cant straighten knee without pain cant put pressure on knee cant straighten knee tumors kneeling now cant walk i have labyrinthitis and cant sleep pleurisy cant lay stomach cant poo taking laxatives even with laxatives still cant poop took laxatives and still cant poop toook laxative znd still cant poop taken laxatives cant poop cant shit even on laxatives im using a laxative and still cant taken laxitives and still cant poop cant stop peeing leekage from penis cant put pressure on left leg my left mouth cant be straight cant rotate left wrist right cant sleep on my left side leg pain cant stand very long cant open my legs cant open my legs wide pain in leg pregnant cant straighten piriformis cant straighten leg pregnant and cant straighten my leg cant put pressure on leg to walk sunburnt legs cant stand weakness in legs cant stand or walk cant lift my wrist cant seeseeing light spots pass out and cant move limbs one line of meth cant sleep cant move my right lip cant stop pooping liquid logymn pill cant skip spotting methotrexate cant lose weight cant lose weight on warfarin im salivating a lot cant sleep sore throat and cant stand loud noises i cant take loud noises cant speak loud phlegm cant poop lower stomach pain cant stand up straight pulled lower stomacharea cant sneeze lung pain cant stop poking lymph nodes cant stop touching swollen lymph node cant stop making saliva cant poo while taking pain medication cant urinate while on pain medication menopause vaginal oder cant get rid of why mense cant stop meth cant poop cant sleep on meth i cant sleep methamphetamine why cant you take microgynon when overweight mind racing cant sleep cant stop peeing every few minutes so motion sick cant sleep cant open mouth tobaco vhewing why i cant open my mouth widely physically cant talk mouth overproduces saliva cant move and ringing noise while sleeping numb toe and cant move it sharp pans in your side cant move woke up and cant move wrist cant sleep without mustubating cant poop and nausea cant sleep nauseas sweat nausea and cant walk straight cant stop twitching my neck pins and needles cant speak properly pregnant nose stops up at night cant sleep cant sleep at night always peeing cant stop thinking at night cant stop playing with my nipples no raspa cant pregnant cant stop vomitingdizzyblurry visionbloody nose cant stop sneezing and noseisitchy i cant smell out my right nostril cant smell through one nostril cant get pregnant strange odor 1 year old cant poop 6 year old son cant stop shivering why cant my twelve yr old sleep 5 year old sore throat cant talk white pus all over tonsils cant swollow cant turn wrist over on oxyelite cant poop stomach pain cant pee or poop stomach pains cant stop peeing pain in penis and cant urinate stomach pains cant stop pooing stomach pain and cant poop pain in urethra and cant poop pain in the rectum cant sleep severe stomach pain cant stand up straight pain in the stomke cant shit skin pain cant sit or cant sit straight stomach pain stomach pain cant stand up pain in stomach and cant stop weeing stomach pain where i cant walk throat pain cant stop swallowing cant take this withdrawal sweaty palms rectum cant pass stool cant get poop past rectum cant pee that much penis tingles cant stop peeing pregnant women cant poo and pee stings to pee cant poop cant push pee out cant push while peeing sick cant stop peeing cant stop peeing and now spotting swollen stomach cant pee cant pee when stressed cant pee with tampon in took vyvanse cant pee keep trying but cant pee my penis cant stand straight cant poop on period peritol cant get pregnant smokers cant play sports pus pocket that cant pop under skin