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hypertension and nose bleeds cause heart attack hypertension and urinate a lot hypertension cipralex hypertension numbness and tingling in left hand pegnant hypertensive medication side effect anemia hypertensive patient with high sgot sgpt and alkaline phosphatase hyperthermia related to dengue hemorrhagic fever hyperthyroid and belly fat hyperthyroid and stomach bloat and vomit hyperthyroid heart attack hyperthyroid symptoms crusty eyes hyperthyroidism frequent urination hyperthyroidism symptoms hypertension sweating hyperthyroidism symptoms hypotension hyperthyroidism what to avoid alcohol marijuana hypertrophic gastropathy hyperventilation syndrome cause back pain hyperventilation syndrome in babies hypo pigmentation treatment hypodencity in right ganglio capsular region hypoechoic left adnexal cyst hypoechoic nodular lesions on outer wall of pancreas hypokalemia in nephrotic syndrome hypothermia an early sign of swine flu hypothyroid and ear pain hypothyroid and marijuana metabolizing hypothyroid and medical marijuana hypothyroid nerve entrapment hypothyroid red spots hypothyroid symptom cough fever hypothyroid tight tendons hypothyroidism and acidity hypothyroidism and dark rings around eyes hypothyroidism and diverticulitis hypothyroidism and elevated sed rate hypothyroidism and flatulence hypothyroidism and goosebumps hypothyroidism and skin pigmentation hypothyroidism cauliflower hypothyroidism emedicine hypothyroidism pericardial effusion hypothyroidism pregnancy induced hypertension hypothyroidism takes levothyroxine symptoms worse hysterectomy recovery flying hysteroscopy and chills and fever hysteroscopy and yeast infections i accidentally gave my 14 month old expired tylenol i accidentally stuck a diabetic needle in my thumb i ahve tightness in my stomach and lower backache i almost passed out taking a dump i always feel hungry after masturbation i always feel sick after drinking wine i always feel weak tired sleepy i am 13 and have a boil scab i am 13 weeks pregnant why is my pee so dark orange i am 16 weeks pregnant and my ovaries hurt i am 18 and my balls havent dropped i am 18 weeks pregnant and my wrist and elbow are starting to hurt i am 18 years old i am 5 feet 7 inchesshall i grow more taller i am 19 and weigh 115 pounds i am 19 year my weight is 95 kg and i want to reduce the weight i am 21 weeks pregnant and my urine is yellowish in colour and have bad smell i am 22 weeks pregnant my sugar level is high i am 23 and have some white hair in my beard i am 23 weeks pregnant and see blood in urine i am 24 weeks pregnant and have had diarrhea i am 24 year male my weight is 40 kg and height is 4 9inch m i am 30 weeks pregnant and i have been feeling light headed i am 33 weeks pregnant how many months am i i am 33 weeks pregnant i got cold and cough on last sunday i am 37 weeks pregnant 4 cm dilated 60 effaced and i am 39 weeks pregnant i had a stretch and sweep 2 days ago i am 39 years old and am 6 weeks pregnant now i had a cs fo i am 40 weeks pregnant and my poop is black i am 48 years old and had have my period very heavy and for 8 days non stop what causes this i am 5 feet tall and 170 lbs i am 8 weeks pregnant and have had a fever between 99 and 10 i am 9 dpo have experienced weight gain lower pelvic pain i am a 40 year old maleand i am always tired i am a 67 year old male whjo takes androgel 30mg twice a day i am a male age 55 and when i urinate it burns and only a little urine comes out i am already pregnant doctor prescribed pregnyl and proluton i am always tired have i got cancer i am anemic and have being throwing up feeling dizzy is this normal i am becoming dark day by day how to become fair i am black and have a dark ring around my lips i am bleeding on the implanon for 3 weeks now i am coughing phlegm and coughing but no runny nose or fever i am curently takeing a blood thinner lovenox i have had s i am diabetic and my lower legs are getting dark i am experiencing numbness in my lower lip and chin speech i am farting a lot without smell i am fasting and i have a headache and my stomach is queezy i am feeling dizzy weak my blood sugar keeps dropping lowe i am gaining weight 2 3 kg every month from last i am getting bad pain in my rectum i have ovarian cysts what does this mean i am getting goose bumps even though i am hot i am getting heat boils on my legs i am getting plenty of sleep why are my eyes so tired i am getting stomach pain for every 30 to 40 minutes from 2 i am having a hard time breathing especially when i lay down i am having a sharp shooting pain in lower left side i am having a slight tingling in my groin area i am having an itch internally on the right side of my ribs i am having dark patch around my mouth i am having diarrhea headaches and heartburn whats wrong i am having intermittent gasping for breath i am having problem with sleeping on my 7 month pregnant i am having tons of nausea burping acidity and sometimes i am having trouble breathing my hands and feet are swollen i am hot all the time but i feel ok whats wrong with me i am in 20th week of pregnancy and my anomaly scan report sa i am in 9th month of pregnancy and m having a bad cough which is causing a vomiting i am loosing semen while passing urine what i am losing weight on fenugreek seeds i am masterbating daily is there any problem i am now 38 weeks pregnant i didnt smoke pot my entire pregn i am on lutera birthcontrol but im having unprotected sex i am peeing a lot and my penis hurts i am planning to conceive what precautions we need to take i am pooping blood and sticky liquid what do i do i am pregnant and have diarrhea and my poop is liquid with black specks in it i am pregnant and my husband is taking lisinopril will this affect the fetus i am pregnant and my poo is dark color i am pregnant and when i fart i have mucus i am pregnant but having dark brown blood stains why i am raw between my legs i am really hot dizzy nauseous have a headache whats wrong i am running a low grade fever but dont feel sick i am shouting at people how to control my anger i am sick and it burns my chest when i breathe in i am sick and my right side hurts when i breathe in or cough i am suffering from throat infection from almost one month i am sun burnt and have yellow stuff coming out what is it i am taking clindamycin 300mg and bactrim ds for a severe a i am thinking of doing self circumcision what are the proper procedures that i need to know i am tired all of the time and forgetful i am unable to bend my knee i am underweight but have a flabby stomach i am using miprogen to support pregnancy i am vomiting yellow stuff and iam pregnant i ate 800 calories a day for 12 weeks i been having headaches for 4 days now on the left side of m i bleed after sex contraceptive injection i bleed alot when i poop but no pain i bleed when i poop but it doesnt hurt i blew my nose and my ear popped and hurt i breathed in spray paint when pregnant i broke my wrist and have been wearing a cast on my arm for i bruised my tailbone why cant i pee i brush my tongue everyday but it goes bright yellow why is this i cant blow my nose when i do my ears pop i cant breathe through one nostril i cant sleep i cant go to the toilet after laxatives i cant have my ears syringed i had a perforated ear drum i cant hold down any food or water i cant poop and my stomach hurts i cant poop is that a sign of pregnancy i cant seem to hold my urine very well i cant sleep after i took 2 excedrin i cant sleep because of my period pains i cant sleep everynight and need to drink a few beers to go to bed is this bad i cant sleep i have a yeast infection i cant sleep im sweating a lot i have nauseus and im really thirsty i cant taste my food due to my cold i cleaned my ears and found blood inside i constantly feel weak and lightheaded and am only 12 weeks pregnant i cough when i breathe i coughed while urinating and it hurt i cured my guillain barre with diet i cured my hair loss with aloe vera i cured my sun allergy with i cut my toe and it is red and warm to the touch i didnt realize fluconazole effect birth control i discovered red spots on my tongue i do skipping everyday to keep myself fit i don t sweat enough i dont have appetite and i vomit almost everything i eat i dont want to get my period anymore i drank 1 and a half beer bottle 650 ml 325 ml and ate 1 i drink cold water and my brain and stomach hurts i drink water and i urinate constantly but im still thirsty i eat normal after miscarriage but still feel weakness i eat sidewalk chalk i feel a cold coming on icky throat i feel a lump in my chest cavity i feel a small lump in my cheek i feel a small nodule on both sides of my jaw line i feel a sting in my balls i feel a vein in my scrotum i feel a very strong heartbeat above my belly button what does that mean i feel a week ago and hit my head now i am having head aches and ringing in my ears i feel agitated shortness of breath angry anxious i feel burning sensation in my throat down to my stomach i feel cold and urgent urination i feel dizziness while sleeping in one position i feel dizzy nauseous and have a headache whats wrong with me i feel dizzy sick and have a sore head what is wrong with me i feel dumb after smoking marijuana what shoud i do i feel exhausted all of a sudden why i feel fine one minute the the next feel exhausted from i feel groggy all the time i feel hot all the time hypothyroid i feel hot and cold at the same time pregnant i feel hot and my body feels shaky i feel hot and my nose bleeds i feel itchy and cant sleep i feel light headed and my chest feels tight i feel lightheaded and dizzy and im really hot and pregnant i feel movement in my stomach but my pregnancy test is negative i feel my blood pumping through my arteries i feel my heart skip beat sometime and i lose my breath i feel my heartbeat in my abscess tooth i feel nauseous and dizzy when i turn my head i feel nervous and heart racing but dont know why i feel pain at my back after masterbation why i feel pain in the back of my knee when i straighten my leg i feel pressure in my chest and pulsing in my neck i feel pulse in my front teeth i feel shaky and weak sometimes what is the cause i feel sick 2 days after drinking do i have alchol poisoining i feel sick and im constipated i feel sick dizzy and hot all the time i feel sick headache and sweating everyday why i feel sick to my stomach then get a bad nose bleed i feel sick weak cold sweats at night and tired i feel sleepy even after sleeping 8 hours i feel so sick after taking plan b i feel stupid after smoking weed i feel tired and have bruises on my legs i feel tired and sleepy but i cant sleep i feel weak dizzy and shaky out of nowhere i feel weak for days after drinking alcohol i feel weak slightly dizzy tired i feel weak the same time every day i feel weird everything sounds loud and i feel bigger i feels healthy but my liver enzymes are high i fell 2 weeks ago on stairs have larg solid sore lump on ri i fell and hurt my knee cannot bend it i fell and hurt my left side by ribs i fell down the stairs now my ankle hurt why i fell on my back and now have stomach pains i fell on my back and now my neck and stomach hurt i fell on my bottom first trimester i fell out of bed and hurt my hip i felt a pop in my knee and now i have a lump behind my leg i finished my period but started bleeding again shortly after i forgot to take my high blood pressure med this morning i gained 20 pounds from binge eating i gave blood today now theres a bump on my arm i gave my 10 month baby prednisone i gave up smoking months ago but i have a bad cough i get a headache when i stand up i get a pain in my chest when i eat fatty foods i get air bubble on my calf i get bumps on my pubes and they stink i get dizzy and lightheaded and everything goes white and i can t really hear i get dizzy and then start to sweat and then throw up i get extremely lethargic before my period i get fever shivering every evening i get frequent sore throat with mild fever i get hot and sweaty when i take deep breaths i get pimples in my crotch sometimes i get pins and needles in my feet while i sleep i get pucking sick after being in the sun all day why i get really bad sore throats several times each year they i get tingly feeling on my left arm from time to time i get tired easilyhave headaches and i bruise really easily i get weak and tired easily and i have rapid heart rate i get weak shaky and crave sugar i go really cold then hot then cold and i feel sick am i ill i go to the toilet i poo at least four times a day is this normall i got a dirty q tip cotton stuck in my ear how do i get it out i got a headache from taking a hot bath i got a rash on the left side of my cheek and it goes along i got a red bump on my armpit and it hurts i got a sore foreskin and found discharge what it is i got a sunburn on my face and my nose is peeled but it is i got an erection during ultrasound i got high fever backache i got hit in the eye with a soccer ball i got hit in the stomach really hard and then started bleeding vaginally is this normal i got hit on the top of my head no bump but im dizzy and sick i got insect bite now my eye lid is swollen i got lipoma on left side of my back is it dangrious i got pain in the left side fast pulse after smoking marijuana i got pimples around my waist i got pregnant on tri sprintec i got punched in the stomach and got winded now have stomach pains i got tenderness in inner thigh muscle i got white stuff in my eye and my eye has swollen what is it i had 2 periods in a month now im 3 days late i had 2 stents put in now my foot is swollen i had 70 on my liver function test results i had a 24 bun count in a blood test is that bad i had a bruise and it left a bump that still hurts 6 months later i had a c section 6 weeks ago and get this awful pain from m i had a charley horse and my body was shaking i had a chocolate cyst and hemorrhagic follicle i had a ct scan done due to ruq pain it was found that ther i had a giant granuloma on my foot i had a hormonal profile test prolactina 110 i had a mole removed 2 years ago non cancerious now the spot is red and burns i had a negative d dimer but still scared i have blood clots i had a ovarian cyst vomiting throwing up i had a pedicure and now my toe hurts i had a period then 2 weeks later im bleding again i had a polyp removed from my cervix and it is high pre cancer what does that mean i had a semen culture analysis and pus cells results were 16 i had a slightly abnormal ekg what does that mean i had a yeast infection 15 days back so my gynae treated me i had constipation and now i have a lump on my bottom i had heavy bleeding in my periods i am on marvelon i had medical abortion and pregnancy test still shows positive after a week i had my 2 step tb test and i have a light red spot but no bump does that mean im positive for tb i had my period 2 weeks ago and now im bleeding again why i had my period but now 2 weeks later i am spotting whats going on i had pid for 6 months am i now infertile i had spicy food and now my stomach hurts a lot i had spinal meningitis will it cause neck and back pain in life i had started taking letoval tablets only durindg 3 rd day of periodswill it affect my ovulation i had terrible stomach ache and terrible water poop coming out i had this cold for 4 weeks is i have 3 brown circles on my chest i have a bad body itch whenever my body temperature rises or i have a bad headache and keep burping i have a bad memory cant focus i have a bad rash between my legs and the skin is dying i have a ball stuck in my rectum i have a bitter taste in my mouth n bumps on my tongue i have a bladder infection is it safe to get an abortion i have a blood blister on my knee do i pop it i have a blood filled bump on my butthole i have a blood pressure 120 90 i am i have a boil at my armpit its spreading since the puss cel i have a bruise that wont go away i have a bump between my balls and my leg i have a bump in between my pelvic area and leg what is that i have a bump near my perineum and it hurts i have a bump on my lower center lip on the outside that doesnt hurtwhat is it i have a bump on my spine in the middle of my back and i hav i have a bumpy rash behind my knee what is it i have a catch on the left side of my hip i have a cold and my lungs feel heavy i have a cold why is my urine dark and smells i have a concern regarding producing too much saliva what does this mean i have a congested face my chest is tight and my back hurts when i cough i have a crunching sound in my ears i have a dark red spot on my eye with headaches i have a dent in my back by my shoulder blade i have a drug test tomorrow but smoked weed for the first time last week i have a dry dark brown spot on my knuckle and i dont know where it came from i have a dry uncomfortable feeling in my chest i have a fleshy lump on my tonsil i have a hard bump on my outer ear i have a hard bump where my bruise was i have a hard knot on my shin and it really hurts its hard i have a hard lump at the top of my calf i have a hard lump bruise on my veins in my legs i have a headache all day long my neck hurts and my sinuses i have a headache back ache stomach ache and sore throat whats wrong with me i have a headache dizzy spells a cough and a sore throat i have a headache stomach ache and my throat hurt is this just a cold i have a heartbeat of 46 beats per min i have a heavy feeling in my left arm it started as a tingl i have a high fever and feel dizzy i have a hot taste in my mouth and pain in my jaw and ear i have a huge air bubble in my ear i have a itchy spot on top of my foot i have a large bruise in the shape of a straight line horizo i have a lump feeling in my throat just below my jaw on th i have a lump in my leg it is on my outer thigh just below i have a lump on my back when squeeze hard smelly pus comes out i have a lump on my leg when i bend it i have a lump on my lower left rib cage i have a lump on my neck when squeeze pus comes out i have a lump on the left side of my neck and get dizzy spells what is wrog i have a lymph nodule below my jawline biopsy reports showe i have a major headache it hurts to look up just moving my e i have a mole on my crotch ever since i was born i have a pain on my left elbow and my left chest i have a painful lump on my spine i have a pea size hard bump on the inside of my mouth what i have a pea sized lump an inch to the left of my belly button i have a penile yeast infection how do i get rid of this i i have a perforated eardrum currently there is no pain but i have a pimple on my arm now my arm hurts i have a pimply rash for years on both inner thighs and my buttocks i have a pounding in my left temple i have a random spot on my gums and its red and it hurts when i touch it i have a rash around keloid scar on my chest i have a rash in my hand with black dots on bumps i have a rash on my chest that itches and has white heads what is it i have a rash on my inner and outer thighs sometimes it bleeds when i itch i have a rash on my legs and groin and am fatigued whats wrong with me i have a rash on my the right side of my face below my chin i have a rash that keeps spreading on my body it ichs bad i have a really bad bruise and a fever i have a really bad headache and my nose hurts i have a red flat rash on my lower neck front of my shoulde i have a red itchy rash at the top of my thigh i have a red mole does that mean its cancer i have a red rash around my tattoo i have a red rash blisters inbetween my upper inner thighs i have a red rash in a line across my stomach i have a red rash in between inner thighs it gets a lot of i have a red rash on my thighs and lower crotch i have a red sore bump on my arm i have a red sore spot on my foreskin i have a red swollen bump on my heel i have a round scaly patch of skin on my arm i have a scaly itchy circle on my stomach what is it i have a skin tag in my armpit that keeps getting irritated and bleeds and has a discharge i have a slowly growing lump on my head i have a small dark red and purple spot on my face i have a small hole in my eardrum will it heal i have a small hole in my leg accompanied by a dark bump tha i have a small hole on my forehead from a pimple i have a small lump in my earlobe i have a small lump on my head that keeps bleeding quite a lot i have a small painless lump on my lower inner thigh near m i have a soft lump at the base of my neck by my collar bone i have a sore bump on my foot i have a sore throat for weeks my ear hurts but no fever and i have puss on the back of my throat i am a adult i have a spot on my right lung and pain in my chest i have a strong urine odor early in the morning i have a swollen clitoral gland and i dont know what treatm i have a swollen itchy toe that has been going for about 2 d i have a swollen tonsil and i have bumps on my top lip inside and some throughout my mouth what is it i have a synovial cyst at l3 l4 to the right of the spine i have a throbbing in my left temple but it dosnt hurt i have a throbbing pain in my chest when i stand up it feel i have a varicose vein in my leg that was hit and now its swollen and bruised i have a very large thick foreskin i have a weird feeling inside my cheek it started about a m i have a weird lump on the side of my balls pus i have a white spot on left side of throat no tonsils and sp i have alopecia areata im scared of it spreading is there an i have an abscess near my groin i have an abscessed tooth and now my jaw bone hurts why i have an irritating itchy scaly rash on my foot i have an open wound in my inner leg between my genitles and thigh it is red and sore i have anxiety attacks everytime i smoke weed i have athletes foot does that mean i have hiv i have bad neck pain after car crash i have banged my leg and its hurts and has a lump there i have been congested for a month i have been experiencing a low pulse rate of around 42 beats i have been feeling a consistent ache in my left pelvic area i have been getting unexplained bruises as well as knots on i have been having irregular heartbeats and some chest tight i have been having weird almost fainting spells while i have been hoarse for a week i have been living with a depressed skull fracture on the ba i have been noticing that my stool has i have been peeing alot lately and i have a slight burning s i have been pooping out a white clear mucus with my poop i i have been scratching a particular pimple on my face since i have been taken primolut n as contraceptive pill for sometime now will it effect me when i want to have child i have been taking diovan and inderal for hbp occassionaly i have been waking up very dizzy and shaky and some blurred i have big knot above my bellybutton i have black spots on my stomach and legs i have blackhead spots in my armpit i have blood in my mucus slight fever cough and a headache i have bony bump in the back of my head i have bright yellow sweat i have brown bumps on my back i have brown colored patches in my semen i have brown skin lesions on my back i have brown spots on my underwear after i pee i have brown spotting no period and movement in my stomach what is this a sign of i have bumps in my head with pus oozing out of them what is this i have bumps in my mouth and it hurts what is it i have bumps on my head that liquid comes out of i have bumps on my knee after arthroscopic surgery i have canker sores swollen gums plugged ears and sore throat i have chest pains after my hiatus hernia operation i have chills and shaking or night sweats fatigue and a gene i have constant heart flutters what does this mean i have constant indigestion lower right abdoment pains and frquent urination wat does this mean i have constant pain in left eye head i have constipation and bloating below my belly button and a i have continuous pain in both legs from i have cut my hand nerves how to remove the marks i have dark skin around my lips and eyes i have dark spots on my areola i have dents from chicken pox i have developed a small round bump at the base of my thumb i have developed an itch in random spots on my body general i have diarrhea feverheadache and i feel weak i have diarrhea hot flashes and drowsiness whats going on i have dizziness light head jaw pain head aches blurry v i have dry skin on my bum cheeks i have e coli bacteria and blood in my urine what do i have i have elevated alt ast my doctor said its i have epididymitis and my pain went away after taking medicine i have episodes of gasping for air without any notice why does that happen i have erosion of the small bowel i have excretion problem while doing laterine i feel that so i have fatigue terrible headaches drink water alot and urinate alotwhat is this i have few epithelial cells in my urine test result i have found a lump in my bum crack i have found yellow spots on my foreskin i have got ear pain from mobile what to do i have had a kidney infections and im tired all the time i have had a painless canker sore on the inside of my mouth i have had a uti and now vaginal bleeding is this normal i have had blood in my stool everytime i poop i told my gast i have had constant thrush cystitis for about 7 months now i have had dark green stool for 4 days now last night i sta i have heart palpitations and numbness in my right arm i ve i have high neutrophils absolute and low alkaline phosphatase i have hyperthyroidism why am i coughing i have hypopigmented nodules on my penile shaftcauses i have implanon and im bleeding brown and red i have irritated stitches after vaginal birth i have itchy dry patches on my foot i have ldl 169 do i have a problem i have light colored spots on my neck i have little almost invisible itchy dots on my shoulders n i have little cuts on the roof of my mouth that are really sore i have little pin head size red marks especially on my legs i have lower back pain and recurring dizzy spells what is this i have mirena but feel flutters in my stomach i have multiple myeloma and black spots on my skin i have muscle and bone aches shiver and sweat regardless of i have one itchy brown spot on my arm it comes and goes and i have pain in my stomach next to belly button with nausea i have pains in my arms elbows down and legs knees down what is this from i have pcos i have been spotting for 3 weeks i have petechiae that show up on my ankles as well as sudden i have piles and my coxis hurts is this normal i have pimples on my face after beach i have polyp at uterus what does it mean i have radiating pain in my upper left hip to groin my urin i have random bruises that wont go away whats the mean i have raynauds phenomenon would i still be able to get in the army i have red fleshy bumps around my groin area they are sore i have red itchy patches at the back of my head only i have red itchy spots on my private area on the side what is that i have red sore bumps down both of my sides on my torso i a i have red spots on back of calf muscles what are they i have red spots on my leg and they hurt when touched i have red spots the size of a dime on my back chest and stomach what r they i have rosacea and elevated liver enzymes i have rub burn between my legs i have saggy balls at a young age is this noirmal i have sand flea bites on my arms legs i have severe shooting pain behind my ear going to about the i have severe stomach pains i cant walk without it nearly i have sharp pain when going to the toilet passing stools i have sinus infection blood and pus coming from my nose i have slight burning feeling in my vaginal area i have small lump on the front of my leg on my shin and it hurts when i press it i have small polyp at splenic flexure biopsy report says it i have sore spots around my bum hole i have sores in my mouth and yellow saliva i have sores on my tonsils and also white spots what is that i have spots on my skin ache tireness and sick feeling i have spots on my tongue which hurts when i swallow i have staphylococcus epidermidis in my urine i have stinging in my eyes pounding in my head i have stomach ulcers why do i feel so tired with no energy i have stomache ache every time i eat i have stuffy nose coughing and watery eyes i have swollen gums a sore throat and high temperature what i have swollen inner thighs and rash i have symptoms of low grade fever achy body sweating profusely i have taken levonelle one step and now my period is late i have taken ovex worming tablet while pregnant will it harm the baby i have taken weight gain tablets called ciplactin and demaxophane for a year does it have side effects i have these small brown dots on my big toe they dont itch i have these small hard skin bumps on my toe just one and t i have these symptoms fatigue thirst and dizziness i have this small red spot on the back of my mouth on the bo i have this white hole sore in my mouth what is it i have tight foreskin does it affects infertility i have to poop but it wont come out i have tonsillitis but now im spit blood i have vaginal atrophy with occasional yellow discharge i do i have very bad sores on my thighs and buttocks they are ve i have viral meningitis and im pregnant i have white cream in my underwear and havent started my period i have yellow urine and often feel bloated i am a man i havent had a period in 37 days i havent had my period in 3 months and my stomach is bloated i havent had my period in a month and a half i havent had my period since almost 3 months i havent smoked weed in ten days am i clean i hear a sizzling noise in my neck i hear swishing sound in ear i heard that yogurt is good for infection and virus is this true i hit my head and have blurred vision i hit my head and im pregnant is it ok i hit my head and now i have a dent i hit my head on pavement and later my nose started to bleed i hit my head weeks ago and i have a dent i hit my head when i am angry i hit my knee hard and cant bend it is sore all the way up my thigh i hit my knee really hard and now it hurts to the touch i hit my leg and now its swollen i hit my leg and now there is a numb bump i hit my leg hard with metal rake bruising and swelling afte i hit my varicose vein and it is very hard i hit my vein and it bruised i hurt my kidney when i fell down i hurt my knee running now i have a bump on my knee i inhaled bleach now my chest feels tight i just finished my period but am having cramps bloating and back pain i just gave birth 2 weeks ago and my side hurts i just got my period last week and now im bleeding again but it brown i just put clorox bleach in my hair to try and bleach it i just stabbed myself with an insulin needle i just started my period and its brown blood is that my period i just woke up and my right eye lid is swollen both on the i keep blacking out when i stand up and my heart skipped a beat i keep farting all the time everyday i keep getting a bruise on the same spot on my arm i keep getting a sinking feeling near my heart i keep getting bad stomach cramps and needing to poo i keep getting goosebumps on my right arm every 10 minutes o i keep getting muscle cramps in my back and stomach i keep getting painful cramp around my ankle i keep getting red bumps on my chest after shaving what am i doing wrong i keep getting sudden strong heart palpitations in the middle of my chest and up into my throat i keep having a croupy cough and it hurts my heart area i keep having chest pains and im only 22 i keep seeing a black dot floating i keep seeing lots of colours every time i stand up and get dizzy i keep smelling gas what does this mean i keep waking up at 3am hungry i keep waking up with pins and needles in my left fore arm i know someone in a drug induced coma afterb a heart attack what are their chances i left a tampon inside me for 2days i lose large amounts of urine when i jump rope i lost my voice and i cant seem to clear my throat i lost weight eating once a day i m 13 weeks pregnant had an ultrasound done today and doctor said there was no heart beat i m 14 weeks pregnant just had severe pain in temple which i m 16 and it hurts to pee i m 16 is masturbating once a week harmful in any way i m feeling some tugging on my belly button and everywhere i m pregnant and having pain and burning while urinating causes i m taking evion 200 mg for pimples i m taking rcinex 450 300 due to tb diagnosed from last 3 m i m vomiting dizzy and bruising easily i masterbait a lot is that ok i mastrabate 10 times a day i mastrabute daily 3 times is it good i need help taping eye shut at night because eyelid wont close i need to go to toilet for 3 4 times per day but still my st i need to use a diclofenac suppository to reduce period pain i need treatment for alopecia barbae which is i need urinate alot and my stomach bloated and my lower bak hurts im tired wats wrong wit me i often have pain in my left shoulder my heart beats hard and i feel flutters i overdosed on ibuprofen tablets this morning i took 12 200 i pee every 15 minutes and it stinks sometimes i peed some rubbery discharge i pill affect fertility i pill taken before sex i poop in my underwear all the time i popped my mosquito bite and puss and blood came out i pricked myself with a needle dog diabetes i punched a door and hurt my pinky i punched someone and my hand hurts its swelled right above the wrist i push on my chest by my heart and it hurts i put a cotton bud in my ear and it started bleeding i quit smoking 7 months ago and still cough really bad and get nose bleeds i quit smoking and my ankles swell i received a steroid injection for an upper respiratory infection and now have an elevated resting pulse rate i recently broke my elbow hairline fracture radial head i i recently found a small patch of hair loss on my head it i recently have unexplained bruising on my arms legs i recently hit the back of my head in the shower now the bac i ripped my banjo string i rolled my ankle and its been swollen for a week i shaved and now im itchy i shaved my private area and it is red and itchy i shaved my pubes now i have little spots down there i slept on my wrist now it tingles i smoke meth and now my veins are getting thick and dark i smoke weed and i lose my erection i smoked a week ago and have a pre employment drug test i dont smoke regularly i smoked meth twice 2 months ago will it show up in hair follicle test i smoked weed 21 days ago and have to take a drug test but i smoked weed 5 days ago and i still feel high i smoked weed a month ago will i pass a drug test i smoked weed and i almost died irregular heart beat i stabbed my hand with veins i start shivering when excited or angry i started taking nuvigil about 2 months ago for severe hyper i started to smoke and my lungs hurt a little i stopped chewing tobacco now have throat pain i stopped my citalopram last week and i i stopped taking penicillin for 2 days now and still feel nauseous i stopped using the nuvaring and now my period is late i strained my shoulder and now there is a painful lump i stretched my ears now the glands by my neck hurt i suffering by cold past 6 months i swallow my throat seems dry itchy i swallowed a pill without drinking water now my throat hurts i swallowed a pill wrong and my throat hurts i swallowed glue i swallowed large piece of food now my esophagis hurts i take a deep breath and my heart starts beating faster i take a unwanted 72 contaseptive pill after sex withen 72 h i take amlong mt 50 for my bp is my medicine right i take coversyl plus and fine my throat closes i take diovan but the blood pressure has spiked up what now i tested negative for sti but i felt burning down my uretha i think im having a miscarriage but didnt know i was pregnan i think semen gives me a rash on my inner thighs i threw up and my back hurts what is going on i took 2 postinor 2 tablets at the same time i took 5 laxatives in 2 days i took abortion pill mt pill once and after 48 hrs i took i took adderall 20mg xr vomiting dark red blood i took adderall xr during pregnancy i took an ipill twice now i have pimples on my face and ha i took cerazette 12 hours late and had sex i took diprofas each year to severe allergy i took norethisterone tablets to stop my vaginal bleeding i took primolut n for 3 days and i started bleeding i torn during childbirth and have dissolving stitches how long do they take to disolve i tried to pop a knuckle now my hand hurts i trimmed my pubes and now theres a black spot i twisted my ankle and now i cant bend my foot going down stairs i twisted my knee and now its swollen i used a cotton bud to clean my ears now i cant hear from my left side i used a cotton swab and now i have ear pain i used oven cleaner and i am pregnant i ve got a rash on my scrotum and i wake up at night and cant breathe with a fast heartbeat i wake up breathless in the night i wake up in the morning and my lips are orange i wake up with a bruise on my chin i wake up with bad headache in back of head what causes this i wake up with red splotches on my chest and arms i want to know the weight reduction tablet for reshape i was diagnosed as pre diabatic fasting sugar was i was hit in the ribs and now there is a lump i was hit on the inside of my ankle by a piece of wood righ i was sick now my ear hurts when i hiccup i was smoking a cigarette and i inhaled too deeply and the next day my throat hurts i was using the implanon contraceptive implant for i was wondering if dapovar was a good pill to improve i was wondering whhy does my lunula hurt i weigh 255 pounds and i want to lose weight i weigh a lot but i dont look fat i woke up and my lower back hurts when i walk i woke up with a huge dent in my head no swelling i woke up with an painful bruised knot above my left temple i woke up with little red spots around my eyes i woke up with my eye swollen shut iam affected by pseudomonas aeruginosa in throat iam using krimson 35 to conceive the pregnancy iberogast and achalasia ibs diet and oranges ibs foul smelling stool ibs microgynon ibuprofen increase sexual promance icd 9 code mixed expressive receptive language disorder autism ice cold hands and feet before vomiting then very warm after ice cream delayed toothache ice treatment for fat burn ice water lower blood pressure ichthammol ointment during pregnancy ichy ears with burning pain slight drainage icy cold water running down numbed leg ideal resting pulse for man 45 years old ideal weight for 41 year old man 5 ft 7 inches ideal weight for 5 feet 2 inches identify skin blemishes idiopathic cerebral atrophy idiopathic cranial hypertension tingling arms legs hands idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis irpf idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and itchy scalp if 3 months pregnant and was hit in the stomach what would happen if a lady consumes cytolog tablet will a doctor come to knw if a non diabetic accidentally takes metformin if a patient has a trace mitral regurgitation what diagnosis if a polyp from the womb falls off will i bleed if both parents have thalassemia minor if diagnosed with avascular necrosis does this mean no more alcohol if have headache eyes black out what this mean if hyperacidity occur during pregnancy what to do if i accidentally left a tampon in how long before i would get sick if i am 161 cm tall and 137 pounds am i overweight if i am around people smoking pot will it show up on my urine test if i breathe heavy my chest hurts if i burn 700 calories a day and eat 800 calories if i eat only one meal a day then throw it up will i lose weight if i excrete sperm daily will it affect me if i feel tightness in my chest does that mean heart problems if i get cellulite during pregnancy will it go away if i get my hormones straightened out will melasma go away if i got friction blisters after intercourse was i contagious if i got sunburn and now i have a patch of freckles is it skin cancer if i have heart murmur is it bad to smoke weed if i have little bumps in my mouth does that mean cancer if i have lumps on my balls what does that mean if i have pityriasis rosea does that mean i have herpes if i keep yawning what does it mean if i masturbate will it affect my memory if i miss taking my blood pressure pill one day does it affect my blood preasure if i pee a lot feel tired and have back pain what does it mean if i pee sideways do i have a std if i pick a scab will it grow back if i refuse treatment for bladder cancer how long will i live if i smell burning plastic does it mean i have a tumor if i smoke 5 cigarettes per day and drink green tea regularly will i be protected enough from cancer if i smoke weed everyday but stop for a month will my system be clean if i stop smoking weed will my acne go away if i stop smoking will my impotence go if i stop taking dianette will i lose weight if i swallowed sperm will my throat hurt and will i get hoarse if i take amino fit capsul and do body bulding if i turn my head quickly i get dizzy if i use the sunbeds everyday for 2 weeks if my babys heart stops beating will a pregnancy test still be positive if my diastolic pressure low what happen if my grandmother has diabetes will i get it if my left eye keeps twitching whats wrong if my left shoulder hurts does it means im having heart attack if my legs swell up to my knee what does it mean if my ovaries hurt do i have cancer if my periods stop due to cerazette how do i know if im pregnant if no sugar in urine does this mean i dont have gestational diabetes if ro egg ruptures what happens to left ovary if semen is swallowed will it poop out if the condom is worn the wrong side is it unsafe if the semen is low viscous what will happen if there is bleeding in fifth month of pregnancy is there any problem if u drink alot of water do you have to go to the bathroom alot if we have bleeding in the 5th month of pregnancy is it causes any problemto baby if white blood cell count is high does that mean you have ms if you 5 feet and 114 pounds are you fat if you are on synthroid for hashimotos will oxyelite pro hurt you if you break your scaphoid bone does it hurt constantly if you crave sugar does that mean you have diabetes if you discharge blood and poop whats wrong with you if you drink alcohol the day before surgery what would happen if you eat lots of fruit and veg do you fart a lot if you had open heart surgery is it bad to smoke weed if you hava headaches everyday does that mean you have hiv if you have a brain tumor is drinking alcohol bad if you have a bump on your neck and yellow liquid come out if you have an enlarged heart what will the ekg read if you have anemia and you take ecstasy what happens if you have one fallopian tube is it hard to get pregnant if you have red spots and blotches on chest does it mean you havekeratosis pilaris if you have small lines on your ear lobes is that a that a pre cursor to future heart disease if you have some sugar in your urine during pregnancy does it mean you have diabetes if you hit your head does that mean internal bleeding if you lose your testicals if you pluck a hair off of you mole what will happen if you smoke weed and fall asleep will you have trouble sleeping after if you start smoking at 13 how long will you live if your face or throat starts swelling what does it mean if your heart stops for 5 minutes how much brain damage is done if your liver count is off what is wrong if your semen is clear with chunks in it what does that mean if your sweating does that mean your fevercold has broke iga permcath ii took primolut n and i am breastfeeding iliofemoral ligament sprain iliofemoral ligament sprain rehab exercises iliofemoral neuralgia illness called ocp illness caused by cpap machines illness related to electric heater illness that causes monthly violent vomiting im 13 weeks pregnant and my stool was green im 15 and i think i have phimosis im 15 weeks pregnant and have pins and needles in my leg im 15 years old and think im still going through puberty im 16 an my knees hurt im 19 and my balls are saggy im 20 weeks pregnant and have greenish discharge im 22 weeks pregnant i have yellow mucus discharge when vis im 22 weeks pregnant my stomach has aching painw im 25weeks pregnant and ive been feeling faint for the past im 28 weeks pregnant and got a spot of blood in my urine im 30 weeks pregnant with clear thick vaginal discharge is that normal im 300 pounds and 23 years old im 32 weeks pregnant and have clear slimey discharge is this bad im 34 weeks pregnant and my stomach hurts when i eat im 35 weeks pregnant and my urine looks very orange what does this mean im 36 weeks pregnant and my clitorisvagina feels sore im 40 weeks pregnant and have light green discharge im 5 6 tall and weigh 134 pounds am i healthy im 5 feet tall and weigh 115 lbs im 5 months pregnant short of breath my hearts beating fast im 6 weeks pregnant and cant stop farting im 6 weeks pregnantbut tests are faint positive is this normal im 8 months pregnant and my private area is hurting is this normal im 9 months pregnant and threw up blood im a male and my legs are too skinny im afraid i might have tetanus i got cut by glass that ha im always tired and my joints ache im bleeding after intercourse and it wont stop im bleeding orange blood instead of red im breaking out in dry little circular patches on different places on my body im constipated and it hurts really bad when i try to poop im constipated and my back hurts im constipated and my stomach hurts really bad im coughing sneezing and have a stuffy nose and a headache im currently on eltroxin for the past year my last thyroid im diabetic what happens if i eat chocolate im dizzy my vision is blurry and my head hurts whats wrong im getting grey hairs on my balls im growing brown spots on my body im keep getting electric shocks off metal things and im pregnant will this harm my baby im on fluoxetine will that affect my period im on the pill microgynon 30 and i missed one and had unprot im peeing blood and my back hurts and im pooping out runny water im pregnant am my infant has rubeola measles im pregnant and have a spotted itchy rash on my belly im pregnant and have a white bump on my eye im pregnant and having trouble pooping cause my poop is hard im pregnant and i have sticky saliva im pregnant and just got stung by a bee im pregnant and keep throwing up everything i eat and drink im pregnant and my back hurts and i have cold chills im pregnant and my bones hurt im pregnant and my bowel movements are green is that normal im pregnant and my stomach tingling im pregnant and my stool is coming out black im pregnant and my urine is starting to turn an orange color im pregnant and right foot is numb im pregnant and taking susten 100 im pregnant and using xyloproct im pregnant how do i get marijuana out of y system im pregnant i blew my nose it has blood in it im pregnant labia are swollen red and itchy im pregnant my boyfriend smokes weed im pregnant with dark spots on my back why im running fever and cramping at 21 weeks pregnant im skinny but have belly fat im 5 11 160 lbs im skinny how do i get thick fast im so hungry all the time teenagers im suddenly getting pimples and boils on my body im sweating but im cold and have bad headaches im taking 5mg lisinopril but my blood pressure is still high im thirsty sore throat and have high levels in my liver im thirsty tired and going to the toilet all the time im throwing up feel weak and have diarrhea im tired all the time my chest hurts and its hard to breath imitinef mercilet sideeffects immediately after taking primolut n i had to use the washroom immotile motility semen analysis immune system and depo provera immurich cap impacted bowel in als patietnts impacted ear cant hear clogged wax impacted wisdom teeth and sense of smell impacted wisdom teeth headache dizziness impetigo smoking weed implanon and sweating implanon and vitamin c implanon bleeding after 6 months implanon causes neck pain implanon has moved down my arm implanon pink blood implanon sunbed implanon thrush implantation bleeding orange importance of mastubation importance of mucous threads in urine impotence and redbull impotence caused by sciatic nerve improper beard and moustache improve keloid looks with lime or lemon improve semen viscosity by diet in 8th months how fetus moved in womb in an ecg what does the information rsr in v1and v2 smallr only mean in home pregnancy test one line is purple and another one is light pinkcan i pregnant in how many days hiv is detected with tridot test in how meny tridot test hiv accurate result appear in my 25th week of pregnancy whats the average waist size in my hsg test it shows delayed spill in pregnancy deviry 10mg taken then what effect of it on fetus in urine test rbc is 8 10 inability to blow nose inability to burp solutions inappropriate sinus tachycardia and pregnancy inappropriate sinus tachycardia diet incidental cyst in brain of a child incomplete bowel movement rumbling stomach pain in left abdomen incomplete miscarriage tissue found in the stool incomplete right bundle branch block nonspecific t wave abnormality incontinence in brain tumour stage incontinence tampon rectal increase complexion of baby during pregnancy increase in tsh 3rd generation level increase of blood urea creatinine in human body increase of serum triglycerides in lipid profile means increase sperm motility very fast