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trapped wind upper shoulder elbow neck back eyes rolling back in head in elderly electrocution and back pain elevated liver enzymes and lower back pain can back pain increase at higher elevations elevated temperature low back strain pain in back eleven year old oxycut elite can you gain weight back oxy elite pro and low back pain lower back pain post ivf embryo transfer faking back injury in emergency room emergency pill give lower back pain encephalitis fluid pocket under skin lower back back pain hashimotos encephalopathy endocrinologist looks at back of neck endomertrial thickening and back pain taking progynova and endometrial polyp grow back endometrial thickening and back pain endometriosis in the back of neck endometriosis back neck pain endometriosis upper back pain neck and back pain related to endomytriosis loss of energy and back pain pain in lower back no energy tired lower back painno energy whats wrong tired and no energy muscle pain back back pain getting in software engineer enlarged heart back to normal enlargement of heart back pain enlarged heat and back pain enlarged lymph node lower left back enlarge prostate back pain and leg pain smoking weed enlarge lymph nodes on back enlarged stomach severe back pain enlarged papillae back of tongue remove enlarged papillae back of tongue enlarged tastebuds on back of tongue my entire back hurts lower back pain liver enzymes lower left back pain eosinophilic esophagitis epididymitis severe back pain pus from a lower back epidural epidural and tinea versicolor on back epilim and back problems hospital shocking heartbeat back equipment erbs palsy back pain lower back injury erection back pain and lack of erections pinched nerve lower back erection lower back pain and erection sharp pain in lower back and erection lower back problems and erections what to take for esophagastric back pain lower left back pain esophagitis upper back pain with esophagitis low back pain and pap ests everytime i sneeze my lower back hurts my back hurts everytime i walk back pain everytime i wake up how to fake back exam excees tissue growth a back of mouth tightness back of throat excercise excess saliva and pain in middle back excess skin back of throat excruciating nerve pinch back rib pain excrutiating back pain post ivf transfer exercises for flat back upper back exercises fof stenosis pennis foreskin came back exercise rehabilatation exercises for a fractured back home exercise for low back pain stretch exercise when you hurt your back exercise knot on back of knee exercises for lower back pain muscle pelvic exercises for back petechiae on back from exercise back stabilization exercises physical therapy what exercises can straighten my back lower back pain hard time inhaling exhaling exhaling helps lower back pain pain in back ribs when exhaling upper back pain when exhaling eyes hurt lower back pain exhaustion nausea lower back pain exhaustion exhausted lower back pain nausea back pain exhausted exostosis on back of head mold exposure and back pain exstrem lower back pain and sore nipples extra fat on back of head extra flap at back of tongue extra ribs in upper back extra skin in back of throat extra skin on the back of tongue numb hands palpitations and extreme back pain throat swollen back hurts extremely tired extreme itching on back waist area extremely tired and sore lower back extreme back pain at onset of period stomach rumbling and extremely sharp back pain extreme back pain transient sticking feeling in back of eye pain in back of eye in flue spot found on back of eye twitching eye swollen gland back of neck hit back of head now eye hurt pain in back of head hurts eyes back of head swollen eyes hurt eyes rolling back in head symptom neck pain headache runny eyes back pain heart stroke eyes roll back pain in back of eyes when hungover my back legs and eyes hurt why back of eye hurts in sunlight upper back and eyes hurt watery eyes back hurts what wrong when back of eyes hurt hydrocephalus eyes roll back infection at back of eye lump on back of neck eyes jumping eyes roll back lactulose lethargy back pain eye strain and lightheadness serious pain in back of eyes lutera mark in back of eye upper back neck pain eye twitch sore back of neck vison right eye sore back neck eyes watery eye twitching pins and needles back pain eye pain sweats back pain eye twitch back pain tight throat pulsating vein in back of eye red eyes rash on back stroke eyes roll back valve surgery eyes rolling back symtoms eyes rolling back swollen eye sore back sore eye n back teeth fluid on back of eyeball the back of my eyeball hurts white gooey stuff in back of eyelids back pain and swollen eyelids ezact tablet back pain right foot facing outwards back pain shivers back legs hot face rash on face and back and torso sore spots on face and back facet lock upper back facial hair grows back sting trembling facial back muscles tinnitus yellow faeces lower back pain failed back syndrome at mayoclinic rash lower back kidney failure touching back of head feels faint back hurts feel faint fainting from pinched nerve in lower back fainting from back or neck pain tilting neck back faint pinched nerve in back related to fainting how to fake a back injury how to fake lower back muscle spasms how to fake back pain how to fake back xray result fake a hurt lower back fake lower back injury lower back fractures from stair falls primolut n hair fall grows back hard fall on back of head fall on back of head infant fall back of head back injuries from falling off ladder what is meant by fall back position fall on stairs mid back pain fall on back sore ribs fall from stairs back ribs falling on back and tailbone falling on upper back fallen toe nail grown back fan make your back hurt feel good to fart lower back hurts lower back pain popping hurts to fart pinched nerve lower back farting lower back pain from farts tightness upper back farting mid back pain when i walk fast fast pulse upper back pain make skin layer grow back faster back of knee feels fat and hurts fat back of head fat rolls hurt on my back fat lump on back scoliosi fat in back of throat fever back pain fatigue frequent urination fatigue headaches low back pain frequent headache fatigue lower back pain fatigue lower back pain green stool light period nausea back pain headaches fatigue stiff low back fatigue itchy skin symptoms shakiness lower back pain fatigue missed period back pain and fatigue tailbone pain fatigue and back pain sudden fatigue and back pain fatty liver and sore back and shoulders fatty lump on lower back lower back fatty tumor fatty stool and back pain fatty tumor in back that is sore loestrin fe back pain lower back pain fecal incontinence fecal incontinence and back pain fecal taste in back of throat back of throat tastes like feces mintop fort foam users feed back musli power feed back feed back about penis shaking hit in back of head feel fine fluttering feeling left side of back flutter feeling in back side fluttering feeling in back and stomach fluttering feeling in upper back back of head feels funny back of neck feels funny furry feel on back of tongue feels like i gotta poop back pain feels grainy under skin lower back grinding feeling in back of skull feels like gristle on back of leg back of mouth feels sore and gritty feels like hair at back of throat prickly feeling back of hands back of head hurts and feels heavy hit back of head feels nausea back of head feels hot back of scull head feels hot back of head hurts and feel nauseated back of my head hurts feels numb back of head feels numb marijuana feeling of static back of head nausea tilting head back and feeling of nausea needle feeling on back of head pain in back of head feeling sick can feel pulse in back of head can feel pulse back of head touch area back of head feels warm headache and prickly feeling on back heartbeat feeling in my low back feel heartbeat in back of neck heavy feeling on my back middle of my back feels heavy back of neck feeling heavy tongue feels heavy back higher back on spine feels tingle sensation uncomfortable feeling in back above hips feeling of hole on lower back my back feels hot why does my lower back feel hot feel hungry and back pain my back hurts and i feel sick back injury feeling shaky i feel movement inside my back lowe back itchy feeling feel like pins in back and knees back of the knee feels tight spongy feeling knott in back of neck lower back pain feels like labor back pain legs feel lifeless shakey feeling in legs and lower back back and leg pain and feeling sick back of leg snapping feeling liver pain feels like pulled back muscle low back pain feels like period starting feels like marbles in my lower back feeling like pins in the lower back feels like sunburn on lower back feels like soreness in my middle back back pain feel like ovary pain back pain that feels like pressure back pain that feels like warm water feels like punched in the upper back upper back tight feels like shivering feels like something sticking in back feels like something on back of tongue liw back pressure and spam feeling lower back feels loose lower back loss of feeling in penis lower back problem feel lump feeling tired nause lower back pain lower back pain and spongy feeling my lower back pain and feel tired feel winded lower back pain pumping feeling in lower back rumbling feeling in lower back lower back feels weak sensitive shivery feeling lower back sick feeling across my lower back tearing skin feeling lower back lower back feels sore feeling winded sore lower back spongy feeling in lower back strange feeling in lower back my lower back feels swollen feeling tired at lower back symptoms lower back feels tender lower back uncomfortable feeling lower back feels very weak tingly magic feeling on my back pulsating feeling in mid back mid back feels weak this mole on my back feel tingly feeling of something stuck back on mouth back muscle has feeling of needles feeling nauseous with back pain and stomach feel pressure on the back of neck spongy feeling in back of neck warm tingling feeling in back of neck back of my neck feels tired feeling of needles in the back i feel nerves shaking in my back back of nose feels sore my back feels numb skin on back feels numb tongue feels numb at back numbingtngling feeling in back back pain pukish feeling back pain feeling sick back stabbing pain and feeling sick my back feel sore and painful pulsing feeling in back passage stinging feeling in the back passage back feels sunburned pregnant prickly feeling back of thighs upper back pulling feeling feeling a pulse in your back back of throat always feels raspy squeezing feeling round ribs and back back and ribs feel tender to touch back ribs feel weird rumbling feeling in my back shakey feeling when back feeling something sharp in back of throat my back feeling shivery feel shock on my upper back sore back and feeling sick sore back feeling sick n tierd sore back feeling sick vomiting feel sick in back of throat tongue feel swelled back and side thrush skin feels sunburnt to back with swelling skin feels tender to touch on back feeling of something stuck back of tongue feel something back my throat feeling tired and sore upper back spongy feeling in my back upper back thigh feels tight feeling of vomit in back of throat warm tingly feeling in upper back warm tingly feeling in back uncomfortable feeling in back uncomfortable feeling in back when walking winded feeling in upper back feeling warm in my back palpitating feelin in lower back right side upper back pain feelin tired nausea numb hands and feet sore back loe back pain sore feet sore feet and lower back back pain and sweaty feet fell on knee back on leg hurts webmd fell hurt back lower ribs skating fell and hurt lower back fell on back painful mass do fellopin tubes grow back lower back in young female female pain in the back back pain with femulen lower back pain fertyl tablets fertyl severe back pain nausea back pain no fetal movement fetus at the back fetus with growing on back smelly gas fever back pain foamy urine toddler grabbing back of head fever headache back pain and low grade fever kidney infection low grade fever back pain low grade fever sore back fever in back of head kids fever made back of head hurt typhoid fever pain in back of head fever sore neck sore back headache kidney infection low fever back pain left side lower back pain and fever sore legs back pain low fever vomit lower back pain fever sore throat upper middle back pain fever fever back pain painful when urinating smelly urine fever tender back pain yellow fever vaccine back pain red spots on back and fever back pain and watery gush with fibroid nerve root fibroid back neural fibrolipoma lower back pulmonary fibrosis back pain why do fibrous papules grow back fluid filled pocket on back of head back of leg hurts sore fire fishy insides and lower back pains fishy odour at back of throat lump fixed on back thigh itching fizzing sensation on back fizzing back of throat nose fizzy noise back neck does flagyl make your back hurt white flakes in urine and back pain back flakes in stool yellow flakey spots on back thick flaky skin on back of head fullness right back flank right hip flank numbness back pain lump rib back flank rash back flanks neck flank pain back puffiness swelling flap back throat seen flap on skin at back of throat flap of skin on back of tongue syndrome with flap on back of tongue flap in back of tongue soar throat back pain heat flash headaches symptomscramps lower back painpressure nausea hot flashes flat growth on back flat hard lump in back hemorrhoidsgurgling flat soft stoollow back pain red flat spots lower back pains flat rash on back flat rash on thighs stomache back flat red spots on stomach and back flat white spots spreading on back lower back pain with frequent flatulence why does flatulence make my back hurt lower back pain flatulence back pain and vaginal flatulence stiff neck and back flem fleshy growth back of mouth fleshy lump at back of neck back pain with flexion floating rib at back lump low back pain and floaters in urine flu like pain lower back groin the flu and my back hurts lumps back of neck flu jab flu left upper back pain flu and back and rib pain flu and upper back pain lower back pain flucloxacillin fluid on back of hand fluid lump back of head fluid settling in back of head can hear fluid in my upper back fluid in lungs when laying on back mole on back leaking fluid losing fluid from back passage fluid in middle back mole on back with fluid rushing fluid sound in back of neck fluid sound at back of neck swooshing fluid sound in back of neck passing fluid from back passage fluid from back passage fluid in back of throat 4 year old neck flung back rash low grade temps back pain flushing back pain and stomach fluteness gallstones fluttering pain in back weird fluttering sensation in back of head back pain and fluttering with iud fluttering sensation in lower left back lower left side of back flutters fluttering pain in back left side fluttering sensations in back of leg fluttering nerve lower back fluttering in lower back on right side fluttering in mid back muscle flutters in upper back fluttering in right ribs and back pain sweating palms back shoulder flutter flutters in upper back pregnancy fluttering sensation in upper back strange fluttering in upper back fluttering in upper back white frothy foam at back of throat white foam on back ofthroat upper back pain and foam in urine white foam on back of throat back pains foamey urine and headaches foamy urine with lower back pain foamy urine back pain tested negative vaginal pain foggy urine and back ppain rash in the back of knee fold skin folding like paper on back hair folical testing goes back how far follicles on back of throat follicular lesions on back and legs follihair tablet will regrowth back hair headache followed by welt on back stomach rumbles back pain follows food getting stuck on back of tongue food poisoning back hurts food poisoning and severe back pains food reduce back pain food poisoning sore back food stuck on back of toungue sore lower back with foot pain sprained back muscle and numb foot fordyce granules back of mouth pain left back ribs and left forearm upper back and forearm pain lump back head twitching hands forehead hit to forehead back of head hurts back pain radiating to forehead pump foreskin back and forth woke up foreskin wont go back foreskin moves back how came in normal how to slip penis foreskin back foreskin swollen and painful to pull back foreskin always back problems foreskin is all red when pulled back forgotten tampon lower back pain formation of back of skull toe wiggling pull back n forth leaning forward throbbing lump back of head hard lump on back foul smelling foul smell from lump on back foul smell back passage found a gristle in my back passage found a lump on my lower back sysmptoms of a stress fracture in back fractura lumbar spine and back pain red freckles back of mouth throat freckle on back of throat freeze the nerve in my back ripped frenulum hurt to pull back my back frenulum and throat hurt green stool back pain frequent urinatio frequent urination lower back pain headache back pain and heavy frequent menstruation back injury frequent urination lower back pain nausea and frequent urination frequent urinating lower back pain nuvaring back pain frequent urination upset stomach front of heart working harder than back hit head in back hurts in front back pain radiating to front with headache radiating headaches from back to front numbness lower left back to front lower back pain moving to front lower back pain radiating to front back and front pains upper back pain radiating to front upper back pain through to front panis with thick front and thin back pulsing in front thigh back rash on back and front ribs front and back back of front teeth swollen sore rubs back frontlegs fructose and upper back pain pain in back of fullness and stiff post fundoplication tightness neck back pain back pain fungal infection red spots on back fungus funny smells lower back pain itching funny tasting pus in back of throat furnicle on lower back back of throat furry renal fusion back pain fuzzy head nausea back pain fuzzy pain back of head geographic tongue back pain and gas gas back pain and irregular heartbeats gas in back area when hungry gas hurt in your back can gas make your lower back hurt does gas make your back hurt can gas make ur back hurt why does gas make your back hurt can gas pains hurt in your back lower back pain gas rumbling stomach gas in back lungs gas related back pain back is sore with gas gaanth in back muscle weird gagging sensation in back of mouth back pain weight gain staph infection gain weight back vyvanse tightness upper back gall stones gallstone twinges in upper back pc gaming back pain male sore back and gassy gassy sick stomach tired sore back gastric and back pain back pain in gastric problem relation of gastric to back pain gastric trouble and back pain gastric problems in back can gastritis make your back hurt gastritis with back and leg pain low back pain and upper gastro pain gastro and back pain upper right back pain gastro any gel to get hymen back lower back nerves genitals geographic tongue back pain gerd red spot back throat getting kicked in the lower back not pregnant but getting back labor pains lump on back getting larger keep getting a sharp pain at back why am i getting swellingdizzinesslower back pain quick relief for getting voice back secrets to getting your voice back getting taste back when sick giant pimple on back that smells giardia lower back pain rash on back like giraffe spots back of my gums and gland hurts painful swollen gland back of head throbbing back of head glands swollen neck glands back of knee hurts pain in glands in back of knee swollen glands at back of knee swollen gland in lower back mid back pain glands glands on top of back near shoulder wobbly gland back of neck infection from back of glasses glob in back of nose white gloop at back of throat sleep on back hands go numb my lower back keeps going numb pain in lower back going into thigh middle back pain going to the xiphoid penis skin not going back pennis upper skin not going back back side paining when go toilet pain in back when going toilet skin on penis goes back hurt upper back pain goes away on sleep upper stomach pain goes to my back overheating while playing golf and back pain back stiff when i walk or golf gonal f and lower back pain gooey poop and lower back pain pressure in back of head goosebumps left side back pain goosebumps back pain and goosebumps goosebumps on right back thigh lower back went numb and got warm lower back got warm and tingly toddler grabbing back of neck gray sores in back of throat white grainy back of throat white tongue back of tongue grainy granules on roof of mouth towards back toddler keeps grapping back of neck lower back muscle graph grating noise in lower back green mucus hurting back green poop nasuea back hurts green stool back hurts green lines at back of throat green liquid back stiffness lower back pain and green poop slightly green urine and lower back pain green lump on back green lump at back of mouth green mucus back of throat green phlegm and back pain green stool and back pain back pain with green urine green puss thing on back tongue is green back of tongue back of my tongue turning green grey hands and back pain marks back skin grid grinding sound back of head and neck grinding noise from my back and hip grinding in low back lower back pain and grinding noise grinding sound in lower back when walking sciatic nerve grinding back upper back pain weak grip griripping pain left upper ribcage and back gristle type lump on my back gritty spots at back of tongue staphloccocal lungs shoulder groin back neck head stinging skin on back hip and groin tender groin hives lower back back nck groin and knee pain tightness back of knees and in groin pain in back groin leg stomach pain in groin and back in men groin and back pain in menopause pain moves from groin to back recurrent pain moving from back to groin back pain radiating to stomach and groin sore back and groin can indulekha hair oil grow back hair can tugain hair lotion grow hair back how to grow hair back from psoriasis leg hair hurts when growing back hair laser pregnancy grow back nicorette hair loss will grow back menopause hair grow back quit nicorette hair grows back does the hair grow back from psoriasis thinning hair grow back thick again lymph node on back of head growing toe nail growing back and hurting can the stomach lining grow back skin not growing back on lips does lower back pain mean im growing time a toe nail grows back sebaceous nevus grow back signs of tonsils growing back growth on my back growth hanging in back o throut growths on back of head growth back of head hurts years growth or inflammation back of tongue can lower back injury stunt growth growth on back of neck inside itchy growth on back does popping back joints stunt growth do lower back muscle stunt growth does lower back pain stunt growth do lower back pain stunth growth white growths in back of mouth back pain related to growth purple growth in the back of throat red growth back of throat growth under skin on back small growth back of throat growth on back stinks back pain grumbling stomach indigestion guilty on back side of neck red sores on guinea pigs back white hole in back of gum sore back gums hurt and throat left side back gum white puss raised gum line in back of month swollen gums around back molars ulcer on back molar gum squishy gums in back of mouth 7 year old back gum swollen swollen back gums and throat swollen back gum tonsils shooting gun back pain gurgling sound at back of neck back pain from gynecare tvt system h1ni back neck pain pregnant par back pain hota hai pregnant back pain hota hai hair loss treatments for back of hair why hair at the back of hand weird back headache hair sudden hair loss and lower back pain hair loss and white spots on back lump of the back of head hairline low hairline back of neck sores on back of neck near hairline lumps hamstring back of neck quarter nickel lumps hamstring back of neck quarter nickle lump left hand side back head heat sensation in back of hand legs heavy hands swollen back hurts pain in back left hand side high back injuries leading to hand tremors itching back of left hand back pain itching hands itching veins back of hands lower back ribs left hand side tight skin on left hand mid back lifting weights petechiae back of hand back hand light purple sunburn like rash on back of hands odd red lines on back of hands white lines on back of hands soft tissue lump on back of hand sudden lump on back of hand pin prick marks on back of hands round marks back of hand red rash back hands methamphetamine pain in back of hand nerve back hand is red but no pain back spasm and numb hands open pores back of hand shaking in right hand back pain back of hand tendon pain upper back pain hand tremor pain on veins at back of hand protruding veins on back of hand protuding veins on back on hands back of hands purple skin back of hand purple raised ring on back of hand sudden skin rashes on back of hands sudden rash on back of hand red areas on back of hands red sore area on back of hand red spots on back of hands tiny red spots on back of hands sudden red back of hands thin skin on back of hands swollen vein in back of hand swollen viens on back of hand why do back of hands get yellow pink hanging moles on back hanging piece back throat next to uvula skin tag hanging in back of throat skin hanging from back of tongue tonsil hanging in back of throat lower back pain hangover hangover why lower back pain hard lump on back hurts back hurts when sitting on hard surface hard lump on back of knee hard knot lower back back strain laying on hard surface hard lump on left side back hard lump on upper left back hard lump back of lower leg hard lump on the lower back hard pea size lump on lower back hard oval lump on my back hard oval shaped lump on back large hard painless lump on back hard lump painless under back hard red lump on back hard lump on back of thigh hard lump on back of tongue vagina wall hard lump back wall hard mass in back of mouth hard mass on back ribs middle back pain and hard time peeing hard to swallow back and neck pain back pain sitting on hard surface pain in back hard to swallow hard skin back of tongue hardening of the lower back skin hardening on back and shoulders hashimotos and upper back pain pain lower back kidneys and hcg pain in back kidney related hcg hcg and back pain hit back of head and head injury nyquil back of head head hurt head hurts suddenly in back of head head thobbing back of head heartbeat in back of head headache herpes headache to the back of head headache back head hurts when turn light headed back pain kidney pain headache soft lump back of head and headaches lump on back of head headaches vomitiung metal smell back of head headaches headache in back of head in morning headaches in back of head and nausea back of head night headaches nosebleeds headache in back of head pounding headache back of head headache in back of head and thyroid vein back of head headache waking up headache back head hear heartbeat in back of head hear squishy noise back of head heartbeat in back of head heartbeat in back of head hot pulsating heartbeat back of head when weightlifting hissing noise back of head hit on head back of neck hurts hitting back of head injury symptoms newborn hit back of head hit back of 7 week olds head back of head hit and split open lump at back of head hiv hole in back of head when i inhale my back head hurts laughing makes back side of head hurts upper back hurts light head losing voice and back of head hurt lowering my head hurts lower back hurts to touch lower back of head head hurts in back when move head and back neck hurts whats this back of head pain hurts to swallow sneezed n back of head hurt back of head hurts sore throat throat and back of head hurts hurts upper back to turn head zoloft back of head hurt light headed back hurtsstomach pains indent in top middle back of head indentation on back of head scabs inflamed lymph nodes back of head intense throbbing at back of head my head and lower back itches itchy back of head and labia itchy penis head back pain marble size knot on back of head small knot back right side of head soft knot on back of head pains in back of head when laughing lump on back left of head pulsating pain in left back of head sore head back and legs pain in back of head when lifting light headed when lying on back nausea back pain and light headed neck upper back pain light headed numbness neck upper back pain light headed tighting back of neck light headed tight upper back pain with light headness lightheaded and pressure back of head back of head pressure lightheaded and weak pressure in back of head lightheadedness pulse like pain back of head lipoma on back of head back of head noise liquid liquid rushing sound in back of head sticky liquid at the back head lowering head right lower back pain pain in lower back when lowering head large red lump back lower head soft lump on back of head lower veins on back of neck lower head painless movable lump at back of head soft lump movable on back of head multpile lumps on back of head lumps on back of head near skull non painfull lump on back of head nonmoveable lump on back of head unexplained painful lump on back of head painless lump on back of head sore pea size lump back of head protruding soft lump on back of head lump that pus on back of head sinus lumps on back of head small soft lump on back of head soft lump in the back of head soft sore lump back head soft squishy lump on back of head spongy lump on back of head swolen lump back of head tender lump to back of head unexplained lump on back of head unpainful lump on back of head head pressure when lying on back painful lymph node in back of head soft mass painful back of head back of head throbbing meth mild stroke at back of head pimple or mole on back of head six month old throwing head back 5 month old throwing head back pain in back of head when moving pop in back of head when moving tightness in back of head and nausea nausea when tilting head back nauseaous when tilt head back pimples on back of head and neck pins and needle pains in back head noise from back of head unexplained not on back of head numbness back of head relief pain at back of head palpitations pain at back of head from pimple pain in back of head when pooping painful pulse in back of head pulsating pain in back of head sinus pain radiating to back of head sharp pain back of head right side pain in back of head smoking pain at back of head when smoking pain tilting head back sternum throbbing pain in back of head symptoms tilt head back pain back pain with tingling in head head tummy and back pains pain in back when turning head weed back head pain palpitation in head and back back of head popped sneeze pulse in back of head pumping sensation back of head seizure when punched on back of head red spot in back of head strain right side of back of head soft spot on back of head spongy sound in back of head squelching in back of head head back and stomacpains strain back of head