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suffering from feverbody aches and vomiting treatment taking phentermine feeling tired stools very dark what to do have irritable bowel syndrome is this ibs or fecal incontinence have recurring proteus mirabilis in the vagina any natural remedy tested for thyroid tsh is 127 what does this indicate getting knee pain cannot walk properly suggest best hospital blood pressure reading was 22090 what does this indicate want to reduce weight suggestions fna showed suspicious cells possible lymphoma what would you recommend chronic hepatits what to do experiencing palpitations before periods what could be the cause feeling warmness in palm and feet what to do have pinching pain upon penis what can be done is there any relation between platelet count and ecosprin pregnant haemoglobin 114 now 92 what can be done have back pain and shoulder ache due to stress suggestions had gallbladder removed worried without gall bladder is that fine can remeron help for depression and anxiety diagnosed as heterozygous whom should i consult what are the findings from the report any complications having burning legs and back pain treatment feeling itchy while trying to sleep advise having abdominal aortic aneurysm grafts suggest the treatment having extreme vaginal discharge yellowish and smelly medication can avelox oral 400 mg effectevly treat klebsiella p stopped taking zoloft and having anxiety what to do suggest the medication for h-pylori or stomach ulcers give details regarding pricing of procrit taking blood pressure tablets and has acute dementia treatment taken isotrin for pimples what are the side effects diabetic insulin dependent can i marry a girl with diabetes what does a sports medicine doctor do blood sugars are high suggest the diet having pain from knees to hips overweight medication is it normal to take different medications for high bp child spent days at and now is hyperactive and crying have small blue colored spot on inferior lip suggest having prostate inflammation from past one year cure suffering from severe vertigo have had physical therapy further treatment give details associated with fallopian blockage issue had done test for adenoma what are the findings have pain in heart when drinking cold water cause diagnosed with dyslexia can this be treated facing problems with sex addiction how to overcome this suggest a doctor for femoral hernia what is vasculitis of the lungs have had ct of chest area what are the findings can metthocarbamol be taken with gabapentin daily without side effect scheduled for kambo treatment what are its side effects what is equivalent to namenda medicine had tooth extracted after root canal therapy had bleeding suggest have severe back pain suggest what to do on period hurts while urinating suggest taking lortab for injuries hydrocodone done in hospital further treatment have got severe headache during bowel movement underlying cause suggest the suitable way to increase weight have brown spots on vagina what it could be is it safe to take sertraline and trazadone together accidentally cut and turned to scar is it infected how much should a 7ft person weigh have very low bmi of 10 what to do take labetalol and hydrochloride for high bp suggest what are some symptoms of malnourisnment can i get rabies from sea water how to groom children against sexual molestation what is the treatment for crotch rot have dark black patchs on face suggest home remedy using spectacles developed dark spots on nose suggest medicine could hpylori be contracted by having sex feel nauseated and not eating from anxiety suggestion what are symtoms of severe emphysema noticed little worms in urine what could it be have high bp taking aquazide suggest how to reduce loosing hair a lot suggest tips to prevent hair loss pregnant want to terminate pregnancy suggest done with blood test for cholesterol suggestions shall itake ubi q capsule to increase sperm motility is dr gilchrist in maryborough still available to see have painless lump close to underarm what to do taking tylenol makes sleepy suggest alternative taking lonazep and have side effect what to do feels unusually sleepy and have chronic cough underlying cause can avelox helps in treating appendicitis can norflex and ibuprophen be taken together suggest feeling acidic tongue what could be the cause have had bad posturex-ray normal what could be the cause have bumps on labia majora what could it be will grapefruit cause amplified effects in blood levels is phentermine also called fastin and needs prescription have viral infection what does hematologist diagnosis and lft suggests what is comparitive difference of percocet and vicodin having lyme disease could i ask a doctor for treatment have tuberculosis and painful white spots in mouth solution blunt force trauma injury swelling and experiencing heat advise going to die from cytomegalovirus or go blind advise high sgpt level how to control it ask a doctor subcription aas gp after thanked aad gp answer to paid what are the findings from the pregnancy report advise having cellulitis uti and lung infection suggest the treatment suggest the treatment to lower high bilirubin level reason for sudden heart pain with sore shoulder muscle does lupus affect colon have headache running nose and fever suggest medicine terrible pains in lower left side of abdomen reason blood work of hyaline casts 67040lpf what does it indicate frequently get disturbed stomach taking antibiotics gives relief suggest struggling with dandruff problem suggest cure having bad abdominal pain after taking capoten suggest taking tylenol with beer and wine am i at risk have infectious disease mycobacterium gordonae is it contagious do muscle spasms in back and neck affect vision pregnancy positive but want to abort it suggest medicine having problem with low immunity suggest take geodon can i take garcinia cambogia with it can use of hcg injection shots affect a ppd test married and not pregnant is travelling by bike safe on prednisone have headache sore and stiff neck advise have had high immature granolocytes what does it mean for lupus which doctor should i visit globulin is 42 how bad is that having spotting continuously for 6 weeks have had scan suggest what are the possible causes of blood in urine ct scan showed mild frontal atrophy advise having jaw pain especially while yawning underlying cause suddenly get overheated and become dizzy after eating underlying cause has had shaky legs and arms possibility of stroke having myopia with spectacle is lasik possible for me what are risks involved in oral sex with condom on done with liver function test what are the findings when does the umbilical cord fall off what does the readings indicate urine test is positive for leukocytes meaning trying to conceive after having an abortion suggest pregnant took anavar any effect on foetus developed ringing in ears is this tinnitus does e coli develop in human body naturally having pain in lower and middle back treatment baby has a growth near anus what could it be had intercourse took contraceptive pill having spotting pregnant what complications could happen with carpel tunnel operation kidney is not working what does it mean taking elrtoxin for hypothyroidism having hair fall related having gonorrhoea symptoms is it curable suggest some medicine to keep erection for long time where do i find these special shoes for osteoarthritis pregnant report shows no gross anomalies are seen meaning have granulation tissue doing physical therapy is it okay have hard white deposits under foreskin what could it be taking amitriptyline and lipofen having sore mouth side effect can gabapentin cause slurred speach tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol but dont smoke marijuana reason have eczema of the scalp suggest shampoo have sickle cell trait what is the treatment have numbness and tingling in toes reason having vomiting sensation with sore stomach had diarrhoea suggestion had radial neck excision and cannot use fingers underlying causes tore foreskin while having sex should i use fucidin ointment can spinal abnormalities be diagnosed had x-ray findings skipped heartbeats done with ekg what is wrong sneezing problem in middle of the night allergic problem done pathological health check-up got low serum level suggestion is restless leg syndrome common among bipolar patients had mri results of knees what are the findings child with headache is it migraine taking panaadol for headache suggest safe dose after drinking water experienced dizziness nausea and vomited suggest noticed little black particles in semen after ejaculations anything serious suggest remedies for sore throat no fever and no cough have problem of little semen how to increase the quantity which doctor should i visit for lympedema frequent yawning with difficulty in breathing reason and treatment is duphaston safe to consume during first trimester continuous burping took antacid no heartburn acid reflux reason 32 year old trying to conceive taking naturogest chances addicted to excessive masturbation suggest cure chances of getting hiv from breast sucking does nandrolone interact with warfarin does warfarin interact with nandrolone and synthroid acute abdominal pain what could be the reason frequent urination with bleeding any infection taking ibuprofen for ruptured disc can i take zantac difficulty in using the left arm any thing serious diagnosed with diabetes and high sgpt sgot levels treatment has ringworm what precautions to take have iron levels and blood in semen related suggest alternative medication to take for toenail fungus beside lamasil what is beta depometro lwhen is this administered does avelox treat acute appendicitis child suffering from tired feeling in classroom suggest proper diet 175 week pregnant have ultrasound report what does it indicate what is embryo fragmentation and what are the causes pregnant suggest diet chart for health can mitomycin c eye drops makes one feel sick treatment for post traumatic disorder discomfort in upper stomach what can be done suffering from gastric problem do regular exercise and yoga suggest had root canal for wisdom tooth have swollen mouth suggest have a loose bowel movement after eating underlying cause can o negative group and marry o positive woman after having intercourse getting headache cause and prevention after skipping shower have fishy smell from vagina cause has dead skin under feet how to treat this have raynauds disease had mrsa took vyox any treatment blunt injury causing heat and swelling to areas underlying cause have constant burping tried antacid what should i do had back surgery feeling light headed what should i do wife suffering from lack of sleep what to do can klopin phenoytoin metformin omeprozole cause elevated blood levels diagnosed with parkinsons had stroke reason for sudden fainting can i use measure up capsule for penis enlargement have swollen feet and ankles using meth underlying cause diagnosed with lymphnodes in chest taking forecox side effect thigh bone is broken and having pain suggest the medication have problem inability to control urine suggest surgical procedure constant heart burn taking zantac not cured remedy noticed lump on neck glands what these could be can abilify cause generalized edema found painful lump under the breast cancer noticed spotting after bowel movement have peri menopause symptoms remedy pregnant diagnosed with placental accreta again remedy had paralysis been on physiotherapy looking for better treatment got small anal abscess suggest medication ask for free for testing noticed blisters under stomach feel itchy and bleeding remedy going for my first colonoscopy suggestions diabetic taking iron pills suggest diet have numbness and feel swollen ankles suffer fro anxiety suggest give the reason for high snoring how to avoid have metallic-salty taste nothing taste good what to do is it safe to use avonex in frozen condition had diarrhoea and tried all medicines worried why does hyperparathyroidism cause gerd lower lip is swollen and sensitive treatment diabetic take astaxanthin and coumadin will astaxanthin affect coumadin levels have hard lump on penis told to have cyst suggestion taking gemfibrozil and crestor speech is slurred side effect suggest drug interaction of nicorandil and mixtard after eating rice items get burning sensation underlying cause trying to conceive but no result further child has become more aggressive underlying cause having hair fall problem how to stop it have one sided headache suggest permanent cure for migraine child spends time by watching tv alone suggest have belly fat want to loose weight suggest had blood test and lipid profile test findings have red spots on palms cause and treatment applied veet around vagina and causing burning sensation advise have had diabetes done blood test findings diabetic had lipid profile test findings feel dizzy stiffness choking while brushing teeth cause and cure what is the effect of taking clarithromycin and claritin together is seroquel narcotic drug can a person become addicted what is indeterminant periventricular white matter disease would seraquel help with alcohol detox what are the side affects of apoaequorin do you know a dr cottam in this area how and why do hard calcium deposits form after starting insulin is it possible to stop it again experiencing anxiety attacks and need medication suggest have hypo-thyroid and taking levothyroxine having abnormal periods related having repeated weird dreams making anxious cause have red rashes all over arms suggest medicine having pain in abdomen and testicles cause and treatment having sore throat after kissing can it be std has esophagitis do pot smoking related have mild headache take aspirin cause and treatment experiencing irritation in rectum and pains while having bm suggest pregnant had papaya have stomach burning further what is the treatment for acute l leukemia obese trying to conceive but all in vain suggest child asthma can omnocortil and salbutamol be given diabetic have foamy urination cause suggest the treatment for asthma control without corticosteroid have problem of wetting the bed underlying cause suggest the solution to increase the white blood cell count having bulky uterus with thickened endometreium treatement 82 years old with sudden presentation on head reason fainting with upset stomach and loose bowel movement anxiety have supraventricular tachycardia can i take suppliments suggest the treatment to restore feeling in testicles are there any treatment for correcting scoliosis having cysts on ovary and irregular periods worried advise treated with vanlaflexine lamotrozine buspin for depression permanant cure is continuous combination therapy and minivelle with progesterone same suggest the name of the cyanide pill have sunburn on lip applying olive oil cure pregnant suffer from high blood sugar levels taking insulin suggestions suffering from cold sensitive nose not able to concentrate suggest accidentally swallowed spiriva capsule used for inhalation any risk having problem of wetting the bed suggest the remedy suggest a suitable way to quit smoking suggest the medication for indigestion problems have fishy smell during urination is it diabetes having blood pressure noticed fishy smelling urine what to do suffer headache have dizziness suggestions have had cbc done what does report suggests had unprotected sex took ipill but no periods yet pregnant having loss of hair prescribed grocaapix geland kerglo side effects what is surgery for local vulvodynia like what are the findings from x-ray report any abnormality had unprotected sex done with ultrasound concerned about paternity ankle is sore and puffed up suggest the treatment having chronic pain taking reduced dosage of morphine advise is genital herpes contracted through sexual contact only child is unable to concentrate in studies suggestion chances of infection after kidney transplant suggest has fibrosis found on liver treatment to remove fibrosis has fibrosis on liver suggest to remove fibrosis have had blood test for tb findings has taken over dose of thyroxine sodium what to do started having hot flashes and became weak underlying cause have high sgot what to do have sgot score of 60 what could this mean what are the side effects of alcohol consumption on body have accidentally swallowed sodium polyacrylate suggest is blastomycosis related to cystomycosis have constant pain all over body cause and treatment bottom lip has been underlying cause is doing sex once a week is good or bad have some acidity problem which affect chest internally suggest trying to conceive started follicular study what does result indicate can i take z-quil the night before a tonsillectomy having back pain using ice pack constantly help having cold hands and shivering lips what to do allergic to asparin can i take tramadol diagnosed with hyperthyroid can it be cured fasting sugar 100 and random sugar 115 suggestions have erection problems and also back pain treatment 1 month pregnant want to terminate it suggest had semen analysis test does report suggest to be fertile have small gliotic area in right perventricular region suggest have dry mouth and excessive thirst what could it be had intercourse with two partner possibility of pregnancy taking lipitor for sgpt level any suggestion got a pimple on penis any infection does ultrasound give correct result about the foetus development safe medication to increase the penis size having back pain and weakness sweating too much treatment blood in urine taking warferin advise have bumps appeared after nose piercing remedy can a women get genital herpes without having sex how to strengthen the pelvic floor for vulvodynia done with cortisol test and showing abnormal suggest a solution taking oxycodone for pain cannot tolerate nsaids suggest alternative having swollen ankles what could be the cause infants poop was yellow and green and consistently plentiful normal have taken triprim stomach is swollen and sore cause has intercourse with used condoms chances of std child suffering from frequent motions given nor-metrogyl suggest having itching in eyes nose throat prescribed eryocin reason having erection problem suggest the cure suggest acne reducing ointments mean platelet volume count is 119 is it normal having mucus in stool suggest the treatment child having high fever suggest the treatment could chinese herbal medicine be taken for kidney failure what is sacralization of l5 does it cause hyperlordosis having chills throughout body for long time suggest the cure having muscle spasms behind eyes cause smell smoke in nose what could be the cause can oxycodone be taken with lyrica how to treat the piles for ladies getting blister with pus and pain on back suggest diagnosed with adenocarcinoma after biopsy had lost weight suggest diet want to know the dosage for retodex experiencing strange metallic smell have slight elevated cholesterol cause diagnosed with gastritis suggest medication penis foreskin is tight how to fix the problem inner thighs and butt areas are darker suggestion what is the treatment for a torn frenulum frequently getting epilepsy under medication want permanent treatment suggest medicine to make penis bigger in size any reaction of viagra with xarelto got widal test done what are the findings have severe health anxiety what to do having menstrual bleeding from very long had taken contraceptives related have back and neck pain in spinal cord suggest pregnant and had sex feeling stomach and breast pain suggest ask for free after thanked aad checking stress test positive for treadmill suggest 18 days old has fever and cold what to do have gerd get acid reflux issues suggest how many days does it take typhoid fever to subside has esophagitis can smoking pot be the cause using vaseline unable to concieve can vaseline be the cause had elevated pancreatic enzymes stopped alcohol accidentally had rum further can you take advil with bystolic beta blocker hdl cholesterol is elevated taking lovastatin suggest will expired viagra will have any side effect when taken can tegretol cause weight gain and extreme tiredness had blood clots and abdominal pains after urine infection suggest having pimples on face how to reduce pimples having seroflo rotacaps for asthma gaining weight side effect has adisons disease taking medication help having hair fall and itching boils treatment can stopping wellbutrin xl after two years affect thyroid levels have oozing blisters on legs suggest cure had panic episode prescribed zyprexa can this be seizure suffering from stomach pain mild fever and vomiting cause having severe incontinence and uncontrolled urination suggest suggest alternative drug to prednisone for use with wegeners disease have dotted swollen circular allergies in finger underlying cause have vomiting often had angioplasty suggest remedy having acidity and gastric problem lost weight suggest treatment suffer cellulitis and urinary tract infection suggestions can trazadone and a sleep aid taken together have had cinnamon can cinnamon kill your liver started taking lotrinex along with librax is it safe under depression and told to have bipolar disorder suggest suggest the herbal cure for bacterial vaginosis for women have taken semen analysis test findings had abnormal liver function result suggest suffer from severe head ache which specialist should i see how to treat cocci and bacilli that has discharge delayed periods pregnancy test negative suggest medications to get periods delayed periods had sex pregnancy test negative solution had circumcision developed red and raw scrotum cause was on megestrol and now experiencing impotence advise having diarrhea everyday morning cause having pain in rib cage could there be a problem has stone in both kidney guide having bowel movements after eating and painful suggest the treatment information on symptoms of kidney disease thyroid number is high 4 what does this mean took suboxone for opiates having breathing problems help diagnosed with pmr suggest physician specialist in treating pmr have primary and secondary lymphedema help suffers from dry and running nose no weight gain help taking mogodon diamox and sertraline had ideopathic generalized epilepsy suggestions diagnosed fibromyalgia mostly bedridden fatigue and pain suggest what does puss cells occasional in semen teat mean stitch like pain in left side underlying cause had rubbed anus with clothes on risk of contracting hiv can hiv be transmitted when rubbed anus with clothes on have shivering had periods after long time treatment have elevated sgpt treatment how to treat neuropathy in feet and legs had periods but was extremely light underlying cause pregnant us showed fetal kidney to be dilated underlying cause having dark neck thyroid test normal what to do taking ropinirole for rlswed condition recommend noticed bending finger nails having tingling sensation what to do took panadol that was expired what can i do now consumed panadol which was expired what to do now how often can klonopin be taken and not overdose noticed white substance formation in penis uncircumsed smells odd suggest how to detect diverticulosis or colitis had radical hysterectomy feeling short of breath normal noticed strong smelling urine what to do getting blisters on personal organs suggest the cure on avodart no semen during ejaculation side effects of medication have lump behind right shoulder blade what can this be suffer swollen upper lip from injecting meth what to do having pain in head due to tension and stress suggest tastes blood when running what is this recently married losing interest in sex what to do undergone chemotherapy for bone tumor having severe oligoasthenospermia suggestions what is the use of zitega in cancer treatment have rectal bleeding was intussusception suggestions could i take rhodiola along with celexa taking levothroxine does it lead to lung cancer have light wrinkles under eyes suggest treatment went off birth control pills hasnt got periods suggest urine multi stix test showed elevated leukocyte and urobililgen suggest noticed vitiligo on penis cause and treatment have hand weakness and having trouble suggest does leukine cause constipation after several treatments what would make my fingers tingle have had chest x-ray and had pneumonia findings what are the four types of cardiac conditions feels and sounds like breathing through ear suggest what is meant by pbs shows predominantly normochromic-normocytic does naproxen sulfate affect the liver very slim want to put on weight advice have pco chances of conceiving naturally complaining of ear pain suggest first aid does levitra hold back orgasms twin pregnancy having bp 170100 prescribed m-dopa normal having running nose tried allopathy and homeopathy no use help suffer coughing any preventive precautions having cold taken laz no improvement suggest what is the cure for vulvodynia how to differentiate between severe ankle sprain and fracture having cholesterol changed diet suggest the cure suggest the medication to delay periods having back muscle twitching suggest the treatment hbsag is positive what can i do diagnosed hypertrophied cervics what to do has cah condition treated with hisone and floricot suggestions exceeded bmi and have ulcer problem suggest diet need to put on weight can i eat ragi suggest has cvs cyclist vomiting syndrome what to do using isotroin-20 for pimples safe side effects after using isotroin lips are getting dry treatment what does the lab reports mean when is the best time to eat fruits could i apply clearcele ointment for acne fetish towards buttocks doing anal masturbation periodically advise suffer from depression take risparidon help have peripheral neuropathy is there any medicine for this eight year child diagnosed with add what can be done on xarelto any reaction with use of viagra loosing sexual desire what can be done prescribed elavil gained weight feeling depressed reason for weight gain blood pressure reading 14070 suffer with high anxiety advice diabetic getting fear attack any way to prevent such attacks urinalysis shows 10000- 50000 cfuml e coli need antibiotics cannot urinate referred to kidney specialist help do not have mustache or beard what to do can sperm travel through two layers clothing woke up with back pain remedy suffering from cold cough and chest congestion suggest suitable treatment pregnant have slight bleeding normal drug test showed negative for five drugs what to do over weight playing volley ball on beach suggestions experiencing extreme fatigue headache and feeling sick suggest medication suggest alternate medicine to tramodol with same effect diagnosed with copd suffer anxiety both related feeling cervixal opening always open normal not given birth guide what happens if a little kid drinks lysol child drank lysol by accident what will happen what is small isoechoic lesion in gb neck region rubbed penis on vagina and clit gaining weight pregnant had inflammation on penis feeling painful cancer possibility having severe pain in back and neck noticed swelling suggest have bed bug bites how to treat these bites testing the subscribed query noticed hair thinning blood work fine what can be done what are the effects of severe depression have thalassemia minor will it pass on to child diagnosed with polycystic liverkidney diease suggestions suffering from premature ejaculation suggest remedies suffer repeated seizures what can cause seizures in brain having bowel movement in sleep what does this indicate need a good anti nausea oral medication pelvic scan showed polycystic ovary suggest treatment felt great one day and feel crashed another normal diagnosed with high bp on medication still bp high suggest suffering with lung tb given akt-4 with streptomycin injection suggest blood pressure reading is 117 over 93 normal had sex took ipill and having delayed periods suggest child is having cold and fever given t-minic syrup suggest feeling heavy headed tired eyes feel dry on antidepressant suggest had bleeding but not during periods what could it be on isagenix noticed spotting normal side effect how much time it will take for hair transplant how to speed up the end of benzo withdraw tested for rubella ig g and is positive help what are some causes of increased sensitivity to feeling cold what is a stress induced psychosis has hemeroid bleeding what can be done to stop it have left sunken shoulder have no pain but discoloration suggest reoccuring bumps on the pennis suggest treatment had full hysterectomy suffer hot flashes and mood swings normal can augmentin increase blood sugar on viber having headache what should i be doing have acute and long lasting shortness of breath need treatment has difficulty breathing after eating suggest severe groin pain sore throat are both related noticed inner vaginal lips shrinking what can be the cause diagnosed nanobronchial allergy paid huge consultation charges suggestions has sore throat can lyzyme 30mg be given noticed penis size 2 will a girl be satisfied feeling tired in the morning had constipation have gas concerned lost control of bladder at night what can be done how do raise low ferritin without raising iron has small lumps attached to her thyroid gland concerned does dexamethasone cause hair loss suggest the medication for chest congestion taking verapamil and bystolic for bp right medication scared to ride bike is it some disease had dizziness and felt head spinning suggest pain in hands and arm during period underlying cause toddler belting out high pitched screams normal when sweat crotch smells like cat pee cause have a color allergy suggest medication have nausea during pregnancy suggest have acidity problem tried english and ayurvedic medicine suggest have weak heart had cardiac arrest on ventilator treatment alcoholic and diagnosed with hemochromatosis suggest can sperm travel through clothing can i start taking metformin after getting my period legs are weeping a clear liquid what to do child has strep infection and thyroid suggest experiencing sharp stomach pain especially after eating suggest why would drug test show negative while taking fentanyl have pcod trying for second child suggest how can we cure blemishes after delivery had an ekg what are the diagnosis taking mazetol what are the side effects had gallbladder surgery have had test done meaning taking hydrocodone but liver damage is side effect suggest dosage what is good home remedy for cough and congestion how to handle a stubborn child does inositol hexophosphate lower ferritin levels can xanax be taken with milk thistle suggest diet to maintain good health suffering from acidity havent taken any medication suggest took mri for lss what does report indicate and treatment suggest some remedies to stop hair fall done with colonoscopy taking ducolax suggest the diet does vitiligo on penis is curable or not have had ecg explain meaning of report getting wired smell from everything had anxiety disorder treatment taking volibo cetapin and insulin simultaneously any side effect have stomach pain and nausea what to do have a problem of vericocele in testis suggested surgery advise have had lipid profile test what are the diagnosis is tendocare tablet a steroid have shooting high blood pressure take avapro daily suggest after delivery suffering from headache everyday how to get relief having lot of hair fall suggest treatment will magnesium supplement help sleep at bedtime having sorosis using moistrux omega3 permanent cure having redness in penis cause and treatment ankle is hurting while running aching badly treatment taking autoserve noromaxine and ultrasol having diarrhea side effect suffering from itermittent scalp pimple on head suggest medicine have rashes in pubic area and inner thigh suggest get frequent mouth ulcers used betadine mouth wash suggest want to increase height how to do it wanted to delay periods prescribed duphaston chances of getting periods recommended surgical removal for poly like mass any complications does drinking beer regularly increase hemoglobin levels does allopurinol or colchicine raise psa levels child is having stomach ache can gelusil be given safely has bicuspid heart ans sweat excessively related has disc extrusion and recommended surgery suggestion have had cervical mri what are the findings recommended meva c with rabium allergic to o2 advise took mri for brain what does report infer had urinalysis was put on antibiotics history of infection suggest suggest a solution for micro penis how much omega-3 fish oil can be taken daily not able to sleep continuously suggest on cipralex for panic attack also have add suggest head sweats constantly taking bp medicine and stomach medicine suggest post menopausal not had hysterectomy having bleeding underlying cause safe to take percocet with atrial fibrillation getting pain in testicles and sensitive to touch suggest had pathology report done for lft and sugar findings asked to have genital tb test after ivf failures suggestion can i take liquid oxygen while receiving gemsar can arthrodine help in chronic back pain for spinal stenosis take prednisone for knee pain but no help suggest dosage have had pain in lower abdomen done with scan findings after delivery facing gas problems suggest diet have pins and needles in head what could it be have had diabetes on glipizide metformin and prescribed januvia suggestion tip of tongue and lips feels numb cause and treatment had hysterectomy done got blood test result findings wearing specks want to improve eyesight advise food habits have lumps and inflammation near joints on arms phlebitis suggest feel like have something in throat what could it be suffering from erectile disinfection premature ejaculation and impotency suggest after typhoid infection dying to eat non-veg food suggest have autistic often aggressive behaviors and have injuries help have low grade fever in typhoid even after antibiotic suggest sex duration is too low how to improve it had colonoscopy and since then getting uti related have a cold feeling inside head what could it be feeling lightheaded have swollen foot and numbness in arms cause suffering from vocal cords nodules suggestion testing the free query 4 years old child nipples are going inside breast normal having loose motion its fully watery how to stop it have ejaculation problem suggest feel extremely weak confused memory loss and tensed suggest accidently took amolodipine-benazepril atenolol and pantoprazole what to do does the drug cephalexin monohydrate expire on the prescribed date got handjob done and touched vagina chances of std fell and got wound which bled need of tetanus injection had sex probably during ovulation how to avoid pregnancy can we get ipills over the counter have had ecg done what does result iterpret suggest medicine for cold and cough diabetic and have high bp had blood in urine cause infant have cough giving wikoryl for cold suggest home remedies had acute and long lasting shortness of breath treatment using dipsalic ointment on legs and hands any side effects have chronic fatigue syndrome migraines ibs and gerds suggest having heart palpitations that are common after alcohol consumption suggest taking drugs want to know is this overdose why do woman are more stimulated and moan during sex had done a sputum test what does result infer have uti having pain radiating to fingers cause and cure diagnosed with fibromyalgia have achy knees and sore jaw suggest have had pet scan done what does results indicate abdominal distention after tramadol withdrawal what to do how to stop being jealous in relationship test showed high level of iron what can be done have dandruff and hair fall how to prevent this had hip replacement given cortisone for relief further taking potassium gluconate to supplement low sodium diet dosage have anxiety attacks sometimes recommend herbal remedy for anxiety have bad breath since childhood treatment have accidentally brushed teeth with cortizone should i worry have started having accidental bowel leakage suggest need information on doctor who do penile revascularization child has high level iron how to treat this whats the best way to treat bleeding hemorrhoids took atenolol and zoloft feel funny should i be worried had developed cough found enterobactercloacae in lung possible treatment have lower back pain when sitting suggest suffer from proteus causes effect and treatment experiencing dull pain on knees specially when lifting weights suggest at what age can a girl get her first period got checked health for thyroid what are the findings have tooth cavity increasing everyday treatment smelly mucus from nose taken three bouts of antibiotics help have heart burn bloating fat belly and bowel movement suggest have had typhoid test what are the findings suffer from farting and gas leakage how to control it advised to take absolute to increase sperm motility advise suffering from acne and pimples treatment child suffering from cataract advised for surgery what to do while masturbating had headache and now feeling fuzzy cause have high ldl cholesterol and sgpt suggest medicine going to get married what fertility test to take have chest pain problem in taking deep breath suggest take roche valium can zepose be taken instead diagnosed with diabetes what precautions to take looking for doctor for treating ehlers danlos syndrome concerned have delayed period and hpt negative what else is it what is causing dizziness headache and light periods suggest contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy apart from condoms have had mri of infant brain findings what is the way to take unwanted 72 is pregnancy possible before first ever period allergic to vicodin can i take percocet have lump on anus itches little what is the cause is norgestimate-eth estradiol same as trinessa have red circle around penis under foreskin treatment have intercourse on 2nd day of cycle chances of pregnancy can i take glycomet along with telmisartan suggest best medicine for herpes is it is infectious prescribed amlokem-m for hypertension and cardiac infraction suggest getting stomach pain during periods treatment had diarrhea now broken out in hives cause suggest natural medication to lower blood pressure arms are going numb what could be the cause suggest food to be avoided by prostate patients had urine inspection test what are the findings have pain in lungs side of my body cause is montair lc best or deriphyillin retard for asthma have masturbation habits does it have negative impact on marriage fungal infection in penis what remedy to be taken suffering from gastric problem using zintac how to avoid this have skin infection in private parts treatment 16 years old can i have melatonin safely have delayed periods hpt negative underlying cause have swollen tongue can it be allergic reaction to beets can i take viagra if i am on bisoprolol fumarate experiencing noticeable loss of balance do regular exercise cause having skin problem how to cure it have erectile dysfunction not getting erection suggest had a quartazone injection unable to sleep side effect depressed due to family problem suggest facing problem on face get acne pimples regularly suggest 3 month pregnant had urine test are result normal doing nightshift is good or bad on our health how to avoid smoking child feeding properly but not sleeping more at stretch suggest have developed an hydrocele suggest treatment without surgery get feeling like a nerve trapped when sit down suggest have copd and asthma can hardly breathe and downhill suggest having severe acne issues on cheeks how to treat this underweight little deficiency in iron prescribed ostocalcium worried about weight have pigmentation on toenail what could it be having frequent pain in stomach suggest having premature ejaculation problem suggest cure how long can sepsis survive in a bowel diabetic suffer from recurrent uti using ointment zelsa permanent cure having stomach problem going to bathroom after eating suggest have had blood test what does report shows diabetic and taking mclazide what are the side effects does wysolone increase heart rate having low sexual desire and no morning erection suggest sent the photos what could it be used levosetride 5 once 10 tablets any risk involved have completed periods taking metformin can we try for conception addicted to methadone given suboxone to help get off suggest had a high bilirubin level and now sudden drop cause suffering from ibs and diarrhea suggest medication taking pexep perfectly okay should i continue medication experiencing intermittent abdominal pains and white mucus anal discharge suggest noticed swelling on scrotum area no pain cause also i want to add that my tongue tingles what can cause breast to burn no changes or redness received dpt vaccine having dizziness suggest why nsaids cause bronchi spasms in some asthma patients how to stop pimples and remove marks had sex took ipill will it help avoid pregnancy have painful stomach polyp suggest diet for cure how to overcome hypo thyroid can pregnant women eat corn everyday suffering from pimples on face going through treatment suggest diet having trouble breathing after doing little house work cause getting sweat in palms advice treatment had ct scan for lymph nodes what does it show having symptoms of stomach ache and vomiting suggest have swelling on lips and body parts cause suggest the medication chances of pregnancy testing a subscribed query with the attachments dying of myelofibrosis want to get palliative care suggestions pravastatin and enlarged prostate seem to cause constipation suggest suffering from mild anxiety prescribed rexipra is it safe losing hair quite fast suggest remedies prescribed buprenorphine before starting suboxone not having withdrawal suggest running low grade fever taken antibiotic but no relief suggest got regular ultrasound done what does it indicate suffer broken rib how long will the pain last facing severe abdominal pain stomach bloats and feel heavy suggest had typhoid done widal test what does report indicate have had sperm analysis done what are the diagnosis have severe front and back hip pain suggest remedy got bitten by a spider feel weird what to do can chronic pain cause tachycardia for extended time getting stomch pain when bending in front while sitting cause have geographic tongue taking temovate lotrimazole how to cure it pulse rate is little higher these days what to do feeling jealousy in relationship need advise have sore throat problem taken medicine but no help suggest no discharge and burning urine but itchy penis head thrichamoses having dead 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