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how to control weight gain and hair loss newly wedded unable to have intercourse looking for suggestion worried regarding slow activities of a child suffering from anxiety chances of contract hiv from saliva hands are turning purple whats wrong thyroid surgery done histopathology report showed hashimotos thyroiditis required treatment have itchy red spots on feet how to remove this diet plan to reduce weight and lead a healthy life having manipulative behavior with ovarian cancer are these treatable reason for soreness on lower ribs cage ultrasound showed varicocele and scrotal pearl taking doxycycline proper treatment albendazole dosage for 3 years child taking spirulina tablets getting cramps below rib cage side effect post menopause started vaginal bleeding after intercourse any suggestion what should i do to get rid of chapped foreskin any change in height if ligaments and tendons are disconnected have indwelling catheter in urethra is it safe to masturbate bitten by spider what medication and cure should be done difference between painful and painless vaccine for a baby which specialist should i consult for fever does huntingtons disease cause small testes getting redness on face how to get rid of this pregnant had spoiled milk having nausea anything serious have tingling sensation while sleeping any thing serious found cyst on vaginal wall could it be sebaceous cyst had intercourse took plan b chances of pregnancy touched urine and got infected with mono are they related headache stomachache fever and diarrhea what medication should be done what does psoriasis in scalp mean have beta hemolytic streptococci infection what treatment should be done how to administer 1 quart enema how to determine paternity and conception date what are the possible complication in tonsillectomy having pain in abdomen gallbladder has been removed reason can adderall cause lupus erythematosus in a 15 years old treatment for sinus pain pressure stiffness and chest congestion have red and swollen frenulum how to get relief multiple swollen lymph node in same place sign of hiv fnac report showed breast lump carcinoma looking for solution is it safe to take adderall for attention deficit disorder going through menopause itchy rashes appeared all over body worrisome why am i feeling heaviness in head ct scan showed mildly prominent prostate what does this mean jumping feeling in legs is this related to nerve problem how to perform a prostate massage pregnant is it safe to travel by motorbike what is the routine clinical examination for orthopedic assessment stopped smoking have temporomandibular joint disorder looking for cure have down syndrome with irregular period any possible treatment worried about an abnormal pap smear have sugar in urine can prednisone cause this getting sounds in ear on many medication side effect on mirena having heavy spotting with cramp side effect have cold and block nose how to treat this problem getting pain in body and neurological part any test required developed painful swelling on chin what cure should be done what are the chances of contracting hiv from protected intercourse can a vagina get stretched out without any penetration diet plan for a 7 month old baby taking medicine to cure ibs are the prescribed medicine right what are the treatment available for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura have painful boils on thigh suggest some home treatment suffering from bulimia how to overcome this problem how to get relief from sharp pain in breast noticed white layer on penis is this a serious problem is it safe to take carnisure-500 in pregnancy how to diagnose hypoglycemia is this curable feeling weakness and back pain after masturbation any effective treatment having palpitation in thigh what is causing this and cure have occupational asthma what cure and treatment should be done found enlarged heart what are the complication constipated sore breast dizziness and lightheaded pregnancy test negative worrisome diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis is this a sexually transmitted disease child developed brown spot on cheek how to remove this feeling depressed aggressive and schizophrenic what treatment should be done why am i depressed and have developed schizophrenia taking medicine for chalymdia how long it takes for cure having proper sleep why am i getting strange dream suffering from cold and cough which medicine should i take can augmentin and rocephin interfere with std tests have red bumps on scrotum how to remove this suffering from cold history of ectopic heartbeats are they related started bleeding after taking lysteda what should i do having severe sciatic nerve pain how to get relief having cold hand and swelling how to diagnose my symptoms treatment for arnolds ear-cough reflex why am i experiencing pain in shoulder during orgasm what does low purine gout diet mean bright white circles seen on mri report what is this treatment for itchy red bumps on back of legs have premature atrial contractions when should i be worried having sharp burning pain under chest how to get relief why am i having abdominal pain while urinating is it necessary to go for colonoscopy before piles operation can propranolol cause a false negative on pregnancy test started having muscle twitching in forearm any solution treatment for sore throat and swollen tonsils with white patches in depression after relatives death what should be done undergoing anxiety therapy and struggling with this any advice have oligoasthenospermia can i impregnate my wife after icsi procedure have lower back pains and neck pains looking for remedy suffering from premature ejaculation is there any cure available what is the normal penis length for a healthy person is it safe to take azithromycin along with doxycycline is it safe to take maftel 500mg for stiff neck taking att medication suffering from uneasiness and constipation any cure why am i feeling swelling on head experiencing severe jaw facial and head muscle spasm underlying cause is there any medicine available to increase sexual desire diabetic what are the low-glycemic food have endometriosis getting back pain while defecating required treatment should i take insulin novomix before or after eating what are the symptoms preventions and cure for exertional headache have a sore on labia worried for herpes facing premature ejaculation any cure available is adrenomyeloneuropathy curable and stem cell therapy advisable looking permanent cure for premature ejaculation addicted to codeine how to get rid of this addiction small growths on penis base worried for genital warts sudden and sharp hip pain is this serious using cycloprogynova treatment to get period can i get pregnant can drinking soda effect urination first gynecological examination to be done any suggestion noticed brown growth on penis how to remove this what is causing back pain and stomach sickness accidentally took lamotrigine 200 mg along with clonazepam any complication ia there any risk of pregnancy without penetration and ejaculation test showed slightly raised alt level should i be worried had unprotected intercourse what should i do to avoid pregnancy how to use and adjust a gait belt having menstrual cycle after taking primolut n experiencing dizziness reason having tingling sensation under chest is this a serious issue how long the cytotec 200mg stay in the bloodstream suggest some medicine to increase body weight with positive growth exercise to reduce weight after delivery have fever what treatment should be done what are the long term effect of taking antihypertensive medicines have scabs inside nose will this be cured is it safe to take zoloft along with seroquel gestational sac appeared flat on sonogram is this normal can doxyycline and azithromycin be taken together for std infection pimples and acne on face what diet should i take bruise appeared on eyelid what could be causing this is hepatitis c contagious disease what is the time interval between duromine pills why am i feeling cold and lightheaded what is the treatment for homo sexuality treatment for abdominal pain constipation and bloating taking mtp kit is this effective for abortion test showed low platelet count looking for safe medication taking flagyl metronidazole started getting headache side effect of medicine bipolar disorder and facing erectile dysfunction any effective cure how to get rid of severe night sweats how to get rid of night sweats feeling stressed what are the treatment available child eats until she vomits could it be juvenile diabetes have raised lumps on penis what it could be have kidney stones and recurring uti required treatment taking oxycodone to conceive does it affect fertility diagnosed with myelodysplasia what is the cause and treatment available painful cramps with continuous bleeding and spotting reason getting wrist pain how to get relief difficulty walking and foot pain how to get relief treatment for mild fever and bumps on cheeks child having back pain what could be causing this what should i do to reduce gamma gt level child has pale pink lips is this normal took high dose of crocin tablets any complication lung cancer survivor why am i getting abdominal pain noticed brown skin tag on scrotum with no pain worrisome how to treat seminal leakage and burning sensation while ejaculation highly allergic to hydrochlorothiazide having severe back pain proper medication red itchy bump appeared under nipple how to remove this had unprotected sex hpt positive how to find paternity suffering from diarrhea and noticed black stool any solution is fruit much better than fruit juice have severe skin tags problem looking for good dermatologist is fenfuro safe for type 2 diabetic patient suffering from back pain suggest safe and effective medicine suffering from bipolar disorder what treatment should be done why am i getting tingling sensation in arm smoker how can i get relief from gastric issue having pain in buttock while driving how to get relief any effect on pregnancy if i visit leprosy center having sharp pain near anus what could be causing this feeling dizzy and noticed dark colored stool whats going on accidently swallowed benzoyl peroxide acne gel should i visit er pregnant started spotting ultrasound done are the findings normal worrisome passing blood in stool should i consult a doctor pregnant noticed spotting will this cause any complication medicine to cure psychogenic polydipsia why am i having severe pain and swelling on leg got all blood tests done is there something serious having digestion problem sign of gastric issue quit smoking having chronic cough what to do what should be the sleep pattern while having adhd having ganglion cyst on wrist getting pain proper treatment chances of contacting hiv after touching vaginal fluid around penis have suicidal thoughts looking for treatment can i get hiv from unprotected hand job 31 years old without sperm is there any treatment black spot appeared on forehead how to remove these spots how to remove chickenpox scars and holes from face what is the normal sugar level for 48 years old suffering from chicken pox required treatment and medication have lesions inside mouth took antibiotic worried for cancer not getting pregnant which specialist should i consult why am i unable to achieve orgasm tissue avr done started feeling dizzy should i be concerned risk of contracting hiv from oral sex what is the normal blood hemoglobin level for a women smoker what should i do to quit smoking can a general anesthesia cause diarrhea taking apo-levofloxacin for pneumonia side effect how to diagnose mild hemorrhoids underwent angioplasty taking medicine having ear discomfort serious concern pregnant feeling sleepy and having headache normal suffering from lower back pain cause and cure planning to adopt a child how to induce lactation missing period pregnancy test negative getting pregnancy symptoms concerned why am i having pain in heart while coughing does chronic meth use cause glycation of hb hba1c getting pain in back shoulder looking for relief pregnant getting menstrual cramps ultrasound done should i continue progesterone child being abused be parents any treatment suffering from back pain what precaution should i take have had shingles what is causing this and required treatment x-ray showed mild panlobular emphysematous what does this mean getting palpitation neck pain and losing weight cause and cure chances of getting pregnant with precum but no penetration got relief from cough started feeling dizzy and sick reason what should i do to reduce triglycerides level have irregular teeth alignment what are the treatment available what are the symptoms of chronic microvascular hyperintensities prognosis what are the ways to increase breast milk after delivery started bleeding heavily after sex what could be causing this getting frequent erections and forced urination at night any advice getting paraspinal muscle spasm treatment for cervical lordosis what does congenital central stenosis throughout lumbar spine means have sore throat and mild fever suggest some medicatine have sore throat looking for homeopathic medicine is it possible to contract hiv from genital contact is it safe to go for colonoscopy while on sudafed having pain in rib cage after eating reason treatment for chest pain and fast heart rate 23 years old how to prevent hair loss red and itchy vagina after protected sex looking for cure noticed puffiness around eye in the morning whats wrong does tums or rolaids affect blood glucose test results have itchy leg do i have any deficiency what is hypertrophic lichen planus worried for loss of appetite and gas formation in stomach have burning sensation on foot how to get relief found raised sore on ankle what could it be toddler cry before and after passing stool and urine concerned how to control hair fall and skin getting darker cause for reddening and bleeding from glans what could be the reason for missed period without sex stopped smoking how long does cotinine stay in blood system getting numbness on finger what is the cause getting pregnant is advisable how accurate is pcr test at 18 days post exposure having vaginal lichen planus how to prevent it from recurring vaginal pain during intercourse what treatment should be done diagnosed with osteoporosis prescribed actonel looking for alternative medicine tested for sgpt level do i need any medicine taking norethindrone and had unprotected sex any suggestion accidently took two paracetamol any complication having pain on lower abdomen thigh and knees any solution scratching eye during sleep how to get relief not getting pregnant after regular intercourse should i be concerned mandatory vaccinations for 33 year old having drinks with splenda does this affect nerve diagnosed with shingles how to overcome this problem feeling chest pain and thirsty should i consult doctor having headache and nausea getting relief after relaxation whats wrong can i get pregnant from hand job without any ejaculation have tonsil stones in mouth safe remedy affected by dengue fever blood test done symptoms of cancer addicted to masturbation noticed erectile dysfunction any solution stopped breastfeeding missing period after delivery any advice overweight smoker getting palpitation and pain around sternum any advice suffering from anxiety looking for cure treatment for cough breathing difficulty and chest tightness does antiviral ayurvedic medicine extend the window perioid of hiv is diltiazem and carzarc the same medicine for hbp looking treatment for hair fall have brown spot under tongue what is causing this diabetic hypertensive and arthritic looking alternate medicine to insulin shot have pus filled boils what should i do for cure treatment for stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma of anal area can i take paracetamol along with ofloxacin getting headache stomachache cold and vomiting should i visit er have painless bump on lip is this something serious noticed hard lump below knee is this a serious problem is testosterone related to add and sexual anhedonia why do i feel pain in anus while coughing is there any permanent treatment of psoriasis developed hbp not controlled by medicine what should be done having dark circle under eyes what are the treatment available suffering from bells palsy how to get rid of this smell of alcohol comes out from a drunkers breath reason painless swelling appeared on upper thigh should i be worried taking hep c triple therapy feeling fatigue looking for suggestion have gonorrhoea suggest effective medicine for cure pregnant found high tsh level any effect on fetal development why am i having pain in breast shoulder and back having irregular period problem how to get rid of this have itchy skin rash how to remove this suffering from masturbation addiction worried for premature ejaculation chances of getting std from a handjob nuclear stress reports showed mild reversible ischemia is angioplasty required toddler having loose motion cause and cure child not sleeping properly at night should i be concerned pregnant having diarrhea is it safe to take taxim-o having heart palpitations and dry mouth could it be anxiety treatment for grief and depression experiencing a tightening sensation on forehead cause and cure experiencing discomfort between neck and shoulder what is causing this is minoxidil 5 safe for hair loss any alternate medicine what is the best homemade medicine for cough whether 5 ml is over dose have tumor on pituitary gland looking alternate medicine for bromocriptine having acute lower back pain with burning sensation any advice safe method or treatment to gain weight have q tip inside ear how to get them out taking bromocriptine for prolactinoma started gaining weight side effect have severe anger problem shivering hands and breathing problem prognosis getting severe pain in chest how to get relief does masturbation lead to weakness or weight loss why am i getting stomach ache after eating started getting lower back pain after c-section looking for relief experiencing pain at injection site should i be worried why am i getting back pain while lying down what is the normal age for primary teeth eruption reason for not feeling thirsty can i take caverta along with sugar medicine numbness and pain in hand worried for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment for premature ejaculation nervousness shaking and muscle twitching pregnant started spotting with cramps should i be concerned how to reduce itching for lichen planus 21 years old ayurvedic treatment to increase height have cyst on kidney do i need any treatment is there a difference between collapsed artery and blocked arterty hair is turning white what treatment should be done why am i having fluttering sensation in leg prescribed medicine for ear infections and having breathing difficulty concerned how to increase fertility in men have brown discoloration in gluteal cleft cause and cure have low knee fluid what medicine should i take noticed red specks in stool what are the complication have thrombocytopenia can this cause tremors and unsteadiness have red bump on corona could this be hsv-2 vaginal spotting after menopause should i be concerned having pain in head behind ear is this serious infant started gaining weight rapidly should i be concerned severe back pain with burning sensation any solution have skin tag on scrotum suspected for warts any suggestion experiencing pulsing sensation in upper stomach what could this be have lump on hand and legs how to remove this blood test showed excessive vitamin d precaution to be taken treatment for mucus buildup in lungs cost for phacoemulsification surgery with foldable multifocal intraocular lens implantatio widal test done should i be worried about the findings what is nabothian cyst how does it occur does amp ripped vitapak program dietary supplement affect penis size can doxycyciline helps to treat gonorrhea and chlamydia looking diet plan for diabetes have elevated alkaline phosphates and periodontal disease are they related facing erectile dysfunction problem while trying for sex whats wrong is there any chance of pregnancy while getting period g6pd deficient patient which medicine should i take for fever diagnosed with herpes cold sore virus is this contagious taking medicine for parkinsons disease not getting cured proper treatment random body aches is this the symptoms of flu having psychological problems taking therapy any advice have micro penis with stretched penile length any hormonal remedy 49 years old started getting irregular period is this normal what is percocet 10mg used for gall bladder removed safe to drink alcohol planning for pregnancy how to find the day of ovulation having brown complexion how to get a fair complexion no improvement after taking lexapro should i stop talking it got rheumatoid arthritis and lumbar spondylosis having headache any suggestion 26 years old is it possible to increase height suffering from memory problem how to improve this have bumps on knuckles of fingers should i be concerned total cost for removal of lipoma having lower abdominal pain what could be causing this having cough and feeling heaviness in chest pneumonia or bronchitis diagnosed with esophageal ulcer diet plan suffering from irregular period after delivery looking for solution given extra polio drops to a baby any complication what are the treatment available for stammering is it safe to swallow vaginal fluid during oral sex which medicine should i take for ear pain got friction burn on penis head how to treat this suffering from nightfall how to overcome this problem what is the normal heart rate in an individual started itching under thighs looking alternative for tinaderm lotion have pcos can i take productive f during menstrual cycle have reduced sex drive and facing soft erection required treatment have swelling in groin area what could this be have tight foreskin how to fix this without surgery what does irregular opacity in right para cardiac region mean have a flat mole inside nostril should i be worried blood test showed positive for phenobarbital worrisome taking microgestin fe had unprotected sex having swollen breast pregnancy pus filled lump appeared on nose how to remove this taking losartan and telmisatran daily is this harmful is it safe to use contact lenses for high number can alkacitron helps to control high uric acid have blocked nose and feeling suffocation suggest effective medicine found sore lump on back how to remove this 62 years old planning for dental implants any suggestion having severe sinus problem how to cure this problem child started vomiting brown smelly stuff underlying cause treatment for headache red eyes conjunctivitis and viral infection started taking multivitamins to lose weight are these medicine safe taking antibiotic for sinus infection is there any permanent cure have white spots in mouth is this normal treatment for diabetes and acid reflux using otrivin for blocked nose suggest any permanent solution what are the best ways to overcome depression have red cheek and swollen nose what could this be ultrasound showed dilated pc system what does this mean is there any relation between immune deficiency and premature ejaculation taking predisone flonase and keflex for sinus infection any thoughts what does scattered foci of flair hyperintensity mean is it possible to loose teeth after using braces planning a circumcision which specialist should i consult getting intermittent pain in urethra how to feel better experiencing mild nausea and belching should i be concerned is it normal to have a hole in frenulum suffering from ischial bursitis mri normal looking for permanent cure is it safe to take mesacol od in breastfeeding women had colonoscopy done noticed blood in stool worrisome medicine for headache without any side effect got positive pregnancy test how to calculate pregnancy week diagnosed with tracheobronchomalacia and subglottic stenosis what is suction depth have cyst on kidney what are the complication taking antibiotic after cervical polyp removal started bleeding heavily worrisome nursing mothers with puerperal mastitis is this normal found elevated fasting glucose levels how to control this level why am i having headache and urge to vomit smoker and occasional drinker looking diet plan to lose weight can amniotic band syndrome be missed on ultrasound found elevated gamma glutamyl transpeptidase level what does this mean chances of transmitting std through oral sex started vomiting and spotting after period could i be pregnant child having giddiness which doctor should i consult taking medicine for uncontrolled diabetes looking alternative for istamet how is platelet donation done is this safe and successful having frequent urination should i be worried does durian fruit help in conceiving have dark spots on nose how to remove this completely can obstructive jaundice be caused by lisinopril developed rapid dementia could it be due to taking atenolol can benzoate test show positive for a benzodiazepine treatment for bleeding teeth and gum child has flexible flat foot how to treat this teeth got stuck in throat what should i do having back pain is it safe to go for swimming having rash on hand what could be these suggest gel or lubricant available to have proper intercourse having infective rash on perineum what could be this rash in the perineum cause and cure have swollen ankles and feet how to cure this hip replacement surgery done can hip pain cause borderline ecg having gastrointestinal problems getting hives due to hypothyroidism pregnant having sharp pain in belly button safe remedy missed taking suboxone can i take lortab in regard to regular back pain does lidocaine ointment 5 cause a false positive for cocain treatment for shoulder pain tiredness and runny nose losing hair while taking bath what could be causing this have post polio syndrome how long it takes to cure what is the difference between functional dyspepsia and appendicitis can herbal treatment help in blood urea nitrogen have hypothyroid missing period should i take primolut n what is the use of cerazette in cerebal palsy what are the treatment available for tietze syndrome pregnant is it possible to abort child medically taking glycomet for diabetes suggest proper medicine to control diabetes treatment for pimple and dark spot stress test showed coronary artery disease and ekg normal worrisome burning sensation after urinating and ejaculation how to overcome this why do i drip after urinating or having sex taking glycomet for diabetes any alternate medicine to control diabetes does smoking cannabis cause cataracts child got rashes should i go for food allergy test noticed swelling on lower lip took benadryl cause of concern treatment for cough joint pain cold and ringing ears kidney transplant done how to reduce the creatine level why do i have shortness of breath while lying down child has developed behavioral problems how to handle this matter suffering from schizophrenia refusing to take medicine how to convince looking information for liver operation using key hole procedure what should i do to gain weight and muscle looking information for opg radiograph and orthodontic treatment pregnant started vomiting is this normal constant farting after meal how to get rid of this noticed swelling on parotid gland how to diagnose my symptoms choking feeling in throat and blockage in ear any advice noticed brown discharge between period what could be the reason have gas bubble under shoulder blade how to treat this treatment for cold and headache pain in shoulder and arm while moving reason how to reduce lower back pain have mass growth on breast how to remove this pregnant have low lying placenta should i be worried treatment for frequent loose motion chest pain while breathing is this a serious problem noticed circular bumps on penis what cure should be done suffering from depression what are the treatments available suggest some treatment for ibd and crohns disease which exercise should i do to lose belly fat numbness in hands and arms how to get relief constipated after davinci robotic hysterectomy is this normal have small movable lump under collarbone should i be concerned how does aspirin work to treat acute myocardial infarction noticed swelling after nerve decompression surgery is this normal liver test showed elevated alt level what does this mean having heart palpitation and fluttering sensation normal echocardiogram worrisome can calosoft be used for psoriasis suffering from erectile dysfunction is this due to excessive masturbation what is the normal level of alkaline phosphate suffering from valium withdrawal syndrome how to control this suffering from diarrhea and allergic rhinitis found hemorrhoids required treatment can hair follicle analysis detect valium child started behaving strangely how to deal with this situation having abdominal pain during menstrual cycle worried for endometriosis varicocele surgery done should i go for ivf treatment cause and cure for back pain having headache in a week interval how to get relief how to cure hernia inguinal without surgery is augmentin 875-125 used to treat rat bite fever what is the difference between mononeuritis multiplex and cidp what are the early causes of hypertension in adults can tonsil extend deep down into the throat have slightly vertical and lazy eye cause and treatment have chronic kidney disease is it good to have papaya suffering from pcod problem effective medicine to regulate period taking zoely pill started spotting whats wrong child has fever and constipation should i consult a doctor have swelling and burning in stomach colonscopy done any thoughts pregnant noticed white spots in stool any suggestion what is the color and taste of liquid hydrocodone pelvic ultrasound showed polycystic configuration of the ovaries required treatment lower abdomen keeps fluttering when i lay down whats wrong have varicocole should i take medicine to increase sperm count facing gas problem after eating any advice for cure baby feed with milk before giving oral polio vaccination worrisome used topicart on breast and started burning looking for cure child has chicken pox can taking bath spread this missing period and feeling bloated symptoms of pregnancy how to flush etg enzymes from my liver child has a dark complexion how to get fair complexion diabetic having erection and ejaculation problem any advice child started bleeding from nose any solution child getting cold and cough frequently should i be concerned treatment for fibroadenoma and seedling myoma of uterus having severe to mild headache what am i suffering from have sore on bottom of breast cause and cure having abdominal pain getting relief from marijuana any suggestion is marijuana helpful in the relief of functional abdominal pain taking carvedilol for high blood pressure right medication having candida infection which specialist should i consult have premature ejaculation not cured by ayurvedic medicine alternative medicine feeling uncomfortable in spine and hearing clunk sound reason diagnosed with isemic collitis what diet should i take noticed whitish patch over upper lip what could it be bruise appeared on belly button tender to touch any solution noticed discoloration and numbness on toe should i be concerned child having severe dry cough suggest some medicine looking best treatment for h pylori infection having severe bilateral wrist pain any solution treatment for constant itching in hands legs and stomach 69 years old experiencing dry ejaculations taking bp medicine related having chemotherapy for lymphoma found terminal lymphoma what to do have painless lump on shoulder no swelling worried for cancer having irregular bowel movements and headache using cremaffin any advice medicine for g6pd patient with fever pregnant got cold will it be safe to take paracetamol red rashes appeared is this related to the mononucleosis 47 years old history of miscarriage chances of getting pregnant how to cure numbness on penis and testicle having pain in hip leg and thigh looking for relief have swollen lymph node behind ear what should be done had hysterectomy done having severe pain ultrasound normal any complication can vigorous masturbation cause bleeding from the penis having neck pain how to get relief doing workout diet plan to build muscles 37 years old found shrinkage of brain prognosis chances of pregnancy by fingering with precum on it what is gastrointestinal problems and amebiasis should i be concerned for high ggpt level is diabetes a genetic disease how to avoid this trying for a baby how to calculate ovulation period pregnant suggested for orofer s iv injection am i anemic shoulder pain when waking a long distance underlying cause having pain and redness above fingers nail whats wrong diabetic taking prescribed medicine are these medicine safe taking baby aspirin experiencing constipation and have bleeding hemorrhoids worrisome what are the precautions to be taken during pregnancy can metformin make depression worse taking medicine for h pylori suggest alternate medicine for clarithromycin taking diethylpropion suggest a safe and effective anti- depressant facing memory loss and trying to lose weight noticed bleeding after having oral sex underlying cause suffering from fever any treatment what should be done for elevated cholesterol level treated for atrial fibrillation how long should i take sotalol what is the time duration between novolin n lnsulin taking homeopathic medicine for chickenpox what precaution should be taken taking progesterone after iui treatment getting periodic pain reason found high bp readings on home monitors any thoughts suffering from recurring hives any solution have acne and spots on face how to treat this prediabetic what remedy should be done what is the treatment for grade iv prostatomegaly looking medicine to increase penis length and thickness getting sleeping difficulty with breathing problem is it anxiety how to remove acne spots from face is it safe to take breast enhancement pill noticed spotting for few days should i be worried heart started racing after lifting heavy weight reason taking doxyclin folliculitis started spreading should i stop taking medicine have twitching of the ring finger should i be worried can i get botox injection during period complete hemogram done reason for low lymphocyte count in dlc alcoholic what is the normal heart rate for an adult how to calculate ovulation date feeling bloated and have constant diarrhea required treatment looking medicine for weight gain without any side effect how to trim down the waistline through supplements or diet getting rashes on hands and body how to remove this looking treatment for mild fever pregnant is it possible to abort child at home child started behaving strangely should i consult a psychiatrist is there any permanent cure for vertigo suffering from sleep disorder suggest safe and effective medicine have raised alt sgpt and ldl level is this dangerous have hypothyroid missing period what could be the reason have curved penis is there any solution for this have abnormal cholesterol level how to reduce this how can cbt therapist help with a nervousmental breakdown can abdominal strain cause testicle pain and swelling having neck pain should i consult a specialist infant started vomiting frequently giving ondem syrup is this safe can increase in wbc cause thickening of blood is it safe to take ecosprin for blood pressure problem have thyroid disorder is this curable suggest a diet plan have itchy red spots on cheek how to cure this how long after conception can i feel pregnancy symptoms stop taking atacand chances of having stroke why am i experiencing electrical brain zaps while sleeping had complete hysterectomy done suspecting recurrence of endometriosis any ideas what is the adult dosage for clavam 625 where should i go for treatment of renal anglo infant having loose motion suggest a medicine looking treatment for cold cough and watery eye having frequent urination all medical test normal whats causing this have an external haemorrhoid with scabs should i be concerned having recurring abscesses how to diagnose this problem how to recover from low blood pressure diagnosed with kidney cancer what treatment should be done child having purple lips underlying cause prescribed flagyl for clostridium difficile chances of recurring after medication how to improve erection and sperm count have small spots on penis what could this be what is causing throbbing pain on one side of head having loose stool burping and flatulence suggest some remedy have phimosis and foreskin cannot retract with erection any treatment took expired calpol 500 mg paracetamol any risk diagnosed with sciatica noticed swelling in ankle are these related experiencing body pain after dialysis treatment how to get relief how to get rid from skin itching how to improve the relationship between two people have sinus headache what are the treatment available having severe hair fall and dandruff problem cause and cure have boils around genital area how to remove this is there any permanent solution for allergy got my progesterone levels analyzed is it normal is gastric bypass safe with ulcerative colitis was diagnosed with fibromyalgia chances of having ms what does homogeneous myometrial echogenicity of uterus mean infant gets sick after taking vaccine any reason infant with low blood count what could be done how to get rid of pale teeth developed a bruise on cheek could it be kaposi sarcoma have frontotemporal atrophy neurodegenerative disorder and balance problem any solution why am i feeling pain on knee while walking got protein in urine done with abdominal scan findings have hypothyroidism not getting pregnant any relation on heat monitor stopped pravastatin and had vertigo any thoughts can hgh or testosterone replacement therapy increase beard growth how long should i continue medicine for depression can unremoved wisdom tooth cause chronic chest and neck pain is it possible to pass a long worm from urine pregnant getting stomach pain what could be the problem how to avoid pregnancy few days after intercourse having stomach pain cramping vomiting is it stress disorder child with dent on teeth is there any treatment looking suggestion for family planning and pre-conceiving medical checkups noticed black specks in stool what could be causing this suggest a medicine to terminate pregnancy have erythema nodosum nodules on legs is this dangerous taking clonax facing erection problem what is the reason taking telista-am have high blood pressure suggest effective medicine semen analysis done am i able to impregnate my wife what does microcytosis aniso-poikilocytosis elliptocytes and tear drop cells mean how long is copper iud effective why do i have headaches cough and stuffy nose how to get relief from slight headache getting bad smells from nostrils what is this how to get rid from pores around nose and chin have bad breath problem is there any permanent treatment noticed redness and swelling on penis head any ideas can splenda harm spleen and pancreas noticed brown string in bowel movements what could it be feeling headache what should i do to get relief having shoulder pain during workout how to get relief found elevated monocytes and eosinophils level whats going on having constant pain in ear cause and required treatment having dizzy spells could it be related to neurocardiogenic syncope can anxiety and chronic stress cause symptoms that mimic hypoglycemia can i take growth hormone to gain weight fastly developed white spots on skin after taking injection is it safe to take prednisolone in pregnancy pregnant looking for abortion pills experiencing swelling and bruise on foot feeling discomfort cause noticed mouth sores after smoking meth how to treat this what can cause recurrent thrush not getting hard erection is this related to nervous system 82 years old facing gas problem how to get relief found painful bumps on face concerned for swollen lymph node what is the normal blood pressure for a healthy person experiencing thick light vaginal discharge underlying cause having burning sensation near penis after bowel movement safe remedy what is the dosage of azogen for uti do all postmenopausal women have strong vaginal odor not getting satisfaction during intercourse cause and cure why am i getting periodic symptoms few days after period baby started teething diet plan to increase weight have occasionally very high blood pressure measurements on medicine reason taking thyronorm for hypothyroid got high tsh reason why am i having burning sensation in vagina during intercourse blood test showed hypochromia suggested for thyronormalcy treatment required medication have been experiencing pseudo type seizures connected with vagus nerve what diet should i take for weight loss is it normal to have abdominal pain in pregnancy which specialist should i contact for wernicke-korsakoff syndrome getting headache since morning looking for relief taking synthroid for hypothyroidism getting headache should i consult endocrinologist found pea size hard lump under eye lid underlying cause having mild hepatomegaly with fatty liver treatments and diet having blurred vision can lumbar spinal stenosis affect vision should i be worried for cancer after using tobacco is cobix a safe alternative for celebrex had non-penetrative sex and got periods any chances for pregnancy started breast actives how long it takes to be effective found high tsh and sgot level what are the risks how to treat anechoic liver cyst noticed white dots on penis and having pain any relief how to treat typhoid in a child diabetic started loosing sensation in feet should i be concerned can tetrahydrocannabinol be detected on routine blood test feeling tired which specialist should i consult having severe weakness all over body how to get relief noticed swelling pain discolouration and itching on ankle reason what are side effects of betnesol injection have abscess in-between buttocks above anus cause and cure child passing stool with pink color should i be concerned started swelling and itching after brazilian wax safe remedy is hcg injection useful in preventing miscarriage have throbbing sensation on upper eyelid any solution pregnant prescribed with 75mcg for tsh level safe which medicine should i take for my cholesterol level does omega-3 fatty acid supplement increase serotonin levels hit my head on pavement having nausea migraine concerned had sex having tenderness in the breasts cravings pregnant no bleeding after taking mtp kit is the fetus safe child prescribed with antibiotic and steroid side effect what does gasping for air indicate pain during urination bladder infection or something else can i take wellbutrin after taking prilosec and baby asprin had a blood test earlier about 6-7 mnths back suggest some medicine for retinitis pigmentosa why am i having severe abdominal pain giddiness when lying down what could be wrong diagnosed with sinusitis is it safe to take montek lc why my penis doesnt stand straight is it okay to drink water before ct scan having irregular period got pregnant how to calculate conception date treatment for renal cortical cyst prostatic cyst and prostatomegaly took susten for delayed period is it okay have red bumps between my legs what is this vegetarian want to take multivitamincalcium supplements any side effect how to take misoprostol after taking of mifegest passing hard stools followed by bleeding should i be concerned can nyquil or benadryl cause hair loss veins become more noticeable what could be causing this is mitral valve prolapse considered as heart disease have visible vein above belly button is this normal detected with lymphoma what treatment should be done addicted to masturbating few bumps appeared on penis any cure experiencing mild chest pain should i visit er planning to conceive will it be safe to take thyronorm start exercising after a cesarean section any complication have sinking and sensitive gums what could be the reason having knee pain what is the cause and cure can a broken nose cause dizziness and nausea have had bronchitis what treatment should be done is it possible to contract any disease from oral sex why am i feeling pain below breast during night had paleclay colored stool what could be the cause having sensation of fingers falling asleep sign of stroke found pus cell in urine should i be worried why am i having chest pain after smoking which specialist should i consult for lower back pain treatment for headache stomach ache dizziness and diarrhea feeling sleepy and having pain all over body whats wrong taking zepose-10 is this a safe medicine looking for the best stapedectomy or stapedotomy surgeon history of sinus problem getting constant smell of perfume reason is apical lung densities caused by tuberculosis or asthma have swelling on forehead what could be causing this had sex now missed period chances of pregnancy taking asocol and omeprezol for diarrhea suggest some effective medicine is prover safe and effective to postpone period feeling nausea fatigue hot and started sweating looking for relief what is the medication needed to treat pneumonia looking for natural way of teeth whitening what is the cause of nose bleeding during sleep facing hair loss problem how to control this what treatment should be done for lipoma have itchy and red eye easy way to get cure passing flat stool should i be concerned noticed greyish discoloration on face during exercise reason having spinal pain what causes blurring of the mri done with lipid profile tests taking storvas correct medicine can ligual tonsilitis cause neck and shoulder pain have calculus cholecystinis and cortical cyst required treatment infant has watery eye what treatment should be done have higher ige and eosinophil count what does these indicate noticed painful scratches on vagina how to cure this why am i getting tingling sensation on fingers suffering from aspiration pneumonia what are the remedies available how safe is it to take pregnancy termination medicine got thyroid started gaining weight what should i do suggested clonazepam as an alternative for serapac is this safe is there any complication if child swallowed thyronorm have sore lump on lower back cause and cure dark dry spots appeared on legs how to remove this reason for swollen and itchy labia with peeling vaginal lips have elevated absolute eosinophil count should i be concerned is it safe to take verapamil along with tenormin having strange sensation on throat prescribed pharmacor-cipramil looking for advice started getting severe headache easy way to get cure suffering from digestion problem should i consult a specialist penis hurts when foreskin is pulled back cause of concern have acute and transient psychotic disorder what is it what happens if excess of anxit tablet is taken found high hcg levels does this mean i am pregnant found painless lump on abdomen could it be hernia took expired thyronorm any side effect how to improve testosterone level have colonic inertia started taking linzess do i need surgery what could be reason for having mouth canker suggest a vegetarian diet plan to reduce weight feeling lightheadedness how to get rid of this what is the work of luvera vaginal probotic cream irregular period black discharge am overweight side effect of implanon want to brighten my skin color how had entric fever what food should i avoid had trigger finger surgery taking mirapex getting disturbance reason having dandruff with hair fall remedy in ayurveda trying to conceive done with follicular study findings what are proactive steps for preventing acne issues does rozavel-20 cause any kidney damage 40 years old trying to conceive possibility through ivf using some cocaine got high heart rate serious suggest me a tablet to post pone my periods had an abortion did unprotected sex chances of pregnancy taking ecosprin av 75 and losing weight normal painful hard lump on shoulder blade help periodic lip and lower cheek numbness what could this be done haemogram test what do the abnormal readings mean pregnant babys kicking has decreased is it normal taking losar h have headache should i continue medicine red spot on lower lip no pain or scaling reason taken antibiotics for cellulitis paleness night sweats tiredness why purple discoloration on inner labia not raised taking microgynon help late period can i take any medicine pain in arm and shoulder hurts when rubbed worried redness scaling areas on chest no itching what is it possible to take norethisterone to advance periods next month done complete hysterectomy have vaginal bleeding now blood-filled pimple in pubic area recurring episodes what is this done abortion put nuvaring when will it be effective distended stomach after eating reason missed period had unprotected sex want medicine for abortion prescribed aromox ensoflame olycoff for throat infection any side effects bleeding gums after childbirth using sensitive toothpaste and toothbrush i am overweight tried dieting and exercises without results suggestions how to remove yellow color of teeth child is drowsy given colicaid is it due to medicine sudden scary feeling weakness nausea treatment have potassium level of 35 suggestions wheezing cold after masturbation or wet dreams reason suggest medicine pregnant accidental trauma to stomach will i lose the baby abdominal trauma during pregnancy risk of miscarriage suffering from severe abdominal pain medical cure 85 year old suffering from depression need help intermittent bleeding and split labia after childbirth is this normal suffering from wheezing what is the treatment suffering from ear blockage can this be cured can untreated graves disease cause a missed period have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation prescribed flecainide and aspirin right medication getting white spots on skin after mosquito bites cure have hypothyroidism need to consult a dietitian to reduce weight have stent placed will it be safe to use sauna nausea and dizziness during a neck massage cause how long does it take to get period after delivery is acne in males related to testosterone testicles or hormones child with severe vomiting what to do swelling in the throat while drinking alcohol what is wrong does thyroidectomy cause alteration in the process of alcohol metabolism does inactive endometrial tissue means post menopausal state spots on the heels reason pain between the scrotum and anus cause have tension inability to relax low energy fidgeting why is male unable to refuse anyone on any topic why does my penis sting especially while passing urine need immediate weight loss what are the options what is difference between painful and painless hepatitis b vaccination have oily skin with acne concerned about the fertility chances having severe hair loss and dandruff how to treat this can hifu treatment be recommended for fibroid hello doctor test postplease do not consider it authentic sweating over forehead after food what could be the reason having pain and hydrocele on testicle how to cure this need medication for erectile dysfunction does dandruff cause hair loss how to treat this have fever and productive cough with yellow phlegm any ideas feeling weak and hungry but have no appetite reason what does fracture midshaft of both clavicle mean having abdominal pain and bloating with bleeding after periods reason have sore throat and spitting up blood underlying cause suffer from constipation bloating and acidity what to do can drinking mountain dew cause itching burning while urination frequent urination with blood concerned had dry sex chances of getting pregnant from precum have symptoms of bph need prescription for avodart have blockage in carotid artery do i need surgery suffering from excessive hair loss treatment stomach pain vomiting taking pepto acid reflux pills difficulty eating what are the ways to control hair fall headache nausea taking lexapro have gall stone reason need natural cure for anxiety and depression want opinion on high cholesterol levels bump on penis head worried about genital warts and hpv taken androgel for emotional well-being suggest way to get prescription how safe is a hearing aid vomiting diarrhea feeling unwell help fullness acidity bloating pain difficulty passing stool need opinion unable to remove mirena coil prescribed cytotec is it safe taken tavanic for hematospermia semen turned yellow-orange normal pain in head and ear after insect entered ear suggestions redness in areola during periods warm feeling any thoughts pain in instep taken neurofen without relief have bmi of 17 how to increase weight child has rashes on face any suggestions is it possible to naturally reduce ones height scheduled for colonoscopy have smoked marijuana will it affect anesthetic dizziness breathlessness shoulder pain ekg abnormal concerned about pr number abdominal sonogram showed cholelithiasis and fatty infiltration of liver treatment fluid in chest mucus in throat burning sensation near heart pink bumps around anus what could this be raised bumps around genital area legs stomach what are they have many boils in head reason permanent cure no periods after stopping novelon contraceptive tablet reason passing blood in urine should i consult an urologist done abx1 blood test what do the results mean does bleaching veneering and crown placement cause sensitivity grinding sensation in mid back no pain dizziness nausea nose bleed dizziness tunnel vision what is wrong have skin coloured bump close to knee skin cancer treatment diagnosed with chlamydia can it be transmitted through oral sex took abortion pill no bleeding what should i do next how to gain hair and control hair loss fast heart rate while playing hockey required treatment have xanthomas below eyelid how to get rid of this vertigo when laying on back dizziness what should i do have peptic ulcer and feeling uncomfortable related have dandruff thinning hair reduced growth of hair suggest treatment blood in urine discharge pregnant should i be worried how to prevent pimples and get flawless skin