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can taking chantix cause an increase in psa level my hands are shivering how to overcome this problems sex helpbrim too small i think for sex what does follicular changes noted mean on a transvaginal ultrasound having pain in arm and shoulder taking panadol any suggestion why am i having spots on chest and back having severe pain while trying for intercourse looking for suggestion want to use perricone cream is it safe taking paxil why menstrual cycles differs a little from month to month on progesterone 200 mg planning to conceive any alternate medicine does using tampons interfere early pregnancy or getting pregnant can the use of cialis cause intermittent hematospermia constipation nausea taken amatiza and benefiber abdominal cramps bloating help can i take valium and nitroglycerine tablets together feeling pulsating sensation on neck what is causing this feeling taking adderall for long need a priscription vaginal culture showed klebsiella pneumoniae in vagina is this dangerous can i take sorbiline syrup without consulting a doctor i am suffering from piles what treatment should be done noticed variable blood pressure readings am i healthy what is the difference between aten 50 and omezest 40 looking online prescription for propecia suggest medicine to delay periods for few days i swallowed a tooth pick what should i do worrisome smoked weed feeling dizzy detached from body disoriented numbness why have pigeon chest painful trouble breathing surgery possible difficulty attaining orgasm takes longer time normal noticed tiny red particle after urination what could it be have chondromalacia pattela prescribed naproxen is medicine dosage okay can having a hole in the heart cause postural hypotension having splotchy and patchy bruise under skin looking for cure child suffering from bronchitis is it safe to play football noticed bleeding two days after my period is this normal am pregnant have welt and spreading pimply rash blood spots on palms and under feet painful cause result of psa test 20 ngml suggestion want medication for tooth pain abdominal pain burning sensation in chest help hard lump behind ear small painless tumor leg pain heel pain mri shows hydromyelia in vertebra serious will dicaris help in getting pigmentation in vitiligo affected areas want topical cream for brown spots on cheeks scab like mole has darker side seborrhic keratosis or melanoma have loose motion body parameters okay advice worried about cortical cyst in ovary is my mip and mep result normal headache taken painkillers and homeopathic treatment no nausea worried had sex with girl who has trichomoniasis need prescription dizziness frequent urination bladder or kidney infection what does red bits of fleshy tissue in stool mean sore mouth body rash swollen neck lymph node serious how can a male get rid of breasts headache after waking up unbalanced please advise do extenze pills really work lower back pain bloating and increased heart rate joint pain swollen fingers need help inhaled cleaning liquid headache lightheadedness blurred vision permanent side effects tickling and itching in anus sleeplessness what can i do bump on throat have hashimotos disease feeling choked help head injury swelling tenderness lump painful put butterfly bandaid increased heart beats shaking arm when lifting help headache vomiting fever excessive sleepiness nausea is this an emergency burning sensation while urinating blood in underwear not masturbated worried pain in buttocks and left leg after ejaculation any clues have pcos want better solution ultrasound showed follicular cyst what is the problem chest pain breathlessness pain in arms back and neck help any methods to enlarge penis that does not involve surgery redness in face above eye pressure on head taken aspirin have dyskaryosis done biopsy should i be worried want to know about sperm morphology done semen analysis test abdominal usg showed enlarged liver cortical kidney cyst worried always tired low bp taking citalopram amlodipine and aspirin will i surely conceive if i take miprogen tablets done prenatal test are these results normal any suggestions for pancreatic insufficiency red and raw beef like stools should i be concerned red lines across wrist itching applied hydrocortizone and benadryl help have lump under ribs on right side near liver irregular breathing and heart rate solution failed iui twice is natural pregnancy possible after failed iui nose bleed tiredness rash on inside of leg what should i do if my pulse rate is high right leg below knee and left hand numbness hair fall pelvic pain tiredness delayed periods negative pt suggestions heavy sweating weakness shaking dizziness help warm sensation in muscles tiredness weakness negative tests any ideas have granulomatous cheilitis no use of cosmetic surgery any treatment am addicted to smoking how to quit inserted nuvaring abdominal pain heartburn frequent urination headache pregnant taking more time to ejaculate during sex suggest medicine lump on chest oozing yellow liquid breastfeeding child suggestion does gonapeptyl cause fits in children child has cerebral palsy are hcg drops safe to take during surgery done tonometer test while pregnant taken anesthetic harmful to foetus have pcod and hair fall suggestions dry cough tiredness fuzzy head feeling discomfort in ears have memory loss cannot remember numbers and peoples names sore throat and swollen glands trouble breathing does too much masturbation cause infertility is drinking every week harmful to body light bleeding discharge blood in urine burning uti child has boil in scrotum is fucidin cream suitable mucus passed with gas history of hemorrhoids gastritis and diverticulitis frequent heartburn during evenings please suggest remedies raised artery on temple headache what could cause this gasping for breath non smoker worried bleeding after urinating bloodstains in underwear what does it mean yellow discharge no smell after cesarean section normal am pregnant have bleeding what do i do child has black worms in urine what is going on can seizures occur in feingold syndrome pain in fovea capitis any exercises to strengthen the area tingling in arm unexplained bruise on back of arm related can a child with mastoiditis fly for three hours periods due light bleeding bloating lower part feels harder does pcos cause headaches and tightening of throat stomach upset arthritis elevated antinuclear antibodies nausea taking antiinflammatory medication have dizziness and nausea most of the time brown dirty bits around inside of labia normal waking up with swollen face headache dizziness tiredness hypothyroidism hoarse after swallowing down wind pipe coughing recurring rash on neck itching paining anything to worry about how to remove chicken pox marks on face and neck large bump on back white seeds coming out has odor how harmful is a lipo laser when one has conceived taking concor for blood pressure please advise is an ldl level of 201 bad brown bleeding and cramps midcycle us scheduled concerned lump on back of tongue and weight gain pain and swelling in labia majora skin hanging under tongue affected when swallowing painful concerned prescribed diane for pcos brown discharge between periods concerned am pregnant done blood tests are the results okay swelling in submandibular gland firm but movable no pain will consuming omega 3 supplement affect a breast fed child can alpha keto amino acids reduce increased creatinine levels black lines around feet itching have not bleached help pain in upper side near shoulder above breasts near armpits stung by wasp developed itchy lump what can i do heart starts to hurt when i am very anxious should a person with diffuse cerebral atrophy own a firearm how to avoid and treat injection abscesses having irregular periods should i go for check up recurrent headache taking aspirin dizziness blurred vision what is it have ulcerative colitis taking rowasa any side effects high resting heart beat does this indicate any heart problem postmenopausal bleeding no angina or breathlessness is coronary angiogram needed why does my blood pressure vary between morning and afternoon red and purple spots on arm pits what is this joint pain in hand back pain cannot sleep properly dry and itchy skin on mons pubis no sores thoughts have high sgpt levels should i stop drinking bad odor in belly button red substance inside oozing pus white patches on back itchy spreading tried lidex scared frequent back pain on left hand side have severe acne worsening have acne scars bony protrusion on childs spine discomfort when touched worried rapid pulse have thyroiditis taking levothyroxine any idea black spots on face due to pimples good remedy sore throat nasal congestion after having protected sex std headache in afternoon tearing eye recedes when sleeping heart slowing down pregnant falling asleep any ideas how to use unwanted kit mankind i am pregnant done montoux test suggest treatment or medication taking vyvanse instead of adderall any otc drug reactions child has non-isolated pvcs has chest pain next step child has chest pain happening for some months black spot on foot due to itching what is it have phimosis should i opt for surgery or steroid creams have premature ejaculation used to smoke cigarettes please help vomiting nausea diarrhea blood in urine what do i do smelly white layer on glans why am i getting this constantly tired dizziness no energy what could this be is it safe to take ibuprofen after a tia imbalance instability have polymyalgia rheumatica what can be done shakiness grumpiness nausea after waking up black cyst behind ear is it life threatening blood along with urine what could be the reason spotting after periods bad smell have dark skin working out of doors want white skin had unprotected sex pulsation in abdomen early sign of pregnancy have pain in palm could you please help is triple action viriliy purchase thru new vitality safe orange spot near eye when reading books or watching tv marks on thigh appeared suddenly not changed worried child has fever stomach pain and frequent stools pimples on penis what kind of medicine to use taking fertomid minimal spotting am i pregnant started taking duromine constantly urinating normal have ibs colonoscopy indicates diverticulosis can i continue providac daily recurrent ulcers on tongue advice for prevention ears blocked especially in rainy season please advise blood sugar increased during pregnancy what could be the reason can mumps affect testicles taken pecef and omez for swelling pressure in head allergies sinus infection worried about pressure done blood test kindly advise treatment lower stomach pain loose motion prescribe medicine ruptured ear drum is it okay to play football had unprotected sex delayed periods possibility of conception have pcod taking metformin is she depressed due to medication have dark circles under eyes puffiness treatment loose stools need to pass stools after eating body ache stiff muscles fatigue breast pain dizziness any thoughts warm sensation from ankle to calf no pain happens occasionally abnormal bilirubin high fever headache blurred vision done back surgery coughing done tests taking antibiotics want good medicine cough abdominal pain wheezing cold does copper t cause infection any other birth control urinating frequently white discharge normal cough pain in tailbone does this sound like a strain flickering eyelid continuously how to solve this problem x-ray shows increased bronchovascular noted bilaterally explain high blood pressure taking benicar should i tell my doctor have urine infection done blood test suggest medication child coughing when eating no trouble swallowing any ideas fatigue fever have traumatic brain injury due to automobile accident does metformin cause light brown discoloration in seminal fluid bleeding cut on penis during sex is this a problem done ekg what is an intra-atrial conduction delay mid-precordial repolarization heart racing tired triggered by heat why do babies have spongy bumps after banging their hand worms in menstrual blood help do some blood pressure medicines cause hiatal hernia want diet plan to lose weight in a systematic manner done sugar test comment on report want treatment for chlamydia and herpes could you prescribe azithromycin taking clomid missed period negative pregnancy tests feeling pregnant advice shadow over left eye not painful wearing contact lenses tumor stomach pain gurgling stressed kidney function good any ideas have irregular periods not getting pregnant unsuccessful iui treatment help loose motion nausea gas in stomach want medicine shakiness grumpiness nausea unless eating something immediately frequent urination headaches and cramps am i pregnant urine wbc high what does it mean numbness itching dizziness blue fingers what can this be child losing weight dark stools sweet smell taken cipro for uti sore urethra painful low energy chest pain neck pain is this gerd or heartburn have constant mild pain in middle of chest can a nineteen-year-old boy increase height up to three inches lump under rib cage popping sensation discomfort gas abdominal pain bleeding during bowel movement may be cut in anus scared headache swollen lymph nodes painful migraine any suggestions lower lip twitching pain in jaw and cheekbone have constipation painful bleeding suggest medicine painless bump near opening of penis had unprotected oral sex infant has enlarged liver and spleen cause white and itchy bump on shoulder sore i am pregnant echocardiogram scheduled after eeg afraid to exercise black and blue area tender internal bleeding in bicep remedies how can marijuana smoke affect the unborn baby bump on buttocks itching flaking bleeds when scratched skipping heart beats fluttering stopped after coughing non smoker normal eaten lobster that tasted like ammonia should i be concerned cracking in lower back when coughing and bending forward soreness hurts to swallow have ear pain happens only during evening back pain on right side can i take zerodol plus suffering from cough and cold can you suggest medicines tingling in hands fingers go white when cold pain in testicle have sciatica nerve pain need advice chest tightness gastric problems breathlessness stressed taking stress medication are neurobean injections safe for an osteoarthritis patient swollen and painful testicle what is wrong swallowed ball of mercury from old thermometer what will happen trouble controlling bladder wetting myself when sneezing sexually active how to prevent premature greying naturally possible to reverse greying reddish area at bottom of feet burning pain cannot sleep have lower pole renal calculus suggest medication clammy nausea symptoms of acid reflux stabbed ear with cotton bud ringing ears bleeding help what dosage of zapiz is fatal nausea tiredness moody breasts tingling movement in uterus pregnant white coat syndrome taking bp medication dizziness light headedness help have loose motion and ibs is oflox the right drug have abdominal pain taken i pill bleeding from anus does taking navidoxine cause a sore throat pregnant on depo shot had unprotected sex could i get pregnant have oligohydramnios abnormal uterine doppler test taking hibor want opinion fluttering sensation in head no pain or dizziness headache cold sneezing back pain what should i do numbness and swelling in cheek painful had bells palsy taking clonazepam and fluoxamine will these medicines treat panic disorder is it okay for a nursing mother to consume alcohol have recurrent dvt taking coumadin is estrogen vaginal cream safe bruised bicep no pain did not hit anything worried joint pain tiredness master check up normal what to do attracted toward men want to be normal finger injury clear discharge from fingernail rotten chicken smell infection how accurate is the oraquick hiv test have negative result loud snoring tried nasal decongestant can i get medical help infant not passing stools only breastfed is dulcalax suppository safe want medication for urinary infection suggest tablet to get rid of nausea drank lime juice what should i do for recurrent pimples on face how can i improve my weight to be fit rashes itching taken avil and dexa what is the reason have uveitis is steroids the right treatment muscle pain high wbc petechiae your perspective have seizures taken carabatrol for dystonia need help rash scabies negative taken prednisone have asthma have back pain near spine headache back pain cramps morning sickness pregnant numb red and swollen cheeks had bells palsy cancer could olive colored stools be due to taking statins vomiting diarrhea abdominal cramps taken buscopan does enterogermina stop diarrhea stomach pain happens when i move quickly not eating much leaning forward slightly losing balance fallen foot arches wearing insoles buzzing sound in ears headache giddiness done stapedotomy what causes palpitations weakness and loss of appetite lump in thigh no pain anal itching want this investigated cramping just before orgasm feels like re-cramping after some hours x-ray shows suspicious midlung ovoid opacity what does it mean had erection during dreprostate exam how common is this accidentally taken overdose of amoxicillin is it serious sore throat coughing chest tightness cannot sleep baby cries until carried any solution how to clear acne marks on face have itchy penis used permethrin cream what can work have anal fissure bleeding when stools are stiff painful will taking becelac for ibs affect my chances of conception pain in glans and urethra after masturbation frequent urination is there a natural way to decrease ca125 level nausea headache after exposure to paint fumes and varnish psychosomatic high bp and pulse rate feel panicky suggestion swelling in ankle peroneal tendonitis concerned about trip to europe ankle plaster feeling tight is this what should happen stomach and breast bloating painful breasts headache weight gain done lipid profile test is my report okay whitish brown stool after taking flagyl is this normal pain in testicles frequent urination after drinking water discomfort advice can a person grow taller after puberty can asomex be taken for blood pressure problem hair loss acne pigmentation coughing pain in head seeing darkness pain in eyebrow tender to touch is it safe to change formula for a newborn hair thinning near forehead visible scalp can you help me itchy red bumps become fluid-filled blisters spreading any ideas pain in stomach area above liver and heart kindly suggest had unprotected sex taken i pill possibility of pregnancy low hemoglobin fatigue eye burn stomach disorder can muscle relaxers be a cause of cadiomyopathy child has abdominal pain vomiting losing consciousness need help to cure eczema intermittent low blood pressure light headed dizzy feeling of concussion why do my cheeks tingle sometimes after i eat dessert sore neck dizzy spells ear pain can you please help itching in penis applied creams and taken tablet without effect suggest exercise to deal with ankylosing spondylitis child drank old water stored in bottle please help sore throat no appetite taken antibiotics is it giardia inhaled spray paint when pregnant will my baby be okay taking auziluz for diabetes after deliery changed to glycomet worried any suggestions to help quit smoking have headache depression and feeling unwell history of pid have lower abdominal pain cause nosebleed when rubbing nose have diabetes reason and remedy prescribed basitone to encourage breast growth other effective ways have lots of pimples dark circles please help babys hand shivers when sleeping please advise how to minimize hair fall headache along browline eye tingling tried sinus capsules have nightmares can drinking red wine aggravate piles shinbone injury painful swelling increasing size what should i do breast nipple discharge examination showed pauci cellular interpretation swollen bottom lip chapped taken clindamycin previously have diarrhea bleeding after using fingers in vagina is this normal upper abdominal pain after eating help swollen armpits fluid-filled not lymph nodes what is the issue have vestibular neuritis prescribed defcort is this ok nausea after eating oily food or smoking hair becoming white rapidly what do i have to do want to increase height suggest best and easiest method back pain happens when standing sitting or driving please help constant cough for months tried medication can you advise something baby has high ultra tsh what shall i do undergoing counselling have suicidal thoughts want to speak to doctor using minoxidil for hair fall will it cause erectile dysfunction irregular periods bloating weight gain no pcod cause and remedies can damage to optic nerve make the eye look sunken black mole-like lumps on labia majora could this be cancer have headache used aspro and disprin bumps on vagina swollen painful done test is it herpes child has thalassemia intermedia how to improve hemoglobin level child has loose motion and vomiting please advise how can i quit smoking and drinking alcohol permanently lower abdominal pain weakness taking prescribed medication have frequent diarrhea stools with mucus or fatty spots help electric sensations in head for a few seconds spotting after having sex larger clitoris what could this be constipation during pregnancy stools with white strands is that okay median prognosis based on current stage of cancer and presentation pressure at bottom of spine have gluten intolerance related have flat stools constipation abdominal pain taken stool softener frequent stomach bloating taking omeprazole headache vomiting disease and remedies red sores on lips burning sensation sign of oral cancer peripheral vision from left eye is distorted what is this injury in temple swelling reduced intermittent numbness normal healing time watery diarrhea abdominal pain ultrasound normal abnormal eosinophil count negative hiv test is it enough to confirm clear white bump on cheek what could it be lump on bottom lip pus oozing what is wrong are there any pills for secretion of milk before pregnancy persistent cold taken antibiotics concerned does smoking weed affect the action of clomid white spots on legs tired does not eat how can women reduce the size of their stomach is a bp of 135 over 66 okay when resting what makes one have high hormones will masturbating daily reduce sperm count what should i do if i have anxiety and restlessness purple color on tongue painful what are the side effects of using depiwhite what is the reason for frequent erections continuous sneezing during the day help have erectile dysfunction taking riconia and argiprime trouble getting erection have prostatitis wife pregnant will it affect fetus or pregnancy can i take marijuana after a heart valve replacement heart racing when relaxing or sitting or laying down why child vomiting easily painful suggestion sticky ash colored discharge from childs ear no smell have unplanned pregnancy want to abort lower back pain x-ray and mri normal any ideas writers cramps unable to sign taking pacitane what to do painful menstruation history of adenomyosis is presacral mymectomy needed pimples on cheeks and forehead suggest treatment irregular urine flow varying between split and smooth child not interested in eating want to increase his immunity headache and dizziness after waking up from sleep testicular pain no lump in testicles help get bad smell have watery eye head pain above ear red spot after scratching absent mindedly sticky discharge negative annual exam what can this be child complaining of temple pain feeling of discharge from penis no pain or discomfort thoughts torn frenulum grew into bump painful help have hsv1 taking valtrex am i still contagious taken uncoated caffeine free sodium free aspirin tasting ear wax in mouth coughing vomiting blood in stools have fissure urine analysis shows pus what does it mean suggest diet chart to help lose weight naturally have mood disorder taking macorate and oleanz please advise sore throat hot flushes smoker had partially protected sex chances of getting pregnant by pre-cum had dizziness after using losartan same effect with olmesartan not able to sleep taken anxozap and mirtaz had intercourse any medicine to avoid pregnancy redness on tongue no pain smoker is this good any treatment for high level of creatine red rash on underside of breast does not go away abdominal pain done blood test please advise have anxiety and ocd rubbing tongue on teeth can taking cyproheptadine help with zyprexa withdrawals dark urine bloating gassy discomfort in pelvic area discomfort around anal opening red rash pricking when walking orange mucus with stools after taking preparation h suppository dry mouth feeling of burned tongue swollen papillae vyvanse causing dry throat remedy have pinworms can fluvermal be taken safely during pregnancy can mva e2 vaccine eliminate hpv virus from body i am pregnant have lumps within armpit cause dizzy fatigue nausea vomiting mouth sores bad smell suggestions dizzy when standing vomiting tired something with my inner ear want to abort baby 4 weeks pregnant have psychogenic ed concerned about long-term usage of cialis done follicular study taken injections possibility of getting pregnant ultrasound shows endometrial stripe do i need to be concerned abdominal pain done blood test and ultrasound kindly interpret results unable to conceive for two years done cholesterol test do not want to take statin have trouble maintaining erection dull sex life can smooching cause hiv infection pain in forehead between the eyes what could cause it painless lump above appendix scar trying to conceive how can we determine the problem cough yellow mucus and throat pain no fever blood transfusion done after delivering baby is that normal have white tongue and bitter taste in mouth memory loss depression agitation confusion did she have dementia have blackhead on back smelly pus oozing constantly increased heart rate despite taking buproprion help have high blood pressure taking metolare cardace and lonazep suggestions suggestions for treating depression with ayurveda suggest pills or cream to enlarge breast size have enterovirus infection fatigue nausea should blood testing be done numbness in toe is this common worried about multiple sclerosis gurgling stomach gas soft and floating stools nausea help child is sweating had cold and runny nose help upper abdominal pain and excessive burping how to avoid bad smell in the vagina what is meant by dosage of frequency shaking diabetic elderly what does it mean infrequent bowel movements no effect of metamucil concerned child has loose motion no loss of appetite help have sinus pain can i take sudafed while taking duromine side effects of birth control pills to treat hirsutism benefits leg hips and thigh in constant pain reason and solution discomfort at night unable to sleep increased blood pressure suggestions childs legs are bowed prescribed ossopan will he outgrow this do not get satisfactory erection is this a psychological problem swollen and red meatus soreness anti-fungal cream not working help insulin dependent diabetic have increasing shoulder pain pimples on hips painful help me get rid of them dry mouth and throat burn on tongue no sores is it fine to do suryanamaskar during pregnancy lightheaded exhausted sleeping eight hours at night nausea basic symptoms of breast cancer and its remedies can oligohydramnios be caused by a fall red spots protruding from skin non-itchy located on arms done spinal tap dizziness feeling faint negative for syphilis have acid reflux choking sensation when belching inflamed throat nervous brown specks discharged from vagina itching have hpv of mouth have molluscum contagiosum advised rf cauteyatecen treatment reliable child has wheezing taken budocort and levolin worsening condition help thick tongue not able to pronounce words properly solution prescribed naturogest during pregnancy have endometriosis safe to take lower abdomen tightness pregnant gas burping is the baby fine unable to conceive taken hcg injections apprehensive about laparoscopy suggestions bad odor from nose how to overcome this recurring fever headache body pain taken paracetamol does vb7 forte help in growing facial hair and beard history of miscarriage married relative is siphene safe to take have dandruff and hair fall reason and solution white spots on throat no pain cause red hives on face not used any cream recurring solution child has swelling on head since birth will it disappear nausea dizziness hot flashes increases after eating any idea bleeding for 2 months cramps what is wrong sore and painful lymph glands on arm pits headache numbness in right side high blood pressure help clicking noise in head headache floaters in eye twitching head food items to be taken during pregnancy had sex tired shortness of breath bloating pregnant low blood pressure weakness suggest medicine and diet pale stools after taking ramipril serious side effect weakness taken giffi for typhoid fluctuating sugar level suffering from hair loss suggest some effective treatment dose canesten suppository lead to bleeding or discharge jumping vein in neck what is it pain while urinating semen in urine what is wrong x-ray shows pleural thickening concerns treatment want advice about medications and precautions taken by me less growth of mustache and beard treatment is a uterus size of 8 mm enough to conceive had ligament rupture in knee treatment child has pain in palms discomfort tiredness how tall can a child become by playing basketball dizziness nausea and burping after getting up in the morning pcod hoping to conceive what can i do chest flutter taking propranolos what is causing this done polyp removal heavy periods do i need anything done hollow sound in ear when tapping skull are my cholesterol hdl ldl and triglyceride levels good urine leakage at microsurgery site had appendix surgery normal feeling shaky after ejaculation pumping feeling when ejaculating have herpes pregnant suggestions about food and exercises yellow sticky stuff coming out of my anus child has fever rosy cheeks not breathing well chronic rhinitis nasal drip thick mucus palpitations related headache travel for long normal eyesight taken saridon heavy hair fall please help flaking skin on ankle brown color not itchy any ideas will urine incontinence affect cunnilingus child bumped head crying for long minor concussion taking prozac safe to take pre workout supplements with creatine rash in area of pacemaker implantation reason child has fever crying shaking vomiting taken meftal p neck pain sore throat what to do throat pain cough fever no cold burping chest pressure anxiety hypochondria worried about gerd hard pimple on face done facial afraid of nodular melanoma ultrasound shows baby with breech presentation did flunar harm baby does masturbation reduce height gain diet for height gain moderate acne on face is isotretinoin a safe medicine hair loss for a year medicine child has fever taken meftal p what should i give chest x-ray showed bilateral hilar congestion is it serious pain in left eye and right eye drooping cloudy urine when having bowel movement no pain or discomfort regular drinker high sgot and sgpt level best medicine child has diarrhea prescribed taxim o syrup correct dose will taking duromine during pregnancy affect the fetus social withdrawal sleeplessness suspicious imagining things history of viral encephalitis throat pain while swallowing food chest pain have hashimotos thyroiditis child getting fever cough and cold frequently constant constipation worried anxiety hypochondria panic attacks constant burping chest pressure gerd headache when wearing glasses neck pain also what to do want dandruff-free hair have dandruff due to dryness remedy having periods after 40 days of delivery normal dosage of ondem for nausea in a child low sexual desire addicted to marijuana smoking cigarettes directions having phimosis problem is it safe to use betamethasone cream how can a mole be removed from the skin having terrible pain above belly button what is the problem what are the side effects of using mosquito repellent hair started falling heavily looking for suggestion diagnosed with chlamydia is it contagious through oral sex looking homoeopathic remedies for septic anaemia not getting orgasm while masturbating what are the risks pregnant lower abdominal pain cramps after eating runny stools can metropol prevent heart attack stiff neck migraine before orgasm nausea eye pain headache does clarithromycin or metronidazole cause dark stools is it okay to masterbate with a uti breast cancer started chemotherapy risk of mania and depression high grade glioma okay to take tds injection of dexona internal shaking heavy head anxiety related need information on treatment of stem cell transplant can i have sex when i am four months pregnant medication to reduce anxiety for the purpose of falling asleep still feel tired after drinking coffee or energy drinks help having sudden pain in lower abdomen what is causing this what are the implications of shadows in the uterus constant smell of iron in nose why bump on inner thigh painful hard oozing pus any idea sweating from vagina to anus redness tried powder high alt and ast levels something to be concerned about black mole on testicles like a skin tag suffering from excessive hair loss need information on hair transplantation loose lump on ankle bruise around it no pain high creatinine level do i need dialysis tooth infection pus inflammation advised to immediately remove teeth joint pain swelling in fingers fatigue had miscarriage explanation how do i increase hdl level through diet or food can duromine and zoloft be taken together child is vomiting water usg and blood test normal cause taking pexep for gad body pain headache dizziness help when is it safe to start oral contraceptive pill not able to open mouth properly what to do had unprotected oral sex concerned of contracting hpv should i consult a doctor before buying home nebulizer on valium for partial epilepsy suggest some alternate medicine is palm jaggery good for cancer patient found 2 lakhs cyst formation around kidney is it serious feeling nausea dizziness and light headed what is going on suffering from down syndrome occasional episodes of vasovagal syncope treatment how bad is 8040 bp after surgery suffering from back pain what treatment should be done suggest some diet exercise or medicine to increase stamina where can i get the vaccine for cervical cancer hpv having hypothyroidism trying to lose weight suggest proper diet plan semen analysis done am i having any serious problem getting irregular periods after c-section delivery what is the problem suffering from premature ejaculation during sex suggest some medication suffering from hyperthyroid taking thyronorm 50 suggest some diet plan having digestion problem diagnosed as infection suggest some permanent solution what does it mean by sperm count 3 what does a fluttering across the forehead mean have number of small wart on face suggest some treatment swallowed 3 microgynon tablets what will be the side effects had intercourse missing periods pregnancy test negative am i pregnant having prostate cancer getting frequent urination noticed right testicle in wrong angle what does this mean suffering from erectile dysfunction could it be linked to std can evion 400 capsule once daily helps in muscular pain 3 years old having loose bowel movement suggest some medicine sgpt count is 68 should i stop alcohol suffering from premature ejaculation what is the required treatment when to take lupride depot375mg if opting for ivf taking antibiotic for toothache should i discontinue lipo 6 biopsy showed follicular hyperplasia could it be cancer can i use viagra after triple bypass surgery numbness in lower lip and tingling nose any cure diagnosed with advanced periodontitis gum disease suggest some home remedy suffering from hair fall problem what is the cure child having white spots on face what could this be suggest some medicine for hair loss suggest some medicine for erectile dysfunction had intercourse took contraceptive pill missing periods possibility of pregnancy experiencing tender sensation in teeth how to get relief having dry skin since childhood what is this condition called suggest regarding growth and development in cdgp patient what happens if some kid taste ranbaxy volini spray i have noticeable veins on right temple is it dangerous worried due to pus filled pimple around pubic area having groin pain scheduled for mri any ideas advise homoeopathic treatment on eczema problem having pain in back and neck any suggestion suffering from reoccurring nephrotic syndrome suggest some effective treatment have impaired glucose tolerance what does the reports suggest have lesions looking for a human skin parasite specialist have diavatuculitist is metrogyl 400 the same as flagyl 400 had intercourse noticed pimples on penis could it be std surgery for intussusception of small intestine done looking for suggestion having painless red patch on foreskin what could it be getting acne after eating pickle or sweet what to do have pcod trying to lose weight what should i do suddenly started strong chest congestion how to get relief can oats be given to a 11 month child what are the painful flaps just inside vaginal wall pregnant rubella test done what does the value signify suggest some suitable diet plan to reduce the weight suffering from severe cold have whooping cough suggest homoeopathic medicine have done rct looking for good dentist or specialist have lump located near shoulder sore to touch any suggestion feel hard lumps inside upper thighs should i be worried 24 years old i am underweight how to gain weight back of head hurts while breathing what could this be blood work showed severe hypothyroid 557 can i lose weight have pus filled lump on toe what should i do sexually active how to increase time of turgor diagnosed with cholesterol angioplasty done what are the risks how to open closed mouth due to chewing gutkhas require suggestion regarding uterine fibroid noticed blood after urination what could be the cause having sharp pain in lung possibility of a pulmonary embolus is roto virus vaccination and flu vaccination needed will looking at the lamp light can hurt the eye need details on keloids and hypertrophic scars what causes a cubital lymph node to swell missing periods is there any chances of pregnancy does urinary tract infection can cause blood in toddlers stool can very low testosterone cause elevated cpk levels what is the treatment for breast enhancement found hard lump on chest could it be a cancer feeling depressed can i take duramine and sertraline together is anesthesia given before cochlear implant surgery how to reduce weight in a short period of time does sneezing cause atrial fibrillation taking nitrous pills for sever depression any thoughts are cold hand and cold feet symptoms of any illness having baldness problems will it be safe for hair transplantation missing periods after bleeding am i pregnant suffering from asthma bronchiale which specialist should i consult suffering from erectile dysfunction how to get cured is saaz an effective medicine for sacroilitis any alternate medicine diagnosed with hsv 2 is it safe to perform falatio received tdap vaccination two times is this dangerous having pelvic pain pelvic exam done chances of ovarian cyst is it safe to take height increasing pills feeling constipated and noticed yellow stringy discharge is this normal child having fever what remedy should be done suffering from sleep apnea taking ambien is there any risk dose epilepsy cause high and low blood pressure feeling pain after circumcision how to reduce the pain suffering from constipation and gastritis looking for remedy which specialist should i consult regarding penis problem can a cyst under nipple be seen on chest x-ray is h pylori a contagious disease have itchy spot on kneecap chances of parasite infection 5 weeks pregnant started bleeding what is causing this can i drink beer after having diprospan shot suffering from hair loss suggest some best shampoo and treatment what is the treatment for oral submucous fibrosis is it safe to take vyvanse 100mg prior to surgery trying to lose weight looking for diet plans had oral sex started getting fever chances of hiv sonography showed fatty liver how can i lower triglyceride levels 10 days late for period suggest some medicine diagnosed with pnet-ewings sarcoma what treatment should be done what should i do to rectify left axis deviation suffering from acidity problem after eating looking for solution hair transplant done is amexidyl an effective hair spray i year child having constipation is this a serious problem having painful white bump on nipple how to get relief suffering from stress and eye strain what to do 9 month child consumed dettol what are the risks thick watery discharge from nipple when pressed any remedy how to prevent vomiting after intestine surgery what are the side effects of consuming herbalife products found brown string in poop what could be the cause 25 years old addicted to adderall what should i do is there any treatment for congenital hydrocephalus kidney test done what does these values suggest can i use dynapar tablet as pain killer for teeth my bp is 12768 is this normal had unprotected sex what are the risks of having hiv getting burning sensation in eye how to get relief can loestrin 24 fe be used as emergency contraception pelvic ultrasound showed thickened endometrial echo complex is this serious which specialist should i consult for hunchback have blotchy marks on upper arms what is causing this why do i feel like nerve on thigh after masturbating diagnosed with fatty liver what does the reports suggest formula fed baby having dark stool what should be done having acne on face and hand how to get cured mole on head started hurting should i be concerned is this safe to take nano-leo for less sensitive penis have swollen and blocked nostril what treatment should be done noticed thick onion skin in stool and felt rubbery concerned started bleeding after periods should i go for medical treatment suffering from diaphragmatic hernia what are the possible treatment feeling numbness in arm should i be concerned noticed discoloration on leg finger tips any advice suffering from back pain how to get relief suffered from skull fracture when can i fly after treatment how long after craniotomy it is safe to fly what happens if 30 crocin is consumed at a time suffering from burping and weight loss any treatment does xatral stop nocturia in adult man have slow hair growth rate what should be done have a strange uncomfortable sensation when urinating what to do is hepatitis d a contagious disease which specialist should i consult for gender transformation have rough and ugly nails what cure should be done sperm analysis done diagnosed with normospermia with infection any suggestion home pregnancy test showed a faint line am i pregnant why am i having prickly pain on chest and hands stent placed in lad what is causing pounding heartbeat in how many ways we can cure phimosis blood test done for thyroid what does the report suggest noticed decrease semen volume after taking finasteride suggest some medicine how can i find out my conception date is it possible to find out exact date of conception can norflox tz be used for food poisoning feeling hot sweats dizziness shaky legs and hands any ideas diganosed with pcod what cure and diet should be taken explain the difference between antipsychotic medicines and abilify looking some details on copper t insertion feeling pain in the penis after ejaculation what is wrong chances of contracting hiv from oral sex getting tingling sensation in foot what is causing this getting frequent urination without pain what is causing this having cough swallowing problem pain and uneasiness in throat worrisome what is meant by pancreatic calcification will simvastatin cause high sgpt readings colon surgery done why do i feel like pooping 10 months child swallowed mosquito repellant cream suggest some remedy how to cure the bruise on penis got food struck between teeth how can it be removed feeling heart palpitations while running should i be concerned where can i get ritalin medicine feeling depressed and lethargic how to get relief getting frequent urination and feeling constipated what should be done pregnant started feeling tired and sleeplessness night is this common planning to conceive what medical test should be done noticed light brown mole on waist is this serious how can i control hair fall suggest some remedies how to control negative thoughts feeling uncomfortable in lower chest what could be causing this is it safe to use faktu ointment during pregnancy what is meant by leaking breast should i be concerned having cough esr test done is there any serious problem do steroids really increase height pregnant is it safe to use susten vt 200 tablets is it safe to get pregnant after a c section have had burning throat and chest tightness looking for treatment have headache will it be cured by painkillers stopped getting periods feeling depressed should i consult gynaecologist suffering from irregular periodic problem taking progesteron what to do suggest the most reliable and effective option for contraception what treatment should be done for sleepless night what happens if a childs eyes cannot be dilated how to remove nicotine metabolites from the body suggest diet plan for weight loss and weight gain getting frequent urination what is causing this and cure can diverticulitis cause anemia having high bp heaviness in head and indigestion required treatment child having cough and fever on abrolite any advice is copper toxicity syndrome detected by hair analysis test will prolonged use of cardace h5 lead to erectile dysfunction have pimples on face suggest some fast and effective treatment toddler have redness behind ear what to do having painless swelling between collarbone and shoulder any relief started spotting after having protected sex chances of pregnancy is subsegmental atelectasis versus fibrosis serious ailment missed taking mercilon had unprotected sex am i still protected getting headaches and feeling unconsciousness should i be concerned suffering from transvestic fetishism feeling stressed worrisome not happy with sex life how to improve the condition what are the chances of getting hiv from massage mri and blood test done what does the report suggest noticed movable lump under collarbone what could be this is it normal to have pus and blood after circumcision feeling something stuck in oesophagus after taking pill concerned have fybromyalgia feeling cured after taking duromine is transmission of the hiv virus through a mosquito possible what is meant by tsh levels of 150 should i take ursodiol 450 mg for sgpt level 92 how long should i continue myospaz for pain getting worms while having periods what should be done 4 years old having low haemoglobin is there any complication wbc is higher than rbc is this normal brown spots appeared on finger what could this be child has seizure what should be the dosage of lamitrogine how much formula does a 3 weeks baby need gained weight why am i prescribed pacitane resperidone and sertraline noticed hard nodule on left knee what could be this diagnosed with mixed flora will it spread through sexual contact what are the chances of getting hiv from body massage have had circular rashes on thigh any ideas having gratifying sensation around clitoris before menstruation any suggestion got small hard bumps which bleed on popping concerned what is the possible relation between avascular necrosis and mirena how to get relief from post-traumatic muscle ache can marks appear on a body after death what is the required treatment for torn foreskin skin is getting rough and tanned suggest some treatment suggested for mri after having xray what does this mean having toothache can i take ibuprofen while taking atenolol used crystal method before surgery what are the complications lungs hurt when i cough why am i feeling this getting back pain suggest some best medicine pregnant scan showed small bpd and small hc measurement concerned infertility tests done what does the report suggest how to make a baby sleep through the night getting frequent urination and feeling tired suggest some treatment suffering from hiccups what is causing this and treatment what could cause white spots in throat how to motivate a 3 years old child child having headache and feeling sleepy what is the cure having reoccurring red spot in leg skin what are these suffering from hair loss what treatment should be done have pain in ear throat and face suggest some medication do we need vaccination for cat scratch what are the side effects of thyoronorm 625 mg can i get pregnant at fertile time with withdrawal method having pain in nipple and pus oozes after squeezing worrisome what should i do to quit smoking suffering from inverted pappiloma-benign tumour suggest a good surgeons have cyst in ovary should i remove ovary suffering from gastritis and irritable bowel movements looking for cure suffering from depression how to treat this psychotic syndrome noticed pimple on penis skin could it be herpes can i get pregnant from incomplete penetration without ejaculation is it possible to build muscle after 45 years old feeling indigestion after masturbation how to improve the condition having hair loss problem what cure should be done noticed itchy rashes on lower abdomen after taking multivitamin concerned hiv test done what does the values suggest why do i feel uncomfortable sensation in heart is beplex forte injection intravenous why am i experiencing pain on anus when passing motion how to avoid skin tanning why am i experiencing pain and fullness in upper abdomen having abnormal periods what are the complications why am i getting tearing eyes while using computer hhow long does cocodomol 30500 tablets stay in urine what causes urine to have a strong odor suffering from excessive sweating is this a sign of menopause how to reduce pimple marks and sun burn on face what is febrile convulsions what is the required treatment suffering from back pain what medication should be done got hard yellow bumps on scrotum any treatment trying to conceive can i go for a mammogram have had reoccurring lower back bruise what could it be staunch alcoholic developed liver cirrhosis suggest proper diagnosis had unprotected sex noticed itchy rashes applying cortisone any suggestions noticed bump on 4 week old baby is this normal why am i having spasm while sleeping having sore throat what medication is required started having lot of hair loss suggest some remedy suffering from cold suggest some effective medicine can taking metoprolol and lisinopril cause frequent urination having knee pain is this due to excessive masturbation how to cure benign prostatic hyperplasia started feeling sick is there anything wrong under mild steroids for polymyositis suggest best treatment does irregular sleep habits increase the weight having eye problem and getting frequent headache what to do can a staph infecion cause a memory loss suffering from migraine how to get relief having pain in the lower body any treatment have non itchy rashes on finger concerned started spotting after intercourse on pill what are the complication taking acetyl-l-carnitine noticed a skunky urine smell whats wrong why am i getting metal smell in nose had cocaine will it be detected in urine test toddler having fever and watery eyes what should i do getting severe pain in testicle suggest some remedy how does marijuana effect an innocent heart murmur what test should be done to know the kidney conditions what is the dosage of nuforce-3kit what causes red spots under the skin like blood collection child suffering from cough what medication should be done feeling depressed and having problem with memory what is wrong what is the ideal weight of a 24 years old how to improve skin colour of the children haw to improve grey hair problem and improve hair growth does painful urination sometimes occur after a colonoscopy procedure experiencing painful bump around tattoo area looking for cure suffering from smelly farts what is causing this and cure suffering from dandruff looking for advice what is the cure for rheumatoid arthritis what is causing heavy bleeding after terminating pregnancy 35 years old cry without tears is he mentally fit is it safe to drink alcohol after getting rabies shots i am diabetic penis started itching how to control it have puss filled red pimple on scrotum what is this liver test done what does a lab test report suggest can i have clitoral stimulation after total abdominal hysterectomy noticed dark pigmentation on penis is this normal is it safe to take mercilon as well as primolut treatment for painful impacted wisdom teeth why does my sweat smell like sweet felt a missed heartbeat what are the complications started feeling dizzy have high blood pressure any ideas have spinal stenosis and swollen abdomen is this common took emergency contraceptive pill after unprotected sex will this work why am i having pain in penis suffering from epilepsy and brain stroke is epilepsy hereditary suffering from irritable bowel movement suggest some medicine and treatment have dengue fever platelet count is 20000 is it normal suggest home remedies for healing gingivitis noticed white piece in urine what does this mean is there a connection between asthma hyperventilation and hypocapnia how to cure pimples and black spots on face what are the risks of having unprotected intercourse have hernia problems in testicle how to fix this problem