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on what cycle day is siphene used sexual intercourse with a prostitute risk of hiv took amlodipine candestatan amitriptyline taking amlodipine twice will cause harm pregnant taking torleva does it affect the fetus fever chills headache neck pain why is this happening breast reduction slimness without weakness possible how rashes after heart bypass why is the leg swollen anxiety movable bump behind ear whats the reason advsie does hylase damage lips for removal of dermal fillers accidently consumed harpic toilet cleaner burning throat and stomach remedy sneezing and pain in adams apple tender to touch remedy red circle on stomach ringworm scar what could this be could i get infected with hiv after licking vaginal lips child has sore head vomiting and stomach ache low bp fatigue pregnant will it affect the fetus bleeding nipples after swimming what could this be found blood in stools on champix what is wrong child has water pus-filled bumps on legs itchy how can i determine if the baby is mine what problems can raised erosions in the antrum cause gall bladder removed hiatal hernia shoulder pain treatment advise recommend the best treatment for lymphodema in leg can i get hiv from tears and hugging heavy head with swaying whats is happening sugar level very high what should i do now hamstring problem done massage can this be healed overweight done bilirubin tests please suggest lightheaded double vision how can it be resolved holter monitor shows occasional pvcs and pacs panicking over these sharp pain in the chest and hurts advise and treatment low voltage diagnosed in ecg what does this mean diarrhea while urinating no other symptoms please respond tightness in throat heartburn ultrasound normal reason advise acne on forehead how can height be increased prescribed fertigyn during pregnancy is it safe painful swelling near collar bone going across to arm pit what causes a protruding belly in a child swollen breast no pain no discharge or redness am pregnant why is l-arginine prescribed for daily use hunger pangs back ache prilosec gerd or peptic ulcer facing hair loss problem chest pain when coughing laughing or sneezing clear lungs bleeding after sex do not have periods stomach cramps pregnancy tests faint positive white discharge advise twitching cheeks when smiling or when anxious sleeping for nine hours occasionally am i neurotic want opinion lack of concentration weak memory dizziness kindly advise abdominoplasty done pregnancy test positive how can it be terminated positive pregnancy test can travelling in the bus be done child has asthma phlegmy cough chest infection breathlessness have dog pimples near vagina due to using dirty toilet is it ok to give calpol for teething pains ovulation study report follicle not rupturing advise and solution alt-sgpt ast-sgot level what does this mean hemorrhoids issues constipation during pregnancy how is its treated taking ginko boloba will it interact with glucosamine and chondroitin consistent high bp should it be of concern advise diabetes stroke full bladder treatment for bladder fullness advise accidently drank castrol engine oil vomitted feeling sleepy immediate remedy frequent twitching head stress blinking eyes what could this be tiny itchy bumps on feet with clear liquid discharge what are the side effects of keratin treatment for hair reason for white patches in the hairs food tastes like plastic why can high triglycerides cause erectile dysfunction right dosage of potkolr wobbly vision after cold any suggestions 27 year old pcos less brown bleeding worried feeling tired want advice on blood report does duromine contain antihistamine a very small node on neck is it worth worrying fainting episodes while urination at night why what is the reason for having yellow spots on uvula high bp at young age how to deal with it bleeding for days after sex sign of pregnancy why is penis the size of a child scratchy throat cough no symptoms in the day time would vitamin deficiency cause lower leg pain have dandruff nothing works suggest treatment or medications performance anxiety why do i get anxiety attacks suggest something have headaches migraines is it the weather are they allergies is there a medication to help shift work disorder feeling chest tightness and heaviness suggest remedy what are the non-surgical options for kidney obstruction having white tongue bad breath treatment low sperm count how to increase sperm count and motility pregnant having fluid discharge should be concerned feeling nauseated not able to sleep stress black spots in the eyes headache causes forehead hit bump abrasion nausea vomit taken ibuprofen er required four month old having diarrhea cure pain in the legs while walking solution on medication for tuberculosis what is the recovery period soft lump near pubic bone had antibiotics worried please advice pregnant having cough will it harm baby medication for cough diabetic having difficulty in erection and ejaculation remedy suffering from constipation lump in vagina after bowel movement sore knees with swelling is it due torn miniscus what are the reasons for having earaches stringy stools due to change in diet or worm infestation reddish swollen inner thigh what is the reason child holding urine for long hours what to do dark spots on the tongue no pain feeling bloated light headedness causes need to find a doctor to treat herpes zoster need medication for hair fall reduction vaginal bleeding after using clotrimazole cream and tablets low energy levels weakness and fatigue need help severe abdominal pain after taking i-pill no menstruation pregnancy chances itching after sexual intimacy is it yeast infection or worse nausea vomiting abdominal pain is it food poisoning non itchy red circles on the stomach area no swelling can i take primolut while smoking sudden development of stammering in a child any medication rbc count outside the reference value what is the solution child consumed contraceptive pills what to do erection problem taking viagra diabetic what other remedy options is it safe to take paxil while taking vyvanes what are the chances of getting chicken pox after vaccination episodes of stop breathing while sleeping treatment pain in the tooth when in contact with cold water child swallowed listerine what to do recommendation for best baby soap constant chapped lower lip since long time diagnosed with sinus bradycardia can i fly with this problem semen analysis done why does the results vary fingernail beds are bumpy horizontal bumps what is this can gout elevate cea levels during chemotherapy what are skin side effects contraindications and treatments of pneumonia white discharge from penis with foul smell concerned about food poisoning after eating stale chicken face got red and swollen after cocaine why what now diet advice for a vegetarian patient recovering from jaundice having hair loss is essvit tablets safe to use having lack of erection and premature ejaculation swollen stomach with bloated feeling diagnosed with ovarian cyst child drank floor cleaner side effects infant drank floor cleaner what to do painful white bumps in the labia medication loose stools with stomach pain what is the reason overdose of temazepam and nitrazepam harmful itching in chest whenever take sugar child with uti stomach pain while eating stool discoloration advice is premature ejaculation due to excessive masturbation have hepatitis b on medication no relief treatment taking amlodipine is it safe to travel difficulty in penetration during intercourse mri showing encephalomalacia artery occlusion have dizziness need treatment having reactive hypoglycemia need information on different types of hypoglycemia taking prednisone and antibiotics having yeast growth will acidophilus work need solution for premature ejaculation having premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission remedy discharge of blood when going to toilet uncomfortableplease help what is the recovery period after carpal tunnel surgery throbbing pain in the ear with discharge painful hard lump outside vagina treatment lung pricks when inhaling deeply why what is the reason for having high bilirubin levels having a high temperature from waist below why is tuberculosis in ovary curable can it affect fertility excessive fatigue feeling sleepy why information related to child health recovering from pneumonia tips on good diet to get stronger ana test positive possible liver disease suggestions what does hiv agab combo negative mean tingling sensation in arms and legs after taking percoset reason does taking colozal affect menstruation delay large itchy and tight testicle with no pain cure is my urinalysis and blood report normal what kind of shampoo is used for scalp psoriasis is working and driving safe during early pregnancy swelling in the collar bone pain radiating to neck painful cyst on the scalp is this a pilar cyst increased urination am i diabetic no weight reduction despite exercise abnormal thyroid levels have polycystic ovary syndrome taken primolut for menstruation proper medication low mchc can i take iron supplement like geritol how to remove tonsil stones what is the permanent cure heart flutters and breathlessness after increasing the hypertension medication why having upper respiratory infection can ativan be taken for anxiety is it normal to have sticky brown discharge during menstruation dry itchy skin blister under the breast history of eczema has stomach problem what assistance can i get want to prepone my periods what tablet should i take have rash on groin and armpits what is this rash pain in the left breast shoulder neck and armpit reasons what is the meaning of my urine analysis elevated blood pressure reading should i go to er baby suffering from high fever and shivers what is wrong shivers and vomiting white substance taken combiflam am i okay pain near the eyebrow on touching any suggestions how can i reduce my weight discuss diets and exercises pregnancy test positive heavy bleeding should i be worried sudden episodes of dizziness and lightheadedness causes how to increase the sperm count difficulty in erection is it possible to cure age-related macular degeneration almost blind need medication for heartburn and gas suffering from chest pain smoking habit ecg eeg normal loose stools after eating sushi food poisoning constipation problem and sharp pain how can it be solved how important is surgery in a testicle problem recurrent nosebleeds accompanied by headache is there a correlation ears ringing trouble hearing ear pressure worried about hearing loss will smoking pot make my damaged mitral valve worse how can i abort an early pregnancy vaginal pain orange urine orange mucus discharge high bilirubin reading no symptoms do i need to worry mild pain on touching tip of penis loss of appetite have bulimia blood in vomit worried why does my vagina smell like a fart knee injury painful pins and needles down leg any suggestions intense pain in lower left leg does intercourse help in regularizing irregular periods semen analysis report recurrent miscarriages should we get worried are hemoglobin and testosterone levels related in males will using copper coil cause melasma difficulty in erection and intercourse need help taking prednisone before surgery swollen testicles with pain side effect shifting neck pain allergic since childhood suggestion what are the non-surgical methods for increasing breast size need advice on teeth whitening procedures can i get an appointment with regard to an infection need medication for severe acne pain and discomfort while muscle stretching is it normal difficulty in getting erection and loss of interest in sex how can i get rid of the acne marks diabetic patient having yellowish urine why had marijuana beertrouble in swallowing please advice suffering from erection problem advice okay to take oxyelite pro and methorexate together can i satisfy my partner with a small penis size will excessive masturbation lead to infertility persisting shoulder pain difficulty in lifting things what to do need help with hair loss have diarrhea history of spina bifida cure painless bruise on top of the foot fatigue reason vaginal rashes with itching pain during sex remedy feeling nausea since a month no vomiting reasons father-in-law suffering from mild hepatomegaly lost apetite weak please advice head bang tender and sore few headachesshould i be worried right groin sharp pain lasts 15minutes happens frequentlyplease suggest headache in cold weather stuffy nose due to weather change is it illegal to refuse perscribed medication for mental health can colchicine be taken with diclofenac for gout suffering from blisters in armpits and thighs medication taking lamotrigine for epilepsy can i use otrivin nasal spray sudden development of indent on the head reason pain in the anus due to hemorrhoids no bleeding treatment advise on usage of inner wears pain in groin area sickness constipation abnormal consistency of stools what could be the reason have pigmentation on face can i use azelaic acid vaginal infection prescribed cansoft cl is it safe need information on medications used in doctor assisted suicide heaviness in mind not feeling good advice diagnosed with bilateral breast lumps is surgery needed can i have a change in medication pancreatic problem due to overuse of alcohol any home remedy swelling in the leg gas problem need cure tight penile foreskin treatment options weakness low body weight what i need to do painful ejaculation and heavy testicles should i be worried scar on penis that bleeds during sex can staphylococcus affect fertility is there any treatment for hearing loss from birth need advice on adhd the diagnosis and treatment includes checked bp is my diastolic too low suggest medicines that can help grow beard hair loss scalp damage family history of baldness advice what can be done for frequent back pains suggest twisted ankle swollen feeling of heat what could this mean child has confusion with gender identity is this normal problem with having sex advise pregnant with a severe headache that throbs worry hot flash on forehead what caused this severe dysentry can cifran be taken itching around the waist what could it be high sgot sgpt levels what can be the cause pain in the soles causes of pain liquid diarrhea gassy stomach indigestion bloating taking probiotic advise sore throat fatigue light head cold hands reason and remedy done thyroid tests what do the results say advise bump on the penis excessive urination causes joint pain undergone natural treatments any other recommended option what is the substitute of diavonex ointment sudden terrible hot flushes what is it about decreasing sperm count suggest medicine for increasing sperm count depressed due to bad relationship advise and remedy pain in right testicle abdomen and back concerned reason what is the cause and treatment of petechiae high bp since four years what are the reasons dry throat blurred vision what will be causing this mirena coil inserted can i take utovlan extreme acidity nausea taking levagastrol and nexpro symptoms persisting dialysis patient having diarrhea can pepto bismol be taken difficulty in sleeping after tonsillectomy surgery is it normal had bug bites with itching scab formed infection high monocytes and wbc referred to oncologist is it leukemia have anxiety and depression taking rosavel need advice child having hay fever with chesty cough remedy semen analysis results what does an abnormal viscosity mean mentally abusing husband need help need advice on de-addiction from bath salts abuse diarrhea discomfort in stomach lightheaded what can be wrong where can i have the safest penis enlargement surgery high testosterone level how can this be treated reddish thick lines near the navel are these blood vessels blood in stool burning in the anus hemorrhoids pain in shoulders arms legs bruised feeling chesty cough causes is it dangerous if my suric acid is 74 safe hair removal cream for use under armpits gentials dandruff problem especially in summer good treatment growth hormone deficiency is it considered as a disability black brown hair on penis itchy should i be worried constant ringing in earsneed permanent cure arthritis is there a permanent cure through medical management occasional bad smell in mouth solution is flucloxacillin used in treating gum abscess swollen masses on penis have crohns disease overweight suggestions what will happen if vaginal tablet is swallowed child having cluster of blisters with fever excessive sweating suffering from insomnia will calcium and magnesium supplements help me stomach pain vomiting metallic odor reasons feeling beats throughout the body should be concerned excessive saliva production after bowel movement reason painless swelling on the penis should i be worried throbbing pain in the eyes head advice low vitamin d levels what to do taking valzaar for hypertension need dosage correction persisting headache feeling pressure behind the head and neck frequent acidity attacks at night sleep disturbance remedy premature ejaculation difficulty in penetration advice suffering from premature ejaculation and weak erections solution uriobgyn issue overweight incontinence bloating painful bladderworried of cancerplease advice advise on omega-3 sources for vegetarians particularly epa and dha reasons for decrease in motility of sperms treatment anal fissure is fucidin ointment the right medication difficulty in swallowing is this a thyroid problem tender painful and sore nipples remedy fluid filled itchy blister on the toe medication needed 32 year old having grey hair on body and face what are the side effects of taking flucloxacillin shortness of breath fatigue sore muscles and frequent headache having pain in right testicle what could be the reason tingling feeling in arms and hands indigestion no chest pain child with constipation and stool discoloration stomach pain medication recurrent hair fall issue undergone treatments advise for permanent solution what is the permanent cure for hypokalemia what is the permanent treatment for hypokalemia positive for hepatitis b tests done advise tired dizzy lightheaded pain in testicles suggest treatment pea size structure on epididymis cyst spermatocele is this dangerous need to find out the gestational age from lmp excessive sleep difficulty in sleeping and waking up advise hepatitis c can it be transferred by sex semen analysis done can sucess be achieved for conception irritable bladder syndrome is cefolac prescribed for bladder function feel dizzy a month after colon surgery and epidural anesthesia marijuana brownie caused panic attacks how long will anxiety last intercourse after taking emergency contraceptive pill will i become pregnant abdominal spasms bloating fluttering in stomach why is this happening depression is nausea common in thyroid patient lower abdominal pain in child after an injury tiredness achy legs dizziness what can cause this appearance of lump in the belly when raising the head going for pregnancy scanning is sonography the same extended menstruation what are the causes bleeding broken lump on perineum does it require medical attention need help in assessing the thyroid test report treatment options ultrasound scan what does the report indicate recurrent pinworm infestation despite taking pyrantel embonate any other treatment what the reasons for twitching of eyes infant consumed mouthwash is it harmful lumps inside the vagina are these normal infant taken neurofen overdose what to do suffering from constipation headaches delayed periods weight gain pregnant no periods for a long time overweight cause treatment for persisting pain in the right shoulder uncontrollable anger and shouting at others how to overcome this frequent sharp pains in the breast what are the causes can a woman going through perimenopause get pregnant baby suffering with spastic diplegia and ddh treatment feeling cold severe abdominal pain near belly button discharge of sperm while passing motion what is the reason pain in the calf hematoma formation on pressing why mucus in stool constipation cure frequent cold and cough precautionary measures to avoid it what are the risks involved in conceiving after abortion blurred vision after taking perindopril side effect swollen lymph node near left ear painful suggestions burning in the stomach painful ulcers in the mouth solution gagging feeling burping throat feels full nausea remedy itchy reddish rashes on the thighs skin peeling off medication had an incomplete medical abortion what is the further procedure suffering from abdominal bloating and gas trouble medication persisting high temperature urinary infection on antibiotics still having fever headache fatigue is this a viral infection suffering from fibromyalgia and depression overweight bruises without injury does general anesthesia lead to anxiety infant having dry cough had fever medication difficulty in conception taking prenatal vitamins suggestions is there any injection for painless delivery side effects knee discomfort splotchy red hot feeling what is going on painful ticking noise behind ear what would be a cause of a furryhairy stool is my mean platelet volume level serious what is the reason for body ache after ejaculation painful lump under the skin on the buttocks overweight suggestion is vertigo from middle ear problem or cervical spondylosis are the hormone test results normal pre-employment physical shows abnormal cbc counts why is it absence of periods yellow discharge weight gain is this pregnancy pain between leg muscles muscle pull advise and treatment pain hole in the ovary taken microgynon is this serious patches of white bubbles in urine is this normal need medicine to postpone periods with minimal side effect is iui successful if you have endometrosis sonogram shows prominent fatty liver what are the risks sudden bleeding through penis reasons which test determines infertility how can pcos be detected blood pressure 13581 and pulse 64 is this normal fluctuating neutrophil count is it normal abdominal bloating with gas is bloating common in ovarian cancer yellow and brownish semen reason can i take whey protein with coumadin egc done does bp medication shown an effect on ecg pin prick itchy red spots and bruises applying calamine advise foul taste in mouth ranging from salty to rotten red spots on penis what is it due to taken postinor is it effective in preventing pregnancy high testosterone level no specific symptoms prescribed testosterone please advise have jelly-like discharge during pregnancy is this normal swollen and hurting tonsils will alcohol cure it lump in breast awaited ultrasound can this be breast cancer dandruff problem smoking overweight what is the remedy shampoo stiff neck headache plugged ears fatigue sweating whats the remedy tested positive for herpes 2 is this herpes can blood sample be given for sugar test during periods gas problem feeling weightlessness and skipped of breath suggest flaky stools cramps mucous undigested food nausea remedy and advise fluctuating sugar levels what is the risk of developing diabetes stomach ache given antibiotics what should be done had triple bypass dialysis diabetes vomiting swollen body reasons isa-test is this supplement safe fever after start of menstual cycle what is the reason why does foot suddenly feel broken lightheaded arm numbness and tingling does it require immediate treatment overweight thyroid tests done advise migraine taking vasograin what are the precautions and side effects knot on the leg soreness can it be tetanus infection has joint pains for years what can be done infant drank kerosene what can be done now smelly discharge from vagina treatment tight penile foreskin lack of complete erection anxiety need help frequent sinus infection permanent cure regular fights attraction for other woman and alcoholism advise heavy brown discharge and cramps could it be pregnancy depression violent behaviour taking dicorate er250 sizodon ls lonazep solution infant having loose stools not responding to sporlac medication pregnant prescribed with endogest is this medication safe raised veins on temple with throbbing headache suffering from aerosinusitis constipation bloated taken easylax benefibra what else can be taken rhinoplasty scheduled will the blood tests for infection reveal drugs right testicular vein retroperitoneal in abdomen advise tingling in arms prescribed dusulepin citalopram diazepam propanolol advise sgotsgpt is high advised liv 52 treatment and advise bleeding from nostrils whats tests and what should be cheaked felt unstable while walking reason pcod four ivf cycles trying to concieve suggessions headaches with tinnitus high esr and elevated alkaline phosphate treatment ichy legs tiredness and pcos could it be pregnancy suffering from bulimia treatment options orange colored semen due to infection endometriosis fibroids in uterus is birth control pill good anal sex bleeding is it serious bleeding in head stitches done fever whats the opinion had turp surgery still having blood in urine solution white secretions from breast is it normal any facial exercises to increase the cheeks what is the reason for having pain while ejaculation feeling discomfort in neck muscular pain in arms and legs what is the dose of azithromycin heavy sleeping what causes this in old age exfoliating glaucoma lauiner stroke what is the reason for stroke blood blisters on scrotum since several years treatment and advise want to enhance buttocks are the stimulating creams effective how can weight be lost effectively without breaking down weeping eczema prescribed clarithromycin is this medication safe in pregnancy accidently swallowed a cherry seed is it dangerous fever headache lethargic in child taken tylenol treatment stomach pain gas and frothy stools in child cause chronic cough and throw phlegm remedy why does period occur after doing salpingectomy numbness in the foot and arms advise stinging while urination infrequently what is the reason methylcobalamin spplement remylin d tablets how effective is the absorption severe hairfall had ivf whats the cause for hair loss taking metoprolol can i smoke marijuana while taking this medication monthly heavy periods cramps stopped mycrogynon whats is going on social anxiety disorder how can mood be elevated herbal medication clear balls of pus in stools what are they stiff leg dead lifts for central spinal stinosis fever pain weakness no appetite what could it be sore throat ear ache cold cough greenish phlegm lost voice brown stain on left foot no pain what are the symptoms of a failed nissen fundoplication nausea excessive salivation numbness not changed eating habits any ideas will trika be harmful for pregnant women recurring foreskin splitting at top of penis bleeding after sex is it normal or dangerous cold cough runny nose taking droxyl suggest some medicines borderline left axis deviation ecg done should i be worried loose heart what does this term indicate warts on the scrotum treatment concerned about the thyroid hormone levels tilting of penis during erection treatment and cause knocked knees problem is it due to playing golf painless reddish dots spreading on the body cure does venricular ejection fraction change with age seizures taking keppra is taking minimal dose of jack3d safe can i take citalopram with hcg diet drops taking medication for pcos having heavy bleeding with pain remedy need advice on diet during early pregnancy pain in testicles and lower abdomen after intercourse want to do online chat regarding osteoporosis what is the reason and cause for polycystic ovarian symdrome is there a remedy for neurofibroma in ayurveda having travellers diarrhea took loperamide cramping in stomach need antibiotics suffering from early erectile dysfunction need help urine smells like stools is it a problem having palpitations and breathlessness causes dull pain in chest could be heart attack will taking thyronorm life long bring back hyper hyperthyroidism pin pricking sensation in shoulder area any advice how to increase penis size to increase satisfaction tightness in throat have asthma pulsating sensation on the knee no cyst or discoloration reason have cyst in tonsil should i consult further malignant chances suffering from fibromyalgia insomnia ibs bloated stomach hemorrhoids taking fibogel pain in the testicle due to stress is poly iron capsules easily absorbed in the body intermittent buzzing feeling in the breast no pain advice pain in the abdomen during menstruation is scanning required reducible inguinal hernia with squelching noises why had phimosis reddish spots with yellowish discharge on foreskin balanitis assistance with knowing the exact conception date if possible indentations below knees due to physical exertion can iisinopril be taken with triam hctz is there any medication which will make hbsag report negative is duphaston and primolut not same as micronor joints hurt tingling and numbness frozen back any ideas extreme cramping pain after intercourse reasons black spot on lower lip any ideas high cholestrol chances of heart attack unconscious after laughing headache nausea and light headedness any suggestions have hypoglycemia appetite loss fatigue solution taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism still feeling cold and chills reason will an x-ray show a healed fracture reddish bumps on the penis no pain no itching remedy is it safe to use super growth height booster vomiting water stomach spasms in pregnancy normal reddish mucus in stool no blood medication throbbing headache swollen veins above ear class iv internal hemorrhoid what are the treatment options kidney transplant patient is it safe to start hcg diet nausea salivation head pressure taken antibiotics laxatives is it sinisitis how to be oneself healthy active advise erectile dysfunction taking tenochlor is antihypetensive medication causing this can an anal fistula cause low white blood count problem of piles what surgery is best to solve piles numbness in right hand overweight is this serious vaginal sex elisa test negative is there risk of hiv back injury numbness in the lower back are kidneys damaged what are some psychotropic herbs heart transplant surgery done what will be the lifespan can laryngitis harm the unborn baby suffering from severe backache what can help me exfoliative keratolysis is there a natural cure for this diarrhea weakness dizziness fever painful cramps whats the cause bumps around vaginal opening are these symptoms of hpv resting heartbeat rises after eating fluctuating bp cause tingling sensation in right shoulder high bp suggession and treatment tinnitus hearing loss pcos taking celexa doxipin is this serious problem with sexual intercourse no penetration what should be done abortion is there pcos or some other hormonal imbalance sprained ankle fracture ankle exercises done anything else for cure general overview of blood tests advise painful bump on buttocks itches appears and clears whats this dark brown bleeding since eight weeks is this dangerous does eating lemons affect atacand medication and bp shrinking clitoris problems in sex how to solve this child passing blood in stools whats the reason stiffness at the base of ribs abdominal painquick digestion cause have ibs can ibs be the cause of ileum pain red and black spots near elbow what is the cause have genital herpes how to treat it suggest white curd-like substance passed with stool what could this be concerned about punishment to child causing behaviour problems rash on belt line and under arm pits itchy burning sensation after sex irritated penis after sex or masturbation my bowel movement smells heavily of garlic why swollen tongue on right side what could be the reason have brown discoloration in ear what could be the reason brown discoloration inside left ear what could it be reasons for elevated wbc other counts normal information about ozone therapy treatment for spinal cord problem is it safe to have instant noodles during pregnancy why do i feel dizzy after coughing getting faint line on pregnancy tests what does this mean white spots on scrotum due to scratching looking for solution having severe hair fall looking for homoeopathy treatment how to improve the height and weight i am lactose intolerant looking alternative to duphalac for constipation is pancreatitis cyst operation fatal blood work clear ecg done am i having bipolar disease trying to lose weight suggest a diet plan started irregular periods feeling dizzy lower abdominal cramps concerned what are the signs of pregnancy after 4 days ultrasound showed mild hepatosplenomegaly and no cholecystitis any advice when is it safe to have sex stool test of baby done what does the reports indicate child has constipation taking oxetol how can we eliminate constipation done blood test what do i need to do have rheumatoid arthritis prescribed indomethacin have nausea permanent cure swelling in fingers after exercise have mitral regurgitation prescribed aspirin is this safe want to lose weight diet plan spotting blood discharge have unprotected sex not normal for me tiredness stomach problem hate noise negative feelings need to increase my height as soon as possible choking easily coughing deeply feeling faint vomiting had pneumonia have fibrodermatosarcoma protuberans in forearm is it life-threatening tiredness low wbc count low hematocrit level low crp itching penis not std sleeplessness what could it be itching on side of tailbone what is the best treatment to reduce dandruff have flu and am pregnant can i take zinnat forearm injury movable lump little pain planning for liposuction surgery could you please guide regarding it whats the best treatment for allergic rhinitis had unprotected sex no periods should i take mitegest irregular heartbeats not painful discomfort any suggestions bruise in leg purple dot in the middle painful is 104 pulse rate dangerous feeling shaky and weak chest pain red spots on inner thigh with white center done liver enzyme test drink a lot fallen from ladder bruise on thigh soft and burning bump is pyoderma gangrenosum an std is it curable and contagious bleeding from ears is it anything serious sneezing continuously after waking up in the morning suggest something have pcos gaining weight have sedentary lifestyle kindly help me how can i minimize stress have problem concentrating making errors waist size increasing what should be done having pimple problem what treatment should be done chances of getting std by using common bathroom had intercourse during periods started spotting what is the problem what causes trigestrel birth control pills to fail what is the normal size of penis how to stop bedwetting of a 13 year old child noticed black specks in stool what could be this first molar decayed and broken can it be restored chances of getting hiv in unprotected sex ultrasonography showed cysts in ovary suggest some natural remedy having stomach pain after eating food what is the problem having stone problem in kidney looking for medicine details have severe gastritis suggest a diet plan having diabetes how to maintain it notice blood leaking after bowel movement what could be this having small penis not getting proper erection what to do diagnosed as pregnant how to know the ovulation day having small wound on the hip what should be done are there any better treaments for adhesive arachnoiditis suffering from hair loss suggest some treatment pregnant varying hcg levels what is causing this had sex not ejaculated is it due to hot weather started spotting between period feeling depressed how to stop this suffering from excess hair fall what is the remedy having sudden increased heart rate what are the risks diagnosed with pcos gaining weight looking for ayurvedic solutions noticed variable beta hcg levels any suggestion looking suggestion for surical abortion does oxyelite pro during pregnancy cause defects diabetic getting frequent bowel movements and feeling tired any cure what is bmi how does abdominal gurt affect cardiovascular risk having fluttering sensation in legs what is causing this bmi showed overweight how to reduce weight pregnant diagnosed with fibroids will it cause any major problem behaving abnormally and getting irritated what is causing this feeling having joint pain not able to walk completely any suggestion taking neoloridin for allergy does this cause erectile dysfunction diagnosed with diverticular disease what antibiotic should be taken suffering from regular gastric problem what should be done can i exercise on orbitrek while pregnant is there any problem to use condom while masturbating for social anxiety what benefits could i get from phenibut having pelvic pain laparoscopy showed clear whats wrong preegnant having bleeding after taking of utrogestan chances of miscarriage had intercourse diagnosed with bacterial infection what is causing this why would my spine hurt when i swallow sore abdomen after having sex chances of pregnancy how to treat a itchy welt-like rash can red wine cause constipation getting strange odour and heavy bleeding and started spotting worrisome atrial fibrillation is done with pace maker or defibrillator how concerning is one pvc couplet in 24 hours trying to lose weight what vitamins should i take looking information on diabetes risk factors treatment and life style noticed mucus in bowel movement looking for advice what are the symptoms and treatments for scurvy hand palms are very hot what could be causing this have gerd and acid reflux does gaviscon have antihistomines suffering from stammering having low confidence problem suggest some medication suffering from gastritis what should i do eye started stinging and blurry will it cause headache worrisome how to get treatment for black spots on the face having bubble on the eye lash what to do having varying sugar levels should i be worried noticed pimple near anus what are the chances of std noticed blood in stool no pain what is wrong suffering with yawning profusely should i be concerned mole below nail doctor suggests biopsy worried about melanoma diagnosed with ideopathic hypertension is it safe to take norvasc pregnant ultrasound done what does the report suggest missed birth control pill had intercourse what are the risks itchy back passage leaves white residue smells unpleasant please advise last four teeth grew after adulthood are these wisdom teeth taking losartan echocardiogram normal are my readings a concern panic attack claustrophobia chest heaviness breathlessness want second opinion dry cough breathing problem back pain chest pain suggestions hard bump on leg no pain what is it suffering from cough and cold want good medicine fever headaches taken antibiotic could headache be from insect bite how do you prevent cold and cough is it safe to take disprin after drinking alcohol done blood test what is my bac diagnosed with wpw syndrome should i exercise painless soft spot on top of head any suggestions have diarrhea cramping bloating taken imodium taken percocet and alcohol will i be okay want to quit smoking but not able to do it what are the natural treatment for atrial fibrillosis noticed movable knot on side of face near ear worrisome started doing plyometrics for high trigylceride levels looking for suggestion medicine to terminate one month pregnancy suffering from vitiligo is it a hereditary diseases suffering from heat bumps what treatment should be done feeling like bubles in ear what is going on what dose low absolute monocytes in blood work meant ultrasound showed enlarged liver what can cause this feeling nauseous palms and fingers are peeling looking for solution have severe stomach ache in periods suggest some medicine taking proper diet looking skinny what should i do having frequent urination and acidity problem suggest some remedy having gastric and indigestion problem what treatment should be done suboxone patient looking for the treatment 37 weeks pregnant feeling sick during night is this normal trying to quit smoking and drinking what should i do suffering from diabetes what are the fruits we can have experiencing light bleeding taken micro and never had bleeding worrisome having lower abdominal pain while urinating any thoughts suffering from pimples not cured by homoeopathic treatments alternate solution feeling stressed and depressed how should i manage this on pep medication can i do a mutiplex hiv test suffering from ibs prescribed normaxin not cured alternate solution semen analysis done what does the reports suggest about fertility having frequent burping belching and nagging feeling in chestconcerned having painful and itchy spots around anus worrisome had intercourse pregnancy test showed positive medicine to terminate pregnancy reason of sudden death in sleep having lump in the breast looking for good gynaecologist over weight suggest some diet plan to reduce the weight is it safe to take double dosage of lisinopril suddenly lost sensation in leg what are the complication suffering from frequent urination and premature ejaculation suggest some medicine i smell pee everywhere what should i do can i use melacare cream while breastfeeding suffering from stomach ache and frequent urination what is wrong need some information about abortion and its side effects thyroid bloodwork done what does the report suggest stool test done what does the report suggest suffering from hearing-loss what is causing this problem pregnant will the abortion have any future ability to conceive on blood pressure medication and hand hurting any advice diagnosed with kawasaki virus not having skin rashes worrisome will you please explain my blood and biochemistry report ultrasound report showed stone in kidney what should i do what would be the results of not treating fitz-hugh-curtis syndrome pregnant ultrasound showed normal noticed spotting is this normal is it safe to have hymen reconstruction surgery missing periods not getting periods after taking cytolog 200mg worrisome suffering from pigmentation problem what should be done started feeling cold in bones what may be causing this noticed purple bruise on stomach what could it be can dehydration affect beta hcg levels getting pain in the lungs suggest some best doctor started wearing tampon hurts while peeing should i be worried suffering from thigh burning and itching what does this mean having an infected abscessed tooth what antibiotic should i take how to stop lethargic feeling when taking champix had a c-section and having stomach ache is this normal having shivering in hand which specialist should i consult suggest some natural hair growth methods had protected intercourse what are the chances of having std suffering from nightfall how to get rid of this problem is it safe to take mtp kit do they work scan showed bulky uterus missing periods what does this mean is it safe to use ref capsules to reduce weight tested positive by pregnancy test kit medicine to terminate pregnancy tested for direct ldl cholesterol what does the value signify feeling extremely sleepy and bruising easily what are the complications having movable knot on breast is there any serious problem had unprotected sex should i be worried about contracting something having purple coloured ring mole what could it be what does leu 500 wbcul mean chances of hiv while penis was not erect mri showed small joint effusion what does the report suggest my ast level is 41 should i be concerned has cysts on penis and depressed is there any cure is refzil a safe antibiotic for chest infection is there any treatment for a person taking ganja regularly had stroke suggested for mri what should be done had unprotected intercourse what are the chances of getting std started taking thyronorm 25mg feeling breathlessness what should i do 17 years old pregnant ultrasound done what are the complications noticed corpus spongiosum cut during intercourse what should i do having severe hair loss what is the solution and cure how to stop chocolate addiction what will be the complications over sleeping after stopping adderall when will this stop have insomnia unrefreshing sleep and awakening early in the mornings muscle pull in chest painful when sneezing or coughing stomach pain diarrhea foul smelling and dark stools reasons and remedy for hair loss in v-shape on forehead am overweight pain in shoulder when exercising help painful burp chest pain blacking out white bumps on glans no itching or discomfort worried child has internal pain near belly button nausea feeling flushed back pain taking tegretol have blood pressure diabetes and neuralgia done semenogram is poor sperm motility due to liquefaction problem have dementia heard of enebrel what do we do stomach size increasing acidity indigestion gas constipated bms help high relative lymphocyte count is it a sign of cll why do i have an empty head feeling had unprotected sex but no penetration pregnant from precum child has fever tooth about erupt done tests done blood test please explain the results what medicine should i have for mild fever lft test done what does the report signify noticed white stuff and blood in stool what is wrong should soframycin skin ointment be avoided during pregnancy had cryotherapy for post coital bleeding will this procedure work have open mouthed kissing am i at risk of hiv diagnosed with ocd what treatment should be done have high bp on medication having severe neck pain worrisome suffering from functional dysphonia what treatment should be done what does occasional rbc in semen analysis means had colosotomy done started diarrhoea what diet should be given my bp was 17882 will surgery have to be postponed got electricuted saw bright light what does this mean have uncontrolled diabetes on glimisave and onglyza 5 any suggestion routine urinalysis done what does the report suggest testing aaaaaaa here please do not answer have frequent numbness in leg thigh how to get relief having ankyllosing spondylitis and crohns disease suggest some effective medicine suffering from pimples what treatment should be done have had hypertension diagnosed with diabetes suggest a diet plan diagnosed with cerebral atrophy what does this mean can i still breast feed while doing the lipotrim diet looking for a hcg diet doctor or physician can i smoke weed after being diagnosed with esophagitis can using crutches for 10 months cause costochondritis had stroke feeling depressed what is the expected life expectancy on high bp medicine i am overweight suggest diet plans does cough syrup helps in fertility if so which brand is pregnancy through fingering possible is there any risk which medicine is best for depression except ssri and snri 11 year child diagnosed with autistic looking for good neurologist what is the relationship between estrogen menopause and osteoporosis had colonoscopy done yesterday what does the report suggest suddenly feeling nausea vomiting heavy eyes and headache any ideas stool test showed fecal leukocytes what is this looking best doctor for hair loss treatment breast grown large should i go for breast reduction can kyphosis cause tingling under ribcage will pool water infect cyst behind ear suffering from tiredness and sleeping discomfort is there any treatment is it safe to make tattoo over a burn scar can someone die from ingesting clorox is semen quantity more during intercourse or during masturbation having skin allergy what cure should be done what are the chances of getting pregnant in first intercourse feeling heavy stomach how to get rid of acidity suggest any method or treatment for gender change 20 month baby having loss of appetite any advice what could be the possible causes for thyroid cancer does fingering pose any pregnancy have stomach rumbling and experiencing diarrhoea what should i do diagnosed with ureaplasma parvum will it be spread orally can i split losartan pot 50mg tablets why people get diabetes mellitus after 60 years of age suggest some best adhd doctors and related hospital any natural remedies to help with graying of hair what prevents the next ovulatory cycle after implantation what is the fatality rate from overdosing on sodium pentobarbital relation between increased level of hyalauronic acid and cancer cell does general anaesthesia effect sperm morphology why do you charge for questions rapidly deteriorating eyesight worried about needing strong reading glasses may i know the reason for pneumonia and symptoms what are the risks of contracting hiv from saliva how to increase the sperm count and sperm motility looking best specialist for psoriasis skin disease is there any permanent cure for systematic scleroderma semen analysis done what does the value signify experiencing nausea and feeling sick what to do what are the uses and side effects of restozeal capsules what precautions should be taken to avoid heart problems found red worms in stool what medicine should i take will marijuana raise serotonin or histamine levels is laser hair removal treatment effective in male high bp after stopping amilopedine should i start medication again how many days after conception can urine test show positive cheek pain after eating or drinking done tonsillectomy any concerns painful mole on chin red swollen am pregnant taken mensovit after pregnancy confirmed will i have an abortion should an antidepressant be used before electroconvulsive therapy done semen analysis is my report ok for fathering ultrasound shows bulky uterus with early changes of adenomyosis treatment have leg pain headache duzela betacap not helping please advise goosebumps on thigh numbness in fingers particular reason placed mirena abdominal pain bloated stomach spotted vision tingling what are the side effects of mifegest what does it mean when i have antibodies of hsv1 painful sexual intercourse and painful urination child has rust colored spot on palm what is it had hip replacement now soreness and painful movements burning concerned have pain in palate jaw pain wear dentures need help have tenderness below sternum heartburn chest pressure have copd what harm can vaginal bleeding and pain during sex do is a blood pressure of 134100 bad what is the correct process of taking mtp kit pills headache cough stomach pain diarrhea sleeplessness taken robatussin lump on forehead have sunburn vacationing in beach related lips and mouth feel numb what should i do vomiting diarrhea after eating chinese food what is it can i drink alcohol while taking ramipril aloipine and cipalotram sperm test showed high viscosity treatment can celebrex affect oral contraception or cause gastric reflux swollen throat have quit drinking head or neck cancer is a blood stain on a shirt a medical concern please list the hormonal changes that occur with aging can the drug levipil trigger a reaction causing hypothyroidism is retinol citalopram and caffeine harmful for foetus have swollen lymph nodes not painful fatigue chest pain advice abdominal pain after eating have indigestion swollen penis head red foreskin discharge tenderness after masturbation serious have lower back pain scan shows disc bulge treatment have swollen abdomen feeling full frequent urination now menopausal wet underwear at night awakened early past physical was great done liver function test is sgptalt level normal prescribed evinoforte for asthenozoospermia can we have a baby naturally need advice on feeding schedule of six month old baby breast pain swollen lymph nodes what could be causing it have nervousness and anxiety should i use liquid clematis tiredness headache taking depression medication any suggestions looking for a genetic counselor can acupuncture be used to treat familial neck tremor have chest heaviness ecg normal suggestions dark hard raised mole on arm no pain or itching bottom lip bleeding after injury bleeds after eating harsh food side effects of keraglo finax mintop and minochem had unprotected sex red sores on foreskin yeast infection twitch in eye headache tenderness on nasal bridge splitting and breaking nails taking multivitamin and vitamin b12 daily is it true that zoloft can cause night sweats have nausea and bloating tiredness baby hyperventilating after crying on long car trip breast fed is there any possibility of getting pregnant by fingering pregnant noticed blood in urine what are the complications sperm test done how to improve sperm liquefaction time had gallbladder removed getting excessive pain is this normal how soon after conception can urine test detect pregnancy under what circumstances would you recommend chlorpromazine and risperidone suffering from systemic candida overgrowth what treatment should be done suggest some home remedies for common cold is it possible to get pregnant by fingering with sperm is it possible to change the skin color forever getting wound on penis after intercourse what is the problem dna stool analysis done how to treat gastrointestinal disorders suffering from scalp folliculitis how to get rid of it at what dosage does topamax begin to interfere with lutera pregnant tested reactive for hepatitis c what is going on can herpes get transferred through sucking penis what are the health benefits of wearing alum chain does the rabipur vaccine works on a hiv patient what does it mean when hands are tingling taking pregnidoxin for vertigo any alternate medicine for pregnidoxin suffering from headache dizziness and vomiting sugar level normal concerned feeling dizzy getting variable blood pressure what are the risks