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prescribed mycophenolate does it weakne birth control strength bump on chest pressure sensation what is going on had unprotected sex excessive menstrual discharge bleeding during sex help bad left side chest pain worsening why is it dementia prescribed risperidone seroquel are they safe to be given noticed red spots on penis is it genital herpes outbreak taken aleve isagenix will it affect thc test result 5 months old has loose motions recommended medicine tingling in eyelid since weeks how can i fix this taken marvelon is there any chances of side effects semen analysis report clarification loose crown after being treated for abscess need antibiotics growing blood filled bump on the index finger cure constant pain under right abdomen normal ultrasound any ideas heart attack stroke anagram done what can help dehydrated unconsciousness heat used a sunbed what happened done laparoscopic hysterectomy dizziness tiredness feeling hot reason periods delayed home pregnancy test negative confused suggestion knee and heel pain x ray confirms early osteoarthritis treatment swollen ankles body pain what is the problem pcod advised fertisure obimet can i conceive naturally vitiligo spreading to new areas applying creams suggestions ecg shows sinus rhythm advise need treatment to increase motility and active cells suggest on campral does this need to be taken forever severe lower abdominal pain what could this be had tubal sex bleeded increased eating stomach pain reason pregnant thyroid ultrasound done what does findings mean on advanced stages of parkinson no ability to stand treatment swollen breasts painful joints should i take medication prescribed modafinil is there any alternative to it injured wrist sore painful how do i treat it touched clitoris with hand covered with pre cum pregnancy possibility dizzy light headed vision blurry what should i do how can i get off the fentanyl patch completely rash on penis after shaving why could it be bad breath and body odor reason cure experienced symptoms of vomiting intestinal pain diarrhea cure st depression what this meant is it a problem stomach lining intestines inflamed what should be done 25 month baby vomiting loose motion fever cure for symptoms itching and burning around anus no worms in stool reason blurry vision low bp history of genetic bp problems advice severe abdominal pain scan and blood report normal suggestions abdominal pain have gastritis depression on omeprazole what can help back injury heartburn chest pain throat pain what happened dizziness after not taking food could i be hypoglycemic had tonsillectomy having headaches neckaches recurring infection need iv therapy prolonged toothache no help from antibiotics solution tender lump behind nipple what could it be semen discharge from vagina after ejaculation is that normal pus cells in semen taking antibiotics reason for frequent infections rash on hip itchy redness flaky will it get worse heavy bleeding clots pain problem calf muscle injuries not able to exercise solution series of aches from shoulder to feet blood clot possibility of taking a shot in eye painful child has blocked nose and sore throat advice persistent rash on face tried steroid cream no change cure pain in right ear muffled visit doctor dizziness depression fatigue prescribe good diet plan for fitness severe hair fall remedy is it safe to take gynera to avoid pregnancy pregnant what does this urine report mean increased alt weak lungs using inhaler increased blood pressure suggestions taking oxycodone after dental surgery painful can i take baclofen taking xeloda have sore ankle limping side effects taken ipill after having unprotected sex irregular menstruation reason sore painful wrist when clenching thumb any thoughts pain from knee to groin difficulty straightening leg blood clot dizziness lightheadedness history of surgery popping sound in head related secured sex delayed period chance of pregnancy constipated tried ducolax still no help what to do itchy bumps on neck and chest increasing planted flowers treatment dizziness feel of room spinning vertigo cure dizziness tiredness stressed itching eyes underlying causes dry mouth dizzy fatigue is it symptoms of diabetes for how many time side effect with dots plus persist swollen clitoral hood pain sores taking acyclovir done biopsies help painful swallowing ear pain that#39s sharp taken tylenol suggestion divorced not able to overcome anxiety taken xnax remedy glands swollen cough growth at right tonsil consult doctor mri of lumbar showed partial disc desiccation meaning done sperm test is it normal unable to have child difficulty focusing glare in side of eyes headache cause child has black spot on eardrum has sinus congestion cause bowel movements after sleeping on back riding bike help itching top of head white bumps applied anti-itch cream help diagnosed as syncope neurocardiogenico can this be controlled or cured swollen knees after carrying child taking advil anything else can brains of male and female be swapped headache back and neck stiffness fatigue headache viral meningitis have umbilical hernia clear smelly discharge from belly button normal pain under rib cage back arms due to lymphoma taken postinor 2 after periods sore nipples nausea cause urine analysis done what does the findings mean suffering from pcos weightgain unwanted hairgrowth sleepiness lethargy advice rash on fingers legs thigh applied neo clobenate solution prescribed finax androanagen regaine xgain for hair fall safe medicine have erection problem loose erection what to do taking glycomet for diabetes prescribed ayurvedic insudin capsule safe can coconut oil be used on penis during sexual intercourse child has acidity taking lanzol is the drug safe positive pregnancy test worried about paternity history of kidney transplant taken sensipar have itching fatigue worried missed period hip pain negative pregnancy test chances of pregnancy white spots on arms neck shoulders applied lulifin lotion help ovulation test results variable when did the egg get released done root canal treatment pain in ear and cheek help have diabetes over weight difficulty getting erection need help pain in left side lump under arm worried pregnant punctured bladder after cerclage draining bladder removed help burning sensation near underarm feeling of brain collapse any help missed depo injection sore breasts swollen nipples cramping pregnant fever insect bite lanced insect bite no pus taken penicillin recurrent itchy rash on wrists and calves discomfort have stress done hysterectomy feeling light headed hot winded symptoms of menopause stomach pain after taking hcg diet injections have bruising worried 25 year son fever cough taking crocin ibugesic suggestions teenager pregnant history of abortion help had unprotected sex negative pregnancy test chances of pregnancy dullness in ears when bending over nausea dizziness any ideas taking supplement for body growth getting poor penis erection related small white pimples on frenulum any treatment required habit of regular masturbation worried about sexual health bleeding after colonoscopy to remove polyps should be concerned using speed redness swelling painful arm taken cephalexin right medicine having weakness body pain constipation low memory anemic suggestion had unprotected sex taken gynaecosid will it work had mirena placed cramps spotting normal lump in between breasts hurts to bend ingrown pimple frequent uti after having sex drinking cranberry juice help taking zoloft oxycodone for fibromyalgia excessive sweating normal labwork comminuted frature of proximal phalanx using carpal wrist sleeve treatment body pain stomach pain alcohol poisoning have chronic fatigue syndrome pain in head and face cure suffering from cold and cough headaches grandson had pneumonia treatment can amoxicillin and benadryl be taken simultaneously have dry cough vaginal pain constipation yellow discharge variable diagnoses help difficulty urinating burning urination scab on urethra infection black to brown menstrual bleeding taking tri sprintec infection taking apple cider vinegar for severe heart burn natural remedies white patches under armpit is it vitiligo feeling pulse in stomach recent miscarriage ekg ordered reason abdominal pain history of kidney stones what to do suffer gastritis heart burns constant uneasiness is this serious got results of trichoscan what do the values signify oily skin taken azithromycin vibact clindamycin need help with acne have hair fall is surbex good to stop hair fall had kidney stone after taking oxyelitepro any suggestions have conns syndrome hypokalemia hyperthyroidism linked to lyme disease child taking laxatives long term safe treatment for constipation itching scalp elbow wrist shoulder taken prednisone liver problem suffering from harpies taking medication is this disease permanently curable knee stiffness shoulder pain taken cortisone shot difficulty walking update confused stiffening biting lip eyes rolling back reason have penile and testicle varicocele taken homeopathic medicines solution taking menoquil headache after missing dose reason pain and swelling in foot after fall bruising suggestions child has diabetic seizure headache appetite loss stomach ache normal bump on penis soreness itching applied steroid cream std ejaculating quickly no watery discharge is this a disease anxiety attacks constantly thinking blacking out help child has abnormal ekg t wave abnormality inferior ischemia meaning nose bleeding fever dry nose what could be this recurring nose bleeds have congestive heart failure connected symptoms pressure and bloating in abdomen taking antacid normal pain in right side radiating to back pain when standing abdominal pain when aroused worried family history of enlarged prostate issues is it hereditary had partially protected sex no periods pink discharge spotting pregnant feeling tired falling sleep despite sleeping longer hours normal done salpingectomy after ectopic pregnancy prolonged bleeding how to conceive nausea loss of appetite burping headache loose stools help on depo provera fleshy discharge during periods serious can one contract hivaids from homosexual relationships sudden shivering neck pain no medication taken cause child has vomiting diarrhea excessive sleeping gas rumbling stomach worried pain in lower rib stomach discomfort knee pain headache does masturbation have an impact on increase in height stomach pain movement in stomach no nausea or vomiting help had partially protected sex chances of aids brown spotting abdominal pain during pregnancy prescribed duphaston ectopic pregnancy have blocked uterus and tubes but normal periods help done lobectomy due to lung cancer worried about inverted nipple child has vomiting feverish had sun exposure any thoughts can aziderm cream return original complexion have fever vomiting prolonged hiccups taken injections liver problem born with bladder exstrophy and epispadia normal sexual life possible brown fleshy fecal-smelling discharge during urination had stomach cramps have penile discharge pain when urinating not std reason brain fog depression trouble concentrating lightheadedness confusion due to diet taking differine doxitab should i take antibiotics continuously long term low protein levels in blood plasma what to do chest discomfort no pain or difficulty breathing help checking doors repeatedly talking inside head washing hands frequently obsession have excessive skin tags on neck breasts arms cause does masturbation affect muscle mass taking protein to build muscle scheduled to have hysterectomy have fibroid in lining of uterus positive for hsv2 painful bump in lower labia suggestion urine test done what does the findings in results mean pcod had miscarriage suggested hormone problem best treatment bloating diarrhea shaking cramps after taking lactaid vomiting side effects arm injury bump on wrist and elbow no pain normal have yellowish discharge from mouth what is it blood analysis done what does this report signify in coma bedsores causing holes using mebo cream suggestions taking zypsidon risdone lonazep for acute psychosis alternative therapy ankles and feet swelling staring menopause on citalopram remedy is it safe to take ferium tablet during pregnancy had partially protected sex any chance of contracting hiv done dexa x-ray what do scores indicate abdominal pain sweating burning sensation in arms dizziness diarrhea causes have pcos under fertility treatment taking clomid follicle 145mm suggestions on levothyroxine 88mg what other doses it comes in bleeding and itchy while urinating solution severe dandruff itching thinning hair suggest treatment child has protein in urine no symptoms next step have a thrombosis taking warfarin shots of coumadin dosage feeling sick loss of appetite bloating am i pregnant prozac luvox zoloft celexa wellbutrin can they cause weight gain white discoloration on butt cheek painful treatment and precaution stomach pain diarrhea taking iodine for reducing pain advice difficulty in having sex taking amlodipine tablet for bp suggestions diarrhea vomiting bloated stomach taking probiotics ibs red bump on anus painful what could be this dry lips mild fever had oral sex anything to worry can i take nexium 40mg and yasmin together have hot flashes and irregular periods reason bowel movements after eating suggestions dark color of labia minora normal had wisdom teeth removed white tissue discharge dry socket lump between breasts foul smelling pus what is it swollen foot and ankle moving indentation what could it be dull deep burning abdominal pain with flatulence probable diagnosis is the prescribed dosage of oxycontin safe have ortrosis light headed when sitting up tilt table test negative reason taking vitamin b12 b6 b1 neuropathy treatment have abdominal pain urethra hurts frequent urination prescribed antibiotics solution child has mucus and cough taken benadryl ventolin aeroflux reason liver ultrasound done what does this findings mean using estrace cream have labial redness itching any suggestions had unprotected sex got period second time what to do reversion to previous personality after removal of brain tumor common pain in neck and head tests show clear arteries virus taking proair for lower back pain reason periods delayed on medication for gastric ulcer pregnancy possibility addiction to percocet how to help dizziness with light headed suggestion diabetic taking minidab and diabex losing weight suggest will taking primulot to delay period give cramps and headaches urine test and urine culture done what does results suggest unable to connect with myself after hysterectomy surgery why had protected sex feeling bloated could this be pregnancy strained hamstring having pain and swelling how should i rest having patella tendonitis temporary relief from injections suggestions having acne whitehead and blackhead cure noticed blood in urine after sex still virgin noticed facial skin yellow and eyes puffy feeling fluish cure upset stomach fever headache diarrhea high bp at night remedy have vaginal infection on terconazole having itching suggest mri done having disc bulge what does findings suggest on wellbutrin now having abdominal discomfort and dizziness side effects had purple-brown discharge on sronyx birth control related diagnosed with pcod prescribed glycomet thyroid borderline function of glycomet boy friend does not ejaculate during sex what to do sore throat palpitations leg cramps taking celebrex suggestions had non-productive cough prescribed albuterol codeine desothatate suggestions having lump inside ear no pain prescribed cortizone cream suggestions left arm not functioning after being treated for flu reason late period abnormal period anemia white clear nipple discharge stress x-ray shows lungs is different in size problem of health have light bleeding had oral sex taken ipill fear pregnancy severe pain in lower back mr findings enclosed suggestion mri scan shows loss of cervical lordosis is this serious tiredness and fever x ray done what does findings mean ultrasound shows both ovaries are bulky in size meaning have problem with sperm count test shows clumping present suggestions depression nerve damage ankle injury taking cymbalta expect side effects have severe spinal area pain on gabapentin what is wrong prescribed estrace cream for post menopause symptoms normal lightheadedness chest pain increased heartbeat increased blood pressure help abdominal pain low potassium family history of crohn#39s disease reason rash on scrotum and thigh used balmex due to chafing child has stomach pain no appetite nosebleed help suggested surgery for labral tear want second opinion greater side effects after using lasik surgery for astigmatism on azathiprine for ulcerated colitis nauseous all the time related red itchy bumps on corner of mouth what is this vomiting fatigue dizziness need to urinate diabetes or pregnancy child vomiting after breastfeeding prescribed onodansetron what to do itchy lesions yellow fluid discharge what is this back pain fatigue after stopping methadone help difficulty swallowing after quitting smoking common have peyronies disease should injections or surgery be done aortic widening found on screening echo need for worry numbness in hand increased heartbeat after smoking marijuana reason itching after taking paxil and prozac for bipolar disorder suggestions brown spotting before periods need for concern have kidney failure congestive heart failure should bystolic be given numbness in arms and shoulders reason bumps on body itching what could it be have chalazion no pain or dryness solution apart from surgery red rash after using combigen for glaucoma cause blurred vision after working on computer no history of migraine losing penis girth what is wrong prescribed methylpred zantac for bee sting have headache help had unprotected sex burning urination red scrotal sac std have crohns disease taken laxatives no bowel movement help used mtprost kit no reaction is it effective have prolonged fever red eyes taken antibiotics any suggestions bruise on inner thigh lump swollen feet ankles calves reason period is late had unprotected sex pregnancy chances dizziness menieres cold congestion taken ativan dramamine coetidrocal what now urine culture blood hematology usg done suggestions has diabetes creatinine level is 47 and urea 90 suggestions exercising regularly yet low energy reason increased heartbeat nausea after taking phentermine some tips difficulty breathing deeply headache anxiety and stress tendon popped out of inner part of wrist painful recommendations how can tramadol help in back pain taking oxymorphone hcl dosage of drug before urinalysis shoulder pain wearing sling need shoulder replacement orthopedic surgeon what exactly does detachment from everything mean pregnant nauseated vomiting sickness taken oxetacaine is it safe history of cocaine addiction increased heartbeat seizures sweating reason trying to conceive delay in menstrual cycle pregnant red marks on child#39s back painful to touch help have itchy white patches history of kidney removal recommendations had brain stroke mri shows blood clotting difficulty speaking concerned vaginal itching watery discharge applied soframycin reason done semen analysis taken clomifene and supradyn right treatment taking mercilon for irregular periods cause of irregular periods painful follicular cyst quick remedy have severe rectal pain before and during periods remedy mri shows l4-5 disc is desiccated and formaminal herniation meaning taking vibryd for panic disorderhaving panic attacks again suggestions feeling tired sleeplessness dizziness urinary discomfort and depression remedy has recurring bronchitis and upper respiratory issues suggestions trying to concieve had many miscarriages tried ivf suggestions penis size is 3 inches when flaccid is this normal worms in stools throat legs hands suggestions frequent urination no help with medicines what could it be held penis to stop urination urinated blood later reason have chronic pain on percoset is not helping suggestions pregnant bad thrush labia swollen what is the reason have bleeding with clots cramps what is happening having cold cough running nose and sneezing medicines for cure swelling and puffiness around eyes remedy significant decline in libido could this be a medical problem having acne side effects of althea delayed periods noticed bleeding after intercourse have hot flushes worried swelled ovaries and uterus missing periods any chance of pregnancy itching skin on back applying benadryl aspirins no improvement treatment meningioma benign have unconsciousness can i continue exercising have severe pain in ear have white blister remedy quad bypass heart functioning minimised what should we fear suffering from extreme over sweating cause treatment deformity in pinky finger twitching what is the cause reoccurring cyst swelling painful discharge what could be this having infertility problem what can be done itching little burning over whole body reason and cure sore throat cold virus pain reason and cure have heavy menstruation bleeding taking loette continue same dosage missed period taking penorite when will i have my period been having headaches nausea spotting what are the symptoms of aggressive behaviour illusions what kind of medical help is required late period anxiety had unsafe sex taking xanax related trying to conceive irregular period had a miscarriage explain siuation has arthritis i shaking and has headache had diarrhea reason depression overweight taking arpizol pacitance sizodon is it related have irregular periods can precum cause pregnancy taking regesterone for high bleeding had sex chances of pregnancy have ulcerative colitis had surgery can i still get pregnant blood count report shows hb 102 and pcv 305 normal penis discharge done urine test why does it happen vaginal leaking does not have urine incontinence reason intense rib pain gastric sensation worry about pancreatic cancer having sinus infections ct scan done what does findings suggest 5 year daughter rash on trunk spreading leg pain remedy hiv can it be transmitted if there is no penetration dry nipples itching liquid oozing out sensitive nipples any ideas can one maintain libido after hysterectomy pelvic ultrasound done what does results suggest anything to worry had flu cold mild chest pains what to do painful lumps behind the ear took ibuprofen what to do hip injury should i get mri acidity constipation indigestion heaviness in stomach taking pentocid dsr suggestions diabetes taken gluconorm sr diataal voglitor should i continue nursing mother had unprotected sex took nordette side effects have severe ra migraine vomiting headache related symptoms on xanax for years have reduced dosage feels shaky suggestions taking microgynon cycle has become lighter pregnancy test negative suggest diagnosed with osteochondritis dessecands suggested surgery what can be done feeling pain in lung was smoking heavily lung cancer fractured a metercarpel having pain and swelling suggest had unprotected sex started itching is it std have cracking sound in chest and pain what is it can child be given double dose of opv vaccine trying for a baby suggest medicine to ovulate prescribed macalvit can i give this medicine twisted ankle badly and fractured bones took clexane suggest bleeding after having rough sex cause of bleeding diagnosed with borderline diabetes precautions to be taken pain discomfort in testicles reason wisdom teeth removed full jawline bruised swollen quick remedy child has ingrown nail prescribed antibiotics recommendation chest pain black tongue tired sleeping more taken antibiotics help taking lamictal for bipolar disorder why was thorozene prescribed pain in groin and penis after oral sex uti breastfed child has irregular stools no pain or discomfort worried how to lower blood pressure taken metoprolol taking mirtazipine having cognition and anxiety worse what to do started to lose voice help hard knot on wrist no external injury cause what is the significance of a swollen lymph node feel snuffly and had congested nose what can be done done tubal ligation procedure missed period negative pregnancy test reason second std test shows high hsv igm 12 combination reason itch inside nostril and on crease suggestion pregnant taking duphaston for bleeding safe in pregnancy lump between breasts sweating worried lower back pain no tingling limbs pain when straightening help body pain abdominal pain no vomiting feeling feverish help had partially protected sex taken unwanted 72 now bleeding normal pain below sternum burping taken vitamin tablets reason want to increase height are ayurvedic medicines safe have optic neuritis limited vision in eye treatment red welts rheumatic fever painful taken allergy medicine and steroids spotting light bleeding sore breasts back pain have high bp taken revalol why has dosage been increased child has green stools taking lactogen given azcazin help done surgery for hernia possible to cure hernia through laproscopy taken unwanted 72 after unprotected sex frequent periods pregnancy diabetic hypertensive how to reduce blood sugar and weight pressure in forehead and eyes blurred vision headache concerned white blood cells increasing using metformin levisin lassix remedy retinal hole in right eye breast cancer used tamoxofen reason allergic cold and asthma like symptoms running nose suggestions infant vomits his feed should i use colimex missed period nipples sensitive could i be pregnant have some pimples on chin how to get cured does taking a ovralg capsules affect pregnancy in future diagnosed with polythestic ovaries can i get pregnant had bleeding with clots have painful swollen lump external hemorrhoid severe cough shortness of breath chest tightness negative pneumonia cure had area on ear cartilage surgical incision recommended with stitch pain inside left knee severe what should be done have esophageal cancer spreaded to spine got tumor permanent cure taking effexor heart rate while cycling what to do gagged and coughed up blood what could this be bleeder infection advised pelvic ultrasound vaginal lips swollen worried soreness itching around clitoris painful during sex solution having back acne worse after consuming eggdairy products advice right renal angiomyolipoma and right renal cortical cyst suggestion sonography report says uterus normal both adnexae clean meaning can any doctor help me with my scan reports attached sleeplessness after taking prednisolone for inflammed joints side effects taking cyclosporine long-term for itching bumps worried about side effects itchy rash on bra line stomach groin allergic reaction have diabetes discoloration in feet edema hardness in calf history of hysterectomy and laparoscopy soreness near belly button hernia rashes on inner thigh painful pus-filled need to worry vaginal discomfort brown discharge itching hard lump on head headache blurred vision had brain stroke big clot have diabetes high sugar hypertensive constant bleeding what is going on clear anal discharge with blood stomach pain headache hands cramping when holding small object what is this prolonged bleeding low back pain pelvic cramps pelvic heaviness menopause done eyelid lift have open eyes long-term harm have diarrhea no appetite pelvic discomfort no energy help done cataract surgery have glaucoma done laser treatment cause itchy bumps on chest stomach arms legs suggestions pain under armpit during menstrual cycle what is this food getting stuck in throat difficulty swallowing help breathlessness dizziness throat tightness reason swelling itchy painful hives taken heartburn pills and benadryl help have 33 heart function which institute to approach painful sores on labia taken valtrex painful urination herpes having redness and itching in eyes what can this be done av node ablation taking pradaxa success of procedure white discharge from penis no sex problem want to conceive taking ovulation study treatment tests done problem black spots on the face using mela glow side effects pain in breathing diagonised for pleurisy dependent on coumadin suggestion itchy rash on thigh after wasp sting reason bruised toes after kicking painful what is going on having back injury having pain need medication having irregular periods having pregnancy symptoms and also spotting suggest can genital herpes migrate to colon ringing in right ear pretty how to relieve this swelling redness around cut finger should i keep it splinted swelling discoloration after foot injury tender white spot significance weight gain painful bowel movements taken laxatives help pain under rib sweating old age headache fainting stressed need doctor prescribed seroquel for sleep issues diagnosis have anger outbursts abdominal cramping discomfort after sex pregnant pregnant stomach pressure swollen feet should i induce labor early treated for scarlet fever on antibiotics can go swimming suffered seizures prescribed zefretol and frisium continue this tablets testicle pain ultrasound shows bilateral minimal hydrocele epididymorchitis throat swelling narrowed airway any suggestions diabetic scan report shows blood clot in brain serious labia around clitories started swelling after using crinone gel suggestions pain in hand abnormal eosinophil count suggest medicine history of hip replacement have back and groin stiffness reason bruises on breast and armpit itchy have stress serious can child of three years be given protein drink itchy skin rash on body redness welts puffiness help abdominal discomfort had polyp removal can you help have lupus joint pain swollen knees elbows ankles any suggestions have ovarian cancer list of appropriate questions for doctor child has rectal pain cause severe cramping diarrhea dizziness taking antibiotics for tick bite cause have male pattern baldness taking levothyroxine have sjogren#39s syndrome help trying to conceive taking duphaston no results treatment to conceive have vertebral fracture done mri have pain in back help difficulty in controlling urine diabetic taking medication recommendations pain in erect penis no swelling or discharge reason swollen buttock bruise on cheek had a fall suggestions had partially protected sex pregnancy tickling sensation inside head dizziness lightheadedness migraine any clue hsg done what does the findings mean weight loss pain diarrhea is cause of death sepsis had unprotected sex burning difficulty urinating blood in urine uti nausea vomiting abdominal cramps taken advil reason vomiting abnormal blood pressure how long to get normal ct scan shows hepatic lesions typical of hepatic hemangiomata precautions overweight difficulty eating food have irregular periods what is this tests results show low in b12 suggestions lung congestion tiredness fever taken amoxicillin diagnosis variable result of pregnancy strip test which is correct child given anti rabies vaccine for unknown wound sufficient protection have alzheimer#39s disease showing symptoms of sundowner#39s syndrome need doctor dizziness history of stapedectomy have hearing loss what is this urinary bladder mildly distended prostate enlarged frequent urination treatment pregnant suffer headache and vomiting decided to take biogesic safe pregnant had sex suggest pills to get abortion having recurring typhoid although had typhoid vaccination weak immune system having bouts sweating and drooling having pain feeling nausea cure taking microgynon and antibiotics have abnormal bleeding cervical cancer pricked by infected needle infected with hepatitis c pulsating pain in forehead tiredness drowsiness what could be this painful itchy armpit rash tenderness and swelling taken antihistamine missing periods for 2 months am i pregnant suggestions no menstrual cycles feeling full after meals bloated stomach suggestions brown discharge after masturbating history of yeast infection infection hard bumps on scrotum and groin taken antibotics bleeding during and after intercourse ultrasound shows fibroid s recommendations pain in leg and upper back cause white patch on forehead no pain what could it be stinging urination after oral sex need recommendation for cream extra growth on testicle tenderness swelling painful what to do having white discharges and prescribed albothyl suppository suggestion can clobetasol cure skin lesions herpes suspected abnormal period late period am i pregnant bowel incontinence intense lower abdominal pain gi issues treatment taken norlevo after unprotected sex how did pregnancy happen have bp issues taking levothyroxine lipitor atorvastatin biotin side effects no period brown discharge pregnant dizziness sweating abnormal ecg prescribed methycolbalamine aspirin natural cure have defective medtronic morphine pump dye test scheduled congestion in lungs fever taking oral amoxicillin no improvement recommendations having pain in heart when upset what should be done scan done what does findings suggest recurring headache nausea cold sweats what could be this ultrasound shows lymph nodes in neck scared of throat cancer blood clots during periods need for alarm had oral sex tingling and burning feet irritated clitoris scared have hypothyroidism constipation bloating trying for baby prescribed nexium after colonoscopy and gastroscopy worried about side effects transvaginal ultrasound shows empty uterus skipped period help discomfort in left abdomen gas swelling under ribs solution pregnant prescribed iron and calcium is that ok waist pain weak erection what could be the problem history of pancreatitis have kidney stones due to surgery how reliable are hiv and std tests severe sunburn under breast unbearable pain applied aloe ice treatment swelling in left foot tingling working on cement floor treatment spitting blood every morning not alcoholic tests normal cancer yellow discharge from left breast what is this diagnosed with reflux nauseous no hunger why is it history of colon surgery abdominal pain need help lumbar mri done what does the findings mean chronic diarrhea unexplained bruising fatigue no appetite lower back pain difficulty swallowing vomiting choking what is the problem can polycystic ovaries and ancanthosis be avoided by losing weight child has lost bladder control physical or behavioral problem difficulty swallowing safe to have upper gi endoscopy done bleeding after period had protected sex taken progesterone pill reason baby s skin turned black after using dermadev soap help bumps on palm and feet oozing bitten by tick cause have dizziness mri and vdrl negative history of dizziness had oral sex taken antibiotics for pus formation hiv symptom involuntary shaking of hand fainting diagnosed as fits suggestion diagnosed with hg2 want insight to hg and cervical cancer eye redness after wearing contact lenses is this okay can one contract aids by sharing a bath tub x-ray for lumbosacral spine problem done what to expect pregnant taken antacids for ulcer will it affect baby pain in right side no vomiting appendicitis spotting ultrasound showed no heartbeat why was no tissue passed feeling of electric shock in knee reason groin pain inflamed testicle frequent urination reason have diabetes high blood sugar after taking drink reason swelling in foreskin during masturbation itching applied lanacane help have pacemaker trouble breathing at night reason have hair loss dandruff scalp itching broken hair need advice child has vomiting rolling eyes after eating given augmentin help abnormal blood test results taking coumadin reason bloating hot flushing feeling sweating after taking cymbalta help suffering from hyperarousal sleeplessness history of anxiety and depression treatment have fibromyalgia doctors stopped painkillers what to do taking antibiotics and pepto bismo for chronic diarrhea suggestion recurrent gastroenteritis with testicle hernia abdominal pain vomiting cure stomach pain diarrhea pain below rib cage itchy rash on back of hand help abdominal vibration no pain cause have coeliac disease loss of appetite headache worried stomach pain cramping bleeding from anus cause sharp pain in rectum area heterosexual what is it constant pain ever since total knee replacement any suggestions bump bruising on knee applied ice taken ibuprofen serious scan done what does the findings from scan interpret have intrathecal pump taking morphine clonidine concerned about repeated medication expelled a large tissue during period what is this family history of thyroid problems taking synthroid correct dosage have arthritis and fibromyalgia taken steroids and methotrexate recommendations have stomach discomfort nausea dizziness loose stools ideas scan done what does findings mean guidance taken premence tablet no periods am i pregnant constipation pink discharge normal pap smear stopped progesterone pill reason will sperm count increase if one stops masturbating history of abortion done laparoscopy trying to conceive help light periods having pregnancy symptoms negative test results any ideas taken ipill after unprotected sex brown discharge worried have agoraphobia red dots on toe taken antibiotics serious pus discharge after c-section how to heal child has cavities next step after cleaning had protected sex delayed periods swollen breasts pregnant taking losartan diltiazem need vitamin to increase sexual urge earlier had takasubo cardiomyopathy attack family history of cardiomyopathy risk muffled hearing swollen tongue taken antibiotics any ideas broken metatarsal itching inside foot normal for healing fracture had unprotected sex taken plan b brown discharge pregnant have sore throat negative strep test taking penicillin gargling reason diarrhea constipation abdominal pain sweating cause of symptoms have pinched vagus nerve need surgeon to repair damage have reddish lump on thigh painful itching help increased heart rate while working is this dangerous history of miscarriage discomfort and pain after sex cause have ovarian cyst scheduled for abdominal hysterectomy any thoughts late period negative pregnancy test reason numbness in foot muscle spasm help taking tranxene long-term want to wean off tablets done breast reduction surgery have fever worried about infection have aggressive ottosclerosis suggested stepdoectomy is this advisable done abdominal hysterectomy will it pain to lift heavy objects right back pain in an aged person alcoholic smoker suggestion allergy gastritis taken metronidazol and doxy-cycl side effects done novasure ablation no periods had unprotected sex ectopic pregnancy taken antibiotics for uti have frequent urination is it diabetes suffering from fever widal test done are the results normal painful areas of skin yellow patch on thigh have stress bleeding during penetration risk of std can i nebulize the child with salbutamol is albenza the only medication for pinworms and tapeworm have mirena spotting cramping normal does provachol increase total cholesterol level any side effects fatique nervous break down taking quetiapine for sleep medication swelling on the penis tenderness and raw unprotected sex remedy nausea diarrhea if anything eaten thoughts to relieve this dizzinee diziness labryinthitis tests done remedy spinal curvature with disc bulge at l4-l5disc herniation precautions inability to get erection is this due to lonsopril tab ultrasound done what does this mean anything to worry large uterus fibroids suggested robotic surgery is this safe uneasy feeling and pressure in the head advice dizziness hearing loss diabetic for 9 years taking medication recommendations done blood and urine test high alt sgpt meaning dizziness hungry sleepy negative pregnancy test am i pregnant history of uti reoccurring positive leucocyte esterate anything to worry had gallbladder removed diarrhea vomiting weight loss normal itchy rash on hands and arms redness scan shows thick endometrium normal difficulty swallowing plan b pill will this compromise the effectiveness discomfort in side numbness chest constriction variable diagnoses help taken advair for asthma can cats cause rapid memory loss skin eruptions taking cybalta treatment for side effect reason for no orgasm from sexual intercourse child has irregular heartbeat help had sah headache inability to see chances of recovering vision have bulging disc leg pain done mri is surgery necessary have scratched skin dark color treatment rash on chest and arms lump in armpit related symptoms pain when coughing after c-section incisional hernia and fibroid pain in xyphoid variable diagnoses what is the problem pain abnormal bleeding bloating ultrasound shows fibroid hysterectomy best option hemorrhoids hurt and bleed several bumps with white heads problem right testicle pain swollen taking ciprofloxcin cefalexin remedy pain in head when bending over laughing sneezing problem night terrors for kid making sounds sweating problem pain in neck muscle strain diarheo nauseated food poisoning cannot breathe normally what is wrong with me had unprotected sex brown sperm help lumps in breast underarms given primosa chances of cancer wisdom tooth removed taken ibrufen vomiting dizziness side effects pain during sex using lubricants any alternatives ultrasound shows gall stones options other than surgery sore throat trouble sleeping neck pain any ideas had hip replacement bundle branch blockage a-fib cause post nasal drip pressure on bridge of nose deviated septum swollen arm after gall bladder surgery redness knots tight feeling stomach bulge and pressure history of gastric bypass have mirena iud inserted safe to use ct scan shows pleural based noncalcified nodule treatment taking thyronorm venlor c pram lethargy body pain help foul smelling urine how can this be avoided breathlessness chest pain tingling dizziness high blood pressure itchy bumps on arms associated with asthma neck pain dizziness breathlessness hand shakiness nausea loss of memory have fatty liver hiccups acid reflux weight loss weakness no appetite nausea mood swings advice itchy skin muscle pain knee joint pain stomach pain worried recurrent headaches feeling of bruised head advice taking prilosec wellbutrin trazadone have depression medicine stomach pain bloated stomach gas taking miralax lesions on buttocks painful to sit swollen irritated cause swelling beneath clitoris itchy painful urination what can i take tiredness depression anxiety taking remeron correct dosage diagnosed as anemia have arm and thigh bruising connected had partially protected sex discharge before ejaculation what is it stomach burning blood in stool should i see a doctor dizziness swollen face no numbness or disfigurement neurologist or internist brown spotting scan shows heartbeat ovarian cyst cause of bleeding child has concussion ct scan normal forehead twitching normal are tylenol and oxycodone in the same medicine family chest pain had bronchitis is it a sign of asthma autism bed wetting taking carbatrol are they related have gallstone heaviness abdominal gas pinching sensation what to do fibrosis tumors biopsy endometrial which is the safest surgery symptoms of urethritis prescribed tumoslin for prostate should i continue have acne hormonal imbalance taking glucophage are they related excessive anger spotting odd period am i nearing menopause blood tests done normal x ray what does findings suggest mri scan done should i undergo a surgery can occasional smoking drinking alcohol damage brain cells swollen and red outer eyelid grass went into eye suggestions what does report done to know about multiple myeloma suggest soreness in bladder painful abdomen bloated is this normal does phentermine help in reducing weight dosage and duration tightness in chest paining during breathing what could be this severely burnt feeding tube catheter attached taking oxycontin side effects positive for h pylori bloating burning thin stools remedy us renal sonogram done what does findings suggest painful leg pressure sensation is it arthritis or osteoporosis diagnosed fibromyalgia type 2 diabetes numbness what is going on deafness is a complete ear transplant not feasible benign breast calcification done biopsies does it necessarily denote cancer co-rosuvastatin and teva-rosuvastatin what is the difference rash on buttocks severe itching do i have athlete#39s feet painful stomach nauseated on prevacid what could be wrong old age swelling in scrotum can anything subside the swelling upper back pain burning sensation bruising is it gallbladder painful arm chest pain why am i having trouble breathing dry hacking cough had asthma attacks give lortab or percocet have pcos irregular period prescribed duphaston should i continue it avascular necrosis femoral head deteriorating go for bone grafting swollen clitoris and vagina burning during urination applying cream recommendations changed the pill irregular period clotting mucus discharge consult doctor light vaginal bleeding lifted weight had hysterectomy cause of bleeding taken sulfamethoxazole for epididymitis will it heal on its own symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks hypochondriac advice using clingen forte yellow coating came out usage blood reports attached do tmt severe back pain not able to help myself suggestion myositis any medication for helping to walk and use fingers histrionic personality disorder consult doctor advice on depo unprotective sex pregnancy unprotected sex regular period urine analysis negative chances of pregnancy sinus scan done what does findings mean is the burnt smell of water is toxic transthoracic echocardiogram study done what does this mean breast lumpectomy diagnosed as fiboadenosis advice pinpointed pain in chest while breathing deeply anything to worry fluid behind eardrum not draining taking amoxicillin advice mri done what does findings suggest advice scan done what does the findings mean vomiting pain done appendix removal swollen labia stomach pain suggestions severe pain sometimes sharp moves around the stomach reasons wish of becoming an obstetrician guide birth control taking pills missed period chances of pregnancy vertigo from a week low blood pressure remedy swollen salivary gland sensitive to touch painful infection suggestions mri of prostrate done what does findings suggest fever pain no appetite taking ibrufen advice sensitive skin reddish after scratching painful suggest some treatment swollen perinuem tried home remedies cause of swelling treatment suffering from hair loss advised to do ozone treatment recommendations fluctuating thyroid severe hair fall advice burning in vagina after sex problem blood pressure normal after exercise is this normal pregnant diagnosed for unilateral right sided ventriculomegaly advice fractured wrist have breast cancer developing blisters on hands problem child has autism will not potty train any advice itchy left nipple mammograms ultrasounds and mri done concerned pregnant spotting since 2 days scan done advice high bp feel weak legs shaky taking doxycycline suggestion flesh colored spot in labia minora what is it unconsciousness seizures behavioral problems taking celebrex and addicted reason can hymen be broken without inserting anything in vagina suffering from cervical spondylitis suggest best homeopathy medicine underweight what supplements can i take to gain weight bi polar disorder any doctor in the area right bottom of the stomach painful sore problem unable to eat losing weight vomiting while eating cause high temperature gastritis constipation taken paracetamol with no benefit suggestion tilted cervix not getting pregnant advice chest pain heart burn urine test normal advice lot of headaches shortness of breath reasons when can we have sex after mirena iud removal does revital tablets cause any side effects yaz contraceptives are they strong enough to prevent period tylenol imprinted with az 285 is it 285 or 235 have candidiasis gas stomach pain diarrhea have fibromyalgia recommendations history of feet surgery prognosis after reconstructive surgery itching everywhere mixed baking soda with shampoo allergy suffering from depression what kind of treatment will help taking thyroxine long-term tired weight gain swollen legs and ankles taking tramadol long-term feeling restless sweats chills fatigue withdrawal symptoms have swollen joints painful applied votlren help broken ligaments numb ankles diabetes suggestions gerd heartburn nausea hypertension discontinued prilosec is that the reason thinning hairline using shikakai minoxidil renocia suggestions for better results abdominal cramping burning sensation heartburn heavy breathing why the pain lower back pain overweight have neuropathy what is wrong delayed period taken mtprost will it have side effects spotting after taking injection appetite loss feeling sleepy pregnant ultrasound shows follicle had intercourse any chance for pregnancy burning face after putting water what should i do had protected sex difficulty walking itching penis reason taken cefixime for short breath taken phensedyl for cough reason child has wind after feeding disturbed sleep reason pain during sex slow healing can neosporin be applied have bipolar disorder taking serequol lack of self-esteem done test for fertility are the results good persistent pelvic pain weakness laproscopic complete hysterectomy done recommendations mri of knee done what does the results suggest protein analysis done does the result describe light chain mm possibility of using levothyroxine 100 mcg as weight loss drug taking ovranette contraceptive missed it emergency contraceptives recommended hands sleeping even while sitting don#39t sleep together possible cause severe headache taking medication no relief mri done remedy anxiety distraction taking citalopram can i increase dosage peeling bumps between fingers severe are they due to heat developed red growth has bleeding circular what could it be dry cough mucus in throat what could be the reason same drug - different company does it make a difference irregular period secured sex chances of pregnancy doctor diagnosis for myasthenia gravis blood tests normal suggestion back pain headaches migraines after a car accident problem had protected sex missed period had brownish spotting possible reason swelling bruising numbness on knee after fall help wellbutrin xl pill is there a generic alternative kidney stones urination issues fluid discharge taking zyloric sufficient pain in colitis feeling pressure normal test results any ideas mri and mra done what does findings suggest medicine prescribed by doctor are any of the ingredients narcotic brown colored urine smoker sign of cancer was that blood knee pain constantly experiencing pressure what could it be done iui with menopur have bleeding negative pregnancy test miscarriage leg pain headache dizziness bitter taste in mouth related symptoms hip pain eases when lying down help bump under skin in pubic area hurts to touch help child has fever given paracetamol correct dosage swollen upper lip taken ibuprofen before swelling any thoughts spot on lower jaw enlarging age spots pregnant baby#39s head not fixed chances of normal delivery pregnant single loose umbilical cord around baby#39s head advice heart palpitations reoccurring skipping beat normal test results advice knee sores yellow pus taking antibiotics any ideas ct coronary analysis done what does findings suggest painful knees after reducing thyroxine no periods peri menopausal diagnosed with fibromyalgia what type of doctor should i meet will homeopathy treatment help in clearing blocked ears urine analysis done what does report suggest bleeding in tongue feeling of lump treatment stomach pain headache hot flashes after fingering suggestions brownish discharge stomach cramps after taking duphashton normal perfume smell in nose giving headaches suggest solutions mri of dorsolumbar spine done what does report suggest 6 year child suffering from pachygyria doing physical therapy opinion 6 year kid vomiting abdominal pain nausea taking medication advice ct scan done what does the reading suggest suffering from severe macular amyloidosis taking treatment no improvement recommendations suffer anal fissure is there any home treatment available acidity headache gas release taking omaze powder help vomiting weakness stomach pain after eating taken antibiotics have diabetes need doctor to loosen toenails having buttock pain getting blood in stool any concerns can heavy sneezing cause early pregnancy spotting feeling of something pushing out of anus worried trying to gain weight after unexplained weight loss taking loritab for pain alternative medicine for methadone have post ciotal bleeding normal pap smears no std dizziness loss of appetite difficulty swallowing taking sustenon enenthate suffering from skin rash fro 11 years suggestions treatment recurrent sore throat could it be bacterial blood test shows elevated white count platelets had breast cancer problem trans vaginal ultrasound done what does results suggest endometrium cancer done knee replacement redness in knee inflammation low iron count swollen foot after being bitten foul smelling painful help chest pain burn-like appearance cause sweating nausea fainting stomach pain after donating blood reason can long-term breast feeding cause breast lumps frequent urination urge while sitting what could this be headache after childbirth mri shows abnormal veins in head help child has congestion prescribed asthalin and zerostat safe medicine in narcolepsy how can sleep attack be documented clitoris tear after childbirth will clitoris be permanently ruined elevated hemoglobin history of radium implant exposure sign of leukemia had tia stroke seeing double history of mini stroke reason hiccups cramps below rib choking vomiting help prescribed moxicip for throat pain good medicine taking suboxone effexor for depression vibration in brain cause oily skin pimples on face suggest good creams have piles suggestions for breakfast have dry tongue weight loss taking lighterlife plan help ankle injury started rice x-ray shows tissue damage information lower back stiffness painful shoulder pain what should i do trying to conceive for months have one kid recommendations had unprotected sex taken pill missing periods any ideas have prominent bone in hand done x-ray treatment taking levothyroxine for high thyroid level heaviness in head reason high wbc count fever sweating feeling cold twitching leg cure sudden episodes of diarrhea should a doctor be consulted itchy little bumps on pubis area could this be std urine drips after urination masturbated a lot cure feeling of vibration in stomach reoccurring what could be this skin red painful where iv was placed is this normal drop in hemoglobin nausea lightheaded fatigue what could be done frequent masturbation low sperm count feeling weak sperm leaking treatment chronic gi bleeding taking prednisone caused by drinking wine recurring garderella on regular intervals sexually active advice high fever sever body pain how to get relief smelly white menses what could it be have osteoarthritis taking thyronorm fefol suggested knee transplant advice antenatal ultrasound scan done what does findings suggest lft and lipid test done suggest diet and exercise cramps delayed period not sexually active reason trying to conceive taking hmg injection correct treatment x-ray shows fibroid infiltrates pulmonary tuberculosis cure eye pain weakness addicted to masturbation treatment brain seizures history of asthma due to dehydration or menopause nausea vomiting sensation on sulfamethoxazole tmp levothyroxine lisinopril advice how does prednisone helps fend off asthma attacks severe hair loss itching tried different treatments no improvement remedy involuntarily humming is this a neurological disorder swelling on base of penis loss of sensitivity possible reason suffering from ibs taking loperamide causing constipation recommendations problems with erectile dysfunction suggestions swollen urethra sore abdominal pain burning during urination recommendations ct of abdomen done what does findings suggest taking icsi treatment missed 4 noresthisterone tablets anything to worry swollen throat lumps in groin fatigue hetrosexual symptoms of hiv have elongated cervix and migraines hysterectomy scheduled reason test done fro uti what does results suggest burning sensation and blood during urination irregular periods reason bruises appearing and disappearing on legs under stress any ideas prescribed twynsta for elevated blood pressure worried about side effects worms coming out during urination what could be this feeling disoriented tingling fingertips no pain cause recurrent shingles pain due to overexercise taking apo-cephalex for cut on thumb will the swelling reduce braces sticking out cut on tongue what to do disc dessication with disc bulge joint arthropathy canal stenosis help injury during hysterectomy have depression want to lose weight from stomach need effective medicine weakness and pain in knee swelling problem itching in inner thighs odor no painful urination help done endometriotic surgery taken lupride injection how to get pregnant taking depo have pregnancy symptoms am i pregnant pain under rib cage and in shoulder blade abdominal cramp while bending taking insulin for diabetes cause clear semen discharge from penis reason child has fever rash on feet burst blister given colpol shortness of breath dizziness tingling all over the body remedy diarrhea stomach ache migraine nausea no appetite problem defib installed devise gone off on different emotions remedy have lower back painblood work showed elevated creatine level medication constipation stomach pain vomiting should i meet a doctor have constipation upset stomach after taking laxative bloating stomach cramps diarrhea after eating out what is the problem chest x-ray shows ptc apicolordotic exam shows fibrohazed densities meaning suffering from gerd tried zintac omeprezol home remedies surgery required swelling in pubic area sexually active problem unprotected sex itchy burning vagina white fluid discharge advice child with physiological jaundice and respiratory problem worried