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brownish spotting back ache and cramping tubes tied pregnancy chances lump in throat gas belching occasional heartburn liquid stool advise lack of desire for intercourse no erection advise severe headache after being exposed to sunlight reason severe bleeding abdominal cramps taking primolut is it normal heavy headedness dizziness gastric problems taking protein supplements suggestions broken elbow cast removed swelling hard around fracture normal missed periods took postinor after unprotected sex worried about pregnancy taking junel fe mild bleeding is this periods or pregnancy feeling breathlessness in the mornings have mild asthma need advice irregular periods duphaston prescribed pregnancy possibility taking fertomid does it affect ovulation need information on epley maneuver have dizziness due to vertigo ultrasound revealed adequate amniotic fluid what does the report indicate burning on the penis after using ky jelly reason throat congestion burping due to indigestion suffering from overweight feels agitated and depressed taking champix continue penis problems dark red skin blood when excited painful suggestions diabetic began drinking what are the risks with that have severe lower pains but no bleeding what to do having reocurring allergy patch at bottom of back cure had pea-sized growth beneath left eye what can be done patient of functional diarrhea losing weight need nutrition plan diabetic have reading can any online doctor help treated for chlamydia still bleeding what can it be why pelvic discomfort with gas pain nausea back pain ovarian cyst child with infection on tongue looks whitishyellow fever suggestions stressed life injury in hand not healing suggestions ovarian cyst recommended lutenyl any side effect swollen knee painful floating bone precribed pandenine forte cure penis does not erect when erects premature ejaculation suggestions recurrent clogging of sinus with ear block non smokerdrinker recommendations pregnant pre-diabetic asked to start insulin is it safe burning sensation moving all over body recommendations left renal calculus left renal cortical cyst bulky uterus recommendations moving ball in lower back painful lipomas alternate for surgery unprotected sex during ovulation pregnancy test negative pregnant met accident injured head eyes black what can be done pulled abdominal muscle have severe stomach ache with fever medication getting married periods due taking meparate what to do unwanted pregnancy raw papaya consumed suggestions pregnant ultrasound shows baby#39s weight 365 gm advise having no desire for sex what to do have stammering problem how to get treated developed cramping in stomach unpleasant smelling bloated feeling reason had hsg terrible diarrhea having intercourse terrible bowel pains reason went through menopause brown spotting what could be the causes chesty cough grayish sputum smoker cause infant having fever pacimol prescribed dosage concerned about premature ejaculation sensitive penis need a solution having tinnitus due to throat infection treatment for tinnitus what tablet can be used to prepone periods small slightly red rough spot inside of cheek reason cure diagnosed with asd trouble breathing catheterization or one heart surgery on birth control pill blood in urine pregnant taking devry to postpone periods cramps and spotting menstruation pregnant ultrasound done what are the complications suggested in report difficulty in getting erection treatment rashes on the inflamed penis allergy brownish spotting pregnancy test negative what else hiv positive diagnosed with bv on pep advise excessively moist vagina discharge smelling like bleach no std worried diagnosed with paratyphoid can you explain the widal test results reddish bumps on the thigh what is it puffy eyelids after exposure to bleach what to do swollen stomach after gall bladder removal need help weight gain after taking movicol medication side effect pain in the lower abdomen could this be from smoking round patches in the vagina not hpv what else intermittent lower pelvic pain radiating to the thigh advice delayed periods worried about pregnancy abortion methods suffer from uti blood stained mucus from vagina cause pimples on the cheeks tried devira need better medication sling surgery suggested for incontinence recovery period sudden episode of shaking and cold flashes reason mri showing lesions need to get checked by a neurologist need medication for vaginal dryness pain in the ear clogged ears after being hit treatment difficulty in having intercourse without condom anything can be done newborn on flicloxacillin for skin infection is this medication safe does previous abortions reduce chances of conception missed periods after protected intercourse could it be from stress feeling weak weight loss high bilirubin levels is it hyperbilirubinemia on medication for narcolepsy having nervousness suggestion pimples in the mouth and on the penis reason gurgling in the abdomen pain loose stools rectal bleeding worried sore reddish ring on the penis need medication prescribed with renocia for hair loss is it safe reddish sore spot on the nose reason runny nose concerned about having copd 21 year old concerned about less facial hair growth brownish spots on the lower eyelid anything to be concerned pregnant with pressure in the ear stuffed nose allergy swelling and bumps on the penis have pain reason raised mole on the arm bluish discoloration with soreness worried sore throat fever and headache worried about hiv chances 3 year old with severe stomach pain headache reason bloating below the rectum irregular bowel movements need a remedy severe bleeding beta serum negative any suggestions pain in the stomach diarrhea and nausea greenish stool diverticulitis pain in the ovaries and cervix urinary tract infection persisting sore throat lump above nipple what is it have suicidal thoughts due to family problems need help stinging sensation after ejaculation feels better after urination concerned pain in the stomach nausea severe itching cause echogenic kidney stones pain in the abdomen after eating treatment pregnant with abdominal pain after sonogram is it normal back pain blood in urine chances of pulled muscle taking lutera missed taking pills reddish spotting after intercourse pregnant white loose stools low grade fever low appetite viral infection is caboki for hair loss effective bleeding gums and plaque build up in pregnancy reason taking oxycodone daily drug test shows negative why burning in the penis due to excessive masturbation pregnant advised with fertigyn injection concerned about the risks spotting after intercourse had a light period what is wrong swollen testicles due to excessive masturbation what to do missed periods stress or pregnancy zero sperms in the semen analysis what is the treatment prescribed with omeprazole for gerd bloating and excessive burping remedy hysterolaparoscopy advised after multiple abortions due to lupus antibody suggestions infant with viral fever cold and cough constipated advice planning to conceive irregular periods taking fertyl any advice concerned about addiction to masturbation feeling weak headaches neck pain and indigestion due to stress can you help in reading the semen analysis report what are the ways of hiv transmission pain in the testicles ultrasound showing cysts present treatment delayed periods could be due to depression slurring of speech disorientation reason pain in the heels difficulty in walking suggestions bleeding after menopause dc done hysterectomy suggested why need a natural remedy to increase the penis length concerned about small penis any solution concerned about the sperm count what are my fertility chances hip injury did workout pain during movement advise took i pill after intercourse delayed periods concerned about pregnancy urine test showing mucus threads present what does it mean suffered multiple miscarriages any advice on conception pain and swelling in the toe need a remedy having excessive white discharge reason dizziness lack of appetite chances of cirrhosis taking rigevidon for polycystic ovaries severe bleeding need help tender breasts after mirena insertion irregular bleeding cramping suggestions itching on the chest reason knee injury yellowish substance present under skin suggestions 6 year old with severe stomach pain fever need medication swollen abdomen recovering from alcohol addiction worried about cirrhosis child with fever sore foot tried nurofen need help need help in analyzing the semen test report dry lips with swelling reason severe stabbing pain numbness and tingling in the vagina treatment using lomela cream for a fair skin side effects crusty vaginal lips white discharge burning while urination reason concerned about burnt esophagus after eating hot food pus filled sores in the vagina burning treatment pregnancy ultrasound not able to detect fetal cardiac activity worried missing periods need medication for abortion how long is rabipur vaccine potent in room temperature pain while swallowing could this be due to gi problems bloated face and jawline after smoking weed advice reddish dots on the penis swollen testicles reason sore swollen lips upon sun exposure any suggestions on aviane took emergency contraceptive after intercourse concerned about pregnancy lips eyebrows scrunching hard tight face waxing done cure seizure recreational drugs occasionally taken suggestions swollen bumps in the vagina have pain std possible pregnancy from exposure to spilled sperm on toilet seat severe abdominal pain on the left side fever reason pain in the calf muscle have varicose vein need solution hard itchy purple spot above vagina advise reddish swollen pimple on the eyebrow swollen eye need treatment can you analyze the semen report fertility chance child with fever vomiting reddish scaly scrotum slapped cheek virus on clomid missed period white discharge pregnancy test negative concerned over masturbation difficulty concentrating involuntary masturbation headaches red eyes advise trying for conception pulsating pain in the pelvis reason sudden seizures happening what could be the cause no firm erections had varicose cell surgery is this curable child with fever and congestion vomited rotavirus infection have cold runny nose sore throat and kidney pains advice pain in the stomach before bowel movement taking painkillers worried suffered renal failure after pneumonia have diabetes any advice suffer from alopecia areata recurring need a permanent cure spot seen in annual pap smear should be worried severe pain during the periods taking pain killers treatment throat congestion increased heart rate difficulty in swallowing reason severe pain in the left side of the stomach concerned lumps in colon and in lungs worried about lung cancer infant with frequent bowel movement after eating due to milk reduced menstruation cramps and headache reason can precum transferred from oral sex cause pregnancy area on neck gets sore unable to diagnose diabetic cause pus formation on the pierced ear remedy severe knee pain and swelling taking collagen have diabetes how to know the vaccination is painless or not scar on the face from an accident any creams available injury to shin causing swelling and pain discolored skin treatment delayed periods pregnancy chances painful intercourse pregnant avomine taken for nausea vomiting oils used harmful indentation on shin x-ray shows torn muscles treatment oral sex with sex worker fatigue fever diarrhea hiv positive can you explain the pelvic ultrasound report taking tegratol and frisium for epilepsy not gaining weight advice child with painful lump in the vagina what is it severe itching with vitiligo is there a non-medical treatment addicted to masturbation concerning depression dullness gloominess taking codopa taking pacitane should i continue tingling and numbness in the back could this be muscular feeling a lump in the throat excessive thirst reason unwanted hair on face neck follihair tablets taken advise long term masturbation ejaculation before intercourse suggestions acute lower abdominal pain after dancing advise diabetic with reduced urination no infection in urinalysis any suggestions painless lump on the head no injury concerned gurgling sound in the stomach vomiting need help infant with foul smelling watery stool need to get checked took microgynon after unprotected intercourse chances of pregnancy penis not hard enough for penetration medicine suggestions brownish red blotch belly spreading to under breasts recommendations stressed muscles on the forehead in sleep low energy cause suffer from dry nose need a permanent cure painful lump on the testicle blood in semen reason need help in reading the urinalysis report frequent urination throbbing in the vagina swollen labia minora reason child born with gastroschisis severe abdominal pain reason suffered mrsa infection after a cyst removal need antibiotics pain in forehead blurred vision stays for regularly daysweeks recommendations vertigo with headache mri clear suggestions red spot on upper thigh numbness around red spot recommendations dieting dizziness injury to head dizziness continues recommendations abnormal pigmentation on ankle reason for pigmentation penis having weeping sore colorless fluid disinfectants used recommendations unprotected sex used nordette as ecp periods delayed suggestions missing periods after childbirth back ache weakness need advice pain in the leg physiotherapy suggested after mri any thoughts mild periods after unprotected intercourse nausea and cramps pregnant brownish vaginal discharge abdominal pain cyst in ovary diagnosed treatment what is the dosage of nordette pfizer glucose profile advised in pregnancy chances of diabetes feeling pins and needle pain in the lower abdomen cause heavy chest cough and greenish phlegm viral infection reduced menstrual flow planning to conceive will this affect pregnancy anal itching due to fissures pain and bleeding remedy feeling nausea back ache and fatigue spotting pregnant infant with hard stools normal stool test need diet advice took i-pills multiple times concerned about future pregnnacy ulcers in tongue after taking mdma need treatment irregular periods due to pcos taking metformin further treatment trying for pregnancy can you explain the semen analysis report infant getting up frequently at night rubbing eyes allergy unable to breastfeed feeding flavored wheat cereal is that harmful took i-pill for abortion no bleeding was the abortion complete suffer from severe headache and nausea migraine or causalgia have umbilical hernia is there a laparoscopic treatment headache constipation nausea and vomiting need help numbness in head while sleeping reason need medication to prepone the periods had cone biopsy bleeding and cramping is this normal nausea cramps red spotting regular priods pregnant stomach pain vomittngcold sweats what could this be accident bruised elbow swelling any treatment required blackout forehead wounds headaches what is it hypodense fluid attenuating cystic needs a surgery can any online doctor help me read this report trying to conceive suggested ovulet any suggestions pain under the rib cage shortness of breath reason unsatisfied with voice need manly voice go for speech therapy no pain after taking mt pill concerned delayed periods pregnancy or due to altitude change had unprotected sex is it safe to take i-pill frequently emoderm suggested for allergy on face how to apply it trying to conceive taking postenure will it cause infertility yellowish eyes blood test shows high bilirubin levels gilbert syndrome delayed periods pregnancy test negative ovacet prescribed any side effects birth asphyxia requested cpk abnormal what can we expect pain and burning in the upper abdomen is this ulcer thigh pain tried using ice what is the cause diabetes high blood sugar reading what does it mean multiple myeloma on oral chemo revlimid is it serious menstruation overweight boils on inner thighs what is going on bronchitis asthma on clarithromycin when will i feel better white hard lumps on labia minora taking antibiotics solution appendix removed still paining and burning should i worry bumps itchy on clitoris producing smegma what can be done had visited chiropractor have headache chills and super bloated treatment on remeron for tremors suggestions for antidepressant along with remeron suffering from premature ejaculation solution to enjoy sex life diarrhea after taking metformin can i take glipzide sore breasts in cold weather pregnant feeling tired lower back pain and nausea delayed periods pregnant teenager why is medicine bactrium and keflex used for child having palpitations and anxiety ekg normal need help persisting headaches due to stress need a permanent cure pain in the kidney area due to cyst treatment spotting nausea and mood swings what is wrong child with pain in the tailbone anything to be done child having raised itchy rashes on the body scabies can myopia be corrected by lasik excessive white discharge after intercourse pregnancy chances conflicting pregnancy test reports need medication for abortion swollen chest and collar bone after dc reason irregular periods spotting while on birth control chances of pregnancy period is late tiredness and nausea how to avoid pregnancy pain above the hip while straining appendicitis itchy rashes on the penis arms and buttocks reason nausea vomiting and cramps food poisoning or pregnancy spotting missing periods had unprotected sex concerned blood report suggested thyronormalcy anything serious suffer from repeated e hystolitica infection need a permanent cure unprotected sex blood spots while passing urine suggestion escalated blood pressure after taking pradaxa for arterial fibrilation help anal fissure extended piles bleeding using proctosedyl ointment remedy skin reaction to boxing gloves blotchy rashes remedy fatty liver high blood pressure liver enzymes are high advice blood through anus while passing stool taking pilex suggestion cylindrical eye problem glasses suggested for child explain dog bite dog sick and not vaccinated problem pain in legs fatigue low energy and fever treatment heavy burping with gas throat pain problem belly is increasing tried exercise medication for flat belly irregular spotting and bleeding tests all fine reason blood in urine chemotherapy has been done problem persists on thyroid medication finger nails are raw and split related semen analysis test done what do the results indicate white drops in urine trying to avoid masturbation weakness advise hard breasts painful when pressed itchy before periods suggestions sudden irritation from cosmolite advise white bumps with sting on arms poison ivy suspected advise itchy pubic anal area pubic area red moist odor advise difficulty in breathing during windy conditions no blockage remedy back injury radiating pain vertigo suggestions child fever occasional sneezing cough calpol given ascoril prescribed advise missed period pregnancy test negative pregnant bleeding after intercourse had medical abortion reason depressed sleep during day cannot concentrate back pain problem intercourse on 7th day after periods pregnancy fever diarrhoea heart burning loss of appetite outside food remedy pimples on face and ears treatment severe cough going unconscious given montair levocet and augmentin remedy lower abdomen pain increases when pressure exerted advise have zero facial hair how to grow facial hairs have fever tired and bloated stomach abdominal pain suggestions always feel the need to burp heartburn solution itchy and burning rashes around armpits tried cortisone cream cure bladder and kidney infection suggested temporary dialysis guide vomiting mucus watery stool lactose intolerance pain in the head confusion and ear pressure reason celiac disease is malarone gluten-free curing 7 year old boy pain in tibia area problem 31 years old period flow has decreased is this normal suffering from depression how can i confirm my illness irregular periods since first menstruation cramps sexually active advice lung collapsed fine needle biopsy done treatment irregular periods ultrasound done nothing found cause armpits are sore with red patches worried about the findings 18 weeks pregnancy want to abort advice have swollen gum noticed white pus worried about the findings breaking into hives suddenly any suggestions stomach pain headache nause due to missed birth control have type 2 diabetes fuzzy head dizziness what to do fever with slight cough something stuck in throat remedy itchy tongue feeling hot dry mouth earlier drank alcohol reason have pus-filled abscess on leg is it a sore need prescription for asthma inhaler taking xanax for anxiety abdominal cramps blood in stools urinating need help clitoris irritation have homosexual relationship redness itching your thoughts tanned skin using sunscreen how to quickly regain fair skin taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism is herbalife supplement safe pain in left ear suggested cholestetoma and ct scan advise difficulty in walking mobile knee cap heavy ankles suggestion on birth control spotting seen is it pregnancy digestion problem after gall bladder operation treatment child has swollen lymph gland soft movable additional information dizziness when bending over imbalance nausea when driving ear infection pregnant nausea back pain cramping of abdomen suggestion calf muscle pain unable to sleep what to do chest pain when resting help chest pain vaginal bleeding after taking augmentin normal symptoms history of ectopic pregnancy any chance of normal pregnancy hairfall low hb level prescribed aferite tricofol anatism safe bleeding for the past 2 weeks endometrium 88 solution child has foul smelling urine constipation is she dehydrated prescribed primolut for pcos any side effects palpitations enlarged prostrate diabetic on medication possible cause child has constipation painful need help sweating warm body feeling thirsty pale face need help have pid endometrial polyp fibroademates taking evion candidtral correct treatment stomach cramps bleeding stopped periods while taking birth control worried fever sore throat green phlegm taken mucinex methylprednisone help severely anemic is fish oil or anything else beneficial want medicine to prevent pregnancy without side effects mild chest pain hard to swallow depressed suggestion child is puking milk in morning reason underweight vegetarian have kidney stone how to gain weight had sex pain inside penis shaft what to do cough has bleeding damaged lungs non smoker what is wrong have thyroid and small polyp in ovaries gaining weight guidance back pain discomfort weight gain reason lump on finger pins and needles painful concerned teenager suicidal tendencies cut left wrist deep dizziness bleeding help waking up with swollen mouth and lips reason does daily hand job effect future sex with partner diagnosed cervical ectropion constantly bleeding anemic mood swings help reddish painful bumps on the anus need to get checked having fever ear infection cold given tylenol treatment taking duphaston any side effects best method to terminate pregnancy while maintaining secrecy lost virginity sore stinging while urinating is this normal dark patches under nose around mouth after using eveglow reason trying to have second baby what medication to take difficulty in swallowing throat congestion fatigue and body aches reason had eustachian tube dysfunction worried about the findings red bumps on skin redness and itchy what is it red extremely painful large swelling in elbow medication child headache nausea vomiting mild fever help head injury bleeding swelling what harm can happen teenager slightly tight foreskin advice diagnosed with genital warts undergone cryo is using aldara safe abdominal pain feeling of fullness hiccupy belch suggestion delayed periods breast swelling chances of pregnancy suffer from erythema nodosum what is cause for this advised colonoscopy allergic to benzodiazeines propofol sedation solution had unprotected sex delayed periods pregnancy tests negative reason right abdominal lump painful during period suggestions dark complexion skin lightening cream suggestions prolonged coughing causing sleeplessness recommendation for tests dizzy during cycling numbness on the leg and arm reason experiencing strong metallic urine smell on cu iud why reason why doctors cannot examine womb vulval pain discharge recent childbirth white spots in vulva diagnosis have rheumatoid arthritis diet or exercise to reduce esr level prescribed q gold and siphene safe medicine child has arm numbness no pain any ideas reason for increase in liver enzyme levels had loose motion anger frustration suffering from paranoid scizophrenia any advice pelvic pain prolonged bleeding is this serious pink discharge itching have mirena loop history of cin4 help sore arms after exercise swollen arm what to do scan shows bilateral diffuse fibroadenosis curable testicle discomfort ultrasound normal should i be concerned lower stomach cramps variable pregnancy test results indication of period taking levogastrol for dyspepsia how long can medicine be taken pregnant vomiting should i check if unborn baby is okay have diarrhea done lft is everything normal have hyperacidity heartburn vomiting done endoscopy no relief trying for baby taking thyrox for thyroid problem next step tiredness abdominal rash itching abdominal boils allergy have hay fever swollen thumb redness swollen palm sprain or severe bruising taken immodium dioralite for diarrhea feeling exhausted what was it taken celebrex zydol leg pain due to anti-inflammatory medicine difficulty breathing disturbed sleep no heart problems allergic to buttercups taken antibiotics for bronchitis breathlessness while walking help painful bump on eye what should i do scratched by stray dog worried have polyhyramnios taken beta methasone shots due to gestational diabetes history of hysterectomy and ovary removal recurrence bursting cysts cause feeling suddenly sleepy sleepiness reduces after having sex joint pain swelling taken glucosamine fish oil ibuprofen worried prescribed prednisone and triamcinolone cream for contact dermatitis high dose descended testis swelling no pain what to do stomach pain bloating tender to touch what is wrong genital irritation painful boils taken ampliclox right prescription delayed menstruation when taking ovamit negative pregnancy test normal white discharge during urination after having unprotected sex reason taking cilest have watery stools shoulder pain abdominal pain help cough after taking coversyl for high blood pressure related prolonged bleeding clotting dizziness nausea after taking postinor normal possible to increase weight using weight gain pills safe recurrent white spots on body itchy what could they be ultrasonography shows calculi in biliary duct done lft test help broken toe itching burning painful swollen cause taken ibuprofen child has loose motion prescribed anafortan oflomatc normal pcos increased testosterone level taking glycomet aldactone ginette finest suggestions lower right gum pain radiating wisdom tooth period pain but no period brown discharge on ovranette pregnant slight chest pain numbness sore shoulder nerve damage toenail injury partially detached should i get it removed early period spotting tender breasts should i be concerned taking bisoprolol for hypertension itching facial skin taken fexofenadine help weight gain thyroxine dosage reduced mirena coil fitted suggestions lightheaded short of breath after workout tropinin level 007 suggestions chest discomfort due to worry about examination should i worry angiogram shows luminal irregularity cad-double vessel disease surgery required taking birth control chest pain breathlessness chain smoker cause taking anti-depressant medication for depression no relief help ultrasound shows thick endometrium diagnosis and treatment trying to conceive removed implanon sore breasts before periods explain black veins on tongue normal have abdominal discomfort taken fexatenadie and eumovate for itchy skin rash any suggestions headaches constant nausea stomach pains extreme fatigue diarrhea reasons 16 year old feeling tired missing periods reason period flow is reduced not married is it serious what does some black spots or specs in stool mean pus filled blister in the ear what is it severe pain in the knees and thighs cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck with pain reason have butterfly feeling in stomach and anxious remedy took plan b after intercourse chances of pregnancy irregular periods had unprotected intercourse nausea and delayed periods pregnancy reason for low red blood cell count in the body passing small clot of blood at end of peeing cause semen analysis shows some agglutination is seen meaning brownish spots on the hand what are these flu symptoms fever light headedness constant headache solution jaw clicking when mouth opened after being punched solution sensitive vagina with reddish bump cause severe mood swings could this be caused by childhood abuse examination of hip showed osteophyte scerosis and acetabulum meaning sore throat fever coughing up mucous solution child cheeks turned pale suddenly what could be the reason reddish mark on the calf itching and tinging shingles lesion in the vagina after intercourse reason pregnant with something white in urine suggestions have kidney stone painful can smoking marijuana help skin above testicles dry and peeling remedy period is abnormal pregnancy test negative nauseated headache pregnancy chances have soreness in upper stomach had appendix burst related took cytotec had mild bleeding worried about pregnancy nausea gassy abdominal pain what could it be penis swollen hard to pee after masturbation suggestions dark purple on labia minora itchy odour infection urine vma elisa 035 mgg what does it indicate does having intercourse under periods lead to pregnancy painful area below navel constipated try laxatives had umbilical hernia surgery redness below the umbilicus hematoma tingling in the calf muscle cause frequent chest pain at night all reports normal reasons need information about safe time for having sexual intercourse what are the tips to increase height suffering from tuberculoma having severe headache inspite of medication solution suffering from acne little help from deriva cream solution daibetic treated for dengue now difficulty in concentrating advise pap smear test shows ectropion meaning thick saliva with cough what is the reason urine test shows glucose and protein negative normal does telma h cause erection problems does masturbating affect penis size and sperm quantity shin injury blue patch ibuprofen taken broken tibia bleeding after intercourse mirena inserted warfarin previously taken advise diagnosed as pre-diabetic feet pains bags under eyes suggestions are headaches caused purely by over masturbation how to increase weight and arm muscles delayed period headache hot flash cramps taken depo shots advise menstruation problems brown blood spotting bleeding tsh level 6 advise migraines since childhood after eating certain foods cause done urine analysis need explanation done abortion bleeding bloating cramping taking lo loestrin fe normal risks of methamphetamine user having an epidural taking oxycodone for neck pain will suboxone block its effects bumps on tragus back of head no pain concerning elbow injury difficulty lifting arm shoulder pain can hiv be transferred through saliva is a test required done metatarsal surgery painful swollen bluish after removing cast normal can mosquito repellants cause harm to baby had molar tooth removal swollen eyelid taken cetrizine reason done complete hysterectomy pain bleeding during sex reason have irregular periods weight gain suggestion increased vaginal discharge fatigue and dizziness anything to concern child has stomach cramps increased urge to urinate explain condition knee injury swelling pain bruising by patella immobilization help blood in stools doctor required scratchy throat sore uvula fever cough what could it be thigh calf muscle cramps sleeplessness tiredness taken cymbalta lorazepam suggestions done colonoscopy now tingling foot no pain concerned terrible acid reflux leading to coughing diet preferences irregular vaginal bleeding abdominal pain sore throat neck pain reason having asthma on treatment is this curable over weight anxiety no energy on antidepressants any suggestions penis not erecting and small in size suggestion there is pain in balls and penis after masturbation remedy high bp alcoholic taking lisinopril what can be done loud hearing history of tinnitus duxifarl prescribed any suggestion underwent tubectomy operation have stomach pain suggestions period is delayed was on augmentin can antibiotic cause this taking citalopram learning difficulty and frustration side effects unable to have sex due to masturbation habit treatment child has high fever homeopathy medicine not helping suggestions mole like bump on the arm have inflammation cellulitis heavy irregular bleeding reason and treatment suffer from constipation have diabetes need help infant refusing to eat slow weight gain reason semen analysis shows pus cell 12 - 15 hpf normal discomfort before urination took cipro worried about the findings feeling tired after taking lamotrigine when should i take this took cialis and passed out takes losartan potassium related child has fever and throat infection prescribed azithral cause pimples on forehead and cheeks suggestion hemophilia carrier pregnant is c-section safe recurring sore throat temporary relief from medicines permanent cure shin bruise after car accident turning purple is it healing had unprotected sex can contraceptive pill be taken child has red mark on spine no pain cause burning redness warm itching knees taken benadryl any ideas rash on face and neck applied aloe sun burn swollen lower leg bruise applied ice help taken unwanted 72 after having unprotected sex bleeding side effect pain in lower rib cage potential gall bladder problem taking inhaled steroid for asthma due to chlamydia pneumoniae infection memory loss involuntary movement of face and hands worried nausea vomiting not eating have ibs worried can hiv infection be transmitted through breast milk child has blue veins on knees treatment swollen knees and thighs cause itching redness on lower arm any idea itching hands swollen lips taking benadryl any help taking losartan increased blood pressure can medicine be stopped difficulty digesting food chest pain nausea difficulty breathing worried have bipolar disorder taking lithium and anti-depressant hospitalization effective smelly discharge from nose how to stop it leg pain difficult to work taking lisinopril and carne help have fever salty taste in mouth why did it happen have osgood shlatter disease pain after knee injury cause itching and blisters in area of injection should i worry hard painful lump on skull sore to touch headache taken wrong dosage of methotrexate worried about overdose positive ovulation tests pink discharge periods or pregnancy difficulty getting erection difficulty maintaining erection physical or psychological problem variable pregnancy test results likelihood of pregnancy light spotting variable pregnancy test results painful breasts nausea pregnant back pain after eating fruit any ideas brown thick discharge intermittent spotting pregnant painful vein near wrist numbness taken baby aspirin help having diabetes sugar levels fluctuating what can be done proteins pus cells epithelial cells found in urine normal frequent vertigo dizziness suffer thyroid and cholesterol possible cause does hypothyroidism affect height in males frequent motions with blood stain no pain reason want to conceive using mirena endometrioses by laparotomy advise pain in posterior rib region anti-inflammatory medication not helping suggestions taking pills irregularly periods delayed am i pregnant nodules on the lungs getting bigger concerned history of pneumonia panic attacks while driving how to resolve it unable to maintain erection treatment reddish eyes with pain prescribed with loteprednol further medication severe back pain with swelling strained muscle blood in urine after physical strain no pain need treatment have stomach palpitations constipation diarrhea is it ibs treatment had sex used condom taken i pill was sex safe painful urination after masturbation problem and remedy heavy hair fall what can help colchicine where can i find it heart problems water retention water blisters what is wrong teenager hocd turned into bi-ocd depressed and confused help numbness and weakness in left leg ultrasound shows cyst treatment loss of breasts size was taking micronor should i discontinue leg injury swelling painful bruised worry underactive thyroid have menopausal symptoms trigger finger cortizone injection suggestion adhd on ritalin and adderall should i take celexa too difficulty losing weight taking testosterone progesterone dhea prescribed suggestions red ring around penis canesten used suggestions want to lose fat weight reduction tips multiple sclerosis will it be passed on children as well lower back pain diarrhea on tramadol will i feel better severe pain and weakness increased wbc is it leukemia how to increase the hemoglobin levels to be healthy swollen gland in labia post menstruation what is it having high fever took amoxicillin and p-125 no improvement treatment high ggt and albumin levels have alcohol addiction need medication suffering from hemophilia medications not working permanent cure frequent urination ultrasound report normal advice headache nausea cramps nipples tingling and tired periods normal problem mouth ulcer recurring pus formation treatment suffering from back pain doctor#39s suspect cervical treatment having joint pain taking ezact medical cure for this left shoulder and neck pain problem in swallowing remedy ejaculation in sleep remedy severe pain major car accident x-ray normal reason have recurring pustules on scalp painful solution bloating delayed periods leg cramps and headaches periods hypochondriasis headache skipped meal fear aneurysm mirena coil fitted irregular and frequent periods advice have high blood pressure medical cure for this 5 months baby irregular periods pressure in stomach pregnancy have growing lipoma advised surgery alternate solution have issues maintaining erection would testosterone supplements help dog jumped on breasts and bruised it lump formed treatment unsecured sex given ipill within 72hours pregnancy having early pregnancy symptoms but pregnancy tests negative reason vomitting after smoking serious problem or due to throat irritation body pain have osteoarthritis varicose veins taking glucosamine chondroitin reason has shaky feeling in hands what could it be alternative narcotic medicines to oxycotin and percocet recurring hard circular lesion on index finger suggestions bacterial infection causing spotslumps on pubis prescribed vibrate tabdoxycycline suggestion child having fever prescribed meftal time interval for administering medicine thyroid taking thyronorm 25mcg reports normal continue medicines have hypothyroidism taking birth control pills cause of disease bronchial issues and allergies can telmisartan be harmful what is the meaning of thickened endometrium and homogeneous myometrium have sperm discharge thinking of girls what to do nausea after taking bactrim how long will this symptom last when should citalopram be taken child has yellow rash on chest and back not itchy rashes and itchy skin after taking duphaston side effects dry throat difficulty swallowing decreased appetite taken allergy medication rash on hand foot mouth is it contagious chest pain dizziness headache reason bed wetting problem cause have eczema have vomiting diarrhea bloating eaten some solid food thick vaginal discharge white color no odor reason for concern body pain headache sore throat tiredness dizziness fever help prescribed fluoxetine how to take half a capsule have vaginismus tear at vaginal entrance cause taking codeine phosphate cough syrup regularly difficulty losing weight redness and stinging penis after ejaculating taken doxycycline sti pain in back side stomach feet tender breasts bleeding pregnancy weakness loose motions bloating taking bactrim cipro facial sweating medicine taking trilyte before colonoscopy no effect reason pain in arm and forearm tender to touch any thoughts child has fever lethargy reason have ms weight loss appetite loss what can i do sudden fainting back pain test results normal reason stomach pain difficulty breathing reason swollen ankles and feet after walking a lot reason constipation bloating wind taking antihistamines reason history of ibs have constipation blood in stools recommended diet liquid stools light headedness breathlessness chest pain child has spots on skin food allergy had unprotected sex taking birth control delayed period cramping pregnant burning feet swelling pain in calf forearm ear reason chest pain sore throat taken baby aspirin no breathlessness redness in eye white discharge blurred vision irritation recommendation weight loss stomach pain excessive sweating tiredness reason pain and difficulty making fist history of broken metacarpal thoughts had sex after periods started bleeding dark blood breastfeeding suggestions urinalysis report shows pus cells 3-6 hpf anything to worry have migraines taking medication can that cause serotonin syndrome tiredness loss of stability insomnia taking valcote er treatment periods due hpt negative had sex pregnant have pineal gland headaches dizziness what is going on labia minora is swollen painful pimples what is the cause how do i know if my child has swallowed advil blood while coughing pain in stomach vomiting and diarrhoea problem food allergy child behaves abnormally when diary products taken problem large blisters on right buttock diagnosed for haley-haley treatment need advice on emergency contraceptive pills any side effects dark marks and holes on the face need medication momate ointment suggested for pimples any side effects low blood pressure and pulse rate concerned pelvic floor dysfunction cramping and pain given valium narco remedy taking oxitol for epilepsy is conception possible lumps on the back of both ears in infant suggestion follicle ovaries abdominal pain after intercourse delayed periods problem prescribed nateglinide for diabetes still having high blood sugar reason endoscopy done roof of mouth bruised painful healing time sore throat after having oral sex std pregnant dental abscess given amoxicillin tablet advice myopia tests done lasik possible migraine taking vasograin fluna rezine and propenolol problem persists have hirsutism uss report shows unilateral bulky ovary pcos thin skin what can protect old people with thin skin delayed period using ipill stopped taken norcutin am i pregnant irritated bumps in armpits getting larger what are they had abdominoplasty swollen stomach and abdominal pressure ultrasound suggested why reddish spots on the toe fungal infection discomfort on the ribs chances of a cyst recurring pain in the rib cage cause low sex drive with girlfriend fatigued all the time remedy tried different antibiotics for sore throat no relief need help using oral anticoagulants taking aspirin any advice 85 year old with shingles constant pain advice child suffering from bowel problem suggestions feeling groggy tiredness after waking up taking medication side effects suffering from side effects of masturbation treatment for recovery itching skin after feeling sick anything to worry dark spots on skin dosage for using skinlite cream had unprotected sex any chances of hiv through precum ulcer in stomach bloating nausea serious had 3rd degree uterine prolapse suggested hysterectomy no pain suggestions diagnosed with msra reoccurring blood in drainage taking medication recommendations irregular periods how long duphaston can be used teenager mild bleeding after anal masturbation normal vomiting cellulitis loose stools diabetes what is causing diarrhea autistic on geodone prozac and respidone are they safe fever nausea vomiting had wisdom teeth removed normal nausea back pain irregular periods taking birth control pill normal inborn heart problem chest pain suffered from heart attack recommendations sore throat fever dizziness taking medication recommendations lump on throat difficulty in breathing treatment puffy nipples can i reduce them through diet or workout odd scent in nose chemical like what is wrong have fibroid had rny gastric bypass do i need hysterectomy diagnosed with dementia and hyperthyroidism frequent urination weight loss reason had acl reconstruction surgery difficulty in extending the knee recovery delayed periods took mifepristone and misoprostol need further medication had early period taken tgestin are they related pregnant diagnosed pcos taking metformin bromocriptine solution prepost operative diagnosis done what does the findings suggest suffering from sinus pain on amitriptyline no change solution having pregnancy symptoms negative test results ectopic pregnancy cold feet tingling sensation something not right with lungs suggestion strong frequent twitching of eyes no pain serious sudden heart palpitations heart monitor shows extra heartbeats serious diarrhea stomach ache vomiting headache double vision dizziness opinion continuous headache falling asleep without realising help can i drink alcohol while taking medication for severe anxiety chest pain diagnosed as pleurisy taking medication advice withdrawal from suboxone and methadone how can it be 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advance periods period has already started headache recovering from molar teeth removal reason swollen ankles painful drained fluid from knee what to do biopsy positive for h pylori contagious taking antibiotics did not complete course for uti intermittent pain further complications tooth and jaw pain fever taken antibiotics what to do have depression stopped anti-depressants scared to use viibryd painful spasms on left side of body different orgasms serious suffering from throat infection smelling while coughing advice circular red dot on forearm smaller in size any ideas headache started after cooking on grill anything to worry lump inside opening of anus looks like blackhead treatment have left shoulder pain on therapy permanent cure is it good to squeeze chlamydia infection on penis disease associated with agent orange suggestion increased weight pain in tummy cure blood in bowel for infant suggested zerolac advice blurriness of vision mild diabetic multiple lacumar infarcts possible day of conceiving after menstration use flomist nasal spray during cold and fever bp cholesterols hdlldl#39s normal normal bilirubin range increased heartbeat light headedness should i be concerned ear pain clogged numb feeling in ear using debrox suggestions semen analysis done what kind of treatment should be done 7 year son severe vomiting stomach pain fever treatment stomach pain radiating to bowels slight constipation cause had unprotected sex negative pregnancy tests had periods advice headache body ache fatigue what could be this suffering from vertigo depression bp medication not helping suggestions scan of foetus done what does findings mean oral sex irregular periods pregnancy yellowish black spit smoking cancer red marks on upper thighs looking like stretch marks treatment taken mri what does the findings mean suggestions pain in ear wet wax suggested amoxicillin problem in flying 5 weeks pregnancy medically aborted brown discharge successfully aborted taking 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bleeding cramps and bloating under birth control advice tingling sensation in the right jaw advice rashes on the penis after intercourse bacterial infection dizziness nausea gastroenteritis headache remedy bruises on body taking crestor suggestion pancreatitis attack protein in urine advice thick pieces of skin coming out of vagina cancer delayed periods is this due to i-pill or pregnancy motility of the sperms is less remedy tail bone pain taking lorazepam abdominal hysterectomy done suggestion dermatitis on whole body using port for sleeping suggestion tonsils swollen inflammation sore remedy mood swings blurred vision light sensitivity depression sneezing headaches dry lips becomes worse while sleeping treatment suffering from neck and shoulder pain headaches doing exercise suggestions pregnant sonography done anything to worry had oral sex what are my chances of aids suffering from hair loss applying minoxidil solution no results remedy suffering from stomach infection reoccurring losing weight weak digestion suggestions delayed periods after taking contraceptive pill help dizziness tingling body feeling scared cloudy vision nosebleeds iron deficiency earlier used to masturbate regularly have premature ejaculation want treatment 21 year old not getting erection can i try viagra taking adderall suffering from side effects remedy taken wellbutrin ativan xanax for anxiety without relief any suggestions having symptoms of pancreatitis had pancreatitis years back suggestions mri done what does the results mean anything to worry prescribed augmentin feeling nauseated normal stomach discomfort reoccurring what type of medicine will help have pus filled bumps on buttocks and inner thighs reason obsessive compulsive disorder does tab navane causes these toms partner diagnosed with herpes could it have transmitted to me pregnant diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma brown spotting chances of miscarriage how to know the problem for not having baby shivers pain in chest headache taking paracetamol problem left ear pops and hurts while chewing it pains problem toe nail throbbing brownish liquid leaking applied alcohol problem increase in liver enzymes does humira causes this increase pain in right kidney nausea vomiting surgery why any medication not given for irregular heart beat lump on butt cheek taking tri-fibre complex pills cancer lower abdomen pain feels lump appendectomy done concerned unable to walk after colonoscopy given propanol normal sore throat that extends to chest blood tests normal concerned hysterectomy done taking estrogen not able to control weight reason pregnant red splotches on shin itching problem skin on the penis chipped remedy dark spot at the top of eardrum no pain problem red water eye the skin brown and itchy remedy hair thinning and scalp visible suggestion pregnant lack of sleep shivering on bed prescribed alprax safe stomach pain vomiting nausea have obesity what to do swelling in the entrance to vagina urinary retention suggestions having fungal infection is there any permanent solution feeling of flu since days no relief with lemsip help lower back pain after gardening visit doctor history of recurrent white discharge lot interest in sex suggestions frequent loose motions pressure in chest area chest tightness cause getting irregular periods post delivery what should be done growling stomach passing odorless gas worried consistent chest pains test results normal what could be wrong cyst below eyebrows swollen forehead and nose consistent headaches cause burning sensation on thigh could it be shingles diagnosed with add adhd prescription for medicines cough blood in mucus swollen glands pressure in head cause endometriosis have consistent bleeding severe pain will progesterone help experiencing vertigo having dizziness taking synthroid guide diabetic pregnant burnt feet swollen and reddish color guide continuous dry cough could i have lesions in esophagus coarseness redness on sides of labia minora causes persisting diarrhea post treatment history of diverticulitis help trying to conceive get periods rarely could it be menopause foul smell in throat and mouth have bad teeth help had unprotected sex with prostitute antibiotics to overcome gonorrhea syphilis severe constipation taking sufficient water while dieting any help teenaged girl is masturbation safe for girls had brain injury now normal psychiatrist prescribed depakote safe why is the watson brand of narco not easily available taking medicines for acute pharyngitis persisting severe headaches medicines overweight want to slim down right approach taking celexa effexor does it cause severe withdrawal symptoms diagnosed with borderline personality disorder taking antidepressants guidance having abdominal pain feeling feverish heavy stomach and laziness guide getting red bumpy rash on penis after sex remedy suffering from hair loss remedy have cellulitis prescribed cefazolin and ancef safe had copper nova inserted have occasional bleeding cause having frequent masturbation penis feels small what to do having dull ache in the chest received breathing treatments help noticed green area under nail in middle finger swollen emergency feeling nauseated tired and having headaches what to do variable blood sugar readings non-diabetic have stress concerned suffering from fever taking taximo and bifilace no improvements suggest ingrown hair on arms what can be done is it necessary to have nightfall to be normal jaw pain taking advil what could be this