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late periods cramps backaches and fatigue pregnant heavy appetite eat less feels full lost weight problem bump on the buttocks difficulty in walking what is it brownish discharge cramping due to delay in implanon removal pregnant with swollen painful vaginal lips what is the reason broken bones in the foot severe pain treatment having regular sex abnormal discharge what is it have diarrhea with mucus discharge what to do do i need to take pills for hyroid life long suffering from skin pigmentation irritation and itching applying creams suggestions had sex came very quickly solution tired and exhausted undergone echocardiogram-normal cancer mt test positive have medicine wait sometime abnormal behavior after child birth what is the problem bowel movements after eating pain suggestions itching with redness and white discharge from vagina cause using intrathecal pump suffer from fatigue bouts tried neurosimulator cure suffer from fever paratyphoid positive is it a relapse had foreplay did not ejaculated can she be pregnant 15 year old with dizziness and nose bleed why gallbladder removal done has numbness in hands fatigue possible cause sore lump on the bum cheeks looks bruised treatment required recurring signs of heart burn sore throat are they related on implants and pills do they interact pain in the chest shortness of breath and wheezing reason need a cream which lightens the complexion without side effects suffer from blocked nose sinusitis diagnosed any permanent cure freckles on the nose due to sun exposure cancer chances reddish spots on the face and neck what are these severe throbbing headache vomiting reason suffering from tonsillitis taking light medication conditioned worsened suggestions suffer from hypothyroidism is the synthroid medication animal based constant backache all joints pain very sensitive reasons sperm in urine can you explain urine analysis report ovulation test done what does the report indicate viral fever sinus cough pain in calves given amox suggestions weak erection hypertension what is possible cure chest hair that leave dark marks when plucked advise gastritis constipation recurrent headaches ayurvedic medicine easy fresh taken advise hurt ankle horrible pain with swelling bruising need your suggestion stomach flu poop clear substance diet fast way to heal taking simvastatin for hyperlipidemia lipid profile shows high sgpt reason irregular periods dizziness stomach pain black spot on vagina worried taking meprate will periods start after stopping medicine have glaucoma is visual field testing necessary pregnant abdominal pain thigh pain back pain have ibs reason have paining ear tender scalp had sinus infection visit doctor semen analysis done recently married ask doctor online complete blood count shows irregular wbc count indication throat pain swelling yellow marks on tonsil blocked ear prescribed norethisterone for prolonged periods alternatives to this drug bruised penis red dots no itching or pus friction frequent severe stomach pain diagnosed high ast reasons suffering from acid reflex constant uti recommendations history of miscarriage irregular periods unable to conceive pain in chest tongue and throat persistent cough allergy having problem in joints history of kidney stones advise vomiting breakfast exercising taking vitamins advise how much quantity of endura mass should i consume diagnosed with testicular cancer on chemotherapy explain is there any relaxation technique for blood pressure how to decrease the foot size having dark patches on forehead had several facials suggest have done urine analysis ask doctor online have done ultrasound can online doctor help want to gain weight what to do having frequent fever and flu like symptoms malaria child has pin prick spots mouth bottom elbow cough has red bumps on arms does not hurt suggest pregnant noticed whitishyellowish discharge taking api-nitrofurantoin should i be concerned fingered with dry precum had i-pill pain on abdomen pregnant swollen glands on neck had sore throat laryngitis suggestions diarrhea probiotics taken energy healing done advise area in between buttocks is dark treatment loss of sexual urge all tests normal reason have ua test done what does this mean numbness in left hand while walking any ideas kidney stones frequent urination heaviness in stomach backpain suggest suffering from nausea diarrhea and dark urine suggest cold cough tickling at back throat tips to reduce cough feeling tired dizziness confusion and headache occasional slurring reason brownish discharge after urination swollen pelvis back pain cervical cancer having irregular periods and lower abdomen pain serious suggest lump above penis near bladder appears on exertion painful hernia discolored semen no pain is this normal back pain burning and tingling dizziness and fatigue reason bump in the outer labia ingrown hair 56 yearstight testicles unable to orgasm age related blurry vision collapsing arms and legs black outs seizures pus filled pimples on the legs dark scars solution bad coordination depression mood swings aggressive on sertraline help fluid filled skin tag between scrotum and anus treatment extreme lubrication during sex all tests normal remedy pain and swelling in the finger with bruise arthritis reddish bump with irritation in the anus what are these x-ray shows part of lower intestine black digestive problems constant bad odour in nose unable to taste anything suggest infant not urinating enough reddish penis what to do partner with hiv positive and drug addiction need advice itchy white bumps on feet advise sores in mouth should i get an hiv test done swollen lymph nodes painful usually disappears whats this benign mass from breast removed can i take mx3 capsule lips getting darker painful suggestions cure undergone some tests vdrl-negative tpha-positive possible swollen tonsils shallow breathing have mono infection need immediate help irregular periods on implanon brownish discharge what is wrong possible miscarriage dark brown spotting black clots cramps advise severe back pain stinging pain while moving around treatment headache bloating and nausea in the morning pregnant palpitations getting better on taking deep breaths any permanent cure have spotting despite taking promolut periods time normal bleeding pregnant sharp stabbing pain in abdomen and scapula suggest feeling to poop gas had diarrhea treatment severe bleeding after injecting testosterone into the muscles injured vein stomach ache upon eating medication stress fatigue sleeplessness hairfall feeling warm advice cramping pain on ovary tired feverish uncomfortable cyst having boils itchy rough spot on neck do smoke problem yeast infection positive for gardnerella itching in vagina inflammation help delayed period on antibiotics on birth control negative pt help cervical stitches can i travel for delivery palpitation uneasiness sleepless no heart problems guide bump on scrotum milky fluid filled what is it pain on ankles red blotches swollen whats this severe throat pain fever tiredness treatment abortion due fever typhoid done dnc why under weight stomach feels strange perspiration on vitamin c help can respiratory arrest lead to vt bladder infection cold shivers hot flashes fever help hydrogen peroxide painful puncture wound from nail serious damage head injury vomiting drowsy concussion pressured feeling in forehead and eyes causes have yellow discharge foul smell miscarriage had mva help bumps inside vagina lips long time after sex reasons small penis ejaculation issues discharge happens early why pregnant bleeding torch test positive for rubellavirus risk dead cockroach removed from ear on otogesic drops side effects have migraines unable to concentrate on dispirin further had unprotected sex had spotting negative pt worry suffering from reflux on nexpro side effects painful period blocking sensation had c section help white spots on skin and below the eyelids permanent cure irregular period had unsafe sex taking femilion chances of pregnancy brown discoloration on arms legs trouble urinating why pregnant dizziness prescribed susten side effects throat pain unable to swallow no fever taken ogmantine help suggested thallium scan after angiography too significance having unprotected sex can hiv be transmitted swollen upper left ribs weght loss should be concerned using laxatives for a long time will this cause inferility trying to conceive had a miscarriage on fertility drugs help brown spotting stressed what is the reason itchy bumps on the penis what is the treament pregnant used turpentine inhaled how dangerous is that delayed period had sex no ejaculation taken i pill suggest painful cyst between cheeks of buttocks getting bigger recommendations burning and chilling feeling in left testicle diagnosed varicoceles suggestions asplatic anemia atg treatment suggestion bruised foreskin during protected sex risk of hiv infection done ovarian cyst surgery missed periods negative pregnancy test normal cracks on foreskin white discharge painful after ejaculation need suggestions increased heartbeat after smoking cannabis dizziness reason taking zosert long-term worried about withdrawal symptoms painful throat swollen lymph node inflammation due to strep any side effects of regular masturbation child has fever green stools grumbling stomach help pain above eyebrow taken ibuprofen tiredness reason hard lump due to erupting tooth difficulty opening mouth can i take melacare forte for getting a fair complexion burning sensation breathing issues tingling sensation uneasiness no fever treatment need to get fat on the cheeks any home remedy unprotected sex expecting period taking gynaecosid pills possibility of pregnancy suffer from nausea and loose stools stomach viral infection pain in shoulder blades discomfort in ribs earlier had cold pain in the neck blurry vision stress related suffer from migraines taking vasograin and meurokind cure discolored menstruation have pcos concerned always tired not motivated for anything reasons report shows paracentral disk osteophyte complex effacing ventral csf meaning belching and burning in stomach taking dompridone omeprazole suggest me suffer from flu like symptoms watery stool with redness advice swelling in the cheeks toothache had viral throat infection blood in urine painful urination overweight what could it be feeling tired after the irregular use of yasmin pregnant pimple below nipple painful soreness hard what could this be redness in labia irritation earlier had yeast infection any ideas knee injury used antibiotics pus filled redness why not taking medication for diabetes any problem taken bc pills after intercourse prolonged bleeding am i pregnant lower testis pain had an injury on stemitil hetrazan suggestion for lowering cholestoral instantly which juices can be consumed suffer from anal fissure using anobliss ointment have bleeding dizziness runny nose clogged ears frequent sinus headaches treatment pregnant detected increase impedence to flow in uterine arteries suggest irregular periods nausea sore nipples tiredness suggestions soft stools frequent bowel movements reason 4 year old having severe stomach pain any suggestions unable to concentrate bad memories sleeplessness what can help me miscarriage constant bleeding painful during urination healing time c section done retained product inside internal heavy bleeding worried child with greasy urine anything to be concerned missed periods took i-pill after unprotected sex chances of pregnancy heartburn bloating backpain on medication for acid reflux suggest can dna test give 100 accuracy about paternity delayed periods spotting had unprotected sex pregnancy test negative hormones nausea cramps pregnancy tests negative previous miscarriage recommendations swollen gland spots on throat whats this severe back pain frequent constipation slimy discharge reason pain in the clitoris reason having stomach pain breathless and low appetite guide child has breakout face body tongue played rainwater home remedies have swollen gland in medein labia how to handle this history of goitre on neo mercazole watercress juice suggested feeling pain after masturbation noticed urine color change guide frequent urination burning in the penis pain and swelling hearing loss after an accident how to hear properly again child with severe vomiting not eating can i give gravol child taking focalin for adhd proper medication pain in the stomach after eating or drinking need medication taking nordette for birth control delayed period pregnancy chances paralyzed after stroke severe pain in the leg cause irregular heart beats breathlessness feeling disoriented reason heart palpitation low bp chronic sinus problem treatment experiencing stomach cramps nausea vomiting headaches light period painful pregnant vaginal itching clear discharge need of urination often reason done rhinoplasty taking steroid injection wider and swollen nose normal blood in stools headache fatigue taking iron for anemia worried child has done urine test what does it mean black boil on side of head worried itching near ears hips pelvic area difficulty sleeping reason microscopic blood in urine done c-section should i be concerned painful ribs breathing issues unable to sleep why high temperature vomiting on ibuprofen done cold sponging sufficient have chronic bacterial prostititis taking abx macrobid naproxen alcoholic help have pimples taking doxy capsules tab fzhh should i continue have itchy clitorisswelling anxiety what is wrong have vomiting weakness diarrhea stiff fingers what can do done pregnant taking low dosage of valium is that safe pregnant had intercourse have bleeding painful is it an abortion had vasectomy painful vein swelling testicle pain emergency been diagnosed lactose intolerant doing fodmap diet is this advisable anemic done blood test taking iron supplements ferrous sulphate sufficient period short period given i pill abortion hip pain buttocks pain bruised done x-ray what is wrong noticed bulging in vagina comes out frequently suggest suffering from thyroid problem weight gain treatment labia minora swollen applying econazole nitrate cream is it safe skin pigmentation low vitamin b12d3 taking pcodcetapin1000mghypothyroidismthyroxin50mg and cipcal reason what would cause pain and bruising behind the knee bloated stomach constipation lower back pain slowed down period problem delayed periods fatigue tingling in the stomach pregnancy chances child feversore legs no appetite fatigue flu i am a weight lifter diet plan for bulking advice vicodin prescribed for abdominal pain after hysterectomy suggestions burning sensation while urination feeling pressure pyridium prescribed any suggestions delayed periods pregnancy test- negative is this normal pinched nerve and muscle tightness related to sciatic nerve bumps inside the thigh not std what are these depression anxiety comfort eating prescribed citalopram suggest constipated had loose motions taken lime soda what is wrong having fever after chicken pox vaccine given paracetamol normal felt dizzy almost fainted had blurred vision noticed sweating got cold taking antibiotics wbc increasing cause is it harmful viral fever undergone sgpt test not normal why delayed periods had unprotected anal sex pregnant pcos cervical mucus pink spotting on duphaston help urine analysis done any medication lumps in breast burning pain in nipples cause pregnant took norethisterone what would be side effects on child sore throat bad cough asthma taking medication treatment burning sensation in throat harsh sensation what is wrong abnormal discharge stopped taking contraceptive pills what is the problem recurrent attacks of diarrohea suggestions pelviectasis inflamation on kidney risk of kidney failure hypersensitiveness fatty liver concor bisoprolol and atenolol suggest have period pregnancy test unsure what is wrong will intake of protein powder lead to impotency baby with rash around neck rough skin treatment sick rashes on face viral gastrenteritis should i be worried taking glycomet for pcod frequent periods risks of taking bigomet dark patches spreading on shoulder applying betnovate suggestions taking atorvastatin nausea chest tightening no pain due to medicine late period negative pregnancy test indigestion am i pregnant using poppers how to rectify cough occasional smoker unprotected sex mood swings depressed nausea pregnancy test negative pregnant lump in calf painful swollen earlier hurt ankle serious broken nail infected need a good doctor got an injection unable to move arm burning sensation why what s the maximum count of urination per day grown up child urinates in pants why soreness in breasts pink discharge period cramps am i pregnant has oral cancer on morphine drip what can help have anxiety was taking citalopram continue how to low down high cholestrol had pneumonia high bp constipation on bp medication help have nerve pain on dulexetine hcl imrest suggest lower back pain loose stool fragmented what is the cause swollen eyes droopy eyes what is the reason prescribed utovlan to delay period early period suggest delayed period have implanon is there any connection heart racing trouble while sleeping suffer depression advice have debilitating disease klippel weber what is the treatment child done urinalysis is there a problem with the report headache heaviness throbbing giddiness nausea what do you think had partially protected sex late periods possibility of pregnancy white tonsils swollen glands chest pain no fever weakness concerned had diarrhea and stomach cramps treatment had pneumonia unresponsive foaming in mouth high bp what happened can kegel balls help with shape of vagina delayed period pink discharge cramps tightness negative pt what happened semen spilled on body will i get pregnant mri scan shows vertebral congenital fusion treatment without surgery suffer from leucorroea with foul smell need cure delayed periods nausea cramping clear brownish discharge pregnant had hysterectomy has odorless brown discharge normal on birthcontrol red pink discharge left leg numb pills reaction pregnant have vaginal swelling discomfort during sleep reasons antibiotics given for uti leads to gastritis teeth broken experiencing pain done capping what can be done knees seem sore after bending why pregnant have thyroid hashimoto taking levothyroxine travelling frequently vomiting after meal catches cold frequently guide semen analysis done ask doctor online period is late overweight hernia and fatty liver suggestions delayed periods slight spotting back pain what could this be tired lower back pain on medication for pregnancy pregnant headache pains when not stationary what could it be suggestions back of head hurting bad what could be the problem recovering from flu feeling hot am i having hot flashes diabetic can i eat guava skipped periods no sex worried can i use duphaston pills as contraceptive irregular bowels diarrhea and abnormal stools worried painless movable lump in the neck anything to be concerned feeling lonely energy-less and stressful away from social events suggest small itchy spreading rashes and bumps in public part herpes using cerazette missed pill had unprotected sex pregnant thyroid test report shows 3rd generationwreflex to ft4 meaning pregnant have dry cough causing vomiting need a permanent cure what is the treatment for fibromyalgia stiffness and fatigue painful reddish bump on the toe what is it have tight foreskin might be balanitis what is the treatment tender sore breasts late periods brownish spotting pregnant polycystic ovaries moodiness tender breasts pregnancy test negative suggestions heart stroke losing weight hemoglobin less than 7 any suggestions disc protrusion disc dehydration narrowing root impingement help sinus congestion fever cough vomiting premature born pulmonary hypertension suggestion dizziness nauseated vomiting had ears pierced suggest gastroscopy showed up hiatus hernia risk itchy and chapped lips take vitamins post bariatric recommendations lower back pain taken percocet an reflexril suggestions fever painful throat painful ear and eye infection why sexually active noticed yellow bump on labia no pain suggestions pain in chest area hard to breathe reason pregnant sensitive and burning vagina normal cause for bumps on labia minora no std#39s or sti#39s treatment for implanon birth control in my arm painful blisters recurring on the foot what are these diagnosed with throat infection not having diet concerned multiple fibroids clotting painful anger frustrated depressed hysterectomy help pregnant cervix examination dilated brown discharge worry cramps light blood flow negative pregnancy tests breastfeeding related ear pain due to glasses discomfort what is the cause delayed period stressed bloated had sex used condom worry painful neck difficulty swallowing soreness large goitered thyroid suggest mild period bloating gas problems and fatigue pregnant has fever cough inflammation had chest x ray suggest cough phlegm wheezing fever weakness painful legs help pain in right sternum and gastric trouble reason hpv positive what should my concern be cold throat congestion taking ibuprofen allergy symptoms have pain and redness in clitoris burns while peeing reason have back injury foot injury taken vicodin generic lortab serious severe bruising on thighs body itching cough phlegm treatment child is overweight having headache and dizziness taking tylenol reason twitching spasm in eyebrow get plenty sleep at night reason done laparoscopic appendectomy navel feels tight decreased appetite normal had colonoscopy need to empty my bowel should be concerned cervical spondylosis have instability neck pain dizziness why graying hair in beard loss of confidence treatment alcoholic does not watch diet worry loose control over bowels bad memory power has dementia suggest taking stalopham for anxiety how to quit this tablet child with chicken pox taking acetaminophen found swelling common light pink spotting mild cramping bloating using nuvaring opinions have overdosed stamlobeta what will be the side effects delayed period viral fever consumed contraceptives am i pregnant acne scars pimples redness what is wrong blood in stools urine normal no pain what to do been bleeding taken depo shot what is wrong extremely itchy blister rashes around ankles shoulders what is wrong had sex with clothes on will i get pregnant have light period on misoprostol am i pregnant diabetic hypertension erectile dysfunction headaches taking metformin use viagra been experiencing bleeding dizziness nausea weakness what is the reason had unprotected sex brown spotting cramps am i pregnant has vomiting digestion issues thick stool smelly what is wrong height stopped growing why what can help planning for a baby ivf frustration stress worry has impetigo pale and watery stools excessive hunger suggest have pimples painful redness used no marks panderm sufficient taking solupred for proctitis no rectal bleeding any side effects positive pregnancy test prescribed folinz are home tests accurate child has history of uti utz shows pelvocaliectasia diagnosis swollen ankle and feet painful help headache sore throat ear pain blocked nose jaw pain serious severe leg pain thigh pain joint pain tired irritated help test for coeliacs smelly stools what is wrong has febrile convulsion fever cold and cough reason child has hypothyroidism loose stools should evict fibers be given outer vaginal inflammation blackness stressed had unprotected sex red pimples on pelvis popped scabbed std taking paracetamol for osteoarthritis withdrawal symptoms if dosage stopped had unsafe sex was taking primolute to delay period pregnant taken progulutin for periods fallen pregnant what can happen taking eptoin tegretol b-complex for seizures suggestion suffering from hair loss bald patches can i use keraglow history of bladder injury difficulty ejaculating what to do pregnant pain in back white discharge worried unprotected sex on loestrin pill will it help is adverol advisible for adhd suffering form indigestion bleeding nose arthritic pain treatment history of ankle injury stiffness soreness what to do temporary loss of hearing increased heartbeat body numbness what happened swollen stomach with pain on morphine any other treatment options swollen ulcerated area under the tongue dark sore jaw reason spotting with nausea miscarriage or implantation bleeding arms and feet sometimes whole body gets hot reason pregnancy test positive even after abortion due to hormones have insomnia stress anxiety what can help lump on forehead diabetic have pleurisy received ciproxx zinnat help need medication to regularize the periods had cesarean child births excessive sweat had pilonidal cyst open wound suggestion tender breasts nausea back pain hungry pregnant again or tiredness have marks on thigh itchiness bruises taking raspberry keratine suggestion rapid mood swings depression stress what can help has fever possible tb what are the symptoms of tb can i take hot bath a week after doing bts have light bleeding painful for extended duration pregnant neck pain shoulder and jaw stiffness mri normal stiff thumb difficulty moving pain when using scissors late periods have fibroids unable to conceive pregnant or menopause scab on buttocks discomfort recurring problem need treatment have anxiety uncontrollable jaw clenching new symptom rash on thigh applied betamethasone gentamycin treatment pregnant has disc compression what type of anesthesia is recommended has a bite redness puffiness raised what is it nervousness stress shivering what is wrong vomiting dizziness swelling in abs high liver enzymes meaning undergoing follicular study started progynova hucog suggest lump in ear folded ears will this grow out surgery alcohol addict violent what can help better the behavior history of abortion sudden stoppage of periods worried have kidney infection and uti sepsis what can help cramps brown bleeding tender breasts nausea fatigue cravings help bruise on spine how could that happen posture related trying to conceive done follicular study chances of pregnancy taken anti rabies vaccine after dog bite worried about child have purple bump on forehead painless earlier had sunburn help swollen blood vessel near breast painful what could it be have anxiety issues depression on xanax help headache sensitive to light and sound taken excedrin and tylenol history of traumatic brain injury need new family doctor have dizziness headaches taken diazepam dosage planning for facial surgery suggest a reputable surgeon and hospital have runny nose sweat headaches what medication can i take passing foul smelling gas after drinking water help broken jaw broken teeth had dentures made suggest rashes on legs not itchy sweat and heat rashes stomach pain delayed urination difficulty maintaining erection what is it have brown discharge cramps had intercourse on implanon pregnant irregular periods have pcos negative pregnancy test pregnant painful pimple on clitoris can i apply muprocin calcium missed period bleeding only when urinating history of breast cyst small penis size is there any cure possibly pregnant low iron level on autrine capsules continue tablets feeling throat congestion after choking on food normal x-ray reason delayed menstruation pregnancy tests- negative what#39s the issue stinging and watering from the eyes what is causing this bump on the head without pain what is it blisters under the penile foreskin no std what are these itchy blister after using hair removing cream cure pinkish discharge trying to conceive what is happening feeling heaviness in the legs at night reason painful lump in the buttocks worried hip and back pain reason what should i do buzzing sound in the ear what is it pregnant with severe projectile vomiting is this normal head ache nauseous sweaty palms relief in dark suggest child with vomiting fever and not eating concerned about dehydration curved penis pain while straightening worried itchy rashes on the forearm and leg reason pregnancy ultrasound showing fibroid fundus taking nausea pills any suggestions reddish itchy bump on the thigh black scar formation why cough and sinus problems rashes on the calves allergies suffer from constipation diarrhea severe pain and vomiting cause high bp fluttering in chest overweight worried swollen painful throat back ache and headache medication wart on the lower lip pus formation need medication diet to avoid risk of getting gravel in kidney urine pregnancy test showing positive have spotting am i pregnant pregnancy scan showing wrong gestation period how to calculate irregular and missing periods heavy bleeding took loette suggestions child with seizure brain ecg showing disturbance valparin suggested curable curved back due to abnormal physical work out advice pus filled bump after ear piercing need to take antibiotics how should i use trigestrel pill reddish painful arm after missing meth injection what to do effect of ketones on fetus granular pharyngitis advised nystan right medicine suffering from seizures family history of seizures need treatment have had repeated typhoid relapses widal test positive pregnant ultrasound done is everything fine tight penile foreskin any non-surgical treatment suffer from premature ejaculation watery semen chances of fertility bleeding after iud insertion pain no periods any clue change in voice soreness on swallowing due to strain lightheadedness diarrhea cramps underwent laparoscopy pregnancy test negative suggestions child with frequent cold and diarrhoea reason child with pinkish urine what is happening can i take mesoprotil for abortion any side effects swollen legs and hands after child birth has splenomegaly suggestions headaches back pain on fizzy drinks kidneys reacting suffer from weaker erections and premature ejaculation treatment done sperm analysis what does it mean bruised bicep pulling sensation veins swelling what can be done increased sugar in fasting what can be the cause have diarrhea stomach feels uncomfortable what could this be taking microgynon have sore breasts headaches bloated stomach pregnant irregular menstruation taking meprate and glyciphage reason what is the drug action of eugest follicular study done infant has racing heart rate on ventilator what is wrong history of sinus infection sinus dryness cough blocked nose asthma taking dianorm for diabetes how to decrease level had sex noticed laceration in labia minora will this heal stomach pain vomiting headache body ache fever dizziness concerned need your suggestion to use the drug accutane for acne taking cerazette had unprotected sex just got little bleeding pregnant infant with greenish stools stomach cramps and cold medication child with recurring white spot using dicaris and tecrosis advice teenager with headache and loose stools need help episode of dizziness what is happening recurring pain in the chest after taking doxepin why what does this lab report mean what is mu condition child is irresponsible misbehaving dominating lies negligent missed periods brownish discharge and suprapubic pain pregnant diagnosed with eczema patchiness homeopathy will i be okay stressed missed period cramps itchiness paranoid pregnant mild bleeding during urination could this be due to stress have diabetes fainting episode feeling tired reason child with white vaginal discharge need help unexplained bruise on the thigh and arms no pain concerned can anyone tell me what is toxic pregnancy strep throat diarrhea white spots sensitive stomach help heart races chest pain what is wrong blurry vision taking warfarin what is the reason pregnant painful breasts stomach legs heavy bleeding and tiredness why thigh pain throbbing pain pressure sensation what is wrong elevated wbc lymph results high what does it mean breast feeding bleeding cramps on depo provera normal sensitive clitoris uti sleep issues had lidacane suggest bloated constipated missed period unsafe sex taken pregnancy test pregnant painful stomach foul smell loose stools what is the cause has high fever sneezing bacterial infection sinusitis taken augmentin suggest severe sinus infection ear pain taking decongestants help lower back pain testicles pain leg pain what is wrong pregnant sex on various occasions when did i pregnant gallbladder pain stomach makes noise what is wrong high bp chest pain anxiety on bystolic hercepton adryomycin help sore on back painful puffiness painful discomfort what is wrong high bp taking buspar lisinopril sufficient sunburn acne pimples dermadew aloe lotion used for neck pain stiffness painful throat possible hemangioma mri done cause have acid reflux coarse throat duodenum what is the cause pregnant have cysts over production done laparosocpy suggest infection in foot scabs nauseated taking penicillin reason redness on leg after using hamstrings why pregnant stomach pain loss of breath vomiting why have seizures headaches benign tumor had frontal craniotomy now what stomach pain loose stools watery rumbling stomach what is wrong 16 year old with delayed periods had unprotected sex pregnant ocd nervousness high strung painful arm done ekg reason on steroids for pharyngitis visible epiglottis what is the reason have rheumatoid arthritis protruding bluish veins in the hand reason severe abdominal pain increased burping what could be the reason asymptomatic eosnophilia prescribed levosiz duonase this ok taking prodafem for long bleeding will it interfere conceiving suffer from raised heartbeat due to anxiety or heart disease pregnant taken vicodens for contraction pain problem for baby ear trouble blocked tubes makes squelching sound in pain treatment gum-line recession sore throat sores in mouth is this cancer cut on the penis not healing have redness need medication child has allergy taking prednisolone for testicular problem visit doctor white heads on buttocks painful popped what is it hypertension and bleeding risk on cephalexin votaren rapid hypovolemic shock took chemotherapy for ovarian cancer when can i conceive reddish penis tip no pain cancer chances any treatment eruptions on penis redness swelling dark spots used levofloxacin help sperms on clothes can this make on pregnant urge for bowel movements after eating is this normal done with ct scan can online doctor help have bloating heartburn back pain delayed periods pregnant delayed periods getting treated for chlamydia reason on marijuana fever headache throat pain body pain reason did ultrasound scan can any online doctor help smoking weed denies help what can help bilateral optric atrophy lost vision what is the cure had head injury have headache vomitting visit doctor immediately pregnant had cervical stitches safe to travel had uti prostatitis swollen ankle on bactrim is this normal had sex is i-pill necessary to take high bp taking lopresor clindamycin no results discontinue semen analysis done can we conceive after ivf treatment injured in arm applied after shave what is wrong soft bulge on head painful tender fluid in bulge help brown discharge after period on thyroxin why does this happen frequent bouts of severe chocolate cravings bloated lost weight worry infant has birth defect abnormal fingers what is wrong back injury forearm injury dizziness painful will i be okay pregnant have bleeding have pcos on diabetim stop medication suffering from arthritis severe joint pain taking predmet sufficient had a seizure while on cipralex how is it possible tender lump on nipple painful squeezed out clear discharge worry high ammonia levels forgetfulness drinking issues low b12 stroke risk sleeplessness arms pain chest pain breathlessness what is it pregnancy ultrasound showing no heart beat have spotting miscarriage hospitalized for dehydration weight gain are these related bleeding during sex burning clitoris burning urination cause vomiting no appetite weight loss what is this baby not eating milk related no fever vomited suggest trying to conceive follicular study done recommendations blood and wbc in urine cystomy advised have bleeding reason delayed period on primolut side effects include weight gain worry trying for a baby came off contraceptives why no pregnancy noticing thin less semen while masturbating from few days worry noise and diarrhea bubbling in abdomen can cause problem 22 weeks pregnant anomaly scan shows afi 8 cm normal experiencing premature atrial contractions concerned oral sex can cause problem with menstrual cycle shall i take penicillin to treat a case of coloitis penis is short have ejaculation issues pus cells treatment trying to conceive mild cramps vaginal discharge pregnant breast pain armpits pain excruciating pain breast feeding why constant pins and needles cold headaches chest pain suggest pimple on eye brows swelling severe why gall bladder surgery diabetic hypothyroidism high bp serious pcos painful sex lubrication hurts on spironolactone hselp have headaches discomfort alcoholic on antabuse why having bruised and painful wrist x-ray concerned pregnant mild cramps stinging pain participated regetta help having pain swelling and bruising in elbow suggest vaginal discharge been having sex why is this happening pregnant loss of appetite dizziness lightheadedness pressure under eye brows help had vaginal infection took clotrimazole cream medical cure for this trying to conceive taken clomid why no pregnancy passing motion frequently stools green color and semi solid suggest ankle injury painful swelling why healing process hypothyroidism tsh values are high what can be done anal sex is anal douche safe anxious shivers dementia taking diazpem side effects 2 year old fever pale falling while walking recurring treatment removed implant waiting for period normal should i contact doctor pregnant lactation period fucidic acid and iodine hydrocortizone acetate harmful on losartan and losartan pot how do we indentify them abnormal period dark brown discharge taking metrolag 500mg pregnancy suffering with itchyosis using amlactic persistent itching on scalp remedy child has behavior issues low concentration extreme aggressiveness opinion senile having difficulty in hearing after pneumonia ear wax removal difficulty in bending the wrist what is happening blood report shows pregnancy microcyctic anemia will it affect baby diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on beta blockers is surgery necessary occasional hazy blue area in distant vision alarming had pregnancy symptoms got bleeding miscarriage have soreness and pain in foot putting pressure stress fracture xray shows shadow on chest could this be tb had dog bite have visible bite marks rabies virus masturbate regularly noticed less erection used tren h100 cause medication tried primolut to regularize the menstrual cycle chances of pregnancy have vomitting taking increased dose of ropinrole change dose woman with burning sensation after sex why semen analysis done can we conceive feeling lightheaded diarrhea and abdominal pain reason cramps pressure in abdomen pregnancy take test suffering from leukorrhea disease from 5 years remedy yellowish vaginal discharge after unprotected intercourse severe cramps reason not feeling comfortable watching sexual things suggest have hair fall using prednisolone advised mintop solution side effect abdominal pain bloating vomit feeling taking vegetable juice what happened spotting after protected sex history of irregular periods implantation bleeding itchy body orange colour urine no apatite weak suggestions have itchy body red raised spots ask doctor online have vomiting pregnant can online doctor help have dizziness vomiting happened previously advised b complex but reoccured have bleeding after intercourse have diabetes can online doctor suggest have fever cough chest pain had tonsillectomy related kidneys not functioning undergoing dialysis help irregular beat how do i know how bad it is positive for jvc virus been on tysabri infusions worry painful eye nose spot on eye migraine on advil suggest frequent urination have been on mycrogynon related feel have hydrocele in one testis can online doctor help felt hot dizzy flu suggest sore hand vein swelling lumps feel pressure suggestions nausea fever low appetite anxiety diarrhea light periods advice had spotting then light periods diarrhea pregnant miscarriage brownish spotting and vomiting had unprotected intercourse pregnant had accident mri showed complete acl tear with retraction suggestions suffering from bladder cancer given pyridium incontinence reason kidney pain no infection present on ciprofloxacin recommendations bleeding when used bathroom meaning concerned child with vomiting fever and constipation any advice child tired no bowels stomach pain dizzy what is it teenager sexual education by online doctor have brain tumour advised radio chemo what treatment advised suffer from irregular heavy menstruation have pcos concerned suffering from menorrhagia taking medication condition improved worsened recommendations peripheral vision strobe light flickers strange feeling glaucoma child discharging gel-like fluid from vagina what is it had hysterectomy for endometriosis mild bleeding normal severe prolapsed rectum what is the treatment redness and burning in the inner thighs cure sinus infection blocked nose bloody thick snot taken antibiotics suggest black discharge during period stressed is that normal loose stools bloating taking rabeprazole will aloe vera capsules help spots on face using isotrexin gel safe to use bite on arm bruised rock hard painful worry shooting pain in the ankle while playing need immediate help mucus and blood seen after urination what is it fever chill vomiting diabetic was it food poisoning had knee pain done emg mri worried treatment needed have bumps on my areola white sores worry precaution painful neck and join painful lumbar spine tiredness why pinkish discharge after periods bloated and cramps due to stress mild periods flutters in the abdomen pregnant irregular periods got result of ultrasound online doctor to advice missed periods pregnancy test- negative what is the problem swelling below the ear lobe took minocyclin chances of cancer had unprotected foreplay can become pregnant sore lump near the clitoris what is it bloody mucus discharge been on bcp negative hpt suggest gland issue in armpit hard ball presence nervousness sweat gland excessive thirst high bgm nausea what can help need your advice to use norethisterone to delay periods intestinal pain nausea cramps swelling frequent urination bladder infection painful stomach stinging sensation hunger pain appendicitis suggest veins on hand prominent sensitive visible what are they was prescribed tridural slow release tablets taken wrong dose help red stools no external piles what happened diabetes minor surgery on foot finger darkened what is wrong extremely large spleen done mri what is the solution red bump on stomach pimples redness what is it calf muscle pain protein deficiency curcumin and cartnitine sufficient cold cough mucus in cough drowsiness sweat what can help painful back swelling lesions red spot what is it painful buttocks what is the reason ovulation date had sex have dizziness cramps headaches lightheadedness suggest prescribed duragesic patches can i find a alternative bleeding after sex used protection does the symptom represent pregnancy have ibs gas frequent urination will i be okay masturbation habit late period related vision issue blobs in sight taking clomipure tablets serious bitten by a dog given tetanus injection booster dose necessary bruised foot with pain after twisting feeling nauseous why child has unclear speech limited speech what to do child has fever paracetamol subsides but comes again erupting teeth pregnant insulin not under control what to do have vaginal pain swelling abdominal pain bloating pregnancy menstruation pancreatic cancer last stage hemoglobin dropped painful stomach suggest have frequent cough irritating what is it lump on clitoris what is it had unprotected sex on norgest i pill is that right alcoholic blood tests done suggestions rabies bitten by dog taken tetanus toxiod rabipur dosage want to delay periods by primulot can online doctor help infant has cough prescribed doxywell dilosyn eto-salbetil immunace help have bladder infection taken antibiotics is this something serious pregnant vomiting blood cure for vomiting taking vitamins suffering with ibs what medicine do i take have addiction to spasmo proxyvon previously corex quit and marry 14 year old concerned about delayed growth spurt delayed periods due to pregnancy or side effect of primolut suffering from diarrhea took sainsburys what is the treatment pregnant suffering from abdominal pain will it affect my pregnancy azospermic had undescended testicles corrected taking hcghmg injections continue suggest swollen knee not able to straighten the leg opinion is going gym harmful to health burning sensation while urination pain and bleeding treatment teenager brownish stain on underwear no discomfort infection muffled ear pain in the chest tired need a cure severe pain in the stomach loss of appetite cause 2 year old with vomiting feeling tired viral infection child getting frequent stye infections need permanent cure swollen reddish penile foreskin had protected intercourse need help suffering from hypertension can you explain the urine analysis report have irregular periods through out my life permanent relief missed periods pregnant need abortion medication without side effects ultrasonography showing hepatosplenomegaly and plural effusion lymphadenopathy found advice have mole eye corner below lashes on conjunctiva surgical removal have urinary infection had protected sex pregnancy possibility histroy of ruptured brain aneurysm life expectancy cough sore lower ribs mascular pain what should i do how to gain weight and self confidence persisting menstruation could this be due to change in climate sore knee after running what to do lethargic child before having bowel movement irregular bowel movement cause felling dizzy and have palpitations blood tests normal cause tanned forehead what to do lumps in the bottom of the foot are these hives severely painful spasm in rectum help weight gain bulging veins painful swelling thrombosis atherosclerosis help is there a medication for curing the baldness pus in the penis need medication problems with body balance mri done recommendations have irregular periods swollen tummy and frequent urination cause pulled head out of penis skin hurting is it harmful suffering from leukemia admitted to hospital treatment duration restlessness passing of gas fatigue histroy of angioplasty advice have bleeding during foreplay tried lubricants reason have been referred to neurologist for migraine take second opinion stomach pain towards groin back pain appendicitis lumps near the ears taking steroid for asthma medication related shortness of breath wheezing taking z-pack have smoking addiction worried nausea headache spotting and disorientation pregnant swollen glands without pain have addiction to tobacco cancer heavy bleeding period diagnosed thickening of uterus lining cancer opinion pinkish vaginal discharge had unprotected sex pregnancy pregnant doctor stretched cervix have brown discharge trigger labor vegetarian concerned about the height any help sensitive inner thigh with rashes what is it high bp tiredness sleeplessness what seems wrong bump on eye lashes after stress or sickness why feeling anxious and get stressed while walking suggest crumbling spine broken back what s the cure have high liver enzymes on alcohol will i be okay had a baby tingling sensation in rib cage soreness why boils on face had medicines suggest possible treatment having uncontrollable cough and vomiting cause concerned constipated irritation have belly fat on fruits solution unbearable pain in knees knees cracked during athletics suggest painful knees cracked knee what can be done severe knee pain cracked cannot stand how to get cured mood swings migraines headaches excessive thirst headaches frequent urination meaning baby having flu weighs only 65 kg worried suggest has vomiting dehydration belly button area pain nausea fever why mood swings ask a doctor for help to overcome this diabetic have lumps at injection site cure have migraine take topamax can botox be done done mri scan can online doctor help unsafe sex with tampon had slight discharge yeast infection sti fibroid tumors what can be done wait until menopause pregnant tried zophran sapatories had iv fluids help using nuva ring have vaginal discharge sore muscles help bruised back painful to touch crooked spine suggestion have redness swelling inner vaginal lip itched after shaving concern vomiting hiccups had yogurt cheese what is the meaning has chronic sinusitis polyps keep growing back cause child with bulging veins chances of heart problem red spots on tampon cramps on sugar pills pregnant burning sensation after safe sex painful vagina using lubricants help pregnant ultrasound scan done normal readings difficulty of breath swallowing throat pain cure for symptoms rectal hair grow longer is that normal mri shows small vessel ischemic disease meaning child has fever subsides on giving metal started antibiotic solution itching below neck and above breast allergies getting too wet during sex what to do have reoccurring red bump next to vagina what is it family history of non-hodgkin#39s lymphoma increased risk of cancer planning to conceive concerned about folic acid overdose mri shows cysts in sinus not dangerous child has protruding belly with pain what is the reason stopped taking xanax can#39t handle stress suggest medication palpitations bloated stomach fainting episode reason can i use mouth wash after tonsillar biopsy diagnosed with low sperm countcan you explain the report red bump itchy on wrist no bleeding white ball on outer corner of eye itching eyes done tubal recanalization possible to have children again sores on neck tender to touch what is this too skinny how to gain weight lesions on foreskin no discharge tight foreskin what is this suffer from dry throat and tongue reason will traveling by air affect 13 week pregnancy child constipated tried glycerin suppository thyroid test active baby treatment delayed abnormal periods after having sex am i pregnant have sjrogren s syndrome ra factor swollen feet help cones on hands using salicylic acid plasters is surgery necessary dog jumped on baby concerned about internal damage on contraception pills no period why pregnant hpt negative stomach discomfort spotting more what could be wrong pregnant taking iron pills locking jaws with pain side effect light cramping after taking mifepristone and misoprostol no bleeding concerned bleeding after intercourse on birth control what is the reason is taking collagen tablets during breast feeding safe child with fever doctor suggested blood and mantoux test serious pregnant endocervical canal collapsed guidance using petogen injection continuous bleeding reason thick white discharge after sex am i not fertile anymore severe shoulder pain any other treatment other than allopathy pain in the penis and testicles cause abdomen pain colon removed painful bowel movement remedy swollen elbow after a fall will this become serious pregnant with abscess in the shoulder can i take antibiotics difficulty in swallowing taking celebrex and supradyn worried diabetic bp bleeding with big clots what are treatment options heart palpitations anxiety strained neck dizziness headaches why child with loose motion no solid intake only liquid suggestions suffering from stress and depression have suicidal tendency please help taking thyronorm for thyroid problem severe hair loss advice pregnant red lump on lip what is it threadworm in stool no other health issue how to cure any treatment to minimize memory loss in old age had unprotected oral sex will it affect my child child with mild fever gas problems bloated stomach any help lumps on spine painful bumps on the back cure took mifeprin for abortion mild bleeding is this medication enough using propysalic ointment for psoriasis feeling nausea need a cure palpitation breathlessness and disorientation fainting episodes what is causing these can pregnancy occurs without penetration and just precum contact chronic pain due to lumbar puncture taking light medication recommendations head injury pain swelling pressure near ears help difficulty concentrating regular masturbation want to stop help altered stool consistency and yellowish urine food poisoning feeling of falling down diagnosed as vertigo cause have fibromyalgia and arthritis have add should vyvanse be taken deviation in period cycle suggest pain in the epididymis while having ejaculation why have hepatitis c taking adderall xanax swollen feet causes have diffuse disc bulge disc protrusion foraminal tear cure had chest pain did ekg without removing underclothes accurate fevercoldsweatingdizziness or nauseousness leep procedure done suggestions had sex used contraceptives missed period headache vomiting sensation pregnant can methotrexate be purchased online epiphysis brace needed to walk surgery needed addicted to elleste duet am i progesterone intolerant shortness of breathe migraine headaches what are treatment options stomach pain after eating nausea muffled hearing what is wrong how to control tsh level of infants painful pimple in the outer vagina should i be concerned pain after urination and ejaculation need to get checked persisting swollen glands under the tongue taking teveten medication allergy recurrence of ulcerative colitis taking sulfasalazine passing blood improvement suggest tingling in the breast after periods is it normal have family history hypothyroidism experiencing strange heart what to do injury behind ear headaches vomiting sickness related to drinking have sore red vagina after sex how to cure it distended abdomen discomfort in the back mucus in stool cure abdominal pain leg pain infection tiredness what is going on pregnant elevated blood pressure should i be concerned having severe headache vomiting leg pain fever diagnosis and treatment had miscarriages irregular period on primolut reason penis short weak left ball bigger cause and cure on nuvaring taking doxycycline klonopin cymbalta tiredness nausea pregnant dizziness confusion large pupils weakness headache what should i do left eyelid droops twitches feeling uncomfortable tired what is it had sharp pain runny stool what could be the cause abdominal pain lower back pain nausea rib pain dizziness cause bleeding after having sex history of fissure serious having unprotected sex dizziness vaginal discharge short period pregnant taken birth control pills had unprotected sex safe from pregnancy lower back pain abdominal pain swelling chills what is it stomach cramps diarrhea constipation taken movicol blood in stools help had flu and developed back and hip pain suggestions stomach pain after smoking hookah worried about appendicitis increased heartbeat chest pain tingling and warm arms worried how to abort using cytotec at home headache dizziness coordination problem what could it be pimples with pus under armpits itchy vagina more weight medication mid-cycle bleeding can you tell me anything continuous ache in left side of head and forehead help child has green stools pain due to change of diet had bronchitis after lap swimming coughing wheezing any suggestions infant history of fall loose stools need opinion child has no appetite rash on back no itching allergy bumps on vulva itchy taking monistat what is it switched from sronyx to aviane bleeding after intercourse cause depression stressed paranoid about future treatment taking cilest have breakthrough bleeding what should i do nicked head of penis continuous bleeding what to do late period had unprotected sex stomach pain nausea taken antibiotics frequent urination whitish smelly discharge from vagina urine infection histroy of tvt surgery no clitoral sensation reason taking coversyl for hypertension dizziness drug reaction or high bp burning after passing stools have fissure use baby cream treatment head injury low bp spotting stomach pain not pregnant cause have lyme disease have painful legs and hips suggestion pregnant headache stuffy nose weight gain what to do lump in rib cage soft painful heart worry had unprotected sex how to advance periods have hunting chorea on encorate licab tertabenzene no improvement why broken fibia tibula pain when applying pressure adhesion on tendon red blotches on skin smoker related to liver scabs in nose painful to touch taken antibiotics concerned difficulty breathing in morning cause pain in buttocks no constipation reason had unprotected sex cramps pink spotting implantation bleeding bumps on penis no pain or itchiness help calves paining no previous health issues no varicose veins suggestions low grade fever painful back gas stomach cramps why