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irregular period heavy bleeding pain worried what can be done pregnant suffering with hyperemesis will cariban be useful to take out of focus loss of concentration what is the cause pain in throat bruised what it could be has cirrhosis alcoholic what next pain between elbow and shoulder what should i do rough patch inside lower lip increasing what to do ulcer on tongue have quit smoking possible causes and remedies unprotected sex brown creamy discharge pregnant smoked marijuana loss of concentration will i be okay cellulitis on foot taken bactrim cephalexin why is there peeling what is bilirubin how can it affect a person hip pain test showed degenarative arthritis prescribed steroids treatment have excessive sweating stopped taking birth control pills advice headaches strange sensation in abdomen what is wrong painful wrist broken ulnar colateral ligament help on implanon overweight negative pregnancy test what is going on delayed periods by 5 days have cramps test negative pregnant chest pain opacity detected in lungs can it be cancer have catamenial epilepsy have seizures convulsions on lamictal keppera suggest overweight on pravastatin lisinopril weight loss pill anxiety shyness how can i overcome fear of outsiders chronic ankle sprain radiating pain bruising what could it be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism have bilateral nodules on metoprolol help missed period abdominal noises cramps heart burn breast tenderness help have itchy rashes in body it keeps reoccurring recommendations child has stomach pain gas and very smelly stools remedy have hyper-acidity prescribed ranitidine ulcin healing time chest can be pressed in how is that possible severe pain in right arm what can be done pregnant migraines abdominal pain taking naproxen will i be okay how many valium tabs should i take before root canal pregnant gland producing csf is enlarged go for amino have shut vagina had done hysterectomy reason frequent urination unsatisfied urination require cathator had sigmoid coloeoctomy help have dark spots on skin hypothyroidism suffering with psoriasis cure chest congestion severe cough on allegra what is wrong sepsis done mri diagnosed with a subcutaneous hemangioma on hip help cough chest congestion unconsciousness breathlessness what is wrong vaginal pain lost virginity is it uti treated for chlamydia painful urination itching smelly what is wrong child has bump in diaper area hurts while wiping advice pregnant spotting taking folinext duphast tab sustain proluton suggest have irregular periods after delivery solution can hair loss medicines have side effects to male hormones had kidney transplanted can pantocid prevent drug induced ulcer endoscopy revealed hpylori positive on docpan pentaprazole suggest have sore itchy labia minora that stings while urinating remedy sagging eye ball in peripheral vision discomfort and redness worry have painful stomach cramps after c-section all tests fine cure delayed mustache can it be related to hormones need to increase blood sugar consumed coke and tarts recommendations suffering with constipation nausea stressed anemic help missed period on susten negative pregnancy test am i okay had unprotected sex paranoid taken yasmin risks painful stools blood in stools what is happening had protected sex can i get her pregnant with pre-cum trying to conceive have bilateral ovarian endometriomas taking duphaston help trying to conceive irregular period taking sysron-n tablets worry low hb level taking iron folic and b-complex supplements suggest delayed period taken extra contraceptive pill has sex pregnant has cancer and done chemotherapy has increased cea levels reason excessive masturbation have anxiety will it affect my sex life breathlessness positive tmt test has calcium deficiency suggest have bleeding after intercourse been 3 weeks is it normal have vaginal infection taking familon and clingen is it safe have tiredness swollen glands and sore throat glandular fever symptoms have pain in stomach and loose motions taking medication recommendations have hyperthyroidism irregular periods brown discharge hpt negative pregnant had anticoagulation therapy what could be causing consistently high d-dimer irregular period spotted bleeding hpt negative am i pregnant infant banged head would it cause any permanent damage had two miscarriages expecting now is lonopin injection helpful pregnant throwing up black liquid what could be this severe stomach ache joint pain what can be done noticing flashes retina fine should i be worried stomach ache dry skin itchiness fever bacterial infection headaches why pain in chest cough shoulder blade pain what is wrong dust allergy itchiness on nasal spray odimonte-lc budesal respules help neck and back ache headache disoriented nauseated what happened infant has fever given crocin namsafe plus precaution gas constipated allergic reaction to coconut oil taken laxatives help asthmatic on brincanyl durules will i be better breast pain sickness cramps spotting had sex am i pregnant have mood swings brown discharge menopausal have pcos ideas stomach ache constipation on colic drops will i be okay diabetes kidneys failed dialysis what can be done mmr vaccination did rubella igg can i get pregnant heart starts to pound after alcohol have diabetes medication had shoulder surgery soft pellet like stools discomfort why lips are going black applied lemon what is going on undergone laparoscopic adhesiolysis filmsy adhesion anteriorly cystic structure explain gas problems after suffering from jaundice have diabetes cure can pregnancy happen with ejaculation with clothes on low blood count taking concerta need a transfusion help had nutella stuck in tooth gargling not helping what willd vaginal discharge why does it randomly happen have weakness and drops coming from penis am underweight solution severe gas bloating and nausea after colonoscopy need help low bp diabetes depression increased pulse rate on anti-depressants help having intermittent blocked tear duct surgery recommended suffering from depression sleeping problem prescribed clonazepam correct medication is elestra a good medication for birth control pregnant really wet bumps rashes around vagina solution how to tighten loose skin on stomach after child birth diagnosed with add since childhood trouble in focusing suggestions pregnancy confirmed lmp conception date different is it possible have loss of appetite nausea and gastrointestinal pain suggestions have raised red blister inside buttock remedy frequent urination uti symptoms cuts in labia ulcers sores menopausal constipated shivers lower back pain bleeding is it piles hard lump in breast painful had bone cancer suggest bleeding thick blood heavy why is period abnormal have acid feeling accompanied by something in throat suggestions urine analysis shows cmp and cbp results are low suggestions child not eating properly less weight solution has hydrocephalus and epilepsy bleeding nose need a surgery pregnant facial pain teeth pain runny nose am i okay headaches shoulder blade pain neck pain elbow pain help severe cough uvula vertical having white streak antibiotics required recurring back pain height didnt grow as expected any remedy tailbone injury numbing abdominal issues tingling depression taking clexa help yellow buildup in armpit hair used antiperspirant what is it headaches dizziness has pseudotumor cerebri due to meningitis help sharp pain under the breast in the rib cage cause discolored wisdom tooth inflamed gum cure diagnosed adhd aderal dose not working any alternative medicine weight loss diagnosed with ms are these related pain in the cheek difficulty in swallowing any treatment recurring seizures after stopping eption need a permanent solution blackish lump behind the ear need to get checked out pelvic ultrasound showing adenomyosis anteverted uterus what is the treatment razor burn in genital urination hurts on hydracortizone cream help pain like broken bone in foot why heart attack blood test showed high creatinine level help masturbated blood in semen is this serious treatment pregnant pinched nerve prescribed tramodol zoloft help trying to conceive endometriotic cyst on duphaston done laproscopy suggest teenager with headaches fatigue memory loss reason profuse sweating have chills dry cough sinus infection suggest high bp taking candesar arbitel amlong ecospirin help pregnant have headaches when performing activities what is wrong child having stomach pains low fever less appetite possible reason constipated bad posture heavy stomach abdominal pain had piles help rapid heart beat had excessive coffee are they related cold flowing nose related to csf delayed period on duolution is this harmful in anyway painful eyebrows and eye sockets what is wrong blood in urine fever high rbc solution have osteoarthritis prescribed movon mr can i continue it pregnant on lupigest had fluid discharge how does it work have pcos follicles was on follsitim and ovidrac help have klebsiella pneumoniae in urine and mouth what can heal irregular period sore breasts negative pregnancy tests suggest urinalysis done is the report normal migraines headaches unable to concentrate what can help have bronchitis been coughing what can help lump in abdomen discomfort and pain had clexane injection help abdominal pain chest pain gallbladder removed have had pancreatitis help digestion takes time vomiting taking prilosec is it acid reflux bladder infection equivalent of monurol pregnant babys growth abnormal taking fediat astymin forte sustein help pain medication on subutex and suboxen addicted fear withdrawal symptoms have severe throat pain taking moxikind cv healing time suffering from scrotum skin infection using zole-f ointment solution hair spray into eyes dryness redness worry body ache done cbc test hbs and hcv help acidity heartburn on pantocid it done endoscopy what is wrong want to postpone periods friend suggested lindynette 30 opinion masturbation does t cause retrigrade ejaculation redness in eye soreness something flew in worry wheezing shortness of breath coughing on benadryl sufficient mosquitoes bites itchy has scabies on l cream contagiouss taking steroid skin reaction on melalite sufficient has high sgpt on polybion-l homeopathy a better option have severe menstruation pain what can help pregnant lower abdominal pain soreness dizziness what is wrong scheduled ivf treatment are vaccinations safe stomach pain hurts on moving on pressing stomach muscle pulled severe anemia parenchymal infiltrates is that tobe worried child taking epilex syrup to avoid convulsion any side effects fever chills nausea pinky mucus like diarrhea medical care required nauseated weight gain ovarian tumor uti done vaginal ultrasound help vomiting unconsciousness after a fall and head injury worry had heart attack had arteries repaired on morphine now what semen analysis done trying to conceive is the report normal pregnant what should the babys weight be low heart rate equip a pacemaker angiogram risks dermatitis in palms tennis elbow itchiness using heating pad help suffering from underweight best medicine to increase weight vdrl positive no pain or rash best medication for treatment can an old sex toy cause aids scratch on forearms have scabs what is wrong restless legs syndrome constant charlie horse exhausted and cranky help pain in ribs painful breathing pulling pain what is it budesonide pills 3 times a day how should take doses suspecting schizophrenia caused by heat stroke or hereditary redness leakage in eye suspecting conjunctivitis treatment menopausal pink spotting back ache on progesterone suggest fluttering in chest cough menopausal on holter monitor help have constipation weight loss tests showed urobilinogen abnormal help infertility prescribed with ovaral l will it control hormones bruised legs headaches rashes bleeding what may be wrong cold cough redness in eyes vomited mucus what is wrong head laceration had concussion dizziness bed spins help had chicken pox leaving scars on face with itching solution had an accident stitches on forehead swelling puffiness treatment had an implant been bleeding on cerazette help irritation during bm bleeding is it piles ayurvedic medication sore throat numbing swelling had tonsils removed what is wrong acid reflux hiatus hernia on omeprazole alcohol safe to drink shortness of breath ankle swelling why have cough nodule in lung inhaled clr and bleach related diverticulitis hiatus hernia taking alendronic acid what can i do breasts saggy and painful why suffering with blocked ear fuzzy hearing what can be done condom slipped into half penis ended in condom pregnancy chances switched to yaz from orthotricyclen periods delayed normal dizziness pelvis pain dehydration what is going on child has vomiting and diarrhea painful hips groin complaints help flatulence and bloating using buscopan flygyl and ciproflouxacine help esophagitis smoking marijuana harmful to health loose motions black stools given enflor what is wrong spotting have uti symptoms am i pregnant endometrium is slightly thickened fluid versus cyst is this normal has sporadic chest pain lightheadedness is it lung tumor been on implanon heavy bleeding have mood swings acne help child vomitting passing grey stools cause head spinning while waking up and going to bed reason had heart attack blood clot can i do push ups urge to pee painful urination burning sensation pressure in vagina appetite loss stomach discomfort diarrhea taken ibuprofen itching after shaving vagina had unprotected sex burning urination help constant nose bleed migraine ear pain what to do fatigue dizziness nausea any ideas have anxiety swelling under collarbone sensitive tongue redness in throat taken sudafed vaginal bleeding during intercourse due to cervix on birth control taken plan b after unprotected sex delayed period what happened coughing blood clots cause difficulty breathing echocardiogram normal stomach pain cannot run anything i can do have bursitis and fascia plantiatis taking cortisone alternatives have fibromyalgia weakness in joints twitching fingers any answers constant headaches nausea frequently passing stools tiredness what is wrong taking amoxicillin for bronchitis fever body pain hungry any suggestions stomach pain vomiting blood taken medicine without relief cause have recurrent shingles stress chronic migraine help red circle pain dryness history of hysterectomy can you help skin colored bump on knee painful what could it be painful bumps on penis pus-filled hard what shall i do what changes will happen after installing pacemaker irregular periods bleeding when masturbating concerned toe pain swelling bruising no trauma what could it be red and swollen bumps no scars concerned about swelling done ca125 test are the results good abdominal pain nausea diarrhea vomiting help pain in upper body after childbirth have ovarian cyst reason swelling in scrotum enlarged testicles pain on right side suggestions prescribed cansoft after hystro-laproscopy taken wrong dosage harmful history of miscarriage taking bigomet and eltroxin how to conceive red circle on bottom of foot itching any ideas joint pain after taking abortion pill normal prescribed prodep for depression afraid to stop medicine knee injury applied ice tensor bandage now swelling anything more taking amoxicillin after teeth extraction dizziness fatigue swelling normal unexplained tremors normal eeg and mri syncope any answers fatigue headache shaky hands due to lack of iron child has fever cold cough given meftal-p suspension suggestions history of miscarriage trying to conceive taking productive f precautions delayed period inserted copper t why did it happen have night fall earlier used to masturbate need cure painless swelling in neck taking antibiotics difficulty breathing had period had protected sex taking mensoon help had follicular study follicles found now what have cough and sneezing after waking up want ayurvedic treatment sperm analysis shows oligoasthenozoospermia with inflammation want your comments white color in inner lips reason and solution pregnant cramping after popping sensation process of baby dropping childs chest x-ray normal diagnosed as bronchitis itching redness pimples between thighs and scrotum help breathlessness cough normal bronchoscopy results taking forcort help ovaries attached to bowels tlh endometriosis suggest lower stomach pain had follicules had fostimon chlomifene help on cerazette pill bleeding heavily experiencing pms symptoms reason have thyroid issue pcod on thyrox metformin ovacare forte suggest planing to conceive irregular period small egg size treatment vomiting stomach pain had tomato sauce am i allergic blood report showed rbc shows mild hypochromic with anicocytosis meaning have ovarian follicles trying to conceive what can be done early period reddish discharge spotting prescribed duphaston possible reason irregular period high prolactin medication oral sex have irregular period can i get pregnant thinning hair drying on mintop discontinue had vaginal us that showed corpus luteal cyst meaning cough vomiting breathing funnily have asthma bronchitis worry protected oral sex have burning penis red rashes help suicidal thoughts depression what is cure having white transparent vaginal discharge what is it any remedy experiencing prolonged period breast sore should i be concerned rdw - 146 wbc - 12400 cholhdl ratio 348 assist chances of getting pregnant without protection trying to concieve possibility of concieving without having dc pcos high testosterone levels took aldactone liver injured solution have hypertension prescribed metoprolol now legs feel weak side effects cold running nose productive cough sneezing allergy symptoms ecg indicates suspect left anterior hemiblock any need to worry numbness in hands rib tightness taking gabapentin synthroid any suggestions child has become lethargic poor appetite stomach pain worried diagnosed with hepatitis b abnormal sgot and sgpt cure taking abilify difficulty concentrating side effects of long term usage dry mouth chest pain after stopping vyvanse cause fumes from peracetic acid harmful during pregnancy have headache headache nausea history of head injury stiff neck passing gas tiredness breast pain abdominal pain prescribed fertyl sign of pregnancy want diet plan to lose weight need help premature ejaculation after taking musli power what to do constipation bloating and frequent urge to urinate cure for symptoms pain in the penis when doing core stability exercises reason severe gerd having high bp go to emergency having chest pain after taking amtas m reason child having spots on legs what could this be left watery eye running nose and sneezy feeling treatment constipation nausea after taking medicines for fever solution raised ring type rash itchy bumps on thighs ringworm have pain ribs back and spine am pregnant reason have cough chest pain and heavy mucus treatment black lines lumps on side of tongue cancer symptom sharp pain in arm when hand bent forward only cause chronic diarrhoea gassy bloating prescribed medicines no relief suggestions child has sugar reading 51 is this normal raised bilirubin levels do i have a liver disease suffer from chiari malformation headaches blurred vision any advice have frequent urination and itching diagnosed with possible diabetes suggestions semenology report shows volume is 13 ml advice pinkish spotting missed periods loss of appetite and cramps reason what is the diameter of camera in endoscopy child with cough using nebulizer is romolast an effective medication severe sore throat chest congestion pain while spitting cold symptoms reddish swollen area near the buttocks reason blood and pus in urine reason and treatment rashes on the hand with itching bleeding upon itching scabies feeling heaviness in the head fatigue what is happening foul body odor after the use of crystal meth reason does biotin intake affect periods have spotting headaches dizziness cramping fatigue not pregnant mild spotting why loss of memory stressed have pseudo-seizures eye clinching help severe back pain due to kidney problem bloating after eating food elevated heart rate medication painful fluid filled pimples in clusters in the foot cure 20 year old getting heart cramps breathing difficulty palpitations cause can i take hydrocodone with fentanyl patch sever back pain blurry vision nausea and headache what is wrong lump between the ear and cheek spider bite difficult bowel movements mucus discharge anything to be concerned about have thyroid in family can internal doctor treat this how to take patients blood pressure correctly muscle pain after exertion normal blood work reason severe itching due to dandruff hair loss need help pregnancy confirmed prescribed gestafol tablet continue having normal routine suggestion irregular and missing periods not pregnant what is the problem suffering from obesity hereditary condition wants to reduce weight suggestions insects bite marble size pustuals red and itchycure for it unsafe sex ejaculated outside is she pregnant lazy sperm planning for ivf what do u suggest diarrhea zerolac diet greenish stool constipation suggest treatment diagnosed with prolapsed uterus and bladder is kegel exercise helpful pregnant suffering from stomach tighting problem pain what to do irregular period can i be pregnant how to terminate it what are the treatments available for gynecomastia dry throat consistently how to resolve this problem is it safe to give toned milk to infant pain in left testicle should i be worried diabetic depression taking istavel trivolib am i into correct medication pain in left knee does artheroscopy will cure it permanently done with urine analysis test can i ask doctor online pale tongue peeling skin bleeding nose anything serious how to get rid of chewing tobacco severe pain in the areas of plates concerned prostate problem overweight asthma no sound sleep adhd solution pregnant can i take folimust-d any other option on aprovel experiencing coughing breathlessness what could be cause severe pain in stomach vomiting what should i do itchy spots on face how to cure it skin getting dried which cream can i use all reports normal pain heaviness in stomach possible cause had shoulder injury and is swollen healing time hearing problem is falcon a medicine for curing it sore between toes showing no sign of healing solution on thyronorm for hypothyroidism heaviness in head side effects small hole in the gum like stretched torn painful suggestions burning sensation in throat what can be done infant suffering from cough cold loose motion any alternative medication had clogged ears breathlessness runny nose what is the cure pain in left palm while stretching what should i do got cartilage ear piercing infected swollen what do to hairloss male pattern baldness started using komark shampoo right treatment does flioinolone acetonide help to cure hairloss curing time diabetes gynecological problem on medication water in leg foot treatment suggestion for paste and soap for toddler had strokes and hemmorage right side paralyzed enchancement for erections can i drink alcohol while taking azathioprine 125 mg have headaches anemia numbness what is wrong cold and dry cough on antibiotics chest tightness pulled muscle pain in the back and knee after an injury advice rashes after taking lactogen getting cold and cough frequently reason elevated heart rate shortness of breath what is causing this heart pounding heavily after sauna bath see the doctor reddish vagina skin peeling is it a yeast infection sever abdominal pain diagnosed bowel cancer treated for fibroid help irritation in the penis burning taking cipro concerned about std swollen middle finger have diabetes prescribed with anox-clav anything serious tingling in the feet and hands high heart rate reason am pregnant via iui had brown discharge taking progesterone cause have anxiety and mitro valve prolapse is mvp harmless can i get pregnant from sperm on underwear have on and off headaches and dizziness solution have pain in testicles and have lumps is this serious have fractured tibia and fibula during skiing accident healing time how to help elderly mother walk again have pain inside vagina had external genital warts advice tingling in the heart dizziness breathlessness whom should i consult feeling bloated high level of crp cancer chances feeling bloated vomiting watery stool treatment has bloating had taken pill suggestions period is late had taken ella one reason have tenderness in scalp and headache took ibuprofen cause have pain under right breast is this linked to anxiety child has nausea stomach pain gas and burping suggestions hepa profile test shows hbsag is 200 reactive advice bump on the lower right leg getting bigger cancer difficulty in walking and lightheadedness after stopping eptoin second opinion severe headaches dark yellow urine loss of appetite treatment options throat pain excessive bubbling saliva in mouth cure for symptoms high bilirubin levels allergic reactions due to jaundice infection irregular period took postinor2 no relief cause and cure infant with dry cough congested no fever serious had an abscess drained oozing on bandage normal severe hair loss tried ecophane any better medication x-ray suggests early pulmonary arterial hypertension should i worry had surgery for kidney stones severe pain what to do had surgery for pilondial sinus any ayurvedic treatment have pain in asshole and itching during motion suggestions have abnormal bleeding without cramps had taken postinor 2 normal have headache stiff neck dizziness sweating and sleeping problems solution unprotected intercourse spotting nauseous vomiting what could this mean had surgery dura leak blur vision how to get cured swollen red itchy lips burning painful what could be wrong severe headache cause and cure have hypothyroidism depression will working in night shift effect health suffering from jaundice frequently how to get relief from it rashes blisters itching spider bite used neosporin help masturbating cut on penis skin no bleeding any remedy developed hypersensitivity due to otitis media swollen ear lobes allergy right lower abdomen painful burning what can be done diabetic heart problem please provide daily diet plan can adderall cause urethra to itch pregnant sugar taking insulin will it effect child health fallen nose swollen not painful how could i treat it dry mouth bloating loose bowel movements what should i do bad breath problem can it be because of stomach acid missed period hpt negative is there any chance of pregnancy cervix high can i be pregnant how to get confirmed migraine attack sinus is it safe to take inderal calves having painful cramps sore what cane done sensitive upper lips in pregnancy is this normal tension no sleep smoking can i ask doctor online used depo injection brown blood discharge should i be worried has vomiting headache and cramps had taken pain killers advice want advice on eye power can i ask doctor online have nausea and acid reflux taking nexium stomach cancer constant nausea not pregnant ct scan scheduled other reasons yellow urine does it mean kidney problem sore throat cough and hoarse voice any suggestions marks on the body of a child injury suffer from sneezing and mucus formation sleeplessness need solution pus cells in the urine taking antibiotics need advice bleeding during intercourse is this something serious pregnant night sweats yellow mucus in nose rashes help smoker alcoholic diabetic constipation on metformin help fever joint pains groin pain what is the cure suffering from severe abdominal pain what might be causing it suffer from ipf started using oxygen constant nasal drainage remedy taking alesse tubed tied period getting heavier is this normal had a breast augmentation after stopping breastfeeding prolactin test suggestedwhy weakness while exercise does gastric problem causes weakness vomiting abdominal cramps red rash on chest thoughts pain in chest lump on sternum how to get cured had guided epidural pain after procedure done mri head injury dizziness bleeding from cut discomfort in head headache weakness joint pain vaginal flashes help child has knock knee should surgery be done stomach bloating severe pain pain reduced on urinating bladder condition problem with medical history can i ask doctor online infection in uterus what is the permanent cure done hysterectomy swollen wound help heavy bleeding done ultrasound can i ask doctor online underwent turp for bph infection developing uti abdominal pain treatment had ectopic pregnancy in fallopian tube reason and prevention can adenosine cause svt had increased heart rate brown and white spots on arm treatment bloating constipation passing white substance no appetite fever pain around belly button abdominal pain arm pain numbness in fingers chest x-ray normal pinched nerve taking propranolol and allegra together risk burning urination normal urine test is it possible chest tightness painful and nonproductive cough do i need antibiotics thigh pain difficulty sitting reason unable to penetrate while having sex possible to conceive throat discomfort when eating urge to cough help child has fever is it safe to give meftal taken levonorgestrel itchy leg with bumps after drinking alcohol help have myelomalacia would this lower lymph no periods had dysfunctional uterine bleeding what is wrong white clumps discharge during colon hydrotherapy your thoughts abdominal pain testicle pain penis pain masturbating regularly solution ear pain difficulty hearing prescribed guiposone will medicine help red patches on penis turns into bubbles medicine fumes from bleach harmful for child neck pain headache mri shows bulging discs reason for pain excess hair growth oligomenorrhea swollen lips body itching reason cramp in throat when yawning should i see a doctor penis burning during sex reason black patch in groin itchy burning red dots help suggested coumadin for bleeding ulcer had pacemaker installed safe abdominal pain back pain body itching advised gall bladder removal pelvic ultrasound shows anteverted uterus multiplenabothian cysts evident meaning dizziness taking meclizine for inner ear problem tests needed had unprotected sex taking rigevidon chances of pregnancy back pain pain under ribs due to fall leg injury painful swollen toe numbness is it broken pins and needles vaginal bleeding implantation bleeding child has fever and leg pain after taking amoxicillin concerned penis discomfort after urinating dribbling urine earlier had bladder infection pimples on scrotum painful pus-filled hurts to walk wrist getting thinner fat on chest help overdosed on paracetamol did anything wrong happen painful lump near lower lip movable any ideas pin prick sensation in body painful tremors in legs normal done semen analysis is report normal treatment difficulty breathing watering eyes continuous yawning which specialist to consult indentations on foot no redness or bleeding cause child has yellow-green stools brown-orange urine weight loss any ideas child with fever fever rashes on chest advice severe stomach pains constipation anything serious rashes on the elbow and ankles dermatitis using triamcinolone acetonide swollen knee with pressure lumps protruding from the knee reason cuts in the penis pain while retracting foreskin balanitis pollen allergy sore throat difficult breathing can i continue exercise weight gain sinus infection had a baby express concern 13 year old with dark spots on the legs treatment taking vyvanse for adhd sensitive teeth any suggestions is melacare forte cream useful in getting a fair complexion taking keppra for nocturnal seizures is there a permanent cure conflicting pregnancy test reports took meprate still pregnant diabetic vertigo had cabg creatinine level abnormal help have tingling sensation in clitoris after urination what is wrong scaly skin on the ear medication darkened nipples nausea reduced menstruation frequent urination headaches pregnant menstrual cramps mild bleeding chances of pregnancy infant not gaining weight what can be done frequent urination burning on the penis cause headache fever pain in the jaw am i getting migraine reduced sex drive after taking escitalopram and crestor any advice had chronic sinusitis head colds pain how to get cured problem of feeling tingling heavy abdominal cause and cure diabetic want to gain weight how should i start shoulder neck back pain what it can be cure stomach pain nauseous constipation serious what could it mean old aged diabetic vomatic sensation dizziness reason cure old aged weakness depression tired what should i do suffering from paranoid schizophrenia suspicion on others need help dry itchy cough spits blood what does it mean pregnant pressure in lower abdomen pain is this normal sinus issues always thirsty voice tight why is this happening gas in stomach bloating water oozing from mouth reason cure double vision can i ask doctor online diagnosed with viral infection cough abdominal pain cure hole in eardrums pain what should i do pregnant had abortion nauseous vomiting what should i do stress fracture foot swollen painful cure suffering from cervical permanent cure facing problem of acne permanent cure had knee injury what are treatment options hit thumb swelling heavy pain treatment missed polio drop harm and remedy pus filled bumps on scalp itchy reason cure semen leakage problem couldnot achieve full erection cure habit of masturbation not good erection what can be done increased urination irritation tests normal how to get cured delayed periods bright red vaginal spotting symptoms of miscarriage heart disease tired vomit beats fast what are treatment options hair loss what treatment can i take child with red spots across her cheekbones cause and cure swelling on left hand of adams apple no pain cure penis not erecting while having sex what do i do have pcod surgery cyst can i conceive normally tingles when i urinate frequent urination burning cause and cure pain in lower back permanent cure have parkinson shaky body pain in joints cure lungs hurt feels like crushing cause and cure suffering from ulcerative colitis can i ask doctor online taking prestiq 100 increased panic attack anxiety cause and cure had a tampon on had discomfort why over weight chest pain depression on citalopram help had protected sex partner had cancer and infertility pregnancy chances painful urination black vomit had esophagus removed on antibiotics help swollen thyroid heaviness in throat opinion chest pain brief tightness and mild difficulty in breathing cause wrinkle problem clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel help color of penis turning dark alcoholic unprotected sex any disease flu symptoms breathing difficulty emotional unstable movement rheumatoid arthritis neck popping causes numbness and lose body balance normal bleeding after intercourse having coppert suggestions baby suffering from fever giving crocin dosage safe balance problems car sickness since breast reduction surgery reason pregnant experiencing intense pain on vagina what could be it bad pains in stomach dizzy tired gas cure light periods all tests negative could i still be pregnant lump bruise on leg after hurting suggestions right thumb hurt numb could it be a fracture itching on arms shins how to get rid off it migraine pain behind right eye bone what it could be eosinophilia had endometriosis intersitial cystitis dehydration chronic diarrhoea suggestions pain three fingers below the ribs to the middle uti hysterectomy rectocele done having paste color stools possible reason headaches dizziness nausea diagnosed with migraine dyspepsia gastritis gallstones treatment does excessive masturbation cause infertility in men pregnant monitoring sugar levels levels increased after tt shot why dizzy nausea and diarrhea whats wrong swollen perineum abdominal and anus pain herpes have hcv did therapy twice with no effect alternate solution have irregular periods and migraine prescribed cycloset syrup advice infant coughing and vomiting visit doctor intense bruising by small bumps bloody nose idiopathic torsion dystonia child having enlarged occipital lymph node normal in toddler stomach pain fever vomiting what is it severe abdominal pain operated for carcinoid tumors advice prolonged dry cough tingling in upper back are they related sharp pain in tummy which is not very often cause red spotting around tattoo with puss help neck throat up to ear hurts having cold swollen gland pregnant constipation loose bowel movements help painful urethra have alt levels high on cipro nexium help requested holter monitor what is the meaning of dr200he sharp pulsating pain in neck shoulders back reason for pain acne oily hair will ginet help hot flashes delayed period removed implanon pregnancy symptom had a nose bleed affected cheek with black patches how umbilical ulcer painful across belly button what now abscesses treated penicillin allergic ecg abnormal help child having blood in stool should i concerned symptoms of an uti how to confirm it sharp pains burning while urinating not sexually active uti symptoms taking gabapentin for back pain severe pain advice had knee replacement has redness bruising and fever advice getting cluster of genital warts removed what to expect hurt wrist unable to bend backwards bone sticks out fracture have dizziness diagnosed as vertigo have heart problems opinion how long after rabies injection can i consume alcohol have abnormal periods this month should i see a doctor periods have stopped had taken doxycycline for acne side effect child was scratched by cat should she get vaccinated had aclmeniscus surgery knee causes grinding sound when unbent normal loose stools what is wrong with my stomach have severe headache taking medication for migraine no relief cure took abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol no abortion symptoms recommendations weightgain regular walking eating healthy suggestions for weight reduction has dark patches in pelvic ultrasound what could it be have irregular periods had unprotected sex suggestions have blister on lips leaving a scar solution have tearing pain in chest moving to neck treatment pregnant with post-traumatic stress disorder taking medicine any recommendation child having loose motions prescribed sporlac gr side effects due to over masturbation losing control of ejaculation homeopathic cure had protected sex having delayed periods cramps reason can you suggest vitamins to take instead of warfarin urine test shows motile orgs are seen meaning recovering from chicken pox when can i start normal diet childs urine analysis shows many epithelial cells should i worry hyperthyroid taking thyroxine more exersion run short of breath help severe pain during periods leg cramps adenomyosis non-uniform white patches and pain in mouth help penis shape problem will surgery help light flashes and mucus formation in the eye remedy cold muffled noise in ear sore around earlobe glands solution using femilon no withdrawal bleeding worried red rash on leg spreading itchy prescribed hydrocortisone cream help pain in forearm dizziness have chronic inflammation taken ibuprofen heaviness in head nausea puffy eyes normal bp swelling in vaginal lip painful applied betadine taking ciprofoxim ct scan shows crystallization particles in lungs need help testicle pain swelling worried about testicular cancer taking dots medication difficulty discharging urine side effect of rcinex skin tanning pigmentation used cosmelite should i continue usage tanned skin prickly heat pimples need help chills shaking pain diarrhea after whipple procedure reason taking amoxicillin have asthma high wbc levels medication safe have pcod irregular periods trying to get pregnant help x-ray shows bony nasal septum deviated to right treatment imaging states chronic microvascular ischemic change or demyelinating plaques meaning child has fever given larigo suspension suggestions baby loves nan1 but how good is that for her shaking sweating feeling faint after drinking lucozade reason bump on shoulder blade soreness stiff neck any suggestions peripheral blood smear shows normocytic slightly hypochromic rbcs meaning child has numbness in feet possible causes knocking noise in head due to mri swollen eyelid redness bump below eyebrow cause cough phlegm difficulty breathing what should i do pain below rib cage when coughing breathing deeply spleen problem stomach ache after taking tetanus shot for dog bite serious chest pain done tmt are the results fair medication needed have bipolar disorder autism aspergers disease want accurate diagnosis pain in hand shivering finger treatment done abdominal hysterectomy tingling in tongue dizziness palpitations help taking brown pills of birth control had unprotected sex concerned swollen foot painful reduced when elevating legs treatment ear pain after talking on the phone suggestion used melalite forte cream for acne scars redness now treatment pain in shoulder and elbow after fall numbness in finger history of miscarriage congested tubes trying to conceive prescribed ovrall have gynecomastia how to get rid of it chest pain cold feeling taking hypertension medicine heart attack safe to take nmp capsule during pregnancy no periods earlier taken regesterone sandoz due to this using apple cider vinegar for genital warts opinion missed periods pregnancy test negative not had sex reason suffered from hemolysis previously eating everything except fava beans continue dizziness nausea burning smell sensation in nose causes for symptoms taking doxycycline for acne and gym supplements at once risks brown blood odour during periods solution acute asthma attack taking medicines since three months safe feverish after wisdom tooth extracted prescribed antibiotics fever persists reason had missed birth control pill had sex what to do quit smoking started taking lipitor developed rash on face reason have cramping during ovulation irregular periods and back pain solution have swollen lymph node in groin area cause and cure itchy flaky skin in the navel with yellowish discharge reason have pain on left side had bronchitis cure pain in the ribs and stomach heavy periods pregnant sore throat excessive saliva production treatment how dangerous is bloody stools in small children does melted ice in soda cause scratchy throat and cough is numbness in lips being lightheaded side effects of ranexa how can i predict the date of my period commencement lump on the buttocks family history of cancer fat deposit have swollen gum difficulty in eating what is causing this hpv infected male concerned about hiv infection any advice have weight gain tiredness headache nausea and back pain pregnant brownish circular spots beneath the breast anything to be concerned suffer from bipolar disease pregnant will anxiety affect the child newborn with yellowish anal discharge cure feeling restless pain in the eye gastric problems need help need a permanent cure for chronic urticaria suffering from diarrhea had undergone renal transplant reason took vyvanse instead of melotinin is it ok child having swollen gums tender to touch is he teething palpitations and thyroid problem taking homeopathy medication permanent cure how hgh is good for the body yellow oily discharge on scalp treatment precautionary measures and exercise to cure pivd hair loss allergy in hair on finasteride minokem side effects taking antidepressant tablets will my emotions return to normal trying to conceive delayed period on primolut am i pregnant drug abuse has sweet smell instantly gone marijuana 5 year daughter greenish stools fever stool analysis done suggestions took postinor after unprotected sex any risk of pregnancy having enlarged heart treatment and diet plan had bleeding tubes done why would i keep bleeding had pcod taken siphene don laparoscopy continue siphene had heavy bleeding is it due to delay in period 55 year child stool tests done is the report normal suffering from cough chills fever taking tylenol persistent fever suggestions cpk levels is 565 taking glucophage meaxon plus suggestions light bleeding cramps had abortion pills nothing coming out why had spotting red bright bleeding cramps had tubal litigation suggestion pregnancy test fluctuating on strone cap is there a problem suffering from vitiligo what to avoid in this situation worried about the operation on hysterectomy needs to feel better anxiety panic attacks tingling sensation cold feeling on medication suggest suffering from bilateral foot telipes treatment chronic pain on methadone levidromoran doing pain management continue suffering from grey hair spreading towards chest treatment had phanton pregnancy 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amlodippine lisinopril proscar related on methotraxate prednisolone are they safe to take will emergency contraceptive work if sex is after ovulation red skin peeling bleeding on minocycline is it serious child has myopia can it be detected wrong overdose of trepiline followed by wine will cause heart attack have sexual anhedonia possible cause for this condition any cure period problem pain bloody discharge advise tooth ache jaw pain is it wisdom tooth i#39m underweight taking peritol what could it be 23 year old increased heart beat treatment bad cough daily after lunch at 1230 reason irregular periods have brown discharge what is wrong broken ankle what is the treatment inhaled meth smoke stressed will i fail meth urine test baby fed with old formula what to do have throat pain after cold need cure on implanton causing irregular cycles dark discharge during periods solution can replace cephalexin with either ciprofloxacin or amox chestpains breathing trouble blood test x-rays normal 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reason had unprotected sex had fever cramps headaches tiredness pregnant dark brown spotting birth control pills taken irregularly pregnant vitiligo medicines not effective treatment irregular period bulky ovaries small follicles do i have pcod should et be done before or after ovulation taken thyroid test tsh t3 t4 levels abnormal help pregnant pain and bulge in clitoris had urinalysis help sore throat headaches swollen glands tiredness what can be done low thyroid nausea on thyroxine tablets advise gad and anxiety on cipralex why am i depressed is there any relationship between height increase and masturbation had physical relationship worry about contracting something have blocked nose using nasal drops on ecosprin crevast help leak of protein in urine have diabetes hypertension precautions have hard stool blood and pus in stool weakness remedy sperm discharge immediate what solution can help wound in knee scar and pain used disinfection solutions help urination is loose urine drops after urination why ankle twisted on tendocare tablets and physiotherapy remedy buzzing in ear increasing why had unprotected sex missed period white discharge help had unsafe sex pt showed faint line am i pregnant have high ggt levels normal alkaline phosphatase taking warfarin suggest bipolar disorder gaining weight on quilonum what can i do have prolapsed fibroid in uterus and outside surgery risky have psoriasis taking dexamethasone betamethasol ranitidne sufficient tests reveal hypermetropia astigmatism what does it mean irregular period taking mifepristome what is the dosage need a medication to remove the acne scars from face pregnant with purple skin on the abdomen what is it 16 year old finding difficulty in urination bleedingwhat is wrong have excessive bleeding given progesterone injection what is going on pins and needles pain in the ankle with swelling fractured black heads in armpits have molloscum cotagiosum what is it suffering from premature ejaculation less semen what to do undergoing epiduo treatment for acne persisting acne further treatment bed wetting had asparagus is it related bump behind ear blister what is it treatment had sore throat and difficulty in swallowing infection reoccurring suffering from spermatorrhea skin turning dark suggest medications to cure bloated stomach weight gain tiredness am i pregnant irregular stools passed premature baby anything to worry 1 month baby frequent stools red anus suggestions has hpv virus had sex what can be done now fever congestion body ache cough phlegm on zpac nyquil help had pcos unconsciousness pain on holter monitor help sore breasts cramps bleeding had sex implantation bleeding have pcos irregular period tried iui taking humog help trying to conceive light period dark brown suggest constant knee pain swelling since partial knee replacement treatment suggestion have anxiety bumps on cheeks red blemishes what are they sleeplessness restlessness what is wrong smoker natural remedies to help quit 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orthopaedic specialist cancer severe eye pain pressure sensation what is happening have sore throat diarrhea recovered from strep a help suffering from disc problem had traction with temporary relief solution breathlessness when playing tennis normal cardiac reports have gastritis help lower stomach pain back pain dizziness hot flashes pregnant child has green stools prescribed flagyl next treatment odd pattern on legs have dry skin red bumps child has episodes of vision loss cause recurrent cold congested stuffy nose and ears headaches lightheadedness tiredness delayed menstrual cycle worried about pregnancy medication for abortion ultrasound shows another echogenic focus in sac cause enlarged carotid body tumor vision problems what to ask doctor pain in eyelid black dot swelling help radiography shows minimal hazed densities in upper lobes meaning treatment cut behind ear during haircut do i need hiv testing taken meprate for stopped period negative pregnancy test still pregnant history of heart attack distended stomach hardness what is it neck pain when turning head hot sensation what is this have chronic ulcer disease done gastrectomy have cvs any help heavy bleeding discomfort near cervix what is it hip pain radiating to groin knee swelling done physiotherapy swollen wrist after iv have painful lump what is it child has symptoms of liver enlargement lft tft ultrasound normal vaginal soreness after having sex help bad smelling penis is it gonorrhea no period negative pregnancy test lower back pain need help had unprotected sex taken plan b worried about pregnancy had partially protected sex can unwanted 72 tablet be taken have low hemoglobin done smear study any problem can i undergo laser treatment for permanent correction of eyesight back pain test shows albumin in urine significance and remedy chances of breast cancer returning if femara is discontinued had implantation bleeding done blood test for hcg levels worried hard lump in area of bite taken antibiotics painful heavy stomach loss of appetite swelling in feet suggestion does foreskin need to be removed before intercourse done knee arthroscopy have pain behind knee ankle pain help pregnant tiffa scan shows fetal heart valve not visible worried pregnant done sonography want to know gender of baby missed period brown discharge done tubal ligation history of copd any problem in going to shimla taken meth what should i expect had thyroid tested tsh level abnormal prescribed eltroxin help have irregular periods ovulation kit suggested ovulation on susten help history of cancer in the family any precautions have gas problem constipation on vibact rabi what can help trying to conceive nauseated dizziness what will help irregular period nauseated fatigued bloated acidity abdominal pain help bleeding after period clotting am i menopausal lactating reduced milk production taking satavarex side effects diagnosed with tubal blocks persistent follicles montoux test positive medication feeling weakness sweating flushed and tiredness before bowel movement suggestions have headaches pulsating sensation severe pain what is wrong sore throat sprayed zicam given hpv vaccination related pregnant have tastelessness vomiting thirst had gestational diabetes related lump behind ear fluid filled what is it trans rectal ultrasound taken what does this mean spondylosis on cocodemol marijuana smoker will i feel better sense of fluttering in left ear after consuming alcohol suggestions trying to concieve ovulation on 17th day no result solution brown spots on arms started after waxing prescribed momatexl safe child has red spot on face bleeds when scratched suggestions child having recurrent cough cold fever loses weight immediately reason have pain in chest and suffering from gas guide what is the maximum possible level of hcg in women have syringomyelia difficulty in walking due to shaking advice discolored band below head of penis normal dizziness weakness in knees while playing football brain issue trying to concieve advised iui-h prescribed susten periods delayed pregnant pounding headaches towards eyebrows relieves after taking a nap suggestions reoccurring upper lip infection using betnovate can i use sofradex having vomiting stomach pain diarrhea foul smelling burps treatment options headache in temple area bruising stress suspected suggestions had renal transplant previously having diarrhoea on medication suggestions child has stomachache dysentry prescribed medicines requires iv fluids tip of penis burns after masturbation reason multiple sebaceous cysts on testicles causing itching suggestions