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left side of heart chest wall swollen left side of throat red and sore left side stomach and back pain and periods delay left side stomach pain with undigested stool left sided headache during pregnancy left testicle moves when i breathe left testicle pain and dizziness left testicle soft lump on top left tympanic membrane left ventricular hypertrophy with chest discomfort left wrist pain and smoking leftside chest feels tight leg and tailbone hurting std leg cramps and inhaled steriod leg numbness and tailbone injury leg pain and tiredness due to heart leg pain difficulty breathing leg varises disease leg weakness waking up legs ache arms ache and butt cheeks ache legs and ankles swelling and spotting but no period legs feel heavy chest neck head hurts lemon to remove whiteheads lemon water good for duodenal ulcer leptose 10 mg lesuride od 75 medicine letrozole sperm leucorrhea first 2 weeks of pregnancy leukemia and blindness leukemia and remission but gets nose bleed leukemia blotches leukemia patient needing gall bladder removal leukocytes 0 1 hpf feces leukoplakia pain leukorrhea in urine end stages of pregnancy leukorrhea rashes levaquin pain top of forearm levator ani syndrome pregnant levonelle menstrual changes levothyroxine and junel fe lft test during pregnancy lichen planus and beer drinking lichen planus and sinus lichen sclerosis scleraderma lies for hickies life expectancy esld and emphysema esrd life expectancy heart failure calculator life expectancy with adenocarcinoma of lung lifting weights now i have blood in my stool light bleeding after a hsg light brown patch of skin in children light brown pus light colored puffy nipples light head dizzy fast heartbeat suddenly light headed after neck injury light headed and neck hurts light headed dizzy cold sweat when eating drinking light headed during yoga light headed gilberts syndrome light headed toothache light headeddizzy and low white blood cell count light headedness after dying hair light pink discharge headache diarrhea light pink discharge sinusitis light red orange discharge light spots dont itch light spotting after going to bathroom lightheaded blood in stool weak legs lightheaded dizzy black spot on right side tremors lightheaded drowsy neasua swollen tonsils lightheadedness sweating and shaky flying lip balm when pregnant lip biopsy swelling goes down lip fissure diabetes lip has bump and burns is called lip quiver lip twitching dizziness lip twitching from chewing lip vaseline be used as anal lube lipo 6 and birth control lipoma treatment lips are swollen when waking up lips color changed into white lips swollen inside of lips hurt lips that swell chap and peel liquid brown discharge during first 6 weeks of pregnancy liquid fast with v8 splash liquid filled cyst in scrotum lisinopril accumulates in the brain lisinopril and elevated sgpt lisinopril and preparation h lisinopril heart murmur list of skin viruses listerine hemorrhoids lithium chest fluttering lithium heightened smell lithium seroquel and tramadol little knot that bleeds and has pus around private area little particles in urine liver and lung cancer 6 months to live liver ast alt gamma gt liver cancer and belly button puss liver cancer grey stool liver cancer how long do you usually live once diagnosed liver cancer treatment options by siddha for aged people liver disease grey hair liver enzymes elevated and swollen tongue liver enzymes elevated ast starvation liver gamma gt levels cancer liver hemangioma 12mm liver mri black spot liver noise liver pain blood tests normal liver pain swollen hands throbbing liver problems after typhoid liver tablet udiliv lmontus tablet causes load pulse sound in ear lock jaw trauma to children locked jaw sore jaw loestrin 20 endometriosis loestrin 24 fe and migraines loestrin fe 24 constipation lofgren syndrome spots logynon pill makes you feel tired lomofen hives long shower cause heart to race long standing ankylosing spondylitis and lymphedema with yellow nail syndrome long term and short term effects to dipping pouches long term eye vision problems and welding loose and hard stools and anemia loose motion at 12th week of pregnancy loose motion at ninth month of pregnancy loose motion due to teething in 1 year old baby loose motion during ovulation period loose motion home remedy for 8th month old baby loose motion in 8 months old baby is normal loose motion in babies 2 years loose motion in typhoid loose motion medicine for 2 years baby loose motions during 4th week of pregnancy loose motions in older people and treatment loose smelly stools and tummy pains in child loose stools and low blood sugar loose testicles gym loprin 75 in pregnancy side effects losartan hair loss lose breath just walking up stairs thyroid loss of appetite dizzy spells headaches loss of appetite fatigue stomach pain loss of appetite stomach pain lethargy loss of motor control in legs loss of neck lordosis and internal problems loss of physiological cervical lordosis loss of sensation on left side loss of weight due to wysolone lost layer of skin on glans lost weight after partial colectomy lots of clear wet discharge low ast got alt gpt low back pain 2 months missed periods frequent urination negative pregnancy test low bbt and hypoglycemia low blood pressure 106 60 age 73 low blood pressure and heart murmur low blood pressure at 23 year old low blood pressure high sugar low haemoglobin low body temp and high wbc low body temperature concerta adhd concerta low body temperature liver low bp during 9th month of pregnancy low calcium in newborn baby why low calcium level tailbone pain low eosinophils during pregnancy low estrogen low grade fever low grade evening fever tb symptom low grade fever and advanced prostate cancer low grade fever cll cause low grade fever for about 2 months with heaviness in head low grade fever sore throat green mucus low grade fever with a boil low grade headache in morning low grage fever last 1 day is hiv symptoms low hanging testicels low hemoglobin and blood pressure after surgery low hemoglobin and dark circle low hemoglobin infection low hemoglobin menopausal low hemoglobin test results low iron and dry pubic hair loss low mpv and cancer low mpv kawasakis disease low mpv levels during pregnancy low plattets low potassium and low grade fever low potassium and neurological symptoms low potassium pelvic pain low potassium sore throat low urine flow splenda low urine output post op gastric bypass low white blood cell count first trimester of pregnancy low white blood count in sickle cell anemia low white cell count and missed period lower abdominal pain and brown discharge lower abdominal pain loose mucusy stool lower abdominal twinges next to ovaries and chest pain lower back boil lower back pain fatigue no appetite feeling ill lower back pain implanon lower back pain left side short of breath lower back spinal locked lower cholesterol adderall lower left back pain permanent sore throat and chest pain lower your prolactin level without medicine lube burning sensation in anus lucozade ok to drink during pregnancy lumbar spondiolitis lump after a c section lump along jawline children lump appearing on face and turning black lump at base of vas deferens lump attached to vein attached to testicle lump behind ear on skull caused by eye glasses lump behind ear psoriasis lump behind male nipple clear discharge when squeezed lump behind right ear ear sore and ringing lump between upper ribs lump deep in buttocks lump feeling in thorat an always having to burp lump found above breast and below clavicle lump in anal passage lump in armpit after diving lump in breast after mastopexy lump in collarbone xray negative lump in front of right ear root canal filling fell out lump in hollow of throat lump in left side of anus lump in lips after stitches lump in neck from muscle strain lump in neck numb lips lump in neck stomach upset lump in neck vein lump in rib below collar bone lump in stomache after egg retrieval lump in throat after lifting weights lump in throat after thyroid lobectomy lump in throat burping a lot lump in throat dehydration lump infront of my ear at the end of my jaw lump leg cramps lump lower back pus blood squeeze lump of flesh in discharge lump on babys back lump on butt cheek lump on calf only hurts when i push on it lump on collarbone that moves lump on frenulum after frenuloplasty lump on inside of wrist pulse very strong lump on jaw line in newborn baby lump on left side above hip bone pins and needles lump on lip that comes and goes lump on lower leg hard doesnt move a month lump on lower leg warm sensation lump on mons veneris lump on my eustachian tube lump on my head and stiffness in neck lump on neck above collarbone after flu lump on neck near clavicle lump on nose in children lump on scar tissue in throat lump on spine after spinal fusion lump on sternum shoulder and neck pain lump on tailbone and numbness in leg and arm lump on the front of the neck above the adams apple lump removal from uvula lump with pin hole inside butt crack lumps inside the skin at multiple places lumpy vein left breast lung flutter feeling lungs hurt from throwing up lungs problems lupride depot for ivf lvh and how long to live lyme ear fullness lymecycline acne lymph blood work high lymph nodes acting up lymph nodes in neck hurt when turning head lymph nodes in neck overnight lymph nodes in neck swollen because of liver lymph nodes swollen on both armpits and breasts heart palpitations shortness of breath lymphomic cancer maggots in nose magic pubic hair removal cream scrotum burn magnifying glasses surgery malaria and lightheadedness malate dehydrogenase deficiency male always tired no energy male constant heart palpitations male impotence and warfarin male infertility via cystoscopy male infertility wysolone male navel problems male nipple glands male nipple inflammation male nipple nervous system male nipples swollen sign of infection male sore between legs male stomach ache from being aroused male tender nipples and testosterone male testicles heat rash male urinating a lot of blood and blood clots mandibular tori mantoux skin test for infertility mantoux skin test purchase mantoux test is safe during pregnancy mantoux test low grade fever mantoux tuberculin skin test causing arm pain manufacture of ovacare tablet mareos lombriz intestinal marfan syndrome hearing marfans syndrome and infertility marijuana and scar tissue of the brain marijuana corneal transplant marijuana hypothyroid marijuana use before liposuction marriage of same blood groups rh positive marturbation disadvantages marvelon and constipation marvelon and kalms tablets marvelon birth control birth defects marvelon birth control forgot to take pill marvelon causing mouth ulcers mass near jaw mastocytosis and tooth decay maxillary sinus opacification drain treatment may i eat before taking lisinopril mcv level of 97 mdma gum problems mdma headache meaning of atrophic uterus meaning of lab result non reactive meaning of non specific st t wave changes meaning of othistic mebendazol quinfamida safe while pregnant medial upper arm pain above elbow medical term for small artery medication to reduce belly fat medications during pregnancy cause apraxia medicine for growing beard medicine for nipple cut medicine for thinning of the corpus callosum medicine gastric problems omez medicine name for cold sneezing medicine norflox medicine sazo 1000 medicine to reduce esr medicines for adult loose motions in the us medicines to avoid after spleenectomy meftal p how much time to down the fever mega colon mega green tea pills meibomian gland infection and ear pain meige syndrome emedicine melacare cream usage melanin mustache sun melanoma irregular menstrual memory foam mattress formaldehyde pregnancy men impotence nuvaring men pus cells 2 4 hpf in urine what it meansa mengites fever menisces menopause and blood when wiping menopause irritated clitoris menopause symptoms anal fissures menstral bleeding and my whole body hurts menstrual bleeding and feeling sick menstrual cramp knees hurt menstrual cramping with pain down left leg menstrual cramps after weaning menstrual cramps and pooping iud menstrual cycle after lupride menstrual cycle and oily skin menstrual irregularities and cystic acne menstruation and vaccination menstruation blood in my chlamydia urine test menstruation effect on pus cells urinalysis menstruation pancreatitis hereditary menstruation tonsils mensuration problem mental illness mood swings mental problems with friedreichs ataxia menthol shaving cream rash mentos and impotency meprate 10mg pregnancy meralgia paresthetica caused by car accident mercilon pill is it safe to stop taking it mercury poisoning sinus bradycardia mestrubating tips metabolic disorder and high liver enzymes metallic tasting bump on lip metamizole sodium stability hydrolysis meth and stomach ulcers meth and swelling eyes meth causes sore throats meth conjunctivitis meth skin rash treatment meth testicals methods of ovarian function tests metoprolol and zinc sideeffects metoprolol tartrate taken with meth metro gyl metrogyl tablets pus metronidazole cotrimoxazole metronidazole mixed with doxycycline micro albumin 40 microgestin 120 birth control question microgynon 30 stomach ache microgynon missed pill bleeding microscopic blood in the urine related to taking one baby aspirin per day microscopic blood in urine statin drugs microscopic colitis and sore throat microvascular birth control pill rash microvascular disease brain mid back pain following a car accident mid back pain heart trouble mid chest pain when swallowing mid cycle bleeding concerned middle age impacted wisdom midline lump migraine dark discharge migraine headache and cashew nuts migraine hot cold flushes migraine pvcs and near syncope migraines after heart cath migraines and bad breath migraines and fatigue after sun exposure mild bilateral pelviectasis cause mild cervical spondylosis slightly more c5 6 mild concussion one eye blurry mild hypo rbc mild ichthyosis on my scalp mild microvascular ischemic disease without acute ischemia mild pain centre below the ribs and belly button mild pain in the lower abdomen mild prominent broncho vascular markings mild rash around torso on 5 year old mild stroke in your 30s mild vascular prominence miliaria in babies milk of magnesia in 3 month old milk rash on a 2 month old baby milky discharge and mild itching milky discharge from urethra milky nipple discharge when squeezed mini pill and discharge minimum thyroid level minor changes in my ecg minor stroke symptoms change in personality mintop 10 wash hair miraqule medicine mirena and herpes mirena breast leakage mirena coil and dizziness mirena coil and kidney infection mirena coil cerazette mirena iud cancer prevention mirena sore breasts nipples mirtaz 15 miscarriage with hcg 140 misdiagnosis cancer in jaw instead of abscess tooth missed abortion causes due microdeletion in y chromosome missed my period of 40 days missed period and steroids missed period and stomach noises missed period now brown blood missed periods but have a tubal ligation missionary position during pregnancy mitochondrial disease celiac disease mitral fibrillosis mitral valve prolapse being tired all the time headaches mitral valve regargitation mobiluncus treatment moderate adenoid enlargement moderate dysplasia what does that mean mole moderate polys mean mold exposure heart condition mole beauty mark removal mole itchy leaking after been on sunbed mole on back is painful to touch mole on your retina mole skin tag on clitoris mole sore to touch monistat topical cream for men monoclonal gammopathy skin problems monocular vision syndrome mononucleosis addisons disease mononucleosis brown discharge mononucleosis with fatty liver monster energy jaw pain montgomery glands hormones mood swings stomach problems morning after pill blood in urine morning after pill sore nipples morning after pill yeast infection morning blood pressure 138 88 morning burps after taking plan b morning sacral ligaments pain morning stiffness in pregnancy mosquito bites after holiday motility of lactococcus lactis motion in green colour in 8 months old baby is normal motion sickness from situps mottled blotchy purplish skin why mottled rash and veins on palms liver mottled red skin in blotches on right side of legs mottled skin in black people mottled skin remedy mouth ulcer sneezing mouth ulcers and tightness in chest mouth ulcers low testosterone movement frquency during 8 th month pregnancy moving lump in earlobe moxikind cv 375 throat infection moxikind cv 625 infection msf in left ovary msf in ovary mtp cipla much lower left testicle ball sack is saggy mucus discharge pregnancy sixth month mucus in stool treatment mucus in stools and feeling unwell mucus on passing wind children mucus stools and weight loss in 8 week old baby mucus string in nose multinodular goiter and weight gain multiple myeloma and associated voice issues multiple periods and cerazette multiple sclerosis and abnormal ekg readings multiple sclerosis emedicine multiple sclerosis for people with no spleen multiple sclerosis red eye muscle aches rib cage muscle swelling below ear hiv muscle twitching diabetes muscle twitching lower lip muscular ache in buttocks muscular lump left arm mustache sores mustard colour poo mustard smell mutton bone soup pregnancy my 1 year old ate petroleum jelly my 10 month old passes motion many times my 10 year old has burning pain when peeing my 15 year old has supraventricular tachycardia my 2 yr old has fever and itchy rashes my 3 yr old has watery eyes my 4 month baby has swollen big toes my 4 month old baby has a lump where she got her vaccine my 6 week old baby is very restless fusses and my 6 year old poop is white what my 8 year old has headaches and vomitting regularly my age is 46 years i have incresed esr 28mm per hr increas my anus bleeds after alcohol my anus has pimple i feel pain and my anus hurts and i am bleeding out of it my arm is hurting and im pregnant my arm twitches all the time my armpit feels swollen my armpits hurt am i pregnant my arms and legs have dry and peeling skin my arms start feeling strange when i try to go to sleep my ast is 59 my baby has a lump in his mouth my baby has green stringy poop my baby has low rbc count but still active my baby has red welts on her my baby is 18 months has fever and cold feet my baby keeps biting her inner cheek my baby lips swollen after eating fish my babys poop is light yellow my back hurts when i walk and my legs are shaking my balls are sore my balls hurt after jogging my balls hurt and theres blood in my shit my blood glucose test was 147 what does this mean my blood glucose was 92 before breakfast i ate a bowl of f my blood pressure is 140 86 and 32 weeks pregnant my blood pressure is 140 94 and a pulse of 94 i am pregnant my blood pressure is 150 90 no medicine my blood pressure is 162 112 my blood sugar is 114 my blood sugar is 119 insulin resistancve my blood work came back with it saying liver abnormal whats that mean my body temp is 38 c my bottom lip is swollen and hurts my breast hurts nausea cramps headache diarrhea my breast nipples hurt and are raw what do i do my breasts are secreting a clear fluid and my breathing feels tight my butt hurts after i went poo my butt is burning itching bleeding my chalazion is sore again my chest and throat hurt bad when i breath in my chest feels heavy each time i swallow my chest feels tight when i lay on my side my chest is pounding my throat feels tight i cant sleep my child doing toilet again and again my child has a birthmark on the lens of her eye how will it affect her reading my child has a lump at the top of mouth on gum my child is complaining that it hurts when he urinates my child is sleepy and has a stomachache my child keeps complaining of a belly ache my childs heartrate is 180 my clitoris feels aroused my colposcopy result showed a wart my d dimer test is slightly elevated my doctor cut me off of pain meds my ear canal feels numb my ear is hurting and i just noticed a canker sore in the back of my throat my ear is sore itchy and fluid coming out from my ear my eyes look glossy am i pregnant my face got burned during waxing my feet have been swollen for a month now i had an ecg sca my feet hurt with flu my feet itch a lot my five year old has had a stuffy nose snores my foot feel funny my gf is pregnant after eating i pill in before 72 hours my girlfriend has gas my gp has prescribed mebeverine 3 times a day for treatment my hair is itchy when its wet my head hurts in front when i bend down my heart hurts and my left arm got limp my heart is beating fast headache and knot in stomach my heart is racing and im sweating my heart keeps skipping beats and i have mechanical heart valves my heart keeps skipping when im drifting to sleep my heart starts beating fast when i smoke marijuana weed my height 5 4 age 30 weight 85 i my hgb 138 my husband always falls asleep early my husband drinks whiskey coke everyday my husband has a lump in the middle of his chest my husband has food poisoning im pregnant my infants rib is deformed my knee started popping and a few weeks later it is painful to bend or straighten my leg my left breast is sore near my armpit my left leg hurts all the time and my left arm is very weak my left nipple is swollen and has pimples around it my left side of chest hurts when i breathe my leg feels hot and stings when i touch it my leg hurts and feels hot my legs turn purple my lip has turned black any symptoms my lips are dark pink and has some brown spots on them what are the brown spots my lips are dry and grey my liver enzymes are at 66 my liver enzymes are high 65 what does this mean my lower abdominal is sore when i touch it or cough my lower back hurts but my testicles hurt even more my lower back randomly hurts my lower lip suddenly droops my lungs itch and i have a headache my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen when i smoke my mate has thick sperm what does that mean my mid back hurts only as i walk my muscle along the left side of my shin hurts my new born baby has some white pimples in side the mouth my new born babys eyes twitch my nose bleeds when im angry and my heart hurts my nose is bleeding after 1 year i had my rhinoplasty my nose smells rotten my palm n feet are getting hot since my pee smells bad and is brown my period is a flow with dry dark blood my period was late last month now it wont stop my ppd site is sore my pregnancy test quickly faded from positive to negative my pubic hair pulls and hurts my pulse is 85 my pulse rate is 95 is that ok my red mark is still on my arm from ppd my right side of head feels frozen my seman is lumpy i am diabetic my six year old has low hemoglobin and hematocrit my stomach bounces with heart beat im 30 my stomach burns when i breathe my stomach feels full after vomit my stomach firm in the morning bloated in afternoon my stool is difficult to come out and has a thick slimy my tbili is 15 what does this mean my testicles hurt for no reason my testicles hurt the day after drinking my throat is puffy and has a sharp pain beside my adams apple on th right side what is it my thumb keep swelling up overnight and i cant bend it fully why my thumb keeps twitching after a severe workout my thyroid level is 160 my thyroid tsh is 375 is it normal my toe went numb the day after i got a tooth pulled my tongue is real sore and swollen what is wrong my top lip has been numb for 3 days my tummy aches after 5 months after having a c section my vagyna lips are turning black my whole body aches and my head pounding my wrist was hurt weeks ago now its swollen again mycoplasma itch groin mycoplasma tonsil bumps mydriasis treatment myeloma high bilirubin myrena coil causes carbuncles myteka montelukast sodium causes weakness mythroat hurts and i have a bump on the side of my neck where my tonsils are located names of diseases caused by change of seasons names of spots lung nasal congestion sign of ovulation nasal congestions since tonsillectomy nasal headache gums hurt nasal polyps breathless nasal polyps whilst pregnant natal cleft intertrigo natural cure for adenoids growth for children natural cure for atrophic rhinitis natural remedies to reduce sgpt natural treatment for skin color improvement natural treatment that decrease platelet production natural ways to prevent malaria naturogest after iui naturogest tablet during periods nausea after napping nausea and diarrhea went away and came back nausea back pain headache mood swings nausea diarrhea fever constipation light headedness nausea diarrhea sore breasts nausea fever chills congestion nausea severe headache blood in stool nausea stomach cramps diarrhea leg pain ncp of thypoid fever nearly fainted whilst having a poo neck and chest stiffness neck exercises cunnilingus neck lump steroids used neck of the womb tight neck pain cracking sound ears plugged neck pain when coughing sneezing neck tendon above collar bone needing to poop after a cigarette negative blood anomaly scan negative hiv test at 1 year neotigason male reproduction nerve compression with vomiting nausea nerve damage due to shoulder surgery nerve damage facial fillers nerve disorders tightening in legs and arms nerve ends after testicular cyst removal nerve on eyebrow beats nerve pain in forehead called nerve pain near navel nerve pull sensation while urinating nestle fresh milk for 1 year old new born baby brown vomit new born baby with a hole in the heart newborn canker sore newborn eardrum bursting newborn psoriasis scalp newborn reactive gynecomastia newborn signs of chromosomal abnormalities newborn sleeping with mouth open newborn stinky gas newborn tense tummy newborn with high hemoglobin in newborn risks newborn with nonketotic hypoglycemia newborns that are very lethargic symptoms and diagnosis newborns with wet lungs treatment nexito 10 medicine used for nexito plus and death next choice took tablet 2 first niacin and itching niaspan back pain nifuroxazide giardia night sweats frequent urination night sweats light headed dizzyness nightmares side effect of lutera nightquil and cipralex nipple discharge during ovulation nipple hole has yellow crust in it nitrazepam and tinnitus nitrofurantoin and sore inflammed gums nitrogen for chest pain no energy headache cold headache cough no free fluid in the cul de sac no period for 9 months on femulen pill then lots nocturnal cough treatment nodule close to skin on sternum nodule vein arm noise in throat when breathing right side of neck hurts non modifiable risk factors for ectopic pregnancy non stop bleeding during period is a cause of pcos non veg food to improve motility norethisterone 5mg now no period norethisterone to stop irregular periods noriday dizziness normal blood pressure 30 year old male normal blood sugar level on new born normal blood sugar levels after meals in pregnancy normal bp for 59 year old man normal cd4 and cd8 levels in hiv normal chest expansion normal development of the clitoral hood normal fasting blood glucose in 14year old normal heart rate 63 years old normal heart rate 68 years old man normal humen body t normal pain with screw in fibula normal platelet count child normal pulse 78 year old man normal range of red cells of ufr normal to feel pulse in stomach normal values of mantoux test normospermia with reduced motility and agglutination nortrel allergy alcohol nose blackhead breathing problems nose bleed after listerine nose bleed at the same time of day nose bleed feeling tired nose bleeding implications nose bleeds and indigestion mercilon nose bleeds cauterisation nose bleeds during arousal nosebleed weeks after concussion nosebleeds and isoniazid nosebleeds from puking noticed on squeezing my nipple i still have breast milk it has been 10 months novelon 100 nuforce n cream numb breast numb chin diarrhea numb feeling arond a mole on my shoulder numb feeling in my left toes numb hand and purple numb pinprick pain in arms and legs numb skin on arm palm hiv symptom numb spots on shin numb toes and cold foot fracture or sprain numb virgina orgasim numbness after undescended testicle removal numbness in both feet shortness of breath exhaustion ill feeling numbness in left arm and hand very cold numbness left side of head dopamine numbness suddenly in mouth nursing diagnosis for cervical cancer nursing diagnosis for patients with achalasia nursing diagnosis of deficiency growth hormone nutrition in post cholecystectomy nutritional deficiency for sebaceous cysts nuvigil 250 mg chest pain confusion panic nyquil and trazodone nystagmus psychological trauma nystatin for hand foot mouthcom obesity and increased sgot and sgpt levels obstruction in food pipe occ in rbcs in urine analysis occ pus cells occ type bacteria in urine occasional chest discomfort in left side occasional rbc in urine during pregnancy occasional soreness inside a nostril that scabs for a week occasional yellow discharge oflomac urinary tract infection ofloxine oil gland bumps genitals oily stringy bowel movements ok to drink beer with metoprolol old age itching oligodendroglioma in pregnancy olive oil for ligament tear olive oil massage for pnis enlargement omeprazole capsules gaviscon omez 20 mg on ekg what does this mean p r t axes 41 31 3 one red nipple areoal one testicle doesnt move oneirophrenia symptoms onglyza and hair loss opaque skin bumps open heart surgery for 71 year old ophiasis alopecia areata opiate use and lower sperm count oral cancer skoal orange color urine in new born baby orange colored gums orange colored urine after the flu and pregant orange discharge cervical infection orange urine and abdominal pain in children orbicularis oculi muscle spasm constant oromandibular dystonia horner syndrome osteoarthritis fissure ovarian cyst and high blood pressure and pain in legs ovarian cyst pins and needles in feet ovarian cysts yellow stool ovary adherent to uterus overactive thyroid anxiety seborrheic dermatitis overactive thyroid smelly stool overdose asthalin overheating and throwing up while pregnant overweight belly button pain ovulation and myomectomy ovulation calf pain ovulation pain with implanon oxalate blood level oxy elite pro affect birth control pills oxy elite pro numbness in neck oxy elite pro side effects high blood pressure oxy elite pro with ibuprofen oxy ellite pro and cloudy urine oxy pro elite scrotum oxyelite pro anal leak oxyelite pro and type 1 diabetic on high bp meds oxyelite pro balls hurt oxyelite pro sore ozone therapy and low blood pressure p r t axes p21 blood test pain 7 days after vasectomy normal pain above navel lump above navel pain and bleeding after ear wax removal pain armpit breast chest shortness of breath pain around anus while sitting pain behind left shoulder blade when exhale pain behind my ear when ovulating pain between the scrotum sac and the anus pain bloating after medical abortion pain control in g6pd pain in 7th rib up on right side pain in back and stomach gas bleching and dizziness pain in left breast that radiates through nipple pain in left ear after car accident pain in lymph nodes hiv pain in middle chest on pressing pain in right side with back pain am i in labor pain in testicle after heart cath pain in upper abdomen that radiates to right shoulder pain instomach and unable to straighten arms and legs pain mid right back behind rib cage pain on left breast pins and needles in arm pain on lower left abdomen and spotting pain underneath right rib when laugh pain while passing urine in men but less quantity painful fibroadenosis painful hard bump on your inner butt cheek painful indentation in calf diabetes painful lump in armpit sise of squash ball painful montgomery glands painful non purulent sores on body and face painful rash in butt crack painful red clitoris painful red lines on breast painless lump in calf muscle painless lump on shin and ankle pains 4 months after the removal of a fallopian tube paint fumes causes impotence paint fumes heart ecg pale face linked to low blood pressure pale mole on right breast pale mustard poop pale pink discharge from anus pale urine fatigue pale yellow discharge palm skin hardening palpable non tender lymph node behind left ear palpitations and dizzy in elders pamsvax xl symptoms pancreas liver black specks in stool pancreatic cancer blood in urine male panis development stages pantocid and bilirubin papule on tongue how to treat paracentral disc protrusion l4 and l5 paracetamol bloated stomach paracetamol tingling tongue paraffin wax scientific name parasite fizzing in the throat parasites high bilirubin parasites that cause itchy feeling in forehead parotiditis ear pain partial color blind test partial hysterectomy and stds passing blood after an enema passing out from pulmonary function test past motion with blood pathology 2 3 pus cells hpf pathophysiology of l1 fracture patient ecg fears patient refuse treatment heart attack paxil passed in swallowed sperm pea sized knot in rectum pea sized lump at base of skull pectoral muscle spasm pee burn and feel pain but no blood peines infection