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having abdominal pain suggested surgery for enlarged uterus opinion severe psoriasis in whole body medication for immediate relief tests show increased sgotsgpt triglyceridesfatty liver what next missed periods vaginal spotting brown stringy discharge causes and treatment what does my thyroid report suggest does taking megalis along with bencozaine condom prevent premature ejaculation suffering from chronic liver disease cirrhosis esophageal varices treatment severe throat pain tonsil pain taking antibiotics symptoms persists cure burning urination itching yellow discharge low hemoglobin done biopsy of cervix bleeding cramps worried about unusual bleeding paralysis blood clot in brain fastest way to recover swollen circumvallate papillae pain in right side possibly cancer foul-smelling discharge watery abdominal pain swollen cervix with red ring very thin body mass how can i gain weight checked heart rate high pulse rate causes and treatment infant with loose stools introduced with formula milk teething had ivf delivery had edema sore throat explain have weak heart cholelithiasis ureteric calculus hydronephrosis treatment vomiting lethargic dizziness headache cold sweat nausea can you help difficulty passing urine test shows prostomegaly and urine infection treatment prescribed novelon folivte for birth control how does folivte help dandruff pus filled pimples on scalp what could this be on cipralex lyrica having terrible dizzy spells caused by cipralex is there any cure for palinopsia breathlessness numbness after eating or drinking suffering from blockage smudge on foreskin veins in that area is it std have scalp psoriasis have dandruff arm joint allergy curebr pregnant had spotting mucus will i go into labor soon lack sex drive busy life why is life lifeless 25 year old suffering from frequent attacks of shingles reason recurring bacterial vaginosis any natural cure otc dry tablets recommended breast ache tiredness nauseated sexually active suggest sharp shooting pain in stomach and appendix is it nerves stopped iron medicines still have high serum iron lab error chest injury difficulty breathing back pain symptoms cause of worry weakness in limbs mri showed herniated disc is it tia painful cramps blood bright red discharge what is wrong pregnant chest x-ray will affect my baby clear water vaginal discharge cervical irritation need more flagel fibromyalgia osteoarthritis imbalance disorientation confusion causes for symptoms was on methadone for peripheral neuropathy memory fading is normal been using tobacco have clear bumps is this cancer heart palpitations fluttering sensation breathlessness occurring frequently causes bump on head been growing painful when touched worry upset stomach light-headedness detached feeling gastro virus or anxiety attack delivered twins bled after it still have brown discharge reason chest heaviness tightness breathlessness taking adderall side-effects of medication have been on lorazapem severe leg pain what can help suffering from migraine headaches neck pain spinal cord pain worry pregnant with itching and sores inside the thigh solution nausea dizziness diagnosed with thyroid inflammation prescribed antibiotics corn on foot done corn extinction cure without surgery high blood pressure taking ramipril cause always tired what is wrong have periods now pain near tubes cramps red spots on pubic area after shaving ingrown hair hair growth on breast how to avoid it constant uti have ms how can it be prevented wrist pain numbness in hand is it broken have scleroderma pulmonary fibrosis chest pain breathlessness swelling dry cough stitch marks on upper lip suggestion pregnant done blood test prescribed thyronorm will it affect baby have athletics induced asthma chest pain exhaustion child is lean by birth how to increase birth child has yellow pus no pain or discomfort reason numbness in body increased heartbeat what is going to happen had wisdom tooth extracted granulation tissue turning yellow dry socket bump near labia majora open wound what is going on have gastritis reflux taking omeprazole recommendation have low sperm count low motility and low volume help done hysterolaprascopy for infertility why are periods irregular now have hair fall due to thyroid problems treatment child has weals on legs itchy what to do missed period pregnant how much sperm is required to conceive echo shows mild localized ivs hypertrophy can this cause palpitations had unprotected sex stomach not feeling good sign of pregnancy mid-cycle bleeding negative pregnancy test headache any chance of pregnancy diagnosed with pof menstrual pain what happened to follicles bumps on scalp white substance on eyelashes trouble maintaining erection need help abdominal discomfort loose stools taken imodium cause of symptoms abdominal bloating cramps family history of bowel cancer help pain in forehead had sinus infection worried about blood clot high alt and ast levels done blood test cause using contraceptive pill abnormal bleeding abdominal pain cramps worried brown and smelly discharge taking micro pill worried headache pain in eyebrows blurred vision anything i can take had sex with partner during periods can i contract std bleeding is it early periods or implantation bleeding have gland tb on neck knots on neck need solution memory loss cannot remember names prescribed citystar remedy tooth pain holes in teeth help blocked burps constipation taking sompraz pain in knuckles taking anti-inflammatory medicine do i have arthritis feeling of heat wave in ear cause test shows hypochromic and microcytic blood picture pregnant blood deficiency continuous periods never taken birth control what could this be blood in stool taking ibuprofen frequently for back pain reason child has myopia how to prevent eye power from increasing history of miscarriage reason for fetuss heart to stop beating have panic disorder pain in arm and chest heart related nosebleed x-ray shows hypertrophy of nasal concha related symptom diluted urine frequent urination when anxious not flushing have bartholins cyst taking antibiotics can i go swimming have compression fracture in spine difficulty sitting up remedy headache seeing lights had adenoids removed aura migraines dry cough normal x-ray allergy related mixed hearing loss using hearing aids suggestions done tubular ligation headache nausea sore breasts pink discharge pain when breathing done lung breathing function test coughing help negative pregnancy test no period cramps back pain discharge done tympanoplasty discharge from ears cold cough difficulty hearing have undifferentiated connectivity tissue disease headache edema related symptoms chest pain burning sensation strong pain what is wrong variations in egg size after medication how to get pregnant baby passing pinkish blood in urine possible cause have erectile dysfunction using viagra how to rectify unprotected sex during periods mensuration stopped can intercourse stop periods how to treat chronic hepatitis b lost consciousness due to severe migraine mri done possible reason pregnant been bleeding slight cramping is this normal bruised thigh like insect bite red spot worry spontaneous vessels bursting painful have hypothyroidism what now pregnant been breastfeeding had miscarriages on duphaston what now 10 year old with encopresis is this a disability vaginal discharge when having sex overproduction of pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid attempts at blood draw left dark and painful bruises worry dent or hole in hand painful what is wrong have severe psoriatic arthritis forearm skinned lumbar back injured emergency had nitrogen treatment without pain fainted delayed reaction explain sunken purple patch on buttock what is it clitoris has been swollen painful use otc take nystatin pimple on armpit turned to sore hurts been bleeding worry have psychotic depression taken valium what is happening small penis less sperm need consultation red and blotchy spot bad itching what is wrong been choking on saliva have blockage what is wrong painful head after hearing a pop what is it chest x-ray showed lymph nodes what does it mean have stomach aches tiredness what is wrong with the child took miconzole for reddish circular rashes need a permanent cure infant suffering from fever and cold hot head why child suffering from ehlers-danlos syndrome and tendonitis are these related is it safe to replace antibiotic clindamycin with cipro have acne cramps had sex pregnant or populating early had heart failure due to virus weakness tiredness breathlessness masturbate twice a day effect on sexual marriage life developed urine infection with diabetes what diet should maintain have patches on cheeks want medicine pregnant want to know details of report can you analyze the semen test report chest x-ray shows fibrolinear densities in lung meaning taking antibiotics for cough what do you recommend taken ipill after having sex delayed periods normal headache nausea dizziness history of migraine unprotected sex nausea back pain vaginal bleeding pregnancy a possibility eruption on scalp painless itchy turning crusty suggestion have uterine fibroid and cysts in ovary operation needed have bacterial vaginosis how can i have a healthy pregnancy breastfed baby passes small amount of frequent stools normal hearing loss after getting slapped will i be ok getting headache in the temple area reason and proper treatment pregnant having chroangioma of placenta is there any danger have cough fever done tests x-ray shows kochs lesion meaning have hypothyroid and pcos spotting worried had sexual intercourse followed by frequent menstruation is it serious have stomach ache constipation fever taken antibiotics leaking urine after delivery help red bruises on feet painful normal difficulty concentrating feeling sleepy what is the problem child has constipation tried floweez suggest other remedy noticed weakness in penis after excessive masturbation required treatment bleeding after taking mifepristone how to handle this situation had peritonsillar abscess obstruction in tonsil ear pressure menstrual cycle started when should i take menogon injections normal to have involuntary shaking have headache missing period and having diarrhea what could be causing this should i have sex if partner bleeds noticed dark mark on vagina worrisome puffy eyelid black bump on lid no pain blood in stool taken zantac has burning sensation what now had unprotected sex no period can mifty kit stop pregnancy heavy alcohol consumption how much damage done to health lumps on neck chest cause prescribed regestrone to advance periods is medicine and dosage correct have acne tried home made techniques have nits in hair locked jaw painful to eat treatment masturbation addiction less sperm premature ejaculation during sex treatment options pulsating abdomen normal echo should we contact doctor have hepatitis advised liver transplant what can i do done semen analysis can i make my wife pregnant pain in heel and knee cap what has happened have takyasus arteritis taken prednisone and methotrexate difficulty swallowing balls generating in body medicine no sex drive taking medication for depression common side effect palpitating veins below eyes worried pregnant ultrasound shows gross fetal anomaly what can i do bloated stomach tender to touch what could be wrong abdominal pain taken amoxicillin and metrogyl normal ultrasound child taking azithromycin for upper respiratory infection diarrhea knee pain have trouble with erection low testosterone level negative pregnancy test nausea no appetite spotting gray discharge low hemoglobin have insulin dependent diabetes what to do next have thallasemia minor cbp shows microcytic anemia iron profile suggested addicted to meth itching skin how to stop using it bleeding in inner thigh pus smells bad any solution recurring cold and cough advice have body ache stuffed nose dizziness symptoms or flu skin came out with tampon is it serious something feeling nauseous cramping dizziness and headaches pregnant irregular periods spotting after strenuous activity what is the cause loss of sensitivity in clitoris reason taking antidepressants on sertraline chest discomfort getting worse artery blockage numbness in the bikini area what could be the reason can eating sugar affect the sexual life penis look swollen and dark chances of prostrate cancer pus filled lump on the nipple after piercing infection reddish line on the buttocks with pain reason 18 year old wants to increase height is it possible conflicting pregnancy test reports no periods what to do throat congestion chest tightness frequent burps need help white discharge from breasts bleeding worried about pregnancy have meneires disease ear problems vertigo taken antibiotics help have chronic constipation weight gain abdominal burning feeling full taking suboxone can prilosec inhibit suboxone gastric problems stomach pressure indigestion bulging stomach bloating treatment white stools vomiting stomach heaviness increased belching medical attention required recurring reddish lump on the forehead need a permanent cure vomiting diarrhea taking mimmodium nausea have epiphora wisdom teeth removed watering stopped are they related pain and redness in breast knotty done mammogram and ultrasound pain in midriff dizziness shaky hands low blood pressure vomiting taking medication for bipolar 1 disorder feeling depressed proper treatment pain under ribs nausea weight loss pot smoker how to get rid of itchy rashes around penis spinal cord mri done treatment for arthritis how to calculate pregnancy conception date why am i facing lower abdominal pain on sexual arousal child has trouble sleeping feeling hot fever racing heart what should i do to get rid of headache urine test done does the finding suggest uti no heartbeat seen in 5 weeks pregnancy have i miscarried abdominal spasms nausea weakness feeling hot what to do swelling in testicles white discharge worried have intestinal tb taking akt is this a contagious disease headache dizziness sensitive eyes caused by lexapro nose bleeds clots serious problem done surgery to remove kidney stone placed jj stent worried neck pain vomiting no relief with amitriptyline closing of penis hole by foreskin help safe to stop betacap suddenly family history of migraines have premature ejaculation and prostate fluid leakage help recovering alcoholic done cbc interpretation have ed will cialis or viagra be appropriate done dialysis precribed dopaminde microset sleepiness unable to focus reason nausea shakiness full stomach sore back vomiting child taking flovent and azithromycin pain in tongue when swallowing cramps bloating spotting brown sore breasts can you help tiredness constipation body pain muscle pain fever had typhoid elbow locking up pain when moving makes popping noise red knots on body itchiness soreness pus-filled bump dent in forehead no acne what is this have high cholesterol will watermelon seeds help fever swollen lip headache fever given benedryl recurrent sore throat pain above voice box help swollen upper lip redness tenderness taking pretiazone any ideas dry sensitive eyes overheated face tried oculoheel want homeopathic remedy headache nose bleed spitting blood what does this mean neck pain difficulty sleeping what is the problem have migraine ear pain back pain nausea taking grenil have thyroid nodules non-cancerous nose bleed any thoughts had partially protected sex how much risk of hiv infection have purple spots on leg itchy due to massage suffering from flu night sweats nervousness anxiety treatment for symptoms pregnant have trace of glucose in urine inference can vioxx and celebrax give you a heart attack taking thyronorm 25mg for hypothyroidism suggest some permanent cure slight pinch in abdomen constipation any home remedies pressure in the spine what could be causing this fractured sternum still in pain whom should i consult pimples on the scalp hair loss suffer from hypertension remedy 5 year old losing hair should be concerned bleeding post bowel movements not constipated should i be concerned underactive thyroid severe depression tiredness weight gain cracking bones remedy suffering with strabismus since childhood is there any treatment suffering with herpes how can i protect my partner bulimic have started bleeding after a gap of years help delayed periods vaginal discharge stomach bloating early symptoms of pregnancy is it safe to take sustained release tablet with decolic suffering with ocd have withdrawn form fludac relief measures scoliosis depression on norco lexapro suggestions unprotected sex during periods risk of contracting aids or sti abdominal pain and bloody bowel movement after eating bread worrisome stomach gas nausea fatigue cold sweats shaking causes for symptoms suffering from typhoid fever proper diagnosis and effective cure swallowed small piece of plastic will this cause any harm have swollen finger toes and lips what is causing this anemic and having severe periodic cramps are they related pregnant started spotting and having cramps what is causing this cramping and bleeding after taking arthrotec what should be done sperm analysis done what does the finding indicate any solution not getting proper bowel movement suggest suitable diet and solution suffering from gastritis taking medicine not cured proper diagnosis liver function tests done am i safe detailed information about the vagina suffering from acne prescribed minoz-od medication recurring condition continue medication have anger management issues how to help him done colonoscopy have pain when sneezing normal child had fever headache taken ibuprofen viral infection have hepatitis s done lft can i run dizziness sweating nausea upper back pain why did this happen have thin stools straining to pass stools worried done mitral valve surgery belching related ecg shows lvh is this normal have breathlessness face twitching drooping mouth pain in leg feet cramps had unprotected sex negative pregnancy test delayed period pregnant wants to lose weight quickly started oxyelite pro diet recommendations had circumcision previously urine routine shows all parameters normal suggestions came off antidepressants experiencing withdrawal symptoms how to ease them child having low voice while speaking best treatment blood test shows slightly increased levels of sgot diet treatment having heart murmur panic attack occurs while smoking solution recurring itchy spot on inner butt cheek cause and cure pregnant type 2 diabetic having cramps passing clots miscarriage diagnosed with strep b given penicillin permanent cure conceived when can i go for an ultrasound pregnant what is the likelihood of going beyond due date pterygium in eye should i get it checked experiencing numbness everywhere after doing speed remedy loss of taste buds can i get it back fractured pubic symphysis what can be done to aid recovery pregnant has blood in stools is it dangerous rash that keeps on spreading what could the cause be which specialist should i consult for depression liver function test showed high values should i quit alcohol suicidal thoughts ocd ptsd what treatment will help pain in right calf muscle pull limping while walking suggestions on paraguard iud have missed period negative pregnancy test cause is depression common among people without gallbladder how to remove tb scar any effective drug to cure small painless bumps on penis tip should i be concerned dull arm pain what could the cause be my husband is emotionally abusive what can i do no ejaculation after intercourse what is the disease called red eye from saltwater heated pool how to cure this what causes teratozoospermia is it curable engaged in masturbation vaginal bleeding inter-menstrual bleeding cause of worry severe headaches shakes tremors forgetfulness reason taking oxycarbapine for atypical migraine with visual disturbance help urine analysis done what are the findings in the report prescribed tipride nexrpo for constipation possible side effects hearing loss after ear surgery is this curable have epididymitis done fnac can i get testicle to normal have swollen gland on neck taking antibiotic any remedy severe dandruff and hair fall problem how to control this pregnant feeling dizzy planning for abortion masturbation addiction fatigue headache loss of sperm cure severe headache and photosensitive eyes what is the required treatment child started getting frequent bowel movement what should i do vomiting episodes excess mucus in throat bleeding chest congestion treatment child has diarrhea prescribed co-trimoxazole done stool test cause bumps on mons pubis painful swollen family history of diabetes stroke-like symptoms pulling sensation in groin losing coordination taking cipralex delayed periods rubbing genitals no penetration chances of pregnancy have kidney failure suggested kidney transplantation best hospital migraine sinus infection neuralgia twitching in eyelids forehead cheeks suggestions have ovarian cyst taken valium pain vomiting ruptured cyst have high bp prescribed depin ct scan shows cerebral atrophy have gastric problem cannot eat have asthma prescribed kencort had sex now nausea eating more easily irritated pregnant masturbation addiction semen leakage premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction treatment options nausea vomiting forcefully eating disorder emotional problems medical attention required bleeding after taking ipill had unprotected sex need help biopsy shows chronic illetis what does it mean vertigo motion sickness rapid eye movements prescribed meclizine have back spasms painful suggested exercises need advice child has g6pd deficiency has recurrent fever taken antibiotic taking pacitane lioresal for facial spasm safe to stop medicine have back pain during pregnancy can dytra be safely taken chest pain prescribed razo-l likely cause bump on head painful swollen forehead sinus pressure causing swelling scrotum has two testicles is it an extra testicle heavy discharge need advice about panty liners pregnant completed first trimester spotting taking duphaston stopped suggestions red bumps on butt crack itchy tender help itchy skin on middle finger swelling numbness causes and treatment numbness on scalp and right shoulder shoulder injury suggestions bleeding blood clots during pregnancy sonography suggests incomplete abortion cancer in neck will removal of node disturb the structure pregnant done ultrasound what does report mean swelling in parotid gland done mri worried have rsd contractions hard stomach will fetus be affected shoulder mri shows arthritis worn ball joint taking percaset help continuous eye and facial pains is it related to migraines hairloss white flakes in scalp solution had copper iud experiencing pregnancy symptoms pregnancy tests negative reason 13 weeks pregnant epileptic having constant headaches suggestions had early pregnancy symptoms but got periods chances of pregnancy suffering with lupus could this cause metallic taste in mouth regular headaches temperature rises some relief with motrin permanent cure having symptoms of pregnancy pregnancy test negative pregnancy chances had rice stew started vomiting puked blood throat pain worried trying to conceive taking metformin have delay in periods cause bloating back pain fatigue had heavy menstruation anything wrong constipated during pregnancy bleeding from rectum treatment fainted after using a tampon why stomach ache vomiting after eating ice cream stomach flu have oily skin and blackheads is there a permanent cure ejaculation near vulva would that cause pregnancy stabbing pain in the lower abdomen need medical attention prolonged periods cycle stopped and started again excessive bleeding causes have 7 month old baby pregnant again dangerous incontinence and irritation after prostrate surgery need further surgery numbness around the ear muffled hearing what to do pregnant with bleeding cramps pregnancy test positive still pregnant took bromocriptine for hyperprolactinemia delayed periods taking herbal supplements pain and pressure in the thigh what is it vaginal discharge with blood and tissue no periods cause child inhaled air freshener what to do numbness in the hand and foot while having stress reason need medication to terminate pregnancy swollen vaginal lip what to do to reduce the swelling intermittent appearance of minor bumps rash on stomach cause just started taking bcp can i have unprotected sex how to stop the habit of eating slate pencils having sharp shooting pain in the knee reason and treatment proper treatment for hydroureteronephrosis disease suggested to take calcium supplements and arachitol injections dosage embryo transfer done noticed spotting while wiping is this normal chances of pregnancy when ejaculation is on cloth lump on chest pus discharge on squeezing bleeding treatment options stomach ache before and after eating how to get relief used liv 52 mebendazole prophylactically experiencing dyspepsia gastric disturbance guidance what are the side effects of pause mf tablet why am i getting pulsing sensation on thigh stomach ache taking medicine enlarged prostate gland looking for suggestion test showed mild enlargement of liver should i be worried having pain below chest started taking crestor looking for solution why does my eye keeps watering child has red rashes on body given salibet best treatment shivering dizziness insomnia headache should i consult a doctor history of kidney stone burning urination taking pantiocid suggestions have pos variable pregnancy tests constipation tummy cramps signs bulging disc numbness neck pain alternative to surgery tests show lumbar shaped vertebral bodies disc height loss interpretation endometriosis severe abdominal cramps is there any medicine for it pregnancy after taking depo injections miscarriage due to depo spotting negative pregnancy test tender breasts headache am i pregnant throat pain hurts to swallow food weight loss reason suffering from erectile dysfunction taking medication for depression treatment options prolonged periods have ovarian cyst prescribed yamini will it help pregnant dark stool large size taking pregnacare multivitamin internal bleeding unable to get pregnant irregular periods taking folic acid worried pain in tailbone when standing up coughing sneezing help chest x-ray indicates accentuated broncho osteopenic thoracic bones meaning discharge from penis on squeezing history of chlamydia spermatocele suggestions pregnant diabetic is it safe to use herbal life suffering from recurring malaria tested positive for malaria causes on dianne 35 pills had intercourse take pills after periods pregnant sle patient low heart beat taking hcqs medication suggestions irregular period had sex sickness tiredness what are the symptoms child with ear infection broticis pink eye large belly why lump on incision burning sensation dull pain cause of concern brown discharge fluctuating pregnancy tests how do i confirm positive pregnancy test bled after cycle bloated stomach implantation bleeding mosquito bite tight bandaid had blisters irritated what to do had gallbladder laprascopically removed been sore incisions cause pain help child prescribed klacid for tonsillitis how much medicine to give have spot on shin itching dry skin applied cortisone cream itching in buttocks flea bites bleeding pain breathlessness due to extreme temperature change always tired headache difficulty breathing tearing help have essential tremors how to help her pregnant want to identify the father of the baby pregnant have neurogenic bowel worried about impaction child has blood in stool breastfed food intolerance swollen throat after eating chips taken benadryl help pregnant lump in neck have a cold menstrual cramps why do i have them itching on outer thigh bruises what does this mean have hyperacidity during periods taking midol for abdominal pain reason taking lisinopril for bp does the medicine make one tired lower back pain stomach pain painkillers ineffective pain under rib cage after injury difficulty breathing broken ribs history of kidney stone urge to urinate now reason difficulty sleeping panicking racing heart taking zoloft have asthma chest tightening mucus in throat gagging headache nausea hip pain frequent urination what is wrong had cervical fusions on pain management can i fly vaginal bleeding after exercising stopped suddenly vaginal spotting causes irregular bleeding lower back pain pelvic area pain help head burns getting worse what is wrong loss of taste buds weakness depression help sgpt risen cholesterol risen what can help cope the changes have piles painful using ointment irritated and itchy pregnant worry stool routine qualitative examination done what does report mean having vaginal problems clumps in vagina been leaking reason high cholesterol level ldl level abnormal natural treatment feeling lightheaded numb hands taking medicine help itching skin between toes gray spot fuzzy edges how to get partner pregnant as soon as possible hair loss have bugs in hair need help had heart condition lump on wrist related symptoms lumps in breast ultrasound clear any other accurate test discomfort in ear pain numbness what could this be earlier had yeast infection stomach pain after having sex nausea red bump on chest fluid-filled foul smelling pus bad infection unable to get pregnant prescribed duphaston should i take it stomach ache diarrhea anxious dizzy frequent urination tingling sensation what does it mean pregnant have morning sickness lump in throat vomiting was pregnant aborted have regular period have mycrobacterium tuberculosis explain missed period faint positive on pt been spotting brown reason rubbing penis against bedding regularly drenched underwear worried bad headache after falling on back reason taking topaz-50 for depression since 3 years continue precum on thigh clitoris while fooling around chances of pregnancy feeling depressed loneliness feel sad and angry how to overcome sweating hot flashes depression due to menopause will botox help abdominal and stomach pain diarrhea back pain taking antibiotics treatment cant poop stomach hurts extremely any solution exertion leads to fainting excessive sweating reasons lower stomach ache mood swings backpain sleepiness nausea reason side effect of using electronic cigarette pinky finger itchy and swollen is it an allergic reaction having prolonged periods experiencing cramps passing clots reason pimples on scalp have headaches what is causing them nauseated headaches tender breasts stretch marks got a shot pregnancy missed period experiencing pelvic pain hpt negative suggestions have uti had vasectomy severe kidney infections is it cancer congestion in the esophagus hiccups vomiting white foam allergic reaction headache nasal discharge viral infection need antibiotics child having stomach pain triggers when given benadryl advil suggestions little finger sensitive to touch movement after punching someone solution ultrasound shows shadow on each ovary cancer or cyst need to regularize babys sleeping schedule had sex exposed to precum gained weight is it pregnancy thickened endometrium hcg levels tripled early pregnancy tested positive on igm does it indicate herpes brown vaginal discharge breast pain tenderness headaches causes for symptoms constant headaches blackouts ringing in ears headaches help baby has very few bowel movements why cannot hold erection stressed what is going on diagnosed with invertebral disc tb spondylitis is it contagious treatment been circumcised penis glans are hypersensitive what is wrong diagnosed with labrynintitis silent migraine on topomax suggestions tiredness back neck pain drowsiness irritability causes and treatment bloated stomach mild discolored periods pregnant split skin in the nails during cold winters medications suffering from depression anxiety prescribed deanxit side-effects of stopping medication hard painless lumps below the ear should be concerned semen analysis done sperm motility less what does report mean does progyluton taken for period problem cause weight gain pain in the belly button after sneezing reason have anxiety normal blood pressure lightheadedness worried depression difficulty sleeping difficulty concentrating what should i do pregnant was drinking heavily have i damaged the embryo has fever runny nose taken paracetamol any thing else hit my nose had bleeding is the cartilage cracked have a visible front filling can i change the filling congestion in the throat acidity irregular period history of amenorreha taking gynaecosid suggest need medication for anxiety what should i do severe abdominal pain breathlessness excessive stomach gas medical attention required ascus pap smear returned abnormal does it indicate hpv virus corex addict what steps can i take to recover twisted knee swelling cannot move much what can help been taking movicol for over a year is that normal child with fever nasal congestion reddish eye flu infant with vomiting loose stools swollen abdomen anything wrong negative pregnancy results menopausal sensing movement in abdomen pregnant surgery on face for skin cancer sensitive scar suggestions got facial plasy taking ecosprin citistar lupikrill sufficient to recover unprotected sex partial penetration sore breasts vaginal discharge pregnancy possible pea sized knot in neck smoker is it a vein ribs sticking out seems uneven what is the reason pelvic pain cystic ovaries had tubal litigation take birth control felt dizzy cold had blurred vision went pale what happened not able to urinate severe cramping what is the problem feeling of bug bites mental illness productive cough yellow sputum given mucolytic bronchodilator will it return can semen intake cause bacterial infections sore lower abdomen chest tightness altered stool consistency remedy had intercourse bleeding burning sensation during urination should i worry irregular periods trying to conceive spotting reason painful boil on the forehead what is it 2 year old having vomiting sleeping excessively should be worried tightness in the chest dizziness and drop in temperature cause uncomfortable cramps bloating tiredness stopped birth control suggest prescribed klonopin causing depression suggestions to wean off from it pregnant with back pain any remedy how to get virginity back headache dizziness and nausea could it be due to oversleeping sudden weight loss taking wellbutrin due to medication have pcos have irregular menstrual cycle on depo shot reason painful bumps on the body and tongue what are these painful lumps in the breasts lumpectomy or mastectomy preferred urine samples showed dilution no alcohol what is causing this dry flaky skin on the heels need medication hypothyroidism taking psychotropic medicines should i replace my doctor how can i taper the dose of oleanz dosage excessive leaking post bladder surgery cause 20 week ultrasound shows fetus with dwarfism opinion excessive masturbation clitoris occasionally gets sore get frequently wet normal random palpitations on lying how can i calm it epilepsy regular seizures had scar on the frontal lobe suggestions missed period prescribed regestrone tablets are these safe delayed period placenta is fundal amniotic fluid normal explain taking pain pills have withdrawal symptoms what should i do child complains of leg pains has mild fever suggestion cured from avm paralysis post a stroke future precautions failure in conception what could the cause be recurring loss of voice during cold best solution taken paraxin for fever have tiredness and restlessness guidance taking clofert glyciphage caberlim for infertility problem chances of pregnancy diabetic ultrasound abdomen shows mild fatty liver cholelithiasis suggestions weakness numbness in right arm tongue is getting shorter causes delayed periods after protected sex what is the reason is junior lanzol helpful in relieving throat pain body aches scratchy throat tight chest recommendations for treatment suffering from reducing cataract prescribed renolen eye drops suggestions headaches migraines vomiting tendency ct scan normal causes for migraines head injury swelling ear pain sore jaw medical attention required lower stomach pain taking lactulose having small bowels concerned trying to concieve high testosterone levels can i concieve tonsillitis swollen gums behind my front teeth redness related symptoms scan shows congenital heart disease need opinion hair loss acne on scalp using ketaconazole shampoo any remedy 15 year old with chest pain bulging chest extra cartilage suggested visit to ent after doing pet scan reason pregnant taking susten what is the drug action negative hiv test can i trust the results vaginal spotting before periods inserted copper-t heavy bleeding serious symptoms itching during winter sweating help had unprotected sex after childbirth light menstrual flow pregnant had groin strain no swelling feeling of fullness in side had miscarriage taken endogest what to do about frequent periods dry humping wearing clothes periods due can pre-cum cause pregnancy painful clitoris nausea vomiting what is the cause itchiness redness in hands swollen fingers is it contagious severe pain in the anus during bowel movements need help 84 year old with missing pulse cordarone suggested any opinions done uterine ablation passing clots normal high temperature breast tenderness cramps and pinkish spotting implantation bleeding severe headaches not pregnant what else could be the reason painful pap smear how did my cervix get tilted suffering from gallstones in gall bladder taking tramadol treatment options unstable sleep pattern due to over thinking cause of symptoms popping noise in chest soreness after exercising weakness in shoulders pregnant have high cortisol levels is phosphatidylserine safe during pregnancy elevated lipoprotein lft is it safe to take niaspan stomach issues since gall bladder removal with weakness chills guidance face and neck twitching post tonsil removal is this normal tiredness hair thinning taking armour synthroid any thoughts pimple behind ear post protected sex with sex worker folliculitis sharp pain in left shoulder pricking sensation cause of worry sore tender inflamed nose tip headaches due to cold temperatures live around people who smoke meth chance of catching meth spotting instead of periods pain on inserting tampon cause pregnant have spotting should i go for an ultrasound immediately can strep a carriers affect other people vertigo after taking medicines for ear and respiratory infections related pcos trying to conceive taken duphaston tests to detect pregnancy inflamed gums sore throat asthmatic high bp using folliplus suggestions taking regestrone have drowsiness giddiness vomiting weakness side effect scar on the neck after a skin burn medicines how can one calculate ovulation day sore throat on swallowing semen what is the cause pus cloudy discharge from penis how can i cure this recurring pseudomonas infection in lungs have copd and emphysema prevention mri shows grade 1 spondylolisthesis interpretation had unprotected sex negative pregnancy test worried prescribed susten to induce periods no period yet help done loop diathermy stopped birth control pill blood-stained discharge normal sore throat and tongue painful to swallow ear pain vertigo after being slapped related child has indigestion weight loss vomiting prescribed norfloxacin safe medicine itching on the penis need cure child has throat infection prescribed switch toxolite vomiting advised that growth plates fused due to excessive ejaculation opinion pregnant increased heartbeat have anxiety should i go to er done semen analysis what is the interpretation semen analysis showed oligoathenozoospermia bilateral hydrocele treatment frequent urination nausea stomach cramps mood swings what is wrong recurrent ringworm infection have nickel allergy treatment and prevention skin underneath penis stretched regular masturbation will penis regain elasticity done knee replacement surgery dizziness sweating any ideas pain below rib cage when bending what might this be done sonography distended gall bladder cholesterol calculi within sinuses pregnant positive pregnancy test prescribed norcutin for abortion correct medication uncontrollable nodding head dizziness what is this reduction in lung field homogeneous opacity appropriate drug delayed period weight gain taking femilon solution pregnant bleeding tender breasts nausea am i still pregnant is it harmful to wash ones hair during menstruation child has abdominal pain taking carafate omeprazole your thoughts light bleeding spotting during periods beginning of menopause upper thigh pain weakness mostly when active ultrasound normal suggestions baby eating very less tongue white thrush see a doctor how to identify when are we having contractions chesty cough metallic taste in mouth what is this no periods after being on implanon cramping spotting implantation bleeding pain in the clitoris could it be due to std herniated disc have severe pain need cure want to quit smoking can any online doctor help lower back pain discharge after childbirth what to do getting fishy smell from vagina what antibiotics should i take wrist surgery done getting headache with fluctuating bp any suggestion getting periodic symptoms but missing period whats wrong itchy white bumps on the scrotum syphilis fludoxycillin given foul smell from the penis need medicationbr have lumps on head no pain how to remove this ultrasound shows rpoc in situ what does it mean constant diarrhea will sauerkraut help suffering with interstitial cystitis severe pain effective remedy suffering with tb asthma persisting symptoms inspite of medicines suggestions stomach pain constipation unable to pass stools easily treatment options suffering with diabetes what do my bp readings indicate frequent draining since fascia sling when will it stop can rabies spread though milk of infected buffalo advised mtprost kit procedure to use and precautions chest infection severe headaches shortness of breath tiredness cause fully depressed with life any online doctor can help suffering with irregular periods advised citromecalvit menopause iso guidance pregnant accidentally ate brownies with melted saran wrap any harm severe stenosis grade 2 sponylolisthesis suggestive treatment 14 weeks pregnant have spotting is the baby safe pregnant had misscarriage earlier taking rovamycian whats the use taking lanzaprazole for acid reflux getting chest pain worrisome noticed painful swollen lump below ear is this contagious alcoholic taking meth what is the cause of frequent yawning having frequent urination after taking diet pill uti having mental disbalance after an accident what should be done can a virgin get pregnant with precum swelling in the face and head due to psychiatric problem how can one get rid of mental abuse difficulty in breathing phlegm in the throat need help pain during erection diagnosed as peyronies surgery advisable suffering from infertility test shows asthenoteratzoospermia brown discharge before period ultrasound shows fibroids am i pregnant have implanon is feeling pregnant a side effect of it had partially unprotected sex is there any risk of disease red scars after pimples done salipeel treatment better option child refusing formula milk safe to give cerelac done sperm analysis is there any problem semen analysis shows oligospermia what does it indicate bleeding abnormally lower back pain serious had unprotected sex light periods could i be pregnant enlarged uvula irritated throat worried want to develop muscle should i take deca-duraboline abnormal periods unprotected intercourse pregnancy chances cold fatigue and greenish phlegm symptoms persisting what to do black dots on the cheeks spreading treatment tingling on the left shoulder and arm cause burning while urination due to the use of tampons swollen upper lip with blister is it herpes breast feeding mother having pregnancy symptoms possible sneezing and inflamed throat after oral sex std depression anxiety hair loss due to excessive masturbation have hair loss done excessive ejaculation need help had polyp removal from buttocks painful yellow discharge have pcos failed ivf have sciatica and leg pain related have hernia dropped into scrotum soreness hard any more danger lump near collarbone after taking flu shot worried unprotected sex missed periods worried about pregnancy medication for abortion delayed periods despite taking lutera worried about pregnancy frequent urge for urination irritation reddish urine why sore breasts on depo shot delayed periods why small bumps spreading on the face what are these need effective medication for acne white discharge with lesions in the vagina have swelling std headache while walking fainting episode what is the problem 6 year old with tachycardia and tonsillitis are these related severe headache with nausea treatment unprotected sex two days before ovulation chance of pregnancy will atenelol cause elevation in triglycerides belly ache bloating diarrhea low appetite any ideas light bleeding after unprotected sex what does this mean bumps below vagina sexually active what could this be diabetic frequently suffer from itchy scrotum is this common suffering with hashimotos have severe head pain mri normal remedy pain in the ankle like a pinched nerve cause painful reddish spot on the nose broken cartilage have pcos on metformin and clomid does metformin delay periods scratchy painful throat cough runny nose allergic cold sinus headache back and belly pain behind ribs cause nausea back pains headaches had spotting few weeks ago pregnant family history of schizophrenia will i get the same consistent bloating stomach protrudes post heavy meal suggestions does provera cause severe cramping what frequency burst could break the ocd traps extremely long periods taking healthy diet cause of symptoms suffering with fibromyalgia have started tinnitus tmd are they related gurgling sounds from stomach constipation remedy missed period negative pregnancy test should i consult the doctor frequent body and bone pain what could it possibly be msafp test results positive advised aminocentesis suggestion missed pill had sex started spotting what do i fear chances of getting hiv by using used toilet paper does eating durian helps in conceiving sore throat headache having sinus problems epilepsy reason for headache have recurring breast abscess is this a serious condition how to get rid of foul smelling farts why am i getting constant pain in chest lip vitiligo no help with any medicines causing depression solution persisting darkness in crotch area post treatment of erythrasma normal red spots on neck that itch using anti-fungal medicine treatment unconsciousness took eptoin what could be wrong knee popped can i have strained it head injured have headaches been dizzy what to do conceived after iui had follicles on duphaston pregnancy chances masturbation can i get rid of the habit hypothyroidism diabetes what diet to follow itching vagina pimples increased discharge home remedies sperm very watery over weight high testosterone suggest what is addisons disease what are the treatment available cold bad throat lethargy discomfort took paracetamol continue have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problem any treatment had salmonella have dull pain in abdomen nausea headache suggest diabetic low heart pumping efficiency removed blockage taking insulin suggestion dizziness stomach pain vomiting sensation what is going on suffering from heavy and continues bleeding suggest medicine for cure bruise on lip getting puffier why did it happen ankle popped painful toe what happened knee pain numbness tingling burning sensation home treatment have hypertension taking telma is it sufficient echocardiagram results revealed non-dilated ventricle left atrium mildly dilated meaning have ibs incomplete defecating taking nutrolin what else to try diabetic high bp suggest a diet plan hair loss used mintop will there be hair growth irregular period prescribed tbenforce and tduphastan side effects have headaches eyes sensitive earache taken paracetamol next step shoulder pain pain in chest neck and arm why ear pain white spot in ear has ear tubes help have pcod on femilion will i get pregnant high temperature sleepy whimpering hard stools is it cold high temperature redness under eye is it serious neck and arms pain prescribed defcort is the medication right pulled lower back in pain why do i have gas intense stomach pain working out and on healthy diet medication nipples in pain on atorvastatin allopurinol lansoprazole nicorandil aspirin worry swelling breasts cramps headache been having sex pregnant brain freezes after drinking water panic and breathlessness why had gallbladder surgery red rashes had a steroid shot suggestions twitching eyelid face and lip ear blocking up reason uterus anteverted bulky cervix thin endometrium suggest on follicular study have infertility taking chymoral forte help tiredness breathlessness lightheadedness have angina suggest teary and swollen eyes on antihistamine why is it happening how long it takes for mono to go away shoulder pain x-ray shows osteophyte prescribed ultramed is medicine okay had sinus infection muffled hearing throat pain taken antibiotics pain in nipple during pregnancy normal scan shows no dominant follicle reason have pcod taking siphene hcg injection duphaston correct treatment does excessive ejaculation increase testosterone leading to retardation in growth does excessive ejaculation stop or stunt growth lightheadedness passed out in the kitchen due to gas leak had delayed short period nausea pregnancy test positive pregnant having mood changes blackouts vomiting chest cramps hypersensitive ears reason tenderness behind ear found painful lumps what could this be bad smell in nose worst at night cause dizzinesx headache after ball hit the cheek concussion had periods having irregular spotting bleeding after masturbation normal suffering from severe headache neck pain nausea acidity pregnancy symptoms deep leg ache started in the thigh solution extracted wisdom tooth having swollen jawline reason numbness in arms while sleeping changed mattress problem persists normal brownish pink spot on inside of wrist painful cause fever muscle tightness dizziness random chills help no periods post thyroidectomy taking levothyroxine should i be concerned on necon having clear discharge from nipple reason heavy bleeding nausea using depo provera cause have several injuries after falling on back suggest treatment consistent flu symptoms since a month stubborn congestion cause suffering with erectile dysfunction using cialis is there any treatment vaginal discomfort itching in clitoris and vaginal entrance treatment child gets fatigue terrible feeling after using midorine any thoughts condom breaks everytime during sex which brand is most reliable pain in the knee difficulty in stepping injury diarrhea mucus in stool abdominal cramps reason disabled have severe back pain high bp occasional seizures suggestions reddish swollen rashes on the waistline what are they alcoholic have black stools angina cause and remedy at what stage of pregnancy can one detect a stillbirth high bp on xylantan and flonase healthy diet suggestion is there any homeopathy treatment to fall asleep abdominal cramps severe pain diarrhea due to onset of puberty chest pain chest x-ray normal what could it be spotting and cramping after period due to tampon remaining inside child has headache tooth pain face pain swollen eye help burning urination itching dryness tenderness fishy odor prescribed sensiclav for cold cough fever abdominal pain vomiting diarrhea taking femilon headache fatigue vomiting should i discontinue femilon pelvic pain sweating unable to sit what could this be yellow blisters on penis shaft something serious any interaction between furosemide and grapefruit is there any natural way to control hair fall child got pink eye with vomiting related pain in rib cage increased heart beat worried what should be done to increase sperm count getting angry easily difficulty sleeping help bleeding after inserting of iud normal undergone bypass surgery have rapid heart rate stable blood pressure uncontrollable urination done ultrasound and urine test swelling and leakage after intercourse or masturbation what to do done tonsil removal pain swelling taking t3 normal torn frenulum while having intercourse painful how to heal spotting mid-cycle trying to get pregnant what could this be blockage in ears dull hearing ringing in ears worried increased heart rate and bp after using dilo bm why done scan during pregnancy interpretation of report pregnant pain in side worried about ectopic pregnancy late periods want to prevent pregnancy numb hands and feet sneezing done detoxification from opiates related removed large colon trapped wind causing discomfort negative pregnancy test no period why is period late low sperm quantity prescribed proxeed plus recommended medicine prescribed trimethoprim for cellulitis how to clear the discoloration low sexual desire regular masturbation weak erection cure head injury headache pain in temple eye pain worried taking cipralex to treat panic attack can i smoke cigarettes burning urination done urine analysis what does it mean shoulder pain no relief after exercise help x-ray shows medial compartment degenerative change and spondylosis meaning have acidity gas belching flatulence not taking medication upper back pain swollen bump painful when moving taking loestrin spotting between periods expired medicine need suggestions on losing weight in a healthy way dry cough green mucus toxic taste cause lump on bikini line hardness cause swollen testicles and foreskin itching weeping skin reason diagnosed with ventricular lymphoma removed mass details about this cancer abdominal pain nausea using contraception what is the problem ultrasound shows fatty infiltration of liver cause and treatment had unprotected sex taken postpone tablet worried about pregnancy pinched nerve in neck radiates down shoulder painful swollen and itchy bite redness hardness spider bite stabbing pain in stomach irregular bowels and diarrhoea solution had unprotected sex during menstrual phase chances of pregnancy done emergency appendectomy hurts to pass stools had anal fissure premature baby has viral infection slow breathing dipping chest normal done protein electrophoresis test and immunoglobulin test cause for concern what does -4 power in both eyes mean treatment bleeding in stools stomach pain diagnosed as hemorrhoids serious diffuse bulge and protrusion root compression descication treatment missed period pregnant hcg increases on duphaston fear miscarriage swollen ankle after a fall difficulty in walking cure hard bump in ear thorn like can i remove it graying beard is there a medication to correct it sensitive stomach heartburn indigestion foul smelling stools reason pain in groin taken treatment from chiropracter need help unable to conceive taking fertomid suggestion high blood pressure taking losartan bystolic terazosin any suggestions lower pelvic pain and sore feelingin stomach is it uti suffering from gerd wake up with sore throat cure oxygen level dropping when walking start breathing heavier suggestion child stopped eating food suggested practin syrup is it safe greenish spot on the side matter of concern have a hard mass in the abdomen what is it calf muscle spasms cannot bear weight in leg painful grey spot on forearm no itching what could this be feeling strange smell chances of seizure baby injured on head what harm can that cause stitches in thigh bruises and lump lump stings suggestion severe burning feet numbness high blood sugar remedy rashes after blood is drawn is it allergy medicines used to treat splenomegaly asplenia thrombocytopenia and lymphoma feeling tired after taking excessive migraine medication any suggestions terrible stomach burning sensation and diarrhoea solution body pain headache eye pain fatigue prescribed dexamethasone excruciating period cramps and brown blood why is this lump on the neck with severe pain cyst headache constipated scheduled for ct scan what is wrong has had cold teething cold forehead what can help kid born with hirschsprungs disease caused by mirena throbbing sensation behind ear high bp emergency situation headache fever restlessness unconsciousness back pain vomiting am i okay had constipation had cashewnuts stool is sticky and gummy help diagnosed with uveitis treated with prednozone not worked what will painful urethra had bladder infections worry serious forehead injured nauseated mild headache can he fly on depo shot missed periods headaches tender breasts pregnant missed period with negative hpt underlying cause reddish white substance in the throat throat irritation light ovulation bleeding brown vaginal discharge cramps causes for symptoms can i get rid of specs by laser treatment pregnant scant report showed grade one maturity anything serious prescribed dolonex dt for tmd right medicine numbness in knee bruised squishy what can be wrong have hair fall used henna took follihair continue medication have constipation stressed is this normal pcod follicular study found ruptured follicle taking endoget sufficient pre-ejaculation unani treatment in vain can i have a solution vomiting after sex why does this happen have truncus arteriosus should marrying be a matter of concern delayed period taken ultrasonography should i take gestin asthmatic patient losing memory is it a medicine side effect have pcod irregular period taking siphene suggest itching in the anus with a rash what is it