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prescribed glyciphage lipikind and thyronorm what do i do now unable to maintain erection frequent masturbation treatment for condition done blood report done catheterisation is dialysis necessary have premature ejaculation and erectile disorder prescribed paxidep cure does sperm count get affected by dengue fever done semen analysis is my report clear or not history of ectopic pregnancy done hsg what do you think have iga nephropathy prescribed wysolone telma shelcal any side effect urge to urinate immediately after masturbating white urine headache lump below penis bending when erect help thin body less weight weakness due to regular masturbation coughing headache back pain weakness please help trying to conceive done semen analysis what to do burnt penis skin after applying jasmine oil erectile dysfunction help dizziness neck pain on bending head taking nucoxia mecobal cure 8 year old child fever headache reyes syndrome ankolysing spondylitis taking methtraxate folic acid side effects of medication swollen palatoglossal arch pain on swallowing excessive snoring treatment options stammering since childhood cholesterol taking homoeopathic treatment permanent cure impatient critical gets angry easily irritation anxiety related symptoms having irregular periods due to hormonal imbalance prescribed duphaston cure clear liquid from vagina after periods suggestions painless lump on bone behind ear is it lymphoma suffering from nightfall premature ejaculation effects of masturbating painful toothache discoloration of lips and peeling suggestions toddler with cough and fever difficulty in breathing suggestions headaches stabbing pain behind ear dizziness burning smell treatment options diagnosed with gerd after complaining of cough chest pain explain sgpt levels increased even after taking medications reason treatment blood in urine ultrasound of kidney normal probable reason migraines severe headaches dizziness loss of memory cure for symptoms suffering from headaches nausea weakness palpitations frequent urination cure having kidney stone blood in urine pain in urethra solution passing black stools after being treated for dengue fever reason cramps abdominal pain dizziness brown bleeding molar pregnancy irregular periods lower abdominal pain ultrasound shows endometrial thickness cure treatment for recurrent staphylococcus infection candidasis in vagina multiple myeloma stomach tumor undergoing chemotherapy history of pneumonia prognosis diagnosed with tb in menstrual blood treatment small child having fever taking crocin nebulization will augmentin help frequent urination burning sensation pain on urinating foul smell cure suffers from palpitation high bp rapid pulse rate possible cause ultrasound shows hypoechoic nodules in thyroid normal sensitive bleeding teeth difficulty chewing receding gums treatment options suffering from uti staphylococcus growth taking cefuroxime axetil treatment options discomfort in forehead finger tips of hands difficulty concentrating cure dry throat irritation wheezing symptoms of tuberculosis leg injury redness swelling difficulty walking pain on squeezing treatment masturbate regularly facing early ejaculation how to overcome lump on vagina sore painful during sex solution had unprotected sex worried about sexually transmitted diseases explain medication cause cure for night fall problem patient of gastritis pain prescribed medicines pain recurring solution 30 yrs having short periods pain before menstruation tiredness reason having cough cold watery eyes lack of sleep solution having negative thoughts in mind about death without pain suggestions pregnant abortion done regular intercourse bleeding post sex suggestions having vaginal discharge with clots smell prescribed metrogyl contains aspirin shrinking of penis after holding urine suggestions small spots on penis head scaling no itching redness psoriasis get purplish heavy breathing lightheaded after kangoo jumping class solution suffering from add taking medications alternatives to cognitive behavioural therapy suffering from depression tinnitus dry eyes taking citalopram lower dosage normal to discharge some semen after urinating blood analysis done what does the reading suggest mri shows grossly unremarkable study of brain indications smoked marijuana weird feeling and cold sweats something to worry itching and discharge due to fungal infection medication having recurrent yeast infections brownish discharge cure have headaches after coil insertion for contraception is it normal teenager got depo shot brownish discharge and cramps suggestions itchy watery nipples wetness stickiness bleeding cure for condition child with high fever cold given pacimol is it dengue pre teenager with white discharge is it common busted knuckles had bleeding scabbed later swelling causing discomfort suggestions spotting while urination trying to conceive pregnancy chances swollen vein under right breast mammogram normal mondors syndrome bleeding after using birth control patch menstruation blood filled lump on the thigh need treatment pain in the stomach loss of appetite food related movable lump on the head should i be concerned feeling dizzy and light headed after eating sweets diabetes pinkish vaginal discharge after placing nuvaring pregnancy pain in the testicles and abdomen cancer chances suffering from severe acne permanent cure hurt feet hurts when pressure is put solution severe bleeding abdominal cramps diagnosed with mildly bulky uterus suggestion unable to conceive taking liquid geritol symptoms of pregnancy have rectal bleeding endoscopy report showing hemorrhoids correct diagnosis getting intermittent unilateral goosebumps on hip what could this be protected sex delayed periods worried about pregnancy suggestions does drinking too much water affect health fever cough sneezing tried medication cough syrup cure for allergy had angioplasty on medicines back to normal stop medicines bloody mucus after having unprotected sex what could it be headaches loss of concentration dizziness depression prescribed nexito treatment options what are the indications of bipolar disorder episodes of heavy palpitations dizziness headaches reason treatment ruptured hymen excessive vaginal bleeding no penetration healing time rashes on penis head spreading condition applied neomycin pomade treatment confusion memory loss depression epilepsy since childhood suggestions recurring viral fever with watery eyes bodyaches solution period like cramps sore breasts tired bloated pregnant worsening depression and anxiety after taking serlift normal have implant contraception had brown discharge and cramping dizziness done lft and thyroid function test do i need medication child has constipation green stools fever normal gas problem bubbling sounds in stomach suggestion taken forecox for tuberculosis have skin discoloration due to rifamcin have pcod irregular periods taken krimson done laparoscopy suggested iui abdominal pain had miscarriage spotting after starting birth control pills frequent urination vegan diet afraid of diabetes chilled feeling in spine not painful jerking bleeding during sex no pain cause taking reccogon and menocap during follicular study what to do cystic acne scars pcos taking antibiotics recurring condition permanent cure acne black spots using clindamycin gel panderm acne treatment chest pressure pin prick sensation relief after taking antacid syrup foul smell from the vagina after intercourse medication child diagnosed with pseudomonas aeurigenosa in urine given antibiotics suggestions body pain shivering taken advil sweating stomach discomfort cause child has fever and cold prescribed ibugesic levocetrizine guidance needed hard bump below neckline painful what is this swollen foliate papillae what can it be had unprotected sex having brown discharge stomachache chances of pregnancy reddish bump on the penis is it a swollen gland stomach cramps nausea irregular motions due to bugs need help in treating premature ejaculation tried ssri vitamins pain in the left arm took medicines no relief suggestions fluttering in stomach prescribed prilosec have low blood pressure had unprotected sex light bleeding brown bleeding during sex bloated stomach headache dizziness pain under breast related to ibs delayed period taking beyaz no bleeding what is wrong yellowish bruise on the leg after a fall need treatment child has green stools fed breastfilk and formula milk help delayed periods due to pregnancy or just irregularity perineum itching bleeding spreading to scrotum medications severe hair loss taking salpecin and minoxidil further medication 15 year old having frequent yeast infections treatment got periods after taking primolut stopped and started again normal had implanon removed trying to concieve having spotting pregnant blood in stools diagnosed with internal hemmorhoids previously solution difficulty in sleeping since childhood need a solution elbow injury large lump formation no pain medical attention required feeling angry quickly am i stressed out foot swollen pain along blood vessels cause for swollen foot had protected sex unknown partner am i exposed to hiv stools smeared with blood post colectomy normal developed acne dry and itchy taken aziwok is it safe which is the best and safest method of birth control irregular periods endometrial thickness of 14mm is it cancer sharp pain on foot swelling is it due to overweight took clomid had positive opk endometrial lining chances of pregnancy painful ulcer on lower lip tonsillitis solution suffering from arthritis pain in wrist and fingers solution had unprotected sex prevention to not get pregnant had unprotected sex rashes on thigh is it a std hyperacidity eyes swelling headache history of thyroid suggestion infant with diarrhoea is zincat syrup good for dehydration toodler had rotavirus unable to pass stool suggestions fluctuating bp prescribed prolomet xl correct treatment permanent cure for gum pocket development in lower jaw yellowish oily discharge from anus after eating butterfish suggestions taken medicines for abortion little bleeding with smell occured normal experiencing dizziness headache dryness of eyes earache poor vision reason took lupride depo shot having heavy bleeding due to shot missing periods taking orgamed any chance of pregnancy drank fixcom3 instead of fixcom4 accidentally affect health bloodshot in eyes after swimming irritation from chlorine have bone marrow edema swollen bruised leg treatment 70 year old has weak legs advised stomach x-ray reason popping noise in hand pain when curling finger any suggestions child having cold prescribed medication usage of salbair neb done stool test and blood test is it okay rapid heart beats dry mouth dizziness discoloration of face solution done sperm analysis prescribed cipro has cipro affected sperm quality have ibs cramps blackish bowel movements should i be worried pain in the testicles while urination ia it normal inter-menstrual bleeding something protruding from vaginal wall tvt mesh frequent cold urinary infections on antibiotics blood test suggested why painful throat headache vomiting sore throat what disease is this feeling hot headache burning skin sign of typhoid fever dark spotting trying to conceive need tips on losing weight fainted after a fall need to go to emergency frequent impetigo attacks tested negative for staph aureus treatment leg pain during lumbar puncture unpleasant pain in soles back ache nausea and headache growing abdomen pregnant stopped mirena clear fluid discharge what is wrong pregnant want abortion had miscarriage previously what can i do bleeding with pain and blood clots miscarriage pain in the back lump in the abdomen pregnancy chances folliculitis on pubic mons painless fluid-filled blisters no itching hepatitis b positive done profile interpretation of results purple bruise on the thighs without injury have smoking addiction suspected cidp weakness in limbs collected spinal fluid prescribed prednisone prolonged coughing prescribed rablet and rapitus have hypothyroid severe pain in shoulder no relief from medicines reason took amlodipine tablet accidentally instead of lisinopril matter of concern stomach ache taking medicines no relief solution ultrasound anomaly scan shows low lying placenta reaching os meaning okay to give a child zentel prescribed to gain weight dark urine abdominal pain and delayed periods early pregnancy symptoms taking zovirax for shingles painful red bumps swollen face testicles moved to right while penis moved to left reason arm pain tightness had high bp during pregnancy not overweight swollen and painful ear piercing bleeding is it infection irregular periods pink discharge after late period reason mid-cycle spotting taken duphaston and hcg injection what is happening swelling in eye redness pain in ear and teeth reason child has prolonged jaundice done tests normal reports bleeding pregnancy tests show faded horizontal lines indicating pregnancy lump on head sore if pressed history of head injury pink rash in genital area no bumps itching ulceration herpes headaches on concentrating feeling hot in the head treatment options delayed period had unprotected sex possible to get pregnant sweating nervousness trembling have a-fib pain near heart any empirical relationship between hba1c and fasting results pain in throat and ear used ice block should i take gloxi height enhancer parents not tall fungal infection taken tyza tablets still itching resistant to medicines done blood test help me understand result bleeding before period short period what is the problem black spots in arms shoulder chest something serious nipple discomfort milk-like substance after squeezing have diabetes feeling short of breath advised predinsolone whats going on taken enterogermina for loose motion frequent urination taking econorm frequent uti urge to urinate burning sensation suggest medicine child smoking cannabis regularly will i become retarded delayed period stomach getting bigger negative pregnancy test pregnant want to gain weight have skin allergies deviated nasal septum taken ipill after condom tear pregnant or safe child has pins and needles in legs and arms why taken ciplactin decdan and stanozolol how to increase body weight queasy stomach shaking hungry lightheadedness fatigue always thirsty normal fluttering in abdomen sweating no pain what could it mean ultrasound shows ovarian cysts have hirsutism and amenorrhea best treatment child has red dots near buttocks crack stinging after diarrhea pain and breathlessness after drinking beer no known allergies cause child is clinging has stomach pain constant shaking no fever gums separating from tooth oozing blood and pus swollen swollen and hard knuckle no trauma should we worry have teridium in eyes done operation best treatment done ivf dropping beta now feeling nausea normal red dry skin behind knees itchy bleeding serious condition circumcision lump on base of penis what to do geographic tongue painful u-shaped tongue difficulty eating have anxiety and panic attacks ekg and ultrasound normal cause bruise on calf tenderness no trauma swelling and soreness have pcod taking clomiphene estradiol susten have pv bleeding normal abdominal cramping discomfort having sex negative pregnancy test have contact dermatitis red bumps on chest and stomach treatment dizziness after standing up cross-eyed pressure behind eyes cause pain in gums difficulty biting or chewing help sudden itching in skin sore muscles bruises what is it child has ear pain related to taking aleve pill sudden giddiness uneasiness and fainting suggestions and remedies pregnant vomiting doxinate ineffective what to do usg shows myoma in uterus normal can i be pregnant tingling sensation when urinating sexually active std or uti no period ultrasonography showed ovarian follicles is it harmful prescribed deviry for missed period no period till now reason sinking feeling in chest breathlessness trouble sleeping what is this suffering from constipation dizziness and burping are these related have rheumatoid arthritis taking sazo and zintac numbness in fingertips have menorrhagia ultrasound normal prescribed primolut no periods suffering from constipation and rectal bleeding cremaffina prescribed cure delayed period brown spotting cramps had protected sex redness on penis when pulling foreskin back cause prescribed rexipra for headache lack of concentration safe medication done semen analyis unable to conceive what are the things to be avoided during menstruation mri shows spondylosis disc dehyration broad-based herniation dizziness imbalance head spinning burping treatment options taking prodep for depression how long can medicine be taken severe itching with reddish rashes in the groin area medication done follicular study are the conditions favorable for pregnancy stomach pain and cramps after taking ortho tri-cyclen done angioplasty taking plagrain zebesta and ecosprin getting tired cyst on shoulder blade tender and painful to touch cause done stool examination of child greenish grey color of stool swollen and painful clitoris after having sex yeast infection painful sore in nose headache eye pain mouth ulcer oily dandruff hair fall taking doxy 1 permanent cure done skin peel treatment for acne now recurring acne suggestions soft lump under buttocks weight gain what could it be child had head injury headache nose bleed stitches healing concerned chest pain dry throat leg numbness ecg normal smoker treatment sore and itchy tailbone applied hydrocortisone difficulty walking down stairs paralysed wrist after cerebral hemorrhage treatment done physiotherapy child has cloudy and fishy smelling urine urinary tract infection pregnant stomach discomfort difficulty breathing can you help red bumps on right side no allergies could you help rapid heartbeat after drinking coffee cause tingling arm breathlessness after having alcohol and cigarettes child has cough and vomiting chest congestion shin injury lump and pain applied ice cause hole in cheek swollen pus-filled normal pregnant prescribed dexamethosone after ultrasound benefits of injection taking ecosprin after stroke increased bp prescribed arkamin helpful medicine burning when urinating swollen clitoris what is wrong lightheaded when walking had heart murmur as a child chest pressure using nebulizer with betamethasone and fluconazole side effects can amway nutrilite products be used as medicines prolonged bleeding report shows thick cervix and fibroid need help child has bruises on lumbar spine cause fluctuating blood pressure chest pain acidity problem heart problem acute gastritis ibs symptoms prescribed neopride total any side effects unable to write anything is it a psychological problem child having cylindrical power right age for laser surgery have acne around moustache beard prescribed creams electric razor opinion ultrasound shows bulky uterus pcod chances of pregnancy dark skin tone sweating in palms soles during winter solution irregular periods weightloss anemic reason ultrasound shows ovaries normal free fluid seen reason have bronchial asthma frequent attacks hypothyroidism vertigo solution having headache gas problem prescribed medicines no relief suggestions habit of picking toenail treatment for growing back frequent urination no infection affecting daily life reason severe itching on legs buttocks due to dry skin is my fasting blood sugar level ok had breast reduction surgery having night walks nightmares reason is gynaecosid used for abortion what should be the dosage pain in the hip and shoulder after strenuous activity reason persisting cough clear chest chances of infection irritation in the vagina after using condom cure started feeling severe pain after terminating pregnancy whats going on noticed bend in penis is this normal have painless lump on lower leg should i be worried noticed spotting after intercourse what could be causing this have bone cysts on spine what medication should be taken atrophy and weakness in hand numbness in hands cause loss of appetite nausea headache abdominal pain pregnant scan shows baby with something in mouth getting long menstrual periods whats wrong pain in the ankles when running due to incorrect footwear flap in nostril difficulty breathing worsening with age treatment painful lump above rectum had thrombose hemorrhoid external any suggestions dyslipidemia and fatty liver prescribed gemfibrozil and metformin right medications child has black blotches on tummy no allergies dry patch on thigh not itchy or painful genital wart above vagina redness does she have something stomach ache swollen area above navel tenderness after pushing rectal bleeding lump inside stomach unable to go to toilet wrist injury discomfort while clenching fingers tightness in eyes dizziness seasonal allergies tongue numbness dizziness history of tumor removal late period milky discharge cramps bleeding recently delivered baby chronic ear fullness discomfort exterior ear sensitive solution stopped medicine for hypothyroidism smoked shisha affect the thyroid missed petogen injection having spotting nausea bloating chances of pregnancy how to remove pimple and pimple marks from face recurring typhoid fever permanent cure pain in the chest area around lungs while breathing reason breast feeding on lactare to increase breast milk safe had injectable contraception having continuous periods prescribed primolut n suggestions will neurofibromas grow bigger after surgery to remove them scrotal pain done usg prescribed different medicine negative blood test suffering from asthma and headache looking for permanent cure getting nasty cough and heavy chest how to get relief child suffering from ear ache what treatment should be done have erectile dysfunction want ayurvedic medicine have mvp palpitations chest pain ecocardiography shows trace of mr any side effect of pre nan baby died of sids suffering from reoccurring hand eczema best medicine to cure foul smell from the nose body pain headache treatment black lump on the back no pain what is it knee pain taken pre rejoint etoshine raciper usage of medicine taking glyciphage for diabetes difficulty getting erect penis why stomach cramps bloating vomiting green substance food poisoning burning and vaginal discharge pregnant normal test cause prescribed primolut after childbirth no periods negative pregnancy test suffering from a brain stroke what are the treatment options prescribed duphaston to help get pregnant correct medicine nausea panic attacks in menopause lab report normal normal condition recurrent pimples on face suggest a good doctor back pain light headed blurring vision ringing ear sweating dandruff itching tried ketoconazole shampoo suggestions pain in ankle x-ray normal will cast be removed later pain and burning during urination what can this be head injury concussion fever weakness now normal upset stomach nausea chest pressure abdominal pain have crohns disease buttock injury after fall sore thighs uncomfortable to walk normal is regular masturbation harmful in any way bleeding after coil fell out taken norethisterone and iron tablets mole on upper chest foul odor pus-filled no pain taking salipax and lamictal during pregnancy effect on fetus frequent bowel movements stomach pain had vomting and headache taking meth lightheaded dizziness fainting help white discharge from penis help bump on hard palate what should i do red spots on shoulder blades fever rash on body dizziness pins and needles in hands memory loss cause had hemorrhagic stroke have migriaine want to take psychedelic mushrooms taken antibiotics for bronchitis now blocked ears but no pain body pain nausea cough throat pain bronchitis child has dry cough vomiting eating very little serious problem had unprotected sex brown bleeding is this implantation bleeding stiff joints painful weakness should i see my doctor headache on one side of head puffy and red eyes taken provera heavy bleeding am i pregnant headache when reading book pressure in brain done inguinal hernia repair and neurectomy pain and limping taken postinor after partially unprotected sex is pregnancy possible child bleeding after cutting lower lip will he need stitches burning sensation after urination treated for uti why sudden facial rashes taken primolut to delay menstrual cycle head injury blurred vision headache leg cramps growth hormone deficiency allergies to food autoimmune disease bleeding eye headache puffiness in face done blood test constipation gas formation taking omega3 and coenzyme q10 medicine fever reoccurring blood report normal giving calpol 3ml treatment taking mensovit plus during pregnancy will this help to abort scan shows polycystic ovaries retroverted uterus meaning electrolyte imbalance watery stools can econorm be given removed kidney stone have diabetes swollen face after eswl cause done typhoid test possibility of hiv infection bleeding after having sex possibility of being pregnant weight gain done thyroid test what do the reports imply thyroid test shows thyronormalcy what does it mean split nipple lumps on nipple purplish color pain cancer done laparoscopy after having short period am i pregnant hard lump inside buttocks no pain want second opinion done angiogram is there any way to skip stenting have acidity prescribed ezerex and cabergoline any side effects scrotal pain after urination taking painkiller curative medicine prescribed zyloric for high uric acid level precautions lower back pain history of injury while strongman conditioning red bumps on thigh no pain dark ring around bump have vertigo blood in tissue after blowing nose related have vertigo using cinnarizine brain mri normal how to proceed can i take diane-35 while breastfeeding continuous watery bleeding after intercourse on contraceptive pills cause vomiting diarrhoea pricking sensation in fingers abdominal pain treatment options frequent upset stomach bleeding after intercourse negative pregnancy test brown mid-cycle bleeding only while urinating what is going on acne facial redness how to improve it child has erbs palsy burning skin red weal skin shedding dizziness fatigue nausea diarrhea stomach pain delayed period pregnant craving for chalk does eating chalk affect baby have erection problem is it psychological or physical bed sore ruptured buttocks skin filled with water back pain dizziness leg pain numbness in leg x-ray normal will nicip tablets relieve frequent headaches red streaks on lower legs itching no bugs taken homeopathic medicine for premature ejaculation what to do examination shows small uterus feeling movements am i pregnant back problems after fall neck pain serious damage done tubal ligation bleeding during sex and ovulation pain pregnant child coughing and sneezing has stuffy nose cold sweats constipated had blood drawn bruise on arm shoulders and back normal migraine pain behind eye what is wrong pain in lung when turning a certain way smoked weed elevated kidney function tests have chronic a-fib related conditions skin near knee darkening lost weight reason red dots in foot blisters on wrist hurts to touch damage due to blowing nose hard no cold pain after urination normal urine test and urethral discharge test burning after urination urine test okay pain during erection lump in head tender to the touch not sleeping properly stomach pain after falling on abdomen cause of pain burning in nostrils and watering eyes what is going on swollen labia majora painful when sitting any thoughts taking metoprolol with orange juice is this okay had unprotected sex burning vagina when urination no std reason increased heartbeat muscle tension stress related obstruction in penis burning urination urge to urinate shakiness nervousness and dizziness after taking zoloft nausea vomiting headache tiredness sore throat treatment for symptoms constant dry non-productive cough causing breathing problems suffocation relief measure diagnosed with pcos can i start metformin and ginette simultaneously breastfeeding mother with headaches and nausea what is the reason suffering with gastritis taken plyokit will it help colic pain improper digestion under severe job stress help on implanon have excessive bleeding advised primolut is it safe itching sensation on fingers since taking pause mf remedy is there any medicine for hymen regeneration pain in the eye on exposure to light headache allergy habit of eating raw rice is there a natural remedy pregnancy scan showing single intrauterine gestation no development need abortion feeling heart beat in the throat dizziness what is happening hard lump on the elbow should i be worried have food allergy rashes itching and swelling treatment on petogen injection irregular spotting fluctuating weight reason painful bumps on the back should i be worried flu symptoms nausea hyperacidity symptoms had hysterectomy in the past reddish feet can i use propysalic ointment have severe hairloss is meladerm useful in treating melasma heel injury burning and tingling sensation hairline fracture recovered from jaundice is it safe to for pregnancy now early ejaculation during masturbation tips for a healthy sexual life having pcod prescribed medicines causing weight gain solution high triglyceride level quit drinking affect levels home remedy for pigmentation around neck armpits black discoloration of lip due to using old lip gloss taking norgeston having heavy bleeding weight gain suggestions can marijuana be prescribed medically for anxiety and depression had wisdom teeth extracted experiencing tingling in gums solution suffering from nausea dizziness sleepiness reason baby having lump on collarbone swollen lymphnode due to teething having fatigue minor headaches dizziness sweating reason having severe headache prescribed medicines no relief suggestions have a scab around belly button after piercing it treatment had sex have brown spotting pregnancy test negative reason have hernia in the naval leaking a smelly discharge suggestions child having recurrent fever diarrhoea with foam on top serious skin peeling off penis scrotum psoriasis getting frequent anxiety attacks treatment losing eyelashes during pregnancy nails brittle reason having severe hairloss afer taking epidural steroid injections inter-related choking after eating ketchup or anything very scary suggestions taking metroprolol for hypertension fluctuating bp levels possible causes spotting after unprotected sex taking provera pregnancy chances child taken eltroxin tabs accidentally serious spots on inner thigh releases pus blood when popped solution severe vaginal burning all reports normal solution jaw pain tightness around eyes sore on inner gums solution dead skin build up inside cheeks remedy varicose veins on lower back mildly overweight cause of worry fibrositis of shoulders prescribed acenac medication side effects of medication muscle pain myocitis vitamin d deficiency taking calcirol granules treatment delayed periods after fingering vagina with pre-cum pregnant severe hair loss minscalp solution prescribed need a permanent solution pain and bloating in the stomach reason suffering from constant sound inside ears increases during nights treatment having nausea vomitting vaginal infection itchingodour systemic hpylori infection prescribed hcqs for oseoarthritis is it a steroid side effects dizziness after being hit on the head is it normal tingling sensation on touching the moles is this melanoma release of sperms during urination should i be worried pain and bruise on the ear lobe need medical attention ectopic heart beats on ecg need medication childs ultrasound shows mild fullness of pelvo calyceal structure meaning severe back pain got periods twice a month suggestion have broken foot taking roxicodone is it safe intense pain during intercourse no pain while inserting fingers remedy pain in the abdomen diarrhea and fever need medication foreskin tightening pain in penis can i undergo sunnath operation fingering vagina bleeding no sexual intercourse causes for vaginal bleeding nocturnal emissions red eyes irregular pulse rate causes for symptoms food poisoning fever has stage four stomach cancer serious symptoms recurring tooth infections since wisdom tooth removal severe throbbing reason depression bipolar disorder suicidal heartache cure for symptoms have not got periods even after taking primolut n reason cold sweats bowel movement containing liquid blood cramping treatment anxiety blood pressure taking ramapril can i take kalms had car accident depleting hemoglobin having concussion palpitation anxiety reason coughing sneezing vomiting episodes medical attention required recurrent scabs inside nostrils ears reason postmenopausal having 788mm thick endometrium fibroids spotting serious scan shows low lying placenta during pregnancy normal vomitting dizziness during 6 months of pregnancy suggestions having paleness chestpains lightheadedness when stressed suggestions dull ache in right buttock feel painful when exercising suggestion irregular bleeding during periods reason having tightnes with swelling and pain in the knee treatment slight double eyesight in bright lights is it keratoconus light headed with vomiting sore mouth are these two related experiencing svt during second trimester of pregnancy affect the baby which exercises enhance concentration power and diet to improve memory had fusion l2-s1 having increased pain further course of treatment frequent urination morning sickness breast pain not pregnant possible cause random pains in breast heaviness what could this be passing black bowels due to eating lentils or drinking probiotics weakness hair loss gastric problems joint pain treatment for symptoms bumps scabs under the penis std stress burning in stomach nausea solution changing colour of scrotum to purple after exercising reason severe cramps bright red blood clots during periods treatment options painful lump on inner thigh what could this be difficulty in walking due to loss of balance reason taken depoprovera and implanon discolored vaginal discharge why jaw bones protruding large lump inside mouth is it tumor mild bleeding had unprotected sex chances of pregnancy suffering from premature ejaculation suggest any tablet dental work done under anaesthesia suffering from nosebleeds treatment options vomitting dizziness after eating prawn solution feel panicked tensed while driving is it due to duromine child not liking any solid food can cerelac be given child suffering from e-coli growth on tonsils advised surgery suggestions had insomnia loss of apetite took medicines having depression suggestions diet exercise treatment for a patient diagnosed with fatty liver lab report shows asthenoozospermia treatment having loss of memory suggestions and treatment right sided abdominal pain diagnosed as abdominal strain treatment options delayed periods abdominal cramping conflicting hpt reports what to do is there a side effect for the drinking protein powder diarrhea with metallic smell vomiting is it a stomach flu severe itching after a bed bug bite medication 22 year old diagnosed with pcod and uterine cyst treatment having braces upper gums rough white rash on gums normal dark urine while having cold burning while urination reason dry flaky and reddish penile foreskin after intercourse treatment black stools high sugar levels need to worry itchy swollen vagina thick vaginal discharge need treatment abdominal pain fever constipation possible appendicitis uncontrolled urination right diagnosis any treatment for improve hoarse voice nausea vomiting and loss of appetite do i have gastroenteritis taking alzam for anxiety headaches and stress need remedy infant with persisting fever not responding to flexon malaria irregular periods negative pregnancy test report should i be worried fluid sound in the ear while swallowing need antibiotics child vomiting after eating fish allergy pinkish white spot on the lip due to sun exposure hard solid lump on the groin area what is it child having frequent urination passing motion stomach ache possible cause painless movable lump on shin swelling medical attention required edema on face lips purplish discoloration can it be treated chest feeling heavy pain needles poking what could it be shin injury nausea bruise swollen ankle purple discolouration blood pooling consistent lumps on the back of neck is it serious nasal discharge early morning sneezing treatment got scratches with blood by dog rabbies injection required baby having watery stools contains mucous prescribed pedialyte dosage baby having frequent chokes suggestions baby having mucous in stools runny stools on medicines suggestions baby had cold prescribed antibiotics having diarrhoea blisters solution recurring earwax buildup in the ear permanent solution pain in the anus while passing stools anal fissure hemorrhoids done transvaginal ultrasound what is hyperechoic cyst and dermoids cyst left breast leaking back pain all tests normal possible reason foul odor from urine urine test normal possible causes dizziness headache nausea weakness low bp what is wrong having shingles taking treatment having fever trembling double vision reason diagnosed with high rbc how to bring it normal suffering from jaundice undergoing treatment cured vomiting episodes cure stent placement after heart attack overweight smoking addiction any advice having smelly serosanguinous cyst draining from the bottom solution paralyzed hand due to a stroke high bp treatment options irregular periods trying to conceive any suggestions frequent urge to urinate anxiety causing urinary problems have constipation taking dulcolax need tips on losing weight recovering from hip surgery difficulty in walking treatment missed taking microgestin fe have spotting delayed periods pregnancy chances swollen lymph nodes movable on touching cold cough treatment options stomach pain sweating passing blood clots during bowel movements suggestions nmbness in the knee after falling reason delayed periods taking birth control missed pills chances of pregnancy bleeding during ejaculation urination infection or bladder problem having depression fast heart beats dizziness due to depression chronic headaches coughing sneezing double vision history of epilepsy treatment vomiting diarrhea fever surgery scheduled for cholelithiasis cure for condition unprotected sex condom fell off want to avoid pregnancy help end-stage liver failure nausea lack of appetite wasting precautions tender lump in armpit irregular periods after abortion done semen analysis let me know the result need more information regarding alpha and gamma motor neurons dizziness rumbling in stomach diarrhea whats wrong skipping heartbeats nervousness what to do child is vomiting has diarrhea low body temperature normal vaginal pain red sores could it be herpes child detected with hydrocele appropriate treatment pap smear test showed scanty smear moderate coccobacilli meaning is there any substitute for btn plus without finasteride suffering with depression on lithosum clonotril get occasional attacks remedy tired blurred vision disbalanced difficulty concentrating what is going on how do you lose weight safely swollen and painful jaw fever taken antibiotics should i wait swelling itching and pus formation under the penile foreskin treatment high prolactin levels prescribed with glucophage have pcos treatment bleeding during intercourse taken pills for inflammation cervical cancer inflammation on skin after rashes flutibact can be used lower abdominal pain all tests normal want pain relief brown spots on cheeks black circles loose skin help history of gastric disease unwell after stopping medicine curable disease cough sinus headaches nosebleeds taking dayquil does dayquil cause nosebleeds itchy spots on face feeling sick dizziness allergies sneezing laryngitis chest congestion taking allegra-d mucinex respiratory infection no coordination between thoughts and words what causes this took asmitha for heavy bleeding missing periods is it normal infant having loose stools medication how to stop paraoesophegal hiatus hernia from getting worse does gastroenteritis have similar symptoms as hepatitis terminal lung cancer has shortness of breath worsened breathing prognosis missed periods negative pregnancy test have pregnancy symptoms reason mild indigestion dizziness ringing in ears relief measure severe shooting pains after having mirena insertion is this normal lack of appetite no emotions what is wrong epileptic attacks even after taking medication any suggestions small pimple on the testicles chances of cyst smoking addict high cholesterol recurring tia cause of recurrence negative pregnancy test frequent urination headache profuse sweating pregnancy possibility difficulty in erection while having sex normal otherwise treatment infant with diarrhea persistent dehydration distended tummy reason nasal injury cough blood in sputum chest tightness cold symptoms headache bodyaches fatigue breathlessness chest pain cold treatment for symptoms what diet should be given for a 6 month child taking accutane nail started turning yellow is this serious diagnosed with fibroadenosis of breasts biopsy needed can i take vitamin d tablets to increase the height low grade fever loss of appetite body ache need treatment persistent fever alternating between tylenol and motrin no relief solution elevated serum creatinine blood urea levels how to control them frequent chest pain advised angiogram scared suggestions tightness in penis shrunk in size testicles stuck upwards suggestions feeling of fluid around ears heavyheadedness frustation fatigue suggestions left eye red bottom swollen small lump under eyelashes sty having bubbling feeling in legs reason lower backache after exercising some relief after applying ointment solution stool test shows wbcs and rbcs in stools indications ribs hurt after binge eating reason trying to concieve having pink spotting late implantation bleeding comparison between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes having clear discharge from vagina while moving laughing reason diagnosed with pseudomonas aeruginosa taking treatment have sex after treatment having tonsilitis caused guttate psoriasis rash in groin area solution sore dry throat headache loss of apetite stomach sickness reason grinding clicking in shoulder hand wrist hurts cause having leaking valve getting angina pains fatigue suggestions fungal infection around mouth have pigmentation solution having dark brown period heavy cramps sore breasts pregnant trying to concieve having small fibroid chances of pregnancy indigestion loss of apetite diarrhoea black stools reason having sleep problems diabetes dizziness forgetfulness fatigue solution persistent clear phlegm buildup in the throat due to tonsils pregnant having moderate gastritis on medicines suggestions stomach pains radiating to vagina cause dizziness have genetic disorder 22q11 could it be the cause left-sided chest pain pain on applying pressure x-ray normal suggestions taken provera for bleeding after delivery now irregular periods help trying to conceive since one year unsuccessful causes for infertility chest pain radiating to back nausea dizzy sweating reasons ear started hurting after using q tip looking for suggestion getting headache achy body and feeling tried whats wrong found marble size knot under rib what could it be child having cough and fever what treatment should be done infant diagnosed with pneumonia should i go for chest x-ray suffering from headache taking painkiller suggest effective medicine constant chest burning sensation above abdomen what should be done heavy weight gain after multiload after 2nd delivery concerned why am i feeling sharp pain in chest cheek injury now headaches painful knot should i be concerned getting tingling sensation on fingers symptoms of diabetes why am i having headache and experiencing nausea and vomiting what medicine should i take to postpone periods having fever cough tests indicate e-coli positive suggestions pregnant amniotic bands seen in ultrasound is there any complication severe pain due to sprained ankle possibility of torn ligaments uncontrolled sugar levels loose stools are these related anxiety over drawing blood feeling fainty suggestions child has eye power possible to cure at this age chronic cold runny nose fever coughing yellow sputum taken antibiotics nerve twitches on legs expanded vein in neck no pain cramps in rib cage soreness is this muscular penis itching and redness after sex reaction to douche unprotected sex no ejaculation inside can pre-ejaculatory fluid cause pregnancy raised bumps on groin area itching looks like hives treatment patches on chest tiny bumps rash itchy is it normal penis sore burning sensation glands reddish burning during urinating suggestion what is the cost for invisalign treatment torch panel test done what do the readings indicate severe heart pain ear bleed no medicine given treatment tongue biopsy pain bleeding given pain killer is this normal missed beat with dizziness lightheadedness no relief with bisoprolol help itching in lower lip white bump numbness causes for symptoms chunky discharge after finishing canesten course normal masturbation addiction masturbating during periods weight gain any harmful effects leg and shin injury bump swelling bruising treatment options sudden increase in blood pressure am i about to stroke osteosarcoma of the skull has constant pain chances of recovery diagnosed with multiple myeloma can this be related to constipation numbness in front part of head brain jaw neck cause blood in stool difficulty in urination are these stress related children having severe persisting cough medication 49 year old having nausea spotting are these premenstrual symptoms 18 year old having palpitation episodes is this normal frequent headaches dent in the head due to sinus problems burning tingling sensation in right breast taking tylenol reasons unprotected sex spotting during periods due fatigue low appetite cause excessive hair since intake of encorate lamitror due to medicine child with projectile vomiting nose bleed any solution unwanted pregnancy can i take mefeprin zytotec suggestion tickling sensation around anus painful passing stool suggestion embryo transfered symptoms of pregnancy can i try upt using insulin apidra lantus prescribed with galvus met over medication failure in conception semen analysis done should i improve sth pcos endo heavy nausea craving hpt showed faint positive analysis 9 year old blood in stool should i consult doctor bleeding from left nostrils bump tenderness is it serious bruise on arm spreading hurting had melanoma in past reason frozen feeling inside the head what could be causing this kick on the arm causing severe pain weakness bruising fracture alcohol addiction have fluctuating sgpt fatty liver is it dangerous reddish pus filled spots on the thigh is this infectious nausea light headed dizzy diarrhea bad breath reason for symptoms 35 weeks pregnant tests showed posterior placental skeletal dysplasia meaning fungal infection on jaws does clotriderm help in reducing infection large bruise on stomach is it pancreatitis blood drawn accidentally ripped needle searing pain is it normal not sexually active having irregular periods back pain reason had positive pregnancy test scan report normal am i pregnant suffering from constipation taking laxatives noticed blood suggestion had unprotected sex ejaculated outside chances of pregnancy pulsating pain in chest unhealthy diet reason for pain having diarrhoea passing lot of gas due to lactose intolerance unprotected sex foreskin ripped and bleeding is it normal hit on forehead slight headache treatment irregular periods advised to reduce tummy fat given torflash suggestion feeling weird dizzy numbness in testicles reason tonsils swollen with pain should be treated emergency had a leech bite scar getting bigger solution infant with fever given crocin dosage for syrup hit leg below knee have hard lump and swelling suggestion itching around belly button feel hard lump is it eczema diagnosed with oral cancer drinks only milkshakes prognosis ultrasound shows gestational age 4-5 weeks prescribed duphaston safe irregular periods stopped growing do irregular periods affect growth regular menstruation cycle does changing sex partner affect periods silver cap in the tooth fell off see a dentist severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea taken diorylte vomited solution mild fever with dizziness chills and headache taken ibeprophen suggestion rubbed semen in hand inserted in vagina chances of pregnancy can the use of parlodel delay menstrual cycle toddler weighing 5kg is it right weight for 3months suffering from fissure painful taken smuth capsule no cure remedy suffering from alopecia loss of hair which doctor to consult delayed periods upt negative pain in abdomen have pcod suggestion thyroid excessive hair loss frequent loose motion taking thyroxine suggest blood flow from the anus hemorrhoid pregnant high bp history of miscarriage suggestions for normal delivery have mild prostate enlargement prescribed veltam have abdominal pain reason high creatinine had pneumonia is dialysis needed done urinalysis could you interpret results difficulty breathing while sleeping running nose acidity gas suggested tests done hepaticojejunostomy removal of gall bladder future complications done semen analysis is treatment required child passing green stools after feeding formula milk normal child passes stools after every meal is it normal itchy red bumps filled with clear fluid help have costochondritis paracetamol ineffective normal ecg help itching in the vagina with tiny bumps what is it altered heart rate in the night what is the reason nocturnal emissions at night excretion of semen while sleeping cure frequent urination pain in the penis medication bruise after a dog bite applied alcohol need treatment small child fever vomiting stomach upset viral infection lung cancer unable to walk behaving abnormal suggestion severe hair loss suggested minoxidil can minoxidil alter hormonal profile what are the chances of pregnancy even after taking i-pill hsg shows opacified fallopian tubes meaning and pregnancy chances teenager habit of masturbating will this affect future sex life painful purple bump on groin area turned into hole suggestion swelling of mastoid bone on antibiotics serious bleeding gums even on maintaining good oral hygiene solution suffering from disc degeneration severe lower back pain permanent cure flu symptoms headaches indentation behind head severe migraines related symptoms burning pain while urinating presence of blood remedy cramping faint nauseated after orgasm pain in rectum solution nausea vomiting diarrhea stomach and abdominal pain flu symptoms pregnant having contractions greenish vaginal discharge need medical attention having missed period negative pregnancy test see a doctor high blood pressure no improvement even on taking medicines solution having lower backache bulky uterus with asymmetrical thickening treatment vaginal itching with discharge while passing urine chances of infection babys neck gets stuck swollen stiff when bent back solution spotting instead of normal period what is the cause child suffering from loose motions taking medicines treatment and diet frequent urination unable to control any health problem height less compared to husband feels neglected any treatment possible took medication for vulva vaginitis burning sensation still present reason suffering from androgenic alopecia took medicines no improvement suggestions painful blister in the vagina during and after periods normal breastfeeding took antibiotics for cough temperature menopause passing excessive gas foul smell even after urination treatment options masturbation addiction back pain premature ejaculation nocturnal emissions treatment options recovering from tia will tanning lead to tia or stroke not able to retract the penile foreskin is it normal sudden development of itchy rash on the arms medication burning pain discomfort in neck after ejaculation reason having hiccup-belching-farting nausea stomach discomfort lactose intolerant on caltrate suggestions pinkish vaginal discharge bleeding during intercourse not pregnant other causes having peritonsillar abscess swollen stiff neck cause and possible treatment excessive sweating nausea diagnosed with multiple myeloma how can i come out of tobacco and smoking addiction light periods lightheadedness abdominal cramps and nausea what is happening bleeding during intercourse not periods pregnant frequent urination headaches need medical attention cold shivering and sore throat medication pregnant taking gestofit history of miscarriage is the medication safe lump in the ear lobe what is it diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis uti mild hydroureteronephrosis is surgery necessary bumps on the eyebrow took antibiotics cure constant thick flow of semen reason treatment pain and numbness after ejaculation reason irregular periods increased blood flow urine pregnancy test negative reason bleeding a week after period with back cramps concerned severe headaches taking nortriptyline acne breakouts side effects of medication emetophobia phobia dominates life how could i relive from fear history of migraine feeling of smelling metal headache reason recurrent eye itchiness cold sneezing mouth ulcer treatment how to differentiate between genital warts and inflamed fordyce spot taking medicine for hypertension done ecg prescribed prozac and wellbutrin can i take it with oxycodone have molluscum how to make it go away burning and inflammation on upper lip before period cause done tests suggest medicine and precautions concussion eye swelling now drooping eyelid want normal eye done tonsillectomy can follicular tonsillitis reoccur even after the procedure child has low hemoglobin count what should be done shaking hands from wrist to fingers cause done taekwondo training increased heartbeat tingling face after injecting meth is it permanent taking siphene and duphaston will i surely get pregnant done semen analysis wife had miscarriage normal report had car accident now fatigue sleeping long hours ideas deep pore on arm white-yellow pus discharge what is this itching between scrotum and anus overweight used hydrocortisone suggestions mouth sore low energy tried ice pack any ideas joint pain swollen leg advised penidure injection side effects menstrual cramps hindering daily activities taking brufen can you guide pin prick sensation in thigh any insight discharge from penis difficulty getting erection worried failed icsi process advised donor egg what to do lump in axilla after delivery done ultrasound treatment nausea headache joint pain inflamed thumb what should i do head injury bruising dizziness should i see a doctor had circulation stroke angiography shows atherosclerotic lesion stenting required lump inside breast itching tingling what could it be safe to take gynaset tablets to postpone periods noise in ear sudden hearing loss white noise tinnitus cause cracked skin on the side of thighs treatment had diarrhoea now having constipation can i take peglec blue bruise on the wrist while making wreaths solution stomach pain bloating dizziness light headed symptoms of pregnancy advised to take medication for hypothyroidism opt for naturopathy 84yr old having labrynthitis vomitting green fluid gall bladder problem child having nose bleeding reason is it serious swollen gum pain near the ear and neck pain reason suffering from depression not taking medication need help 2 unusual periods after taking cerazette usually regular reasons suffering from cold blisters on my tongue herpes infection foul smell during menstruation irregular periods with clotting reason shaky legs after standing for a long time reason armpits black between thighs also black any cure teeth have become cold sensitive getting electrical sensations causes erectile dysfunction and pre ejection problem cure late periods cramps lower backaches pregnancy tests negative reason indentation on penis having pain occured recently reason loose stools fever taking crocin norflox-tz dietary recommendations done ct scan of brain need interpretation have hair fall after suffering from dengue will oiling help had inguinal hernia surgery having slight fever taking advil normal pain in ribs chest x-ray shows infection best medicine having pain on ribs what medicine should i take is my penis size enough to have satisfactory sex done hvs culture test please explain report bleeding while having sex reason skin feeling numb after smoking marijuana mentally clear have halitosis yellow oozing what to do had iud implanted vaginal pain and burning infection done sperm analysis prescribe maxoza benefits of medicine prescribed neurobione for shaking is my vitamin b12 value low test suggests thyronormalcy please correlate with clinical conditions child has difficulty concentrating getting distracted what can i do proper dose of zentel to cure parasitic problem want to lose weight using reeshape any side effects prescribed hydrogen peroxide for gingivitis side effects of constant usage taking duromine feeling excessively hungry due to menstrual flow recurring pimple on eyebrow swollen eye is it dangerous constantly shaking blurred vision what could it be generalized rashes after taking clomid side effect of medicine dark menstrual blood history of miscarriage what does it mean delayed period positive pregnancy test now abdominal cramps and bleeding nose bleed blood clot in sputum high blood pressure worried dizziness low energy taken medicine for neck pain concerned painful bed sores applied betadine done pathological test have anemia prescribed ecophane for minor hair loss any side effects prescribed norethisterone for heavy bleeding will this medicine help child with fever gave paracetamol any other medication lump filled with pus under genitals what is it 65 months old constipation problem what should i do pain in foot bump under skin above ankle bone cancer lump above hips pain when pushing afraid of tumor brown menstrual discharge spotting pink hormonal imbalance swollen vagina yellow discharge painful how to deal with this varying blood pressure after exercising feeling discomfort breathlessness normal swollen arms after intense work out inflammation nausea brownish discharge forgot to take cerazette pill implantation bleeding twitching of lips since birth is there a solution throat obstruction feeling of choking could this be anxiety pain in the throat cough headache no fever any suggestions severe pain the right side of abdomen reason headache feeling of face dropping do i ring an ambulance had unprotected sex cramps bloating headache can i be pregnant swallowed metal staple sharp pain under rib cage serious condition hypersimulation after ivf pregnant black spot on leg painful lump near anus fever had constipation toe cramp after getting soft cast how to relieve cramp no periods after laproscopy want to start iui treatment reason increased resting heartbeat after catheter ablation what is the danger pregnant urge to urinate dry clitoris what should i do no periods negative pregnancy test prescribed duphaston am i pregnant failed erection anxiety watery ejaculate what can i do irregular heartbeats painful dizziness palpitations will it pass lower back pain mri shows bulging annulus worried history of cervical dissectomy have ankylosing spondylitis disc replacement required cold headache fever nose bleeds with blood clots emergency condition safe to masturbate daily how often to have sex prescribed levocetrizine for urticaria side effects of prolonged sofradex usage stomach pain sonography shows anteverted uterus should uterus be removed heaviness on left side tests normal leg fasciculations taking gabapentin heartburn after taking adderall drug test shows positive