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missed birth control pills had sex constipation heartburn pregnant steel operation for broken hand infected what should be done loin pain hematuria syndrome diet treatment or ace inhibitor advisable raised red hardened patch on skin used clindamycin phosphate polycystic ovarian disease prescribed fertyl will losing weight help conceive yellow discharge in back of ears due to weather change brown semen no pain what is wrong red maculopapular rash itchy taking avil injection what is it swelling below waist painful when pressed dangerous any side effects of taking temsan libotry losar and deplact vomiting after taking lorazepam for sleeplessness panic attack anxiety dizziness headache chocolate craving normal blood test what is wrong diabetic dermatitis in legs swelling taking fruselac any substitute child is lactose intolerant breastfeeding causes diarrhea giving easifud-rice advice abdominal pain increased heartbeat no ulcer skipping meals serious child has fever done widal test prescribed monocef typhoid leukemia in remission having maintenance therapy can we have sex prescribed flucos for skin problem recurring problem any substitute child has mucus and blood in stools tried homeopathic medicine brown watery semen blood in urine cough smoker and drinker dark semen taken antibiotics what is it chest pain taking zantac blood test normal have ibs child has fever body rash strawberry tongue high esr value itching all over body used creams could you help ear popped strange hearing everything sounds loud and echoing treatment on methotrexate for atopic eczema tests show high alt cause fullness in upper stomach what can it be chronic migraine taking percocet for fibromyalgia swollen tonsil critical typhoid treatment done persisting symptoms of tiredness mild fever suggestions repeated electric type lower abdominal pain history of hysterectomy suggestion pain in right side during ovulation after miscarriage normal persisting neck pain feels like bruise fatigue negative pregnancy test movement in stomach cramps what is it pregnant have low placenta would car travel be safe done semen analysis what does the report mean obsessive compulsive cleanliness disorder weakness thinking only about cleaning treatment follicles not growing big enough does it affect pregnancy stress test indicated dark shadow on heart echo normal diagnosis delayed period negative test results what could the cause be blood test showed hbsag positive abnormal what does it mean cervical cancer taken chemotherapy radiotherapy chances of conceiving severe night sweats recurring condition cause of concern cough disturbed breathing light bleeding in phlegm discomfort suggestions ear pain and neck pain after visiting concert normal lump on head hard not movable headache when pressed difficulty in breathing had pneumonia last month any ideas long foreskin easy movement anything to worry burning vagina soreness after sexual intercourse what can i do severe cold tickling sensation in chest cough smoker healing time severe lower abdominal pain high fever high heart ovarian cancer severe stomach pain after implants removal what is the reason smoked marijuana days after tonsil removal surgery hazardous zero sperm count small testis want to know solution pain in penis on erection any permanent home remedy balance disorder mri normal temporary relief with vertin suggestions loss of consciousness involuntary movement of arms legs and trunk ear infection sore swelling pus discharge bumps on lips cure ear infection pain squelching noise in ear treatment for symptoms child showed weight loss has worms in feces medicines want to reduce postpartum weight undergoing lipolysis advice taking telekast for wheezing side effects of long term usage abdominal pain taken ceftum for uti trying to conceive reason stiff and painful knee grinding kneecap no injury nausea sinus headache gurgling stomach stomach pain endoscopy scheduled any side effects of torleva and epsolin have epileptic stroke taking krimson for acne gained weight suggestions done semen analysis can i have a baby can any online doctor guide on the semen analysis report persecutory paranoia type two diabetes what to do next sudden dizziness unable to walk without bumping into walls suggestions dizziness shivering heart palpitations and belching reasons pocs have got periods without progesterone cluster migraine suggestions got off iud have missed periods negative pregnancy test cause got periods even after regular intercourse what is the cause ejaculation on stomach washed immediately taken i-pill pregnancy possibility sore lips due to excessive licking will otocomb ointment help tonsil cyst inflammation burning sensation in ears tonsil stone erectile dysfunction testicle pain shrunken penis pregnant prescribed susten torchnil folinext history of miscarriages precautions diagnosed with sacoidosis taking att defcort persisting fever advise itching on penis tip and anus need help frequently passing stools bleeding reason lump in head hard painful next step taking human actrapid for diabetes tests suggested serious problem done urine test for child any infection suffering from erectile dysfunction erect while hand practice suggestions vaginal spotting pcos dark bleeding could i be pregnant abdominal pain severe bloating constipation weight loss ovarian cysts cure done semen analysis please explain vaginal itching odorless white discharge yeast or bacterial infection cold increased heartbeat cannot sleep taken tylenol what is this prescribed forecox for tb in lungs any side effects taking mebiz for ibs gas stomach pain suggestions intermittent lightheaded loss of balance what could the cause be pregnant have bleeding mild cramps ultrasound normal miscarriage racing heart everytime on smoking marijuana is this fatal diagnosed with pharyngeal disease medicines to be taken regular cycle took postinor 2 after unprotected sex pregnancy chance delayed periods had taken i-pill post intercourse pregnancy chance what tests should be taken to detect bipolar disorder neck injury pain on swallowing unable to sleep pinched nerve conceived again history of miscarriages when should i take ntd irregular lumps in breast is it worrisome rash on shaft of penis should i use candiderm cream dry cough sore throat safe to fly done sperm analysis is it fine blocked nose sneezing taken cetrazine itchy eyes solution clear discharge from eyes blurred vision help child has wrinkled and saggy testicles normal hip injury due to fall lower back pain thoughts pain after sex worried about coil being dislodged head overheating cannot focus hypersensitivity tingling feet vomiting after drinking beer passed stool what could this be child has vaginal pain swollen clitoris help ultrasound shows intrauterine embryonic demise why did miscarriage occur choking problem headache sore throat ear pain painful to swallow swollen and red patches around eyes had car accident advice two periods a month painful black discharge with no odor recurrent sebaceous cyst precautions to prevent infection dry and scaly lump under ankle what can it be costochondritis positive stress test prescribed rancad fluctuating pressure pimples on face pus formation leaving black mark reason baby having rashes in the bottom painful while urinating suggestions typhoid widal test done are my report values normal delayed periods constipation headaches nausea inconclusive pregnancy tests pregnant lump in neck pulsating vein dizziness anxiety or heart condition heavy yellow foul smelling discharge cramping tiredness reason morning sickness continuous light bleeding what could this be burning sensation in chest while eating mouth ulcers advice having migraine blurry vision extreme fatigue metallic taste nausea diagnosis infant having difficulty in eating food and talking advice on metformin taking low carbohydrate diet can i eat burgers child with bruised calf muscle what to do severe pelvic cramps and nausea during periods irregular periods advice pain in the ankles with swelling bruise and blisters treatment infection after ear piercing what can be done child having dry heaving constipation what is the cause pierced belly button black greenish dot in the hole infection discomfort pain on touching testicle no swelling or discolouration advise high pulse rate svt palpitations anxiety surgery the only option depression anxiety pms disorder taking venlafaxine can i increase dosage cervical spondylosis asthmatic taking statins oral steriods theophylline side effects sharp pain in right foot swollen unable to walk reason burns bleeds when urinating frequent urination cause and treatment 9 weeks pregnant urinalysis blood work done normal report excess hair growth on body treatment acne around waistline hip sign of diabetes pcos irregular periods presribed diane 35 metformin and regesterone dosage falling unconscious had an accident done ct scan suggestions contraceptive injection intercourse burping on drinking nausea pregnancy or indigestion severe diarrhoea pain post tonsillectomy adenoidectomy cure for symptoms fever loose stools headache taking dolo-650 entroquinol symptoms of dengue cough wheezing trouble breathing ear discomfort headache any advice child suffering from dysentery after having sweet cure child experiencing hair loss sudden increase in appetite cause dizziness lightheadedness bleeding when passing stools help pilonidal surgery pain drainage smelling bad infected itchy red lumps on genitals no pain x-ray shows minimal ptb contagious still work took contraceptive instead of petojen injection due to nonavailability safe neck upper back shoulder soreness after falling from bed advice lump under c-section scar diagnosed as desmoid fibromatosis tumor suggestions gastric problems since a week chest and stomach pain reason spotting post periods prolonged menstrual cycle causes for symptoms diagnosed with hbv blood tests done whats the reason constipation burping abdominal pain taking cremadiet duo sigmoidoscopy normal cure pain in testicle after masturbation diagnosed as varicocele cure done blood test not able to sleep what is wrong dark and oily skin history of bipolar disorder need medication diarrhea shoulder pain constipation stiff neck bad posture swallowing difficulties given steroids congested throat with sputum dysphagia advice trying to conceive unprotected intercourse many episodes chances of pregnancy persisting pain in the stomach constipation or infection frequent bruising on the legs should i be worried have diabetes slow healing wounds increased hunger weight loss advice stomach pain vomiting headaches constipation cause of worry bloating gurgling sounds from stomach tightness loss of appetite causes circumcision done gauze left on penis using neosporin cure ears pierced tight earrings swollen earlobe purple discoloration sepsis sore throat hoarse no voice any thoughts subcortical microvascular ischemic occlusive disease want additional information about this bump in lower abdomen light bleeding positive pregnancy tests pregnant pregnant typhoid positive salmonella test taken cefpodoxime proxetil abortion required sore throat followed by dizziness nauseated why back pain and weakness after spinal surgery need help candidiasis yeast infection anemia chronic conditions cure sexually active dizziness nausea body heat spotting ovulation symptoms trying to conceive high prolactin levels taken siphene cabergoline suggestions baby bumped her face cold congestion recurrent fever advice left nostril inflammed occasionally bloody blocked on nasonex advice had miscarriage missed periods ultrasound shows bulky uterus suggestions treatment low fever headache on medicines for sinus ear infection advice pale tired dark circles under eyes weakness cause of concern ultrasound shows enlarged prostrate taking medicines serious small child weak neck flinging himself backwards cure for weakness loss of hearing on ebast dc slight improvement side effects hard and brown scars after using black head remover advice scan shows viable intrauterine pregnancy previously had miscarriage average values little pain in vagina after self fingering hymen broken waxed upperlip redness applied ointments became brown bruise scar pain after wisdom teeth removal chest pain worried prescribed regestrone raricap beneficiale for mtp right treatment child having ongoing erection pain while urinating reason stomach ache diagnosed as stomach ulcer pain when eating suggestions had septoplasty surgery chronic nightly cough urine incontinence vomitting normal getting blood test done for arthritis will marijuana show up breaking out in hives on face something to desensitize skin clear fluid filled pimple red mark after popping no itching stomach pain constipation took many tablets of ibuprofen cure chalazion under eyelid lump on eyelid recurring and disappearing causes have hsv2 pimples chapped skin in the groin area advice alternative medicine to electrocine 100 mg pulled neck muscle neck stiffness hurts when swallowing suggestions pain and bleeding during sex normal child taking concerta fever lethargic constantly sleeping safe medication eye injury swollen applied ice is something wrong light headedness ear pain feet falling asleep related symptoms fatigue low immune system chronic joint pain sleeplessness advice using nair for hair removal severe itching advice fungus in groin area using topical creams little itching treatment red bumps on chin cheeks and forehead why gush of blood after periods what can cause this is stammering controllable by speech therapy have cold urticaria can i receive ssd or ssi benefits knee injury swollen hurts to walk what does this mean pain under breast discomfort should i be worried done urine analysis is urinary infection causing fever cough without phlegm tried proxenex singulair mucinex green bowel movement nausea shaking sweating painful cause vomiting fever shaking after drinking what might this be safe to use althea instead of cilest burning scalp after brazilian keratin treatment permanent damage done orange discharge happens when sweating what is going on dark spot below eye due to sunburn help done sperm analysis how is the potential for pregnancy want to know about puva therapy for psoriasis history of miscarriage trying to conceive any suggestions sensation of hair in mouth and throat recommendations dizziness fever diarrhoea feels like vertigo taking cifran nexium treatment hypothyroidism since childhood taking eltroxin daily permanent cure for hypothyroidism haemorrhoids at anal opening suggest otc medication for treatment suffering from asthma esr level 160 what to do cystitis lower back pain fever weakness body pain diet recommendations chronic pain in hips spine fingers feet suggestions copd type two respiratory failure using nebulizer breathlessness suggestions abortion at 9 weeks headaches cough side-effects of abortion delayed period on althea pills possibility of pregnancy urge to pass stools stomach ache after eating solution trying to conceive clear discharge what is going on constant palpitations after pre- exposure of rabies vaccine suggestions vomitting sensation dizziness blurry vision occurs while eating reason having bartholins gland severe diskaryosis due to std taking primolut-n for regulating periods depigmentation around areola side effects feeling cold fever taken tuberculosis treatment how to fully recover 9 month old child excessive cough phlegm cold treatment options pain in the stomach and vomiting need medication mri shows disc lesions and terminal lipoma advice delayed periods bleeding heavily later prescribed norgest continue medicine child having eczema shaking limbs sound while breathing advice vaginal itching using betnovate permanent solution suffering from dementia diabetes nerve damage in brain treatment options head injury after accident dizziness mri shows calcified granuloma meaning spermogram report says semen still unliquified after 180 minutes indications pain after urination itching discomfort reason and treatment bumps on cheeks filled with pus recurring suggestions severe hairfall took medicines no relief blood tests normal suggestions missed periods prescribed primolut-n right treatment skin turning black and itching no relief with medication remedy not having periods properly only spotting prescribed primolut-n suggestions toe inflammed around the nail applied creams no relief suggestions always feels like someone knocking at the door mental problem lactose intolerant heart burn have buffalo milk rash on thighs shin causing weakness what could this be taking allegra althrocin itching all over body boils solution pain in gums smoking chewing paan masala previously oral cancer child suffering from breathing problems continuous coughing prescribed medicines hereditary redness pimple on vagina tenderwhat could this be habit of masturbation suffering from premature ejaculation advice fungus on hand cause treatment bump on neck arm movable redness serious high bp high levels of cholesterol level sgot sgpt suggestions need advice on birth control methods after childbirth spotting and itchy vagina started having sex treatment prescribed with lupigest during pregnancy what are the side effects have unprotected sex dizziness headache nausea spotting pregnant bumps scars on penis after masturbation treatment chest infection can i smoke a little marijuana eye injury blood accumulation floaters normal itchy reddish spots on the skin reason hard painful lump on the neck what is it suffering from fever nausea taking levofloxacin dom-dt ciprofloxacin 500 suggestions delayed periods spotting pregnancy test negative what could it be white bump on bottom of foot tenderness painful had unprotected sex after abortion bleeding brown substance pregnant blood test showed liver problem worried palpitations after taking steroids taking augmentin for sinus infection brown discharge after masturbation with toothbrush what is it toothache swollen gums lump in the roof of mouth suggestions taking zpac for bronchitis yellow vaginal discharge normal intestinal obstruction constipation high platelet level due to anticoagulants side effects of baby accidentally taking xanax stretch marks on buttocks tailbone pain due to growth spurt sore throat cannot swallow is it strep throat or tonsillitis sudden high pulse rate laboured breathing causes for symptoms high eosinophil count blood test done medication for high count done seminal fluid test need help pregnant using methacathinone risk of miscarriage irritated vaginal area swollen and itchy labia minora remedy yellow discharge from ear improper body balance need medication dosage of colimax for newborn baby stomach pain difficulty in swallowing flatus after excessive masturbation remedy delayed period follicular study showed multiple tiny follicles suggestive treatment ulcers in food pipe bleeding during vomiting treatment options recurring blood in stools lump around anus constipation related pregnant have spotting no improvement with medicines help severe hair loss itchy scalp no advancements with minoxidil suggestions 23 year old obese need advice on weight reducing diet child refuses to eat not gaining weight help myocardial perfusion imaging after treadmill exercise common dementia taking aricep and serlift sleepiness headache due to serlift sensorineural hearing loss in ears any treatment available irregular periods tried modus tablets any other treatment options reddish vaginal discharge during pregnancy is this normal 27 year old with grey facial hair any treatments available clustered reddish bumps near vagina after having intercourse std recurring cystic outbreaks pain and foul smelling known condition need permanent cure for acne tried salicylic acid peel treatment pregnant light pink discharge want second opinion reddish blotches on the abdomen what are these 2 year old having diarrhea and vomiting need medication frequent black out episodes with dizziness and headache reason swelling with discharge on the finger causes numbness in fingers sometimes painful and swollen serious painful pus filled pimples on the chin treatment vomiting due to acid indigestion on insulin for diabetes suggestions swollen lymph node on neck tuberculosis is it contagious bumps on leg itching and burning walked on grass bump on knee swollen looking bruised no known injury occasional leg pain after delivering child any ideas have fibromyalgia child has bad smelling yellow loose stools related to liver pain in pubococcygeus muscle after masturbation prescribed antibiotics child has leukemia high alt and ast any suggestions ejaculating early afraid of taking sex pills can you help diagnosed lately with myopia have periodic dizziness ear pain cause child has intermittent fever sore lump on neck worrisome recurring blisters on pubic area involved in sexual activities advice taking torsnix have urinary incontinence is medicine causing this diagnosed with delusional parasitosis what if the infection is real child has knee pain increased esr how to prevent recurrence mri shows degenerative spine changes thecal sac indentation treatment pain above eye not swollen history of lb injury disabled burning sensation during and after sex swollen labia minora normal 10 yr old having discharge from bum advise what is the use of betnesol 1mg injection sensitive skin prescribed elocon for change in facial color suggestions skin rashes weakness sleepy negative tri dot test help lower back pain taken painkiller mri shows disc bulge advise is dulane and hcqs effective for rheumatoid arthritis throat infection red rashes prescribed atarax measles using minoxidil for hair loss scalp itching suggestion vomiting vertigo mri shows solid enhancing mass in brain is dizziness related to mitral valve prolapse disease constipation despite taking laxative what is going on done stool test gas frequently passing stools loose stools difficulty in swallowing whitish tongue tonsillitis pain in the shoulders after weight training exercise advice burning when urinating could i have contracted herpes 1 1 month old having lymph nodes behind the earlobe why frequent vaginal yeast infections overweight remedy unusual period thick blood blood clots should i be worried stomach cramps after dinner vomiting have ibs cause bruises on the inner thigh without injury reason when should i start taking mala-d had unprotected sex abnormal period sore breast pain and tenderness advice numbness in the arm due to poor blood circulation severe itching on the penis had protected sex reason headache tiredness nausea dizziness chance of pregnancy taking epilim and lamictal for epilepsy severe hair loss treatment vomiting with discoloration what is happening irregular periods side effect of concerta took endogest for delayed periods pregnancy test negative causes need help in analyzing the semen report trying to conceive growth in the uterine wall should i be concerned severe pain in the leg after alcohol consumption any suggestions unconscious after falling down have difficulty remembering things advice tenderness in hips and groin after lifting weights help hard lump under skin after draining abscess taking antibiotics headaches with vertigo pressure diagnosed as tension headache correct diagnosis painful lumps in the vagina after childbirth need treatment infant having reddish bleeding gums pain while touching reason swollen knuckle with no pain no injury what is it reddish itchy spots on the body need medication on nuvaring vaginal dryness and sensitivity redness help swallowed coin chest pain causing stomach pain and heart burn is salbutamol not a steroid child has asthma heightened sense of smell headache nausea loss of appetite cause wisdom teeth removed taking hydrocodone ibuprofen sudden itching causes head injury sleeping constantly nausea dizziness normal prescribed aldactone for androgenic alopecia effective for hair loss red and itchy rash on shoulders after breast augmentation cause diagnosed with klebsiella vaginal discharge burning sensation taking antibiotics treatment throbbing pain behind ear chest pain headaches causes for symptoms childs back extending when picked up concerned child has leg pain related to earlier dtap vaccine child has fever cold cough vomiting taken bactoclav advice sleeping long hours post stroke normal has a-fib missed tri-sprintec pills had unprotected sex could i be pregnant chest burn due to acidity throat irritation reason had unprotected sex brown bleeding bloating pregnant on femilon no period worried body pain swelling under arm taking metoprolol further treatment semen leakage when talking to a female erectile dysfunction remedy increased blood sugar level why has insulin not been prescribed does masturbation have any effect on height what are the serious effects of taking i-pill does codeine used in corex have a narcotic effect suffering with frequent migraine attacks with continuous vomiting permanent remedy bleeding and cramps after taking injection miscarriage sore back and sides under ribs painful constipation concerned done semen analysis prescribed fertilox advice difficulty gaining erection is this permanent spotting back pain fever negative pregnancy test prescribed folimust help swollen clitoris and urethra hurts to urinate burning help liquid discharge from penis when talking to girlfriend help skin rash between buttocks scrotal itching taken itraconazole can regular masturbation cause heart problems dots on foreskin applied antifungal cream circumcision recommended bad smelling urine after having sex what could this be will amlodipine lasix and dextrose be given for hypertension will taking pantaprazole affect results of stool test fever immobile have metastatic breast cancer can you offer anything unbalanced scalp after head injury painful done x-ray partially protected sex did not ejaculate worried about pregnancy weight gain abdominal bulge always feeling full something to worry bleeding abdominal cramps upt positive need proper guidance stool culture shows heavy growth of klebsiella advice receding hairline shortness and weakness in penis remedy itchy eyelids regular cold nasal blockage throat rupture advice copd poor appetite hypernatremia cause of poor appetite fever blood test showed typhoid taken suffox headache advice had unprotected sex brown discharge no period chances of pregnancy shin injury stitches received pain discharge leg swelling treatment options heart racing high pulse rate due to anxiety and nervousness internet advertisements give solutions to increase penis size genuine suffering from social anxiety disorder remedy encephalomalacia due to accident causes migraine headaches treatment lump on gum toothache tried thermagel no relief suggestions suffering from bronchitis frequent attacks of asthma treatment pigmentation problems remains same in all seasons remedy persistent boil in the lower back pus bleeding suggestions red spots on body itchy reason dry lips red peeling thyroid test normal cause aortic abdominal aneurysmgrown to 5 should have surgical intervention breast tenderness frequent urination tiredness vomitting pregnancy test negative suggestions side effects of shelcal evion ad free flex forte diagnosed with pcos diet plan habit of masturbation premature ejaculation drowsiness treatment haematology report says microcytic hypochromic blood picture indicationsbr hypothyroidism on medicines having nausea vomitting sickness side effects vomiting on climbing stairs what is causing this urge to urinate cannot normally urinate is this an illness pregnant cramps light spotting what could it be withdrawal bleeding after taking levonelle pregnant from precum had unprotected sex cramps bleeding normal or pregnant lump on cheekbone painful turned into bruise can you help small child breastfed hard stools loss of appetite suggestions shin injury bruise swelling discolouration fluid discharge calf pain cure had sex on birth control delayed periods stomach sickness suggestions intermittent bleeding nausea vomiting pregnant pregnant brown and slimy string in stools worms taking blood transplantations blood in stool what is wrong how safe is it to take vyvanse for acne liquid vaginal discharge after taking primolut is medicine not working weight gain after wisdom teeth removal how is this possible done cough test breathing problem allergy suggestions rashes swollen joints facial swelling asthma autoimmune disorder can ovarian cysts become malignant had miscarriage taking deviry had unprotected sex delayed cycle earlier taken levonorgestrol pregnant bite on thigh itchy bleeding pus-filled what is it swollen leg after injury what should i do inguinal hernia cure by medicine or operation alzheimers disease taking dicorate can it be taken life long scar on chest painful keloid how can it be removed missed period negative pregnancy test dizziness chance of pregnancy voice becomes unclear occasionally after disease what is the disease done sgot and sgpt test next step pain during urination blood in urine cloudy urine what happened itchy taken celestamine sleepy fainting blurred vision heart pounding normal pulse borderline high cholesterol what is wrong sunken cheeks narrow shoulders thin body cause child has cold prescribed montair what to do indent on back painful what is it taking flagyl for amoebic colitis can be transferred sexually white patches on body treatment dizziness diarrhea migraines leg pain swollen abdomen why brown discharge done myomectomy and cystectomy normal delayed period have pcos done hsg started metformin reason stuffy nose mucus and blood why is this happening irregular periods scan shows change in liver function need help bitten by dog taken rabipur injection headache precautions treatment for gland tuberculosis what food to be avoided is hymen punctured after fingering had blood in urine pregnant prescribed gestofit ecosprin mashyne safe medicines hypoplasia endometrium bleeding after taking siphene what does this indicate child has cold and running nose what medicine to give headache blocked sinus coughing odor how to reduce headache constant headache prescribed calpol need suggestion bleeding nausea vomiting constantly sleeping after removing implanon pregnant ear clicking when swallowing happens when nervous or anxious raised bump on eyelash yellow painful no discharge or swelling continuous burping nausea diarrhea any suggestions dark spots on forehead how to wipe them neck report shows enlarged lobe of thyroid ayurvedic treatment pain in shoulder joint x-ray shows loss of cervical lordosis itchy leg after surger for fibula recommendations pregnant rash near breasts fungal infection or reaction to pregnacare itchy ear painful cannot hear feeling bubble move help bloated lower abdomen sticking out passing gas cause chest pain tests normal caused due to gas lumps below rib cage hurts to press what to do bleeding anus itching what is wrong what are the side effects of postinor 2 thinning hair on crown is regrowth a possiblity can minor cylindrical power in a child be cured hard stools causing discomfort pain remedy diagnosed with pcos given carnisure-levocarnitine reason dosage pores blackheads all over face treatment frequent urination enlarged prostrate treatment bleeding orange red blood on urinating not menstrual bleeding causes 12 yr old having sore knee lethargy irregular sleep reason symptoms of bloated stomach dizzy cramping chances of pregnancy high blood pressure low levels of good cholesterol help headaches leg numbness losing balance sleepy history of head injury delayed period negative pregnancy test taking birth control abdominal cramping child had nausea blurred vision teeth chattering ms or epilepsy vagina smelling like cats urine when sweating from armpits cause skipping heart beat while on periods concerned fecal smell coming from between legs foul smelling navel reason nausea feeling faint muffled hearing seeing bright what is wrong stomach pain diarrhea cramping nausea bleeding migraine breastfeeding presently wants to pre-pone periods medication to pre-pone periods throat infection acidity chronic condition taking antibiotics permanent cure breathlessness when walking taking xagrid ameride and allopurinol for thrombocytopenia second pregnancy morning sickness prescribed navidoxine is dosage okay pregnant scan shows small fetus have i had a miscarriage neck pain arises only in winter muscle spasm medicine have heart problem and heart valve infection prescribed pendits dosage neck pain after wrestling what has happened have retinitis pigmentosa family history of blindness any treatment available frequent urination and increased thirst had pre-ejaculate on fingers pregnant prescribed iron supplements for hairfall but no improvement prescribed minokem topisal folifast and combit for hairfall treatment okay have psoriasis in entire body creams ineffective want permanent solution narcolepsy masturbating in sleep naming stranger during episodes help will super growth natural products help child increase height no periods negative pregnancy test ultrasound normal taken injection cause frequent urination burning urination blood in urine pregnancy or infection periods delayed had protected sexual intercourse chances of pregnancy enlarged prostrate with bilateral cysts advised serum psa further treatment peeling of skin of the lips treatment to cure penis itchy red dry after having sex possible reason short penis premature ejaculation problems suggestions frequent episodes of shortness of breath permanent solution soft non painful swelling on neck what could this be dizzy spell and hyperthyroidism taking tapozole suggestion painful bump near elbow puss coming out is it folliculate child with rashes had cold is it allergy or sunburn metallic smell from mouth and nose cause for this itchy reddish rashes on body is it food allergy epilepsy migraine taking betacap am i suffering form any problem persistent cold hands feet constipation after taking iron supplements suggestions child bit the lower lip swollen pus black spot solution irregular periods stomach cramps urinating blood fatigue treatment vomiting fever body pain after eating out medication required can we consume electral powder to relieve giddiness had brain tumor removed can head massager be used everyday had sex taken nordette no period possibility of pregnancy prolonged bleeding after lancing pilonidal cyst bleeds more when healing have nightfall semen has white tube-like structures help changed from yasmin to qlaira not started period yet reason have bowel movement twice everyday stomach pain solid stools help pain during menstruation will it cause problems getting pregnant no periods have pcos prescribed meprate what is the problem erectile dysfunction after operation for lumbar dissectomy reason and medication leg itching after stopping wysolone hyroxizine and fucibet continue medication arm tingling while having sex sensitive body smoker done angioplasty getting angry and annoyed due to noise help have hyperthyroidism increasing eye power neck pain taking ptu depression getting angry easily want to be relaxed do not get periods unless i take crisanta worried taking paclitaxel after mastectomy have constipation and diabetes natural cure child not drinking formula milk or breastmilk worried occasional hearing loss ringing ears discomfort red patches on qtips suggested duoluton as birth control any side effects had abortion chest burn due to acidity throat irritation permanent solution child has frequent fever running nose cough what to do no control over right hand right leg solution vaginal discharge sore around vagina bump moist taking reclipsen treatment removed tampon vaginal swelling and itching is it yeast infection cortical cysts in the right kidney size 9mm suggestions metrasel in foot swelling and bruise cramps in calf suggestions suffering from vitiligo patches spreading can i do tattooing 2 years discoloration on lower back should i be concern taken regestrone had sex next day chances of pregnancy stabbing pain in stomach and left thigh something wrong excessive hair fall no relief with medication worried about baldness bloody tears from eyes reason chest pain above breast pain from armpit to breast cause losartan stuck in throat will it dislodge on its own spots on forearm bumpy itchy what could this be head injury nose has dried blood related conditions burping shivering nausea breathlessness plugged ears abdominal pressure sweating excessively when sleeping horrible feeling in head dry mouth have lump above bruised area feeling heat and discomfort pain in neck nausea pre-syncope have dysautonomia pain and tingling below ribs numbness subsides when applying pressure cracks on penis foreskin dry difficulty having sex suggest cure urine analysis after kidney stone removal shows fine granular cast low sexual drive should i use musli power slow motility of sperms smoker any medicine stomach pain nausea and diarrhea after taking pills normal leg feels stiff when walking recovering from quad bypass normal cracking and popping shoulder when moving painful muscle strain depression after failing exam disturbed sleep pattern what to do head injury soreness headache abdominal pain should i be concerned giddiness light headedness what could it be progressive hearing loss had operation family history of otosclerosis numbness in finger after getting bitten painful any suggestions cloudy urine no pain or tiredness how to cure it swelling after cyst removal from back of heel normal diagnosed with herpes zoster had unprotected sex is it contagious delayed period cramping stomach pain nausea leg pain pregnant coughing excess phlegm after surgery with general anesthesia normal prolonged bleeding cramps what is wrong weakness despite eating healthy food all tests normal enlarged painfless submental lymph node nose congestion can you help testicular pain when masturbating normal ultrasound solution had intercourse taken nordette delayed period possibility of pregnancy gaining weight due to wyselone can defcort be taken instead stomach pain after unprotected sex pregnancy test negative possible problem diagnosed with cordial basal degeneration having pneumonia also suggestions how is ear bleeding connected to pregnancy expecting period dizziness feeling fatigue had spotting hpt negative cause having persistent cough radiologist took 2 x-rays everything normal swelling around coccyx reason unknown on painkillers hand swollen hurts while lifting weights someone grabs hand suggestions having tinea cruris used various medications problem persists treatment had sex for the first time experiencing spotting pregnant pain in the buttock after hitting a trolley solution dizziness fainted not unconscious static in ears reason feeling extremely lazy tired weak no energy is it depression hearing loss bloody ear after kerosene got into ears suggestions explain in detail about masturbation having mildew odour after periods foul smelling effect of tampons experiencing fast heart beats lightheadedness what could this be irregular periods taking progyliton for having menstruation can i concieve abnormal tissue discharge abdominal pain menstruating normally suggestions delayed periods not on birth control possibility of pregnancy split on vagina rash on buttocks no std solution anxiety losing conscious extreme fatigue suggestions cut in the labia minora used creams no relief solution sharp pain in pelvic area bloating sensitive bladder had hysterectomy lost sensitivity in clitoris cannot achieve orgasm solution lump in inner vaginal wall causes discomfort during sex suggestions can zirtec and zantac cure scabbies rash 15yr old having dizziness confusion suggested due to anxiety opinion rapid heart rate sweating nausea heart attack dull pain around collarbone solution had miscarriage hcg levels going down slowly have bleeding suggestions itchy throat with cough occasional breathlessness reasons can zanocin syrup be given for symptoms of diarrhoea red rashes on genitals for both man and wife treatment movable hard lump under jawline what could it be had sex on regestrone tabs effects of tablets on pregnancy have iud symptoms of bladder infection pregnancy suggestions is ocd caused by masturbation baby developed constipation crying excessively guidance dry and flaking skin between legs no pain fungal infection had unprotected sex missed periods negative pregnancy test reason stomach pain dizziness shaking vomiting what is going on seeing flashes after blowing nose what causes them using hearing aid due to age-related hearing loss need help chances of pregnancy without penetration or ejaculation any alternative to norethisterone have continuous bleeding want tablets to postpone periods have light periods always thinking about sex easily ejaculating should i continue masturbating unprotected intercourse movement in stomach frequent urination constipation bloating pregnant pregnant taken doxinate for nausea vaginal pain while walking serious constant headache neck pain blacking out nausea sweating arms difficulty maintaining erection done hormonal tests serious fever and sweating x-ray shows pleural effusion tb negative reason child prone to common cold vomits after feeding reasons hair fall done thyroid test normal hemoglobin reason normal for eleven year old child to masturbate dizziness when lying or bending down possible circulation problems reddish scrotum occasional itching is this normal no inflammation recurrent boils turning black taken antibiotics have stomach pain foggy vision after using contact lenses had conjuctivitis any ideas can one get pregnant if one has endometriosis taken lupride dhat syndrome premature ejaculation cannot masturbate properly how to recover dizziness headache metallic taste in mouth related to menopause have anxiety and nervousness should i take xanax gaining weight after spleen removal should i be worried pregnant green discharge in the morning normal bleeding after using slendertone no pain why did this happen have regular periods brown discharge clots sore breasts reason possible to get hiv from sharing razors electric shock feeling in armpit painful what is causing it blurred vision when standing up from lying position cause phobia of passing stool unpredictable bowel movements help me muffled hearing after ear tube insertion attempt normal headache fatigue lump on scalp bleeding and pus related conditions recommended althea contraceptive pills would contraceptive vaccination be better taking glimisave for diabetes blood sugar uncontrollable need help lump near nose painless semi-immobile what could it be penis becomes erect and discharges fluid on its own solution dizziness and heaviness in head done gall bladder operation suggestions hunger pain at night taken zantac and nexium help tightness in chest heaviness in left arm angina diagnosed with trivial tricuspid regurgitation suggestions weakness dizziness having temperature loss of apetite suggestions hypertensive on medicines ways to reduce blood pressure without medicines methods of abortion during first month of pregnancy having cold cough during pregnancy taking medicines coughing dangerous irregular periods tests show polycystic ovary prescribed femilon side effects having weakness stool test report shows acidity level 45 dangerous sores on side of tongue due to change of weather persistent pedal edema even after taking medicines solution suffering from giant cisterna magna having recurrent seizures inter-related ct scan says deviated nasal septum suggestions suffering from sleep disorder took medicines no help treatment child suffering from adenoid hypertrophy on medicines permanent cure planning to take endura mass for weight gain suggestions had sex took postinor 2 experiencing tiredness bleeding suggestions gas problems constipation thinking of giving tlesuride 25mg opinion lump above ear blood clot treatment by medicine only itching in vagina soreness during periods reason prescribed meprate blong sirmrosr asmita haemup for pcod side effects suffered paralytic attack unable to swallow weakness tried physiotherapy precautions swollen vagina abdominal pain hurts during sex reason ultrasound shows slight fatty liver exercise diet for cure baby suffering from fever vomitting on paracetamol solution pimple on breast areola scaly skin itching inflammatory breast cancer urge to pass bowel movements right after having food suggestions fnac report shows benign fibro histiocytic tumor suggestions frequent urination urge to vomit solution longitudinal melanonychia finger nails discoloration is it serious prescribed naturogest to conceive medicine washed out with urine now indoor outdoor and food allergic reactions biting sensation in body painless bumps in vagina had protected intercourse will this spread painful polyp in the gum headaches need surgery painless lump in the neck what could it be headache stiff neck difficulty in breathing treatment cramps after delivery breastfeeding sign of cervical cancer blood during urination no pain or itchiness due to infection pus-filled holes near breast what is going on brown discharge bleeding cramping nausea negative pregnancy test back injury on trampoline back pain difficulty breathing pain in arm from shoulder to wrist reason frequent urination blood in urine what is wrong will derobin ointment cure alopecia areata any side effects numbness in hand palpitations no pain should i be concerned chewing gutkha and smoking how can i quit tobacco habit chest pain rapid heartbeat normal ekg fatigue headache have pleurisy recurrent fluid sacs on inner eyelid cause and prevention burning sensation in knee after injury numbness on kneecap white lines after brazilian wax pus-filled bump painful reason prescribed norcutin to induce menses have pcos right medicine stomach ache and hot flashes had vomiting diarrhea and chills prescribed deriphyllin retard for cough and breathing problem alternative medicine abdominal pain vomiting sexual dreams done endoscopy and ultrasound pain during urination done urine test blood in urine opinion pregnant nausea weight loss prescribed doxinate and enerzal worried having fever cough taking panadol further medication taking doxil for treating pimples can i continue taking medication severe abdominal cramps before periods foul smell from vagina medication feeling dizzy headache rapid eye movement should i be worried severe bleeding can primolut be taken swollen pus filled finger after being hit what to do bleeding from mouth without injury what could be the cause burning white patches in the mouth had used tobacco concerned need medication for delayed periods taking loette for a long time have irregular menstruation treatment dizziness and spinning spells what is happening pain in the chest on playing football what is wrong itching and burning sensation on the rib cage reason had abortion of blited ovum cause complications of pregnancy blurred vision after reading headaches dizziness causes for symptoms hard white spots on eyelid cancer electric shock sensation in chest and arms have rsd inter-related medicine to postpone period by 3-4 days slight pressure fluttering sensation in heart after drinking caffeine danger have oily scalp itchy using shampoo no relief suggestions lump in the armpit concerned about the breast sonogram report baby having bruises at the back multiplying solution abdominal pain lower back pressure during pregnancy ectopic pregnancy black spot behind ear no pain what could this be taking duphaston have irregular periods chances of pregnancy sinus swelling sleeplessness headache while swallowing solution pus filled bump on outer lower lip recurring solution painful wrist movements mri showed keinbock disease advised surgery suggestions when would it be safe to used loop after delivery suffering from spinning vertigo taking medicines problem persists suggestions vaginal test results shows gram positive bacilli cocci seen indications changed from yasmin to estelle missed pills delayed menstruation pregnant boil in groin paining after applying black pepper paste remedy headache foggy dizziness when focusing any idea rash under armpit no itching or fever reason for concern prescribed iron tablets for anemia should i fly ultrasound shows oedematous appearance and calyceal fullness in kidney meaning had partially protected sex is pregnancy a possibility recurrent sore throat neck pain hurts to swallow reason lump on tongue soreness redness could it be cancer biting feeling in back and shoulder area itchy shoulder small child unable to speak clearly stammering while speaking suggestions endometriosis back pain headaches bloating on depo injection treatment options indentation in thigh while sitting is it cellulite migraines head pressure c shaped light in eyes treatment options frequent heart palpitations bulging veins and neck pain why blood pressure showing 13666 eating healthy borderline for stroke hypertension unable to conceive tests all normal possible reason sharp burning pain in stomach during pregnancy reason for pain nose bleeding after drinking chocolate milk cause for nose bleeds on pacemaker heartbeat falling rapidly cause for bradycardia tightness in chest heavy feeling medical help or antacid required diabetic swollen ankle painful applying gel compression badge solution red spot on cheek itchy oozing liquid cold sore 8 year old sore throat pain in neck swelling treatment got periods between cycles is it due to hormonal changes experienced shoulder dystocia does brachial plexus sometimes contribute to kyphosis how to overcome dizziness nausea vomiting during pregnancy redness in vein in toe open sore toe swollen solution trying to conceive overweight hyperthyroid ways to conceive naturally random hot flashes followed by dizziness nausea any ideas what do these urine results mean met with accident no physical injuries developed fever reason pain burning sensation during urination legs shaking reason blood tests show anaemia low monocyte count infection must to give deworming medicine to kids at night only infant with severe constipation taking duphalac and laxopeg need cure constant headache pricking sensation at the back of head suggestions deviation of the uvula do i have to get checked need diet advice for a 10 month old frequent urination fatigue and weight gain pregnant had sexual play no intercourse both virgins chances of pregnancy lump in testicle diagnosed epididymitis possible cause hole in the heel discomfort in walking corn treatment redness itchy fine lines in scrotum what could this be have fever shivering during pregnancy took crocin safe pain throbbing sensation in abdomen diagnosed aneurysm how to cure child having fever headache vomiting tendency medication required on fifth day of pregnancy baby passing stools frequently suggestions semen analysis report shows asthenospermia how can it be treated taking lamitor and qutapine for bpd need permanent recovery took primolut for delaying periods heavy menstruation is it normal can hypothyroidism make me unfit for a job in airline lump on the toe how can it be removed lump in the vagina after sexual intercourse reason difficulty in breathing congestion high heart rate anxiety related pain near the rib cage after a fall bruised liver difficulty in urination dark brownish urine chances of prostrate cancer taking metformin have tachycardia lightheadedness chest pain side effects upper back injury pain breathlessness what could this be child needs full mouth rehabilitation what to do 18 year old having painful hemorrhoid medication semen analysis report showing normozoospermia what does it mean frequent vomiting on lutera birth control pregnancy chances painless reddish mark in the groin area no itching cure itching elevated bilirubin dark urine breathlessness sweating prescribed antihistamine herniated disc at l6-s1 prescribed ibuprofen best course of action irregular period blood in urine what is going on increased heartbeat and anxiety when mother-in-law smokes is it normal pain in inner thigh red rash spreading headache after surgery for broken nose normal done lipid test suggestions based on results irregular periods taken diane reason for getting period very frequently scab near vagina increasing in number can i continue exercising at gym for a month recurring itchy blisters on thigh help had unprotected sex scared of infection child has diarrhea worried about dehydration what to do pain in chest and armpit should i be concerned vertigo heartbeat in ear dizziness nausea headache help have kidney stone done lithotropsy should i risk travelling taken morning after pill heavy bleeding normal pus-filled bump on scrotum no pain help can i take duzela as an alternative for cymbalta child eats very little what to do positive vdrl after marriage suggest medication nasal congestion used expired medicine nasal burning headache concerned pregnant bleeding after masturbation will my baby be fine cold fever cough itching inside head what to do have habit of chewing pan how to quit it forever growing molars pain in gums abscess on hard palate infection suffering from fever cough occasional vomiting reason to worry blisters on penis no pain or itching scared about herpes pimple on head worried about enlarged vein what is it increased heartbeat no pain worried about anxiety irregular periods taken medicine irregular due to overweight need assistance in reading the blood test report lower back pain taken advil pink bleeding after urinating flap of loose skin in nose blocked nose no pain spinal pain difficulty sitting straight x-ray shows l5 sacralised treatment itching scalp bump behind ear hurts to put pressure done hysterectomy constipation used ex lax earlier can you help child has chalazion surgery recommended other treatment options need prescription for generic adderall have chronic fatigue syndrome occasional back pain treatment how to start physical activity plaster cast got wet painful can i wait till morning heartbeats stopping occasionally born with heart problem done operation suggestions swollen toe difficult to walk taken antibiotics normal internal bleeding anemia ulcers now fatigue reason chest congestion pain between shoulder blade had fever earlier cause smoked weed before scheduled colonoscopy will it affect the procedure vision loss and dizziness when standing up what is happening knot on outside of knee painful what could this be protruding ribs tender to the touch painful any ideas headaches tiredness dizziness nausea shivering causes for symptoms mucus production cough peppery taste in throat any thoughts injury during homosexual activity now pain during sex help stomach pain during periods do not want painkillers suggest medicine feeling shaky and weak difficulty working trouble concentrating dizziness reason pain in neck swollen tonsils recovered from sinus infection dizziness fatigue nausea feeling better after vomiting any ideas sore throat pink bump at back of throat red veins pregnant itchy vagina bump on labia majora help have renal failure now pneumonia difficulty sleeping tiredness life expectancy dark cheeks after using gilntra gel safe to continue gel taken sulfamethoxazole for recurrent uti burning while having sex normal have migraine low menstrual flow suggest medicine abdominal pain spotting during period had fever before period fatigue heaviness in lower chest difficulty breathing drinking a lot pregnant feeling tired weak emotional thirsty normal done sperm analysis trying to conceive less bleeding during period weight loss have acute tonsillitis what is your opinion low grade fever positive widal test do i have typhoid child born premature does not eat solid food had pneumonia headache increasing every week taken sibelium treatment stomach bloat diarrhea taking vitamin b tablets treatment chocolate cysts in both ovaries advised to take femilon helpful treatment for localised morphea to stop spreading blood tests show positive for typhoid suggestions bleeding after passing urine also in semen reason start weaning the baby before the 4 months vaccination depression memory loss mri showed cerebral atrophy mild hydrocephalus treatment mild bleeding after taking i-pill pregnant suffering from severe constipation on laxatives need permanent cure swollen foot and fever after an injury taking tylenol treatment pain with swelling in the anus reason slight pain after working out in the gym solution delayed periods light bleeding after having unprotected sex suggestions stopped breathing for 35 minutes in hospital prognosis how to remove black scar marks left by chicken pox diet plan to increase overall weight persistent vaginal infection no help with medicines suggestions swelling bruising on foot after twisting foot while skateboarding solution vomitting sensitive stomach while travelling take avomin suffering from ibs under stress anxiety treatment suffering from malaria and typhoid anemic diet high sugar in urine during pregnancy baby born with diabetes baby having droppy eyelidssquint eyes advised surgery alternative treatment tested positive for pregnancy having bleeding miscarriage dizziness stomach bloating nausea on eating frequent stools migraines cure feeling weak after masturbation suggestions high blood pressure taking coumadin medication increasing levels atrial fibrillation itchiness smelly light green vaginal discharge solution dizziness eye pain sudden weird sweet smell causes for symptoms unprotected sex blood spotting taking contraceptive pill levest pregnancy symptoms fluttering in left ear had stiches in head previously related smelling itchy flaky scalp even after washing hair regularly suggestions enlarged bottom lips after flu cause having sperm oozing during nightfall sexually inactive premature ejaculation suggestions low platelet count during blood test diet to increase levels brbrbrbrchild having constant runny nose advised to immunise opinionbr hiv positive colposcopy test shows positive for c1n1 suggestions urine report says slightly turbid acidic what does it indicate side effects of using yamini pills for breast enlargement baby fussy after inhaling or swallowing baby oil suggestions ultrasound shows bilateral renal parenchymal disease fatty liver suggestions strong metallic smell in nose reasons what are the ways of breaking hymen sudden irregular periods conyinuing for 15 days advised ultrasound suggestions pain in testicle only while ejaculating ball sack darkened solution ways to increase height leg lengthening safe blood test done for diabetes what does the values signifies itchy abdomen backside red blotchy marks all over rashes cure getting irritated and losing control taken protiaden permanent solution taken alcohol hardness to breath is it asthma had oral sex bad sore throat is it bacterial infection child passing liquid from bottom discoloration in stools suggestions frequent masturbation feeling weakness solution to quit thisnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp small child fever vomiting stomach pain antibiotics taken cure small particles in stools yellowish green stool irritable bowel syndrome palpitations irregular pulse after exercising due to pvcs headaches astigmatism nausea vomiting when exposed to bright lights cure pregnant headache back ache pressure in vagina any ideas blood in stool stomach pain nausea any idea left ear keeps popping what could it mean tonsil inflammation congestion productive cough sore impression on tonsils cure sudden eye swelling pink eye applied tobramycin next move