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have alopecia universalis why does hair not grow male virgin rashes near groin what can cause them baby swallowed xanax what signs should i look for conjunctivitis in one eye has eczema using hydrocortisone further have been experiencing waves of nausea why insomnia ideas why was my heart beating very fast after an argument headache with brown eyes why am i nauseated with vomiting pregnancy failed why do i still blood mixed with tissue have had a mirena iud severe lower abdominal pain suggest sick with tonsillitis lips are sore and bleeding worry have had very swollen taste buds on tongue vitamin deficiency itching in outer labia why implant for birth control can i smoke weed labia minora is burning slightly why monistat okay had an encounter with bats why are ears whistling anxiety panic attacks tingling feeling near heart sinking feeling treatment small child choking gagging on eating tongue sticking out treatment have growth on anus painful cannot walk what to do taking synthroid for thyroid is my blood pressure okay chest pain could be due to calcium deficiency opinion bleeding after intercourse pain during sex what could this mean chronic sciatica difficulty urinating clitoral pain numbness in legs treatment have anemia and heavy periods spitting mucus with blood help child has frequent diarrhea taken enterogermina is teething medication child urinates frequently taking soy milk allergy constipation discomfort white stringy stool any advice brown discharge burning even when not urinating feels like uti lump on leg when tensing muscles soreness any idea wrist pain breast pain no difficulty breathing stomach infection vomiting taken zofer safe medication during pregnancy what causes bulging and sinking veins on arms what is the result of my urinalysis am pregnant ultrasound shows normal kidneys enlarged prostrate grade two prostatomegaly treatment high fever headaches taking taxim o azithral pan 40 treatment asthmatic sneezing coughing and rapid heart rate is it allergic thyroid level suggests how does irregular period effect it took meprate to delay period why severe abdominal pain erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation penis irritation sperm leakage treatment urinalysis showed rbc wbc mucus threads leukocytes hemoglobin bacteria suggestion get periods regularly on follicular study are the results good have cuts on fingers limbs why does that happen bad pain in shin why does it hurt have tb was on akt-4 stop medication unexplained bruises on the arm no pain reason will repeated lcs prove dangerous to my wife had implant taken out why is period irregular have been spotting blood not brown what next premature ejaculation any medicine to increase the time sonography showed large posterior wall fibroid uterus possible treatment options can i take 1 m r from gnc with zoloft kidney infection delayed periods uti negative pregnancy test treatment has a black tongue what can it be has an autoimmune disease what are the rashes on body previous deliveries c-section this pregnancy is placenta previal centralise explain delayed periods confirmed pcod any chances of pregnancy have tb in uterus undergone laproscopy on rimactazid help heaviness in head and headaches bp shot up help small child quick pulse chest pain on applying pressure treatment blood test showed elevated cholesterol and triglycerides improper results baby spitting after every feed is the stomach lining thin have had constant cough with swollen tonsils why trouble eating been suffering from the lichen nitidus remedy lower calf knot is that a bite sexually active girl vagina hurts with white discharge why diabetic what can change her behavior been treated for depression on protheadin why constipation and headaches suffering from kidney stones permanent solutions available has impetigo why is it getting worse fucidin cream positive pregnancy test have pco why vaginal bleeding water under skin chest x-ray indicated mild cardiomegaly help neck sore why why are legs dry was operated for multiple fibroid in uterus try for pregnancy has prostate cancer psa down cea up denotes colorectal cancer have frequent dull pain above eyebrow peripheral vision sinusitis swollen tonsils fever congestion large tear in tonsil treatment dry cough why struggles with sleep why persistent treatment diagnosed gastric cancer why excessive blood vomiting treatment fellicular lymphoma taking chemo constipation cramps bleeding post bowels treatment tip of penis discharges a clear jelly what is that getting addicted to epilepsy medications any treatment pregnant on vitamins what does my report mean inability to take synthroid why memory loss weakness fatigue rashes on hand blisters under skin come off steroids has diarrhea add isomil milk what is the alternative mole beneath right breast raised painful bleeding mammogram done treatment dog bit the eye pink why is vision blurry small bump on labia majora swelling pregnant cause of worry passing stool frequently gas in stomach ear piercing infected lump in ear pus painful help loose vagina sex caused hemorrhoid what could cause this heavy acidic discharge itching taken diflucan suggest stomach pain loose stools occasional constipation gas and loud noises frequent urination bloating constipation dark circles crusty wart on stomach worried about skin cancer ringworm under arm rash worsened after using lamisil help pregnantgreen discharge stomach pain am diabetic normal frequent urination diarrhea constipation thirsty done tests what is wrong have semi-large bump on breast what is the stinky pus irregular period on provera can i conceive metal injured ankle what is the twinge in foot over weight hypothyroidism medari syrup safe to take tested thyroid tsh level and b12 low prescribed vitcofol now due to finish depo injection feeling light headed feel better red bumps on breast cancer in bloodline help needed why does my throat allergy end with fever eryocin recommended diarrhea with blood why nauseated hair fall severe is it due to stress low grade fever headaches fatigue knuckle swelling lymes disease unprotected sex light cramps delayed periods chances of pregnancy pregnant quickened pulse difficulty breathing headache history of hypothyroidism treatment cold cough chest congestion taking honeytus syrup ambrolitis-s syrup treatment severe headaches vomiting skin burning shivering taking dart tablets treatment masturbation pimples on pubic hair no pain std or allergies taking glycomet for pcos not able to conceive treatment options suffering from helicobacter pylori prescribed antibiotics treatment mosquito bite allergy using steromom eldercoid creams bentesol medication treatment elevated trigycerides on rosuvas and fenofibrate need further medication miscarriage bled after injecting why does period date change light headedness hypothyroid patient mri of brain mastectomy done treatment post partum stabbing pain in labia bleeding taking motrin treatment painful lump on the testicle difficulty in walking medication suffering from depression for years need permanent treatment itching swelling pain in clitoris and back hole cure what are the advantages of sorbiline syrup what does slight high-lateral and inferior reploarization disturbance mean taking cetrizine avil and allegra for allergy need permanent cure red blotchy skin burning sensation no itching causes and treatment having nail psoriasis using propysalic ointment permanent cure odd rash dark and patchy painful stingy and itchy suggest typhoid severe hair loss thinning prescribed tugain solution treatment any side effect for finax will it reduce sperms count irregular sleep pattern severe constipation what is happening have craving for pencil erasers after pregnancy causes masturbation duration of sexual intercourse benefits of sex information head injury ear pressure pain in temples emergency care required swollen feet blackish yellow hurts to walk gout lump in cheek growing due to root canal infection addicted to gutkha want to reduce consumption help missed periods taking claricort cetrizine for allergies due to medications missed miscarriage had pulmonary embolism in lung had iud further frequent and colorless urine should i be concerned how should one get rid of addictive drugs is methasone plus safe for skin whitening asthma have weakness and dizziness on taking myteka advice does masturbation affect the growth of beard taken rabipur after dog bite precautions regarding food and alcohol have cerebral atrophy what medicine and diet to give frequent urination dribbling urine lower back pain negative pregnancy test taken ovaa shield reason for delayed periods constipation due to habit of stopping bowel movement suggestion no penetrative sex taken ipill had bleeding normal done semen analysis wife not getting pregnant abnormality heart cath shows no blockages pacemaker inserted sore arm normal i am pregnant slight bleeding prescribed trenaxa safe medicine hard lump on collarbone redness swelling due to cellulite infection testicle pain no swelling should i be concerned acidity after eating sweet stuff on empty stomach help what do you infer from sagittal diameter of lumbar canal quit smoking thrush on tongue high ige level worried stiff neck clenched jaw clumsy cannot focus joint pain pelvic cramps sweating numbness in thighs nausea suggestions protected sex spotting brown blood missed periods sign of pregnancy does homeopathic medication produce antibodies in the body nausea vomiting tender breasts cramps heavy bleeding stopped pregnancy symptoms suffering from excessive hair loss diagnosed with hyperthyroidism any remedy diagnosed with hypothyroidism is it dangerous treatment stretch mark after showering overweight fluctuating weight causes suffering from vomiting and chills is this chrons disease missed periods frequent urination pregnancy chances recently had a baby red circular sores healing and recurring draining clear liquid causes what are the harmful effects of flea bites on infants new born with excessive vomiting has fever frequent motions advice vision blacks out have had cataract surgery what can help hcv test positive elevated sgpt levels chances of diabetes child anemic what does rbc count hemoglobin denote increase it difficulty breathing chest tightness excessive yawning chest x-ray normal treatment missed abortion taken misoprostol prolonged bleeding dc advised suggestions pregnant yellow vaginal mucus pain on walking stomach contractions treatment delayed periods unprotected sex took emergency contraceptive pregnancy chances back pain between shoulder blades reflux esophagitis treatment options continuous hair fall use coconut or almond oil depressed why spotting light bleeding taking dicynone lutenyl stopped normal symptoms breathlessness cough dark red phlegm abdominal pain causes and treatment difficulty in child bearing semen analysis showed asthenospermia worrisome root canal treatment pain behind eyes headache taking novaclox-lb treatment unable to retract foreskin purple discoloration sensitive glans treatment lower back injury pain swelling tenderness bone protrusion x-ray required dizziness imbalance nausea on waking up causes for symptoms nasal congestion yellow watery mucus eye discharge treatment missed periods spotting light pink colored causes for symptoms vomiting stomach pain after eating blood in stools pregnant itchy rash after taking malarone side effects prescribed ginette for pcod is it safe bumps on head not oozing painful swollen eyebrow pregnant shortened cervix taking progesterone safe to take candid vaginally injected meth in forearm vein finger numbness medical abortion bleeding unprotected sex brown discharge spotting pregnancy symptoms constipation gastric troubles white foam from rectum bleeding treatment pregnant severe stomach gas healthy vegetarian diet causes and treatment took the depo shot late have pregnancy symptoms pregnancy chances scalp pain in certain areas hair loss advise light and infrequent menses after oral contraception why gained weight has thyroid suggestions to reduce weight abdominal pain after holding back urine is that serious joint paint had uterus and ovary removed is it related whiplash on neck pain dizziness headaches shoulder discomfort treatment facial injury swelling in cheekbone eye lid self healing injury suffering from diabetes fluctuating sugar levels taking galvusmet diapride treatment swelling in lip pimple discharging fluid hard below skin treatment had a red blister did not pop it help stomach discomfort why does it feel like lorry is it yeast infection if there is burning sensation sack under skin and right foot toe operated had still birth peri-menopausal can they cause palpitations have issues with motility of sperms infertility worry about infection chills mild fever frequent urination taking pain relief medication treatment have large lump or inflamed anus muscle caused pain help bump below eyebrow why is vision burred having suffering from frequent urination what can help watery stool and fussy child why would that happen problem with feet why do they get red and blotchy irregular loose motions why are there black spots in them on diazepam and gabapentin why is leg in severe pain trying to get pregnant missed period tests are wrong experiencing dizzy spells nausea bad headaches on prozac lamictal further why is memorizing hard low calcium related fairly fever continuously on antibiotics why weakness and nausea hunger pangs continuously why do i keep feeling hot had to force breath bp was high heart failure breathing difficulty coupled with chest pain denotes why thighs tingle taken antibiotics for kidney infection painful need help child has chronic diarrhea lactose sensitivity treatment little lisp can we get rid of it hypertension diabetes and nash why liver discomfort and gastrointestinal symptoms experiencing high fever had extreme migraines what next asthma and on inhalers has cough help pain in breast and lumpy advise neck pain why is there severe throbbing sensation swelling in nasopharynx why sore throat and asthma heart started palpitating got dizzy with sweating help weird sensation with every burp fluid retention perforated ear drum numb hip with tingling what can help period delayed hpt negative had uti what is going on dry cough seen pulmonary specialist why does it happen skin tags where there is underwear friction see a doctor index finger cut what are the build ups there less bleeding during mensuration do i have endometriosis injured foot on ibuprofen why does foot get cold swolleng leg popping knee numbness what could it be undergoing ivf treatment what can help severe lower back pain currently experiencing pain all over body why is there gas was diagnosed with impetigo why did they develop into sores performed auto-fellatio why is stool thin now changed from aderal to concerta weight loss late periods worried migraines headaches on waking disturbed sleep taking painkillers treatment running nose and upset stomach why is he crying nonstop have had bowel issues on laxatives what will help diarrhea experiencing excessive flatulence why is gas explosive gallbladder pain why does the ribs and liver area hurt cut between toes why is it peeling improvement how had a muscle pull is there a tear had safe sex taken gynacosid why no period yet why are my breasts and nipples itchy left shoulder dislocated what can help healing raised red freckles below eyes what are the capillaries around signs of pregnancy morning sickness cramps craving for food help have hypertension taken losar feeling lazy weight increase nausea abdominal discomfort giddiness no bowel movements no periods taken loette for abortion worried ultrasound shows thick endometrial lining polycystic ovaries severe problem done acl surgery indented area around scar soft tissue itching all over the body taking methamphetamine due to medication pressure in head headache help pregnant vomiting nausea weakness taking doxinate history of hypermesis treatment had multiple ivf treatments failed why red rashes why had trichimes on flagl have discharge help why is my hair fall severe using pantene recommended have stomach wind when there is defacement next why is the spot bitten by an insect itchy injured hand scaphoid bone fracture assistance from had a c-section on amikacin and frisiun continue eptoin for donated blood the area is black and blue normal painful numbness in right arm heart related have been sexually active why is vagina swollen after itching why is my hairfall constant use nutritional tablets damaged lower back why severe pain result of an accident what can cure a tailbone injury what are the precautions have been smoking why does heart feel weird crp reduced esr risen sgpt and sgot increased help diagnosed large right renal cortical cyst why frequent urination mammogram reported fibroadenosis what is the prognosis prolonged periods heavy growth of b-haemolytic streptococcus taking penicillin treatment stomach cramps on anti amoebic tablets why hunger and weakness cough with no fever what is the rattling in heart follicle ruptured on deviry will it help conceive the diffence between rosuvastatin crestor and atorvastatin suffered from typhoid had jaundice why white stool again suffering from diarrhea weight gain hemorrhoids taking mebaspa ibset treatment lack of sexual desire high sugar masturbating advice fever fluctuating body temperature prescribed parasafe cefolac combiflam treatment seborrheic dermatitis hair loss prescribed lotion gel and shampoo treatment small child suffering from cold prescribed clarithromysin nebulization mucolite treatment done lipid profile prescribed rosouvastatin can i stop statin child has nausea loose motions fever help have pcos anteverted uterus bulky ovaries medicine to cure it suffering from chronic migraines cure for pain get angry very easily high blood pressure family tension child has bronchitis taken steroid can we fly urge to urinate but dribbling urine stomach pressure bleeding bleeding after taking mt pills blood clots serious issue knot on cervix painful abdominal pain vaginal discharge cause rumbling stomach cramps abdominal pain nausea taking prevacid had gall bladder removed belching have endometriosis mood swings taken zoladex and provera any suggestions headache light headedness mood swings stomach pain any insight got urine routine and microscopy done is it normal pigmentation on cheeks and nose chronic condition treatment options mri showed tibia plateau crack cartilage damage meniscus tear recovery breast feeding on menstrual cycle discharge from nipple pregnancy symptom weakness breathlessness when lifting sweating profusely uterus has endometrial thickening lesion what does it mean fatigue abdominal pain have pcos using nuriterate ectopic pregnancy have pre ejaculation and ed want to increase penis size itching vaginal discharge sonography showed no pregnancy is canestin ok removed cast swollen hand pain in bones concerned advanced bone age lh is low continue lupron and hgh lisinoprol bp down shall i discontinue it constipated took ducolax very little stool what can help trying to conceive prescribed progesterone irregular periods kidney problems have diarrhea can pepto bismol be taken dizziness headache blurred vision swelling in leg help kicked on ankle bruising numbness painful mass on pressing treatment suffering with pcod prescribed yamini is it effective suffering with adult adhd suggestion for treatment availability in ap shaky lightheadedness continuous sick feeling sensitive skin frequent urination reasons taking thyronorm for tsh have palpitations burps and gas bleeding after miscarriage taking primolut changed eating habits passing stool frequently why is it happening low sperm count varicocele non-smoker non-drinker remedial measures increase in bilirubin has liver tumor help missed period negative urine pregnancy test worried about pregnancy taking oleanz feeling sleepy and low side effects vomiting foul smelling blood died of heart attack appropriate treatment have dns blocked nose other alternative for surgery done semen analysis prescribed paternia side effects should i take fluconazole before or after nitrofurantoin brown discharge during pregnancy bloating miscarriage irregular periods anxiety panic attacks nausea nervousness anemic peri-menopause symptoms headache mri and ct showed ring on head surgery advisable child has microphthalmia want second opinion any surgery possible 8 weeks pregnant bleeding ultrasound shows complete miscarriage miscarriage occurred had unprotected sex brown spotting implantation bleeding upper stomach flutters why does it happen in stressful situations white discharge in nipple sometimes itches am i okay has dysentry on taximo what can help had vesicular calculi removed by surgery turp done now abdominal pain ultrasound showed hydronephrosis is stone curable taking ortho-tricyclene have light period bleeding should i call doctor child has fever done blood test injection suggested paratyphoid did not ejaculate fully period is irregular pregnancy chances unsafe sex after c-section will she get pregnant now smoking dizziness and nausea should i be concerned mushy smelling stool not gaining weight what does this signify on paracetamol and antibiotics for fluctuating temperature worry vaginal itching discharge on scratching dark skin in area treatment had stroke ct scan shows microvascular ischemic disease cure red rash on glans penis discomfort in urethra balanitis hand tremors taking thyroxine for hypothyroidism due to medication black spot on scalp will the scab fall off high fever cold and running nose on dolo meftal help vaccinated dog bit me wait to get myself vaccinated have had uti several times with new sexual partner why toothache used mouthwash have tenderness there reason gas problems in a baby colic acid or coil cure trying to conceive have endometrial thickness what can it mean painful hand and foot cramps why is it heavy given anesthesia unconscious stage explain condition severe constipation why does bowel movement bleed suggest found hbsag positive inactive carrier having a child suggest indentations on skull any tips or advice developed weird itchy bumps on the penis why abdominal pain random bruising all over should i be concerned urine infections stinging on urinating frequent urges causes for symptoms hepatitis diabetes heart disease spots on kidney worry much cold cough on wysoline nebolized cure constipation indigestion unable to evacuate completely nausea on eating treatment abdominal pain tough bowel movements dietary problem or infection is it advisable to become pregnant again have two children diagnosed dengue has shivers is that normal pulse over hundred beats non smoker why shortness of breath taking clomid found follicles after ultrasound what is going on ankle popped when jumping limping swollen help done x-rays during pregnancy any risk skipped heart beats irregular pulse heart pain fainting episodes treatment bruise on arm growing yellow in color soreness when pressing have headache running eyes nose bleed vomiting nausea suffering from convulsions prescribed eptoin aricept continue medication lifelong stomach gurgles cramps withdrawal symptom of chewing smokeless tobacco chest discomfort gluten intolerance heartburn acid reflux normal indigestion swelling below nostrils sensitivity in area not taken valtrex treatment hit forehead on table foggy emotional anxiety indigestion tiredness concussion perforated eardrum yellow drainage how long do ears drain taking tegretol for seizures have dandruff any help masturbating daily unable to achieve erection quickly premature ejaculation treatment echo in ear when talking mouth twisting had cervical cerclage placed prescribed azithromycing normal am i pregnant tired nausea frequent urination bleeding frequently child has lump under armpit ultrasound done potential lymphoma rash on forearm taken avil correct dose scar below knee pus formation painful taken tricort opinion child has sore throat fever painful mouth give amoxicillin doing aerobics will it help weight try lipocut hidradenitis suppurativa have illness can i be suggested a dermatologist bone injury behind ear swelling icing reduced it self healing baby crying before urinating and passing stools suggest sinusitis nasal draining chest pain black phlegm on coughing treatment consuming amway products calcium and iron tablets cancer causing products cannot open jaws properly recently stopped chewing gutkha suggestion baby has dent in lower back discolored birthmark difficulty in gaining weight how can i get on track movement under rib cage high wbc count frequent bowels treatment shin injury large lump bruising swollen ankle yellow discoloration treatment swollen face after taking ibuprofen treatment required x-ray shows bilateral upper lobe shadowing with bronchovascular distortion help infected boils on eyelashes seasonal allergies treatment boil on cheeks cut open healed black discoloration mark treatment citistar been prescribed why trembling of hands and feet bad headaches and cold fever found uti why fever again hard mass in abdomen near pelvic bone soreness pregnant treatment done liver test taking roaccutane for acne worried about cirrhosis stomach pain black and loose stools taking obimet kindly advise depressed lazy and unhappy taking stalopam and petril md help suffering from likoria what can be effective stomach cramps throwing up and tightening ovariesam i pregnant child having frequent vomiting what should be done orange spots in underwear why would these appear child has constipation taken lactitol is medicine okay heavy vaginal bleeding tissue discharge unusual neck pain redness spot on neck what is this head injury dizziness vertigo seeing brighter squinting help slimy mouth bad breath shedding on inside of mouth advice have dandruff losing hair tried shampooing everyday help patches of hair loss on head and beard why lightheaded and headache after doing gym what happened bumps in shins rubbery and mobile is this normal bleeding during pregnancy prescribed duphaston is it safe have cold during menstruation what can be done about it stopped paxil brain zaps during exertion tremors losing erection common hurts to breathe taken advil normal ekg prescribed naproxen scared itching in scrotum folds of thigh perianal region medication headache vomiting abdominal pain unconscious what could have caused it chest and wrist pain history of chest pain your opinion failed medical abortion surgical abortion suggested any other methods feeling lightheaded gastric problems flu symptoms or due to anxiety 20 year old having nausea not pregnant other causes suffering from lower back pain and acidity any suggestions detached pancreas weight loss diagnosed as pancreatic cancer treatment options forehead injury slight headache fever tonsils taking antibiotics treatment brownish vaginal discharge delayed periods what is the reason having unexplained bruising on the body severe weight loss suggestions sexually active protected sex tickling in urethra uti or cystitis had sex why the pain and blood why itchiness help copd leg shaking dizziness diabetic falling oxygen levels treatment was diagnosed by pcos on althea why is period abnormal acne on cheeks dry skin redness will using proactive help blurred vision minor headaches treatment options had hernia repair why is there swelling in joints delayed periods taken mtpill kit as per instructions suggestions how do i confirm pregnancy medication to avoid pregnancy what are the benefits of using a quantum pendant vomiting why is it recurring diagnosed with fibroid in uterus cause of infertility swelling in knee after a fall and bruising normal overweight excessive sweating body heat diabetes or early menopause symptoms severe nasal congestion no medical centers nearby herbal home remedies been unwell anxiety tremors and headaches could it be pheochromocytoma bled after sex why have pcos why bloating tenderness cramps have chronic sinusitis attack only after exposure why headaches ct scans demonstrate complete opacification of right maxillary sinus diagnosis why does my testicle pain while running suffered with hyperbilirubinemia recovered can i have sex why does it itch with bad dandruff use dipravate plus pre-diabetic on glucophage take gapapentin son neonataly brain damaged help can i stop masturbation because it makes me tired neck has lump why sharp pains why dizziness child has dry cough sinarest okay or take augmentin having head ache have photophobia and phonophobia take nicip have hypertension on etizola beta and vitamin supplements medical guidance diagnosed typhoid planning a baby shall we continue pelvis ultrasound what does ovary measurement tell follicles seen limbs numb after delivery deficiency of vitamins why little relief pain in stools why is there blood can a mother lose weight why does it not deter trying to conceive since a miscarriage why the delay have fever tiredness weakness on paracetamol improvement possible undergone fistula-in-ano surgery getting pain using antibatic tablets advise suffering from thyroid ophthalmopathy can i have an opinion after a varicocelectomy had a bad case of epididymitis explain have abdominal pain and full bladder what can be wrong lower back bruises what could have caused it bad and painful knees why does walking make it worse can diphenhydramine cause liver enzymes to be high drink alcohol chest burns coming from stomach and throat is it indigestion had sex and urinated what is the discharge ideas rashes on buttocks is it due to excessive sweat dangerous itchy bumps between thighs are they pimples on primoult n delayed period what does it mean explain urine analysis is excessive uric acid problem breastfed green watery stringy stools why pregnant amniotic fluid index suggests is afi very less lateral chest pain bp high and high cholesterol suggest ptosis heavy eyelids what can help while im on contacts irritation in penis abdomen uss normal on antibayotic norflox further acidity not helped by nexpro what can suffered typhoid very weak on levoflaxin vaccine myself history with xanzax anxiety worse had seizures what is wrong missed periods abdominal pain fever weakness negative pregnancy test treatment done stool test have hyperacidity what do the reports say detected tuberculosis and ulcer in esophagus why fever take emigo suffering from rheumatoid arthritis tylenol methotraxate folic acid recommended leg bruised area dark and swollen irritated healing how soon family issues introvert and quiet emotionally unstable hypnophobia help bleeding during intercourse is it due to peniss length valium for anxiety took overdose will i urinate it out had pancreatitis painful hypochondrium with constipation help pain had high esr rate will this affect baby is gloxi effective in enhancing height will i get taller took krimson for pcod irregular period have cysts lose weight breathing difficulties headaches on bottom right side of brain treatment headache diagnosis is subcortical microvascular ischemic occlusive disease suggest been on mirena can i have a baby symptoms used depo trust using contraceptive had nausea and vomiting pregnancy sharp pain in jaw and ear why does it hurt heavy user of marijuana does it damage tonsils swollen cyst-tumor in neck on penicillin what is wrong thumb injury swelling cut nail draining pus foul smell treatment tingling numbness in hands arms neck straightened by chiropractor treatment diaper rash and diarrhea breast fed diagnosed lactose intolerant help have tmjd why constant headaches and teeth breaking from tmj severe skin allergy what is the reason use diprovate rd undergone cardiovascular risk assessment due to anxiety have tachycardia meaning have severe abdominal cramping in abdomen why stopped breastfeeding constant depression why do they seem enlarged shock like sensation in upper tooth post lunch reason bruised after a fall looks awful will it go away small bump near belly button was it bug bite help pregnant have high bp on adomet why headaches had surgery to correct dog ears took paracetamol why palpitations have disk rupture why is it numb take steroids arms started to itch what are the red bruises applied vitamin a and d have pimples and bumps help have turners mosaic syndrome have menopause pregnant nauseated night sweats why does my chest and lung hurt pain in ear canal packed ear wax on tylenol further have been experiencing lower back pain missed period help bled after intercourse and took ovamit what is wrong undergoing tubectomy why did i have bleeding post sex had root canal is it autoimmune on steroids help post surgery can marijuana ease pain risk of pulmonary embolsim red pea sized lump near penis why is it growing spotting have fever and headaches why is it delaying suffering from cancer recommended further treatment on morphine further body aches sore throat lips swollen red and sore help scrotum has a bump sensitive when rubbed pus filled ideas difficulty ejaculating during sex infrequent sexual activity treatment has creatinine and urea level abnormal take peepal juice small child accidently ingested xanax immediate medical attention required had miscarriages low water level improper blood supply healthy baby diagnosed tb in l spine sgot and sgpt unsatisfying hypothyroidism been on thyronorm krimson helps balance tetesterone discontinue it prescribed budecort inhaler acute cough levolin inhaler has steroids earache headache and painful gums need a dentist trying to conceive having stomach cramps chances of pregnancy exhausted with headaches and heart burns why was i bleeding suffering osteoarthritis joints affected what can help hypertensive what does blood report suggest being diabetic a bother prescribed zefretol what are the side effects intense cracks and dried lips especially after being licked medication cough and cold why chest pain pneumonia why chest pain suggested cataract operation who can i contact for second opinion had continuous period take femilion why excessive bleeding started oral contraceptive got bhgc tests done am i pregnant suggestions on mtp abortion kits with less side effect blockage in right arteries no cholesterol blood pressure angioplasty required delayed period hypothyroidism endometrial thickening urine pregnancy test can bonnisan be given to a nine moth old baby itching in penis white particles under foreskin infection or smegma back pain between shoulder blades pain when swallowing food taken change tablet for loose motion suggestion body twitching heat rush occasionally painful concerned spitting excess colorless sputum breathlessness using inhaler have copd treatment wavy vision sweating shaky hands weakness mri normal have recurring pimples on face what to do pink skin hanging from vagina what are these done nebulising for infant is it safe habit forming penis cannot get hard done kegel exercises please help bulging abdomen discomfort can chemotherapy cause it lesion on penis bleeding using trigentax is it balanitis tired sore muscles head congestion using inhaler smoker problems with bed wetting need help finding a good doctor skin tags protruding from anus no pain soft treatment is my blood pressure high taken cocodamol for abdominal pain long menstrual period done intense exercise any serious problem done ultrasound during pregnancy are the results within normal range red mark on uvula help swollen stomach painful how to get rid of it cut vulva when shaving sore anything to alleviate the discomfort irregular heavy periods tiredness spotting cramps causes for symptoms pregnant taking evatone medication hcg test positive continue medication should i use a cream with alum during early pregnancy salted-feeling on lips using the denture adhesive any suggestions head injury headache seeing black spots should i be concerned dark veins on arm swollen is this bad child screams randomly watery stools painful intussusception intrauterine fetus with cephalic presentation fundal placenta is everything normal have abnormal ekg bradycardia any insight have infection in knee am diabetic cost of knee replacement swollen bumps become indented when standing not painful taken aspirin taking metrogyl for colitis have ankylosing spondylitis suggestion losing body mass negative hiv what is going on need help in assessing the sperm analysis report hair fall btn plus replacement suffering from acne excorice marks all over body treatment options breastfed why was there blood in stool protein allergy further diagnosed with mild lax les hiccups wheezing taking antacids treatment has blood cancer tumors from stomach removed curable experiencing dizziness nausea headache stomach pain and icthing breasts disorder abortion continuous light bleeding taken depo injection gas formation treatment sinusitis ringing in ears taking antibiotics eucalyptus steaming treatment been under photo-therapy for high bilirubin what about gamma gt transsexualism can i use estrogen anti-androgen and progesterone what are the white heads around penis fear why is tongue spotty why is it red irregular and heavy bleeding had an endometrial biopsy non-invasive options what does semen analysis say how far is pregnancy possible delayed periods post marriage taking meprate negative pregnancy test pregnant bronchitis throat pain small bumps behind tongue opiate user treatment flat rash itching swelling exhaustion headaches constipation treatment abdominal pain botched tubal ligation cause of pain pain in palm started under thumb becomes stiff what does the semen report suggest fever wheezing coughing weight loss breathlessness headaches taking paracetamol treatment any treatment for increased levels of rubella igg sexually attracted to boys why am i like this cracking skin change in color occurs in dry weather stool has stringy things runny nose frequent bowel movements vaginal bleeding when drinking alcohol why is this so cramping mucus like red discharge had miscarriage feeling tired loose bowel movements easily breathless cramping pelvic pain ultrasound normal what could be causing it is it advisable to smoke hookah after root tip extraction fatigue post treatment for swollen lymph node groin worrisome feeling anxious without reason elevated bp why started periods slight bleeding stopped on birth control pregnancy symptoms suffering with menorrhagia taken streptovit no improvement continuous spotting advice can any online doctor help with the lipid profile results why is period delayed on deviry side effects hair growth under the neck any relation for fertility c-section tubal ligation bleeding between periods reddish pink discharge treatment been experiencing throbbing pain behind ear dental reasons hit on head can that lead to nose bleed runny nose cold fever and vomiting take cetirizine asthaline delayed periods only brown spotting pregnant cramps and diarrhea lower back pain took cipro reasons has obstructive jaundice had ercp large polyps removed recovery possible sensitive legs red spots what does it mean smoking okay hand numb and sweating why do i snore sleep apnea delayed periods abdominal pain negative home pregnancy tests pregnant cystic ovaries pregnancy went trough iui possibilities ear ringing white lips light headedness nausea causes for symptoms exposed to sex worker get myself tested again soft lump on the head after a fall need treatment suffering from frequent staph infection how to prevent from recurrence did tmt saying mildly positive inducible ischemia meaning chest tightened heart racing why would this happen sprained ankle swollen why is it not subsiding had constipation stopped solid intake continue evict had bleeding bowel movement from rectum will it stop suffering from stroke unable to speak can it get better did a spermogram test what does it tell medication never mate around fertile period why has cycle changed frequent urination uti on ziproflaxin why testicles pain hit head hard why dizziness and inability to focus infection in salivary glands why did ears pop why dizziness allergic dry cough relapse while playing with pet dog treatment experiencing fluttering sensation in ribs why bites near ankle red and itchy what is the pus taking microgynon prolonged bleeding after taking medication normal symptoms hit buttock tailbone in pain what can help subside pain why does heart flutter drinking caffeine the cause chest wall swollen are they palpitations bmi higher help suffering from excessive hair loss inherited what can help missed period ejaculated near vagina pregnancy test broke coccyx caused soreness anal fistula coccyx attached to spine swallowed a tongue ring ball will it affect my baby dots in vision are they floaters need i worry had tooth infection wbc high affected sperm count do ivf have fast metabolism why constipation is it due to laxatives heart burns on antacids what is going on what tests will confirm lichen nitidus what is the normal and good endometrium size to conceive have pcod had severe acne prescribed isoritin is it safe why are feet sore used oetco perilon ricam help loose motions applied oil on rectal opening remedy bleeding after intercourse for the first time normal dryness in clitoris slight itching burning vagina while urinating cause stomach ache fever nausea have gallstones treatment diabetic blood sugar levels abnormal what are the complications upcoming lump by vein under skin no pain what can help stomach cramps released solid stools have headaches and constipation help vein swollen in pain headaches kidney stones advise has deteriorating heart enlarged and low pumping heart transplant treatment has fever on crocin what is causing fever help anemia ecg analysis result said normal sinus rhythm anteroseptal abnormal meaning red spot on thigh itching taking medication for uti help have pcod taken fsh injection will laparoscopy help me conceive light periods spotting dizziness bloating irritable pregnancy wisdom tooth pain taken cocodamol tablets help child has cough fever cold precautions to be taken red spot in gooch hurts when touched any idea had light periods after unprotected sex what could this mean i am pregnant heavy bleeding ultrasound shows choriodecidual separation scared hard lump on leg no bruising or swelling worried brown discharge with blood before menstruation why did this happen had typhoid fever taken medicine when can i conceive going to gym daily taking vitamins no energy body pain taking coumadin short tempered authoritative inferiority complex due to medication had fall pain in chest bone stomach pain back pain headache ct scan shows old healed calcified granuloma proper medicine stomach cramps dizziness when standing up had periods pregnant taking medication for hypothyroidism stringy brown discharge no odor pregnancy tight feeling inside uterus had thick discharge pregnant taking aprazolam insomniac on sleeping pills for enlarged prostate help sneezing dry cough why troubled by blisters why trouble swallowing why were nipples itching badly is being diabetic related worry muscle fatigue normal ferritin level had flu like symptoms suggest bumps om forehead cause why does it stay discolored unexpected bleeding after taking i-pill delayed periods what next heart attack during routine activity angiography recommended treatment options morning sickness vomiting brown mucus blood taste in mouth treatment low grade fever flushed cheeks dizzy reasons muscle pain have genetic diseases mayopathy treatment been having recurring headaches breast in pain why is eating raw rice a disease is it genetic why does urinating pain use sudo cream been experiencing major stomach pain vomiting intense shaking prevent it small child cold sweats fever rash on body spreading treatment pain in shins calves and tingling in toes causes throat pain no swelling sometimes irritating why itchy reddish rash on the forearm medication weakness lungs were clear congestion worse why the pain pregnant losing weight concerned about ovarian cancer chances skin lesions looking like blisters what must have caused thus bad cough voice raspy difficulty breathing take musinex taking dianne spotted why headaches dizziness vomiting and fever pregnant walking pneumonia difficulty breathing taking zpack antibiotics treatment wisdom truth hurts why use warm water with salt depression treatment what can help balance his thoughts have genu valgum advised corrective osteotomy femur success ratio pregnant vomiting episodes stress treatment to stop and control vomiting have a painful lump on the spine is this spondylosis blacked out after hit on head why the severe headaches bites on hand why swollen eye treatment rashes under boobs and under stomach why tired has cah on hydrosortisone and florinef emergency bleeding during sex cramps lower back pain lower abdominal burning after passing stools what could this be which homeopathic medicines can be taken for spirometry what does the semen analysis conclude viral keratitis in eyes prescribed acivir flubigate moxyblue-d itching treatment difficulty in conceiving semen analysis done what is the cause on implanon got bleeding after starting doxycycline for acne normal bad taste in mouth had wisdom tooth pain reason pregnant have severe lower back pain what can be done child having fever twitches in sleep has diarrhea treatment advise severe chronic cough taking antibiotics mondeslor recurring condition treatment shoulder pain why what is the small bump on neck blood donation heavy blood clots what is the treatment fluid retention back pain swollen body jaundice normal kidneys treatment endometriosis abdominal pain prescribed lupride injections side effects on fertility frequent urination during night time after getting anal fissures treatment follicle raptured on progenova proobojen have pcod suggest discomfort while passing bowels prositus severe pelvic abdominal pain treatment chest pressure smoked cannabis rumbling sound sweating causes and treatment high chloresterol linked to masturbation ear pain gland and jaw sore why pains and headaches soft stools fever bad appetite why parasites swollen vein in wrist why will it get better pregnancy fluctuating results what should i believe uti recurred several times hvs elisa and mantoux positive serious rash on groin area with red bumps is it folliculitis lump on back why horrible headaches why short term memory urine examination what does the urine ph epithelial cells suggest been suffering from lumbar disc prolapse solution for pain quick pulse chest pain bruises costochondritis on exercising treatment semen report says grayish white color normal what else concerns had stuffy nose mild pain in cheeks and jaws help started period why frequent urination what can reduce blood flow chances of conceiving ovarian cysts is ovacare effective medicine hit in crotch pain while urinating any suggestions why does my head start to move take neurontin penis is covered by rashes is it fungal or bacterial on chemo having psychotic episodes dehydration and seizures sounds like have steel plate on my head why headaches take mortin back and abdominal pain why lymph nodes enlarge constipation why vaginal bleeding prescribed cansoft cl capsule having regular intercourse cause sore penis tender to touch what is going on left knee hurt and bump formed what can help me had spinal fusion surgery what is the painful lump worry pain in hands elbows shoulders hips knees extreme fatigue treatment swollen foot with inflammation cuticle exposed what can be done found slight murmur in childhood why is it still there tight cough sneezed deep and hoarse why does that happen blood clots in vagina is it an infection had non-painful white head pimple on labia popped it worry smoked crack cocaine sore throat neck swelling hiv symptoms pulled calf muscle while playing tennis iced it what else itchy bumps turning into lesions skin darkening persisting symptoms treatment diabetic central vein thromboses treated by ivt improve vision lump on back bruised mark why is there pain still white circle on arm had lotromin helped but flaky why rashes is it a heat rash take benadryl feel off stairs hurt ankle what can help pain hurt kneel pretty deep have swelling throbbing tightness help had ears pierced lobes tender why did pus ooze why does my vagina itch after hair removal had a bilateral extensive laminectomy with considerable scar tissue meaning breastfeeding irregular period did i bleed due to pregnancy tried to sweat out cold can that cause pimple diarrhea why is vomit thick fever after shots why is lip swollen will it heal bumps on sac squeezed why does it keep coming cyst hands itchy after cleaning shrimp can it also cause sickness occasional tingle in hands what can be done sore muscles lethargic with headaches what is going on swollen tongue and trouble speaking on progesterone help unable to conceive bleed after sex reasons bipolar disorder manic episode calms down in few minutes treatment raised bump on perineum flesh color why did head ache red rashes round and fever sounds like dengue help having sex on fertile days why does uterus pain sperm releases how can i avoid it solution internal lump on calf what is it clot lump behind ear why trouble breathing related ear block and throat pain take lorfast or omnacortil vomiting diarrhea nausea excessive saliva dizziness food poisoning uti treated bloated bladder treated for hpylori what is it difficulty breathing on nebulizer did i have an asthma attack diarrhea been throwing up on fluids what can help can i get pregnant after contact with clothes on black eye after a hit will it last for long blood report shows creatinine and urea meaning have they decreased puffy nipples surgery needed when will it get normal history of otosclerosis hearing aid guarantees improvement suggest price diagnosed with primary complex cold and cough with fever further ovulation calender had sex and abdominal pain later pregnant anal issue painful bump can i use ghee spotting after taking duphaston why has pain and bleeding increased suffering with bad headaches nosebleeds nightsweats weakness reasons is it safe to take bismuth subsalucylate while on antibiotics can a doctor analyse my semen analysis report used tickle cream have faded marks fear surgery of eyes seek help from a different doctor itching with blister formation on thighs buttocks and knees allergy infant blinking only one eye should i be worried stinging sensation on the feet is there a nerve problem painful vagina after urination causes numbness in the knee on levoxyl for hypothyroidism reason itchy rashes above the ankle due to bug bites can bacterial infection cause elevated sugar levels what is the drug action of depotrust is it effective had unprotected sex taking pep after exposure chances of hiv suffering from irregular periods and white discharge need medication suffering from wegeners granulomatosis cyst in the lungs treatment methods having excessive nocturnal emissions is it normal itchy patches on the hip bone treatment have arthritis and hypothyroidism feeling pressure in headnausea migraine suffering from appetite loss stomach pain advice need help in assessing semen analysis report having tinges of chest pain what could be the reason what would be the safest method to gain weight cut on leg stitches redness under skin pus formation treatment swollen ankles with painful calf muscles should i be concernedbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr suffering from prostrate problems taking veltam gokshura treatment options can frequent use of levonelle affect fertility rash outbreak with sunburn spreading throughout the body treatment advise what diet should be followed by a cirrhosis patient partial polio in leg treatment to overcome this is lasik surgery effective and safe pregnant prescribed pregnidoxin for nausea is it safe difficulty in losing weight following diet rules strictly suggestion stomach bloating uterine polyp constipation weight gain treatment stomach pain constipation tiredness headaches blisters in anus treatment spinal bruises seizures excessive sleepiness normal ecgs treatment taking thyronorm for hypothyroidism can i become pregnant concerned about yellowish semen with an odor and premature ejaculation itchy marks on limbs why is it chicken pox pain in shoulder stress test and heart pain emergency itchy whiteheads on the arm and elbow causes and treatment hit head dizziness headaches nausea are they migraines head injury pain on touching slight dent in area treatment swallowed plastic cup choked further will i digest it multiple intramural uterine fibroids fluid in douglas pouch explain got piercing done bump inside skin what could this be dark spot on buttocks does skin peeling cream work flu sensitive gums tingling and sore is this normal does ejaculation cause body skin darkening and dryness swollen lower abdomen back pain during periods problem conceiving white inflamed area around anus not itching diarrhea irritation tingling in arm and leg random patches of bumps worried tender armpits swollen tendon history of breast cancer need help to forget broken relationship negative pregnancy test delayed period egg white discharge any inputs is the bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa bad for the vagina child having white patches on legs what could these be missed periods negative pregnancy test what should be done difficulty in increasing weight tried various methods no improvement suggestion what measures can be taken to avoid premature ejaculation diarrhea vomiting watery blisters on arms and hands itching hot and cold chills getting goosebumps normal blood work help headache neck and back pain dizziness diarrhea help severe stomach pain dizziness sweating white sitting short episode treatment prescribed nexazole and paracetamol for stomach pain is this ok stomach cramps constipation taken laxative have kidney infection is it safe to take carofit tablet for fair skin have malrotated kidney is there a corrective surgery for it child is always asking for food frequently passing stools having watery stools with rectal bleeding hemorrhoids hair loss problem can i use anastim lotion terrible vaginal pain whenever i go swimming why 15 year old having reduced menstruation reason ear canal growth noular swelling surgery help itching plunging ranula removed why is there swelling now fatty mass under jaw why nausea and sleeplessness surgery now have freckles on the nose applying melalite right medication painless purple dots on the upper leg allergy have endrometrosis in uterus and ovary size increased why bleeding ticklish feeling while urination difficulty in urination treatment irregular periods spotting bloated feeling headaches and cramps pregnant pregnancy scan not detecting the fetus have spotting miscarriage hip surgery why explosive diarrhea help had diarrhea watery what is the gray substance there bad headaches dizziness and bad stomach why stomach ulcer facial hair removal using wax why is skin still pink sluggish and weak after masturbation hazardous for health why uneasiness smelly stools why is child gassier why discomfort going through depression what is the treatment procedure frequent nose bleeds bad nose smell any solution chicken pox blisters why severe itching remedy scars scrotum skin in white and shrinking why is it dangerous had typhoid fever treated with ciproxin what can help tiredness was constipated had cramping why diarrhea what can help nail scratch by a rat why what symptoms to expect sneezing after a ride why is it an allergy groin area pains why the swelling in groin bad odored stools watery in nature why take econorm enterogermina brain stroke on ecospirin strocit and clopilet side effects suffering from peptic ulcers will tiniba bring relief eye socket hurt lump formed what am i advised tick on penis glans swollen what is wrong std painful stomach and back is it gas is temperature low bleeding profusely from palate tea bag helps reason got kidney transplantation why bleeding can i get pregnant irregular period treated why thyronorm is tsh level abnormal fever on ibuprofen stopped dosage why swelling in face tetanus shot why swollen glands sore throat and rashes pain in stomach before period why is it that bad hair loss and dandruff kevon not helpful what will be suffering with hydrocil why has testis color darkened pregnant have back pain and brown spotting worry have had bacterial vaginosis std why does vulva loog strange blister filled with blood cancer melanoma kidney failure renal disorder what do the results say hypothyroidism pregnant on shelcal what is wrong acne depressed no medication helpful what is going on lump on testicle why have balls swollen up what does total triiodothyronine clia thyroxine refer to under control been on formula since birth why loose stools had sex ejaculated inside lots of bleeding on multivitamins pregnant had unprotected sex precaution why no period how to treat vmr why nasal block during sleep suggestions for a ketogenic diet for epilepsy patient stinging in pubic area irritation crust formation rashes serious condition what is causing itching and redness all over my body taking concerta and lexapro what are they for had tonsillitis hurts to swallow taking amoxicillin and augmentin further had slap tear repair surgery do i have cystic acne would zopiclone tablets taken unprescribed prove fatal knee painful lump on joint what can bring relief landed on head could not focus why worry high pitched sound made me dizzy and weak why ideas took nordette had unprotected sex paranoid about getting pregnant help has uti and vaginal bleeding is it cancer sudden sharp headache vomiting dizzy reasons sleeplessness the reason for hot body without fever itchy rashes breaking out of nowhere why do they happen burning food pipe and painful stomach is it gastric issue am i pregnant with stomach cramps had pcos take duphaston fever and shivers urine sample shows infection emergency stung on back and neck arm in pain worth worrying