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spotting after periods abdominal pain what do you think throbbing kidneys irregular bowel movements related numbness in knee after c-section taking clexane wearing ted stockings done spermogram is immotility important in high amount of sperms shaking hand when eating concerned cold sweats nausea dizziness irritable vomiting have gerd stomach pain trouble passing bowel movements undigested feces any idea headache lower abdominal pain dizziness nausea any idea got stung by honey bee normal to feel sleepy insect bite on knee itching numbness abdominal pain during ejaculation discomfort any ideas bleeding after stopping microgestion negative pregnancy test nausea coughing fit after inhaling dishwasher repair fumes concerned finding it difficult to lose weight have male breasts tips pain and swelling under rib bloating discolored stool pedunculated tumor child gets urine tract infections kidney scan normal help child has finger pain scar tissue what can be done chest pain ears ringing tingling hands short-term memory loss shingles bleeding after fingering vagina abdominal pain sleepy am i pregnant bleeding between periods no cramps normal thunderclap in the back of head after meth why headaches pale stools nausea taking librax for ibs thoughts have lost weight headache hiv or mental tension light periods have ovarian cysts prolonged bleeding between pregnancies have cold cough nasal congestion throat pain ear pressure child is pale has fever flu coughing headache help child has brown spot near collar bone serious abdominal pain dizzy nausea lightheadedness what is going on pain in balls after urination help recurring bouts of vomiting diarrhea stomach bloating constipation food allergy itchy where neck and shoulder meet welts worse at night weakness why uneasy is it due to wrong liver functioning swollen ankle after sprain taking celebrex redness increasing normal abdominal pain diarrhea lump above belly button weight loss treatment masturbation weakness headaches stomach pain lose penis skin treatment options elbow joint pain after blood donation is this normal balance problems when walking upstairs twitching eyes headaches anxiety have abdominal pain sweating black stools help skipping heart beats breathlessness anxiety overweight is it normal bruise in area of blood drawn what is this lump child has cough cold fever taken injection enlarged tonsils worried greenish stools abdominal pain irregular bowel movements any suggestions dizziness nausea had bypass for arterial blockage right direction pain and stinging in clitoris worried burning sensation on waist painful related to periods weakness tiredness headache after taking arogyavardhini vati side effect rash around tattoo not painful itchy anything i can do have hair fall used tugain worried headache worsening vision wisdom teeth broken off related having eye floaters curable any surgery or treatment bleeding after miscarriage on birth control pill is it normal stomach ache after meals watery loose motion taken ganton suggestions have lower lip twitching leg shaking headaches advice increased weight headache done thyroid and diabetes tests any thoughts swollen after bashing tragus piercing redness what should i do jaw pain trouble swallowing what do i do ultrasound shows early gestation fetal pole not visualized normal pain in leg tissue growing suggested hydro castrine injection reason bloating midriff swelling lethargy have sarcodisis tiredness after taking paracetamol pain on eyebrow swollen cause have fever stomach problem weakness taken combiflam suggestions am vomiting acid nausea blood test clear what is this diabetic on glimfix is that sufficient take something more abstained from smoking and alcohol usg reports fatty liver further clarification on bhcg count pregnant on fertygin hcg injection suggest bloating constipation nausea started with brown spotting am i pregnant ants collected near urine alcoholic diabetic related took abortion pill bled and cramps is that normal labia majora experiences pain why spider bite mild throat infection on crocin why is the dosage increasing lack of facial hair and patchy skin can biotin work bitten by mosquitoes spots in red take to a doctor less bleeding prescribed femilion why am i only spotting breathlessness walking up stairs back in pain have vsd help has asthma cough gets worse will reswas syrup help trying to conceive and have cysts on meprate help been sick diagnosed pneumonia wbc and rbc low ideas has asthma with cough on steroids what can help cough pain in the lower back diarrhea are these related missed periods having pcos is home pregnancy test accurate hair fall excessively what can help growth took four tablets of misoprostol there was blood reason suffering from eosinophilia have allergy cough rashes gas help frequency of urination why is it a uti been treated with orthotic insoles for bunions correct hcg levels during pregnancy normal bleeding moderately red normal had dizziness and headaches with nausea why are there cramps nodule in neck over carotid what is it hypothyroidism worry lower stomach pains hot flashes dizziness nausea cause and cure is sgpt- alt level related to hepatitis want to whiten skin is gluthathione injection safe pregnant contractions headaches ear pressure pelvic bone pain treatment sexual intercourse bleeding bright red blood brown discharge bloating causes taking natrilix why did my sugar level increase suddenly had uti why over-stimulation of clitoris will i break down have been dizzy why does head throb why fatigue help nausea on waking up white discharge on urination related symptoms pregnant vomiting episode sharp abdominal pain indigestion treatment asthma allergies fainting on urination is this a kidney issue drinking excessively my stool has blood also depressed help sore hip cannot walk or run will get better does not have a good appetite why does belly hurt heart randomly races fast why will slow breathing help urge throw up but cant what can help a child bad hives infection heat rashes blood test showed infection treatment snapped a ligament in ankle will my bones be healed took sterile swab for an itching vagina had chlamydia worry been having red eye conjunctivitis on sofradex cure soon headaches shakes and shivers what do they denote chest discomfort gastro issues blood work ecg x-rays normal treatment painful erections chronic condition pain increases post repeated orgasms treatment headaches dizziness increased pulse diarrhea on cipro birth control treatment menstruation stopped usg tvs revealed ante-verted bulky uterus help experiencing roughness redness and flakiness on face before mensuration why diagnosed with bipolar on trazadone how to cope having chicken pox sweating abnormally with burning sensation help under active thyroid started menopause gained weight sounds like pus filled zits looks like scabs what are they having light headaches is there any cure to it had tiny little red spots on hand infected why spreading cfest pa said consider pleural effusion why observed spotting after taking loette what is going on why does nose still fell heavy after bleeding had cold sneezing and runny nose with itchy nostrils avil helpful yoga had urinalyis interpret the results of bacteria mucous rbc wbc phlegm with cough had headaches took ibuprofen next had several abortions previously now no chromosomal abnormalities seen explain dark period blood loss of appetite frequent urination headaches pregnant stomach pain irritable bowel syndrome on flupentixol hydrochloride treatment delayed periods stopped taking birth control medication to induce periods black particles in stool fecal blood test negative undigested food pain in clitoris region why is it ulcer lip and chin cut is swollen express concern infant with loose stools from birth is it normal persistent vomiting weight loss what could be the cause successive miscarriages blood tests showed sle ana will i conceive which medicine should be taken to get regular periods pregnant with thyroid problems prescribed with thyronorm is it safe suffering from migraines taking combiflam disprin naxdon treatment two c-sections tubectomy done suffered miscarriage reversal of tubectomy possible foreskin had cuts urethra is reddening had oral sex related cataract surgery done pain in the eye causes suffered with tinnitus after cold and viral have headaches reason trying to conceive irregular periods spotting cramps implantation bleeding pimples dry skin after applying soap prescribed nmf soap suggestion missed periods taken primolut-n ultrasound normal negative pregnancy test causes suffering from jaundice dark yellow urine indigestion stomach upset treatment shock through phone arm numbness ear pain pressure treatment major hair loss during teenage treatment high ts4 levels ama test hows 1300uml precautions and diet any treatment for hypospermatogenisis with leydig cell hyperplasia small cut on thigh applied neosporin knee cap cramping tetanus pregnant fingers hand numbness tongue numbness treatment taking vivance developed migraine sensitivity to light suggestions bruising after botox treatment do they look typical of treatment fractured finger deformation swelling splint suggested alternative options constipation poor digestive system vegetarian making good dietary choices treatment bartholin cyst in vaginal area drained through incision treatment lupus headaches eyebrow palpitations taking plaquenil neurontin causes for headaches itchy reddish vagina with foul smell possible yeast infection losing hair and weight gain advice ear infection blockage spot on eardrum on medication treatment nausea vomiting stomach bloating sweats tender nipples headaches acne treatment severe abdominal pain appendicitis why fever and chills clear excessive vaginal discharge stopped started again hysterectomy done treatment chest pain bloating burping constipation sticky stools taking husk treatment excessive heat sweating leg rashes itchiness using creams treatment discomfort in left testicles after lifting weight reason had typhoid second time took treatment irritable bowels normal done us what does the report indicate is everything normal done chest x-ray what doe the report indicate irregular periods have unprotected sex possibility of pregnancy pain in right knee body heat swelling taken naproxen treatment left testes pain stomach pain unable to walk treatment abdominal pain lower back pain constipation bloating treatment follicular study done what does the report indicate small pimple on neck used sun bed mild scarring treatment pain during intercourse what could be the reason done cytopathology what does the report indicate blood in urine does it require medical attention problem in conceiving upper stomach hardness reason spell of being disoriented what could be the reason recurring acne on face taken clindimycine tabocine no relief treatment cervical pain head reeling depression on nurokind plus tablets treatment spot in eyes headache migraines loose motions vomiting treatment sneezing pain in elbows chest severe pain causes and treatment missed birth control spotting periods normal symptoms prolonged periods irregular cycles thyroid condition ultrasound shows swelling treatment lower back pain left arm numbness taking pan-d mayopaz treatment head pain buzzing even on relaxing cause of concern severe learning disability seizures hair fall taking epilim chronoshere treatment bleeding during sex after taking albothyl suggestions painful underarms after waxing advice oral sex throat pain swelling in tonsils yellow discharge treatment excessively sleepy nausea food cravings stomach cramps stomach bloating treatment hair graying at alarming rate on amoxicillin azithromycin treatment high fever vomiting taking zifi 50 suspension overdose occurred consequences irregular periods missed periods anemia palpitations hysteroscopy required cancer rib and back pain kidney pain breathlessness taking mononessa treatment right sided numbness nausea diarrhea weakness headache spinal throbbing treatment headaches seeing halos tiredness frequent urination water pill taken treatment cough cold nasal discharge recurring condition taking augpen roxid treatment severe chest pain nausea increased burping gallstone scan done reason burping indigestion bloating taking tums to relieve symptoms treatment constipation nausea headaches fatigue on penicillin for tooth abscess treatment back pain kidney infection bruises on legs treatment severe body pain lack of energy feeling sleepy obesity treatment masturbation frequent urination white discharge from vagina treatment blood discharge sperm kind have gotten heavier chances of pregnancy stomach pain on motrin why does he have fever too had problem in urinary track frequent urination help have taken atenolol amlodipine can i switch to another medicine cool sensation on head after water have dehydration developed ear ache why was it red worry moderate dyskaryosis had quarters of cervix removed now what after sleep there is a considerable movement of eyes why had graves disease done radio ablation related to thyroid complicity ovary removed due to cyst how can i lose weight pigmentation problem on lips gradually spreading scar cure can i continue taking mcbm-69 in pregnancy child having fever vomiting constipation and diarrhea having uti treatment headaches after long pedal bike rides light headedness treatment do i have a normal semen test report pain in right side nausea vomiting fever constipation stress treatment painless lump in the vagina what could this be diagnosed with pubertal gynecomastia any treatments other than surgery twisted the ankle having pain and tingling is it normal difficulty in urination blood in urine emergency on medication for obsessive compulsory disorder having incest dreams reason unconscious after an accident any natural treatment ear and throat pain slight bleeding growing wisdom tooth normal embryo transfer hcg positive bleeding urine test positivereason for bleeding white worms in stool healthy diet causes for symptoms high sugar levels taking dianil medication abnormal sugar test treatment uterus tuberculosis lymph node on neck on antioxidants treatment delayed periods foul smell strong odor on ovulating perimenopausal trying to conceive missed periods taking lupride injection pregnancy trying to conceive history of recurrent miscarriages fibroids diabetes treatment bleeding from gums redness around incisor taking eltroxin medication treatment irregular heart beat taking metoprolol suggest warts on hands spreading all over hands creams dint work increased sperm count unsucessful iui wife suffering from erythema cluster of moles itchy bruise hips sore planning to conceive had multiple abortions chances of being pregnant tonsil stones swollen uvula taken erythromycin reason is there a medical test for checking the virginity right side abdominal pain on eating potato burning acidity suggest protected sex cold fever headache is it hiv or flu hair loss thyroid normal proper diet followed chapped lips swollen numb allergic reaction constipation vomitting sensation pain in upper stomach suggest bumped head 7 year old headache forhead hurt cold cough pricks in throat suggest stool blackish 9 year old reason what medicine to give bleeding during intercourse pinkish mucus discharge reason diarrhea lactose intolerance diet followed but diarrhea not stopped 37 week pregnant abdominal pain felt like thrown up cold sneezing after shower or in ac weak immune system shouting right side of head popped dizziness sharp pain treatment severe hair fall how to get relief chest pains headaches burping congestion on eating fatigue breathlessness treatment spotting headaches sore breasts period like cramps causes and treatment stress headaches rashes weakness light headedness inflammation between shoulders treatment fever nausea neck pain swelling lip after a heavy drink pregnant severe morning sickness prescribed navidoxine is it safe can colposcopy cause delay in periods baby passing loose stools what could be the reason numbness below the knee have arthritis excruciating pain treatment have vision problems itching and discharge from eyes any medication fainted with fits prescribed epilex chrono any side effects vomiting and green stools hot flashes dizzy reasons pus formation after getting belly pierced is it normal what are the contraceptive methods available for a long period infant diagnosed with broncho pneumonia will this affect his growth have blocked nose constipation are these related recently fractured ankle malleolus why is foot purple and swollen abdominal pains ultrasound shows anterverted bulky uterus any suggestions random pain in foot veins pop out possible causes missed periods breast sore nausea any chances of pregnancy constipated everyday on fibers hypothyroidism why diarrhea now feeling tired sleepy and depressed advice torn frenulum during sex light bleeding what should be done had gall bladder removed why vomiting diarrhea and bloating suggest inability to sustain erection what could be the reason red itchy and sore bumps with pus on tattoo cause lost tooth pea sized lump on gums may have fluid nose bleeding diarrhoea decreased appetite what could be the reason dry cough high fever no appetite taken ibuprofen electrolytes treatment broke ribs and had compression fractures bruising what can help had pneumonia found large marrow edema on neurontin further several attacks of chronic bronchitis what will help belching dark patches and darkening of face why creams gastritis after taking b complex why had a tooth removed severe stomachache taken ranitidine still pain persists suggestion pregnant have recurrent heavy growth of klebsiella-pneumoniae help irritated throat nausea after taking p2 pill is it normal can i use medications to gain weight taking loestrin unprotected sex missed a pill chances of pregnancy had uti terrible back pain why diarrhea will it persist child has lack of appetite and stomach cramps why severe headache difficult to open the eyes vomiting why taking contraceptives expecting periods had unprotected sex chances of pregnancy diagonised with cll have rashes on topical ointment treat acne suffering from urticaria have esophagus issues are they related had implant inserted had irregular bleeds on cilest why bloated tiredness right calf pain light beeding taking contraceptive pills reason decreased periods bleeding taken thyronorm what could be the reason recurring amoeba disease malaria how to get relief skin darkening uneven skin tone oily skin treatment semen analysis done what doe the report indicate delayed periods very light bleeding possibility of being pregnant spotting nausea vomiting taking cerazette pills possibility of being pregnant dark color blood is there a treatment for hiv positive eosinophilia swallowing disorder what could be the reason bite on penis painful taken tetanus injection moxikind metrogyl treatment burning pain discomfort during intercourse what could be the reason baby has vomiting running stomach taken amoxil no relief treatment bruised knee and swelling after an injury is it serious reddish rashes on the shins no itching overweight causes frequent urination blood in urine and reduced urine causes greenish vaginal discharge burning while urination pain after intercourse advice trying for baby why am i bleeding extra after primoult pus formation in the eye using contact lens infection irritation on the cheek have numbness fungal growth or std have occasional sensations around my heart is it normal pimples reappear on stopping deriva bpo gel advice weight 49 how to gain weight unsatisfactory penis length is it possible to enlarge penis mri said diffuse disc bulge with posterior central propensity explain does nexito 20 pill lower the sexual power difficulty in breathing post running feeling of passing out cause dizzyness blacked out vision heart palpitations what is the reason should i take active or inactive pill to skip periods loose motions anus red irritated bleeding had anal intercourse suggestions infection on the ankle releasing pus advice scratched arm small bumps redness eczema treatment options thrown on back pain and stiffness could not breath worry lower back pain intestine blocked treatment acne sever pimples on face what tablets can i take involved in masturbation why is my penis shrinking now treatment for hair fall and given ranbaxy and cipla alternative fatigue nausea lightheadedness migraine after hitting head reason gets drunk regularly can hypnosis help has partial rectal prolapse why is it hard stool had regular periods and white discharge why is it longer diagnosed with typhoid fever why increased temperature vaccinate him obstruction in bladder neck and low urine flow why help stomach cramps and bowel movement relieved pain why fever black mark on nose why is my fairness dulling help tingling in right palm dry hands numbness continuous tingling causes on cefpodoxime high fever why is it not under control why is child vomiting continuously yellow bile why explosive bm trying to conceive light pink spotting mild cramps pregnancy symptoms drop in weight in baby even after feeding well reason had irregular period taking regestrone plan for baby underwent ovariohystrectomy after suffering uterine cancer also uti help premature ejaculation what is the treatment is it mental disorder having scalp psoriasis why is it still spreading after treatment suffering from smelly stools yellow why abdominal discomfort tightening biceps and hurtful should i stop stretching pregnant can i get cheap abortion pills slight pressure in chest why painful ejaculation ears had a movement with headache what was it worry red dot on cheek why does it turn white help tsh tested high will exercising and dieting help me had a gallbladder stone operated why is indigestion increased child has cough and fever on lavocet is it viral can i fake a leg or foot injury on antidepressants libido disappeared is that due to sleeping pills bumps on head that give headaches what is the pus ulcerative colitis and diagnosed alien colitis on vegaz od further foot fractured what is the ulcer what can help had sex what is the whitish discharge why delayed period scrotum has boils and spreads what are they suferring from pansinusitis with mucosal hypertrophy explain been diagnosed with intestinal tuberculosis on akt is that right lower back and stomach pain gas uti can cause this have hypothyroid why is period for excessive duration have been taking microgestin can it have led to spotting arm pain and gallstones take fat free diet history of non-hodgkins lymphoma thyroid dysfunction why hair is graying mtp kit what does mild positive mean producing milk means mucus in chest is it bronchitis white in color meaning did transvaginal ultra sound thick endometris dialated corpus letum pregnant calf muscle pain and fever undergone stent procedure possible reasons urinating bleeding through penis why had clots why started cold with whooping cough phlegm what is wrong testicle hurt and still pains suggest help have had topical trmts exercises for foot will swelling stop why are my eyes watering will refresh tears work suffering from hard motion and constipation why does it pain baby given solid food is the food causing allergy been using glyciphage on glycomet what now have sinus infection on amoxicillin why troubled breathing painful headaches sleep calms is it bladder infection light brown stools yellowish watery sloppy consistency treatment why high levels of fatigue is it due to strain prescribed atenolol for anxiety why is pulse and bp higher been having spells and has hormonal rush why hot flashes did tests for adrenaline functions why would they stop functioning yellow liquid from nostrils why headache cold related using nicotine patch why is it sill bright pink there sharp pain in clitoris why did it happen hit shin very hard and spotted lump worry fell on stomach while pregnant hurt no bruising worry had motion sickness no appetite what is wrong have blotches on penis why do they disappear when erect experienced chest pain but normal results what is going on red irritated spot on thigh is it a blister had lumbar microdiscectomy why did bending lead to inflamed nerve light cramping bloating headache unprotected sex negative pregnancy test treatment meprate for irregular cycle why does it happen why does vagina itch and bleed is it like period had sex post abortion chances of conception pcos on total fertility supplements will it show improvement skin tanned after swimming medicines to regain original complexion suffering from hair loss suggested medicines condition aggrevated suggestions removed benign breast lump pain in the elbow breast cancer frequent sickness infection snoring advised tonsils removal surgery second opinion suffering from frequent loose motions taking medicines no relief suggestions suffering from hairfall prescribed xgain shampoo no relief advice difficulty breathing prickling sensation in chest low potassium levels treatment dizziness diarrhea cold sweats nausea no fever treatment pain between collar bones chest pain tonsillitis due to infection small child loose motions taking econorm powergyl ors treatment uti infection black particles post urination on antibiotics treatment numbness tired head heaviness ringing in ears causes and treatment no periods pcos prescribed pantecar-d deviry ultrasound done treatment fluttering in head chest stomach imbalance switched medication treatment esr level seems abnormal swelling in neck what can help why am i losing hair why dandruff like flakes pregnant stomach bloating pain on breathing back pain treatment had uti was on antibiotic treatment had yeast infection further took eclia test what does the commentary mean pregnant taking primolut injections history of missed abortions continue medication had acl recon how can i get strong again been having diarrhea and cold captin recommended why abdominal discomfort baby was moving and kicking harder why is that hypothyroidism on levoxyll bouts of crying alternative medication sore area where candle hit can something go wrong granular pharyngitis dry cough dryness in throat on medication treatment installed crown on molar why is there pain now child with cough due to swimming is it common can any online doctor help with the semen analysis heavy bleeding weight gain dull skin using duoluton-l tablets treatment how can i control exam anxiety what medication tired spacy and forgetful why are they hormones thyroid issues breast pain white discharge pain in ovaries taking cabergoline treatment cramps milky white discharge post intercourse negative pregnancy test causes sore knee after exercises no swelling or bruising advice tooth pain facial numbness any home remedy reddish swollen underarm rash any medication vomitting loose stools worms in stools what are these painful periods cramps after abortion what could be the reason hurt toe stomach pain should i be worried green diarrhea less energetic grumpier anything to worry missed periods hpt negative cramps took duphaston pregnant health check-up done what does the reports indicate had ear pain hearing buzzing sound reason kidney stones severe pain bleeding under eyelids through nose treatment black spot on cheeks and nose right medication diabetic has leg fingers fractured is laser treatment useful medicines to increase the active sperms to have babies have pain in coccyx how should i diagonise painful lump in the anus bowel movements with pain hemorrhoid 27 year old having fluctuating thyroid levels pcos pregnancy complications unprotected sex delayed periods frequent bowels urination headaches pregnant how long is hiv blood contagious need help in reading the urine test result lumbar spondylosis test done what does the report indicate light bleeding cramps on stomach lower back symptoms of pregnancy need appointment for a 6 month old with heart problem eating disorder underweight flat stomach should i go to doctor white specks in urine constantly tired feeling sick pregnant pinkish discharge after periods having severe cramps in stomach reason painful weak legs hips muscles how to get relief best contraceptive method crisanta is recommended difference between juvenile mclonic epilepsy and absencecomplex partial seizures primolut irregular period will it help tumor in ovary masturbation skin on penis is scratched why what can help small bumps in mouth smoker what could be the reason pregnant gas due to medication why choriomon okay miscarriages ovarian cysts bacterial vaginitis what does ultrasounds say belly size has risen is that due to masturbation headaches stomach pain lightheaded history of accident concussion reason concussions hallucinations what treatment is recommended and cure period done mri of spine what does the report indicate blood cholesterol test done what does the report indicate irregular periods can deviry consumption affect pregnancy lack of interest unable to remember things reasons mouth cancer what can assist him cramps period like have sinus infection why mild fever muscle weakness shoulder tightness menopausal help swallowed a flea feeling dizzy should i worry knee pain dr advised glucozamin no better solution brown stuff between legs that smells what is it kidney shows cortical cyst medication nutritional care guidelines for cataract glaucoma and allergy patients chest pains while stretching suggestions frequent fever crocin can get meftal p diffused disc bulge uncomfortable in lumbar region exercise tips curved penis after erection how to straighten it feeling dizzy pain in the neck what is causing it having heartburn pain and chest congestion suggestions painful blister on the toe need to be drained delayed periods with brownish discharge could it be stress related hepatitis b carrier what medication should i complete pregnant high tsh levels ultrasound scan normal complications during delivery suffering from scabies took medicines problem still persists treatment trying to concieve having unprotected sex daily no results reason having allergic rhinitis cbc test shows lymphocytes levels elevated meaning trying to concieve missed period spotting pinkish discharge pregnant delayed periods after having sex took contraceptives advice suffering from factor 7 disease could you prescribe proper diet premature baby suffering from bad stomach cramps on hyospasmol safe felt like lumps inside vagina is it follicles having palpitations no pain breathlessness pulse normal matter of concern rash on trunk above left hip redness itchy growing ringworm blue veins spreading all over the body cause and treatment wisdom teeth pulled out getting nauseous headache suggestions sore spot on the penis not std suggestions burning itchy scalp after braided hairstyle how to get relief have polycystic kidney uti undergone endoscopic incision for ureteroceles treatment using melaglow skin cream what is the side effect low self confidence how to overcome it toddler with loose stools given zn mebarid and oflox suggestion what is the probability of getting pregnant during menstrual periods skin peeling from knees elbows what could be the reason what can get rid of pimples and scars left behind have endometriosis trying to conceive on luprin next sharp headaches dizziness weakness normal tonsillectomy adenoidectomy soft palate swollen why lazy swallow reflex ear infection bleeding what is the treatment hormonal imbalance depression sleeplessness taking dopamine history of hypothyroidism treatment arthritis exhaustion obesity wants to do gastric bypass safe procedure has episodes of schizophrenia treatment getting dead legs and arms have bruise suggestion post surgery having running nose swelling in palate worried irregular periods heavy bleeding sharp pain what is wrong hair loss at the back side is it tumor dizzy sweating looked pale loose smelly stool what went wrong constipation hips stomach bloated passing gas reason treatment sore penis what could be the reason infant having stomach pain before bowel movements vomiting treatment vaginal inflammation white discharge infection using clingen vaginal suppository treatment what is the treatment for lower placenta heart palpitations occurring occasionally angiogram normal causes burning and pain after defecation no bleeding advice any home remedy or exercise to induce abortion hepatitis a infection high bilirubin levels sgot sgpt normal treatment pain in left arm sweating tiredness dizziness shoulder pain treatment is the urinalysis report normal while on uti medications early ejaculation and erection problem how to improve it tragus pierced bump beneath skin is it a bug bite episodes of loss of vision dizziness reason having nausea dizziness any medication how to gain height naturally any medication history of dermatomyositis anemia panel and spe suggested suggestions what are the drug actions and side effects of quadtab non-itchy spot spreading on the shoulder cure trying to conceive had implantation bleeding spotting no cramps miscarriage thinning of cheeks blood test done reason treatment pregnant what does the report indicate muscle pain on shifting house no dehydration causes for symptoms hip flexor injury should i get x-ray mri done treatment hr ct scan done what does the report indicate blemishes on face how to cure it done uterus test what does the results indicate took adderall have heaviness dizziness excessive sweat hunger why irregular and delayed periods stressed negative pregnancy test pregnant has blood in poop why body odor growing breasts help hit shinbone have water bump oozing reason for bump have back pain and congestion in ribs suggestion lumps under the nipples taking tamoxifen for pain further treatment on zarah overweight had unsafe sex help non-keratinising nasopharyngeal carcinoma unnoticed glands of mucus membranes explain pregnancy test positive later faded away chances of being pregnant currently taking treatment for pcos chances of pregnancy in future severe pain in lower back small cortical cyst aneurism further extreme fatigue and lost weight had low wbc help body itchiness what could be the reason had stained the chair what could that have been itchy skin rash what could be the reason want to conceive abnormal irregular periods history of miscarriage treatment pain near shoulder blades how to get relief 20yrs old experiencing to forget my past suggestions nose bleeds sweating dizziness cauterization done bp dropped treatment extreme bloating constipation distended stomach taken dicyclomine colonoscopy normal treatment chest has squeezing pain why does it happen all day diabetes while pregnancy is harmful to baby fever fbc cbc and urine tests high hemoglobin further dog bit a child swollen area and stitches normal had tonsils adnoids removed burning sensation headache allergy related had gallbladder removed had bm cramps had diarrhea help pregnant had an area of swelling what can help weakness and sore throats lyme disease negative had strokes suggest low grade fever after bilateral knee transplantation reasons burns when i urinate why is that serious painful spot near armpit and heart slammed on ribs help sleeping relatively late why on antidepressants normal suffered from irrelevant talk problem and epilepsy oleanz okay smoked ice overdose causing increased heart rate weak sick now itchiness on legs and arms what is the reason mild cramping fatigue clear discharge and nausea help diagnosed with g6pd giving suppository help him pass bowel arms and legs itch have bumps what can help breathing and kidney issue creatinine increased allopathy reduces creatinine had spine tb on treatment have another baby excessive bleeding on duoluton is this problem serious or normal is tumor near the ears malignant excessive sneezing and fatigue with diarrhea what is this stomach cramps with only blood stools intense sweating reasons sites where blood taken are swollen anything wrong high sgot sgpt levels what does this signify what are the chances of becoming pregnant from precum sudden palpitations chest burn dizziness reasons is lipocut 60 mg effective to reduce weight pelvic scan suggests hydrouretero nephrosis in right urethra suggestions heavy feeling in chest with fever medication have slightly squinted eye have hypertropia what can help me bloating after meals unable to conceive reasons chest tightness gastric problems breathlessness on medication for stress treatment stools immediately after food why stop milk acne should i take differin and spectro gel both infection in blood refused visa endorsement what can it be itchy water blister on leg throbbing recurring condition treatment aggressiveness thumb sucking habit what could be the reason pregnant with mvc levels raised vitamin and folate investigated suggestions skin peeling around eyes arms legs rashes itching scaling treatment chest pain gastric problems stress on pantocid dsr medication treatment high bp creatinine levels prescribed envas medication renal biopsy required nervous stomach every morning reasons brownish-reddish spot on sclera that is darkening treatment amh test shows 956pml suggestions and chances of pregnancy veins on penis premature ejaculation excessive masturbation treatment effect of combining methadone and xanax on an infant vomiting constipation digestive troubles taking tancodep-2 treatment recurrence of hydrocele taken hetrazan treatment have penis problem what treatment is recommended child has blood in urine what could be the reason have uterine fibroid can fibroid cause dry rough skin whole abdomen ultrasound done what does the report indicate swollen and painful foot after cast removal had fracture child has headache stomach ache vomiting fever any suggestions child is vomiting has fever any ideas is sleeping late bad for you feel weak tired dizzy had hysterectomy now constipation diarrhea cramping urgency fever complication not taken pill regularly had unprotected sex will pill work pregnant underweight smokes weed heart condition precautions during pregnancy canker sore in mouth red dot on hard palate concerned headache fainting feeling bleeding gums blood cancer scrotum swelling inflamed painful black stools epididymitis raised bump on thigh no pain what is it runny stools bleeding anus hot flashes swollen stomach help tight hamstring knee pain popping knee no swelling torn ligament wetness before orgasm during sex worried solution sleeplessness due to tiredness will it stunt growth medications suffering from irregular menstruation pimples can i take duphaston sore penis if had sex multiple times after ejaculation reason child suffering from throat pain dry cough prescribed levolin asthma white patch on inner labia sensitivity no stds yeast infection how to remove bumps on face dizziness no control while walking tiredness bp pulse normal reason bleeding in vagina while fingering shaking due to pain suggestions have canker sores recurring on depo provera shot causing sores have internal fever treated for uti had gum infection advise chest pain taken crocin gas problem or cold on depo shot had unprotected sex chances of pregnancy have dermoid cyst growing bigger should i be worried irregular periods diagnosed hypothyroidism home remedies pain during sexual intercourse what can be done stomach pain when jogging trouble breathing solution pigmented lesion on penis no pain or itching help speech problems broca aphasia unable to speak clearly treatment what is the side effect of afkit bump over belly button painful have arthritis what is it have oily skin acne done laser treatment permanent solution bloating stomach pain gaining weight fatigue need advice pain in mons pubis no swelling or irritation help improper digestion gas formation is it ibs any permanent cure need help in assessing the hvs culture report acidity and heaviness in stomach mucus in stool constipation treatment high esr had respiratory tract infection further medication have thallasemia trait minor blood test shows anisopoikilocytosis please advise trying to conceive taking duphaston brown thick discharge pregnant liquid discharge from penis when thinking about girlfriend help on cilest for years have spotting abdominal cramps pregnant had hernia repair surgery having heavy menstruation due to surgery pimples with itching around the penis and scrotum area medication pre-menopause abdominal pain dark vaginal discharge causes for symptoms unable to conceive prescribed folsafe reeshape and glycomet help done semen test need advice headache fever prescribed morphine and toral low to normal bp excessive sweating thirsty low energy overweight what is wrong ear and neck pain after taking vyvanse medication related symptoms testicular pain discomfort tried antibiotics heat in penis help mri shows herniation of intervertebral disc spinal stenosis explain irregular periods not obese or underweight prescribed regesterone correct medication pregnant abnormal lft results doctor predicting internal infection advice depression fatigue after taking fenugreek to help nurse baby reaction done lipid profile high bp medical advice back pain cramps breakthrough bleeding missed bcp normal metallic taste in mouth feel hot after exertion cramps help hurts to breathe deeply dry coughing worried red itchy bumps on labia std quit taking prozac after doctor increased dosage is it dangerous on depo bleeding continuously feeling irritable what is it burning tonsils nose and throat infection weakness pulled groin muscle painful to work out bruise in thigh uncontrollable sugar levels after peritonitis treatment taken glipizide vancomycin advice black color on tongue worried abdominal pain trying to gain weight had gall bladder removed feel hard and bumpy substance in stomach why is this child has raised red scratch under eye any ideas cervical and rectal pain back pain abdominal pain and swelling shocks in belly after urinating bladder infection or uti tongue inflammation after eating spicy food does orrepaste help throat pain after smoking cigarette hurts to swallow throat cancer stomach discomfort loud noise in stomach relieved by bowel movement child has chest pain is it precordial catch syndrome taken postinor 2 before sex bleeding after passing stools help spread out sores on legs little pus redness leaving scars dry scaly skin on knees dark in colour solution irregular periods trying to conceive pcod medication to regularize periods severe hairfall not genetic masturbate once a week inter-related solution depression after divorce affecting job and career suggestions bruise on buttocks painful worried about tailbone injury is stomach heaviness a sign of pregnancy or hernia depression due to love rejection suggestions abdomen pulsation no pain had gall bladder removal feeling hungrier letting off gas thirsty can anyone help head ache eye pain nausea blurred vision reason diarrhea bloating cramps gas stool test shows entamoeba histolytica cysts painful testicle stomach pain no sex taken antibiotics help prescribed ccq for conception have depression quit smoking help skin turned red during pregnancy what should i do have quit smoking have cold fever sore throat normal child has dizziness low temperature no head injury reason sound from knee joint when standing up reason done obstetric anomaly ultrasonography normal x-ray shows loss of cervical lordosis ankylosing spondylitis help taken cipro for uti infection worried about its toxicity child having fever feeling hot in the arm treatment stomach pain and frequent bowel movements blackish stool causes any permanent solution for premature ejaculation reduced hemoglobin levels after giving blood is it normal need safe performance enhancing vitamins or drugs delayed periods should i take primolut n delayed periods after taking nordette am i pregnant should i remove foreskin from penis any medication diet for patient suffering from hyperthyroidism white tingling bumps on lips had genital warts bent penis scrotum elevated reason red bumps on arm turning into sores ultrasound showed big fetus stomach should i be concerned itching vagina dark lips redness thick white discharge serious itching irritation due to herpes applied ollaturn suggest proper medication taken ipill after unprotected sex bleeding after sex explain chest pain swollen tender uncomfortable to sleep help craters in tonsils taken co-amoxiclav what should i do child is vomiting could we give walamycin mucus stuck in throat halitosis taking efexor taken antibiotics bleeding intermittently cramping spotting help lump on tongue painful bruising what is it suffering from chronic acne oily skin laser treatment best option delayed periods weight gain history of irregular periods pcos condition pregnant having contractions diarrhea vomiting stomach tingling treatment finger injury joint slipped out tendinitis muscle cramps treatment pregnant stomach cramps squeezing sensation bloating treatment normal delivery unprotected sex spotting blood post urination infection child playing with herself humping and rubbing objects normal behavior inner ear pain grinding teeth in sleep related symptoms am pregnant watery discharge with no blood cramps normal dry cough no fever earlobe pain suggestions rash on back soreness itching painful underarms tried lanacane help using smokeless tobacco discoloration in cheek concerned about leukoplakia sweating in hands and legs what is the treatment baby had fever gave meftal p any side effects stomach pain due to ulcer had gastric bypass done help have gastroparesis around the time iud inserted related have hashimotos disease dark patch on roof of mouth cancer bloating abdomen back pain ultrasound fine no constipation bleeding while passing stools tking medicines no relief remedies is my semen analysis test normal headache popping sensation on head double vision taking amitriptyline tingling tongue sore lips circular blotches on skin herpes suffering from urine infection prescribed medicines no relief suggestions trying to conceive taking cadilose urispaf weakness bleeding treatment does using skin lite cream cause any side effects increased heart rate high blood pressure while smoking suggestions burning sensation in the penis after masturbating reason rashes on legs increasing in size mosquito bites had an emergency laparoscopic appendix removal had diarrhea worse conditionhelp stomach pain under ribs watering eyes sneezing increased pulse treatment stomach pain diarrhea confusion high fever taken ibuprofen treatment suffering from androgenic alopecia on tugain lotion finax side effects have deviated nasal septum have nose blocks treatment use clomid after ovulation on duphaston why pain itching in face and white spot on chin dandruff issue never had any skin problems using hydroquinone cream help trying to conceive got period on clofert help teething canines why constipation what can help the child back pain mild diffuse disc bulge what can i do having headaches at the back stress head injury landed on a block has hematoma in tibia serious small lump on thigh near vulva why is it there diagnosed with tachycardia arythmia and leaky valves concern over experiencing tightness in throat and ringing in eras why tsh level abnormal on thyronorm why irregular period pus formation near vagina what were the pimples on oral contraceptives have pcos start fertyle had bronchitis have irregular bleeding after wyselone reason de-worming medicine for children is my child in harm underweight problems have depression how can i deal with insults stomach swelling gastric issues heavy head why does this happen perimenopause suffering from insomnia on clonafit discontinuing okay panic attacks on medication felt dizzy why cold and fever on clavam will extra dose cause problems fallopian tube blocked had intercourse next pregnant have cervical polyp which causes bleeding may cause anemia have vomiting and loose motions on antem ondem dosage have nausea dry heaving vomiting headaches fatigue had uti help high creatinine levels undergoing physical exercises dialysis spine tb infection how long for treatment different medication symptoms of attention deficit disorder how to cure this trivial mr detected can i clear a rescheduled medical exam migraine paralysis involuntary vocalizations shaking taking relpax treatment taken glucophage pcos treated with antibiotics symptoms suggest penicillin after fever why are there sores on head tenderness in abdomen with frequent diarrhea stone in kidney cure vomiting dizziness after drinking bubble tea allergic reaction rectal examination prostate soft why digestion issues had an abladion done have back pain and spotting explain planning for a baby on follicular study follicle ruptured chances sting electrical in nature on shoulder why chest pain stomach pain after i masturbate why take cranberry supplements severe back pain taken vicodin cmotrin cpercocet is that enough head injury used ice lump still there why discomfort mri reports stated that mild deviation of nasal septum explain never faced pimple issues azimac and faceclin good fever and cough weather sensitive combiflame syrup missed period have polycystic ovaries now what milky discharge had yeast infection treated help clitoris has edema in purple why is it so painful sick after getting drunk why is this a normal reaction fever and raspy cry swollen lymph nodes why help hive looking rash on limbs could it be scabies head injured internal bleeding on levetiracetam help sickness under the sun why does that happen fissures on penis glans hard pus in small tunnels treatment pregnant having a split cervix after an abortion concerned delayed periods tender breasts cramping and brownish spotting pregnant irregular use of postinor pregnancy chances episodes of vomiting chronic condition cbc blood work normal causes need help in assessing the cholesterol levels pregnant severe headache nausea vomiting stomach acid taken tylenol treatment delayed periods took duphaston orange discharge reasons pcod irregular periods want to have a baby advise delayed periods missed cycle taking gestone medication causes for delay masturbation sperm dribbling on ejaculation watery discharge treatment impotence frequent urination constipation taking concor newtel for bp treatment swelling in finger joint stiffness hot to touch specialist advise suffering from severe hair fall dandruff chronic condition treatment options external hemorrhoids pain discomfort secreting little fluid no bleeding treatment flu-like symptoms history of glandular fever infectious mononucleosis treatment liver cirrhosis frequent bowel movements abdominal pain colitis treatment need help in analyzing semen report stomach fat wants to decrease waist line cavitation therapy safe high pulse rate anxiety feeling of breathlessness tiredness weakness causes restlessness headaches loss of interest unable to express problems treatment vaginal itching yellow discharge used canesten vaginal tablet treatment acute knee pain nerve compression cervical myelopathy traction required treatment short height thin body structure medication to gain fat fall post childbirth strong pungent urination white vaginal discharge treatment delayed periods periods came last month after unprotected sex pregnant pregnant bleeding from vaginal lips soreness not sexually active treatment head injury concussion headaches vision problems memory loss treatment high bp sudden spike taking amlodipine precautions cramps on outside of lower leg long distance cyclist treatment spongy mass in vagina no discharge pregnant urinary incontinence treatment sore vaginal lips cuts swelling lumps green discharge itching treatment bleeding after intercourse could this be due to the implanon taking duphaston have hormonal imbalance affects of intercourse increased sensitivity on penile top suffering with premature ejaculation cure taking levlen ed pinkish vaginal discharge pregnancy chances having headache fatigue diagnosed as tension headache suggestions sore throat burning eyes itchy ears reasons delayed periods pregnancy test negative what are the abortion options condom inside the vagina what are the chances of infection large blood blister due to vigorous oral sex advise ear pain hearing loss using hydrogen peroxide bleeding treatment taking vyvanse delayed periods pregnancy test negative medicinal effect small lump in clitoris very sore swelling protruding veins std delayed periods clear vaginal discharge bleeding pregnancy symptoms or periods chronic rib pain alcoholic hepatitis taking codeine paracetamol treatment diagnosed with hashimotos disease hyperthyroidism trying to conceive treatment small child swelling in lip angioedema given prednisone benadryl treatment severe cramps light periods nausea protected sex implantation bleeding crater deformity after undergoing gynecomastia will fat grafting help missed period occasional cramping sick feeling after sexual encounter cause will clotrimazole vaginal tablet affect pregnancy can any online doctor advise on semen analysis report do paraffin heaters cause asthma or chest problems in babies premature ejaculation weak penis lack of sexual interest treatment options had an abortion tried iui tubes normal icsi procedure have had the mirena iud have stabbing pain help suffering from dry cough took metoprolol and candace treatment crvo treatment had eye operated on steroids trust homeopathy stabbing pain in stomach back pain burping gas treatment redness on shaft of penis on hydrocortisone bacteria presence of hyperdense focus in high parietal parafalcine explain had c-scetion alt-sgpt abnormal can augmenten be the reason have multinodular goiter ultrasound showed thyroid gland markedly enlarged meaning premature ejaculation low velocity thick sperm varicocele surgery done treatment small child having fever seizures taking eptoin levroxa treatment urine infection taking levoflexin niftran safe to use has developed small blackish patches on back and leg solution have sgpt abnormal in reports taking udiliv suggest period symptoms vaginal discharge continuous painful breast help has a granuloma in the umbilicus medication vaginal suppository is it effective even after the texture changes severe headaches on sibellium induced sleep take vasograin or naxdom nape pain and headache why why does it sound crunchy gunshot wound perforated the large intestine vomited why unprotected sex pregnancy chances with body pain fever bleeding tubes placed in ears water sports on antibiotics worry had anamoly scanning amniotic fluid afi abnormal worry weak physically can i increase my weight take endura mass cauliflower ear from cartilage piercing swelling pain treatment options small child frequent bowel movements watery mucus filled stools treatment eczema on buttocks behind knee itching wheezing rashes treatment small child constipation unable to pass stools diet recommendations having reddish itchy rashes after eating chicken allergic reaction tried crystal meth marijuana why paranoia worry heart attack ultrasound shows bulky ovaries multiple follicular cysts pcod status meaning small child feeling low white stools weakness increased appetite treatment vaginal bleeding occurred only once not period blood pregnant premature atrial contraction right axis deviation is anything serious bent penis methods to get it right tension unable to control emotions fear not social treatment suffering from mild fever fluctuating slightly taking calpol treatment options stomach chest tightness difficulty breathing shaking hypoglycemia attack treatment ulcerative colitis fissures using nifedipine lidocaine ointment treatment headaches nausea heat exhaustion due to sun exposure treatment swallowed fish bone throat discomfort vomiting difficulty breathing treatment taking eption frisuim and epilex for seizures need permanent cure pregnant what can treat vomiting how long will it last had color doppler scan what does it say negative liver tests taking ayurvedic treatment for thyroid liver problems burning during urination burning on penis upon stopping urination tender breasts painful what to do blood in stools bloating abdominal cramps concerned with ibs lump on labia minor painful what is it eye dryness sensitivity to lights migraine anything else to do child has fever taken advet and crocin typhoid negative suggestion using penidure injection for joint pain best treatment sonography showed bulky uterus do i have fibroids have lost weight strange object in stool what is it eye irritation on outer corner rubbed eyes vigorously redness treatment blocked fallopian tube akt4 causing side effects what to do have typhoid fever stomach ache when can i resume work sebaceous cyst on chin white discharge swelling using ice treatment dry vagina painful no bleeding using xylocaine want smooth insertion pregnant light headed sweating chills nausea causes for symptoms have severe bloating indigestion endoscopy found prolapsing gastropathy help small child having bronchitis coughing using ventolin saline water treatment hbs-ag reactive person history of non reactive hbs-ag medication unprotected sex allergy rashes headaches weakness taken ipill medication treatment trying to conceive weight gain history of medical abortion treatment had multiple large calcified foci in bilateral crebral hemispheres meaning stomach problems endoscopy done stomach cancer diagnosed treatment inner thigh rashes scabies why do they itch smoked and bp dropped anxiety over weight cannot exercise help me fell and hurt ankle and shin lower back hurts help developed severe headache with flu like symptoms migraine pelvic scan said acyesis nil masses cyst meaning pco under treatment swelling in feet elephant disease itching around vagina and hole suggest gel or cream small cyst removed from lip why is healing time been diagnosed with fatty liver disease peptic ulcer suggest developed high bp when can i stop medication usg report said bulky anteverted uterus advise vaginal itching was it a thrush what can i do have stomach pain after getting drunk had endoscopy take nexium pain in ear swollen jaw hurts why lupus suffering from parkinsons disease dbs treatment have immune thrombocytopenia why does milk lead to diarrhea why did my ear suddenly pain while sleeping on floor ekg stated contour abnormality consider inferior myocardial damage what next nerves hurt after being hit broken the arm worry a part of anus is hanging out why suffering from hairfall novophane plus tablets sound okay what birth control can i take will it assure safety swollen testicle had a uti can morphine help knee dislocated after an accident why is the pain fluctuating lots of clotting with heavy bleeding took benadryl help bad headaches with nausea and stomach cramps what is it took cytotec for miscarriage had blood clots try pregnancy again have painful swelling in butt scrotum too