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unprotected sex sore itchy painful vagina redness semen analysis report sperm count motility treatment and duration sleep disorder irregular heart rate body shivers smoking urine analysis report stone diseases loose stools weakness in limbs taken prednisone any suggestions bumps on limbs red blisters itching hurting amoxicillin augmentin allergy repeated cramping and vaginal bleeding after using slendertone reason red rash around mouth healing rash around knees itchy tan spots on face get darker in sunlight treatment tsh levels 7 thyronorm 25mg unprotected sex taken pill spotting hurts while urinating white discharge why didnt i conceive can i conceive now attacka of thyphoid and malaria how can i increase height asthma attack why did chest look fuzzy emergency surgery exercises low fat how can i reduce weight mercilon yellow-brownish discharge and cramping high temperature urinating frequently headaches can i sleep well why am i spotting after normal duration of periods irregular menstruation after miscarriage had intercourse pregnancy test negative pregnant itchy body will avil affect baby taking duphaston and clomid can i have a baby pregnant bleeding clotting cramping feels dizzy still pregnant pregnant what is prinatology test armpit hair is matted and dry is this a symptom bad eczema gave topical and oral steroids what else traumatic breakdown jaw locked chances of stroke darolac capsules difficulty in digestion pantrpazole tablets burning sensation have tiny bumps on penis what could be this pregnancy when after period is it safe take abortion pills taken unwanted 72 period delay painful toes stressed vitamin d low body swelling why rashes in vagina hurts to walk no itching burning skin on knuckles stinging and red stucco keratosis gall bladder partially distended removal of polyps and calculi muscle spasms from finger to leg tab flexon missing periods after having child had intercourse having irregular periods pricking feeling on the thighno signs or red mark cause blisters inside mouth itches burns swollen lips pain loose watery motions vomiting coughing fever crocin drops lower shin swollen and bruised numbness at the hurt sight skin infection on face klebsiella bactrim efficiency reduced cant sleep without taking trika and avil flu nasal congestion chlorine allergy taken piriton excessive saliva trying to conceive clomid serofene lutenyl had protected sex missed periods chances of pregnancy costochondritis chest pain mild fever and pain frequent urination rhinoplasty surgery sinus crustiness infection swollen labia minor burns when peeing blood noticed hurting white spot on scrotum fordyce spots taking tetralysal for acne blood discharge during pregnancy low is it due to pills started irregular periods not under stress what are the risks under-cooked meat eaten have food poisoning what can relieve pain had light spotting experiencing crampsfeeling tired and lightheaded pregnant weltshives on stomach bottom and legs fever pain in lower rib tender lymph node in chest constipation abnormal smelling stools with mucus and blood remedy got contraceptive injection why does ex itch sick after food got gatorade why have i been exhausted black spot on inner lip no discomfort used old condom for intercourse can take plan b pill foul fishy odour during intercourse cause pcos dark brown spotting abdominal cramps backache protected intercourse excessively aggressive headaches obsessively clean improper sleep what is wrong eucalyptus oil in eye burns swollen puffy treatment low sperm count semen analysis dietexercise bleeding after cleaning tongue while brushing is it tuberculosis loose motion in baby vomiting no fever laser hair removal skin irritation blisters neosporin hydrocortisone diagnosed with mastocytoma allergic to dog allergy can be outgrown diarrhoea black specks in stool clonapin zoloft hair loss using baby shampoo blood report normal cure had a miscarriage discharge of blood clots cramping normal lump on tonsil sore throat antibiotics cough infection 33 year old having erectile dysfunction any suggestions have adenocarcinoma swollen legs and feet concerned about blood clots mirena stomach pain during intercourse vaginal bacterial infection taking metronidazole swollen vagina pain uti rapid heartbeat palpitations taking caffeine tightness in chest tightening of muscles under rib cage spasms soreness on paraguard iud light and spotty periods swollen abdomen pregnant swollen stinging painful minora labia no discharge painkiller mri shows compression fracture how effective is radiation therapy ultrasound done bicornuate uterus is my pregnancy normal or complicated colposcopy for abnormal cells do we need to do it vertigo vertin nootropil can stop taking vertin trying to conceive regular periods less cervical mucus back pain mark on back used tylenol and ibuproefen fever high help have a stomach bug what do the cvc reports denote irregular periods taking novelo how long should i continue this bowel movement eating abdominal pains delayed periods after bc pills small lump in neck cause lft reports show bilirubin abnormality what does it indicate intercourse taken postinor nauseous pregnant chocolate cyst danocrine sensikol vomilat pregnant anterior cervical discetomy and fusion done why is leg numb stomach ache loose motions can i give normet eptoin stroke endoscopy bleeding in stomach feeling pain in ribs what is the cause and cure cea level high smoker rheumatoid arthritis cancer blisters near arms am masturbating kindly advise uterus cancer had hysterectomy bowel collapsed why bleeding now pregnant thyroid level for tsh tested will it affects fetus suddenly feel hot and dizzy vomit taken zoloft 25 mg had ipill after intercourse during menstrual cycle experienced bleeding chances diagnosed with endometriosis prescribed meprate is it effective had intercourse before periods getting irregular periods pregnant delayed periods abdominal pain pain in the clitoris had unprotected sex post periods taken pill loestrin pregnancy chances testicle pain premature ejaculation scrotum ultrasound normal medication headaches forgetful dizzy nausea exhausted should i be concerned urine test done pain in penis looking for advice pain in breast nipples feels hurting frequent urination nausea pregnant wound on penis that reopens on having sex any advice groin pain mri normal dizziness leg pain not interested in sex taking zoloft for anger issues treatment white patch on eyelid hydrocortisone 05 ointment fungal infection bumps on back stinging taken diflucon what is this smoking change in behaviour addicted to parties bruise on arm with little lump dizziness feeling pale and sick heavy eyes loss of balance swollen tonsils redness painful swallowing difficult to talk suggestions had sex missing period am i pregnant unprotected intercourse before ovulation chances of pregnancy genital warts similar to herpes not hurts blood filled bump on vagina pains looks black delayed periods swelling in anus light brown stains strong odour having repeated periods in a month what does this mean discomfort in thighs and groin not painful what is it ulcer next to vulva sore throat vicks nyquil liquicaps appendix operation how soon can the patient travel type 2 diabetic wants baby chances of complication delayed periods taken postinor-2 possibility of pregnancy painful lump in lower left leg what is this lump vein in wrist swollen painful wrist brace hernia in abdomen and groin difficulty urinating bed wetting fever given tylenol feels dizzy is this normal with fever high fever esr687578 maxima viral infection white itchy bumps on leg no puss treatment colimax instead of calsimax effect on baby unprotected sen nordette effectivity and pregnancy miscarriage unprotected sex puking gags spits after sex loss of weight possible with vitamin d deficiency white bumps under penis skin itchy bleeds after masturbation pricking in chest heaviness soreness urine pregnancy test positive pregnant no sac seen in ultrasound cramps bloating in stomach painful taking lansprazole any advice injured ankle swelled and bruised difficulty walking treatment hit on head bumps headache feels light headed fainting treatment intercourse taken pills missing periods pregnant dry patch under arms and shoulder scabs knee pain stress fracture top of tibia frozen shoulder after accident no progress after physiotherapy treatment option rash on collar bone shingles valacyclovir painful blister lichen planus pigmentosus dapsone substitute for dapsone in homeopathy mouth and throat dry runny nose sneezing in morning child has loose stools done stool test valuable suggestions abdominal pain gastroenteritis diarrhea pain subsiding treatment for diarrhea neck pain head pain popping vessels in head intercourse periods missing abortion pills anal fissure comes and go betnovate cream itching redness small pimples itchy rashes on leg and around vagina blue star ointment forgetting recent things remember past events what should i do pregnant getting white brown clots no cramps is this normal bleeding after bowel movement what could be the reason tubal ligation delayed periods pregnant colitis knee surgery taking vicodin nausea diarrhea taking tri sprintec early period normal painful swollen gums taken ibuprofen no relief treatment swelling in shin and lower leg presence of hard lump pink spotting taking gianvi oral contraceptive implantation bleeding abdominal discomfort during sitting prescribed prilosec duodenal ulcer excessive mucus discharge painful nipples had tubal ligation taking birth control for acne still have blackheads any suggestions orange urine after taking gaviscon have reflux hardly eating severe hair fall prescribed livogen betnosal forte dermovate lotion cause migraine stiff neck blurry vision confusion what is wrong broken foot had surgery gained weight what can i do fibroid does high blood pressure cause fibroids headache and body ache blood test done suggestion first trimester screening test rubella test positive is it normal constipation stomach feels heavy piles hard stool taking cremaffin syrup had unprotected intercourse will regestrone helps to terminate pregnancy hepatitis b sex without protection what are the risks on atripla feel fatigued alternative medicine had unprotected sex brownish discharge any helpful advice wound and pus in ear painful medication can i increase my height are there any side effects unprotected sex delayed periods itching and burning sensation pregnancy pcod lactating regular periods can i start metformin sore knee painful tried otc medicine what is it harpies disease taking virovir 500 wysolone 10mg diclomol pain subsided had unprotected sex taken pill started spotting chances of pregnancy sunburn on face swollen eye and forehead headache eye twitching tb akurit 3 neuropathy problem duration of medication br over weight what can help my food craving habits chicken pox red blotchy spots pain in arm between shoulder and elbow treatment thyroid surgery pus oozing out of stitches overweight feels uncomfortable medicine to lose weight trying to conceive how to to boost fertility advice lumps in groin not std any thoughts have cramps no bleeding discharge what is going on increased bp during pregnancy should we get delivery done on depo shot started reddish orange spotting what is wrong vaginal discharge yellowy colour wetness chest pains feels dizzy ecg results normal dx with mono fatigue headache can participate for game acne vulgaris acne scar metadox aziderm clindamycin blemish patch result dizziness slurred speech weakness diagnosis irregular periods dodgy hormones spotting pregnant itching crawling sensation in ears upper repsiratory infection pneumonia treatment had protected sex have light bleeding what is the problem myasthenia gravis chest infection side effects of using slendertone ache lumpiness and puffiness near shoulder concerned about cancer blood in stools cramps what is it whitehead after getting scratched could this be a wart red bumps and pimples on skin sweating large bowl movement smells bad mucus coming from anus red sinus with white patches burning mucus from sinus had unprotected sex breast and nipples sore pregnant sun burn on face applied aloe vera and neosporin hurts tonsillitis swollen neck loss of voice fluctuating temperature feels weak brown discharge light bleeding pregnant overweight high bp high alcohol depression anxiety increased heart rate sore throat neck rash headache swollen throat any ideas bump near anus puss excreting small abscess unable to concentrate and decide what to do delayed periods negative pregnancy test vaginal discharge back pain pregnant excessive sweating rash under armpit treatment eosinophils11 hetrazan-100 sneezing diet control tooth extraction antibiotics heavily bleeding blood poisoning femilon unprotected sex during period chances of conceiving moody sleeps a lot poor in study behaves abnormal missed periods prescribed regestrone still no periods am i pregnant periods late taken deviry 10 pregnancy test positive petechial rash behind the ears measles and streptococcus pimples dark circles acne marks treatment pin prick feeling in throat mild pain missed period duphaston 10mg nausea excess of fatigue pregnant egg ruptured delayed periods breast pain pregnancy test negative pimples have caused pits on cheeks what must i do medicine to increase height is dr ayushveda medicine effective fever shivering giddiness vomiting tiredness headache back pain constipation reason high metabolic rate and tension weight loss neomercazole 5mg swelling in nose icing blackened eyes cure stomach pain worst diet gastritis blood in stool cancer pressure in ear numb no ear infection taking allegra pregnant started spotting no pain is this normal done leep removed vaginal lesions should i get gardasil have osteoarthritis had shoulder replacement surgery weakness in knees huge bumps on chest red raised doesnt hurt anorexic obsessive control over diet treatment lump on upper butt crack not oozing child has low hemoglobin afraid of leukemia shortness of breath chest pain have pleurisy please advise congenital nevi on foot irregular shape changing colour hurts bruise like marks on leg shin using propolis natural products headache sore throat dizziness fever leg pain coughing yellow cataarh strange taste in mouth spotting clots done ultrasound what is it chronic mucus in throat reflex medicine nasal spray not cured tuberculosis swollen neck pain lymph node found in ultrasound scan chronic middle back pain below ribs feeling of muscle pull swallowing problem near adams apple glands swollen in throat vacuum abortion irregular bleeding brown spotting tickling sensation in feet hands sleeping pills irritating visit doctor lip itching numb zit advice headache in half part of head lumps on head treatment sensitive and itchy private parts red rashes whitish vaginal discharge vdrl positive wound on penis treatment upper teeth removed sinus swollen gums and cheeks white spots on tonsils antibiotic swollen tonsils constipation white stool abdominal pain acid reflux lump on neck neck pain another lump near to shoulder cough feeling of lump in throat dry throat cure irregular periods hormonal imbalance whitish creamy solidify discharge tb lung cancer akt4 medication pain while throwing the ball shoulder makes cracking sound injured finger swollen tender what is trigger finger taken progesterone before bleeding will there be complications in pregnancy early ejaculation short penis have anxiety help endometriosis laparoscopy done difference between tube block and tube patent suffering from jaundice lft done having any chronic lft disease chance in behaviour less semen discharge suggestions throat pain hydrocodone oxygen after surgery green stool foul smell weight gain treatment want to be fair father has fair skin tone tested for std hiv1 hiv2 results negative had ectopic pregnancy done pap smear pink spotting mucus psoriasis increased mucus in body white patches all over body throat hurts feels tired to talk treatment vitiligo on lips didnt like ayurvedic treatment treatment diabetes weakness blisto 1mf stressed giddiness can medicines be stopped menopause endometrial thickness was 16 mm vagifem endometrial thickness12 mm vaginal bleeding during unprotected intercourse what could be the reason using microgynon mood swings headaches worried trying to conceive irregular periods pcos allopathy ineffective ayurvedic treatment tablets or yoga for masturbation swollen penis used antibiotic cream popping in knee cannot put weight what should i do variable inr level had pulmonary embolism taking coumadin any ideas multiple sclerosis memory loss nauseating headaches feels weak dizzy abdominal pain swollen nutsack swollen area below the belly suggestion chronic kidney failure free kidney transplant suggest hospitals hold electric fence arm and wrist hurting treatment had precancerous polyps removed having heartburn after eating suggestion meniscus in both knee irritated power lifter healthy weight broken elbow hand feels heavy time to remove the screw losanorm ecosprin aten hypertension bp is medication right abdominal stroke early periods had sex now spotting pregnant hemorrhoids or fistula blood in poo medication leon 500mg sneezing and cough relapse continue with same medicines thrush severe cramping headache spotting on cerazette pregnant severe acne prescribed doxt s topcid 40 effective heart flutter cough no pain worried ppd test positive rifampicin feels dizzy allergy anti allergy medicines eye floaters pain war spectacles normal eye sight cure pregnant want to know normal values of blood test results pregnancy iron medication iron ferrous fumarate 45 mg side efects penis slighlty inclined towards left side erectile dysfunction underweight treatment delay in periods negative pregnancy test am i still pregnant red sclera irritation systane no discharge or sensitivity done semen analysis test want second opinion swollen tongue antibiotics mouthwash allergy or sinus problem hepatitis b reactive elevated sgpt level hepa profile cure pregnant lower abdominal pain foetus scan done back pain bad smelling discharge after having mirena how to get relief low sperm count high blood pressure child has difficulty passing stool quit drinking milk had sex nausea variable pregnancy test what is it burning itching vagina greenish discharge long period stomach pain vomiting nausea pregnant recurring pain in calf numbness tingling what is it continuous bleeding uterine polyp why are doctors not removing it child refusing breast milk giving lactogen looking for suggestion got brown blood in period what does it mean discharge nausea tender breasts history of miscarriage am i pregnant severe pain in elbow involves in athletics meet with an accident lower back pain cure swollen ankles soreness weight increase breathlessness acute leukemia blood test done low white blood cells taken wrong medicine side effects bug bite itchy red ring with white centre red lower leg swollen varicose veins treatment what is the healing period of an open tfcc repair menorrhagia hypothyroidism pcos novelon disery meprate siphene 100 mg skin infection recurrent sweat used gel soap or boiled water vegetarian diet plan to gain weight weakness in leg bone colon cancer having sexual problem medicine to boost up pregnant anaemic vomiting nausea headache fatigue pre-eclampsia nausea vomiting taking healthy diet pounding in head severe pain causes and treatment neck pain taking pronim sore throat wound behind molar pain painful throat throat congestion after inhaling the bug repellent medication semen test done any advice trauma to kidney blood of his urine excess urination treatment itchy red spots on torso arms thighs treatment loose motion drink good amount water side effects of positrim pink puffy swollen eye eczema conjunctivitis low sperm count fsh 54 ivf unsuccessful medicine gout ebuxo-40 zaltokin-80 defza-6 leg swollen pains blue coloured flu fever tylenol motrin rashes on face gaining weight irregular periods acne around jawline and neck feels like bubbles my chest advice bilateral maxillary sinus mucosal thickening sphenoid sinus feels sick fluctuating hemoglobin advised bone marrow any other treatment option ovofar time to get pregnant thyroid removed increased heartbeat rate blood pressure low odd smelling green-yellow discharge lumps in breast normal sprained ankle no swelling limping pain sexually active missing periods feels stressed pregnant itchy bottom bile movement stomach hurts pain in abdomen on working out after eating reason tongue swelling tiredness drowsiness taken amoxicillin precautions to prevent spreading bruise on lower abdomen feeling sore cause feels kicking and movement in stomach pregnancy test negative cause rash between legs painful and itchy discharge fungal infection have chronic placental insufficiency are my medications safe for baby stomach hard and swollen constipation pills stomach discomforts cramps suffered typhoid diet avoiding foods duration for precautions erectile dysfunction sensitive penis head what is the problem trying to conceive irregular periods taking medicines for periods hypothyroid thyronorm feeling breathless treatment trying for conception prescribed with fertomid feeling uncomfortable in stomach pain in brain taking dolo 650 should go for vasograin high blood pressure feels heartbeat without touching pulse gradually reducing sperm count any ways to increase it swollen clitoris pains bump inside mouth swollen gum std feels tired mono disease elevated cpk low testosterone frequent throat infections perfume allergy any reasons fever vomiting diarrhoea tylenol stomach virus diet and treatment blood clot in head unconscious numbness in hand occasionally bad breath throat pain causing difficulty in swallowing remedy red bumps on face itchy ears pus spread delayed periods m2 tone trying to conceive scabby bloody nose stuffy hard to breath treatment trying to conceive abdominal pain prolifen had miscarriage colitis feels tired hard and soft bowel movements vomiting sensation after eating pizza food poisoning cold breathing problem heart enlarged zevit cefolac-200 sore nipples nausea vomiting delayed periods pink spotting pregnancy chances dent on skull skull deteriorating feels dizzy headache throbbing headache starts from exercising till night any suggestions throbbing and pimples on thighstaking clorimazole-betamethasone ointment std crusty white deposit in ear itchy pain dead skin pregnant pelvic pains sore leg constipation rectum pressure and pain post sex big irritating bumps on upper thighs antibiotics trying to conceive medical reports normal regular periods treatment orange coating on tongue have asthma suggestion infected from anal intercourse monogamous sore throat fever fibromyalgia flu hit on face breathing problem heart problem brownish and runny diarrhea dark and sticky stools concerned treatment preventive measure for australia antigen cold sore throat metallic taste in mouth excess saliva cure hypothyroid fluctuating blood pressure taking medicine is it curable diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia diabetic best treatment taking no xplode having shortness of breath solution bumps inside upper eyelids itchy sometimes remedy melalite xl cream ban a tan side effects picked pimples red spot discharge skin peeling treatment delayed periods urine pregnancy test negative epithelial cells mucus threads amorphous urates bacteria in urinalysis result bulging upper lip numbness bump on squeezing diabetes loose green stools eating less than usual treatment required had cyst continued with irregular period taking femilion pregnancy possible delayed periods negative pregnancy test had unprotected sex pregnancy chances redness burning above upper lip post waxing remedy spinal stenosis liver disease fluid in lungs crohns bipolar 2 disorder diabetes bloated stomach treatment how to enlarge penis without medicine erection problem during intercourse masturbating regularly low testosterone tadalafil knots in tummy diarrhoea stomach bug tested for irritable bowel blood work done autoimmune diseases hives on arms taking tonalin is it an allergy has bad breath use probiotics suggest solutions chicken pox given overdose of piriton syrup itchy skin pea sized lump on neck what can it be pain in leg both knees touch each other delayed periods abdominal pain nausea yellowish discharge pregnancy test negative throbbing pain in middle of back acid reflux prilosec chlamydia azithromycin dihydrate bartholin gland swollen and painful white discharge headache feels dizzy pain one eye blackout cause how to detoxify the mold exposure herbal remedy blood pressure patient low sodium diet intense pain due to continuous testicular swelling abdominal pain treatment neuro problem unable to speak hand not working slow death abdominal pain cyst in stool low back pain side effects of celebrex and dolonex dt irregular periods hormonal medication sore breasts and swollen sexually active cough breathing difficulty azithromycin 375 mgs formonide 200 asthalin syrup weakness chills from the inside fatigue at work mosquito fever used ky yours and mines irritation yellow discharge vaginal itching pcos obese anxiety post episodes of body tremors weakness advice depressed premature ejaculation looking for treatment trying to conceive progesterone level low duphaston tablet pinkish discharge from vagina bleeding during intercourse causes chronic sweaty hands red spots on palms treatment missing periods hot flashes mood swings swollen breast heavy bleeding red spots on bum cheeks turns black purple after squeezing missing periods pregnancy test negative susten 300 pain below knee cap no injury pain on squatting causes normal potassium level post withdrawing lotrel propranolol had high bp pcos insulin resistance metphormin celexa irregular periods aborted child nipple discharge causes sore throat bumps near throat nasty access mucus comes out missed periods sexually inactive 36day cycle stomach ache bumps on hands arms and lower back kenalog shot under weight urine test done contusion feels light headed dizziness and vertigo on birth control brown thin stringy clumpy spotting pregnant dose for mifepristone 200mg and misoprostal 200mg blood in stool pain in anus treatment twitching upper eye migraine sleeping a lot thyroid problem tsh putting on weight please advice white thick stuff on squeezing the mole treatment required nasal congestion difficulty swallowing coughing strep throat infection bump on chest hurts cyst abdominal pain hurts to walk nausea light headed worried about giving extra dose of zincovit drop to baby typhoid high fever weakness diet red blotches on palms disappears after pressing loose motions vomiting fever enterogermina domestal calpol taxim o severe back pain thecal sac impingement treatment gallbladder removed pregnant lower abdominal pain nausea reg bowel movements pregnant feels like urinating treatment miscarriage on depo shot late periods not getting pregnant ischaemic heart disease tuberculosis backache cough polycystic ovaries intercourse missed periods mucus discharge from vagina pregnant stomach ache constipation slow digestion malnutrition unidentifiable thing in mucus neck pain arm pain thoracic pain acne on neck small red spots with white rings on hands spreading cause intercourse stomach cramps trying to conceive unprotected sex unwanted-72 pregnant any side-effect on fetus watery discharge trying to conceive red rash around hips reaction to nylon late period light spotting pain in waist pregnancy melaglow on lips pigmentation on lips how beneficial is melaglow ejaculated inside vagina during sex taken i-pill vaginal bleeding pregnancy fertility treatment periods stopped premature ovarian failure sinusitis surgery diagnosed with hsv2 initial outbreak no symptoms and signs transmission low height want to take gloxi efficacy and side effects hypothyroidism taking eltroxin pregnant will this medication harm the baby vomiting and delayed periods chances of pregnancy irregular periods brownish discharge pregnancy test negative advice psoriasis on allopatic treatment taking steroids is it safe bowel movement problem stomach cramps loose stool not diarrhea advice insomnia taking nature 5htp calcium magnesium curved penis on erection heavy night fall correction options using siphene for conception any other medication chest congestion using inhalers levolin buetcorde swollen red breast infection can feed the child diarrhea loose stoolstomach ache inactive no vomitting no headache penis discharge taken ciprogen allergic to soap sneezing during bowel movement what are the causes recurring uti relief with antibiotics cause and permanent solution child having fever red spots on tongue slight cough suggestion pregnant have severe stomach cramping and constipation what is wrong irregular periods heavy bleeding advised to take regestrone 5mg small ovary pcod trying to conceive pregnant with second child spotting everytime post intercourse normal missing periods thyroid test done treatment belly button hernia operated severe stabbing pain diagnosed with abnormal axis deviation borderline ecg any natural remedies mirena coil fitted arthritis flare up knee swollen feet ibuprofen unprotected sex less duration of periods sensitive nipples pregnant chest congestion pain on the left side suggestions missing periods varying urine test what does that mean recurring sharp shooting pains in anus colonoscopy needed had intercourse spotting delayed periods chances of getting pregnant gastritis h-pylori breath test negative erosive esophagitis grade a advice loose motions on breastfeeding chicken bone swallowed started fussing bowel movements not proper development of foetus amino results good intrauterine growth using penis extender to increase penis size blood circulation stopped stage 4 throat cancer fever suggestion getting fever and vomiting feeling weak what is the disease heavy bleeding after novasure procedure taken advil is this normal rashes in the groin area fungal rash itches badly treatment chicken pox fever elevated liver enzymes lethargic swollen vagina pain during urination urine infection std antibiotics semen analysis done normal volume level iud removed continuous bleeding menopause oily hair greasy skin proper diet stomach cramps loose motions loss of appetite fever nausea medicine intercourse irregular periods abdominal pain vomiting feels tired pregnant protected sex ipill irregular periods pregnant stopped periods birth control low estrogen level menopause abdominal pain nausea vomiting spots on liver pregnancy test negative thick uterus lining missing periods pregnant heavy bleeding after periods post intake of unwanted 72want assistance itchy bruised on hand spreading taking benadryl not cured having oily skin used chemical peel advised kojivit cream safe missing periods feels tired pregnancy test negative periods started missing periods spotting stomach ache pain in leg diabetic blood test done feels weak should take insulin urinary tract infection fever leg pain antibiotic pimple-like outgrowth painless extra muscle in labium advice had wisdom teeth removed nausea vomiting are these side effects pregnant has stabbing chest pain shortness of breath pcod krimson 35 weight gain anxiety depression taking prozac pain in kidney and testicle urination problem kidney stone irregular periods feels weak headache treatment child having glycine deficiency how can it be successfully treated child having diarrhea stomach pain vomiting low appetite cure epilepsy missed periods numb hand pregnancy test negative pregnant bad taste in mouth have benign tumor in sinus depression sadness have chronic headache syndrome dizziness blurred vision on birth control pills dosage for taking birth control pills regular periods intercourse nausea stomach sticking out pregnant swollen parotid gland not defined mass or lesion blocked duct abnormalities in blood high level of fructosamine suggests dangerous have itchy scalp and skin seizures what is the cause mild fever diarrhoea green stool treatment chest pain teeth and jaw hurts ear popping wrist pain muscle damaged vitamin d deficiency nose bleeds getting worse hereditary should i consult a doctor sweating itchy labia bumps on labia cause and treatment diabetes meth user irritation in eyes abdominal pain irregular periods trying to conceive melasma on birth control pill irregular periods frequent menstruation cause and treatment hair fungus flakes in scalp itchy hair loss arthritis asthma fast heartbeat stressed irregular periods cramps sensitive breast pregnancy test negative irregular periods brown discharge how can periods be regularised obese want to lose weight difference between bulimia and anorexia red rash on neck and ears warm to touch suggestion child passes stool frequently in a day is it normal started depo proveria had c-section why is period irregular now recovering from pancreatitis why is it flaring again take nutrition having lower back pain enlarged ovary why heavy period on birth control skipped pills and having irregular periods advice hair loss side effects of diane 35 alternate medicine hyper-pigmentation used hyde which caused irritation wants other depigmentation creambr muscle cramps in thighs painful what is this how to increase weight height and maintain personality white pus-filled bumps on chest and thighs help on and off headache drinking at night feels nausea solution white hair patch on back of head what is this purple lumps under tongue diabetic on bp pills connected fear of failure tensed rapid heart beat obsessive treatment tumor in her rectal tract radiation therapy hip injured bruised what can help the sharp pains been having white particles in urine what can it be bad anxiety what can help me be active and energetic injured calves by running why are they sore lip color changed from pink to dark brown remedies light bleeding cramps after unprotected sex perimenopausal soft lump inside labia minora sebaceous gland blockage or cyst bump on penis no pain reddishness what is it pregnant is chickenpox contagious can i be affected 19 years old skin colored patches on penis masturbation treatment spider bite circle and bumps is it an allergic reaction had anxiety and depression repeated again taking paxil suggestion painful gums due to wisdom tooth fart smell coming from nose treatment persistent numbness in thigh post workout is it curable severe bloating spotting swollen stomach not pregnant have endometriosis hard fluid lump on head feels pressure while bending abdominal pain nausea vomiting dark colored urine has mirena cause delayed periods mild cramping pinkish discharge am i pregnant problem in stomach stool looks like urine dangerous during pregnancy dizziness palpitations is it because of my weight had unprotected sex taken nordette had bleeding am i pregnant itchy bottom lip bumps dry cracked any idea blood report showed mild leucopenia and relative lymphocytosis suggest tablets swollen throat glands itchy skin body pain persisting high fever taken meftal p dose pregnant squeezing chest feeling hard to breathe cure urine exam and physical examination had urine test surgery for removing tonsils sleep apnea name of procedure banged head bleeding pain took atasol dizzyness suggestions should we take only distilled water to prepare walamycin suspension light bleeding post taking mt-pill kit am i still pregnant routine acne breakouts inflamed painful any thoughts heavy bleeding prescribed regestrone should i take the medicine ultrasound for abdomen and pelvis test done looking for advice stomach swelling legs swelling have hiatus hernia what to do child cries without obvious reason head hot is this serious sonography report cause and treatment uterus removal required feels dizzy dark and blurry vision treatment have ms ejaculation tough treatment for this unprotected vaginal intercourse with hiv positive chances of getting affected spot on breast painful mammogram normal next step orange liquid around anus passed gas hymenoplasty surgery sexual intercourse is vaginal rejuvenation surgery required hand shivering what can i do to stop it unprotected intercourse hiv transmission probability repeated lower back pain taking pain reliever cramps headaches no bleeding taken meprate negative pregnancy test increased joint pain in knees and hips looking for diagnosis feels dizzy and sleepy weight gained advice continuous brown discharge post depo shot chances of pregnancy had novasure preformed with a rectocele repair yellow discharge why complex cyst in endometrium on ubiphene can i conceive had an abortion why did my periods get irregular later behaves over social imaginary play semantic pragmatic disorder infertility low sperm count and motility diet and improvement measures bruised buttock sand groin area sore done internal damage pregnant side effects of hucog injections on baby intermittent urine flow and frequent urination caused by stress want advice for parkinsons disease patient more semen discharge at night weakness medical treatment excessive sweating increased heart rate should i rest child having elevated bun post treatment for viral fever worrisome lower back pain stomach cramps gas problem missing periods treatment wpw chest discomfort after heavy drinking all tests negative normal shoulder and arm pain numbness scared about heart problem abdominal flutter irritating what are the possible reasons delayed periods sore breasts cramps had safe sex pregnant neck pain feeling of lump in throat above clavical had brown blood traces was i ovulating black molar tooth taking diet as coke and pizza medicine dizziness nauseated exhausted feeling week reason diarrhoea mucus in stool having cramps and feels sick treatment diabetes vertigo pricking and burning soles cause swelling behind knee bakers cyst ultrasound negative calf pain peeling and itching skin near vagina what is it severe cough nasal bleeding walking pneumonia diagnosis of nasal polyp durable fever blood test normal taken antibiotic no cure treatment chest x-ray done what does the results mean green stool giving walamycin-ds and spolac cured and repeats again lump behind the ear comes and goes child refuses to breastfeed properly can i give her farex taken misoprostol pregnancy terminated successfully cramping and bleeding shoulder pain restriction of movements x-ray showed osteoarthritis please advise duration for having maxozal to increase the motility rate frequent hair loss how to stop it elevated gamma alcohol addiction should i stop drinking weak immune system having cold virus want to have piercings fever for a child stomach ache taken antibiotics treatment swallowed bone had a bowel movement still stuck in esophagus severe headache vomiting tendency giddiness heat on head migraine irregular periods pregnancy test negative water leaking from breasts pregnant had unprotected sex bleedin during intercourse stress delayed period pregnant having overweight problems taking less diet how to reduce weight red sore on inner thigh sensitive and painful cure numb circular area on skin growing slowly treatment loss of appetite abdominal pain and cough have appendicitis bulging knot under chin throat pain allergy prone irregular periods implantation bleeding did masturbation pregnant irregular cycle excess facial hair scanty flow treatment tibia bone fracture infection in the surgical parts suggestion itchy vagina smelly vaginal secretions is it normal black spots all over body moles removed precancerous brown sticky substance in urine cause body itching bruises red dots express concern itp possibly frequent vomiting diagnosed as liver problem suggestionbr fluctuating bilirubin levels can you explain the hepatitis b report bitten by pet dog can i get rabipur injection again cannabis addiction penis appears shrunk erectile dysfunction cause child has renal dilatation of kidney will he outgrow this sore ear difficulty in hearing night sweats immediate treatment required smoking addiction blood streaks in cough chest pain lung cancer hip pain after doing strenuous work rash on leg dry itchy spreading tried fucidin ointment advice have pattern alopecia tirendess acne joint pain stiffness advice physically handicapped cant walk without calipars concerned diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have erectile dysfunction treatment problem in intercourse premature ejaculation how to solve what does opacified fallopian tubes mean chances for conceiving red spot on tongue itchy eyes are they related injury on the forehead concerned about the scar formation pregnant diarrhoea can go for c-section irregular periods sweating palm menopause pain when bending knee swollen what happened feeling pressure in the chest and shoulder before periods causes leg pain will i get relief from injections tips for speed healing of salt and ice burn child hit on cheeks turns to red no bruise concerned suffering from partial rectal prolapse surgery suggested need diet advice had difficulty in raising arm above shoulder cause and treatment sadness disappointed like being alone crying without reason fatigue cramps unexpected bleeding had tubal pregnancy c-section hpv positive inflamed bump on the labia minora severe pain medication nausea vomiting tired headache cramping negative pregnancy test have mirena excess mucus production done mri any clues pregnant spotting green tinged discharge suggestion enlarged pores not sensitive to touch no irritation irregular periods on cycloreg tablets what are the side effects having fever can you assess my urine test report had unprotected sex early periods pregnant light menstrual bleeding clear discharge what could be wrong gray loose and floating stools had impetigo related had multiple triglysride tests results vary reason irregular spotting on harmone tablets scan reports no pregnancy suggestions lumbar spondylosis want treatment through medicines permanent cure possible neck pain mri scan done suggestion pregnant aching ankle not swollen is this normal in pregnancy left foot feels heavy and numb while walking cause swollen bottom lips bleeding lips stings treatment rashes on tongue frenulum and molar pain cure husband disinterested in sex all reports normal remedy reddish inflamed uterus after child birth history of pcos advice have allergy taking levocetrizine neck feels squeezed suggestion hair fall tried shampoo and conditioner not cured solution suffering from paranoid schizophrenia tendency of harassing others repeatedly treatment hplyori antibodies in blood indicating hplyori in stomach curable not able to speak properly due to fear stopped smoking weed will system be clear completely of thc no pain and bleeding during first intercourse normal having sebaceous cysts medicine and precaution to be taken suffering with anxiety lightheadedness is it normal having constant periods after having petogen injection chances for pregnancy mild chest pain what does ecg refer to passing blood in stools with lower abdominal pain need medications under arm graze spreading and growing diagnosis why the inflammation urobilinogen normal trac glucose nil brketones nil urine analysis good irregular bowel movement heavy stomach treatment fluctuating blood pressure taken aspirins and blood pressure pills can taking fluconazole worsen thrush can i use diflucan have continuous eye twitching any solution pulse feeling in chest chewing gum for quit smoking suggestion had tube tided bleeding while intercourse should i be concerned on and off headaches solution itchy red spots on body suggestion reddish spot spreading behind the neck what is it about to start marvelon when to start the pills irregular periods with pinkish discharge can stress be the reason have aphthous ulcers taken steroids can you help cysts on liver discovered after ct scan medication swelling and pain on ankles on tripride can i continue positive std continuous discharge post stopping zithromax solution child having fever stomach ache sinus infection constipation treatment altitude sickness what to about headaches and sleeplessness chances of hiv from anal sex ovarian cyst detected by ultrasound brown spotting during pregnancy miscarriage done follicular study what are my chances of conception on marvelon pill bulimic feels anxiety suggestion done semen analysis is it a sign of infection perioral dermatitis taken antibiotics rashes started after stopping cerazette solution have premature ejaculation increase in acne rosacea requesting solution suffering from erectile dysfunction solution taken morning after pill starts bleeding side effects of pills high sgotast sgptalt alcohol addiction other parameters normal conclusion hepatitis c infection injections availability is it expensive free treatment twitching eye gray spot in centre eye taken acetaminophen pregnant ultrasound showed anterior low lying placenta is it serious testicle twisted and decomposed infection want to take dolowin plus having light blood discharge not due for periods advice irregular periods difficulty in conception what are the causes using minoxidil getting dandruff losing hair advice pregnant spotting is it implantation bleeding should i be worried lower back pain due to pinched nerve treatment skin infection in nails abnormal color visit skin specialist trying to conceive had intercourse spotting lower abdominal pain suggestion 16 yr old having nose bleed after taking herbalife reason have delayed periods advised laproscopy chances of getting pregnant trying to conceive ovulation in both ovaries chances for twins back pain spine treats gluteus maximus bruise reduced menstruation with lumps ultrasound suggested remedy retention capacity problem why forgetfulness and bad attention span spotting during period time suggestion feels dizzy nausea swollen cheek due to hit had unprotected intercourse chances of infection pimples want to take aziwok side effects tenderness in the kidney area any idea what it is hyperhidrosis persistent itchy skin colored bumps on fingers scabies rashes on stomach had virus and face infection treatment fibromyalgia should go for immune testing rheumatic diseases pregnancy report showing normal concerned about omphalocele what to do trying for pregnancy regular periods is my sperm report normal lump on vaginal lip pain during intercourse suggestion stress suspecting hiv want to take test gynaecosid is it a wrong medicine termination trapped wind cannot burp bad pain is it an obstruction diabetic lost weight with yellow skin tumor on liver help increased weight after a heart attack high bp stressed help dry itchy sore vagina pain while urination medication having endometriosis and ovarian cyst chances of pregnancy scratched by not vaccined cat is tetanus shot sufficient taking lisisnopril should i have to continue to maintain bp lump on scalp blood comes out after squeezing solution tired short of breath ccf c-section tubal low fever lump under the incision hurts infection having diarrhoea feeling nausea burping missing periods get paranoid cause pregnant have slip disc which exercises are advisable syringomas around eyes taken homeopathy alternative child with recurring elevation in enzymes what is the cause haemodyalysis lesions on the body pruritic weepy bloody melanoma muscle ache thigh gets red sensitive to heat and showers have multinodular goiter taking cytomel chances of thyroid cancer mirena coil fitted wire hanging out chances for pregnancy acoustic tumor surgery half face paralysed is it curable treatment tendonitis rotatory cuff problem right shoulder hurts any treatment widal test done am i suffering from typhoid fever pregnant taking multivitamins having dark stools is this normal trying to concieve injection brown smelly discharge suggestions pregnant feels dizzy feels hot is this normal suffering from mixed bipolar disorder how to get cured recurring cold fever skin peeling on fingertips weakness remedy vomiting loose motion can use pepto bismol advice sever constipation get stools with laxatives taking lansaprazole suggestion delayed periods pregnancy test negative reason recurring alopecia areata patches on beard taking biotin tablets effective heavy vaginal discharge clots antibiotics all test results clear reason pregnant ultrasonography done is this a rare case or general high cholesterol taking statin body feels sore to touch unmarried lightness in testis weakness in penis solution having hair fall getting bald taking antoxid treatment severe headaches memory loss neck pain dizziness causes and treatment irregular period with tiredness after marriage reason trying to conceive tingling in vagina negative pregnancy test causes pain in calf and ankles strange shaped calf any ideas increase in rbc count in blood cause and treatment required stomach pain bloating blood and mucus in stool taken effexor boil-like bumps on vaginal lips pus oozing out concerned partner having genital herpes hsv1 is it curable difficulty breathing vomiting burning throat what do you recommend have lower abdominal pain x ray done looking for advice have i had a miscarriage heavy bleeding clots headache headache fever feels dizzy sore throat back and rib pain after having sex nausea hurt left part behind thigh painful pulled muscle suggessions pins and needles in the arm numbness what is wrong had heart attack hallucinations should the psychaitrist be consulted persistent high bp drowsiness headache taking nitravet franxit nexito advice small open sore on mons pubis have sexual relation herpes done hip surgery hurts to squat popping sound bothering me breast injury chest pains anxiety nervousness breast cancer feel hungry stronger urge at night not pregnant eating disorder had unprotected sex had light bleeding cramping dizziness headache constant joint pains pain around collar bone frequently require treatment passed stools while sleeping diarrhea whats wrong with the system can partners cholesterol medication affect low progesterone breast injury itching bruise around nipple what could this mean soreness when urinating burning painful ear infection ringing in ears on yawning stretching causes variable heart beats breathlessness what could it be taken clomid done follicular study done iui chances of pregnancy have medullary carcinoma of breast best way of treatment pass smelly wind after having wine or spirits remedy have premature ejaculation would like to strengthen myself scratched throat while eating how can i treat this diarrhea nausea and tiredness after having fundoplication and hernia operation hard bump on but crack no pain is it normal bumps on belly itchy dry what could this be stomach pain hard stomach diagnosis pimples with stubborn scars using bio oil permanent remedy whitish accumulation after using lipstick or lip gloss fever in head face feels heated what could cause this asymmetrical face lots of unevenness exercise of tips had miscarriage which is better option stitches or progesterone injection will the follicle mature due to intake of progyluton sudden episodes of weakness stabbing chest pain mood swings cause on amways positrim weight gain on withdrawal cause hypothyroid continuous weight gain on elthroxine curable child tested for thyroid medicine needed urine test done is this test normal feeling tired and hands and legs remain swollen reason vagina not normal some outgrowth is there advice taking ramipril feeling weak lightheaded breathlessness had catheter ablation itching ears rash on lower ear could headset cause rash pregnant smoking marijuana to calm down nausea process of detoxification can masturbation habit make the penis weaker lump in inner elbow arms sore diagnosed tendonitis worried red and raised solid patch on face eczema allergy kidney syndrome nephritic syndrome steroid medication what now losing fingernails in hands and feet what should be done chances of cancer with smoking dip pregnant feels abdominal pain constipation should i go for ultrasound pain in wrist after an injury needs to be checked had unprotected intercourse how to find out pregnancy before periods small bleeding fibroid and poly-cystic ovaries go for surgery dizziness shivering sweating weakness unable to stand causes and treatment antibiotics for swollen glands but why is it not leaving missing periods had unprotected sex taken ipill am i pregnant child has phobia of dirt cannot stay barefeet nicorette spray effects hormonal balance vaginal mucus has changed why can i taste or smell gut need colon cleansing planning to conceive follicular study done pregnant irregular period on duphaston why did i bleed again pregnant hit on leg swollen and bruised need some home treatment started diarrhea with vomiting why did it become watery suggest inflated belly legs post pancreatitis on iv fluids normal wrist pain with vein swollen and blue no injury cause pregnant is exposed skin care treatment safe for baby bloated lightheaded constipated what should i do when tired diathermy following abnormal smear why is there blood in urine heart races why does chest ache what is wrong having severe cramps in midsection and bleeding am i miscarrying swollen ankles why is period irregular due to diving pinworm infection white stools taking mebendazole tablets cause of concern itching in private parts should i see a doctor bumps on private parts tested for std taken antibiotics help does krimson35 cause weight gain planning for baby sperm test done what are the complication suffering from thyroid problem looking for the specialist taking cerazette had sex emergency contraception required ovaries bulky and follicles seen can she not conceive baby underwent open heart surgery asd patch failed continue medicine having burning sensation in head feels headache blurred vision solution increased sweating nausea feel better when sleeping swollen limbs numbness feeling cold light headed breathlessness sweating ecg and stress test normal why do i get palpitations sore arm swollen leg what should i do moderate oesteoarthiritis in knees should i not walk upstairs taking regular phenytoin can the side effect lead to unconsciousness sexually active having irregular periods is this normal suffered tuberculosis why do i have chest pain infected taking misoprostol bleeding later why are there clots had miscarriage pregnant on duphaston dosage of duphaston in pregnancy take confido before marriage why am i losing erection can i get pregnant with minimal sperm discharge in vagina thin and unhealthy hair used minoxidil hair fall baldness how to lose weight and stomach overhang pain in ribs bloating shivering burping on gagging food poisoning had unprotected sex redness in foreskin penis weeping clear liquid jittery neck after lifting weights taking atenolol and triam diagnosis numbness in thumb during strength training what causes this sore white spots on roof of mouth looking for treatment prescribed forecox for gynecological tb advise on medications probably prescribed have dementia bleeding from rectum vomiting coffee grinds any insight having classid avelox and diflucan why am i still coughing possibly having cervical polyp what does significant cervical erosion mean premature ejaculation highly sensitive penis how can i cure this circular red spots on skin located on upper sternum pimples near vagina is it due to masturbation express worry is advanced throat cancer contagious need some advice lump on scrotum is it epididymal cyst is gloeye tablets safe for eye treatment is an ectasia aorta serious have diagnosed with ocular histoplasmosis had sex after stopping pill could i get pregnant child has runny stools taken fluids weakness diarrhea vomiting kidney pain calf and feet pain had uti during pregnancy child has lump after intramuscular shot may be hematoma why vomiting after food is it stress on ovranette missed period take a pregnancy test hyperopia wear power glasses ayurvedic treatmetn for permanent cure regular menstrual cycle had sex then pregnant with yeast infection never had vaccine for rabies bitten by dog now worry have gastric problem can it cause burning in urine hair loss dandruff want treatment without side effects had unprotected sex bleeding cramps brown spotting fatigue pregnant delayed periods yellow vaginal discharge pregnancy