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rib pain specially when i sit for long time my husband has a polyp in gallbladder kindly suggest i have severe giddiness that sometimes getting consciousness breathlessness how i can improve my semen left ovary follicle is increased in size volume lower back pain and numness leftside will masterbation affect my chances of getting pregnant does masturbating makes the person ill from the brain can scoliosis be a reason for asymmetrical body having stomach pain and diagnosed as obstruction in lower bowel can multiload affect my period feeling chest pain which comes in and goes away randomly purple patch after lip piercing yeastpus and epithelial cells in stool what does my blood test for bilirubin indicate what is the use of tmt test can a flu shot cause muscle damage lower back pain and abdomenal pains does unprotected sex lead to pregnancy grey stool in children what can be the cause back and chest pain after lifting weight suffering from severe cold throat infection and fever i have brownish discharge that smells like poo how can we safeguard ourselves from tuberculosis patient fore skin attached to the bottom of the head ripped why is there pain in my back and penis what can i do to increase my sexual time i have a poor blood circulation in left legfoot is fluoroscopies done when they suspect cancer i have kidney stone is it curable by medicine is it safe to switch birth control pills sexual problem in case of diabetic please suggest me does eating the salt dough harm the child had red spotting after protected sex how can i evaluate breast reduction surgery is the pill vimax taken for penis enlargement my childs heart beats quite rapid is this normal why am i getting pink bump all over body what is the average pulse rate for an adult please explain me about my cervical and lumbar mri report how to cure from gastric and stomach problem 5 year with fever and eye sensitive to light jumping feeling in my left thigh for two days why is tonsillectomy less complicated on kids can i take progesterone supplements during pregnancy i have been vomiting and infection in my teeth could i be pregnant while using birth control i started instant sweating what is your opinion i have deformed rib and it hurts what is more likely to cause an upper lobe infiltrate discharge of thick blood while pregnancy pityriasis rosea on vagina or somthing else my son is suffering from nose bleeding symptom please help i got infection on the foreskin of my penis causes of recurrent cardiac tamponade i am suffering from premature ejaculation kindly suggest black discoloation in the inner lower lips will losing virginity affect my future married life piles the rim of my anus has swollen is pulpectomy dangerous during pregnancy whom should i consult for neuro problem is deltacortil helpful in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura itp does re hair loss really work is sgpt 43 very dangerous how long it take to become pregnant after abortion slow urination with burning sense what are the chances of getting child in vericocelectomy is there any solution for premature grey hair is it ok to masturbate while u are pregnant black vomit colon cancer what is the life expectancy is having low hemoglobin dangerous for health i have notic heart side pain pleasae help me out should i undergo any surgery to remove the cyst is it good to eat raw flattened red rice what are the causes of bannayan--zonana syndrome 18 year old experiencing post traumatic stress disorder what are the medicine to normalize urin albomin i have headache nasuea how to stop what are the side effects of taking i pill my mother has a eyebrow injury after fall what causes bilateral painful heel syndrome can i have saliva drug teas while on marijuana 16 years old suffering from heart pain pain in my right hand while writing suggest me remedy my left ball start get hurt once awhile how do i get rid from massive pe could i be pregnant being on heroin can low iron level cause infertility and hair fall i can ejaculate but my penis hasnt grown suffering from chronic depression symptoms please help him is low hemoglobin caused by low iron in blood are there any chances for blihted ovum again my sister is suffering from fever for 3 days having bump under my tongue without pain suffering from pain due to ankle injury why the ear still sticks out after having mastoiditis i have pityrosporum folliculitis kindly suggest need remedies on pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy why i am getting yellowish watery milky vaginal discharge i get vaginal bleeding after having alcohol why how does pepto bismol affect a hida scan what medication should i opt for delaying my periods a small skull fracture behind the left ear does masturbation causes acne or pimples what is the cause of illness and delaying period sexual exhaustion due to over masturbation blood in wee at 11 years old abdominal pain and bright red spotting weakness numbnes on hands and face after suffering from diarrhea what would happen if tb test will injected after intercourse my srcrotum started burning suggest me remedy can you please explain me my semen analysis report does stasis lead to edema i got white bumps around my penis head from masturbating can i consume alcohol after asd repair 7 month old son with bad cough sudden onset of muscle aches in arms and legs is it safe to use unisom during pregnancy low o2 in elderly man being treated for upper uti severe iron deficiency necessary to find the cause sense of smells and your thyroid bad does oral sex cause strep my husband has cirrhosis of the liver please suggest him limb heavinessswellingnon-tingling feeling of being asleep blurred vision while wearing contact lens my father gets a skin allergy which looks like boils 2-5hpf pus cells in stool exam bloated feeling and needing toilet down syndrome in second trimester scan report body ache body temp low staying cold and bloody nose semi solid saliva during cough is sunnath safe at age26 5-month-old spot injury please help what could be the reason for headache after sex how to get rid of dark circles and pimples can a rape victim regain her hymen premature ejaculation problem for several years how can i regrow my lost hair i feel very breathless everytime i sneeze how acute bleeding in menstruation can be treated i am having sinus problem how to control this tell me the permanent solution for soriyasis what is the best medicine for psoriasis what is the good treatment for liver cirrhosis is there any side effects of udliv 300 head and neck cancer- pet scan results does coughing make you look weaker i have rheumatoid arthritis with high esr kindly suggest inguinal inflammation with water in it 9 year old son with a white dried discharge does high mch indicate b12 anemia or anything else can diabetes insipidus cause gingivitis i have sinus pressure and infection what can i do which specialist should i consult for cold sores i have problem with diabetes give me proper solution pain in breast nipple after taking premarin 045 can i use chemical pill i have had impetigo my father has sepsis and went into a coma i have hypothyroidism if i could take oxy elite pro headaches that lasts for 20-45 minutes every night closed ear with watery feeling inside it and jaw pain hbs ag positive during pregnancy where can i get the treatment for alzheimer what steps should be take to become pregnant what is the treatment of bilateral hydronephrosis could melatonin cause hives what could be the reason for dry throat and cough what is the reason for spotting after sex is acupuncture therapy helpful in increasing height fast breathing for a premature baby does urine infection cause any complication to ius can i have sex when i am having uti what are the long-term health risks of taking amphetamines i have acid reflux with urinary leakage can cardiac caterization lead to inguinal hernia i have recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis explain me about my semen analysis results burning labia minora when i urinate please help i have red bumps all over my tongue what are the survival chances after a brain hamerage cold and diarrhea for a 3 months old baby having trouble after a mirena coil fitted turkish moroccan hammam during pregnancy please advice effects of dexamphetamine on your unborn baby how to get rid of sinus pain high fever with a sore throat after a dog bite why i am not able to retract my foreskin will seizure causes pain in ovaries where to bring systemic lupus erythematosus sle patient dark patches under skin located both sides above collar bone will tobacco be detected in saliva drug test what are the boil bumps on the stomach black spot on babys tongue lipid linear progressionis what is this my wife has albumin traces in urine during pregnancy how does nexito 20 help in severe insomnia why does cough occur in left ventricular failure what is the pathology behind cough in left ventricular failure three year old has red eyes with allergies is there any problem applying ghee on hair i have thigh pain and rashes had fever can anyone help on my uncles depression my wife is suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding is maggi or other instant noodles good to our health is ovumax injection prescribed to all pregnant ladies what is calcified chronic tb what causes pain in legs and joints i got bleeding during masturbation my daughter is getting fever every month why does masturbation causes any health problem how should i take benzonatate pill severe sore throat stiff neck lumps i have developed toe numbness how can i find out tb in a x-ray i am 4 weeks pregnant and addicted to smoking how to gain weight in 1 month what is impaired glucose tolerance igt having headache after the operation of brain aneurysm period delayed for three weeks after postinor what is the treatment for kraurosis-vulvae how i can reduce sgot sgpt can i stop my period once it has started is home based pregnancy test reliable what treatment should have done for epilepsy and autism what are the symptoms of oedipus complex my blood pressure is 11050 what does it indicates having migraine headaches for 4 weeks every night how to lighten black spots on face what should i do for high blood pressure back pain with swelling in my left lower back my uterus appears bulky do i have cancer how to advance periods my legs are numb after a vaginal hysterectomy would it b safe for childs growth is hepatitis b shot bad taken during pregnancy does i-pill cause early periods why am i getting recurring herpes can a person die from low blood pressure my period delayed after putting copper-t how long should i take oral contraceptive pills what to do in order not to feel backache experiencing bloating pressure tightness in the lower back can nenax be given to a pregnant lady small bowl capsule endoscopywhat exactly can i eat i am worried about breast cancer any help can i drink alcohol while taking tropol spotting for 11 days with loestrin fe what are lichen on the brian astrocytoma what is the treatment brown discharge after putting implanon headaches droopy eyelid drastic weight loss weakness tiredness kindly suggest bleeding in my rectum is this something to worry about why is there bleeding after 5 days of intercourse leaking dark blood what could be the problem high fever congested nasal and chest please help skipped heart beats is this related to period what should i do for a psychotic and bipolar patient how do i get my voice back to normal how to remove kids stiches marks from his face what could having high cpk levels mean in infants what cause sharp pain underneath the left arm crohns disease give me the details of it how can i be relieved from bubble guts having abdominal pain with irregular period had cyst in past can i do skipping exercise in pregnancy i have blood in stool i have been taking acidophilius what could be the side effect after taking vitamins how long does cobra bass salt stay in your system my uterus area seems to hurt is this normal lower back front thigh pain - please help does cheese contain cholesterol will miprogen 200 tablets help me to conceive what are the recommended birth control pills why i get high blood pressure after childbirth why do i get sick when i cry depression and mental health problem why is adv usg pelvis scan done minor endplate osteophtes withdiffuse disc bulging at t11-t12 my vaginal secretions started smelling like maple syrup blood count comes down due to spleen enlarged please help what should i do for baby has no heartbeat burning nipples and the top edges of them are red why am i getting delayed periods with cramps what is the permanent treatment for hypothyroidism weird bump near my inner thigh from past 1 year can impotency lead to prostate cancer leg swelling due to kidney problem hospital details required my mom has secondary metastasis in lung she is her-2 can i continue metformin during last month pregnancy why am i having spotting continuously for what usg pelvis test is done sugar range 300 to 350 is it dangerous i want to fix ear drum hole without any surgery how serious is disc dehydration what medicine should be taken for scoliosis pain my esr level came down after bronchial cough can a pergnant lady eat dolo500kaimosin forte pantocid tablets problem in speaking for a 6 years old baby i had started ciprofloxacin ear drops please help child deworming what should i do sounds like a whistling noise comes from ear while speaking i am getting some complications from sinus intrusion how can i get the proper diet plan i feel pain in nipples should i stop breastfeeding tb lung scar traces of blood in sputum fell hard on knee sharp pain when bent backwards getting pain in penis while having sex light brown spotting after ovulation day pregnant but hcg level not doubling kindly suggest how to treat lad type 3 vessel disorder what should be done for blockage in a heart my apicolordotic imaging result please suggest details about congenital adrenal hyperplasia my sperm count is 76000000 ml is it normal does chain smoking cause depression bright red blood-like substance in stool please suggest high blood pressure with swollen hand and feet what are the long term effects of doing speed can lime and lemon reduce sperm count will ocella cause delay in periods may i use lezyncet tablet for urine area itching lumps in the penis vain what is that what can he take to help dry cough white liquid in my slipway i have an itchy labia majora with white dots is there any vagina tightening medicine available worried about penis size pleas help me out recovered the malignant in left cheek after surgery problem related to mental health cortical blindness and siddha treatment treatment for thyroid after using neo mercazole what treatment should be taken for sinus problem how to get rid of cut marks always i have low grade fever and i keep burping what is the cause of lipomas on the body is exterior house paint harmful for the skin how does clogged blood in the head cleaned naturally low body temperature after delivering a baby with c-section my vaginal lips are itchy and swollen sore in my mouth with pain what is it what is the use of frisium 29 blood sugar is this serious lower right abdomal pain and loud bubbling noises please help does amoxicillin cause neck pain does smoking makes you more thin black patch of skin what should i do can 2 postinor tabs cause abortion 2 months pregnant 3 years old baby have difficulty in breathing during sleeping diagnosed with ovarian cancer please help what can be the cause ow blood pressure will masturbation lead to wheezing my 21 months old sons head is swelling shivering of hands while holding things i am suffering from hand shivering there is a blockage between my throat and esophagus can a women give birth after myomectomy nose bleeds near tooth root abscess is there any possible treatment for movement of body how to treat a paralysis attack i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years back will antibiotics for tonsilitus cause missed periods abnormal behaviours after remedy of paralysis atack why does my boyfriends penis smell so bad i get blood in stool for almost 2 months how can i rid from shivering problem i have blood in urine and stomach bloating pregnancy test is positive but clearblue digital test is negative does multiple sex cause aids painful pea-sized lump on the left labia majora does millet benefit the skin suffering from headache since 20 years fast heart rate with bad shakes after taking anti depressant hairline fracture on side of left foot when do the sexual characters start appearing in boys does eye allergy interfere with the result of ilc sticky yellowish discharge after urinating no painburning sensation what causes ovarian cysts and how are they treated what is this painful lump on my penis my recent tmt report shows slight variations after angioplasty surgery how can i make my sperm healthy i am suffering from palpitation and slow heart beat i get light headed after quit smoking yeast infection garlic stucked inside the vagina acne on backshoulders what will be the best treatment how good are my chances of beoming a father what to do to remove burn marks can heavy lifting job cause umbilical hernia what treatment can i take for inverted nipples is there any way to regrow the lost hair is homeopathy effective in reducing flab what are the optimum parameters of healthy semen high fever with flu symptoms depakote for treatment of borderline personality disorder my eye is puffy had cataract surgery abdominal pain which goes to right kidney in pregnancy is eating raw rice harmful for health what is this pink blood spotting frequent urination and burning sensation please help does thalassemia always come from parents can ovarian cancer reappear after full hysterectomy nerve block for crps please help i was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer from the rectum is there any effects of tropical sprue on skin is 126 low for hemoglobin my hemoglobin runs around 125 rbc runs around 350 is having red feces normal after consuming beetroot juice my scrotal sac sags sometimes after hernia operation i poked my eye now some discharge is there does midol cause post menstruation bleeding baby with vomitting tendency and dislike for food kindly suggest i have white large spot on scrotum my mother is suffering from typhoid fever kindly help her will i conceive if i take gestin tablet is any alternative available to avoid internal examination explain the result of cholelithiasis does high sgpt and rosuvastatin tablet cause sleep disorders mole splits in two is this bad is there any way to fix a loose breast how can i increase facial and chest hair does using mintop 10 cause impotence for what purpose evion400mg vitamin e is uses i am shivering and shaking right now serious cold and headache with blocked nose lots of drinking in diabetes i have darkblackish spots please suggest remedy for it chances of survival in dermatomyositis what is the cure for longstanding toenail infection what does it mean by unbalanced vision whet happens after taking regestrone semen comes out during bowl movement how to remove scratch marks from my penis why has my bleeding not stopped yet 3 month old baby with very bad cough what should be the proper diet for gaining weight is my girlfriend reaqlly pregnant what is the reason for me having repeated illnesses how can i get rid of gymcomastia hip or thigh pain after a fall i have flu like symptoms with a very sore head what is the treatment for lips shaking legs and acid reflux in pregnancy aches behind my right breast strange tingling during pee with bad smell suffering from shortness of breathe why does urine come out when ever you cough how can bat fly bites be treated will it possible to recover fully from epilepsy what should be the dosage of avil 25 severe costochondritis or tietzes syndrome sciatic nerve and ed how can i fix it is there any treatment available for alzheimer does a brown stringy discharge indicate positive pregnancy do sore breasts and light bleeding indicate pregnancy blood sugar in 17 yr old female why is there no hair growth in my body suddenly i have cloudy vision kindly help me out what is the best treatment of neck bone pain pooing black what could this be i am suffering from nightfall what is its medicine grey vaginal discharge after protected sex my mother has a eye pain after having glass my son is suffering from hand foot and mouth disease what is breast cancer and what are its symptoms vomoting as a lactogen side effects my son is having difficulty hearing phonetic sounds kindly help what causes boils in children under age of 2 years what happens if you dont wipe after passing urine is intercourse necessary for pregnancy to occur what is strabismus and how is it treated what i should do to prevent heart attack is sero negative arthropathy similar to ankylosis spondylisis dry skin and wrinkles what ointment i can use can adenoid be cured without surgery does undergoing bilirubin test during pregnancy effect my baby single intrauterine gestational sac corresponding with 56 weeks my mother has suggested for knee replacement kindly advice me my mother is suffering from spondilosic how to treat red eye problem is inguinal hernia infectious pus is coming out from ear had masteroid surgery how to reduce the size of hip and thighs i am suffering from depression and getting tension very often i need ayurvedic treatment for sex problems how to control thinking on sex can i consume alcohol before taking omirprezole tablets what treatment can be taken to cure rheumatism dry nose with eye burning sensation i have been a little sick am i pregnant how to treat penis and testicle pain my father has creatinine level is 8 please advise knee replacement 7 back problem what is the cure for migraine do my child have autisim when is the right time to get pregnant having indigestion and lack of appetite is there any online treatment for temperature transition allergy side effects of ambrolite-s in kid doses of norethisteron pills in 24 hrs my daughter has herpes and this is her first valentines which pain killer is best for sciatica i have senseless problem in my right thai is vasograin the right choice is getting a black coloured mole a cancer symptom shadow on inborn kidney should i be worried i accidently took 2 microgynon 30 pills in one night cervical spine with mild diffuse posterior bulge c4-5 i have stomach pain dizziness loss of appetite i have leakage of pus cell in urine suggest me 24 years old female started heavy watery period could weed make you more shy abdominal pain after an unprotected sex if the body couldnt produce acetylcholinesterase what would happen what is a cyst of the lacrimal apparatus why does my son have a different size testis what are my chances to survive follicular lymphoma irritation in eye and redness with water in it should i seek immediate please help how does a child in the womb maintain homeostasis i hit my arm and and it hurts too much sharp acute pain in left testicle what exercise i can do for dislocated shoulder can i smoke if i have iga nephropathy baseball size infection of arm had breast cancer i am suffering from itching in my private area what are the signs symptoms of acute acs does a depo shot cause heavy bleeding having light headedness after sinus surgery suggest a remedy for burning vagina high blood pressure even after taking medicines how to diagonize a birth deafness what are the side effects of avil 25 tablets how crystal meth destroys your organs is it possible to decrease height what medication to take for post abortion pain how to lose tummy bad stomach pains and cramps constant infections and feeling lethargic and feverish after eating bright red blood and clots in urine why has my tongue swollen do my irregular periods indicate pregnancy side effects of ocid20 and amlopres-at focal fits and temporal horns in brain concentrated urine what could be the problem how to cure from growth on the jaw line i am having a bad habit of eating slate pencil how can i control my heart palpitations why is there chest pain after undergoing bypass surgery how to increase weight at the age of 24 is there any relation between masturbation and health how long can you bleed after induced abortion what are the treatments for neurology can closed heart valve cause chest infection is unprotected sex the reason for delayed periods what is the solution for obsessive compulsive disorder can a cortisone injection cause a weak bladder what is the treatment for nasal bleeding blood sugar level increasing after consuming food please advise what should i do for sexually inpotence is xenamine diet pill safe to take how to distinguish chicken pox how do doctors unblock arteries i am having viral fever can i eat eggs is there any bp medicine other than telista 40 how to make a biopsy for this ulcer any problem after effects from a broken scaphoid does masturbation cause pcods and irregular periods pain in upper ribs in pregnancy is it ok to have vitcofol capsule during pregnancy i am suffering from nausea diarrhea weakness heart palpitations my head smells really bad i take head bath regularly whenever i shag i get pimples on my face is urinary incontinence a side effects of co amoxiclav will consuming co-amoxiclav for ottitis cause urinary incontinence does enlarged painful testes indicate cancer best diet for raised alt level of 72 patient can you suggest me some yoga for weight loss what is the cure for leukorrhea how can i stop myself from doing masturbation why does my testicles swell with back pain what may be the reason for bump on breast constant pain after having c-section wwhat are the treatment for cathartic colon why have i not got my periods yet chicken pox cerebellum infection in 14 year old girl can the bodies immune system eliminate hpv virus risk of primolut depot on pregnancy abdominal pain after taking of clomiphene i just started feeling a bit sick dizzy and weak why my left shoulder is bigger than right shoulder small itchey red bumps all over my skin with sneezing what medicine to be taken for severe headache pregnant with kts please help how dangerous delayed puberty is do recurring lumps in the breast indicate breast cancer what could cause red eyes sleeplessness and bloody nose what could be the reason of excessive thirst what cause of groin pain after two operations extra growth between outer labia and it doesnt hurt can burning on foreskin be a symptom of infection i have cold sweats elevated blood pressure and headache what causes itch on scalp continued abdominal pain sometimes headaches can i have sex while on ampicillin capsules 5 yr old having red circles under watery eyes can i become pregnant if i sex during cycle pimple like rash on my baby hand my son has dent on the forehead is degenerative disc disease curable by medicine i am getting heavy bleeding after taking cytotec i find a sensation in clitoris please advise me my baby is vomiting and pooping water want your suggestion for strange large bumps behind ears what could be the reason for constant uterine bleeding popping sound in newborns back what could it be how to get relieve gas pressure itchy bump or lumps in between vagina and anus red sore eye with puss stuff will masturbation help in getting rid of migraine cancer in left vocal cord please suggest me right treatment can i use cosom syrup for dry cough i am suffering from vitiligo since 8 years having shoulder back and chest pain since last year does having heavy breast cause costochondritis tietze is fertomid helpful in fertility what is the treatment for infection in the womb left ear pains bubble like feeling when does next period come after taking regestrone what treatment should i take for armpit lump suffering from 90 blockages in heart i had micro fracture surgery still getting knee pain what is the treatment for green colored loose motion when can i go to swimming after an amniocentesis 18 months baby weigh 9 kg is it overweight adenoids and tonsils in 21 months old son any advice does clonidine cause chest pain will zinc magnesium help recover sexual desire tingling feeling in scrotum at the age of 15 how to conceive with pcod severe cough for 3 weeks please suggest baby cold cough medication how can i prevent acne permanently am i weighing correct i want to know the chances of getting pregnant i have been suffering by diabetic more than 10 years cause for black patches its treatment what are the side effects of oxyelite pro is epsoline good for the treatment of epilepsy attack swollen cheek with fever for 3 days sperm that attract ants what does it mean white creamy stuff comes during sex broken femur leg with surgery rod put in leg is pain in breast a concern after menopause is cow foot high in cholesterol should i give anti rabbies vaccination to my son i m facing problem of itching please suggest remedy can you inject vitamin c into your veins can masturbation causes black spot on face non specific reactive lymphadenitis what does it mean painful itchiness around the vagina tests are normal why is there bad taste in my tongue how to get rid of excess alcohol consuming how can i improve my health shin blow connected to muscle damage have high bilirubin level what is wrong i am suffering from fatty liver with high cholesterol do i have thyroid goiter 4 year old with barking cough kindly suggest the remedies my daughter has a constant cough and vomiting how can addiction to spasmo proxyvon tablets be controlled i have a hard nonmovable lump behind left ear what medicine should be taken to cure vaginal thrush i developed chest cough with heart flutters sharp pain under my breast with a week of cough suffering from right ear pain what can be thick fleshy clot after having dysmenorrhea splotchy legs should i be concerned skin blotches under bra line is it bacterial intensely bad vaginal smell - no std found swollen breast with brown discharge after an unprotected sex my abdominal became swelling after dc how to get rid of ear piercing holes sudden feeling of dizziness with a acid taste in mouth tylenol doseage for paediatric what do i do opinion of at home mole removal products i took postinor 2 five minutes after having sex and could i be pregnant with cyst in ovary can my penis problems be due to std is it ok to take emergency contraception again can having bumps on the penis indicate an std my husband lost his interest in sex remedies for uneven skin colour lower back and front abdomen pain which kashayam should be taken for lymphedema hormone imbalance will the duphaston increase my weight what is the cure for hyperkeratotic dermatitis what are common symptoms in veezing problem can i get pregnant after using gynera contraceptives can my husband impregnate me after his vasectomy operation random heart rate increase of a 17 years old what are the altered parameters of typhoid fever i have been getting the feeling of being pregnant pimples for last three yearshelp me to recover from this shall i continue taking concor 5 plus is there any surgery for fat cancer my organ become small due to over masturbation does vaccination cause delay in menstrual cycle will taking zotreem plus delay periods pain in my bouls please help why is cytotec taken for how is severe rheumatic arthritis treated no bleeding after taking abortion pills orally is there any treatment for swelling of jaws what should i do to postpone my pregnancy can waxing cause problems later in life i have swollen veins on right hand side of abdomen abdominal pain with vomiting tendency are my reports normal does abdominal muscle decelerate my height enhancement is it appendicitis or just a pulled muscle can blood cancer spread through kissing constipation bloating in stomach after marriage having watery stools immediately after meals what is tmt test is it necessary why does an ovum stop in ampulla when are the safe periods to have unprotected sex giddiness and vomiting after masturbation pain in knee joints hard to stand how to treat twisted knee pain problem of puss cell discharge with sperm dark bleeding constantly after having implant my father is suffering high bp and cough problem electrical sensations radiating from sternum into face i had severe pain ahter defecation severe backache since one year what is the treatment for yeast infection suffering from thyroid arms and hands fall asleep while sleeping should i get crutches as i sprained my ankles sharp cough and sore throat is it safer to take allergic tablet during pregnancy am i suffering from gestational diabetes what is atrophy of the frontal lobe having problems under his stomach please help my hands and legs shivers without temperature is it normal l4 -l5 mild diffuse disc bulge how to reduce dark spots i have been having back to back nose bleeds side effect of eltroxin on gums sharp pain after a fracture can lumbar punctures cause lower back pain how much oral epsom salts is dangerous does svt fall under the social security disability listing effects of fever on sperm how risky it is to get hiv from oral sex can i exercise with umbilical hernia i have rice like granules on my throat daughter dizzy when standing after sitting as my test result is 15 is it underactive 1 year old daughter with brown discharge noise in head and stopped up ears kindly help me history of asthma and allergiescould i have a sinusitis does masturbating effect puberty suffering from pain on left heaps in intervals head and neck pain after car accident please suggest me 5 year old boy has hard time peeing does sodium valporate make my son gain weight does frequent sex cause the hymen to tear what should be done to stop white hair fixed tooth cavity with anesthesia will this affect pregnancy what medicine should i take for belly button infection what can be the alternative of ramapril feeling tired laziness and drowsiness sore throat with yellow phlegm is it bronchitis what is the risk of pregrency with pcos i have menstrual problem please help which kind of medicine should i take for rheumatoid artherities suffering from ducheme muscular dystrophy suffering from neuro problem for last 1 yrs what causes dizziness and neck pain having difficulty during intercourse what is the remedy can meth cause brown urine multiple lipomas around trunk forehand have blood and pain while passing motion heavy vaginal bleeding with crampings how can i control my hairfall 2 year old suffering from fever and constant coughing cannot concentrate and have problems with memory during reading what is the treatment for an enlarged ovary meftal spas drug for fever can i have cold and flu tablets in pregnancy want to get rid of pimples why am i bleeding at 8th week of pregnancy problem with left side of my head what is a normal level of iga depo provera marijuana and pregnancy why does my belly gets swelled before period i get mouth ulcers when i have sex can mucolite ambroxol hydrochloride syrup be given to children using deep heat before competition should it be safe is testicle transplantation possible like heart how can i become a heart doctor want to know about hip and knee replacement operation did chemotherapy to treat breast cancer cause trigger thumb blisters with puss and blood that is spreading on foot stomach bulging after l1 fracture why i am getting anxiety attack several times severe breast pain while breast feeding i have boils in my mouth after quit gutkha can white patches over vocal cord be cancer is alopasia a cureable disease knee vein popping and hurting it is my 2nd injury blood in stool followed by fever up to 104 how to treat damaged hair suffering from mental and nervous system problem is there any technique to have a baby boy muscle tension in the back of my neck and shoulders when can we have sex after starting of birth control white spots on vagina after waxing can 100 mg azithromycin cure chlamydia missed periods for 50 days but hpt is negative i want to conceive i had a depo last week does a delay in my pregnancy mean im pregnant my ggt level has raised suggest me the treatment when i will get my period after taking duphaston hiv transmission through oral vaginal intercourse can trichomoniasis occur naturally in woman what is the colimex dosage for 26 days old baby how can i stop my very heavy periods can lack of certain hormones result into miscarriage vein burning and pain with nausea and tiredness is intercourse safe during tibial fracture my son is on tetralysal and isotrex gel neck back and headache pain with a temperature of 1019 does an igm of 14 indicate any health risks getting headache and with a ringing in the ears frequently i have edema in my legs with pain i havent gotten my period in approximately three months i want to reduce fat i have erection and ejaculation problem due to masturbation got dermal pih after using glycolic acid what are the complications of getting laser treatment how can i remove the zit on my chin my vagina burns itches and smells really bad is there any medicine to cure tonsilitis can a knee injury or ibuprofen cause blood urination my wife has continuous fever for 10 days digital pregnancy test shows a dark line and light line how can i get relief my random sugar levels are 166 is this ok can a diabetic patient have a safe pregnancy skin test for tb shows 18mm what is herpes and how does it come sound comes from ear while eating coughing through the night how to treat this condition how to stop loos motions for 1 year baby there is no interest in intercourse after 20days of marriage heaviness in stomach and fever why does it cause is acitrome helpful in cerebral venal thrombosis i have difficulty in swallowing foods please help diabetic patient having knee pain please help pain in area above eyebrow can i use omnacortil for the treatment of asthmacough is there any effect of stopping pill is my mri report to be concerned is there any connection between hemoglobin level and hypothyroidism how can i get over sputum blockage at what createnine level is dialysis essential does efurox cause constipation swelling in lungs with cough and sputum i use inhalers suffering from cold and feels weird why i have littile faciar hair how to reduce stomach area what are the signs of genital herpes i am experiencing extreme itching of my right labia how to remove pimple which is on breast is there any treatment for who is sexually weak i have red rash on penis after using a condom throwing up when i have my period what are the symptoms of heart problems itchy painful lump on abdominal region i have sore under my arm and cough does fenugreek cause hair loss and headaches i have had a yeast infection kindly help me i am 41 years old suffering from lower back bruising severe pain after carpal surgery green discharge in 2 month old female is it possible to get pregnant with scarring skin rash on chest after mammogram please help do i still have a chance to get pregnant drainage in throat but throat is dry suffering from mouth ulcer with thyroid what are the timings to take sporlac tablets white patches around the back of my throat my pennis is getting smaller i lost one testicles left one in injury how to get rid of testes problem suffering form mouth ulcer from last 2 year 7 year old girl weight problem what should i do for my liver problem why am i bleeding profusely after kidney infection i am very overweight need to lose weight will masturbation cause vaginal sensory loss i have headache brain pain can i smoke if i am taking duphaston tablet what time should i take susten200 vagina problems please help pregnancy by touching of genitals with no clothes which drug is used to cure romatism what medicine should i take for pcos what is the treatment of blocked fallopian tube i got frequent urination after back surgery black stool with nausea headache and flu like symptoms i have been having rubberlatex smelling body odor 46 years old taking bp tablet daily without any problem i have severe headache on waking kindly help me is stbotanica lady serum effective for tightening the vagina no pregnancy after 4 month marriage 4 years child suffering from meningitis and spleen enlargement suffering from tinnitus for 3 years kindly suggest the treatment white liquid coming out of breast had abortion why do i have a smelly penis uncontrolled vommiting after every meal foot knee and hip pain from last 6 months eating bananas make me feel really ill my nipples are inverted how to get normal does intake of eptoin lead to increase in cholesterol what treatment is there for hirsuitism and weight loss is it safe to use radiosme during pregnancy does myxedema cause anemia hookah in stamina and weight increase 11 year old daughter stomach problems over bite unable to close lips normally kindly suggest howto get rid of drinking habits does drinking too much make me a alchoholic which medicines prescribed for urinary infection feel some weakness after masturbation i got a vaginal bleeding after having sex had chlamydia could the swelling be related to tetanus vaccine bottom of my labia there is a round things can optic nerve compression lead to blindness why my left eye flickering for last 15 days 14 weeks pregnant using clotrimazole cream is it ok yellow-orange skin after hernia surgery why this is happening body aches hot and cold chils and sore throat is vomitting normal after masturbation can diabetes be cured after long time rash after having glandular fever my left testicle is half small than my right is a low bp a sign of spiked drink why injection is needed after positive ovulation test what should i do for congested chest and throat broken coccyx and anal bleeding is this connected am i suffering from leukemia how can i prevent biochemical pregnancy how long does cerazette not to work why is my sperm brown in color i am suffering with severe cough in the nights what can be a weird substance on armpit hair golfball seized bump on the top of my head i have itchy skin i am a cocaine user itchy skin over entire body without rash having sensitive skin fever headache please help is xopenex safe for children does overweight cause abortion high blood pressure with hard heart beat is i pill trust worthy what to do for tattoo infection high suger level please help is it possible to get a online medical doctor why dark spots on both the side of nose side affects of lesuride od 75 what causes blood to come from penis is babies back pain with a very high heart beat can potassium supplements cause itching i am suffering from night blindness suggest me the treatment tell me the side effects of using celestamine for long-term why is my wife unable to conceive is meniscus tear curable after surgery does low estrogen cause migraine suffering from pain in knees and legs what is the use of diluter in eye examination i have spots on both side of my face i have a bed breath coming from my stomach how can i get rid of endometriosis i burnt my skin on hand now it is spreading vaginal and abdominal pain due to endometriosis problem how to diagnose condyloid fossa abdominal pain and pain in penis what is this extra bone growth in my wrist what to do for a 14 month baby loose motions is sensation of urination caused due to oral sex skin around the bottom of the vagina hurts while urinating is it safe to do sex while pregnancy volume loss in bottom part of brain how long does citalopram 20mg take to work sinus condition with swollen salivary glands i have blocked sinuses and swollen salivary glands what are the ways to increase penis size am i having diabetic symptoms or something else recurring evening rash in toddlers please help what may be the reason for slow beating of heart