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i have been noticing small semen discharge while urinating is pain killer injections safe during periods kidney stone and fix a dj stent experiencing some burning sensation from chest to upper stomach can a fast heart rate cause a miscarriage can i conceive at the age of 40 is presence of hypertrophy normal right kidney stone and dj scent removal when should typhoid vaccination be taken is cycling beneficial to reduce fat could i be pregnant based on my report i have a hiatus hernia should i be concerned what is the treatment of idiopathic pancreatitis with diabetes i have a blister like growth on my labia majora i have been experiencing severe anxiety attacks and hot flashes my skin is becoming black and itchy day by day please tell me about my ultrasound and urinalysis what are the effects of leukoplakia laser surgery long beep noise in right ear i suffered from rickets what should i do my rbcur is 3 what does this mean when should hiv test be done after having intercourse pain in left body do i have transform migrane ayurvedic diet for polycystic kidney disease how is copper-t as a birth control itchy white discoloration on the underside of the testicles thyroid problem can you explain this to me please is chromium picolinate too dangerous for a 16 year old what is samters triad had steriod shots a mass of abnormal blood cells i want to stop this habit of rice why do i have light headedness can i do circumcision for hyginicness my throat is streches more what can it be does not eating and taking vyvanse make you fart what causes the cuts and tears in my throat why my eye cyst is still growing after surgery interpretation in an ecg report what does that mean i am having loose motion have taken cifran ct i have irregular periodand very low even some drops bleeding having hair and skin problem how many days after laparoscopy can we have intercourse 10 years old suffering from seizure i keep getting headache diarrhea and shortness of breath i am suferring from pcod pid what extra vitamines should be taken along with sinusitis treatment i am 38 weeks pregnant and i have green poo i have itchy forehead with dryness in cold weather can a tetanus shot affect menstrual cycles please let me know the diagnosis of the disease semen analysis will this affect the results suffering from blood cancer from last 2 months mirena coil removal under general anesthetic is there any way hbsag come non reactive fast heart beat and low blood pressure new techniques for osteo arthiritic patients advice on terminating pregnancy at home lipocut 120 to loose weight i am having weakness after suffering from diarrhea mass on right lung what does it mean how to reduce weight in a healthy way what are the nonsurgical ways phimosis always tired extreme fatigue please help side effects of the hdg diet weird skin looking thing hanging in mouth please suggest me suffering from abdominal pain vomiting and dizziness during pregnancy x-ray report for right side ribs acid reflux in my 6 week old son mass of abnormal blood cells on my backbone abnormal mass of redblood cells on vertabra is it possible to have sex the day before period is 160 pounds weight normal for 13 year old does people infected by scarlet fever die feeling like peeing during ejaculation i started having boils on the crown of my head patient on epilepsy pills acting violent can you catch aids from a hot spa bath nose blockage during pregnancyneeded safe nasal spray for the relief are zoloft 50mg and xanax 05mgor medicines caused pigmentation what is the frequency and dosage of luprodex injections i am suffering from a lip problem for ten years lower stomach pain and frequent urination i am having diarrhea with polycystic kidney disease what are the complications in post hysterectomy could red spot on face be due to std why do i get headache and dizziness while talking what is the solution for hematuria i am suffering from hair fall and baldness why do i have a weak erection i have been suffering from high cold and occasional fever how to get rid of triple eyelids my mother is suffering with diffuse cerebral atrophy kindly help when to give measles and mmr vaccinations what tablet should i take to undergo an abortion my son has bloody nose should i be concerned treatment for jaw opening dystonia voice like girl how to cure it what does a black vaginal discharge indicate without operation how the heart vessel would get open good treatment for hair loss does taking temgesics medication reduce the effect of champix is the report suitable for bypass surgery what are the effects of rozavel f is there any chances to cure polio surgery for small cell lung carcinoma of the left lung tell me the treatment for ulcer can over sex caures low sperm count my 20 yrs old daughter is suffering from mental disorder what could be the cost of scar removals oral sex after having a yeast infection i am bleeding again after a week of menstrual period is masturbation by water is harmful norethisterone tablets heavy bleeding kindly advice me does erectile dysfunction cause physical or psychological problem second hand marijuana smoke on a child what causes prolonged period with clotting and pain what is the best treatment for selective mutism nipple discharge and pregnancy while on the pill bowel trouble pooped out should i be concerned is it safe to exercise while suffering from hernia suffering with depression as well as another mental disorder white cheesey puss from spots what is it what can i do for muscle joint pain can i reduce my cholesterol level without medicine my son has unexplained bruises can fat burner cause any harm to the fetus what is the cause for stomach pain and diarrhea my 3 years old son fell on the floor and does masturbation casue bleeding of the vagina can c section accidentally cause a punctured uterus how long till percocet will show up in your urine my daughter has had random fevers and consistent stomach pains i slipped on tiles and my right hand hit tiles suffering from pain and nausea due to alcohol and cigarette any side effects of giving somva 34 to child why are my breasts shrinking for no apparent reason can poly-cystic ovarian syndrome be reason for infertility pain under teeth can be cancer or not burning sensation in mouth with pain i am suffering from burning sensation kindly help me out what is the cause and treatment of achromobacter infection suffering from skin problem after accutane can hypothyroidism lead to difficulties on conception how can i conceive as my tubes are blocked hypertensioninspite of medication bp is not going down can i get pregnant with cycloporgenova sudden blurry eye what is the reason for it how to solve uterus problem my nipples pierced what should i do i have bilateral axillary lipoma in my both breast i have been suffering from itching on forearms and feet have had pain in rib area and unable to eat how long i should carry on the caps is floral advised to diagnose frequent and uncontrollable urination how long juvenile rheaumatoid arthritis takes to cure 5 weeks pregnant with high tsh of 26 i am having headache with body pain over 24 hours how to overcome the side effect of aztor late period negative pregnancy test result hearing problem of a 20 months old baby i have been suffering from severe upper back pain would you advise for me to use these pills getting current like feeling in chest what are the harms of leukorrhea suppliments for extra energy in workouts and curb appetite masturbating causing fail in sex does benadryl cough syrup induce sleep or drowsiness am i pregnant stomach crampy nausea can people with nephrotic syndrome get married suffering from sore throat sore neck fatigue abd cramps will crank causes any skin disorder severe constipation with throwing up long weird lesion type of growth under my tongue do plan b pills cause irregular periods does brain damage run in families muscles pain and become hard everytime i workout i have small white bumps please suggest suffering from dry cough for more than one month can i get std by masturbation i have had shoulder pain and swelling for 5 months medicine to control high bp in heart problem may my tear from pregnancy never healed right hard lump underneath skin in groin area please recommend me some suggestions and medicine for sex problem what medicines are recommended for cure of osteomylaetis bleeding after sex in the doggy style position pubic bone pains what could be the reason what cause of food on plate looks blurred pressured bloated feeling in lower abdomen kindly suggest blood rush in head while excited i am trying to concive but no result suffring from thyroid having very low periods please suggest how can i overcome heavy hairfall and split ends suffering from severe head ache tingly sensation in my urethra after urination sore throat dulled hearing and a constant ringing what could be the reason of tragus hurting how do i treat the problem please help i am having loose motionscan i have watermelon what is the treatment of pkd disease i feel hungry and sick in the morning i am kind of feeling dizzy now a days i got hbsag positive what to do is the size of my follicle egg normal how to bring crp level to normal after taking tablet for pcod bleeding coming in 23days wysolne 10mg in low platelet itp why my periods are 23-26 days every month what is the remedy of erectal dysfunction bleeding started after one month of pregnancy what side effects does large dose of stimulant cause i have skin dificency in my leg 12 years old female diagnosed as typhoid suffering from double ear infection is it viral is it possible to remove tubal clamps my 2 years son sneezes every morning what age will i start growing after puberty i am suffering from paranoia anxiety depression hyperactivity my right foot is very itchy and peeling nephew caught masturbating with his friend i have been depressed before symptom of fibroids or tissue growth can i try to get pregnant after taking cold medicine could it still be a pheo or something else why my vagina hurts before and after having intercourse eating carmex is it bad for you severe cold and running nose after polio drops i have nose bleeds for the past 4 weeks i sprained my ankle and it is paining i got fever after car accident i want to know about my semen test report i mastribute twice a day is it normal why i am getting spotting only and no periods my sperm releases very quickly while doing sex is masturbation give the birth to impotency how can treat overwhelming anxiety is frequent masturbation harmful what are the risks involved in lasik eye surgery how to abort 2 months pregnancy through pills can a male with enhanced breast problem do bodybuilding baby stool in green colour is that normal ear infection tried ear drops i get epileptic attack when in sunlight driving or bending suffering from wheeze how can i cure what type treatment i prefer to become pregnant can i get pregnant on duphaston for 10 days suggest me some exercise for acidity problem feeling little pain in my heart does masturbation has ill effects on health what is the treatment for chest pain and headache suffering from telangiectasia is there any ayurvedic treatment 12 year old female having headache and chest pain my husband frequently gets boils on his nose clostil tablet 50mg in pregnancy yellowish discharge with burning sensation from penis can watery sperm get a woman pregnant can brain waves come back when you are dead what is the treatment of bilateral polycystic ovarian syndrome i have experiencing dizzy spells and feeling sick my 10 month old baby has loose motion kindly suggest i am not getting my period after having sex can blowing your nose damage your hearing i have had a persistant cough should i worry whom to consult for large tonsils pain in ear causing headaches and dizziness what are the chances of the baby surviving i have a very anxiousnervous feeling and shaky hands tell me the liver cirrhosis diet when must emergency contraceptives be used i have itchy bumps on the sides of my vagina blood pressure of 103 over 62 is this to low brown discharge coming from my vagina what could be the reason for body ache what is chronic d enervation i have hypertension renal failure symptoms kindly suggest suffering with multi symptoms at the age of 45 years constipation medicine for 9 months old baby stomach pain during periods is it normal to all can i avoid botox injections in cervical dystonia women with pcos problem faces difficulties in getting pregnant chest fat or gynecomastia what to do what could be the cause of my high sgpt cold stinging pain in my left nostril during cold what is the treatment for body pains and headache what tests can confirm pre-marital abortion after taking pill when should i get my next period i have been sufffering from hyperacidity indigestion i have skin problem on my penile gland can oral sex cause chlamydial infections suffering from pain in lower right hand side of body venous thrombosis with hemorrhagic infarct i have bad breath since my childhood i have hair and black spots on my face intestinal blockage with flaky blood after an enema my 14 years old niece is suffering from mirgi epilepsy laboratory test for miliary tuberculosis what is the reason for heavy white discharge extremely darker skin on face and neck what is the alternative for nidagen 100 can you get an std without having sexual intercourse what are the causes of epilepsy in children my heart rate is 225 while jogging what is the relation between abuse and adrenal dysfunction what does my urine test indicate i have dark patch on chin is breast enlargement safe and effective what is the effect of chewing of tobacco my cholesterol is 283 is it ok my son has been very ill with numbness heart palpitations constipation with yellow poop of a 14 months baby my tsh thyroid is 890 how to cure hodgkins disease is laser hair removal safe on the long run can illeoanal reanastomosis surgery cause infertility will sever coughing and vomiting cause miscarriage what should be done for baldness can vicodin present in urine test vaginal itch in a 7 months pregnant women i had been diagnosed for uterine fibroids kindly help me how long can we give cerelac baby food how can mentruation bleeding be stopped forever what is hyperacidity gastritis and ulcer have bumps in arm and nerve line i had hpv why my stomach hurts kindly help me side effects of reducing smoking any drug other than paracetamol can help reduce pain my left leg has been having palpatations for two hours my baby has had essevive crying and screaming please help how to fasten the healing process after delivery blood clot in ear what do i do why does my urine comes out with blood i have acne and it is hereditary i have throat cancer that comes and goes side pain and nausea after 5 months of hysterectomy 12 year old boy stomach hurts off and on stress and anxiety causing health problem i have a bicornuate uterus please suggest greenish black discharge from both breasts stomach aches and i feel like i am having diarrhea suffering from paranoid schizophrenia how to cure it toddler leg pain please help chest infection from 10-15 days diarrhea with bright orangishyellow liquid stool and burning bulky womb causing excessive bleeding please help 7 weeks pregnant getting white discharge is this normal having recurring bartholin gland cyst i woke up this morning around 3am with horrible pelvic what pill can i take to abort my child how to increase the sexual stamina how to stop loss of eyelashes and hair i have fainting and snoring problem kindly help me does menopause decrease sexual tendency how can i get rid of amphetamine i am loosing one side beard having burning feeling between anus vagina how to get rid of snoring blood clots after going to gym is it normal my baby is not urinating but has runny poo how long does pain from fractured ribs last hearing loss please tel me what should i do bleeding during intercourse after an etopic surgery i am sufering from osteoporosis need your suggestions nor-metrogyl for a 4 months old baby is it ok the entrance to my urethra appears to be swollen i got rubella test positive what does it mean i am rubella positive and i am pregnant i am suffering from gastric problem and elevated liver enzymes can my wife get tax benefit for cancer treatment how can i get my fairness back my penis has white dry paste under foreskin i have been suffering from vertigo desperate to get better is proxyvon cap injurious to health i am suffering from inverted nipples problem friction burn that left me with red blotches stinging unusual bump in vagina what can it be what is pcos and how can it be treated why do i have heavy stomach pain after menstruation why am i bleeding post miscarriage i am pregnant and my vagina is bulging really bad breasts are very sore with fluid but not pregnant i am suffering from bronchitis with pseudomonas high auto-mono count on a complete blood cell count calcification of achilles would panadol fix the problem i had dark blood and my vagina is itchy what can i do for less sperm count i am getting a positive pregnancy test after an abortion cold feet nausea with temperature of 1003 the uterus is bulky and appears partially retroverte my semen semen analysis result i have hyperthyroid symptoms had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion what to do with babies having cold sweats what could be the reason for sudden migraines age 54 and my bp is 165112 is it normal overweight and high blood pressure i am suffering from white menses continuously i daily eat greens for dinneris it ok severe pain in the hip with heavy blood flow is breast cancer common in middle aged women loosing temper fast what should i do fracture and swelling of wrist what to do to remove dandruff i have bad odor coming from my body sores from a ice addiction all over the body when should i start therapy for hivve fungal infection in my vagina can i use neo-penotran urine examination report please suggest me does it sound like polycystic ovarian syndrome i get a chest pain every time i lift something is there any remedy to check graying eyebrows how to treat a multilocular right ovarian cyst what is neck popping can u take black seed oil for fibromylgia should i go for dns to confirm my pregnancy i have dizziness and snore in sleep suffering from high bp and depression weight gain and bloated stomach on carbimazole please help knee pain like a bruise with no discolouration kindly suggest i have an irregular and heavy menstrual cycle what precautions must be taken after shoulder surgery lump on right wrist it hurts when i press it diabetes patient what to do is surgery required to treat fractures in the fibula is it fine sleeping daytime during pregnancy would cipro effect my birth control pill separation in kidney what does slight separation mean what causes headaches and nausea does cramping last for days during breastfeeding what are the problems may occur due to excessive masturbation itchy removal area what can i do suffering from severe lower back pain with cyst on ovary bumps along my arm and it is itchy i am suffering from apsis for long with sore throat my baby has had excessive crying and screaming with cold when does one conceive after sex why does my nose block one after the other it burns when i pee after having carbonated drinks headache and dizzy while talking doe a person gain weight by eating yoghurt i experienced light bleeding mid-cycle a light orange-pink bleeding i have high bp with non repairable 98 heart blockage is there any natural remedy for penis infection till what month can i have sex after pregnancy are chest pains a normal symptom of pregnancy why bp and hr is too high suffering form chlamydia but trying to conceive is there is any side effect of using pendits400mg is surgery required to treat introvert testicles hernia near belly button does it require a surgery why am i getting blood spots after intercourse i am suffering from pain while motion and blood bleeding how to avoid the addiction to lorecets just got first injection of rabbies due to dog bite what are the symptom of fits what is microcytic hypochromic my gf has mole in vagina please suggest her is there any problem in sex due to small penis which is better dexolac or lactogen for an infant i have chest pain and diagonised with gastric side effects of fertyl 50 mg and duphston tablets can i reduce weight by amway nutrilite perfect how to treat heart valve blockage after surgey how to cure retinal dettachment because of high bp acute pain in the toe can progyluton be taken for high prolactin levels what does it mean by dysplasia in voice box what is mild to moderate neural foraminal narrowing is meladerm helpful to remove scars i am suffering from facial abscesses how to overcome obsessive thoughts isolated headache after recovering from flu what is the survival rate after angioplasty can i have sex before puberty suggest me about my ecg report my right thumb has swollen kindly suggest can intravenous therapy help to diagnose cystic acne what purpose cancer patients take pet scan can i take carpletunnel in wrist pain pain on right side of throat when swallowing kindly suggest i have constipation for last 7 years i have constant irritatedsore throat and i have polycystic ovaries suffering from migraines no strength vomiting do circumcised males use more lube than uncircumcised males is azoospermia curable by medicine circular raised rash on my upper chest burning up with body heat and sweating what can cause early and frequent periods 18 years old boys nipple that itches and burns my penis has small bumps is it bad is laser treatment for hair removal a safe option my friend is suffering from blood cancer please help could i be pregnant during sex i have a painful white pimple on foot what is the relation between tiredness and anemia why i have nerves on my penis can eb cause blisters in the vagina want to know the effects of the medication for cabg i have itching problems around my upper thigh and vagina my r breast has become inexplicably swollen any suggestions age 45 diabetes facing wrist pain is febrile convulsions completely curable disease i get my period after a long time gap i am facing abnormal periods will my periods start after taking primolut-nor 5 mg i am suffering fro travelling diarrhea i am suffering from acne problem had chemical treatment suffering from headache and heart pain 3 years old child having veezing why does my sons breath stops when he cries is pregnancy the only cause for delayed periods how long it will take to recover after thymectomy what do i do to prevent acne is there any treatment for positive hcv and carcinoma are heart palpitations normal during pregnancy strep throat should i take him back to doctor are there chances of pregnancy after taking the i-pill how to heal a wound of a diabetic patient dark red blood clot during pregnancy what cause of sharp pains in the head how to overcome dilated pelvicalyceal system of fetus afb test is negative but mountx is posiive i have horrible swollen throat even though on antibiotics why pains in scrotum and sometimes headache i am facing hair fall problem from last 2 years 12 years old and take ayurvedic medicine to stop periods can somebody get diseases from hcg why do my achillies twitch when i run period not stopping sexual inactive please help lump on testicle can it be a cyst having pain from minor disc bulge and it is intolerable i get vision loss dizziness nausea when exercising want a proper diet in bulimia nervosa what is the right time to take folicacid tablet how will i know my tubes come untied having gastrointestinal problem after taking a fiber supplement why there is continuous bleeding after c section how can black spots be treated in males when will the bleeding that started after intercourse stop can u suggest any other altenative for espogen erythropoietin can severe lv dysfunction 20 be cured and how can syp citralka help to break renal stones medicines for increasing semen volume what are these rashes in my sons body how soon can i conceive after a miscarriage got blood from penis during the second time of sex i am suffering from hypoglycemia why am i suffering from recurring swine flu symptoms penis glans not in red clour pain during masturbation had orchitis can orchitis be treated by homeopathy my baby having several watery poop vomiting and stomach pain please help how long does alcohol last in your blood is there any side effects of positrim drinking tonsils removed then frequent fever can a accident scar be removed after plastic surgery why is my bleeding still persisting my 9 months baby has a urinary tract infection breathing problem with soreness in belly my wife has something in her womb which resists me does bio disc cure erectile dysfunction how soon should i be delivering am i protected against pregnancy still is there any simple treat to grew moaustache hair what is the best vitamin-mineral therapy for tardive dyskinesia can anti-cancer drugs delay hiv window period pimple which got a lot of fluid my grandmother is having proplems like nausea and heart palpitations life after medical abortion at 3 months pregnant effect of cocaine on mcv blood count what could be the real cause of death why do i bleed while having orgasm i have a regular brown spotting no period my daughter keeps vomiting she also has diarrhoea my daughter is vomit brownish could this be dangerous hives or allergy of a 5 yrs child kindly suggest my 9 months old baby got loose motion what is the cause for continuous urinating after sex 8 month baby having a hole in heart what medicines are there to stop pimples lower back pain with tb symptoms experienced with concentrated bath salts pregnancy red swelling upper and lower eyelid kindly suggest remedies i have sever headache only during intercourse is mozep advised to treat schizophrenia repeated fever for me what are the remedies what if i take mcbm69 per day 2 tablets 81 year old woman has palpitations in every 20 seconds does aten 25 and prothiaden 75 cause infertility how to stop the sweating on arms swollen right vaginal lips please help my 3 year old had slight pneumonia nutrilite fiber powder for digestive system how frequently can a asthmatic child undergo nebulization why is there bleeding while passing stool hbsag positive during pregnancy is it so bad blood and fat like substance in urine kindly help should patient be hospitalized when starting pacerone 4 months old baby having loose motion i have problem of semi solid stools how to keep my 12 years daughters vagina clean my mother suddenly feel chilled where can i get cheap treatment for cancer what is the treatment of anti transglutaminase is there any permanent solution for grade a reflux how is high bp relates to my sex life my baby affected pus cells in stool please help i have been feeling sick with high heartbeat lump under eyelid please help my 45 years baby starts to develop a fishy smell taking lorazepam for feeling nervous when going out i have a sinus infection should i be concerned is it normal to have high lymphocyte during infection what could be the reason for urine irritation can i take i-pill while on isotroin how to avoid smoking in the bathroom is it correct to follow atarax medication for dermographia i want become a medium fat any medicine please i am suffering from misterious abnormal skin problems i have external piles pain in bowel movement and bleeding my daughter got elbowed in the throat please help her how to conceive soon chest pain when falling asleep what do i do can cramps and bleeding be due to a miscarriage are urinary tract infection and heartburn interrelated is procto-glyvenol cream effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids i have hyperhidrosis sweat excessively bad cold during pregnancy kindly suggest i m constantly thirsty is it normal how is meizitang diet pills i have a itchy arms is it brachioradial pruritus fast heart beats and diffeculty of breathing during my sleep what can i do for pimples on my face what should i do in triple vessles disease does masturbation has adverse effect on health is it normal to have fast heart rate suffering from severe back pain with migraines my headache started getting worse with dizziness and fast heartbeat 6 years old boy child suffering from autism fat globules what s the meaning of this is ecospirin useful in acute heart attack availability of codiene tablets and its side effects how can i postpone ejaculation i have abdominal cramping rib and back pain what is this white dots on my penis my pregnancy bp is still persisting pls help me how can i shrink my vagina what are the symptoms of hip dislocation after bumped today i feel nausious and light headed i am suffering from cervical paraspinal spasm any medication how does male fertility work i have dark basically black clumpy discharge is central diabetes insipidus related to depression in anyway why is my mother getting hot flushes legs and backbone pain for no apparent reason slight headache and fluttery feeling in body suffering from low appetite diarrhea and feeling dizzy how long i will get pain after uterine inversion do prostrate glands reabsorb fluids when not in use how safe is going for a sauna during pregnancy what can i do for smooth breath i want to increase my weight what is this brown discharge with missing periods give me some use full information about chronic heart disorder can i take azax 500 to cure chlamydia can pregnancy be possible with menstrual bleeding dark and itchy skin around testicle is this serious should i shave while going for medical exam what are the symptoms of macroadenoma how do i know if i have blunted affect 9567 is my blood pressure low bp pills and panic disorder pills can having a negative blood type cause miscarriage my jaw hurts very badly what should i do my right nostril has leaked like a faucet after burn i have a very bad dry cough for 3 weeks i have high pitch noise and now hearing loss why am i smelling this strange smell irregular period do i need to see a doctor my husband has bp is this dangerous i felt something bite my leg while riding an elephant i am getting pain and spotting after plan b vaginal burning pain after completing 7 days of clindamycin cream pain due to small lump on anus can i feed cow milk formula to my baby i am having blood while passing stools with no pain will any medicine help to increase weight i got light bleeding istopped my pill am i pregnant using duromine 30g to loose nur-isterate birth control what should i do for muscle soreness grogginess and headache every time i smoke weed tearingpulling pain after head injury i am using tugain foam please suggest why am i having bleeding thrice in 5 weeks could i be pregnantif use ovofar pregnancy check up is this standard can i smoke while taking anti rabbies vaccines what is the use of norgest 5mg erythrocyte sedimentation rate is 32 with a skin infection will circumcision protect me from future penile infections what is the solution to protect eyes in diabetes use of copper to avoid unwanted pregnancy how to stop greying of beard hair is intestine perforation possible during a cesarean delivery baby is having cold can it be cure automatically suggest me medicine for smoke and dust allergy will my metabolism rate go down forever acute pain in cardiac muscles at the age of 23 what medicines should i take for breast enlargement i am having stiff neck after angioplasty kindly help me problem of dandruff in 4 years old baby my penis does not stand properly in sex free fluid in podany cyst formation in uterus which is the best formula feed for the baby i got headaches after amnio i am 17 weeks pregnant 17 days late on period and having pain in belly can anyone avoid dialysis for having creatine my wife has problem in conceiving since last 7 years is naproxen 500 mg helpful in abortion burning pain in knee what is the disease i am having some symptoms after taking unwanted 72 lymphocytic colitis how to get rid of the pain why does my breast become sore during pregnancy what is the reason or cause of headache does consuming lots of water have any problem can i take oxyelite pro with synthroid and effexor 2 year old baby has fever with pain i have ringing feelings in my left ear with flu i am having a problem with body odour yesterday i had bright red gooey blood come out of a kid sick with fever over 3 weeks kindly help diet for high uric acid high cholesterol and high triglycerides what could make vomitus smell like vanilla i ve been suffering from sinus problem i have itchy nipples which smells like milk white patches behind tonsils going down throat pulse rate during bp of 130 over 90 can obesity affect pregnancy negative blood pregnancy test could i still be pregnant how do i know brain activity for my baby which is the best time to take methadone tablet what is the prognosis of myeloma relapse is there any medicine for hyperthyroid my hands are shaking after my workout please advice how is central pad peripheral caused i have had tight chest esophagus tightened light headed when i breath it hurts why how come i am not motivated to do anything is it safe to fly with percarditis why i am having bleeding during sex can sperm be visible in female urinalysis i got hives after masturbationsuggest me can oxyelite pro cause soreness of the testis what is andrino corcinoma cancer colorless liquid come out during masturbation explain the ultrasound scan report i am getting pain in my stomach kindly help me is my babys weight perfect as per age suggest me medicine for loss of appetite can i take follic tablet on pregnancy pulsating on left side of my nose why is my breathing sound very loud treatment for upper lip blister severe and continues pain on left shoulder pain and foul taste in tongue what does a yellow whitish vaginal discharge indicate high blood sugar and loss of memory problem 9 months old baby has whooping problem why do i have abdominal pain after intercourse what is the best medicine for penis infection can we eat black grapes during pregnancy can infertility be caused by taking postinor 2 suffering from pain in abdomen i have a stomach pain experiencing heartburn baldness and thin hair please suggest remedies for it feeling like something popping out from below breast bone what is the cure for lumbar sacral problem any treatment for insomnia what can cause vaginal burning could i be pregnant after ectopic what are side effects of dothiepin and divalproex my brother has very deep cough kindly suggest the remedies i am suffering from hormonal imbalance kindly suggest the treatment why is my lower back hurting after menstrual cycle burning sensation on inside of knee is blood cancer curable by imitinef mercilet child with systemic mastocytosis suggest the treatment have bacterial vaginosis after the unprotected sex why my penis has been dripping throughout the day suffering from insomnia after having an accident what are the cure for hyperthyroidism i have missed my period after abortion is this normal i am feeling weak physically because of masturbation 7 year old girl with regular chest cold and vomiting i have a big lumpy scar and unbearable itch crunching and pain in my kneewhat could this be 3-12 years baby got loose motions could i be pregnant soon what is the psychological perspectives on glandular fever how can one control ejaculation and enjoy sex does facial hair grow by using biotin gallbladder removed 7 months ago still swollen and having pain numbness after 4 months of knee replacement macular degeneration should i refrain from using botox is 127 over 97 good for blood pressure i am suffering from night fall treated with anal dilation suffering from stomach and right below breast pain effect of smoking on atrial fibrillation what could the yeast infection under my breast be i have been having chest pain under my left breastbone depression after back surgery is it a related symptom does using asthalin rotacaps has any impact on pregnancy i have hard stool after using dexolac special care formula how to help children overcome fear of nightmares cough and cold sinus for 10 years how to remove permanent tan i have pimples due to body heat and oily skin is tsh level of 21 dangerous in pregnancy is it possible to cure short sight suffering from stomach pain since 15 days flesh colored bumps on head and foreskin can i use cytotec to abort 6 weeks pregnancy surgery or medication to decrease the size of breast testicular torsion what are the precautions i should take taking gemfibrozil twice a day is that danger i have gained weight is this a side effect what diet can give to 7 month old baby diet pills to lose weight fast how to grow hair on head after chemo i have problem in passing out urine had enlarge prostate what is the remedy for sun tan painful lump in my sons neck i have eczema problem any remedies for this do i have high blood pressure and cholesterol dizziness during and one week after menses sir i am a 4o year old youth with perfect can i stop the eptoin tablet or not can eptoin tablets cause cancer what causes childrens bumpy ridged nails suffering from chest pain and swollen ankles how can i heal my liver what can be grovers disease treatment effect of muscle relaxants on nerves system is an ecg with high abit still normal sore in the anus with some pus and blood what will happen if a diabetic person skips lunch how can i gain the weight normally i am experiencing lightheadedness following meningitis why are we not able to have children how to remove female facial hair permanently what it can be pimple or cyst on chin swelling after chikungunya is it normal terrible headaches tiredness with stiff neck i have meningioma allergy from mutton wot to do genetic leber symptom please advice does leber congenital amaurosis run in your family pain in long old scar tissue are cramps normal after stent placement can i drink if i am diagonised with mono my top jaw completely overlaps my bottow jaw what is the natural way to reduce breast size i have low sgot wbc sgpt what does it mean i want to reduce my breast size naturally what is rip urine culture in a child does scanty periods after implantation mean pregnancy white patches since 3 yrs had photo therapy treatment chest pain is shooting down my arms what is the effect of lisinopril on children i have an itch an it is very irritation iv how much elevation is worrisome in test results i have itchy rashes what can i do arm twitching in child please help my child has horribly stinky gas young lady with colon cancer stage is cifran ct harmful duribg earlier stage of pregnancy want to increase height 3 inches more does drinking milk after alcohol have a bad effect chest pains high blood pressure back pain suggest me remedy suffering from terrible effects of masturbation practice how to get pregnant with ivf-et i have had urinary problem for a week now i got a continuously have had a bad cold would olive oil make more acne should i continue electrocine tabs or not tell me the treatment of stomach cancer dronis -30 tablet for weight reduce what cause of pain in both the testis irregular heartbeat what should i do how to detect pregnancy by hcg how to survive from discharge problem my doctor said im having f20 what is f20 how can i control my sperm does clarithromycin cause calf pain are painless deliveries safe can tinea cruris and the elevated sgpt be related me and my husband both are in depression vomiting and pale stools in 4 year old baby why is white fluid comming during urination what is the treatment for susceptibility bleeding on 8th day of cycle after an intercourse can i get some mental counselling can i give farex to 5 weeks old baby what does epithelial cells in urine indicate did nuprin nasal inhaler contain levmefamphetamine reconstructive eyelid surgery and cysts formation from stitches what will happen if the prostate explode tedi bar soaps for my baby- is it goodbad why am i spotting after having sex my right knee is slightly swollen with mild pain how to treat a wounded penis tip white patches encircling my eyes i use lenses what precaution should be taken to prevent malaria ear crackling and distortion like blown speakers what is the remedy for the upper heel pain 83 years old female suffering from tuberculosis in the head suggest the treatment for tuberculosis of bones how to recover autonomic nervous system and spine injury is masturbating using external objects harmful testis skin turned reddish color on the bottom does flu cause bleeding gums bruised side of knee with swelling i have small dark itchy patches at vulva does menstrual cycle matter during angiogram peeing hurts could it be an std which is the best medicine for depression how do i abort my pregnancy after three months can penicillin be transfered to anyone through intercourse what treatment can be taken to shrink the clitoris vaginal bleeding after a fall on tailbone erectile dysfunction 29 years old male what is the difference between uti and yeast infection whay my hair has become thin unwanted 72 within 24 hours of intercourse till what age man is sexually active i am suffering from loose motions with little bit blood can stress be a reason of missed period suffering from degeneration of brain functionsis it neurological problem numbness in my left thigh is it normal when you can overcome furunculosis while on antibiotics how to remove pimple scars from face i had an uncontrollable anus leak uncontrollable anus leak after doing drug how to come out habit of chewing gutka can i get herpes infection because of kissing 11 months old baby girl and barely eats anything what home remedy is there for black heads why is laxis contraindicated in cyanosis my son has enlarge adenoids i have anal fissure with rash could it be herpes what is the treatment for sensorineural hearing loss brain cancer symptoms please help my periods are delayed should i be worried treatment of diabetes with nutrilite products childs loose motion after vaccination i am suffering from neck pain from 9 years continuous cough problem is it any chest infection can thyroid cyst under chin become cancerous why i got dizzy during blood group test blood in my mouth please help could the hives be a result of some lingereing infection can nose piercings cause cancer perfloxacin sensitivity in sperm what does it mean could i stop taking microgestin 120 after period how can i reduce my lip what should be the time gap between two abortions breast lump due to accident why the doctor has suggested for muscle biopsy i have wonky eye and i had a detached retina will pill work after 65 hours of having sex how could i improve my week sexual health dry crusty discharge in the ear canal dark brown discharge during masturbation unless he puts fingre in anus he cant pass stool how can my son be seizure episodes free i get dirty brown color saliva inside my mouth i am having a hard time to fall asleep does taking meizitang cause sleeplessness rashes and fatigue facing difficulty in passing stoolis it a psychological problem dizziness with head hurting and spinning why am i having painful urination during my periods bump on inner cheek should i be concerned how to reduce hernia problem my daughter wants lip piercing will permanent pre-taped hair extension method affect my hair my right eyebrows are shivering from last one month is there any side effect of cervix cancer vaccine can erectile dysfunction be emotional is constipation harmful during pregnancy dark spot after getting ball hit on face is there any remedy to grow height clotting of blood inside head can i get pregnant naturally using donated sperm want diet for jaundice patients which cream can i use for scabis what is the quick solution for carcinoid tumour does eating almond during 6th wek pregnancy safe will hypospadias effect my marriage life is it safe to take hmg in first pregnancy is there any treatment for hip nerve problem is it necessary to bleed during first intercourse how to increase height at 18 years