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swollen lyphnode in neck what does this mean suffering from dry cough chest pain kindly help i have polycystic ovary what is the remedy my eyes keep on blinking my beard become very thin and turning blonde can hard water cause hair loss pcos patient trying for baby kindly suggest in 2nd pregnancy i have lower back pain it hurts when i masturbate what could be the reason experencing some sinus pain and headaches can surgery fix it what medicine can i take to start menstruation i am suffering from diarrhea and i have sour stomach pimples without puss and it doesnt leave any marks i have done sporanox during pregnancy how to increase concentration in reading books my son feels sick sore thraot and head ache my husband is diagnosed with tbhad enlargement of right testis what is hyperhidrosis and what are its causes i am having bladder and urethral pain am i capable of being mother i am not able to ejaculate suggest me a remedy for blocked nose having some serious headache along with vomiting please suggest exercise to make penis bigger white lump on vagina but no itching i had brown discharge from my vagina is it normal my 5 years old daughter is diagnosed with absence seizures is my sperm test normal with 35 percent motile can pregnancy occur without penetration i am having right knee pain and instability how to increase the hearing ability saying things in my head that are worrying and nasty how to manage premature ejaculation i have nasal polyps in left side please help i have leaky heart valve and anxiety what is the purpose of susten 200 tablet reddish discharge instead of normal menstruation why do i have heavy abdominal pain both kidneys of my mother are not working experiencing upper back pain radiating on my left breast i want to reduce my abdominal facing very pain in vagina while doing sex 26 year old male was diagnosed with hiv taken lots of drugs to get pregnant but no result i dont really continue to bleed after help i had an abortion due to cervix problem 5 weeks pregnant will my baby have malformations how do i prepone my menstruation cycle my mother developed a fibroid in her uterus kindly help i have a feeling of negative things during my travel 18 years old girl suffering with inferiority complex is it advisable to take betnesol injection during pregnancy pea size white lump on my vagina lip what are the causes of skin elegy when will it start aborting is there any cure for medical renal disease pain all over body especially backweak arms and legsslight dizzy ct scan shows small epidural haematoma in right temporal grade a influx oesophagus is it curable by medicine i have light head dizziness what could be the reason what can i do to arrest inclusion body myositis what are the weird leg movements i have i am getting delayed periods but my hpt is -ve how often does colon cancer relapse is this safe to do home abortion good ointment to get rid of pimples and its scars it hurts a whole lot please help loose motion at least for 5-6 times i had a sudden weight increase please guide me blood comes out from my penis during intercourse am i using the correct medicines is there any way to make strong erection which medicine is affecting my menstrual cycle is isotroin-20 help to reduce acne alternative medicine to make my menstruation regular my sperm leaks daily at night and when i urinate i have been feeling like floating can you help me want to lose weight without going to gym having digestive problem and weight loss what is a sex change operation i always get depression and sad for no reasons what is the use of allylestrenol tablets iud inserted discharge thick and brown with burning sensation what are the chances of my pregnancy surviving can a delayed periods mean im pregnant can i use 1-2 drops of an aromatherapy i have sore breasts and stomach cramps am i pregnant chances of pregnancy after rupturing left follicle yellow patchy skin on lower breasts not sexually active positive to strep b i really want to get pregnant i feel pain in my head for little moment i have problem with my nervous system from childhood i had a circumcision and it still has swelling what to do to bring down the sugar level what is cotcellularmantana and how can i cure it is it implantation bleeding or something else cause of acidity how to control through diet i missed my abortion worried about the pregnancy now my tsh is 129 and i am taking levothyroxine my child has been vomiting since yesterday kindly suggest measures to reduce risk of a heart problem i have early discharge after excitement burning sensation during pee but there is no blood lump on my lower left rib cage it is soft is my semen report normal red mark above his left eyebrow and swelling kindly help what may be the causes for dark brown discharge how could i increase my height give me suggestion on psoriasis in scalp how to remove extra dead skin in vagina malabsoprtion without diarrhea kindly advice how many times can i masturbate in a month having dark skin on face my penis is slightly curved is it ok fsh level of 25mluml is it normal how can i have intercourse without pain i am suffering from the side effects of cipralex what is the cause of penis turning red i am having some anxiety attacks during menopause whats the best treatment and remedy for child convulsion what is the best preconception vitamin itching and pain after 15 years of vein striping is vaginal irritation because of nicotene patch i am suferring from genital warts my husband right upper leg is swollen i am havin polycystic ovaries what should i do my right side of my neck hurts feeling fatigued having cramps all through my body severe pain in my left shoulder muscles from 10 years getting a chunky yellowish discharge after masturbation is there any treatment to grow penis cause of romatism and its cure i want to get a hair surgery can infertility be a genetic problem irregular menstrual periods after 5-6 months of having sex can my girlfriend be pregnant after having unprotected sex is there any chances of getting hiv infection can you get aids through oral sex what can i do to stop this allergy pain across chest during workout is dubagest safe for unborn baby what is the prognosis and treatment for breast cancer i have got a sperm problem kindly advise me why am i having different colors of discharge bilateral prominent broncho vascular markings in chest skiagram is lipocut-60 tablet safe why i am feeling sleepy in the morning which rays comes from phototherapy light i am feeling reeling over my head my husband stoped breathing due to alzheimer how to remove holes from my face suggestion about increase the timing while intercourse what measures should i follow to become pregnant i am experiencing an ulcer on my penis i have had frequent kidney infect kindly suggest what treatment should i take for staphylococcus aureus infection i am losing interest in everything what can i do can my wife conceive without having a uterus which is safer among loop and copper t how to treat hair loss which is hereditary losing my hair everyday after shower whats wrong if someone cant eat without taking pills does masturabtion make a person weaker i feel there is small lumps in right breast pain in my pelvic area with tenderness in breast constant pain on the right sie of head what is abdomianl suction lipectomy may i take advil while taking metopimazine i am naseas and have back pain please suggest late period with brown discharge please suggest diagnosis and cure of photo-dermatitis i am suffering from stomach problems what is the easiest method to improve height can i pill causing so much headache i have tuberculosis can i try for pregnancy i have scabies i am using permethrin can heart problems and diabetes result in impotence how long i have to take this pcod treatment what is the treatment of piles along with diabetes can having 4 emergency pills in 5 months cause cancer i have severe sore throat after cervical surgery i am getting upper back pain breathlessness and stomach upset i am having really bad nausea stomach pain how to get rid of masturbation practice my fasting 12 hrrs fasting blood sugar is 120 i am suffering frm hair loss plz give me suggestions sufferd from stick fever subsequently prescribed olyppra dablites i am suffering from anxietyshiveringover sweatingfast heartbeat i am 25 my little brother has nightmares which are very strange am i diabetic based on this result when should i take ipill after having unprotected sex i have skin rupture on my foot due to itching sore throat with a huge lump bp is high after taking of percocet severe peripheral neuropathy and axonopathy and foot-drop tested positive for montox test please suggest i am losing my hair and i am only 21 does colonoscopy reduce erection having bent uvula should i be worried does down syndrome is heridetry give me information about treatment for mild cerebral atrophy my grand father is suffering from liver cirrhosis does electric shock cause any problem in pregnancy 1 year and two months old problem with his knees can massage or diet increase breast cup size dizziness nausea and exhaustion symptoms painful clitoris with rashes and itching how to prevent pimples on my face from 3 years i have pain in my penis what is the cause for white discharge can i fly after angioplasty surgery eardrum patched i have a hair loss and white patches is it ok to use sudafed spray for long what cause of perforated labias and vagina disfigurred why am i getting delayed periods without having intercourse please advise treatment and cuses of pod pid disease bubble like blister at the tip of tongue i want my breasts to grow is this possible why is my pregnant wife dehydrated 24 year old suffering from premature ejaculation i have central serous chorioretinopathy in my both eyes my son is not throwing out his urine yellowish colored sperm what could be the reason i am feeling vomiting and dizzy for past 5 days i have melasma from last 5 years kindly suggest please advice if medications are correct for blood pressure symptoms of irregular periods and also body pain how can i get rid of sensitive right breast 17 years girl complain for feeling much cold is there any treatment available for torch igm i experience break in sleep and rapid heart rate lump on arm after giving blood is that bad why am i not sexually interested with my wife is vaginal bleeding side effect of the i-pill i am suffering from suicidal tendency the skin beneath my hair is coming out how to cure amoebiasis in children can the skin lesions caused by syphilis i have symmetrical bilateral pain in buttocks and lower back do tb drugs cause white headspimples how will my hand pain go i have entry level diabetes less interest in sex is it serious to have some dark urine my son had typhoid fever please help what medication can i used for chronic duodenum how to increase length of penis by natural treatment anti coagulant with zotreem plus what is a purple lump in vigania mean i had sex 2 weeks ago my hymen broke will i get infection after having unprotected sex i have fissure and piles for last 2 year i am suffering from hyper pigmentation suggest me the remedy my wife complained that she was itching after sex what are the ill effects of orlistat what prevention should i take for stroke irregular heart beat and palpitations anything i can do eye floaters and tinnitus please suggest remedies tell me the details about thyroid problem i got tb disease to the small intestine cerebral palsy symptoms in children why did i get my hcg levels high my son lost his voice he had pheamonia please help 13 year old fingering his buttnormal hair drops from my head kindly suggest daughter aged 7 has been feeling nauseated what causes skin peeling from inner surface of penis should i take medicine for slight change in bp what can i take as a alternative of eptoin how can i increse my breast size am i doing the right treatment for hypothyroid i am worried about the pregnancy i noticed some light spotting and brown discharge what is the solution for stammering how can i confirm that i have breast cancer i get a little pain in my throat while eating what is the proper diet plan for kid i have two chemical pregnanciesmay i know why what is the treatment for hemoglobin problem breast pain in my teenage years any medicinesherbal or alopathy to shrink the hemangioma can i have alcohol while i am having piles can you have normal delivery with neck spondylitis can i travel on daily 40 kms during pregnancy has chronic nose bleeds at least twice a month what are my chances of getting cancer female doctors opinion on male patients getting erections tumors inside my skin at back side of right hand i have an acute folliculatr tonsillitis having prblm of repeatd urination please suggest multiple white-heads with puss on inside of labia are cerebral palsy and periventricular leukomalacia related red pimple-like rash on my baby over her head does copper t have any effect on regular cycles home remedies for child abdominal pain what would be the cost of dental implants total cholesterol 213 is it high reflex sympathetic dystrophy with high blood pressure my son is a bedwetter what can i do why am i bleeding after having my implant out i have bitten by dog what should i do nose odor nasal obstruction possible basilar skull fracture i have dark circle and freckles what cause of anxietydizziness fluid retention and depression what is glandular neoplasia bleeding during sex what should i do vaginal infection symptoms please advise how i increase my sexual intercourse period brown spots on my face and body why does my heart beat fast while having intercourse how to check for skin cancer i ruptured my achilles tendon what should i do i need to delay my period for about 1 week pain killer for torn acl and fractured tibia i ve been coughing from an excess of saliva how to cure dryflaky skin of the body is masturbating daily causes sexual disorder why something white goes out from my vagina suffering from fibroids problem is there any treatment where can i get free samples of adult dippers why do i have white dischage from breasts what is black spots on my legs toric implantation for left eye cannot breathe through nose with a bad cold what is the reason and remedy for chocked throat what happens in a heartburn how to remove extra dead skin why does my mouth smell a very distended stomach in just a couple of months how to avoid wet dreams treatment for blocked nose severe cold how to stop nightfall can turmeric milk decrease the inr what is the correct dose of mifigest cytolog what is the alternative of janumet i have itchy chilblains appearing on my feet i am suferring from genital wartskindly help me five weeks pregnancy i am want to go for abortion will clarithromyc treat a uti my wife has a high eosinophil 900 and tlc 16000 premature baby constantly throwing up am i allergic to beef is there anything other than surgerymedicine for uterine fibroids hospitalized due to denguebreakbone feverneed to lower sgpt level further symptons of stage iv ovarian cancer will thyroid or dialysis cause blood vomiting will sex or ejaculation cause back pain i have side effect from testerone therapy have enlarged clitoris i have 50 day menstrual cycle i had nausea dizziness headache vomiting diarrhea for a week pain in my vaginal area after urinating under distended bladder uterus is unremarkable kindly suggest i believe i am hepatitis b carrier sudden pain in eyes eye pressure is normal pain before and after ejection i got rash above my penis after shaving what i can do to help his situation 14 year old170 lbs how to lose weight can birth control pills be treated as emergency contraceptives pain throughout left hand is it rheumatic pain meaning of microbacterium tuberculosis complex can chemotherapy help to diagnose azospermia my mother has orange discharge during menopause does stimulation drinks help with absence seizures my foreskin is not rollback what should i do why the baby is fuzzy i want to gain weight give me a proper diet my period came early could there be something wrong is epilex safe drug for 2 year old baby how dangerous is it for blood sugar to be 283 malaria drug for 1month pregnancy i have severe dandruff suggest me the remedy 20 years old malevoice is like females suffering from slight fever cold coughing and weakness want to increase the size of penis why doesnt ny semen squirt out while masturbating tingling sensations on the sole of my feet how to control from doing mustrubution what are the effects of injection detamol in hyperpyrexia i have a large painful lump upper inner thigh right nostril and right ear blocked and pain i have spots in vision what is this i have a lump above collar bone please suggest me i have heavy vomiting and nausea during pregnancy what is tablet fertyl 50 mg will i become pregnant with whom should i consult for chest pain are cancer mutations inheritable having pain in my right hand upper joint weather i am affected by cancer or not what are the symptoms and cure for insomnia i have a spot on roof of mouth please suggest if i use obirax will it reduce my weight i want medicine for hair loss problem can evion 400 help me to grow my hair can any online doctor tell me about pcod what is the chance of lung cancer survival what are these bruise marks under my penis how to remove impotence i had infection and cystitis of urinary bladder kindly suggest is there any side effect of montus kid tablet dark sun burn spots removal i have bleed very heavy after coil fitting i cannot poo properlyi had gall bladder removed loose motion started during pregnancy left breast is sore and the breast bone is swollen i am feeding her cerela is it ok can a flesh-like tissue outside the rectum be hemorrhoid i have twitchingfluttering on my lower right abdomen can smoke pot be detected during drug test bump on back full of puss and water how does lithobid differ from lithium carbonate pregnancy without penetration is it possible what to do with minor hairline fractures in children what is the reason for less semen in me why am i not getting periods while on meprate is there any non-surgical treatments for large labia suffering from leukoplakia vulva kindly help give me a good diet chart to lose weight swelling in both feet after heart bypass surgery pre ejaculation problem at the age of 25 can i suffer an early miscarriage while on pill can a deaf and dumb person be cured why i am getting frequent hiccups and heart burn my blood sugar is 330 what do i do how to cure fistula disease what dose it mean by coronary risk factor i have allergy of dust orange can pumping increase milk production in breast how to get rid of bad smells in mouth excessesive saliva please suggest remedy why am i gaining weight with healthy foods diet for an extremely overweight person kindly suggest what could be the reason for bleeding after ipill i cannot long time sex with my wife tightnessdysfunction muscles lateral to base of tongue abnormal morphology what should i do why is my heart beating so hard i am underweight why was there bleeding while performing oral sex my blood pressure has been elevating some lately kindly suggest should i be concerned about this chest pain what should my bp be swelling in both ankles and feet terrible periods with nausea and intolerable cramps any side effect of exercise in gym will birth control and plan b delay menstrual periods what medication will help to cure from vomit what is my best choice to survive with thymoma survivals could 2 minutes unprotected sex have made me pregnant infected tonsil with fever of a 3 years old baby how to deal with tuberculosis patient my foreskin not sliding back during erection large swollen bruise on hip what should i do can contraceptive pills have toxic effects at first use what is the reason for bleeding after taking ipill reason for bleeding after taking ipill why is there uncountable puscells in my urine can i have sex after jaundice shoulder neck and headache problem how to prevent excess dischrge of white stain fast beating heart at 93 bps what may be causes of feeling stomach full with water is there something wrong about my height i am diabetic and i have rash on my tummy can blood relatives donate blood to each other is it harmful to masturbate twice in an hour vagina has become very itchy sore and swollen itching white stuff stuck inside my vaginal area on skin do ear infection cause imbalance at an extreme level flucos 150 in skin problem what is crumbling spine syndrome years child is getting fits every now and then i have yellow fingertips it become black when i rubbed what is the effect of erbatax on rectal tumor why my blood sugar drops down in night frenulum bumps what these could be doxinate and emiset what are the medicine for i have not been finding any joy in doing anythings firm knot on the upper part of my lip will eating pus kill you 1 year old son suffering from cold and nasal flow what contraceptives should be used for a safe sex how is hysteroscopic myomectomy for submucosal fybroid in uterus want baby girl kindly suggest how to prevent cancer from spreading further treatment of cervical spondalitis in neck bone do i have anorexic symptoms how can i stop milk coming from my breast my hands are very warm why is it so how to enlarge my breast without surgery itching genitals what could it be does ceterizine tablets affect microgynon 30 i have dark circle around my lips and eyes an infant having blocked nose please suggest the remedies i cannot control my emotions in sex help me out is it ok to have a redbull while pregnancy vaginal discharge please suggest me i have staphylococcus infection causing weak erection why my ears feel warm shortness of breath 247 kindly help is there any remedy for the pain of ear piercing i am constantly getting upper back pain clinical depression and very much on the brink of suicide can stress cause irregularity in periods anal lumps and with white sticky discharge what can cause chronic pain in left arm my 1 year old son suffering from cold my 2 year old son is having frequent painful erections anxiety get worse at night how is anxiety during first time sex prevented esr rate is 80 for a 34 years female what is the treatment for thyroid imbalance what is antiretroviral therapy can it treat aids will self sex make me impotent what exactly ec pills do is there any treatment to stop snoring i have constant stomach pain appetite dizziness and tiredness tell me some abortion pills name what is the treatment of stiffness of penis loss of hair what product should i use does smoking cigarettes cause delay in growth and puberty how to take care of liver my so is suffering from flu can a person under 18 have a heart attack what causes dry skin on knob i am losing my weight due to night fall i have red bumps on both sides of my torso implantation bleeding or flushing of unsuccessful egg implantation does smoking damage growing chronic cough shortness of breath for past 3 years loose motion in winter season in what position we should measure blood pressure which is best position for checking blood pressure ayurvedic treatment for growth of facial hair without side effect suffering from diarrhea and feeling lightheaded cyst in my eyes hurts can i wear contact lenses my 4 year old son has bumps on his penis ball like feeling in my vagina lip 8 years daughter affected from some skin water pimpels how to get rid of forehead scar must someone see a doctor regularly epstein s anomaly how long it will take to heal a wounded foot my mom is suffering from dry cough for one month how to diagnose peyronies syndrome what is the solution for wet dreams i am 23-years-old male i have some fungal infection when can i take folicacid tablet in pregnancy necessary food and health care for hair growth white patches on skin please suggest diet plan for a below one year baby i have been suffering from hypothyroidism need your advice solution for significant disc lesion at l4-l5 how long i can use the estrogen ring how to get rid of right shoulder pain suffering with fever no other symptoms is hospitalization required when does the fetal movement start during pregnancy what is hypertrophic pyloric stenosis the arm that i have the implant in is hurting delayed period with stomach cramp could i be pregnant having pelvic pain after consuming alcohol what is the best way to stop sertraline i get shest pain during menstruation suggest me the remedy my baby has a fever that does not go away what is the likelyhood of my old cancer returning purple spot on chest what could that be what precaution we need to take for pregnancy prevention stop breathing what measures should i have taken i missed my period still negative hpt which exercises can help me in increasing my height pain and burning sensation in my right shoulder my daughter is suffering from abdominal pain kindly help me why am i unable to perform sexual activity how to remove dead acne from face wasnt successful for a baby could this be genetic how long it will take to consume alcohol after pyleoplasty my throat is not co-operating to sing without any reason chronic loose motion with blood in stool not able to get good erection i have white spot on eyeball and it hurts duphastone tablet relation to period can c5 vertibra degrasive spondylitis cause head ache is my mother suffering from schizophrenia is there any relation between pneumonia and guttate psoriasis affected with cough cold and sneeze for 5 months what are the worst effects of reactive arthritis what is the significance of alkaline phosphatase test 49 yrs old womans tongue turned into purple colour what could be these white bumbs on vaginal lips my mouth not open properly because my tobacco habit does ecosprin have any effect on gums is there any problem for masturbating every day can seizure cause jaw twitching what are my chances to conceive heartburn before and after pregnancy why is it why does my penis hurt while urinating masturbation of 16-17 year old will i need heart surgery after two attacks can i take creatine as a supplement i haver sore pain in my stomach perfect circles on neck what it could be afraid that i have to make a surgery why there is a long gap between my mensuration am i pregnant or the test results are wrong when will i get my periods if i stop duphaston will foreskin problem affect my sex life suffering from extra uterine leiomysarcoma fiberosarcoma what is ethmoid sinus mass severe stomach problem with fever is it possible to cure testicular cancer through meditation my 3 year old is coughing very badly what does stomach cramps and diarrhea indicate discoloration under my breast with reddish pimple 3 years old baby weigh 33 kgs suffering from diarrhea stomach pain and sweating what treatment should be taken to cure acne is cycloreg tablet help to cure from scanty bleeding can i use ecophane without a prescription lumbar disc diseases what are the permanent solutions what is the effect of delayed chemotherapy i am suffering from memory loss what can i do for late ejaculation strange pain in chest which comes and goes my whole body twitches and my left arm numb i have tiredness and headaches please suggest me i can feel my heartbeat when i lay down what is the side effects of criston capsule how to get rid of acne pimples how to enlarge the size of sexual organ sore bottom lip with two big sores oesteo arthritis disc tear and bulge in lower back i experienced shortness or breath and throat tightening got pencrititus what should i do for it small cut turned into lymph node i have had abdominal intestinal troubles any thoughts period stopped but i am still bleeding why my period cramps suddenly disappeared is that normal hypo echoic mass in the body of uterus should we continue to try and force liquids 70 year old uncircumcised malelost sensitivity in penis remedies for cold leg type 2 diabetic my penis get strong before i am going to bed is massage ok to treat stiff neck what is the proper treatment for clogged ears my husband has five stents inserted after the attack white watery discharge with missed period seven months pregnant with a severe acidity problem will ultrasound can cause any problem painless lump inside belly button i feel burning sensation in my stomach i have white patches on skin kindly help me calculus and ovarian cyst problem should i consult husband gets very irritates on an small issue how to cure polycystic ovary syndrome pcodnaturally darken the complexion of the unborn baby i had unprotacted sex am i pragnant or not small red lumps on vagina without any pain or discharge i have spot on my eyelid and its increasing everyday am i pregnant after taking i-pill is is normal for my infant to sweat doe i-pill have serious side effects why do i suffer from short term memory loss my baby has severe running nose is frequently sneezing longer period than normal after taking norgeston i have small red bumps below my waist line two headed sperm and wierd tales what does it mean what medication should be taken for itp how can i hold my urine whipples disease is it hereditary urine culture showed providencia rettgeri bladder infection kindly suggest my daughter is suffering from motion problem please suggest my left foot has numbness that comes and goes is there any laser treatment for closed tube acute esophageal reflux after swine flu i am suffering from insomnia i don t feel appetite yet what to do resources for cutaneous tuberculosis treatment when will i experience my quickening movements i have terrible fishy smell after intercourse why do i have hot flashes and chills i feel odd after getting drunk one night is there any medicine that dry out phlegm in body 48 years old female suffering from diabetes taking insulin what is in white girl bath salts is oral intercourse harmful tightness in back of head with dizziness can x-rays or radiation treatments cause spots diagnosed with epidermidis is this a sexually transmitted disease how to get relief from bruised bones how much do i need to loose weight i got punched in the ear and having painpressure getting dizziness after taking diovan i have a uti plus and i am bleeding what does purple blood near tooth mean kindly advice me about a prostate exam is it harmful to smell the marijuana smell why unusual discharge when having sex can testicular torsion be treated queasy and dizzy after taking a travel pill can trigger point injections cause more pain suffering from lower back strain having problem during taking breath bad cramps in my lower stomach and back purple vomit then black vomitplease advise me my twin boys have bad fever and they cant sleep my tibial is swelling should i worry randomly swells lipsno painwhat is the problem my daughter has swollen lymph nodes behind left ear jaw joint pain while eating getting allergy in throat with cough and sputum heavy bleeding for 1 month even after taking prenosolone 2 yr old with blood in mouth with fever round circle on face and it is red in color what happens in en-dust allergies 3 years old suffering from vomit sensation had typhoid before can i become pregnant while i am taking dronis i have light and short menstruations kindly help my daughter age 13 year is suffering from hodgkins lymphoma i have heartburn had jaundice having hair fall problem since 6 months what are the typical sicknesses of specific genotypes high cholesterol crystal what does it mean i have small thin penis how to enlarge why clitoris excessive sensitivity feeling and itchiness what could be the reason for lump on the neck what could be the reason of sudden breast pain post menopause with heavy clear discharge and some blood my 2 year old daughter vomits on schedule warm feeling on lower abdomen relationship with hypothyroidism and chest pain does cervical tear cause preterm miscarriages is radiation advisable after a chemo therapy dorsal disc margin and minimal diffuse disc bulging results of a recent blood test due to weight gain is rehuemotoid arthritis problem curable by ayurveda medicine is there any side effect of tarana tablets side effects of hcg homeopathic drops my penis starting stinging at the top i hurt my anklefoot what is wrong black charcoal like mark appearing on my left hand is metformin helpful for weightloss and acne my baby is suffering from cold and flume how to solve burns on bum child with 101 fever please help him tricep pain when i lift my arm above head high how to circumcise my penis at home vaginal discharge after pubid hair trimming 40 years old pregnant female get stomach upset after eating laser treatment for my upper lip back pain and shoulder pain have neurofibromatosis-1 nf1 wife got dizzy in the morning and fell down kidney infection in 7 years old girl having body pain after taking ceftum 500 bd for uti strong chest pains at various locations taking diet pills before discovering pregnancy my baby have loose motions during teeth development kindly suggest my son swallowed 3 microgynon tablets side effects of paxadep 375 mg swollen tonsils kindly help me out i have dizziness headache with rib cage pain i have a white or yellowish spot on inner canthus brown stringy discharge while on depo suggest me a remedy for hyper acidity is it safe to take dilaudid what could be the reason for white bleeding how obesity can affect pregnancy stomach cramps with runny green poo pleas advice how to reduce belly at the earliest i get bald spot on my pubic area after shaving i have been getting chest pains and black outs is there any latest medicine for asthenospermia suggest me the medicine to stop loose motion headaches with sore throat of a 7 years old girl severe itchiness no rash with bloody stoolno pain cloudy to yellow urine is it uti could this be scar tissue what treatment should i take for lower lip blisters does excessive masturbation make the penis small and inactive can anyone go through angiography with kidney infection how to manage acne with chlorine water how to manage bilateral pitting edema in rheumatoid arthritis side effects of seroquel and oxyelite pro my right hand are swollen and have red blotches except surgery what is the treatment of haemorrhoid can i still be pregnant after bleeding is bleeding normal after taking ipill having pain in left side of cheast how to weight gain by avoiding the stomach fat reasons for black stool in a baby very solid swelling all over my labia majora i have pain in my vagina kindly suggest i have breast lump please suggest me remedy how can i get rid from knee ligament side effects of total knee replacement surgery why is there pink blood discharge with cramps i am suffering from piles any remedies for this white spots on itchy vagina proper food diet for a 11 months old baby i am suffering from hypothyroidism tsh-9 tell me about my eye power i have infected ear lobes kindly help me suffering a lot owing to cold and fever often white chunks from throat could it be more my bp is 204110 and i had 2 heart attacks effect of smoking marijuana in pregnancy can i have sex after using clotrimazole can it be a polycystic ovarian mass how is qr678 molecul treatment for hair loss penis going soft before during 5minutes of sex menstrual bleeding not stopping please help does diane 35 pill have any side effect should i give cerelac to my 4 months baby headache after eating apple at night what is this spotting after taking an i pill i got swollen face with dizziness i have thyroid how can i have control over my bowel movements swelling around the anus after taking antidepressants what is the ayurvedic treatment for schizophrenia is it like a parasite or something else suggest a proper medicine for a long term diabetes patient thumb injury what should i do constant cramps in stomach after a glomus tympancum surgery urinary bleeding in older men how can i control the excessive crying issue what should be the treatment for chest pain suffering from persistent menstruation please help i have had pains in my chestcan you help me is it flu or swine flu wondering if my penis size is normal i get very wet when having sex stomach pain after having cherry coke my 26 month old has a swollen nipple with lump i have had some spotting and cramping prognosis of someones with ef of 20 my left side is hurting mainly when i urinate i am 9 months pregnant and having severe pains please suggest alternatives of clexane injection child has cold and cough pls suggest remedy of it i have completely lost erection had tb and jaundice pregnancy and sugar in urine occasionally when should i take german measles needle what treatment can be done for epileptic fit i have abdominal pain after 3 weeks of vaginal delivery feeling of worm between my jaw and eardrome why is menstruation important in a womens life what should a good home medical chest test contain why is my left nipple enlarged and hard i have a small white bump on my eyeball pain in only the right side of head penis is bit tilted is it due to masturbation does amlopress reduce the pulse and produce insomnia difference of tinning retinal in ms and high myopia does follicular cyst delay pregnancy how to remove chicken pox scars what is sgot and sgpt in liver function test pain due to use of unwanted 72 tablet what is the medication for tonsils i have asthma please help my daughter is having uti cough medicines for 19 month old son what is the best cure of lymphederma whom should i consult for headache and neck problem is there any benefits by haivng mixed herbs fibroadeosis can be cured does it cause cancer i have severe pain in right calf muscle what can be symptoms of my meth sickness 8 months baby not taking cow milk i have a back pain i had an accident does cu t cause light periods and frequent urination what treatment should i take for hunch back bump on my butt and it really hurts which are the drugs that cause fibroadenoma tonsillectomy in a child please help i often wake up from having nightmares and feeling scared why do i have premature ejaculation i got pneumothorax after liposuction best treatment for hiatus hernia and ulcer i may just have some sort of minor mood disorder i get a red rash when i get hot after taking birth control when should my periods stop does nyquil affect a sleep apnea test why i am having bleeding after fitting coil also suggest me about my systolic diastolic pressure and pulse rate is calcaneal spur curable by homeopathy treatment i have a liquid discharge from my breast suffering from polymyositis is there any ayurvadic treatment can i give cornflakes to my 11 months baby i have mild pelvicalyceal fullness after dj removal do super vasmol 33 bring any problem can i give cornflex to my 10 months baby permanent remedy for throat infection torn frenulum turns white after healing should i let my boyfriend touch my private parts what can pain in an old wound mean how to use primolut n to delay periods what can i use to get rid of shingles why my scanty bleeding turned heavy after medication my husband semen analysis report is there any chance for ovulation is fenistil ok for a 5 months old baby is 100-101 c normal in typhoid s third week treatment for eye power and vision what is the reason for thyroid profile increases i have high blood sugar and type 1 diabetes severe pain in hip joints back etc is alprax 25 good for depression tell me the side effects of these drugs i am having hashimotos thyroidal problem what is the exact meaning of non-motile spermatozoa what can cause redness and lower right side pain can i use microgynon as a morning after pill what are the side-effects of plan b ecp yeast infection remains in vagina after treatment excessive sweating while asleep kindly suggest i have a sore itchy burning sensation in my labia i have bloated stomach flutters and cramps please suggest me bruise on babys face that wont go away how should logynon pill be used i had sciatica now its effecting my mobility diarrhea 1 week urine test shows protein wbc bacteria does my wide structure affect my weight when is bronchitis contagious my son has a bump on upper right thigh possible causes of discomfort in scrotum what are the symptoms of tysons glands on penis how to reduce my break outs and acne scars how to erect my penis straight is loose motion harmful for baby what is the treatment for eosinophilia side effect of atocor f weird feeling in stomach on the left side usage and side effects of dmpa is mt pill useful birth control pill can i have scuba diving in addisons disease hypothyroidism 16 year old son with pectus carinatum joint hypermobility ligament tear in knee please help could i be pregnant after c section done do padded brassiers harm your breasts how to treat dental pain suffering from stress urinary incontinence is it possible that i maybe pregnant i had tancodep for depression can i continue this what are procedures involved in ivf i am little worried am i pregnant how does dexa scan helps are bicozin and vitamin b complex the same medicine is there any effect of nyquil on sleep apnea test can i go for tubectomy after delivery can blood cancer be spread by sex suffering from hair loss and dandruff how long does16-22 10 mgm methadone stay in urine my mother is suffering from dry cough since six months period came really late and stomach hurts so much why am i getting penis irritation i have diabetes sugar and blood pressure mysterious ring shaped bruise on the side of my knee effect of kerosine on liver and kidney function my baby got vomiting and motions kindly suggest remedies what do reactive lymphocytes indicate in blood report how to fix a hole in the ear without operation how to increase the platelet count in blood frequent urination and white discharge could this be implantation bleeding or am i pregnant side effects of 150 micrograms in pregnancy what happens to a baby with lumbar cutis aphasia i have been getting light headed frequently ingrown hairs are hard and spreading is that normal what is the cost of treatment for ilizarov technique what are the symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia i need my complete 50 years old check up i am having hearing problem with some kind of pain why my sugar level use to fluctuate in morning constant pain for thornwaldt cyst enlarged papillae due to smoking i have constant gulping problem suggest me remedy does ejaculation has any bad effect why do i feel tired after 9 hours of sleep red blotch right in the middle of throat can slimex 15 affect periodheartbeat and hyperthyroidism is nausea stomach pain weakness normal i am experiencing lower tingling feelings on my belly why am i feeling nausea and pain in my stomach blood in saliva should i worry erection of penis before sex what to eat to abort pregnancy i have really bad headaches blackouts and fainting what are these white patches inside my vagina i got bleeding after first intercourse my vagina has been swollen since i was pregnant i want to use ovral g for contraception kindly suggest i have monthly menstrual problems what would you suggest recurrent bacterial infection in the meatus is there any treatment for xxy condition why i keep bleeding after my periods with pain how can pregnancy be tested at home why is my vagina itching so badly glands become extremely swollen to where i cannot hardly swallow what is a transvaginal ultrasound scan mesntrual cramps and upper arm pain is 16 cm long penis ok for sex what should i do to increase breast size i have blood and puss cell in my stool to gain weight any protien powder may be helpful