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how can i remove black spots and stitch marks what are the advantages of masturbation my father has become alcoholic please help him i have been experiencing stomach movementpregnancy symptoms negative test is it decayed or dead nail small flesh colored bumps near the top of my penis how harmful is mold to my pregnancy hypothyroidism during pregnancy please suggest can we have kids after a testicles surgery pain in stomachbreast and vomited what could it be can blood poisoning cause joint stiffness reduction of fat after pregnancy is this necessary to undergo dilatation and curettage super tingly right arm please help i have big pimples and acnes on my shoulders treatment for disc dessication at multiple levels can i go on a roller coaster with my son i got blood in my urine and i have diarrhea bright orange discharge from vagina and occasional bleeding during intercourse problem after brazilian waxing what should i do i had my period early could i be pregnant tummy ache with bloated stomach and irregular periods pain and redness in the breast and nipples kindly suggest late menstrual should i be worried what does it mean by funsi suggest me a specialist in dermatology famous for acne problem treatment of fulminate autoimmune hemolytic anemia i am not getting my period am i pregnant knee paining after arthoscopic medial menisctomy why should we take lactitol mono-hydrate why do i quench my teeth all day missing period please do help my legs are swelling please help latrine problem plz give me solution pain near jaw ending and near to ear i canot memories for long time am i able to take the zopiclone while taking metrogyl i have shoulder stomach and back pain has anyone experience a reaction to taking minocycline and metformin red circle spots on trunkstomach and chest i am suffering from severe nasal blockage and running nose pls provide remedy for nightfall big hole in her back what to do how to treat scrotal calculus pearl body heat 60 yrs female burning feelings in the penis what is this lump above my adams apple ovral - g protect from unwanted pregnancy coral like bumps under foreskin want to consult gynecologist near marathalli whether am i pregnant or not i am suffering from small cell lung cancer tummy fat how do i rid it question about genital warts please help can i take multivitamin-multimineral with supplements please tell me about my blood test report my 14years old son has puffy nipples my 4 months old baby refusing to drink milk i am having high risk pregnancy kindly advise me madras andrology assisted reproduction research centre should i eat moong dal during pregnancy red aching marks under armpit stomach problem like acidity or constibution severe arm pain and numbness 6 years child has pus cells in urine what is the right dose of celestamine tablet wanted to know about droxyl 500 mg dosage diet exercise and side effects of deep venous thrombosis dvt is heartburn for a teenager serious if masturbation can cause any serious illnesses kindly advice what can cause headaches and nosebleeds foul smelling menstrual flow could something be wrong my baby has stomach problem please help her i got blood clots in urine cold leg pain below knee followed by chest pain i have itchy clitoris and anus for about 1 month suddenly shake the body n fall down suggest me the medicine for skin allergy how should i take care of my skin i gotten some mosquito bites bug bites i have been experiencing constant head pressure please suggest my knee click when i squat i am not getting my period after depot shot stomach pains due to the stones i missed my birth control pills pregnancy test shows negative having small red dots on head of penis i had unprotected sex what could be happen what will i do if i have a vangitis ejaculation of sperm while sleeping am i suffering from anxiety disorder my alt is 41 should i be concerned medicine for loose motion during pregnancy i wanted to know if i am pregnant please suggest i have continuous mild fever over a month is there any way to stop itching instantly use of primolut n to prevent period i have dent in my skull kindly help me is my urine result ok how do doctors cope with their emotions hi im getting small deep blisters in the middle of i have acneblackspotspigmentation how to get rid of these is there any tablet which increase weight what are the symptoms that my hymen is broken i want to know about ayurvedic treatment for brucellosis what is the treatment for harpies skin disease i am pregnant and have abnormal urine test results what causes the fishy smell during sex cut my thumb nail it is turning black head throbbing no painshould i go to the er can i get a infection from sex with him what causes watery sperm and premature release disturbing health issues health begun to decline please help my left wall of heart works 45 had heart attack what are names of some possible causes of amenorrhea i urinate a lot after having to much continuous sex feeling of heaviness on chest after having lunch hair fall after getting tb is it possible cholesterol medicine raise my sgpt what can i do physical exercise to boost my health position and blood circulation sex during mensuration period without protection possible ulcer anxiety symptoms i am having problem in swallowing please advise me resveratrol with chromium picolinate or chromium nicotinate i have developed inflamed sphincter how to treat having sounds and pain in periods after unprotected sex does hiv live in wart fluid secretions my husband bp is 10560 is this dangerous is there any treatment for y-chromosome inversion cold feelin in cheek what could cause this how could my partner get ureaplasma urealyticum when will i hit puberty is my semen analysis report ok what should i do to increase my sperms high blood lipids any advice is deeply appreciated i am getting depression due to taking of exercise flow of urine is getting slow please suggest i am having pain while i am urinating frequent hair loss dandruff and white hair my mum has hydrocephalus kindly advice me i have red itchy balls with white patches diabetic n having her fasting blood glucose level please guide vaginal blistersnot herpes and negative for other stds i want to have sex with my mother walking problem due to bone tb or cancer i got red non itchy blotches from shaving my daughter is poor eater is testicular pain normal after masturbation i am suffering from mental disorder i want suggestions to operate my band nose i have black stain black dot on lips and teeth what the difference between 2d echo and doppler echo pregnancy with multiple fibroids should expect any problems treatment for ear bump is masturbation harm to my body painful popping feeling in my bicep when lifting something heavy i am very unsure what this could be am i small or normal is bp 11860 during pregnancy ok suffering randomly knee pain need surgery i am bruised internally or my kidney got injured i am a virgin but could i be pregnant i was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-2 please help small lump behind my left nipple can you please give me a details about kidney transplantation i am having vomiting tendency how long does it take to cure lipid pneumonia i felt nauseated and experienced severe abdominal pain tell me the precautions and exercises for knee effusion im 8weeks pregnanttravel by train is safe my son have loose motion problem please suggest my right knee clicked can you identify the problem i am facing ligament problem in my left knee my son has itchy bumps due to mosquito bite is masturbation exactly good or bad for health i loss some weight after jaw surgery my 21 years old daughter is suffering from partial hysterectomy i have dry anus area and mouth ulcer also how to overcome from stress can you give solution for deeper pigmentation tell me about my blood analysis report unable to eat but feeling tired and no energy should i reduce the losartan potassium dosage is masturbation harmful for your health still getting noice on his hear kindly help us how to change the head position of fetus urinal blood what can i do to stop it i am getting spotting before my period from 12 days is it possible to cure schernopheia suffering from crohns disease please help fatty liver and uric acid my brother is suffering from crohns disease burning sensation while i urinated is there any side effect of using komark shampoo am i suffering from anxious personality disorder i have some skin problem please give me the suggestion mild fever with severe body ache what is the non pharmacological rx of comedones what are the remedy for itchy swollen eyes how to decrease size of buttocks i recognize that my pee attracts ants normal blood pressure for a 39 years old man why is my beard not growing as per my age throat sore from oral kindly suggest remature ejaculation please give me some suggetion laser eye operation its side effects having body pain and feverish tendency is it serious till what age a male can grow plz help me what is the purpose of metrogyl 400 how to cure swelling of testicles i am suffering from shoulder and arm pain reducing of blood platelets kindly suggest i want to know about chelation therapy my forehead feels tight kindly help me what is the work of ascapil 12a tablet i am suffering from diabetes and pancreas stone head bump turned into muscle i am suffering from quick sperm fall please advise me can i cure ocd by just quitting cold turkey red dot on neck which is increasing in size the veins near to my heart had a gray tint my 10 years old son is suffering from hemiplegic migraine my daughter had extremly bad explosive diarrea kindly suggest feeling nauseous dizzy light-headed for 4 years hsb in a pregnant women is it dangerous what is the meaning of the following chest x-ray results since using drug i have a weirdstrong bad odor joint pain and vaginal bleeding please help 63 years old has brown spots on the leg i started heavy and painful periods i have a lump just below my collar bone white spot in eye ball no pain my daughter found lumps in her breast kindly suggest her what is the best treatment for csom what are these brown spots on the leg does hot weather casue side effects with sintrom suffering from feverheadachebody painslight throat pain without ejaculation can i become pregnant good surgeon for basal cell morphiaform carcinoma i am not getting pregnant after having a unprotected test suffering from indigestion any suggestions how to find out if i am bipolar how to get rid of hand shivering white bumps on foreskin of penis my son has bronchonemonia ggdehydration svt symptoms is eating to much desert bad for health what is eye scan detection frame i have an infant child that cps accuse i suffer frequently from stomach disorders and headaches please advice what is the cost of dialysis is it safe to masturbate while suffering from jaundice monthly period problem please suggest masturbating while fighting off a uti with antibiotics i have thick creamy reddish brown discharge please suggest can i take flexeril with levaquil in kidney infection i have a voice problem what should i do can i take over dose of lansoprazole for stomach pain can irregular period be a side effects of tetralysal is hernia curable by surgery tell me medicine for headache with slight cold is it safe to take ricon in cough hereditary angioneurotic edema in childrens i have a knot under my arm please tell me about my musculosketal examination result i injured my forearm should of gotten stitches i had got mystery bruises should i be concerned i have malignant melanoma how often should i be checked heavy periods for 2 weeks could i be pregnant i have a water infection which comes and goes kindly suggest treatment for asthma alergy which foods are avoid during jaundice i have premature ejaculation due to masturbation i have fever and loose motion please help heavy testicle and groin area ripped right lateral meniscus should i go with surgery pregnancy after hernia repair surgery my mother is having severe liver problem- please suggest treatment side effects of delestrogen on male it hurts when i pee and blood comes out my daughter swallowed a coin please suggest what can i do before drink beer i have got hurted my tailbone please suggest me could you please tell me tablets for sprain how to cure pus cell in children my father is sufering from diabetes please help my semen analysis report please see suggest me some claritin and cold flu medicine i have been told my lungs are hyper inflated i fell dizzy when i got up from rest i had a miscarriage which was a terrible experience how do i get rid of labia minora heart problem in a young male please suggest normal angiogram but abnormal ecg for a heart patient what is the harmful effect of eosinophilia started out with vomiting and diaherra please help with whom should i consult for sperm motility my 27 days old baby doesnt take mothers milk i am suffering with allergy any medicines for my problem i got blood in my urine after sex i had a big pimple caused hair loss please help i have calcific tendonitis in my right shoulder i got white stuff during intercourse i am having problems in wheezing and breathing what do you think about going commando can i still cure my premature ejaculation and how my wife is suffering fro headache from last 5 years lupus anticoagulant issues please advise can i take aspirin 50mg is there any way to get fair and intelligent baby node on neck is it the symptom of tb is contraceptive pill is the only solution to pcos blood with loose motion please help her do waist trimmer belt work genital area injury please help would ciprofloxacin help with a sinus infection how to beecome fat in 1 week what should i do to avoid diabetes i want to permanent hair reduction on my face i have a sharp object under the skin after surgery due to nervousness my hand always get sweat what is wrong with me am i pregnant 45yrs old female is suffering from watery eyes bilirubin total 09 what does this mean what can i do for my early discharge diet after lapscopic surgery for galstone biaxin side effect - vaginal odour strep throat infection with fever treatment of sever vomiting in the first 8 weeks my brother is very shy and rarely talks please help how to take care of eyes n cheeks i am having pain when i pee nose blocking due to masturbation is the testoterone range401 ngml is normal does masturbation affect on blood and urine test master health check up facility i want to have baby in polyomyositis is there any permanent cure for psoriasis could i have a broken or cracked bone what is allergy of the eyes i have turbinate hypertrophy should i operate ashwagandha and warfarin medication for blood pressure 36 wks pregnant is having the worst back pain i have back shoulder pain i use gym previously can chocolate cyst shink by itself effects of an dettol burn i have two wombs and i am pregnant grease bump on my cheek close to my upper jaw tell me the treatment of dysarthria cold and cough for about 5 days is it safe to have sex with a jaundice patient what are the common causes of a clitoris i am suffering from gerdsuggest me immediate remedy can castor oil help me to reduce the labor pain middle ear bone replacement surgeries rashes on infants face what should i apply relation between smoking marijuana and epididymitis what i could do for my butt can i go for another abortionwill it be safe there are no sperm counts in my husband kindly suggest sharp pain in my right lungs is there any chance of tubal pregnancy hbv antigen positive in blood but not detected in pcr how to get rid of heel spur and bunion i had my verruca frozen but they wont stop hurting results of cervical cancer someone please help raspy voice in a 5yr old should i worry pimple-like growth at the middle space of my buttocks can bp drugs promote tumor growth fever with greenish loose motion how to get rid of greying of hairs can i go for normal delivery is it a simple fever or swine flu no periods after ginette 35 is this ok how can i control this hair loss is there any problem of having curved penis i can control the move of my left testicle small sore spot on lower part of my gums can tetanus toxoid cause delayed menstruation my right testicle bigger pls help my mother is suffering from filaria kindly help my sister is having shivering of hands weird thing hanging from my vagina how can treat myself after a ligament tear can i get std after a protected sex what are the causes of sudden irrelevant does over masturbation causes permanent erectyle dyfunction strange pain in top left abdomen please help i had a yeast infectionwhat could this possibly be heaviness in the middle of my stomach with breathing problem my wife is hypo thyroid patient with pregnancy frustrate for ejaculate within 1 minute i have a severe abdominal pain had my uterus removed what is the last stage of migraine fever that heats up my body and wont go away is smoking causing my sinus issues red bruise like spot on babys hand my clitoral hood and my labia minoras are swollen treatment for a diabetic 2 with low blood sugar person why is my daughter so skinny please help is there any new treatment for tooth loss suffering from dry cough during pregnancy why my left breast getting smaller than my right i want to know the details about double bypass surgery i use to take breath from mouth at night please give any tips for normal delivery what can i do for split ends hair my daughter has fever and cold feet swellinggrowth in left side of my chest wall near axila how to make intercourse at long time how to delay the menstrual cycle right testicle harder a little bigger please help scared for symptoms about als is asthma completely curable how to get rid of hair loss bad smell comes when i breath does o-ve and bve blood group affects pregnancy can i take any antibiotics such as amoxicilin during pregnancy is syp necessary for cns tuberculoma how to get rid of yellowish teeth relation between protein-creatinine and kidney disorder my eyeball looks like its popping out of my eye safe diet pills to loose weight new born with missing arm is there any treatment stomach pain in dengue patient suggest some safe medicine why my semen itches after ejaculation my testical is swollen and it has lump i have thyroid hormone disorder suggest me diet i had orange disharge is that a bad sign everything i eat tasted terrible i have headache and my bp 165110 unable to hear in noise places what pill can be taken after having a unprotected sex can pancreatitas be active after the surgery of gallbladder i have stomach pain is metrogyl ok affected again abdominal tb after 9 months of continous treatment i m suffering from dry cough suggest some remedy fluid that gushes from my private part can a pregnant women have elina medicine for eosnophilia why every time i feel nausea after i go for a walk my legs are itchy medicine for eye lid infection except erythromycin diet and medication for high bp i got orange bleeding in period ventricular bradicardia what are my treatment options will the antibiotic affect microgynon and azithromycin is there any way to reduce breast in man donating kidney to my aunt- kindly give me information is it safe to climb stairs in pregnancy persistant cough for years plus more problems kindly help what does abdominal discomfot indicate brownish black fluid coming from breast i am 10 when should i expect my period red rice healthy to eat i am getting pain in hernia operated area what is small mural myoma where should i go to treat acne and scars i think i am suffering from borderline personality disorder bpd suffering from hyperthyroidism please help how to grow my breast my stomach is hurting alot what should i eat celiac symptoms but negative blood test a single cigar will this negatively effect me when should i start taking pills after periods what could be the reason of my sudden dizziness how to avoid removing of sperm i am suffering from throat infection a and nasal problem lump in arm with a stomach pain during eating can girl get fake period when they are pregnant exercise inducible ischaemia is there any risk to life how to get fastest cure from cancer what supplements can i take while on birth control suffering from bones muscles and joint pain runny nose cough and back-chest pain i have brown discharge for a day kindly suggest 35 years old female suffering from neurologic deficit is loprn 75mg safe for fetus does a missed-period indicate pregnancy stone in my gall bladder any suggestions i feel knot under nipple i want to reduce my belly back what we should take when we have sugar problem my two year old son dribbles excessively i have a penicillin allergy will i be okay how to treat burn injuries on face gallbladder stone with body pain and high blood pressure why is my bone on my toe pooping out how long can you live with an enlarged heart 35 years old male on 180 mgs of methadone suggest me remedy depends on my semen report my heart skips a beat what could be the reason post medication ankle swollen and hives on one leg blood and mucus on the toliet tissue high rbc blood in urine stone detected in both the kidney what might be the cause of barking cough what does otomastoiditis mean is pseudofolliculitis barbae curable i was wondering if signs of pregnancy before missed period head aches chest pain sinus probloms how to treat pica at home spotting after birth control implantation i got pain after doing masturbation how long does marijuana stay in the blood stream unable to concentrate on studies because of sex feel i have black skin at rourd of my eyes can i have non-veg after typhoid i am very worried about hiv please suggest me my leg veins are vibrating i am suffering with pimples from last 3 years can i take azithral in normal fever i have tbm complications and i cannot control on urine my son has pain in anus during sleep i got blood when i wipe just after going pee why am i feeling strange before my period what is the treatment for cervical cancer i need the medication based on my blood test what would be the major effects of doing this white patch in neck how to treat it getting pain in left testicle when ejaculate please help i have yellow spot on penis how can i get rid of dark marks my scrotum felt a bit sensitive kindly help i have feeding problemplease advise i want suggestions for lung cancer patient suffering frm oestoporosis severe anemia what should be done is it ok to use naturogest 200mg before pregnancy i am getting heat boils what can i do how long i have to use these tablets my tmt result is positive can it be cured my son is suffring by epilepsy suggest me the treatment how can i face the neurotransmitter issue artificial inseminatoin how long does the procedure last reason of blackening of legs i am having minor hair loss problem for period pain can i take co-dydramol how to remove cut marks on head using vasmol 33 will it harm to the pregnancy how to get rid of pimples i am 16 i am suffering with severe sneezing i am suffering with severe sneezing from long back causes of mother deaths after delivery can you feel sick from menopause spotty periods i am loosing weight does this seem normal neck pain with nerve compress can any one suggest please my head is reeling i have diarrhea vomiting my 20 days old baby suffering from cold and cough i got blood in sperm when masturbating i am suffering from palpitations kindly help me gastric mucosa s this alright with health sudden unexplained brusing of the archinstep are my hdl ldl tiglycerides level ok when is it best to quit taking dia clear i cannot swallow and i have a sensitive stomach how can i quit smoking please advise causes and implication of watering sperm what causes early discharge i am getting body aches and nausea am i late because of vyvanse i am expereincing pain in my left arm side every day i get pimple kindly suggest what is the cause of sore tender nipples can surgical sperm retrieval ivf cure infertility i am suffering from constipation sleep is not normal i got white strings while urinating am i pregnant raised blood bump on back of my calf kindly suggest please tell me about my cholesterol test results delayed period and white discharge with a negative pregnancy test when i will get my period after taking meprate what cause rash on labia minora weird spasm in stomach while pregnant please help does hair removal cream cause any problem in sperms tell me some medicine of sleeplessness 13 year old son had myringoplasty what can i do in obstructive sleep apneoa is this medication perfect to treat biopolar disorder how to gain a proper muscle whom to consult for mass lesion in kidney scrotum seems like to have a pea side effects of marijuana with accutane and prozac my leg hurts after a accident kindly suggest can ovulation happen during taking cyclo progynova how can i have long lasting sex bitten tongue now its very swollen with lots of discomfort i have herpes and i am scared a child complications versus adult complication with a tonsillectomy my stomach has been hurting when i need to poop low bp and heart palpitations indigestion and pain in abdomen kindly help me i am 17 but i have no moustache and beard does masturbation affect on sperm fertility is there a chance that i could get pregnant how to make penis hard and stronger give me information about adrenoleukodystrophy problem in opening mouth please suggest me remedy for it what can i do to improve my fertility suffering from varicas veins problem any treatment 39yrs old man suffered rheumatic heart rheumatic heart problem feels weakness and body aches white mass inside penis skin could it be seasonal allergies am i preganant or not severe calf pain what could it be is it ok to fly with having type 1 chiari whether hymen rupture can be determined i have an itching problem between stomach and genitals how to remove these scars my jaw and hands are trembling kindly help me does colestipol cause vaginal itching what should i do during my migraine umbilical cord that is protruding outwards my daughter accidentially got hold of flucloxacillin tablets 500mg no period spotting negative test results i feel severe pain in my left testis please help having sex with tiny wound on penis how to handle the child who ask for opposite i am having period like cramping with watery brown discharge my ming not work i am chewing gutkha please help what is the treatment for megaloblastic anemia my baby having loose motions what should i do i want to clear my ear kindly suggest i might get an erection and that would be embarrassing why am i not getting periods after iud removal i am suffering from stress can any one help sore throat and urine exam two year old girl having chest infection does masturbation have any effect on physical strength my husband has something stuck in his eye my niece head has been hurting for 2 weeks i am suffering from hearing problem i am suffering from sweating of hands n feet how to get back my lost hair due to masturbation suffering with nose allergy kindly help me myelomeningiocele with hydrocephalus what does it mean warfarin for her post-stroke medication kindly suggest can a women conceive by a foreplay i want to become healthy is bone affected by cancer in adeno carcinoma stage 3 please tell me about my childs 2-d echo report 1 year old is having coldcough loose motion what is the best medicine for imitinef mercilet cancer how to find the person have lupus or leukemia i have a huge bump on my back can belpalsy come back after long time i got blood in my semen what happens when hormones are imbalanced what signs should i look for my infant discharge of blood after sex pus cells in the urine how can a urine infection with pus be cured implication of the presence of rbc urine what could be the reason for absence of beard can you advise me how to prepone the period i have a pain in testical and blood in sperm i have uncontrollable sexual urges pain and shakiness what is the treatment of itchy scrotum what type of drug would make you feel non-exsitent want to increase the height i got small amount of blood and i am pregnant can i use the eye vibration from l oreal inflamed tissue mass in genitalia region fever cough lmvomiting 15 days my left eye is cross is there any treatment thining of skin from steriod cream i am suffering from thyroid and i got two miscarriage hair removal from my private parts urinal problem while sleeping at night jack3d dietary supplement while on implantation birth control how to control chronic hives my left jaw is paining please help i am suffering from shortness of breath and fainting will schizophrenia caused by lsd eventually go away patchs on face please suggest me some home remedy painful toenail turning in yellow color my wife has very low libido please give some solutions ramipril 10mg in stomach pain my chest started hurting bad when i was asleep i am getting really bad headaches i am getting upset i am suffering from stomach paingastrouble i have a blocked nose for the last 4 years i took some drugs last night now im bleeding why diet for a typhiod petient my son suffering from red patches with dry skin is female masturbation in such frequency has side effects does frequent masturbation affect the period concern about childs ear should i be worried i have been getting unexplained bruising all over my thighs what problem can be occurred in peripheral vascular disease having tiny itchy red bumps delayed monthly period could i be pregnant my mouth not open fully opend only just two inch how to get rid of swollen big toe i have been itchy any remedies for this i have head- banging while sleeping what can be done to improve chemical toxicity in body how to get a pimple less and fair skin can i have sex if i have white discharges breast milk is coming from a unmarried girl my mom is suffering from asthma please advice her is it ok to have a clitoral orgasm i am suffering from blackheads and pimples i have minor pain in my brain nerves is my baby ok query regarding my sexual problem my penis foreskin never goes back urine result 5-8hpf what does it mean best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair what shampoo can i use for dry hair treatment for neurofibroma in homeopathy or ayurvedic is there nay possibilities of gaining height after 25 my wife has unequal sized breast is it normal black spots covering penis what could it be i have been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome my sister has liver haemangioma please suggest kindly suggest the diet n treatment for uraemic nephrpathy i cannot stop myself from doing masturbation what causes cold in head and chest i am suffering from staph aureus disease kindly suggest dark spot on the white part of my left eyes why i feel like my hearts gonna stop what could be the reason for dark spots on leg i have flu symptoms and a rash on my arm how to reduce weight of a malnourished patient i have some sort of anxiety disorder is clindamycin advised to diagnose uti i started bleeding badly after having sex i have bad odor from vagina kindly suggest i am suffering from piles blood in stool my foot hurts really bad can you help me having breathing problem with damaged kidneywhat i should do is epilex syrup safe for a 15 year old child conceived 3 months when will start our sexual life what vitamins should i take to grow fast i am having dry skin problem pease help me out i get discharge quickly in masturbation what is the ocular lesion caused by malaria i am allergic to anti-flammatory drugs but i have osteoarthritis i have unwanted hair under the chin i have developed male breast how to cure without surgery because of prolong masturbation i am not gaining weight i am addicted to eating mud please advice are emergency contraceptives safer than oral contraceptive pills what medicine should be taken for throat pain how do i comfirm my pregnancy noticed darker parts in my feces after drinking coffee white patch around my nipples is it dangerous i keep coughing the whole night 14 year old girl with weight 76kg i am trying to conceive can metphormine help me i have pain in stomach when eating could i get pregnant without intercourse i have toilet phobia since my childhood i am having holes on my face due to pimples do i have tuberculosis or not based on my report i am having throat and ear infectionsuggest me the treatment my lh and fsh are very low can i conceive excessive sputum in my my ct scan of chest how to increase mustache and beard on my face multi nodual goiter please suggest how to prevent the spread of red eye infection my son is suffering from schizoid personality disorder please suggest i might be a diabetes patient frequent episodes of lips and eyes swelling please help i think i may have a sleeping disorder i have pain in knee please suggest i have started to have stiff mucles kindly help me heavy acne at the base of my skullplease help chest pains mild to making breathing painful swelling all over her face kindly help does pee have sperm in it i have this toilet phobia please give your suggestion i have a stomach ache and feel really tired i am suffering all joint pains can it be curable i am suffering from depression from past 15-20 days whether i will conceive or not trace with an itp is there any side effects i have a collection of yellow deposit in my eye symptoms of a staph infection in the bloodstream can embolization cause swollen feet some dark patches reappear kindly suggest i am suffering excessive bleeding i have taken crimson also 9 months pregnantshe is not able to eat properly female who has had pylenophritis please suggest my mother is a chronic patient of depression has diabetes traces of blood was present in the urinalysis female with lower left stomach pain my left shoulder gets dislocated every now and then i have hard pimple on the underside of my testicle i started my cycle after a confirmed positive pregnancy test i have had a herniated disc please suggest when cough starts i can feel my throat i have a severe pain in my heart it probably is herpes please suggest me i have injured my leg doing the splits please help i have mini bump breakouts on my arm having pain after hyena surgery echodiagraphy report attached i am fine or not how is perbuterol in treatment of asthma i feel heat in my left hand and left leg what are the symptoms of parasitic infection i have erection problem with diabetes is any treatment available for enlarged nuclear translucency difference between a simple spot and a cancer skin my daughter have pain in both ear please help her will that first abortion will affect my pregnancy easiest way to remove skin tags my father is suffering from different kind of urine infection i have some erection issues how to improve my eyes power what can i do for bleeding abnormally missed period with tiredness hpg is negative i have undescended testicles is it curable or not sore throat with bump in mouth what is the chances of pregnancy after 3 miscarriage how to overcome from polycystic ovary syndrome pcos tell me the permanent solution of headache and loose motion i have a colloid goiter is it dangerous to have is height increase medicines have side effects wrinkles on the head of my penis symptoms of adenoid enlargement please sugest medicine to boost up my height side effects of mintop lotion is it dangerous to have thyroid problem in pregnancy i havent strted my period could i be pregnant is this normal for a person with ocd painful bumps on my labia major please suggest diet chart for babyfoetusdevelopment how effective is the microgynon birth contraceptive what is hernia disease i have severe back pain in my lower back how long can a person have a sprain what is the best way to reduce the weight why does it feel like my penis is dripping is there any side effects of krimson 35 in pregnancy please suggest diet to have a normal delivery above my belly button getting larger what is it is there any relationship between blood cholestrol and sgpt itp is there any reason to worry i had a horrible stomach pain what may be causes for the whitening of my tongue why does my urine come into two streams always i am suffering from severe premenstrual symptoms my ovulation prediction kits opks test is positive how does hormone affect regular periods unable to conceive because of irregular periods please advise me incision hurting after appendicitis surgery planning for a baby with irregular periods burning sensation and throbbing in knee i am suffering from productive cough chest pains wheezing dizziness why does my penis get so small after masturbation how to come out from an unstable relation ship i got hypertension and i am on several medicine when i wipe light blood appears what is that my husband is suffering from varicocele how to relieve the pain of apes what are the ill-effects of consuming sleeping pills i have had cold like symptoms constantly suffering from skin disease since last 4 years white line growing on my lower lip please suggest remedy if family has diabetes you could too i am suffering from poly-cystic ovarian syndrome how to cure rectal infection in infants i think i am infertile what can i do can a bag or catheter be fixed for diverticulitis mild pain near the pelvic region while discharging urine replacing fat with muscle for almost 18 year old teen pregancey tests were negative could i be pregnant can i have a root canal surgery during pregnancy irritation near vulva and it is painful i am suffering with nerve pain in the fore head i had 2 miscarriages what would be the problem eating raw rice during pregnancy every now and then i use to get panic attack swallowed vinyl glue what should i do how to cure from legs get very itchy hyospasmol and adco-loperamide is it safe to take in pregnancy i am suffering from arteriovenous malformationavm does oral sex cause pregnancy i have a raspy throat kindly suggest how to control sweating under arm i get cramping and bleeding should i be concerned milkish discharge from my breast anything i can do i have a large lump in my scrotum hard lump on the right collarbone near the throat area what should be my ideal daily veg diet after getting a head injury my grand son is restless burning urination and diarrhea after every meal tips to lose weight mainly tummy ayurvedic treatment for dermatomyositis or inflammation of muscles could it be some symptoms of lung cancer bump on vagina area which is increasing in size what is the ideal weight and measurements for teens can i get my virginity back i have pain under my left breast nearunder my rib citrizen tablet in belly pain suggest me a good tablet to have long sex can my child possibly have adhd is it normal to become exhausted after ejaculation what treatment should i take for sperm not produce what does a positive fertility test mean i am suffering from cardiac problem please advise me detail about the treatment of tube blockage what is the treatment for constipation in children for what purpose susten 100mg injection is used some movement like inside her stomach please help my scrotum is become very loose due to masturbation what is the treatment for diverticulitis what are the symptoms of hypocondria i am suffering with keloid problem kindly advise me higher rate of body development is this normal i got sever vertigo attack during my second pregnancy having swollen foreskin after the surgery for paraphimosis i started bleeding what to do macular degenration is there any cure for it problem of bleeding from latrine portion do over masturbation during teen years lead to infertility hard lumps on the back of my head my age is 36 and i am suffering from diverticulitis what is the reason for dizziness and nausea are high school coaches allowed to shower with their athletes i have a pain in chest area after having sex my right testicle bigger than the left i have pain and swelling in kneesankles and wrists constant stomach ache and vomiting after hipbone replacement can vaginal tablet for yeast infection delay your period how to increase the heart beat what is the reason for watery sperm when exactly did i conceive having pain after a surgery of broken fibula is there any danger in my blood test missing the birth to our 1st child test results for adrenalthyroid tsh how serious is a grade 1 subclinical varicoele is it the smptom of high blood sugar why am i pale inspite eating a lot missed period without any symptoms of pregnancy how do i give up addiction diffuse disc bulge is there need for surgery sore skin on testicle that gives lot of burning sensation what are the different types of birth control methods i am suffering back bone pain since last three years my mother is suffering from severe lower left abdominal pain what should i do while in depression i havent been able to hold my pee what to do to improve health i am losing my hair since from 3 months heavily home remedy for loose motion for children i am suffering from gastric and throat pain can cigarettes cause testicular cancer thinning of hair and turning copperreddish tinge kindly suggest is vaginal candidiasis curable back of my scalp i have itchy flaky skin is there any chance of getting erection back is frequent masturbation cause any disease in our body i am having severe itching problem all over my body can i get testicular cancer from smoking cigarettes why am i bleeding profusely blood coming from mouth after taking beechams and four paracetamols i have been suffering wrist pain from past six months can e coli be spread by coughing high levels of white blood cells in 31weeks pregnant i think my boyfriend lying about having lung cancer i have anxiety depression and also being a hypocondriact baby has ear infection please help i feel some time fear about future why what are the treatment for the said granuloma can sickle cell carrier presence determine paternity can my dad die of a-fib mild parenchymal changes of the liver fleshy growth coming from vagina after having ipill i am suffering form headache vibrating sensation in my neck please help my lips are swollen after having a allergic reaction is the marriage between same blood group safe green wet stuff coming out from my vagina my vision goes completely white kindly help me why is my beard growing blonde i have sever anxiety attacks what do i do is hernia operation will cause any problem in feature my mother is suffering from elephantiasis please help treatment available for scars and black marks is dnc necessary for getting pregnant is erectile dysfunction really curable 2 months pregnant didnt feel to go to toilet my sperm comes out within few second during intercourse is there any tablet for abortion in the market having pain after 2 months of root canal treatment symptoms that came up as leukemia kindly advice me why has my breast become sore and bigger is it possible to have a panic attack 13 to 14 times the convulsion problems occurred metastatic prostate cancer please suggest red bull energy drink is it good for health i fell sick with high fever how much time it will take to get pregnant after exercise my throat on the right side gets sore i am using melacare for lightning my skin i am a schizophrenia patient kindly suggest the medicine sleeping late at night good or bad i started bleeding brown blood is it normal period how long is meth in your blood while pregnant is masturbation harmful to human memory warning signs for a heart attack please suggest