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groin injury causes early skin cancer causes myocardial injury causes back/shoulder ache causes reducible hernia causes irreducible hernia causes metastatic endometrial cancer causes middle ear inflammation causes serious blood poisoning causes crypt abscess causes coronary/cerebrovascular disease causes morbidity diabetes causes plantar ulcers causes neuropathic joint disease causes minor foot ulcers causes charcot's disorder causes early venous insufficiency causes ocular myasthenia gravis causes benign mixed tumor causes focal hyperhidrosis causes septal aneurysm causes neonatal tetanus causes recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax causes blebs causes secondary spontaneous pneumothorax causes chemical/reactive gastritis causes tear injury causes cartilage inflammation causes gastric carcinoids causes hormone dependent carcinoma causes blood vessel spasms causes traumatic masturbatory syndrome causes scalp cysts causes shellfish allergy causes mucha habermann disease causes vocal fold disorder causes malignant, infiltrative diseases causes infectious gastroenteritis causes centrilobular emphysema causes erosive nodular gastritis causes inflammatory adenitis causes isothiazolinone allergy causes reflex hypertension causes noncancerous tumors causes benign adenomas causes subcortical cysts causes fungal respiratory infections causes anisometropic amblyopia superior causes breast papillomas causes undifferentiated collagen disorder causes nickel allergy causes intermittent arthritis causes dementia disorders causes bilateral kidney cysts causes insufficient tricuspid regurgitation causes tertiary hyperparathyroidism causes autoimmune dysfunction causes neuro-degenerative diseases causes basal pneumonia causes early hepatic failure causes solitary brain metastasis causes facial shingles causes inflammatory myositis causes tronchanteric bursitis causes partial atelectasis causes rhomboid paralysis causes trapezius paralysis causes serratus anterior paralysis causes mumps encephalitis causes pseudogout causes epiglottis dysfunction causes vulvar papillomatosis causes inflammatory osteoarthritis causes disc hernia causes single pulmonary nodule causes inflammatory, large doses causes tertiary cancer causes salt intake/ phlebitis causes cutaneous cancers causes blood pressure dysphagia causes jawbone disease causes intermittent bleeding hemorrhoids causes vesiculobullous tinea pedis causes hip bursitis causes polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia causes brain stem injury causes chronic congestion causes present thyroid disease causes psoriasis scars causes reactive rhinitis causes autoimmune inflammatory arthritis causes pr vs psoriasis causes concurrent pneumomediastinum causes thickened bowel syndrome causes infection vs cancer causes toasted skin syndrome causes scattered hepatic cysts causes oblong parapelvic cyst causes chylous ascites causes self-inflicted injury causes vernal conjunctivitis causes repeated minor injury causes atypical tuberculosis causes angiofibromas causes abdominal inflammation causes bird flu causes toothpaste allergy causes psychogenic movement disorder causes secondary pneumothorax causes duodenal irritation causes carotid body tumours causes pancreatitis lactose intolerance causes digestive infection causes pregnancy causes polymyalgia, spinal stenosis causes nail bed infections causes sinus tachycardia treatment causes conus medullaris syndromes causes ks/ full tiredness causes dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension causes bilateral cervical radiculopathy causes gilchrist's disease causes asperger disorder causes airwaves hypersensitivity causes haemolytic anemia causes diabetic vascular disease causes spinal meningitis causes relative dehydration causes arm muscle weakness causes neuroses causes primary thrombocytosis causes intestinal amebiasis causes deficient, ovarian cyst causes conversion syndrome causes neck rash causes dermatitis exfoliativa causes sensory distal polyneuropathy causes ways hiv infection causes sulphur allergy causes anal pruritus causes complex seizures causes lower abdomen nausea causes chronic uveitis causes monogenic familial hypercholesterolemia causes phototoxicity causes body's inflammatory response causes numerous rheumatic diseases causes parotid cyst causes lumbar spine disorders causes gum irritation causes struma ovarii causes controlled high cholesterol causes encapsulated cancer causes vaginal pruritus causes spongiotic dermatitis causes initial spongiotic dermatitis causes mature atrial tachycardia causes premature atrial tachycardia causes idiopathic thrombocytepenic purpura causes low risk cancer causes herpetic stomatitis causes secondary eye infection causes chronic fungal sinusitis causes tethered cord syndrome causes sexual drive dysfunction causes acute infectious enteritis causes secondary hypercholesterolemia causes hereditary liability causes spine arthritis causes critical fever causes lower limb arthritis causes appendix infection causes marginal ulcer causes black tongue disease causes ischemic liver injury causes likely, allergic bronchitis causes flight sickness causes gastritis/duodenitis causes hereditary neuropathy causes solitary tumor causes windpipe spasm causes sickle cell disorder causes cephalgia causes pantothenic acid deficiency causes cough sputum tiredness causes benign eosinophilia causes irritant pharyngitis causes typhoid ulcers causes atypical chest infection causes mandible inflammation causes rheumatological vasculitis causes progesterone hormone deficiency causes occult cancer causes asymmetrical iugr causes resistant crusted scabies causes chronic pain program causes crusted scabies causes cystic kidneys causes lymphadenopathy , sonography report causes liver function scabies causes subchondral cysts causes myotonic seizure causes contact stomatitis causes addison-biermer anemia causes newly acquired strabismus causes brodie's abscess causes sudden stomach ache causes strangulated hiatal hernia causes tetanus tdap .5ml causes fetal disorder causes acute osteomyelitis causes pollen sinus allergy causes age-related cataract causes sun blisters causes hordeolum causes systemic inflammatory reaction causes occupational hearing loss causes viral arthritis causes sports hernia causes fibroid torsion causes pelvic floor disorder causes granulomatous infection causes klebsiella infection causes burst varicose vein causes hypergonadotropic hypogonadism causes puberty disorder causes prostatitis syndrome causes endocrine-inactive tumors causes benign endometrial hyperplasia causes hand disease causes quadriplegia causes functional hypogonadotropic hypogonadism causes sweat allergy causes unresolved chronic stress causes fetal developmental disorders causes urethral cyst causes facial spasms causes intertrigo, erythrasma etc causes alcohol dehydration causes residual invasive tumor causes infected anal fistula causes sinus mycetoma causes estrogen sensitive tumor causes chronic ear inflammation causes triple hernia causes nocturnal polyuria causes noctural polyuria causes recurrent renal calculi causes soft tissue neoplasms causes unilateral throbbing headache causes resistant prostate cancer causes porphyria cutanea tarda causes dysplastic squamous papilloma causes vascular thrombosis causes infectious, idiopathic etc causes fibrosis inflammation causes residual tumor causes focal parakeratosis causes positive oral cancers causes oral verruca vulgaris causes valvular atrial fibrillation causes splotchy, gradual itchiness causes hypotension/low blood pressure causes chronic autoimmune disorder causes epidermolysis bullosa acquisita causes ankle joint arthritis causes pulmonary blood vessels causes enlarged pulmonary artery causes abdominal rash causes cranial neuritis causes brucella meningitis causes systemic candida infection causes systemic embolism causes periodic paralysis causes chronic hemorrhoids causes recurrent hemorrhoids causes narcotic drug addiction causes focal cancer causes chest irritation causes pancreatic pseudocyst causes congenital torch infections causes benign nodular goiters causes swollen thyroid nodule causes bone marrow dysfunction causes constrictive bronchiolitis causes congenital problems causes ovarian abscess causes laryngeal nerve injury causes pregnancy induced hypertension causes open-angle glaucoma causes dystonic tremor causes rapid tooth loss causes rare kidney cancer causes essential myoclonus causes scapula injury causes partial nerve injury causes scaphoid osteonecrosis causes thoracic inlet syndrome causes parameniscal cyst causes oral leukoplakia causes groin numbness causes intense inflammatory reaction causes pneumonectomy copd causes eventual fibrosis causes post chickenpox infection causes chronic respiratory failure causes viral enterocolitis causes chronic microvascular ischemia causes nervous tremor causes postoperative sore throat causes vicryl suture allergy causes vaginal itchiness causes traumatic spleen injury causes shaking chills causes magnesium deficiency causes spinal cord compression causes croup causes strains causes acne causes astigmatism causes venous thrombosis causes habitual abortion causes obstructive sleep apnea causes liver disease causes encephalitis causes cancer staging causes diabetes causes copd causes knee pain causes spinal muscular atrophy causes neonatal jaundice causes mitral stenosis causes carpal tunnel syndrome causes meningism causes cystic fibrosis causes japanese encephalitis causes glaucoma causes multiple myeloma causes diphtheria causes abnormal uterine bleeding causes hyperventilation causes coronary disease causes bruxism causes bronchopneumonia causes salbutamol causes polio vaccine causes leishmaniasis causes dyslexia causes nosocomial infection causes osteophyte causes primary biliary cirrhosis causes hypokalemia causes air embolism causes eye disease causes repetitive strain injuries causes atrial septal defect causes haemophilus influenzae causes overactive bladder causes viral pneumonia causes constrictive pericarditis causes low vision causes pneumonic plague causes tuberculous meningitis causes fasciculation causes premature ventricular contraction causes carotid artery stenosis causes arthritis & rheumatism causes allergies allergy causes thyroid disorder causes aplastic anemia causes baldness causes vestibular neuronitis causes childhood obesity causes hemangioma causes hay fever causes miliaria rubra causes brachial plexus injury causes nerve injury causes trichotillomania causes anthrax causes haemophilia causes sickle cell trait causes foot-and-mouth disease causes filariasis causes allergy tests causes scarlet fever causes graft-versus-host disease causes sterilization causes agoraphobia causes egg allergy causes foodborne illness causes rls causes diffuse axonal injury causes melasma causes ibs causes mild cognitive impairment causes vascular disorders causes peritonsillar abscess causes latex allergy causes stiffness causes nerve compression syndrome causes peripheral vascular disease causes thrombosis causes interstitial cystitis causes vitamin b12 deficiency causes krukenberg tumor causes keratoconus causes otosclerosis causes meniere's disease causes frontotemporal dementia causes sleep deprivation causes cavernous hemangioma causes iron deficiency causes arthralgia causes viral hemorrhagic fever causes male breast cancer causes hyperkalemia causes dental disease causes pemphigus causes focal dystonia causes iron deficiency anemia causes athlete's foot causes nephrotic syndrome causes vomiting causes tuberous sclerosis causes mitral regurgitation causes adjustment disorder causes celiac artery causes blood-borne disease causes viral meningitis causes syringomyelia causes edwards syndrome causes cushing's syndrome causes influenza-like illness causes herbalism causes dermatomyositis causes acute coronary syndrome causes gynecomastia causes lipoma causes anal cancer causes blister causes hypothermia causes male infertility causes huntington's disease causes fertility causes gingivitis causes pneumonitis causes amyloidosis causes toxic shock syndrome causes immune deficiency causes neuroblastoma causes hematological malignancy causes alopecia universalis causes uti causes skin infection causes restless leg syndrome causes dizziness causes speech delay causes aldosterone causes oral ulcer causes ulnar nerve entrapment causes diaphragmatic hernia causes leukemia causes alopecia totalis causes fibroadenoma causes plague causes auditory hallucination causes testicular torsion causes vasculitis causes pericarditis causes labyrinthitis causes kidney cancer causes hyperhidrosis causes dysesthesia causes anorexia causes hydronephrosis causes liver failure causes bradycardia causes ectodermal dysplasia causes idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis causes gastric outlet obstruction causes fibrosis causes head injury causes impotence causes hereditary spastic paraplegia causes staphylococcal infection causes cheilitis causes squamous cell carcinoma causes partial seizure causes preterm birth causes ventricular septal defect causes anorexia nervosa causes hypospadias causes albinism causes lordosis causes cold sore causes diabetic nephropathy causes lvh causes urolithiasis causes hydrocephalus causes throat irritation causes degenerative disease causes rickets causes hepatic encephalopathy causes hematemesis causes craniosynostosis causes fitz hugh curtis syndrome causes pectus excavatum causes vaginismus causes porphyria causes cellulitis causes postpartum hemorrhage causes fecal incontinence causes medulloblastoma causes congenital adrenal hyperplasia causes zinc deficiency causes pneumothorax causes leukoplakia causes amblyopia causes lymphedema causes nephrosis causes body dysmorphic disorder causes computer vision syndrome causes pyloric stenosis causes nocturnal enuresis causes hcv causes alcohol intoxication causes memory loss causes alopecia areata causes metabolic syndrome causes alzheimer causes rosacea causes strain (injury) causes polymyositis causes glioblastoma multiforme causes cardiomegaly causes exophthalmos causes sudden cardiac death causes molluscum contagiosum causes preeclampsia causes impetigo causes iodine deficiency causes dysautonomia causes dental fluorosis causes atrophic rhinitis causes acute hiv infection causes deformity causes intermittent claudication causes oral candidiasis causes spondylosis causes tonsillectomy causes contagious disease causes reye's syndrome causes multiple system atrophy causes hepatitis b causes bone tumor causes vestibular disorders causes epididymitis causes hepatitis b vaccine causes spondylolysis causes alcoholism causes benign tumor causes bone metastasis causes malnutrition causes necrosis causes cicatricial pemphigoid causes typhoid causes aspiration pneumonia causes nephritis causes trigeminal neuralgia causes fracture causes fetal alcohol syndrome causes neural tube defect causes endocarditis causes adrenal fatigue causes otitis media causes placental abruption causes placenta accreta causes schizoid personality causes schizoid personality disorder causes polycythemia causes bacterial meningitis causes leukopenia causes polycystic kidney causes deafness causes demyelinating diseases causes hpv causes sports injury causes needlestick injury causes pelvic inflammatory disease causes von willebrand disease causes tenosynovitis causes supraventricular tachycardia causes biliary atresia causes leukorrhea causes hypopigmentation causes hydatidiform mole causes gestational trophoblastic disease causes acne cure causes blindness causes acanthosis nigricans causes cerebral aneurysm causes muscle contraction causes testicular cancer causes freckle causes borderline personality disorder causes personality disorder causes cerebral edema causes astrocytoma causes milk allergy causes mycobacterium tuberculosis causes placenta previa causes marfan syndrome causes premature atrial contraction causes atrial flutter causes mesothelioma causes poliomyelitis causes retinal detachment causes esophagitis causes hepatitis c causes tinea versicolor causes crohn causes glucose tolerance test causes syndactyly causes bipolar depression causes swine influenza causes eosinophilic esophagitis causes ear infection causes erythema causes speech disorder causes dyspareunia causes tinea causes antiphospholipid syndrome causes acute bronchitis causes movement disorder causes airway obstruction causes ventricular fibrillation causes hyperacusis causes celiac plexus causes asperger syndrome causes thyroid cancer causes absence seizure causes diabetic retinopathy causes phenylketonuria causes hyperopia causes bronchiectasis causes hyperinsulinemia causes hodgkin's lymphoma causes hbv causes balance disorder causes chronic venous insufficiency causes conversion disorder causes radiation poisoning causes ibd causes leprosy causes heart block causes diastolic heart failure causes cervical intraepithelial neoplasia causes chronic liver disease causes bacterial infection causes dysplasia causes spinal cord injury causes mumps causes color blindness causes pancytopenia causes std causes amnesia causes facial nerve paralysis causes gender identity disorder causes sick sinus syndrome causes aspergillosis causes hemoptysis causes acute myeloid leukemia causes priapism causes calcaneal spur causes adhd causes lentigo causes myopia causes thrombocytopenia causes thyroiditis causes pheochromocytoma causes meningioma causes pilocytic astrocytoma causes lymphatic filariasis causes unconsciousness causes articular cartilage injuries causes retained placenta causes paraneoplastic syndrome causes invasive lobular carcinoma causes erythema ab igne causes altitude sickness causes pulmonary edema causes chronic lung disease causes erb's palsy causes stargardt disease causes wilms' tumor causes simple partial seizure causes myeloma causes pulmonary tuberculosis causes sensory integration dysfunction causes cardiac tamponade causes keratosis pilaris causes skull fracture causes central pontine myelinolysis causes paraphimosis causes essential thrombocytosis causes brain metastasis causes hyperemesis gravidarum causes flaccid paralysis causes leptospirosis causes chronic traumatic encephalopathy causes situs inversus causes sinus tachycardia causes neutropenia causes sensory processing disorder causes precancerous condition causes eye allergies causes cystocele causes rectocele causes anosmia causes patellofemoral pain syndrome causes nightmare disorder causes microcephaly causes aquagenic pruritus causes serotonin syndrome causes tendonitis causes atrial tachycardia causes maple syrup urine disease causes malignant hypertension causes unstable angina causes granuloma annulare causes myokymia causes yellow fever causes primary hyperparathyroidism causes platelet disorders causes dermatitis herpetiformis causes carotid artery disease causes multiple endocrine neoplasia causes precordial catch syndrome causes thymoma causes myelomeningocele causes pulmonary vein causes respiratory acidosis causes schizencephaly causes anencephaly causes mitochondrial disease causes enuresis causes scheuermann's disease causes bladder exstrophy causes hypopituitarism causes familial adenomatous polyposis causes scurvy causes peripartum cardiomyopathy causes left ventricular hypertrophy causes hypertrichosis causes moyamoya disease causes phantom limb causes temporal lobe epilepsy causes giant cell arteritis causes scotoma causes auditory processing disorder causes brief reactive psychosis causes influenza a virus causes precocious puberty causes gestational hypertension causes autoimmune hemolytic anemia causes morphea causes inclusion body myositis causes telangiectasia causes brainstem glioma causes primary sclerosing cholangitis causes occipital neuralgia causes muscle atrophy causes cardiac asthma causes nephritic syndrome causes focal segmental glomerulosclerosis causes cholangiocarcinoma causes west syndrome causes blood phobia causes adiposis dolorosa causes germ cell tumor causes arteriovenous malformation causes poland syndrome causes ichthyosis vulgaris causes methemoglobinemia causes uterine prolapse causes pseudomembranous colitis causes tinea infections causes osteochondritis causes premature ovarian failure causes subdural hematoma causes coccidioidomycosis causes membranous glomerulonephritis causes omphalocele causes thrombophilia causes ataxia telangiectasia causes angioedema causes al amyloidosis causes presbyopia causes adhesive capsulitis causes dwarfism causes benign fasciculation syndrome causes conjoined twins causes leaky gut syndrome causes follicular lymphoma causes primary lateral sclerosis causes tropical sprue causes alport syndrome causes adenoid cystic carcinoma causes hemolytic anemia causes mantle cell lymphoma causes respiratory failure causes acoustic neuroma causes sleep paralysis causes adult acne causes allergic contact dermatitis causes endocrine disease causes acute intermittent porphyria causes ebsteins anomaly causes unilateral hearing loss causes minimal change disease causes renal cell carcinoma causes cholesteatoma causes neoplasm causes atheroma causes vascular disease causes cerebral hypoxia causes uterine rupture causes thought disorder causes uveitis causes neuroma causes cor pulmonale causes diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis causes endometritis causes arteriosclerosis causes avoidant personality disorder causes papilloma virus causes electric shock causes uterine cancer causes subarachnoid hemorrhage causes hammer toe causes melanosis causes symptoms of anemia causes steatorrhea causes erysipelas causes idiopathic intracranial hypertension causes q fever causes spasmodic dysphonia causes muscle fatigue causes vesicovaginal fistula causes neuroleptic malignant syndrome causes atypical pneumonia causes pyoderma causes systolic hypertension causes mouth breathing causes angular cheilitis causes scrub typhus causes oropharyngeal cancer causes hypertrophic scar causes kyphosis causes giardiasis causes reflex sympathetic dystrophy causes juvenile idiopathic arthritis causes ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome causes diabetic coma causes aseptic meningitis causes schistosomiasis causes visceral leishmaniasis causes paraplegia causes spider angioma causes typhus causes cerebral hemorrhage causes fatal familial insomnia causes hemophilia causes shoulder dystocia causes oligospermia causes muscle weakness causes silent stroke causes lead poisoning causes kawasaki disease causes hernia repair causes focal nodular hyperplasia causes vesicoureteral reflux causes hypersensitivity causes hypotonia causes molar pregnancy causes alcohol withdrawal syndrome causes metastatic breast cancer causes piriformis syndrome causes anti mullerian hormone causes exocrine pancreatic insufficiency causes osteonecrosis causes brucellosis causes gallbladder cancer causes vascular malformation causes oral allergy syndrome causes familial hypercholesterolemia causes pulmonary valve causes phlebitis causes persistent vegetative state causes oligodendroglioma causes epidermolysis bullosa causes patau syndrome causes neurologic manifestations causes behcet's syndrome causes reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome causes chronic granulomatous disease causes irritable male syndrome causes avascular necrosis causes dysentery causes relapsing polychondritis causes paranoia causes selective mutism causes atrial myxoma causes usher syndrome causes myelofibrosis causes duchenne muscular dystrophy causes sars causes nerve sheath tumor causes black hairy tongue causes compartment syndrome causes osteochondritis dissecans causes nasopharyngeal carcinoma causes lupus nephritis causes rabies virus causes schwannoma causes papillary thyroid cancer causes arteriovenous fistula causes patent ductus arteriosus causes hemiparesis causes rubella vaccine causes autoimmune hepatitis causes neurofibroma causes renal artery stenosis causes hyperplasia causes orchitis causes nutcracker syndrome causes acidosis causes normal pressure hydrocephalus causes adrenoleukodystrophy causes growth hormone deficiency causes perforated eardrum causes dystocia causes myotonic dystrophy causes stomatitis causes cervicitis causes polyneuropathy causes metabolic acidosis causes polio causes fifth disease causes duane syndrome causes fecal impaction causes hemiplegia causes tietze syndrome causes hirschsprung's disease causes hyponatremia causes wilson's disease causes takayasu's arteritis causes bacteriuria causes nevus causes dissociative disorder causes developmental disability causes learning disability causes xanthoma causes hydrocele causes spastic diplegia causes iugr causes adrenal gland disorder causes dysarthria causes susac's syndrome causes spinal stenosis causes myocarditis causes brain tumour causes glandular fever causes asthenozoospermia causes diabetes insipidus causes legg calve perthes syndrome causes chronic myelogenous leukemia causes fallopian tube cancer causes adenomyosis causes cervical spinal stenosis causes hereditary spherocytosis causes heat cramps causes acute tubular necrosis causes starvation causes aortic aneurysm causes basilar skull fracture causes hydrothorax causes vision disorder causes right ventricular hypertrophy causes angiomyolipoma causes disorders of calcium metabolism causes parathyroid adenoma causes posterior vitreous detachment causes polymyalgia rheumatica causes generalised epilepsy causes ssri discontinuation syndrome causes small-cell carcinoma causes rett syndrome causes myositis causes