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getting pregnant timeline geyser phenomenon shoulder ggt normal values gi treatment guideline gi tract test giant platelet morphology occasional giant platelets giardia vaginal infection gilberts syndrome inheritance primary herpetic gingivostomatitis pelvic girdle syndrome giving ppd injection thymus gland hormones the hypothalamus gland infection in glands gland infection symptoms swollen mammary glands multinodular thyroid gland pituitary gland tumor salivary gland swelling small thyroid gland swollen sore glands thalamus gland stroke thymus gland tumor glaucoma test readings tests for glaucoma low-grade glioma prognosis glioma survival rates white matter gliosis what is gliosis glomus tumor mri glute injury recovery gluteal tendinopathy treatment gluteus medius syndrome tight gluteus medius gluteus minimus pain pain in goiter goiter vs tumor treatment for goitre goldenseal for tinnitus removal of gonads gonal-f success rates implant gone wrong gout occupational therapy grade 4 lymphoma meningioma grade 1 grade 1 microtia grade 4 oligoastrocytoma grade 3 oligodendroglioma vaginal prolapse grading mitral regurgitation gradient trans pulmonary gradient heterograft skin grafting thera skin graft tympanoplasty with graft gray vaginal area moraxella gram stain gram stain results salmonella gram stain grand mal stroke immature granulocytes percent vasculitis wegeners granulomatosis grass pollen immunotherapy severe hyperemesis gravidarum hyperemesis gravidarum treatment green stool pancreas small green tick patella grind test grinding teeth symptoms groin hernia treatment inverse psoriasis groin lump near groin male groin pain woman groin pain trauma group-therapy techniques l-cysteine hair growth hard palate growths nerve sheath growth growth plates open pheochromocytoma growth rate teenage growth spurt growth on tonsil involuntary grunting noises low gtt results guillain-barre syndrome rehabilitation ocd and guilt gum removal surgery upper gum soreness swollen gums treatment slow gut motility guttate psoriasis prognosis methadone and gynecomastia gynecomastia tanner stage gynecomastia surgery swelling raised haemoglobin levels worst ingrown hair hair lice removal losing your hair hair and menopause vaginal hair removal small talk hair phobia of hairdressers ringworm in hairdressing what is hallucination hallux valgus osteotomy halophen mould treatment treat hamstring injuries kinetic tape hamstring tore hamstring muscle torn hamstring muscle hamstring tendon pain hamstring tear recovery hamstring rehab stretches hamstring strain rehabilitation sore upper hamstring upper hamstring stretch torn hamstring surgery hot hands symptom overuse hand injuries involuntary hand movements uncontrollable hand movement normal hand x-ray orthopedic hand surgeons overly sweaty hands phlebitis in hand hand skin problems restless hand syndrome rheumatism in hands hand tendon surgery hand tendon syndromes tension tremor hand hantavirus incubation period hard wax in-ear hard palate infection irritated hard palate hard vaginal lump hard palate pain hard palate problems hard palate swollen swollen hard testicle ray peat hashimotos hashimotos and seizures hashimotos and stress liquid nitrogen hazards high hb levels hb in pregnancy hbsab quantitative interpretation what is hbv hct is high low hct test heavy head sensation viral head infection head neck injury involuntary head movements involuntary head nodding jerky head movements knock head off lemon shaped head treat head lice light headed spells pancreatic head neoplasm sudden head pain pancreatic head prominence random head rushes toothbrush replacement heads shaking head syndrome sores on head living with headaches post menstrual headaches headache and palpitations headaches while pregnant short sharp headaches sinus vacuum headache temporal headache symptoms thunderclap headache treatment toenail removal healing sinus wound healing male health problems mental health sectioning mercury health problems mouth health problems healthy lung x-ray occasional hearing loss osha-recordable hearing loss hearing sinus problems heart monitor implant implantable heart pump innocent heart murmur left heart strain heart muscle spasm non-invasive heart tests pci heart operation pots heart syndrome right heart pressures heart rhythm problems prosthetic heart valves quadrigeminal heart rhythm trigeminy heart rate heart rhythm screening virtual heart scan wolf heart syndrome tissue heart valves heart virus treatment heart-pounding at night heart-pounding at rest sticky heart-valve symptoms indigestion or heartburn heartburn and menopause heartburn in nose is heartburn serious heartburn and vomiting heat for hematoma itchy heat lumps prickly heat lotion heat rash pimples stiff heavy legs heberdens nodes surgery pain inside heel treating heel pain heel skin problems mid parental height helicobacter test infai what helps hyperpigmentation what helps sciatica hemangioma vs hematoma hemangioma l2 vertebrae liver hemangiomas treatment propranolol for hemangioma high hematocrit levels normal hematocrit levels pcv vs hematocrit hematologic myeloid malignancies rdw hematology results hematoma on hip hematoma post hysterectomy ice on hematoma intramuscular hematoma treatment hematoma and pain pelvic hematoma symptoms post-op hematoma treatment hematoma removal surgery hematoma in shin subperiosteal hematoma shin subcutaneous hematoma treatment hematoma on tibia hematoma ultrasound treatment runners and hematuria tests for hematuria treatments for hematuria hematuria in women hemiarthroplasty hip precautions raised right hemidiaphragm hemifacial spasm recovery right hemifacial spasm juvenile hemochromatosis symptoms hemofiltration vs hemodialysis plasmapheresis vs hemodialysis hemoglobin iron levels low hemoglobin level treat low hemoglobin hemoglobin in urine hemogram rdw high what is hemolysis small pinpoint hemorrhages subarachnoid hemorrhage recovery recurrent subconjunctival hemorrhage spontaneous scleral hemorrhage subconjunctival hemorrhage treatment post hemorrhoid surgery rectiv for hemorrhoids hemorrhoid treatment shot swollen hemorrhoids treatment post hemorrhoidectomy pain pph stapled hemorrhoidectomy what is hep hepa b symptoms marked hepatic steatosis mild hepatic steatosis hepatic stenosis treatment levels of hepatitis hepatitis transmission methods non-alcoholic systemic hepatitis non-viral hepatitis symptoms treatment for hepatomegaly trigger immune herb herbalism and pregnancy is hsv-1 hereditary is vitiligo hereditary hiatal hernia spasms inflamed hiatus hernia oesophagus hiatus hernia hiatus hernia surgery hydrocele hernia surgery hydrocele versus hernia hydrocele vs hernia incisional hernia pain indirect inguinal hernias internal hernia symptoms midline hernia symptoms neonatal umbilical hernia umbilical hernia pain hernia surgery post-op hernia recurrence rates spigelian hernia recovery recurrent umbilical hernia right spigelian hernia semilunar hernia symptoms spigelian hernia symptoms thoracic herniation pain herniated testicular symptoms thoracic herniation treatment herpetic herpes whitlow isolation for herpes herpes on lips herpes lip sores herpes long-term problems magnesium and herpes herpes zoster mouth herpes not painful painful herpes outbreak wrestling herpes outbreak herpes or rash herpes and urethritis hershberger syndrome risk sectoral heterochromia iris newborn hiccups remedy reasons for hiccups uncontrollable hiccups treatment hidradenitis suppurativa vaginal high output ileostomy high mvc labs high mchc levels high mcv level high monocytes level high mercury symptoms high metabolism symptoms high mpv symptoms high prolactin symptoms high respiration rate high respiratory rate high rdw symptoms sgpt high reasons high tsh symptoms thyroid t4 high high-protein lab value hip impingement symptoms hip impingement syndrome hip impingement test hip liner replacement osteoarthritis hip x-ray porcelain hip replacement titanium hip prosthesis hip reconstruction surgery hip replacement restrictions hip-replacement longer leg hip-replacement prosthesis types seborrheic keratosis histology histrionic personality type late-stage hiv symptoms rapid hiv testing hiv transmission rates hiv reflex test hiv test results what is hiv hiv-1 vs hiv-2 hla-b27 and ms what is hla-b27 hoarse throat treatment hodgkins and itching hodgkins lymphoma relapse hoffa syndrome knee holes in teeth newton homeopathics vitiligo scleroderma homeopathic treatment homeopathy for polymyalgia homogeneous solid nodule pulmonary homograft replacement stye versus hordeolum horizontal vertigo treatment hypoglycemia hormone imbalance perimenopause hormone levels teenage hormones moods thyroid hormone symptoms hornet sting swelling hot itchy legs hot itchy rash sudden hot sweats hot tub syndrome housemaids knee treatment paracentesis how often hpv joint pain hpv in seniors hpv virus strains hpv throat symptoms hpv in women progesterone only hrt hse l8 legionella hsg test pain hsv skin infection isolated systolic htn huge stomach tumor humerus surgery recovery does lymphedema hurt does ringworm hurt hydrocele surgery procedure right testicular hydrocele hydrocele in scrotum hydrocele in seniors surgery for hydrocele testicle hydrocele surgery hydrocephalus in neonates mild right-sided hydronephrosis moderate right hydronephrosis severe right hydronephrosis what is hydronephrosis vestibular hydrops symptoms what is hydrops pain from hydrosalpinx symptoms of hydrosalpinx overly hyper toddlers what is hypercholesterolemia hyperextension of thumb hyperglycemia and pancreatitis transient neonatal hyperinsulinism treatment for hyperinsulinemia what is hyperintensity hypermobility syndrome prognosis hypermobility and reflux hypermobility in teenagers latent hyperopia treatment pseudo hyperparathyroidism symptoms permanent turbinate hyperplasia hyperplastic polyps rectal penicillin hypersensitivity reaction hypersomnia vs narcolepsy hypersomnolence vs narcolepsy hypothyroidism and hypertension late-stage pulmonary hypertension rvsp pulmonary hypertension pulmonary hypertension values pulmonary venous hypertension hyperthyroidism and psychosis symptoms of hyperthyroidism hypertriglyceridemia and hyponatremia hypervascular solid nodule hypnagogic vs hypnopompic hypnic jerks treatment hypo potassium symptoms investigation of hypocalcemia treatment for hypocalcemia symptoms of hypocortisolism severe reactive hypoglycemia reactive hypoglycemia symptoms reasons for hypoglycemia hypoglycemia while sleeping treatment of hypoglycemia hypogonadism and testosterone symptoms of hypomania post inflammatory hypopigmentation vitamins for hypopigmentation medscape orthostatic hypotension hypothalamus malfunction symptoms hypothyroidism postpartum hypothyroidism hypothyroidism mental retardation muscles and hypothyroidism hypothyroidism nail ridges treating hypothyroidism naturally not treating hypothyroidism hypothyroidism and sweating what is hypotonia laparoscopic hysterectomy obese laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery lsh hysterectomy recovery mastectomy and hysterectomy transvaginal mesh hysterectomy post hysterectomy pain post hysterectomy sexuality steps of hysterectomy laparoscopy and hysteroscopy i-131 therapy precautions i-131 thyroid therapy ibs and mucus ibs oily stool pasta and ibs ideal sleep patterns idiopathic pulmonary pneumonitis iga nephropathy treatment toxoplasmosis igg levels parvovirus igg positive toxoplasma igg positive toxoplasmosis igg positive varicella-zoster igg positive reason for ileostomy ileostomy reversal recovery terminal ileum inflammation ileum inflammation treatment neo terminal ileum normal terminal ileum internal iliac nodes weird mental illness rabbit illness symptoms sun sickness illness vagus nerve imbalance vaccination and immunisation immunotherapy in oncology rhotacism speech impediment impetigo vinegar treatment knee nerve impingement s2 nerve impingement ulnar nerve impingement shoulder impingement operation primary shoulder impingement subacromial impingement shoulder wright knee implants zimmer knee-replacement implants sulcus lens implant permanent lip implants radium implant precautions vaginal radium implant stent implant recovery single tooth implant ssri permanent impotence inability to memorize inability to sleep inability to speak inadequate sinus tachycardia c section incision stress incontinence surgery increased platelet size meningitis incubation period ringworm incubation period rsv incubation period vibrio incubation period perimenopause and indigestion indigestion in women lsd induced psychosis morphine induced psychosis stimulant induced psychosis left subcortical infarct mca infarct stroke subendocardial myocardial infarction internal leg infection kidney infection swelling stomach lining infection locust thorn infection long-term pinworm infection long-term prostate infection post lumpectomy infection right lung infection mycobacterium tuberculosis infection palm thorn infection infected pancreatic pseudocyst penile yeast infection persistent pinworm infection persistent ringworm infection vaginal pinworm infection swimming pool infections post tonsillectomy infection post viral infection prevention of infection severe prostate infection yeast infection prostatitis staph infection pus infected thorn puncture ringworm skin infection severe throat infection uterus infection signs vaginal strep infection streptococcus vaginal infection swollen testicle infection swollen infected toe infection urinaire symptomes uterus infection symptoms infection urinaire traitement yellow-fever infected areas is leprosy infectious measles infectious period meningitis infectious period norovirus infectious period mumps and infertility percent of infertility testicular trauma infertility inflamed nostril inside inflamed toe joint inflamed stomach lining inflamed nasal passages inflamed urethra opening inflamed paranasal sinus inflamed wisdom tooth nasal membrane inflammation nasal inflammation remedies sinus nerve inflammation rib tissue inflammation soft tissue inflammation toe inflammation treatment treatment for inflammation infusions for osteoarthritis thermometer mercury ingestion painful inguinal lymphadenopathy what is inhalation multiple im injections phenylephrine penile injection penile injection technique pneumonia vaccine injection thumb knuckle injury upper lip injury locust thorn injury vastus medialis injury semimembranosus muscle injury trapezius muscle injury obturator nerve injury phrenic nerve injury palm thorn injury plantar plate injury racquetball shoulder injuries repetitive injury syndrome thoracic inlet x-ray posterior thigh innervation strong sensory input insertion of seton tampon left inside lump inside throat inside the nose swollen inside nose swelling inside nostril long-term insomnia treatment severe insomnia treatment muscles of inspiration mild renal insufficiency pulmonic valve insufficiency overproduction of insulin sensory integration problems intense rectal itching mri signal intensity intense period pain interactive nervous system intermittent rectal pain internal nose pain internal respiration occurs internal pelvic radiation internal radiation precautions internal ultrasound scan internal scar tissue internuclear ophthalmoplegia signs proximal interphalangeal joint interpret mammogram results prominent interstitial markings non-specific interstitial pneumonia pulmonary interstitial prominence measuring pr interval prolonged pr interval short pr interval ptc interventional radiology lower intestine pain intestinal sarcoidosis symptoms late-onset lactose intolerance postural orthostatic intolerance yeast intolerance treatment low intraocular pressure normal intraocular pressures single intrauterine pregnancy intrauterine pregnancy ultrasound intrauterine ultrasound procedure risks of intubation inverted narcissist symptoms involuntary leg movements organic iodine supplement iol vs lasik ion mobility test ipl for melasma ipl for rosacea ptc ir procedure iritis natural treatment measuring iron levels iron transfusion reaction irregular menstruation treatment irregular shaped stools upper mouth irritation rectal irritation treatment irritated rectum treatment stoma irritation treatment irritable uterus symptoms ischemic ocular neuropathy ischemic peripheral neuropathy small vessel ischemia what is ischemia ischial tuberosity pain ischial tuberosity ulcer ischium pain treatment reverse ishihara test shingles isolation period tissue viability issues do measles itch post menopause itching sweet itch treatments itchy leathery skin itchy rectum problems itchy scar tissue itp low platelets itp and plavix stress and itp iv magnesium replacement sarcoidosis stage iv ivc thrombus treatment saline ultrasound ivf obstructive jaundice lfts jaundice in newborns jaundice pruritus treatment suffering from jaundice treatment of jaundice what is jaundice jaw joint replacement jaw pain remedies passing jelly mucus jelly in stool knee joint type metatarsal phalangeal joint wrist joint pain myotendinous junction tear pelviureteric junction obstruction juvenile myoclonic seizure juvenile polyp syndrome streptococcus salivarius k-12 karyotype of phenylketonuria remedy for keloids keloid scar tape what are keloids types of keratoma keratosis in mouth keratosis pilaris removal swollen left kidney kidney stent operation overactive kidney symptoms one kidney pregnancy side of kidney stent kidney stones kidney urine test ultrasound of kidneys wasp sting kits triglyceride testing kit klinefelters syndrome prognosis normal knee mri saphenous nerve knee total knee operation posterior knee swelling knee reconstruction recovery synovial sarcoma knee sore knee symptoms swelling of knee knee tumor symptoms twisted knee symptoms recurring muscle knots red swollen knuckle knuckle replacement surgery krautkramer ultrasonic systems postural kyphosis treatment scoliosis with kyphosis kyphotic thoracic spine l-carnitine weight loss shattered l1 vertebra l3 nerve root l3 nerve symptoms l3 pain symptoms laminectomy l4 l5-s1 l5 nerve root lumbar spondylosis l5-s1 l5-s1 nerve root rdw lab values triglyceride lab results tnf-alpha lab test lack of saliva lack of sleep male lactation stimulation lactation not pregnant lactate in seizure lumbar laminectomy surgery laparoscopic oophorectomy recovery laparoscopic salpingo-oophorectomy recovery laparoscopy and pregnancy pelvic laparotomy surgery severe laryngitis treatment viral laryngitis treatment laryngomalacia vs tracheomalacia reflux and laryngospasm lesion on larynx tumor on larynx lasik vs lasek laser lipo treatment laser vein removal laser tongue surgery lateral marginal osteophytes lateral meniscus pain vastus lateralis muscle latisse and vitiligo safe long-term laxatives overdose of laxatives quick strong laxative ld50 of mercury raised ldh levels ldl test results 3 lead pacemakers leaking urine male pulmonic valve leak tricuspid valve leaks male leakage pads leep surgery recovery left leg swelling left lobe seizures left ovary removed left scapula pain left retrograde pyelogram radiculopathy left untreated sore left testicle left subcortical stroke lesion on leg lymphedema lower legs lower leg problems sore lower leg main leg muscles thigh leg pain panniculitis on legs leg stent procedure purpura on legs rest leg syndrome leg revascularization surgery symptoms leg swelling upper leg swelling lemon water ulcer multifocal lens replacement lens replacement treatment solar lentigo lesions lentigo maligna type temporal lobe lesion lesion on lung white matter lesions misdiagnosed ms lesions non-cancerous lesions mouth ulnar nerve lesion normal penile lesions lesion on pancreas pituitary lesion treatment skin lesion surgery treatment of lesions lethal white syndrome reasons for lethargy leucoderma on lips what is leucoderma normal lft levels liver sgot levels low mchc levels lumbar s1 level normal mcv levels raised mcv levels serum mercury level mercury testing levels normal methemoglobin levels normal neutrophil levels normal oxygen levels stool ph level serum prolactin level serum triglyceride level tsh serum levels toxic thyroid levels levels of unconsciousness mild levoconvex scoliosis multiple sclerosis libido lichen simplex scarring neck lift techniques non-surgical nose lift non-surgical tubal ligation tubal ligation pain light pigment spots light vaginal spotting lower limb lymphedema stiff limb syndrome rebuilding stomach lining ripped stomach lining ruptured stomach lining torn stomach lining lingering mono symptoms malignant melanoma lip melanoma on lip lip piercing scar lipo in stomach lipoma or liposarcoma lipoprotein profile testing lisfranc recovery prognosis lisinopril and sunlight lithium for teenagers living with panniculitis living with spondylosis macrovesicular steatosis liver orthoptic liver transplantation pregnancy rash liver liver problems test liver psc symptoms liver ultrasound results scan of liver liver shunt symptoms spleen and liver liver steatosis treatment liver stenosis symptoms liver stent surgery stones in liver liver stones surgery yellow stool liver liver virus symptoms lower lobe opacity wheezes lower lobes lung lobe removal middle lobe pneumonia occipital lobe stroke temporal lobe surgery thumb spasms locked surgery for lockjaw lockjaw symptoms treatment locust thorn puncture locust thorn treatment long lung syndrome long periods perimenopause lvad long-term survival pizotifen long-term use whiplash long-term problems long-term sore throat long-term whiplash symptoms tar looking poop loose slimy stools loose watery stools lumbar lordosis loss myomectomy weight loss pcos weight loss loss of voice sneezing a lot low mpv values low-grade neuroendocrine neoplasm low-grade sarcoma prognosis low-lying placenta pain lower throat tightness meningitis lp results what is lpr lsd on tongue lucency on x-ray lucozade in pregnancy manometer lumbar puncture multiple lumbar punctures lumbar sacral pain lumbar vertebrae problems lumbar puncture recovery therapeutic lumbar puncture lumbar spine syndrome painless lump neck non-cancerous testicular lumps testicle lump removal lump on stomach lumps on testicles lumps on tongue seroma post lumpectomy recovery from lumpectomy primary lung malignancy multiple lung nodules nodes in lung side pleurisy lungs lung problems symptoms punctured lung recovery robotic lung surgery schwannoma lung tumor lupus and morphea lupus and thrush vitiligo and lupus what is lupus prognosis with lvad lvad success rate nasopharynx lymph nodes lymph nodes neck paraesophageal lymph node popliteal lymph nodes lymph node swelling thoracic lymph nodes lymph nodes underarm lymphedema pain treatment lymphedema treatment swelling lymphedema tarda symptoms lymphocyte percentage ranges type of lymphocytes mesenteric panniculitis lymphoma lymphoma and migraines lymphoma rib swelling treatment for lymphoma lysol and scabies machiavellian personality type pituitary macroadenoma symptoms macrocytic vs microcytic severe macrovesicular steatosis pediatric maculopapular rash magnesium and menopause post viral malaise malaria skin rashes symptoms of malaria tonic water malaria sore perineum male