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legs thumb legs too heavy to walk length of dilaudid urine tox screen lesion on areola that itches and hurts less beard and moustache treatment lesser menstrual blood flow lethargy after surgery lethargy and stomach ache in children lethargy and stomach flu letoval stimulated follicles rupture at what size letroz 25 mg letroz 5mg leukemia and excessive hunger leukemia patients high bilirubin leukocytes 20 hpf leukocytes positive nitrite negative leukoplakia and salty taste in mouth levels of steroid cream chart levocarnitine tablets for sperm levocetirizine exactly how long before it leaves your system levonelle and my next period levonorgestrel delay menstrual levothyroxine delays my periods lexapro and urine odor lichen amyloidosis lichen nitidus ayurvedic treatment lichen planus bleeding lichen planus during pregnancy lichen planus intraepithelial lesion lichen planus skin infection lichen sclerosis cause discharge lichen sclerosus affects vision lichen sclerosus and links to cancerous polyps lichen sclerosus on the elbows lidocaine gel postcoital vaginal pain life expectancy after artificial aorta life expectancy after triple bypass life expectancy of anti rabies vaccine life expectancy of hole in the heart baby life expectancy of people with beta thalassemia today life expectancy with only 25 of their heart working lifespan of anti rabies vaccine lifting heavy objects cause tailbone ligamentum flavum thickening at l5 s1 level light bleeding after menopause when i wipe light bleeding and mucus after you have had your monthly period light brown feces stomach cramp light brown period and rash light colored blood in stool and alcohol light green odorless discharge light headed and cant hear light headed and pins and needles light headed and rash fever light headed and weakness on right side of body light headed dizzy indigestion light headed raised liver enzymes light headed sweaty nausea light headed sweaty pulsating severe headache light orange discharge pregnant light pink watery discharge no cramping light red watery diarrhea light sensitivity feeling faint constant hunger lightheaded swaying to heartbeat pain chest lightheadedness diarrhea loss of appetite nausea lightheadedness nausea diarrhea sweet smell lightheadedness profuse sweating exercise linear iga bullous dermatosis what cause it lip numbness from breathing tube lip pigmentation disappearing lip quiver symptom lip ring red dry skin outside bumps lip ring stuck in my throat for days now lip sores and loss of pigment lipanthyl 100 mg= lipitor mg lipitor blood test fasting lipoma cyst lipoma home remedies lipoma in chest wall lipoma lemon lipoma near sternum lipoma on bottom of foot lipoma on chest wall and stomach lips itching dryness black colour liquid that comes out when you press pregnant belly liquid wax keeps discharging out of my ear liquor burning stomach lisinopril and bayer aspirin lisinopril and beer lisinopril dark stool lisinopril eye pain lisinopril hepatitis c lisinopril side effects bloating lisinopril smell sensation listerine cause throat infection listerine warts lithium carbonate cough lithium carbonate sleep apnea little amounts of pee on my underwear all the time little and frequent urination 33 weeks pregnant little brown spot on forehead little brown spots in the groin area little brown spots on arms little bumps on my bottom lip little pinhead red dots on skin little pink spots on face little red puss sacks on my scalp little red spots on hip that come and go little scab on inside of upper eyelid little scabs in nostrils nose nasal liv 50 ayurvedic medicine liv 52 tablets during pregnancy liver and itchy feet liver cancer and body lipomas liver cancer fighting foods and drinks liver cholesterol essential tremor liver count of 8000 liver enzymes 200 300 liver failure leak through belly button liver function in normal pregnancy bilirubin urine liver function test abnormal fatigue joint pain liver function test normal hbsag positive liver function test result 173 liver function white spots on tongue liver problems acne pain right side liver profile alt 198 liver sgpt count 65 food to control sgpt count liver tenderness high sgpt dengue livial melasma livogen xt tablet during pregancy loads of wind and bowel rumblings lobster claw birth defect lobster diarrhea vomiting localised head pain location of seventh right rib locking your knees and dizzy spells lockjaw from abcess tooth loestrin 24 and missed periods loestrin 24 side effects back pain loestrin 24 side effects underarm rash loette pill for weight logynon and hair loss logynon ed side effects lol cholesterol levels long red string came out during bowel movement long stringy feces long term bruise on back along spine long term effect of duck tape on skin long term effect of methadrone long term effects of taking spasmo proxyvon long term rash on front and back of body and neck long term usage of oxy elite pro loose bowel movements sweating and ketones in urine loose circulation in hands and feet while sleeping loose circumcision loose coccyx loose dark green stool during pregnancy loose gum around tooth loose motion and stomach pain during pregnancy loose motion during teething infants loose motion followed by red discharge in 6th week of pregnancy loose motion for 10 month old baby loose motion in pregnancy 9th month loose motion remedies for 4 month old baby loose motion semi solid stool loose motion while taking medicine after angioplasty loose motions in 1 year old home remedies loose scrotum loose stool fatty liver loose stool light headed weak loose stools 12 month old loose stools during pregnancy 39 weeks loose stools with upper left stomach pain loose tonsil tissue looz constipation lopsided chest curved spine losartan high pulse rate losartan sunburn lose 25 kgs in 3 months after a c section pregnancy lose circulation easily lose motion of 4th month baby losing beard spot and getting white hair losing blood circulation in arm losing protein in urine loss of appetite after gallbladder surgery loss of appetite headache nose bleed loss of appetite lethargy achy random headaches loss of feeling after smoking marijuana loss of leg muscle control after drinking alcohol loss of skin pigment on the genitals loss of taste during pregnancy loss of vision during stage 4 lung cancer treatment loss of vision sweaty dizzy loss of voice associated with pregnancy loss of voice sore throat cough body aches lost voice then coughing up phlegm lots of clear slimy vaginal discharge lots of clouds in morning urine pregnant loud popping noise from my ear loud sneezing pregnancy low abdominal pain radiating into legs low amniotic fluid at 6 weeks preg low back injury now have nausea and headache low back pain causing mottled skin on thighs low back pain stomach cramping movement in stomach low back pain thickening uterus low back pain when defecating low blood flow in right arm low blood pressure and early menopause is this sign of hiv low blood pressure and tension headaches low blood pressure due to lack of exercise low blood pressure green stool headache low blood pressure pain in chest headache in left side of head low blood pressure related to ovulation low blood pressure upon waking low blood sugar 35 weeks pregnant low blood sugar level 57 low body temperature and pneumonia in children low diastolic pressure high heart rate low fsh lh levels low grade fever after coronary stenting low grade fever and blood in urine low grade fever and red eyes low grade fever followed by chesty sounding cough low grade fever headache nausea low grade fever stomach flu and seizure low grade fever week before menstrual cycle low grade squamous dysplasia tongue low grade tonsillitis low hemoglobin acne low hemoglobin but high red blood cell low hemoglobin during labor low hemoglobin for 2 years old children low hemoglobin levels after childbirth low hemoglobin pancreas cancer low hemoglobin rapid heart rate low iron eye redness low iron fatigue vegetarian anxiety low morphology trying to get pregnant when to have sex low neutros low placenta fifth month pregnancy low platelet count after a cold low platelet count and multiple myeloma low platelet count of 122 low platelets thyroid disease low potassium and red dots on skin low potassium food chart low potassium miscarriage low pulse rate in pregnancy low resting heart rate shortness of breath dizziness low sodium in epilepsy low temperature fever 96 low testosterone and high cpk low white cell count and iron deficiency lower abdominal hardening during pregnancy lower abdominal pain when hungry lower abdominal pains and using the bathroom alot lower back abdominal pain left buttock lower back pain and bleeding from the bum lower back pain and intestinal problems lower back pain bruise knot lower back pain high uric acid lower back pain hurts so bad cant b arely stand up lower back pain hurts to sit uterus lower back pain in waves lower back pain low platelet count lower back pain mouth ulcers vomiting tiredness lower back pain stomach pain rumbling stomach lower back pain unable to sit lower back pain with funny heartbeat lower back pain with red spot lower bleph sebaceous gland inflammation lower body rash after the flu lower eyelid twitching for six months lower gum is purple on bottom lower jaw shaking lower left back pain after drinking alchohol lower left back pain with blood in urine and ketones in urine lower left lip cramp lower left side groin pain with discolored urine in men lower leg redness and sore to touch lower leg tingling hiv lower lip biopsy tingling lower lip swollen twitching lower lip very dry and constantly peeling lower mcv level drinking alcohol lower pelvic thump what is this lower pressure and frequent urination lower right abdomen pain period 10 days late lower right abdominal pain and low temperature lower right abdominal pain during sex no period lower right abdominal pain with frequent bowel movements lower right rib twitching pulminary diseases lower right side pain shortness of breath constipated lower stomach cramps and pain in bum lower stomach hurts with brown discharge lower stomach pain after sex lower stomach pain bloating with constant urination lower throat hurts when i swallow lowering of nuts in the scrotum lowering sgot levels naturally lowerleft abdominal pain and white stool lowest blood sugar recorded lozart h tablets lp skin disease is it curable lp skin disease its causesymptom and prevention lrq is a lump pelvic abdomen ct came back normal radiologi lumbar 5 disc inflamation lumbar lymph nodes become red and enlarged lumbar spine dizziness lumbar spondylosis treatment in ayurveda holy family lump above armpit with numbness lump above belly button after eating lump above navel when doing sit ups lump back head non movable hard lump base of skull growing fast lump behind ear chronic lump behind ear clear fluid lump behind ear dizziness lump behind left ear and shoulder pain lump belly button adult male lump below puncture wound thigh lump by neck and clavicle moves around if you touch it lump feeling on left side of throat with gagging sensation lump found on lungs lump in armpit and going through menopause lump in armpit fatigue weakness in hands lump in armpit hepatitis lump in armpit numbness in hands pre menapausal lump in arse crack lump in baby leg is sympton of tb lump in earlobe crease lump in front of ear caused by ear infection lump in front of tonsil lump in groin that moves lump in groin worse before menstrual cycle lump in lower right groin area lump in my lower stomach lump in neck after walking pneumonia lump in neck and nausea lump in neck tonsils hurt lump in the throat burping and always hungry lump in throat decreases after burping lump in throat sensation when hungry lump in throat weed whacking lump inside earlobe piercing lump lower chest lump lower left back on dimple lump near sternum lump of bone tooth inner gum lump of extra skin on ear lump on abdomen skin right lower quadrant lump on arm after knock lump on arm cancer near elbow lump on base of skull neck whiplash lump on bottom of foot during pregnancy lump on chest below collar bone lump on clavicle bone might indicate heart trouble lump on groin doesnt hurt when squeezing lump on inner thigh 10 year old child lump on left side of pharynx lump on lower leg that goes up and down lump on my back white thick smelly puss lump on my calf fibula lump on my leg with a shiny black dot in the middle lump on neck bee stings lump on neck has smelly pus when squeezed lump on outside of scrotum lump on roof of mouth burst lump on side of left side of scrotum filled with pus lump on skin that smells bad lump on sole of foot lump shoulder lump towards the bottom of my neck that is spongy feeling lump underneath left scapula lump upper calf painful to touch lump where right ovary is lump with hole in throat on right side of tonsil with puss coming out lumps in 5 year olds neck lumps in lower leg after exercise lumps in my belly fat lumps in neck and eye pain lumps moving inside lips swollen tongue hiv lumps of catarrh getting stuck in throat lung cancer and bad taste in throat lung cancer and calf pain lung cancer patients suffer from abdominal pain lung cancer pneumonia prognosis tumor around windpipe lung cancer soreness when deep breath smoking mild shortness of breath lung cancer stage 4 that has traveled to the brain lung cancer wet cough lungs are burning cold cough lunula diagnosis lupicet l its uses and side effects lupicet tab information lychen sclerosis en ayurveda lying down after drinking coke lying flat too long gives me a headache lyme and swollen groin lymph node lymes disease and hoarse voice lymph node hyperplasia in throat what means lymph node location on back of neck and shoulders lymph node tb curable lymph nodes and plantar fasciitis lymph nodes in babies neck lymph nodes swollen back of shoulder lymph nodes underactive thyroid lymphangiomatosis treatment lymphnode swollen and bumps on shoulder lymphocytic colitis and thyroid problems lymphoma and mood swings lysol exposure during pregnancy lysol exposure pregnancy macorate 400 mg macular amyloidosis maggots for ear infections magnesium deficiency thirst pee alot major depressive disorder coping skills malaria tablet ulcerative colitis malarone acne malarone chills side effects male belly button discharge blood male candidiasis enlareged lymph nodes male difficulty in reaching climax male i have a lump in my crotch male impetants male infertility sleeping pills male lump near waistline male my belly itches male normal glucose level 40 year old male peeing once at night is that normal male sperm that has a bent tail male tiredness sleep a lot no energy male with dry eyes dry mouth is this hiv need help malephysical first time physical exam malnutrition ketones in urine management of ear bleeding manly voice tablets mantoux reaction mantoux test and pregnancy marble size lump below ribcage marble sized knot inner thigh marble sized lump behind shoulder blade marijuana and bppv marijuana and crystal meth mix marijuana cause tuberculosis marijuana cure for tuberculosis marijuana keratoconus marijuana use cause boils on the skin maroon bleeding and pregnant maroon stool color abdominal pain marriage between positive and negative blood groups marvelon stomach ache mashed potato constipation massage for post heart attack patients materbate everyday materbation technique maxillary sinus abscess maxoza vs paternia may 25th i had cateract surgery and a toric lense implanted mcv blood test 97 high mdma bladder mdma clindamycin mdma digestive problems mdma night terrors me and my husband both have thalassemia meaning of reactive lymphadenitis meaning of retention cyst mechanism of action of mesoprestol in induction of labour mechanism of fever chills rigors mechanism of thrombocytosis in respiratory tract infection median canaliform dystrophy median lethal dose of endone medical condition with xxy chromosome medical information honey for panis health medical problems from drinking coke cola medical report sample of typiod medical suggestions for removing tan from face and hands medical term for hand shaking while writing desease medical term for hands keep on shaking medical term for someone who is addicted to sleep medical terminology for urethral discharge medical tests before marriage aids thalassemia medical treatment to get red lips medical treatment to remove black spots on inner thighs medically induced coma for quitting smoking medication for thickening of wall for urinary bladder medication to combat urine pus cells medication to treat left ventricular atrophy medications for excess micro albumin in urine medications for vaginal friction burns medications that affect 3rd generation tsh test medications that decrease troponin levels medicine for a 2 year old stomach medicine for mosquito bites for babies medicine that reduces permanent knot on forehead medicine to stop pregnancy medicine to stop pregnancy after one month medicine unwanted 72 is used for medicines for hydrosalpinx medicines for neck sprain during pregnancy and breastfeeding medicines to be used to reduce brown discharge in 4th month pregnancy medicines to kill a person meds for kidney infection e coli mega cv tablet meladerm for face burns meladrem cream melanocyte transplantation vitiligo melas syndrome and eyes meniscus tear pins and needles menopause leg muscle weak menopause sore lump underarm menopause starts at age 46 menses after menopause at 55 menses blood flow more menstrual bleeding after cortisone injection menstrual bleeding for 7 weeks after steroid injection in back menstrual bleeding gritty menstrual bleeding non stop during menopause menstrual cramps with rectal pain menstrual cycle and burping menstrual cycle and lymph nodes menstrual cycle with severe lower back pain and foul odor menstrual left arm pain menstruation blood from pee hole menthol cigarettes for sore throat mephedrone injection meprate 10mg tab meprate tablet for 10 days mesiodens and campomelic dysplasia metabolic disorder red hot hands ears metabolic pathway of cyanide and arsenic poisoning metal splinter inside knuckle metal taste in mouth autoimmune pemphigus vulgaris metallic taste during exercise metallic taste in mouth and rheumatoid arthritis metallic taste in mouth and strong smelling urine metallic taste in mouth strong sense of smell headaches metaspray tube ear metatarsal fracture hand untreated metformin and blood in stool metformin and frequency of urine metformin excessive sweating metformin thick saliva meth and mucus meth bruises treatment meth bumps on tongue and lip meth cause numbness in hands and feet meth eyes hurt meth side affects bruises face meth side effect white stuff in throat meth watery eyes methadone and testosterone methamphetamine cause vomiting bile methamphetamine use cause thyroid methods of contraception for newly married methylprednisolone and benzonatate miscarriage methylprednisolone and vitamins meto er25 metoprolol discontinuation side effects metoprolol overdose metoprolol weaning metpure xl metrogyl 400 mg uses metrogyl 400 pregnancy metrogyl gel dental mexican medicine amoebriz mg hcg procare pregnancy test microalbumin urine chart microcephaly sleep issues microgynon 30 achey swollen ankles microgynon 30 acne microgynon 30 causes muscle ache microgynon 30 loss of appetite microgynon 30 side effects urine smell microgynon and palpitations microgynon dark discharge blood micronor period pain but no period microscopic colitis intestinal parasite microscopic examination of urine infection pus cells microscopic hematuria seroquel microscopic pus cells normal value microvascular white matter disease mid lad blockage middle of my back is sore and my stomach is cramping middle of upper lip twitching middle toe is itchy and burning on the top migraine and heart pounding and nausea help migraine aura and sore throat migraine belching migraine cashew nuts migraine nose smell ammonia migraine pulsating isolated area forehead migraine violent vomiting during pregnancy migraines a learning disability migraines after spinal fusion migratory hives rash mild aortic unfolding mild bulky retroverted uterus with cervical nabothian cysts mild cardiomegaly and hypothyroidism mild chest pain after exercise mild chest pain tingly arms and legs mild duedenitis mild dull pain in back lungs mild fever everyday hiv mild fever in evenings during early pregnancy mild fibroadenosis mild free fluid seen within the cul de sac relevent answer mild fullness in the left pelvocalyceal system mild headache blurry vision mild headache muscle aches fever that comes and goes and now a rash on arms and stomach mild heart attack leads to loose motion mild heat rash stomach baby mild hypertrophy of inferior turbinates and mild dns mild pleurisy do i need to see a doctor mild throbbing pain right chest mild tricuspid regurgitation and pregnancy mild ulcerative colitis and cecal patch mildly enlarged right ventricle mildly thickened lymph nodes in axilla milia eyelid popped hurt miliaria lanolin oil sweat milk allergy cause white blood cells in stool milk of magnesia and stomach flu milk of magnesia teeth milky white urine from 15 year old mini pill and melasma mini pill side effects anxiety minier syndrome minor chest pinch cocaine minor cuts baby near eye minor facet arthrosis minor tingling pain in heart minor upper chest pain dry throat lump in throat whats wrong with me minoxidil and joint pain minoxidil topical solution ups 10 minoxin hypertension mirena and post coital bleeding mirena coil cause high cholesterol mirena coil lower back pain mirena iud lower gi pain mirena iud side effects gastrointestinal miscarriage in the 6th month signs miss period after laparoscopy missed period a month after surgery missed period and mucus with spotting missed period but negative pregnancy test and used condom missed period lower back ache nausea indigestion missed period mild pancreatitis missed period ovaries throbbing missed periods with copper coil missing pulse every five heartbeats mites vyvanse mitochondrial disease and gluten intolerance mitochondrial disease eye mitral valve and breathing difficulties in humid weather mitral valve anxiety tingling in hands and feet mitral valve prolapse ayurvedic mitral valve prolapse electric shock mitral valve regurgitation vertigo mixed connective tissue disease diet mixed connective tissue disease ears mixing medications chart maxolon and pehtedine mobizox side effects and remedy moderate adenoid hypertrophy moderate pediatric pulmonary with mild tricuspid regurgitation moderate placenta previa anterior c section moderately high cpk blood test infant modus 10mg effects mold blood in stool mold cause muscle pain mold exposure and skin tags mole fever mole on elbow mole on gums mole on my face aches mole on nose bleeding mole swelled up molluscum dermatitis eczema momentary loss of power in leg with ms monges disease treatment monocef tablets application for disease mononucleosis spots on penis monster energy causes blood in urine monster energy drink and dry skin montek chewable tablets side effects montek lc tablet if taken more what side effects will it cause montek lc vs montek 10 mg montex test montgomery gland pus montgomery glands before a period montgomery glands large bump has formed mood swings bad headches cramps tiredness whats wrong with me mood swings during ovulation more oligocare tablets per day morgellons fibers in vaginal secretions morning after pill smell morning after pill thyroid side effects morning after pills sharp pains morning and evening phlegm in the elderly morning loose smelly stool morning sickness due to dermoid cyst morning sour taste excessive saliva morning wood sperm morphea on forehead morphology head lice morphology of yeast cells in stool mosquitoes attracted to high blood sugar motion color in black during pregnancy id it due to iron tablets motion is tight and blood is coming motion problem in infants motion sickness after drinking motion sickness and atrial fibrillation mottled bilateral leg rash shaving mottled legs white spots on my legs and arms and raynauds mottled skin on arms and legs mouth cancer aspartame mouth discharge during sleep mouth hurts after using mouthwash mouth numbness from stitches mouth peeling mdma mouth sore red swollen inside mouth tasteless during pregnancy mouth tingling during pregnancy mouth ulcer newborn baby formula milk mouth ulcers diabetes mouth ulcers scalp sores mouth watering non stop after getting a filling movable lump on shin moveable lump in lower left side of back movement inside my ear moving my arm back shoulder pain mpv low when to be concerned mri d9 d10 mri of bow leg mrsa cottage cheese mrsa infection on fingernail mt pill as contraceptive mt pill bleeding start after how many days mtp in 6 weeks pregnancy mucus and blood in poo childs mucus and dry cough with iron taste mucus blood stool gas pain mucus buildup in throat after eating mucus in throat causes anxiety attack mucus in throat chest pain hypoglycemia shortness of breath mucus in urine children mucus plug and mirena mucus plug baby throat mucus stuck in lower throat mucus threads in blood mucus vomiting gagging multi nodular goiter and sore throat multinodular goiter causes low blood pressure multiple blotchy spots on uterus stage endometriosis multiple disc prolapse multiple mild heart attacks multiple sclerosis lichen planus multivitamin causes low blood pressure mupirocin used for boil muscle contraction hands and feet and numb lip muscle cramps and losartan muscle cramps in soles of feet muscle discomfort right side of back and middle of ribs muscle harden legs with swollen feet muscle milk makes me pee alot muscle pain after pacemaker muscle pain in back sore to touch ribs anxiety muscle small spasm in left bottom lip of mouth muscle spasm after umbilical hernia surgery muscle strain indentation thigh numbness muscle twinges in temple and makes jaw chatters muscle twitch in my knee muscle twitch in my leg during pregnancy muscle weakness in legs due to aids muscular torticollis and hard painful pea size neck lump mustache growing hormone mustache infection my 1 year old baby has been having loose motions five times my 11 month old has pneumonia my 13 year old granddaughter had 2 bloody noses today the my 13 yr old hasnt grown my 15 month old has a mucus cough my 15 year old keeps getting palpitations my 18 month old has a body rash my 2 year old complaining of pain when she passes urine my 2 year old has gray colored stool my 2 year old has pimples on his diaper area my 2 year old just ate chewable vitamins my 2 year old just drank floor cleaner my 20 year old woke up this morning with a bleeding ear no my 25 days old baby cry before passing stool and urine my 3 year old cant breathe through his nose my 3 year old child frequently suffering from cough and cold my 3 year old has a temp of 100 my 3 year old has tummy pain and stingy willy is it urine infection my 4 year old has had a bad headache and temperture for 2 days my 4 year old is constantly taking deep breaths my 5 month old baby caught my cold my 5 year old has a rash and fever and muscle aches my 5 year old hit his head my 6 year old woke up with a bald spot my 6yr old has stomach cramps and high fever my 8 month old baby has blocked nose my abdomen hurts when i push on it my alkaline phosphatase 117 my alt test result was 100 my ankle and calf musckes hurt and are swollen my ankle white and crusty my appetite has increased 22 year old male my arm has been numb for a couple of days my arm hurts after having the implanon my arm still tingling and feels heavy after spider bite my ast is 85 and my alt is 136 is that high my axis in my right eye 170 what does it mean my baby clears her throat alot my baby drink bleach my baby eats paper is there some sort of deficiency my baby gets startled easily my baby has a hole in the heart at twenty week ultrasound my baby has a retracted eardrum my baby has plaque build up my baby hit his forehead my baby is 5 weeks old his bilirubin total level is 215 an my baby took a sip of beer my babys belly looks big my babys eyelid looks swollen my babys squints when he eats my back hurts when i swallow my balls have bumps and pus came out my balls start hurting after hard work out my balls stick to my inner thighs my beauty mark hurts my belly button smells bad and it itches my big toenail is hurting my bilirubin liver count is 29 my bladder hurts when i pee and im pregnant my blood creatinine level is 144 my blood creatinine level is 240 my blood pressure 100 140 what type of medicine my blood pressure 200 120 my blood pressure is 110 53 with a pulse of 82 i am feelin my blood pressure is 110 81 is that high my blood pressure is 117 76 is this normal my blood pressure is 155 70 is that bad my blood pressures is 137 85 now but my blood sugar is 145 what does that mean my blood sugar level is 113 my blood sugar level is 142 is it diabe my blood tests showed abnormal results on my liver what does that mean my body feels stiff my body temperature reads 38 deg my bowel movements have been all liquid and dark geyblack a my bowels are gooey my boyfriend goes soft when he gets nervous my boyfriend has a bad cough does that mean he has an std my boyfriend has big spots on his back my boyfriend is hyperactive my boyfriend wants me to have a fat tummy my breath smells metallic when im sick my broken ribs hurt a year later my butthole itches when i poop my cheek feels thick my chest burns when i breathe my chest feels heavy and tight and my blood pressure is slightly elevated my chest feels weird coughing flutter my chest hurts after drinking rum my chest hurts and im caughing my chest still hurts after a heart cath my child has a continuous dry cough that my child has a flem cough but no fever my child has a lot of bruises my child has a low temperature and headache my child has fever swollen lymph nodes swollen gums my child has high fever swollen gums cramping legs my child has orange urine my child hit her head and now her eyes are dialated my child keeps complaining of pins and needles my childe has white foul smelling stool my clitorius stings when i urinate and burns my corn has hurt my toe for years my crotch is itchy after shaving my pubes my cut wont stop bleeding heparin my cycle is 29 days when do i ovulate my discharge is thick after taking depo my doctor said i had a heart murmur what does that mean my doctor said my heart has extra beats what does this mean my doctor said yellow stool is normal my doctor says that my sperm becomes watery my doctor wants to do an echo cardio my dreams are keeping me awake at night my drunk husband passes out and pees the bed my duaghter toe nail is half brown my ear feels clogged and watery my ear hurt my throat hurt and my face hurts my ecg is normal however my pulse rate is high what am i suffering from my eosiniphil count is 07 and absolute eosinophil my esr test results are 25 55 what does this mean my eyelid droops when tired my eyelid wont stop twitching my eyes always feel tired even though i get enough sleep my eyes hurt when i look around and my body aches my face is becoming very rough and dull my foreskin doesnt go behind my bellend my foreskin has gone crusty my foreskin is a strange shape my friend has cervical cancer and is refusing treatment she my friend just accidentally took 4 tylenol simply my friend took a pregnancy test and it came up blank i took my grandson has enlarged lymph nodes low blood count my grip is weak wrist hurt cysts my gum hurt puse in my gum my gums are swollen and puss is coming out my teeth my gums are swollen and sore on the left side of my mouth an my hand going numb in arm that broke a year ago i have a plate and screws in it my hand shakes when i hold it in the air my hands feel restless my hands keep shaking and i feel dizzy my hba2 is 33 will it affect pregnancy my hcg level is 61 is this right for 4 weeks pregnant my heart area feels hot and palpitating my heart beats too fast and i have burn in my stomach my heart has tiny sharp pains my heart is beating 126 beats per minute is that bad my heart pump hard at random times my heart rate 104 beats per minute my heart rate is 150 and i am laying down my heart skips beats makes me feel tired and weak my heart sometimes has a sting feeling my heart start beating fast then it slow down my heart starts hurting and my veins hurt my heart suddenly beat real hard and slow and went back to normal my heel hurts when i walk and burns my husband has a hard lump in his groin behind an incision my husband has a huge air bubble in his right nostril what my husbands eyes look red and glassy he has emphysema my knee hurts after giving birth my knee hurts i am 13 a gymnast and i just got a new skill my knee keeps twisting everytime i play basketball my knee makes noise when i climb stairs my knee pops when i walk up stairs my labia is swollen and itchy do i have a uti my ldl direct level is 129 my ldl level is 138 my left ear feels full when i lay down on it it feels numb my left ear is blocked up and now it hurts my left eye has been tearing alot and a little itch since my left eye is constantly watering and my left nostril is al my left hand feels tight and puffy my left leg and feet feel tight and its numb my left leg is swollen and i also have pain in my shin my left ovary twinges and stomach is hard my left testical is feeling uncomfortable when sitting my leg is very sore 10 days after being sunburnt my leg wont stop twitching when i sleep my legs are stiff all the time my legs feel numb after sitting down my legs feel pressure my legs feels cold and goes numb my lip feels numb after surgery my lip is numbirritated since i smoked meth my lip randomly swells no pain just a tingly feeling what is wrong with me my lip was itchy and now it feels numb my lips are sore and lumpy my lips get dark during pregnancy my lips get itchy when i eat apples my lower back hurts fell on tail bone my lower left lung hurts everytime i cough my lower right abdomen hurts when i pee my lower right side hurts and it hurts when i breathe my mouth hurts after i chew tobacco my mouth is salivating alot my mri of lumbar spine report my neck is swollen in front of my collarbone my newborn smells bad my newborns belly button looks swollen my nine months old baby mouth smells my nose has a funny smell how do i get rid of that my nose is rough and dark my nostril is blocked and headache my one year old baby has severe cold my outside body temperature is normal however inside my pea and night sweats smell strong my pelvis is tender and it hurts to pee my period has been mostly brown blood for months whats wrong with me my period is 45 days late my period my period is late toothache my period is three weeks late i quit drinking my period was lighter and orange in color my period wont stop on 9th day even my platelet count is 465 my poop has a clear slime in it my poop has dark patches my pregnancy tests are positive in the morning and negative at night my psa result is 90 what does this mean my pulse is 106 resting my pulse is 110 bpm standing my pulse is 47 my pulse is 96 beats per minute my pulse is always between 90 and 100 is that normal my pulse rate is 128 and have fever