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mild mitral regurgitation in pregnancy mild opacification of the paranasal sinuses mild pleural effusion mild pleurisy mild porta hepatis lymphadenopathy mild post coital bloody discharge mild rash starting on torso in teenager mild scheuermanns disease tight hamstrings mild sore throat that comes and goes mild spondylotic changes in lsspine mild tricuspid valve regurgitation mildly bulky uterus mildly enlarged heart mildly irregular z line milia eye causing redness miliaria rash in early pregnancy milk after miscarriage milk allergy and prickly throat milk duct removal surgery milk for g6pd child milk intolerance and yellow stool milk lemon juice periods postpone milk of magnesia and still cant poop milk of magnesia cancer therapy milk of magnesia for bed sores milk of magnesia hair growth milk of magnesia sudden pain milk of magnesia treatment for mouth ulcers in adults milk protein allergy rash lump behind ear milk rash lanolin milk spots on adults milky fluid in eye milky sperm watery sperm milky taste in my mouth mini heart attack symptoms mini pill to induce abortion mini stroke when i sneeze mini strokes and chemotherapy minimal fluid in pod on 15th day minimal free fluid in ovarian cyst minimal free fluid in pod minimum size of calculus in mid pole at right kidny minor chest pain after climbing stairs minor disorders in pregnancy minor dyslexia symptoms minor electric shock during pregnancy minor headache after hitting head minor stomach flu minor swollen glands and light headed minoxidil topical bad side effects minoz 100 mintop 10 percent mintop 10 vs mintop 5 mintop lotion for hair loss minute white spots and sudden swelling inside mouth miprogen tablet 400mg miraqule 50 miraqule capsule mirena brown discharge causes mirena coil and blurred vision mirena coil and dark blood mirena coil and exercise mirena coil and sheding womb lining mirena coil and vaginal discharge mirena coil with retroverted uterus mirena iud and urinary tract infections mirena iud sharp pains lower abdomen mirena side effects joint pain mirena stroke blindness mirena vaginal varicose misaligned jaw asymmetrical face miscarriage after asthma attack miscarriage grey tissue black bits miscarriage hip pain miscarriage pain duration missed a whole month of birth control no period missed abortion at 2 months pregnant missed cerazette pill twice had unprotected sex and spotting brown blood lasting a day missed period abdominal pain and fever missed period chest pain missed period cramps tired negative pregnacy test on birth control missed period iron deficiency missed period nausea negative pregnancy test light lower abdominal pain missed period negative hpt lower abdominal pain missed period negative pregnancy test diarrhea missed period negative pregnancy test nausea acne slight cramping heart burn lower back pain missed period polyp missed periods loose motion symptoms of pregnancy missed pill for 4 days microgynon 30 missing a vein symptoms missing heart beat burping missing heart beat in 9th week of pregnancy mitotic etiology with infective tuberculosis mitral valve prolapse and clonazepam mitral valve prolapse and erectile dysfunction mitral valve prolapse shoulder pain mitral valve regurgitation is dangerous mix zoloft with oxyelite pro mixing adderall and oxy elite mixing amoxicillin and benadryl mobizox contents mobizox recommended dosage modalities for a dislocated shoulder mode of transmission of fungemia mode of transmission of hiv throught mouth kiss mode of transmission of shingles moderate cerebral atrophy moderate growth streptococcus milleri moderate pain during hida scan moderate to severe dysplasia oral moderate viginal coccobacilli bacteria moderately distended bladder mold and high liver enzyme mold exposure and tonsillitis mold mouth sores mole appeared on my neck suddenly mole cauterization after care mole falling off after a sunburn mole fell off bleeding mole hurts to touch pink brown mole in my groin area mole looking black dot of blood mole on my face is bleeding and has pus coming out mole on my lips mole or extra skin growing near my armpit mole peeling skin mole turned puffy painful moles on face turning black moles with black dots histiocytosis mometasone furoate ointment cold sore mondini aplasia monilia treatment monistat for itchy eyelids mono and heart palpitations towards end of illness mono and vaginal discharge mono rash itching treatment mons pubis problems montair lc vs montek lc montek tablet allergy montgomery gland is white and hard montgomery gland painful inflamed montgomery glands hurt montgomery glands on areola eczema monthly periods postpond periods medicine name mood swings during wisdom teeth moody always tired ankles swell itchy skin at night moody and tired male moody personality disorder moong dal during pregnancy more fatigue after embryo transfer more fertile after first period after giving birth more prominent veins heart side morgagni stewart morel syndrome morgan freeman face marks morning after pill cause dry mouth morning after pill long term imbalance morning after pill weight gain morning after pill yellow discharge morning blood sugar 133 is this diabetic morning nausea and gagging related to stress morning nausea and low blood pressure morning sickness throwing up green stuff morning sickness while brushing your teeth morning sickness with cough morning spit color morning wood cereal morphine and black stool morphine and chest tightness morphine and low blood pressure in cancer patients morphine for end stage cancer throughout entire body morphine for terminally ill cancer patients mosquito bite on my eye lid mosquito bite that turned huge welt mosquito bites on my implanon most common cancers in 22 year old most common heart disease in teenagers most common reason for a call back after a pap smear motion problem for newborn baby motion sickness remedies for babies motion test cyst and ova motor neuron disease hot sweats motrin and oxyelite pro mottled look to skin child flu mottled red feet in pregnancy mottled skin after heat mottled skin baby mountain dew cause diarrhea mountain dew impotence mouth cancer symptoms twitching lip mouth dryness sensation in inner lip mouth has become tasteless is it any symptoms of disease mouth irritation from biting on cheek mouth irritation from mouthwash mouth keeps twitching mouth peeling after brushing and rinsing mouth sore white bump pop mouth ulcer acne and constipation mouth ulcer and uric acid mouth ulcer with hanging skin mouth ulcers and warfarin mouth ulcers that dont hurt mouth ulcers yeast infection missed period movable groin lump movable lump on neck near clavicle movable painless lump in right lower back movable spine lump and back pain moveable ball of tissue on my jaw line moveable lump in neck moveable lumps in body movement on right lower stomach parasites movement tightening in right ovarie tummy rumbling movicol bloating moxikind side effects itching mpv mri brain microvascular ischemic changes mri of fibrolipoma mri results said temporal lobe was of pain and mastoid air cells were seen mri urinary bladder wall thickening mrsa blood in stool mrsa burning eyes mrsa stomach infection mrsa swollen ankle msf mt pill and misoprostol mt pill and misoprostol dosage symptoms mtp at 5wks with mefipristone and misoprostol mucal purulent drainage mucolite tablet safe for pregnancy mucosta 100 mg mucous and blood covered stool mucus and blood in stool caused by antibiotics mucus and blood in stool with hepatitis c mucus and blood instead of stool mucus and blood on outside of stool mucus blood clots from rectum mucus discharge after adenoid surgery in children mucus discharge during thirty ninth week of pregnancy mucus flatulence cramps ache mucus in faeces mucus in stool after giving birth mucus in stool hernia mucus in urine during pregnancy mucus newborn c section mucus plug throat mucus stool with abdominal pain in child mucusey blood in 2 year olds stool muehrckes lines multinodular goiter causes sleep disorders multinodular goiter getting bigger multinodular goiter hyperthyroidism multinodular thyroid goitre causing headaches multiple bug bites on legs multiple lumps in my armpit multiple myeloma and eye infections multiple myeloma gas stomach issue multiple myeloma steroids withdrawal multiple nose bleeds in one day in children multiple red spots skin no itch no pain multiple scanning during pregnancy side effects multivitamins with zinc and omega 3 muscle around belly button sore to touch male muscle cramp sternum muscle cramping after chemotherapy muscle cramps in rectum abdomen after sex muscle cramps yawning muscle damage after falling and landing on my back muscle hardening neck hand tremors muscle in arm goes tense n hurts muscle pain and numbness in pheochromocytoma muscle pops out of right groin area when stretch muscle relaxors with itp muscle skeletal pain in the chest muscle soreness in upper left chest muscle spasm in cheek muscle spasms after a ppd muscle spasms or flutters sign of pregnancy muscle spasms through bellybutton after mesh surgery umbilical hernia muscle strain left temple muscle tightness in arms and legs muscle tightness in chess muscle twitch on head left temple muscle twitches hot flashes dizziness thyroide nodule pain normal hormone levels muscle twitching in newborns muscle weakness in arm after cortisone injection in foot muscle weakness in legs after pregnancy muscles shake when i bend down muscular aches and pains hay fever musculoskeletal problems in pregnancy mustache no its a rash mustard oil salt gums before after mustard oil vs olive oil skin musty odor between legs my 1 year old has a bad cough tonsils are swollen has eye infection and has puss coming out his ear my 1 year old has a gap in between his upper teeth is it normal my 1 year old has green poo is this normal my 1 year olds stool is green and silly putty consistancy my 1 yr old has pink red bumps on her chest and stomach it my 10 month old baby has a runny nose and watery eyes my 10 month olds temperature is 97 is that ok my 10 months baby weight gain sabudana my 11 month baby has enlarged heart my 11 year old has severe leg cramps my 11month old baby fell and hit his head on an edge of a cu my 12 month old has a white spot on her tongue my 14 months baby has a runny nose and 39 degrees fever my 14 year old always tired my 15 month old belly button infection my 15 months baby has red spot mark on tongue my 17 month old has a fever with chills what do i do my 18 month old fever 385 my 19 month old has a fever for 5 days nowi believe my 19 month old has a pot belly my 2 year old always complains of stomach aches my 2 year old has a bad cough runny nose a temperature and no energy my 2 year old has been runnin fever of around 101 1 to 100 0 my 2 year old has fever and is grinding teeth my 2 year old has light gray stool my 2 year old has white milk spots on her arm what is it my 2 year old heat rash on her privates my 2 year old is saying that her belly hurts but she is sti my 2 year swallowed a coin any side effect my 2 years old has fever and swollen gums my 3 year old baby has hole in her ear drum my 3 year old child has white spots my 3 year old child says that his eyes are hurting and he ke my 3 year old gets nose bleeds when he gets angry my 3 year old has a bad cough lasting for the past 2 days an my 3 year old has a blister at the corner of her mouth my 3 year old has bloody mucus in her stool my 3 year old has got a cough a runny nose and a temperture and a rash on face and is consipated my 3 year old has sores on the roof of his mouth my 3 year old have rash on arms and legs and complains of stomach ache my 3 year old says his mouth hurts and his tongue is white my 4 month baby stool test shows liquid with mucus blood my 4 month old urine has blood my 4 year old has a lump behind his ear from a fall my 5 month old has been throwing up and dry heaving my 5 week baby has tiny pimples on face hands and legs my 5 year old complains of a metal taste in his mouth my 5 year old says his stomach hurts when i push on it my 5 year old sometimes complains about dizziness headache and after vomitting my 6 months baby stool is green in color my 6 year old complains about sore tummy regularly my 6 year old has a heart murmur and chest pain my 6 year old has a sore throat and losing his voice my 6 year old son has neck lump my 7 month old baby has dark grey my 7 month old baby has urine infection doctor advised to g my 7 year old is back wearing diapers full time my 7 year old night sweats my 8 month old has mono my 8 month old has ulcers around the inside of her mouth my 8 months old baby suffering from fever and loss motions wht to do my 9 month baby has a fever that doesnt go away my 9 month old baby has had a fever and red eyes for 3 days my 9 year old child has red spots my abs hurt but i didnt work out my age is 43 my fasting blood sugar level 105 is it normal my alt is 91 what does that mean my amylase level is 640 my ankle gets stuck my ankle is swollen with and egg bruise below the bone my arm feels numb and my heart is beating fast and i feel tired my arm hurts everytime i bend it my arms and legs feel weak and tingly my arms fall asleep when i lay on my back my baby has a fever and red dots on her chest my baby has a lump on his chest my baby has a pimply rash on her tummy my baby has a rash and swollen joints my baby has a temperature and patchy skin my baby has blisters on her feet and toes my baby has liquid wax that smells bad coming out of his ear my baby has little bumps behind her ears my baby has red bumps around her mouth and eyes my baby has red pimples on eyelid my baby has small blister on her arm and hand my baby has watery eyes sneezes and stuffy nose my baby heart is beating really fast and she hot what wrong my baby is 4 months old and weighing near 9 kg i need some my baby is breathing fast sometimes at night during 4th month my baby is congested and vomiting my baby was born with a patch of white hair my babys hand is swollen due to iv my back and left side hurts and im constipated my back feels weak my back hurts and im weak my back hurts when i burp my back smells my ball sack is dry and started bleeding my ball sack is really dark and itchy my ball sack is wrinkly and dry my balls and inner thigh itch alot my balls feel itchy and flaky dropping out my balls have gone wrinkly my balls hurt after i smoke my balls skin feels scaly my balls stick to my legs my big toe has become really swollen and red overnight my big toe is swollen red an tender on the bottom my bladder hurts when i urinate my blood count is hb 152 my blood from my menstrual cycle is bright red my blood glucose level is 155 my blood glucose level is 25 whats this my blood pressure goes up when i lay down my blood pressure is 110 80 is that okay my blood pressure is 115 74 but pulse 100 my blood pressure is 130 114 my blood pressure is 138 80 is that ok my blood pressure is elevated after sex is that normal my blood pressure makes my stomach hurt my blood pressure seems to run 180 190 90 99 i am very tired all the time is this connected my blood sugar has spiked at 512 i was on a 3 day regimine my blood sugar is 131 my blood sugar is 142 is that good or bad my blood sugar is 245 my blood sugar is 280 is that diabetes my blood sugar is249 my blood sugar level is 108 my blood test shows hemoglobin level is 81 my blood urea is 46 my bloosd sugar reading is 500 what will happen my body dehydrates fast why my body feels heavy my body feels numb from smoking too much weed my body feels sore after 4 days drinking my body feels weak my body feels weak and my heart starts beating faster my body hair is turning grey my body is always warm what does this mean medical my body is sore im tierd and i pee alot lately what does this mean my body muscles are getting weaker everyday my body shakes when i lay down my body swells up in the heat my boston terrier is bleeding from rectal my bottom teeth tingle when i have trouble breathing deeply my bottom wisdom tooth are growing into my jaws causing pus and jaw pain is it my wisdom tooth my boyfriend has a gray color rash on his inner thigh he s my boyfriend has cancer how do i support my boyfriend smells sour my broken ribs still hurt after six months my bum is sore and bleeds when i wipe my bum is wrinkled my bum leaks clear liquid my butthole itches and hurts my butthole swells up my buttocks have dry scaly skin my calf dimples while exercising then hurts my calf feels swollen my calves and feet feel numb and tingly my feet are also co my calves are ache every morning my cat bit me and now my hand has swollen my cat bit me in the vein my cea level is 55 my chest feels restricted and im having troble breathing my chest feels tight when i breathe and i have a headache and feel achy my chest feels tight when i cough i am light head my chest feels tight when i wake up my chest hurts after drinking protein shake my chest hurts and hard to breath dizzy my chest hurts and the doctor cant find anything wrong with me my chest hurts when i eat fast food my chest hurts when i run or walk fast my chest hurts when i swallow after drinking my chest xray showed inflammation my child ate a sudafed my child gets a fever and cough after swimming my child has a cluster of small bruises my child has a high fever and a bad stomach ache he has a my child has frequent nose bleeds and headaches my child has lump by elbow my child has metallic smelling urine my child has night sweats within one hour of going to sleep my child has sores on her mouth and complaining of stomach achs my child has swollen eyes with puss discreating out of the corners my child has unexplained bruises on her lower back my child has white mucus in stool my child has white spots on his face and legs what are they my child has whiteheads allergy my child sleeps alot my childs hands and feet fall asleep often my chin is numb and my inner bottom lip is sore why my cholesterol ldl is 180 my cholesterol level is 67 is that high my cholestrol level is 235 is it high my cough came back after having bronchitis my creatine levels are high and i gave protein in my urine what does this mean my creatinine level is 147 what is my gfr my d dimer test is 600 is it ok my daugther msaturbating my dentist said that the white layer of my tooth has gone du my discharge is yellow since b12 injections my distal phalanx hurts my doc put me on 80mg of omeprazole a day i have been takei my doctor increased citalaphram from 20mg to 40mg my doctor said i have atrial septal aneurysm is that bad my doctor says i have a 3 cm nodule on my thyroid my doctor told me i have hepatitis b but its inactive and im a carrier what does that mean my does my urethra hurt after i pee my ear feels blocked and i cant hear properly my ear has a watery substance coming from it my ear hurts after i blew my nose hardly my ear hurts after wisdom tooth is removed my ear itches hurts when i sneeze my ear smells funny and i have tubes my earlobe is swollen and hard with blood and pus my early morning urine is very yellow in colour my earring back fell inside my ear my ears keep crackling my ears keep popping and yet its still blocked my ears keeps getting itchy behind my ear lobes i feel drie my ears neck and chest feel so much pressure my ecg nonspecific st depression my ecg showed a residual septal infarct sinus rhythm and ot my ecg shows extensive st t changes my echo showed left atrial enlargement my esophagitis wont heal my esr blood test shows 58mm my esr rate is 28mm what does this mean my eustachian tubes hurt to the touch my eye is pink but doesnt hurt my eye is producing white stuff every 5mins an my eye lid is droopy my eye keeps jumping my eyebrow is infected and have a swollen eye my eyelids swell up overnight my eyes always feel tired and look red my eyes are having trouble focusing pregnancy my eyes have little red lines my eyes hurt and they have crust on them when i wake up my eyes hurt stuffy nose and bad cough my eyes hurt when i wake up my eyes is glossy and itchy my eyes stay red all the time my eyes water when i am in bright sunlight my face and neck have a sudden red blochy rash my face has gone bright red blotchy my face hurts yellow snot and bad headaches what wrong my face is starting to get holes similar to chicken pox scars my fasting blood sugar is 118 is that good or bad my fasting blood sugar is 124mg dl dl a diabetic my fasting blood sugar was 101 am i diabetic my feet are sticky on the bottom my five year old complains on stomach pain my foot bruise is getting larger after sudden fall my forehead got sunburn on tuesday my forehead was swollen my forehead is swollen after too much sun my four year old has low fever and rash on face and aching back my four year old is being sick regularly and complains of headaches my friend has a swollen stomach and stopped chemo what stage of cancer does she have my gauged ear has red pus coming from it my gfr is 52 my ggt level is 124 is that normal my gland in my lower lip is swollen my glucose level is 450 my grandma pee blood is it serious my groin area itchy all the time 14 yr old my gum feel inflated and itchy mouth my gum is swollen and white my gums are are flappy where my tooth hole is my gums burn from chewing tobacco my gums just started bleeding is it because of hydrocodone my gums look dark my hair is becoming white everywhere what to do my hair is falling down from the front side of my head this my hair keep itching and falling out my hand becomes numb and sore out of nowhere is it normal my hand has spot itchy blister then scales what is it my hands always shake medical condition my hands and feet and face feel hot and dizzy my hands are shaking feel weird my hands fall asleep at night and tingle in the day my hands swell up when its hot and i exercise my hands tingle when i run my hcg level is 190 how far along am i my hdl cholesterol is 61 my hdl is 217 and my ldl is 133 my hdl is 42 ldl is 99 triglycerides 58 is that good or bad my head and neck feel warm my head feels tight and my eyes feel really puffy and tired my head hurts and i feel nauseous and throwing up my head hurts and im always sleepy my head hurts and im vomiting my head hurts bad when i cough my head hurts so bad im throwing up my head hurts when its hot outside my head is pulsing on the right side right above my ear my head itches at night my head pains after drinking coffee my head suddenly hurts at the top my heal feels bruised it hurts to walk my heart beats 3 times fast then back to normal my heart beats fast and i cant breathe when i drink alchohol my heart beats really fast and makes me cough my heart does a big thump when i sit or lay down my heart feels likes its beating fast and i always feel tired my heart has been having a pause then beats it has been fe my heart hurts after i drank coffee my heart hurts physically my heart is beating 110 beats per minute my heart is beating hard and im tired my heart is racing does that mean thyroid problems my heart jumps sometimes my heart keeps skipping a beat and then i get a sudden thud my heart pumps hard sometimes my heart races fast then slows my heart races from taking zoloft my heart races when i smoke cigarettes my heart rate fluctuates resting its usually 75 85 but with my heart rate is 102 per minute is this normal and pregnant my heart rate is 96bpm 37 weeks pregnant my heart rate is 98 whilst resting my heart skips a beat after drinking alcohol my heart skips a beat sometimes and i lose my breath my heart starts beating really fast and its hard to breathe my heart starts to beat fast all of a sudden my heart works at 35 percent what is normal my heartrate is 102 beats per minute my hip feels bruised it hurts to walk my hiv tridot test is negative after six mounth of exposure am i safe my horse has a little bit of mucus in his nose and a bit of a cough shouldi be worried my husband died while having a stent put in prior to the my husband drinks a 6 pack of beer my husband has cloudy patches in his urine my husband has multiple myeloma and has a high heart rate my husband is always cold and cold to the touch my husband is having trouble urinating what does this mean my husband slap me and ruptured my ear drum my husband was diagnosed with epididymitis four months ago i was treated for bacterial vaginosis are these related my husbands big toe nails are turning yellow my husbands stool is always runny and slimy why my injured knee feels hot my inner ear feels numb my inner lip feels raw my inside bottom lip is dry my inside of my nose smells weird my jaw hurts to close do i have lockjaw my jaw hurts when i drink alcohol then eat my jaw is locked how to unlock it left ear my jaw is sore and my face is swollen help my joints ache i feel sick i have a temperature and hot and cold flushes my kidneys are sore and so is my stomach my knee hurts and pops after non displaced tibial plateau fracture my knee hurts to bend or touch my knee is always hurting and cracks alot my knee is badly bruised and has a massive bump on it my knee is swollen but doesnt hurt my knees crack when i bend or walk up stairs my lazy eye keeps twitching my ldl is 159 my left arm aches and feels cold especially at night my left arm and chest hurts all the time now what cani do to help it what might it be my left arm and leg feel slightly numb the feeling began th my left arm has been hurting all day my left arm has been numb for days my left arm hurts bad and feels heavy my left arm hurts for no reason my left chest muscle hurts when i cough or breathe deep my left ear feels blocked after listening to music my left ear hurts when i swallow my left ear keeps getting numb my left ear wax smells bad there is also ear blockage in my my left eye twitches a lot whats wrong my left eyebrow hurts my left eyelid is keep on beating my left hand hurts from the top middle my left hand hurts from the top middle knuckle and is my wri my left hand is tingling in my thumb my left hand shaking if i hold glass my left knee hurts when i walk my left knee makes weird noise when i bend it my left leg hurts all the time my left leg keeps cramping and i have a lump on it my left leg keeps going numb and middle toe is numb my left shoulder feels tight my left side of my brain feels weird my left side of my stomach hurts when i breathe my left toe is numb my leg hurts and feels asleep my leg hurts where my varicose veins are my leg is still swollen from a bruise a month later my leg is swollen and i have elevated liver enzymes whats that mean my legs and feet are swelling when i take adderall my legs are burning and have a bumpy rash in patches my legs are going numb when i sit in my office chair and work how do i fix this my legs are heavy and tired my legs are weak does it mean i have an std my legs feel heavy with a red rash lower my legs feel weak after climbing one flight of stairs my legs feel weak and i feel faint my legs feel weak when i wake up my legs hurt they hurt to touch my legs suddenly are really swollen and indigestion my legs tingle each time i exhale my lips are black because of cigarette any surgery for that my lips are numb and dry what to do my lips are purple is that a sign of hiv my lips changed color from pink to white my lips get white and crusty my liver blood tests came back abnormal and now my dr is ordering an ultrasound why my liver enzymes are high and i have a fatty tissue around my liver what does this mean my liver enzymes were from 140 down to 80 what does that mean my lower back and hips always hurt my lower back by my tailbone hurts my lower lip has been twitching for a week my lower ribs hurt when i run my lower right abdomen hurts when i sneeze and cough my lower right side hurts bad when i pee my lungs are hurting from breathing in cleaning chemicals my lungs hurt when i breathe and my neck muscles are tense my lymph nodes are swollen does this mean that i have cancer my lymph nodes burn my mastocytosis spots are fading is that good my middle toes feel numb and cold my mole has gone crusty my mole has smelly pus my mouth has been dry for 4 days straight and no matter how much water i drink or what i eat it s still the same whats wrong my mri shows abnormal bone marrow what does this mean my mucus comes through my mouth cleft palate my mum has cancer and her body is now filled with fluid my muscles feel sore after smoking marijuana my neck above collarbone is swollen on one side my neck and head lean to one side my neck and shoulders crunch my neck feels tired and my back feels tight my neck hurts and i am always tired my neck hurts and i feel dizzy my neck is stiff and i have double vision my neck is swollen after taking synthroid my neck is turning black what does that mean my nephew has a fever but his hands and feet are cold my new born baby cries every time he passes urine my new born baby shakes while sleeping my newborn babys gums are white my newborn has a red spot in her eye my newborn has yellowish discharge from her eye my newborn stool was white and stringy my newborn sweats a lot my newborn was a dimple by her tailbone my normal temp is 97 so is 99 a fever my nose bleeds every day it only one nostril my nose bleeds often and my head hurts my nose bleeds when i smoke marijuana my nose drips clear liquid my nose is always blocked and now i have nose bleeds every day my nose is blocked and one eye keeps watering my nose is growing bigger tip my nose is leaking yellowish liquid my nose is sore inside and funny smell my nose is stuffy and burns along with my throat burning my nose skin smells bad my nose starts bleeding for no reason my nostrils are red inside and i have this sweet smell comin my one gum feels weird my one year old baby has the cold my one year old is throwing up milk my one year old keeps getting nose bleeds my ovaries have multiple small follicles within r they harmful my ovaries hurt during my period doctor answer my ovaries hurt especialy wen i have sex my palm keeps twitching my parents died of cancer am i high risk my pee hole hurts male my pee smells bad and my stomach hurts my penis burns and i have been peeing alot my period after loop diathermy my period blood is bright red and kind of sticky my period is a creamy red color my period is orange and light pink why my period is really heavy and chunky miscarriage my period late 2 days and everytime i get up im dizzy whats going on my period starts early now that i started to exercise my periods are 4 months apart my pilonidal cyst stings my platelet count is 105 my platelet count is 462 x10e3 ul i my poo smells so bad pregnant my poop has got jelly round it my poop is black after anesthetic my poop is black and watery my poop is black when i drink alcohol my poop is coming out with white mucus my poop is kinda grey my poop looks stringy my private area is dry and itchy on the outside my pulse is 174 but i am only 17 my pulse is 76 is that ok my pulse is 93 what does that mean my pulse is 99 bpm what does this mean my pulse rate is 107 per mini my razor burn is spreading my rectovaginal fistula was closed my ribs hurt when i breathe and laying on my stomach doesnt help my ribs hurt when i urinate my right ankle is swollen it hurts to walk on it or put pre my right arm has a dull ache in between my wrist and elbow my right arm has been going numb for the past few days and i my right arm hurts whenever i move it whats wrong with me my right arm is going numb and have litle pain in right side shoulder and neck my right arm is numb and hurts my right arm is swollen and it hurts when i move it my right arm keeps aching really bad whats going on my right armpit feels tender am i pregnant my right ear hurts when i use the computer my right eye pupil is fully dilated while my left eye pupil my right leg is numb and starting to hurt what does this mean my right nostril is blocked and congested my right nostril keeps leaking mucous and is totally congested my right side middle back hurts so bad my right side of my body hurts everytime i breathe in my right tonsil is swollen but doesnt hurt my roommate gave me head my rubella igm is positive my saliva tastes bitter and blood in the urine my scab on knee has gone black my scrotum always deflates my scrotum feels elastic my seamen is lumpy whats wrong my semen is clear and liquidy what does that mean my sgpt is 48 is it normal my shin has a swollen bump my shit smells really bad all the time my sinus are so bad my head hurts my six year old has a big stomach my six year old has a fever and headache after being in the sun all day my six yr old is having headaches frontal lobe high fevers my skin gets red and blotchy when i have sex my skin is discolored on my upper arms my skin looks grey after exercising my specific gravity 1030 in complete urine examination my sperm came out pink what does that mean my sperm continuosly flowing my sperm leaves red dots on my skin my sperm more sticky recently why my sprained ankle causes me unbearable pain when i sleep my sprained knuckle still hruts my stomach always burns then nausea then diarrhea my stomach bloats and my feces is thin my stomach feel bloated and decreased bowel movements for 5 days my stomach feels heavy and bloted all the time my stomach feels weird vomiting my stomach has been feeling queasy for the my stomach hurts all the time when i lay down has been thi my stomach hurts and i feel dizzy what is it my stomach hurts and i have brown discharge my stomach hurts because it got cold my stomach hurts when i lie on my front my stomach is bloated crampy and tender to the touch my stomach is bloated tight and very gassy noises my stomach is getting bigger and my lower back hurts my stomach makes noises when i run my stomach rumble i feel nausea headaches dizziness tiredness had my period irregular cycle my stomach swells before and during menstruation my stomache hurts and i cant go to the bathroom though i feel i have to poop my stool has changed and i notice blood after i wipe my sugar level is 270 fasting my sweat is a yellow green colour my symptoms are my legs feel heavy and my heart is beating fast my tailbone hurts and has a hard lump my tailbone hurts when i sit down may have a pimple my tattoo is red and sore my tears arent salty my teeth go numb my temperature is 101 my temperature is 97 and i have a stuffy nose and sore throat my temperature is higher in the evening is this a sign im pregnant my test results shows high liver enzymes report says its v my testicals feel heavy my throat and ear hurt after ive been drinking and smoking my throat and lips swell when i eat some fruit and nuts my throat burns and hurts from oral sex my throat doesnt hurt but it hard to swallow my throat feels weird my throat hurts a week after rhinoplasty my throat hurts after smoking a cigarette my throat hurts after smoking cigar my throat hurts after smoking cigarettes for first time my throat hurts and i cant breath stuffy nose my throat hurts and i smoke now my right ear hurts when i smoke and swallow my throat hurts and my chest and have white patches in the mouth my throat hurts from air conditioner my throat hurts on one side pregnancy my throat hurts when i eat fruit my throat hurts when i turn my neck right or left my throat is hurting and im throwing up blood what is wrong with me my throat keeps hurting and going away and coming back my throat swells when i use e hcg drops my thumb is numb after bite my thumb still hurts 6 weeks after distal phalanx fracture my thyroid peroxidase antibody value is 100 my toddler has a rash w hives on his extremeties and trunk my toddler has red blotches on bottom of his feet my toddler has red spots on face which are getting bigger my toddler is throwing up and stomach is bloated my toddler keeps getting welts on her body my toddlers eyes and head hurts my toenails turned black when i stubbed my toes hard will they turn back to normal color my tongue burns and has red dots my tongue has gone black on one side and hurts my tongue is numb and im lightheaded my tongue is peeling and feels dry my tonsil seems to have a chunk of flesh hanging off it my tonsils are red and it burns what does that mean my tonsils are red and uncomfortable in my throat my tonsils are swollen and have a bit of white stuff on them my tonsils hurt in the morning my total cholesterol is 241 is this good or bad my total cholesterol is 249 triglycerides is 104 mg dl hdl 90 ldl 134 vldl21 d my trigliceridos is 388 what does it mean my triglyceride is 91 cholesteral is 216 my triglycerides are 164 my tsh 3rd generation reading is 150 my tsh is 7 and i am 4 weeks pregnant how does it effect my pregnancy my tsh level came back a little high my tsh level is rising on medication my underwear are always soaked at the end of the day my upper arm hurts every time i move it my upper back hurts when i turn my neck my upper stomach is bloated am i pregnant my urine contains white thick particles my urine culture showed growth abnormal my urine examination showed pus cells and r b c my urine is orange in colour im an alcoholic my urine is red orange during pregnancy my urine smells bad and burns my uterine cancer has spread to lungs and heart how long will i live my vargina is dry and craked skin my varicocele is getting worse my veins are becoming more and more visible my veins hurt and are swollen my veins on my left hand got thicker after an insect bite m my vision has been going grey and i feel extremely dizzy my vision is 6 9 in both eye after using spects power is my vision sometimes fades almost to black my voice always sounds groggy my wart itches my white blood cell count is 27 is that bad my white cell count low hiv test negative possible false negative my whole body aches and i fainted my whole body aches and i have chills lower back pain my whole body aches i have a bad headache and chills my whole body aches im sweating loads but no high temp an i my whole body and head is pulsating my whole body feels weak and lightheaded my willy is itchy and cheesy my womb is high up and me and my partner is really wanting a baby my wrist hurts when i twist it towards pinky my zipper cut myasthenia gravis iron overload mycobacterium smegmatis test results mycoplasma genitalium throat mysterious bruise on arm diabetes mysterious bruising and hair loss mystery bruise on my eye nail biting and chest pain name ayurvedic medicine for gall bladder stone name of hair dye for white hair of beard in men names for high dose sleeping tablet names of aerobic exercises names of cardiac enzymes narrowing of c4 c5 narrowing of nerve root canal at c4 nasal cauterization aftercare nasal congestion after crying nasal congestion and swollen tongue and mucous nasal congestion cocaine how long nasal polyps and cocaine nasal polyps and hypothyroidism nasonex spray nasty taste in mouth and coated tongue natural amphetamines natural artificial sweeteners role in controlling diseases and deficiencies natural cure for occipital neuralgia natural cures for cerebral atrophy natural cures for cervical dystonia natural cures for swollen parotid gland natural remedies for loose motion for my 9 month child natural remedies for removing dust particles from eyes natural remedies of inclusion body myositis natural remedy for proteus mirabilis natural treatment for low red and white blood cell count natural way of abortion natural way to remove hair from puzzy natural way to reverse plaque build up in arteries natural ways to detect hcg hormone natural ways to get rid of spectacles natural ways to reduce blood pressure during pregnancy nausea 30 weeks pregnant nausea after eating and heart palpitations nausea after eating irregular heart beat nausea after hysterectomy nausea and diarrhea in the morning and empty stomach nausea and heaviness in arms after eatting nausea and vomiting after sex while pregnant nausea broken bone nausea dizziness negative pregnancy test nausea dizzy after twisting ankle nausea feel weak tired low energy nausea headache fatigue weak dizzy and no fever nausea stomach ache tired