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Pain and pressure in ears, had bronchitis, taken antibiotics. CT scan done. What is happening? Took overdose of dextrose during pregnancy, had palpitation. Effect on baby? Done endometrial ablation, scheduled for complete hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer. Want second opinion Pregnant, alcohol addiction, drug addict, have placenta previa, scan showed abdominal underdevelopment. Suggestion? Child has fever, sore throat, body ache, negative strep test. What to do? Abdominal discomfort during sitting, prescribed Prilosec. Duodenal ulcer? Excessive mucus discharge, painful nipples, had tubal ligation Type II diabetic. Burning feet while taking glimaday. Itchy water boils on head, neck, nose when taking piopar 15 and ismet 500. Why having side effects when taking different medicines? Stomach started getting distended and gained weight. Body tender to touch.Constantly makes loud water sound. Muscle spams, needle pain in legs and arms, body restless Red spots on roof of mouth, spit fly, ulcer on uvula, dry throat. Suggestion? Pregnant, sinus tachycardia, pericardial effusion, moderate effusion, weakly echos until c section Severe sore throat, feeling of obstruction in throat, tissue with blood traces on coughing Extreme tiredness and intense headache after being in the sun for long hours. Tendency increases with every year. What is the cause? Taking birth control for acne, still have blackheads. Any suggestions? Increased heart rate, preeclampsia Pus cells and red cells present in the urine. Had urine infection earlier. Any danger? Thumb numb and pain Orange urine after taking Gaviscon. Have reflux. Hardly eating Severe hair fall, prescribed livogen, betnosal forte, dermovate lotion. Cause? On paragard, sore and aching breast, feels nausea, pregnancy test negative. Pregnant? Ear itching followed by redness with itchy, small bumps, bumps spreading to face, neck, back and chest with red patches. What could it be? Migraine, stiff neck, blurry vision, confusion. What is wrong? Laser hair removal of underarms, reddish brown spots, possibility of hyper pigmentation Broken foot, had surgery, gained weight. What can I do? Stage 4 gallbladder cancer, 20-25% liver diseased, fatigue . painful cough. lessening appetite, weight loss Urinalysis result, sugar negative, albumin, WBC, RBC, amorphous urates, bacteria, epithelial cells, yeast cells, allopurinol, allergic reaction Fibroid. Does high blood pressure cause fibroids? Had missed abortion. Trying to conceive. Have high prolactin. Took fertyl, dexona and metforming. Looking for treatment Have upper respiratory infection. Took antibiotic. Having sore tongue and throat. Took allegra. Should i be concerned? Bump in the middle of back, itching, white pus like smelly discharge Headache and body ache, blood test done. Suggestion? Been treated by chemo-radio for vocal cord carcinoma. Excessive perspiration. explain sweating? First trimester screening test, rubella test positive. Is it normal? Diagnosed with typhoid, jaundice. On monocef, neksium, profalgan. History of pneumonia, patch on right lung. Treatment? Constipation, stomach feels heavy, piles, hard stool, taking cremaffin syrup Ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter's Syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, MRI showed damaged TMJ, replacements recommended. Treatment options? Have hypothyroid. Started spotting between periods. Diagnosed with functional cyst. Planning for baby. Any advice? Infection in vagina with white discharge. Why is it recurring? Permanent solution? Cold, taking syrups, chest xray report normal, blood eosinophils high, feels sleepy after taking l montus Taken extended birth control. Had unprotected sex, spotting, home pregnancy test negative. Chances of pregnancy? Reason for thickening of gall bladder, curable? Having yellow skin, stomach big and tight, suffering from hepatitis. Medications? Had unprotected intercourse. Will Regestrone helps to terminate pregnancy? Tingling in inner left tongue & inner sides of left cheek, bitterness in mouth, inflammation, nexium, klacid , rifampicin & motilium, trileptal Sharp abdominal pain after laugh, going to washroom, anything involving push. Cause? Cholesteatoma of left ear, from childhood, no permanent treatment found. Please suggest treatment details? Nausea, heartburn, constipation, headache. Negative pregnancy test. Could bleeding cause low HCG levels? Hepatitis B, sex without protection. What are the risks? Trying to conceive, low sperm count, medicine to increase sperm count Headache, droopy eyes, pain, reports normal for ct scan, mri, engography of brain, taking antibiotics and steriods On atripla, feel fatigued. Alternative medicine? Thumb, little finger pain. All reports normal. Prescribed hifenac, zinetac, famcid. Which disease do I have? Irregular menstral periods, normal blood test, scan, ovarian cysts, PT positive, left dominate follicle Discomfort, dizziness, sweaty palms, nausea. Taking krill oil. Symptoms due to this? Ultrasound of the abdomen, left renal pelvic fullness, prostate mildly enlarged, CT scan of KUB region, mildly prominent extra pelvis on left side, no ureteric calculi, mild prostatomegaly with cystitis. lymphnodes noted High prolatin, obese, continuous pain on chest area and chest bone, normal test reports, taking caberlin, aldactone, lipocut Dizziness, disorientation, taking Immovane for sleeping disorder. What is going on? Done laparoscopy for PCOD. Why do I still have irregular periods? Had unprotected sex, brownish discharge. Any helpful advice? Blinking eyes, confusion, feeling of body flying in air. Taken Zen Retard. EEG normal. What should I do now? Virgin, on lipo 6, had sex without penetration. Should I take emergency birth control pill? Pain after urination, normal test results, have habit of excessive masturbation. What could be the cause? Smoking addiction, taking anti-rabies vaccination. Will smoking hamper the vaccination effect?
Acne on face, mouth sores, coated tongue, inability to wake up in the morning. Any relief? Syringoma under both eyes and skin. Cost for CO2 laser treatment? Bleeding with clots, taken Brufen. Is that the reason for negative pregnancy test? Burning pain in feet, less dexterity in hands. Taking metrogly 400. Spinal and brain MRI normal. Causes? Neck dark compared to face, used herbal bleach, whitening milk scrub and some cream Nonobstructing renal calculi in right kidney and two nonobstructive renal calculi in left kidney Laparoscopy, trying to conceive, follicle report shows mutiple small follicles, chances for pregnancy with medication Wound and pus in ear, painful. Medication? Suffering from small lymp nodes in upper abdomen. ELSIA test positive. Medication given. Texture of mouth not good Can I increase my height? Are there any side effects? Delay in periods, contradictory hcg test results with faint line appearing after the scheduled time. Had taken Primolut-n previous month. Cause of delay? Had unprotected sex during periods, not taken contraceptive pill, missing periods. Will contraceptive pill works after few days? Frequent blood in stools, severe post usage of fybogel, proctosedyl ointment, tests normal. Cause? TB (Left Pleural Effusion), fever, mild pain in rib, taken medicines. How long for pain to go? Unprotected sex, delayed periods, itching and burning sensation, pregnancy? Occasional dizziness and chest heaviness. On Amlokind AT for high BP that is under control. Is it due to medicine? Intense dizziness, nausea, back pain during periods, on pill. Had unprotected sex. Chances of pregnancy? Headache, feels dizzy, got e coli, taken medicine. Should go for thyroid test? PCOD, lactating, regular periods. Can I start metformin? Have pcos. Got periods after stopping medicine. Started contraceptive pill. Need some advice Sore knee, painful, tried OTC medicine. What is it? Have irregular periods, gaining weight, hair loss. Don't want hormone tablets. Looking for treatment Have follicular cyst and hormonal imbalance. On famila 28. Trying to conceive. What could be done? Pain in back side of mouth, no inflammation, hurts to touch, no wisdom teeth. What could be the reason? Thyroid, abnormal TSH during abortion, T3, T4 and TSH test normal. Is it necessary to take thyronorm 0.25? Harpies disease, taking virovir 500, wysolone 10mg, diclomol, pain subsided Had unprotected sex. Taken pill. Started spotting. Chances of pregnancy? Sunburn on face, swollen eye and forehead, headache, eye twitching Child on post nasal drip. Now has runny nose and cough. On desslex, tussitot. Effects child? Took fertyl, not conceived, pregnancy test positive, missing periods. Can take fertyl after next cycle? TB, akurit 3, neuropathy problem, duration of medication ?
14 month old child losing consciousness. Has heart murmur. What could this be related to? Over weight. What can help my food craving habits? Coughing up green phlegm. Wheezing and pain accompanied. Why am I bleeding brown with numbness in legs? Slurring of speech, memory problems, unable to remember words, cant assemble sentences. Taking reminyl, ascard plus. MRI shows clots in brain. Treatment? Lost hair. Hair loss not getting better. What medication is prescribed? Chicken pox, red blotchy spots Rashes on torso, face, itchy sensation on bladders skin. Taken Avil 25. Recommended dose of this medicine? Blood, protein in urine, severe bloating with stomach cramps, normal urine test results. Worrisome? Allergic bronchitis, using asthalin inhaler and salsol nebulization, rapid heartbeat, depressed Continuous nasal bleeding, foul smell from nose, had taken antihistamines, nasal spray. Remedy? Baby having continuous running nose, cough, low appetite, vomiting. How to get relief? Increased insulin levels, bigomet sr 500, walking 30 minutes, weight reduced Pinkish red spotting, had faint positive as well as negative pregnancy tests. Advice? Pain in arm, between shoulder and elbow. Treatment? Sore throat, taking antibiotics and anti allergic, thorax ct scan fine, had staphylococcus aureus. Cause? Diagnosed with slightly enlarged heart, have blood spots appearing on the back of hand that gradually fade. Is it serious? Boil that keep on growing, taken antibiotics and operated. Alternative medicine to remove the scar Prolonged periods, planning pregnancy, want to get back fertility, taken depo provera, had pregnancy test Difficulty in conception, negative result with IUI treatment, husband on fertisureM, uterus healthy, laparoscopy done. Suggestion? Cloudy substance seeping out of penis before urination. What could it be, treatment? Difficulty in conceiving. What medication or treatment should be taken to improve sperm count and penetration? Thyroid surgery, pus oozing out of stitches Burning pain below heart generally post meals, irregular gym activities Spine fractured, sacrum broken, numb arms, pain in spine, anxiety, headache Slipped, pain in bum and front pelvic area, Xrays show no bone damage, pain spreading to thigh Heavy bleeding with clots, high body temperature. On birth control pills. What could it be? Missing periods. What is the reason? Constant sharp pain behind breast, shortness of breath, pain on deep breathing, arm pain, family history of pulmonary hypertension, blood clotting disorder Diabetic, under treatment, blood test, TSH high, T4, high TPO, normal TGA Sensitive roof mouth, pain while eating, blood after brushing, gargled with hydrogen peroxide, bumps in mouth Polycythemia vera. Elevated ff-rbc, hematocrit, platelet, BP. Is JAK2 test required, mortality rate? Pregnant, 3rd trimester, irregular diarrhea, low hemoglobin level, advised injection twice a week until delivery. Diet? Painful blister ulcer type sores under foreskin. What could be the reason? Frequent giddiness, high heart rate, headache with flash lights, green hard stool, numbness in hands and legs, swallowing difficulty. MRI, endoscopy, various blood tests normal. What is the cause? Overweight, feels uncomfortable. Medicine to lose weight? Child having diarrhoea, febrile seizure, vomiting, hurting legs. On BRAT diet. Could it be C-diff colitis? Child having elevated levels of zinc, lead. Use of filtered water for cooking, bottled water for drinking, uses imported toys. What could be the cause? Taking birth control pills, menopause, no period in 2 months, cramping, night sweats Pain, soreness, stiffness in neck, spreading towards shoulders, back and arms, meloxicam, propoxyphene N-100 Partial seizures, mostly under stress. Family history of seizures. Prescribed encorate chrono300. Is it safe for the child? Pelvic pains, backaches after c-sec delivery. Taking Menopur injection. Reason for the pain? Severe stomach pain, tiredness, vomiting sensation. What could be the reason? Having pain in lower stomach, bloating. CT scan shows fluid in pelvic. Should I get worried? Trying to conceive. How to to boost fertility? Advice? Eardrum, facial and leg spasms, swallowing difficulty, major anaphalxis allergies, diagnosed as cerebellar ataxia. Family history of MS. Is the diagnosis right? Prevailing cough mostly in the morning, phlegm with odd taste, had severe cold On birth control. Getting continuous light periods. Taking 2 tablets at same time will prevent bleeding? Have PCOD. Planning to conceive. Hormone test done. When will the egg release from ovary? Trying to conceive, missed periods, feeling of hotness inside the body, extreme body ache, vomiting sensation, dizziness, dysentery. On contraceptive pills to regulate periods. Pregnancy? Hand injured. MRI showed non disclosed fracture of the trapezoid. Help? Persistent high BP, taking MAmlodipine, want to switch over to Arjin tablets. Advice? Lumps in groin, not STD. Any thoughts? Have cramps, no bleeding, discharge. What is going on? Getting hives after having cold and cough. Is it possible to be allergic to cold and cough medication? Alternating between diarrhea and constipation, pain below rib, CT scan showed inflammation. Taken Cipro. What is it? Aneurism, stroke with one part of the hemisphere of the brain removed. Completely bed ridden and cannot speak. Suggestions for progress? Lump on shoulder and between breasts, hard pus like foul smelling discharge, no redness or swelling On Fluconazole, had sex during ovulation period, want to know chances of harm to the foetus if there is conception Increased BP during pregnancy. Should we get delivery done? On depo shot. Started reddish orange spotting. What is wrong? Headache, effect on eye and nose, sinus test fine, on pizotofen, nose bleed. Advice? Had unprotected sex, partner negative for HIV. Chances of getting HIV? Vaginal discharge, yellowy colour, wetness Chest pains, feels dizzy, ECG results normal Dx with mono, fatigue, headache. Can participate for game? Acne vulgaris, acne scar, metadox, aziderm, clindamycin, blemish patch. Result? Large protruding polyp dilating cervix, bleeding for long time, especially post sex. Precautions? Dizziness, slurred speech, weakness. Diagnosis? Irregular periods, dodgy hormones, spotting. Pregnant? Burn on skin, yellowish white layer. Applying burn gel, cleaning with antibacterial soap. Treatment? MRI and x-ray done, mucosal thickening, maxillary sinusitis, hypoplastic frontal sinuses, feels heavy, circulation in brain normal Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps. Due to stress or digestion problems? Taking injections of pentazocine, left arm swelling, feeling of low anesthesia. Should I still inject further? Abdominal pain, testicle pain, no swelling or leaking. What could it be? Candida infection in lungs. Taking antifungal drugs. History of pneumonia. Treatment? Rib ache, taking epidural, blood test done, rubella, increased level of white blood cells Itching, crawling sensation in ears, upper repsiratory infection, pneumonia. Treatment? Had sex, taken birth control, back pain, stomach pain, sensitive nipples. Pregnant? Tired, weak, itching all over the body, sore throat, sore abdomen after continuous drinking. How can i feel good? Body is hot to touch, neck and shoulders stiff, nausea. What is going on? Strange sensation on the finger post receiving electric shock, radiations from arm to the elbow. Healing time? Had protected sex, have light bleeding. What is the problem? Unable to do daily work on being upset. Worry about things. Why does it happen? Trying to lose weight. Drinking green tea. Why am I unable to do so? Delayed periods, hot flashes, nausea, breast pain, cramps. Negative pregnancy test. Pregnancy? Loss of appetite, headaches, blood in vomit. Blood test shows normal RBC, WBC, low platelet count, high lymphocyte count. Treatment? Hungry, tired, cramps, dizziness, bump inside vagina. Signs of pregnancy? Polycystic ovary syndrome, acne, on birth control. Should go for accutane? Taken postinor2 afer intercourse, missing periods, home pregnancy test positive, ultrasound shows empty womb. Pregnant? Pregnant, swollen and sensitive labia, having yeast infection, have braxton hicks contractions. Is it due to infection? Myasthenia gravis, chest infection. Side effects of using slendertone? Periodic extreme headaches with goosebumps on the arm on the side of headache, slurred speech, blurred vision. Family history of brain aneurysm, epilepsy. Conclusion? Started tanning, skipped, inner thighs and back leg bend, looks like red dot Ache, lumpiness and puffiness near shoulder, concerned about cancer Suffering from neurocardiogenic syncope. Drinking occasionally, no problems related to drinking, feeling stressed sometimes, getting adequate of sleep, sometimes difficulty defecating. Is this concerning? Bad smelling white stuff on tongue, dark brown colored saliva, mouth doesn't seem fresh even after brushing. What is the white stuff? Blood in stools, cramps. What is it? Diagnosed with hyperthyroid, have weight gain, enervation and symptoms of hypothyroid. Does it mean I will continue putting on? Pain in uterus, abdomen, back, between hips, ovulating. History of irregular periods, PCOS. Chances of pregnancy? Itchy rash on chest, feels light headed, taken ibuprofen. Lyme disease or connected to ticks? Constant headache, body pain, tiredness, runny nose, dizziness, low appetite due to yellow coating on the tongue, sweating and shivering. What treatment should be taken? Semen analysis done for volume, sperm motility, non-motile, sperm count, WBC. Is this result normal? Whitehead after getting scratched. Could this be a wart? Red bumps and pimples on skin, sweating Have lump in breast, sore when pressed. Anything to worry about? Large bowl movement, smells bad, mucus coming from anus Red sinus with white patches, burning, mucus from sinus Pregnant. Doctor can't see baby in ultrasound. What is the correct time to go for an ultrasound? TB skin test done, mantoux test, detected TB. How can I pass this test quickly? Swollen lymph nodes, headache, ear ache, sore neck muscles. Could it be ear infection? Extreme tiredness and pain. MRI showed different kidney sizes, extensive areas of ortical scarring and parenchymal loss, chronic reflux nephropathy. What does it mean? Had unprotected sex, breast and nipples sore. Pregnant? Sun burn on face, applied aloe vera and neosporin, hurts Pain and swelling from wrist to armpit, bumps on arm, intravenous drug user Light headedness, dizziness, nausea. Negative pregnancy test. What could be the problem? Lumps on mons pubis area, sore and itchy vagina, feels warm. What could be this? Vomiting sensation, bad cramps, negative pregnancy test, have symptoms of pregnancy as well as menses. How can I resolve the confusion? Pregnant, in second trimester, have recurring mild pain in the breast. Had an ingrown hair in the nipple area which on squeezing expelled clear fluid, small lump in the armpit. Family history of breast cancer. Suggestions? Blocked ears, numbness, sinus drainage. Is it wax build up or fluid in ears? Tonsillitis, swollen neck, loss of voice Sudden, heavy bleeding. Ultrasound and PAP smear normal. Could A1c be causing this? Had common cold. Took paracetamol. Prescribed klavox 625mg. Missed pills. Can continue the medicine? Done surgery, skin over mandibule not healed, metal rod showing. Is odor from mouth due to rotten skin? Vaginal discoloration, symptoms of yeast infection. What treatment should be taken? Thick brown discharge weak before periods, no menstruation, pregnancy test negative Increased muscle weakness, pain in legs, hip pain, charile horses in calves. Cause of concern? Swelling, warmness, red around the area of ear piercing, had cleaned it. Remedy? Raised mark on labia, labia not smooth. Am I being paranoid? Trying to conceive, positive ovulation test, having bout of sinus. Safe medicines for sinus? Fluctuating temperature, feels weak, brown discharge, light bleeding. Pregnant? Pain or pressure on chest, wheezing,cough, temperature is low,diagnosed asthma, taken corticosteroid/ bronchodilator (zenhale), antibiotic staken for lymph node on jaw and mouth infection Legs get hot at night, no fever, overweight, no high blood pressure or diabetes, no thyroid problems Difficult to swallow, cartilage moves left and right. Is cartilage suppose to move? Oozy scratch with two punctured holes near the ankle. Chances of snake bite? Overweight, high BP, high alcohol, depression, anxiety, increased heart rate Sore throat, neck rash, headache, swollen throat. Any ideas? Upper and inner thighs with change in skin color, looks like dirty skin. Had taken Total lean 2 week diet plan from GNC. What could this be? Head injury while playing, deep cut, bleeding, hard lump, sore to touch. MRSA infection? Redness in chest, itchy, no painful, cough, headache, joint pain. Something serious? Bump near anus, puss excreting, small abscess Chest pain and ear buzzing after taking Micardis. Now stomach pain and discharge Bronchitis, have sharp, stabbing chest pain everytime on coughing, getting up from sitting and sleeping postion. Normal chest X-ray. What could it possibly be? Continuous chunks of endometrial lining and a heavy flow with clots post insertion of copper IUD. Normal? Redness in the ear of toddler after poking q tip, got penicillin shot, later bleeding. Is it fine? Unable to concentrate and decide what to do Delayed periods, negative pregnancy test, vaginal discharge, back pain. Pregnant? Loss of taste post taking a tablet that stuck on the tongue for seconds, in a state of cotton mouth. How can I get rid of this? Swollen glands in anus, painful to have sex, skin tag. What is happening? Can becosule and zincovit taken together to get boosting hair regrowth in case of androgenic alopecia? Chest pain, tingling in left arm, blood shot eyes, recurring nausea, absence of white blood cells, normal EKG On mirena coil for five years, no periods, unprotected sex. Is it still effective or am I pregnant? Periodontitis, puts temporary filling, swollen gums, sore to touch. Scraping infection? Has portal vein thrombosis, cirrohsis, liver tumor, had peritonitis infection. Solution? 63 years old, cracks in toes of feet, unable to walk, poor vision. History of diabetes. Treatment options? Darkness in right eye. Multiple avastine injections given. OCT test done. White vision but no light seen. Treatment options? Oily skin, complexion becoming dark, saffron, rubbed tomatoes, multani mitti with rose water. Home remedies? Done sperm count test, have low sperm count. How much sperm count is needed to get a child? Forgetting things in quick period of time. No concentration at work. Doesn't take any topic seriously. Suggested meditation and yoga. Surrounding not permitting. Any treatment? Excessive sweating, rash under armpit. Treatment? Accident, muscle pull. Taking Hephenac-D, ciprofloxacin, severe anal pain. Anal pain due to medication or muscle pull? Child having difficulty in hearing, had pop corn seed dropped in accidentally, used ear drops. Remedy? Had unprotected sex. Having lower abdominal pains, irregular periods, frequent urination, feels tired, nausea. Could i be pregnant? MRI showed cortical cystic foci in kidney. Will it develop into malignant tumor? Regular eruptions with violent itching in the evening through out the night, taking anti-histamines. When can I go for allergy profile after taking anti-histamines? Pain in right knee, stabbing pain in groin, leg numbness. X-ray done. Causes? Missed periods. Pregnancy test positive. Period started after taking MTP pill. Taking yamini pills for missed periods. Pregnant? Scan showed Cervical spondylosis with multilevel disc degeneration and neural foraminal stenosis. What are the causes? Regular gagging post waking up, spit with reddish tinge to saliva. What could the cause be? Red itchy bumps under clavicle. On scratching itching get worse, bumps more pronounced. No relief with medicines. Remedy? Chronic fever, weakness. On cadila, rinifol tablets. Blood test shows high ESR. Causes and treatment? Swelling in feet due to increase in uric acid, feburic, dolentia forte, rabium -20, pain Had sore throat. White bump appeared on tonsil and on back of throat. Feels uncomfortable. What to do? Missed periods. On meprate tablet. Is there any side effect of this medicine? 1yr 6 months old baby getting small boils. No fever. Can this be mosquito bite? Unprotected sex before periods. Taken microgynon, having nausea, stomach cramps. Negative pregnancy test. Delayed periods due to birth control or pregnancy? Spotting during pregnancy. Prescribed sustan 200, cromostat injection. Again spotting. Ultrasound showed fetal with no cardiac activity, cervix normal and closed. Having stomach pain and gastric problem. Suggestions? Eosinophils:11, hetrazan-100, sneezing, diet control Tooth extraction, antibiotics, heavily bleeding. Blood poisoning? Femilon, unprotected sex during period, chances of conceiving Smelly brownish/yellow mucus coming out of rectum, constipation, stress, cry, zanax, little appetite Have fever, cough and cold. Delayed period, cramps, tender breasts. Worried about pregnancy Moody, sleeps a lot, poor in study, behaves abnormal Missed periods, prescribed Regestrone. Still no periods. Am I pregnant? Semen analysis done, shows low sperm motility, normal sperm count, no movement in sperm. Infertility? Semen analysis done, Azoospermia, recommended blood tests to check hormone levels. Alternate solution? Periods late, taken deviry 10, pregnancy test positive, Skin allergy, red rashes on skin, irritating, given wysolone 5. Side effects of wysolone 5? Petechial rash behind the ears. Measles and streptococcus? Child started vomiting and crying. Taken medicine. Started coughing and runny nose. What to do? Child suffering from fever, cough and cold. Gave crocin, ambrolite-s and allerid. Fever recurring after the medicine dose. Reason for persistent fever? Trying to conceive. Prescribed Clomid and Duphaston. Should I take medication? Have throat pain. Not cured by antibiotics. Diagnosed as GERD. Taking controlled diet. How to cure throat pain? no menses, pelvic scanning:enometrial thickness:6mm. , TSH:5.90, PRL:16.70, progynova , modus, thyronorm Regular sex, no periods, irritation, stomach bloating, mood swings, high body temperature. Taking iron pills, stopped. Pregnancy? 7 years old baby, high fever, eating normal, taking fluids normal, not able to get off fever. Cure? BCG scar got infected and formed large scar and had abscess. How to get relief? Pimples, dark circles, acne marks. Treatment? Anal fissure, dialtazem, bleeding during bowel movements, sitz bath, proctosedyl ointment, sentinel pile and pain Trying to conceive. Test reports normal, pregnancy test negative, irregular periods. Is it safe to take duphaston? Prescribed Metformin, Becadexamine, Duphaston and Duvidilan. Am pregnant and have PCOS. All medication necessary? Skipped heartbeats, done holter monitor test. Afraid of getting heart attack Cold, mucolite drops, frequent bowl movement, meteox, zimnic 200, phenergan, no cure Pin prick feeling in throat, mild pain Missed period, duphaston 10mg, nausea, excess of fatigue, pregnant ? Child is soiling pants, cannot feel stools. Are the nerves affected? Pain during intercourse, foul smell. Had partial hysterectomy. MRI showed ovarian cyst. Should I be worried? Ruptured and tender cyst on nose, bleeding, applied antibiotic. Should I get it checked? Have irregular periods. Taking dronis 30. Should I wait for periods or continue the second cycle? Suffering from sever leg pain. Any alternate medicine for ubicar and its effects and side effects. Any chances of surgical removal of infected tissues? X-ray showed mass in lung. CT scan showed non-small cell carcinoma Egg ruptured, delayed periods, breast pain, pregnancy test negative Eyebrows threaded, pinky red eye, swollen, itchy, lymph node swollen near ear. Infection? Having fever. History of TB. What could be the cause and treatment? Pimples have caused pits on cheeks. What must I do? Injury below eye while playing soccer, sensation in a tooth. What kind of specialist do I need? Medicine to increase height. Is Dr. ayushveda medicine effective? Have type 2 diabetes. Missed periods. Trying to conceive. Pregnancy test negative. Precaution to be taken for healthy baby? Ear pain after car accident. Done audiogram. What could be causing this? Will regestrone helps to delay the periods? Is it safe to take for a long time? Lump in belly button, extends while lying protrudes while leaning backwards, no pain, uncomfortable Breastfeeding 5 month old. No periods yet. Had a light pink tinge. What could it be? Taken Mifeprin to get periods, found out pregnancy. Should I abort now? High CRP and ESr, have PProm. Possibility of safe pregnancy with these high level? Nasal polyp, bend on nose. Want to do surgery. What is the cost? Having pain in top of patella. Feels if a nail is being banged into kneecap. Any suggestion? Swollen ear and neck, pain while urinating, pain in feet, varying body temperature, giving calpol Recurring pimples on the face. Gradual improvement with bezoyl peroxide, papulex, natvie. Which medicines should be taken for pimple-free glowing skin? Having pain below chest. Taken omeprazole capsules. Started burping. Took ibuprofen. What's going on? Failure in complete expulsion of tissue post miscarriage, had taken vaginal pills. Ultrasound showed nil expulsion. Surgery required? Using pediatric version of BRIEF as assessment tool. Want something to use directly with client Pregnancy test positive, taken alcohol, cause neuronal death irreversible, contemplating medical abortion. Advice? Had unprotected sex, negative pregnancy test. What is the problem? Fever, shivering, giddiness, vomiting, tiredness, headache, back pain, constipation. Reason? X-ray showed cyst on spleen or pancreas, pain below rib cage. What is the problem? On medicines for medical abortion, second set of pills likely to cause nausea. Can I take marijuana to help with sickness? Sudden, severe pain on the back of shoulder, feeling of water flowing inside. What could it be? High metabolic rate and tension, weight loss. Neomercazole 5mg? Diabetic, low blood pressure, feels to sleep and confused, fainted, dimacron, naltrix, neurovit for neuritis, novalgin for headache Recurring low values of WBC with fatigue, frequent fever. Had hysterectomy, ovaries removal. Family history of cancer. What could this be? Frequent bowl movement, diof ds and electrobion with normal diet, enterogermina Found HIV positive. Taking ciprofaxocin 500. Retest shows negative for HIV. Is it possible? CT scan done. Depressed comminuted fracture at the maxillary sinus. Will it be cured by surgery or some medical treatment? Missing periods and spotting. Home pregnancy test negative, sensitive nipple, abdominal bloating. Pregnant? Pregnant, pregnancy induced hypertension, thrombophilic disorders, proluton depot injection, pressure reading 128/82 and 135/80. Normal? Persistent tingling, numbness over different body parts post smoking weed. Cause and remedy? Swelling in vaginal labia, happens after sex, wore condoms during sex, pad worn for menstrual cycle. Treatment for swelling? Swelling in nose, icing, blackened eyes, cure? Migraines, twitching on right side of my body and memory loss, suffered stroke, birth control, Stomach pain, worst diet, gastritis, blood in stool. Cancer? Have amenorhoea. Diagnosed as cyst, fluid found in pouch of douglas, lower abdominal pain, missing periods. Any advice? Having pain in heel while standing or walking. Prescribed medicine. Not cured. What to do? Unprotected sex, taken next choice pill, periods missing. Dose HTP give accurate results? Pregnant? Can Centrum materna, calcium carbonate and ferrous sulphate taken during fourth month pregnancy? Lymphocytes and monocytosis, PNS, sinusitis, had Haemogram, differential count, blood parasites, peripheral smear and X-ray Had Staph auras treated. Urine MCS result shows few pus and yeast cells. What does the report suggest? Had allergy attack. Could dehydration be one of the causes for onset of allergies? Swollen lymph node under jaw, sore, no fever. Could it be lymphoma? Done ultrasound scan of abdomen and pelvis lever, no focal lesion, normal IHBR & CBD, no calculi. Please explain Pregnant, cytotec and diclofenac for pain, little bleeding. Is it abortion? Lumps on the back of the knee, move on pressing. Immediate treatment necessary? Acne, roaccutane, oily skin, pimples on forehead around the hairline, exfoliac gel, whitish serration Irritation, swelling, feeling of obstruction in the area between top incisors post sonic cleaning, no cyst. Cause and remedy? Trying to conceive. Follicle found ruptured during folicullar study. Can I undergo IUI? Spotting, heartburn, stomach cramps after taking birth control pill. Negative pregnancy test. What is this? Pressure in ear, numb, no ear infection, taking allegra Pregnant. Started creamy white and then clear discharge. Should i be worried? Pregnant, having yellow discharge, lower abdominal pains, weakness, fatigue, loose stools. Had heavy white discharge, constipation earlier. Reason? Lung cancer, spread to brain, body paralysed, giving mannitol 100ml, dexona 8mg and rantac injection. Medicine and cure? Swelling back, red pin marks, broken blood vessels, painful. What to do? Protected sex, delayed periods. Pregnant? Taking doxycycline and rifampin for precautionary reasons due to exposure of lab to brucella cannis. Having nausea, vomiting, low grade fever. Feeling of something stuck and hurts on swallowing. Advice required? Pregnant. Started spotting, no pain. Is this normal? Sress test report, ECG, stress ST depression in inferior and Anterior leads, good tolerance, no angina, normal haemodynamic response, stress test positive for reversible inducible ischemia Shortness of breath, x-ray showed white areas in lungs, no coughing or excessive weight loss. TB? Unhealed stitches post vaginal delivery, difficulty in performing daily tasks. Suggestion? Dark spot on forearm, no pain, itching. Anything you can tell me? Fell on to arm, not broken, no fracture,taken medicine, swelling. Reason? Child having low appetite, mild fever, tiredness. Father had tonsillitis. Has it passed on to the child? Done abortion. Prescribed Femilon. Scared that it will cause problems conceiving Have diarrhea. Can prolonged use of chrystal meth cause intestinal problems? Head injury, no vomiting or dizziness. Feel pressure in head. Is this severe? Pregnant, letrozole, Pcos, anal itching, betnovate and hydrozole ointment. Is it safe to use ascard? Child with recurring high fever, no pain or infection. Done blood work, urinalysis. What is the cause? Clear discharge, stopped Evra patch. Cramping, constipation, headache. What could it be? Done LEEP, removed vaginal lesions. Should I get Gardasil? Got nair on vagina and blisters appeared. Not cured by neosporin. How long will it take to get cured? Suggest some medicine? Have osteoarthritis. Had shoulder replacement surgery. Weakness in knees Huge bumps on chest, red, raised, doesn't hurt Red rashes on back, chest, arms. Getting worse and turning bright red, stuffy nose. Is it viral? Pain in wind pipe, bruise, lump in throat, muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, cold, hashimoto's thyroiditis Anorexic, obsessive control over diet, treatment Lump on upper butt crack, not oozing Eye sensitive to sun. Taking allergy relief pills. Eye feels burning. History of four eye surgeries. What to do? Trying to conceive, spotting, had unprotected sex, swollen breast, heartburn, upset stomach, pregnancy test negative. Pregnant? Low blood sugar, vertigo and sweating tremors during menstruation, black stool. Is it due to low blood sugar, alcohol consumption or iron deficiency? Child has low hemoglobin. Afraid of leukemia Stomach ache, backache, trying to conceive, pregnancy test shows faint positive line. Pregnant? High heart rate after eating, bending, feeling of wind in tummy, ease on getting up. What could it be? Have sore throat. Diagnosed as tonsillitis. Took penicillin. Feels sick, fever, pain in ear. Could it be ear infection? Yellow discharge, pain during intercourse. Unsure if partner is infected. Negative urine test. Did my partner and I have gonorrhea infection? Stopped microgynon, negative home pregnancy test, migraines, tender breasts. Period about to start? Had anal fistulectomy, painful, taking tub baths, applying iodine solution, having burning sensation. Suggestion? Had herniated discs, fibromyalgia after accident, having leg pain. Taking lyrica 75mg and tylenol. Treatment? Taking Suplfa antibiotic for UTI, test all normal, lower abdominal pain, constant, aggravating, taking live culture yogurt, probiotics Sensitive skin, heat rash on playing in sun, even after wearing sweat shirts, rash looks like acne breakout. How can I avoid this? Taken pills to abort child, vomiting. Done C-section. Will child be healthy? Shortness of breath, chest pain, have pleurisy. Please advise Stomach cramps, milky white discharge, frequent urination, no periods. Negative pregnancy test. Pregnant? Persistent itchy rash on feet, has spread on other foot, big toe, original site becoming hard and waxy. Cure? Congenital nevi on foot, irregular shape, changing colour, hurts Exploratory brain surgery for a vp shunt. What are the reasons for surgery? Results? 3 year old child, suffering from constipation, lump near anus. On movacol for softening stools. Piles or cysts? Overproduction of seminal fluid, testes swell, pain in right groin, fluid leakage after urination. Treatment? Bruise like marks on leg shin, using propolis. Natural products? Throat cancer, intense pain even on swallowing water, no relief with pain killers. Is the end near? Headache, sore throat, dizziness, fever, leg pain Coughing, yellow cataarh, strange taste in mouth Had unprotected sex, pain in testicles, have staff infection, treated for prostatios, not cured. Any treatment? Bulging on the knee with pain, difficulty in going downstairs, relieves with stretching hamstrings. Have ACL in the knee. What is the cause? Thick skin on back, skin getting rough on arms and back. Solution? Child has congestion, fever, used humidifier, baby rub and saline drop. What should I do? Feeling hard between the ribs. Painful burning sensation while pushing. Problem in eating food and burping. Is it hiaedal hernia? Muscle twitches, mouth sores, panic attacks, numbness. What do I do? Spotting, clots, done ultrasound. What is it? Stopped taking birth control pills, feels exhausted, fever, achy, exercise regularly, had intercourse Chest pain, neck inflammation, tenderness. CT scan normal. What do we do? Have irregular periods, scan showed ovarian cyst. Is there something wrong? Chronic mucus in throat, reflex medicine, nasal spray, not cured Extreme pain due to swelling in the ovary area, watery discharge. What are the treatment options? Tuberculosis, swollen neck, pain, lymph node found in ultrasound scan Chronic middle back pain below ribs, feeling of muscle pull Injury to left arm, turning purple and ice cold after a week. Why? Having chest and lung pain, blocked nose, stomach pain, watery eyes, itchy body. How to get cured? Got sharp pain on face while eating, have swollen glands, feels pressure on head, teeth hurts. Any cure? Red and burning vagina, have bacterial infection. Took antibiotics. Pain in urethra, gets worse while sexual intercourse Intermittent bleeding between cycles, spotting, bloating, severe pelvic, back pain, nausea, gas, constipation. Pelvic exam, trans-vaginal, ct scan normal. Family history of ovarian cancer. What could this be? Removed tick, site swollen, red and itchy, headache, stiff neck, mixed connective tissue disease, allergic to nsaids and aspirin Swallowing problem near adam's apple, glands swollen in throat Vacuum abortion, irregular bleeding, brown spotting Circumcision by urologist, sticky watery layer formed all over the glans turning to light yellow hard layer, cause ? Tickling sensation in feet, hands, sleeping pills, irritating. Visit doctor? Cholesterol and BP problem, carcade 2.5, atorva, normal CBC, healthy lifestyle, reduced weight Having low grade fever. Undergoing Hepatitis C treatment. Dosage of celex 500 mg and montek LC for cough infection is appropriate? Group b strep infection in vagina, bleeding after intercourse, tampon inserted, no itching 20 month old kid, low iron, healthy, excessive drinking. Sign of diabetes? Wisdom teeth removed, taking omidazole, panadeine, ibuprofen, nausea, spacey , light headed, no bleeding Lip itching, numb zit, advice Gallbladder removed, kidney removed due to cancer, pain in lever, chest, shoulder, kidney hurts Infant fell, no bumps, no cried, no vomiting. Should i worry? White discharge from ear, no fever, no distress, ear is moist and foul odor. Suggest? Pregnant. Started bleeding, having cramps, morning sickness, feels tired and headaches. What should i do? Neck pain, head heaviness. Taking nexito plus, rejunex capsules. EEG test, CT scan done. Treatment? Scrotal gangrene, itching on scrotum, tinam antibiotic, stinging feeling on scrotum while being washed Headache in half part of head, lumps on head. Treatment? Can t-pill72 taken 72 hrs after having first pill. Solution to stop pregnancy? Sensitive and itchy private parts, red rashes, whitish vaginal discharge 8 months pregnant, mature placenta, normal to have high grade placenta at this stage? Spotted soft movable mass between shoulder and neck, pea sized and bumpy, had ultrasound Had stomach ache and diarrhea. Now constipated and having periods. Cause? Underwent ivf treatment. Injected ovipure injection twice by mistake. Got effected with pneumonia. Was it due to overdose injection? VDRL positive, wound on penis. Treatment? Trying to conceive, missed periods, taken meprate, menstruation starts, possible to conceive On laxopeg for chronic constipation. Anorectal manometry and barium enema test done. What are the risks? Reoccurring hard and red bumps on side of neck. Concerned about cancer? Doxy 1 L dr forte, pimples on back, tri bloc cream, scalpe shampoo. Will it effect eye? Upper teeth removed, sinus, swollen gums and cheeks Having pain during sex after having albothyl. Can we have sex while taking medication? White spots on tonsils, antibiotic, swollen tonsils Constipation, white stool, abdominal pain, acid reflux Dark clitoris, difficulty sitting down, advil for pain, WBC in urine, possibility of molestation White patch on cheek, knee. Is it alba, vitiligo or infection? Back pain radiating to RLQ, groin and legs, MRI showed annual tear with leakage. Treatment? Bacterial vaginitis, yeast infection. Taking monistat. Urine culture, whiff and ph test done. Treatment for vaginal odour? Ejaculation problem, feeling of sperms hitting a brick wall during climax causing lightheadedness. Have one testicle post cancer, had very high sex drive. How can I boost up sex life? No periods after stopping yasmin pills. Took duphaston, having abdominal pain, sore breast but no periods. Reason for no periods, trying to conceive? Lump on neck, neck pain, another lump near to shoulder Am achondroplasic, done limb lengthening surgery, ankle pain, elbow pain, swollen. Any hope? Cough, feeling of lump in throat, dry throat. Cure? Irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, whitish, creamy, solidify discharge Suffered from severe chicken pox. High fever with red spots turning into blisters filled with fluid along with stomach pain. Left behind heavy scars all over body. How to remove those scars? Pseudopelade of brocq, having T3, T4 and TSH, taken THYOBUILD, thryroid test done, want to be done FBG,Thyroid Peroxiose Antibody, Total cholestrol and Insulin TB, lung cancer, AKT4, medication? Sticky liquid comes from penis at night, difficult to open forehead skin, becomes red and pains pain while throwing the ball, shoulder makes cracking sound Description of a sexually abused vagina of a child, being touched with wrong intentions Persisting urge to urinate with burning sensation from condoms during sex after UTI treatment. What is the cause? Dark green hard stools, not on antibiotics, no pain. Cause? Injured finger, swollen, tender. What is trigger finger? ECG:MI(lateral), left ventr. hypertrophy, left anterior hemiblock, left axis deviation, T-wave near baseline (lateral,inferior), -small positive T wave (anterior), -S waves up to V6, abnormal ECG Diagnosed with pre-stage spine TB, on medications and taking bed rest. Chances of complications in future? Taken progesterone before bleeding. Will there be complications in pregnancy? Early ejaculation, short penis, have anxiety. Help Broken pelvic bone. Discomfort while using abdominal belt with metallic support. Suggestions? Endometriosis, laparoscopy done. Difference between tube block and tube patent? Suffering from jaundice. LFT done. Having any chronic LFT disease? Severe breast pain while trying to sleep on stomach, montgomery gland infection Chubby cheeks, hypertrophied mandible, had gutka, smoking addiction. Cause and cure? Chance in behaviour, less semen discharge. Suggestions? Throat pain, hydrocodone, oxygen after surgery Is it ok to take anti-malarial medication Dultraprin while trying to get pregnant? On typhoid treatment, recurring fever, severe tiredness, low platelet count. Further treatment required? Periodic sharp pains in the lower abdomen after fitting copper coil, scan normal. What could this be? Spotting after taking Primolut, blood with mucus, normal ultrasound. Is it normal? Suffering from cold allergy. Feeling heavy lung, breathing problem, headache. Took azithromycine. Any suggestion? Green stool, foul smell, weight gain. Treatment? Fullness of stomach with small meal, food travels down the stomach slowly, frequent constipation. Had attack of pancreatitis earlier. What could be the solution? Undergoing fertility treatment, advised ICSI, want to know functions of ALL 9, productiv plus, ecosprin 75. Advise? Transvaginal UTZ done, perscribed clomifene citrate and metformin HCI. What is polycystic ovary? Can i get pregnant? Want to be fair. Father has fair skin tone Did yoga lying on stomach, sore rib cage, hoarse and short of breath, had chest congestion and cold before yoga. Serious or costochondritis? Have infection on breast. Reports shows FNA breast lump. Suspected as breast cancer. Should go for operation? Loss of confidence when in a group, confusion before starting conversation with forgetfulness, drain in mental energy. How can I overcome this? Puppy dog vaccinated with rabies shot, often playbites but never through the skin. Can he still transmit rabies? Tested for STD, HIV1, HIV2, results negative Used Restylane, swelling post injection, bluish hue above lip. Concerned about necrosis Type 2 diabetes, taking nutrilite glucose health, gluconorn G2, galvus. Should continue having nutrilite glucose health? Had ectopic pregnancy, done PAP smear. Pink spotting, mucus Psoriasis, increased mucus in body, white patches all over body Severe pain in back, leg and walking difficulty. Had TB in spine. How to cure? Ulcerative colitis, heavy bleeding and mucus in bowels through out the day, foul-smelling mucus, fatigue and frequent dizziness. What does this imply? Bloated stomach, gas, pregnant, clumpy light pink discharge, miscarriage, low anxiety. Baby in danger? Throat hurts, feels tired to talk. Treatment? Lession on jaw line, temple, chesr, under the arm, rib cage. Pityriasis rosea? Vitiligo on lips, didn't like ayurvedic treatment. Treatment? Prescribed Deviry and Sylate for vaginal bleeding. Continuous bleeding. What should I do now? Bulky right ovary, parenchyma of both the ovaries coarse and increased echogenicity, follicles in right ovary, abdominal pain, irregular periods ESR westergren is 35mm/1st, Lymphocytes 45, vascular accentuation at bilateral hila, enlarged L N at rt hilum, dry cough, no chest pain, no blood in cough Irregular and heavy periods, feels bloated, constipation, diarrhea, frequent urinations, feels sick and dizzy Taken nurstrate and petogen injections, stopped birth controls. Effect on body? Had a stroke, high cholesterol, had rehab treatment, on aspirin, walks daily. Chances of stroke? Hair loss, turning bald, taken homoeopathic treatment. What should be the diet? Dizziness due to severe anxiety, agoraphobia, acrophobia, abdominal disturbances, belching. Medicines without side effects? Intercourse, spotting, abdominal pain and cramps, headache, feels tired. Pregnant? Am anemic, eating iron rich foods, drinking protein shake. Is my BP normal? Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint pain after tapering out Zempred, medicine changed to Wysolone. Efficacy, side effects? Having hair fall and dandruff, using tugain 2% solution, having wound scalp. How to stop hair fall? Parasailing done. Bleeding started for few hours. Having pain. What treatment should I take? Have psoriasis. UV treatment done. Having heat sensation while in sun, painful. What to do? Child has temperature and tiredness. Given calpol. Should i be worried? Had baby by c section, having lower back pain, difficulty in sleeping, missing periods. What to do? Semen analysis report, total sperm count, motility of sperm. Is it normal? Undifferentiated connective tissue disease, back pain, swollen body, SLE and rheumatoid arthritis, diplopia, limb weakness Muffled ear, hearing loss post using a Q-tip, had a strong blow on the face. Cause? Pregnant, high blood sugar, tremendous weight gain, advised strict diet. Diet? Diabetes, weakness, blisto 1mf, stressed, giddiness. Can medicines be stopped? Menopause, endometrial thickness was 1.6 mm, vagifem, endometrial thickness:12 mm Burning sensation tingling feeling on tongue, Proity, Locasto Gold, Axixty, Entrogemina, irritated. medicines? Painless, large boil in right arm pit, had similar one on thigh, no fever headaches. Medicine? Chills, low during hunger, on Thyronorm, Should I increase the dosage? Tremors in hands, burning sensation, pain in legs. On cyclobenzaprine. History of menieres, IBS. Treatment? Having pain from neck to eye. Cures after taking tylenol. MRI scan done. Any advice? MRI showed no evidence of torn meniscus, non-displaced subchondral, partially torn patellar tendon fracture. Advised CT scan. What does it indicate? Born with umbilical hernia, suffered from intestinal obstruction. Will it create any complication in marriage life? Resurfacing pain on the tailbone post a bad fall causing difficulty in standing, walking, aggravates on sitting. Feeling of hard things on the top of cleft. What could it be? Swollen breast during periods. Left breast less swollen than right and leaking fluid. Reason? Vaginal bleeding during unprotected intercourse. What could be the reason? Recurring puffy, pinkish swollen eye lids, bumps on back, chest, shoulders that are itchy and spread, no change in daily routine products. Cause? Depo Lupron injection, Norethin Ace 5mg. Please suggest on dosage of medicine? Broke 2nd toe, not compound fracture, middle joint stiff, swelling, hurts when walk Have COPD due to dust. Took symbicort and benadryl. What is the dosage for these medicine? Burning pain in chest and shoulder, acidic stomach, loss of appetite and weight loss. Is back ache due to GERD? Using Microgynon, mood swings, headaches. Worried Having pain in wrist, hurts to touch. What are the complications? Diagnosed with genital herpes, having pain and swelling. Can I apply fucidin cream on sores? Got patches on face after using moisturiser, looks like sunburn, no itching. What should i do? Trying to conceive, Irregular periods, PCOS, allopathy ineffective, ayurvedic treatment Tablets or yoga for masturbation Swollen penis, used antibiotic cream Lactating mother, temperature reaching 99 to 99.5 degrees everyday. Tests all normal. Cause and remedy? Having hallucinations, headache. Hurts to move eyes, shooting pain in head and stabbing head. Looking for treatment Would it be safe to eat leftover food after microwaving it? Popping in knee, cannot put weight. What should I do? Chest pain, no cough or runny nose, tried postural drainage. Pleurisy or pulmonary embolism? Had typhoid fever and yellow liver. Feeling emotional pain in head. Looking for treatment Had gall bladder removed. Gaining weight. Is there anything I can do? Noticed bright red blood midway of taking Levora. Is it normal? Swelling in glands, on neck, armpit, boil on back, scanty periods. History of PMDD. Treatment for symptoms? Smoking weed, dizziness, seeing stuff weird, ringing in my ear, and sick to my stomach, brain feels foggy, cure Variable INR level, had pulmonary embolism. Taking Coumadin. Any ideas? Sinus infection, mucus at the back of throat, blocked nose, cause Lower right back pain, palpation of hard ball in the lower right back, sciatica, pain on holding the leg straight Have several brown patches on arm and neck. It came during pregnancy. It clears during winter and returns in summer with itching. What could it be? Chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness, cannot tolerate loud voices, cannot concentrate. What is wrong? Missing periods, pregnancy test negative. Chances for pregnancy? Having cramps, headaches, feeling sick, hungry. Got period. For what i am having this symptoms? Hysterectomy, excessive sweating, sleepless, primosa evening primrose oil capsules, fludac 10 Persisting lower back pain radiating to left upper and the stomach, had taken Levaquin 500 mg. Cause? Paronychia on little finger with pain, tenderness and warmth. Soaked in epsom salt and hot water, used neopsporin. What else can be done? Child has chest congestion, pneumonia, wheezing. Has nasal allergies. How to help her? Suffering with rheumatic heart disease, heart growing bigger, immediate operation recommended. Suggestion? Severe hair loss, have thin and curly looking hair. How can I make my hair look healthy? Athlete's foot, heavy sweating, awful smell, apply lotramin, benzoil peroxide gel, neosporin ointment, foot powder, foot soak in bleach, dead skin removal. Recommendations? Overweight, have constant back, neck and knee pain. On implanon, trying to lose weight. Is it advisable to run instead of walking?
Myself and daughter reinfected with scabies. Reoccurring red bumps, red lines under the skin Sore breasts, negative pregnancy test, metal taste on tongue. How common is having periods during pregnancy? Dog bite and scratched, no bleeding, washed with soap, experiencing headache. Solution? Car accident, whiplash, skin irritation. Topical ointments, creams provide no relief. Can this be airbag dermatitis? Unknown heart rhythm, Painful PVCs, beta blocker, chest pain, stomach pain, nausea, feels dizzy Not having periods, blood test showed underactive thyroid. Could this have stopped periods? Head spinning, out of body sensation. Taken melatonin. What to do? Pancreatic cancer, whipple procedure, cancer spread to lymph nodes, feels severe cold, taking patient off of all medications except Creon Had unprotected sex, using Implanon, have mood swings, loss of appetite, nausea. Pregnant? Tonsil crypts, large adenoid, deviated septum. Will i get pain if I go for a surgery? Having knee pain. Diagnosed as synovial cyst. X ray done. What precaution should I take? Develop red sores on her legs, brightly red, circular slightly raised, whitish. What is this? Unprotected sex mid cycle, delayed periods, heavy bleeding for one day, bloating, tiredness, thirsty. Pregnancy symptoms? Multiple sclerosis, memory loss Nauseating headaches, feels weak, dizzy, abdominal pain Implanon implanted for last 5 years. Now having bleeding, nausea and sickness. Concerned? Painful cuts inside labia, bleeding on using hair removal cream, skin swollen and sore, used e4 cream Sore, red penis and balls, using canasten cream, frequent bowl movement. Teething? Swollen nutsack, swollen area below the belly. Suggestion? Pop on the upper part of the neck followed by coldness over chest, remaining body warm, have frequent chills. What could this be? Lymph node swelling in neck, pain in hands. Can you help me? Chronic kidney failure, free kidney transplant. suggest hospitals? Headache, terrible fatigue followed by bloating, flatulence, diarrhea with slate grey stools. Taking testostern, antibiotics for tooth infection. Side effect? Diagnosed with lupus, raynaulds and sjogrens. Have MCTD symptoms. Found dent on scalp. Fear of scleroderma Diganosed with virus coxsackies. Having sore throat and stabbing pain in legs, lost control. Happened once before. Is it repeating again? Hold electric fence, arm and wrist hurting. Treatment? Urinary tract infection, have pain while urination with occasional orange discharge. On herbal treatment. Suggestion? Cholesterol:302, HDL:151, LDL:133, pravastatin Suffering from H.Pylori infection, nausea, white webbed stools, loss of appetite. Medication? MRI scan done. Started for physical theraphy and taking pain medications. Looking for solution Heart beating rate not normal. Faster and hard than normal. Is it dangerous? Had precancerous polyps removed, having heartburn after eating. Suggestion? Meniscus in both knee, irritated, power lifter, healthy weight Fever and vomiting for a child. Had loose motion after giving amoxycilin and paracetamol. Continue the medicine? Having allergic problems. Itching in nose and eyes, swollen face. What to do? High BP, have persistent lymph-node on the chin, normal ultrasound and biopsy. Taken antibiotics. Will it subside? Sudden onset of discolored stools, fever, low appetite, abdominal cramping. Infection? Exercise induced secondary amenorreah, weight loss due to diet, putting on weight after stopping. When will my periods resume? I play JV Baseball. Having shoulder pain. How can I fix this? Does precum come from the Cowper's gland? Does urine kill sperm? Taking medication for hepatitis C. Have mouth sores, white patch on tongue, painless Both children born with extra finger, widened nasal bridge, broad thumbs, small hips, small structure, no muscle mass, shorter neck. Signs of acrocallosal syndrome? Had sore throat and swollen tonsils. Having red line on tonsils. Does it take time to heal? Broken elbow, hand feels heavy. Time to remove the screw? Dizzy, unbalanced, blurred vision, bad headache, spotting, stomach burns, Had tubaligation. Pregnant? yeast infection, monistat, itching, slight burning, and white odourless discharge, acidophilus, Scared of tall buildings, increased heart beat, scared of airplanes taking off. Phobia or anxiety? Losanorm, ecosprin, aten, hypertension, BP. Is medication right? Head injury, huge lump on head, dizziness, confusion, mild headache. Concussion symptoms? Blue veins in the arm increasing in size, noticeable, arm weakness, no pain. Cause? Abdominal stroke, early periods, had sex, now spotting. Pregnant? Hemorrhoids or fistula, blood in poo, medication ? Tingling in left arm, feeling faint, Hemoglobin, MVC, MCH, RDW-CV, Platelet count, CALCIUM TOTAL,never had low hemoglobin, give blood every 2 month Irregular periods after trying to conceive. Does this mean absence of ovulation? Leon 500mg, sneezing and cough, relapse. Continue with same medicines? G6PD done, prescribed milk formula containing soya and ascorbic acid. Suggestion? Irregular periods, spotting in between, lower abdominal discomfort, pelvic examination, left ovary enlarged, ultrasound, pregnancy test negative. Cyst? Thrush, severe cramping, headache, spotting, on Cerazette. Pregnant? Caruncle in left eye swollen, itchy, rubbed, heated washcloth and kept, no known allergy, no eye-drops, anti-allergy pills, itching in right eye less, left eye worse, burning sensation MRI report suggest straightening of the normal cervical curve. Have severe pain in hand and chest. Treatment? Diabetes, BP, have terrible dry mouth throughout the day, worse at night with tongue sticking to the palate. Remedy? Wants to have unprotected sex, not on birth control. Can I use Yaz birth control pills? Child has pain in mouth, fever, taken Motrin, not eating well Pilonidal cysts. Taking icthamol, antibiotics, temporary relief. Will kshar sutra help in curing it? Taken Primolut N, starts bleeding, taking Microgynon 30. Will this have any side effects? Severe acne, prescribed doxt s, topcid 40. Effective? Had MRI, focal degenerative disc disease, uncovertebral hypertrophy, foraminal narrowing, no cord signal alteration. What does this mean? Mucus in stool, smells fishy, no fever, sick. Is this normal? Difficulty in conceiving, had miscarriage due to bleeding and heavy vaginal discharge. How can I conceive? Sudden outburst of flat rash on arms and legs with soreness, swollen lymph nodes on neck. On levothyroxine for hypothyroid, had operations for endometriosis, empty sella syndrome. Cause? Sunburned, orangey/yellow crust on nose, sticky liquid oozing out of one side of nose Pcos, irregular periods, metformin hydrochloride xr, hemorrhagic cyst in ovary, clomid, duphaston, abdominal pain, unprotected sex Face pain during sinus, have mouth guard to level the flat palatal torus. Cause? Back pain, kidney infection, fullness in kidney, cipro and pain medicine, diarrhoea, abdominal and rectum pain 6 month child suffering from cough and loose motion. Tested for vitamin d3 deficiency. Got pneumonia. Concerned Tingling, pain in upper right jaw and ear, Numbness in chin and lip, novacain Wrist swelling followed by numbness and tingling on one side of the body post lifting heavy objects, history of broken neck. MRI showed irregularity between vertebrae. What could be the cause? Sever abdominal pain during periods, advised hcg beta. Ultrasound showed ovary cyst on cervix. What does that mean? Fatigue and nausea after meal, stomach makes growling sounds, muscle twitching. Suspect viral gastritis Elevated uric acid, have renal stones, advised laser surgery. Is it possible to cure with medicines or lifestyle modifications? Heart flutter, cough, no pain. Worried Fluid collection below umbilicus and pain on the site of laparoscopy. Had laparoscopic and open surgery for excition of the endometriotic nodule. Cause of recurrence and remedy? While eating full belly button coming out with smelly liquid. No stomach ache. Will it affect pregnancy? Had miscarriage, taken pregesterone and HCG hormone. Have cyst, bleeding. Is everything normal? Ppd test positive, rifampicin, feels dizzy, allergy, anti allergy medicines Eye floaters, pain, war spectacles, normal eye sight. Cure? Pneumonia, memory loss. Treatment? Lipid profile test: Cholesterol 160 HDL 35 LDL 77 VLDL 48 triglycerides 240 Had Mirena coil fitted, abdominal pain, tender nipples, light periods, painful sex Infant exclusively on breastfeeds is having loose motions, no decrease in weight, is cheerful. No improvement with walanycin, metrogyl. Worrisome? Pregnant, want to know normal values of blood test results Pregnancy, iron medication, iron ferrous fumarate 45 mg, side efects Cut on fore finger, got heavy bleeding, applied antiseptic cream and bandage. How can i stop the bleeding? Diabetic, weak. Blood pressure normal, got creatinine and urea tests done. Need dialysis? Penis slighlty inclined towards left side, erectile dysfunction, underweight. Treatment? Fatigued, body pain, loss of interest in routine activities, loss of temper Pregnant, have pcos and cysts, fluid around ovaries, having abdominal pains, feels dizzy. Normal? Bleeding from head after having shower. What could be the reason? Delay in periods, negative pregnancy test. Am I still pregnant? Stage 1 throat cancer, on radiation therapy, having dry throat, difficulty in swallowing. When will I recover? Red sclera, irritation, systane, no discharge or sensitivity Done semen analysis test. Want second opinion Child having diarrhea post eating watermelon, taking antibiotic for ear infection. Usually passes stools once a day. Worrisome? Swollen tongue, antibiotics, mouthwash. Allergy or sinus problem? Miscarriage, emitted gestational sac without fetal parts , mycoTB, low serum beta HCG, taking krimson35, akurit, cervifert, amycordail, duphaston, folGI, follicular study, negative urine test. Pregnancy chances? Have PCOS and mild water in pod, hypertrophied, hypervascular central stroma, bulky ovaries. Looking for treatment 147 pound weight, don't exercise, lots of blisters on feet, avoid junk food, drink a lot of water Taking registerone for uncontrolled bleeding. Severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. Have PCOD. Do I need medical attention? Infant formula changed, watery greenish stool, had Nan 1, Lactogen. Constipation with use of lactogen? Pain in leg and foot. Not cured by medicine. Swollen foot. What are the risks? Hepatitis B reactive, elevated SGPT level, hepa profile. Cure? Taken misoprostol after mifegest for abortion. No bleeding. HPT is not clear. What should be done? Fever, not able to move body, pain in throat. Cure? Poison Ivy, Face, forehead, hands, arms, back, trunk, itch is not terrible, new eruptions, topicals, benedril. How long will new rashes continue? Pregnant, diabetes, feels cold, upset tummy, quick bowel movement, short of breath IUI done with clomid, hcg injection, progesterone, cyst on ovary, high temperature during follicular phase Dizziness, headaches, high BP. Taking seroflow for allergies. Causes for high BP? Semen leakage after urination, wet substance after erection, scalp irritation, tiredness, masturbation. How to get relief? Having abdominal pain and urine not passing properly. Spiral ct scan of abdomen done. What is the actual problem? Worried due to bleeding during and after sex for a day. Pap smear test normal. Suffering from PCOD Red spots on end of tongue, headache, sore neck, upper left, mid-abdominal pressure, nausea, fatigue. Reason? Pregnant, lower abdominal pain, foetus scan done back pain Bloody diarrhoea, fever, had tonsillitis and acute otitis media, taken augmentin syrup, stool test done. Treatment? Bad smelling discharge after having Mirena. How to get relief? Bruise with a white bump in the center on a the forearm, pain on lifting heavy objects. Had tonsillitis, mono. Is it related? Smear report read endocervical transformation zone components present, no malignancy, endocervical cells clusters, plenty of superficial cells, sheets of acute and chronic inflammatory cells. Cancer? Reason for spitting up yellow phelgm? Overweight, eating balanced food, no smoking. Sore throat with flu like symptoms, getting difficulty to swallow. Not on any medication. What these symptoms suggest? Blood test done for kids. Lymph node on neck, upper respiratory tract infection. Given antibiotic and cetirizine Musty odor on crease of leg near vagina. Taken yeast infection treatment. Reason, treatment? Pain on right side body, sternum to frontal ribs while breathing, turning head towards right. Reason? Severe headache, eyebrows tender to touch, pain on bending down, cold, unable to sleep. Treatment? Cough on lying on the back. Pain from hip to the knee and heel. Is it a nerve related problem? Diagnosed with diffuse parenchymal liver disease. Possibility of liver damage due to heavy drinking and obesity. What could be wrong with my liver? what should I do for proper diagnosis? Suffering from hiatus hernia, general weakness, nausea and vomiting. Have constipation. Ear and bladder infection. Suggestions? Low sperm count, high blood pressure Increased appetite. What are the causes? Diarrhea, feeling of freezing inside the body, frozen feet, extreme dizziness with spell of blackout. What could be wrong?
Types, symptoms and treatment for bilateral parenchymal disease? Is it curable? Gout, swelling and pain on toe, had voltaren, colchicine, want to take zyloric. Done blood test for uric acid level and ultrasound BP under control, have sexual dysfunction. Taking evion tablets, used herbal and allopatic medicines but in vain. How can I cure this? Had spinal stenosis. Having groin pain, headache, fever, nausea, blood in stool. Should i go for medical check up? How do I get rid of shyness and depression? How do I think positive and regain my appetite? Gloxi effective in enhancing height Haven't ovulated yet, positive OPK. Had chemical pregnancy. Got FSH level. Could i be pregnant? Having red dots on the lower parts of both legs, slightly raised, have a white ring around them. Climate is hot. Can this be heat related? Having pain after getting facial done. Bulging vein and swelling. Treatment? Weak heart after argument, headache, lack of motivation, want to hurt myself Addicted to oxycodone which was used for treating recurrent nephrolithiasis. Unsuccessful psychiatric consultation. Solution? Child has difficulty passing stool, quit drinking milk Pancreatic cancer, have dry heaves, abdominal pain, tumour in bile duct, not having jaundiced Fell down from stairs, bruised and swollen on leg, no pain or pressure. Reason? Had sex, nausea, variable pregnancy test. What is it? Trying to conceive, bleeding post intercourse due to uterus infection. Had surgeries for appendix, chocolate cyst. Advised pap smear. Serious? Have lump under penis head. Having pain while erecting and ejaculating. What is the problem? Spots on cheek and chest, turns to green scabs, itchy. Infertigo? Child has chest congestion. Using inhaler. Are these safe for long-term use? Using Finpecia. Is it a good idea to take it daily? Trying to conceive. Having abdominal cramps and stiffness, blood in stool. Pregnancy test negative. Pregnant? Semen analysis done for blood-trace, abnormal headpiece, abnormal tail, pus cell. Can sperm motility be increased? Burning, itching vagina. Greenish discharge. Late on period, white cervical discharge. Had many miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. Could i be pregnant again? Have deviated septum. Difficulty swallowing and breathing. Should I go to doctor? Long period, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea. Pregnant? Digestion problem, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes, low plasma level, HCV +ve, blood in stool. Acute hepatitis can cause melena? Pain while sitting long hours or trying standing up, on applying brake while driving. Why? Recurring pain in calf, numbness, tingling. What is it? Did not start taking Loestrin until periods stopped, had unprotected sex. Breast pain and pain, white discharge Delayed periods, abdominal, vaginal pain, swollen lymph nodes under armpit, node swelling in groin. Causes? Continuous bleeding, uterine polyp. Why are doctors not removing it? Persisting redness, warmness, itchiness over face, droopy eyelids, swollen area around eyes, had take steroid shot. Cause? Pregnant. Getting large blood clots, feels dizzy and pressure. Am i miscarrying? Irregular shaped, reddish brown patches on skin spreading from stomach to leg, non-itchy. What is it? Tooth extracted due to swelling. On clyndamycin, augmentin and arythmycin. Swollen gums persisting. Why? Child refusing breast milk. Giving lactogen. Looking for suggestion Taking medication for anemia, eating healthy. Reason for acne like bumps on chest? Off birth control. Missing periods, not pregnant. Advised to use soy milk and soy nuts. What's wrong? Blood in stool, intestinal pain, lack of energy. Getting blood test done Child has cough, takeng Sabutomol and steroid nebulizer. Could this be a seizure? Lump on labia majora. Not painful, feels uncomfortable, spotting. Taking antibiotic. Should i go for treatment? Got brown blood in period. What does it mean? Diarrhea, eats lots of cheese and yoghurt, stopped giving juice, rashes on labia. Yeast infection or consistent diarrhea? Missing periods, pregnancy test negative, intercourse. Pregnant? 19 year old feeling tired all the time, dizziness. Need help Discharge, nausea, tender breasts. History of miscarriage. Am I pregnant? Pimples and hair on face, using nov cleansing gel and moisturiser gel, dhc sunscreen, hormone level checked 13 month child having fever, rashes on belly and leg. Loss of appetite, sore muscle. Could it be measles? Pus filled pimple on the thigh, molluscum, red, painful, white headed, cure ? Spotting in two cycles, negative pregnancy test, tightness in lower part of stomach. What does this imply? Had mild attacks, BP rose, heart rate rose. Pressure in chest area. Sounds like? Diabetes, severe bloating on eating fruits and vegetables, stomach pain. Taking Glumetza, januvia, metformin. Remedy? Stomach huge, hard to touch. Doing workouts. How to reduce excess fat? Iron deficiency:anemia, feeling fatigued after stopping iron medication, Vit D deficiency, heart arrhythmia, Diltiazem Excruciating pain in foot. Discomfort due to stress fracture. Freiberg's disease? Severe pain in elbow, involves in athletics Had unprotected sex, feeling nausea, headache, cramping, jelly discharge. Chances for pregnancy? Urine color is orange/brown for several months. Drinking lot of water. Color becomes light on taking alcohol or energy drinks Frequent nose bleeding, headache. What is the problem? How to get cured? Severe headaches. Stopped medication for hypertension. BP high now. Do I have to go to ER? Diagnosed with staph in nose. Pimple in nose drain. Blister on shin. Meaning? Sand like bumps on lips. Tried cetaphil. How to get rid of them? Bumps on breast, hpt negative. Had tubal ligation. Is it Montgomery's Tubercules? Meet with an accident, lower back pain. Cure? Continuous abdominal pain, irregular stools, blood work and CT scan normal. What could be the cause? Half side headache, puffy and tight cheek, eye gets bloodshot, Advice? Swollen ankles, soreness, weight increase, breathlessness Missed period, spotting, severe cramps, negative pregnancy test. Usually had regular periods with heavy flow. Cause? On antibiotics after molar extraction. Pain in the jaw, hot flashes and fatigue. Are these symptoms of healing? Acute leukemia, blood test done, low white blood cells Painful cuts on the vagina with bleeding. Had taken amoxicillin post wisdom tooth extraction, monostat for yeast infection. Cause? Painful urination, difficulty emptying bladder, cramps, uncomfortable kidney, taken over the counter pills Had unprotected sex. Took ipill. Again had unprotected sex. Should i take another morning after pill? Heart skips beats, low BP, low pulse rate, chest pains and spasms. Serious? Having mild stomach cramps, tender to touch, headache, feeling weak, gums bleed while brushing. Chances of pregnancy? Diabetes, hydrocele, difficulty in folding the fingers due to stiffness post 4Th metacarpal injury and plastering. No improvement with exercises. Which medicines should be taken? Felling weak after masturbation, no other health issue. Is it normal? Diabetes, persistent swollen knee, tiny blood clog in the calf post injury. Taking antibiotics, aspirin. What long does a diabetic take to recover? Typhoid infection, pricked with sharp metallic object, bleeding. Blood test done. HIV symptoms? Taken wrong medicine. Side effects? Itchy rash on chest and spread all over stomach, back, upper legs, upper buttocks, irregular shape with white tiny dot in middle, no drainage, allergy Dry patches on the lip, resurfaces on stopping use of lip balm, have eczema. Cause? Having headache, dizziness, pain in the jaw, trouble with speech after an injury to head. Need medical attention? Knot on nose and below eye, feels pressure on tooth, pain, headache, ear infection, recreational methamphetamine user Bug bite, itchy, red ring with white centre Burning sensation in the upper part of abdomen, bloating and burping. On pantaprazole and ornidazole. Symptoms persisting Water blisters on ankle, draining, taken antibiotic ointment and bandaid, previously BP med and diuretic, rod in femur Which multivitamin tablet can be taken to maintain the immunity level? Pain on bending wrist, popping and pain in carpal parts of hand post fall, no swelling. Chances of healing without medicines? Red lower leg, swollen, varicose veins. Treatment? Sliced thumb deep. Used dermal bond. Why is it numb after healing? Dilated pupil, blurred vision after using scopolamine patches for motion sickness, numbness over eye area. Cause and cure? Protected sex, condom failure. Taking gynaset for MTP. Should I take ECP to prevent pregnancy? Having periods. Getting cramps near pubic bone. What could be this? Missed periods. Pregnancy test done. Taken Ovral-G, Mephrate, Primolut. History of cyst, PCOD treatment. Reason? Kid having fever. Given calpol. Looks tired and sleepy. Got some mosquito bites. How to get cured? Painful ulcer on gums, taking becosules, cause. Can I use smile gel? Child having cold, stuffy nose, having laboured breathing. Given tylenol for fever. Concerned On Ace inhibitors, have cough triggered by dryness and burning sensation in through, tickling before intake of medicines. How can I avoid this? Baby growth slow in doppler scan, persistence of diastolic notch in uterine artery. Cure? Red dots with black spots on legs, feet, itchy, bleeding. What could it be? Muscle pain in arm, starts from shoulder, taken anti inflammatory drugs What is the healing period of an open TFCC repair? Diabetes, increase in sugar level, body weight, increased tiredness, difficulty in walking inspite of insulin. What can be done? Unprotected sex, bleeding, abdomen pain, mood swings, had ipill, pregnancy test done Constant swelling in foot, ankle, no difficulty in breathing and urination. Possible causes? Burning skin sensation, insomnia, anxiety, frequent urination, arthritis. Taking Metopropryl, Celexa, Ambien, supplements. No relief. Treatment? Had unprotected intercourse, confusing HPT result, frequent urination. Could i be pregnant?
Skin tag in groin near penis base, red bump on penis shaft. Is it infectious, STD? Continuous shortness of breath, feeling of tightness and block around neck. Diagnosed with anxiety as well as mild laryngitis. How an I get relief? Menorrhagia, hypothyroidism, PCOS, novelon, disery/ meprate, siphene 100 mg Sudden onset of vertigo. Undergone Epleys manouvre and audio test - mild impairment of hearing. X ray of neck showed spodylitis. Taking vertin 8mg. Had mild attack after reducing dose. Any effect if taken continuously for long period? Sharp pain in chest. Taken heartburn relief. Could it be a symptom of heart attack? Trying to conceive, regular cyclce post getting off microgynon, scan showed cyst, no fibroids. Suggestion? On and off bulimia, feeling only on trigger, burning throat, vomiting with bright cloudy red chunks of food. How can I detect whether it is bulimia? Child has cough, nose bleeds, occurs during night time, dry winter climate Skin infection, recurrent, sweat, used gel soap or boiled water PCOS, back pain, pelvic pain, bleeding. Taking metformin, clomid, duphaston. Should I visit my gynecologist? Child having red, itchy eyes with white discharge, occasional watering. Had taken antibiotics earlier for swelling with rash, white discharge. What is the cause of recurrence? Taking Oxetol 300, pregnant. Is there side effects of taking oxetol 300? Persistent sore throat, cough, white deposition on tongue, have GERD, gastritis, taken protinx. Is it related? Difficulty digesting food, food pipe blocked, Pressure on chest, vomiting Abdomen pain, dizzy, blood in stools, suspecting ectopic pregnancy, taken citalopram, had cyst in ovary before Vegetarian diet plan to gain weight. Weakness in leg bone Inguinal hernia open surgery, pain and swelling in joint and groin area, pain below chest and buttock Gastric issues, pain in upper abdomen, gas discharge, putting on weight, feel heavy Intermittent infection in urine, kidney, throat, nose after open heart surgery. Taken antibiotics. No relief. Treatment? Pregnant, high fever, hand chills, sleepiness, stomach cramps, pain without bleeding. Sign of miscarriage? PCOS.Planing to conceive. Taking medication. Test shows ovary ruptured, cavity empty, endometium thick. What does this mean? Ultrasound on 13th day of periods- Dominent follicle in both ovaries. Endometrium is echogenic. 16th day - Ovulation occurred. Endometrium is mild echogenic. 35th day of period no mensuration and upt negative. Advice on report? Sarcoid condition, infected liver, prednisolone, alkaline phosphatase 263, alanine aminotransferase 131, GAMMA GT 356 Loss of appetite, feels weak, headache, had tuberculosis, brain shunt, eye nerve damaged. Treatment ? Have premature baby, MRI test shows some problem in brain. Will will be the effects in future? Avoiding to pass urine, giddiness, irritating, gastric problems, blockage in urinary passage Recurring large boil near anal opening with pus, have history of piles, advised operation. Suggestion? Normal delivery, shortened duration of periods cycle, fibroid in anterior wall. What could be the reason? Evin 400 and Betadone tablets for Localised Liner Morphea, potential to deposit fat in liver. Can be taken for longer duration? Severe chest pains, fluctuating BP, sweating during night. Blood test normal. EKG abnormal. How to treat it? Unprotected sex with lover and husband, pregnant. Who is the father of the child? Suffering from migraine. Sweating a lot, pain in neck. Looking for the best solution Unwanted 72 pill is safe for age below 18, meals required for intake of the medicine Trying to conceive, have early pregnancy signs, ultrasound did not show fetal pole, prescribed duphaston. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Colon cancer, having sexual problem. Medicine to boost up? Left eye weak, blur vision, right side objects double, sleepy, drowsy. What medication to take? Numbness in my hands, feet and arm, dizziness, sharp pain in big toe, suffered from tinnitus Pcos, hair growth on side face, chest, chin, delayed periods, weight gain Pregnant, anaemic, vomiting, nausea, headache, fatigue. Pre-eclampsia? Having black marks on arms and shoulder. Not cured by dermatologists medicines. Any suggestions? Itchy, red welts spreading to the back from rib cage, applying heated wheat bag Sore throat, infection, curable by medicines, white mark on throat. What is it? Nausea, vomiting, taking healthy diet Hypothyroid and PCOD, trying to conceive, fertyl 50mg, duphaston 10mg, spotting and no proper periods Ultrascan report shows Pelviectasai seen in fetal bilateral kidneys. What is the problem as per report? High BP. Experiencing side-effects of ayurvedic medicine, weight gain, nasal congestion, chest pain. Cure? Pregnant. Feels nausea, vomiting, baby movements. Is it normal and safe? Pus cells in urine, bacteria, syphilis test negative, itchy penis and scrotum. UTI or Chlamydia? Allergic, acute sinusitis. Prescribed with Xyzal, Crixan, Glemont-IR, Pataday, Nasonex. Side-effects of these medicines on fertility? Brownish discharge, lower stomach pain, back pain and sore throat after unprotected sex. Am I having chlamydia? Having pain in abdomen, fever, vomiting sensation. Blood test clear. Diagnosed as intestinal infection. Worrisome Deep, dark scars on face, had suffered from chicken pox, using lacto-calamine moisturizer. Home remedy? Mottled skin on arms, cheeks and thigh, warm to touch, appears in summer. Treatment? Pounding in head, severe pain. Causes and treatment? Persistent sneezing, runny nose every morning that clears within minutes, had started with nose irritation Numb and painful leg, torso, thumb, heaviness in legs and arm, feels tired. What's going on? Neck pain, taking pronim Sore throat, wound behind molar, pain Swollen, itchy dry throat, redness at the back of the throat, random cough post taking cum in mouth. Partner negative for HIV. Chances of contraction? Ultrasound showed cyst on uterus, prescribed microgestin birth control pill. Had tubal ligation, hysterectomy. Will the birth control resolve the cyst? Teen with continuous migraine, severe body pain that worsens during periods, have healthy diet. Remedy? Platelet count less during blood test. It remained same of a month. Gave omnacortil. Cause for less platelet count? Left eye pain, blurred vision, taken ciplox-d, homide eye drops, prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension. Cause? Trying to conceive, possibility of pregnancy, pain in abdomen, slight headache Having lower back pain. Feels tired. History of restless leg syndrome. Which specialist should I go for? Itching on the moustache area. Hairless patch after using Halovate cream. How to regain hair growth? 4 year old with conjunctivitis and fever. Prescribed with tempra and erythromycine. No improvement. What to do? Had intercourse while on periods. Taken ipill, pregnant. Does the pregnancy preventing pill doesnt works? Painful throat, throat congestion after inhaling the bug repellent. Medication? Semen test done. Any advice? Discolouration near eye, taking HCQS, efficort cream, patches on forehead spreading, itchy and rough skin Took several medications during unplanned pregnancy. Its effect on health of fetus. Should I terminate pregnancy? Trauma to kidney, blood of his urine, excess urination, treatment Itchy red spots on torso, arms, thighs. Treatment? Lump on bottom side of head, tender to touch. Had cold and sinus infection. Is it a lymphnoid problem? Loose motion, drink good amount water. Side effects of positrim? Want to donate blood. On third day of menstruation. Can I donate? Pink, puffy, swollen eye, eczema. Conjunctivitis? Overweight, joined dance class, feel like gained weight. How to lose extra fat? Breast MRI done. Contrast dye injected at the site of IV in forearm. Pain in the arm with the hard bump on the vein. Need medical attention? Dog bite, taken injections, advised to keep a watch on the dog. What should be done and what things should be taken note of? Having low testosterone. want to have testosterone test to be done. Normal testosterone level? Liver function test showed elevated SGOT, SGPT, GGT. Am I in serious condition? Trying to conceive, follicular study of ovary and IUI done, one evidence of egg released, taking progesteron, fluid in pod. Will get pregnant? Elevated liver enzymes, had ulcerative colitis, severe blood drawn. How long medicine should be stopped to get good results? Sudden onset of nausea, sweating, dizziness, headache, anemic and having heavy periods. Cause? Found thick uterine lining, scheduled for d&c Irregular periods, took regesterone, duphaston, cycloreg, deviry, thyroid reports positive. Cure? Droopy eyelid, slightly swollen face, blood est test normal, ct scan showed bulky pituitary gland. Treatment options? Sore clitoris with discharge, taken Amoxicillin for vaginal discharge. Is it yeast infection? Low sperm count, FSH 5.4, ivf unsuccessful. Medicine? Swollen lip, blisters, white patches on lip. Should I ignore it? Small, red spots on arms, form a thin white layer that eventually peels off post scratching, similar spots on legs. What could these be? PCOD, continuous bleeding, ovral-G and becosules, fever, hands and legs cold Had x-ray, interstitial pneumonia, poor weight, lymph node behind neck. Suggestion? Gout, ebuxo-40, zaltokin-80, defza-6, leg swollen, pains, blue coloured Taking Sprintec birth control. Missed pills, had unprotected intercourse. What to do? Doing chemotherapy for multiple myeloma. Should we go for stem cell transplant? Hoarseness in voice, sinus pressure, post nasal drip with green, bloody mucus. Treatment required? Have spotty rashes on face, notices while drinking diet coke. What's going on? C.T scan done, S shaped nasal septum, nasal mucosal thickening, mucosal thickening, bony margins appear intact. Disease and cure? Chest pain due to strained chest muscle while cleaning. How to relieve pain? Displacement of solar plexus, stomach pain, endoscopy and ultrasound reports normal, was on fasting for months, body fat decreased Chest pain, done angiography, taken Metoprolol, aspirin and Atorva. Further management Positive ovulation test, cramps, white creamy discharge, nausea, headache, backache, intercourse. Pregnant? Low platelet count, lower waist pain. Platelet, bone marrow test done. What could be the reason? Sweating, nausea and hot flashes after taking lucrin depot. Had laparoscopic endometriotic cyst surgery and histoscopy. How can I minimize the effects? Discomfort under left breast bone, fatigue, light headed. Taking Lipitor. History of reflux. Reason? Random onset of burning sensation in the inner thigh, relieves on stretching the legs post ureteroscopy. Have chronic low back and sciatica problems. What could be the cause? Irregular periods. Done prolactin test. Asked to do MRI of brain to assess pituitary gland. Will this affect pregnancy? Had intercourse, taken ipill, brown discharge, pregnancy test negative. Safe medicine for abortion? Pregnancy test positive. Started bleeding. Diagnosed as miscarriage, feels something inside. What's going on? Back pain. Lumbar spondylosis, disc protrusion, disc bulge. What can be done? Had unprotected sex. Sleeping more, eating limon, stomach side hurting. Am i pregnant? Emptiness in stomach, pain in chest, heart pounds. On omaparazole. Can I not have proper diet? Sore lump below the base of neck and above shoulder, sore to touch, pain in neck. What could this be? Child having greenish and loose stool. Test shows pus cell in stool. Not cured by medicine and injection. Any advice? Having bi-lateral hip and back pain while sleeping. Looking for treatment Persistent, dry, scaly, itchy skin on breasts below nipple, no lesions, change in skin color Flu, fever, tylenol, motrin, rashes on face Suffering from headache and migraine. Taken ibuprofen and paracetamol. What should I do? Semen analysis done. It is safe to have a baby? What is the best way of conceiving? Have pain in the ovaries with pinkish discharge after implant removal. What are the reasons? Increased heart beat while talking in front of people, excessive sweating. Any ways to stop this? 18 year old having nausea, pain in lower abdomen. Had stale food. Is it due to pregnancy or food poisoning? Was on Loestrin. Lower dose for yeast infection. Took placebo pills.. Possibly pregnant? Increased sensation of smell, lower back pain. Am I pregnant? Have bipolar disorder and mood swings Gaining weight, irregular periods, acne around jawline and neck Had flesh colored patch of bumps on thigh, knee since a kid, new eruptions started on calf Red bump formed in child's forehead after falling. Medical assistance required? Feels like bubbles my chest. Advice? Cyst in ovary. Home pregnancy test positive, blood test negative. Can a cyst show a false pregnancy? Itchy, liquid oozing bumps over the feet due to ant bite, used alcohol, Lothrimin ultra Having itchy rashes on chest, shoulders, back, face and arms after eating chocolate cake. Is it food allergy? Non invasive papillary low grade urothial carcinoma, enlarged prostrate. CT scan of chest, abdomen normal. How is bladder wall thickening treated? Presence of blood in urine, burning sensation. Kidney stones since childhood. Chances of bladder or kidney cancer? Have cold, chronic fatigue, headache, nose feels blocked, on and off fever, feels tired. Medicine to be taken? Vomiting sensation before bowel movement, light green and foamy stools with burning sensation, pain under belly button, excessive weight loss. Normal ultrasound. Cause? Took meprate for periods. Do I have to take Ovofar for a long time? Bilateral maxillary sinus mucosal thickening, sphenoid sinus, feels sick 15 year old, have lethargy, weight gain, bloated face, constipation and hair loss, difficulty in concentrating without change in diet. Is thyroid common in teenagers? Red rashes on back, arms and sides, increases while taking tension, applying acne creams. Suggestion Dark brown clot visible to eyes in urine. Fever and burning sensation on urinating. What it could be? Pain in the coccyx after a fall. Taken ibuprofen. Will it take a long time to heal? Using IUD for a long time. On a weight loss program. Prolonged brownish discharge. Due to the change in eating habit? Raised bumps on neck, eye and mouth, baby feeding on formula and juices. Suggestion? Should I continue treatment for ringworm or for rashes? Ringworm not visible under microscope Dizziness, blurred sight after accident. Had staples. Pain persistent around scab. Normal? Severe pain in the hip, leg and ankle after having a cortisone injection for herniated disc. Injured ankle. Is the pain due to this or the disc problem? Intense pain at the bottom of the ribs, no relief with ibuprofen. What else can I take? Dog ears scars, lump seen after surgery Hearing problem, feels dizzy, have tinnitus, blured vision, headache, taken antibiotics, steroids, MRI test fine Hiatal hernia, pain in ribcage, arm and back, diarrhoea, lump on chest bone, asthma, hard to breathe Spit out a clot of blood, nose bleeding, minor chest pain, headache, throat infection.Treatment? Pelvic ultrasound showed bulky ovary with dominant follicle, enlarged ovary with peripheral follicles,free fluid in pouch of Douglas. Meaning? Recurring blurred vision in one eye, feeling of eye breaking, pain on moving head Fluctuating hemoglobin, advised bone marrow. Any other treatment option? Stopped taking depo injection. Severe bleeding. Should I go to a doctor? Scrotum sack drops down after excessive masturbation. Will my sex life be affected? BBC on forehead, swelling near eyes, nose, mild headache. Using curaderm. Botox treatment cause for swelling? Cracked skin, dryness in some areas of hands, brittle nails, no improvement with Mometasone cream. Suggestion? Stung on toe by honey bee, smacked the toe, swollen and itchy. Is stinger still there? Treatment? Took postinor 2, swollen breast, periods flow reduced. Is it due to postinor 2? Got stuck tampon in the vagina week after periods, had bacterial vaginosis. Do I need medical advise? Forgot to refrigerate the typhoid pills. Can they still be used? Itchy rashes on back, legs and neck, rash turns to bruise. Used creams. Could she get some injection? Cold, sore throat, congestion in head and chest, nose bleed. Sinus? Ovofar. Time to get pregnant?
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