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Will consuming alcohol have an effect in blood test even after 12hours? Is there any correlation between lump on chest and IPF? What could be the reasons for spotting and slow movement below belly button? What is the latest medication for Crohn s disease? What are the chances of getting HIV after precum getting inside? What is the cause for bleeding in my eye post laser surgery for burnt pupil and damaged retina? Does sweating a lot is related to any heart disease? How to treat tingling feeling in head and double vision in one eye in a diabetic person? What are the treatments for acidity, abdominal pain, low energy and tender feeling while pressing abdomen? Can symptoms like tiredness and pain in the face be TIA? What could pain in neck and large tendon be with tender small lump on collar bone? What could small roundish spot on upper left uvula be with stuck throat feeling? Can Clonapin and Riddalin be taken together? What can cause dark watery stools after taking vicatin for lower back pain? What do you suggest for a vein that bulges on the side of her head that hurts after an injury? Am I having spotty periods due to Metformin and Victoza? Can stress cause vaginal bleeding after an accident? Have ovarian cyst and fibroid tumors Have dizziness and hearing echo in the ears What could cause pooping of wire through skin in a bi-pass heart patient? Can inflamed sternum cause high fever, dizziness and chest pain in child? Cause for child having fever, headache and stomach? What is the cure for raised, white blister like bumps on legs which is itchy? What does normal ovaries with peripheral immature follicles mean? Could irregular heartbeat be a side effect of taking omeprazole? What is the cure for sharp pain under left breast which worsens after lying down? How to treat bloated stomach, with loose stools? Does vaginal hysterectomy not possible due to large uterus? Is it fistula to start choking when i drink with pneumonia and a tracheostomy? How to treat suspected canker sores in vagina and throat? Is it normal to have urine leakage after turp procedure? Are skin lightening products safe when breastfeeding? Does Charcot Marie Tooth neuropathy cause shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing? How to remove deep scar on forehead? Is it safe to use mintop forte for hair loss problem? Causes for rashes after intake of Zanocin and ventryl syrup? How to realize successful abortion while on mifegest? What do you suggest for a swollen lymph node on my lower right labia? What is a good treatment for blocked fallopian tube? What could be the reasons for missing periods and negative pregnancy tests? What does fasting blood sugar level of 108,indicate? What is the treatment for lump on my back after bruising my lower back? Why am i experiencing a sudden strong movement in upper abdomen while trying to lay down in bed? Limping after operation for femur disloaction What are the reasons for sudden gain of weight and pimples in face? What could be chances of menstruate while on meprate tablet with negative pregnancy test result? What are the findings from the High Resolution Computed Tomography scan report of lungs? Does weed use before knee surgery cause complications? What could be the recurring little, red dots on penis glands? What are the treatments for bloating in stomach and gastric problem one year after removing stones in gall bladder? What are the findings from the blood test? What is the remedy for loose motion of a 8 month old baby? What could be the reasons for bloating in stomach and burning sensation after urination? What causes meatus irritation after masturbation with negative STD test? Can felodipine cause chest pain in high BP female? How long should zerofat be taken for obesity and to lose weight? Is it normal have bloating and stomach cramps while on susten after an IUI? What can be done after having bleeding and abdominal pain in 5th week of pregnancy? Will it hurt a type 2 diabetic on metformin to take ditropan as she has urine leakage? What could be chances of getting familial cancer in a pre puberty child with down syndrome? Causes for chest discomfort after sex with history of tachycardia What could abnormal curved line growing finger nail signify? Does caffeine intolerance cause severe pain in leg muscles? Can pregnancy be expected with negative test result? What mental exercises do you suggest for improving my memory? Why did Baclofen 10 mg make my cousin, who is throat cancer survivor, sleep? Why am I sweating excessively with a past medical history of colon cancer? When should i start taking regesterone tablets for postponing periods and what is the dosage to be taken? Suggest Crocin dosage interval for high fever Why do I feel my head spinning, heaviness in abdomen and vomiting? What should i do for the sore throat caused by swallowing drop of semen? What is causing a sharp stinging pain in my tricep? How to treat NF 1? What are the remedies for jaw pain, ear pain and numbness from face to neck? Is adrenal fatigue and panic attack common in pregnancy? What is the remedy for a fibroid with a polyp that causes irregular bleeding? What could be the reason for sharp stabbing pain in right side of head frequently? Reason for spotting after tubal ligation What is the suggested medication for ear polyp during pregnancy? What are the reasons for sneezing, tight feeling in chest, blocked nose and difficulty in breathing? What could cause severe lower abdominal cramping followed by diarrhea? What is the interpretation of the urine test? Suggest treatment for weight loss and is Crisanta safe? Could i be pregnant with the delay in my period? How to heal synthroid mediated heartbeat irregularity and skipping? Why do I have bumps at the back of my tongue? What do you suggest for my head that hurts? Can i take the hcg diet with the problems of prolactin when on zinc supplements? How to cure coughing up yellow and very small amounts green mucus? How to cure shallow bulging disc and minimal end-plate spurring at L5-S1? Can i do swimming after undergoing robotic hysterectomy for endometrial cancer months ago? What is the cause for the swelling in my wrist that hurts after fracturing my growth plate? Why child is having severe pain in left side of stomach along with high fever? What should be done after food getting struck in throat for 8 hours? What does a feeling of a big bubble in my chest indicate? Can my partner suffering from epilepsy walk after having curled feet during a stroke ? Why do I have irregular heart rate? What are the reasons for missing periods, heartburn, vomiting sensation, tiredness and negative pregnancy tests? What could irregular periods be while on premolut and 10mg TDS? What is the cause for darkening of tissue in my right ear with pain? Could PVL of brain cause numbness and headache ? Should i worry about my girlfriend getting pregnant with just foreplay? What are my chances of pregnancy if I have a three-day long period after having sex? What is the cause for watering of eyes during the night with pain when on ketoflox? What is the cure for dizziness, nausea, tingling in left hand and pain in shoulder blade? What causes discomfort and fever after bath post physical excercise? What are the causes of bleeding after ejaculation? Suffering from varicocele, when I become a parent? No growth of baby seen in USG report after seven weeks pregnancy. Taking ovutrig injection will be helpful? Why am I having shooting pain and swelling in my foot after taking doxepin? Any non-surgical treatment for ligament tear? Could severe pain in lower abdomen be due to adhesion after hysterectomy 2 years ago? What does this ECG report depict? What is the meaning of the chest X ray? Should i take more of misoprostol while bleeding lightly to ensure abortion? What is the reason for pain above testicle before and after ejaculation? Does superficial cut on penis lead to infection? Should I take another test for HIV after having negative p24 antigen and pcr rna test? How can I get rid of itchy painful bumps around my ankle? Should i start medicine for having elevated sgot an sgpt levels? No period for months and pregnancy test negative. Any solution to start the period? Why is causing red blotchy face from last 24 hours after eating? Sex drive reduced while taking lexepro which did not returned to normal after stopping Recommend appropriate Nexito dosage for depression What is the cause for heavy breathing with weight loss when on nexito and anxit? Are there any chances of pregnancy after missing periods and negative pregnancy tests? Could unprotected sex during ovulation lead to pregnancy? What are the treatments for pain in wrist, finger joints, elbow and difficulty in walking? Does Trimethoprim prescribed for urine infection cause stomach pain? Can I start taking aviane 910 now? How do I start it? Which are the best exercises for wpw patients? Schering can be taken instead of zetia for treating heredity cholesterol? What is the remedy for pain in foot after undergoing hip replacement 2 months ago? Why am I having slurred speech, dizziness and unbalanced motion? Why is Oxydodine showing up in urine analysis? With reference to the creatinine level am I suffering from kidney disease? Can semen enter the eye cause headache or something serious? What is the difference between Flagenase and Flagyl and which is used to treat infections? What is the diagnosis for spitting of blood clots and persistent cough? Is there an treatment for curing the wound in penis which is painful? Do lodgengers work for sore throat and chronic sinus? Why is metformin er taken for? What kind of supplement can help me in increasing weight? What is the lump on the left of the vagina which is interfering during sex? Stiffness and sensitivity in feet and leg while walking, started taking Fortea injections Does Lexapro improves the depression and anxiety? What treatment should be taken after going through the CT scan report? Suggest treatment for numbness in figners? Dull ache in jaw, neck and ear along with chest pressure which eased after taking zantac for heartburn Should the purple spot on the shaft of the penis be taken care of? Should i meet a doctor after having rashes after anesthetic for hernia surgery? What is the duration to conceive after the Salpingectomy? Would the vertigo possibly be a withdrawal symptom of not completing the medicine course? What could be the reason of blood coming out of nose while vomiting? How to cure burning sensation of ear due to cell phones? What could be the cause of blood clot in forearm, headache, eye pain? How can one know to have inflamation in hips? How to cure black circles outlining urethera? Does taking Duphaston for weak cervix a common treatment for the problem? Is it serious to have semen coming out of vagina after ejaculation? What can be done to cure outgrowth next to anus? What is the correct dosage of Gloeye to prevent mac. degen.? Can any online doctor help me to read MRI report? Is it safe to try to conceive while taking wikoryl for cold and sneezing? How to abort pregnancy with ayurveda? What is the cure for lumps under skin on lower left shin which is not improving even after taking cipro? Are Sulfer and Sulpha drugs the same? Is it possible to be pregnant after having periods, nausea, increased appetite and lower back pain? What are the treatments for ear pain, difficulty in hearing and wax build up? Should i be worried of pregnancy after taking unwanted 72 within 20 minutes of having sex? What is the meaning of the uterus scan result? After being operated for liposarcoma, why do I have tenderness? Are doxycyclin, lactic bacillus, belar forte and elina the right medication for pimples in face and neck? What is the cure for swelling in left ankle? How to cure swelling in feet caused due to an injury? Had mastectomy and chemo for breast cancer. Should I be worried about getting pain in legs and thigh? What is the right time to take HPT and how to abort it? Are late periods and unusual nature of periods symptoms of pregnancy? Why are we not able to conceive? Should i be worried of vaginal discharge after undergoing tubaligation 2 months ago? Could migraine be a side effect of taking microdantin for urinary infection? What causes lump and itchiness around the area of stitches? Are AF-400, nizrol solution and KZ cream the right medication for white spots on neck? Is my endoscopy report normal? When will the finger injury of a child heal? How long will it take to recover from bronchitis after finishing antibiotics? Is numbness in arm, skipping heartbeats a dangerous sign in a patient having BP 130/90 Why are Tikoprex and Riscon forte taken? What causes headache after the septioplasty, tonsil & adenoid removal surgery ? Is it normal to have bleeding 3-4 days before periods? How to cure menstrual disorder to have pregnancy? Has the injury healed if casts were removed but asked not to walk after fracturing calcaneus? How to cure pigmentation near eyes? No period after taking unwanted 72 after sex. Can I be pregnant? Can antibiotics be taken after the dental treatment instead of before? What is causing extreme sweating? What are the treatments for rashes spreading on face, shoulders and stomach, fever and cold? Can HRT be done at the age of 70 years? What could be the reasons for having headache and swollen glands on one side for a week? How long Subdural hematoma and athalamic infarct attacked person take to come into conscious? What causes the burning sensation and itchiness around the area of burning? What causes discomfort and swelling in scrotum after inguinal hernia? Should i be worried about the bruise on right side above waistline after being diagnosed with stomach cancer 5 years ago? Could Sensipar, Aspirin, metoprolol and Glimepriride be taken at the same time without any side effects? Why are the small, yellow spots on cheek and under eyes growing and turning into darker color? How long the steroid injection take to give relief to the pain due to osteo arthritis? Why is the foreskin becoming sore and irritated after the intercourse? Is i-pill effective if taken within 72 hours of having sex? Tested positive for hsv 1 and 2. Can any other virus affect the test and should I consider western bolt test? what relieves the pain in face, head and jaw? What could be the reason for swelling in knee, swollen and dark veins in calf, hands? What is the cure for pain in the jaw except for moist heat and pain pills? What kind of doctor can treat pain due to hamstring injury? Is teething or the lump behind the ear causing the child unhappy? Are there any chances to remove gall bladder stones during pregnancy without surgery? What is the solution for greenish yellow discharge, weightgain, pain in left side after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries? Does implant has the side effects of dizziness and stomach cramps? Is tingling in limbs and low appetite related heart disease? What are the symptoms that might indicate a recurrance of breast cancer after having surgery, chemo and radiation? Could feeling of air in right ear while breathing and ear pain be the side effecrs of taking vancomycin? What is the tiny black lump in the pus which came out when the lump on the scalp was popped? Have to undergo Cardio conversion for afib, if not successful another ablation is required? What causes a part of skull to hurt while washing hair? What does kalonpine treat? What causes burning sensation and redness in feet when stood for sometime? Are back pain, lower abdominal pain, dry lips, loss of appetite and sore breast symptoms of pregnancy? Should thyroid test be done if there is chest infection and flu symptoms? What could be the little bump with rashes and scab in arms and chest area? What causes stomach pain in females during intercourse? Could swelling in foot and ankle be due to bronchitis? What kind of scan or tests are recommended for lump in muscle, pain behind ear and neck spurs? Does high blood pressure cause gushing of liquid through nose and mouth? Sudden burning of the hands with no insect bite/ redness? Having swelling pain in mastoid process and can feel the pressure in head with no other symptoms How to treat constant stiffness and aches in the lower back of the head? Why is the child frequently falling ill who is underweight? What are the treatments for constipation and block in intestine due to constipation? What are the reasons for weakness, dizziness, headache, difficulty in walking and loss of appetite while taking furosemide? Is uric acid test necessary while suffering from warm, tender and swollen ankle? What causes pain in the side of the head while opening the mouth or chewing? What are the reasons for pain in tip of penis and pain in left side of pelvis? What kind of exercises can i do while having wpw? Is it safe to get pregnant while having TSH of 0.02? Suggest natural remedies for stinging symptoms and enlarged knuckles? What could it be if had a bump under the penis which is noticeable only during erection? What are the treatments required for diarrhea and dehydration? What diet should be followed to increase the weight and height of a 11 year old child? Is it okay to have 4th shot of anti rabies 4 days prior to the actual day? What is your opinion about getting fallopian tubes removed during partial hysterectomy? What kind of diet is recommended for a person recovering form bone TB? What are the reasons for dizzy spells, lightheadedness and sweaty palms after ruptured ovarian cyst surgery months ago? Will the baby have congenital abnormality if mother is having rubella igg, cmv igg, hsv igg positive during pregnancy period? Can you please prescribe any medicine to prepone periods? What does this test report signify:placenta is anterior,low lying not convering the OS, placenta is 4cm from the pelvis, during 24 weeks of pregnancy? Is it possible that ofloxacin, ornidazole and tinidazole taken for diarrhea with mucus have led to blackening of lips? Does drilling away at a bone to help release the nerve be useful to stop muscle spasms? What could pain and burning sensation under rib cage be after meal with loose stool and bloating? What is the cause for bodyache,headache with a low grade fever with Widal being positive? What is the medication recommended for a child suffering from fever and vomiting? Does panderm skin cream promote facial hair growth? Does HCG level 8 signify partial implantation? Is there an alternative to operation to get calcium deposits removed from ear bones chain? Does light bleeding signify pregnancy? Why am i always having a feeling of having crunchy food? What could headache be after bath? How long can my grandmother survive only on glucose drip? Does chest tightness and heartburn signify stress or indigestion? Can the use of skinlite prove beneficial for acne and dark circles? Is it safe to use neoptide serum for hair fall? Can risone tablet 1 mg be taken instead of syrup? What kind of problems can happen if uterus is measuring .5cm in 31 week pregnancy period? What is the dosage of meprate to postpone my periods and what are it s side effects? How to combat severe hair loss in males? How effective is Mpforte 2 tab for menstruation ? Does light brown discharge signify pregnancy? HCG injected in dominant follicle after follicle study. When to have intercourse and any chance of getting twins? What does LONC-LDH 244 level suggest ? What is the cause for cervical arthritis and pain in left arm and hand? Left side of neck stiff and sore with discomfort in shoulder blade, spine and groin What treatment is suggested for pain in left rib cage and back? Does NOVO-phane,Finasteride or Mulmin-F tablets cause kidney stone? Is ablation better than cardioversion for AF when on coumadin? What could cause free air passing through the ear ? How to cure constant stomach pain? How to heal cardioversion mediated chest burn? What could be the reason for having heaviness in head, sleepy eyes and warm and painful ears? Is there a medication available for lack of sleep and lack of hunger? Suggest medication for pain during intercoarse What else other than antibiotics and sulfas could be the remedy for chest congestion,cough and diarrhea with yellow urine? Vein raised and knotted between joints, sore to touch and having constant ache. What is it? What could cause mouth opening problem while on tobacco? What are the possible treatments for Chrostriditis ? What is the cause for the pain in my hip joint with a history of breast cancer? Is it okay to delay a shot of rabipur, the rabies vaccine? What could cause shoulder pain and swollen middle finger? Is swollen glands,stiff back and body ache related to hysterectomy? Can light vaginal bleed signify pregnancy? Have crohns and colitis and getting loose bowels with noise in stomach. What could it be? What could be the implication of spot on spine? Is there a prescription for antidepressants that do not result in stomach pain caused by fluvoxamine and zyprexa? Can unprotected sex during periods led to pregnancy? How long does pain caused by a vein in heel last? Can pregnancy be expected with negative test result? Which medicine among Naproxen, Tramadol and cyclobenzapr are narcotic? How to treat upper lip burn from waxing? Is a diabetic patient more vulnerable against bruising on knee? Why did I fainted after taking Codeine X and zopiclone for the first time? Is there any alternative name for Atopolol? Is Dalteparin safe on both mother and fetus? Is there a online pharmacy that takes medicare cigna for oxycodone? What does intermittent flash on eye with spider-web signify? Is it normal to develop tingling feeling in foot after Avulsion fracture on my ankle? What is the cause for numbness on the tongue with dizziness few weeks after the delivery? How to cure lower abdominal cramping ? Is ambien 5 more effective than trazodone 50? Is it possible that torn muscles could be causing stabbing pain in lower part of body? What is the remedy for black toes after the use of chemicals? Periods delayed and having gynera pills. Am I pregnant? What could whole left side of the body numbing be in a 8 years old child? Suggest medication post auricular sinus surgery What could the red bumps on thighs indicate? How to get rid of sharp ear pain along with burping? Is there a possibility of an infection after a physical touch with ejaculation? What possibilities are there to conceive 10 days past ovulation? Can abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing and palpitations be a result of taking Triamterene for high blood pressure? Can chest marking ptb on right upper lobe with undetermined activity be contagious? What does the urine like discharge from vagina while masturbating indicate? How to postpone period cycle? Is taking Breathex and Rinofast drops safe for problem passing the motion? What could tingling sensation after urination signify? How to cure neoplastic pineal cyst? Took unwanted 72 after intercourse but did not release sperm inside. What to do for having unexpected period? What is the allopathic medicine to advance my periods to an earlier time slot? How to heal severe sun burn with pressure in vein and tingling sensation? Does high level of tlc cause cancer? Are leg problems and a torn disc in the back related to being sporty? ESR level raised, TB gold report positive with no symptoms. How to treat it? What causes pain in the lower back and abdomen with itching in vagina? What does granuloma and pleural spaces on X-ray report of lungs mean? Can Concor and Eziday be together after CABG (triple bypass)? Does Avapro and Lyrica cause high BP if taken together? What cause stomach pain and loose stools having IBS? How to get rid the habit of taking alcohol? What aids in conceiving at the earliest? What is the remedy for headache, fever, vomiting and body pains? What relieves the pain in rib cage after a fall due to low BP? What causes spotting during periods after the Mymectomy surgery? What is the reason for sharp pain in penis of a 10 year old child? What is the home remedy for vaginal pain and itching in 8th month pregnancy and tips for natural delivery? Can I take valparin and keppro together? Could missing periods be due to pregnancy? What could the clear fluid along with a crunched tic tac through the nose be? Is it overdosage to put 2 candid tablets inside the vagina of a pregnant lady? What is the medication for itching in legs and hands and sleeplessness? What are the small blisters like bumps on the legs that are itchy? How can i get rid of the painful boils on inner thigh which has puss and blood? What is the solution for swelling in body due to kidney problems of a diabetic person? Should i be worried of sharp pain behind nipples and under breast? What could cause irregular periods,swollen abdomen ,weight gain and sore throat? How to get rid off tongue ulcers? What medicines should one take to cure respiratory problems? What could be the cause of body aches? How to get cured? How to treat swollen glands? How to control infant's cry? What could be the reason for face tingling and burning? Child fell on coccyx, having numbness in cheek, tongue, arm. Is this a cause of concern? Which is better between hemodialysis and peritoneal? What could be cause of experiencing brown spotting after having sex? Can using visine cause pupil dilation? What is the medication for swelling and burning in tongue while taking radio active iodine? Any diet to lose weight? What are the treatments for tiredness, body pain, headache, cough and nausea? What is the remedy for loss of appetite of a kid? What could be the reasons for having swelling in tongue and welt growing on neck? How to heal side stitch on tummy while highly constipated? What to do for cyclic vomiting issue with bluish spot found in stomach wall when EGD was done? What should be done for curing rectal spasms? What to do for premature ejaculation problem? How to heal itchy neck which is antihistamine resistant? What is the treatment for the hemorrhoid on bail bone? What causes bump on vaginal lip with history of genital herpes? What doctor should i consult for pain in left shoulder for a person having hypertension and enimenia? Does CLA benefit as an inflammatory agent against arthritis? What causes pain, tingling and numbness in forearms? Are sleepiness, swelling in hands and face and difficulty in bending fingers due to thyroid problems? What causes 2 dark brown spots around the bottom end of penis with hair coming out of them? What is the remedy for pain in bone? What could cause stabbing pain in the lower head? What causes shortness of breath and headache when breathing fast? What are the reasons for having lightheadedness, nausea and heart palpitations? Is kidney spotting controllable through medication? What are the treatments for abdominal pain, constipation and fever? Does cannabis have any negative effect on immunotherapy? What are the reasons for a person crying for no reason? Is there any treatment required for numbness and pins and needles in hand after doing painting work? How long will it take for the rash to go away after taking penicillin vk? Severe itching, swelling, redness after the cast removed. Is this cause for concern? What should be done to get periods regularly? Having mild numbness in thigh after IFV cycle. Will it heal on its own? How to cure swollen ankles and excessive weight gain? Is it normal to have blood pressure of 117/79 after stopping smoking? What could be the reason for often period and bleeding? When is the correct day to take norethisterone to cure irregular period? What could cause bloody discharge after going through menopause? Child having mild rash on upper arms, back, chest. How to treat it? Having cramping, white discharge, tender breast. Could i possibly be pregnant? Should I take motrin for shortness of breath though ultrasound on heart showed normal results? Started using triphasil instead of trigestrel. Is it must to follow correct dates? Is urgent surgery required after diagnosing with AVM on breast in 7th month of pregnancy? Is pain in groin area a serious matter of concern? What should be done for not becoming pregnant after having intercourse? What are the simple interpretations of the scan results? Is there any treatment for 86 year old bedridden patient suffering from parkinson and dementia? Is there any chance of continuing the pregnancy after finding debris around gestational sac in scan result? Does brown watery bleeding signify no ovulation? How to cure swelling of leg due to travelling? What are the treatments for swelling in ears of a 8 year old child? What anti-depressants can be taken along with savella (milnacipran HCl)? Is it normal to have spotting and heavy flow later after missing periods for 2 years? What is the treatment for sore throat? Does gerd cause burning sensation all the way till sternum? Any suggestion on 11% rapid linear progression mentioned in semen analysis? What could cause patches ,bubbles and burnt like marks on left hand and elbow ? What could be the reasons for having shortness of breath along with chest and throat tightness? How to treat swelling and dark blood blister in mouth? Confusion regarding removal of ovaries What are the treatments for fever, loss of appetite, more sleep and dehydration of a 1 year old baby? What is the treatment for leg pain and foot crapms? How to make body pimples off child body? What is the best treatment for severe muscle spasms in right arm? What should one have to increase weight? Does endura mass help? Does the drug norethisterone reset your cycle? What does it mean by inhomogeneous opacity in lower para cardiac region? How to cure white swollen lump formation under tooth? What should be done to cure swollen penis? How to get rid of pimple marks and black patches around lips? How to treat swelling in limbs, skin rashes and leg aches? Are my urine test results normal? What causes trouble to insert penis into vagina? Is it safe to give pomegranate juice to a 4 month old baby? What are the reasons for having red rashes on stomach after undergoing ectopic surgery? Does nexito cause drowsiness, vomiting sensation, hunger with water discharge from breasts? What causes blood when inserted whole finger inside vagina? What are the reasons for having heavy feeling in head while taking medications for high BP and high uric acid? How to heal injury mediated pain and blood coat under the knees? Suggest medication for irritation caused in kidneys What are the findings of the uterus scan results? What is the benefit of taking ubi q 100 tablets? Can opacified Fallopian tubes be treated? Can a type II diabetic take glyciphage and galvus for hypoglycemia? What are the natural treatments for redness in penis with white sticky substance and burning sensation? What causes lesions on face, head, belly, lower abdomen after having gall bladder stone operation? Is it possible to increase the girth of penis? What treatment is suggested for the pain and swelling in legs after falling? Any suggestion for severe chest infection, renal failure, osteoporosis with neurofibromatosis type 1? What are the possibilities of getting blocks after having positive TMT tests? What to do for missed periods with stomach pain and leg pain? What are the reasons for cold feeling in ovaries and lower back pain? What should be done for the swelling in penis after doing masturbation? Should i take susten when having normal period? How much time it takes to reduce dosage of spasmo proxyvon? What could be the actual problem behind food getting stuck in esophagus? Can i be pregnant after having i pill just after unprotected sex? How to cure constant pain under ribs on the left side? Is clomipure plus right drug for curing PCOS? What could be the withdrawal symptoms of zanax for flying anxiety? Is there a test for artery blockages? How to cure neck injury that keeps flaring up while exercise? Should i be worried of getting palpitations from taking ramipril? What to do for losing potassium though eat vegetables, include fiber content in diet? What could cause fatigue ? Should i be worried of headache in back of head and skull and nausea? What could post surgical consequence be for itchy skin tag removal? How to remove lump on inner thigh caused after piece of wood was removed from that area? Could swelling in glands of neck and migraine be the result of wisdom tooth trying to come out? What causes spasms, cramps in chest muscles, abdomen muscles along with feet muscles? What is the treatment for growth on kidney? What to do for penis size of 4.5 when soft and 5.9 when hard? What are the reasons for missing periods, white discharge with stomach swelling and urge to vomit? What are the possible treatments for Imiquimod inside vagina ? What causes brown oily discharge from anus with foul smell from vaginal area? Is there any painkiller other than tylonal for pain from head to neck for a person who is suffering from cancer? Can unprotected sex initiate pregnancy? What are the reasons for experiencing breast tenderness and quickening below stomach and having negative pregnancy tests? Suggest treatment for pain due to callus What is the remedy for severe pain in my shoulders and back when on muscle relaxant medication? How to detect tymonaisis and STD? How to treat lumps under armpit? How to cure itchy, rubbery, painful hard bump on forehead? What could be the cause of chest pain. How to get cured? What could be the reason for bleeding while taking contraceptive pill? What dosage of Robitussin A-C should be taken to cure cough? What can be done to get periods regularly? How to treat red sore on forearm? How many times per week one can have masturbation without any effect in health? How to treat leakage of stingy fluid from penis? What are the treatment options for chemical burns? What does lump on neck indicate? Is neomycin related to penicillin? What causes brownish vaginal discharge after passing stool and having sex? Suggest treatment for shoulder pain causing sweat and shortness in breath? Suggest treatment for muscle cramp leading to spread of discoloration in arm Is hair loss related to celebrex usage? I am about 11 weeks pregnant, I ve had light bleeding, What causes ticklish,scratchy feeling in chest with heaviness in lungs? How do i find a general surgeon in my area of Huntington Beach,Ca? Any diet plan to avoid intestines coming through stomach lining? What to do for cramping in calf of right leg and behind thighs? What causes to pass frequent and hot urine after masturbation? What to do for swelling with itching bumps on neck that didnot cure with antibiotics and steroids? How to treat tooth pain due to stitching of the gums ? Does coughing spells, swollen glands near throat indicates bronchitis or strep throat? What causes swelling and burning sensation on top of hand above knuckles and side of right foot? What is the cause for swollen inner ears when on medication for high blood pressure? What causes sore throat, tonsillitis with yellowish creamy odorless vaginal discharge after unprotected oral sex? What could brown bleed with severe pain be after sex? What is the cause for color change in the urine when on cartigen duo? What causes difference between the size of left and right testes? What is the cause for hearing issues after an ear injury? What causes light pink blood on wiping after started antibiotics for mouth infection? What is the cause for bleeding when on duphaston? Does Victoza taken for type II diabetes cause thyroid issues? What to do for itching and swelling in thumb that spread to arm and under armpit? Is white vaginal discarge indication of pregnancy? What is the use of chorionic gonadotropin injection? What is the cause for stomach pain when on consumption of chocolates and coconut with liquid discharge from belly? Is Thyroid cancer treatable with medicines alone? What causes clear slimy leakage from anus? Should I be worried for having abdominal atherosclerotic disease without aneurysm? What are the reasons for vomiting bile, shoulder pain and back pain? Is it safe to give meftal-p for a kid suffering from fever? Will Folivite help in getting pregnant? What do you suggest for inhomogenous opacity and arota being unfolded? How to improve shrinkage and enlargement of kidney s ? Is chemotherapy along with homeopathic treatment advisable for easofeagal cancer? Severe pain in back and hip. What does blood report suggest? Suggest treatment for tinnitus What to do if an 80 yr old has been diagnosed with breaking down of platelets and has lost height, weight due to spine deterioration? What causes itchy red patches on inner thighs, parts of lower and upper back? What is causing mild persistent headache after waking up in morning after angioplasty? How can I reduce weight to get regular periods? What is the solution for stomach flu with diarrhoea and gas? Should I consult the oncologist for the pain relief? Any suggestion for diet to be followed to gain weight? Blood pressure patient advised to take full revolol. Will there be any side effect? Does taking valium affects gamma GT readings in liver function test? Are boils around the scrotum caused by hepatitis C virus? What to do for acidity and heartburn? How to treat constipation, bloating, increased appetite and gastritis on eating something spicy? Suffering from frozen shoulder. Which medicine among dynapar, dolamide and emsulide with help in reducing pain? Does high BP cause any other disease in future? Any advice for pain in the limbs since 2 months in a 3 yr old hyperactive child? Thyroid test result shows Thyronormalcy so do I have thyroid problem? Should I be worried for nosebleed in a child? Does refluxes, back pain, difficulty swallowing indicate esophagus cancer? What could frequent seizures despite taking Epilex chrono medicine for a long time now? What to do for chronic gastritis with severe stomach pain and slight blood in stool? Any natural remedy to remove liquid filled area on outer calf? How can i increase my height by 4-5 inches at 23 years of age considering am 5 ft tall? Is flutivate safe to remove post herpectic and pit scars? Any help for open wound near upper crack of buttocks? Is it normal for a tender, red spot to appear under the penis during puberty? What to do after regaining weight on stopping ebexid tablets given for subclinical hypothyroid? Can I get my ultrasound done at 8 weeks instead of the prescribed 7th week of pregnancy? What is the remedy for bad breath? What to do for very light periods after taking glucophage for PCOS? Is there a possibility of pregnancy after the rupturing of follicles on the 111111111116th day of my cycle? Should I be concerned about the opening an closing of vaginal hole in a 1.5 yr old? What is your opinion about getting a surgery done on a 20 yr old for endometriosis and a large cyst on ovary? Is it normal to have a calculus within the midpole of the left kidney? Appendix bursted with localized damage and infection. Is it safe to drive long distance without operation? What kind of doctor should i see for weight gain, tingling in fingers, joint problems while taking levothyroxin? What could be the reason to get cracked skin on the foreskin of penis which burns when pulling it? What could be the red puss filled lumps under both armpits for a person undergone treatment for MRSA? Any suggestion on unable to eat properly due to stomach pain/bloating and within 5 minutes have diarrhea? Any advise for bad headache with bulging vein on left temple? What is the cause for a cyst on my ovary with cramping? Whats the cure for recurring Rosacea which temporarily subsides by momate? What causes frequent urination, vision problems in left eye, fatigue and feel like sleeping always? Any alternative medicine to Rybix ODT that can be taken for stomach problems? What are the reasons for experiencing breast tenderness and quickening below stomach and having negative pregnancy tests? What could be the reason for intermittent sore throat with fatigue? Is hydrocod/acetamin 10/325 the same as oxycod/acetamin 10/325? Whatdo you suggest for sinus pressure behind eyes with tiredness? What is the solution for stomach gurgling, gas, farting? What is the reason for abdominal pain, full feeling and burping? What is the cause of weight gain when on dexamethasone for Amyloidosis? Lower back pain and vaginal numbness with antibiotics not working? What is the treatment for removing dark spot under eyes? Best medication for pain in neck ? What causes bumpy black spot on the mouth roof close to gum line in a 9 month old? What is the remedy to reduce excessive sweating? What are the reasons for spotting, nausea and headache of a person with irregular periods? No relief from bursitis and tenderness in shoulder after having anti inflammation tablets and accupunture What to do if no medication works for a condition called Hydranites Surpitiva in which painful boils turn into hard bumps? Sudden swelling and pain in the left hand in a person on pacemaker and who had aortic valve replacement 2 years ago? What is the cause for my bad body odour? Any home remedy for soreness in ear? How to discontinue Skinlite cream while retaining the fairness ? Can 500mg penicillin taken for tonsillitis cause swollen gums, sore throat, dizziness and fatigue? Why am i having back pain and hip after getting up in the morning? What is the solution to fix a peeling feet of a competitive swimmer? What do you suggest for back pain from prostrate cancer when on zytiga? Can lower platelets count cause low energy levels? Is there a natural remedy to get rid of fever, welting as reactions to a tetanus shot? What are the reasons for having light bleeding after periods, pain around belly button, headache and heartburn? What is the remedy for scars on my back caused by fungal infection? I am taking both zetia and zocor medicines. Which one is better? Is there any non narcotic pain medication to reduce painful flair ups of Gastroparesis ? Can working in construction cause a lump in the lower back? What is the implication having the result reactive to HBsAg test? Is it common to get tenderness on breasts and pain around armpits ? Is a dermatologist the right person to see for small freckle like spots in the vagina? What are the causes of having nausea and vomiting and CT scan showing a mass on liver? Can a person walk, drive a car, ride a bike, walk up ramps after a fusion of both the subtalar and ankle joints? Does Prednisone have any side effects? Swollen ankles while movement in a sedentary job in a person without thyroid and who is on synth rood. What to do for reactive lymphoid hyperplasia? How to overcome the pain during sex after surgery? What are the reasons for tingling and itching feeling all over body? Can advent syrup cause loose motion and how to cure the anal rashes due to loose motion in a 2 months old baby? Is Metformin not advisable before the HSG test? Why do both hands get stiff and pain in index finger on left hand ? Is it serious for a report that says the left renal pelvis of the foetus is prominent ,follow up is advised in the third trimester? Can zolpidem, topiramte, premaren, dematrol, topramax be taken together? Hello Dr Sam , I have a HSG test tomorrow What are the causes for poor circulation in legs, cold feeling in feet and discoloration in legs? What could be the reason for having pain in my wrist, knuckle and ankle? Had MI years ago. Feeling better with atorvastatin, plagerine, flavadon and telmiget so should I continue them? Is it a problem to take metformin before before a HSG test? Suggestions to clear few sebaceous cysts on the scrotum Could pain on left side under ribs be due to the stone in inferior pole of left kidney? Is it safe to take metformin before HSG test? What causes period like sensation after been on lupron depot for endometriosis? What is the correct range of A1C in a diabetic? Is Metformin not advisable to take prior to HSG test? Does brown spotting while on Nexplanon mean it is not working ? Can white waxy scars on skin be a symptom of skin cancer? Is it advisable to take metformin prior to my HSG test? Is it safe to take MT pills? What is the treatment for painful bump in crack of buttock? Is it advisable to take metformin prior to HSG test? Is there any possibility of pregnancy as i am having mild cramps, itchy nipple, missed periods and swollen breasts? Is it bad to masturbate once in two days ? What are the reasons for spotting, bleeding and negative pregnancy tests? How to raise the blood counts before chemo treatment? What are the symptoms of chlamydia? What is the remedy for loose motion of a 11 month old baby? Reasons for sharp abdominal pains with tenderness and slight pressure ? Will the IQ of the baby be affected after mother having thyroid problems during pregnancy? Is it normal to bleed after taking levonelle after unprotected sex? Periods not due What could be the reason for having bad pain and getting sick by throwing up blood? What is the right time to check for pregnancy? What could be the reason for having loose stools and blood in stool? Any remedy for painful shoulder with shooting pain in arm or numbness in fingers? What is the treatment for rash under arm which is burning and itching? What is the permanent solution for constipation? What is causing sharp pains in both sides with constipation and nausea feeling? As per the Histosalpingogram (HSG) report what are my chances of conceiving successfully? Is there a possibility of pregnancy after sex? What is the cure for burn mark on cheek? How can I put on weight and overcome gastrointestinal problems? Getting irregular periods with cramps after stopping Depo. How long will it be unpredictable? Is there any tablet to get periods in 2 days? Will it be safe to drink alcohol after taking paracetamol and codeine for migraine? Should i be worried as i am having bleeding from my belly button after doing exercise? Pain and burning sensation across right buttock, hip and outer leg with tingling in toes. Standing relieves pain Does a pinched nerve cause tingly sensation running down leg from hip to toes ? Any problems with enlarged uterus with single viable intrauterine fetus ? What are the reasons for having bruise on abdomen and intermittent back pain? Have wheezing and shortness of breath after walking. X-ray shows shadow in right lung, CT scan due What should i do after having pain in penis and tight feeling on top portion? How to overcome the over weight in legs and hips ? What could be the reasons for vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and watery mouth? Will anti fungal cream help in curing infection caused by spider bite? Took steroid and z pack after unbearable throat pain but spitted lot of blood. Visit to ER required? What does ischemia with moderate right precordial repolarization disturbance in ECG mean ? Is reverse tuba ligation possible? What causes spotting, headaches, sore breasts and nausea? After undergoing treatment for mild scabies, was given Premethrin, what could persistent red bumps and tingling imply? Will Amoxicillin help with sepsis due to drained abscess in the roof of mouth ? Can anxiety cause cysts in the chest with burning sensation ? How much time will antibiotic take to cure red and itchy rash in lower legs? What could the white string like things in the throat sticking to the tonsil be? What causes abdominal crampin when suffering from liver disease and hypertension? Any advice for recurring seizures even after taking levipil and yaz for PCOD? Is it normal to have bleeding after intercourse for the first time with radical hysterectomy? What are the reasons for having difficulty in swallowing for a person having cysts in kidney and born with 2 tubes? What else to do to stop wheezing in a child other than taking distaclor, levolin, nebulizer? Mild numbness in tip of pinky. Have low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Family history of stroke What are the reasons for having bleeding and cramps after intercourse? Why there is swelling in vein below thumb and turning blue after picking up football? Is it dangerous to stop Plavix since it is giving me flushing in the face and sickness in stomach? Is it right to switch between Tylenol and Motrin for a baby suffering from fever, hoarseness in voice? Condom broke during sex with lot of precum around penis. What are the chances of getting pregnant? What causes severe vaginal bleeding after having colonoscopy? Dry, itchy and cracky feeling in labia majora and minoria. What causes blisters that peels off after taking bath? Long black curly line in right eye which moves with eye movement. What could it be? What is the remedy for itchy red and purple blotches on my ankle when on trypsin and chymotypsin? What causes huge and itchy rash on calf area of leg and knee? Any chances of getting pregnant after condom breakage? How is hemochromatosis diagnosed? What to do for bad varicose veins that has caused pain, hardness and redness in left calf veins? Is the child safe after tingling and numbness subsides from yellow fever vaccination shot? What are the findings of the trans vaginal ultrasound? Is it true that when taking Divalproex sodium, one cannot eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice? What are the remedies for antral gastritis and stomach discomfort? What could cause concurrence of breast cancer and abnormality in PAP smear, also have undergone hysterectomy? Little exertion making me feel fatigued and dizzy with low blood pressure. Stress test/ echo normal Prescribed 282 meps along with trans patch for fibromyalgia pain. Is there any alternative to 282 meps? Swelling, itch and numbness after a deep cut above the eyebrow for 2 months. How to cure itchiness in ball sack and irritating penis tickle? Can bystolic, amitripiline and lasix interactions result in gaining weight? What could it be if having sore throat with swollen glands, fever and difficulty in swallowing? Lupus test required for arthritis and hoshshemoto hyper thyroidism. What to do for strep throat? Reason for getting irregular periods with nausea feeling, headaches and bleeding after intercourse. Have PCOS and on clomid Is it possible to get cervical cancer after hysterectomy or breast cancer treatment? Can telmisartan 40 mg + clindipene combination at nighttime cause giddiness, headache, and sweating? What causes restless in legs, stiffness in neck with nerves on edge after taking abilify, lithium and lamictal? What is the remedy for very low BP, dizziness specially at night in a person who has had triple bypass? Is it a matter of concern if baby is sleeping longer than usual and not urinated since 10 hours? What are the chances of getting impetigo or any other sickness after recovered from chicken pox? Should i meet a doctor after having blisters and splotches on hands after taking doxycycline hylcate? Is it normal to have swelling in fingers after having a cut 2 days ago? Chances of developing cervical cancer since gynaecologist is suspecting unknown cells after cervix has been removed? How to lower BP after putting stent a month ago even after taking med for BP and inflamed prostate? What are the causes of having severe left flank pain? What is the reason for having pressure in head? Sudden swelling of the lower gum with a tiny white spot in a patient with TMJ. Can swollen feet and ankles be due to changing thyroid medication from Levoxyl to Synthroid? What is the cause for a pop in my abdomen with throbbing pain? What causes swelling and pain in the foot on sitting after walking? Regular smoker, unable to eat certain food due to stool problem and having regular headache. How to cure? Can DTap and polio vaccine cause fever and chest congestion after 3 days? Is pain in the knee radiating to ankle and arthritis in spine related? Nose tender and heard loud pop after been hit by child s head. Should I get it checked? How to confirm pregnancy and precautions to take to avoid it? What is the remedy for a red itchy rash on my neck,chest and arms? What could the white pus filled bumps on vagina be if it is not herpes? Experiencing inflammation in leg after taking simvastatin. How to counter the side effect? What is the remedy for stomach cramps and diarrhea when onj welchol? Can tilting of the head on sitting down indicate MS or something else in an MS affected patient? Unable to pass water after application of compression and stent. Trying to conceive. Reason for having periods in the middle of ovulation What is the remedy for the pain in the leg toe joint when on febuget after eating lamb and chicken? What causes shrunken labia majora? How to cure red, often watery eyes with occasional itching along with uncomfortable throat? What is the treatment for fever of a 10 month old baby which is not curing even after taking fepanil? Why am I freezing with hurting bones even after reducing the dosage of blood thinners? How to alleviate nausea feeling while taking Morgidox for treating Lyme Disease and how effective is this treatment? Is it safe to take finax for hairloss? Can I take Clarithromycin for urinary tract infection and why am I having constant urge to urinate? What is the reason for having on and off pain in center of chest? Is it no pregnancy when bleeding happens after taking A+Opk and clomid intake for 3 months? Can I conceive as this is my Proliferate phase and have taken IVF? Does Lexapro leads to lack of sex drive? What is the white spot seen in the chest X-ray and has cancer to the right kidney? Why is the bone sticking out of spine of a 3 year old kid? Why blood platelets are not increasing with prednisone and ivs? Don t want to undergo spleenectomy What causes the painful knot at the end of the collar bone? What s causing heart, kidney, lower back pain and chills since 3 yrs after treatment with iv vancomycin for MRSA? How to permanently cure itchy area in between the scrotum and thigh? What are the reasons for having dizziness and clogged ears for a person having vertigo? Can hysterectomy be a result of being in a car accident? What causes very light brown periods with pimples on face after having unprotected sex? Should I be concerned for the Alzheimer s having swollen feet and taking only vitamins? How to cure constipation after abdominal hysterectomy when stool softeners don t work? Loss of appetite is causing weight loss and nausea feeling also experiencing swallowing difficulty What causes bad breaths and odd body odour with loss of appetite? What tests should i take to check my arteries after having shortness of breath? Is it safe for an 86 yr old to take Ultraset after a fall? What is the remedy for bleeding due to a cut in vagina? is Tikosyn safe to take as I am suffering with AFIB? Have shin splints for years, now getting with plantar fasciitis. Pain relievers not helping. Should I opt for surgery? What causes white line with pressure on tonsil with blocked nose and occasional pain in the temple? Could the symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and yellowish eyes lead to pancreatic cancer? What s causing constant nausea/ abdominal pain with inability to eat and black stools? How to remove bruise and knots in hip formed after hitting volleyball? How to treat recurring cough and cold in a child with normal blood tests? Are Hormones responsible for the anxiety and mood changes? What is the remedy for a sore throat with nauseous and a history of acid reflux? Can bird poop intake by a yr old lead to diarrhea, fever and bloody mucus stools after 6 wks? What is the procedure for nephrectomy having a history of renal cancer? How to heal and prevent a scar at the point where mole was removed using apple vinegar? Is it serious when the report says mild prostatomegaly with prostate 27cc? Could weight gain, swollen abdomen and tightness be the symptoms of pregnancy? Could vomiting and headache be the symptom of pregnancy? Feeling gassy, having diarrhea and difficulty in digesting. Urine dark with no fever and chills Constant headache, abdominal/leg pain in a 5 yr female with tiredness and no appetite. Can a tattoo be done on the Morphea patches without any bad reactions? Cause for a person to be tired all the time? Can bulging penis while urinating cause a serious problem? Is it safe to use regestrone to pre/ post pone the regular periods? How long melisma take to get cured without causing any side effects? What do you suggest for stool culture test containing gram negative klebsiella isolate with typhoid when on norflox? Have pain in the abdomen after appendicitis surgery Can blood test confirm pregnancy if the urine test is negative? How to control BP in the safe range? Have headache after taking glenna for RRMS Difficulty in peeing after taking oxybytitin inspite of the urge. Causes for restlessness, sleeplessness and feeling of rush in a 71year old woman? Have tiredness, nausea, pain during urination and itching in the vagina What do you suggest for the feeling popping of lateral side of the left calf while dancing? Does Suncrose Aqua gel suits both dry and oily skin? Can root canal procedure cause nose bleeding? Left arm / knee goes numb in a person who has clots in both lungs and 2.4 cm in aorta. Is emenzen-d,winolap and cepodem advisable for swelling below the ear? How to pre-pone or post-pone the periods? What is causing head irritation, laziness and sleepy the whole day long? What do i do to get over the addiction of spasmo proxyvon? Is there a vegan replacement for shelcal in pregnancy? Is surgery required for oblique at the posterior, knee joint effusion? What is an alternative for Zanidip to let a heart patient go to sleep? What causes vomiting and Diarrhea in a one month old infant who has WBC in stools? Is it safe to take tablets a month after their expiry date? My father was advised to go for thallium stress test after angiography. Is this test really required? Can less sperm count and A-Rapid progressive motility of 10 lead to pregnancy and how to increase the former? What is the meaning of mild diffuse cerebral edema? What could cause parched mouth, stuttering, difficulty in swallowing and back pain on right side? Are light stomach aches and slightly irregular periods side effects of unwanted 72 pills? What is the treatment for the foreskin cracks, itching and dry skin? Why am i having pain in testicle after doing frequent masturbation? Will IVF be successful after doing adhesiolysis and tissues of Endometrial curettings for DNA-PCR taken for examination? What is the cure for recurring red bump like urticaria on body? How to sooth deep weeping acne on the face? What causes leg swelling after bladder infection? What is the cause for discomfort in the taint area when sitting after a radical prostectomy and radiation? Should I undergo angiography for chest pain after angioplasty? What are the treatments for painful bumps behind ear and weight like feeling in ears? Could difficulty in raising shoulders and lifting heavy objects be due to muscle strain or dislocation? What is the cause and treatment for lingering chest pain? can my girlfriend get pregnant after fingering her considering i ejaculated on my fingers? What are the reasons for having pain in left side after undergoing mesh replacement surgery months back? What is the permanent cure for cervicalgia? What does a sore, purple lump on inner thigh indicate, also a dark line runs through it? What are the treatments for having ear pain, swollen ear canal, swollen lymph node for a person having RA? What causes abnormal embryo biopsies after IVF cycle? How to manage severe depression and anxiety that hasn't improved despite the medicine Sertraline? Why am I having uncontrollable itching after holding marigold branches? What do you suggest for delay in periods after the consumption of an I pill? What are the suggestions from the blood test results? Could the bruising and swelling of the testicles after Hernia be serious? How to overcome the severe pain caused by the tubes in my ears due to infections? What is the remedy for ulcers in my mouth with burning sensation? What could be the reason for having shooting pain from bottom jaw to the top of head? Could pain in wrist during night and early morning indicate spondylitis, also have history of arthritis? Could the black specks in the urine be kidney stones? What are the side effects of taking Prozac ? Is taking tylenol safe for tooth ache and gum problem in children? How effective is Chloroquine and primaquine for malaria ? How to cure red marks around the lower back? Suggest treatment for perforation of ear drum Does hypertension cause swelling at the labia area? What is the reason for dizziness with vision problems after physical work? Could irregular periods, weight gain and belly fat indicate onset of menopause? Does X-ray report with no scar signify no TB? How does vitamin C relate to pain in joints ? What could red patches in lower leg be with history of congestive heart failure and 3 open heart surgery? What are the possible treatment for nausea, dizziness and irregular appetite ? What can be taken for knee pain except Tramadol and Ibuprofen? What could cause headache ,cough and swelling of eye? Suggest medication for irregular periods What is the cause of coughing blood, trouble breathing and pain under rib cage after sex? Could AZO work for urinary tract infection? Should I visit a doctor if I do not get periods after a Primolut dosage? What does red,raised bump on leg indicate ? What is the cause of chest pain while eating? Am I pregnant if I have irregular periods after having sex? What does level 112/60 indicate for high BP? What could diarrhea every day with dark brown watery stool signify? What is the cause of green discharge, pain, itching and burning sensation in vagina? Suffering from intermittent cough and dizziness What is the treatment for pain behind eye but no fever or headache? What exercises are safe if I have an aneurysm? Does taking antibiotics cause pain in body? Can intimating on 15th day of period cycle initiate pregnancy? When will periods happen after taking Unwanted 72 after intercourse? Why there is a bad odour during masturbation? Will Mintop and bhringraj oil restore hair growth? What is the treatment for interrupted periods after taking Ovral? What is the treatment for pain in back and leg, numbness in leg, and stomach tenderness? Can I father a child if I masturbate regularly? What is the reason for headache after taking tetracycline for acne? Can a woman conceive at the age of 45? What is the reason for fever after child's treatment for mosquito repellant poisoning? Will I have hair loss after stopping the use of Minoxidil? What is the treatment for child's fever due to typhoid? Chances of pregnancy having water bubbles in the ovary? What can be done to treat high blood pressure? What can be done to control the urge to masturbate? Could Diabetes be maintained without medications? What is the treatment for the pimples on the face and forehead? What could be done for the mouth ulcers suffering since couple of years? What is the remedy for the pain in the bottom part of the foot? What is the treatment for fibroadenosis and blood stains upon squeezing nipple? Suggest a remedy for the cracked skin on the penis which is causing burning while urinating Do Cal Mag-D, Glucosamine, Salmon omega-3, Parselenium help in reducing the arthritic pain? What is the cause of burning and itching vaginal sores after intercourse? Can amoxicillin treat chlamydia? What is the treatment for trouble breathing and throat restriction? Could the fever be due to accidental intake of mosquito repellent in a two year old? What are the home remedies to treat tan and sunburn? Could the irritation and soreness in vagina be some kind of STD? Meaning of HSG test result showing patent fallopian tubes with minimal peritoneal spill? Could you advise a healthy diet to overcome the weakness caused due to frequent masturbation? How long will drainage occur after pulling out wisdom tooth? What is the cause of burning ear after using vinegar-based homemade ear drops? What causes frequent UTI s without any symptoms? What is the cause of pain under ball of feet and toes? How can I check if hymen is intact? Does urea in high content have adverse effects on a person having CKD? What is the treatment for pain in feet due to sore? Can I fall pregnant if Postinor is taken in small doses? Would you advise for surgical abortion if the foetus has stopped growing? Why are there lumps under the arms discharging white thick foul smelling liquid? Is Duphaston and Susten harmful during pregnancy? What causes the delay in periods while taking duphaston has not helped? What is the treatment for leg pain that is not relieved by Tramal? What is the treatment for mildly enlarged liver due to hepatitis B infection? What is the cause of delayed period and brown discharge? What is the treatment for swelling on side of face and pain below collarbone? Is Clomid, Primolut, and Folic acid good for egg growth? Do Zentel, Rinifol and obimet increase the chances of pregnancy? What are the major symptoms of bronchitis ? Can Nordette cause delayed periods? Experiencing stomach ache,vomiting and cold body.What could be the reason? Is operation the only way to heal a frequently draining ear? What are the possible medications for allergy due to citric related food ? Does Famynor tablets cause nausea and increase in appetite? How to overcome premature ejaculation by excess masturbation? How to heal a chronic hip pain? How to cure dead skin issue ? How to prevent semen from entering in the vagina during sex? What medicament is needed to be relieved from hives? What is the treatment for nausea and pain due to abdominal attack? How to treat a deeply cut knuckle? Is rekmox tablet safe for cold ? Is surgery the best option for fluid build up on knee ? How long will it take to cure a a swollen leg caused by hitting on rocks? Will the swelling in the genital of a 5 yr old after falling subside with time? How to treat a child with wheezing? What is the remedy for the wheezing and bronchitis? Can allergy pills cause red dots on lower part? Can Fibromyalgia cause nauseated feeling with metallic taste in mouth ? What does mild anerysmal dilation of the aorta at the spine in CAT scan mean ? Reason for having headaches, dizziness, mood swings, abdominal pains and spotting. IUD coil fitted few months back Which among Dexamethasone or Diamox is safe for use at high altitude ? Does Crest syndrome cause blotchy gray arms ? Will wine show up in urine test while on Suboxone treatment ? Absence of period for months. Will the period be regularized by hormone replacement therapy? Why painkillers after wisdom tooth surgery are not reducing the pain ? How to remove brown spots on face which are unsightly? Is stiffness on right side near healthy tube after a d&c due to fallopian tube burst normal ? Cure for red and raised skin rash affecting arms in axillary areas and top of both thighs Waking up tired despite a good sleep after being on lexapro for 2 months. Reason for bowel movements after each meal with vomitings and hot and cold flushes What could be the cause of swelling in both the legs while having elevated BP and on water pill? What causes pain in the shoulder that is radiating to the connected limb? Any recommendations about red bottom area on the corner of eye due to small drop of rubber alcohol ? Can pus cells in urine come from prostrate? What s causing headache behind the head on left side? What are the ingredients in VersaPro cream base ? Suggest treatment for weight gain due to hysterectomy Can missing cartia ( for high BP ) for 2 days lead to headache? Any cream that reduces pigmented spots on face ? How to cure thrush in mouth in a diabetic person? Is it normal to have spotting a week after trans vaginal endoscopy? What is the remedy for the insect bite causing swelling, itching and pain? How effective is prednisone for histoplasmosis ? What is the reason for feeling of heat on feet? Should I be concerned about headache after taking aspirin? What could cause a pain on the right hand side of the upper chest? How to treat an allergic reaction caused on the lip followed by a cartilige like mass? Does slight red discharge through out ovulation time after sex mean I m pregnant ? Should i be worried about the little bumps around anus? What does disc bulge with bilateral fact arthropathy could indicate? Are there any home remedies for stomach ulcer? Can there be MS symptoms after chemotherapy (taxol) for breast cancer? Could the pounding, fluttering in chest be stress related? What causes delay in periods while ultrasound showing no gestational sac? How to heal a prolonged pain in the lower stomach? What is the treatment for boils on sides of breast and under stomach? What could cause red bumps and itchiness around scrotum? Causes for severe pain in left leg and calf muscle with swollen toes Is there any treatment for thinning of lining of kidneys What causes stiffness, numbness in leg even after having a knee replacement? What treatment is suggested to reduce lump on the leg? What to expect if having enlarged heart, leaky valve and 35 percent heart capacity with enlarged lymph nodes in lung? Can stool softener cause diarrhoea and mucus from anus? How to cure major muscle cramps in legs? What does blood overheats mean? What could it be if having hard knot on the upper back which has turned purple and oozing pus? How effective is Ramipril for BP ? Can the testicle parasite that feels like moving around in scrotum be detected and how ? Can the child have teething at 3 months as the tongue darting in and out? How safe is Histamine phosphate for vertigo? Does experiencing dry mouth and increased thirst indicate strep throat ? Could red sore on eyelids be due to the usage of hair color products? What is the solution for stretch marks, discharge from penis after using a penis pump?
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