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Had pain when breathing, sore throat, headaches, fatigue, eyelid swelling. Mono? Took gastritis pills for abortion. Bleeding, waist and back hurting. Possibility of pregnancy not terminated? Swelling and bleeding as handle hit on nose, black and blue on eye. Is it broken? Should i consult a doctor? Swollen leg, bubbles draining out. Diabetes high. Have artery diffuse. How will it affect health? Had nissen fundoplication, vomiting, pain in abdomen, feels food poisoning from chicken Have pain in left lower back, hips, feel inflammation while urinating. Whom to consult? Found painful hard lump under jaw. Spreading to face, down neck, into ear. Lips are numb Hair dry, rough. No shampoo suiting. Suggested Triclanz shampoo, triflow conditioner. No result. More dandruff. Suggest? Tightness while taking deep breath. Taking Athoclav, Doxolin, Bevon, Montral. Feeling better but have anxiety, head spinning Dark veins in abdomen more visible. Skin tone not changed. What can cause this change? Pregnant. Want an abortion. How should i take unwanted kit? Advised mifepristone, misoprostol Had a mosquito bite. Put alcohol and applied neosporian. Noticed a knot under skin. Took aspirin. Is it fine? Pain while trying to have sex, burning sensation while fingering, lack of lubrication. Dry skin after using advised xylocaine. Help Suffering from bleeding. MRI of abdomen showed fibroids. Cervical, endometrial biopsy done. What does the finding mean? Seizures in right leg with uncontrollable movements. No help from multiple medications. Suggest Old aged, not eating food, not sleeping properly, stomach feels full, less stamina to work. Solution? Got diabetes, chronic renal failure. Have discoloration on mid lip, pain when touched, puffed. Right medication? Sound of tendon or muscle popping out of left thigh above knee while stretching, weird sound when leg is bent. No pain. Ideas? Chest x-ray result shows minimal pulmonary tuberculosis. Never smoked. Prescribed Refampicin Isoniazid Pyrazinamid Ethambutol Have hair fall with dandruff. Any side effect free, effective shampoo for dandruff? Oil for hair growth? Have sticky discharge happening on movement, swelling. Taking medicines. Diagnosed perianal fistula. Surgery needed? Had total knee replacement surgery. Have a rash on lower back with red bumps. Have spots in wrists, palms. Easy way to get cure? Fell off, broke two vertebrae. Have compression fractures. Take beclametasone. Developed a chest infection. Coughing affects compression? Have pimples, black heads. Right medication? Have irregular periods. Diagnosed with pcos. On meprate, regstrone. Normal with medicines. Is this the cause for concern? Had no periods after delivery. Prescribed novelon. Used copper t, have bleeding, baby stopped breastfeeding since taking pills Have white things in ears. Shall i remove it myself or go to ER? Have delayed period, stomach ache, bloated, hip pain. Taking birth control errin. Am I ovulating? Dildo was inserted in vagina. Noticed clear watery liquid and tampons are pink. what to do? Suffering from ache, scars on back. Tried every possible treatment, symptoms still present. How to cure completely? Have knee pain. Any home or natural ways to heal it? Struggle with mixed depression and anxiety symptoms. On Pristiq. Could I ask a doctor? Pregnant. Done thyroid function test. Are the findings in normal range? Had lumpectomy, chemo, radiation. Taking letrozole. Leg hurts during night. High LDH level Yellowish discharge with odor after cervical cauterization. Lower abdominal pain while urinating. BP, body temperature low. Infection? Head injury, seizures, bleeding, nausea. What does craniotomy for a cavernous malformation resection mean? Eyes closed during capturing photos. What should be done to get rid of this? Did ER. Side of the belly button is on fire movement. When still, it reduces. Have bowel movement after eating. CT, Ultra normal. Prognosis? Ear pain. Advised bevon tablets. Recommended MRI scan. Do I need further treatment? Bad cough, fever, chills and wheezing. X-rays taken. Given antibiotics with prednisone. What does foggy spit mean? Have a lump under nipples. Not hurting. It moves under the nipple. A faint red siecle seen. Should I be worried about the findings? Taking the below attached tablets. Stomach burning, nausea. Continue medications? Had unprotected sex. Ejaculated at her mouth of vagina. Took pill. Slight bleeding seen for 3 days. Have missed periods. Chances of conceiving? Have a lump under armpit. Squeezed it. Blood came. Now it is purple. Don't shave my armpits. What does it indicate? Taking warfarine due to DVT. Legs and wrist got twisted. Plastered and having pain. What to do? Had sex. Missed periods. Going to give MT pill. Safe remedy? Been masturbating, loss of self confidence, self esteem, memory issues, lost weight, Is there a medication for it? Belly button has foul smell, yellow mucus, lower back and abdominal pain, hips pain, headaches. What is it? Blister on lips, redness, bleeding. Is it due to excessive heat in body? Have pain in buttocks area due to fall, spasms occur. Had injury to coccyx. Related? Recurrent Dyspepsia, acid vomit, headaches. On pantoprazole. Is it genetical? Baby vomiting frequently specially after feeds. Worried Bitten by dog and took anti rabies injections. Again bitten by a puppy on lips. How long does the anti rabies vaccination last? Intravaginal ultrasound shows anteverted uterus, thick endometrium, Endometrial Polyp cystic follicle. What does it mean? Burning sensation in between rectum and scrotum. Done with urine and blood test. Still suffering. Suggest the treatment? Had flu attack, feeling weak, cough, itchy feeling on arms. Normal flu symptoms? Blackhead on left breast. Popped it and it is swollen. Will I get infected? Hospitalised for high BP, cholesterol, neck enlargement. Severe pain in face, neck, throat. Muscular, joint, bone pains. Recommend a specialist? Any medicine to prevent and dissolve blockages in heart if any ? Borderline ischemic in TMT Red vertical line above the nose in between the eyebrows. Appears intermittently. Reason? Birth mark on right leg on lower thigh changing color, burning badly. Is it renovascular disease ? Have follicular lymphoma, sciatic pain. Treated with rituxan. Could this be the lymphoma? On Levothyroxine for hypothyroid. Can I take a medicine containing pseudoepidrine with Levo for cold without any side effects? Light bleeding, spotting after periods. Have healthy sex life. Should I be worried? Taking OTC for heartburn. Uncomfortable, felt like heart attack. Orange discharge from rectum. GI to be consulted? Severe heart burn. Taking OTC drug Prilosec and antacid. Indicative of ulcer or some gastroesophageal issue? Have six bulging disc in spine, Badinski sign. Treatment procedure and its cost? Having painful lump below knee cap. Hurts to walk, bend beyond 25 degrees. Having diabetes, pancreatitis. What could it be? Constant swollen lips, inflammed cheeks on the left side of mouth. Diagnosed as allergy. What could it be? Children suffering from recurring cold, wheezing. Nebulising with levolin, budecot respule. Time taken for complete cure? Tired, bloated, sick, less bowel movement. Came off contraceptive pills, still bleeding, pain between breasts Persistent throbbing pain after teeth filling. On antibiotics for infection. Pain radiating from teeth to gums Child having intermittent chest pains. ECG shows irregular heartbeats. Doctor says the results could be wrong. Opinion? Dizziness, hands shaking after second infusion of benlysta for lupus. Side effects? Got hit in the face. Had dizziness, blurriness. After three days having headaches, sensitivity. Matter of concern? Has tongue cancer, unable to speak, eat or take fluids. Life expectancy? Had an endoscopy with throat dilation. Numb feeling in back, had acid reflux and taking omneprazole Lump under tail bone, painful, growing bigger. Underlying cause? Suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis. Taking cymbalta, seraquil, not helping Burning irritation on penis tip while urinating after blow job. Possibility of contracting STD? Had 2 neck surgeries. Neck pain, headache, numbness, tingling in legs, muscles. Have herniated disc with gallstones Have tonsils removed previously. Pain in neck, throat, skin tag in the tonsils area. Reason for pain? Sore throat, scratchy, phlegm. Singer. Easy way to get cure? Unbearable pain in groin, hurts while pressing, during bowel movement. Got off periods Cold sore prescribed Valtrex, Zovirax. Dry chapped lips used Vaseline, chapsticks. Bottom lips swollen, red, throbbing like heartbeat Seizures. Menstrual cycle not proper. Tests on brains all negative. Is it Lupus or due to anemia? Had ultrasound, been told there is irregularity in the heartbeat of baby. Dangerous? Unprotected oral sex. Tingling sensation in penis. Chances of STD? Advised to take cifran-ct tabs, sporanox. What diet to be followed to avoid loose motion and tiredness? Dark brown spot on scrotum. Is it a birth mark or a mole? Child born with pulmonary valve stenosis. Have frequent nosebleeds. Is it related to congenital heart defects? Why are symptoms of postprandial anxiety, tachycardia, hypertension always investigated through the lens of hypoglycemia as in an adrenergic response? 1 month baby, cold, coughing, red and puffy eyes. Applying nasal spray. What more could be done? 85 year, high BP after husbands death. How dangerous is the BP level? Donated bone marrow to trust. Investigations shows having granulomethis as child. Any action needed? Lower back pain, abdominal pain, dark yellow urine. Taking laxative, hydrocodone, magnesia Pain, irritation in right eye, scratched it. Will eye drops help? Lump at sternum, borderline diabetic. Pain in lower ribs and history of indigestion. Contact doctor soon? Virgin, rubbed penis into vagina but didnot ejaculate. Didnot get periods. No sign of pregnancy,abdominal discomfort Bumps on head, neck, headaches, sharp pain in ear canal after being bitten by mosquitoes. West Nile virus symptoms? Vision problems in left eye, seeing colored pattern VP shunt since childhood. Infection in belly button, clear liquid leaking. Wound cleaned with pyodine Balance problem, numbness throughout body, pain in back and legs, vibration in feet after scratching any body part Having metformin for PCOS. Spotted on and off, feeling nausea, moodiness, breast tenderness, cramping, back pain. Pregnant? Urine protein level is 5. Rheumatoid arthritis. Taking Enbrel, methotrexate, folic acid, Celebrex, Tylenol. Discomfort in penis Unable to sleep, pain and headache after taking linisopril, amlodipine. Should i stop medication? Taking femera post breast cancer. Have arthritis, need knee replacement. Will taking femera effect replacement? Dry rasping cough for over a week, pain in right side. Given Panadol. Any cause of concern ? Blurred and distorted vision, intermittent headaches. Consulted doctors, normal eyes. Diagnosed as migraine Taking Gabapentin for nerve pain. Doctor unhappy with it. Reasons? Developed Livedo reticularis. Suffer Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis on right shoulder. Medical cure for this ? Sharp pain in right upper rib cage. Have ovarian cyst. Are these related? Took mefigest during pregnancy. Bleeding with heavy clots. Started methergin for stopping period. Response not good Skipped heart beat. Smokes marijuana. Normal EKG. Will smoking marijuana cause damage to heart? Prolactin, cholesterol levels very high, kidney function test abnormal. Take sopadol, valium, effexor. Problem? Frequent headaches on left side edge of top of skull. Should I be concerned ? On birth control due to irregular periods. Have bleeding everytime during bowel movements. Cause? Red, inflammation, dark patches in skin after doing facial. What kind of home remedy will help? Cramps in lower abdomen, nausea, breast swollen. Had short period, thick white discharge. Pregnancy signs? Irregular periods, cramps, light bleeding, white stuff coming from nipple. Inconclusive pregnancy test results On morning sickness pills, threw up yellow thing with little blood, tastes like chalk. Anything to worry ? Tingling in clitoris, more urination with slight blood, discomfort in lower back Having stage 3 kidney disease after taking drugs for lung cancer. Having high ferritin levels. Reason? Had unprotected sex and took postinor. Is it possible to get pregnant on fertile days before ovulation day? Do not have erections or libido. Semen analysis shows low normal sperm count with reduced motility. What is wrong? Breast tenderness, appetite increase, swollen feet, mood swings, stomach pain, bloating after last period. Pregnant? Have low hemoglobin. Taking Aranesp. Have fatigue and malaise. What to do? Dry patches on inner thigh, red circles. Canestan cream ineffective. STD? Pain and difficulty breathing after falling on steps. Popping when sitting down. Did I break something? 82 yrs. Pancreatic cancer, severe chest congestion, glaucoma, GERD causing inflammation in esophagus. Can scopolomine patch used? Done total hysterectomy and oophorectomy due to cysts. Have pain and bloating. Reason? Purplish, extremely painful lumps on inner thigh turning red after a while, head of lump like spot, bleeding clear fluid when popped. Ideas? Heavy bleeding, severe pain in lower back and abdomen, fatigue, cold feet and cold sweats, paleness. Help Recurred pain in left arm, difficulty to do any work. History of having broken left clavicle treated by naprozen. Possible paralized arm? Heaviness in head, shooting pain from head to temple to eye, stiff back, neck. On tylenol. History of fall and hit on head. Serious? Recurred kidney problem after taking coeram5/5. On resonium A followed by blood test which is normal. Suggest Fever, pain in lower body on right side. Urine test showed negative for bacteria. On sulfamethoxazole to ward off UTI. Thoughts? Delayed periods, puffy and swollen vagina. History of having unprotected sex followed by spotting 2 weeks later. HPT negative. Guide White coated tongue, red spots, burning eyes, blurred vision, throat obstruction. Taken antibiotics for flu Prescribed Amoxiclav for bacterial infection. Dark vomit after taking medicine. Need to re-dose? Have syringomyelia, bulging and herniated disc, painful wrists. No carpal tunnel syndrome. Cause of red line at pain site? Normal PAP smears. Negative for yeast infection. Irritated skin on labia minora, swelling, itching. Monistat ineffective Bone stuck in throat, coughing blood. Hurts to swallow. Medicine for pain? Choking, spitting up food, pain, vomiting blood. Need stretching of esophagus Child feels he has small and thin penis. Which doctor should be consulted? Have pain near rib cage when taking deep breath. Smoking marijuana. Brown mucus discharge, diarrhea History of ulcerative colitis. On surveillance colonoscopy. Biopsy shows low grade multifocal dysplasia and high grade foci. Colectomy needed? Itchy rash on hands, arms, feet, back. Causes discomfort Taking Diltiazem to lower heart rate. Swollen leg, feet, ankles. Difficulty swallowing. How serious is this? History of operation to remove ovarian cyst. Now have weight gain. Will cyst reappear if Herbalife is taken? Have nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain, back pain, headache. Done tubal ligation, burnt cervix lining History of breast cancer. Have surface numbness in leg, no pain. Taking Exetimibe for high cholesterol. Is this MS? Recurred severe abdominal cramp, numb hands, feet, face, tingling followed by large quantity stools. Reduced appetite. Help Have microhematuria, generalized anxiety disorder. Have blood in urine. What is going on? Thick, white, clumpy discharge while taking Nidagel. Will this go away on its own? Swelling and pain in ear after using Q tip. Do not want medication due to pregnancy Have pneumobronchitis, cough, clogged nose, yellow-white phlegm. Taking antibiotics. Have asthma Child has head injury. Bump on back of head. Should we be worried? Numbness after taking antibiotics for milk duct infection. Have water retention in legs, swelling. Taking Lasix Chest x-ray normal. What does apocolordotic view mean? Had unprotected sex. Spotting, lower back pain, pain in right side, craving, headache, nausea, frequent urination Pain below breast, lumps. Ultrasound shows lumps. X-ray normal. Family history of stomach cancer. What is it? Swelling above pubic bone. Glandular feeling after ejaculation. Is it bulbourethral gland? Done unilateral salpingectomy. Pain in right side after cycle. Should I go to emergency room? Done carpal tunnel surgery. Have arthritis. Swollen, painful hand during exercise. Need other exercises Bump on head growing. Punctured while combing hair. Pus coming out and not healing. What to do? History of trauma. Have bone on bone in hip. Should anterior hip replacement be done? Uncontrollable coughing, throat obstruction. Prescribed Cheritussin, Prednisone. Have fever Done hysterectomy. Have pain in hip. MRI shows ovarian cyst. Will I need surgery? Have Rett syndrome. EKG shows rapid sinus rhythm, flat or low negative T in aVF. Have rapid respiratory rate Taken antibiotics for tonsillitis. Swollen and red tonsil Taken Proluton for bleeding during pregnancy. Is the baby safe? Taking Ramipril to control blood pressure. Have diabetes. Will the flushing side effect get better? Have vagal nerve issue, low blood pressure, fainting. Stopped Midodrine due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Have bruise in foot Indents on tongue from teeth, clenching jaw, grinding teeth. What does this mean? Have umbilical hernia. Unable to pass stool, painful to pass wind. Taken movical, pico prep, suppositories. Should I be worried? Delayed period. Negative UPT. No periods despite taking Duphaston. What to do now? Had reaction to codeine. Had gall bladder removed. Will Tramadol cause a reaction? Pink spotting, nausea, diarrhea, sleepiness, bloating, leg pain, sneezing. Have tubal ligation. Am I pregnant? Dizziness, decreased hearing, not on hearing aids. Blood tests are normal. Underlying cause ? 3.5 year old daughter, brown spot on stomach, slightly raised Unquenchable thirst, bloating, frequent urination. Easy cure for this? Have heart palpitations. EKG and blood work normal. Heavy feeling in chest, pain in arms and jaw, cough. What is going on? Had D&C due to uterus infection, bleeding during periods hasn't stopped for weeks, pain. Suggestions ? Knee hit thick wooden chair, small bump present, strain while bending knees. Condition if it was a fracture? Red, itchy, bumps, on arms, legs, shoulder blades. Underlying cause? Taken antibiotics and steroids for retracted eardrum and sinus infection. Have blocked ear, vertigo, nausea now Burning sensation in lips and mouth, dry feeling, cracking in corners of mouth, increased thirst, taste buds look inflamed Tingling in leg, thigh. Lower back pain due to physical labor. Wore pressure socks on flight Bruise under armpit, no known injury. Taking multivitamin and aspirin to lose weight Pain in lower abdomen, low appetite. What is it? Red bump on lower vagina lip, feels like ingrown hair, itchy, pain during urination Burning feeling, discomfort on torso. Ultrasound showed fatty liver. What causes fatty liver? Severe hair loss, itchy scalp. Normal result for vitamin deficiency, hormone tests Ball of right foot painful. Wore heels for dancing. How to relieve pain? Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in stomach, loss of appetite Neck, shoulder always tensed, have severe headaches. Remedy? Chest pain, occurs during swallowing, coughing, yawning, talking a lot today. Is this due to talking? Strong dizziness when I get out of bed, prescribed Procheorprazine Maleate. Right medication ? Can I continue to take Sucralafate while taking Vitamin U complex ? Gangrene on toe, gets UTI. Doctors advised to begin hospice. Is the gangrene going to spread and cause death? Itchy lumps under skin, leaving red mark in back, face, feet, arms. Itching more at night. Right medication? Pain in tummy, heavy bleeding after tubes clamped. Have painful period and sex. Should I remove clamp? Diagnosed for RLS. Severe pain in legs, knees when moving. Have varicose veins in feet. Lyrica works? Pain in hip, appears to be brusitis. Have degenerative changes in hip and back. Advised MRI. Should proceed? Sharp shooting pain in neck, left side face, arm numb with tingling sensation. Severe migraine. Why? Cut finger on glass. Put surgical foam and swollen, warm to touch. Had a tetanus shot. Suggest the cure? Difficulty in breathing, cough. Prescribed symbacort. Have smoking habit Had craniotomy, meningioma in falcine area. Chronic pain behind eye, acute sinusitis. On penicillin, keppra. Anything serious? 4 year old, reddish rash after drinking gatorade mustache. Underlying cause? Hard, immovable lump on left clavicle near it meets sternum. X-ray shows bone injury. Skip ultrasound? Biopsy? Nausea, feeling hot. Got hit after falling down. Is this the cause for concern? Had total hysterectomy. Performed by a Robotic DaVinci procedure. Experiencing discomfort, bloating and soreness. Is this normal? Multiple rashes on body, looks like shingles, spreading in nature. What kind of rash is this? Having irregular period. Taking shatavari and folic acid for hormone imbalance. No improvement. What do you recommend? Fingers on both hands are tingling. Eyes are losing color. Took benadryl and zyrtec. What could be the reason? High protein and blood in urine. Have back pain and bloated in abdominal region. Cyst in kidney. What to do next? Had myositis. Standing most of the time during work. Is it caused due to virus? Having severe neck pain on left side when hungry. Muscle in neck are locked. Sharp neck pain. What is this? Done with flu swab, head and chest X ray. Taking Levaquin and predneisone. Using inhaler. Any suggestions? What are the findings from the report? Will I have a child? Blood tests show high triglycerides, traces of microalbumin, high platelets. What does it mean ? Intermittent spells of shortness of breath, resting heart rate normal. Should I worry ? Diagnosed with Prostatomegaly and UTI. Taking sulfomethoxide. Swollen abdomen, fever and chills. Suggest the cure? Replaced Mirena IUD with Paragard, having heavy lasting periods since, fatigue. Can I get pregnant while on IUD ? Had intercourse when pregnant ,physical therapy for knee. Felt light pink, white spotting. Pregnancy test is positive Have milky white discharge from urethra. Pain in scrotum during urination. STD test in progress. What could be the reason? Occasional dizziness. Taking Aten-50 for hypertension. Medicine side effect? Noticed bumps in the spot where tooth was pulled out. Hurting when pressure is applied on it. What could it be? Moving bump on scalp, hard and bony. Hair growing curly on them, not painful. What is it? Diagnosed with significant bone marrow edema. Feeling minor discomfort and gaining weight through pregnancy. Treatment? Have dropped uterus, bladder. Advised removal of uterus, repair of bladder. Unable to lift weights in future MRI showing Global disc bulge with Lt para median disc protrusion. What are the findings from the report? Sharp pains originating from right breast. Pain in shoulder blades. Use of nsaids has no effect. What next? Experiencing heavy period after inserting paraguard IUD. Light pink spotting, no periods, breast sore. Pregnancy symptoms? Left half body weakness, numbness in face & alleged tinnitus in left ear. Side effect of mobile usage? Swollen, painful skin piece of skin above canine. Had tooth filling done. What does this indicate? Suddenly developed painful, itchy pores on face with puss. I am immune compromised. What does it indicate? Had recurrent DVTS and taking Xaltero. Having electric shock like pains in chest and between shoulders Dizziness, trembling and upset mental state. Adverse reaction to Cortisone. How to flush it out of body? Undergone vaginal hysterectomy and had blood transfusion. Sharp stabbing pain under ribs. What could it be? Swollen tonsils, fatigued, aching back. Blood test normal, spitting blood. What could it be? Constant, extreme pain near temple and ears. Taking Tylenol motrin but not much improvement Wisdom teeth removed, root canal done. Pain in cheeks, jaw when chewing food and hard to sing Diagnosed with low platelets, enlarged spleen. Pain in thigh muscles , cant walk. Taking Panadol. Any suggestion? Pus cells in urine. Rise in BP during morning. Whooping cough. Numbness on tips of fingers. Remedy to all these problems? Toddler with dry cough and congestion. Prescribed Omnicortil, Levolin, Augumentin, Duolin and Butacart. Appropriate medicine for children? Light cannabis user. Drug test scheduled. is it possible to pass the test based on consumption rate and personality? Swollen lymph its painful. Prescribed rocephin, steroid for sinus, sores in scalp, eye pain. Could this all be related? Irregular periods. Uterus is small and ovaries are not identified in ultrasound scan. What could be the problem? Headaches and tiredness. HPT shows faint positive. Had a medical abortion few weeks ago. Pregnant again? Fainted and fell down. Shoulder and head bruised. Swollen area in head. Balance and eyesight changed. Concerned about abdomen pain. Decreased body weight . Took blood test. Will i get sugar from husband? What diet and healthy tips to conceive? Not able to recognize the familiar faces. Frequent and strong headaches. History of cancer. What is the reason? Didn't take Luvox for few days. Weird feeling while moving eyes, dizziness, heart pounding. Due to stopping medicine? Had itching in breast. Done mammogram. Prescribed medicines. How to avoid this? Pregnant. Doctors gave two different dates for delivery. Which date is accurate? Baby had nose bleed, headache, dizziness. Fell in the school a few days back and hurt her chin. Could the symptoms be due to the falling? Spot near eyebrow and a lump underneath it, near the eyes. What does it indicate? Small cyst in axillary region. No pain. Having tubular, cord-like extension from the cyst. What could it be? Have severe cough and cold. Gave AB phyllin drops. How long does it take to get cured? Underwent IVF and advised to take susten injection. Severe pain in buttocks and fever. How to get rid of pain? Intensive hair fall. Had dengue fever previously. Treatment? Infant on life support with brain bleed. He was given whole bottle of Advil and had fallen down. Are these causes of bleeding and swelling of brain? Skin under gums tender and red. No tear or scratch. Using peroxide mouthwash. is it Gingivitis? Bumps on face which are painful for first few days. Once squeezed a clear fluid flows. What possibly could this be? Twisted vertebrae and have constant back pain. Can I take medical marijuana for this problem? Hi I have a question, I did implant (for teeth) Nausea, periods due. Taking follic acid tablet, early periods last month. Side effects of medication? Diarrhoea, vomiting, lower back pain, fever. Something serious? Started taking levlen on first day of period. Periods ended. Should I still continue taking sugar pills? Missed periods. Was on multiload for two years. Had unprotected sex after removal of multiload. Side effects? Discomfort with group of whiteheads on both sides of labia. History of shaving with rusty razor. Sexually active. Possible herpes? Child with fever, fell from stroller week back. Should I go to ER? Have hair loss. Got pcos, high t4 level. Prescribed thyonorm. Will this tab reduce my hair fall? Have burning sensation on arm, skin is sensitive to touch, blister on middle finger. What does it indicate? Have sharp pain under rib cage area. What does it indicate? Unprotected sex. RNA test negative. How effective is the RNA test and should I take another test? Have missed periods, lower back pain, cramps. What does it indicate? Wanting a second baby. Taking Gulf ferrous and Folic acid. What else can be done to improve the chances? Trying to conceive, getting irregular periods, have PCOD. No result with duphaston, clomid, metformin. Ultrasound shows eggs growing Have pain in belly, nausea, constipation. Done gastronacapy. What are the red patches found in report? Pain in lower left abdomen, pulsing sensation. Had hysterectomy, poly removed, sample of womb lining taken Crackling noise on skull area behind right ear, difficulty in moving arm. Taking anti inflammatory, applying aloevera cream Have fever, sick to stomach, low temperature, early periods, spotting. Should I be concerned? Irritation, pain after hair dye getting into eye. Is this the cause for concern? Have fever, cold. Right medication? Have stammering problem, frustrated, losing hopes. Taking gooseberry and almonds. Is it helpful? Laparascopic pyeloplasty surgery done in kidney. Stent inserted in stomach removed. Chest pain due to vitamin D deficiency. Solution? Have TB. Took medicines. Diagnosed as last stage of TB. Any chance of surviving? Continuous running nose, cough, fever, greenish loose motions. Gave nebulisation for chest congestion, Taxim injections. Homeopathy will work? Red, dry, blotchy spots on face. Not drinking enough water or taking recommended potassium. Taking hydroxycut 7 weeks pregnant, light spotting, cramps. Is this the cause for concern? Dizziness, weakness, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, tingling feeling in upper body. Underlying cause? Tightness, sore chest, pain during breathing. Normal CK test, cardiac enzymes Periods delayed, had protected intercourse. Any chance of getting pregnant? If result positive, procedures for abortion? Thumping in chest, dizziness, pins and needles in right hand. Taking ibuprofen Numbness and swelling in finger. Diagnosed with bone cyst which ruptured recently. Treatment? Missing periods, heavy period next month, dark red spotting next month. Underlying cause? Hit on face near ear. Heard rigging sound, started spitting blood. X-ray normal. Hurts on eating Abscess below eyebrow. Taking antibiotics, putting hot compresses to drain abscess, not helping. Medical cure for this? Pain in lower right side of back. Had surgery for full thickness tear, have screws in shoulder. Healing period? Painful swollen lip, tender nostril, pain in tooth. Had root canal, caps years ago. Taking coamoxiclav, inuprofen Bruise on back of thigh, purple in color. What could be this? Is it toxic to take halidol shot with prolixin shot, will it cause brain fire? History of having pleural effusion 2 yrs back. X ray report normal. Any problem in getting visa rejected due to health issues? Headaches, mood swings, increased appetite, discharge from breasts, spotting. Pregnant? 2 month son, constipation. Is it safe to give bonnisan? Dosage? Roaring sound in ears, vertigo. Diagnosed with meniers disease. Taking diurectics, antidepressant. Right medication? High blood sugar level, high BP. Given lisinopril. How can one protect the kidney? Blood in saliva while brushing, sneezing and coughing, severe itching in body. No smoking habit. Help On diovan. Elevated AST, dropped platelets, dropped Alk Phos. Possible side effects of diovan? Extremely painful, throbbing pain in vagina. Ten weeks post partum. No help from ibuprofen, codeine. Normal? Pregnant. Passing somthing resembling cord, sac and fetus, heavy bleeding. Ultrasound showed blood around sac. Miscarriage? Two dark lines visible in pregnancy test after abortion. Had unprotected sex. Due to any hormone left? Doctor conformed fuchs dystrophy. Severe headache, blurred vision, dizzy. Does my fuchs dystrophy is getting worse? Hair fall, migraines after hysterectomy. Taking estradiol. Normal hormone levels. Continue medication? Teenager. Tickling and itcy anus with discharge of greenish fluid, feeling of something moving in anus. Help Discomfort in gluteal area, weak leg. Had hip replacement surgery. Taking nsaid Bruise, sore, knots in legs after bitten by dog. Dog is vaccinated. Medical cure for this? Blood work showed elevated AST to 54 from being 45 a week back. On propecia. Reason? My daughter has no temperature, fishy smelling urine, Could it be a urinary tract infection? History of necrosis on brain. Done stereotactic radiation therapy and surgery. Again diagnosed with necrosis Delayed periods after having unprotected sex. Pregnancy test came negative. TSH and FT4 test came normal. Loud noisy gas pasage from anus when coughing or randomly, feeling of bump on stomach, legs and thighs. Suggest No hair growth where shot was given for spasms, pins and needles shooting down to leg On and off deep burning ache at left thigh below the buttock, stabbing pain in lower legs. Had left hip bursitis. Guide Delayed periods, sore and full breasts, cramping in pelvic area. Had bipolar cauterization, clamps a year ago. Thoughts? Liquid coming from gingiva near wisdom teeth, salty and thick. Underlying cause and treatment? Scan showed right sided facet arthrosis. Medical cure for this? Feeling of electric sensation in shoulder. History of bursitis problem Twice a month periods. Sexually active, history of miscarriage, feeling of losing mucus plug, spotting after uriantion. Any ideas? Detected adrenal gland not working, bottomed out cortisol level, high thyroid, electrolytes. History of concussion due to hit followed by fatigue. Suggest MRI done. Should i be worried about the findings? Can yasmin birth control pills help in postponing periods if taken continuously for 3 days? Heavy periods with pain, bad cramps before and during periods, clotty periods with bad smell. Normal? Inflammed, painful sebaceous cysts under ams along with bad rashes. Suggested removal of sweat glands. Advice TTC. Delayed periods followed by light periods, spotting, nausea, slight back pain, bloating. Off depo. Thoughts? Dazed, difficulty breathing, tiredness when Percocet not taken. Addicted to the medicine? Throat disconfort, headache, doctor confirmed throat clear, left chest pain. Salt gargling comforts throat and reoccurrs again Sudden soreness and burning pain near belly button while bending, coughing. Had robotic removal of uterus, tubes and cervix followed by good recovery. Serious? Delayed periods. Have spotting. Negative pregnancy tests. Pregnant? Memory loss. Taking gabapentin. Side effects of medicine? Had CIDP for many years, taking morphine, pain not reduced. Can walk, I fall frequently, sleep problems Old lady has sinus, sharp stabbing pains in head.could it mini-strokes? Inhaled ammonia and bleach. Experiencing cough, nausea, eyes watered, shortness of breath, gagging. Chance for permanent damage? Boils around lips its burning, swollen. Used many skin ointments but its sill persisting. Medical cure for this? Stopped smoking pot to pass drug test. Headache, sleeping difficulty, memory loss, chest pain. Anxiety disorder? Had hysterectomy, since throwing up. Took patch for nausea behind ear, feel constipated. Tried miralax, docusate sodium Tightness in chest. Was electrocuted a week ago. Meet doctor? Diagnosed Chron's disease, barrett esphogas, IBD. Whom to consult for treating granulomatous cheilitis on lower lip? Swollen area under cheek, looks like scratch. History of allergy. Can i take benadryl? Tired, frequent urination, bowel movement, loss of appetite Taking gabapentin along with panadol osteo for nerve compression pain. Smoking heavily due to depression. Should I quit? Experienced shock, fainted, normal menstruation, sexually active Does it cause infertility? Pregnant, advised to take four Misoprostol at once under tongue, feeling cold, shaking. Normal? Had heart palpitations, upper back murmur. Panicked, unable to sleep. Prescribed Exeffor. Can take Prozac instead? Partial hysterectomy done, had another one due to torn stitches. Cramps, pain near ovary. Normal? Became pregnant naturally. Advised to stop taking progynova tablets. Started bleeding and miscarried. Was given correct advise? Swollen vein blue in color below eyes. Its puffier, painful. Bp is normal. What does the finding mean? Little holes in cleft post surgical removal of pilonidal cyst. Holes for sugery or sinus tracts? Have symptoms of wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue. Had been on advair, inhalers, antibiotics. X-ray, scans normal. Suggestion Suffering from laryngitis. Should i use decongestant? Any side effects? Prickly, tingling sensation in feet. Normal cardiac results. Doing workouts. Underlying cause? Painful swollen tissue under foot, pus. Is this hygiene problem? Meet doctor? Pain in lower back. Normal X ray. Had C section. Underlying cause? Blood clot in urine, difficulty in urinating. Normal MRI, chest X ray. Had accident Miscarriage of six weeks pregnancy. Having white discharge which is odorless. Is this a sign of infection? When would be the appropriate time to conceive? Piece of skin coming out during periods, painful. Have PCOS. Ultrasound shows fibroid. Taking yaz Discomfort in glans after masturbation, increased pain, sore to touch, burning sensation during urination No bowel movements for days, changed diet. Have bloated feeling. Is something blocking my intestine? 8 months pregnant, vaginal odor, minimal discharge. Is this the cause for concern? Cough, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting. Diagnosed as typhoid. Condom broke, sex with prostitute. Negative for HIV test Pins and needles from right arm to fingers. CT scan shows disc bulging, pinched nerve. Should i carry on physio treatment? Bumps in lip line, pus oozing after pressing. Brushed using an old brush. Underlying cause? Feeling of strain in upper left leg. Had pulled back muscle, did exercise month back. Are these related? Pregnant, morning sickness, vomiting, change in throat color. Is this the cause for concern? Have hepatitis C and inflammation. Advise to take ultrasound. Have anxiety. Need second opinion 11 month baby, rash all over body, doesn't look like chicken pox Enlarged sub mandibular lymph node, white lesion inside mouth, becomes bigger after extruding, earache Had intercourse during ovulation period. Breast sore, bad nausea, headaches, blood spotting. Pregnancy signs? Itching, swelling, lump underneath skin after taking flu shot Problems with hearing, ear pops after shooting with pistol Breast tenderness prior to periods, sore nipple, hardness underneath. Meet doctor? Pain in fingers, cracks around tips, red blisters. Hair dresses. Found out as fungal infection Pain in the rib area in the back radiating to front. Chest x-ray, blood tests, ECG normal. Opinion? Pain in left arm, radiating to hand, heavy feeling in chest, cough, rasping whistle sound while breathing Late periods, headache, lower back pain, breast pain, tiredness. Negative pregnancy tests. What should be done? On Novelon. Took tablet on first day instead of third day to prepone periods next month as given in the manual. Periods continuing till 8th day. Reason? Vibrating sensation in tongue, head, shoulders, fingers. Tingling and crawling on skin. Scan taken its normal Took septa. Got UTI. Have hives all over body, minor itching, warm to touch. Using benedryl, ibuprofen Knee pain, swelling. Had surgery for minescus tear in knee. Taking vitamin tablets Had chronic Atrial Fibrillation. Been diagnosed for heart failure, heart muscle is damaged and can't be reversed Blister rash on limbs, back, tired, achy. Prescribed prednisone, relief temporary. Blood test done. Lupus? Pregnant. Have bleeding after peeing, cramping. Had UTI. Kidney infection? Bump inside ear, purple dots above ear piercing area, crusty Scratched finger with dirty nail, had tiny spot of rust on it. Does it cause tetanus? Diagnosed heart murmur. Have shortness of breath, constant pain in calf, lower leg, sharp pain in chest. Worried 5 months pregnant, weird smell from pores, had similar smell even before getting pregnant Sore throat, pressure in right ear, liquid coming while trying to unclog ear, echo sounds Suffering from pink eye. Prescribed Gentamicin Sulfate. Dosage? Has soft hydrocele on left side, expanded below the penis, uncomfortable. Ultrasound done. When to be examined? Some juice, seeds of cucumber went inside wind pipe, coughed out some. Any complication if absorbed by lungs? Rib graft due to replace jaw bone. Had osteochondroma removed with distraction osteogenesis, device failed. Recovery time? Battery changed in morphine pump. Not working right and having lot of pain. What to do? Taking melatonin. Had stage four breast cancer and heart problems. Type two diabetic. Suggest the treatment Severe back, stomach pain. Relief with ciprofloxacan, metronidazol. WBC low. Diagnosis? Symptoms of Tachycardia, shortness of breath, chest pain, tremors, blurred vision. Possibility of POTS syndrome. On heart monitor Pain, bruise, swelling on left shin after been kicked by football, icing regularly. Relief? Red burning skin on face, flares up for no reason. How to cure? Two big brown marks on neck. Is it a sign of having diabetes? What to do? Conceive, started spotting, warded. Scan done, no heartbeat, miscarried. Standing job. What is cause for fetus dying? Taking cyclosporine, famotidine and atg horse protein. Head is throbbong. Is Promacta safe with cyclosporine? People banged chest, abdomen against metal barrier during concert. Rib below breast tender to touch. Why? Pregnant, on progesterone vaginal tablets. Started spotting pink color. Why it happened? Had miscarriages before Recovering from hiatal hernia surgery. Have fluctuating high BP. Norvasc causes jerk in body when sleeping, insomnia Baby fell, blood on nose, nostrils were pink. Cleaned blood, bleeding stopped. Should I be concerned? Take birth control pill continuously to help stop endometriosis. Missed dose, had unprotected sex. Will get periods? Child with bump on forehead from impact. All responses seem normal. Required to consult a doctor? White blood count was low. Took antibiotics. Blotches in arms , lost 20 pounds. Vitamins to be taken? Getting dry skin on left side of labia minora after periods. Dry skin cracks, bleeds Brown itchy patches all over the back, bad rash on eyes and elbows.Is it Eczema or Candida ? Neck pain, headache and vomiting. Prescribed Estosnine and Naxdan for suspected migraine. Correct diagnosis? Itching only during night all over body, red hives erupt. Benadryl helps tired to take everyday. Right medication? Working out in a fitness class. Having pain from elbow to forearm and bicep muscles. Reason? Had dog bite. Took TT injection, 2 doses of ARV, cifran, diclo. Any diet to be followed? 60 yrs. Have healing 5th metatarsal break near base. On rest putting foot up. Safe walking on foot? Urine test and ultrasound showed positive for pregnancy. History of having only oral sex, possible sperms near vagina without penetration. Help for aborting Swollen glands under ears. No pain. Any idea? Hurt index knuckle, swelling gone, fingers sore. Twisting motion in finger and knuckle is painful Had a heart attack. On metropolol. Tired all the time. Is this medicine dangerous? Sharp stabbing pain in left ovary. Have menstrual cramps. Really confused Could I be pregnant? Had sudden symptoms of sepsis. Took motrin fluids. Had shaking chills. What is the reason for death? Pain in collar bone area. Excruciating pain and feeling a bit sore to breath in that area Bloating, tenderness in abdomen and heavy bleeding. Is it post ablation syndrome? Sore throat, burping and decreased appetite. On dexilant. Medical cure for this? Bad behavior, love candies and hide them in room. Could this be a sign of bipolar disorder? Tremendous anxiety shakes and shoulder pain. Given lexapro and changed to prothiaden. Withdrawal symptoms from lexapro. Should I go back on a small dose for recovery? Symptoms of fibromyalgia. Doctor put me on Cymbalta and Lyrica. Any suggestions to improve? Have capsulitis, pressure sensation, torn labrum and bone spurs. On calcium and vitamin supplements. Is it related? Heartbeat skips. No pain, shortness of breath but nervous. Before had tests and prescribed Atenolol for BP Feet is hurt and small bruises on top of feet. What can I do to cure the feet? Some kind of white pink skin growing next to clitoris. Is it a genital wart? Overweight and legs are swollen. What could be the reason for gain in weight? Had vaginal repair. Consulted a doctor due to blood loss and pain. Could he have broken any stitches? Suffering from plantar fasciitis. Roll on a golf ball. Took a cortisone shot. Need advise Having epilepsy. Burning sensation in thighs and arms. Suggest treatment Trying to conceive. Having irregular periods. Give the reason for delay in periods? Round red bites with pus in face, chest. Swollen like pimple, itching. Could this be caused by high BP? Have temperature of 38.1 under arm, is lethargic and white pasty spots inside lips, tongue. Have fever Have hair fall. Can i use mintop to treat my hair? Severe abdominal pain with severe constipation. Laxative & enema of little help. What does it indicate? Had a C section. Used a Canesten pessary. Very uncomfortable and felt like thrush. Breast feeding. Suggest the cure Had sex after periods were ended. Found little bit of blood, some clear stuff. What is it? Pain in vagina after being on antibiotics and bathing in chlorox followed by scarring of partner's penis after having sex. Infection? Throbbing pains in head, twitching of arms and sweating. Advil has no effect. What tests to take? Missed period for months, took provera pills, periods started. Trying to conceive. When to take HPT? Diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Took colostomy. Seeds were left on the liver and diaphragm. What could it be? Have stage 4 lung and metastasis brain cancer. Now has neuropathy, can't walk without help. Taking neurontin Painful hives. Blood work normal. Done biopsy. Earlier had tooth abscess Type two diabetic patient. Skin sores and numbness in legs. Is this normal? Prescribed Macrobid for UTI, developed symptoms of kidney infection. Can take Macrobid during breastfeeding? Postmenopausal bleeding, endometrial polyp, benign uterine cavity. Had a surgery for removal. Are there any complications? Urinating at regular intervals, urine passes in good amount, feeling weak. Taking Alfoo, bactrium DS Horrible pain in hips and knees. Feels like grinding stones against bones. Suggest treatment Pain in right shoulder blade, arms tingling, fingers numb. Shake, move, stretch arms and shoulders for relief. Cause? Had tiny red rings around inner thighs. Right testicle looks grayish. Penis is red. What could it be? Shortness of breath, dizziness, tightness in chest. Was on lexapro. What can this mean? Child having trouble in bowel movement. Advised to take miralax. Tried with stool softeners, saline enemas. What to do? Bad cough followed by blood in cough, wheezing, extremely painful. Off meth for 4 weeks. Something serious? Movable lump on child's cheek, had blister on gums. Child shows discomfort on touching. Concerned Painful anus from hemorrhoids while passing stools. On suppositories, hydrocortisone, metamucil. Any alternative remedy? Loss of breath for a minute when coughing heavily, laughing followed by shaking body, numbness. MRI of brain normal. Have sleep apnea. Connection? Have to regularly clear throat, especially after laughing. Have enlarged lymph node. Any cure? Have mastoiditis. History of having ear infections, diagnosed TMJ. Little help from levaquin. Guide Diagnosed hernia. On and off hard knot in abdomen moving around into chest area, severe pain. Advice On and off stabbing pain around right ear while chewing, talking, brushing hair etc. Help from advil. Any ideas? Seven weeks pregnant, ultrasound shows six weeks pregnancy, less heart rate. No pregnancy symptoms. Miscarriage is imminent? Face swollen, red, unable to open mouth, neck hurts, severe headache. On antibiotics. How to get relief? Severe heart palpitation, chest pain and breathing difficulty. EKG report came clear. What does this indicate? Itching and subsequent scab formation. Had been bitten by sand flies. How to treat this? Can you please explain the urine test report? Sonography revealed an hypoplastic uterus and endometrial echo is thin. Would I be able to conceive? Underarm and back pain. ECG showed sinus tachycardia, borderline inferior Q waves and borderline T abnormalities Chest congestion and cough. Prescribed inhaler to treat Pleurisy. Earlier had bronchitis. Would inhaler & nebulizer suffice? Baby had fever, taken tylenol, tired, sleepy. Lump on nose its reddish yellow . Medical cure for this? Having bruises on back. Feeling tender, bluish and flat. Bruise swollen. Having blood clotting disorders. Suggest? Suffering in vaginal bleeding. Reports show endometrosis. Having severe back ache. What can be done? Increased heart rate with difficulty in breathing. Diagnosed with Amyloid earlier. Calcium deposits in heart causing this? Painful red patches under nose, chin and both sides of face. What can this be? Burning eyes and dizziness after exposure to bleach. Pregnant. Effect on baby? Constant tickling in throat which is relieved on coughing. What does this indicate and treatment? Feeling weird and paranoid after smoking marijuana. When will I be normal again? Delayed period after unprotected sex. Taken iPill multiple times. Is this a side effect of pill? Had spinal fusion. Pain after work, while standing. Has high Bp. Is inversion table advisable. Headaches and stabbing pain in back. Have degenerated discs. Hypertensive. Tried all alternate medicines. Surgery only option? Sore throat, difficulty in swallowing. Took molly last night, fear would die in sleep. Should I consult doctor? Ball of blood after masturbating. Urine test normal. Could I have broken a vessel? Having frequent fever and pain in abdomen. Vomiting. Noticed red dot on skin near mouth. Advise? Noticed pimple on palatopharyngeal arch, infected by tonsils numerous times. What could it be? Pain from hip to knee, unable walk or stand for long. Facing this since childhood Keloid around jaw line. Taken steroid injection. Depigmentation around the area. Is there a way to get back pigmentation? Upper abdominal discomfort, pressure sensation in diaphragm, nauseated, breathlessness, acute pancreatitis. What is wrong? Inadequate sleep, suggested melatonin, benadryl, liquid valerian root. Is this medication ok of a child? Painful hip, no redness or swelling. Had rocephin injection in hip. Why would this happen? Child has red nose, cold, burning sensation in cheeks, swelling in lips, eye pain, possible staph infection. Treatment? Does Estadiol pill cause stomach cancer? Bump on cheek, redness, painful. How to get rid of it? Fever, headache and joint pains with heavy menstruation. Blood tests attached. Are these symptoms of serious disease? Have leucorrhea and anemia. Taking Livong and Autrin. Foam in stool, dandruff. What to do? Right arm shaking. Tests are normal.overweight and high BP. What is the reason for this? Knee pain and lumps. Bad cramps in ankles and feet. What can you suggest to relieve pain? Used dermastramp for acne scars. Treated areas became red, pores started appearing. Side effects of dermastamp? MRI shows spondylosis with disc degeneration. Treatment? Have congestion, fever, cough, body ache, lost voice, muscle pain. Why is there stiffness in shoulders and neck? Diabetic, do not suffer from polyuria or polyphagia. On glycomet. Is that sufficient? Painful throat, tightness sensation, swallowing difficult, nauseated. What is the solution? Abnormal ferritin level, acidity, bleeding in bowel movement. On FeFOL and zincovit. What are the alternative treatments? Pregnant. Took zentel. Will this affect pregnancy? Headaches. Can erupted and impacted wisdom teeth cause transient discharges in brain? Pregnant, experiencing postcoital bleeding. Had a Rhogam shot. Will the shot be effective? Had unprotected sex. Had brown spotting, cramps, tenderness in breasts. History of miscarriages. Should I fear complications? Tested negative for Lupus anticoagulant. What are the chance of conceiving naturally? After shower irritation in eyes, start to burn on rubbing, runny nose and sneezing. Allergic to water? Got hurt with a rusty nail. Hands are swollen and painful. Could this be tetanus? Lump between crevice of leg and scrotum, getting bigger in size. Will any home remedy help or should i meet urologist? Have fibroid, hernia, numbness, pins and needles. Done hysterectomy and laparoscopic. What is the solution? Sensitivity and itching in vaginal area. Anti-itch cream ineffective. Stopped sexual activity Taking foracort and odamont for allergic asthma. Have nervousness, panic attacks, insomnia, rapid palpitations Red line on nose, appears intermittently Doctor advised Menostar. Had hysterectomy and using Divigel. Should I try bio-identicals? Having kidney infection. Prescribed medicines. Had severe reaction due to allergy to penicllin, sulfa drugs, bactrim. Suggestions? Bleeding in gum while brushing, numb feeling. What could be this? Is the composition in medicine Omerazole and Sandoz same? I am kidney patient, don t want to change medication Having left groin testicular pain. Prescribed medicines. Pain still persists. Further treatment? No period for months, stopped Progyluton. Having hot flashes, sweating. Can take progyluton or any other hormone? 8 weeks pregnant. Taking Dexorange syrup for nutrition. Is it safe? Prescribed NVR D20 capsule for ADHD problem. Is it safe to open it and mix with applesauce and feed the child? Diabetic, undergone five bypasses. Heart pumping ejection less. How to increase it? Prognosis? Experiencing muscle, bone discomfort after taking vitamin D3 with K2. Should i discontinue them? Lump, soreness in the left side of neck. Cause? Urge to urinate more, feeling nauseous, pain in lower back. Relief with ibruprofen. UTI symptoms? Possible cause? Suffering from liver disease. Stomach accumulating liquid. Water in lungs. Any relation between liver disease and pneumonia? Baby's poo having plenty of black vein like little strands as in banana cake. What is it? Suffered stroke. Came out of coma, condition regressed after tests. Able to breath, move arms, legs. Can survive? Applied hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin to bite. Had diarrhea, tingling sensation, swelling. Taken Cephalexin Pain in left side. Urine test shows UTI. Blood in urine after sexual intercourse. Have Mirena IUD Fainting, head rushes, difficulty focusing. Need for concern? Dizziness, stress, loose stools, acidity, weakness, heaviness in head. No chest pain Had unprotected sex. Used steroid cream. Soreness, spotting, burning urination Diagnosed cirrhosis of liver. Have herniated disk. Scheduled epidural shots to alleviate sciatic nerve pain. Any side effect? Used amplicox beecham product because of boil. Having stomach pains with brownish discharge. Side effect? Pain in chest after falling down. Normal X rays, scan. Took painkillers, vomiting. Side effect of medication? Decreasing platelet count. Suggested to drink more liquid. What kind of liquid should i drink? Had pink eye, ear fullness, ear popping, severe throat pain. Having nausea, loss of apetite. blood in stools. Lost weight. What could be wrong? Penis small, less energetic due to regular masturbation. How to increase strength, increase size. Any ayurvedic medicine? Suffering from acne. Prescribed azipro, bengel and azifast. Can i take evion tablets? How to overcome this problem? Taking prednisone, albuterol for bronchitis. Still coughing. Having sore ribs, headaches, sinus congestion, green mucous. Solution? Recurring tonsillitis, cough and mucus in chest. Prescribed ambrolite, bricarex. prednisolone. Right medication? Having stomach pain, headache and taking Hiprex. Feels like bladder infection. What could it be? Delayed periods. Pregnancy test negative. What are my chances of getting pregnant? Having spinal stenosis, lumbar & cervical radiculopathies, herniated disc, polyneuropathy, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis. Severe constipation. Suggestions? Baby struggling with reflexes. Have bad stomach cramps, vomitings, constipation. On NAN starter formula. Solution? Will taking folic acid tablets accidentally by a child cause any harm? Period lasted a day followed by spotting. Pain in right ovary. HPT negative. Reason? Pinching pain in chest while doing exercise. Have upper GI. Underlying cause? Pain during urination. Slight odour, foggy, blood in urine. Reason? Masturbating for years, penis not getting erect during intercourse. Give me suggestion Got periods accompanied by stomach ache, dizziness. Check up required? Missed birth control pills. Reddish brown discharge, nausea, pain in stomach after having unprotected sex and intake of pills. Suggest Diagnosed with Stage 4 tongue cancer and taking medication through feeding tube. Suffered from stroke and throwing up Noticed blackened finger after trying to plug a broken plug. Blackness washed off. Worried? Will going to a gym reduce growth before being fully developed? Taking alprazolam, metropolol, warfrain to control Afib. Have enlarged atrium, history of mitro valve prolapse. Can take xanax? Pain and blood during urination, bloating. Taking pills to control urination. Scheduled for surgery in vagina. Suggestions? Taking lisinopril, simvastatin and vistaril. Tired and dehydrated. Blood work done. Advised to take more liquid food On Cerezette pill. Taking Penicillin for tonsillitis. Does antibiotics make the pill ineffective? Dizziness, back pain, headache, problem with eyes. Optician finds blood behind back of eye. Any ideas? Old aged. Had colonoscopy and diagnosed with bad ischemic colonitis. Does it happen at this age? Swollen stomach after hernia surgery. Will it flatten if abdominal exercises are done and how long will it take? Sensitive skin, skin getting patchy and darker. Used betnovate for long time, developed sensitive skin. Safe remedy? Had eptopic pregnancy. Having light periods. Noticed vertical bruise on stomach. Pregnancy test negative. Help? Had a flu shot. Body is cramping and unable to sleep due to spastic reactions. Anything serious? Sharp nerve pinching pain in both hands. Unable to use hands when it happens. Relief with cold packs Experiencing hallucinations, vertigo, jaw tremors, clenching since started taking Abilify, Escitolopram. Suggestions? Numbness in foot, lower part of leg. MRI done. What are the findings and required treatment? Scan of uterus done. Is the report normal? Suffering from bipolar disorder. Medical cure for this? Child having blocked nosed since birth. Using drops to soften hard substance. Why keep getting blocked? Pimple on nose, spreading to upper lip, painful, sinus swelling on nose. Underlying cause? Headache, lightheaded. Drinking lots of water. Medical cure for this? Breast cancer cured. Shock feeling in shoulder. MRI showed inflammation in neck, back. Had nose bleed. All related? Shooting pain on right side of stomach up from waist to armpit. Diabetic, ketones level reduced now. Cause of pain? Periods came back few days after normal periods. Having mild cramps. Why it is happening? Irritation in stomach, frequent urination, sleepy, cravings. Negative pregnancy tests, have irregular periods Traped nerves in back of neck, causing muscle spams. On diazepam, amitriptyline, naproxen. Getting severe stomach aches. Why? Abdominal cramps, back pain, frequent bowel movement, bloating, done with periods. Underlying cause? Diagnosed with mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma. Suggest best doctors dealing with malignant tumor Large, red, mosquito like bumps on buttock, thighs, painful. Went for hunting. What could be this? History of cervical neck surgery. Having degenerative disc disease. Severe nerve pain from neck to foot and numbness Losing hair due to cellulitis bacterial infection. Suffering from complex PTSD syndrome. How to enhance hair growth? Popping sound in front thigh to groin while bending, severe pain. History of fall causing bruise on knee, dislocated hip. Suggested sciatic nerve pain. Advice Kid, suffering from stomach pain, feels like vomiting, leg pain. Have glands removed. Is this the cause for concern? Sweating during work outs and sex. Taking medication for blood pressure. Am I developing a heart disease? Prescribed fentanyl patch for long term pain management. Drug test negative. Why medication not showing in urine test? Severe pain in groin, arm muscle. Unable to walk, lift arm. Relief with morphine. Leg joints still stiff Suffering from migraines, pressure on left side of head towards neck, headache. Taking migraine tablets, not helping Pain near right shoulder blade. On humira for psoriatic arthritis. What could be causing the pain? Kid, suffering from abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite. Normal chest X ray, blood tests. Any ideas? Burning, needle-like sensation in right eye, cheek, ear and headaches. Some relief with neuroforte. Neurologist opinion required? Dark red blood during bowel movement, nausea, constipation, fatigue, lower back pain, late periods. Pregnant? Condom ruptured, few drops of sperm touched vulva. Immediately washed. Take I-pill or unwanted72 to prevent pregnancy? What ingredients were used in skincare when started first? Different kinds of skin, their respective skincare products? Child having stomach pain, fever. Giving Motrin, Tylenol. Earlier had stomach bug. What is it? Red bump on finger and feet, stings when touched. What could be this? Severe pain in sternum, was hit in an accident. Normal X rays. Cause of pain? Having psychotic episodes. Taking antibiotics for treating folliculites. Side effects of medicine? Blood pressure, heart rate high. On beta blocker. Having symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pressure, heart pounding Spitting up phlegm during eating and an hour after eating. Had bariactric bypass surgery. Medical cure for this? Had a colposcopy and pap was abnormal. Due for conization. Should I consider going for a hysterectomy? Scaffolding piercing in ear healed well. Have bump on helix causing pain. Linked to piercing? Taking percocet for years. Now having asthma symptoms. Took Benadryl, mucinex with percocet. Need to detox in hospital? Diarrhoea, recurring skin rash, itching, losing weight. Diabetic. History of colon cancer Need to know side effects for using Topomex, buspar for bipolar disorder Regular sex, period but this time few days earlier. Had cheese, mushroom, paneer, kulcha. Any suggestion? Coughing, sneezing, nausea, headache, sleeplessness. Coworker had pneumonia. Diagnosed as onset of asthma. Should i stop working? Chest pain radiates to neck, shoulder while running. Hands becomes dusky blue when stressed, cold and turns bright red Taken prednisone for sinus. Tremors hands shortly. Suggested MS, had MRI. Is this because of prednisone? Heavy and painful periods, anemic, high pressure. Is this normal? Had sex during periods. Took postinor 2 to prevent pregnancy. After 2 days, no bleeding, stomach ache Old aged, suffer from frost bite. Feet uncomfortably cold, painful. Did nerve examination with inconclusive result. Suggestions Pain in middle area of back, spreading, swelling with numbness, itching. Taking medication, not helping Had tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, no fever, severely red cheeks. Taken Tylenol with codeine. Should i be concerned? Had mitral valve regurgitation, lymphoma, chemotherapy. Suddenly cant breath, stand, swollen feet, died. Any idea about what happened? Had oral sex. Does it cause HIV or any kind of infection? Had a medical abortion. But shows positive on the pregnancy test. Started bleeding. Heavy bleeding. What does the finding mean? Chest pain in right side. Suggested muscular problem. Is this a sign of an illness? Was diagnosed with COPD. Taking ProAir. Since then have shortness of breath, burning sensation in tongue Had unprotected sex. Using tampons, large piece of chicken like skin came out. Miscarriage? Frictional burnt marks where nose meets cheeks, painful, spreading. easy way to get this cure? Suffered internal bleeding due to mixing ibuprofen and naproxim. Took cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes, iron tablets. Anything serious? Penis not tight, ejaculating early during sex. Can I use Himcolin without prescription. Any side effect? On antibiotics for infection on hips during pregnancy. Having pain below belly button. Reason? Swollen left ankle, bruise in leg. Started counter hair loss treatment, stopped seeing symptoms. Taking ibuprofin Lump on corner of eye, sore to touch, getting bigger. Underlying cause? Spotting, jelly like clot, periods due. What could be this? Have spinal bleed since fell from bus. Have cellulitis with swelling in leg, groin area. Need help Started Chantix after flu shot, swelling in face, neck with water retention, tingling lips. Side effect ? Blood in urine, severe bleeding due to radiation therapy due to prostrate cancer. Can HBOT help ? Random bruising with pain in elbow, forearm, cheek, eyelid and ankle swelling, painful. MRI, blood work nothing Had clogged pores on chin. Tried many treatments, no success. When squeezed, white pus, smelly Pain in the back of leg after falling off stairs, fractured ankle in 2 places. Surgery needed ? Had heart attack, recovered by aspirin, plavix. Face swollen, no pain, lost sweet taste, feels a lemon taste Have migraine, neck pain. Was told it was in form of turrets. Need suggestion Severe Anxiety disorder/Agoraphobia. Advised clonazepam. Help? HSG test showing fallopian tubes only partially opacified. Right tube was tied due to ecotopic pregnancy. What do you suggest? Pain in left side, spreading to right side, white discharge, burning sensation during urination. Negative pregnancy tests Nausea, vomiting. Doing insanity work, no colleagues having these symptoms. Underlying cause? Have lump on neck. Took antibiotic. Advised CT scan. CT indicates type of lump, lump are malignant? Nausea, cramps, constipation, light periods. Pregnant? Ball kind of thing coming from throat, squishy, not breaking. Any ideas? Green discharge from a polyp outside anus. Using cortisone, not helping. Had rectal fissure surgery Under treatment for bipolar disorder. Taking lamictal. Why is lithium not prescribed for me? Pink bumps in vagina, itching. Sexually active, using protection. Genital wart? Fell off a ladder and right leg was hurt. Ankle and foot are red and swollen. Contracted MRSA in lungs. Suggest the treatment Constant demeaning behavior, diabetic. Any medication that can help ? Back pain, neck and shoulder pain, migraines. Normal X rays, MRI. What could be this? Pain underneath breast, sensitivity in nipples, pins and needles. Started taking abilify. Stop medication? Suffering from sinus infection. Injected with steroids, taken cipro. Which steroid would it be? Always feeling tired, severe anxiety, tiny dots in arm. Reason for these symptoms? Abdominal pain, swollen stomach, back pain, difficulty in urination. Had miscarriage. Underlying cause? Itchy spot under skin, spreading, colorless bumps under chin. Used hydrocortisone cream, allegra, bendadryl Constant feeling of urination after abusive, lengthy masturbation. Any nerve/tissue damage? Brown colored mucus while blowing nose, congestion, something came out of nose while blowing. Any ideas? Irregular periods problems. Ovary removed, PCOD, hypothyroid. No periods after using Ovral. Why ? Not comfortable using Mylan patches. Is Sandoz estradiol derm transparent patch available in United states? Due for colonoscopy. Suggested not to eat corn. Had soup by mistake which contained corn. Guide Sudden sharp pains on right side at the crease between thigh and groin. Possible causes ? Severe nostril pain, swollen glands, sinus problem after taking cocaine. How to get rid it? Did gall bladder surgery. On diuretic which causes body itching. Any suggestion? Burning sensation in the tip of penis usually after urination. What could it be? Delayed periods, having early pregnancy symptoms. HPT negative. Nursing baby. Chances of pregnancy? Lumps throughout abdomen, pain under bottom of right rib, constant pain in the stomach, constipation, tingling in fingers. Suggestions? Have swelling and redness on inside bone of foot, pain while walking. Took pennsaid. Right medication? Red bump on arm that does not itch. Any idea? Taking Coumadin. What could be the reason for having continuous nose bleeds? Have chronic acne problem. Using adapelene microsphere, clindamycin phosphate. Skin peeling and breaking out. Medication? Missed periods and started spotting brown blood. Pregnancy test was faint but noticeable. What do you suggest? Have missed periods, brown spotting, cramping, morning sickness and sensitivity to smell. Right medication? Nausea, severe while getting into car, pain in head and neck, blurred vision. Medical cure for this? Diagnosed with hypertension, RA and Menieres. Concerned about the medicines prescribed that include lisinorpril and diazide. Advice Head swollen, killing pain after been punched on head. How to treat it? Experiencing tightness around knees. Undergone knee replacement years back, X-ray normal. Relief with physical therapy, pain pills ECG abnormal, echo, CT scan normal. Have lurch feeling in stomach like missed heart beat. GERD symptom? Treating for bronchitis. Pulmonary specialist found having asthma attacks. On nebulizer. Have wheezing, musty smell in nose Tingling sensation in leg, sleeping feeling. Can it be from body losing electrolytes because of ex-lax? Diagnosed with depression. Getting emotional over anything. Any advice? Stiffness and swelling in knee. Treating with heat rub covered with glad wrap, taking anti inflammatory, osteo panadol Got Nexplanon implanted, small lump right on top of the bar. Could it be allergy ? Keep getting cold ending up with cough even after having antibiotics, OTC. Relief with Proair inhaler. Diagnosis? Bump inside ball sack, pain after squeezing, bump near to buttock which is painful. What could be this? Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Experiencing dizziness, nausea. What to expect in future? Redness and swelling on eyelid due to some insect bite. What to do? Added betadine ta glass of water. Emptied the glass and drank water in the same glass. What are the upcoming risk? Had steroid injection for mid back between spine. Getting headache, blurred vision, dark blood bowel discharge. Diabetic Swelling in bilateral lower legs. Noticeable dent. Pain when moving after sitting for a while. Usually have overall body ache. Suggestions? Headache, lower back pain, tender breasts, metallic taste in mouth, late periods. Negative pregnancy tests. Underlying cause? MRI showed bruisitis in the right hip. See the doctor to make sure there is no infection? Ankle sore and swollen, feels like bruising. Don't bump anywhere. Crohn's patient having purinethol. Side effect? Recurring pimples between eyes, leaving scars behind. How to avoid this? Have pityriasis lichenoides chronica. Can i conceal the redness of rashes by using make up? Pain in breast. Negative pregnancy test. Have IUD. Underlying cause? Undergone angiogram and pain on the opposite side of groin. Burning sensation when pressing. What to do? Elevated SGPT & SGOT levels. Having gastric ulcer problem. Suggest food and medicine to reduce this problem Have shoulder pain, muscle pain going down to elbow, numb patch on back shoulder blade. Right medication? Swelling in throat and glands, sore, coughing. Medical cure for this? Congestion and hearing loss due to polyp on ear drum. How to resolve it? Pregnant and transvaginal ultrasound showing baby in oblique breech presentation. Should I be worried? Pain after filling tooth cavity. Could this have caused nerve damage? Give me suggestion Have chest pain. Smokes hookah. What is the risk of cancer from smoking hookah? Missed periods. Pregnancy test came negative. Light pink discharge from vagina. Am I pregnant? Joint pain, sore throat, redness and swelling, lump. Had flu shot. History of post nasal drip causing irritation Diagnosed with Graves disease and taking neomercazole. Red rash under eyes and experiencing paranoid schizophrenia. What could it be? Have cold, running nose, coughing, makes nasal noise while breathing. Right medication? What could be the problem in achieving an erection? Have an Essential Tremor and head is shaking due to nervousness. What should I do to cure my condition? Mirena IUD inserted and having back pain. Shooting sharp pain in vagina. Should I remove the IUD? On Synthroid, still have lot of joint pain, neck and finger joint problem. How to get off this medicine ? Had unprotected sex, took plan b pill. Got pink blood flowing down vagina. Pregnancy? Diarrhea, blood and mucus in stools. Scheduled for colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Feeling nauseous after birth control shot, tired, brown tissue seen in urine. Can antibiotics interfere with birth control ? Not feeling well, bowel movement is black, slimy. Need to be concerned? Uterine bleeding, pessary in for holding bladder up. How will uterus be removed with kidney held up ? Child having some irritation in thighs. Using diapers. What could be causing this? Reoccurring problem with dry chapped eyelids and lips, tried antibiotics cream, steroids. Permanent solution ? Severe headache with fever. Suggest treatment Severe calf pain. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism. What changes in my diet might help? Developed rash on butt after having sex. Looks like mosquito bite. Could it be a contact rash? Numbness in hands and fingers. Using meth. What could be causing this? Dizziness, nausea and problems with my back. Is this back issue or something else? Suffering from spondylitis, frozen shoulder, vibration in right hand. Took parkin tablets. Any suggestion? Taken lipo, green coffee to lose weight. Delayed periods. Could these pills, periods related? Could nasal and chest congestions be the side effects of Doxycycline ? Red bumps on stomach with itching. What are they? Addicted to soma. Bought more than been prescribed. How to quit? Missed periods even after taking restrogen tablets. HPT negative. Guide Feeling weak, getting regular headaches. Whom to consult? Child having nestle rice cereals with breast milk. Lactose sensitive. Suggest diet to be taken High blood pressure. On xanax for anxiety. Should I be concerned? Child. Injury to foot, ankle, difficulty to put weight on it, limping, small indentation in the area. X-ray normal. Thoughts? Have MS, epilepsy and frequent vomiting. Feeling dizzy and indigestion. Suggest the cure Have dry mouth due to medicine intake. Feeling unsteady while walking. Can ear ache be the cause for imbalance? Could certain food causes itchy skin? Having pain, red bloth, tenderness and swelling on hands. Cause for muscle cramps? Cause for redness? Had IUI and given HCG injections. Having mouth ulcers, severe pain in gums after taking duphaston. Is it a side effect? Had a cracked tooth and numbness. Pain is severe and punched in face. Suggest the next step for painful teeth Suffered from breast cancer and removed left breast. Now cancer has spread all over body. Advice Pain in lower back near spine and hip area. History of back surgery. What could be causing this? Done widal and Esr test. What are the findings and required treatment? Had unprotected sexual intercourse. Missed periods and feeling sick. Pregnancy test came negative Has a history MSRA. Got infected by bug bite. Swollen eye. Looked infected. Painful. Infection spread. Is this the cause for concern? Newborn. Loss of breath, purple lips due to constant crying corrected by hitting the back. Lowered pressure to 80. Common? Urinalysis done. Presence of blood in urine, also few pus and epithelial cells found. Report normal? Had a cortisone injection in knee. Having psoriatic arthritis and suffering from back pain. What could be the reason for pain? Is it safe to use koji glo gel to have a clear and fair skin? Have cramping, bleeding, dizzy spells. On birth control. How to diagnose my symptoms? Having pain in chest and back. Had an ECG, ECHO and TMT. Still having pain Suffering from dizziness, fast heart beat, headaches. CT scan result awaited. Prescribed lexapro, valium for anxiety, panic attack Having watery semen. Can I have a baby? Have fever, frequent urination, pain in anal region. Diagnosed fistula near anal region. Need advise Found something white on the foreskin of penis. Using tree oil. Is it a STD? History of surgery for tore tendon on left ankle. MRI showed lot of scare tissue, no dorsal flection on foot. Suggest Irregular periods and having unprotected sex. Severe back pain and noticed pinkish discharge. Is it a sign of miscarriage? Suffering from depression. Goes violent sometimes. On qutipin. Possible to overcome from this? Suffering from recurrent vaginal fungal infection and advised to take AF kit. Erupted skin on face. Is it a side effect? Child. History of taking ivig injection for high fever. Blood test showed very high sgpt, sgot levels. On aspirin. Reason? Bitten by dog years ago. Having shortness of breath and dry mouth. Symptoms of rabies? Sudden severe weightgain. Have PCOD in both ovaries. Is using phytolacca berry tablets safe for weight loss? Missed periods for 2 months even after taking prescribed Duphaston, occasional white discharge. Sexually inactive. Suggest Light pain in throat, uneasiness. No help from chitro, sporidox. Advised Azithral SI. Right treatment? Puss from hard ingrown hair under left armpit, severe pain. No help from cleaning with peroxide. Remedy? Lightheaded, bleeding after having D&C. On iron supplements for anemia. Serious? Wobbly pouch like structure pops out from knee cap. Suffered Patellar subluxation. What does this indicate? Difficulty bending knee while using stairs. History of being on cast due to fracture in 5th metatarsal. Possible arthritis? Bleeding during urination. Has follicular cyst in ovaries. US showed bladder spasms with leaking urine. . History of blood discharge from kidneys. Help On and off severe pain in upper back and chest due to c-section. X-ray normal. Effect of epidural or surgery? Have ulcer in stomach, blockage in heart. Physician suggested heart surgery due to ulcer. Is it recommended? History of having unprotected foreplay followed by intake of emergency pill. On treatment for irregular periods. Possible pregnancy? Sudden deep rashes on face. History of glowing, fair and clear skin on face after using Diprovat plus. Suggest Suffering from Hip Joint TB. Taking ethambutol, INH, pyrazinamide. What does ESR, RBC and HB level indicate? Joint pain in knuckles and toes. Have started exercising 2 days back. Sign of arthritis? On Protonix for gastritis, pressure in chest. On and off feeling of something in throat. Any ideas? On medication for diabetes and hypertension. History of cholelithiasis, cataract operations. Test showed TMT positive for RMi in II, III, avF. Suggest Itchy, watery pus filled red boils on hand, spreading to body. Have dry cough, not on medication. Prescribe cream or lotion Spotting followed by continued bleeding after taking cerazette birth control. Is pause mf safe to take? Have high SGOT, SGPT, AST and ALT level. Alcoholic. Liver report stated no focal lesion. How to reduce the levels? Diagnosed with mehorrhagic and tuberculosis in uterus. Operated for hysteroscopy. On AKT-4, Ethambutol. Vomiting. What does the finding mean? Severe night sweats. History of having tooth extraction. Connection? Advised althea pills for six months for regularising periods. Stopped periods with stopped pills. Continue pills? Pain in back, urinary tract, hematuria. Ultrasonography revealed increase in bilateral cortical echoe, culture showed E.Coli infection. Cure? Early, light periods in previous month followed by delayed period this month. History of having unprotected sex last month before periods. Possible pregnancy? Lump in groin oozing pus and blood . History of having received oral sex from person without STD. Ideas? Feeling of coin in throat or esophagus, fear to swallow. History of having specific kind of nightmare of swallowing coin. Thoughts? Eyes suffers from double vision. Muscle that holds eye is not well adjusted. Concentrating on object cause headache Trying to conceive after miscarriage. Can take folic acid? Not producing cervical mucous. How to boost it? Ultrasound during pregnancy shows single live intrauterine pregnancy, normal cardiac activity. Tensed due to placenta maturity. Report opinion? Have itchy penis. Feel burning, and itchy. Had an yeast infection earlier. How to diagnose my symptoms? Have double vision, tingling in lips, legs pain. Started cholesterol medication. Are they side effects? Fell on knee. Knee got fractured. Blood slotted downward. Casting was removed. Now feel weak. Pain in stomach. How to overcome this? Crusty patch under eye, bleeding, clear liquid oozes out. Tried apple cider vinegar. Is this candida yeast? Xray shows residual ptb scar. Completed my treatment. Feel hurting chest. Threw out blood. Should I be worried about the findings? Had raptured bowel. Had a colectomy. What is the cause? Lightheadedness, crankiness, sickness, sore throat, throbbing sensation, dark water discharge. Related to nose piercing? Migraine. Taking vasograin tablets. Does it have side effects like acidity or depression? Any medication to prepone or postpone periods? Have pain in back. Used volini spray, Hifenac -p. Not helping. What are the findings and required treatment? White worm in stools, fever. History of playing with kittens with gooey green stuff from their eyes. Possible infection? Dark face with fair body colour. History of using fair and lovely cream. On venusia cream. Help for fair face Suffering from fibroadenosis. Also pain in breast, stomach, back, head. Related to fibroadenosis or cancer? Chronic hyperacidity. Worsened condition with acid reflux, heartburn after stopping ayurvedic medicines. History of H Pylori bacteria. Any home remedies? Suffer from back pain. X-ray shows lumbar lordosis, alignment of the vertebrae. Decreased intervertebral disc. Are the findings in normal range? Child. Cough, cold. Prescribed omnacortil solution , otrinox, servil, tixylix, crocin drops. No breathing problem. Is omnacortil safe? Hit by car and got bruise. Strained hamstring. Admitted. Dressing with honey. Is skin draft the best option? Has diabetes. Taking glimisave. What diet should he follow? Penis strength unsatisfactory. Been masturbating. Why do I not have discharge anymore? Pressure in back of head, herniated disc in neck, shrinkage in front of brain. Due to trauma? Taken Mifepristone, Misoprostol. Bleeding, lower stomach pain. Normal? Low WBC count, headaches, joint pain, nausea. What could be wrong? Have fever and pain, swelling. Is it okay to take Mobizox, Rantin, Medrol? Irregular period. Taking non hormonal pills, on deviry. Done laparoscopy. Is it deviry a contraceptive pill? Veins of penis raised, weakness, cold hands and foot. Is it a result of masturbation? Had a miscarriage with no cramps, just flu like symptoms. Spotting followed by heavy clots. Any concerns ? Tinnitus in left ear. Taking ginkgo biloba tablets, vitamin B complex, antioxidants. Suggest remedy? Have irregular periods. Struggling hard to get pregnant. Advised to take Progynova and dexorange. What to do? Went through IVF. Had embryo transfer 2 days ago. Bed resting, pineapple core is good for implantation? Painful pimples on cheeks appears when faced humidity. Taking Azifast, isopex with clear gel What are the findings from pelvic ultrasound and endometrium test? Do I need to worry? Trying to conceive. Prescribed Siphene and hormonal injections. Are these safe and what is success rate? Pregnant. Latest scan shows cervix 2.9cm and lower line placenta with brownish material coming out of urine Due for aortic valve replacement. Does mechanical or tissue method affect the ability to have healthy children ? Pregnant. USG reports show placenta low lying , intrauterine fetus. Need to be worried? Diagnosed with osteoarthritis, on Celebrex. Trouble while walking. How to overcome this ? After sexual intercourse, vaginal lips were burning with yellowish sticky. Is it gonorrhea? Give breast milk taking support of breast shield or via pumping as baby is not drinking directly Pain in back close to shoulder. Been told it is a pinched nerve. Had blurred vision today Had vagatomy. Have vitamin B12 deficienty, fatigue, dumping syndrome, nerve pain. Taking shots, oral, metformin Pain in penis, frequent urination. Have aspergers. What could be the problem? Pulled out a tick on ball sack but the head was stuck inside. Applied triple antibiotic ointment. What should I do? Fluid retention in left leg, swelling started after biopsy on lymph node. Had non hodgkins lymphoma, having booster treatment Undergoing rehabilitation for the abuse if Adderall and was prescribed Vyvanse for ADHD. Advise. On nexplanon for year, didnot get periods since. Noticed implant bent, got brown discharge periods, sore breasts Have pregnancy. Umbilical artery flow has come with pi of 1.44 ri 0.65. Any risk? Pain in left side, heavy feeling, little sleep while lying on left side. Had scan. History of kidney stones Had lumber surgery which required 4 fused areas. Since then have debilitated chronic pain Headache, dizziness, blurred vision, loss of balance, tingling sensation in feet. Cure for symptoms? Had biopsy to detect for temporal artery, waiting for results. Tenderness in right side, blurry vision. Dangerous? Have back pain above hips. Have curvature of spine, some damage to bottom of spine Can any online doctor help me to figure out my date of conception? Breath smells like broccoli to others. Had first root canal. Related? Difficulty in swalling, feel something struck in throat, feel head pressure. High BP. Potassium, magnesium are low Taking atorvastatin, digoxin, allopurinol, bisoprolol , furosemide , ramipril , rivaroxaban . Can take paracetamol for sore elbow to get sleep? Chills with no fever, sleeping in sitting position. Taken prilosec program. Medications are hydrochlorothiazide and metformin. Experiencing numbness on right side with lower back pain after getting off Tysabri-MS maintenence infusion. Reasons ? Have problems with kidneys, constipation, body soreness. Taking lithobid. Herbs would work? Being treated for Epididymitis. Taking 4th round of antibiotics. Need to learn more about it Red rash on neck at front from ear to ear, dry mouth. Could this be thyroid related ? Have emphysema, high BP,cholesterol. Using nebulizer, spiriva, inhalers. Tightening in chest, difficulty in breathing after taking steroids Took Zole-F for skin infection on inner thighs, skin got dark in that area. Will it be normal ? Had hernia repaired. Now paints in left abdomen. Have left hand variocoele. Is it related? Teenager gets lightheaded while getting up from couch. BP slighlty high. Any cause of concern ? Difficulty in reading, unable to concentrate. History of seizures, had appendectomy. Took keppra, depacote. Any ideas? Took Misoprotol orally and vaginal. Bleeding with clots, tummy swollen. Is this incomplete abortion ? Taking accutane. ALT test came back to 35IU/L. Is this normal? Need to be concerned? String like substance, looking like worm after blowing nose. Any ideas? Infection of cold with phlegm flu, sore throat. Blood comes out with cough. Chest x-ray is clear Feels like stomach virus, took Cipro, antibiotics. Severe diarrhea, cramping. What is this disease ? Severe headache, have indentation on forehead. Prescribed amitriptilyne. How to overcome this problem? Had light bleeding, not sure if it is periods. Nipples are sensitive, vomiting's. Pregnancy test is negative Pain in left side of throat, chest, lump on back of neck. Blood work is normal. Cancer? Constant abdominal pain, nausea, trouble passing bowels. History of kidney stones. Is this related ? Intermittent sharp pains on the back side of waist, takes breath off for second. What is the cause ? Severe pain down left leg after banding of two piles. No getting many bowel movements, feeling bloated Taking Ginette 35 for PCOS, irregular periods problem. Does it prevent pregnancy ? Extreme hunger pains at night, tired, frequent urination. How can i reduce excessive hunger pains? Had pomegranate juice. Since then stomach pain, nausea, lead to diarrhea Dark urine, pressure below belly button, more acidity. Could this be UTI? Upper lip getting darker after waxing. Applying moisturizer. Will my skin get back to normal? Poking through gums, hoarse voice, runny nose. Started teething. Is it normal to get hoarse voice while teething? Severe itching on mons pubis, flaky skin. Tested clear for infections. Prescribed clotrimazole cream, not helping Have cramps, spotting, coin size clot found but no periods. What are the findings and required treatment? Headache, whooshing in ear, pressure behind right ear, problem with lights at night. What could be this? Pneumonia. Prescribed amoxicillin. Changed drugs due to Hallucination. Concerned about auto immune disorder. What is chronic fatigue syndrome? Yellowish vaginal discharge. Negative swab test results. Any ideas? Severe headache, tired, numb legs, loss of appetite, pain throughout body. Cure for symptoms? Lot of weight gain, developed a belly button hernia, penis sucked inward. Should he see doctor ? Intermittent pain on right side of scalp, swollen. Had mild case of shingles years ago. Underlying cause? Feel something is struck in throat. Drank boiled ginger to soothe throat Nasal polyps and hypertrophy. Taking Fluticasone nasal spray with Fexifenafine HCL. Can you explain what is mastoiditis? Lymph nodes on side of neck, bumps, skull pain, pain in root of hair. Can this be shingles? Tumour was removed after having colon cancer. Tumour was spread to lymph nodes and in final stage. What do you recommend? Feels like bottom of legs are gone, no numbness, go down. Head dizzy, no diagnosis from reports. What is this ? Suffering from stroke, high BP, fluid building up and swelling in brain. Chances of recovery? Child, have pain between ribs and hip on left side. Ate small stick, normal appetite, bowel movement. Meet doctor? On treatment for irregular periods due to thyroid. Delayed periods, severe back pain. Pregnancy symptom ? Pins and needles, numbness in left arm. How to overcome this? Frequent watery stool, occurs even while not having spicy food. Drinks too much of water. Underlying cause? Diagnosed for systemic yeast, has become chronic, unable to control with candida diet Had Bartholin's cyst removed. Lubrication process and sexual drive is low. Taking minastrin 24 birth control Swollen face, red and sore, itching. Reaction to microderm abrasion. Took bacatine, got worse. How to overcome this problem? Have broken fibula due to fall, bruised my bone. Could i get an infection from bruised bone? Pain in lower abdomen after exercising, blood while spitting. Is this the cause for concern? Weird feeling in stomach, dizziness, bloating, nausea. Consulted doctor, reason not found. Give me suggestion Have missed periods, cramps, red discharge. Took contraceptives. Pregnant? Pregnant, diagnosed with kidney stone. Took hydromorphone, pain in lower back, radiating to leg. Underlying cause? Have irregular mensturuation. Took birth control pills. Have weight gain, big stomach and no periods Had successful aortic valve replacement surgery. Is it safe to take adderall or any other alternative? Lump between scrotum and anus, sometimes itches. Had perianal abcess removed. Is it coming back again? Trying to conceive, periods coming early lasting two days. Constant bloating, stomach cramps. Blood clot while urinating. Reason? Penis hurts when rubbed against anything, small pus spot next to the hole. Is this STD ? Large, white headed pimple-like bump on front of vagina spreading over butt and inner thighs, extremely itchy. Any concerns ? Mildly high BP, written off as white coat syndrome. Feel tingling in hands, marathon runner. Diagnosis ? Stabbing pain near heart, shortness of breath. Is this the cause for concern? Extreme fatigue, very debilitating, mild anemia. History of type II DM, on high dose steroids, no response. Causes ? Kid, have fever, stiff neck, sleepy. Took motrin. Should i meet doctor? Under treatment for depression, anxiety, BP. Personal research finds symptoms related to elevated cortisol levels. Give me suggestion Lower right quadrant pain, dull lower back pain, distended abdomen. Had BM. What could be this? Have headache, vomiting, vertigo, numbness on head and double vision. Done MRI, Ct scan, spinal tap. Cancer? Teenager suffering from fainting spells. Doctors suspect orthostatic hypertension. Is the diagnosis correct? Sore stomach area, sore back, headache. Done travelling. How to overcome this problem? Have scrapes, bruises and swelling due to accident. Why the swollen area have changed to hard? Taking Troxyphen for three days. When skipped, felt like having palpations, pain in back and throbbing Lump above armpit, pain from elbow. Taking weights in gym. Doctor analyses as muscle tendon. Give me suggestion Mole between toe, removed it, pus and blood coming after weeks. Is this the cause for concern? Shooting pain from rectum to lower back, vagina and abdomen. Underlying cause? Pregnancy tests shows faint line in the beginning, disappearing after some time. What does this mean? Have excess fat in body. Doing exercise. How can i reduce my weight and fat without causing any side effects? Suffered from stroke. Head was hit and feeling tired. What could it be? Less desire for sex after taking injection for family planning. How can this problem be rectified? Lump near collar bone, moving, on the same side of taking flu shot. What could be this? Nausea, pain around abdomen under rib cage. Normal blood tests. Any ideas? Stabbing pain and bruising near rib cage. Doctors suspect nerve damage but prescribed medicines unhelpful. Reasons? Had a transient ischemic attack and taking Alltaste. Speech is worse and struggling. Suggest suitable way to improve speech MRI of knee done. Is surgery required? Suffering from crohn's. Taken all the drugs required. Been told to swallow digestive tract camera How to take care of a stroke patient? Needle prick like dots on fingers. What could this be? Suffering from dementia. Can large intake of sugar in one sitting lead to aggressive behavior? Discomfort and mild pain in testicle. Had vasectomy years back. Underlying cause? Stabbing pain under right side of rib, pain in lower stomach, lower back pain. Medical cure for this? Dry humping and experienced a light pink bleeding. Feeling nauseous. Is it implantation bleeding? Recurring constipation, hard stool, bloating, pain. Took movipep, not helping. What is the cure? Lump removed from arm pit, diagnosed MRSA. Hard shell around abscess, receiving IV antibiotic treatment. Biopsy result awaited Got diabetes, fibromyalgia. Prescribed metformin, hcler. Have numbness in face. Will that cause my face to go numb? MRI shows left sided brain compression, tremor's in right leg and hand. Taking Parkinson's medicines Feeling of fluid under skin, had hematoma on the area, broken ribs, fell from horse. MRI, ultrasound done. normal results Having burps tasting like rotten eggs, flatulence, severe diarrhea. Stomach pain, vomitings after having pepto bismal. Food poisoning? Pain and bleeding during intercourse, yellow fluid oozing. Premenopausal. Consulted doctor, reason not found Feeling sore, pain while coughing, urinating, feels like g spot is huge. Had sex. What could be done? Pain in toe, burning sensation in joint. Pain relieving after removing shoes. Underlying cause? Diagnosed with depression, anxiety. Took effexor, diazepam. Have panic attacks. How to avoid this? Have fibroids. Periods long after endometriosis test. Hysterectomy due next week. Should keep cervix along with ovaries? Growing stomach, fluttering, kicking. Taking BC pills, not regular. Negative pregnancy tests. Could i still be pregnant? Headache off/on, black spots in right eye, heart palpitations, dizziness, back pain. What is this disease ? Got cut on knuckle, part below index finger swollen, painful thumb. What should be done? Episodes of not waking from sleep. Diabetic, high BP, low B12, high Homocysteine. Signs of Dementia ? Feeling of burning tongue, red bumps along dorsum. Done several tests. Took antibiotics Lump in right side of throat, cold, discomfort in bronchial tube. Family history of asthma, sinus problems. Medical cure for this? Tingling feeling around inner knee, red in color. Any ideas? Chronic fibromyalgia for years, severe pain. Taking gabapentin. What is the maximum dosage that i could take? Brownish mucus during bowel movement occasionally. Taking medication for IBS. What could be this? Feeling pressure in pelvic area, clitoris, urge to urinate, less urine. Negative result of UTI. Any ideas? Difficulty in sleeping, upset stomach, back feels tight. Blood test shows elevated thyroid levels Pain in lower back, pelvic area. Had total hysterectomy. Scan done. What does findings suggest? Diagnosed with MS. Have spinal and brain lesions. Are lymes disease and Ms two separate issues? Periodic episodes of clear, odorless, substance coming form breast, happens on one side at a time. How to avoid this? Excruciating pain after spine surgery, sever while standing or walking. MRI done, normal results. Underlying cause? Heart transplant recipient. Got stage 2 chronic kidney disease. Have tongue discoloration, slight temperature, decreased appetite Inflammation, swelling, pain on left foot. Recovered from plantar fasciitis. Are these related? Sudden dent in back of head. Was hospitalized for unexplained high BP. Medication helped. Reason for dent? Stomach pain, nausea, early periods, spotting. Any ideas? Stiffness on left hand, soreness develops during sleep, disappears awaking. Had accident, started exercising hand Taking Imuran, pregnazone and trazadone. Very irritable and have anxiety. Could I take Imuran and trazadone? Urine analysis shows positive for hemoglobin, nitrites, leukocyte esterase. Had kidney stone, broken it. Underlying cause? Big nipple which secretes water when pressed, taking Spirulina, Women plus. On and off sleeplessness. Why is this ? PAP smear shows enlarged uterus, large mass coming from left side where left ovary not found. What is this ? Itching in nipple in right breast, pain when water hits. Smoker. Should i meet doctor? Since pregnancy, heart skips a beat when have gas in stomach. Taking Inderal for anxiety What kind of medication will help in increasing height? Have six surgeries done on forearm. Prescribed hydromrphone. Unable to find scrip in pharmacy. Any alternative? Is the Mylan Oxycodone as effective on pain as Qualitest ? Have Copd, coughing. Is it true that promethazine with cod has been banned by the government? Acidity, gas getting stuck, heart feels like skipping beat. Medical cure for this? ECG reports "incomplete right bundle branch block". Next month, "normal sinus rhythm, sinus arrhythmia, st-t wave abnormality" Difficulty in breathing, whistle like choking while breathing, occurs during winter. Took deryphylin retard. Give me suggestion Arch of left foot hurting, bump underneath bottom of foot, bruising. How to help it heal ? Have itching and paper cuts on labia. Treated for yeast infection. Right medication? CT scan of lungs done. What does findings mean? Had migraine, blurred vision, vomiting, headache. Been told the lateral ventricles were enlarged and an odd shape Pain in hip, radiating towards left side of back. Took naproxen, muscle relaxer, no improvement. Give me suggestion Didn't had intercourse since periods. Pregnancy test shows faint line. Possibility of pregnancy or fault in kit?
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