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Both of my Golden Retrievers have been having very soft My ALT was always high (93 and 99 last year) I have tiny white bumps on the bottom of my We were having a pretty big bonfire and my friends I fell on rT shoulder 5 years ago. Had MRI Hi. Can I take Kalms at night time, as a I have a dry cough.. it's not too much but Pls I keep having this nagging itchy throat and right I have a heavyness in my head and i think Hi, my daughter is 26 years old and is experiencing Hi I have a friend that is 29 weeks pregnant Can an intolerance to histamine cause your body to have Hey I had a period on Feb 5th. It done My mother is 59 years old. One and a half On February 25th, I had a radical prostatectomy (robot assisted I have this thing where my skin crawls constantly . Hi, my 3 yr old son has a very croaky About 6 weeks ago I notice that my minor labia I have a spontaneous bruise under the lower part of Thanks! My friend had a hip replacement and now seems last week my brother had a massive stroke . He HELLO..... I HAVE MULTIPLE MEDICAL ISSUES. MY RECENT CONDITIONS HAVE Hi, I recently had an ECG and it showed a My son (24 years old) has been sick with an I have pain in my right jaw. It also seems my 22 year old son arrived home on Monday, March i had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I only have I have dizzy spell recently where my ears feel hot Aoa Plz guide me Im 26 years old and suffering My husband is having symptoms of shaking chills, fever, nausea Could lumbar spinal stenosis cause pain emanating from my hip Hello- I am a 34 yr old male. 3 days I have tried several prescriptions for Osteo-Arthritis. Zips0r worked great, I fell off a 3' tall wall app, 9 months Hi I'm 36 years old been spotting with occasional brown Hi, my name is Octavia Johnson, I went to the I have been having these strange kind of electric currents I have been having mild stomach discomfort for about a I was awoken this morning at two by the felling I started taking microlite contraceptive pill at the of January. I am 54 yr old female having constant pain under I have severe pain in my legs, hips and knees. Hello, my next door neighbor who is 53 yrs old Hi, I have had a red patch on the roof I got operated for phyllode which is benign but the Hello, So my partner and I had interiors last week. I have amyloid deposits (23 enlarged nodes) in my lungs. i had a middle ear infection for a few months...back Hi, I am a 57 years old woman. From my Hi - I began having scratches on my forehead below am taking 2400 miligrams of Gabapenton daily for nerve pain I have almost constant pain in my left ankle-inner aspect, How early can HIV transmission be detected? What causes a large lump on the crease of the elbow? Is Tigboderm Extra cream advisable for severe itching? Is parenthood possible for a person with azoospermia? Hi, I have had a total hysterectomy in July due What causes sudden chronic body itching at nights? What causes stabbing pain under the rib cage upon bending? I've been having heart flutters since last Thursday . I What causes recurring strep throat? Is sore throat a symptom of chicken pox? What causes pain during urination along with semen leakage? Does a trauma cause swelling up of lymph nodes? What does this blood test report signify? How long should Oxetol be taken for epilepsy? What causes persistent vaginal bleeding during postpartum? Is odourless menstruation a cause for concern? What causes a sore blister on the labia minora? Suggest treatment for anemia in a person with multiple myeloma What causes small blisters in between the vagina and rectum? What causes swollen lumps on the arm post Pneumovax-23 shot? Are mood swings and insomnia withdrawal symptoms of Cannabis? Is Lomexin T safe during pregnancy? What causes constant chest pain along with difficulty in breathing? Suggest treatment for type 3 varicocele and azoospermia What causes a lump on the neck? What causes abdominal spasms along with tightness in chest? What causes mild brown vaginal bleeding post protected intercourse? What causes constant hiccups while on Clarithromycin? Is brown discoloration of tongue due to smoking marijuana? Is Dramamine advisable for dizzy spells? What causes the sutures to be yellow post wisdom tooth extraction? What causes constant exhaustion while on Prednisone for PMR? Are droplets of blood in semen a cause for concern? What causes fluttering in chest along with anxiety? What causes red spots on the head of the penis? What causes tenderness at the bottom of the rib cage? What causes pain in shoulder and groin? What causes severe lower back pain along with numbness in the leg? What causes constant vomiting and loose stools in an infant? What causes brown patches at the base of the foreskin? What causes severe abdominal pain and cramps? Is long-standing pain in the spinal cord post an anesthesia shot normal? What causes extreme abdominal pain and nausea during menstruation? Is Anastim advisable for male pattern baldness? What causes intermittent fever along with abdominal pain and green stools? What causes constant burps? What causes drainage of red liquid along with stools? What causes severe leg pain post Cortisone shot? What causes facial swelling post root canal treatment? Are red spots on the penis a symptom of HIV? What causes abrasion on the vulva along with white vaginal discharge? Suggest a Magnesium supplement for leg cramps What causes white raised round patches on the tongue? Are oral contraceptives advisable while on Eltroxin? What causes persistent chronic cough? What causes red spots with white heads while on Naproxen and Co-Codamol? What causes swelling and redness under the foreskin post unprotected sex? What causes sperm leakage during urination? What causes frequent urination post hernia repair surgery? What causes elevated levels of SGPT and SGOT? Is pregnancy possible through non penetrative sex? What causes delayed periods while on Sysron? Sir , i had been on clonazepam 2mg since 1998 Hi I am generally on a contraceptive pill called Diane I am 66 years old and suffering from T2 diabetes Hi i am 30 yrs height is 5.6 and Hi I have started to get little brown freckle looking I am using teczine from1year i have gained weight but How to chek procedure of body tempreture, i admit my What causes pain inside the head and coughing up of blood? What does delayed period along with back pain and tender breasts indicate?  Suggest treatment for itchiness all over the body What causes breast pain along with chest infection? Hi Doctor, Have a great day..!! I had a dark Is pregnancy possible despite having uterine fibroid? Hii, i had chicken pox last month and i took Suggest treatment for sore throat, cough and fever What causes abdominal cramps and white color vaginal discharge? Hi , i am 34 years old,TTC for 7years.Every thing What are the side effects of using Femilon tablet? What causes dizziness, excessive sweating and nausea after smoking cigarette? Is pregnancy possible despite taking emergency contraceptive pills? Hey my name is John and I am 17 for My wife was diagnosed with Vaculitis Cerebal, a small brain Hi doctor. I took 4pcs of nordette as an ECP Hi, my toddler is complaining about stomach pain sometimes, vomiting Is Pegmove and Gut renew the right medicine for antral gastritis? What causes upper abdominal pain and gastritis? What causes green smelly discharge and pressure in the ear? Hello, My hymen is broken today. I am feeling pain What causes a painful red sore bump on the buttock? Suggest treatment for diarrhea and stiffness in the neck What causes constipation and insomnia after taking antidepressants? JI am undergo with ivf patient . I have Egg I've a sister who have been deaf and dumb from I m eating monofeme tablats my periods come always on How to wean off Norethisterone slowly without any side effects?  Hi how are you doctor, I am 40 years old..I Suggest treatment for severe dog bite My elderly mother lives in India, is 88yrs old, suffers Hi iam 21 weeks pregnant I want to know my My crus of helix is swollen , and I have Is pregnancy possible despite taking Nordette pill? What causes severe foot pain despite having diabetes and high blood pressure? Hi my husband was prescribed metformin while having kidney problems,he Hello im rachel ive been on depo prevera for 1 Is Lornoxicam the right medicine for heel pain? Is surgery necessary to get rid of sinus headache? Suggest treatment for radiating pain from the knee to the foot I have not gotten my period for this month my Suggest treatment for lower abdominal pain and loose stools What causes heavy vaginal bleeding after taking Novex ds? Suggest treatment for heartburn and black stool I am 5 months post baby with severe eclampsia. rolled Suggest treatment for two painful bumps on the buttock Suggest treatment for acidity and gastritis I've had Breast Implants for 23 years. And would like Hello, i had pelvic ultrasonography. Got the result that the Suggest treatment for throat pain along with earache Hi i am in my third month. I have been Suggest treatment for swollen and painful knee Suggest treatment for nasal congestion, cold and headache I'm a heavy set girl and I shower daily if I am a 21 year old girl. I have recently I have a sudden on set of pain in my I have PCOD for the last one year.I got my Sir I had sex wit my gf befr 40 mins hi i was told about taking apple cider vinegar to Hi,I got my last period on 9 march I HV I have cheilitis ever since i was a child and Suggest treatment for painful red lump behind the vulva and sore throat I've read about this matter a lot, I just want today my 75 yr old father went in to see HI. I got married 10th of march. i started having Hi! My name is Al and I'm 39 yrs of Suggest treatment for severe knee pain I have had 3 major back surgeries, a broken back, Suggest treatment for frequent migraine and nausea What causes a painful lump on the knee? I have a pulse coming from my liver area when hi, I started to take thyronorm 50 since one year hi i am 43 year old man.i have tested my I'm a 19 year old.I have been using Melacare cream I contacted syphilis from my ex have not had unprotected Does chlorine exposure cause sore throat, fever and cough? My dad has been on phyto artemisinin for 15 days Hello My name is Chitra n my age is 40 Hi doc! I have two dachshund puppies that I just Hi i have warts on genital groin that look like What should be the normal blood sugar value during pregnancy? What causes blood in urine and erectile dysfunction? Suggest treatment for erectile dysfunction Hello Doctor, I just woke up almost 4 hours ago What causes painful lumps on the armpit? I fingered my girlfriend a few hours ago, and she I am 58 yrs old post menopause, since 2006. I Dear doctor. I am 26 years of age.I was around Suggest treatment for bloating and burning sensation in the stomach What causes brownish discharge after discontinuing Depo shots? What causes a itchy bump on the forehead? What causes severe pain below the rib cage? Hi! I'm a 22 year old female and haven't had I have a tear on my vestibule in my vagina, What causes small bumps on the palatopharyngeal arch? Suggest treatment for severe groin pain hi i had surgery on my left medial mensicus about I have had a Vit D reading for the last My back started hurting about a month ago and the What causes breathing difficulty, sore throat and excessive thirst? Hi doctor, i recieved smart pills off the internet yesterday On the crease where my thigh meets my vagina there's I had a double cervical disc fusion (2 titanium cages I've had really bad allergies all my life. Tis year My heart rate is 108 bpm at rest for 30 Hi, I have recently moved to get rid of bad Hello. I had a hysterectomy on 31 Jan 2015. Both I have been smelling like burning wood smoke for quite my husband has been very ill the last 3 1/2 Sir yesterday I had a sex n suddenly condom breaks.n What causes foreskin shrinkage and when pulled back for cleaning I have a fish bone stuck in my throat. It What causes kidney pain, nausea and diarrhea? Suggest treatment for chronic cough and pneumonia HI, Iam 39 years old, I deliver for a local Hello Sir, I am a sports person (age 51 years) I fell down the steps of a pool and my I had mifepristrone all 5 tablets orally. 3tablets first day Is stinging pain throughout the body a symptom of peripheral neuropathy? Suggest treatment for pain in the testicle Hi I have a tricubis valve leak and hypertension of Suggest treatment for elevated liver enzymes Hi Doc, I am considered a healthy person of 60yrs My husband is a prior stroke and open heart patient I have a slight twinge of pain underneath my right What causes pain and tightness in the chest and heart palpitations? For several months now I have suffered from my scalp My 20 month old has had what ses like a I woke up a couple of days ago with a I think my concerns are more for an OB. I'm yes my husband has been on a shot called praluent Hi, My period is due to start on 7th April I drank way too much wine yesterday and finished on Hi..... I am an asian from Myanmar. I am 22 What causes dark patches around the scrotum? I am 2 months pregnant and recently just had a I have noticed several small spots of what looks like Hi i have stop using contraceptuves for almost a year.. What causes strong odor while breathing through the nose? I had two back teeth pulled yesterday and when I Does inner ear infection and sinus infection cause vertigo? I was living in Cambodia 2013 and 14 and I Intense burning and stabbing pain under rib cage upper tummy Hello doctor we are got marriage 15th March, 2015. My Hello, My concern for tonight is, I was taking antibiotics Hello, I'm a 42 year female and I have never What causes soreness and itchiness in the breast after breast reduction surgery? I have had a fever for five days. I was hello doctor, i have used skin lite cream for just My son had excision of a pilondial cyst...actually this was i accidently took two birth control pills yesterday. i am My wife is having persistent pin in her left side I'm on Vyvanse for about a year now and I've Suggest treatment for weakness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, fever and hypertension Hello, my son is 14. He is overweight. 265 lbs. I'm having difficulty with some back pain on my right i am a thirty year old male, who has dealt Hello, I am a 41 yr old preschool teacher, who My husband has had a rash on his torso, front My parent had a seizure and her glucose was 153 Ok I work for a 98 year old female and i beleive i have been misdiagnosed for the last 8 My brother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He is not ABOUT SIX MONTHS AGO i DEVELOPED TERRIBLE PAIN THROUGHOUT MY How can I stop my gum from bleeding excessively? On I have a lump the size of a plum right I felt like I could of had the flu about You could definitely see your skills in the paintings you I suddenly thrust my arm forward to catch a falling Suggest treatment for eye irritation to be completely cured What causes cramps in toe radiating to the feet, calf and arm? What causes delayed periods along with sore breasts and abdominal cramps? My 14 month old has an ear infection that went Suggest medicine to lower cortisol level My 91 year old father is taking 25 MG of My Friend, a male, 44, was in a car accident Suggest treatment for chronic migraine headaches To undergo hernia surgery, I was advised to stop taking My son is 10 weeks old And has had gunk Hi, I'm a 19 year old male. I got this my husband has had a chronic cough for over four I have pain like a kidney stone in my left Can nerve damage in mouth cause neck pain and headaches ? I recently had sex with my boyfriend. Afterwards I felt What causes swelling and itching on the eyelid? Hi, I am so terrified right now, my bf and Hello, I had my left big toenail removed 4 weeks My name is Steve, i am a nurse , i Hello doc I have a question I have a small yes i have a new relation iam a 50 year my husband has had knee surgery for a ruptured quad Feels like I have a belt around my rib cage Hi my nine year old has had impetigo twice this I was exercising on the treadmill when I suddenly felt I was sitting down earlier and sneezed and got a I woke up yesterday AM and my left eye wascrossed. Wow, wonderful weblog structure! How lengthy have you ever been What causes pain on lateral side of the spine upon bending? Hi Dr. Rynne....I have been getting a fluttering on the I have a red bump thought was a boil its Suggest treatment for hair and skin problem caused after bariatric surgery I am 3 weeks post op from a total abdominal What causes weight loss and bad vaginal odor? I have pain in left hip and increasingly can't bring My daughter was born healthy. Absolutely nothing wrong with her. What causes a brown rash along the abdomen? My friend has had a bad cough for over a My daughter has pulmonary hypertension and has a a cough I have had a mild tightness in the center of hi doctor, this is varsha I got married recently,me n Is this a hernia?...Sometimes when I reach for something low, My Son is 5 months old and since he was I have been on Amoxicillin for about Three weeks due I'm a 72 yr old female in good health - My 15 year old son, sudden onset of severe pain Could you give me a brief answer,or your thoughts about Hi, I took my misoprostol and let it dissolve in What causes extreme runny stools? I am currently taking Glipizide for blood sugar readings Hi, I had a baby 7 months ago, a c-section Hi I'm looking for a gynecologist Dr. Recently after having Hello i have an 8 year old girl who keeps Hello sir!, I started getting scarchy near the Chinese and my granddaughter has been getting bumps on her arms and Hi, I am a 67 year old UK male with My cousin had breast removal 5 years ago. She had yes i suffer from 3 lower back , 1 neck I have an indentation to the left of the center I received a heart transplant in 2014, I am on What does the following urinalysis result mean? Hi I live in Netherlands and here we hardly get I fell on lower back very hard playing soccer. It Hi, I have numbness in my right foot, like my I was wondering if I should be SERIOUSLY concerned about I was wondering if I should be SERIOUSLY concerned about My 7 year old recently came home with a rash I am looking at ways to stop a habit that I have notice what appears to be something like scarring Hi, My kid has throat infection because of dust, we 关掉电脑,起身打开冰箱,拿出一瓶纯真年代,拿在手里走到窗前,凝视着远方,外面灰蒙蒙的天下着小雨,看着窗外,我的心情更忧郁了,我再也无法抑制内心的情感,打开窗子,对着窗外大声呐喊 :你写的是神马玩意儿? 情趣内裤 last few days i noticed irritation in the clitoris area Hi, I have patches of dry, itchy hypopigmentation on my Hello Doctor , I have a chest pain. While sleeping When i had a smear taken by a nurse she Hi, my name isMaria. I had hysterectomy surgery about 3 I held in a sneeze earlier today and immediately after What does this blood test result mean? Hi I have been having my periods for 8 days I have tonsil and blood comes when I deeply give My husband had a brain tumour operation at the front my periods suddenly stopped in nov 2015 and I got My 16 year old son has idiopathic anaphylaxis. He's had hi doctor, I have been suffering from this neurofibroma since I have dropped arches on my feet and sometimes I I been having chest pains and my left arm falls Had knee drained 8 hours ago. Also got a cortisone My question is in September I had a laser cone I was diagnosed with sinusitis 2 weeks ago. I had Hi ,, with the last two months Ive been bleeding Greetings and thank you for your help. I've had this My son was in a minor motorcycle accident five days What causes blisters on tongue, sore throat and mild fever? I am having lower left back pain for the last Thanks. I have a condition that has been going on I had an ultrasound of my liver. It was fine Hi, my mum suffers from arthritis, and currently she is I am a 58 yr old AA male, I take Hi, I was diagnosed with oral herpes three days ago. Hi , My wife smoched marijuana during The pregnancy al i had sex on march 11 (day 12 of my hello I am 28 now.My penis strength getting less day What causes red streaks on the chest and neck? I recently 2/9/16 had a laser peel and due to Yes My recent exam my PSA number went from 9 HI I'm 23 year old female and have had abnormal Taking Cialis 5mg daily for ED and BPH. Worked great I am 74 and in realitively good health, except the MY MOTHER IS 97 HAS REPEAT UTI INFECTIONS. SHE HAS Hello, I have been suffering from constant fatigue and brain I am having pain in the left side of my Hi my name is John Damrell I am 19 turning iHi, I am 17 and have been with my boyfriend Hi, 63 year old male, heart disease. 16 years ago I noticed a single small red scab near my inside My husband has been throwing up and having diarrhea for My stomach hurts really bad and I'm pretty lazy and brother who is 38 years old, who has very Hi I have fractured my 10th left rib bits hurts I am experiencing severe nighttime leg and feet cramps, but My clitoris has been sore and swollen for about 4 A relative just got their blood pressure checked three times Received this information about my grandson and I do not I have pain and popping in my back right rib what could be wrong i have extremly cold feet fatigue Aa sharp burning pain on the inside of my left Yes, I started taking blood thinner eliquis in October for HELLO MAYO CLINIC/JACKSONVILLE, WE HAVE A QUESTION FOR A CARDIOLOGIST Hello Sir, My brother (25 yrs) found having Jaundice for My mom was admitted to hospital by ambulance , she Hi! I am a 38-year-old woman who lives in constant I have a close relative who was diagnosed as having Hello, My daughter had and was treated for strep one I cut a chunk of skin off my thumb when i have a 10 yr grandson that had a small Hi - my 19 year old son was diagnosed with What causes itchy bumps all over body after intercourse? I am 75 yers old. I never had ringing in My 15 month old daughter having fever 102 degree. Given Hi, I'm a 50 year-old woman. I had an acute I get a tingly/rushing sensation occasionally that is sudden and I feel My stomach bloated after 1 week of miscarriage. I'm having a stomach ache and am gassy, bloated and Hi my name is Portia roberson I've had terrible peliva My friend, Ellen, has been through chemo treaments, but is Yes right now I am dealing with some complicated disease Hi My brother 38 years old was perfectly well until I have what looks like bad acne on my tight Hi, I was sustained injury which led to trigger thumb. Hello, I experience a sharp pain on my lower back I used to work for the railroad and coughed & I am a 46 yr female. I have heavy dull Is a yellowish discharge normal? I have no itching, burning For a week, i've been dizzy not the spinnig room For the last two months I've had a sweaty, spotty My husband in hospital more than 10 months, he just I had a kiss with my girlfriend and later I Hello doctor .I am a patient of brain TB.And my I am a 74 YEAR OLD FEMALE AND I NOTICE Hi my 2 year old son is having fever from I am being treated for sinus/bronchsits and am on a Hi my daughter is 10 and saw a NP 3 my grandfather was diagnosed with intestinal cancer at age 27. Okay so I hit my knee against a metal railing Hello doctor..... M 27 year....I had 2 abdominal was Hi doc....when m sleep at that night i loose my I've done my Lipid Test and the full result are I'm 21 years of age, I already lost my right Suggest permanent treatment for asthma Was bit by a small breed dog yesterday broke the My 75 year old aunt was having difficulty ambulating this I just had a full panel of labs done and Hi I'm receiving I0mg of oxy codone oral, neuronton though Hi, I have some shooting pains in what feels like I am wondering about Squamous Cell Carcinoma. My brother-in-law has this morning i woke up and my stomach hurt for I went to the doctor yesterday and was dx with Hi I am a 55 year old woman that has Hi , I had polyp in my uterus last month Hi There, I have had sinus issues for years now A month ago I started an diet and exercise program. Hi, i am 24 years old. I suffered from typoid I've been sick for a little over a month now. Hi, I am a 82 year old female. And I My girlfriend has been pooping a LOT lately. About 15 Hi Doctor I'm 32 years of age.. I get strepthroat When I inserted my tampon I'm almost positive I inserted hi there, i've been experiencing pain in my lower left I am a female, 58 years old, 150 lbs. I Hi doctor i have epididymitis for more than 6 year I have been off depo provera contraceptive injection for 10months I need a cortisone injection in my left index finger....3 After have oral sex with my husband I experience paper My Dr has just prescribed Celecoxib 200mg in place of I am over 60, and am experiencing pain on the I am having difficulties at work focusing and I work I had broken my left leg femur March 8,2015 they After 3.5 years of having an IUD that i was My husband and I want to try having kids soon I had unprotected sex with my gf on 29 feb I have a friend who started to develop dry itchy My girlfriend says she take a pill prescribed to her Hi I'm on my period and have been for 4 Name:-Kartikeya Rajpurohit Hello ..!! I am 21 years old and Hi Doctor, Iam Anand aged 40 Years Male from Chennai Hello Dr.. my husband undergo treatment for typhoid fever for Hi My name is Angela and I a so fearful I have ache like pains in my lower right side yes, good afternoon. My name is Jim and I am I am a professional man 64 years old considered to Good afternoon Dr I just had a basic medical check-up Hi recently I found a weird bump on my penis I have applied raw garlic paste on my face and My 6 month old had her ears pierced 1 month My dad has a bump on the left side of It is 11:29 our time. My son (17) is having The condom broke and he came inside me. I took I have a Pituitary Tumor (diagnosed in 1990). First, I I have been having trouble with my breathing. I will I currently have a sinus infection and I just sneezed Is difficulty in opening left eyelid after sleep a cause for concern? i m 22 year old i have pain in my My last period was on 5th February 2016.until 18th March I had an emergency gall bladder removal about 6 years I went to the dr today and was diagnosed with Suggest treatment for blood in urine and frequest urination Hello,I get athlets foot ,the middle ties on my left Hi! My question: Can Albendezole antibiotic effect male sperm. My I am 42 years old. Last December I met with I have multiple myeloma cancer. I can not walk. I So I have a recurring red bump in my pubic Hi. I am 29 years old with a history of Hi Thank you for reading this. I have this continuous i am facing headic problem since 4year and this pain Hi my throat hurts a bit and I reached back My daughter had a CD57 test. the results are 70. Over the last 3-4 weeks I sometimes noticed a sensation I took a 50mg tramadol today for sever back pain, What does this sperm analysis test result mean? I was diagnosed with stapholucocus in my nose through a What causes a painful lump on the pelvic area? Hi, I have these small pimple-like bumps in my upper I suspect I have anemia but currently am without healthcare. Hi, My husband is doubting that i used to have Hi there , so I puched a wall about 2 Suggest treatment for bacterial vaginosis What does this semen analysis test result mean? I have a itching problem all over the body which hELLO THERE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT ACTAMINOPHEN 500 I was just diagnosed with shingles by my GP. It My husband was in a bike accident and broke his 21 year old daughter had food poisoning from "Bad Chinese, I immediately bloat after eating and simethicone doesn't seem to I was just diagnosed with polycythemia Vera but have been I need help. my penus the head and forskin is Hi sir,My father is addicted to alcohol..and its impossible to hi, i went to the E.R the other night because I had a rough sexual intercouse last Friday. At the Hi doctors..i hope u can help me understand what is I recently started a new pack of my birth control I am on Levothyroxin 50 mg. I was on 25 I am a 44 year old male, with not past I have been prescribed for Cycloreg 5mg OR duphaston 10mg Suggest treatment for acute pancreatitis My husband is feeling strange tonight. He has Type II My boyfriend broke his collarbone 2 years ago. His bone In order to get my periods delay I used norlut Hi, me and my gf had unprotected sex and then hello I am 18 years old and sexually active. I I had arthroscopic surgery June of 2015 and now my Suggest treatment for nocturnal emission I have been taking zolpidem 10 mg. due to insomnia Suggest treatment for vomiting, dizziness and vertigo I have recently started using tampons since I am a Suggest treatment for sharp painful red spots on the feet What causes loss of appetite and weight loss in an elderly person? Hi, I am 19 yeras old.Daily i once masturbating,it's my My son slept in knee high socks overnight. He now i am turning 51 tomorrow. I had a period of 1.Is dapoxetine 30mg is safe for daily use or it Does proluton depot injection cause abnormalities of sexual development in I had edible canibis 24 hours ago. I had too Hello, I had a car accident and have a few I am a teen girl and I get the hiccups Hi my ear has been hurting deep inside and when I had a miscarriage on January the 28th. I had I kept my nuva ring in to prevent getting my Hello, I recently have been experiencing a burning sensation in I have knots on my back like knotted mucals it I am 81 and had quad bypass a year and A sudden deep pain developed seemingly deep in my left What does the following test result mean? Okay so my vagina stinks. There is no other way my husband is diabetic and high blood pressure w/copd. he What causes burning and tingling sensation in the vagina? What causes severe diarrhea after taking Postinor 2? What causes recurrent irregularity in period cycle? I am 55 y/o andwas diagnosed with mild osteopenia and I'm being treated for prostatitis and have been on antibiotics What causes burning and tingling sensation in the vagina? jumped out of bed this morning, felt strange like partly I am having blood in my urine sometimes more then Suggest treatment for pain below the rib cage I have full abdominal after eat a month ago and Every evening my heart rate increases and I can feel What causes pain during intercourse? hi. i took a fall on the 8th of march Hello, My throat hurts really bad when I swallow. Has Suggest treatment for small bumps on the neck and scalp i have a l7 yr old daughter who has been I was told.i have a 7mm kidney stone after an The top of my left foot and left ankle are I HAVE FOUR NEGATIVE PREGNANCY TEST BUT AFTER A FEW I have a swollen lump on my eyebrow after my I HAVE A PAIN IN THE CENTRE OF MY CHEST. Hi I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend two weeks Suggest treatment for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease I had a knee replacement 4weeks ago and now I I have an ingrown toenail or so it seems like i am a 52 year old ex smoker ...I have Hi, i have a indent/squishy lump in my shin about I was doing my splits on my left side for I went to the doctor for swollen lymph nodes and Hello, I hurt my buttocks almost 5 years ago accident Got shingles 6 weeks ago and has all cleared up, I'm concerned about sharp pain in my left temple. Sporadic Hi, For the last 8 years I have gone through can taking antibacterial medicine delays my period? My last period My mom was tested in a nursing home for Uti Hi doctor, I engaged in protected sexual activity with a Hi sir from last one and a half year i Hi and thank you! My father is an 88 year I have excessive belching, bloating, and gas. I have changed for several weeks I have had occasional hoarseness and a My 2 yr old took her first dose of amoxicillain I have had foot pain for the last week. it सर मेरे भाई के लीवर पर सूजन आयी हुई है Hi, we have a bit of a mystery with my My cat started sneezing about 2 days ago and it One week ago I was trimming a Bougainvillea tree and I AM LATE ONSET..ENVIORNMENTALLY TRIGGERED ASTHMATIC..FOR MONTHS NOT CONTROLLED..I USE Hi! I'm a 58 year old women that recently with Hi I was playing with my dog, and he kept Hi doctor about a couple years ago I was treated I went to Urgent care in Sunday. My symptoms were Hi doctor Last week mu baby had womits motion and Hi I recently found out my husband did a herpes A relative has been ill for over 2 weeks now. About a year ago I noticed 2 large bumps on Recently was having a fever 99-100, cough, terrible fatigue and My wife is 46 years old and was diagnosed congestive Hi I came off the noriday pill about 3 weeks Hi I've been having chest pains for a while now, My 5 month old has been really colicky and I What does this urinalysis test result mean? Ive had a recent yellowish constant pus come out. sometimes Describe two activities of moderate or vigorous intensity level that What causes small bumps on the anus? i injured my ankle by falling causing a bad spring Doctor, Can you please give the address of your chamber I have hemorrhoids that swell up when I have a Is epley maneuver advisable for vertigo? Urinalysis Report Urine Chemistry: Hemoglobin is MODERATE All others negative What does this urinalysis test result mean? I am 27 male wt. 220lb. I have elevated ALT/AST Constant pain in both shoulders, lower back, buttock, back side What does this pelvic ultrasound test result for fertility indicate? My mother 80 years old contracted tuberculosis few months My 22 year old son has been throwing up sporadically I had a cat scan of the lungs and I Hi, I am a 36 year old woman who excercises What does it mean if I woke up in the Dear Dr., male, 46 yrs, I am complaining of deep Suggest medicine for recurring sore throat I stopped taking lexipro and litiaum 5 days ago ,not I have been having spasm like feelings in my chest Hey I've been having this problem where is kind of Can an ECG always detect a heart attack? Are there mri report shows l4-L5 is a diffuse disc bulge with I have been feeling sensation similar to an electrical shock I'm a 21 year old female. I'm having increasingly worse I have an injury to my neck mri shows herniations I believe I am suffering from depression (and I have Hi I have 1 years and 9 months so his I am a 26 year old male with some hereditary Hi, rolled my ankle 1 week ago and as of iam on treatment for strep although test came negative started Hello, I have had pancreatitis 2 months ago and had Hi my name is Joe, my age is 65. I I am a virgin in my late twenties. I am I have a swallen vein on my wrist on my I have some lab results that have come back high 37 year old female IVDU contrated IE was treated with I'm 35 weeks and 2 days at my last appointment I have a temperature of 100. my normal temperature is A little part on the inside of my upper lip Just this week I started falling asleep about three hours Hi I have four what I presume to be bites I bumped my elbow hard four days ago and it I have ultcreative colitis. I have been out of the Hi there. I ate some egg pasta last night - Hi,I had an episode today in work where I had I take roprinole for a very severe case of rls, I overdosed on around 14 co codimol tablets and 4 I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia last Feb. (2015) after Dear Sir, Good day Myself Prashant Kadam would like to I have red blister-like marks inthe bend of my left I have what appears to be jock itch, it is Soreness in thumb joint(adjoining Palm) sometimes aching and moving sometimes I just had a tonsillectomy this morning. I have nasal My 19 year old son just had foot surgery for Hi. For the last several months I get chills. Doesn't HI....AM HAVING ESOPHAGUS SPASMS AND JUST HAD A EGD AND Hi, I'm new to the Edmonton area and I'm looking I am trying to find out why I have extreme My 16yr old daughter has gum stuck in the back I've been on suboxne for almost two months . A Suggest treatment for burning sensation in the neck I recently changed from gemfibrozil to Welchol for triglycerides. In hello. I'm a 53 yr old male in generally good Occasionally I will wear a cock ring to last a i feel severe pain in my left breast or around I have a groin injury at the moment which doesn't hi I have had a mirena coil fitted to control I took the 4 pills of misoprostol yesterday night around I had an EKG done for an upcoming gallbladder surgery. I had my blood drawn at the request of a Are hiatal hernias similar to diaphragmatic hernias? I'm 34, 5'10'', Hello I live in the United States. I am currently hi, i think i had food poisoning. was in a So they did take my diazepam and now prescribing backlofen Hi, I had ear pain and clogged ear. I thought i am 33 with 5.9''. for last ten years i What causes delay in periods despite having negative UPT? Hello Whenever I drink water, I feel like something is I had a benign tumor removed from my right kidney. I work in a huge freezer i took a deep I am a 59 year old female that started menopause hi, after lunch I felt all of a sudden my I dislocated my knee and damaged the miniscus when I This morning I had severe shoulder pain, seemed like out I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome about 8 years Amniocentesis-- Is there a way to detect an abnormality on my son is 16 and has had t1d for 4 I was pregnant for one month then aborted then get I have had my right knee meniscus inside and outside Hi, I'm 37 years old and had 3 of my Hi, I just had my wisdom teeth out about 28 does meclazine interfere with synthroid, inderal( blood pressure) zocor(cholesterol med), What causes pain at the back of the head and upset stomach? IN MY UPPER RIGHT ABDOMEN, WHEN I MOVE A CERTAIN Hello Doctors, I broke my frenulum 2 days back during Hello. I have adenomyosis. The strange thing is that I Evening: 5 mg Amlodipine oral + 20 mg Propranolol oral Hi there, my partner is 75 and was diagnosed 3yrs Hi my no reading is 153/108 I have pacemaker left My daughter has been coughing and congested for about a Hello I am having bleedings al cycle long, sometimes brown I have scalp pain left rear, recently flew to Dallas I took cytopan yesterday at 9 pm 3dose of 4 Doctor, I'm a 51 y/o white American male of Northern I have been treated for chronic sinus infections for 5 I have trouble with though process. I start a statement this is devin and I had a plantar wart and I was diagnosed with paget's disease of the breast in Hi Doctors, I having my hole body from head to feeling dizzy, all the time, it get worse when i I have, on occaision, a tummy that just feels rumbly Ill be seeing my doc next week but I can't Background: 61 year old male, Dx with Hep C (from I have been experiencing an intense ache in my right my best friends mom accidentally blended up hard plastic into Hi I recently had surgery for tennis elbow and was My husband has aproblem.he has aweak erection. Does the colystrol I recently had a surgery to remove a stone that I RECENTLY RECEIVED THE IMPLANON IMPLANT IN MY LEFT ARM I am wheezing today and have been for about three Suggest treatment for headache caused after a head injury I am suffering from severe depression (I have also made I had aneurys clipping last year in july they said Hi doctor ..I'm very worried n concerned I took cytotec I was diagnosed with a spastic bladder that doesn't empty I went for a pre-op clearance and failed my EKG. I have difficulty breathing and have been to the ER Hi there I just had a ultrasound done and my A couple of days ago I went tot he restroom i used to be on pain mgmt. and moved to My left ear has been hurting for the past few Almost two years ago I was seen by an ophthalmologist I have lupus and I am 11 weeks pregnant. It Hi I had a normal cycle February 23-27. Ovulation was Out of the clear blue I get a horrific pain Suggest treatment for anxiety and panic disorder Hi I have been experiencing rectal discomfort for a few Hi My 78yr old father has just undergone surgery to Hi. My mum occasionally feels very cold and very weak HOW CAN I EASE THE DISCOMFORT TO EAT. I JUST What causes itchy spots on penis? I am taking amlodipine (2.5 mg daily) and Crestor (10 Hello, recently I went to a doctor because I had Hey there, recently been dealing with what feels like razor G Hello. I have citrobacter spp. in sperm.Also I have Hi, I am a 36 y/o female. I am having What causes hypertension in 22 year old? Suggest treatment for a itchy rash on the neck I broke my 5th metatarsal bone in Jan. 2016 went Quiver the weekend I had an anaphylaxis reaction to seafood Suggest treatment for congenital hypothyroidism Have an abrupt pain in lower calf that started this I'm a 48 year old female my normal body temperature Hii I am 19 year old and I have a Hey, I am underweight by a huge margin. I am Excessive hand practice. Suggestions? How to recover pure health after My pain management regiment includes 5 10 MG Narco per What does delayed period along with lower back pain and sore breasts indicate?  We just came back from urgent care , husband has Hello, I have been adding about half of a lime I am 16 wks pregnant and up till now have my mother is 80 and was diagnosed with vascular dementia My wife has had a Mammogram and has been told Hi I am a 20 yr old girl. Worried bout hello, i was just wondering about the medication i am Hello I have been having this burning sensation on my My son has itchy splotches that are appearing on his hey I'm 17 I'm a female and I have recently hello sir my mother are facing the following problem in I am experiencing vaginal bleeding during a bowel movement, and I have a question It started about a week ago Hi Doctor, i recently met someone online and we became Okay, I am a 19 year old male and for Hi, can I answer your health question? Please type your Hi, In the last two years I have been getting i have done Mri last week for my neck and My mom got up from the couch and felt something my husband had a fever yesterday of 101 most of What does this ultrasound test result mean? What causes middle back pain while breathing? What causes white color vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain? I broke my fibula and medial malleolus (right leg) about Hi, I had a white lump on my tonsil, which Hi! Last night I had really strange symptoms come on Dear doctor, I have gone through miscarriage on 10th of Hello I;ve had a gallstone stuck in my bile duct Hello. I have a couple of questions. After 4 steroid Good morning my question is on the 8th of february Hello Dr, I am having dark complexion which makes me hello sir my name is gurpreet singh this is not Hello doctor. It seems that I have eczema on my Hi Doc, My wife usual period’s cycle is 26 to For a good week I have been having chest discomfort. Hi I'm 16 years old and i have a whitish hi mere shadi ko 10 years hu gy hn shadi My mother is having severe OA knee on some homeopathic hi. i am 27 and married for a year and hai i am suman chhetry and i am 25 years For the last 3 months I have been getting lots I have been taking ibuprofen every night when I wake Hi, My mom had tinitus in ear and was quite Good morning Dr! Iam 23 year old boy and i I am 38 years old a diabetics since 6 year i missed my period last year for six month so I had a chest infection that turned to bronchitis was I took the levonelle tablet last Wednesday morning, 12 hours hi dr.., i am 35 male.., and diagosed hypocondriasis with Kingdom greetings. Two years we were harvesting ground nuts in I had this strange rolling sensation in my upper abdominal Yes, I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and While carrying a container full of kerosene in my car hi, I was taking alprazolam fr 7 years 0.5 mg Is Odoxil 500 the right medicine for a swollen boil on the anus? Sir Last month I used MTP on 18.02.2016 when I I am 18 yrs old and my height is 5'10"and Suggest treatment for hand tremor Hi Doctor, im male 29 and its been for the I have had a hysterectomy 4 months ago (my overuse Hi I have had an in growin hair on my Hi Dr, I just returned from overseas and my ears Hello I have been a hypochondriac lately. Hopefully we can Suggest treatment for piles pain Hi, My Mother is high blood pressure patient . She I am 59 years old and just recently the doctors hi I had unprotected sex on the 25 n I i was bitten by puppy on 13th of this month i had a broken wisdom tooth on which a dentist Suggest treatment for severe abdominal pain hi my name is sangeeta and I am 30 years I have been smoking weed for about a few years I ve been itching on shoulders arm s and all of legs Suggest treatment for varicocele on the left testicle Hello doctore my name is sahil i m from delhi What does the following semen analysis indicate?  Gud noon sir.. I am chaitra a 20 yr old.. I have had redish thin paper in my stools, what I believe I may have one or two badly bruised, i feel very weak due to long term masturbation and Hi this happened a while ago. I was running through Someone skied into me last Thursday, hitting the side of What causes loss of appetite and fatigue? To stop the long term side effects of taking sizoden What causes severe stomach pain after eating? Can fluctuating blood sugar level cause frequent headache? What causes white spots on back of throat along with sore throat? hi mam i am 31 year old....and i am trying What causes small brown spots on the feet? What causes red bumps on back of the tongue towards the throat? Is pregnancy possible through pre-ejaculatory fluid? sir my l4-l5 reduced disc height,diffuse annualr and posterolateral bulge Hai sir,I'm a 35-yr-old female patient with 66kgs. I'm from Suggest treatment for stage 3 liver psoriasis How to stop prolonged vaginal bleeding? Hello Doctor. My son is 1year and having loosemotion from i am experiencing sporadic right hip pain with certain movements, Hi,this is Priyanka. I am suffering from mouth ulcer near What causes erectile dysfunction? hi doc, i have a question for you i hope Hi Doctor, I am taking Ciplar LA 40 and Tazloc I have a reorder from an MRI saying, there are Hello, I have been taking 5mg of cyprolix since Dec 12 years ago I had hep c but was cured. Hi doc, I do have a wrist problem. I believe Hi, so I play rugby and I went in for Hello, Doctor. I have a question from my spouse - Hello doctor, My age 26 years now.My weight 56kgs and I woke up this morning and took some aloe Vera Is Primolut N the right medicine for ovarian cyst? A street dog has bit my husband on his leg Hi my name is Jenny, I had my period on I got a surgical abortion a little more than a Sir, I am having Diabetic neuropathy in my legs. while to be normal stool regularly, I think it s too I did my day 3 I feel transfer of 1x After eating a balanced diet and then a small desert, I have had a herpes outbreak in my inguinal area I have a sore inside my upper lip looks like Ok so i am 31 years old with 3 children My husband has a fever of 103.4 he refuses to What causes itching on the thighs to bruise hard and irritate? three days back i was bitten by a domestic rat.left my dad has a low white blood cell count. He Me and my boyfriend we didn't had sex. But he I have a soft, swollen area on my forehead. It's i have missed my periods and is already 5 days My wife 31 years is under thyronorm from her 4 I have backpain for last 2years and found disc bulge What causes itching sensation in one of the labias? i have been trying to lose weight for a long What causes itching sensation in one of the labias? Dr.some weeks ago I had some pimles on my face Dealing with loved one who is very depressed. He insists Hi! good day! i got sick last january 2016 due Hello team, my son is 8 weeks old. He was What causes left flank pain, frequent urination, nausea and loss of appetite? 6 moths ago I was in the hospital and had My father is in a country thats experiencing a heat I wore tight jeans and caught what I think is Hi Doctor, I am pregnant and i am on my What are the effects of taking cocaine during pregnancy? My daughter takes self defense classes , they were doing I had unprotected sex on 13/03/2016 n n i had Dear Doctor, I have a infected pimple that is red, My daughter have a Spigelian Hernia. A, Dr was doing What does this FNAC test result mean? My doctor prescribed Duphaston for 5 days due to having I've been on depo for 7 years with no bleeding Hi! I had an iui last march 15,2016 and now Hi, I am in 5th week pregnancy, I went to I'am not sure if I swallow a staple while doing Hi, I had my periods on 18th feb 2016. Needed I have been on Mobic for about two years and Sir I am 23 year old boy from the past Hello, I am a 24 y/o female, blood panel looks Hello Doctor, I am 29 year old IT guy, I I have these really violent urges and I don't know My father is 78 years old, has some kidney issues. I have mitral valve prolapse syndrome and I'm advised to I was diagnosed 5 years ago with bursitis in my what does it mean (MRI) L4-L5 anterior annular tear with I've used Just for Men beard dye in 2006 and My wife is currently taking Pantaprazole 40 mg once per I have flu like symptoms that come and go. When My 12 year old has had a rash that is At night, I frequently have what I think is an Hi:) so my girlfriend and I had sex the day I was in the ER with paralyzing pain (worse than What causes severe headache, runny nose, cough and upper teeth pain? I have been experiencing a racing heart (140 to 170 My son was bitten by either a copperhead or rattle I have started having pain in the thumb area of I have a lump in my arm pit. Developed 3 What does this obstetric ultrasound test result mean? my family and i are all experiencing the same digestive Hello, My aunt is dying. Her brain is shutting down, hi. i don't know why, but at 4am i had My wife's right fallopion tube is normal and left is Goodnight I'm experiencing numbness in my right pointer finger and My cycles have been always on point, same day at How to use klinjet gel as my skin is oily My daughter is 3.5 years old she had some problem hello. I am 22 years old and a newlywed. I My Implanon is 2 years expired. I've had a regular Hi, Doctor, i am facing a problem of my hair Hi my cousin been having pains in her womb along I have little things all around on my lips that This is soooo embarrassing.........i went to my gynecologist today for I am 52 years old and postmenopausal . My last My 3 month baby got vaccination of dtap polio rotavirus Hi My Name Is Niecey, Can you tell me what I have been having a problem with my left eye.. My 17 year old daughter has been home with flu Doctor, I would like to know if I'm pregnant. I
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