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Transvaginal ultrasound showing ovarian cyst and query follicles in the ovary. CT scan recommended to verify adnexal mass. Had histerectomy. Suggestions? Anucort suppositories suggested for hemorrhoids. Severe itching. On Ibuprufen, sitz baths and preparation H. Further treatment? Irregular sleep pattern, severe constipation. What is happening? On primolut for uncontrolled bleeding. Having abdominal cramps after missing a tablet. History of PCOD. Remedy? Surgery done for uterine fibroid. Trying to conceive. Test tube conception suggested. Need advice Taking concor and diovan. On ibuprofen and colchicine for gout pain. Normal BP. Stopped taking concor after weight loss. Is there a risk? Abdomen not growing during pregnancy. Losing weight. Have back pain and cramps in pelvic area. Could something be wrong? Have craving for pencil erasers after pregnancy. Causes? Masturbation, duration of sexual intercourse, benefits of sex. Information? Pregnant. TLC test showed abnormalities. Pain in hand. Urine infection under control? Medical abortion, no bleeding, abdominal and back pain. Taken injection, vaginal medication. Treatment? Noticed pink circular spots on pubic area after delivery. Spongy white stuff coming from it. Is this an infection? Stabbing chest pain on eating. Upper endoscopy performed, biopsies taken. Normal symptoms? Stomach pain, abdominal lump. Blood test, scan ordered. Causes for symptoms? Pain in palatopharyngeal arch when chewing, opening mouth. Cause of worry? Unprotected sex, washed away sperm. Wants to do pregnancy test. Chances of pregnancy? Lack of strength in arms, legs. History of insomnia, blood pressure. Causes for symptoms? Head injury, ear pressure, pain in temples. Emergency care required? Have smoking and alcohol addiction. On spasmo proxyvon and corex. Need help on de-addiction Fever and vomiting after swallowing penny. Cough and runny stool. What do we do? Tailbone pain when holding urine. Cannot bend. What is wrong? Swollen feet, blackish yellow, hurts to walk. Gout? Lump in cheek growing. Due to root canal infection? White coat on back of tongue. Taken antibiotics for staph infection Addicted to gutkha. Want to reduce consumption. Help Dizziness, palpitation, pins and needles in hands, ears buzzing. Worried Lump on buttocks, growing, white liquid oozing when squeezed. What should I do? Continuous bleeding after taking Microgestin. Mood changes, nausea, cramps. What is going on? Continuous bleeding after taking depo provera shot. How can I stop it? Suffering from TMJ. Having head ache, neck pain. Can TMJ cause neck pain? Sub-normal body temperature, weakness, body pain, nasal discharge, high BP, increased appetite. Treatment? Dry flaky abdominal skin, recurring condition. Using moisturizer. History of vitiligo. Treatment? Have a lump on submaxillary gland, abdominal pain, cough, chronic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia. Have spinal injury, protein in urine. Advice? Missed periods. Taking claricort, cetrizine for allergies. Due to medications? Bump on temple, behind head, swollen lymph node. Cause of concern? Taking Maltaq for A fib. Will I be able to stop medication? Frequent urination, normal periods, back pain, vomiting, swollen breasts. Negative pregnancy test. Treatment? Strange sensation on left side of crotch, periodic pulsing and throbbing, no pain or swelling, light smoker and drinker. Should I be worried? Significant dent in right shin bone, feel faint pain in the area on walking, had played for long hours, no history of injury. Any ideas? Pregnant, high WBC count, abnormal PAP smear. Family history of cervical cancer. Causes for symptoms? Itchiness in inner thighs, redness on scratching, overweight, brown discoloration between thighs. Treatment? Pus filled blister turning into a non-healing wound. What to do? Itchy bumps on the legs, nipple and eyelids. Pregnant. Concerned about feeding the baby Having anxiety. Feeling dizzy, lightheaded and breathless. Took buspar. Need medication change? Periodic sore throat throughout the ear, detected with infected tonsil tag. Suggestion? Mass on side of neck, normal blood work, advised CT scan with contrast. Why? Positive parvovirus test, pericarditis after treatment for elevated liver enzymes, tingling arm, has recurring symptoms of liver. Help? Irregular periods, get periods on taking duphaston. Should I continue taking these? Upper teeth removal due to infection, had alveoplasty, now have bone slivers, hanging tissues, pain. Another alveoplasty needed? Headache on forehead, eyebrows, top of eye sockets, temporary relief with demerol, toradol. Advice? Missed miscarriage. Had pulmonary embolism in lung. Had IUD. Further? Getting gay feeling, worried about losing horny feeling, erections. How can I overcome this? Hit in the eye, swelling on top lid, pains on looking at light. Will this subside eventually? Difficulty in conceiving, have high TSH, on levothyroxine, had periods after stopping medicines, tests showed high TSH. Advice? On birth control pill, nausea, vomiting, spotting brown, increased appetite. Any idea? Frequent and colorless urine. Should I be concerned? Abdominal pain, buttocks and hip pain. PAP clear, TVS US normal Little dots on the bottom of feel, feeling of pins and needles on walking, same on hands and penis, white bumps in mouth. Treatment? Hair removal cream went into vagina and rectum, having burning, pain during urination, redness over vagina. What should be done? Thickened uterine lining, no period, no abnormality post DNC, history of lobular carcinoma in situ, breast biopsy. What could be going on? No periods since months, negative pregnancy test, have nausea, nasal bleeding, sensitive breasts, back pain. Reason? Intense heel pain, no relief with pain killer, difficulty in walking for long time, use gel soles. Advise? Dull pain in throat on the right, periodic discomfort in right ear, freaked out due to family member diagnosed with cancer. How can I ease my head? Boil in inguinal area with streaking and redness, took Bactrim, had been to swimming. Could it be infection? Experiencing pregnancy signs, have growing belly, negative urine test, had light bleeding with lower back pain. Could I be pregnant? Missed period, negative pregnancy test, have brown discharge. Signs of ectopic pregnancy? How should one get rid of addictive drugs? Continuous moderate pelvic pain, no relief with UTI medicines, ultrasound showed slight fluid, cyst, had sore throat with white spots. Correlation? On Letrozole, advised ultrasound, HCG on not getting surge. Will taking Letrozole on 5th day help? 47 year old, never had sex, have periods with extremely pain cramps, didn't have it earlier. Could it be due to abstinence? Neuropathy, chest pain occasionally, low heart on resting, suspicion of hydraulics wearing out. Will it subside gradually? Brown stuff on the toilet paper, smells like vomit, have unprotected sex. What could be wrong? Sudden sharp lower back and stomach pains at mid night, continues, difficulty in walking. What could the problem be? Continuous chest pain, radiology done. What other than X-ray could detect the cause? Fall on buttocks, slight bruising, painful tailbone, have light purple line on butt crack. What could it be? Is Methasone plus safe for skin whitening? Severe short term memory loss, weakness, fever, incontinence, normal scan results, high WBC, advised lumbar spine MRI. Suggestions? Sudden onset of severe abdominal cramps, sweating, light headedness followed by bowel movements with blood, vomiting. Suggestion? Difficulty in conception post MTP, have extremely painful periods. Why am I unable to conceive? Sudden nausea, rapid heart beat, choking, tremors, eased with sugary drink. Signs of panic attack or heart disease? Bladder cancer, paralyzed, non-responsive, history of recent catastrophic stroke, prescribed Decadron post high BP. Chances of brain swelling? Tot with cough, worsens at night, taken amoxicillin, has rash. Should I give him piriton or take him to the doctor? Child with fever, vomiting, headache, stomach cramps, relieved with monocef, recurrence, test showed positive typhoid. Suggestion? Pregnant, have frequent, intense Braxton Hicks Contractions throughout the day and night, have lower back and lower abs pain. Help? Child has lump on the head, no injury, fluctuates in size, had similar occurrence earlier. Cause? Head, body tightening and pain on excessive studying leading to exhaustion. Have similar feeling when overwhelmed, anxious, eases with cbt. Suggestion? Burning pain during urination, taking lots of water, tests clear, history of stones, no improvement with Flomax. How long should I wait? Delayed periods, use withdrawal method during intercourse. Could it be pregnancy? High heart rate, low BP that drops on standing, blurry vision, shortness of breath, white around lips, normal X-ray, lab tests. Advice? Irregular periods, PCOD, do not have periods even after taking Meprate. Will it cause complications in pregnancy? Tubes tied, regular periods, have tender breasts with discharge on squeezing with weight loss, scanty periods, mood swings. Pregnancy signs? Pulse in the head with imbalance, numbness in feet, burning in stomach, normal test results, diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. Suggestion? Pain in the lower abdomen on coughing, stabbing pain on sneezing, have high BP. Appendicitis or pulled muscle? Gay, have white bumps on rectal area, no pain, have to strain during bowels causing bloody stools. Cause? Cervical spondylitis, feeling of nerve compression causing shoulder, wrist pain, numbness in fingers, advised homeo, physiotherapy, massages. Suggestion? Child had episode of sweating, shaking, goose bumps on coming off field, is irritable, moody, has nasal bleeding post a hit on head. Remedy? Battling with red throat, have discomfort in swallowing, endoscopy done, esophagitis ruled out. What could the cause be? Light period, have pregnancy symptoms, got negative pregnancy test. Could it be all in the head? Swollen tonsils with white4 patches post oral sex, history of tonsillitis. What could it be? Nerve block, intense pain, have numbness and burning in leg post surgery with fatigue, metallic taste in mouth, blurred vision. Suggestion? Injury due to fall, have tightened and locked muscles, feeling of bruising on spine without visible signs, hurts on touching. Any ideas? Pregnant, in final trimester, have sciatic issues due to baby's position, sharp pain in calf. What should be done? Infant fed on formula milk called lactogen, has lack of appetite since few days, is active and passing motions properly. What should be done? Severe abdominal pain, fever, weakness, taken enough rest post stomach pains with bowel movements,. Medicines to be taken? Routine colonscopy showed ulcer on terminal ileum, have blood in urine since then, scheduled for ct scan. Is it due to ulcer? Sexual encounter, have foul smelling vagina, have white swirl after urinating, on birth control. Serious? Asthma, have weakness and dizziness on taking Myteka. Advice? Tons of red boils on legs since summer, followed by swelling, popping leaving purple scars, spreading. What could it be? Irregular periods, prescribed Femilon, have mood swings, sick feeling after taking these. Normal? Tot suffered with episode of convulsion in sleep, abnormal eeg test,prescribed epilex. What are its side effects? Tot with wheezing problem, on albutrol, prednisone, sounds worst when running around. Suggestion? Suffering from acidity, morning sickness and nausea.Is Zinetac 150, pregidoxin safe during pregnancy ? Bump on left rib cage, bleeds on popping. What are the other options apart from surgery? 8 year old have habit of bed-wetting, advised random sugar and urinalysis, child scared of giving blood sample. Help? Suffering with paralysis, right leg affected, difficulty in standing, normal CT scan, undergoing physiotherapy. Advice? White pus, fluid filled boils on scalp, temporary improvement with Doxycycline, Microdox- LBD. Effective remedy? Infant passes green stools frequently, usually after solid foods. Is it normal? Constant urge to clear mucus through throat, have weight gain, lethargy with shortness of breath. Is this just anxiety? Infant having cough, blocked nose, no relief with Tminic, later prescribed Asthalin. What else can be done? Bump under penis head, near frenulum, saw it after a cut post unprotected sex. How can I get rid of it? Repeated miscarriage, had taken clomid. Which medicine can prevent further loss? Feeling faint, brain fog, confused, face numbness. What could this be? Fall on coccyx, causing breathing trouble, have pain since, taking inflammatory, acupuncture. Anything else needed? Suffer with jaundice every year, have gastritis, prescribed Pantocid kit. Cause and remedy? Persistent sore throat with small blisters on palm and soles, blood in stools. Is it hand, foot and mouth disease? Teen, have hypothyroid, weight gain, no period without pills, on Deviry and Yasmin, weight constant after workout. Suggestion? Child suffering with protein losing enteropathy, pitting edema in limbs, has breathing difficulty, eases with Omnacortil. Is it safe for regular use? Cough, phlegm in throat usually in the morning. Taken Augmentin, precribed Ajax, decoff-T. Suggestion? Head numbness, have maxillary bilateral sinus, low BP, have difficulty in reading and understanding. Which medicine can I take? 1 month old with fluctuating temperatures, stool test showed pus cells, trace of reducing substance, mucus. Analysis? Dark circles, loss of concentration, foggy perception, nose block, unstable body temperature. Mild relief with sinus, BP medicines. Root cause? Tiredness, depression after smoking marijuana, usually get a high. What could be the cause? Suffering with Allergic Rhinitis, no relief with saline nasal drops, advised X-ray, endoscopy. What precautions should be taken? Pregnant, have swollen cyst on vaginal wall, have intense pain during urination after draining the pus with needle. Relief measure? Infant on formula, has light green stool, no change with salmozyme. Normal? Discomfort in lower left abdominal quadrant, feels like pressure, eased with Kefirs, later had green tinged mucus BM. Cause? Suffering with nasobronchial allergy, tired of continuous sneezes with water, no relief with medicines. What should be done? Shortness of breath, high blood pressure, diagnosed as pneumonia. Had wisdom teeth removed White wall of skin inside vagina, seems to be thick and fleshy, can insert about an inch of finger. Worrisome? Foot has become sense-less causing restricted movements, use stick for walking, advised surgery on no improvement with medicines. Suggestion? Low grade fever, joint pain, weight gain, urine culture showed klebesiella, normal CT, negative SLE, USG showed scarring in kidney. Analysis? Mild depression, high BP, taking medicines. How should I handle the situation and what medicines are advisable? Brown vaginal discharge, smoking and alcohol addict, have frequent bladder infections, painful sex, lower back pain, increasing breast. Cause? Virgin, had episode where partner's genitals touched vagina, had taken primolut-n course. Pregnancy chance? Reddish, tender boil on the lower eyelid near lacrimal duct opening. What is the cause and treatment? Hearing loss, drooped eye, tingling cheek, facial swelling, ear pain, jello substance detected in ear after ear tube removal. What could it be? What diet should be given to adult suffering with typhoid fever? Routine urine test showed high RBC count, pus cells, have burning sensation, sexually active. Cause of elevated counts? Ear pain post insect entered ear, relief on using medicines. Will it recur? Stretchmarks on thighs, breasts and bum after using lotion to improve complexion. How can I get rid of them? Child suffering with cold and cough, breathing problem, has hissing sound while breathing. CAn I give him budecort, levolin inhaler?
Memory loss, bladder problems, bipolar disorder, depression. Had car accident. What can I do? Does masturbation affect the growth of beard? Red bumps on inside of elbow and forearms. Itching. Allergic reaction or cancer? Blocked nose, sore throat and ears, coughing blood, purple mark on nose. What is it? No periods in two months, negative tests, stomach pain. Am I pregnant? Red dot next to big toe, swollen, no pain, pus oozing, bleeding. What might it be? Prescribed Clotrimazole and Metrodonizole for vaginal infection during pregnancy. Worried about effect on fetus Blackness over the area of radiation and chemo post breast cancer, perscribed aloevera cream. Can I use this for acne and pigmentation? Infant having frequent vomiting throughout the day, has low appetite, prescribed oflomac forte, dialex. Suggestion? Sudden pain, heaviness in both ears, feeling of grown gland in ear, below jaw. What is the cause? Weight gain, had taken primolut- nor, negative pregnancy test. Cause of increase in weight? Difficulty in conception, failed IUI, preterm labor causing failure in IVF, prescribed Fas 3 kit, clingen. Can I take these and try naturally? Episode of dizziness, normal MRI with impression suggesting pan sinusitis, prescribed Franxit. Should I take this medicine? Reappearing Bartholin cyst, extreme painful and huge in size. What is the permanent solution? Trying to conceive, got periods with dark chocolate like discharge followed by light bleeding, pressure and mild abdominal cramping. Reason? Child with white patches on tongue, increasing red spots, lack of appetite, mood swings, no fever, diagnosed with worms. Suggestion? Chest pain, have high sugar level, ear pressure, feet become cold, gas problem Taken Rabipur after dog bite. Precautions regarding food and alcohol Chest congestion, cough, cold, stomach fullness. Due to acid level in stomach? Congenital deformity with depressed forehead, bulging eye, diagnosed with double squint, low vision. Will squint correction help regain vision? Cartilage problem arises with lower back pain, on medicines, history of micro-discectomy for slip disc. Is there any permanent cure? Intense pain in the middle toes post accident causing twisted foot, sprain, no relief with physio. What should be done? On heart medicines, taking Ecosporin, betaloc,aztor, regular test showed high TSH. Could it be due to long term use of Aztor? Severe dandruff causing hair fall, receding hairline, prescribed bluecap shampoo, clobetasol propinate, triclenz. Will this be effective? Diabetic, on medicines, have foot pain due to corn, advised surgery. What kind of treatment or care should be taken? Child has suddenly developed rough skin around knees, legs with patchiness, look like white and black dots, has discomfort. Help? Intense stomach cramps on swallowing, eases on putting gauze. Have slightly opened hole with oozing, bad taste post wisdom tooth extraction. Remedy? Intense headache, body pains, nausea, dizziness after being on feet for long hours, persisiting pain, pimples after taking Doxitab. Help? Urgency to urinate, burning urination, blood in urine. No UTI. Cystoscopy safe during pregnancy? Have cerebral atrophy. What medicine and diet to give? Have arthritis and leg joint pain. Taking treatment for SLE. Suggestion on SLE treatment? Frequent urination, dribbling urine, lower back pain Negative pregnancy test, taken Ovaa shield. Reason for delayed periods? Have diabetes and high BP. Kidney sonography normal. Is stress test necessary? Taken Regestrone to abort fetus. Periods not started. Still pregnant? Purple and black spots on face after burn. Swollen lips and eyelids. Why is the skin darkening? Constipation due to habit of stopping bowel movement. Suggestion? Burning sensation in urethra, STD negative. Taken Levoflaxine. What can I do? Sunburn, swollen and discolored bottom lip, sore on lip. What could it be? Taken Cipla MTP kit and Mifepristone. Will it terminate pregnancy? Calf pain, stiff calves, have tiny arteries, less pulse from knees to ankles. Heart problem too? No penetrative sex, taken ipill, had bleeding. Normal? Small child, severe loose motions, chronic condition. Given antibiotics, econorm sachet. Treatment? Pus cells in semen, reduced sperm count, motility, erectile dysfunction. On antibiotics. Infertility treatment? Done semen analysis. Wife not getting pregnant. Abnormality? Inter menstrual bleeding, hormone imbalance. Taken progynova, benforce. Follicular study done. Treatment? Stomach problems, bloating, loose stools, energy loss. Due to irritable bowel syndrome? MRI shows disc protrusion affecting thecal sac, cervical chain lymph nodes. Meaning of scan? Pressed breasts of prostitute, no intercourse, small cut on knee. Possible to contract HIV? Throat irritation, dry cough. CBC, chest X-ray, SGPT normal, elevated ESR. Treatment? Trying for baby, irregular periods, taking Krimson, HSG and follicular normal. Pregnancy chances? Sore shin, raised area tender to touch, lower back pain. Compartment syndrome? Heart cath shows no blockages, pacemaker inserted, sore arm. Normal? I am pregnant, slight bleeding, prescribed Trenaxa. Safe medicine? Have regular nightfall. Advice? Knuckle pain in middle finger, swelling, purple discoloration, pain on bending. Due to blood clot? Bump in back of throat, wheezing. Am I allergic to something? Vomiting, headache, dizziness, white stools. Bed rest, taking panadol. Causes for symptoms? Wrist pain, finger pain, sero negative arthritis. RA factor, ANA, CBP normal. Treatment? Breastfeeding, pregnant, medical abortion. Taken unwanted kit, bleeding started. Normal symptoms? Pinching nerves in lower back, lines on tongue, itchy palms, tilted uterus. Am I okay? Hard lump on collarbone, redness, swelling. Due to cellulite infection? 15 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound shows black spots on babies bowels, less amniotic fluid. Meconium? Abortion, heavy bleeding, no periods, anal sex. Negative pregnancy test. Treatment? Shoulder pain, worsens during movement in certain areas, used icepack Headache, hurts to cough and sneeze, dizziness, low grade fever, back pain. Should I go to ER? Dyspepsia after taking Lipitor, Osertil and Clopid. Had heart surgery. Move from Clopid to Ecosprin? Prescribed Deviry for irregular periods. Does it have any side effects? Testicle pain, no swelling. Should I be concerned? Acidity after eating sweet stuff on empty stomach. Help What do you infer from sagittal diameter of lumbar canal? Quit smoking, thrush on tongue, high IgE level. Worried Stiff neck, clenched jaw, clumsy, cannot focus, joint pain Elbow pain where nail end projecting, joint pain in fingers. Taking calcium Cannot quickly translate sound into meaningful words, may have hearing problem Heaviness in stomach after eating, tightness in neck and head. History of intestine infection. Help Pink vaginal discharge after taking Provera, cramping, sore breasts. Should I take a HPT? Pelvic cramps, sweating, numbness in thighs, nausea. Suggestions? Pain while swallowing. Reddish tonsils and yellowish spots in the throat. What is wrong? Wisdom tooth cut from lower right jaw, facial swelling, ear pain, throbbing headache. Treatment? Difficulty in walking due to knee joint pain. Severe weight gain. Mildly positive TMT test. What are the risk factors? Having PCOS since teenage. MRI report showing prolactinoma. Taking Dostinex. Difficulty in conception, irregular periods. Can I take duphaston? 34 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound shows enlarged renal pelvis of left kidney. Complications in pregnancy? Severe pain and swelling in the testicles, blood in urine. On prednisone. Lump near the testicle. Are these related or medicinal side effect? Mild spotting after taking emergency contraceptive pill. On oral contraceptive. Sore breasts, headache and frequent urination. Pregnancy chances? Hands shaking after drinking soft drink, increased pulse. Cause of concern? Red spots around genitals, on lower stomach. STD, STI or thrush? Having pain in the ear and neck. Swelling in the neck. Not on medication. USG suggested. Concerned Small child, suffering from diarrhea, vomiting. Taken ondum injection, ORS. Treatment? Blurred vision, eyes sensitive to light, headaches, vitamin b deficiency. Due to ulcerative colitis? Mirena coil fitted, heavy prolonged bleeding, severe cramps, period pains. Treatment? Protected sex, spotting, brown blood, missed periods. Sign of pregnancy? Does homeopathic medication produce antibodies in the body? Pregnant, low hemoglobin, second pregnancy. Taken two units of blood. Effects on baby? Small child having anemia, low iron, asthma, pale, dark eyes. Treatment? Nausea, vomiting, tender breasts, cramps, heavy bleeding, stopped. Pregnancy symptoms? Suffering from pimples, acne breakouts. Using tretinoin, Vitamin C serum, dry burning skin. Stop medication? Rash, dry open skin on thigh, testicle, injured leg, redness in left testicle. Severe chaffing? White pus balls in throat, pressure in ears, sharp pain on swallowing. Treatment? Sebaceous cyst in perineum area, inflammation, redness. Removal the best option? Black spots on skin on left axilla due to medication. Homeopathic medication for treatment? Chronic alcoholic, seizures, chest infection, shivering, confusion. Low sodium, potassium levels. Treatment? Swelling on anus, discomfort on washing, pain on touching. Using candiderma cream. Treatment? Appendix ruptured before appendectomy. Have cramping, pain and swelling in lower abdomen and ribs. Have vaginal bleeding. Reason? Had uterine ablation in the past Pain in chest area, behind collar bone, rotator cuff injury. Treatment? Small child, having high fever, throat pain, difficulty swallowing. Taken meftal-p dose. Treatment? Cyst injection taken, bleeding, dark purple spot, not raised. Treatment options? Blood test showing low hemoglobin levels. Had normal barium enema in the past. What is the cause for a low blood count? Scratchy feeling on skin, acne on face, facial redness. Causes and treatment? Tiredness, weakness after working night shifts, falling asleep. Taking ginseng, vitamin B. Treatment? Unable to conceive, PCOS condition. Taking clomid, injections. Laproscopic surgery advisable? Chest heaviness post meals, symptom of anxiety disorder, panic attacks on sleeping. Treatment? Neurofibromatosis type one, back, neck pain, tingling, high pulse rate. Treatment? Severe pain in the back. Difficulty inn walking and coughing. Prescribed with antacid and diclofenac. Pain radiating to legs. Is this sciatica pain? Regular periods, wants to skip menstrual cycle. Taking qlaira contraceptive pills. Correct dosage? Having cramps in lower abdomen. History of gastric allergy. Pain responding to cyclopan. Remedy? Sudden numbness on the leg, pain in the knee and feet, difficulty in standing. What could be wrong? Treated malaria with coartem. Done widal test. Pain in the neck. What is wrong? 2 year old having diaper rashes. Suffering from itchy bleeding little bumps. Medication? Switched birth control medication from althea to diane. Reduced menstruation. Had unprotected intercourse. Pregnancy chances? Suffering from hair loss due to vitamin B and calcium deficiency. Pimples and rashes on the face. Treatment options? On ofloxacin for stomach cramps and watery stools. Why green stool now? Swelling on the face, black eye after an injury to face. Small dent on the cheeks. Will it go away? 3 year old with swollen eye and cut on the cheek after a fall. Bleeding from the eye, broken arm. Need to see an ophthalmologist? 4 year old having delay in speech. Ruled out autism. Jumps up and down when excited. Is this normal? Small child, vomiting episodes. X-ray normal, blood work shows high triglycerides. Treatment? Pregnancy. Taking norethisterone to prevent menstrual pain. Side effects on fetus? Cyst in right breast. Mammography shows dense echogenic mass. FNAC test prescribed. Safe? Suffering from seizures. Taking encorate, chrono, folic acid. Normal CT scan. Treatment? Elevated liver enzymes. Negative for hepatitis. Abnormal EKG. History of Hashimoto's disease, thyroid removed. Any suggestions? Trying to conceive, unprotected sex, abdominal cramps, bleeding, PCOS. Implantation bleeding? Took emergency contraceptive pills after unprotected sex. Stopped menstruation. Pregnancy chances? Small black lump in penis, skin tear on removal. Cause of worry? Bitter taste in mouth, thick saliva on waking, disappears on eating. Using gum paint. Treatment? Having candid infection in vagina and urinary infection. Taken Nitrofuran. Will this medication affect fertility? Ear pain after water got into the ears. Took tylenol. Having clogged ears and ringing in ears. Suggestions? Small pus filled bumps on the face and legs. Are these bug bites? Medication? Planning for a rhinoplasty to correct the cartilage position. Risks involved? Having cold and fever. Tried Mahaflox without medical check up. Is this wrong medication? Side effects? 19 year old having burning and pain in the feet. Tried orthotics. What could be the cause? Suffering from excessive hair loss. Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Any remedy? Yellow, brown particles in stool, on plant based diet. Due to casein curd? Diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Is it dangerous? Treatment? Heavy bleeding during periods, blood clots, waist pain. Hysterosonogram shows uterine polyps. Treatment? Lower right rib pain, frequent urination, back pain. CT scan shows liver cyst. Treatment? Small red circles on legs, stomach, hands, dry, crusty, irritated, turning brown. Treatment? Difficulty urinating, bladder pain, dark yellow urine. History of diabetes. Kidney problems? Taking ovral tablets for PCOD. Should I stop medication to conceive? Abdominal pain, back pain, started near groin, across stomach, back. Urinalysis normal. Treatment? Vaginal odor, milky white vaginal discharge, cramps, shaking. Taking ovule for bacterial vaginosis. Treatment? Ear infection, tube placed inside ear drum, no relief. Long term damage to ear? Insomniac and anxious. Had high BP. On sleeping pills. What is wrong? 20 year old in a coma after a fall. Need help in reading the MRI report. What would be the recovery period? Brown spots on toes, dry, flaking soles of feet, athlete's foot. Treatment? Stretch mark after showering, overweight, fluctuating weight. Causes? Painless lumps under skin, look like pimples, itching, black thin line on popping. Causes? Have a bacterial infection around the skull after having a skull fracture. On antibiotics. Having hallucinations, not eating. Are these symptoms leading to coma? Suffering from vomiting and chills. Is this Chron's disease? Small child, frequent colds, cough, throat redness. Taking asthalin, monticope. Treatment? Sharp pain near ovaries, kicking sensation in stomach, prolonged periods. On implanon birth control. Causes? Missed periods, frequent urination. Pregnancy chances? Recently had a baby Mild sore throat, swelling in left tonsil, ear pain, neck stiffness. Taking azithromycin. Treatment? Dark diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, tiny spots on stomach. Treatment? Heavy bleeding post sexual intercourse. On Loestrin 24 Fe birth control. Normal symptoms? Swallowed chicken bone, pain in upper abdomen. Taken malox, some relief. Cause of worry? 80 year old had surgery for chronic subdural hematoma. Did burr hole on both sides of the head. CT scan showing blood clot. When will he become conscious? Left nipple turned in, smelly thick discharge from breasts, weakness, fever. Cause of concern? Small hard lump on abdomen, feeling of minor muscle damage. Treatment? Having nausea, vomiting, dizziness, excessive hunger. Pregnancy chances? Having missed periods Gay male, on meth drugs, lump on side of shaft, on crease of thigh. Treatment? Feeling lightheaded, sleepy with sore breasts and brownish vaginal discharge. Urine pregnancy test negative. What is happening? Small child, high fever, cough, lack of sleep. Normal chest X-ray. Treatment? Small pus filled bump on anus, recurring in same spot, hard bowel movements. Treatment? Taking prozac for depression. Medication changed to Effexor. How can I stop medication? Persisting burning sensation and redness on the nose. Using valacyclovir. What could it be? Chest x-ray revealing a shadow in the lung. Have discomfort in the armpit and chest. Treatment? Having headache and nausea after being hit on the head. Chances of head injury? Red circular sores, healing and recurring, draining clear liquid. Causes? Small child having yellow discharge from ear, foul smell, tube put into ear. Treatment? Throat spasms, repeated swallowing, ear pain, low WBC count, nausea. Causes? Soreness on tip of tongue, pain on swallowing followed by burning, no fever, eases with cold water. What could it be? Brown circular mark between wrist and thumb, looks like a scar, same present on forearm. Causes? Hair fall post jaundice, typhoid infections, bald spots on scalp. Treatment? Recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery. Have swollen painful knee. MRI showing an old MCL sprain and fraying meniscus and inflammation behind knee cap. Any suggestions? Had seizure due to blood clots in the brain. Draining of blood clots suggested. How long will it take to be conscious again? Not taking inderal. Am I wrong? Why does Viagra lead to hangover feeling? Suffering from arthritis and scoliosis. Can not sleep on the bed due to leg pain. Any remedy for reduced sleep? Reoccurring CHF. In stage IV heart failure, has a pacemaker, severe edema from the stomach to feet. Longest time of survival ? Dull pain, protrusion on left side of rib cage, pain on stretching. Due to extra rib? Thrush infection post sex, red dots on penis, sore foreskin, flaking skin. Treatment? Teen, born with benign tumors in ear canal, had multiple surgeries, have eligibility for cadaver ear drum. What does this operation involve? Terrible headache, chills, hot flashes post draining a blood vessel after breast augmentation. Treatment required? Frequently get pains causing swollen veins post delivery, gentle rubbing on veins cause pain. Cause and cure? Fall on the side, have sore back, difficulty in lifting leg, neck pain. What should be done? Diagnosed with UTI, taken ampacillin, later had burning micturation, switched to Cipro, negative STD test, have diarrhea. What could be wrong? Right testicle pain since years, no success with various medicines, done testicle surgery, suggested cord block. What is this and will it help? Chest pains, worsens on thinking over it, happen when extremely calm. Which tests should be taken? Chronic post nasal drip, sudden feeling of blocked nasal passage, breathing difficulty, light headedness, gradually resolves, no triggers. Help? 5 year old, has numbness in knee, has hard time walking, pain on back of knee on pressing. What treatment should be taken? Red patches between eyebrows, look like pimples, pale skin, redness increases due to heat. Treatment? Multifocus corondities in left eye. Taking wysolone, facial swelling, stomach pain. Treatment? Flat round spot below breast, no pain, overweight. Family history of breast cancer. Treatment? Swollen glands, sore throat, stuffy ears, fatigued, advised course of zythromax. Still no help. Is it Jaundice ? Uvula deviating to left, difficulty swallowing, bleeds several times. Tumors ? Pain in left shoulder, neck and l5 bulging disc, back muscle spasms after accident. Is there a treatment ? Buzzing ears, ringing in right ear, slight hearing loss. Is it eustachian tube blocked or sinus area ? Hit on the outside of lower leg, has turned into mildly swollen reddish tender area causing occasional itching, warm lump. What could it be? Chronic pancrentitus, was on methadone, worked well. New doctor doesn't prescribe the same. What to do ? Pregnant, high alkaline phosphate serum. Taking udiliv tablets. Harmful effects on fetus? Gaining weight since the leep procedure, feel uncomfortable. Is this a common side effect ? Pain in tail bone area, starts on changing position, laughing, pilondial cyst ruled out, have extreme discomfort and swelling. Any ideas? Fall, hit on the forehead, intense pain at the back of neck, dent in forehead, have periodic pain, line appearing down forehead. Suggestion? Skinned knee badly post fall, had infected, was diagnosed with staph, cut has become purple and raised, looks fluid filled. Remedy? CT scan showed deviation in nasal septum, mucous retention cysts. Will treatment include surgery? Gas problem, blood pressure shoots up in extreme cases, have different medicines prescribed by doctor, cardiologist. Suggestion? Diagnosed with liver cancer bile duct, has lesion on right lobe of liver. How serious is this? What are the harmful effects of flea bites on infants? Severe body ache, nausea, difficulty in getting sleep, have constipation, normal results for ECG, X-ray, sonography, blood work. Suggestive treatment? Extreme exhaustion since puberty, normal test results for diabetes, iron, thyroid, lyme disease. Reason? Swollen clitoral hood with white stuff, blood, no relief with clyamandin. What should be done? 50 year old, have hot flashes followed by pins and needles in body, intense pain, diagnosed with Giardia, fibromyalgia. Help? Heavy spotting, brown discharge, had light periods, get dizzy spells and hand tremors throughout the day, recently started birth control. Normal? Taken postinor, on periods due, have brown discharge and cramps. Is it due to pregnancy or postinor? Shivers, stomach issues, mild fever, weakness and dizziness after cortozone shot for poison oak. Cause? Frequently get sores on lips and tongue, yeast infection, UTI, cavities, weak hair and nails, white patches on skin, fatigue. Advice? Continuous coughing sensation, pain in muscles and joints, have quit smoking. Cause and cure? Itchiness and pressure in vagina, discomfort, difficulty in sitting still. Is this a sign of yeast infection? Pregnant, baby diagnosed with AVSD, partial Down's, had blood blister on finger with heavy bleeding, itchy soles. Worrisome? Lump on the back of head post a bang, causes pressure in nose, dizziness on touching, change in vision, drunk feeling. Reason? Pregnant, had bleeding after vaginal swab, diabetes test, no pain. Should I be concerned? Frequently have blister looking rash on top of butt crack, no pain, got clear liquid on popping, history of herpes. What could it be? Numbness and pain in toes after wearing heels followed by numbness from hip to thigh, history of right hip bone marrow o edema. Suggestion? Dull headache, heaviness around forehead, buzz feeling in head with moving pain, difficulty in concentrating post miscarriage. Cause? New born with excessive vomiting, has fever, frequent motions. Advice? Excessive tiredness, dull pain in chest and back, normal EKG, chest X-ray, persisting pain, history of stent in lad artery. Worrisome? Suffering with pimples and its scars, face looks dull and red. Which cream will help? Frequent cold, itching in throat, running nose, head ache, have high eosinophil count. where can I get best homeo treatment? Period after excessive delay, had black colored tissue through vagina. What is the cause? Periodic chapping of lips, raw feeling inside lips, no pain, have moved to a place with dry climate. Cause? Itching, curd like discharge post sex, taken puritus vulvae treatment, have frequent urination, lower back pain, no relief. STD? Hit on top of head behind ear, tingling in body, has developed a knotted bruise on the spot, eyelash line. What could the problem be? Pus filled bumps on elbow, gets easily irritated on rubbing accidentally. Will cleaning with alcohol, applying hot towel help? Seborrheic dermatitis, no improvement with medicines, have numerous sunburn spots on face, negative cd4 test. Effective remedy? Overweight, have steady menstrual cycle, have itchy breasts, used cocoa butter, no relief, spread to inner thighs. Is this allergic reaction? Gaseous after eating ice-cream, frappes, similar drinks followed by diarrhea, stools smell like burnt rubber. Am I lactose intolerant? Scar on the nose between eyes due to accident, chicken pox scar beside it. Which cream will help to get rid of this? Suffering with minimum level of HB, on medicines. What type of diet chart will help the situation? Outer part of the butt is excessively itchy, looks like blotchy rash, applied hydrocortizone. Will it help? Terrible itching, burning sensation in vagina, white discharge. Is it serious? Failure in conception, recently diagnosed with varicocele. How will it affect parenthood and remedy? Diabetic, partially blind, had no resistance after injecting Lantus, suspicion of injecting air. What should be done? Spotting after intercourse post missed periods, negative pregnancy test, get slight cramps on lower abdomen, nausea, tiredness. Pregnant? Bang on right cheekbone near the ear, had continuous headaches with swelling, increased sensitivity on the spot. Concussion symptom? Child has swelling on throat below jaw with pain, FNAC showed suggestive of reactive lymphadenitis. Is it curable? Teen, do not get aroused as earlier, penis does not get hard when erect, softens after orgasm. Is it due to stress? Diagnosed with PCOD, on modus-10, G-reg-sr. Will I succeed in conceiving after this course? Unprotected intercourse, have headaches, sleepiness, nausea, taken primolut-n, do not want to conceive. Will this help? Shoulder pain since years, pops on moving, MR arthrogram showed high anti-imfalmmatory cells, debris, no relief with medicines. Advice? Immense head pressure, hand tremors, strong smelling urine and body odor, normal CT scan, used to smoke marijuana, on pain relievers. Help? Red spot on the breast with white outer circle, breast seems to drip, have intense pain, hard lump underneath nipple with dragging sensation. Cause? Early onset of period, only spotting, no flow, have lower abdominal pain with a knot, negative pregnancy test, have constant pain. What could it be? Cyst on the ovary, multiple uterine fibroids in bulky uterus, prescribed Primolut N. Will this help to shrink the cyst? Child having red eyes after rubbing the eyes with eucalyptus oil on hand. Will it cause any side effects? Diagnosed with PCOD, on medication, no improvement, have weight gain. What should be done? Epileptic, taking encorate chrono, folvite. Is this medicine suitable for me without any side effects? Feeling of blockage in ear weeks after tympanoplasty surgery. Will it improve? Suffering with sleep problem, taken zapiz, no improvement. What should be the maximum dosage? Huge painful bumps after shaving, diagnosed with folliculitis, slight reduction in pain and bumps with medicines. What else can be done? Unprotected sex, took 4 pills of Nordette. When should be the other dosage? Stabbing chest pain, back pain, feeling of obstruction in throat. Relief measure? Infant diagnosed with rickets at wrist, has high fever, vomiting, prescribed phenzee, perinorm, monocef. Are the medicines right? Pregnant, feeling of leaking amniotic fluid, urge of passing more urine even after passing fully. Cause? Suffering with skin allergy, temporarily eases with dexona injection. Beat treatment advice? Intercourse during periods, burning sensation in abdomen during urination, orangish urine post taking i-pill. Treatment required? Continuous bleeding after C-section, stops temporarily with femilon, ultrasound showed hormonal changes, advised TB PCR. Treatment? Child with thyroid took additional tablets accidentally, had treatment with tube aiding stomach cleaning. What else needs to be done? Baby rolled and fell off bed, has knot on back, baby cried and slept after feeding. Worrisome? Teen, obese, have hard time losing extra fats, want to try oxy elite pro. Is it safe? On cipralex for a month, have drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, burning sensation in stomach. Side effects ? Increased anger, aggressiveness, frustration after recovering from brain injury, taking Sensival. Should this medicine be continued? Acute pain in left wrist, temporary relief with injections, difficulty in doing physical work. Treatment suggestion? Pregnant, in early stage, prescribed micronized progesterone after slight spotting, have acidity, burning throat after intake. Suggestion? Loose vagina after delivery, tampons and menstrual cups slip, occasional incontinence, no change with pelvic exercises. Suggestion? Dent on the right side of foot with bruising, foot pain on pressing the toes after kicking the door with toes. Fracture? Extreme fatigue, pain in hip, flank and back radiating to rib cage, bloating, neck pain. History of thyroid with surgery. Suggestion? Suffering with osteoarthritis of knee, have pain while standing and walking, popping, tried exercises. Can I opt for HYALGAN? Can I ask a doctor to check the semen analysis report and advice ? Intense pain after strenuous exercise, difficulty in deep breathing, constant pain in right side of chest. Cause of concern? White tongue with bumps on the back of throat, intermittent chest pain and tightness, breathing trouble, tests normal. Cause? Muscle pain at arms post taking storvas, recently underwent balloon angioplasty. Advise? Twitching upper right eyelid, frequent headaches, swollen eye, dilated pupil, on medicines for gum infection. Cause of eye issues? Scheduled for health check up for employment, have diabetes. What can help minimize the counts? Vision blacks out. Have had cataract surgery. What can help? HCV test positive. Elevated SGPT levels. Chances of diabetes? 22 year old having PCOS. Have irregular periods on stopping Krimson tablets. Advice? Pregnant taking cacimax, orofer, alamin and duvadila retard. What are these for? What is the dosage for decdan injection? Suffering from itchy rashes on the jaw bone and on the elbows. Could this be due to mosquito bite? Swollen lymph node in the armpit. Are these related? 73 year old taking pain killers everyday for knee pain. Is surgery an option? Pain in the ankle while walking. Is it a sprain? What is the treatment? Child having asthma. Suffering from severe cough. On asthalin nebulizer. Urticaria after nebulizing. Using levocetrizine syrup. Is this a side effectt? 15 month old not able to sit without support, unsteady head. On Indral tablet for coarctation. Balloon dilation done. No improvement with exercise. Low weight gain Intermittent pain, itching sensation throughout on the site of dog bite years after the incident. What should be done? Difficulty in conceiving due to PCOS, imbalance in FSH, LH. Advised siphene, follicular study. How long should I wait for positive results? Extreme lower abdominal pain, urine sample test showed normal results, pain on pressing. Could it be appendicitis? On treatment for dengue fever, platelet count keeps fluctuating. Is it normal? Strange ache on lower stomach on lifting the leg, on bending, not constant, is deep. Is it gynecology related? Difficulty in walking on right foot, pain on top right side, pronounced veins, hot toes after eating outside food. Any ideas? Indentation above ear on both sides of skull, disappeared after good night's sleep. What could it be? High TSH, do not have any symptoms, advised thyronorm. Taking telmisartan, amlodipine. Suggestion? Suffering with severe headache, right eye pain, recurs with head bath, suspicion of sinusitis, migraine. Permanent cure? Weakness in legs. Normal reports of doppler, magnetic resonance, arteriography. No blockage in the arteries. What is happening? Child anemic. What does RBC count, hemoglobin denote? Increase it? Difficulty breathing, chest tightness, excessive yawning. Chest X-ray normal. Treatment? Purple spot on testicle. Have inguinal hernia. Has ultrasound missed something? Rusty marks between fingers, dizziness, nausea. Using surgical spirit, fading slightly. Medical condition? Trying to conceive, abdominal pain, irregular periods, PCOS. Prescribed ranitidine, primolut-n. Safe to take? Head injury, no bleeding, lumps, dizziness, light headed, neck pain. Cause of worry? Urinalysis done, shows cloudy urine, WBC, mucus, epithelial cells, high amorphous urates. Treatment? Pain in the skull. CT scan shows semicircular focus in high parietal region. Brain tumor? Vomiting episodes, fever, stomach, chest pain, dizziness. Due to typhoid infection? Slipped on a wet deck, fell on left hip. Hip, back and neck pain. Anything to worry ? Drinking vodka everyday, running, lifting weights. Could drinking lots of alcohol cause liver damage? 4D ultrasound shows bulky uterus, left ovary not visualized. Want to conceive again. Should I worry ? Missed abortion. Taken misoprostol, prolonged bleeding. D&C advised. Suggestions? IV inserted in wrist area, lump in vein, loss of arm traction, numbness. Treatment? Pregnant, yellow vaginal mucus, pain on walking, stomach contractions. Treatment? Heart pauses between beats, EKG shows slow sinus rhythm. Can I do exercises normally ? Spotting and pain after copper coil fitted, burning sensations, itchy vagina. What to do ? On clarithromycin for bronchitis, but no results. Missed periods, on birth control, no sex. Reasons ? Missed periods, scanning shows early intrauterin gestational sac with no fetal node. Is it pregnancy ? Took birth control pill, had periods on actual date and again early long periods. How to stop it ? Painful leg and hand cramps, worse at night. Taking chemotherapy for bowel cancer. Treatment? Burning post sex, difficulty passing urine. Taking femilon medication. Side effects? Delayed periods, unprotected sex. Took emergency contraceptive. Pregnancy chances? Oral sex, non penetrative sex, red spots on glans. Taking sporanox. Yeast infection or STD? Itchiness in right inner ear, dry skin, itch on eardrum. Treatment? Eye injury, redness in white part, small red spot in lower corner. Treatment required? Back pain between shoulder blades, reflux esophagitis. Treatment options? 6 month old child, dry cough. Given asthalin, breastfed. Safe medication? Continuous hair fall. Use coconut or almond oil? Depressed, why? Ear infection, fullness, crackling sound, pain. Using basel spray, antihistamines. Treatment? Glycocelated heamoglobin 7.6%, average of 3 month is 167. Diabetic, on glycomet gp. Do I need another tablet to control ? Severe fever, vomiting. Why is my diet bad? Can I have a baby? Wrist, thumb pain, swelling in fingers and hand. Hand wrapped in ace bandage. Treatment? Close to menopause, cervical polyps. Surgery removed polyps from uterine lining. Hysterectomy advised. Treatment? Respiratory tract infection, high fever. Taking pressmox, steroids. Side effects of medication? Insect bite near armpit. Cause? Why does it hurt when pressed? Lower back, hamstring pain, X-ray showed facet arthritis on L5-S1, diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency for muscle pain. Another MRI required? Spotting, light bleeding. Taking dicynone, lutenyl, stopped. Normal symptoms? Delayed periods, white discharge, weight gain, stomach heaviness, thyroid. Taking thyronorm. Treatment? Injury due to fall, purple bruise on right knee, swollen wrist, pain. Treatment? Sleeplessness, have nose tickling, terrible sneezing, watering in left eye, imbalance, no relief with mucinex d. Will decadron shot help? Cancerous thyroid, sticky tumor removed through surgery, radiation prescribed in area. Cause of worry? 7 weeks pregnant. Prescribed folic acid, duphaston to avoid miscarriage. Safe to take? Dry cough, bronchial allergy, throat infection. Prescribed budecort inhalers, levolin syrup. Safe? Concussion on right side of head, throbbing pain, tingling in forehead. Treatment? Insect bites since childhood, scars left behind. Tests and best treatment? Surgery done for fractured hand, metal fitted, redness at surgical site. Treatment? Stomach pain, normal bowels. On BP medications. History of bypass, angioplasty. Cardiac symptoms? Chronic watery diarrhea, fishy odor on passing bowels. Taking levsin. Sigmoidoscopy done. Treatment? Breathlessness, cough, dark red phlegm, abdominal pain. Causes and treatment? Accident, bruises on thighs, growing, getting darker, red and yellow patches. Normal symptoms? Oral thrush, red infected tonsils, white spots inside cheeks, lips, gums. Negative HIV test. Treatment? Uterus cancer, done with radiations, has throat pain, MRI showed ulcers in stomach causing bleeding in motions due to radiations. Suggestion? Severe hair fall, hair thinning, bald patches on scalp. Will onion juice help? Elevated SGOT, SGPT levels. Taking pretnisolone. Diet and medications to control levels? Difficulty in child bearing, semen analysis showed asthenospermia. Worrisome? Root canal treatment, pain behind eyes, headache. Taking novaclox-lb. Treatment? Using bleach to mop floor, sore throat, pain on swallowing. Treatment? Mouth ulcers, esophageal burning, ulcers spread to throat. Due to GERD? Redness on buttocks, itching, foul smell, bleeding. Jock itch or fungal infection? Unable to retract foreskin, purple discoloration, sensitive glans. Treatment? Lower back injury, pain, swelling, tenderness, bone protrusion. X-ray required? Popped blister on toe, exposed skin, redness, sore, purple line around it. Taking ibuprofen. Treatment? Small child, unable to sleep, restless. Taking decolic medication. Safe to use? Red bumps on inner thighs, razor burn, pain on shaving. Treatment? Cyst between nose and tear duct, pain on pressing. Prescribed zyclin nanogel. Treatment? Unilateral pain from forehead, ear and moving to neck, nerve stretching. CT scan, MRI normal. Treatment? Stinging, burning sensation in penis after using penis pump, normal urine and ultrasound test, have difficulty in erection. Permanent damage? Pregnant, brown spotting. Taking primolut injections. Positive pregnancy test. Miscarriage possible? Irregular periods, weight gain, sharp abdominal pain during bowels, nausea, frequent need to urinate. Treatment? Knee injury, soreness, purple discoloration, ankle swelling. Home remedy to prevent swelling? Had frequent strep throats, larger tonsils in the past. Is it normal to lose my voice more than once or twice a year? Dizziness, imbalance, nausea on waking up. Causes for symptoms? Pressure in forehead, eyes, blocked nostril. Eye test shows cylindrical number. Treatment? Taken treatment for chlamydia post unprotected sex, negative HIV, now have low grade fever. Could it be HIV? Defecating, urinating blood. Prostrate and partial bladder removed. History of prostrate cancer. Treatment? Severe leg injury, two scratches, five bruises, extreme pain, limping. Treatment? Diabetic, hypothyroid, history of missed abortion, pregnant, on insulin lespro, eltroxin, advised ecosporin 150. Is it safe? Herniated disc in lower back, back pain, breathlessness. Due to excessive training? Can any online doctor advice me on the semen analysis result? Sore lumps on the right side of neck, below the ear, sever migraine. Have Hashimoto Thyroiditis. What is this ? Nasal congestion, yellow watery mucus, eye discharge. Treatment? Stabbing pain in temples, itchy left eyelid and eyebrow, headaches. Due to allergies? Missed periods, spotting, light pink colored. Causes for symptoms? Depression, job change, stress. Prescribed zoloft, fluttering, nervous shaking internally. Treatment? 4 month old had red dry skin under neck, armpits, legs and hands. One advised Alfacort, other daktacort. Is it eczema or fungal infection ? No periods after taking depo, sore breasts, nipples, discharge increase. Pregnant? Allergy and chemical smell in mouth after keeping composite. What to do? Vomiting, stomach pain after eating, blood in stools. Pregnant? Taking Metformin for type 2 diabetes. Knee pain, hard to walk. Due to medication? Itchy rash after taking Malarone. Side effects? Prescribed Ginette for PCOD. Is it safe? Have IM rod in ankle, swollen and painful are. Any non surgical therapy? Bumps on head, not oozing, painful, swollen eyebrow Facial pain, radiating to temple and neck, eye redness. Taken Biaxin and Prednisone. Temporal tendonitis? Taking birth control pills, bleeding, period type pain, mood swings. Continue pills? Have hand eczema. Using Clonate. Suggest medication that can be applied while lactating Have stage 4 lung cancer, metastasized to lymph nodes. Taking Xalkori. Bloating caused by medication? Headache, lump on forehead, prominent veins. Had VP shunt. History of choroid plexus papilloma Back pain, fever, breathing problem. Tests done. Does it mean typhoid? Have hair loss, using keto soap, applying oil. What should I apply to get good growth of hair? Painful feet, burning sensation, not diabetic. Taken Neurontin. Now red arms. Side effect? Bruises on legs, gets darker when drinking, back pain. What is going on? Pregnant, shortened cervix, taking Progesterone. Safe to take Candid vaginally? Movement under breast, no pain, burning, gurgling. Taking Atenolol. Any thoughts? Painful bump on ankle, pregnant, have pulmonary embolism. What is your opinion? Delayed periods, have copper coil fitted. HPT and urine test negative. Reasons ? Finger feel hot and body feels weird after sex. Diagnosed Lupus and Antiphospholipid syndrome. Is it due to same blood group ? 10.5 months baby with positive occult blood test, lactose intolerant. Reason for blood in stools ? Disfigured red scar on chin. Had cryotherapy and a fractional co2 laser. How to remove the scar ? Lichen schlerosus since 12 years, having type 2 diabetic symptoms. Any connection ? Rough skin on arms, looks like raised pores with white pus. Any ideas ? Refractory groin rash that doesn't respond to antibiotics, always moist and cracks. What is it ? Sinusitis and upper respiratory infection, had antibiotics but no help. Ears full, drainage in throat, uvula red. Any ideas ? Pregnant with second, history of premature delivery, feeling of sticky substance between legs after urination, did not smell like urine. Advice? Switched to losartan from lisinopril due to cough, no relief, symptoms recurred with nasal congestion. BP medicines that do not produce cough? Diagnosed with MAV, recurred after stopping medicines, no relief with sibellium, topamax. Cause? Had natural miscarriage, still bleeding, knee pain, tightness in stomach. Help Death due to ruptured myocardial infarction. Would she have suffered or died quickly? Injected meth in forearm vein, finger numbness Chest tightness, shortness of breath, taking Deanxit. Feeling tired after stopping medication. Help Chest x-ray shows right perihilar opacities more prominent, no pleural effusion. Can you help me understand this? Have Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Speckled blood spots on legs, painful. Should I get it checked? Blister on calves, blood filled, no pain. Any idea what could be causing this? Neck pain, tender to touch after taking weight loss supplement. Causing reaction to thyroid? Had oral sex, headache, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, chills, sore throat, swollen lymph glands. Serious? White coated tongue, reoccurring red spots. HIV negative. What could this mean? Immense pain emerging from arm due to bug, eased with cold water, is persistent with redness, itchy bumps. Remedy? Increase in eye pressure compared to last year's result, have been crying often. Could that be a cause? Continuous fatigue, nausea, UTI ruled out, culture showed strep B, prescribed cephalexin. Right course of action? How to get treated for grey hair and hair loss? Advised with ferrobiotron Taken MT pill with misoprost. Total abortion not done. Concerned about the chances of a surgery Have hypertension. History of brain stroke. Taking Amtas, q pill and hytide. On speech therapy. How to improve the situation? Baby has constipation, tried several home remedies, no relief. What should be done? Teen, have blurry vision with black spots followed by black out on standing up, dizziness, headache. What is the cause? Tooth infection, got it extracted, have rapid heartbeats, light headedness, constant diarrhea, sleepiness, nausea. Could it be due to infection? Fall on the tailbone followed by convulsion, eased after tremors, have persistent tailbone pain, headache. Emergency? Child with severe coughing causing vomiting, runny nose, tiredness. Relief measure? Diabetes, have severe knee pain after medicines to dissolve kidney stones, diagnosed with calcium deficiency. What should be done? Difficulty in lifting foot, foot drop after vaginal delivery. MRI showed disc herniation, have lower back pain, weakness in knees. Normal? Protected sex, took bath the next day, had pain during urination with stinging followed by itchy urethra. What could be the cause? Kid having continuous vomiting, diagnosed as viral infection, no relief with medicines, iv injection, has developed fever. Advice? Fall on the upper shin, have persistent large on bump on the spot after weeks, pains on pressing. Treatment required? Painful lump on the back of neck, headaches, CT scan done, taken morphin shot, symptoms recurred, history of neck injury. Suggestion? Intermittent migraines, feeling of emerging from jaw, clicking and popping jaw on opening mouth, eases with tylenol, codeine. Emergency? Slight hit below the sternum yesterday, have discomfort throughout the area today. Worrisome? HPV positive, have swollen lump of tissue on the site of tonsil, history of tonsillectomy. What could the lump be? Hit on the calf, had lump and bruise with knot, have frequent incidents of Charlie horses in leg. Could this be a blood clot? Non-itchy welts on hips, increasing in size, have rough texture, spreading to abdomen and arms. What could be causing this? Frequent urination, bloating, flatus, had clear discharge after masturbation. What could be the cause? Tight and dried nose after septoplasty, minor rhinoplasty, no relief with spray, ocean saline. What can be done? Pelvic ultrasound shows anemia, cyst in right ovary. Chances of cancerous cyst? Swelling, itchiness, soreness behind ear, down neck, red whelps along jaw, spreading to skull base. Treatment? Small child, having cyst on penis shaft, hard bump. Family history of throat cysts. Surgical removal? Taking verorab rabies vaccine, bitten again by street dog, completed course. Chances of contracting rabies? Artery pulsating in left temple, sharp pain, pressure against face, skull. Serious condition? Allout mosquito liquid in contact with toothbrush, burning sensation on using it. Medical condition? Small child, head injury, dent behind head, acting normal. Cause of worry? Small child, coughing, vomiting, cold, mucus, sneezing. First dose of MMR taken. Treatment? Fell off bike, face and elbow injury. Put peroxide on wounds, eye swelling. Treatment? Head reeling on waking, continuously high BP level, high sugar levels. Causes? Irate, mentally immature, depressed, unable to control emotions, supporting family from early age. Treatment? Anal fissures, initial hard stools. Taking isabgol, using anal dilator. Treatment? Dancer, popping sound in front thigh during splits, tingling sensation. Pulled muscle? Unable to conceive, three children, ovulated for one night. History of kidney failure. Treatment? Insect bite, lump protruding out of stomach beneath skin, scabbing, blackened area. Treatment? Medical abortion, bleeding, unprotected sex, brown discharge, spotting. Pregnancy symptoms? Constipation, gastric troubles, white foam from rectum, bleeding. Treatment? Stopped smoking marijuana, weird smell from urine. Drinking lots of fluids, clear urine. Cause of worry? Ulnar nerve discomfort in elbow, tingling in fingers. Will a chiropractor help? Thumb knuckle pain, unable to move it, pain on movement in certain ways. Arthritis? Frequent urination, burning, bleeding on urinating, back pain. Drinking cranberry juice. Treatment? Pregnant, severe stomach gas, healthy vegetarian diet. Causes and treatment? White patches on hands, brown skin, started as small dots. Using steroid medication. Treatment? Small blisters on knees, thighs, pelvis, swollen, red, painful, tiny hole on popping. Causes? Hiatis hernia, chronic fever, cough with mucus. Taking fisherman candy provides relief. Treatment? Misoprost 200 expelled after vaginal insertion, taken more dosage, do not have bleeding yet, occasional clots. Is abortion done? Child has low grade fever, flatus after treatment for cold, diarrhea, given panadol, dimetapp. Advice? Child has flat red spot on low spine area, itched after applying benadryl, is not vaccinated with varicella. Immediate attention required? Gurgling sounds in stomach, loose motions, feverish feeling, tender knees, had eaten stale cheese. What medicines can I take? Soft penis, in flaccid state post appendicitis surgery. What is the cause and remedy? On clindamycin, have no urge to go for stools, instead have mucus, had runny stools, frequent urination for past few days. Advice? Severe headaches in forehead, pressure in eyes, continuous shoulder pain, diagnosed with pinched nerve, have a mole in armpits. Serious? Taken birth control shot, test for HIV, Syphilis, had non-reactive tests in past, have received info saying partner needs medical help. Advice? Swollen left foot, pulsation in neck, high heart, normal test results, diagnosed with anxiety, later had swelling on both feet, enervation. Aging? Itchiness in eyes, had swelling on white portion on rubbing the eyes, no pain, causes discomfort on blinking. Remedy? Blood test showed high esr, not advised any medicines, family history of arthritis, advised mri scan for back pain. Could it be multiple myeloma? Water went inside the ear during bathing, intense pain, diagnosis showed small hole on the ear drum. Will it cure with medicines? Infant with continuous fever, has poor appetite for solid foods, wants only breastfeeds, rashes started after fever subsided. Rosoela Infantum? No periods after taking unwanted kit pills. When will I get periods? AFB culture, gram stain, sputum culture showed mycobacterium avium, rare epithelial cell, heavy growth normal flora respectively. Meaning? Diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer metastasized to iliac bone, on chemo, have swollen feet. What is the prognosis? Trying desperately to conceive, have endometriosis, on treatment, have cramps, nipple soreness before periods due. Am I pregnant? Repeated episodes of sudden onset of stabbing in abdomen, anus followed by sweating, head spinning, feeling of collapsing. Cause? Premature ejaculation even without stimulation, have bigger and heavy testis causing pain on not ejaculation. Is this blue ball syndrome? Infant has partial redness in left eye, had clear film around the colored part of the eye earlier, crust and leakage, no itching. Advice? Ultrasound detected bulky, retroverted uterus, no cyst seen. Will it cause complications in pregnancy? Child suffering with hearing loss since birth, had normal BERA test, detected through audiometry test. Why was the BERA test normal? Severe headache, viral meningitis ruled out, pain worsened on doctor taking a bit of water from lower back. Alarming? Swollen, itchy fingers and back of hand after excessive use of clippers, swelling passing to wrist, using cortizone. What else can be used? Traces of urobilinogen quali in urine, blood tests show normal bilrubin count with high CO2, HDL cholesterol. Analysis? Took the depo shot late, have pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy chances? Child got hot, blotchy rash that kept spreading, low fever, suspicion of urticaria, have turned yellow, no relief with medicines. Suggestion? Healthy lifestyle, had several episodes of atrial fibrillation post workout, eased naturally, self diagnosis of PVC. Is this worrisome? Burning sensation on left side of abdomen below rib cage, bloated feeling, soft stools. Reasons ? Nausea, dizziness, watery eyes, sore breasts and nipples after taking cerazette. How long will it take to clear up the side effects? Unknown fertility problem, husband with normozoospermia, recommended IVF treatment. What are the chances of success? Feeling numbness and burning sensation in armpit. Abnormal heartbeat. Will it cause heart problem? Saliva, traces of blood in mouth, throat on waking up causing irritation, disturbed sleep, had dome cleaning, filling of teeth, smoker. Advice? Hair loss in the top center to front of head, grey hairs. Advised Ferrobiotron Multi Vitamin, no effect. Advise ? Medical abortion. Taking MT pill, misoprost. Scan shows fetus, heavy bleeding. Non surgical treatment? Persistent speech problems, no fluency in reading in writing after brain stroke on left side, undergoing speech therapy. What else can be done? Sensitive to mosquito bites, keep itching for weeks, had reaction like bites post waxing. Which cream should be used? HbAsg positive, normal ultrasound, have been prescribed with anti-viral medicines, Udiliv after blood tests. Suggestion? Trying to conceive, normal periods. Prescribed duphaston. Will medication postpone periods? Hit on the nose, bleeding, stopped with ice application, soreness in nose with bleeding, had thick clot in spit on blowing nose. Worrisome? Several non-raised spots of left arm to wrist, pain in index finger with burning. Serious? Head injury, back injury, blackout, bleeding behind head. Treatment for concussion? Two miscarriages. Positive torch test. Taking torchnil capsules, TB test advised. Normal pregnancy possible? Scalp pain in certain areas, hair loss. Advise ? Stool test suggests Colitis. Using Satranidazole & ofloxacin tab. Is treatment correct ? PCOS, irregular periods, had miscarriage, 3 IUI unsuccessful. Suggested IVF. How to know fertility days ? Treated for tooth abscess twice, just behind the wisdom tooth. Area painful, yellow pus with nasty odor. Further treatment ? 17 yrs old, 3 months pregnant. Tried aborting since 2 months, still no sign. Will my baby have defect if I continue ? Small lump inside belly button, oozing pus now and then. Tried antiseptic, salty water. What could it be ? Missed periods since 4 months, Dr advised duphaston for withdrawal. What to do ? Had PT for knee pain, pain in right foot with burning sensation, stiff neck. Why ? Cold, blood in cough, pain in lymph and ears, dizziness and loss of appetite. Reasons ? Wart on thumb, used wart paint but recurred, extremely painful and red. Treatment ? Patch on the shoulder, scalp. Dandruff problem. What is it ? Swollen and hurting breast after abortion 2 weeks ago, abdominal pain. Can abortion fail ? Had hep C 5 yrs back, took vaccination. Should I check again ? Sciatica pain on left leg, numbness around right knee, severe heel pain. Disc bulges present. Traction only option ? Suffering from UTI since long, burning sensation while urination and bowel movements, frequent urge. Treatment advise? Suffering with prostate cancer, spread through bone, remote chances of cure. Better treatment in India? Drug addict during teenage, veins have collapsed, switched to alcohol. What can be done about veins? Delay in periods, not on contraception, have loose stools since due, negative hpt. Cause? Small bump on left breast, clear liquid when squeezed. Have anemia, cardiomegaly. Possible causes ? Skin infection in right arm, advised Flucloxacillin. Having tight chest pains. Side effect ? Why is there a crack in butts, red and itchy. What are the blood stains? Seizures controlled with medication, repeat seizures after removal of thyroid nodule. On lamical, onfi. Reasons ? Pimples on face, advised pero duo gel, no help. Suggestions ? Light and infrequent menses after oral contraception. Why ? On sliding scale, increased blood sugar, also taking acrobose. Information on insulin dosages ? Pimple on the inside of thigh near groin, swollen and red after popping. Solution ? Less motility of semen, IUI failed due to not ejaculating. Scientific harmless methods to collect semen ? Hearing problems, neurological problems, on Neurobion Forte, Stemetil, Vitamin E Acetat, no help. Permanent cure ? Surgery in lungs for TB, lower lobe removed. Frequent cough with blood and phlegm, CT shows blood spots on pancreas. Possible treatment ? Gained weight, has thyroid. Suggestions to reduce weight ? Severe abdominal pain just above the pubic bone, frequent bowels, quick eater. Any ideas ? Itching inside and outside vagina. Sweat excessively, upper thighs sore. Any home remedy ? Large knot on head, swelling on the right side of face. Dr advised just benadryl. Is something overlooked ? PCOS, given Ovafar, asked to have regular contact from 9th day to 19th day. How frequent must the contact be ? Ankles and feet become itchy, red and hot to touch, tingling. What's wrong ? Pimples and dark spots all over face. How to cure it ? Pimples, advised toner, face wash with pimple marks cream. Started burning when applied, became red. Advise ? Small lump in right breast, diagnosed fibroadenosis with mammoscan, advised edge plus. Any other non surgical treatment ? Stiff neck with pressure in head, tremor in right arm. Scan found lipoma. Can this be the cause ? Feeling of stone lodged in the right side of throat. Had clindamycin, Pencillin V, no changes. Cure ? Irregular periods, advised Norgest. Hairs on face, pale, sacn says PCOD. Advised Benforce, Evecare. Right medication ? Constant headache from middle to bottom of the left side of head, radiating down to left ear. Tried demerol. What to do ? Numbness in body parts, shortness of breath, heaviness in lungs. Is it serious ? Broke left humerous, stretched radial nerve. Unable to lift wrist. How long does it take ? Lump on the mastoid bone, though as lymph gland. Another enlarged lump in neck. Lyme disease ? Lost hearing in my right ear. Developed ear pain, sore throat. Reasons ? D&C done, stabbing pain in abdomen, bleeding stopped, smelly discharge. Healing time? Brain stroke. MRI said Acute Infarct in Left fronto temporo parietal region. Meaning? Abdominal pain after holding back urine. Is that serious? Arthritis. Have a knot on thumb. What are the blisters there now? Diagnosed as hyperthyroid. Taking neomercizole. Thyroid test shows high TSH levels. Causes? Why is swallowing better when I press hyoid bone? Why am I thirsty always? Have fever, loose motions. Had crocin. What can help stomach pain? Had C-section. Have bicornate uterus. Why is my period twice a month? Joint paint. Had uterus and ovary removed. Is it related? Loud cracking sound from hip during front split, had pain under butt, have difficulty in stretching. What could this be? Numbness, tingling in thumb and fingers after drinking alcohol. Hangover symptoms? Rheumatoid arthritis, deformity in right hand elbow, hip. Taking calcium tablets. Treatment? Lumps on calf, shin, knee, swelling in eyes, feet. MRI done. Treatment? Whiplash on neck, pain, dizziness, headaches, shoulder discomfort. Treatment? Frequent urination, less volume of urine, erection problem. Taking itrin. Treatment? Post nasal drip, taste behind throat while eating, yellow discharge. Taking claritin. Treatment? Quit smoking, addicted to nicorette nasal spray. Will champix get rid of addiction? Suffering from joint pain, chronic condition. Using glucosamine, no relief. Treatment? Diagnosed with TB, on forecox, had blood in cough, through nose. What is the cause? Facial injury, swelling in cheekbone, eye lid. Self healing injury? Diabetic, social drinking due to job. Can I have vodka or light beer? Fever, red patches on skin, swelling in feet, ankles, loss of appetite. Cancer? Fell off bunk bed, swollen right foot, unable to rest it on floor. Treatment? Suffering from diabetes, fluctuating sugar levels. Taking galvusmet, diapride. Treatment? Mouth infection above teeth, white spots, loss of taste, lichen planus. Treatment? Trying to conceive, abdominal pain. Ultrasound shows cyst, intramural fibroids. Treatment? Gastric bypass scheduled, smoking cigarettes. Will smoking effect outcome of surgery? Swelling in lip, pimple, discharging fluid, hard below skin. Treatment? Unable to conceive. Taking siphene, folic acid, injections. History of miscarriage. Treatment? Pain behind right eye, on bone of right eyebrow, pain on pressing vein. Treatment? Small child, having drainage from ear, white wax, green discharge with foul smell. Treatment? Acne on cheeks, oily skin, dry skin on using facewash. Will dermadew caloe lotion help? Delayed periods, condom failure. Taken i-pill, white discharge, primolut-n taken. Pregnancy chances? Dizziness, can sleep only on left side. Taking vertin medication, neck physiotherapy. Treatment? Had a angiogram. Failed stress test. What can I do about it? Throat infection, cold, fever, swelling in ear, forehead pain. Taking sumo cold. Treatment? Shaking, sweating, vomiting after drinking alcohol. Spleen removed through surgery. Causes? Small bumps on labia majora, vaginal lips, recurring condition. Cleaning with alcohol. Treatment? Had a red blister. Did not pop it. Help Morning sickness, nausea and over weight. What can I do now? Stomach discomfort. Why does it feel like lorry? Is it yeast infection if there is burning sensation? Trying to conceive, abdominal pain, cramps, watery vaginal discharge. Pregnancy symptoms? Sack under skin and right foot. Toe operated? Had still birth, peri-menopausal. Can they cause palpitations? Have issues with motility of sperms. Infertility. Worry about infection? MRI found mild dehydration with diffuse annular bulge with posterior central protrusion. Now? Have explosive head syndrome. Why is there popping inside stomach? What can it be? Dark purple bruise on stomach with white spot in center, no history of injury, have similar occurrence on arm. Cause? White deposits on tonsils, feeling of hard knot below tonsils, do not move on pushing. Can the deposits become large and lodged? Child got red and blotchy rash on arms and legs due to possible allergic reaction, feeling of threads on arms. Help? Child develops patches on face, back and arms, get dry and white in summer, darker and rough in winter, no relief with medicines. Suggestion? Chills, mild fever, frequent urination. Taking pain relief medication. Treatment? Child with molluscum contagiosum on torso spreading to arms, legs. What treatment is advisable? Tight foreskin on penis, pain on erection, stretching foreskin, no relief. Infertility? Have large lump or inflamed anus muscle. Caused pain. Help Bump below eyebrow. Why is vision burred? Having suffering from frequent urination. What can help? Have the HPV, experienced strange discharge. Can it be cancer? Donated blood. Area of the bandage is now red. What is it? Have PCOD. Using Deviry to induce period. Take emergency contraceptive after sex? Watery stool and fussy child. Why would that happen? Pregnant, bleeding, cold, headache, fever, tiredness, blood clot on urinating. Treatment? Suffering with depression, sleeping difficulty, have lost hope, suicidal symptoms. Suggestion to get on track? Problem with feet. Why do they get red and blotchy? Irregular loose motions. Why are there black spots in them? Has been passing black sticky stool. Why was he pressing stomach? Asymmetric, migratory swelling or inflammation of lower leg. Pain partially relieved. Now? Was diagnosed with shingles in mouth and throat. Had root canal. Help On diazepam and gabapentin. Why is leg in severe pain? Trying to get pregnant. Missed period. Tests are wrong? Nausea, headache, cold, sore throat. Have bulimia. Worried. What can help? Pain in kegs, bone TB. What precautions can be taken? Follow diet? Experiencing dizzy spells, nausea, bad headaches. On prozac, lamictal. Further? Why is memorizing hard? Low calcium related fairly? Takes regular birth control. Risen HCG level. Throwing up now. Worry about pregnancy? Had very bad allergenic cold, turned to bronchitis. Took penicillin. Need a test? Fever continuously. On antibiotics. Why weakness and nausea? Hunger pangs continuously. Why do I keep feeling hot? Have calf muscle pain. Using shelcal HD and cobadex CZS pills. Acne on scrotum bag. Now? Had to force breath. BP was high. Heart failure? Breathing difficulty coupled with chest pain denotes? Why thighs tingle? Child gets motion sickness on going into mountains, starts vomiting. Would prochlorperazine help? Faint line in pregnancy tests, got positive with learblue test, low hcg level. Is this normal in early pregnancy? Pregnant, have OAB, HPV bumps on buttocks, detected with inflamed uterus, get burning urination. Possible causes? Small bumps on face, swollen face after haircut. Could it be reaction due to razors? Breast pain, dark nipples, sore and swollen uterus and cervix, pain on lying on tummy, taking prenatals. Pregnancy? Diarrhea, low energy and appetite. Taken antibiotics for kidney infection. Anything else we should be screening for? Taken antibiotics for kidney infection, painful. Need help Child has chronic diarrhea, lactose sensitivity. Treatment? Stressed with dry lips. Started using vaseline. But now there is swelling. Help? Stepped on a rusty map pin. Need a tetanus despite childhood shots? Sharp pain in chest with tightness in arm. Why are those stabbing pains? Little lisp. Can we get rid of it? Minor head injury diagnosed after a nose bleed from fall from bed. Explain situation Taking Losartan and metoprolol for high BP. Have intestinal pain. Reason? Have taken Diane 35. Why unusual bleeding? Related to unprotected sex? Child had fever. On swich. Why does it keep coming back? Hypertension, diabetes and NASH. Why liver discomfort and gastrointestinal symptoms? Have a calloused skin on medial or ulnar side of wrist. On hydrocortisone cream. Further? Have varicose veins on leg, dry skin near ankle, dark skin. Should I have surgery? Inserted stent after heart attack, blood clot. Can I undergo hernia surgery? Have pain in upper stomach and rib cage. What can I do for relief? Experiencing high fever. Had extreme migraines. What next? Numbness, led to a fall, bruised. Why did that happen? Asthma and on inhalers. Has cough. Help Acne on face. On vitamin supplements. Quit smoking. Are they normal acne? Knot in throat and coughing up mucus with blood. What is going on? Experiencing extreme pain in left shoulder. On cortisone shot. Testim cause this? Pain in breast and lumpy. Advise Sharp pain in ovaries with back pain and frequent urination. IBS and PCO. Help Started taking Nasonex. Had a burning sensation. Why is that side of the face droopy? Rashes on backs and chest. Steroid to use on rashes. What is the relationship? What is the black bump on body? Why is it stinking? Have suffered from pain in arm. Tendonitis? Why is eye in pain? Neck pain. Why is there severe throbbing sensation? Doing a pull up and had popping sensation. Have I pinched a nerve? Several styes in eyes. Have headaches. What can I take for medication? Had breast cancer. Did chemotherapy. What are the better options available for treatment? Swelling in nasopharynx. Why sore throat and asthma? On sacrum-coccyx area. Had neck pain and headaches. What can help? Ulcers. Finished regimen. Had yeast infection. Is itchiness due to mosquitoes? Heart started palpitating, got dizzy with sweating. Help Large red bump on penis. Have bed bugs. Why does it itch? Stepped on nail. Will I have blood disease? Have discolored foot. I'm facing? Weird sensation with every burp. Fluid retention? Perforated ear drum? Numb hip with tingling. What can help? Period delayed. HPT negative. Had UTI. What is going on? Dry cough. Seen pulmonary specialist. Why does it happen? Skin tags where there is underwear friction. See a doctor? Had unproteced sex. Had plan B. Brown discharge. What does this mean? Vaginal area shaving led to itchy bumps. Does mupirocin go on the wet inner labia too? Have red rash on the fold of eyelid. What can it be? Irregular period, back pains, coughing up mucus in green, sneezing. Relationship of pregnancy and HCG levels? Index finger cut. What are the build ups there? Episodes of chest pain and diabetes. Stent placed. Has hiatal hernia. Treatment? Extreme nausea, headaches and loose stools. Have gallstones. Abnormal WBC. Further? Less bleeding during mensuration. Do I have endometriosis? Found a horizontal dent down the baby's head. Can it cause fussiness? Diagnosed with some allergic reactions. Can I have betnesol forte for red blisters? Injured foot. On ibuprofen. Why does foot get cold? Done arm surgery for nerve damage, brusing, prescribed Medrol. Should I be concerned about lupus? Swolleng leg, popping knee, numbness. What could it be? Groin discomfort, itchy anus, redness on scrotum. Using anti fungal cream, discomfort on sweating. Causes? Had gastric bypass, scheduled for stress test. Does my cardiologist need to know about gastric bypass commonality with low heart rate? Why do I feel hungry after sex? What is the pressure experienced? Pimple-like things on neck that do not itch. What is the substance that comes out? Undergoing IVF treatment. What can help severe lower back pain? Currently experiencing pain all over body. Why is there gas? Speared thumb with an exacto knife, bled profusely. Did I cut radial artery? Had a bruise. Looks like s sting. Bee sting or tick bite? How do I know? Was diagnosed with impetigo. Why did they develop into sores? Patch of skin under the corner of lip. Why is it flaky and raised? Performed auto-fellatio. Why is stool thin now? Post embryo transfer. Got a positive result on beta HCG test. Worry about bleeding? Changed from Aderal to Concerta. Weight loss. Late periods. Worried Diarrhea, chills, dehydration, dizziness, malaise. On humira. Spleen, pancreas removed. Treatment? Tingling in left hand, upper lip, toes, headache. CT scan normal, low vitamin D. Causes? Facial injury, bruising, hard lump on cheek bone, pain on touching, numbness. Normal healing process? Numbness in left ear, loss of sensitivity. Surgery done to remove melanoma. Treatment? Fever, sore throat, coughing, chest pain, gagging. History of pancreatitis, gall bladder condition. Treatment? Migraines, headaches on waking, disturbed sleep. Taking painkillers. Treatment? Red and itchy welts on legs after taking Nystatin. White stuff on tongue. What is it? Abdominal pain, chronic condition. CT scan shows nephrolithiasis with umbilical hernia, fatty liver. Treatment? Abdominal pain during periods, moving to thighs. Ultrasound shows bulky uterus, thick endometrium. Treatment? Bruises on knees, ankles, turning red, small bumps under skin. Blood tests done. Treatment? Suffering from PID, abdominal, knee, ankle pain, moving to hips. Treatment? Diabetic, obese, prominent veins on hands, forearms, difficulty finding vein during blood test. Treatment? Nasal perforation, sinus pressure, discharge, difficulty sleeping. Deviated septum surgery done. Treatment? Blood test, high CRP, normal cholesterol, pressure, diagnosed as UTI. History of heart attack. Causes? Fever and strep throat. Has ear infections. Why are the symptoms not subsiding? Running nose and upset stomach. Why is he crying nonstop? Why does head feel heavy leading to dizziness and a racing heart in an athlete? Left tonsil pain. What is the blister there? Have sinusitis. Makes a difference? Cold and viruses in child. Fever and sore throat. Why is this happening? Been prescribed ebexid while thyroid levels are normal but prolactin is high. Help Have had bowel issues. On laxatives. What will help diarrhea? Experiencing excessive flatulence. Why is gas explosive? Left eye twitching for a while. Has gotten worse. Why deters focus? Gallbladder pain. Why does the ribs and liver area hurt? Cut between toes. Why is it peeling? Improvement how? Had a muscle pull. Is there a tear? Did an impact test that showed concussion. Why am I dizzy with headache? Had safe sex. Taken gynacosid. Why no period yet? Why are my breasts and nipples itchy? Why has my baby's weight reduced drastically ? Is there a difference between Nan and Lactogen? Mustard oil in ears for cough. Why is ear in pain now? Left shoulder dislocated. What can help healing? Raised red freckles below eyes. What are the capillaries around? Signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness, cramps, craving for food. Help Discomfort in lungs, nausea, vomited undigested food, shaking. On birth control, metformin. Treatment? Baby has boils on legs and hands. Applied Dermocalm. Serious allergy? Bump on forehead starting from hair line, deep blue protruding vein, nausea, headache. Treatment? Delayed periods, brown discharge with mucus, light bleeding, bloating, gas, body pain. Pregnancy? Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite. Prescribed flagyl. Ultrasound shows swollen lymph nodes. Treatment? Stung by a bee, numbness, lack of sleep, tingling symptoms. Due to alcohol consumption? Large blackhead on face, dark red, bleeding on popping, swelling. Treatment? Have hypertension, taken Losar, feeling lazy, weight increase Severe pain in testes, relief only on masturbation, addicted to masturbation. Treatment? Thyroid test done, shows total thyroxine, TSH levels. Meaning of report? Brain and lung cancer, confusion, put on ventilator. Brain surgery done. Treatment? Nausea, abdominal discomfort, giddiness, no bowel movements Salty taste in throat, mouth, feeling of something stuck in throat. Endoscopy done. Treatment? Trying to conceive. Taking progynova, early periods, back, breast pain. Due to medication or pregnancy? No periods, taken Loette for abortion. Worried Ultrasound shows stones in kidney, urine exam shows granular cast. Any UTI? Ultrasound shows thick endometrial lining, polycystic ovaries. Severe problem? Testicle injury, clear discharge, no pain. Scared about not being able to have children Done ACL surgery, indented area around scar, soft tissue Blurred vision, numbness in arm, tongue, headache, nausea, relief on vomiting. Causes? Delayed periods. Taking unwanted 72 birth control pill. Negative pregnancy test. Causes for delay? Itching all over the body. Taking methamphetamine. Due to medication? Pain behind head, worried, scared all the time, hangover after drinking alcohol. Treatment? Lump on vaginal lip, dark red, popped, bleeding. Using acne cream. Treatment? Lower back pain, sore muscles, leaking urine. What is going on? Brain stroke, acute aphasia, paralysis in limbs. Taking speech therapy, physiotherapy. Alternative options? Pressure in head, headache. Help Heavy bleeding during periods. Prescribed meprate, biopsy done. History of migraine, hypothyroidism. Start medication? Pregnant, vomiting, nausea, weakness. Taking doxinate. History of hypermesis. Treatment? Small child, seasonal allergy, chest congestion, throat infection, bronchitis. Taking ventoril. Treatment? Had unprotected sex. Haven't got period. But pregnancy tests are negative. What is going on? Had multiple IVF treatments. Failed, why? Red rashes, why? Pinched sciatic nerve. Pain all over leg. Massage, hot compressing, stretching and what more? Flat feet since childhood. Had a sprain. Permanent solution for the pain? Had to incubate son. Have ulcers now. On numbing gel. How can I help? Had trichimes. On flagl. Have discharge. Help? Had periods. Pregnant now. Opt for abortion when fetus is not spotted? Had attraction to females. Why am I depressed and frustrated now? Why is my hair fall severe? Using pantene. Recommended? Have stomach wind when there is defacement. Next? Why is the spot bitten by an insect itchy? Injured hand. Scaphoid bone fracture. Assistance from? Had a C-section. On amikacin and frisiun. Continue eptoin for? Donated blood. The area is black and blue. Normal? Painful numbness in right arm. Heart related? Have been sexually active. Why is vagina swollen after itching? Why is my hairfall constant? Use nutritional tablets? Have constantly had nausea and heartburn. Why do I get dizzy theses days? Period stopped for long. Had protected sex. Will I get period? Fell of bike, hit head. Can the hematoma be getting smaller? Have been using Betnovate. Will clindac, depiwhite help? Damaged lower back. Why severe pain? Result of an accident? Rough masturbation. Why do I loose it as soon as I start rubbing? Condom broke while having sex. On pill. Had brown discharge. Worry? What can cure a tailbone injury? What are the precautions? Have been smoking. Why does heart feel weird? What is the small hole in ear? Why does it ooze water? CRP reduced, ESR risen, SGPT and SGOT increased. Help? Diagnosed large right renal cortical cyst. Why frequent urination? Mammogram reported Fibroadenosis. What is the prognosis? Why am I always thirsty, weak with flu like symptoms? Take lortab, norco, xanax? Prolonged periods, heavy growth of b-haemolytic streptococcus. Taking penicillin. Treatment? Blocked ears while swimming in pool, dizziness, pain. Due to water collection in ear? Pregnant, diagnosed with sarcadosis, has dizziness, drowsiness the entire day, on susten, loprin. Is it due to medicines? Severe pain in left foot on waking, sitting. Elevated thyroid, liver infection. Treatment? Small child, pus cells in stool, greenish stools with mucus, semi-digested food. Treatment? Spot on leg, burning sensation, dark red with brown pigmentation, sensitive if rubbed. Treatment? Itchiness, irritation in brow bone, cheek bone, swelling, husband has same symptoms. Infection? Running fever, had UTI. What does my cholesterol and triglycerides denotes? Quit smoking. Have neck pain, shortness of breath and lightheadedness. Worry? Has had enlarged tonsils for several years. What can cure it and are there risks? Stomach cramps. On anti amoebic tablets. Why hunger and weakness? Shin swollen after injury. Can the swelling be due to fluid? Cough with no fever. What is the rattling in heart? Follicle ruptured. On deviry. Will it help conceive? Copper T inserted and removed. Can I use condom for sex after period has stopped? The diffence between Rosuvastatin (Crestor) and Atorvastatin? Baby suffers from cold frequently. What can be done about nose congestion? Severe breathing difficulties and discomfort. Why neck pain and irregular heart beat? Suffered from typhoid. Had jaundice. Why white stool again? Suffering from diarrhea, weight gain, hemorrhoids. Taking mebaspa, ibset. Treatment? Trying for pregnancy, have irregular periods since then, no pregnancy. How can I know the ovulation time? 35 year old, do not have menses since 5 years, stopped taking provera hormone, not pregnant. What is the cause?
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