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Need appointment for a 6 month old with heart problem Constipated and took a laxative with home remedy. Throwing up, popping since then. Need advise ? Problems with pronunciation of some letter and some words. Any solutions ? Suffering from Ostero Arthritis, on Moveon P, Bio-D3 Fem, Dura joint GM. Any side effects of Moveon P ? Does Amlodipine-Benazepril that husband is taking cause any side effect if we are trying for baby ? Hiccups more than usual for 7 yr old. Urine test all normal. Any ideas ? Took ginette 35 for acne cysts earlier. Repeat attack, ginette not working. Advise ? Experiencing serious vomiting, dizziness, stomach discomfort after postinor2 due to unprotected sex. Pregnant ? Had a miscarriage due to cyst on the right ovary. Severe pain during periods. Concerns ? On birth control, didn't get periods, brownish grey fleshy substance fell out while washing. What is it ? 62 year old, convulsions due to drug abuse, suffering from insomnia. What to do ? Must have a frozen embroyo transfer, on progenova. Endometrium thickness less, advised Syldanafril. Thickness change in a day ? Hacked up mucus, blood seen, vomiting. Consumption of alcohol with acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Is it liver problem? Chronic insomnia. Taken zoloft, ambien, xanax. How can i get off from ambian and xanax? Painful lump in the groin area getting bigger. Should I be worried? Prescribed with ciprodex for ear pain. Swollen lymph node, facial numbness and reddish patch in front of the ear. Reason? Newborn having loose stools. Prescribed with Neocate. Milk intolerance? Can the medication be given? Sore tongue, blood vessel caused trauma, acid reflux. What can to done to sores? Uterine cavity detected. Endometrial thickness 14 mm, lesion seen with in myometrium. What is the treatment? Bleeding a lot, due for implant change. On contraceptives, took tranexamic acid, no help. UTI / pregnant ? Eating disorder. Underweight. Flat stomach. Should i go to doctor? Big lump from above the butt which was drained, small hole at end of spine. Hereditary ? Bite which is black in center, painful and itchy. Medication ? Hyper prolectin, on aspen bromocriptine. Irregular heavy periods, advised nordette, trying to conceive. Suggestions ? Slight yellow discoloration of the eye! Diagnosed with thalassemia minor heterozygous. Related to nutrition ? Mild concussion, bad headache with lump on side after forehead hit, bruising in upper lip. Should I worry ? Shoulder joint pain while moving. X ray concludes muscle tear, prescribed Etodolac & Paracetamol. Right treatment ? High grade fever and cough with chills for 3 yr old. Chest X ray says left base is hazy. Any concern ? White specks in urine, constantly tired, feeling sick. Pregnant ? Had continuous unprotected sex. Little bleeding, abdominal pain, bloating, green stool. Is it signs of pregnancy? Have dark circles and suntan. Sensitive skin. How do I treat this? 12 year old diagnosed with acute tonsillitis. Prescribed with vibazime. Reddish itchy rashes. Allergy to medication? Had MVA. CT scan normal. Soft tender spot on the head on the injury spot. What is the reason? Injured penis. Pain in testicles and frequent urination. History of bladder infections. Is this the cause? Skin removed due to fall. Applied antibiotic cream. Feeling itchy with red bumps. Is it healing process? Pus filled bump on the nose after piercing . Could it be due to infection or gold allergy? 9 year old having constipation. Tried enema. Large and small intestine tests are normal. Other causes? Have scratch scar on face. Applied Neosporin and vitamin E oil. Treatment for scar? Pinkish discharge after periods. Having severe cramps in stomach. Reason? Feeling a knot in the stomach. Sudden weight loss. What is the problem? Small red bumps on face and neck. Drank ginseng tea due to stress. Is it allergic reaction? Had light periods. Feeling nauseous. Taking glucophage and prenatal vitamins. Is it signs of pregnancy? Had tetanus booster. Symptoms of swollen neck and pin prick in fingers. Is it side affects of tetanus? Suffering from chest discomfort and shoulder pain. Have pinched nerve problem and hital hernia. Cause for the pain? Light abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing. Suspect Meningitis. Can PE cause purplish rash on the chest or neck ? Tried Clomid, cycles prolonged with thick mucus. On HSG, didn't ovulate, spotting. What's happening ? Diagnosed diverticulitis and on 2nd round antibiotics. Noticed black object when wiped. What could it be ? Missed periods. Symptoms pf pregnancy. Diagnosed with PCOS. Can I still get pregnant? Itchy blisters on feet, with fluid discharge. How do I treat this? PCOS on both ovaries. Taking Metformin, no periods. How do I conceive? 63yrs old, Have cough and burning sensation in chest. Taken Nyquil and Delsym. How do I reduce cough? Had protected sex with sex worker. HIV tests non reactive. How many months does it take to appear in the body? Heaviness in head. Feel dizzy and eyes blurred. What it could be? Tubes tied. Had unprotected sex. Periods with light discharge. Is it normal? Suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Sperm motility is 10%. What is the treatment? Suffering from PCOS. Gained weight. Can I use Diane 35 and how do I lose weight? Severe headache, faintness, tiredness, heart valve irregularity, flu. Taking Pur-blocka. Medicinal side-effects, can flu medicine be taken? Painful, weak legs, hips muscles. How to get relief? Shortness of breath when riding spin cycle. History of sagging mitral valve. Possibility of cardiac, pulmonary problem? Diagnosed of OCD through online quiz. Are online tests for OCD diagnosis accurate? Heaviness, hotness in head radiating to face, neck. What could be the reason? Child having viral fever. Prescribed medicines affected liver. What is the recommended treatment? Hoarseness in voice, speak slowly. Happened at beginning of puberty. Ways to tone the voice ? Best contraceptive method Crisanta is recommended? Difference between juvenile mclonic epilepsy and absence/complex partial seizures Meant to take utovlan before period. How can I stop already started bleeding? MRI of lumbar spine exhibited abnormal findings. Making new cells? What can CBC results determine? Chest, arm and shoulder pain. Worse with exertion. Diagnosed with costochondritis. Help Primolut. Irregular period. Will it help tumor in ovary? Heart rate, BP higher than normal. baseline. Should I be worried? Pregnant. Severe pain on left side of back below the hip bone. How to get relief? Had a fall. Difficulty in working, writing due to pain. X-ray done. How to get relief? Masturbation. Skin on penis is scratched. Why? What can help? Unprotected sex, hot flashes, nausea, sore breasts, spotting, cramping. Pregnancy test done. Stopped Low-ogestrel pills. Reason? Have Erectile dysfunction. Is there any medication to get cured permanently? Small, pin sized lump under armpit gradually increasing in size. What is this lump? Intermittent headache, have jitters, mild blindness during headache, weak, sore head. Reason? Spotting after unprotected sex. Feeling tired, nausea, bloated, having cramps. Chances of pregnancy? Guilty like thing under both arms, painful, excessive sweating. Reason and treatment? Baby has fever, vomiting after consuming thyroxine tablets. Side-effects of the thyroxine, should some tests be administered? Is there any treatment to shorten the duration of sexual intercourse time? Small bumps in mouth, smoker. What could be the reason? Diabetic, high BP, fluctuating sugar level, light bleeding. Due for renal ultrasound. Should I be worried? UTI. Severe pelvic pain. Done X-ray, urine test. Prescribed with Cipromax500, Buscopan, Xefo. Taking Yasmin. Reason? Swollen areas on testicles. Need to be operated? Second opinion required? Moderate stomach cramping after eating raw almonds. Are almonds the reason, home remedy to cure it? Skin irritation, itchy, pus filled bumps on body, black sores after bursting. Reason, treatment? Poison ivy reoccurring after turning into blisters and then hives. Taking medications. Possible solution? Irregular periods, overweight, PCOS. Taken Diane-35, Cycloset. Measures to be taken to regularize periods cycle? Pain in groin, travelling down thighs, calves. Groin ultrasound normal. Treatment? Pregnant. Gas due to medication. Why? Choriomon okay? Miscarriages, ovarian cysts, bacterial vaginitis. What does Ultrasounds say? Belly size has risen. Is that due to masturbation? Hurt left thigh, buttock after a fall. Swollen, painful, bruised, bulge on left thigh. Reason, treatment? Fever, headache, throat pain, swallowing difficulty. Taken Nimek Para. Treatment for throat pain? Severe pain under ear, difficulty to chew on left side, unable to open mouth wide. Reason? Burning below arm, hand, neck, jaw pain, dizziness. Could it be related to heart condition? Headaches, stomach pain, lightheaded. History of accident, concussion. Reason? Concussions, hallucinations. What treatment is recommended and cure period? Done MRI of spine. What does the report indicate? Blood, cholesterol test done. What does the report indicate? Tingling, burning sensation in knees, elbows, bulging disc in spine. History of Lyme disease, accident. Reason? 2 yr old doesn't eat anything, still bloated, sore stomach. Worried ? 10 month old has red bumps on eyelid, swollen. Anything to worry ? Back of lower head and behind ears still sensitive to touch. Why does laughing give headache? Want to conceive, anemic, delayed periods, nausea. Taking iron pills. Possibility of pregnancy, conception measures? Irregular periods. Can Deviry consumption affect pregnancy? Smoke weed because it helps relieve stress. Why am I still anxious? Have been on anti-depressants for years. Is the withdrawal causing me depression? Rashes on biceps. What are they? Can something help me with this? Taking minocyline for acne treatment. Loose stools, cramping, bloating, gas, nausea and heartburn. Side effects of drug ? Stabbing pain in chest with breathlessness, palpitations, frothy urine. Report shows high cholesterol and gamma levels. Suggestions ? Lack of interest, unable to remember things. Reasons ? Constant muscle twitches in left arm. Taking citalopram, MD lowered dosage. Causes for twitching? Mouth cancer. What can assist him? Have been diagnosed with hypertension, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol. Why chest pain? Acquired asthma, infection in bronchial tubes, coughing. Using fenoterol inhaler. Treatment? Been diagnosed with hiatal hernia. Had choking episode accompanied with vomiting. Should I worry? Swollen hard lymph nodes in groin area, sore throat, fever, chills, body pain. Reason? Prescribed with Primolut to stop periods. Side-effects, dosage and administration to stop periods? Baby has high fever, lethargy, stomach, hand pain. Taken Rectal panadol. Treatment? Reflux, tightness in upper back chest. Taking Esmoprozaole. Medicine effectiveness, can Cintapro, Motilium, Neopride, Lesuride be taken? Mild itching, soreness on labia majora, small lumps. What could be the reason? Shocking tingling feeling in hands, feet while urinating, border line diabetic, prostrate infection. Reason for sensation? Have auto immune problems. Taking diclofenac. Had hysterectomy. Why weight gain? Reading difficulty, eye tiredness, headache, sensitive to light, caffeine, anxious. History of panic attack. Reason? Baby hurt head, large knot on head, high fever. Reason for fever? Delayed periods, nausea, appetite loss, spotting, brownish orange discharge, lower abdomen cramps. Possibility of pregnancy, bladder infection? Fractured wrist, in fiberglass cast. What methods to take for effective healing? Intermittent sickness, sinus infection, ear, throat infection, difficulty swallowing, bump on mouth roof. Taken Amoxicillin. Reason? Lump in anus after shaving, loose skin. Should I be worried? Severe pain near right wisdom tooth, white spot. Applied Ambesol. Does it require immediate medical attention? Initial infection of herpes. Had drooling, thumb infected. Why vertigo and issues with ear? Itchy rash on feet. Taken antibiotic, cream. No relief. Could it be a fungal infection, treatment? Dry, congested nose. Taken congestion medicine, saline spray. No relief. Treatment? Continuous bleeding from uterus, tiredness. What treatment should I take to cure it? Pregnant, hyperthyroidism. Taken Cytotec for abortion. Affect on fetus if I want to continue the pregnancy? Hit right knee due to fall, painful, swollen knee, ankle. How to get relief? Delayed periods, continuous bleeding, clotting, cramping. Ultrasound, cervical exam, blood test done. Taken Provera. Reason? Recently been diagnosed with visual variance dementia. Hypothyroidism. Why does gum cause pain? Baby having chronic cough. Chest X-ray done. Taken Cefzil, Amoxicillin, Ventolin nebulizer. Reason, herbal medication? Why am I tired around lunch time? Why am I depressed? Cramps, period like. Have sinus infection. Why mild fever? Swallowed a cracker not chewed and have had bad throat issues. Help Muscle weakness. Shoulder tightness. Menopausal? Help Have stomach flu bug or the west nile virus. Why does neck hurt with swelling? Had migraine and BP elevated. Been anxious about heart. That the reason? Had an ischial tuberosity avulsion while running sprints. Time to recover? Bad stomach pains and nausea, took a bottle of naproxen. Harmful ? Eczema on chest, used fucibet. Itchy, turned rash after applying clotrazole. What to use ? Best time to go for family planning with a loop . Bad sore throat, swollen and red ears, running nose and cough. Reasons ? Periodical pain in both testicles, left hanging higher than right. Solution ? Fear the usage of althea contraceptive pills. Risk of having breast cancer ? Itchy bite on leg, hard and swollen, oozes clear fluid. What is this ? Pain in left shoulder. Using nurokind plus caused uneasiness. Persisting pain with numbness in hands and legs. Remedy ? Pain on the inside of wrist, spider bite on ankle. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Related ? Gastric problem. How to check on lactose intolerance and other factors causing it ? Loss of pigment on labia minora, stressed during sex. On IUD mirena. Is it melanoma ? Swallowed a flea, feeling dizzy. Should I worry ? Had c-section, advised crisanta to stop bleeding. Bleeding again after discontinuing. Why ? Shaved testicular area, swollen and filled with pus, blood under belly button. Reasons ? Trichomonas, on pills and had intercourse. Spotting. What could it mean ? Lump about the size of a pea on left bicep, bruised, dark purple. What is this ? Rash, red welt on abdomen, suspect kidney stones. Advised Flowmax, pain moving lower. What about welt ? Gas and foul smelling burps with bloating, stomach pain with diarrhea. Give boyfriend a rimjob. Reasons ? Low back pain, X Ray shows bone degeneration. Using muscle relaxant Myospaz, Retense. Is it safe ? Sharp cramping pains in stomach, tongue hardened, low back pain. Reasons ? Light growth of citrobacter koseri in sinus, staph epidermidis, Seratia infection and MRSA. Any advice ? Acne break out, looks like bruises, used proactive. Any solution ? Tiny white raised dots on the back of hands with itching. Topical application of steroid with mebendazole. Permanent cure ? Medium sized red bumps that pop up at random on body every summer around ankle and foot. Any ideas? Itchy rash in arms, tingling sensation all over the body. Medication ? Severe pain in abdomen, right neck and shoulder. Have endometriosis. Causes ? Loss of balance, heaviness in legs. BP and on medication. What is the problem ? Stretched ears, burn and itch when VitE oil is used. Psoriasis on elbows and scalp. Psoriasis in ear lobes ? Pain in the anus after anal fissure surgery. Soaking with permanganas calicus. Will Dettol help ? Alcoholic, trying to quit. Having the shakes, sweats, and twitches, has heart tumor. Medication ? High SGOT & SGPT. Can an online doctor help interpret the report ? Hard growing tumor like on gums, pus leaks, throat area red. Blood count, neutrophils low. Suggestions ? Knee pain, Dr advised Glucozamin, no better. Solution ? 6 weeks pregnant, white discharge. Dr advised candid vaginal tablets. White fluid in urine. Is this ok ? Gastric, motion problems, itching and burning sense around lower abdomen area. Motion test found mucus, taking Cifran CT. Other medication ? Swelling, green discharge after Tragus pierced, pain in back of ear and throat. Reasons ? 35 weeks, about a cup of water broke, feel a heavy pressure, sharp pain in the groin and lower back. Labor ? Had thoracic surgery, fluctuating BP and heart rate. Is this normal ? Pink and purple color marks on knee bone, no rashes. What is this ? Dizziness, weakness, headaches. typhoid confirmed through widal. Numbness on one side. Is this effect of typhoid ? Frequent stomach upsets with bowel movements, lot of gas. Undergone hernia repair surgery. Advise ? Light pain in left side of lower abdomen, burning sensation after passing urine, vomiting blood. Any ideas ? 8 month old has continuous fever, on tylenol and ibuprofen. Also took Rocephin for tonsils. Advise ? Brown stuff between legs that smells. What is it ? Kidney shows cortical cyst. Medication? One testicle little bigger than other and in pain. Why would that happen? Have hairloss. Om mintop. Is there any solution at all? Have had Kidney Stones problem. On medication. Pain in lower back. Sprained? Does Primolut cause weight gain? Small child, rapid blood loss. Blood transfusions done. Family history of epilepsy. Treatment? Having dizziness, diarrhea, pain in the head and numbness in the hand. Causes? Dark spot near genitals, appears like a bruise, soft to touch, tiny circle around it. Causes? Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Recommended steroids. What are the side effects? Painful pimple in the anus. What is causing this? Difficulty in sitting. Treatment? Wooden bed post went into left rib and breast, pain while sneezing, breathing. Medication ? Bruise under eye due to hitting a table a week back. How long to heal ? Nutritional care guidelines for cataract, glaucoma and allergy patients Had unprotected sex after 6 months post baby birth. Bleeding, HPT negative. Still can be pregnant ? Swelling in the base of neck, continuous electric twinges in left arm and severe fizzing, numbness in hands and fingers. Causes ? How effective is gynocomastia surgeries for male patients with Klinefelter syndrome ? Had unprotected sex with two, HIV test negative, no symptoms. Should I go for STD test ? Type 2 diabetic, sudden increase in fasting sugar. Take Gemer P2 with Glucobay, Telma. Any reasons ? Chest pains while stretching. Suggestions ? Reddish lump on the shin after an injury. Will this affect me playing? Suffering from nausea, vomiting and loose stools, reduced food intake. Suggestions? Pregnancy ultrasound showing poorly decidualized flatten gestational sac containing a yolk sac with no fetal pole seen. What does it mean? Taking nexito for sleeping problem. Relapse of the sleeping trouble after stopping the medication. Need permanent cure Right knee injury. MRI shows torn ACL, involving femoral attachment, proximal fibers. Meaning? Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, light grainy stools. History of respiratory, skin allergies. Treatment? Frequent fever. Crocin. Can get meftal P? Diffused disc bulge. Uncomfortable in lumbar region. Exercise tips? Started taking Gynera. Was on Logest. Why red dots on body? Pain in left side of stomach and burning sensation on penis. All tests normal. Can UTI cause this ? Nausea, bloating, mild headache, low back pain, heartburn and occasional gum bleeding. Signs of pregnancy ? Diabetic, thyroid patient. Blood reports show raised TLC and ESR. Suggestions ? Curved penis after erection. How to straighten it ? Swollen forehead and eyes, took Deloday for swelling. Had sun burn on forehead. Remedies ? Planning for IVF. Suggested to take polio and typhoid vaccinations. How long should I wait before the IVF treatment? Feeling dizzy, pain in the neck. What is causing it? Heaviness in head, unsteady legs. MRI showing restriction in blood supply to brain. Taking Diplat. Suggested Evion. Will it help? Lactating mother having delayed periods. Taking duphaston. Have brownish discharge. Reason? Having heartburn, pain and chest congestion. Suggestions? 2 year old suffering from loose stools and stomach ache. Stool test normal. Taking ofloxacin. Advice? Painful blister on the toe. Need to be drained? Delayed periods with brownish discharge. Could it be stress related? Addicted to taking xanax, methadone, meth, herion, weed, alcohol. How to overcome this ? Elevated bilirubin levels in urine culture. Jaundice? What should be my diet? ICSI procedure, embryo transfer, spotting, period like pain. Urine test done, shows hcg levels. Pregnant? Had fever when pregnant. Took paracetamol. How long will this last? Severe pain and stiffness in knee joints. Prescribed with pyrodex, rabosure and sammycap. Any other treatment? Had cold and sore throat. Why red face. chills, stuffed nose? What can tone symptoms down? 5 year old having itchy bug bites on the legs. No fever. What is the treatment? Infant having severe pain after vaccination. Is there a painless injection? Dry reddish spots on the arms, chest and legs. Have dandruff. Advice? Hepatitis B carrier. What medication should I complete? Small child, head injury, swelling in forehead. Prescribed antibiotics. X-ray normal. Treatment? Have blisters on genitals. Tests have fluctuating results. What are my chances of herpes? Pain in stomach, under ribs, bleeding in stools. Cramps or something more serious? Nausea, excess mucus in throat, vomiting. Taking claritan reditabs allergy medication. Treatment? Insomina on foreign trip. Can I be a victim to unsafe injection? Back pain. MRI said Spondylotic mild diffuse annular disc bulge with a nerve root. Explain RUQ pain, scan shows small gallbladder polyps, sore armpits, told it was due to virus. Why don't I have other viral symptoms? Spider bite, blister, full of clear liquid, headache, lump near knee. Treatment? Haven't got period naturally since started, always induced using clomid birth control pill. Why am I not ovulating? Pregnant, high TSH levels. Ultrasound scan normal. Complications during delivery? Had urea breath test, ultrasound upper abdomen, later pregnancy confirmed. Will it affect baby? Nose injury, fluid leakage, headache, drowsiness, weird taste in mouth. Taken ibuprofen. Treatment? Thyroid stimulating hormone level high. Prescribed thyrofit. Dosage of medication? Trying to conceive, got periods today. History of abortions. When should I consult a gynecologist? Suffering from scabies, took medicines, problem still persists. Treatment? Sexual intercourse, delayed periods. Taken unwanted 72, bleeding. How to regularize periods? Suffering from premature ejaculation, penis shrinkage due to excessive masturbation. Treatment? Low power in eyes. Retina operation done, eye slightly misplaced. Will another operation correct this? Increased levels of serum total, bilirubin, SGPT, serum albumin normal. Ultrasound shows fibroids. Treatment? Took many nordette pills after having unprotected sex, noticed light spotting, bleeding for 2 days. What could this be? Sore throat, pain on coughing, mucus with blood, shortness of breath. Treatment? Trying to concieve, having unprotected sex daily, no results. Reason? Partner had pimple near the vagina, had unprotected sex. Chances of getting STD? Suffering from toxic goitre, having juvenile diabetes. Any immunological tests to be done? What is the inference of the semenogram report which says Total sperm count (60)million/ml,
active motile (50%)
Sluggish motile (20%),
Non motile (30%)?
Morphology 70%(Normal)
Bruise under the eye, causes severe headache on top of the head when touched, took medicines, still persists. Advice? Baby afraid of travelling in AC coach, cries relentlessly, vomitting. Should we travel in non ac coach so that windows could be opened? Having allergic rhinitis, cbc test shows lymphocytes levels elevated. Meaning? HSG test report says only left fallopian tube visualised, free peritoneal spill seen on left side. Meaning? Baby having loose motions with fever, gave antibiotics, fever subsided. Any medicine for loose motions? Trying to concieve, missed period, spotting, pinkish discharge. Pregnant? Pressure and sudden pain in the head while lauging, singing, starts from back of skull to top front, tunnel vision, tiredness. What could this be? Increased belching, gurgling of stomach, undigested matter in stools, diagnosed with GERD, regular bowel movements, anxiety, IBS. Is this due to cancer? Stomach pain, vomiting, loose stools, fluctuating heart rate, currently in ICU. Causes? Suffering from pin worms, thread worms, sticky substance in anus. Causes and treatment? Diagnosed with bladder infection post `child birth, pain in the toe balls, burning sensation. Suggestions? Sore shin, not bruised after falling, redness, feels warm. Normal? fainted face down, headache at the lower side of the head, flank pain on the iabetesright side, no BP, diabetes, low HB level. What could this be? Bad pain in the stomach, randomly coughed and felt sick. Suggestions? Is pigmentation on face, shoulders and arms, side effects of taking Dienne 35? Delayed periods after having sex, took contraceptives. Advice? Smelly vaginal discharge, took medicines, no relief, vaginal swab test shows bacilli, clue cells present. Suggestions? Child having severe coughing with thick mucous, diagnosed with asthma, breathing restrictive. Suggestions? Pregnancy. Both parents blood group B positive. What blood group will the child have? 5 months old. Urine sticky. Blood sugar 97. What is the cause for sticky urine? Typhoid high concentration in blood, Taking ciprofloxacin. Tired, nausea, depressed. How long will it take to recover? Heart attack. Severe pain in urination. Taking neeri. Is it safe to take neeri? Pregnancy. Prescribed medicine containing folic acid. Is folic acid ok in pregnancy? Stomach pains and bowel movements after food. Thinking that raises anxiety. How can i make it stop? 7 months old. Vomiting, loose motion. Given domstal and entrogermia. Orange spots in diaper. What are these spots? Suffering from factor 7 disease. Could you prescribe proper diet? Child having late night vomitting, diarrhoea, no gas, no burping,no fever or fatigue. Reason? Less urine flow rate, no pathological findings in kidney, bladder, no discomfort. Should I undergo TURP for prostate? Pain after having sex after a long interval, have brownish vaginal discharge. Cancer? Itchy painful bumps in the pubic area upto butt after shaving. What could this be? Pain in abdomen after periods, pink thick discharge, bleeding heavily with clots, taking medicines for thrush. What could this be? Suffering from stomach pain, vomitting, itching throughout the body, difficulty in breathing, on medicines, itching still persists. Advice? Sharp pain radiating from shoulder blades to armpit, high BP. Suggestions? Baby having fever with rashes, temperature around forehead, neck, back, chest. What is causing this? Suffering from second degree burns, having red bumps with white heads, itchy, prescribed lice cream. Why so? Premature baby suffering from bad stomach cramps, on hyospasmol. Safe? Child having small blisters around anus, passing soft stools with mucous. What could this be? Temperature of baby reduced to 35.2 degrees celsius after taking cofen and allerphen. Should the medicines be continued? Sperm count reads, total count 4.35 million, motility 40%, very thick. Is it too less to get pregnant? Difficult to breath for 1 minute. Happened twice. Chain smoker. What do I do? Chest pain. Had empysema, BP 153. What is causing chest pain? HSG report reads defect in endometrial cavity. Can I not get pregnant? Do I need laproscopy? Headache, eyes looks heavy, trouble in thinking, sinuses. What is the treatment for these symptoms? 17 year old. Blood in stool and in vomit. Endoscopy, colonoscopy done. What could be the problem? Black head on thigh. Developing into a small mole. Itchy and scaly. Is it dangerous? Pain in lower abdomen. Diagnosed with high HCG. Time duration for removing Ectopic pregnancy? Felt like lumps inside vagina. Is it follicles? 42yrs old pregnant. Overweight. Baby has cystic fibrosis. Should I abort the baby? Hard stools with white specks and mucus. Stomach pain. Tests normal. What could this be? Have strep throat and snoring. History of tonsils & adenoids removed. Is it allergies? Erectile dysfunction. Problem only with wife. How can to increase testosterone level? Nasal blockage. Blood drooling and snoring. Had minor surgery. Suggest me a good medicine? Hard red scabby patches on body. Causing irritation. What is the cause? Child with dark circles and fatigue. Giving Bromelian for underweight. What can be done? Child with chill, fever and headache. Loss of appetite. Is it summer disease? Have depressed maxillary fracture. Tissue swelling. Is Titanium implant is the only option? Severe cold and cough. Chest pain when coughing. Suggest a medicine? having unprotected sex, on birth control pills, pinkish brown discharge seen. Pregnant? Nausea, headache, MRI normal, had intense chemotherapy for AML, have hearing loss, vestibulopathy. Suggestions? Had bright pinkish discharge on first day, dark brownish clots on second day, no discharge on third day, dark brown spotting on fourth day of period. What could this be? Baby being treated for UTI, prescribed Septran, vomitting, prescribed Onden. How many times can we give her onden? Cherry angiomas on back, nausea, family history of cancer, worried. Suggestions? Having PCOS, have two children, not had periods since 15 months. natural remedies? Red, itchy patches throughout the body, starts as pin prick, becomes big, white, turns red with raised bumps. what could it be? Knee pain after jumping into a truck, can move fine, hurts when tried to extend or contract it. Suggestions? Feeling like something obstructing in the throat near the ribs, causing discomfort, have smoking habit. Suggestions? Injury to left side of the face, dizzyness, vomitting, mild concussion, feeling of numbness, heaviness under the ear. Anything wrong? fast clotting of blood, family history of heart disease. Should I be worried? Male virgin, trying to have sex, no release of semen, no pleasure. Reason? Constant pain in the upper right abdomen, severe cramps, no diarrhoea, constipation, blood tests, ultrasound normal. What could be wrong? Having light periods, brownish discharge after penis touched vagina. Pregnant? Pain in the back and upper leg, MRI shows moderate sized protrusion, mild diffuse bulge indenting thecal sac. Treatment other than surgery? Fungal infection in pubic area, itchy, sexually not active, blood tests normal. Suggestions? Blood tests shows high cholesterol, had quick pain in the left chest bone. Could it be due to heart problem? Having palpitations, no pain, breathlessness, pulse normal. Matter of concern? 38 weeks pregnant, water leaking, lost mucous plug, strong cramps. Labor? Passed a ball like thing in stools with blood and mucous on it, had inguinal hernia. What could this be? Diagnosed with calcified granuloma on right frontal lobe, imbalance of left leg, advised surgery, not interested. Advice? Taking steroids for body building, nipples hurting, discharge. Due to hormonal imbalance? Had unprotected sex, took pill, dark and heavy bleeding during periods, burning sensation while urinating. STD? Periodic aching at the base of the eye ball, crepitus in jaw, hands tingle when sneezing, cold and numbness feeling in cheek and tongue. Which doctor should I see? Itching skin on the lower back and buttocks, forms dark scars when scratched, have stretch marks. How to get rid of this? Red spots under penis, burning, pain while having sex, applied ointment, no relief, having discharge. Suggestions? Took rocephin shot for tonsils infection, passed out, having pain in the lower back, thighs and hips. Reactions of injection? Heavy pressure in chest, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, taking medicines, no help. What could this be? Child suffering from constipation, gas, bloating, gave medicines, no relief. Suggestions? Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, serious pain in the lower back after falling from truck, not treated, pain getting worse. Suggestions? Had unprotected sex on second day of taking pill. Chances of pregnancy? Pimple beneath the bottom lip, swollen, got another one, pus formation, chapped lips, tested for HIV. Is it HIV? Had full hysterectomy for uterine cancer, red itchy bumps on back, belly, leg, arms. Allergic reaction? Having lump in the tonsils with white patch, smoking, family history of cancer. What could this be? Pain around belly button, hurts to the touch, told it was due to bug, all tests normal, reduced apetite, tiredness. Matter of concern? Stiffness, lower back pain, knee pain, taking hormone tablets for menopause. Subside after getting adjusted to the pill? Increased heart beat rate, tinfeeling in the legs, during certain situations, no numbness. Suggestions? Bleeding from pore on the nose, used hydrogen peroxide, redness reduced, pore wide open. Suggestions? Bleeding after having sex, burning, pain while urinating, itchy. What could this be? Suffering from diabetes, experiencing flu symptoms, blurred vision, lightheadedness, frequent urination,bowel movements, lower back and sides pains, taking medicines and muscle relaxers. Suggestions? Blisters in and around the pubic area, blood liquid comes out if popped. What could this be? Having kidney stones, stinging sensation while urinating, no blood, no infection. Suggestions? Spots randomly spreading throughout the body, becomes big, skin peels off, bleeding, itching, looks like a blister, contagious. What could this be? Painful swollen ankles, have metal aortic valve, taking buccastem, warfarin. Are the swollen ankles due to clots? Fell on the left arm, pain subsided but not able to extend or contract the arm. Should I see a doctor? White discharge from vagina, foul smelling. What is this? Will I have problem in concieving? Number of swollen nodes , told it was due to allergy to pollen and dust, having no other symptoms. How could this be? Suffering from irregular radiation of body heat, body pains, headache. Suggestions? Having period since 7 weeks, on low dose birth control pill to regulate, not stopped, tiredness, chest pain, palpitations. Suggestions? Can you convert cylindrical glasses number of od- 250 SPH-075 CYL 165 axis, os-250-100 160 to spherical? Rash on trunk, above left hip, redness, itchy, growing. Ringworm? Changed nuva ring, having symptoms like headache, nausea, tiredness, sleepiness, cramps, sore breast, milky discharge from breast, bloating, fluttering in stomach, cravings. because of using frozen nuva ring? Deaf in the right ear, hearing seems muffled after being hit in the left ear. Will it go back to normal? Had shoulder surgery, having shoulder pains recently, constant pain in both hips, make sounds, had hysterectomy. Suggestions? Raised red bumps, itchy on legs after eating cucumber from a ziploc bag. Suggestions? Blue veins spreading all over the body? Cause and treatment? Having carpal tunnel syndrome causing arms and hands to turn dark, no lupus, now, legs and nose turning dark. Advice? Hit head after fainting, slight yellow color discharge from the area, pain, but no bleeding. What could this be? Taking Topzole for GERD problem, weight gain, hairloss, tiredness, sleeplessness, feeling miserable. Can I stop tablets? Black patches in the gumlines, ripped skin in the cheeks, crust formation behind the bottom teeth. Oral cancer? Pain on left arm, leg, fatigue. Caused due to stress or poor eating habits? Distortion in the toe nails, upper part brownish in colour, diagnosed with connective tissue disease, positive ANA, BUN level low. Reason for change in nail colour? Nasal passage blockage, have nose bleeds, kidney stones, bipolar disease, on medicines. What could this be? Baby diagnosed with milk allergy, having fever, vomitting yellow colour liquid. Suggestions? Intense itching and hives, on medicines, no relief, niece also has same problem. Hereditary? Having yellow discharge, doctor says normal before starting cycle. Normal or yeast infection? Dislocated ankle, put splint, on medicines, constant headache, great pain, toes cold. Suggestions? Had temporary ileostomy, cramps after eating, having milky white discharge. Advice? Hard lump in the bottom of the gum in the crease area, no change in size or colour. What could this be? Smoking, alcohol addiction, blister in the throat, no pain. What could this be? Sharp pain on the right side under the rib, difficulty in breathing, dizziness. What could this be? Had three miscarriages last year, trying to concieve now, did TORCH, doc said results not threatening, Chlamydia Igg positive. Meaning? Sharp shooting pains in the head, upper back pain, red rash all over legs, arms, stomach, not itchy, raised. What could this be? Baby taking medicines for cough and cold, passing loose stools. Normal? Mouth ulcer caused by broken teeth, took medicines, no relief. Cancer? Sore throat, headache, back of throat yellow colour, pain in the neck, head, shoulder, low energy. Suggestions? Severe headaches, starts from ears and radiates to front of the head, nausea, weakness, lightheadedness. What could this be? Boil in the corner of the eye, hurts when trying to pop it. Suggestions? Diagnosed with IBS, lactose intolerance, GERD, taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, blood when self induced vomitting. Related to acid reflux? Was treated for recurring chlamydia, pain in the right side of the pubic area, semen not white. What could be wrong? Pain in the left side of the neck, no swelling, redness, hurts when swallowing, have bad tooth on the left side. suggestions? Gained weight, breasts become big, periods once in a year, pregnancy test negative. Suggestions? Had tubligation, having signs of pregnancy like fatigue, missed period, bleeding gums, cramping, frequent yellowish stools, urine test negative. What could it be? Lump in the scrotum, dull pain, movable, not attached to testicle. What could this be? High BP, under control, nose bleeding, on prednisone for hands and feet swelling. What could this be? Having PCOS, taking Metformin and Provera to induce periods, weight gain, bloated stomach, tender breasts, pregnancy tests negative. Due to imbalanced hormones? Wisdom teeth pulled out, getting nauseous, headache. Suggestions? Sore spot on the penis, not STD. suggestions? Burning sensation around labia. Applied Miconozole cream. Is it a yeast infection? Suffering from hypothyroidism, on eltroxin, severe hair loss. Alternative medicine without side effects? Stomach hurts on left side while laying down, tenderness under breasts, ribs feel pushed out, boils in groin area, armpits, lymph nodde swollen, lumps on both shins, severe leg pain, legs go paralysed, bulging discs in back, have HSV2, no gall bladder. Suggestions? Having high BP, on medicines. How fast to walk to achieve moderate aerobic workout? Have pruritus, abnormal indirect bilirubin levels, high cholesterol levels, on medicines, symptoms reoccur. Suggestions? Huge bruise on elbow, white hard ball in the center, bruise in maroon, green, yellow, cannot recollect how it happened. Serious? Diagnosed with PCOS, taking birth control pills, heavy periods, not ending. Can I take primolut N along with the birth control pills? Wife diagnosed with TB, on AKT medicines, ALP levels high, prescribed LIV 52. Anything serious? Child has a lump in the left temple after falling on the floor, persists even after 3 days. Should we see a doctor? Had endoscopy to remove benign carcinoid in duodenum, still have pain, sore throat, ribs. Matter of concern? Delayed periods. Feeling nausea and back pain. Had slight bleeding. Something to worry? Back pains. Allergic to pain killers. Given Chlorzoxazone 250mg, Paracetamol 300mg. Afraid to take. What can I do? Red bump, got bigger. Applied anti fungal. Is it ring worm or spider bite? Change of birth control medication, missed periods. What could be the reason? Small scratch, brownish bruise on inside of forearm, thigh. What could this be? Sharp pain in lower left stomach, diarrhoea, red long string expelled with stool. Reason? Swollen gums around two teeth, hurting jaw, pain while swallowing, sore mouth roof. Reason? Severe pain in left back, front, pain increases while eating, constipation. What is this pain? Advised for egg donation. Donors blood group differs from parents. Will blood group difference be a concern? Diagnosed of posterior wall fibroid disease. Severe lower abdomen pain. Ultra sonography done. Treatment? Burning, itchy scalp after braided hairstyle. How to get relief? Want to increase height. What diet, exercise, supplements should I follow? Have Polycystic kidney, UTI. Undergone Endoscopic incision for ureteroceles. Treatment? Have external hemorrhoid. Red, itchy, sticky skin around anus. What could it be, treatment? Severe vomiting. Brain CT scan done. Taking treatment. What precautions should be taken? Bleeding gums. Burning sensation in throat, vomiting red bulgum. Reason, should I be worried? Heaviness in head, moderate neck pain. What could be the reason? Diabetic. Prescribed with Ben Q. Taking Manforce. How effective are these medicines? Suffering from hypertension. Taking Micardis. Can I take Oxylit pro as a fat burner? Used hyde cream for complexion. Irregular period, once a year. Is it due to side effect of the cream? MRI done to check VP shunt functioning. What does the report indicate? Acne on face and jaw line. Taking Minoz50, Azee250, applying deriva-cms, no help. Cure? Stomach pain followed by diarrhea, black stools and sweating. Blood sugar normal. Any ideas ? Pain in right leg below knee, unable to bend. Prescribed efetran, gabafix-m. Right treatment ? Blood in stool with mucus, blood in saliva, neck pain, metal taste in mouth. Hemmorhoids ? Can I ask a doctor to check my urinalysis report and advise ? Unable to get erections as earlier, want to have baby. Suggestions ? Short periods, reddish brown sore inside vagina, pain while urinating, headaches and fatigue. Reasons ? Loose penis, problem with sex. Used to get erection while masturbating. Impotent ? Bleeding in 5th week of pregnancy, advised duphaston, still bleeding. Is the treatment correct ? Throbbing headache, feel dizzy, nauseous after hitting the head. Should I worry ? Delayed periods, anxiety of having fibroid resection. Will resection delay periods ? Fever due to sore throat. Widal test positive. Taken ofloxcin salt. Fever not reduced. What is the treatment? Had protected sex, condom broke. Took plan B. Took clarithromycin. What percentage will clarithromycin decrease the effectiveness of plan B? Sore throat, painful neck, sore mouth. Taken azithromycin, erythromycin and cephalosporins. How to get rid of this symptoms? Lower abdominal pain, sweaty, weak, nausea. Is it because bad stomach? Trying to conceive. Laproscopy showed late proliferative endometrium. Rejument and ovisterone prescribed. Are these tablets fine? Dark purple spots on scrotum, skin darkening, blood blisters under skin on torso. Treatment? Generalized weakness. Uses orofer, medicine for asthma. Had biopsy for breast abscess. What is the solution? Red bump on forearm, harder, inflamation. What may cause this symmetric red bump? Dizziness, occasional chest pain. CT Angiography done. What does the result indicate, does it require stent insertion? Have dark skin. Used Dr. school's corn remover. Got thick, discolor patches. How to get rid of patches without surgery? Weight gain. Feeling of thrown up during over eating. How to increase weight? Epilepsy, lost conscious, dizziness, headache. Given valarin, oleptal. What is the best treatment? Abnormal biliruben, blood sedimentation thyroid, high fever, headache, chills, sweats, fluctuating BP, abdominal pain. What is causing these symptoms? Trying to conceive. On follicular study, on day nineteen needs to take a flight. Safe? Bulge above belly button, goes in when pushed. Is it hernia in belly button? Weakness, sperm discharge while urinating. Due to medication or typhoid infection? Mucus stuck in throat, bad taste on swallowing. What could it be? Used Ajax powder and spray for cleaning, had coughing, abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite. Treatment? Pregnant. Brown spotting. Prescribed with Prontogest. Is it necessary to take this medication? Complete fracture, disruption of vertebral column, D1-2 disc showing disruption with angulation. What is the tretment? Small child, having diarrhea, fever. Blood test shows typhoid. Diet recommendations? Rheumatic fever. 2D echo report shows thick mitral valve, no pericardial effusion, mildly dilated LV. Treatment? Heart palpitation, breathlessness, non descript chest pain. Echocardiogram showed septal hipokinesia, reduced ejection fraction. What does it mean? Pus in right lower jaw, tooth pain, jaw locked. Taking amoxil, augmentin. What antibiotics can I use? Hair lose from roots, hair getting thinner. Using oratane. Is it side effect causing hair lose? Pregnancy. Small amount of clear discharge, light brown. Is it normal or indicating miscarriage? 5 months pregnant, no diabetes. Prescribed glycomate. GGT examination done. Safe to take? 7 months pregnant, severe itching all over body. Taking udolive 300. Treatment? Small child, on lactogen 1 due to insufficient breast milk, watery green stools. Treatment? High SGPT levels, gastritis. Taking tylenol, ibuprofen. Diet to reduce levels? Tingling sensation in breasts, nipples, low down feeling, breastfeeding. Taking Noriday mini pill. Possibility of pregnancy? Yeast infection, itchy rash on top of buttocks, spreading to vagina. Treatment? Complications after pituitary gland tumor removal surgery. Tinnitus, hyperacusis, ear fullness. Treatment for ear fullness? Using melaglow skin cream. What is the side effect? 9 month baby girl. Puffy breast. Test normal. Mother given progesteron. Is it hormonal effect? Operated for frontal sinusitus and septoplasty. Pain in eye, nose bridge, hoarse voice, sore throat, short breaths. What do I need to do? Fever, cold, persistent headaches, back pain. Taking ranitidine. History of gastritis. Treatment? Low self confidence. How to overcome it? Acne on chest, back. Using acne free with cleanser, toner, repair lotion. Alternative? Small child having fever, yellow stools, hand foot and mouth disease. Taking tylenol. Treatment? Kissed breast, fingered on vagina over vagina. Will this cause HIV? 4 year old. Swollen, bloody, crusted over lips, redness causing bleeding. Why is this happening? Choked on food and swallowed plum seed. Have my vocal cords damaged? Have I an ear infection? IBS, bloating, abdominal pain. Taking librax and levo+orin. How can I get rid of problem? Stomach pain while bowel movement, felt faint, shaky legs, sweating. Is the problem due to anemia? Fatigue after exercise, anxiety. Heart and blood tests normal. What can I do? Trying to conceive. Ultrasound done. Left ovary fine, right ovary follicles arranged peripherally, signs of PCOS. Should I undergo serious treatment? 3 1/2 year old. Potty trained, bed wetting, fishy smell in urine. Could it be UTI? Very hard, non-puss filled, itchy red bumps on butt crack. Rashes comes and goes. How can I overcome this issue? Irregular periods. Follicular cyst of ovary found from transvaginal ultrasound. Prescribed primolut. Should I worry about it? Pregnant with hyper prolactin hormone. Taken Dostinex and Crestor. Will it affect the fetus? Pregnant with TSH level elevated. Advised to take thyronorm. Will this affect the babies? Toddler with loose stools. Given ZN, Mebarid and Oflox. Suggestion? Blurred vision, dizziness, pins and needles in hands, funny taste in mouth on standing up. Causes? Have knots under left shoulder. Have low blood sugar. Feel light headed. Something to worry? High uric acid levels, pain in toes, legs. Taking febuxostat antioxidant. Treatment? Cold, throat congestion, cough, warm flashes. History of sinus, allergic rhinitis. Treatment? Small child, bruise on spine, near tailbone, cries when falling asleep. Causes? Child with fever and cough. Placed in Amoxicilin. Have sore legs. Is it serious? Had unprotected sex. 31 days from last menstrual cycle. Can I use unwanted kit? Have pain in chest and left arm. Tested for ECG normal. Is pain due to elevated cholesterol? Had oral sex. Ejaculated on vagina. Taken I-pill, had slight bleeding. Am I pregnant? Have had a syringe pierce my tympanic drum. Why do I hear booming after healing? Was nursing baby. Have light discharge, with backache. Reason fcr discharge? Suffered a blunt trauma, below elbow. Fluid under skin. Should I see a physician to get it drained? Undergone ovarian drilling. Holes infected, got puss. Taken movacef. What medicine has to be taken? Suffering from seizures. Taking Eptoin. Addicted to Spasmo Proxyvon. Medicine to get rid of this addiction? High fever and body pain. Blood tests normal. Taken Ziffy had gum pain. Is it typhoid? Had unsanitary food. Have loose stool. Stool test normal. Is it stomach infection? IVF donor pregnancy, with vaginal bleeding. Baby heart beat 114. Any complication? Hair lose, thin hair strands. Diet and nutrition bad. Using mintop. How to maintain hair? Had sea food. Developed red spots on leg, arms, shoulder, itchy. Used cetrizine. What do I do? 2 yr old. Dark red vomit with chunks. Did not anything red. What caused redness in vomit? Missed periods. Pregnancy test taken. Want to use Mifepristone, Misoprostol. How to administer this medicines? Pain in right chest, gastric. ECG and other test normal. Taking sompraz. Will the pain come down? Missed periods, hot flashes, puffy stomach, acne breakouts, swollen breast, pain in pelvic area. Pregnancy test negative. What is causing these symptoms? Stopped birth control. Had perios a week back. Medium flow with clots. History of bicornuate uterus. When will periods stop? Severe habit of masturbation. Getting married. Will it effect married life? 18yrs old, habit of eating cerelac. Anemic. What do you think I should do? Diagnosed of GERD, IBS. Expelling black, red substance with spit. Is the symptom related to diagnosis? Bloated stomach, discharge from nipple, weight loss. Pregnancy test done. What could be the reason? Itchy penis, spreading red marks on penis head. What are these marks? Allergy like irritation. Taken R-cinex. High reading of urine and creatinine. What is the problem? Pain in throat. Taken amoxycilin, leavofloxacin. No cure. Should I have a biopsy? 5 year old. Dog kissed, cried. Should rabies vaccine be given? What is the probability of getting pregnant during menstrual periods? Stomach problems, gastritis, swallowing difficulty, blood in urine, burning sensation during urination, spotting. Taking Nexium. Reason? Pain in right testicle, swollen, blood in ejaculate. Tests normal. Why is the pain hen tests are normal? Skin peeling from knees, elbows. What could be the reason? Itchy rashes around bikini area,thighs and pubic area. What should I do? Punched eye, red, vision blurred, uncomfortable to blink, tearing. Suffer from optic neuritis. Should I consult doctor? Chron's disease. High sugar level. Taking Budez CR3, Azron, Insulin. Can Chron's disease be cured permanently? Baby having continuous loose motion. Tests done. Topcef, Darolac, Metrogyl taken. No relief. Treatment? Swollen lymph nodes behind left ear. Taking Advil. Can nicotine patch be taken with Advil? Baby having red bumps around mouth, back, face, feet, high fever. Does it require medical attention? Duchenne's muscular dystrophy. Horseshoe like rash on arm, cheek, buttock. Taking Cortef, Metformin. Cause for rashes? High BP, stomach pain after meal, burp, tightness in right stomach. Prescribed with Eslo-tel. Medicinal side-effect? 2 year old. Swallowed coin. Clinking sound in mouth, bleeding nose. Could there be any connection? Been experiencing pain in abdomen and rib cage. Why was I weak and woozy? What can get rid of pimples and scars left behind? Had seizures. Why are tests unable to detect problem? Am I infected? Have endometriosis. Trying to conceive. On Luprin. Next? What are the small little pieces of white while urinating. Why irregular period? Taken Nutrex Lipo 6 Ultra Black for headaches. Why entire body pain? Associated with stopping Lipo? Wheezing problem since childhood. Why does that happen? How can we figure it out? Have chronic UTI. Underwent surgical procedures and on nitran, urimax. Help Sharp headaches, dizziness, weakness. Normal? Sprained left ankle while playing sport. Why dizziness when I exercise? Small child, given gold milk, starts foaming up, does not happen with polypack. Causes? Pregnant, huge fight, screaming, crying, unable to control temper. Possible to miscarry due to incident? Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy. Soft palate swollen. Why lazy swallow reflex? Have either Rosacea or extremely sensitive skin for years. Purpose cleanser recommended? Pain, pressure in upper left quadrant after eating, vomiting, burping. History of gastric bypass. Treatment? Impact on left kneecap. Severe pain and swelling. Is it a sprain? Had periods. UPT positive. Follicle size 2.1 on 14th day. Chances of pregnancy? Small child, running nose, low grade fever, swollen eyelids. History of hand, foot and mouth disease. Treatment? No proper balance in feet. Hops and walk. ENT tested normal. Is MRI of brain essential? Left side neck pain. Extra clicking when swallowing. Ultrasound normal. Something serious? Heavy periods and weight gain. Tested thyroid. Taking Sinthroid. How do I lose weight? Had circumcision. Severe pain, burning sensation in glands. What should I do? Missed periods. Symptoms of pregnancy, tested negative. Blood tests normal. Suggestions? Pain during urination. Swelling of prostate. Taking Nexium with Tums. Is Tums causing prostate flare up? Had Mirena. Symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnancy test negative. Possibilities of pregnancy? MI said myxoid degenerative change of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Meaning? Soft stools, diarrhea, bloating, sweating, dizziness, pain under rib cage, radiating to shoulder. Causes? Ear infection, bleeding. What is the treatment? Trying to conceive. Hormones FSH, LH and testosterone normal. Chronic heat. Reason? Vomiting episodes, fever, breast pain, lump below nipple. Cause of worry? Small child, dust allergy, asthma, cold, cough. Prescribed montair lc, phlegm, increased cough. Due to medication? Reasons for constipation, feeling bloated, abdominal pain, bleeding from rectum after having levofloxin for kidney infection? Having symptoms of menopause. Can hormonal imbalance lead to irritate scalp with sore thick scab? Pink discharge post urination, unprotected sex, no vaginal irritation. Causes for discharge? Hormonal imbalance, depression, sleeplessness. Taking dopamine. History of hypothyroidism. Treatment? Burning in throat on eating hot, spicy food, fatigue. On antibiotics. History of tonsillitis. Treatment? Chest pain, breathing problem, brain fog after placing gold crowns in mouth. Is it due to mercury? HSG report shows normal uterus contour. Right tube visible till proximal ampullary part. Chances of conceiving? Cervical CT meylogram. The neural foramina are severly attnuated by uncovertebral hypertrophy. What does this mean? H.Pylori infection, rectal bleeding, blood clots in bowels. History of GERD, stomach ulcers. Treatment? Menopause, hot flashes, skin rash on neck, lack of sleep. Using herbs. Treatment for hot flashes? Lump in collar bone after gardasil vaccine. Blood work normal. When will it completely vanish? Small child, cough, post nasal discharge, dark red veins on tonsils. History of sinusitis. Treatment? Rashes on body. Taking lailda for inflammatory bowel. No improvement with medications. What are they? Bitter taste in mouth. Taking Loestrin 24 Fe birth control, citalopram, bupropion. Drug interactions? Can meloxicam be used for muscle strain pain especially during night and its dosage? Get ocular migraine. Have monocular vision. Any possibility of brain aneurysm? Concerned Worried about effectiveness of birth control while taking amoxicillin? Any need of taking plan B? Excess sweating and fatigue. Gained weight. TH4 not normal. Is thyroid the root cause? Delayed periods, mood swings, nausea, feeling something in abdomen. Negative pregnancy test. Pregnant? Swelling in cheeks, unable to chew on the right side, pain. Due to deep cleaning at the dentist? Arthritis, exhaustion, obesity. Wants to do gastric bypass. Safe procedure? Hand shaking on holding a book, recurring episodes. Family history of Parkinson. Treatment? Lack of sensitivity in legs after sitting cross legged, happens even after sleeping. Causes? Unable to retract foreskin completely, pain on having sex, erectile dysfunction. Treatment? Done Arthroscopy in knee. Found cartilage damage on lateral facet of patella. Joint swelling. What could be the reason? Reason for burning pain with sticky liquid coming from pores of breast? Life expectancy of people diagnosed with MELAS? Lost eye sight, muscle function, has psycotic episodes, dimentia Severe headache, heart flatter after exposure to sunlight. No relief with pain tablets. Cure? Child with ear infections and bronchitis. SED rate 93. Given antibiotics. Had pale dark circles. Is it side effects? Has episodes of schizophrenia. Treatment? Ultra sound report. Enlarged prostate with heterogeneous echo texture, 47% retention. What does this mean? Small lump on arm, under skin. Throbbing pain and itchy. What could this be? Constant headache in back of neck. Diagnosed with Spondylosis. Is my condition danger? Weird growth on toe. Pale color and fleshy. Is it extra skin? Getting dead legs and arms. Have bruise. Suggestion? Had diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis. Menopause stage. Have cramps and abdomen pain. Is it ovarian cyst? Pregnant with pseudomonas infection. Glands infected. Should the glands be removed? Post surgery having running nose, swelling in palate. Worried? Cut on thumb. Used neosporin, Wound healing, swelling and red. Is it due to blood flow? Waking up almost every night, diarrhea, burping eggs, vomiting. What is going on? Irregular periods, heavy bleeding, sharp pain. What is wrong? Hair loss at the back side. Is it tumor? Blister on neck, puss filled. Used oxygen peroxide. Is it a spider bite? 4 year old. Feels hot, sweaty. Even in AC. Should I be concern? Leg lifts and lots of sit. Pain in tailbone, buttocks. Impossible to sit or stand. What should I do? Cervical erosion, cell burnt away, bleeding. Taking mycrogynon. Should I stopped taking pill? Unusually tired, neck hurt, light headed, chills with fever. Took ibuprofen. What could it be? 4 weeks post pardum. Heavy bleeding, clots, discomfort, brown mucus discharge. Is this type of bleeding normal? Pimple like lesions on buttocks, painful, rashes. Is it shingles herpes? Dizzy, sweating, looked pale, loose smelly stool. What went wrong? 1 year old. Had shots. Fever, conjunctivitis 2 days later. When will the fever come down? Has congenital hip dysplasia. Recommended exercises that can be of help? Purple lump in armpits, burns to touch, bled when squeezed, pain. How to get relief? Sore throat, tiredness, body ache, fever, mosquito bites, difficulty swallowing. Strep test done. West Nile Virus? Open sore behind ear, smokes pot. Suspect of opiate intake. What treatment is recommended? Painful external hemorrhoid, increasing, bleeding black spot. Used Proctosol cream, witch hazel. No relief. Treatment? Fever, muscle aches, left rib pain, painful while breathing, brown mucus. Taken anti-inflammatories. Reason? What is the meaning of uterus clean up method done during abortion? Red spot on lateral side of right wrist, tender to touch, slight swelling. Cause of spot? Sharp pain in left, middle chest, pain while pressed on left breast. What is this pain? Weight gain, increasing stomach size, increased appetite, movement sensation in lower stomach. HPT done. Pregnancy symptoms? Was electrocuted. burnt fingers. Feels bruised and painful. What can help the radiating pain down the spine? Cracking noise on left knee. When playing football. Is it excess bone? Graying of hair, in eyebrow and eyelashes. Have blunt trauma to head. What may be the cause? Had surgery for nasal turbinates and deviated septum. Why did nasal valves collapse? 9 year old. Unilateral swelling behind ear, slightly red. What is causing this? Irregular periods. Light pink when urine wiped. Unprotected sex. Is it pregnancy? Constipation, hips, stomach bloated, passing gas. Reason, treatment? Erectile problem, attracted to males, high BP. What treatment should I take? Baby has continuous vomiting. Domstal drops, Lanzol(Jr)tablet prescribed. Reason, Domstal baby drops or domstal suspension drops? Baby has rash on both arms, vomiting, constipation. What could be the reason? Pimples, dark spots, skin unevenness. How to get rid of the spots, unevenness of skin? Chron's disease, arthritis. Red, itchy flaky rash to mons pubis. Taken Cortisone cream, medication. Relief? Sore penis. What could be the reason? Constipation, no bowel movement, severe back pain, stomach pain. How to get relief? Baby has high fever, nasal bleeding. Taken Antipyretic syrup. Does it require medical attention? Large oval bruise along spine, sudden mouth, nose bleeding, pupil dilation. History of accident, concussion. Treatment? 14 year old having black sores in the vulva. What could it be? Itchiness in face and body. Why are knuckles inflamed? Benedryl of no help. What will help? Swelling in the roof of the mouth with tingling and itching around the tonsils, sneezing. Advice? 6 year old having popping sound in the knee while straightening the leg. What could it be? 25 year old having nose bleeding when stressed out. Pain in the chest and head while having bleeding. Is it a serious problem? Swollen upper lip. No pain. Have tingling and numbness. What could it be? Four year old having medication for tonsillitis. Suffering from severe vomiting. Given paracetamol, powergyl and ondi mark drops What is the drug action of ceftom? Reddish patches on the skin due to block of blood in vein. Is the medication effective? Taking ciplar and lonazep for stress and anxiety. On Xtor for high cholesterol levels. Advice? Depressed after losing premature babies. What care should be taken for the next pregnancy? Hyperpigmentation after being treated for lichen planus. Not responding to bleaches. Any medication? Suffering from nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, back pain and sore legs. What is happening? Pus filled bumps on the vulva after long term use of sanitary pads. Is it a fungal infection? Solution? Pregnant having cold, cough and vomiting. Will the cough affect the pregnancy? Any home remedy? Trying to conceive, severe vomiting, high fever, weakness, unable to eat. On drips. Treatment? Metastatic liver cancer. No antibiotics prescribed. Ultrasound done of abdomen, FNAC. Treatment? On nerve inhibitor steroids for pinched nerve. Taking hydrocone for pain. Pain persisting. Cure? Bleeding after sexual intercourse. Pain in the lower abdomen. What is the cause? Diabetic taking Glyburide. Sensitive to other brands. Medication not available. What to do? Diagnosed with Polyostotic Cranio-orbital Fibrous Dysplasia. Orbital cavity, frontal, temporal effected. Help Hands and feet feeling hot. No allergies. Abdominal x-ray normal. Could it be due to diabetes? Insect bites, white in color, rash on back, hip area, buttocks. Using calamine lotion. Treatment? Swelling in the knee. Have bone TB. Taking Rifa, micobutol and Urosol. Forgot to take one of the medications. Will it affect my treatment? Painful lump in the inner thigh. No injury. What is it? Swollen foot with pain. Difficulty in walking. Should I worry? Infant having stomach pain before bowel movements, vomiting. Treatment? Pain in the hip. Treated with Flexura. Bone marrow edema in the SI joint in the MRI report. TB elisa IGM positive. Pus cells in the urine test. Suggestions? PCOS, obesity, lump on thigh, pubic area, redness around it, small hole on popping. Treatment? Have fibromyalgia and depression. Taking duromine, cymbalta and toppamax for fatigue, migraines. Any drug interactions? Having irregular periods. History of rheumatoid arthritis. On azoran, sazo and dolo. Right medications? Infant getting frequent upper respiratory tract infections. Fever accompanied by fits. Fever not coming down despite giving crocin, bricarex and kufril and on nebulization Inflammation in the anus after getting surgery done for anal fissure. Prescribed with xylocaine, dilzem and lubic jelly. Advice? Trying to conceive, PCOS. On metformin, ovamit. Ultrasound shows PCOS, intact endometrium. Treatment? Uterus removal surgery, uterus might be cancerous. Diet recommendations and precautions post surgery? Trying to get pregnant. Have vaginal infection. Using vaginal candid CL. Will it hinder the chances of conceiving? Having metastatic breast cancer spread to bones. Pain in the hip area. Not on treatment. What care can I give? Shin injury, swelling, bruising in leg, unable to wear high boots, numb scab. Treatment? Prescribed with folitrax, ostium, saaz and razo for rheumatoid arthritis. Are these safe? Tooth ache due to the improper alignment of wisdom tooth. Surgery necessary? Can it be filled? 14 year old having painful cyst on the lower back. Taking motrin for sore throat and menstrual cramps. What is the treatment? Having pimples despite doing chemical peel, dermabration and applying adalane nano gel, clinsol gel. Oily skin. Any permanent cure? Unprotected sex, runny nose, sore throat, tiredness, nausea after taking Next Choice One Dose. Probability of pregnancy? Swelling on the lip getting bigger. Have tingling feeling. What is it? Itchy fluid filled lumps in the vagina after D & E procedure. Is this an infection? Having yeast infection after hysterectomy. Foul odor from the vagina. Treatment? Dizziness and heaviness in the head, weakness in the limbs, nausea. Have vertigo. Taking SERC 16 Purple areas on skin, itchy and tender. On atenol and losartan. What is going on? Prescribed with Tab miracule and oligocare for low sperm count. Does Maxoza-L powder have any side effects? On depo shot. Bleeding with cramping. Had done a cone biopsy in the recent past. Are these related? Child given paracetamol for fever. History of seizures due to high fever. What should be the dosage for Freezium to be given? Have the history of varicose veins. Vein on the penis noted. What are the chances of a broken vein? Bleeding from the nose, lumps on the legs.
Could it be due to deep vein thrombosis?
High SGOT, SGPT levels. What kind of diet would help in normalizing the levels? Pressure on thoraic cavity. Why does it pain so much? Why arms are numb? Bitten by a dog, minor leg pain, wound pain. Taking anti rabies vaccine. Treatment? Lump in the testicle. Diagnosed as hydrocele. No pain. Could this be something else? Having intramural fibroids. Tried mefenamic acid, tranexamic acid and hormone pills. Severe bleeding and vomiting. Will mirena coil help ? Vaginal inflammation, white discharge, infection. Using clingen vaginal suppository. Treatment? Knee injury, swelling, bleeding, large gash above knee cap, ankle numbness. Do I need stitches? Loss of sensation in the clitoris after chemotherapy and treatment for ovarian cancer. Any suggestions? Elevated blood pressure with fluttering feeling under the rib cage. Due to vitamin deficiency? On bisporal for high BP Recovering from a stroke. Problem with vision. No control over bowel movements and urination. What could be done? Pain in the lower abdomen, giddiness, nausea. Fluctuating pregnancy test reports. Could there be a miscarriage? 3 year old given co-amoxiclav and clarithromycin for respiratory tract infections. X-ray suggested to rule out primary complex. White spots in the lungs. Why? What is the treatment for lower placenta? 25 year old having problems with snoring. Related to any health issues? Need help in reading chest the x-ray report. Rib cage normal, normal cardiac size, right hilar prominence, no parenchymal lesion in bilateral lung fields. Normal? Needs advice on baby formula since breast milk is not sufficient Elbow injury, unable to straighten arm, no swelling, bruising. Taking aleeve for pain relief. Treatment? Urine test during early pregnancy shows traces of albumin, RBC, pus, epithelial cells present. Advice required Menopause, occasional vaginal bleeding. USG shows bulky uterus, hyperplastic endometrium. Treatment? Small red bump on chest, filled with blood, spots on skin which are protruding. Treatment? Heart palpitations, occurring occasionally. Angiogram normal. Causes? Suffering from IBS. No appetite, abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements. Taking Immodium, spsmonal, edicet. Advice? Having sun and dust allergy on the face. Prescribed with L montus, momate cream and suncros aqua. Developed acne after the medication. What to do? Burning and pain after defecation. No bleeding. Advice? Having difficulty in breathing and cough. ECG normal. Chest X-ray showing prominent broncho vascular markings. Varied lymphocytes and MCH in blood test. Advice? Pain in the lower back while sitting down. No constipation. Should I be worried? 24 year old overweight and have excessive bleeding. Pelvic sonography saying ovaries show echogenic stroma with peripheral follicles. PCOS? What does it mean? Having cryotherapy in the cervix. Used ministrant for yeast infection. Is it safe to go for cryotherapy? Severe pain in the joints of thumb and wrist. Difficult to carry things Mitral and aortic valves replaced in an open heart surgery. Having excessive sweating and pins and needles sensation on the left hand. Should be worried? History of hypothyroidism and endometrial TB. Pregnant taking thyronorm and duphaston. Suggested susten injection after bleeding. Will this harm the baby? Which medication to be taken to stop spotting and regularize period and its dosage? Any home remedy or exercise to induce abortion? Loss of sensation on the lower lip with tingling and stinging after a broken jaw surgery. Are my facial nerves affected? Having ear ache, pressure in the ears and blockage in the ear. Used nasal spray. Suggestions? Burning sensation on the foot. History of muscular dystrophy. Taking Renerve G. Swelling persists. Solution? Painful bruised swelling in the ankle after being hit during a game. Will it heal of its own? Having severe headache, sensitive to light, poor appetite. Causes and treatment? 25 year old having irregular periods. Diagnosed with PCOS. High prolactin levels. Need x-ray? Child having viral fever with loose stools. On Mox, wikoryl and Ibugesic. Medication? 27 year old having severe hair loss. Family history of baldness. Medication? Pregnant, high TSH levels. Taking thyronorm, dosage increased. Harmful effects on fetus? Pregnant with high resistance flow. Diastolic notch in left uterine artery. Is it complicated? Had hit the head. Done MRI, reports normal. Pressure on head and black spot in eye. Any complication? 19yrs old, normal height. Want to grow body. Does step up really works? Having enlarged prostate. Kidney problem with high BP. Used Catheter had blood clots. Can I take Cranpac tablet? Have round red itchy rashes. Using trimovate cream. Is it ringworm or eczema? 48yrs old, Lumps in lower abdomen. Dull pain. Any possible diagnosis? Suffering from bleeding, stomach pain and motions together. Scanning shows fatty liver and renal calculas. Treatment? Itching around anus, beneath penis, protrusion from anus. Using lobate, tenovate. Treatment? Leg pain, tiredness, dizziness, irregular menstrual bleeding. On birth control pill. Causes? Hepatitis A infection, high bilirubin levels. SGOT, SGPT normal. Treatment? Pain in left arm, sweating, tiredness, dizziness, shoulder pain. Treatment? History of TB. High SGPT and SGOT. What is the proper diet? Urine infection. Taken dovee-m, raciper-d, levoflox. No sperm. What can I do? Pain in rib cage due to coughing, sore throat, hoarse voice after hernia surgery. Concerned? Is the urinalysis report normal while on UTI medications ? Usually normal cycles, under lot of stress, on homeopathic PMS pills. Last 2 were having dark huge clots. Is it normal ? Early ejaculation and erection problem. How to improve it ? Acute pain in left side of chest, arm and shoulder. Angised relieves pain momentarily. Muscular/tissue problem ? Have hyper mobility. Short-term memory loss, fatigue. Brain fog. Any dietary changes will help? Drank alcohol after taking emergency contraceptive. Feeling tired, stomach hurts. Can alcohol interfere with the pill ? Left diaphragm died, cervical spine pain. Stopped smokin. Using pulse oximeter. Help Feeling nauseas. Dizzy and blurred vision. Reason for loss of energy? Bulky ovaries. Using Medi slim and Giycophage tab. Egg ruptured. Can we have intercourse? 11 yr old diagnosed with Thalassemia intermedia. What's the best treatment ? Sudden chest pains ,followed by immediate headache. Should I worry ? Semen Analysis shows Volume 2 Non Motile 70%. After taking Paternia Volume 3.5 Non Motile 50 %. How long to take ? Severe bloating, excessive salivation while sleeping. Can a doctor check my medicines and advise ? Pain around middle left shoulder blade that moves up to the base of neck. Reasons ? Suffering piles. Using Proctosedyl ointment, problem persists. Does this ointment remove piles? Tragus pierced. Bump beneath skin. Is it a bug bite? Fell on knee. Have small spot on top of patella. Pain when Kneeling. Is something wrong? Suffering from fever. Took paracetmol, no relief. Does sumo tablet with oflexine cure fever? Stomach pain followed by vaginal pain after fingering, bleeding the next day. Anything serious ? Knee pain, discomfort while walking. On antibiotics. Prescribed knee replacement surgery. Treatment options? Strain in the stomach early in the morning. Was treated with relapsed Abdominal Tuberculosis. Is it recurrence ? Delayed periods. Transvaginal ultrasound showing intramural lesion and thickened endometrium. Free fluid in POD. Pregnant? Had MOH procedure on the face. Is it possible to have rashes with stitches? Allergy to bandaids? Having spasms in the upper esophageal area. Habit of chewing cigars. Taking digroxin. Withdrawal symptoms? On primolut due to functional cyst in the ovary. Had ectopic pregnancy in the past. Are these problems related? Small sized ovum. Conception possibility? IUI suggested. Irregular periods. Follimon injection prescribed. Suggestions? Mildly enlarged liver with generalised fatty changes, mild hepatomegaly. Treatment ? Pain in the stomach. History of abdominal tuberculosis. Lymph node present post treatment. Further treatment? Suffering from urticaria, no antibiotics or medicine have worked. Is there a permanent cure ? Taking lamotrigine and norinyl contraceptive. Painful lump on the calf. Should I be worried? Episodes of loss of vision, dizziness. Reason? Having nausea, dizziness. Any medication? Painful feeling in left wrist/thumb, pains when I put force on the hand. Is it bruised/damaged? Menstrual cycles with severe cramping and reduced bleeding. Bloated feeling. How to get treated? How to gain height naturally? Any medication? History of Dermatomyositis. Anemia panel and SPE suggested. Suggestions? Tingly arm, gets worse when I smoke, heart pounds with sweating, left hand gets cold. Suggestions ? Prescribed with Zoloz and Ursocol after getting the LFT results. What is wrong? Need diet advice Suffering from gastric and indigestion problems, heart burn, burping and bloating. Had lap myomectomy in the past. Throat congestion and breathing difficulty Abdominal pain when breathing. Have vaginal pain. On mirena coil. Due to coil insertion? Recovering from malaria. Having back pain and headaches. No periods. Have dizziness, not pregnant What are the drug actions and side effects of Quadtab? Non-itchy spot spreading on the shoulder. Cure? Diagnosed with PCOS. On metformin and deviry. No periods. Not pregnant. Advice? Bruise getting bigger on the breast. No pain. Should I be worried? Trying to conceive. Had implantation bleeding. Spotting, no cramps. Miscarriage? Had intercourse during safe periods, took unwanted 72, still got pregnant. Will it harm the fetus ? Skin allergy possibly due to sea food intake. How to prevent it? Lower back pain when moving. Taken ibuprofen. Difficulty in lowering the head Shaky hands after exertion. IS it a nervous defect? Will it go away? Thinning of cheeks. Blood test done. Reason, treatment? Suffering from diarrhea. Medication? Severe pain in the stomach, rib cage and nausea after severe exertion. Is this normal? Protected sex, missed periods, does not want to conceive. Oral medicines to terminate pregnancy? Have impetigo. Skin under the nose darkened. Had fever blisters. Remedy? Can lisinopril cause cranker sores? On BP medication after a fall 4 year old taking motrin for fever. Started having diarrhea and vomiting. Is this a viral infection? Pain in the armpit with bleeding small bumps present. What are these? Pregnant. What does the report indicate? Pain around ear, cheekbone, sore glands on right side, balance loss. Taken Ibuprofen, Paracetamol. No relief. Treatment? Head heaviness, pressure, heightened sense of smell, ear ringing, blurred vision. Sinus condition? 3 c-sections and one episiotomy in 2nd gravida. How many chances of getting a vbac for the fifth ? PCOD, irregular periods, had abortions, no ovulation, on Dubagest. Cure for PCOD ? Diagnosed of Takayasu's arteritis, left cartoid artery affected. Treatment to cure it? Elevated liver enzymes. On slow fast acting adderall. High AST, ALT. Causes? Itchiness, black stool, decreased urination. Dengue tests done. Should stool, blood test be done? Small child, cold, cough. On wikoryl af drops. Side effects of medicine? Muscle pain on shifting house, no dehydration. Causes for symptoms? Suffering from skin disease. Report shows lichenoid drug eruption. Treatment options? Prolonged periods, heavy and painful, left arm pain. On implanon birth control. Treatment? Hip flexor injury. Should I get X-ray, MRI done, treatment? HR CT Scan done. What does the report indicate? Have polycystic ovaries. Irregular periods, severe stomach, back pain, frequent hunger. Taking Sysron tablet. Treatment? Pain, cramps on left side, between shoulder blade, neck, front pectoral area, under left arm. Reason? Want to conceive. Undergoing Follicular study. Taken Folic acid, FMQ tablet. Chances of conception? Palpitation, irregular heartbeat, migraine, headache, eye pain. ECG, X-ray done. Taking Vasograin. Cause for palpitation? Baby has skull fracture, slight bleeding in underlying skull bone. Is travel by air recommended? Diagnosed of stomach, liver problem. Done Sonography. Prescribed with Livfit tablet. Follow prescription or alternate treatment? Have lower back pain. MRI done. Does the report indicate the cause of back pain? Blemishes on face. How to cure it? Sleeplessness, anxiety after stopping medicine. Taken Red Dawn X Sleepwalkers, Subutex. Possibility of medicinal side-effects? Brain smaller than chronological age. CT scan, MRI done. What does the report indicate, normal? Sore ribs, pain, numbness in different body parts, disturbed sleep. Blood test done. Cause for symptoms? Short femur bone. Could it be the reason for short height? Have prostrate. Stiffness, burning sensation in lower portion of feet. PSA test done. Taking Alfoo, Olemin. Treatment? Forehead skin burnt after using Tiger balm for headache. Skin redness after using Dermovate cream. Treatment? Diabetic. Low blood sugar, fainted, hit left ribs, neck, painful, burning sensation, nausea. Possibility of broken ribs? Unprotected sex, brownish spotting, missed taking contraceptive pills. Taking Diane 35. Possibility of pregnancy? Want to conceive. History of pregnancy terminations, miscarriage. What measures to take to conceive, successful pregnancy? Unprotected sex, brown discharge. Taking YAZ birth control pills. Possibility of pregnancy? ADHD, anxiety. Rapid heartbeat. Taking Vyvanse, Luvox. Cause for rapid heartbeat? Done uterus test. What does the results indicate? Red dots with white circles on legs. Uterus biopsy done. On Percocet. Breast cancer history. Reason? Diabetic. Right side headache, lump on head, right eyebrow twitching, right neck discomfort. Taken Panadol. Treatment? Typhoid, redness in eyes, lump in armpit. Is redness and lump related to typhoid? Abnormal discharge, Pain in lower abdomen, irregular periods, ovarian cyst. Is there any medicine for cure? Semen analysis done. What does the report indicate? Have strep throat, tooth infection, difficulty in swallowing. Taken Ibuprofen. Treatment? Herniated discs. Received blood results related with back problems. Why is alanine high? Condom broke during sex, took unwanted-72 within 2 hrs, periods delayed. Chances of pregnancy ? Stomach problems, diagnosed as duodenum erosion, took Zanocin OZ. Permanent cure ? Took adderall. Have heaviness, dizziness, excessive sweat, hunger. Why? Left jaw gets stuck, has a ripping noise. Suffering from arthritis. Reasons ? Patient of Vitiligo with white patches on lips and stomach. Any side effect of Placentrex injection ? Burning pain all over abdomen, blood in stool, always either constipated or diarrhea. Blood, CT normal. Thoughts ? Does the semen analysis report seem normal ? Itchy scalp with flakes, hair loss. Used T-gel, nizoral, but no use. Solution ? Having pain on left side of the body. Is it due to hyper acidity? Developing flu leading to tonsillitis after smelling perfume, dust. How can it be cured? Head injury, neck pain, unable to move my neck, sharp pain in neck. Causes? Swelling in fingers, arm pain, purple discolouration, movement and feeling present in arm. Treatment? Suffering from PCOD. Taking yamini medication, ayurvedic treatment. Safe to take? Unable to feel legs and penis. No improvement by taking medications to increase blood flow. Solution? Irregular and delayed periods, stressed. Negative pregnancy test. Pregnant? Sexual intercourse, bleeding with clots, swollen lymph nodes on vagina. On birth control. Causes for symptoms? Had liver enzyme test. Multiple sclerosis. Why dark circles, rashes in brown? Hay fever, sneezing, burning sensation on skin, watery eyes, itchy and sore. Treatment? Suffering from high fever. Urine sample shows bacteria, same bacteria in stool. Treatment? Spots on middle back. What are they? Reddish, brown. Are they bruises? Has blood in poop. Why body odor? Growing breasts. Help On tegretol, resperidone, rovista. How to reduce the elevated cholesterol, HDL, VLDL, SGPT? Ovarian cancer, fluid drained from lungs. Which stage of cancer does she have? Dull pain and soreness in breast. Is it stress related? Ureter and bladder have stones. Straining urine. High dosage of Ibuprofen. Now what? Stung by a wasp, shooting pain in arm, throbbing in knuckles, wrist. Taken advil. Treatment? Dark hair on stomach and face. Breasts vary in size. Irregular periods. Something wrong? Pain in ankle. Veins sticking. Hurts when walking. What may be wrong? Hit shinbone. Have water bump, oozing. Reason for bump? Sharp pain in chest when sneezing. Hard to breath and tightness. Reason for pain? Fluttering in chest. Done EKG, have acid reflux. Took medicine no change. Reason for cramps? 75yrs old. Had fever, gone to brain. Has BP and Diabetes. Chances of going to coma? Had infection. Taken predinsone. Have muscle ache and tiredness. Is it withdrawal symptoms? Missed periods. Diagnosed with hypothyroid. History of PCOS. Reason for delay in periods? 79yrs old. History of Thyroid removed. Taking low dose RX. Had seizures and tiredness. Time to become normal? Small child having fever, loss of appetite, tiredness, extremely thirsty. Causes? Have back pain and congestion in ribs. Suggestion? Feeling nausea. Diarrhea and vomiting. Endoscopies normal. Is it due to stress? Excessive bleeding. Done U/S. Cysts and hypo echoic fungal intramural fibroid seen. Should we further investigate? Diagnosed with PCOS. Menstruation regular. Delayed periods, UPT negative. Can I still hope that I am pregnant? Appears like bug bite. Red and itch. Warm to touch. Is it a bug bite? Have scabies like symptom. Prescribed ointment. Do you get scabies in mouth? Upper right leg hurt. Severe while walking. Why is the pain when leg is straight? Infant with Diarrhea. Have abdominal pain. Given Diorlate. Should I avoid any food as I am nursing? Hit back of head. Feeling tired, pressure in sinus. Should I consult a doctor? Chronic headaches, recurring condition. Prescribed Amitriptyline tablet. CT scan normal. Treatment? Have Scar on chest. Any medication to remove the scar? Toddler had MMR vaccine. Skin raised behind left ear. SGPT and LDH elevated. Suggestions? Severe toothache. Taking Tylenol. Feel shaky and full. Is it due to overdose of tablet? Using lactic acid bacillus and doxycycline for pimple control. Any side effects? Child got his lip hurt due to a fall. Scar beginning to heal. Why is it turning white? Had aortic valve replacements. Numbness in the thumb, pain in the neck Cluster of lumps on the thighs and hands of a 4 year old. Itching and redness present. Foot and mouth disease diagnosed with fever. Treatment? High AST levels in the blood, high protein. Have headache. Should I worry? Pregnancy test negative. Had a light period. Pregnancy chances? Not on birth control Child with a reddish lump on the head after an injury. Vomited. Should I be worried? Lumps under the nipples. Taking tamoxifen for pain. Further treatment? 47 year old having tubes cut after child birth. No periods. Bloated stomach. Not pregnant. IS this menopause? Severe body ache with fever. Pain while coughing. Pain in the throat while swallowing. Taking paracetamol. Advice? Had ECG. Results were mild mistral, tricuspid regurgitation. Sclerotic aortic valve changes. Is it normal? Prescribed Norethisterone, to delay periods. Will this cause any harm if taken earlier? Having fast heart rate. Had 2-heart abrasion. Have sinus Tachycardia. Is it heart problem? Have fast heart beat. Pain in chest and tiredness. Is it due to anxiety? Have Hypothyroidism and low vitamin D. Why am I still tired and exhausted? Sleep apnea? HIgh RBC. Why? Swollen lymph node on shoulder blade, normal temperature, vital signs, BP. Causes? Been on OCP, microgynon. Have period regularly. Why are they scanty and brown? Having sex Have deep indention on head. Why blurry vision. What could this be? High cholesterol. Why am I tired all the time with fatigue? On Zarah. Overweight. Had unsafe sex. Help White discharge and a tingling feeling. Backache and headaches. What can help? Non-keratinising nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Unnoticed glands of mucus membranes. Explain Episode of tingling and feeling warm all of a sudden, loss of hearing, dizziness and difficulty in walking. Is this TIA? Extraction of the wisdom teeth. Anxiety and fear of surgery. What can ease stress? Fast spreading itchy reddish rashes on the arms, armpits and inner thighs. Will it become chronic? What type of treatment is needed? Reason for constant radiating pain in shoulder and its cure? Stomach and heart aches. Why weakness and pain? What does the report say? Risk of developing rabies after exposure to bat saliva? Rabies vaccine taken after seven days Pregnancy test positive, later faded away. Chances of being pregnant? Currently taking treatment for PCOS. Chances of pregnancy in future? Pregnancy ultrasound showing gestational sac with no internal echoes. Could this be a miscarriage? Pain and swelling in the ankle after a fall. Should I be worried? Swelling and painful bruise on the shin after being hit. Having numbness. Do I have a nerve damage? Have diabetes Pus filled lump on the skin after a bug bite. What to do? Diabetic, having numbness, tingling, burning in both feet and toes. Is it due to bad circulation? What could be not spreading red pimple like bumps on legs of a child ? Cause for constant pain near ovaries, sharp when bladder full and lower back pain? 33 year old having type 1 diabetes. Infected nail with pus formation. Can I use antibiotics by myself? Diagnosed with bursitis while taking GNC version of instaflex. Greenish stools. Are these related? Severe pain in lower back. Small cortical cyst. Aneurism. Further? Extreme fatigue and lost weight. Had low WBC. Help? Small child, head injury due to fall, hard lump on head. CT scan normal. Treatment? Fall, injury to left hip, severe shooting pain on bending leg, lifting arm. Treatment? Hurt foot. What is the risen skin there? Will the joint be affected? Dog bite. Hard lump under skin around the bite. Taken Peroxide, triple antibiotic. Medical attention needed? Painful, tender to touch, itchy bruise like bites on leg. How to get relief? Baby has high fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck, behind ears, rashes on face, neck, torso. Treatment? Swollen, tender to touch left side vaginal wall. What could be the reason? Abnormal brain size, blindness, limping. Taking Anticogulant. Underwent decompression surgery for blood clot. Treatment for blindness, limping? Weight loss. Taking Duromine with Utrogestan. Can Duromine cause skin allergies, medicinal side-effects? Had stomach surgery. For what duration NPO diet should be followed before and after surgery? Baby has nose bleeding, headache. What could be the reason, treatment? Episodic vomiting, extreme weakness, fatigue, headache, hypoglycemia, nail discoloration. Tests, ultrasound done. Due for CT scan. Cause? Pregnant. Low placenta, lakes in placenta, pressure feeling in lower abdomen. Should I be worried? Large light colored bruise behind left knees on top of calf muscles. What is this bruise? Involuntary movements of right little finger, sudden head turning towards right. Are the two symptoms interrelated? Body itchiness. What could be the reason? Blotches in vision, shimmering patch in eye, dizziness, nausea. What could be the reason? Baby has wet belly button, dark green loose stool. What could be the reason? Upper back pain, chest tightening, sweating, fatigue. Taken Aspirin. History of anxiety attack. Heart attack symptom? Regular severe headache, fever, pain, stiffness in nape, upper back muscles. Reason? Nausea, increased appetite before periods onset, severe headache, delayed periods. Taken Nurofen. What could be the reason? Ruptured ear drums following a severe influenza, smelly right ear leaking yellow liquid. Using Hydroperoxide. Treatment? Delayed periods, sore breasts and nipples, cramps, frequent urination, trying to conceive. Pregnant? Pale yellow face, pain around kidneys, kidney infection, frequent sickness. Treatment? Small child, having sore throat, fever, nose bleeds, throat pain. On adol suppository. Treatment? Been diagnosed with endometriosis, IBS. Have positive result for strep B through vaginal swabs. Help Had stained the chair. What could that have been? Delayed period, sore breast, cramps. Pregnancy test done. Possibility of pregnancy? Have IBS, nickel allergy. Rapid heartbeats. Event monitor, EKG. History of Amblyopia. Reason for rapid heartbeat? Hot flashes, wake up in cold sweat, abdominal pain during periods. Cause for hot flashes? Itchy skin rash. What could be the reason? Small round pocket of fluid on lower front tooth gum, receding gum. Reason, treatment? Numbness in left side skin after injection, weakness,heaviness hip downwards. Cause for numbness? Pregnant. Mild hypertension, fluctuating BP, headache, painful heart palpitation, shortness of breath, abdominal pain. Treatment? Want to conceive, abnormal irregular periods. History of miscarriage. Treatment? Child has white patches around neck, shoulder arm area, stomach, butt cheeks. Does it require medical attention? Pain near shoulder blades. How to get relief? Child hit her head, hurting. Stomach pain. Should I consult the doctor? child with bil hydronephrosis. One kidney retains fluid. Bladder muscle thicker. long term effect of a thickeing bladder wall? Child with bil hydronephrosis. Bladder muscle thicker. Long-term effect of a thickening bladder wall? Had chest infection. Treated with Penicillin and Steroids. Having cramps. Is minor infection does exists? 20yrs old. Experiencing to forget my past. Suggestions? Have cyst on ovary and endometriosis. On implanon. Why tired and nauseated?
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