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Diagnosed accidentally with enlarged thymus gland, 16mm, while having Head/Neck What causes pain under the left foot accompanied by bleeding? Should Hydroxychloroquine and Hydrocortisone be stopped immediately or gradually? What causes painful intercourse years after an abortion? Suggest home remedies for tooth pain that recurs every month Have taken losartan potassium 25 mg in am and 25 My right eye has been very irritated and red. It Suggest remedies for absence seizures in three and a half year old What causes appetite loss, nausea after medication and fever in an adolescent? Does a child with fever and flu, need urgent medical attention? I have since quit all drugs I'm 50 yrs old Suggest remedies for elimination of marijuana from the system of pregnant woman I am diagnosed with first pleurisy, pneumonia and now costochrondritis What causes panic attacks and anxiety? What causes stiffness in the legs while having influenza-b? How to treat a dried scab on the leg caused after an injury? What does this ultrasound test result of liver indicate? Hi. I have been using Fluorouracil cream 5% 2X/day (sometimes Is taking Daliresp advisable while on Atenolol and Ranitidine? How to treat an infection caused after draining an abscess? What causes nausea, diarrhea and abdominal bloating? What causes white bumps on the elbow after having sutures? What causes burning sensation in the breasts and spots around the nipple? What causes stiffness and pressure in the right knee after an injury? Is Duloxetine safe instead of Gralise for nephropathy in the foot? What causes feeling sick despite taking Amoxicillin? What causes recurrent redness on the penis? Constant acid reflux. I take 40 mg omeprazole in the How to know if the hymen is broken? I changed into my pajamas last night in our extra What causes strong smelling urine? What does the following MRI report suggest? Last week during my annual gyno checkup, I gave a What causes excessive weight gain? Does Cefalexin cause burning sensation in the tongue, throat and face? How can hair loss after child birth be treated? What does the following urinalysis indicate? What causes heaviness in the arms while on Losartan and Carvedilol? What causes persistent dizziness? How can persistent weakness, swollen ankles, chest congestion and cough be treated? My new pain Mgmt doctor changed my medication removing me What causes lower back pain on and off in a 50-year-old woman? When does fatigue and depression, due to gas leakage at home, get cured? My father is 87 yrs. old and recently fell and How can flu symptoms including bad cough be treated? I had sex in the beginning of January and my Do severe intermittent abdominal cramps, occurring for several hours, indicate cancer? A week ago I was shaving my vagina when I Do Ascoril LS and Clamchek BD intake by a baby result in shivering? My husband has been having difficulty swallowing when eating. He How should pills in the Unwanted-Kit be taken? Is Amiodarone 200mg intake safe for a patient, occasionally suffering from AFib? What do constant nausea, vomiting, belching and frequent diarrhea indicate? I have severe treatment-induced leukoencephalopathy. was wondering what to do, Can pregnancy resulting from a failed postinor lead to ectopic pregnancy? I have stabbing, burning pain in my upper right thigh. What causes constant left-sided pain below the rib cage? How long should Thyronorm 25mg be taken for treating TSH of 9.5? My sister 56 yo obese female is at high risk Hi I am a 47 year old woman, and for What causes the tongue to become extremely dry along with a burning sensation? I was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis two weeks ago, and How can sever loose motion with blood discharge be treated? Hi there. I've had a spot on my breast that Can Joint Health Complex from Shaklee be taken along with Omeprazole? My daughter is 2 and half. She's had a cold I've been smoking for 5 years and, sometimes I just How can calcification on the neck be treated? Can choking on kielbasa result in non-stop coughing for hours? Hi, my son is 25 years old and has had Is high fever and shoulder pain normal after taking a Cortisone shot? Hi i used canestem 1 pill intra vaginal for my About 3=4 years ago I was put on metformin 1000 I have a bad rash that had been going on I had routine blood tests for infertility and it came I am 60 and have had a cough for over Does Atorvastatin have any alternatives, which do consist of harmful side effects? Hi I have a pain and I think some swelling What causes swelling on the foreskin without any pain? What causes severe pain in the lower left abdomen? Hi, Yes I do have a few questions. I'm a I had what i think is Food poisoning. Woke up Hi, I am 27 and 334lb I have lost 15 How to cure diarrhea and gastritis? I am 68 years old and in good shape. My I have a 85 year old friend who has had Is long-term Potassium Citrate intake safe for preventing growth of kidney stones? I have been a heavy bing drinker and get consistant Can Atorvastatin intake result in muscle pain on the knees and ankles? Hi - My 85 year mother (who is typically in I have been having a lot of leg cramps. Mostly hi, I'd like to understand how estrogen and progesterone levels What causes numbness on the thighs after recovering from severe cellulitis? What does the following ultrasound report suggest? What causes fatigue, headache, dizziness and nausea? What causes recurrent sickness in a child? What causes sinusitis followed by fever? What causes painful urination? How can vertigo be treated? How can pain due to cervical spondylosis be treated? The doctor prescribed prednisone (taper 4-4-4-2-2-2-1-1-1) and doxycycline for bronchitis What causes redness and swelling along the cuticle of the toe nail? What do red dots on the abdomen indicate? What does a brown bruise on the thumb indicate? What causes breathing difficulty after sneezing? Had all std testing done thankfully none. But I have Suggest medicine for sinus tachycardia Suggest treatment for a knot in the groin near the right leg Dr first diagnosis me with bronchitis on last Friday and What causes severe stomach pain and back pain after a flu? How can chronic leg pain be treated? What causes tenderness in the ankle despite having arthritis? What causes erectile dysfunction after taking Testosterone and deca durabolin? How can severe kienbock s disease be treated? What causes insomnia along with premature ejaculation after taking Finasteride? How can severe abdominal pain along with chest pain be treated? Hi, im trying to see if I was pregnant and type 2 diabetic I have notice lately that my lower How can swollen ankle along with hip pain be treated? Hello Sir, I have problem with my sperm,there is a What causes burning sensation in the throat after taking Clarithromycin? How can fatigue along with cough be treated? husband was in ER last night with BP 215/110. took I've had several compression fractures in my back - both What causes extreme dryness and rashes in the armpit? What causes severe itchy rashes on the labia majora? How can chronic arm pain along with leg pain be treated? How can fatigue along with headache be treated? What causes pain in the lower back and thigh of an elderly person? What causes numbness and pain in the arm? What causes joint pain and cough along with abdominal rashes? I have multi level stenosisc4/c5 and c5/c6 with narrowing of What causes swelling and pain in the shin after an injury? How can gastroparesis along with vomiting be treated? What causes swelling in the hand and finger after taking Lithium carbonate? How can severe chronic cough be treated? Hi i'm having slight issues . My husband and I How can diarrhoea along with stomach pain be treated? I have had a bad stomach, trapped wind and indigestion What does this urine test result mean? Hello, Flomax (Tamsulosin HCL) is causing my husband sinus infection I starting having pain with burning sensation on my left I been using crystal meth for a while now.why does Hello, i just recently had my left front premolar ( My 2 1/2 year old grandson rarely looks at us I am a 25 year old female and I have What causes rashes all over the body along with leg pain? Hi what it is my daughter is 15 months since My mother, 84, is taking up to 6 different medications What causes burning sensation in the tongue along with throat pain? What causes tingling in the hands and eyes along with head pressure? Aintibody in Dna, involuntary smile and muscle twitches and weakness. My two month old daughter was prescribed amoxicillin for a How can burning sensation on the shoulder blades be treated? part about a year ago I tried using a laser How can anal pain along with chest congestion be treated? My thyroid was removed about 15 months ago. My doctor How can high cholesterol be controlled? What causes blurred vision after cataract surgery? I had an L1 S5 cage installed in 2005, in What causes persistent pain and numbness in the feet? Hi there. I am told that I have ureaplasma. Can How can severe stomach pain be treated? I had spinal surgery which resulted in nerve damage and How can constipation along with blood in stool be treated? I had breast cancer surgery on 2-6-2017 and then took What causes swelling in the forehead after a hair bleach? What causes a painful bump on the thumb? Howe can a lump on the labia majora be treated? What causes upper lobe pain while coughing after taking Mucinex dm? At the doctor yesterday, pressure put on a muscle on What causes burning sensation and pain in the nipples? What causes a swollen bump on the foot? I have sciatica and it has changed into what I Thank you for your time - I was told yesterday I just started Concerta ER 27mg 2 days ago and drugs my 44 year old developmentally disabled son is taking hi my child is ten years old has had some What causes vision loss in left eye along with breathlessness? Hi. I am wondering if I should seek medical attention, What causes chest pain, backache and tingling sensation in the right arm? I strained my muscle in my left shoulder back area My mother has had a triple a repair about 6 Should cold and cough post fever be treated with antibiotics? I'm 75 y/o, post mastectomy done 4/3//17. Taking letrozole 2.5 Hello, I was wondering how much "stock" I should put It all started while drinking lots of bottled water, mostly Suggest alternative medication instead of Lyrica-150 Is having abdominal pressure a symptom of STD? What causes recurrent diarrhea, vomiting and fever? Hi i am 36+ female. I am in relationship. I What do severe cough, extreme chest pressure and fatigue indicate? I've been having sex with my girl friend 1 or My mother ..50 years old ..has severe pain in her Does a swollen navel, tender to touch, indicate hernia or something more serious? Can left-sided chest pain be caused due to a leg lift exercise? Can prediabetes result in lightheadedness, headache and blurred vision? L5 -s1 doctor says after MRI that I have spondylolisthesis Is regular Clonazepam 0.5mg intake for treating anxiety illegal? I have an eight year old female Husky who is Hi, I am addicted in eating raw rice, I started How can periods be preponed or postponed other than taking Deviry 10mg? i tossed and turned all nite bad cramps and muscle My wife is getting nausea from Percocet 5-325. She had What causes tiredness while using CPAP machine? Hi doctor from 0ne and half year i am suffering I went to the do an ultrasound, It shows.There is My urine stream is increasingly getting less, like there is Hi I have orange/pink diaharge and itching. There is no For treating delayed periods, what is the right dose for Primolut N? What causes elevated liver enzymes? i smoke cigarettes 5-6 in a day..n my parents adviced What causes irregular dark menstrual bleeding? I have been in constant pain for the last two How can trembling of hands be treated, which gets severe with anxiety? Hi, so my last period was on December 28th and Does taking Amoxicillin Clavulanate cause severe headache? Suggest a decongestant tablet for cold, which doesn t raise blood pressure levels Is intake of Decdan 0.5mg safe for healthy weight gain? My grandson is a preemie. He is now almost 8 Suggest medicine for nausea, diarrhea and vomiting What causes unusual taste and dryness in the mouth? What causes severe stomach ache after waking up? How to confirm pregnancy while having delay in periods? How to identify early signs of pregnancy? How to treat severe sinus infection during pregnancy? Does taking Pepcid-AC lead to a miscarriage? What causes a toe infection despite taking Amoxicillin? What causes vomiting while lying down on the right side? What causes vomiting blood and weight loss while on Xanax in an heart patient? What causes swelling in the legs and shoulder pain while on Sotalol and Tachycardia? What causes yellow semen discharge and stomach spasms after masturbation? What causes rise in the blood sugar level despite taking Metformin and Lisinopril? Suggest treatment for liver cirrhosis and ascites I'm having synvisc fluid removed from my knee today (and What causes intermittent abdominal pain after having a hysterectomy? What does this Anti-HCV test result indicate? Suggest treatment for prostate cancer I AM TAKING THE LIFE EXXTENSION PRODUCT memory protect)Nd have Can taking Prolia cause bladder infection? What causes vaginal thrush and thick white vaginal discharge after sex? Is Levothyroxine safe to be taken for tinnitus? Hi I lit my log burner and didn't notice that What causes intermittent hot flushes in the left foot? A young teenager has had about 10 episodes during the Does Ritalin intake for treating ADD result in any major side effects? Are recurring hive-like rashes above the mouth and chin a serious concern? How can chronic constipation in a 2-year-old boy be treated? Do electronic cigarettes contain nicotine? How can a painful left-sided bulge on the spine be cured? I am on day 11 of quitting smoking. I am How can persistent diarrhea, caused after radiation for lung cancer, be treated? I have swelling in my right middle finger & redness Since January 1st, I have an elevated pulse every time What does growth plate fusing in the ankle indicate? What does a painful lump in a breast cancer survivor’s armpit indicate? How can pain and stiffness in the joints be treated? What causes pain in the ribs on the right side? What causes anal discomfort and stringy bowel movement? What causes pain and burning sensation in the right side of the body? What causes pain in the lower abdomen? How can sore throat and mouth ulcers be treated? What are the side effects of Tramadol? What causes semen leakage during the day? Does intake of Desogestrel and Ethinylestradiol tablets increase the chances of pregnancy? What causes tingling sensation from the elbows to the hands? Hi, My name is Autumn I am 24 years old Hi I would like to ask that from the CAT How can delayed menstrual cycles be treated? I woke up almost two weeks ago and couldn't stand I had sex with my boyfriend on December 28th through I have been in a loveless marriage forf the pass Hello I'm a woman 30 years old Im over weight How can excessive pain in the hip and legs, post masturbation, be treated? Hi doctor.. am actually on my 8days of my embroys I'm 56 years old.....I got an unprotected sex with my recently my brother has sore type under his tongue after How can painless hives on the penis be treated? Do D-Veniz 50 and Etilaam Pro-20 tablets have any harmful side effects? How can Raynaud s disease be treated? Hi, Im a 63 yr old LADY who is VERY hi, good afternoon sir, actually i attacked by dog on Can an individual have intercourse while taking Meprate? Hi Doctor, My last month periods was 5th jan. This Is a blood pressure level as low as 57/39 a serious concern? Hi. we are trying for baby for past 2.5 years. Yesterday I was uncontrollably yawning and stretching when you get Hi M pragnant. But dr said its not healthy pragnancy Suggest treatment to increase height and weight Is anti-rabies vaccination required for a minor scratch by a stray dog? Do anxiety attacks make me feel almost like I am Suggest treatment for 12mm gallbladder stone How can continuous watery discharge from the nose and eyes be treated? What causes persistent fever and a painful lump behind the right ear? My girl got her periods on Jan 18th. We are What causes pain in the right calf? I fuound 2 types of pills in my daughter's laundry, Suggest treatment for high BP in between dialysis treatments I had sex with my girlftiend, but as I entered I recently went to Planned Parenthood to get checked out. Hi, My spouse is suffering from FGCS ,suddenly his creatinine For the past 3 weeks I've been struggling with a Indication.. Heavy Bleeding -- post menstruation.. continues for 9 days Hi I don't have money to go the doctor again... I am 71 y.o. White female, I have severe bronchitis. My mum have a Hb trend 8.8-->8.8-->8.2 and doctor decided I have done a liver function test before I start I had grade 1 br.cancer and lumpectomy 22 months ago From long time i have social anxiety and panic disorder. What causes lumps on the rib cage and high fever? Hi..i had an HSG and it says the outlined uterine Hi This question is for my mother. She is traced Do regular sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive person result in getting infected? Suggest treatment to enhance weight My 5yr had a swollen lymph node on the left I feel like there's something wrong with me. I feel I was diagnosed with shingles yesterday. I thought I had What causes extreme exhaustion a week after being diagnosed with diverticulitis? I got diagnosed with abnormal ECG, 800 normal sinus rhythm, Had MRI Feb. 8, 2017 I printed my MRI report My 16 year old daughter was just hospitalized for 2 Can intake of folic acid tablets result in delayed periods? Could tingling numbness and swelling in the leg be a nerve problem? What are Gynaset 5mg and Meprate tablets prescribed for? Hi , i have missed my periods. Its been over Is it safe to consume Dronis 30 and Trapic E for heavy bleeding? I had a Shingles shot in 2009. Thought I would Hi, I am 32 years female. I had once abortion Is a lump on the groin between the scrotum and thigh a concern? Hi I've had a dry cough last night I woke I have had a lump/bump/mass inside my earlobe for over 39 year old male with a family history of high How can pimples on the face and neck be treated? How can balance disorder along with restless leg syndrome be treated? My insurance company wants me to try Opana, in place hi doctor...good morning... im trying to have a baby again My baby may have swallowed a bit of baby oil. What causes swelling and pain in the armpit? I used a nasal spray by the name of Afrin. How can hydrocephalus in an elderly person be treated? How can sinus infection in a 10 year old boy be treated? What causes nausea and vomiting during menstruation? Infusion ,1/28 of retuxin. Meds currently include Two BP meds, Is pregnancy possible despite having protected sex? My son had blood clots in his lungs. They incubated How can white spots on the tonsils be treated? What causes burning in the right ankle and bulging in the vein? How can rapid heart rate along with heart palpitations be treated? Hi I am 36 years old ...and had unprotected sex What does this uterine ultrasound result mean? Is pregnancy possible despite taking Plan B contraceptive pill? I have pain and slight swelling just below my sternum I was an alcoholic for 17 years ..I quit since my daughter has been on this med for about a How can numbness on the legs be treated? What causes upper rib tenderness above the diaphragm area? Hello long story short i was diagnosed with add ad/hd What causes chest pain, fever, sinus headaches and diarrhea? Suggest treatment for unconsciousness and migraine headache What does pain under the breasts along with shortness of breath indicate? What causes ankle pain after running for two miles? Can Methylprednisolone be used for sore throat? yes, I had an appointment 6 mos ago , I I'm 57 year old male weighing 185 pounds and in When I was out for a walk 3-blocks one-way, and Suggest medicine for severe hair loss and itchy skin My father passed away a year ago Dec 17th. He So like I was masturbating and stuff and like I I think I swallowed an over the counter allergy pill Suggest treatment for cough, chills, fever and pain in the ribcage Hi I've been having problems with my glutes for months What causes chills, body aches, joint pain, loss of appetite and light headedness? How can cold along with breathlessness be treated? What causes increase in bad cholesterol? What causes severe pain while urinating? How can sneezing along with runny nose be treated? Hello there, Before bed last night I put on the What does the following blood report indicate? What does this uterine ultrasound result mean? So I was wondering I had sex the day I What causes heart palpitations, chest pains, belching and sour taste in mouth? My one-day baby found vdrl test non reactive and tpha They found 2 herniage (?) disc, I think its 6 Hello Doctor, my son has been experiencing the following symptoms, What does the following XRAY report indicate? Hi Doctors, I'm Shiela Castillo 34 yrs old.iIhave question regarding Suggest treatment for gastritis post cesarean I started with normal sinus drainage down my throat, pain What causes painful intercourse while suffering from chicken pox? Hi, I was hit in face, the left side is I get intermittent tight cramps in the right epigastric area. My daughter is three years old and I have had What causes recurrent pain in the left arm? Following a routine physical with a new doctor and blood I just had a cystectomy and laparoscopy performed on me my daughter, 13, has what seems like a in grown Suggest treatment for back pain while having acid reflux Will a right-sided toothache get cured by applying toothpaste on the affected area? I'm worried I have testicular torsion. I'm thirteen and I've Suggest treatment for molluscum How can lower back pain during pregnancy be treated? What causes fatigue, difficulty in sleeping and feeling hungry constantly? My husband has a kidney stone. We he has had How can acid reflux be treated in an autistic child? Hand injury - obvious swelling at base of thumb. No Hi sir.. My daughter 3years 9 months old weight 12.3kgs What causes itchy rashes on the back, neck and feet? A patient I saw today who is a physician, has My friends 2 1/2 year old has type 1 diabetes. I am a 73 year old woman with muscle ache What causes pain while urinating after intercourse? Can gallbladder problems arise from acid reflux and gerd? What causes extreme pelvic pain along with endometriosis? There is a cancerous mass where the mass is going What causes sudden weakness and immobility in the legs? Can intake of proton inhibitor drugs over years result in developing allergies? Can vision issues cause seizures? Suggest treatment for stabbing pain in right breast Is there a medication to more quickly to lower blood Hello Doctor, I am Manish Shrestha. I am 30 Years Suggest remedy for stiffness in leg and back after sitting How do I switch insulin from tresiba 26 units to Sir,iam 31 age person,i am done varicocele surgery on my where can find this product called Oxyfresh Skin Barrier Cream. 16 year old male who had fetal distress with ingestion How can high fever of 104 be cured for a child? I am scheduled to have surgery next week on a What causes severe vaginal bleeding after intercourse? What causes itchy, small and red bumps around my eyes? Is it safe to take collagen supplements and fish, borage, My husband has had 2 heart attacks the last one my fatherinlaw has afib and was told recent lab tests, I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday (2/13/17). This Suggest treatment for chronic cough What does this chest CT scan result mean? I am 63, 165 pounds and 6ft tall. I have How can severe pelvic spasms be treated? What can causes loss of appetite and nausea after eating? How can severe lower leg pain be treated? How can IBS along with GERD be treated? Can a lipoma turn into cancer? Ultrasound shows I have a polyp in my uterus. I Is Niftas effective for urinary tract infection? What causes soreness and redness in the eyes? What causes sharp pain between the navel and vagina? What causes constipation, lower abdominal pain and lightheadedness? a women gets severe stomach and breast pain on his Can the dosage of Aspirin be increased to deal with severe headache? Hi, I am 18 years old and I think I Hello, I have a concern, I usually put this to I JUST STARTED A DETOXIFICATION. ITS CALLED THE WILDROSE DETOXIFICATION. Can Ibuprofen be taken with Percocet for severely painful and sore throat? What causes numbness in the toes after taking Adderall ER? How can heavy menstruation along with clots be treated? i had surgery on 01/25/2017 to remove my toe nail How can swollen and painful leg be treated? Suggest treatment for persistent pain and swelling in the feet What causes severe pain in the shoulder and thighs? How can blood in stool be treated? Suggest treatment for high BP and chronic lower back pain What causes dizziness and fluid in the ear after a 7-day-cruise? What causes swelling and pain in the feet? What causes painless bruises on the arms? I am on 50 mg of seroquel xr. my doctor I am taking Augmentin for a sinus infection. I fear How can fever along with mild cough in a child be treated? Hi My husband has been spitting up blood at times How can a painful lump on the shoulder be treated? I have a beat in my chest that feels like I'm scheduled to have a cervical myelogram after I had How to withdraw from Lopressor? I take a daily dose of 30 mg Lisinopril. I What causes swelling and pain in the leg? How can piles be prevented from recurring? What causes excessive sweating while suffering from fibromyalgia? Three years ago I was diagnosed with bad bacteria in What causes insomnia and pain in the hips? What causes red blisters on the skin? What causes severe bloating and pain in the lower abdomen? What causes sinus congestion along with cough an cold? Is Sertraline effective in the treatment of anxiety? I had a 20-30mg a day opiate addiction/dependency for a Does Amiodarone cause fatigue and elevated liver enzymes? What causes swelling and itching in the vagina? Is Rocephin injection safe for an elderly female? What does a lump between the shoulder and neck indicate? How can pain in the shin due to osteoarthritis be treated? What causes numbness in the leg while suffering from multiple sclerosis? My mother is 80 and this past sept had 3 Hi, my mum has recently been diagnosed with scimitar syndrome What causes dizziness and breathing difficulty while on Cefdiner? What causes throat discomfort while swallowing? What does a bruise on the feet and ankle indicate? What causes pain above the eyes and neck? What does calcium in the kidneys indicate? I HAVE THE FLU. MY SON HAS IT, MY DAUGHTER What causes swelling in the legs, hands and face? How can tinnitus and hearing loss be treated? What causes severe anxiety and appetite loss while on Zoloft? I have been on statins for years but have severe How can rashes and blisters on the skin be treated? Does Ursodiol intake stunt a child s growth? I have had a fever blister on the left side I have a rash on my inner thighs near my What causes stomach pain, headache and back pain after eating outside? What causes to taste metal in the mouth while on thyroid medication? On January 10th I started getting pressure in my sinuses. What causes pain and spasms in the lower back? What causes numbness in the lower gums after tooth extraction? What causes throat discomfort while on Doxycycline? What causes an altered sense of taste and smell? What causes blood in urine after under going BCG treatment? What causes iron deficiency while suffering from Crohn s disease? What causes swelling on the face? What causes bright red blood after a bowel movement? I went through an ivf procedure last month and had I am post op. 7 weeks.. fingertip amputation of middle What causes burning sensation in the tongue after taking Terbinafine? My wife kidneys are not working properly they are measured have you ever heard of a person getting kidney stones Is pregnancy possible after taking Depo injections? What causes recurrent seizures? I am 52 and have severe rheumatoid arthritis and take How can hidradenitis suppurativa in pubic area be treated? My pug is on a low mineral diet due to What causes severe headache after accidentally taking antifreeze solution? What causes discomfort while urinating? Can painful bruising on the lower back after an injury be treated? Is VNS therapy better than Keppra for treatment of seizures? Hello, I crack my knuckles from time to time and How can throbbing ear pain be treated? I've had muscle pain and soreness in my left leg I had the LEEP procedure 2 weeks ago, I have What causes dry heaves along with burning sensation in the chest? Hi I've swollen circumvulate papilia for several weeks now and What causes low body temperature, tiredness and nausea? What causes sore throat and swollen lymph node after quit smoking? How can bipolar disorder along with depression be treated? How can sharp shooting knee pain be treated? For the last few weeks my index finger has been What causes fecal incontinence after a spine surgeries and stopping Oxycontin? What causes pain on the left side of the pelvic area? I have been to an ENT doc and had a last year in april 2016, I was diagnosed with abdominal What causes fever, headache and weakness after an elliptical workout? What causes small itchy bumps all over the body of the child? I was hoping that you could shed some light on what is the exact association between: neuropathy, complete hearing loss Hi, I had my ultrasound a couple days ago. It People with arthritis and sjogren disease fibromynalgi what is the What are chief side effects of estrogen suppressant letrozole 2.5 My boyfriend has been smoking methamphetamine since he was a Suggest treatment for fibroids in the pelvic area while on hormone pills What causes severe itchiness and pain in the ear? What causes nausea and headache after taking Tegretol? What causes tightness and burning sensation in the legs? What causes intense pain in the lower back and hip? What causes foul smell from the vagina and cloudy urine? What causes severe pain in the chest? Suggest treatment for thin skinned penis that tears when aroused How can extreme tightness in the breast be treated? What causes breathlessness along with dizziness? Lately I have been having pain in my right side What causes small red spots on the penis after unprotected sex? Hi, I am a healthy 23 year old women. I around 6 months ago, I fractured my proximal humerus, L Suggest medicine for bipolar disorder I am currently taking prednisone 10mg for an allergy. I What causes occasional itching at the sole and increased bowel movement? How can sinus infection and sore throat be treated? My tubes have been tied for 17 years now, however I was taking Atenolol 25 milligrams once a day and hello, I had an endometrial ablation in Dec 2016 and My 27-year-old daughter, who has Down Syndrome, has puffy toes What causes burning sensation in the chest after quit smoking? Hello, I take Thyroid medication. They increased from 150 to I have a cyst on my ankle as a result What causes extreme tiredness after taking Cipro? Suggest treatment for vitreous detachment with a small dot and faint lines What causes elevated blood pressure along with anxiety disorder? Hey I had a c section 5months ago and took What causes sore throat while suffering from GERD? What causes headaches along with dizziness and blurred vision? What causes severe pain in the hands, wrists and fingers? What causes severe pain in the leg muscles while suffering from fibromyalgia? Hi. My husband was on Stalevo, then switched to Rytary How can chronic cough be treated? I have colostomy from 2004 - because a big bliding How can severe nausea along with vomiting be treated? What causes itchy red rashes below the breast? How can swollen and painful leg be treated? What does this scan result mean? I recently finished Epclusa treatment for HepC, and I also How can vasovagal syncope along with nausea be treated? My husband and I were thinking about having another baby, I am 72 years old, no diagnosed elimination problems, yet What is the name of the surgery I will have What causes numbness in the face along with severe headache? How can sinus infection along with fatigue be treated? my daughter has had endometriosis since age 17 and it How can runny nose along with headache be treated? What causes persistent pressure on the tonsils? My spouse, Martin, is in our home in Palm Springs, What causes seizures on the right side of the body? What causes red and swollen spot on the toe after an injury? How can scoliosis and back pain be treated? Why is Losartan-HCTZ prescribed for elevated blood pressure level? I recently purchased a "vicks" -type medicated chest rub which What causes low hemoglobin level? Does sleep apnea cause low WBC count? What causes tingling sensation and numbness in the shoulders? What causes severe pain radiating from the lower back to the abdomen? Hi. I'm reading on all these different websites and they Hi Doctor, an elderly friend is scheduled to have a What causes blurred vision along with headaches and dizziness? When can Myrbetriq be taken after discontinuing Vesicare? What causes aggressive behavior and OCD while on Latuda and Tegretal? How can nausea and appetite loss be treated? Can over dosing on medicines cause a heart attack? What causes fluid retention under the skin on the thighs? Hello. I have been dealing with some sort of gastrointestinal Please explain the significance and meaning of this "incidently noted What causes small white bumps on the penile shaft? What causes pain and discomfort in the groin area? How can PTSD along with anxiety and OCD be treated? What causes delayed periods and frequent urination? How can hypertension be treated? What causes pain in the ribs upon coughing? What causes severe cough along with headache? How long after having late periods can I take a pregnancy test? What causes arthritis and swelling in the feet? I have a question about the relation between my autism How can severe anal pain along with loose stools be treated? How can nausea along with abdominal pain be treated? Hi I have adenomyosis and have been put on cerelle I'm 60, excellent health and physically active. I had my I have a student that has a 4 cm nodule I have a very sore tongue, repeated ulcers especially on i got hit on the side of my temporal bone What causes loose stools in a 4 year old boy? How can runny nose along with vomiting be treated? What causes temple pain after taking Excedrin? My fiancé woke up during the night, he said it My grandchild was born premature and with gastrotises she spent Does Sertra, Bilocor and Aspirin Cardio cause low BP? I have been seeing a kidney doc for the past hi i'm a 20 year old female. i started menstruating How can erectile dysfunction be treated? I am currently taking nucy take 50mg, sulin dachshund 200 my daughter is having her last chemotherapy for Hodgkins Lymphoma How can psoriasis be treated? What causes pain around the toes? How can swelling and bruising on the small finger be treated? What does a painful mass on the upper abdomen indicate? What causes pressure in the head and sore throat? Hi, I had got a condom problem during intercourse while What causes swelling and pain in the toe after an injury? I used this cream several years ago to treat fever What causes abdominal pain along with body chills and nausea? My 62 year old sister is currently hospitalized for pneumonia My 4 year old grandson just finished a second round My husband's blood pressure was 185/108 when he went to What causes swelling in the feet while suffering from lung infection? Hi, I have a head cold, managable, not serious. My I have a pain in my lower right groin area Hi i would like to know what the chances of What causes severe pain in the right hip and leg? What causes elevated TSH level? Hi doctor.. i made out with my bf last week.. Hi, I take effient and because of price I have What causes rapid weight gain? How can cold and cough be treated? What causes dizziness upon jumping? I am 56 years old and have an anxiety disorder Why does restless leg syndrome worsen post intake of cod liver oil? Will Turmeric Super Antioxidant intake help in relieving joint pain? I have 2 nodules and I am unable to take Hello, I have been having stomach problems for 4 days I have a cold sore on my lip. my eyes What causes yellow jelly-like mucus discharge from the anus? I have been suffering from severe body pain for several How can severe pain in the hips and lower back be treated? I am out of shape and in the past two I get enough sleep but fall asleep for a few Do Fucus Vesiculosus and Phytolacca Berry tablets help in reducing weight? What causes severe pain and swelling in the left leg? Dear sir/madam I would like to thank you for giving How to put on body weight? Can Duramine be taken while breastfeeding? My girlfriend is taking birth control and I'm worried that Hiii doctor I have complaint of endometriosis and taking feminine I have been experiencing a tightness in my toes and What causes swelling and itching on the feet while on Amlodipine? I'm an opiate addict and I've suppose to go to Can intake of Codinex tablets disturb menstrual cycles? what cause pain in the areas ,all at the same My son (7 years old boy)has treated as Kawasaki, yesterday I've been experiencing dandruff and pimples alike infection on my How can burning and tingling sensation on the feet be treated? My child has grommets in situ. They were inserted just मेरी 6साल की बेटी कोक3 दिन से तेज बुखार था You're all up in the middle of the night... I i, i am XXXXXXX 30 years old, i need sexual hi, i am a 38 years old woman, i am How can sun tan and black spots on the back and neck be removed? I have taken three alprim tablets during the past three How can chicken pox scars on the face and chest be removed? I have a rash down my arms, all over my Should Neo-Penotran intake be avoided during periods and continued after it ends? Hi Doctor, Greetings! My wife is pregnant. Her last menstruation What causes swelling in the finger joints after recovering from fever? What causes swollen lymph node around the neck? I would like to figure out my boyfriemds pill he I have a prescription for Ativan my label got wet My mother age 65 years is having sleeping problems since Dear Doctors, I'm a worrying vietnamese mom. I had PAP's How can repeated bouts of loose motion, continuing over years, be treated? Ra rv dilated Ostium secondum asd size 15mm Left to I am having brief periods of lightheaded nests for about Thank you for your medical opinion.... My Cat , just My 41-year-old son has just been diagnosed with PTSD...a result Is one pregnant when test shows uterus is thick and unclear? What causes paralysis, choking and fainting at the end of masturbation? What causes bright red menstruation while on Depo Provera injection? What causes vomiting as soon as one takes food? Stool report Physical Color: Yellow consistency: soft Mucus: Trace Blood: Suggest treatment for seizure with tingling sensation in hand and foot Good day, i was informed that APICOLORDOTIC VIEW is recommended What causes light spotting when climbing stairs while on Hyponidd and Glucophage? What are the chances of pregnancy after unprotected sex? Suggest treatment for a black eye and lump near the nose My daughter 24 years od was prescribed with gabapentin 100 My wife has taken some medication for the first time What causes redness with small bumps at the head of the penis? Hi sir. I am 22 years old. A few months Suggest treatment for the pain caused due to knee replacement What causes pain in the groin area during pregnancy? hi there, this is Carlos. i have a question DR What causes panic attack while on Alprazolam 25mg? Suggest treatment for difficulty in conceiving What causes watery stools in a 2.5 month old? What does a hole in the armpit indicate? What causes heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding along with dizziness? Suggest test to confirm pregnancy Hi i've been monitoring my eggs for this cycle already Yes, why if a person who is elderly and has What causes white marks on the cheek of a 1 year old? What causes excessive sweating while suffering from an enlarged spleen? What does the following ultrasound report suggest? What does this test report signify? I have taken a light blue 15 mg oxycodone fot Suggest treatment for liver hemangioma What causes burning sensation and itching in the vaginal opening? What causes heavy inter menstrual bleeding after a C-section delivery? What causes dizziness and heaviness in the head? What causes pain in left shoulder and waist? What causes vertigo, excessive salivation and pain in the right eye? Does switching birth control pills affect the menstrual cycle? What causes hazy density on the right upper lung? What causes burning sensation in the throat and dizziness? What causes itching and pain in the gums? Sir some time meri heart beat fast ho jati or What causes itching and rashes on the body? I need to change my antidepressant. The one I am What causes absence of periods after taking Metformin? What causes tingling sensation in the lower abdomen and nausea? How can pericoronitis be treated? What causes burning sensation on the soles of the feet? What causes pain along the jaw and right ear? I went to dentist yesterday to have my teeth checked How can allergic reaction to black mold exposure be treated? my gf is naked and i rubbed my penis along What causes swelling and fluid retention in the lower back? Hi sir, Yesterday My bother in law went to some What causes tight sensation in the chest and jaw after taking Hydrocodone? How can nasal congestion be treated while on Verapamil and Lisinopril? what can be taken for dark coloration skin looks like I've been spotting on and off for 2 weeks. I What causes lower back pain with black blue skin? What causes severe pain in the legs while suffering from lower backache? 10 year old had strep throat 9 days ago. Also Hi last month I had kidney surgery on my right Hello sir/mam my age is 30 year I had gone The endometrial canal of uterus pushed posteriorly by endometrium (5mm) I have been given a RX of Valacyclovir for Vertigo. I have been taking HCG shots since January 19th and What causes water retention below the knees and tiredness? Hi I have nephrogenic diabetes insipdus I have a piece How can obesity and diabetes be treated? Hi there...I was diagnosed a little over a week ago I have had a cold with antibiotics. My ears are What causes high fever along with nausea? What causes nausea and vomiting thin brown liquid with some blood? What causes elevated heart rate while suffering from gastritis? What causes a recurrent blister in the pubic area? I was diagnosed ptb a year ago and had a Suggest treatment for headache caused after traumatic brain injury Are Paracetamol and Levocetirizine safe for the treatment of fever in babies? My daughter had pharyngitis and she thinks it leads to My daughter in law was recently diagnosed with a anxiety My sister, she's 17years old but still a junior high Why is it sometimes I shut down verbally? There are Hi I have undergone laproscopy .both the tubes were ok. Can Fefol be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy? How long does Propranolol stay in the blood stream? What causes recurrent swelling in the testicles? What causes floaters in the eyes? What causes excessive vaginal bleeding? my 19 yr old daughter just had cardio ablation for I have been diagnosed with scabies I have washed with What causes stomach ache in a toddler while having food? My son has a compromised GI system with food allergies Hello, i had my first sexual relationship 3 days ago What causes bruising on and around the ankle? What causes pain in the testicles of a child? What causes chronic cough and cold along with vomiting? Hi, I am a female, 32, I have a stent What causes partial memory loss after being intubated for acute pulmonary embolism? What causes swollen lymph nodes in the throat? What causes itchy rashes on the body? What causes painful sores in the nostrils? What does structure are unmarketable? There is a comminuted fracture My friend has been diagnosed with osteopenia, and her doctor What causes abdominal cramps after taking a morning after pill? I am a 62 year old White Male. My generalphyscian Does taking Duoluton-L affect future pregnancy? Can Zoloft and Restoril be taken together? What causes low grade fever along with sore throat and headache? What causes bowel movement after having food? Hi, is Oxycodone HCL 5mg tablet with the pill stamped How can pain in the lower back after an injury be treated? What causes tinnitus followed by a seizure? What causes headache and fatigue after a head injury? What causes dizziness and headache while on Losartan? What causes blue discoloration in the palms? What causes painful lymph nodes in the neck? How can a newborn baby’s weight be increased? What causes dryness and itching on the face after sun exposure? What causes heavy vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps? I am taking Levofloxacin 500 mg tablets once a day. What causes severe abdominal bloating? What causes severe itching on the back and scalp? What causes high pulse rate while on treatment for chest congestion? What causes pain in the shoulder blades and neck after an accident? So me and my boyfriend had this std called trench. What causes palpitations and dizziness after insertion of cardiac stent? What does the following MRI report suggest? I'm pretty sure I didn't double my 40 mg lisinopril How can bruising on an injured leg be treated? I have went in for a clean catch every appointment Hello doctor i need help i got ma periods on What do bumpy rashes on the elbows indicate? What causes stomachache upon smoking? What causes vertigo after taking Betahistine Dihydrochloride? I adopted my Tiffany 4 and a half years ago. What causes nausea and tingling sensation in the body during a colonoscopy ? What causes pain and heaviness in the stomach? My 85 yr young mother has for the past several What does the following MRI report suggest? I have had several injections on my back ,physical therapy Hello Dr. I had sex 8 day before my expected What does the following X-ray report suggest? What causes tremors in the hands while suffering from diabetes? What does a rash around the breast indicate? How can quadriceps muscles be strengthened after a knee surgery? My daughter went to the Urgent Care tonight with a What causes severe chest pain? What causes fatigue, headaches and neck pain? Had a molar removed, it was difficult. Two hours to What causes cloudy urination? What causes recurrent pain in the stomach? What causes weakness in the right knee? What causes pain in the right thigh while suffering from backache? all I need is something to open my bronchials I What causes pain above the knee on the left leg? How can high fever and chest congestion be treated? What causes severe pain in the abdomen after treatment of diverticulitis? my grandmother is 92 years old. She is on blood I have had a traveling rash for about 6 weeks. In the last week, my neck started popping, like an What causes severe anxiety and chest pressure? What causes sore throat along with swollen lymph nodes? What causes severe cramps in the lower back and upper abdomen? What causes delayed periods along with nausea? I noticed when cleaning around my toilet and under the Taking antibiotics for UTI . A low grade fever which I typed in alot of info but you kicked me I have been prescribed Lidoderm Patch 5% to help me I am hoping you can help. My daughter is in Hello Doctor ! I have a strange feeling in my What causes tinnitus while on Gabapentin, Losartan and Amiodarone? What causes itchy and red bumps on the body? i had a very faint positive line appear on test Hello, so I got my period on December 25th to What causes itching and swelling in the urethra? What causes numbness on the fingertips? What causes numbness and tingling sensation on the upper lip? What causes dizziness and vomiting? I just got out of the hospital about 2 weeks What causes pain under the left shoulder blade? How can female pattern hair loss be treated? What causes sore throat along with fatigue and swollen lymph nodes? What causes headache, vaginal bleeding and fatigue while suffering from UTI? I am a male and had breast cancer 12 yrs I'm taking Nuvigil and I think that's whats causing the What causes twitching in the lower left eyelid? Hi, After seeing my dr for a blocked ear, due The bright pink 30mg dextroamphetamine pill does not work the I had a root canal several weeks ago and the Hi, I have had stomach issues for quite some time What causes vomiting, diarrhea and pain below the ribs? What causes swelling along with red and white patches on the tonsils? I have an enlarged Prostate, and my PSA has gone What causes body ache and stiffness in the neck? What causes severe pain in the ear and throat? What causes severe wheezing while suffering from esophageal cancer? What causes fever along with abdominal pain on the right side? Hi, I have a pre-employment drug screen coming up. I Suggest treatment for cough and sore throat How can sore throat be treated? What causes nausea abdominal pain below the navel? I just got out of the hospital today and I I reduced my mental health medications. and now im having What causes cold hands and feet along with backache? What causes severe itching in the arms? What causes severe headache after taking Vesicare? How can stomach pain along with nausea be treated? How can severe throat pain be treated? My neurologist put me on Gabapentine 300 mill for nerve My husband has had Hep. C for about 15 years So I've had P.A.W.S sense 12-12-20115 and they put me What causes burning sensation and stabbing pain in the leg? How can heat boils under the breast be treated? What causes chest pain and heart palpitations despite having fibromyalgia? How can heartburn along with vomiting be treated? What causes itchiness and dryness in the scalp despite having psoriasis? This afternoon, my 72 year old wife has had a Are Motrin and Amoxicillin the right medication for fever in a child? Hello. I am a 62 year old woman, in good Is Medrol the right medication for upper respiratory infection? A pain doctor today gave me samples of movantik 25 How can frequent bowel movements be treated? How can sharp hip pain be treated? My doctor today got low blood pressure rating in my What causes severe pain behind the eyes? How can upper back pain be treated? I am nearly 35 years old. I came off the What causes depression and anxiety disorder after taking Clopixol? I have severe swelling of my right foot &leg. Now I am a 70 year old female with heart disease What causes discomfort in the legs? How can painful lumps on the lower back be treated? How can chest pain along with breathlessness be treated? What causes sharp pain below the armpit while coughing? Hello I had the shingles vaccine when I turned 60. Hi Dr, A few weeks ago my little cousin fell I have an almost imperceptible thickened scaly patch on the How can red itchy bumps on the calf be treated? My 16 year old daughter has been experiencing itching on I have half of a round white pill that I What causes hot flashes and high body temperature? Suggest treatment for menstrual irregularity Is brown discharge and mild cramps during pregnancy indicative of a miscarriage? i just got my lab results back from my life What causes fluid production in the tail bone and ear canals? Suggest remedies for infant that refuses food and suffers from sleeplessness Suggest remedies for swelling of lower lip after a meal Does Crystal Meth interfere with blood pressure medication? Is it safe to take Oxycodone along with Meloxicam for arthritis pain? Is ovarian cramp an early symptom of pregnancy? Is a persistent cough accompanied by fatigue a cause for concern? Is bruising on the lower rib cage and abdomen an allergic reaction? Does Medrol possess any side effect? Can Loratadine cause bleeding? What causes a long lasting muscle twitch in the right upper arm ? What causes breathing difficulty in a 11 years old child? is it ok to use Neosporin with triamcinolone0.1 30 gm Suggest treatment for tooth pain and gum sensitivity post root canal Is a large bruising , caused by a fall, a cause for concern? What causes nausea, weight loss, bloating and constipation? Suggest treatment for abdominal pain in the upper right quadrant What causes breathlessness, nose infection and sinus? Suggest treatment for lower abdominal pain post embryo transfer Suggest diet supplement for weight loss Does α3 ACHR ganglionic antibodies signify para neoplastic syndrome? Okay i tried meth for the first time and its Hi. I am a 36 years old woman. My weight Hi I have been using unwanted kit for my 6 What causes vaginal pain and swelling post sexual intercourse? Is dizziness due to labyrinthitis caused by germs from the neti pot? Suggest treatment for stress related chest pain What causes weight loss in a patient with mononucleosis? Suggest remedies for pain in the stomach, discharge and itchiness after urination? Suggest treatment for back pain, chest pain and breathing problems What causes faecal, urinal and nasal bleeding? I have a great opportunity to work at a health Suggest ways to determine whether fracture on second metatarsal bone has healed What causes muscular pain in the legs? Suggest treatment for fatigue, mouth ulcers and vitamin B12 deficiency What causes severe dizziness?
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