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is depression is the reason resulted bad sexual health?

I am taking treatment for depression for the past 21 days, I had the following medicines prescribed by my Doctor : Paxidep CR 25mg and Clonam 0.5mg, from then I lost sexual arousement, even erection and to ejaculate I struggle . Kind of impotency. I before this used to have hard rock erections and premature ejaculation whereas now even ejaculation delays, I never had sex only masturbation. I asked my Doctor he said nothing to worry , but I want to know what it is all about? Please reply.
Tue, 15 Dec 2009
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You are facing only side effects of medicines for depression. Those side effects are quite provisional. After leaving these medicines, gradually you will come back toward the previous state of health. So, don’t be worried. Get well soon and try to leave those medicines as soon as possible.
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doctor1 MD

My daughter is not letting see my grandson who is now 3 yrs old . This has been 16 months. I raise my children well. I divorced dad when daughter was 17 yrs and her brother was 12 yrs. Nasty divorce because of dad being an alcoholic. Dr. Phil says it take a hero. I have been that hero and soo much more. In the 14 yrs that I have been divorced, I never talk bad about him. He his remarried I love his wife. I have even helped with insurance and Dr. appointments ect. He is still drinking today and has a lot of other health issues. The reason my daughter won t let me see my grandson is because I been trying Medical marijuana. Never around My grandson. I babysat for one night and a metal tin which had in my purse fell out. I called her immediately and told her so she would look for it. She found it ... Told me I will never see her child again. I am in therapy due to the depression and anxiety. I have reached out to her over this time but she will not accept me back in her life. My whole family is devastated over this. We are a close family and we want to be part of their lives.

doctor1 MD

I will lay out the whole story for help on everything This stage of my life all started on my 19th birthday which i thought was a sign for a good year but ill get to that later. My birthday is February 19 so this all started then. I am a freshman in college. I have always had anxiety and stress issues my whole life which i guess really hurt my concentration. I was always fatigued. I has really bad insomnia and would sleep all day. I could never eat in the morning and had a terrible appetite. Its like if i wasnt interested in it i wasnt doing it because my mind would wander to other issues that i would worry about. weed helped with this i guess because it made me interested in everything. Even though it made me more outloud paranoid it was a hell of a lot better than sober. I really like marijuana. I have smoked almost daily since october. The week after my birthday I took adderal to help me study. I had only taken it twice before and noticed it helped. I finished studying and I decided to smoke weed. This combination made me very talkative. I am terrible at expressing my emotions i guess unless i really really trust the person. The adderal helped and I started talking to my friend and somehow I started talking to him about my alcoholic abusive father. I talked to him for 6 straight hours about it. It was the first time I had talked about it... to anyone. In my house it happened then it was over the next day and he would become abusive almost nightly. Afterwards I felt amazing. My mind was clear and I was able to concentrate and lost a lot of my anxiety. It felt like I was a newborn baby and my brain was rejuvenated. I felt like i didnt have to smoke weed or anything and didnt want to to risk falling back to there. This went on for a week until I went home to see my girlfriend on the weekend. This is my first girlfiend ever who I had just met the weekend before. The only reason I became involved with her is she persued me on facebook. She ended up coming to my college and sleeping in my bed and believe me she wasn’t shy. This was my birthday. Where it all started.I know she seems slutty, but I think she has an obsession issue like she loves bunnies and other things to death, and now she loves me to death. Which I dont know if i trust her because of the situation. She can be shady at times. I still get nervous around her and I don’t know why. Shes gone into the I love you stage with me already. I don’t know what to think. I have always had a confidence and selfesteem issues in everything in life. With girls I would only get with the ones who came after me. People always tell me how good looking I am but I guess I am just not able to realize it. I have always seen myself as a peice of shit in almost everyway and worried if i will be able to succeed. I am always able to please her sexually but when im not drunk or on the vyvanse I usually ejaculate rather quickly. My guess is because I am worried about pleasing her and I just let go. The whole anxiety thing, but when im drunk or on vyvanse I worry about it. I worry about myself. I worry too much about what people think aout me when im not. Im always eager to please other people and give other people free stuff. Im always worried if people like me I guess, but its weird cause once I get to know them and I know they like me im fine. And the other way if someone doesn’t like me I say fuck them I don’t care. But im worried about the new ones I don’t know as well and trying to prove myself too much I guess. So back to the story I went home after the talk i had with my friend that weekend and i went to see her and i felt great mentally. Shes only a junior in highschool. She is a drug user too. I ended up smoking weed with her and I felt like a different high. It felt like the high was getting my whole brain actually. I ended up smoking again that night with my friends and woke up the next day still a little high even. I was staying at a hotel with my mom to get away from my dad. I went back to college and I went back to my normal anxiety ridden self. I was smoking weed again and I couldn’t concentrate. I ended up returning to my normal self. I wasn’t concentrating well and was anxious again. By the way it wasn’t the weed that keeps me from concentrating. I never smoked in highschool but that’s when I was the most anxious and not concentrating. I ended up taking more adderal to help. It didn’t motivate me to do anything. I ended up smoking weed again with it but this time I had noone to talk to. I ended up crying in my bed all night. After this I fell into a deep depression. I stopped going to class and was just laying in my bed crying for 3 days. I went home for my depression to get help and ended up not getting the best grades that quarter. I went to hospital twice for the depression and stormed out and made a scene both times. I ended up getting my own add medicine to help me concentrate cause I thought it would help. I was given concerta and I didn’t like it. I became bipolar and mean. Then I had a pain behind my right eye like how I did when I used to get migranes as a kid. I ended up getting those fixed by a chiropractor but I never finished going to him. The next day I broke up with my girl over the phone because I became randomly mad at her. She said she was shocked like it was outta nowhere. This was all while I was at spring break in florida which I didnt have fun at all. I ended up getting my girlfriend back because of her clingy nature I guess. She loves me more than ever right now but I still don’t trust her. When I got back I got switched to vyvanse which I loved. It took away my anxiety and helped me concentrate. I was more confident and feeling better. I feel like I never had capabilities in the front right brain. I worked my way up in it with the vyvanses help and felt great. I felt like I could use it. I felt like everything was going to ok then and felt happy that I got it. It didn’t last long. But then I guess from being so occupied over getting it I forgot to drink water. I became dehydrated and liquids started draining from behind my right eye down to my throat. I had no clue what it was. I thought it was sinuses at firtst. Then I was convinced I had a brain tumor because I couldn’t move my eye and felt like there was something back there. I lost most of my functionability in my brain until I finally drank a water. It helped so I kept doing it and it started going back up. I got mostly hydrated again but I don’t know if I got back to normal brain power. I ended up getting some sort of infection in my throat. I was smoking lots of cigs the prior two weeks plus weed so my throat had already felt irritated from that. I ended up going home again cause I thought it could be a brain tumor. I stopped taking vyvanse. I went to doctor he checked me out told me I didn’t have tumor. Told me to keep taking vyvanse cause it seems like it was working and helping with anxiety. He gave me a prescription of azithromycin for my infection. Which he couldn’t see in my thoat but I had yellow mucus. And it did hurt. I would try and smoke but it never felt good. When I smoked weed it almost felt like it was getting trapped inside me and I wasn’t getting high. It just made me more and more paranoid about my health. My front right brain felt like it had a lot of pressure in it when I would smoke and I just felt sick. I felt like I was having almost panic attacks. My throat was getting worse probably cause I was smoking. I thought maybe I could chew while I had this so I did. I feel like it really got my left neck infected from that. Im pretty sure I have bronchitis to start with and when I smoked it felt like the smoke would get trapped in me and my chest hurt. I was taking the azithromycin antibiotic for the infection. I started getting hives on my chest and now up to my armpits I think because of the antibiotic. My neck ended up being very swelled. I am now done taking the antibiotic for 2 days but it should be in my system for 3 more. I feel like nothing hurts anymore and I don’t have anymore yellow mucus so im good there. I stopped smoking. I am having problems with my right eye not changing dilations. I keep having major panic attacks since ive been on the antibiotic cause I think something is seriously wrong with me. I go through disease after disease going through symptoms for hours worrying. I thought I had hiv at first from unprotected sex with my girl. Im going through killer disease after killer disease and I cant take it anymore. Remember Im still on the vyvanse and I am having anxiety problems which hopefully are just the side effects of the antibiotic. That’s what I need to find out. What is wrong with me. Im getting bloody noses. I do have three vein marks on left thigh which ive had since I can remember. Never saw it as a problem. I am now having pains in my left neck but idk if they are real or just in my head. I am on a lot of vyvanse right now. I took a lot but when I get anxiety like this and worry about my health I don’t feel it. It doesn’t get to my brain. It hurts by right eye. I feel like the blood isn’t getting up to that part right now. But the vyvanse is trying to get it up there. Could I have a blod cot causing all of this or maybe is it an adrenaline problem. I feel like if I can just get my brain together I can become something great. I don’t have much short term memory anymore and not as good as a long term memory as I used too. I need help but am to scared to get it. I wouldn’t say this to anyone so I had to write it all down. There is too many stressers in my life right now and I don’t know if my body can take it. I cant even look at my dad. I feel bad cause ive become mean to my mom this whole time. I have school work to do and school work to make up from last quarter. Im always worried about losing my girlfriend. but I was all good on the first stint of the vyvanse. Do I have medical problems or is it all in my head. Could I maybe have a thyroid problem I don’t know about. The vyvanse helped my insomnia and helps me get out of bed in the morning which I was never able to do. It even helps my appetite instead of hurting it. Please help!! What could be wrong with me? Im hoping once the antibiotic leaves my system everything goes back to normal but I just don’t know. Im lost and ive lost reality. Everytime I schedule a visit to a psychiatrist I cancel.

doctor1 MD

Hi there, to anyone out there who can help?? This is my sheer letter of desperation, and in need of HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! - hopefully whoever is reading this will pass this on and keep this letter forward as I need to fight for my dad in some way as he is fighting for his life. Please take the time to read his story, and perhaps someone out there can hear my calling and assist me… Here goes… My father whom is 65 years old, a man of incredible strength , super fit at his age, strong , motivated and helpful in more ways than words can say to others, had fallen seriously ill !!! My mother passed away from cancer suddenly in 2 weeks being in hospital they also found out the cancer too late, she died on the 24 April 2008. We all went thru bad depression, but all have recovered... so first thing before anyone diagnoses my dad’s problem related to my mom’s passing is wrong. That I can promise you. So on to getting to the bottom of my father’s terrible road … of illness My dad started to show signs of shortness of breath , and he seemed to be using a lot of his neck muscles to do the work, from being a super fit martial artist , to being short of breathe on walking distances became odd. He complained about being so tired all the time, he just could not sleep enough even though he was sleeping regularly and often in the day too. his appetite started to subside from being a very big eater loving his red meats , to having lost cravings for any such food , and at times skipped many meals , and over the past few months had been losing weight , of course to some extent being alone since my mother past had a bit of an effect , however all of us children sent him to three different GP doctors and he had blood tests done and apparently all was fine. They informed him it was possibly anxiety and stress, depression, and put him on anti – depressants, of which made him even more tired, so he would take them occasionally but did not finish his course.. Also in beginning he would lose a bit of his voice and try clear it when he spoke , doctors thought it was reflux , ulcers and heartburn , prescribed nexiam , He always complained about his tummy, his stomach gave him a lot of problems first would be constipated and then it would be diarrhea, he kept on saying it felt like a blockage of some sort... but continues with some laxitives. He went back to the doctors a few times complaining he was not getting better , they kept giving him vitamin b injections and prescribing more meds … He then tried a natural route of which I suggested, he spoke to a holistic doctor and gave him a good few different natural anti biotic etc... After a few weeks he felt a little better, but still not well, he just seemed to be getting worse. Back at doctors and said he had high blood pressure, he had days when he was dizzy and bad headaches, and his muscles cramped a lot. Those where all his symptoms … Now after my mother passed he moved up to the lodge (farm ) where he was quite far away from us in the city and drove frequently up to see some clients of what he had left , he lost much work due to his health . On this particular day , he was not well he stayed over at my brothers house and eventually could not sleep nicely through the night , he had to sit in a chair as it felt like he could not breathe he said it felt like his stomach was causing much discomfort and could not breath when laying down . He was very stubborn too and does not like doctors and has never been to doctor or hospitals in his life as he has been super healthy all his life. His biggest fear was hospitals. On the 14 JULY 2010 After much convincing and him finally agreeing he was seriously ill, we took him to hospital where they did x rays and put him on a drip in casualty, upon awaiting results etc … his blood pressure dropped to a severe low that they had to have him elevated as to not incur and brain damage and loss of blood to the brain, they gave him adrenaline and volvuven to stabiles blood pressure and he then went in to respiratory arrest. Because my father does not have medical aid and we were at a private hospital casualty, we had to call on Johannesburg general hospital known as charlotte maxeke hospital. And try getting a bed in the ICU ward over there. Thank goodness he was accepted, but he has to be intubated in the mean time at the casualty, with a pipe in his throat. And he was unconscious, the doctors consulted and said he was unable to be transported to the government hospital as one he was unstable to be and secondly we were awaiting a bed for him at the hospital. The doctors had informed us on my father’s state and told us that it was between GOD and the Medicine and that was the hope we got... The following day my father opened his eyes and was awake, the government hospital had a bed ready for him. He was transported to the hospital, and was admitted in the ICU ward there. They had mentioned he had pneumonia in both lungs etc, they treated him and within a week he went from being intubated and respiratory arrest to being discharged into a respiratory ward for two days, and then discharged on 22 July 2010 with some anti biotic to take home and scheduled further follow ups to be conducted thereafter. However on the 23rd July just the next day he was not feeling too good again, we got a ICU nurse to stay with him and we monitored him, but he was not coping and started breaking into a sweat, eventually we took him back to hospital however they would not take him back straight away and we had to go through the casualty which was terrible, the attending doc on that night was terrible, left my dad, and we had to queue.. Instead of prioritizing patients... my dad was given oxygen mask, however starting to sweat even more and becam lymph and passing out battling to remain conscious... I begged and pleased and my brother too tried to speak to the doctor whom did not want to help , eventually one of the male nurses and practicing doctor a young man helped me , and said we need to intubate your father , at that point I had to help assist in the recuss room , and the again the main doctor on duty simply did not lift a hand to help… although the young man was not completely well trained , he managed to sort my father out and eventually a lady doctor from respiratory ward whom knew my father’s case had assisted and reprimanded the on duty doctor for his lack of assistance.. Finally dad was intubated and stabilized; he had to stay in an open room in casualty stable until; a bed was available in the ICU ward. And was admitted in the ICU ward on the 24 July 2010 for the second time. Till Today he is still in that same place … he has had many doctors and professors and academics’ from that hospital have a look at him, they have done ct scans, Mir’s and have been told they have done every test that they can, I have asked and requested a list of the tests done and the results, and awaiting this. We have been reassured these are all the good best doctors and the professor is apparently well known and the “guru”… sadly that my father’s case seems to be one of a rare kind and the cannot get a definitive diagnoses for my father , he has had a cervical fusion done to release compression that was on nerves , he has had a tracheostromy and is on a ventilator , they have suspected it be “MYSTHENIA GRAVIS” , and have been treating him for this , he has lost so much weight , during all this he has incurred episodes of respiratory failure again as they try wean him off ventilator and then the co 2 levels go up so much that he has also been in a comatose state , for two days , and he has severe up and down days ,,. Some days he looks like he responding well to the medication, and some days looks terrible, there has been so many tests and most of them have been clear and negative to anything …. So the closest is the myasthenia gravis of what I am told. They do physic on him every day I am told and that they try sit him in the chair but some days he is too ill to do so but they say it is mandatory to his improvement and progress; they also have him on plasma dialysis. During the time he has been in hospital he has incurred a bedsore of which first operated on in theatre , proper post maintenance was not done and the bed sore got worse , so more debridement had to be done. Again they had to take him to theatre to debraid and cut the bed sore which is situated just above his bum towards the lower back. Just before the op, he had lost so much blood from the bed sore they had to give him 23 units of blood. At this point his bed sore is not as painful as it was, however now he has diarrhea that has been for 6 days now, when it began they even put a catheter in his bum coz it was so uncontrolled, dad has not eaten in a very long time and has a feed tube in. he drinks lots of fluids. At this point however helpful doctors have been whether comforting or not... this is about my father and he is fighting he is not giving up, he says he wants to get better and as he is fighting... I am fighting here for him too, I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP!! SOMETHING, GOD TO BLESS THE DOCTORS WITH MORE IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH DAD, , no more tests have been scheduled as far as I know , says the one doctor , so now what ?? They cannot say if dad will live or die, get better or get worse they do not know… it may not be their fault, but I think somewhere out there in the world will help me in my desperation!!!! I am not giving up!!!! And I will not rest until I get an answer!!! I would rather know what is wrong with my father, either they fix it or our family can prepare for the worse … but not to know!!! Is not fair!!! … If they can find out how a person died in an autopsy... how can they not know when a person is alive!!!????? In this day of technology!!! PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE!!!! MY FATHER AND OUR FAMILY DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS TO GO TO A PRIVATE HOSPITAL OR INCURR ANY OTHER COSTS. ALREADY THE COSTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL IS STARTING TO ESCALATE AT A HUGE PACE. I DO NOT THINK THE DOCTORS HERE HAVE NOT TRIED THERE BEST!! BUT MAYBE THEY JUST NEED SOME ASSISTANCE AND HELP!!! WE HAVE LOST MY MOTHER JUST 2 AND HALF YEARS AGO!! WE CANNOT LOOSE MY FATHER TOO!! HE WANTS TO FIGHT AND GET BETTER!!! HE IS NOT DEPRESSED, HE IS TIRED OF BEING A GUINEA PIG AND WANTS TO GET BETTER AND KNOW WHAT IS WRONG!!! CAN ANY ONE HELP???!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! I have done a facebook group for him as well which I update on progress from the time of his admission. My e mail address: YYYY@YYYY if you can help or advise me or suggest anything !!! please please help !!!!!

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doctor1 MD

hello sir, I am 25 years male from Pakistan, I have an erection problem from last three years, as soon i get erection i feel like i am going to cum, that's why i am afraid of getting married, i also not waking up with morning erections from the last 8 months. i mostly have a burning sensation in my penis also when i get erection. i have never made intercourse with any woman, because i ejaculate during foreplay. please suggest me well i m too much worried about it.

doctor1 MD

my 47 years old bf is sometimes experiencing some discomfort in his testicles,plus have an erectile dysfunction,what are the most possible cost?
he already tried to consult many urologist about his E.D. but so far non of them give a sense answer,sometimes we thought that they never take us serious...he is already loosing his trust to doctors but i want him to have some solution about this certain medical issues. hoping for respond.

doctor1 MD

Hi ,

I am 28 years , male in India. I am having erectile dysfunction.

I am not married and i have not had sex with anyone. But it is during masturbation i have found to have very weak erections. I remember having the problem since i was around 21-22 years old, before that i dont remember.

In May this year i decided to see a doctor. I saw a physician and a psychatrist. On having the testestorone test, it came to be low normal (details of all tests at end of email).The physician gave me to have Vitamin E in the night and the psychatrist gave me the following medicines a) Flunil 20 after morning breakfast
b) Stablon 12.5 after dinner. I was having the medicines since June 7th. (Vitamin E since May 21). Since there was no improvement in erection i switched doctors.

I am now seeing a sexologist and a different psychatrist. In the prolactin test, results came to be normal but on the higher side. TSH and Diabetes are all normal results. Since last week i have stopped the previous medicines and i am having the following now since 29th June as prescribed by my current doctors -
a) Cavenar Sachet - one sachet after morning breakfast (prescribed by sexologist)
b) Paro-10 after dinner (prescribed by the psychatrist)

I am anxious about this since I was 21 years old. I would also like to share a recent incident. The sexologist had asked me to go for Penile Doppler test. The male doctor at the medical centre measured my penis flows under normal condition. He then asked me to masturbate to get my penis erect while he would wait outside. I could not make it erect and he asked me to leave it. He then left and i was surprised to see a young female nurse come in.She took my penis in her hand and fiddled for some 5-10 seconds, but it was still not erect. She then gave me Viagra pill and after half hour asked me to masturbate when i was alone. I was very embarassed as i could not get an erection even then and she came in , smiled and said I was not fit for the test. Is this the correct way the test is done ? I had heard , there is an injection given. Is it abnormal for me not to get an erection even when the nurse held my penis. I have weak erections , but better than this. I was embarassed. Is it most probably that i have leaky veins and hence failed the penile doppler test ?

My medical results are given below -
Testestorone : 4.21 ng/ml. Men Range : 3.0-10.6 ng/ml
Prolactin : 10.64ng/ml. Men Range : 3-25 ng/ml
TSH, Diabetes test - certified normal by doctors.

doctor1 MD

I am 28 year having ejucaltion and erectile dysfunction probable.. my doctor gave me gonadil f and evion capsules for the same problem.. I am taking the both medicine from last two weeks but no effected.. so should i continue taking the both capsules more.. ? and can evion capsules improve my sex ?

doctor1 MD

Hello Doctor, I need advice on my Sex life. I am married since last year and sexually active from last 2 years with my spouse. What I feel now that I am loosing interest in Sex , I don t feel like doing it we do it one in a week which last for 5...

doctor1 MD

Hi- what, if any, over-the-counter drug would you recommend for a 67 year old man with ED? Thank you. I await your reply. Just send your reply to this e-mail address.

doctor1 MD

I had my prostate roto rooted about 5 months ago and sexual function has decreased somewhat steadily and desire has too. I no longer ejaculate. The blue pill doesn't help. Could the procedure have caused this?