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i bled one down from rectum but no more. Since

i bled one down from rectum but no more. Since I keep having pains in my left side and now they are every now and then. It switched to my right hip, when I walk the pain eases but sit or step up it hurts so bad. My hearing keep going in and out on right side as if I have been swimming and I haven’t. I have to keep popping it.
Thu, 17 May 2018
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doctor1 MD

My last bowel movement was yesterday and was extremely painful. For weeks now I ve bled with every movement and with that one also. Every since the bm yesterday it feels like a piece of glass at my rectum. Today it hurts to sit, move etc... I touched my rectum with my finger to see if I could feel anything and I feel a small hump or bulge type thing and it smells horrid! Please help! What is this? What can I do??

doctor1 MD

SYMPTOMS. Generally have a high fiber diet and good exercise. Had a big job come in and got out of the rutein. Really blew it about 2 weeks ago with large fry s and onion rings. Also ate burgers when I usually have meat about 2 times a week. Next day had a hard bowl movement. Stool was larger than normal and hard and mucus on it had blood in it. No blood appeared in stool. Just bright red blood on mucus. Back on high fiber diet. For the next few days I had smaller soft stools and a little blood was in the mucus. Had very sharp pains it appears in upper rectum as bowels moved down. Then I had a extreme sense of urgency for bowl movement with very little coming out. The more pain I had usually followed more gas in the wet expulsion. This went on for about 3 days. Then I decided to start working out again and get exercise. The elliptical running machines 45 min. sessions. I came home and had a bowl movement and there was a lot of blood in it. Bright red and it looked like coagulated pockets of blood within it. Ever since this movement I have had no blood in either the stool or mucus or when I wipe. Went well for a while as long as I keep on the high fiber diet. felt real good. A few days ago had a Birthday party. Cooked brisket, had ice cream, ate a small cheese cake. Still feeling good I could eat again I celebrated and went to red Lobster for the ultimate shrimp. Bad decision. Now. Bad sharp pain like under tail bone or upper rectum as food passes down and then a since of urgency with very little coming out. No blood but very little and this happened about 18 times on the day that followed the two day eating feast. Again back on high fiber diet. Eating substantially less food and exercising so less food moving threw digestive tract. No blood in mucus on stool or when wiping in this period unlike the last time. However same very sharp pains as food moves down. However once again it is getting better since eating less and better foods.. Hemorrhoids ran in family and mine would flair up time to time but they were always near the rectum. This feel more up. Should I be concerned or simply have more discipline in my eating and exercise patters. I and 59 Years old. thanks. Jack

doctor1 MD

white female, 25yrs old, lower abdominal pain/discomfort (for several weeks), vaginal bleeding (not sure if menstrual blood...., for approx. 5 days), pain and inflammation in vaginal area, cervix and uterus, etc (off and on for couple of weeks, got much worse and became consistent over past week), pain when inserting or removing tampon (about 5 days- ever since the bleeding began), pain during sexual intercourse (for several weeks now, especially certain positions), my last period was irregular (possible miscarriage but not sure), the weird/worse/gross thing of all which started about same time as the bleeding (apprx. 5 or 6 days ago) is that when i remove the tampons its covered in dark spots that appear to be tiny particles of something which is eating away at and through the tampon (so i decided to rip the tampon apart and looked down into it where these spots were and i find little pieces of something, cant tell what, looks like could possibly be tiny pieces of skin or flesh,maybe its parts of the tissue from my vaginal walls, not sure, but some of them are covered in blood, some are black, some brown, and some are like a white/tan skin color...), and last symptom related to this part of my body is there are increasingly more and larger dark blood clots coming out on tampon every day. Also not sure if this next group of symptoms is related to previous but i believe it to be in some way:: started to get large dark purplish/gray/black colored lump coming out of my rectum- hemmoroid possibly cuz its somewhat painful, occasionally itchy, and uncomfortable (appeared several days ago), been switching between constipation and diarrhea, theres burning sensation in rectum when having BM, and noticed today when wiping after a BM, the toilet paper and the feces had some dark spots thru out that were similar to what appeared on the tampons. It seems to me like some type of bacteria/fugus/infection (some kind of organism...) is inside my colon/digestive tract and in my reproductive system some where as well and its eating away at my body....and btw I have no pain or problems urinating. SO ayway i went to the ER several nights ago bc i had several of the above named symptoms but more importantly at the time i was having excrucuating pains in my lower, right abdominal area (btw ive already had appendicitis and had my appendix removed about 8-9yrs ago so nothing to do with my appendix) but its a small town so no OB/GYN was on duty, so did not have an exam done to look inside my uterus.. they just took urine sample and did blood work. The results they said were that i was not pregnant and according to my blood work i had no infections, in fact the PA said my blood work came back perfect . so they suggest going to see a gyno to get checked out. but when i called around town and surrounding towns the next day, every OB/GYN i called was completely booked for weeks! so... if i have some kind of infection, wouldnt that have shown up in my blood work??? also think ill mention that i started doing meth, IV/injecting it, several weeks ago (approx 6-8 weeks ago). ive lost a lot of weight and my already small breasts have shrunk down to barely anything now. could all this be the cause of a hormonal imbalance due to using meth?? could a hormonal imbalance cause fibroids, cysts, or anything of the sort? and bc been doing meth i hardly ever sleep and barely eat anything either. so i was shooting up the other day and couldnt keep the needle inside my vein bc i was so shaky (from doing all the meth id done and lack of food or sleep over several days in a row) but some blood that had entered the syringe began to coagulate and block up the tip of the needle so i took it out, put it all back on spoon (including the coagulated blood) added some burning hot water to it, attempted to break apart and dissolve the coagulated blood, mixed it all up again and proceeded to shoot the crap into my vein anyway. which it took literally a couple of hours for this entire process and by time i actually found good vein and injected it so due to the coagulated blood and the fact that it was all sitting in the open air on the spoon and/or in a syringe for over 2 hrs before i put it in my blood stream, wondering if this could have caused some bacteria or infection to enter my body...? but once again wouldnt this have shown up when my blood work was done?? and even if did cause infection or whatever then why would it go straight to my vaginal/uterus area and my colon area? plus with the pains/inflammation in my vaginal area, that began weeks ago before this coagulated blood incident, and has just recently gotten much worse, with the blood clots and such... one more thing along line of drug use is that prior to the recent meth use, i was clean and sober for about 2 months but before that id been addicted to and was an IV heroin user for about 6yrs... Anyway last thing ill mention, just in case this has anything to do with any of whats going on with my body, is that i started dating my current bf about 2 months ago and been having unprotected sex with him since then (btw no he most certainly does not use meth or any drugs), but i know for fact he cheated on me once but i do not believe they had intercourse, she gave him oral... but if he did that once, he could have cheated another time and actually had sexual intercourse with someone else, gotten STD or STI and then given it to me... but i do not know. also if i have an STI or STD then once again wouldnt an infection have shown up in my blood work or urine sample...? or do they only test for specific kinds of infections...? and if sti or std then why the problems with my colon area...? idk what could be wrong?? or if possibly multiple problems?? PLEASE HELP!!!

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