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Would an anxiety disorder cause BP ? fluctuations in Blood pressure?

My symptoms include: Genera feeling of being unwell in the mornings Activity intolerance (im not out of shape) feel dizzy, fatigue, low bp on physical exerction. nonspecific tremors and dizziness central chest discomfort SOB Fluctuating BP throughout the day from high to low Numbness and tingling in my arms/hands occasionaly. weight gain Im not sure if this is anxiety or typical with anxiety. what do you think it is? is fluctuating bp common at all with anxiety disorders? or should i rule that option out Im currently in the hospital undergoing tests, they cant seem to find out whats wrong with me..but this was one suggestion. please dont tell me to call 911, im here already I have had stress tests..all were unremarkable. I have another to do tommorow. My Bp is low when I stand and High when I am at rest
Sun, 20 Dec 2009
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Did they perform a tilt table test? Some of your symptoms seem to be from orthostatic hypotension (drop in bp when moving from a lying or sitting position to a standing position) what were the orthostatic blood pressures? Generally, a change of 20 or more in the upper (systolic) number shows orthostatic hypotension. You didn't list any really substansive symptoms of anxiety in your list above. Although anxiety CAN cause some of the symptoms above, this doesn't scream the cause to me. Bradycardia could also be a cause, What has your heartrate been running? Are you on any cardiac medications? There are so many questions that need asked to list them all here. If your in the hospital, your in the best place to ask questions. Your nurse is the best resource you have!! Ask them to take the time to answer and EXPLAIN the tests you have had, what they were looking for and what the results mean to you. Your doctor should also take the time to explain these as many times the nurse is not permitted to give results that have not been explained by the MD. Don't be afraid of taking up the doctors time by asking questions.
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doctor1 MD

sure ty for listening I have several disorders and I am experiencing bad panic or anxiety attacks recently. due to my experiences these attacks are usually short and controllable. But now they are causing physical symptoms of elevated bp and heart rate, split second blanks of consciousness. I have gone to my pcp and heart issues have been removed as all my test are normal. I am under medication for ptsd and meninears disease, ( sorry don t know how to spell it correctly) so the line of panic attacks and vertigo often becomes blurred. however I am now having memory issues and blurred vision can you help me better articulate these symptoms to my pcp

doctor1 MD

Hello, I m 24 years old and was diagnosed with SVT, and generalized anxiety disorder when I was 18. I m used to my heart racing sometimes, palpitations, PVCs, ect. However lately my blood pressure has been spiking up to about 150/90 or so and i get a pain that comes along with it that feels like im getting an IV in my heart. My normal BP is around 118/60 or so. Do you think these spikes are stress related? I have also been getting fatigued much more quickly when on the tread mill, and sometimes when lifting much weight i frequently have to rest due to chest pain . I had a tread mill stress test done a few weeks ago and my heart rate went up to about 196bpm after only 11 minutes or so. My blood pressure did not re adjust normally but the doctor didn t have much to say about it. On an echocardiogram I got when i was 18 it showed diastolic dysfunction stage 1, as well as mitral valve prolapse . My cardiologist also said that was nothing to worry about. However, it just feels like my heart is generally getting weaker over time. What can I do about this?

doctor1 MD

Hello I m 36 will be 37 in April. When Im in pain my blood pressure is higher but today I went to the dr and it was 140/100. This is high for me. I ve been in worse pain and it s not been that high. I do have anxiety. My dr asked me why my blood pressure was so high. I didn t have an answer for her, sometimes I fee my heart beating fast and then my chest hurts. I just thought it was axiety. I m scead. My dr didn t say anything else about it. Can you please tell me what can cause this and what you think the next step I can take. My dr didn t seem to concerned. In the past I thought I was having a panic A text or anxiety but I wasn t feeling near as bad today,

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doctor1 MD


I was clinically diagnosed with epilepsy a few days ago and I'm still taking time for the news to sink in. I'm feeling very scared and confused, and have one particular reason to doubt my diagnosis and ask for a second opinion.

My first seizure (2 years ago and dismissed as a panic attack) and a subsequent cluster of 7/8? over 2 days last Oct, always begin untypically?

I get a sudden claw like cramp in my left hand and then it bends back on me and I get an excruciating pain, like i'm being electrocuted, which travels up from my hand to my shoulder. My arm 'contorts' as the pain travels upwards and I have no control over it. It's like my arm is not my own and it has the power to push me sideways or down to the floor. While this is happening I have an overwhelming fear that I'm going to die and this terrifies me!

I think it takes about 10 seconds for the pain to reach my shoulder and then I pass out.

I wake up/come round feeling very depressed or in tears and with no memory of what's just happened. After some period of time (have no idea how long) my memory of 'the event' comes flooding back to me, I find I have bitten my tongue, lip and/or inside cheek and can't remember things such passwords or even my date of birth!

All of my hospital tests were clear, but from my description of what was happening to me, the neurologist said it is typical of focal epilepsy affecting and beginning in the right side of my brain (hence the left side symptoms) progressing quickly to a generalised seizure affecting the whole on my brain.

I've done a lot of research about epilepsy, so I understand what was explained to me, but I haven't found any reference to my personal experience of any 'convulsion' or extreme pain before loss of conciousness?

I've been prescribed medication (Trileptal) but I'm reluctant to take it as my last seizure was five months ago. My neurologist asked me if I wanted to take medication and I said yes. She then reeled off the names of three meds so quickly I can't remember what they were. I said I would like the medication with the least side effects, the neurologist then explained about a side affecting contraception, but explained nothing else.

I feel I was in no position to make an informed decision regarding medication and have susequently found that Tileptal is the worst medication for me in terms of side effects regarding hair loss and acne.

Futhermore, my neurologist went on a month's leave the day after my consultation. I rang the departments epilepsy nurse, expressing my concerns but she couldn't help, as the neurologist had made minimal notes!

I really don't know what to do. I live alone with my 2 sons aged 9 and 11, and I don't know how this medication could affect me as it does mention in the advice leaflet that it may increase seizures?

doctor1 MD

Greetings all. I m curious what the outcome would be if I quit Trazodone. I went on it after brain surgery in 2002. My 2nd under the knife, 2 other times prior underwent radiation procedure. Also between 2000-2002 times were dramatic, Mom long time suffered from same thing(nf2), died a month prior to the 2002 surgery. After awaking from that surgery and becoming paralysed entirely on left side of face, I was in a panic state of mind. That panic started a year prior after my second gamma knife surgery. Didn t realize back then, but thinking back, there was a few times where to panic came out through speech. Moving on..I was put on 25mg of trazodone, didn t do much, or last long. Then 50mg. That did it, and I ve been on it every since. I started to feel the panic/anxiety in 2010 and have been dealing with it ever since. I had two minor facial procedures (eyelid surgery) in 2012, and that kind of tip me over the boiling point. I had 2 full blown panic attacks. There were caused by abdominal pain. Very very painful. I ve always thought it was ulcer, but i m not so sure, it s almost like the sink is clogged? all the gas, acid, everything just gets stuck and doesn t move. I had it a few times when i was 17. After a year+ trying to figure it out, I quit coffee after supper and that stopped it. It took about 8-12 months to get over the affects of those attacks. I d always find myself tense, my hands would always clench up, or grabbing my shirt without even knowing. Same goes with other muscles. Only thing that remains is when I do something like house work, moving furniture, mow lawn etc. , my lips will be very red. the panicky feeling is under control for the most part. But after those attacks it just feels not that far away. If i ever need surgery I m gonna definitely seek max trazodone or something. with all this said, is trazodone even working any more? does the body over time develop resistance against it. It didn t calm me down one bit when I had those minor surgeries, or every day since 2011. what im wondering is if i quit, will the panic increase and become unbearable or no change? if i do need more surgery in future I will seek help, but nowadays manageable. I wondering if the 50 mg is still helping out. Mike

doctor1 MD

Hi I am a 43 yr old woman whose had my tubes tied for almost 6 years. I only have my right ovary and fallopian tube left. I have pcos and I have always been very irregular. I had a period 51 days ago. I went to the restroom and when I wiped there was fresh blood, I assumed I had started my period. I put a pad on and I went to the restroom later and there was no blood on the pad or when I wiped. The next day there was a faint pink on my tissue one time and then nothing else. I am having panic attacks thinking I have cancer, but cannot get into see my Dr. Please help!!

doctor1 MD

My resting heart rate is usually about 70. Right now it is 104. Earlier today it was 84/ Nothing has happened to elevate it. I have been sitting at my desk all day except for a short walk outside.
I am 46, in good health and not overweight.
I had a panic attack last Thursday. My first ever though I have suffered from workplace anxiety symptoms for more than two years.
What do you think?

doctor1 MD

My husband had precancerous spot s removed 2 days ago since then he is experiencing chills and low blood pressure along with sweats visited Dr the emergency room that day but was cleared to go home Right now he is chilled again and very nervous

doctor1 MD

can can I take NP thyroid and Ativan not at the same time but Ativan just in case my panic attack comes out of nowhere

doctor1 MD

Hi my head feels heavy I left work early and slept for 3 hours what causes this ? I’m healthy